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SKT Themes presents best responsive free WordPress themes with slider download for all needs use free WordPress templates for any business website use. Premium functionality, easy to use theme options, responsive, no HTML knowledge needed, WordPress codex handbook referred and GPL licensed themes.

1. Why our free WordPress themes are Unique?

What is different in our free WordPress themes? And why are they unique and different from the rest of the themes available outside.

Things to know before getting start with WordPress platform

To get success in web world and to leave your mark it is important to have a strong online presence. While creating a blog or a website for any kind of niche it is very important to choose perfect blogging platform that will enlarge your business all over the world. And one of the best platforms till date is considered to because it has provided with so many flexibility, liberty, extensibility, and independence control to all beginners and professionals.
Actually is an open source platform that can be utilized by a person having a huge budget so zero budget. It is supported with free WordPress templates and free WordPress tools known as plugins that will make your website more functional and reachable to clients. There are many other reason that why everyone or at least beginner should prefer WordPress rather than other CMS. Some highlighted features of WordPress are user friendly, responsive, multilingual support, cross browser independent, easy to use, and so on.

The task of selecting a theme that appears great on the web and available at free of cost is not an easy job. The WP theme which is designed in poor sense can cost you a big amount i.e. you may lost your traffic and potential customers. Numbers of factors are there that should be considered first.

  • Reviews

Review is the most important factor that should be consider while choosing a template. The theme with number of reviews is considered to be best template. Whereas number of bad reviews will be considered as website with poor performance. So make sure to choose a template that has good number of reviews.

  • Responsive

Major factor of a WP template is that it should be mobile friendly as much as possible. More than 60% of users browse for their needs through mobile phones so it becomes obvious that having a responsive theme will help you to target more audiences. Thus, always try to pick a template that appears great on every mobile devices and browsers.

  • Simplistic

The template with lots of features can slow down your website performance and the speed because it might be included with extensive features that you never needed. As a result such templates will confuse readers. Selecting a template that has crafted by focusing more in simplicity will help you to get recognized in the web world.

  • Easy to understand

The templates included with rich features may hurt you plus it might slow down your website performance. Therefore while choosing a theme make sure you have gone through each and every feature that will be helpful for you. For example the theme supporting gaming or music player might be impressive but those features can hurt your business website performance. Such themes do not focus on security.

  • Color picker and font option

 It is very important that the theme should be provided with color picker and Google fonts option so that you can modify your websites typography to suit your logo. Sometimes colors and fonts also help you to get your targeted audiences attracted towards your business. For example if your target audiences are old age person than why would you require a fancy font? They just love professional, simple and plan fonts that are easy to read. So make your choice according to it.

  • Plugin compatibility

To follow latest trend and to make your website more functional it is important that the WP template you choose are compatible with WordPress plugins. Some themes have compatibility issue with plugins therefore it becomes crucial to check whether the template is supported with latest WordPress plugins or not. You will find some many tools where you can check your website performance and it will also let you know that the plugin you installed on your website is working properly or not. Plugins are important because it add new features to your website that is not provided by your template.

To get started with WordPress creation using free themes you first need to purchase a domain name to get online presence. Domain name will be address of your website on web. Moreover you will also need a small budget for purchasing WordPress web hosting where your website is build.
Even if you don’t have budget then also you can get started with WordPress by choosing free hosting services. Top free WordPress hosting service provider are,, and InfinityFree. These hosting services gives you limited features but they are sufficient to get online presence for a small scale based businesses.
Once you have done with domain name and hosting service now it’s time to choose a theme for your business website or blog. On the internet if you Google for ‘free WordPress themes’ you will find that there are lots of templates. Additionally if you are looking for trustworthy template that provide professional services then you can access themes from official WordPress repository but again there are more than 4000+ WordPress themes which are available for free.
This is because WordPress has a huge competition in web world and the task of choosing one single template over 4000+ becomes a headache. This is the main reason why we come up with this post. However if you are in hunt of free WordPress themes that is suitable for several purposes such as ecommerce store, personal website, corporate business website, blog, portfolio, startups, shops, magazines, travel website and so on, then you can choose a template from SKT free themes that are suitable for all businesses.

Free WordPress themes for getting an online presence?

This question often strikes users while choosing a template for getting impressive online presence. And this is obvious because we don’t want to take even a 1% of chance of getting failure in the web market. You might hear many times that free stuff are restricted and comes with minimalistic features. At some extend this can be considered as a true statement but you cannot neglect the fact that more than millions of users are still prefer free WordPress theme rather than the paid one for getting their business online. Free themes are meant for those who do not belong to technical field or a person having less computer knowledge so that they can use those themes and get professional online appearance for their business without hiring any developer or designer which might cost more than 500 dollars.
Free themes are developed in such a way that it has minimalistic features which is very simple and easy to implement on your website even by a normal users

The best part of SKT free themes are

The SKT a free theme has set of some templates that come with incredible, beauty, plainness user experience. For non technical or non coder users a premium theme can be a little messy or complicated. Some paid templates come with so many advance features that may be not in need if you are looking to create a website for small company.

Some important points are given below that why you should chose free WordPress themes

  • It is free to use

The biggest and helpful point is that now you can create a website for your business without investing a single dollar. At free of cost you can access to free WordPress themes. You will be able to save your money and can invest it on other required stuff.

  • Low quality is just a tale

Free templates are used by number of users in reality. That means free themes do not compromise on quality as they have number of users already. Free themes are used by so many owners for various businesses purpose. One of the best examples who uses free themes is ColorMag which has more than 100,000+ of users.

  • Trust WordPress free theme providers

It is very important to choose free theme from a trusted provider and you can trust on SKT as they make sure to update the free theme regularly and provide you bestest solution so that you do not miss any chance on web world for getting more popularity.

  • Freemium themes are awesome

Nowadays most of the free themes available are Freemium. ‘Freemium’ is a combination of two words i.e. premium and free that means the template you get for free has some premium features that can be handle by anyone. If you ever want to upgrade your free theme to the premium for extended functionality you can. If you are looking for premium features with no cost investment than Freemium is just amazing.

All the features listed above are supported by SKT Free Themes. SKT Free Themes are multipurpose, SEO friendly, translation ready, WooCommerce compatible, widgets option, sleek design, Light weighted, options for header and footer, shortcodes compatibility, inbuilt homepage demo content, gutenberg ready , GPL ready, Page builder compatible and it have tons of options that can be handled by a non technical person. And yes you can pick free WP themes from SKT Themes without struggling anymore.

Lets find out from this list:

  • GPL Based: WordPress is a free WP Themes software which can be freely distributed and used for creating wonderful websites for personal as well as commercial use. People download WordPress and use it on their hosting and without paying anything. Hence it has become the world’s most used CMS currently.

Now a free WordPress theme is a collection of PHP files, JS files as well as CSS and images. These files are then packaged into a zip which is known as a WordPress theme file. If you can use these set of files and custom code as well something and the derivative work also remains free to use then how good will it be?

Hence people love the GPL.