14 Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes for eCommerce stores

Choosing one of free WooCommerce WordPress themes for supporting your commercial website or blog can be bewildering. Therefore, we have exercised all our professional skills to distinguish bad and good offers in the modern WordPress marketplace and are going to share with you from good to the best ones only.

What does it take to have a reliable and fully competent WordPress template to make the most of your profile? Probably tons of financial means, an experienced group of web designers and developers standing behind you to provide visual and functional excellence of your digital profile, etc., you may think.

Well, we have good news for you. A dependable website building template does not necessarily be expensive, neither it should force you to hire a group of digital specialists and coders to finalize the look and feel of your site and keep everything under control over the time.

There are several free WooCommerce WordPress themes out there which have long established themselves as productive and affordable sources of modern website creation and customization without much of turmoil around.

Hence, getting your commercial or any other website up and running without reducing your budget and without turning to the expert’s assistance is possible with any of the offered free WooCommerce WordPress themes.

Best Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes

Tap into boundless possibilities of e commerce based digital environment with any of these simple to usage and free WooCommerce WordPress themes and ensure your place in local and international market to make that much wanted synergy between your business and its target audience.

1. Gravida Lite

Gravida Lite


Empower your site’s visitors and online shoppers with the best client experience they deserve with the help of one of the best free WooCommerce WordPress themes called Gravida Lite.

Without a properly crafted and well organized commercial website, your business will be doomed. Making sure your physical and digital products and services are available to absolutely anyone interested in them around the clock is what you need to consider first and foremost.

Gravida Lite is a free tool to help you achieve this goal and keep the doors of your online storefront open for local and international clients as the theme is also multilingual and localization ready with relevant translation plugins compatibility.

2. Interior Lite

Interior Lite


Let’s face the truth. People “google” before they give their preference to this or that business or company, read reviews before they buy something and even share their experience online once the commercial transaction is completed.

Therefore, guaranteeing your commercial website is “seen” in search engine inquiries as well as easy to reach for your potential and prospective clients is of utmost importance.
Interior Lite is one of such SEO friendly and SEO plugin compatible free WooCommerce WordPress themes to appear closer to consumers and online traders.

The overall neat and accurate layout of this template combine with fresh and modern design touches will do everything to make a good first impression. Moreover, responsive coding in its turn will do a great job in transforming your site’s content and serving it to the site’s end users depending on the devices and smartphones they are using to access your site.

3. SKT Luxury

SKT Luxury


SKT Luxury Watch center and online store selling companies and not only are welcome to check SKT Luxury to make sure this free template is everything they need to market their niche specific business without serious investments and heavy workload.

Strolling down to your office is not the only way people will find you or show an interest towards your offers and services. Keeping your website accessible day and night with this responsive and cross mobile compatible, shortcodes based and customizable in terms of color and structure template is what will let you capitalize on your digital presence.

4. Restaurant Lite

Restaurant Lite


What Restaurant Lite will require from you to achieve what you have planned with your virtual presence is a good dose of creativity. No financial means, no coding knowledge or seasoned web programmers are needed to put your website into action quickly.

Take the default template that is durable and firmly coded and modify it to deliver true value to your market base with colors and homepage content sections, nice looking homepage slider and its high quality images, commercial ready nature with WooCommerce compatibility and live customizer performance from behind the scenes.

Restaurant Lite is also optimized for working with menu and pricing table plugins for a complete and comprehensive presentation of your food and drink or other products with their relevant descriptions and prices.

5. SKT Biz

skt biz


SKT Biz is one more e commerce ready template that manages for excellence and precision in the virtual reality to grant you with measurable success.

This multipurpose and multiconcept template is elegant and businesslike in look and color palette making it a comfortable platform for a variety of small and big businesses, companies and organizations working on a limited budget.

The pat to digital success goes through unique yet convenient commercial platform you create for your shoppers as well as making it search engine friendly. With SKT Biz both actions can be completed without any difficulty since the theme is admin friendly in management and customization on the one hand, and search engine optimized on the other.

6. SKT Blendit

SKT BlendIt


The ever increasing necessity of to record quantifiable results and boosted sales makes going online and communicating to as many customers across the globe as possible.

SKT Blending can serve as a foundation to make your entrance into the digital spectrum smooth and pain free, as well as act as a bridge between your e commerce business and its users.

Use this one page structure web solution freely and customize it by the application of prebuilt customizer. Wow your website guests with the best application of modern flat and material web design, arrange your store and product listings and categories, add page builder plugins to manage your website thoroughly, deploy call to actions in a reasonable way to “persuade” people to follow them.

7. Ele Fitness Lite

fitness lite


Nowadays, the maximum number of commercial companies is getting their business online including the health and fitness industry too. People nowadays focus on health alert. Hence they think twice and thrice before eating or drinking anything. Some customers searches for the daily exercise on the website or some searches for the diet products.

Whatever the need is, you need a website that would be able to sell lots of products and the services. Free WooCommerce store theme i.e. Ele Fitness Lite is a platform that can be used for creating a website related to health and fitness background. You will be able to reach maximum audiences with this template.

8. Ele Store Lite

ele store lite


Ele Store Lite is the best free WordPress WooCommerce theme used for creating an online store. With this theme your customers will get awesome online shopping experience as they won’t need to go to the physical store to check the product details and demo. The theme is completely set up with the integration of the WooCommerce plugin.

Instantly you can sell any type of product such as furniture, tickets, music, jewelry, food, accessories, clothes and anything that you want. The theme is totally flexible that accepts are plugin in a quick way. even newsletter plugin can be integrated. It is also compatible with the WPML plugin.

9. Ele Pet Lite

ele pet lite


Most of the people are keeping pets at the home. Keeping pets at the home is a good idea, hobby, and passion because pets are known as life-changing friends that don’t leave us when we feel alone. They are called as best friends too. When people want a pet in their home then they look for pets by browsing pets stores on the internet.

By creating a website with WooCommerce free theme i.e. Ele Pet Lite, the people will be able to find your services related and you will be able to sell pets such as parrots, dog, cat, love birds, rabbits, etc. Even if you want to sell your pets product then it is also possible with this theme.

10. Ele Fashion Lite

ele fashion


Free WooCommerce WordPress theme that is Ele Fashion Lite is all about shopping, fashion blog, model, photography, designer and online retailer businesses. By using this theme for creating a website, you can add the content that suits your business. Ele Fashion Lite is a perfect template for creating fashion online store because the website will give a remarkable eCommerce experience.

The theme has the number of options like easy integration of SEO plugins, payment gateways, etc. It is also fully optimized that makes it responsive to every device and browser. The blog is also supported with this template. You have a right to choose the features you need.

11. Chocolate Lite

Chocolate Lite


By utilizing the features of WordPress free WooCommerce theme you can create a website or a blog that will look luscious and yummy the same as your chocolate dishes. No need to know the technical stuff, no need to spend even a single dollar, no need to do efforts because you will get a readymade chocolate template along with that you will get integrated page builder by default.

You can check the features and lots of option by visiting the demo link. Multimedia content is compatible with the theme design. Along with the online store, you can also run a blog that will help you to explore your chocolate or cupcake recipes.

12. IceCream Lite

icecream lite


IceCream Lite is the best free WooCommerce theme that targets an ice-cream parlor or a store that sells ice-cream, chocolates or any bakery items. The theme is optimized with a top-quality feature that is ready that will reflect your thoughts into images in a strong way. Because of WooCommerce support, shopping cart is also supported.

Because the theme is optimized for SEO you will be able to boost your sales easily. With the icons and buttons, your customers will be able to navigate properly. The blog content will be shareable to different social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

13. SKT Pottery Lite



The layouts of the free WooCommerce theme will look perfect with every device and browser. Browsers like Edge, Opera, IE11, Chrome, etc all are compatible. The SKT Pottery Lite is coded with the template is a perfect choice to start your business online. Template is best for pottery supply shop, pottery event, pottery classes, ceramics stores, etc.

You will be able to sell some pottery products such as mugs, bowls, dishes, plates, paintings, etc. The theme is coded by the professional experts and with the updated technologies such as bottom to top button, proper use of sidebar, widgets, etc. In one click, you can import the complete homepage demo content and start creating your own website.

14. SKT Gym



SKT gym comes with high rich features such as retina-ready, SEO optimized, social media integration, social share icons compatible, multilingual, and translation ready. The features are not just limited to these much it also supports some shortcodes, Google maps integration, sidebars and widgets to create a great user interface.

SKT Gym comes under the category of WooCommerce free themes that permit you to explore your gym related services and products widely with the help of eCommerce functionality support. With the template, you can also create a blog to post health related articles. The theme is available for free so no need to invest money.

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