Comparison of Yoast SEO vs Squirrly SEO Plugin vs WordPress SEO Ultimate

When talking about WordPress, you may get curious about the plugins used by WordPress, shortcodes, page builder, etc., in the same way, SEO optimized WordPress websites or themes are everybody want.

There are various types of SEO plugins available in the market such as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, Google XML Sitemaps, Broken Link Checker, W3 Total Cache, etc.,

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the difference between or comparison between Yoast SEO, SEO Plugin by Squirrly and WordPress SEO Ultimate.

An ultimate or a great deal mainly depends upon the quality you offer to your customers, in-depth SEO knowledge, let us have a look at these comparisons along with the differences between each of these WordPress plugins. Let’s have a look:

Comparison of Yoast SEO

Basic highlights of Yoast and website design SEO Ultimate:

seo yoast comparison

Both of these plugins have their own features which make the WordPress websites dynamic and there are some common features they both belong to for making a perfect blog, a theme, or a website. WordPress Websites needs an SEO plugin. I had used SEO ultimate for some websites and for some I had used Yoast.

Though mostly it is found that users prefer Yoast but in contradictions, SEO Ultimate to carries some great features. Let us all have a quick look at some of the common features of both:

Title Tag Optimization:

Both the plugins use these features in common. The title tag is basically used at the top of the HTML tags in the header section to give the title of your subject in a website or in a theme. It is not specifically made for the blogs.

So with this title tag optimization feature used by both the plugins in WordPress websites i.e by Yoast and SEO ultimate. The Title tag is the thing that Google publishes as the title of your posting in its search engine results pages (SERPs).

Meta Description Tag:

Both the plugins i.e Yoast and SEO ultimate allows to use the meta description tag for counting of 156 Google characters. So with this meta description tag is also added in the common features of both these WordPress plugins.

Benefits of the WordPress Plugin SEO Ultimate:

WordPress SEO plugins

We always do a comparison between two to three things, persons, cities, and so forth. Here also, we are comparing features, pros, cons, benefits between the plugins used by WordPress to create a better website.

SEO Ultimate has some benefits which the other SEO plugins do not include. Whenever we do not get sufficient satisfaction or with updating technologies we go on changing and keep on updating, then why not with these plugins. Now, let us have a look at some fantastic features which SEO Ultimate includes and Yoast does not.

A component with SEO Ultimate that can be valuable is the Deeplink Juggernaut which makes incredible inside connections for you, with all the essential settings to make it great and not very extreme as some different plugins I’ve attempted. This feature is something which Yoast does not includes.

Benefits of Yoast SEO Plugins:

Some benefits which Yoast SEO Plugins includes which SEO ultimate does not.

Real-Time Optimization:

Yoast SEO offers a traffic light framework once you have spared a draft of your post. Green implies that your SEO is fine. Red methods are poor, and changes must be made, while orange implies that you have a couple of variables that still need some work. It is likewise given by Squirrly.

This is an incredibly helpful capacity, especially to the normal blogger that likes to compose and blog than to break down the viability of their site design improvement themselves.

XML Sitemap Generation:

With a single click Yoast SEO enables you to generate an XML Sitemap. This enables Google to easily visit the site of blogs and pages as many time as want. This feature SEO ultimate does not deliver

Social Media Integration:

The Yoast SEO plugin empowers you to express your favored Title and Description for your Facebook and Google+ pages and after that sends your post to these pages. It likewise enables you to express a picture for either than will supersede the default picture on these social media sharing sites for that post.

SEO Plugin by Squirrly:

SEO plugin by Squirrly is different from the above two mentioned plugins. It gives a list of the blog post with the same keywords.

Once you are done with writing your content, blog or an article and if is corrected and you received a green signal than Squirrly performance analytics gives you an indication for social media and other Google ranking performances.

Squirrly will give you a week after week SEO Audit, demonstrating the execution of your content promoting system as a rule. Instances of reports incorporate guests to your blog URL, social advertising signs, specialist, etc.

To sum things up: Yoast SEO vs SEO Ultimate vs SEO Plugin by Squirrly

Whenever you use Yoast you skip SEO Ultimate and vise a versa. Both have there owned functionality or features. The features that SEO Ultimate consists of Yoast SEO does not.

The SEO Plugin by Squirrly is another topic of discussion. I would like to recommend that you first try it by yourself they all have there pros and cons.

Squirrly offers some great features like for example its keyword search function, good photos, and graphics which one can legally make use of. SEO system used by Squirrly is different by both the SEO Yoast and SEO Ultimate WordPress plugins.

But for your first five posts, you can try Squirrly free of cost. Though most users prefer SEO Yoast and even go for it at the other end, SEO Ultimate to offers that ultimate feature which Yoast SEO does not.

So with this, I would like to suggest and recommend that you should try these three of the SEO WordPress plugins for your WordPress websites and have an experience of the three. I hope this blog will help you with your requirements.

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