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Business WordPress Themes for all kinds of businesses

Business WordPress themes have become popular and become more and more relevant for businesses. Any business needs an online medium nowadays to interact with their customers and to showcase their company profile as well as the services they are into.

Any type of business needs a website and with varied tastes and design choices we have created several types of business WordPress themes which cater to various types of design choices and trends as well as satisfies various requirements and features.

All of these business WordPress themes are created as per different requirements and projects we have done for independent clients and all of them are good multipurpose themes which can be applied for any type of business.

For example an event management company would need an event company website so they should have events gallery, team members and management team and testimonials.

Also they will focus on call to action and have contact info clearly mentioned everywhere on their website and upcoming events for someone to check how they manage any event.

Similarly for any other business whatever requirements they have can be satisfied with the help of these business WordPress themes and templates.

Some of the salient features of these WordPress business themes are:

1. Great look and feel: Any business would want to have a professional and corporate look and feel for their website so that it appears chic as well looks good and clean. The purpose is to get visitors come to your website and stay there and read about your business and generate enough interest so that they can call you or contact you for hiring you for your services or products.

Any business website focusses on sales and leads and hence our business WordPress themes have such a great look and feel that any customer or prospect who is visiting the website should at least make a call for further progress.

2. Color picker: Color picker is given as simple as possible so that one can use the color picker and see the unlimited color possibilities possible and select the desired color scheme. All the elements have different color pickers for someone to have as they desire colors for each element separately and to design and develop an unique website for themselves and their businesses.

3. Font based icons: Font based social icons have been used and there are more than 600 in number. Font based icons would mean that you can use them anywhere on the entire website. You can have their sizes different as well as colors can be set up accordingly.

4. Font via Google fonts: Font via Google fonts would mean that you get access to over 650+ varied font styles. Above all these fonts load up from Google server so there is no delay or lag or slow page speed issue. Google fonts provide every type of font styling like italics, underlined, superscripts, bold etc. Hence they are the best way one can implement the desired typography on their business website using our business WordPress themes.

5. Multilingual: Any large or medium based business can have multiple locations where people speak different language and to create another entire website is tedious, time taking and as far as maintenance is concerned takes lot of time and staff. Thus people want a single website which can act as multilingual website for both the locations or several locations where the business exists. Our business WordPress themes provide ample opportunity for someone to get a multilingual website easily without any hassle using recommended plugin and using our documentation.

6. Corporate call to actions like forms, call us, location map: Corporate websites always need call to actions like call us area on the top in header which appears as call us or a phone number in mobile and tablet devices and appears as a plain number in desktop. Forms are essential to gather requirements. Many businesses and services need requirements initially to provide better services for their customers and hence forms are important for these type of businesses.

7. Compatible with varied SEO plugins: Compatible with varied SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO our business WordPress themes are coded such that they satisfy the SEO standards and SEO friendly coding standards.

8. Compatible with cache plugins: Cache plugins are important in speeding up a theme and if the theme works nicely with cache plugins then the site code becomes optimized and it provides faster loading for the website and thus more and more users can read and visit more pages of your site and reduces the bounce rate as well.
9. Faster loading themes: Our WordPress business templates are coded such that they are faster loading and have very less usage of scripts which will un necessarily create conflicts with other plugins as well as cause slow load of a website.

10. Social media friendly: Social media friendly theme it has all the social icons in font awesome icons which are more than 650 in number. Thus giving ample opportunities and almost all social icons are present in the library which can be used anywhere on the entire WordPress website.

11. Easy to use: Easy to use theme options and Customizer based options for all types of WordPress business themes and thus these templates can be used and edited easily as a novice and by users who haven’t done WordPress before so no training costs are needed and your staff can also handle the website for your company.

12. Page builder compatible: Page builders can turn any novice users layout builders who can create whatever they like with the use of these easy to use page builders. They can make use of full width page template and create the content area with the help of these page builders. Our business WordPress themes do support the popular page builders.

13. Flat design based: Flat and material based design would mean that the website is compatible with all sorts of browsers because browsers render graphics and gradients and shadows differently hence flat based designs won’t have effects on browsers and your site will appear the same on each of the browser you choose.

14. Cross device compatible: Cross device compatible and compatibility test has been done for several mobile and tablet devices which are popular and use various types of OS like Windows, Android and iOS. Also for desktops different and available OS has been tested with and found to be working just fine for these business WordPress themes.

So why not consider these great business WordPress themes and build your next business website using any of them.

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