WordPress Monthly Maintenance Package

Monthly maintenance as per package would be performed for the client as per their choice of work from any of the below
or custom work as pre decided each month for the client:

Page Updates and or Blog Updates

Any kind of page updates can be asked like content changes or header image or sidebar widget or similarly blog updates like post addition or adding images, videos can be asked.

Custom Graphics

Custom social media graphics like Facebook, Twitter icons or any navigation icons or slider images resizing etc can be asked or any single banner creation or widget ad banners can be requested.

WordPress backups

WordPress regular backups can be set up using plugins to client dropbox or Google drive or Amazon S3 and offline backups on our local server can be taken so that site is securely backed up.

SEO Audits

SEO wise keywords insertion and meta description and titles and SEO audit of the whole website which includes headings (H1, H2, H3 etc) and schema, alt tags etc will be determined.

Technical Support

Technical Support will be provided which includes domain pointing, site migration help, and mostly troubleshooting help like posts ordering, redirection of URLs and search and replace etc. services.

Plugin Conflicts

Plugins are more than 50,000 and hence which plugin will cause which conflict and combination of plugins with theme can cause more conflicts which we help resolve.

WordPress security Audits

Security audits are the most essential part and more important than backups because if your site is unsecured you can get hacked again and again. Hence we do resolve security and harden it.

Uptime Monitoring set up

Uptime of any website is important because if its down for considerable time you will loose clients. Hence we set up an uptime monitor for your website and check its downtime.

Our Monthly Plan

Common Questions

WordPress core updates?

WordPress core updates would be set up from our side to be manual and each month we will do them for you to avoid any problems.

Theme/Plugin Updates?

Theme and plugin updates for various plugins and theme in use will be updated regularly however the ones not in use will be removed/deleted as well.

Set up of off-site Backups?

Offsite backups would be set up for each monthly backup for your site on your dropbox or Amazon S3 or similar services. We will also take one local offsite backup for extra security.

Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

No we work during Indian time zone i.e. GMT + 5:30 from 10 am to 7 pm and are off during weekends. However we will provide Skype and email for emergency contacts.

Do you support WordPress Multisite?

No all packages are for per site basis and apply only to single sites itself and not to multisite installations.

How will future changes in WordPress impact our site?

Future changes like PHP upgrade, Core updates etc will be done in real time each month and your site will remain the same along with the functionality.

What do i do if my website is hacked?

We always keep backups as well as install security add ons so that your website has very minimum chances of getting hacked. But even if it gets somehow after you get service from us then we provide free hosting for your site.

If a site issue is detected, who can report it?

Several times it is us who report this to you but in case you find any do let us know and we will do our best to resolve it. In case the issue was present from before maintenance we might charge as per actual for the same.

How does your technical support work?

We do offer trouble shooting like plugin conflicts, theme conflicts, updates, backups as well as migration help and do basic changes to your website if required but not any major changes which will be charged hourly.

What happens if my WordPress plugin/theme is no longer supported?

We will find an alternative and install and setup the same for you. This is however done for the enterprise packages mostly.

Lots of times people wonder what to do if my website gets hacked. Or if i did something wrong and my website goes wrong where should i go and where should i look for. Sometimes backups aren’t taken and when a new core update of WordPress arrives and the website is updated the site goes awry. Several times there are issues with responsive and there are issues with some or the other plugins that have been installed causing serious conflicts with the core WordPress or theme functionality.

To avoid above issues and lots of similar other issues we have come up with an affordable WordPress monthly maintenance service plan and package which can take care of your headache of your WordPress website.

We can also call them WordPress monthly package or maintenance contracts during which you can feel assured and feel peaceful of having a website and not being bothered with the updates and backups and fear of getting hacked of your website.

Since WordPress is also a software it needs regular updates and hence just like other technologies since this keeps on getting updated there are times where other items which have not been updated crumble and may need to be updated as well. However updating them might create other problems like customizations have been done with the core coding or some other scripts used within them have been rendered deprecated and should be removed. All these errors and issues can be taken care of using this monthly maintenance package plans.

When you simply want some answers for your WordPress website and many times don’t know where to look around you can find solace by asking us the questions you need answered. Our WordPress maintenance service contract and package plan wants to take care of your website so that you can utilize the true potential of your website and do the changes and updates to text and images of your website instead of getting bothered with the updates, backups, security audits and other things.

Who needs WordPress monthly maintenance package plans and services?

Well who doesn’t need? Most of the customers who manage websites on their own miss an internal web team and do not have the money to afford keeping one. Hence one needs constant intervention of developers for taking regular backups and managing the updates on their website themselves.

Many customers feel irritated with this process and often hence turn their backs on the CMS websites or because of this do not push updates to their websites regularly because of the fear they might break something in the process.

If probably they get an affordable agency who can manage their website for them and can get the updates pushed and can manage the backups and maintenance of the website and troubleshooting of common errors then in that case they can regularly use their website which in turn will bring in more clients and business for their website.

Any offers, promotions, regular events, troubleshooting of various problems also are taken care of during this WordPress monthly maintenance service package plans and contract.