Premium Yoga WordPress Themes For Your Yoga & Fitness Clubs

With the perk in modernization often people found body pains, mental stress, physical weakness, resultant they always look for the medicines to give their body kick start to led a life. Don’t you think nowadays life becomes dependent on taking medications?

Maybe yes! From an adult age to an old person, taking medications regularly becomes the habit. To solve these modern health issues, yoga becomes one of the best ways to get rid of all health issues in a short time.

Performing yoga Asanas can help in adding flexibility in the body, enhance the body structure, and as well as better your lifestyle.

If you are looking to start your own fitness or yoga club online then WordPress has an unlimited collection of Yoga WordPress themes.

You can choose your best theme that suitable for your business requirements and enjoy the peak of success. Now, maybe you are wondering what theme can be perfect or what are features you should look down while choosing a yoga theme.

A perfect theme is only that satisfies your customer needs. For example, a theme should be customised, user-friendly, SEO optimized, stunning animations, terrific colour combination, etc.

In this concern, we have selected top yoga themes that accomplish your customer’s needs in one. Now, you just go ahead and find the best theme for your business. All the given themes are great enough to support your success. Let’s go!

Yogi Pro is everyone’s favorite Yoga WordPress themes when it comes to creating an online yoga website. It provides fantastic limitless opportunities to create awesome webpages that drive potential traffic as well as successful conversions. Yogi Pro contains inbuilt sections that make your work easy in setting up content, pages, etc.

With this theme, you can teach your students online yoga without any problem. The service page of this theme can help you to showcase your work and testimonial in a sufficient manner, so the customers know about you in detail.

This theme can be useful for sharing valuable info along with press releases of your club. One of the best features of this theme comes with a call to action buttons, so you won’t get any issue while connecting with your customers.

Yoga WordPress Themes

11 Premium Yoga WordPress Themes For Your Yoga

Yogi Pro


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Key Features:

  • Created with an element of page builder.
  • Contains 100+ shortcodes.
  • Includes social media buttons.
  • Highly compatible with mobile, browsers, and the latest WordPress version.

Ele Yoga

Ele Yoga

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For all yoga gurus, Ele yoga is the perfect theme you can choose confidently. This theme includes almost all features that work for both your group and individual yoga classes.

Additionally, it includes an e-commerce feature that could help you sell your services, products, or related items online easily. With Ele Yoga theme, you can create a mobile-friendly, easy setup, responsive images, and cool featured website that help you reach a range of customers without any hassle.

This theme includes the PO and MO files that can be translated easily on everyone’s device. On the other hand, it comprises a box layout that works perfectly to your business scale. This does not create any difficulty while using this theme.

The navigation bar is easy to use and the flexibility of social media buttons and others are highly dynamic that provide you best response.

Key Features:

  • It is a full-width flexible theme.
  • It includes four different layouts.
  • You will get 24/7 customer support.
  • Fully documented theme.
  • Include standard updates which will keep you updated with the faults as well.

BeFit Pro


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BeFit Pro is the best Yoga WordPress themes out there. It is highly integrative with awesome font icons along with Google fonts. With this theme, you will get a quote for your section which is great to support the plug-in and widgets that show your accomplishments easily.

On the other hand, you will get contact info, inbuilt call to action button which is highly integrated and provide you well-suited theme.

This is also a colour changing theme which can be turned into both white or another colour as per your will. On the other hand, the entire elements are manageable and you will get your services to feature in Google.

With the help of a theme, you can easily get the best success is to showcase the subscribers and produce fitness exercises and tips as a blog. It will be beneficial for your business.

Key Features:

  • Inbuilt contact page that helps to get leads from the visitors.
  • The user can easily set up the animations and the column, so your content looks good.
  • The theme is highly compatible with Marketing plugins as well as social media sharing buttons.
  • Include header and footer sections with multiple layouts.
  • Include multiple animations and one-year customer support.

SKT Fitness Pro

skt fitness

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SKT Fitness Pro is a fantastic theme that can be perfect yoga WordPress themesfor your both yoga and Fitness Club. The theme is coded with an elementor page builder that integrated with 675 Plus Google fonts, and also give you a lot of shortcodes like a gallery, testimonials, many more.

This theme is highly compatible with NextGen gallery and contact form so you will enjoy the greater features without any doubt.

On the other hand, it comes with a greater number of plugins and button, so your user easily navigate in your site and they will increase their User experience. SKT fitness pro includes multiple zip file.

It will come up with sample content that gives you default installation along with developer-friendly, shortcode friendly, page window friendly theme.

Key Features:

  • Free installation and standard-compliant theme.
  • Retina ready and HD ready theme.
  • Typography, buttons, tabs, are easy to install.
  • It includes 20 variations of animations.

Meditation Pro

Meditation WordPress theme

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If you would like to create a website for a meditation that will access your customers with your services then meditation Pro is a fantastic theme you can choose stress-free.

If you are Reiki expert or would you like to heal the customers with the emotional Kama physically and mentally then it will give you the number is advantages to getting connected with your customers.

Yoga Studio website visually engrossing and represent you in a wider space. Hence, you can easily engage the different audience within your website. On the other hand, the loading speed of this website would be fast and you will easily receive a range of traffic which don’t provide you with negative returns.

Key Features:

  • It includes prerequisite standards that are compatible with various plugins.
  • It includes standard pages like 404 archives and categories.
  • This creates both flat and material design site.
  • Supports multiple page builders such as divi, visual compressor, etc.

Diet and nutrition

diet and nutrition

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If you are a dietitian and would like to take your business online diet and nutrition WordPress theme is perfect for every nutritious, fitness expert, yoga gurus, and dieticians. Also it is perfect for yoga WordPress themes.

With it, you will get the high-quality appearance that just grabs attention to the users towards the website where you will get the testimonials, contact us, your services pages that support your WordPress website to reach potential customers.

On the other hand, you will get a pricing table for your diet charges and other programs you would like to add in the website. In this theme, you will get responsive and cross-browser friendly icons that support every browser and tested with Google.

Key Features:

  • Provides header and footer sections to showcase your skills more.
  • Come up with a great colour combination.
  • Include calendar plugin, testimonials, team etc pages.
  • Provides blog sidebar.
  • Home page and inner pages are easy to setup.


Zym is one of the best themes for those who are in the business of fitness like yoga, muscles building, nutrition etc. The game includes high-quality features that are easy to adjust with your customers and your preferences both. It includes the shortcodes for managing the timetable, testimonials, team, and other pages.

This also includes the pricing table plugin for you can easily handle The E-Commerce section on your website. This page is coded with HTML5 and css3 which make it easier for you to increase the interaction with the customers and enjoy the wide range of success.

More than that, this is compatible with all kind of browsers, mobiles, that promote your business in both local and international market.

Key Features:

  • Sample content comes up with default for easy setup.
  • Provide you free installation along with 24/7 customer support for 1 year.
  • It includes numbers of options such as pricing table, timeline, time table and pictures sections.
  • It is widget friendly and supports multiple ads and banners.


If you are a fitness expert in the gym, yoga guru or whatever kind of fitness services you are providing, Fitt is the best Yoga WordPress themes you can choose for your yoga classes or related business.

This theme you will enjoy weather several features where you do not any professional WordPress developer for your business you can do it yourself because it includes several templates to choose from and shortcodes which are awesome to support your building page.

Also, it provides an awesome look. All tested features that support your visitors to come in your world and become fit. This theme is highly flexible and comes up with an inbuilt contact form with an email address and Google map.

If you are a fitness expert, a blogger or selling supplements for the fitness then this theme is highly supportable for your person. You can add a number of blogs, tips and another type of entries in your website to gain more traffic.

Key Features:

  • Integrated with Google fonts and social media icons.
  • It is a customisable theme for colours and fonts.
  • Provide a number of templates to choose for your website requirement.
  • It comes up with banners sliders at the homepage.
  • It is translation ready and HD ready theme.

Reiki Pro

If you are a physical therapist and use a number of services in your therapies such as yoga meditations and others, Reiki pro is the best to go with. this theme includes a slider plugin switch are most convenient and fantastic to use such as master, Revolution, smart slider, etc.

It is highly compatible and you do not need to worry about the future updates. It is easy to install and easy to startup and convenient to give you best support when you will need it.

You do not require an expert to do all the things for you. Just like your Reiki services, this theme gives smooth advantages to every of a customer and they will find you as a perfect recommendation for everyone. Reiki pro provides the team section, client testimonials, news section, our team section and pricing section as well.

Along with that, if you would like to start your selling services then you will go with the shop plugin, which is friendly with woocommerce.

Key Features:

  • It is a multilingual friendly and page builder friendly theme.
  • Easy to load and setup.
  • Compatible with social media icons and social commenting plugins like Disqus.
  • Demo content and documentation is available.
  • No need to worry about security concerns.

Strong Pro

Strong Pro is the well-suited theme for those who would like to run the online muscle-building coaching classes, fitness plans, yoga coaching and more. The theme comes with Yoga WordPress themes includes slider control options, faster loading time, compatible with external comments plugins as well.

It is the amazing and perfect theme for your business because it will take care of all of the features externally and internally both and you will reach the peak of success in your fitness business easily.

Key Features:

  • Inner banners can provide a contact form, video, images, sliders etc.
  • Include eCommerce friendly plugins, tested with CrossFit WP template.
  • RTL tested with languages.
  • Include 3 types of header and 5 types of footer variations.
  • Provide a unique timeline for the blogs.

Ele Fitness

This is one of the Yoga WordPress themes is perfect for yoga Gurus, yoga instructors, personal trainers and gym experts. This team is originated to provide a number of sections, so you will receive complete detail regarding the website performance such as details about sessions, club details, workout details, and many more.

The steam is created with the powerful rules and Gilbert so you won’t get any issue while assessing this, on the other hand, it comes up with multilingual functional that can easily translate your site into multiple languages.

The blog page is dedicated to fitness houses, so you can be shared among the users and reaps the maximum traffic. You can also customise the logo as per your self and tagline to make more informative and attractive. With this, you will get full permission to add images to the homepage.

Key Features:

  • You can show your images with high-resolution mode.
  • Keep your website highly readable.
  • Get one-year long term professional support for free.
  • Fully translation ready documented and easy to use the theme.
  • It can support both old and new internet browsers.

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