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How to set up an affiliate program with WordPress and WooCommerce

How to set up an affiliate program with WordPress and WooCommerce

If you have just set up an online ecommerce portal, then you already know why it is important to do all you can to drive more traffic towards your website, which should result in better sales. The good thing about WordPress is its functionality in the sense that you can customize it, tweak it as per your preference and even use woocommerce to set up an affiliate model to help incentivize those who send visitors your way. Using the affiliate model is a nice way to ramp up traffic which should result in better sales than before. More to the point, the process is not all that complicated and as the pay is performance based, you would only be required to pay for the referral fees when a sale has been made. You can set it up in such a way that the referral fee is auto credited to the affiliate’s account and with it; you should be able to generate more traffic for your website, and get it much better visibility than before. And in the process, you should also be able to generate more sales. Here’s how to set up an affiliate program with WordPress and WooCommerce.

– The first thing that you need to do is to double check and see if your theme is compatible with woocommerce as well as other external plugins. In case the theme is not compatible with woocommerce, you need to junk it and move on to a better theme. Now, all that’s required is for you to download both woocommerce and affiliate plugin and install both on your website. Once you have downloaded the required plugins, all that’s left for you to do is to install the same and activate them.

– The next thing that you need to do is to define the parameters of your affiliate program. Once you have installed the affiliate plugin, you need to define the program which in turn should enable your visitors to sign up as affiliates. Just head over to the settings page of your affiliate plugin, you should see a drop down list for your referral fee. You can either opt for a flat amount or one that is a certain percentage of the sales.

– Now, you need to integrate this plugin with the rest of your website; just head over to the main settings of the plugin and click on the integrations tab. Once you have ticked the appropriate box, the next time that an affiliate refers a customer to your website; this plugin will track the visitor and even keep track of all referral amounts.

– As far as registrations go, you can either manually register the affiliates by yourself or set up the page so that they can register themselves. You can also set up the registration process in such a way that your visitors can apply to join up with the program. Just check your affiliate plugin settings and the options for registrations should show up under “miscellaneous”.

– And remember that when you allow visitors to register themselves, you need to tweak the settings on your plugin to send you admin notifications anytime a new affiliate joins up.

– Now, all that’s left is to create the sign up form for your affiliate program. Most affiliate plugins come loaded with the requisite short code which should enable you to do just that with ease. All you have to do is to copy and paste the code into your page and with it, you should be set.

Managing affiliate applications:

Now that you have installed both woocommerce and affiliate plugin on your website, all that’s left for you to do is to manage your affiliate applications.

– Just go over to the affiliate sections of your affiliate plugin, you should be able to view all the pending applications

– Now, you can review all their details, approve or reject their request.

– The affiliate plugin should also be able to manage all the login ids and passwords, so you would not have to worry about the same.

Affiliate marketing on WordPress

Now, that your affiliates have signed up, they can register and login to their affiliate area; the affiliate plugin should help generate an affiliate URL which they would be required to promote to get referral fees. Your affiliates should also be able to generate affiliate links to specific products and other pages of your website. This should enable them to deep link to other pages as well, thereby enabling them to target specific products, which they can help market much more effectively and in the process generate more sales for you.

How you track the affiliates on WordPress

Once an affiliate signs up, you can login to your affiliate plugin, head over to the affiliate section and review their progress. You should be able to view all the viable prospects that the affiliate has sent your way, you should also be able to see if the referral in question has resulted in a sale. In fact, you should be able to check your individual woocommerce orders to confirm the sale. Once it is confirmed, you can generate a payout for your affiliates for the concerned amount. Moreover, you can also automate this process but that’s entirely up to you. The affiliate plugin should also generate an affiliate report by which you can view the performance of the affiliate and track their performance and other metrics.

This is how you can set up an ecommerce portal, use both woocommerce and an affiliate plugin to help drive more traffic towards your website which should result in more sales. You can also set up an integrated payment gateway to enable your affiliates to cash out or set up supported plugins such as paypal and skrill which can be used for the same purpose. It’s fairly simple to set up an affiliate program with woocommerce on your WordPress site and soon, you should start receiving increased traffic, as a result of your affiliates and along with it, more sales than before.

Thus the above steps should be sufficient in helping someone set up an affiliate program using WordPress and WooCommerce.

How to fix WordPress internal server error

How to fix WordPress internal server error

Each time your WordPress develops a snag, it automatically displays a WordPress internal server error message. This mostly occurs when your WordPress is not able to retrieve the information that’s required and instead displays the internal server error message. This can occur due to various reasons and the process of finding out what went wrong can be quite frustrating. It mostly occurs because you have a corrupted root directory file which is why you need to explore the various options listed below and troubleshoot the problem. There’s never a straightforward solution for this issue which is why you need to explore various options, check and see if you are able to resolve it at the earliest. Keep in mind that the longer your website is down, your customers would not be able to access the same either and you would be losing out on prospective clients which is why you need to resolve this issue at the earliest, so let’s get started.

But before that, it is important that you back up all your data and core files. We are talking about a complete back up and there are various online plugins that you can use for the same purpose. It is important that you back up all your data as you carry out the required changes to your core files. Accidents happen and usually they do, when you are tinkering with your core file and that’s why it is vital you carry out a complete backup. Now that you have backed up all your files, do check out the steps listed below, for resolving your internal server error.

1. Debug:
The first thing that you need to do is to turn on the debugging feature; granted that the error you face may seem overwhelming and you may even get a white screen of death. But the point is that no matter the issue, it is vital that you first find out what caused this issue so that you can take the corrective measures. It’s a simple step, all you have to do is to head over to the wp-config file of your theme and search for the wp-debug file contained in the same. You need to set the parameters to true, as shown below. And if you are not able to locate it, then you will have to create the file on your own. The changed code should look like this –
define ( “WP_DEBUG”, true );
Once you have carried out the changes, reload your site and see if the issue in question has been resolved or some other error props up. If the issue is not yet resolved, leave the debugging on so that you can check again later.

2. Plugins:
More often than not, plugins and more specifically, external plugins are the main cause of this issue cropping up. So make a point to check your plugin folder and if the issue had cropped up as you were installing a particular plugin, then there’s a compatibility issue and you need to remove the plugin right away. But it can be hard to determine if the plugin is at fault, and the only way to around this is to first deactivate all the plugins, and see what happens. And this issue often occurs especially in the case of external plugins but it can also occur if your theme core files are corrupted. You can switch your theme to a WordPress unaltered theme and see if that helps. Additionally, you can head over to your root directory, change the name of the plugins one by one as that should deactivate them. By doing so, you should be able to isolate the rogue plugin and take the required action.

3. Ht access file:
Your ht access file may be corrupted; essentially this file contains rules that tell your server how to act under certain circumstances. The first thing that you need to do is to login to your FTP account, and access the root folder of your theme. Use the FTP editor, do a complete back up of the .htaccess file, delete its contents and see if it helps to resolve the issue. You can always restore the file from your back up, and if you are still not sure about this step, you can always ask your host or a web developer for help.

4. Memory:
There’s another reason that your website is down; if you have run out of memory space, then there’s reason enough for your WordPress site to develop internal server error. You can make a few modifications, increase the memory size and see if that works. All you have to do is to head over to your wp-config .php file, which you should be able to locate in the root directory of your theme. Now, search the file for WP_MEMORY_LIMIT and see if you are able to locate this code. Once you have located the specified code, change the value to “64M”. If you are not able to locate the code, then just add this line to the file, and upload it using FTP and then, reload your website.
define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

5. If the steps listed above do not work, then you have some other major issue at play here. So ask your host to help you resolve the same. Most of them are only too happy to help and additionally, you can always request them to help provide you with required assistance and review some of the core files. You can also approach web developers to help you resolve this problem at the earliest. And of course, you can always reinstall WordPress but that should be the last step.

Try and resolve this issue at the earliest as the longer your website is down, the more prospective customers you are going to lose. And if you are not all that tech savvy, the good news is that WordPress stands out on account of its ease of use. And what’s more, most of the processes are automated and even a novice should be able to carry out the steps listed above with ease. With these steps, you should be able to resolve your internal server issue at the earliest and you can always seek out professional help as well.

Conclusion: Hope the above steps are all that you need to fix your WordPress websites internal server error problem.

Mostly hosting companies do have knowledge about Internal server error and they are the ones who also help you out of this problem for the most managed shared and VPS hosting companies around the world.

Elevating your SEO Ranking through Blogging

SEO ranking

With Google coming up with modifications to its algorithm regularly, it becomes a difficult task to enhance your ratings. However, blogging is a powerful link building strategy for the increasingly evolving internet world.

Since search engines utilize the approach of indexing, categorizing and ranking Web Pages. Blogs if used with the right keywords and original content can be significant in boosting SEO ranking.

Check if you are making this right!

1. Style of writing :
Blog writing is different from essay writing. Therefore, always use an engaging conversational style. Also, include pictures, audio files and video files that are related to the topic to make the blog more interesting. Include small stories, that will make the blog more attractive. You can also use jokes, but only if you have a natural talent for writing humor.

2. User-friendly URL :
It’s essential that you structure your URL in a way that users can easily identify it. Creating a URL that is short and straightforward enables users to remember it.

3. Current ideas :
Each blog posts should have some new information. Otherwise, your regular followers will find your blog unattractive. Give them the most advanced knowledge and tips of your niche. Show them that you are an authority in the field. Also, Google knows how to value fresh content.

If you update your site often with new content, it’s likely that Google will find it and improve its ranking. Therefore, if you’re a blogger, it’s your role to create content that favors relationship with users.

Often, readers wish to get access to updated content. If you continually upgrade your content, then you are likely to get more readers. This translates to increased traffic.

4. Use proper keywords :
Using the right keywords helps in enhancing your chances of getting more rankings. However, keywords should be used on categories related to your niche. Therefore, it’s necessary to use the right keywords and pick the right categories for your site.

5. Backlinking :
Although backlinking has lost popularity and Google is giving it a lesser priority, it can still do good to develop a relationship with other websites and brands.

6. Tag your content :
If you wish to gain extra exposure online, then you need to begin tagging your content. One great way to tag your content is by use of plugins.

7. Guest Blogging :
Guest blogging can get you a fantastic SEO results. But for this to happen, you need to be careful and follow Google’s guidelines.

8. Posting frequency :
Have a fixed schedule for publishing new posts. It can be daily, once or twice weekly. Stick on to this and come with something new in each post.

9. Use directories :
In case you haven’t submitted your blogs to various directories, then consider doing so. This way, you will be able to gain traffic as well as obtain one-way links.

Importance of blogs in getting enhanced rankings

Blogs are powerful tools to boost SEO rankings due to the following:

1. Organized content :
Various web blog software applications are equipped with the “category” feature. This makes the task of grouping posts easier.

Categorization of several blog posts assists readers in finding search engines as well as the desired information quickly.

2. Engine Friendly URLs :
Various blogging service providers render clutter free and search engine friendly URLs. This makes it easy for Search engine robots to find your posts.

3. RSS Feeds :
Presence of web RSS formats can assist you in distributing your content to a broader customer base hence enhancing your link popularity. An RSS is a web publishing tool which is influential in the distributing of audio and video content.

Having RSS feeds permits users to receive updated content automatically. Also, the RSS search engine will regularly include your weblog content.

4. Updated content :
Search engines value new content that offers answers to users questions. This is the reason why when you update fresh content; they reward your site by advertising the posts in search results. Frequently updated content leads to recurrent visits by users. Also, new material stamps the authority of your website.

5. The building of an active community :
A blog can pave the way for the interaction of like-minded people through comments and trackback features. Also, a vibrant user community can be formed through blogs, and loyal members of this community can assist in publicizing your blog.

6. Several widgets :
Blogging software is filled with various useful widgets and plugins that enable easy sharing of information with other online platforms. All these features can enhance the number of inbound links and traffic. Also, through blogs, you can see plenty of social news.

7. Credibility :
Regular blogging makes your readers view you as a credible brand. Remember being recognized as a trustworthy brand to offer guidance on various issues is vital. Therefore, when a firm is consistent in blogging, this reflects positively on the company.

Also, blogs permit you to educate potential clients, not just sell to them. Many customers wouldn’t trust a stranger’s opinion as they would trust a branded advertisement. Thus, blogging as a link building strategy leads to a library of useful resources to educate clients while gaining their trust.

8. Google Authorship :
Google regularly changes its algorithms to improve the way it finds relevant, quality content, related to the search terms commonly accepted by users. Consistently posting quality blog posts on your website makes you more credible and boosts your author rank.

Blogging is a great way to boost brand awareness, increase traffic and improve SEO. It is a useful technique that enables your site to be acknowledged by search engines, which consequently refers viewers to your site. More so, a link building strategy can be used to keep a new journal that provides reader value.

Logistics WordPress Themes for logistics and cargo transportation websites

Today we’ll leave you with a search – based collection of logistics WordPress Themes for transportation and moving companies.

Trucking and distribution websites, logistics and express postal services, cargo and warehouse, freight and other relevant services to work in the online format and meet their client’s demands fully need website which these themes satisfy.

Displaying all the available services for the sake of the convenience and comfort of the target customer can be the key point to success in the transportation industry. Show your clients that you care about their nerves and precious time, let them quickly find the needed service while pressing few buttons and your business is condemned to success.

This time let’s get into the meat of the primary features and controls of logistics WordPress themes for logistics and transportation companies, delivery and shipment organizers, packing and moving companies and other relevant industry representatives. Since finding the best one for your future website can be a real challenge, we have done our best to present only the best ones ready to divide your burden and be your greatest assistance right from the start. Each of them separately shares a wonderful professionalism and precision in usage that will last a lifetime.

1. Logistics:
Cargo WordPress theme


2. Perfect Logistics:


Perfect Logistics is one of the newest logistics WordPress themes that have already managed to record serious achievements on the market. Security and usability – checked, powerful and integrative, Perfect Logistics is a template based on handy, intuitively guided walkthroughs inside the theme’s dashboard to assist you in a quick and effective start of your future website. If we dive into the main characteristics of this marvelous template, we will discover unmatched features and impeccable functionality across different platforms and when viewed with the help of different portable devices. Hence from responsive and cross –mobile device compatibility to smooth and sleek navigation levels, everything is minutely taken care of by the seasoned professionals of our team. Perfect Logistics is also very lightweight in usage while providing the end – user with lots of customization options to change colors, use shortcodes whenever required and extend the given functionality with plugin support.

3. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


Have you ever wondered how a completely organized and streamlined, infallible in behavior, pixel – perfect and highly integrative transportation and shipping – based template looks like? If yes, you are lucky to meet Complete Pro on your way! With this template you will feel privileged to be the only proprietor of your website with complete dominance over every single part and aspect of the theme to subject to your will. Ramp up new cooperation and collaboration ties with potential clients and partner companies via the online platform and arm your website to be presentable both in look and feel. From a more structural perspective, Complete Pro comes with homepage full – width slider to proudly showcase the best images and photos, fonts and icons integration, color changing options, and finally, SEO and SMO – compliant nature for boosted search engine and social recognition.

4. Movers and Packers Pro:
moving company WordPress theme


Offer your logistics, transportation, delivery, shipping and trucking services in the most effective fashion with Movers and Packers Pro as the next award – winning and top – notch system in the repository of logistics WordPress themes. Scrupulously coded with responsive and mobile – friendly obsess in the theme author’s mind, this template comes ready to generate new business opportunities and leads for you. Let the pulse of your company or agency be felt across your website and make it a place where any interested client will find an informative content, as well as high – quality customer care and support, whenever needed.

5. Towing:
towing WordPress theme


Showcase all your transportation and logistics services and offers, including land, road, railway, water, air, ropeway and other transportation modes, forwarding and brokerage services, packaging and moving, etc with the great assistance of Towing. Repeatedly tested and confirmed for its dependable nature no matter what kind of website is established on it, this template knows what is relevant to your website and is capable of satisfying even the most finical website visitor. Pay almost next to nothing for this creative and unbounded website building toolkit and outshine the current competition with original traits and visual touches. Choose the most appropriate fonts and icons, change colors, arm the homepage slider with high – resolution images, add relevant plugins and translate your content to any target language easily yet effectively. Hence this one as explained also falls into the logistics WordPress themes category.

6. Furnish:
interior design WordPress theme


Organize the makeover of your old – dated and workaday business profile and add freshness to it with Furnish as one of the user and customer – optimized platforms among logistics WordPress themes. Or start everything form 0 even while working on a tight – budget and startle your primary competitors with your new and sophisticated website. Multipurpose and multiservice, Furnish is never hesitant to fit any other industry and its representation apart from logistics and transportation industry. Hence this general – purpose and multi – faced template incorporates almost everything to fire up your creativity to design and arrange your website accordingly and keep it up to date. Furnish has also been checked for its total responsiveness, translation – ready character and plugin compatibility, social media integration for engaging more and more website visitors from social media platforms and much more.

7. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


Flat Pro is bewitchingly beautiful and strictly – arranged logistics – friendly website building ecosystem nurtured by the touches of modern flat design for more legible visualization, as well as precise functionality of your website. This jaw – dropping and serious – looking template knows how to be simple and lightweight as well as quick and flexible without any heavy loading. Hence if you are in the pursuit of a creative mixture of power and precision, as well as simplicity and flexibility, this template can be ideal for you. This template allows you to take advantage of the given footer and header, as well as sidebar areas, freely exercise the given pack of shortcodes, and finally, add different plugins, among them gallery and portfolio plugins, contact form and translation plugins, as well as SEO ones.

From the last 20 years, running a business has shifted from traditional ways to more advanced and modern ways i.e the online methods. Companies that underestimated the power of the internet are now behind the competition timeline of today’s world. Different business fields have adopted the online methods and understood the true power of the internet. Be it logistics and express postal services, cargo and warehouse, freight and other relevant services having an online website helps businesses to connect with more people without many efforts.

During past times, developing a website required much of an advanced skill set and if u didn’t have coding skills then you need to invest a lot of money to hire website developers. But in today’s market, popular content management systems such as WordPress have given people the opportunity to build their own websites with much less investment and that too without writing a single line of code. Not only this, with these use of correct WordPress themes you can add various functionalities and special functions that perfectly suits your business needs.

With the help of logistics WordPress themes, you can build your own powerful yet flexible logistic website that will definitely fulfil your customers’ needs. You can customize every corner of the website if you are using these themes.

For example, the homepage is the most important part of the website by which customers will judge about your business offerings and potentiality. So you can welcome your visitors by displaying all the service you provide in this logistic firm along with the prices so as to keep your business transparent to your potential customers.

In Fact, you can change the header, footer, background, colours and fonts too as per your desire with these logistics WordPress themes. You can customize the menu of your website too, so as to increase the user experience of your customers while they explore through your site’s contents.

Now comes the benefits of plugins that help you to add different extra functionalities which are included with these logistics WordPress themes. If you want to add different payment methods so as to give the user the ability to pay right there at your website, you can opt for the WooCommerce plugin. You can add another important functionality such as live chat plugin to answer all the queries of your customers in real time right through your website. There are plugins too that auto-generates invoices for your customers.

Nowadays everybody is looking forward to adding search engine optimization to his or her website to promote his or her website in various search engines. But the good news is if you are using these logistics WordPress themes you don’t have to hire specialists to optimize your websites to rank high in Google, Bing, etc. All you need is to download the SEO plugin and activate it on your WordPress website to make it happen.

Apart from these, logistic WordPress plugins are highly responsive and mobile friendly. That means these themes can adjust itself according to the screen size it’s viewed on and that too without compromising on the user experience part. These logistic WordPress themes will be the best for your business as you have to apply minimal efforts in starting and maintaining your website while you can focus more on your business offerings to your future customers.

Singer WordPress Themes for musicians bands studio manager sites

Today we are going to share some of the top rated singer WordPress themes processed for the musical world and its representatives, singers, musical bands, record studios, musicians, musical managers, musical shops, etc.

Creating your individual or brand equity through your website can be the best and the most secure undertaking to ensure your presence online and giving it a value it deserves. Your website is the only place you can share all your works, songs, concerts and have an online repository without “winning” the label of too commercial business violating someone’s rights.

Whether you are a professional composer or musician, private artist or singer, music promoter or music school owner, running a website based on one of the singer WordPress themes included here will be the most rational decision.

With any of those templates you will get an instant access to brilliant elements and features to make your presence more effectual.

Stay in the forefront of your fans and followers, potential partners and associates while spending too little money for that.

In addition to the simple and smoothly flexible platform, you will be granted with, with those singer WordPress themes you will be able to exercise new kinds of income models, including SEO and SMO related activities.

1. Musical Sounds:


Musical Sounds is a must have product that is dedicated to the musical world. Stable and durable, yet elegant and inviting, this template will make your personal or brand presence stand out from the crowds with a unique enchantment. Music player is added to the default template for you to control its look and functionality and add your songs and other audio materials. Font integration within the theme gives you a fantastic resource of laying down the best typography with the right color application. As for the overall colors of the theme, you are free to exercise the given color picker and add your own and preferred touches to the existing ones. Homepage slider for high resolution displays can be managed accordingly with animation, timing and more. Shortcodes based and HTML5 & CSS3 coded, Musical Sounds is also ineffably responsive and cross mobile compliant.

2. Disco Dancer:


The next enthusiastic and ambitious, lively and enthralling pattern one can unfold in our collection of singer WordPress themes is named Disco Dancer. As you can guess from the name of the template, it is suitable both for musical and dance related websites and blogs, private singers and musical bands, disco and music halls, dance studios, choreographers and others. Show off the profiles of your talented group or studio members, enlist their qualities and achievements, showcase your services, classes and offers through the given framework and suggested theme sections. Built with responsive and mobile fit design, Disco Dancer flaunts highly customizable layout with handy toolbox to contribute to the website admin’s work from the theme backend. It also supports high resolution and high quality displays for better look, as well as includes PO file to make your content translation ready.

3. SKT Tube:


Hundreds of singers and music world delegates have already chosen to switch to SKT Tube for a wide array of reasons. Hence, we have chosen this steady and firm template to narrow down your selection when it comes to choosing the best platform for your singer or music website. Showcase your talent and unique songs, romances and concert performances, audio albums and video clips in a nicely arrayed fashion, display the best in your collection via the video slider hanging on the homepage. In case you want something other than the preenabled slider, you are enabled to add other compatible plugins like master slider, cyclone slider, accordion and more.

4. Melody:


Melody is another valuable solution having its place in our collection of singer WordPress themes. It’s a top notch artist, singer, musician and band website building ecosystem that is bewitchingly creative and spectacular. This inexplicably fast and smooth template is addicted to pixel perfect and responsive performance to match the needs of your web viewers on the move. With Melody you will get rid of mind blowing coding processes and controls and will be provided with easy to use pieces of shortcodes to easily practice whenever needed. Team members section can be perfectly utilized for sharing information about your band and its members. Photo and video galleries are foreseen to encompass your images, audio and video materials, songs, records, concerts and much more.

5. Adventure:


Adventure is a multipurpose and feature packed adventurous and interactive template with a special dedication to music. It’s a dynamic approach to establishing a highly popular and frequently visited website of musical direction or nature, as well as for adventure, sports, hiking and other relevant websites. It’s a modernly dressed and stylized template which can have more than one face or outfit. It’s up to you to play with its appearance, colors, typography and icons. Inner page banner is adaptive enough for you to showcase slider, images, banner ads or something else. If you want to guarantee your digital performance against any kind of hacks or external interventions, you can add security plugins, since they are all compatible with Adventure. All the essential touches of search engine optimization are also integrated within the theme.

6. SKT Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


The last comprehensive template among singer WordPress themes with full integration of practical elements and features is SKT Black Pro. Discover the true value of this mighty template through its customization selections and alternatives. Extend your website with posts, images, homepage slides, contact details and other valuable information your website viewers might look for. More than 100 shortcodes come ready with SKT Black Pro to give rise to post and pages, as well as custom post types. All in all, this visually cutting edge and intelligent theme is about balance, precision, elegance and advanced technology at one place. While integrated with slider controls, standard pages and CSS3 animation touches, SKT Black Pro is also cross mobile and device compatible with its SEO coding.

Music is a theme of artistry on its own, something that every person is inspired and moved by. From ancient times, we have observed music breaking barriers of language and culture. In the recent decades, we have witnessed the explosive rise of the Internet and in numerous online websites for online marketing of businesses. While back in the day singers and record labels used business cards at present-day social media and online websites has developed into a patron of arts aiding musicians give their first thrust into fame.

We have witnessed a wide range of singers and musicians found online for their musical talents in the recent times. For a musician, nothing feels better than a jam-packed audience. If you are a rising singer, musician, and a record label agency or in any other music-related profession wanting to make your music heard then you must have tried promoting yourself through Facebook or YouTube. It is useful but a website is a must to boost your credibility. An online website will help you to define yourself, your personality and style to the world. The theme, colors, and vibe you portray through your website give a better insight to your fans and followers as to who you are. This is why we have created a wide array of Singer WordPress Themes that you can easily buy and customize it to resonate with your personality.

Our wide collection of Singer WordPress Themes have been specifically designed for the type of music that you play. We have themes ranging from summery bright colored themes for acoustic blues to darker colored themes for the club to provoke your visitors in a good way. With our Singer WordPress Themes, you can blend fun with business allowing novice users to make attractive pages. We have incorporated a wide array of modern and practical features that will not fail to impress your fans and customers.

If you are not tech savvy, it’s not that big of a deal as we have taken care of all the coding and the technical details for your ready-made website. All you have to do is customize the website that matches your vision, this is even easier as it is customer friendly. Different sliders, fonts, colors, headers, sliders and much more are can be chosen as per your liking. The Singer WordPress Themes have inbuilt advanced security features and is designed for perfect responsiveness along with device compatibility with mobiles, laptops and much more.

They say that candy is useless if the wrapping is not attractive. Allow us to present you with amazing candy wraps in the form of Singer WordPress Themes. Or varieties are sure to guarantee you success in your venture. Go ahead and please your customers and fans with a visually appealing form of your vision with the help of our themes. Don’t hesitate! Get going and blend it together and push your melodies and tunes along with videos to the music lovers all around the globe.

Companies WordPress Themes for developing company websites

The best compilation of companies WordPress themes is at your fingertips to give a big start of your business profile.

Designed and developed specifically for the business world, each of them will be the brick and mortar of any agency, company or organization, service provision or even online store websites.

Gone are the days when running a website for specific business was a luxury.

In the current digital based world, a website for any business phenomenon has long become a pure necessity for a wide range of justified reasons.

From better credibility and strong communication ties with partners and clients to cost effective working and marketing strategies, the advantages of the business or companies website seem to have no edge.

Moreover, it does not just stop with your client base.

A well thought out and well dressed website will act as your business card and will indirectly enhance your company value.

In this article we have done our best to compile some of the most popular and high ranked companies WordPress themes for the business spectrum and both private and public companies. Each of those templates will save you a bulk of money and time while providing you with ultimate web creation and management system.

Increase your online visibility through any of the below companies WordPress themes and target a broader market, including also the international one.

1. Furniture Pro:


Furniture Pro is a total joy when it comes to proceeding with your company or corporate website. Self and secure, while unimaginably simple and lightweight, Furniture Pro is never hesitant to host and showcase your business content in a nice fashion. It shares all the favorable conditions for you to classify your content and serve it to your prospective clients and partners. Home, services, blog, gallery and contact us are well deployed one after another to insert your pieces of information, both textual and visual. Widget friendly footer area is also at your disposal, as well as header and sidebar, Google fonts and icons as bonuses.

2. SKT Architect Pro:
architect WordPress theme


SKT Architect Pro is one of the dynamic and zealous companies WordPress themes both for startups and seasoned companies, agencies and other business undertakings. This visually elegant and strong template provides you with all the primary controls, elements and features to establish, promote and run a successful profile of your company. This website builder is specifically suitable for architecture and design, construction and renovation industry and its different representatives. SKT Architect Pro smoothly unites modern responsiveness and mobile friendliness with stable performance with SEO, cache, multilingual and slider plugins. From calls to actions to retina ready layout with impeccable navigation and pixel perfect operation of homepage slider, everything is well managed in this template.

3. SKT Landing Page:
landing page WordPress theme


SKT Landing Page is the one to please all the representatives of sale and purchase, e commerce and trade world. Whether you are making your first steps as an online trader or run a big trading company with branches, SKT Landing Page will make its investment in your future victory. SKT Landing Page comes with a multidimensional landing page to target to the stream of traffics coming to your pages for some specific purposes, services, products and more. Flat design has been practiced in relation to this template and this modern design solution can be seen via flat icons, buttons, etc. Numerous post and page template controls are granted to you, as well as a practical ecommerce and translation ready platform.

4. Perfect Business:


Don’t delay the pleasure and excitement of owning a user and admin friendly layout for your future website. Perfect Business is for sure a perfect quality template included in the contemporary warehouse of companies WordPress themes. It is one of the reliable, fully fledged and feature rich company and corporate, business and organization templates running on the cutting edge of modern digital world. From a structural standpoint, this template is something worth storms of applauses with its reasonably arranged content parts and areas. From a financial standpoint, this offer is a pretty cheap one. In addition to these peculiarities, Perfect Business supports all modern low powered devices and mobiles and as such is ready to satisfy all your website visitors using their portable devices to access your site.

5. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


Design and boost one of the progressive ways to market your company, its services , items and offers with the help of Flat Pro. Well executed and modernly stylized, Flat Pro is custom built to outshine your business competition with its unique form and function. With a flat architecture and clean coding at its core, Flat Pro is mighty and fast performing. Ready to wear a host of different looks, this website builder generates color controls to bring about the required color palette, as well as pre – enabled shortcodes for quick content handling and management.

6. Gravida:
corporate WordPress theme


Gravida is the next top rated and conspicuous candidate to support your company website. In case you are looking for a mixture of visual excellence and functional stability among companies WordPress themes, we offer you to stop here and tackle into the details of this wonderful template. It’s a hassle free website creation template with fully packed toolbox including unlimited color combinations and controls, font management and typography control and much more. There are multiple footer and header variations, customizer performance for instant changes and their checking, header banner in inner pages, plugin support , and finally, search engine optimization and social friendly layout.

7. SKT StartUp Pro:
startup WordPress theme


SKT StartUp Pro is processed and launched to match the needs of startup and small sized companies and their representatives. While supporting the latest version of WordPress, it is based on HTML5 and CSS3 coding which, in its turn, is responsible for the legibility and responsiveness of your web content and images. Simple and adaptive layout, admin friendly dashboard, WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 functionality, as well as social sharing and commenting availability are what make StartUp Pro a solid choice for every startup.

If you have just set up shop then it is important that you set up an online website at the earliest; granted that running a full time business can be nerve wrecking and can take up all your free time and you would barely have the energy to make through your front door.
But the good news is that thanks to WordPress, you can set one up in a matter of minutes and resume work as normal. The good news is that with WordPress in the mix, website creation hardly takes more than a few minutes and the end result is an engaging but intuitive and responsive website, one that’s all set up to attract new customers. That’s why you need to check out some of our Companies WordPress themes and choose the one that looks to be a good fit.

An online presence can enable you to market your products and services effectively; it can also help pull in more prospective leads than before but the challenge lies in ensuring that the online users stick around long enough to fill in the bundled contact plugin form which should be easily accessible for otherwise it does not serve its purpose.

So once you have opted to go with WordPress you can streamline your website by choosing the right theme from the various companies WordPress themes and check out all the features. One theme is not going to be a carbon copy of the other – they are all bound to vary, and the layout, colors, and the overall design is bound to be different. But they all have one commonality; they have all been designed to enable you and your business to make a good impression. Given the fact that online users have a short attention span, it makes more sense for you to try out our companies WordPress themes and get a intuitive and responsive website set up in no time at all.

You may also want to opt for a theme that allows you with some flexibility as regards the layout since you would want to tinker with the overall design at a later point in time. The whole idea is that the theme you choose should be one that should make it possible for you to customize your website, and to allow for greater integration with various social media tools as well. This should allow you to reach out to more customers and update your website in real time through the integrated CMS.

With the various companies WordPress themes, you can expect more of the same which is why you should check out some of the top themes in this category.

Remember that your website is the face of your company so it should reflect what you are all about and that’s why, when choosing companies WordPress themes, you choose the right one that helps you to stand out from the rest of the crowd and allows you to regain the edge over your competition. The theme you choose must be highly functional, easy to navigate for nothing turns off a customer like a poorly built website. With WordPress, you can expect nothing but the best and you should soon be all set to take on the competition with a brand new website, thanks to companies WordPress themes.

Movie WordPress Themes for movie and film type of websites

The best movie WordPress themes for movie and cinema, video and film websites, videography specialists and video producers, cinemas and filmmaking studios, video repositories and libraries, as well as other video and audio based profiles.

The movie industry is thriving and progressing continually with new graphical and animation solutions, captivating scenarios and amazing actors’ performances. However, movie production is not the only business promising high revenues and flows of audience applauses.

As for now, movie and video production has penetrated into almost every aspect and field of the modern business world. It’s hard to imagine the promotion of any company, organization or business project without the involvement of cinematographic services. You can turn to the help of presentation, educational movies or informational clips in order to sanctify your company activities, talk about a new product, rally the collective or give instructions to the workers.

Irrespective of your involvement into the movie world or video production processes, our movie WordPress themes will guide you through the simplest way of having strong and presentable website to market your movies or services.
All of those movie WordPress services are fantastically suitable and easy in usage with simplified installation and activation, as well as further management and customization processes. Everything is well taken care of to make your workload short and sweet.

1. SKT Tube:
video WordPress theme


No matter in which movie business you are going to jump, SKT Tube as the bestseller among movie WordPress themes is what you will ever need. Designed for high quality audio and video presentation, SKT Tube is well boiled in showcasing the visual pieces of your works and films in the most accurate fashion.

Homepage video slider can be the most reasonable destination of your video materials and movie trailers, announcements and service advertisement. Moreover, this slider is wonderfully flexible and controllable with pause time, animation and more to make your videos awe inspiring and attractive.

With this elastic and sleek template you can quickly go deep into the customization options and change the look of your site with different shades and colors, tips and layouts, footer and header areas, buttons and more.

SEO WordPress theme


SKT SEO is clean and crisp, functionally cutting edge and video oriented theme to host as many movies and films, video clips and materials as you need.

Whether you are a movie making industry representative or an advertising agency owner with video material production and promotion, SKT SEO will fully satisfy your business objectives.

Highly functional with SEO and SMO plugins, this responsive and widget friendly theme is laudable with its precision in operation, error free navigation, as well as the overall white based interface with useful content
Give SKT SEO a go right now and you will be astonished by the abundance of features and capabilities it shares.

3. Musical Sounds:
audio WordPress theme


With Musical Sounds your movie or video website creation will never be an expensive endeavor. It is one of the cost effective and pocket friendly movie WordPress themes both for startups and professionals in the field.

Musical Sounds is preferable for a wide range of purposes. It is designed for precision and stability, for the most demanding website visitor and the most enthusiastic movie fan. The theme’s arsenal is rich with handy tools and controls, color changing and font managing options, several page templates with a high level of peculiarity, etc.

This carefully designed template also guarantees maximum responsiveness throughout different platforms and hand held devices. It means that all your visual materials, including also videos, will be rationally resized to fit every target screen or resolution.

4. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


There are thousands of productive ways to advertise your movie business or sell your video materials. However, one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle is a well managed website communicating all your talents to the audience.
SKT Perfect is one of the checked and trusted movie WordPress themes for movie production agencies and studios, movie databases and libraries, reviews and more.

Be the enjoyable platform with the latest movies and television shows so that visitors can find whatever they are looking for in a matter of minutes. Promote the best pieces of your videos to prove your clients you are worth hiring.

The possibilities of SKT Perfect are boundless when it comes to the customization of your profile based on your needs. That’s why reforming and restyling your website at any level of its development will cost you nothing but creativity.

5. SKT Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


SKT Black Pro is the next artistic and demonstrative template built using HTML5 and CSS3 modern solutions to keep your site at a near perfection level both in terms of form and functionality.

With an easy to control color switcher of the theme you can replace the dominant black of the theme and make it lighter with bright colors. Google approved fonts are also available within the package of SKT Black Pro to establish full legibility of your textual content. You will also be capable of choosing homepage slider images, control the timing and interval, using preloaded shortcodes and controlling posts and pages to keep your profile in line with your brand identity.

Retina and HD readiness of the theme along with the responsive design is more than enough to make sure your video materials can be viewed accurately on every single device or browser.

6. Soccer:
soccer WordPress theme


Soccer is the last recommendation among the best movie WordPress themes that can be used for sharing any kind of video materials, movie assemblages, promo materials and more.

The theme is already ready to use requiring only the substitution of the demo content with yours. However, if you want to receive more from your website, be sure Soccer is compatible with the most useful add ons and plugins for commercial, SEO and other essential purposes.

Easy to follow documentation with all the necessary information and nuances can be found with the theme to be the best guidance for crafting the website of your dreams. The theme also comes with around the clock support meaning our specialists will handle all your questions and inquiries within minutes.

The movie industry has been entertaining people for more than 1st century and it is expanding its business exponentially by producing new graphical and animation solutions, jaw-dropping scenarios with good actors’ performances.

But recently, movie and video promotion have entered into every field and it’s hard for businesses to make promotions without cinematographic and video graphics advertisements. So, whether you are a videographer specialist, videographer producer, filmmaker or maybe you run a filmmaking studio or a cinema theatre you must consider the power of the internet to expand your business. Nowadays people are also coming up with different movie reviews and previews blogging website which can act as a good business venture too.

Nowadays coming online with a help of a website to showcase your skills or business offerings to customers has rather been easy with the introduction of WordPress and its diverse theme collection. The movie WordPress themes are powerful, captivating, flexible with a whole lot of customizations possible and that without having any knowledge about coding.

If you run a film theatre then you could either welcome your visitors with a static image header or you may opt for a full-width image slider to display all the latest movies you are offering.

These movie WordPress themes also provide you with different types of page designs to choose from where you can display your movies in different types of grid format. They also offer different design templates to structure your important pages for your website such as about, contact, blog sections, etc.

These themes are also featured with different useful plugins to increase the functionality of the website such as a showtime template plugin allowing the users to find the perfect movie and they can select the screening of the films with the help of checkboxes and date pickers.  For more customizations, it has included several plugins such as the premium WPBakery Page Plugin and Premium Slider Revolution plugin. You can create your own custom colour skin too by changing the colour palette through the theme settings.

If you want to start a blogging or a magazine style website with great content about movies, then movie WordPress themes will be the right choice for you with a library of pre-built layouts. These themes are featured with a customizable header function where you can design the perfect navigation area for your site, allowing your visitors can find the best content in just a few clicks. Just like the header area, you can customize the footer part of your website too according to your needs.

These themes are featured with different widgets to give your website various accessibility and a professional touch. There are a bunch of slider tools too that allows you to display movie posters and cover arts in slideshow style.

Moreover, with the increasing number of mobile users, these movie WordPress themes are perfectly mobile friendly. That means these themes will adjust itself according to the screen size it is viewed on. These themes also have security features built to its core so that no data gets stolen from your website.

These movie review themes have perfect SEO(search engine optimization) to provide better rankings to your website in Google, Bing, etc so that you can expose your business venture to more and more number of customers. In a nutshell, if want to make a successful headstart for your business and want to stand out in this competitive market, then these WordPress themes should be in your consideration with its powerful and immense possibilities that will get you covered in every business aspect.

Free Premium WordPress themes for web designers and agencies to create client websites

A time – proof collection of free premium WordPress themes for all creative and successful web designers and agencies, marketing and digital experts experienced in stylizing and personalizing client websites of any caliber.

If you are a web designer or specialist and want a reliable channel of reaching out to your potential clients, crafting and presenting your own website with your preferred design and graphical solutions will be the best starting point of your business undertaking and will grant you with a substantial payoff in the nearest future.

Below you can find the best examples of free premium WordPress themes that are forceful enough to gratify all your provocative wishes and perspectives. All of them can be acquired without spending a single penny for them, but instead will provide you with the most productive and dynamic platform, on which you can exemplify the vision of your company, its full potential and services to structure unique and creative web pages for your customers for the increased results. No matter which one you are going to give preference to, you can be sure that it will be the safeguard of your challenging place in the contemporary digital paradigm.

1. SKT Design Agency
design agency WordPress theme


SKT Design Agency is smart and intelligent, powerfully packaged and functionally foremost premium – class while free WordPress template that can be construed as a sample of art centered on making your web design – related business truly worthwhile and easily digestible at the same time. GPL license availability, responsiveness and cross browser compatibility, tons of configuration and customization options, flawless 5 level dropdown navigation and fast – loading of the theme, blog and standard pages inclusion, as well as amazing cooperation with a wide array of modern plugins, including WooCommerce, SEO and other plugins, make a congeneric unity for every web designer to experience to the maximum.

2. SKT White:
white WordPress theme


Detail – oriented and cleverly – coded, visually and functionally strong, user and customer – optimized, SKT White is loaded as free premium WordPress theme for all kinds of design and developing agencies, graphical experts, 3D animators and other relevant candidates to save their developing time and avail themselves to already clearly coded template with all the primary theme essentials within. Anyway, if you opt for emphasizing your own style and handwriting, you are enabled to do so. Arm the neatly – arrayed theme sections and areas for showing off your best services and projects, display the links of your designed web pages, showcase the alluring pieces of your business in the slider and maximize your sale rates gradually.

3. Gravida Lite:
corporate WordPress theme


Design your modern and exceptional way to worldwide fame and recognition through Gravida Lite. It’s a completely engaging and dynamic, motivational and intriguing product with awe – inspiring color conjunction and inherently easy to use ingredients. Get the best design agency website practice with no primary investment at all, since the theme is right there for you completely out of charge. Each and every element of mobile and device – compatibility, smooth and pliable navigation, compliance with the current WordPress codex requirements, Social media integration and much more has been discussed and projected in isolation to be comprehensive and complete in all its exhibitions.

4. Kraft Lite:
premium WordPress theme


Kraft Lite is one more precious, yet free premium WordPress theme, the each and every part of which has been minutely created with the non – professional user in mind, but has been reached to intuitiveness, precision and perfect usability. Packed with a wide range of primary features and controls, among them fast – loading character and visually credible design, mobile and device adaptability and complete documentation supported, social icons and standard pages inclusion, e – commerce experience and WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and NextGen Gallery compatibility will make you feel confident towards your future digital success and customer conversion.

5. Wedding Lite:


Rise up your design agency website from the ground, offer a bulk of your exciting web design and developing solutions for diverse individual clients and companies to meet their private challenges online with the help of Wedding Lite. Build a 24/7 connection with your clients and make them the participant in the process of their web design creation process. This conceptually multipurpose and functionally feature rich web builder toolbox is concentrated on generating original, powerful, practical frameworks for any kind of design – related businesses, so that the best design models can be showcased on the website sections or as slider images, be it a custom web design and development, or something extraordinary, wireframing or other services.

6. SKT Black:
black and dark WordPress theme


SKT Black Pro seamlessly balances between customer – driven and easy to follow structural peculiarities and technically cutting –edge performance, making your future web design profile literally unbeatable. Before you get started through, be sure that you will be far away from discrepancies with the theme and will be ready to build your presentable profile from the ground up easily and effectively. The theme’s arsenal comprises elegant and thriving visualization, customization – optimized features and extendable functionality for speeding up your upcoming digital success and letting you conquer new business horizons by means of online shopping experience and more. This free, yet strongly advised template has a distinct honor of being totally responsive, which means that all your website visitors and users will be guaranteed with a great viewing experience across a wide range of mobiles, tablets and other portable devices.

7. SKT Parallax Me:
parallax WordPress theme


If you are for the specific unity of effective visual layout and impeccable inner performance, then SKT Parallax Me shares the most convenient environment for your digital activities. Parallax web design has been exercised in the right way to make your content distinctive, interesting and captivating. This is one of the available tactics of grabbing your website viewer’s attention and lead them to the most beneficial parts of your services, consultation, digital products or whatever you have prioritized to offer them. At a deeper level, this free premium WordPress theme with its customer – driven character and error – free operation is ideal for any web designer or design agency.

When it comes to creating websites, it used to be difficult not to mention the fact that most web design companies used to charge exorbitant rates for developing the same from scratch. That’s why, as a business owner who is just starting out you may want to focus on the core of your business and opt to develop your website using the WordPress platform. For starters, you should be able to choose the layout; the overall design features and custom build it from scratch. In the old days, you would have to write runnels of codes, but now, thanks to WordPress platform, everything is pretty much automated; so check out some of our premium WordPress themes for web designers and choose the one that seems to be the ‘right theme’ for both you and your business.

Remember, that a website is a powerful marketing tool only as long as the theme you have chosen is good enough. It all comes down to what you are looking for; for example are you looking up to just set up a corporate blog or do you need a website that can help you market your key products and services to the targeted customer base?

Once you have worked out the main motivation behind your need to set up the website, you can move ahead and check out some of the premium WordPress themes for developers and set the ball rolling. Building a website has never been this easy, and it is all thanks to platforms like word press – you should be able to register, choose from one of the premium WordPress themes for web designers and get a responsive, intuitive website that looks every bit as professional as the rest.

Of course, there is a very good reason as to why you may want to opt for premium WordPress themes for web designers – for starters, these come with built in flexibility that allows you to customize and tweak it later on, as you see fit. Apart from it, it provides you with better storage space and enables you to share large amounts of data with your audience. In other words, you should be able to upload videos or anything else that hogs a lot of space without a hassle onto your premium WordPress themes. Various studies have shown that videos are much more effective when it comes to marketing as the customer is liable to stay engaged.

Naturally, you need to choose a good theme with the proper layout for your website which is why you should check out some of our premium WordPress themes for web designers or even do a demo with the same to get an idea of what your website would look like. The demo feature, which is more of a show and tell should make it easier for you to choose the right theme for your website. And remember the golden rule, your website needs to be adaptive, responsive, robust and intuitive and as long as the theme you have chosen does this, then you should be all set to become a success story, in the making.

Checkout more free WordPress templates from

Fixing the Dreaded ‘Error Establishing a Database Connection’ in WordPress

Fixing the Dreaded Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

This is Part 2 of our series of fixing Error Establishing a Database Connection.

Part is is listed here:

If you have just set up your website and you come across the dreaded “error establishing a database connection”, chances are that would set you running for the hills. And if it so happens that you are not that tech savvy, then it is more likely than not that you would be pressing that panic button all the way through. The fact remains that if you do work with WordPress, then you are bound to come across this issue more often than not, and it is alarming enough for even advanced developers to come across this message. This usually occurs due to one primary reason; WordPress stores all the files and the content on your website in a database and each time you want to access a specific web page, WordPress sends a request to your web host and to its server and checks the tables for the required data and then displays the same. And if for some reason it is not able to access the WordPress posts table, then the dreaded error message makes an appearance. The good news is that there are a few steps you can take on your own to resolve this and the steps listed below should help you to do just that. This error often occurs due to corrupted files, database being overloaded, corrupted database, incorrect credentials and the list goes on. Just check out some of the ways by which you can resolve this issue at the earliest and keep in mind that the longer your website is down, you are going to lose out on prospective leads and customers alike. Just review the steps listed below, and follow the directions as listed. The steps listed here are fairly easy and you should be able to resolve the issue soon.

1. Do a complete backup:
The first thing that you need to do before you try out the steps listed below is to do a complete back up. And while there are several plugins that can help you do the same, the issue once this error arises is that you would not be able to access the front or the back end. If that’s the case, then you need to use your web host’s management software to do the complete backup. You can also use your cPanel for the same. Once you have backed up your data, you are all set to proceed ahead.

2. Wrong credentials:
Usually, if you have just migrated to a new web host and this issue appears then the likely culprit is a case of wrong credentials. Your WordPress site requires four different items in order to access your database and all of these are required to be entered correctly. They are your database host, username, password and database used. Download the wp-conifg file and make the required changes to username and password. Now, use your FTP client to upload the file, reload your website and it should work.

3. Corrupted files:
In case, the first option does not work, then the error could be as a result of corrupted files in which case, you need to download a fresh copy with all core files from Now, unzip the downloaded file and delete the wp-config and wp-content files from the same. This is to ensure that you do not use these to accidentally replace the live ones on your server. Now, open up your FTP client and upload the remaining files to your WordPress root folder. By doing so, you should be able to overwrite all the corrupted files and your website issues should be resolved.

4. Corrupted database:
In case of a corrupted database, in which case either your front end or your backend would work but not both. In that case, what you need to do is to head over to your FTP account, download your wp-config.php file and add in this particular code. This is to activate a tool that WordPress already provides you with, which can help to resolve corrupted database issues.
define( ‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true );

Now, upload the file to the root directory via FTP and you should soon be able to access your repair site. It will provide you with the option to repair your database, as well as the option of optimizing the same. Choose the former and once your database issue is sorted out, head back to wp-config file and remove the above line of code. This is to enhance the security of your website.

5. Overloading, malfunctioning issue:
If your website server is overloaded or is malfunctioning, then you need to contact your webhost, apprise them of the problem and ask them for help. Your web host would definitely look into it right away and sort out the issue, in which case your website issue should get resolved within short time frame. Keep in mind that the issue could also be as a result of increased traffic and that your server is getting overwhelmed which is why you should move to a better hosting than shared, at the earliest.

6. Try managed WordPress hosting:
A good idea to resolve the current issue and avoid more of the same in the future would be to move to a managed WordPress hosting service. Granted that you may not get the same freedom to install all the plugins you want but on the plus side, issues such as database errors never enter the picture. If the above steps have not resolved the issue, then you need to contact your web host right away, apprise them of the various steps you have undertaken and ask them to resolve it. If they aren’t able to resolve it, then you need to approach the professionals and get a developer to take a look at the same.

These are some of the steps that you need to undertake to resolve database connection issues. Just remember that this issue crops up often and you do not have to panic. It can be resolved easily so just try out the steps listed below and you should be able to resolve it at the earliest, and get your website up and running in no time at all.

How to add contact form to WordPress

How to add contact form to WordPress

If you are just setting up your first professional business website, then you need to know that it is important that your website has a contact form installed that can help you streamline your marketing campaigns while at the same time, enable you to reach out to more customers. Interested customers can use the contact form to connect with you and more importantly, they would be required to share their details when registering. You can use this information to reach out to interested customers, email them with offers which can help to snag their interest. The end result is that by having a contact form on your website, you should be able to give your conversion rate a boost. More importantly, you would enable your customers to contact you directly and you can even get them to opt in for your newsletters as well.

With the right contact form, your website should see more traction online than before. What’s more, you can use advanced contact forms such as contact form 7 Plugins and many others which can help to provide you with analytics on user behavior which can help you develop targeted campaigns, more effectively than before. It is essential that you have the contact form in place at the earliest and if your theme already comes with one but you want to opt for a more advanced version, you can do so with ease.

The first thing that you need to do is to head over to your admin dashboard. Once you have logged in and have accessed the dashboard, just go over to plugins and search for contact form 7.

You need to download, install the plugin and activate the same in order to start using it.

Now, click on contact in your WordPress dashboard, you should be able to see it on the left side menu pane of your dashboard. The great thing about contact form 7 is that it comes preconfigured with a ready to use form template which you can start using right away.

Additionally, you can also use the code listed here, set up a basic form by copying the code and pasting the same and even change the email ids as and when required.

You can also opt to add other contact form plugins on your website, the process is simple enough and all you have to do is to download and install the plugins and activate the same. And soon, your customers should be able to contact you directly and you should be able to connect with them and market your products and services more effectively.
If you are wondering about the necessity of having a contact form on your website, then you need to read on.
There are quite a few reasons as to why it is important that you have a contact form installed on your website, so let’s start with the important ones.

1. Security:
One of the most important reasons is that it can help boost security for your website and at the same time, help prevent spam. The fact remains that spammers often search online for exposed email addresses to use and having a contact form in place helps to prevent them from doing just that. And furthermore, to prevent robots from spamming your inbox you can also use reCaptcha which should be quite effective in preventing them altogether.

2. Reach:
You can always link up your social media accounts to your website and hope that your customers can contact you through the same. But the fact remains that most of the time, customers often do not do so and since online users rarely spend more than a few seconds per page, it is to your advantage to enable those interested in contacting you directly from your website. By ensuring that you have a contact form up and running, you should be able to boost up your conversion rate.

Having a contact form in place lets the customer know that there is a viable method by which they can connect with you right away. Sure, you can always list your business number, but you may not be available at the specified number round the clock which is why it is essential that you set up a contact form. Since with a contact form, customers can contact you round the clock and you can reply back to them right away.

4. Convenience:
It goes without saying that a happy customer is more likely to be a regular one which is why it is important that you go the extra mile to make it easy for your customers to reach you. With the appropriate contact form in place, your customers should be able to reach out to you right away.

5. Information:
Customers often require clarification and need to connect with you right away. A contact form can help them reach out to you with their queries, and you can get back to them with the required clarifications.

6. Efficiency:
You can customize the notification message and the plugin will send the customer one when he sends a message via the contact form. Moreover, at your end, you should receive a notification to the effect when a client sends you a message via the contact form. With contact forms in place, you should be able to increase the efficiency and functionality of your website, which the customer would appreciate all the more.

7. Marketing:
Customers often have to enter valid details such as their name, email addresses and more of the same. You can use this information to establish a connection with those customers and even market your products and services more effectively.

8. Engagement:
Using a contact form on your website enables you to add extra feature such as a subscription box for a newsletter. Those who are interested in the same can opt in for receiving the subscription letter. This should help boost the conversion rate and at the same time, ensure that your website get more traction,

These are some of the reasons as to why you should always add a contact form to your website, at the earliest.

5 Tips on How to Boost Your WordPress Websites Speed

Boost Your WordPress Website Speed

Have you ever left a site before you even saw what was on it, simply because you weren’t patient enough to wait for it to load? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. It’s estimated that web owners have no more than 5 seconds to engage a customer before they leave the site. But there are many other important reasons why website speed is so important.

It is estimated that just one-second delay can lead to a staggering 7% loss in conversions. On top of that, it’s considered an important ranking factor, which means that if you want those organic visitors, you’d better do your best to make your site blazing fast. Not to mention that website speed is the very first impression you can make on your visitors.

Considering how important website speed is, what are the core things you can do to optimize it? Let’s go over five that can give you the most bang for your effort.

1. Minify Code Snippets :

Your website is made of multiple files with different scripts which are responsible for its structure, design, and functions. Each of those files is written using a coding language which is then processed by your web browser. But what your browser doesn’t care about is how the code is written – as opposed to the person who wrote it.

This is because developers often use different variables, spacing, and add multiple comments – which help in the development process and which are ignored by the browser. Minification is the process of stripping all that unnecessary data and crunching variable names, without changing the essential part of the code or affecting the site functionality. By doing that, you can reduce the file size by as much as 30% to 50%, what helps decrease the time it takes the browser to process it.

How to check whether you need to minify your JavaScript, HTML or CSS? One of the tools you can use to do that is GTMetrix. This free tool will grade the level of resource minification on your site and show you files which could be minified. On top of that, it can measure the loading time of your site and give you many other tips, such as show you whether your code loads asynchronously – which is the next thing you should take care about.

minify code snippets

2. Load the Code Asynchronously :

What does it mean to load the code asynchronously? The more scripts, addons, and plugins you add to your website, the more time it needs to load. Trying to load all of it at once could lead to long wait times before your website becomes usable. Asynchronous loading allows files to get loaded in parallel.

This means that your website visitors don’t have to wait for all the scripts to load before they can use the site. Instead, they can start using it once the core files are processed. If you’d like to see how the scripts on your website load right now, go to the said GTMetrix and click on Waterfall – you’ll have a breakdown of when each of the resources finishes loading.

load code asynchronously

Unfortunately, no website can do this out of the box. Luckily, if you’re using WordPress, you can use one of its caching plugins (more on that later) or one of the many plugins that allow you to delay the loading of individual website features such as Lazy Widget Loader, which allows you to asynchronously load the scripts in your widgets.

3. Change the Server :

Even the best website optimization and setup won’t help you if you host your website on a slow server that can’t keep up with the growing number of scripts and visitors. Sometimes, the server is so bad out of the box that your site won’t load quickly even if you don’t get any continuous traffic to it at all! To check whether your server is to blame, you can use a tool such as Bitcatcha, which tests your web hosting server response time. Typically, anything below A or A+ is not worth your time.

change server

But, sometimes even exceptional server response time is not enough. This is when your business keeps growing and you get more and more visitors who cause your site to outgrow your current hosting setup. If that’s the case, it may be the time to upgrade to a VPS. Why you should upgrade to one?

A VPS gives you exclusive access to resources, which prevents your site from getting affected by other server users. On top of that, it’s very easy to scale, what helps you adjust to the growing number of visitors. Moreover, some servers, such as Hostinger’s VPS, allow you to increase server resources temporarily to accommodate the sudden traffic increase. This, in turn, helps you prevent the website loading time from surging any time there is an unusual number of visitors coming to your site. At the moment they are running some great black Friday web-hosting deals, so you can get VPS at a great price.

4. Reduce the Size of Your Web Pages :

The next thing which you can do is reduce the size of your web pages. While there are many reasons why your page size can reach even a few MBs, usually all you need to do is remove any big, unnecessary graphics or videos. If you are unsure about the size of your web pages, you can use the said GTMetrix or one of its alternatives such us Pingdom Tools.

reduce size your pages

Luckily, while it is advised to get rid of all the videos (and if you really want one – just embed it from YouTube or any other server but do NOT set it to play automatically), you don’t have to do the same with every image. Usually, it’s enough to optimize it – you can do this either on a website such as TinyPNG or directly in WordPress using plugins such as Smush.

5. Get a Caching Plugin :

Another thing which you can add to your site to improve its performance is a caching plugin. Such a plugin can create a static version of your web content, which is processed much faster by web browsers compared to dynamic one. Not to mention that it reduces the required resources to generate a simple page view – and those quickly add up!

The beneficial results are visible especially if you have a lot of returning visitors or your readers go over multiple pages on your site, as caching helps reduce the number of queries between them and your server and databases. This means that sometimes installing a caching plugin can significantly delay the moment when you will need to upgrade your server. Luckily, there are some great open-source options, such as WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

caching plugin

Speeding up your website provides you with a significant advantage over your competitors. From giving you an SEO boost to improving your website user experience, it’s one of the core factors of your online business – especially that it affects your visitors from the very first time they click the link to your site to the moment they decide to make a purchase. It’s no surprise then, that every second of improvement can mean thousands of dollars in increased revenue.

How to add Google map in WordPress website or blog site

add Google map in WordPress

One of the reasons that you may want to integrate Google maps with your website is that it can help to increase the functionality of your website. Let’s say that you run a sandwich shop and now, you want to set up an online portal through which your customers can place orders for their deliveries. That’s great; you can do a lot with WordPress and by installing the right theme in place, you should be able to set up such a portal complete with payment gateway. And by installing Google maps and online tracking feature, you can provide your customers with enhanced functionality by which they can track their orders online and in real time until delivery. The great thing about WordPress is its functionality and adaptability, thanks to which you can add all kinds of things on your website. So, you should be able to add Google maps to your website with ease and without any hassle. What’s more, by adding content from external sources such as WordPress, you should be able to provide your users with more interactive and rich content which should help boost user engagement and your conversion rate as well. The point is that you would be able to snag the attention of your visitors with more user centric features which is why you may want to install Googe map on your website at the earliest. Moreover, with better functionality, you should be able to provide your customers with enhanced user experience, which should result in better rankings.

1. Manually adding Google maps to WordPress:
Just head over to Google maps, enter any location in the search bar, and once the results show up, click on the link button which you should be able to locate in the right panel. This should display the iframe code which you need to add to your website. Just copy the code, and paste the code in a post, page or template. You can also click on “customize and preview the embedded map”. Now save your post/ page and your Google maps feature should be up, live and running.

2. Adding Google maps using plugins:
One of the easiest ways to integrate Google maps with your website is by installing select plugins on your website. This is why it makes sense for you to opt for themes that support all external plugins. The first method works great if you want to add Google maps in just one location of your website. However, if you have the need to add Google maps frequently to your posts, then you may want to install Google maps plugin at the earliest. There are many plugins you can use, like the Map press Easy Google Maps plugin.

Now, after you have installed and activated your preferred Google maps plugin and need to include Google maps to your post, all you need to do is the following. Just head over to your post where you feel the need to include Google maps, now edit the post and check out the map press section, it should show up right away. Now click on new map button and this should open up the map press editor and you can now enter the location manually or click on “my location”, which should display your current location. Now, all that’s left for you to do is to name the map and size, save the same and insert it into your post. You can then click on update or preview to see if the map is getting displayed as it should, and this should help you add multiple maps to a single post. The good news about most of the Maps plugins is that they add plugins settings menu t your WordPress which should make it easy for you to customize and tweak the same. With this menu, you can change the border, alignment and so much more with Google maps.

3. Adding Google maps in a widget and a lightbox:
The easiest way to add Google maps to your website is through a widget and a lightbox. All you need to do is to add the Google maps widget to your website. Once you have activated the Google maps plugin, all you have to do is to head over to your admin dashboard and click on appearance. You should be able search and locate the said widget under appearance – widgets. Now, use the drag and drop functionality of WordPress and drag, drop the Google maps widget to your sidebar. Now you have to enter the address you want to show on the map in Widget settings. You can also use the settings to customize the map size, pin color, zoom level, etc. Click on the lightbox tab to configure the lightbox settings. Now, click on the Save button to save your widget settings. Go to your site and you should be able to see the widget in action. And remember, Google maps should help provide your website with all the advanced functionality that you would need and it certainly is one of the most useful features which would be of great benefit to your users.

Once you have carried out the above steps, you should be able to install Google maps on your website successfully. With this feature, you should be able to provide your customers with enhanced functionality, which should also help make your website more popular. Keep in mind that some of the themes may come with prebuilt and integrated Google maps feature which you can customize and tweak to suit your own requirements. You can integrate the same with your website easily with which customers should be able to find their location with ease, or find the location of a shop or mall with little or no difficulty. At the least, it should help make your website more attractive with user centric features such as these. When it comes to WordPress, and Google maps, there are lots of ways by which you can add the same on your website. And if you are adept at PHP, you can always tweak your theme code so that Google maps automatically shows up when you type in a certain address. On the whole, it is essential that you install Google maps on your website at the earliest; as it can help you land more customers.

How to add custom CSS to a WordPress powered website – the right away

How to add custom CSS to a WordPress powered website

If you wanted more functionality for your website, then all you need to do is to add custom CSS to your WordPress powered website. Once you have added it, you can customize your website, the way you prefer it and even add special features which enhances the functionality of your website. By doing so, you can add your own CSS styles and override the default ones in place. Usually, the default ones are on account of the theme you have installed and by adding custom CSS you can override the same, for which you need your CSS editor. The first thing that you need to do is to launch your customizer, and click on CSS tab and this should effectively open up your CSS editor. Now, follow the step by step process listed below to change the appearance and style of your theme and customize them so that your website stands out for the right reasons. It is fairly simple and even a novice should not have any issue in adding custom CSS to your website. Please note that you must have a premium theme in place in order to be able to add custom CSS to your website.

Default placeholder comment:

If this is your first time with a CSS editor, then the first thing that you are going to spot is the default placeholder comment, as seen below.

Welcome to Custom CSS!

To learn how this works, see

You can leave the comment as it is or add something in its place, either way – it does not affect your website and is more or less, just the default message.

Previewing and saving:

One of the neat things about the customizer is that you can live preview the changes as you carry them out and the same applies when it comes to editing the various CSS rules in your customizer window. Your changes will apply to your live preview window as you carry them out but they will not be saved until you click on save and publish. But the good news is that the latest 25 revisions you carried out using your custom CSS are saved automatically. You can access the same by clicking on the revisions link which you should be able to locate on the top right of your CSS panel. This should make it easy for you to double check the latest ones, and see if you are satisfied with the changes or whether you need to ‘tweak’ them further.


So, yes, you can change themes but the CSS that’s current on your website is theme specific. In other words, all your current CSS is moved to the revisions page, when you change your themes. Of course, you can always restore your earlier theme by heading to the revisions page.

CSS help: CSS comes with all the support you need; apart from the community forum on CSS, you can always contact CSS support via live chat. Additionally, you can also post open queries on the community board and you should get the same answered to right away. CSS is a valuable tool and one that can help your website stand out for all the right reasons which is all the more reason that you would want to add custom CSS to your WordPress website.

So the question that you are bound to ask yourself is why is the CSS so essential?

Well, the CSS is the design of your site; it is the code that tells your site what to display and how to display it. This is why it is important for you to install custom CSS on your website so that you can enhance the functionality of the same. Think of the CSS as the building blocks of your website and with custom CSS in place, you should be able to tweak and customize your site so that it gets more traction online.
Here’s what you can do with custom CSS
CSS essentially stands for cascading style sheets, you can install and use custom CSS to make the requisite styling changes on your website, as per your preference and requirement.

You can use CSS to –

Hide text on your website
Change the color of the theme and in essence, your website as a whole
Making your text appear different, from size to font. You can alter the size of specific texts, headers, paragraphs, widget titles, post titles and more.
Change the width of your content or widget area
Add borders, enhance them or remove them altogether.
Hide meta data. Each theme would display the meta data along and while that’s fine from an SEO point of view, it can certainly make your post appear a tad amateurish. You can always hide the meta data using custom CSS. All you need to do is to add this code and that should do the trick,
footer.entry-meta {visibility: hidden;}

The great thing about WordPress is that it is highly adaptable and comes packed with all the advanced functionality that you would ever need. So if you are finding the topic a bit overwhelming, here’s a free tip that should get you using custom CSS like a true professional. All you need to do is to download “simple CSS” plugin and install the same on your website. With it, you should be able to carry out all the changes you need on your website, without having to worry about making changes to the code or wondering about the next step in the process. What’s great about this plugin is that it overrides all the style elements included in your theme and you can reshape your website, just the way you want it, from start to finish.

With custom CSS on your website, you should be able to attract more visitors to your website, help make your website stand out for all the right reasons. Moreover, with custom CSS in place, you should be able to get more traction online, reach out to more customers and even boost your conversion rate in the process.

How to create a new page in WordPress website

How to create a new page in WordPress

If you have a brand new website, one that you developed from scratch then chances are that you are bound to notice that not all the themes come loaded with extra pages for your website. You would still be required to add them on your own or you can opt to use advanced page builder plugins like SKT Page Builder and build the same. It’s not that hard to build your own pages and what’s more, you can custom develop it so that it is in line with the other pages and even incorporates the same design structure and layout. It is quite simple to add more pages to your WordPress site and you do not have to code in anything, you can just add the required pages with ease and without any hassle. Just follow the steps listed below and that should do the trick. And if you had chosen to go ahead with a premium theme for your website, then chances are that it already comes with a page builder. Anyway, the process to set up a new page is quite easy; just follow the steps listed here.

SKT Page Builder

1. The first thing that you need to do is to find and locate your pages menu. Once you do so, just click on add new, and this should open up a new sub menu. The WordPress page editor looks a lot alike to the text editor except for a few boxes to the right. You can use this menu to develop the pages you need for your website and even customize the same with ease.

2. The next thing that you need to do is to add a title to your page. It goes without saying that the title in question should e relevant and would form part of the URL slug which will direct visitors to your website.

3. Now, you can add content to your page. You can incorporate sliders to this page and showcase your feature rich images, embed videos along with textual content. The point being that you can dress up your new page as you see fit and help make it look more attractive in the process so that customers are interested in the same.

4. The publish feature of the pages menu looks the same as with the text editor; granted it can be a tad confusing at times and new users are bound to get mixed up between the two. Either way, you can load your content, customize it, align it perfectly and then click on publish. You can also save it as a draft for use later on. The WordPress platform does make it easy for you to add content, develop new pages and do much more with its advanced functionality.

5. The pages attributes section relates to your parent page and the various page templates associated with the same. Essentially, with this feature, you can develop your new page, as well as several other pages directly under it and in the process create a hierarchical structure. There are basically no limits to how many pages you can nest by this method.

6. The good thing about choosing a premium theme for your website when setting it up is that it often comes with templates. And as you develop your new pages, you can apply these templates to the new pages with ease. Soon, your new pages should look just like the templates and what’s more, you should be able to set it up in a matter of seconds.

7. The order box enables you to number the pages; usually all the pages are indexed alphabetically but you can use the order feature to number them as that makes it easier to access the same.

8. Now, all that’s left is for you to preview the changes. Once you preview the changes and are satisfied with the same, you can effectively click on publish.

You can also add custom pages to your website and keep in mind that custom pages are templates that you have tweaked and wanted to look different. This should help the page in question stand out for all the right reasons.

Here’s how to do the same-

The first thing that you have to do is to open notepad editor on your website and add the code posted below. Just add it as it is and then save the file on your computer, and remember to name the file as ‘custom page 1.php’ so that you can remember the same with ease.

Now, you need to connect with the FTP client and use the credentials that your webhost would have provided you with. Once you are connected, head over to your root directory and access your theme files and namely wp-content/themes/directory. Locate your theme and upload the file that you have just saved to your computer.

Once you have done, all you have to do is to access the admin dashboard and create a new page. On the page editing section, locate and click on page attributes which should open up a template drop down menu. Locate the template file you had just uploaded using the FTP client.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is to edit your custom page template and add the header and the rest of the mix so that your custom page template looks complete. You can alter the layout, the structure and make it look completely different from your other pages with ease. Granted that you need some HTMP, PHP knowhow to handle this section but it is fairly easy and WordPress provides you with a lot of help files to do the same. You can also get some professional help for setting up your custom pages as well. You can edit your custom page template, remove the sidebars, add special php programming to help make it look different and on the whole, make it stand out for all the right reasons.

This is how you can add more pages to your WordPress website with ease and what’s more, you can build custom pages from scratch, tweak it to help it look more attractive and in the process, get more traction online.

How to Show a YouTube Video in a WordPress Post or Page

How to Show a YouTube Video in a WordPress Post or Page

One of the best ways to attract more customers to your WordPress website is to ensure that you upload enough high resolution images and videos alike.

A recent study has shown that customers are more influenced by videos and images, rather than text alone.

That’s reason enough for you to feature a few high resolution videos with your content with the only provision being that you feature related content, one that’s in line with the content of your post.

You can upload videos directly to your server or go for a better option which is to embed the video on your website.

The good news is that WordPress comes with advanced functionality and ease of use, all the more reason why you would want to embed enough videos to help make your website stand out and in the process, helps it garner more attention for all the right reasons.

In fact, a recent study highlighted the fact that videos are much more effective at influencing customers than a long sales pitch, which is why you may want to add more high resolution videos to your website at the earliest.

The methods to show YouTube videos on your WordPress post or page is fairly easy just follow the steps listed below.

To share a video from YouTube:
First head over to YouTube, login and once you are logged in, you should be able to view all the videos, check out your history and choose the appropriate one for your content. Now, click on the share link in the video and you should see the video address which you need to copy to your clipboard. Now that you have copied the video sharing link, all that’s left is for you to paste the same to your post. But before that, check out the option that allows you to start the video from any position, which is sort of a good thing, from a marketing perspective. Let’s face it, online users do not have much attention span and rarely spend more than a few seconds per web page. Given this, you may want to opt for shorter and more effective videos than long ones.

Anyway, now that you have copied the link to your clipboard, all that’s left is for you to login to your wp-admin dashboard and open the post that you want to edit. Now, locate the cursor over where you want your video to appear and now, paste the link directly onto the editor. Your WordPress website should immediately display the video in the right position. You can always save your post as a draft, check back and see if the video has been uploaded successfully. Click on update, and check your draft, and then if it looks good, click on publish.

To embed video from YouTube:
The good news is that WordPress comes with advanced functionality and as a result of its auto-embed feature, you should be able to embed videos into your post with ease. All that’s required is the video URL and that should do the trick. It works like this, WordPress tags certain video hosting providers as safe and you can use the auto-embed functionality for only these service providers. All you need is the video URL, and once you have copied the same to your clipboard, you can then head over to your WordPress account, login to your admin dashboard area, and open the editor for the post that you would like to embed the video in. Now, create a blank line at the top of the post, and paste the video link, as it is. You need to use the visual editor, and check to see the link is not hyper linked. Now, WordPress will obtain the embed code and embed the said video in your post. Click on preview to see if the changes have been carried out and the video appears successfully in the same and on confirmation, you can publish your post.

Why you should never manually upload a video to your website:
There are a few reasons why you would want to upload a video directly to your website starting from the fact that the video in question has not been approved for the auto-embed option. In which case, you can use the share option, but you can also manually upload the video to your website just as you do with images. It is not advisable to do so for many reasons, and some of the most pertinent ones are listed below. One of the reasons that you may want to embed a video is the fact that it is fairly easy, and you should be able to do so under a few seconds.

1. Bandwidth:
One of the reasons that you may not want to manually upload videos to your website is that it will cost you in terms of bandwidth. What’s more, if you allow others to embed the videos on to their respective website, then your bandwidth usage gets multiplied. So imagine if you upload a video to your website that suddenly went viral, this may well cause your website to crash and of course you would fast run out of bandwidth.

2. Video quality optimization:
When you use websites like YouTube and Vimeo to upload your videos, the quality is better and you can even edit and tweak it and use a variety of tools so that your video seems better. What’s more, you can then embed the same video on your WordPress website without any bandwidth issue cropping up. And what’s more, by uploading videos directly to the WordPress platform you would not be able to optimize your video nor would you have access to the same video editing tools as well.

These are some of the ways by which you can show YouTube videos on your WordPress website. Please keep in mind that it is important you ensure that the video you embed or share in your post is of premium quality, and is relevant to the topic. You can actually get penalized by Google for posting irrelevant content so make sure that the content (including video) is relevant and on topic.

Psychiatrist WordPress themes for psychologists and psychic services

We are thrilled to bring you the output of months hard work in the form of psychiatrist WordPress themes.

Those Psychiatrist WordPress themes are ideal for psychiatrists and psychologists, analysts, mental specialists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists and other medical experts.

Psychiatrist and psychologist services are highly demanded at present both in public and private mental health care. Whether you are running a public mental care association, private psychiatrist clinic ensuring fully – confidential and one – to – one treatments, having a website around the clock is a must.

WordPress content management system never feels the lack of health – centric and medical – based websites for multi – dimensional and multi – service usages. However, finding the best one to match your needs can be a daunting task.
Moreover, a step away from poorly designed and structured psychiatry or psychology websites is compulsory for you to win the trust and loyalty of your patients. The below – mentioned psychiatrist WordPress themes bring together the clear – cut evidence that a presentable and user – friendly website does not necessarily cost you tons of money and efforts. Each and every template suggested in this article can be the most reasonable investment in your health care and medical website to multiply your deliverable’s and patient – base.

1. Simple:
simple WordPress theme


Simple and elegant, subtle and awe – inspiring, Simple is one of the user and admin – centric psychiatrist WordPress themes for psychiatry clinics and medical journals, as well as other relevant medical topics and niches. This template is all about beauty and adaptability to make the creation of your website both beautiful and enjoyable. Persistent in its true nature, Simple loads accurately located theme sections accompanied by nice – looking slider. One can select high – resolution images and photos and demonstrate them via the slider. The easiest theme controls are at your fingertips to add your content and contact details, make use of the given shortcodes, manage color picker for the nice color gamut, and more. The theme is also consistent with responsive web design requirements and is wonderfully practical with a wide range of plugins.

2. SKT Dual:


From individual and couples counseling, group therapies to psychiatric services and consultations, any kind of relevant content can be best showcased with the help of SKT Dual. It is a clearly coded and stylized, well – dressed and updated template with powerful, yet easy to understand backend. Attract the attention of more psychiatry patients with your informative posts and pages. It all starts with neatly arranged homepage with convenient areas and homepage slider, as well as fully manageable and customizable layout. From backgrounds of sections to slider images, from colors to typography, everything is subject to your instructions and changes. Packed with bizarre usability and precision, SKT Dual purveys readily responsiveness and cross – mobile compatibility, as well as translation – readiness and e – commerce – readiness.

3. Handy:
doctor WordPress theme


Offer your psychiatrist consultation, evaluation and treatment services online via Handy. It is one of the clear and responsive, shortcodes – based and fully adjustable psychiatrist WordPress themes to give a helping hand to any kind of doctor or health care specialist. Provide your patients with the most searched information, services, working hours, location and much more to save their times and nerves. It is perfectly balanced between simplicity and powerful framework with testimonials section availability for the positive reviews and feedback from your previous patients. The soft – sell approach to offering your relevant products and items, prescriptions and medicine is fully exercised within Handy when supported by WooCommerce plugin. In plain English, you are powered to run your online medical store and keep it open in 24/7 format.

4. Perfect Medical:


Perfect Medical is the one to reflect all the needs and prerequisites of a dependable medical website in a unique way. Amazingly pliable and robust, clean and eye – catchy, Perfect Medical is a clutter-free and adaptive framework that does not need any knowledge in developing or designing. Optimized for high speed and energetic navigation, this template is custom – built with a non – techy website admin with pretty little experience in the digital world. Show off your best qualities via the homepage slider and its slides, make your content well – laid out on any mobile or device screen and result in a great user experience. It also comes with lots of choices catering to preloaded shortcodes, fonts, calls to actions, social media and other icons and yet much more to be available with Perfect Medical.

5. Healing Touch:
medical WordPress theme


Choose Healing Touch among the diversity of psychiatrist WordPress themes and adjust it the way to support your medical exposure in the digital arena. Reasons to fall in love with this intelligent template are endless. From fast response rate to decent navigation, from easy to use structure and mobile – friendly design and coding, all the primary features of a top – notch WordPress – powered product are available. In case you want to have one universal website across multiple portable devices and platforms, look no further than Healing Touch. Use the given package of shortcodes for easy content setup whenever required and decorate your presence with the most elegant icons. There are also standard pages given in Healing Touch, among them 404, search, archive, category, etc.

6. SKT Medical Pro:
medical WordPress theme


The techniques and strategies, coding and design peculiarities of SKT Medical Pro are more than enough to improve your results and gain more clients. This mobile and device – optimized website building tool will get your website higher results and rankings on search engine positioning and will bring more target audience to your website. Let people find your medical and psychiatric practice served in a user – directed fashion and split your content into easy to digest pieces of information. Insert them into the theme sections and areas, add your favorite descriptions and images and give contact details to quickly get in touch with you. It is also in the collection of the top – notch psychiatrist WordPress themes to help you with the increase of conversion rates via practical plugins and extensions.

Whether you are a psychiatrist or an organization that specializes in offering counseling and other services such as hypnotherapy, you would definitely need to establish your presence online. Most customers just log on to the website and book their sessions online. And while your brick and motor model may work just fine, the fact remains that until you get the word out, you would have to bank your business on just the usual word of mouth. This is why you need to check out some of the psychiatrist WordPress themes and select the right one for your website. All themes come with detailed layout and it is essential that you check each one out individually so that you can decide which one suits your business better. Since you are in mental health business, it is important that the design and the layout you choose appears professional and well designed, just the sort that can get a patient to trust you with their issues.

When it comes to psychiatrist WordPress themes, most of them come with page builder or at least, the premium ones do. You can use these to develop content for the main page and other pages; more importantly most of the themes come loaded with templates that you can use, from a billing form to a page for recommendations and suggestions. The good news is that since you have chosen to base your website on WordPress, you do not have to code anything. All the hard work is already done and all that’s left is for you to assemble and fit the pieces together; by customizing your website, you should be able to streamline your marketing strategy and even help increase in rankings in SERPS.

From the header to the footer, you should be able to customize the lot including the font but please remember that most free themes do not come with page builder nor do they allow you to tweak the layout. But the premium ones do not cost much either, so feel free to check them out but remember that apart from the layout and the design, you would still need to test out the theme to see how it appears on other browsers. And while you are testing that aspect, you may also want to check and see how responsive your website is and whether others can easily navigate it. All of these count as essential metrics for calculating SERPS rankings.

Once you have selected your theme, layout, template for your website, all that’s left is the content. Just make sure that your content is error free and that you proof it several times before posting the same on to your website. It is vital that the content you post on your psychiatrist website is factual, and lets users know what sort of services to expect from you. At the end of the day, it comes to the final touch, a few good graphics and with that, you should be set.

How to Fix Syntax Error in WordPress

How to Fix Syntax Error in WordPress

Syntax errors are more common than you would think and there’s no reason to hit the panic button should you find the following message prop up when trying something new on your website, “syntax error”, then that means that you have made a mistake with the coding part. More often than not the error in question is exactly that, a syntax issue that crept in as a result of a missing bracket or a missing space, coma, take your pick. The fact is that there are a lot of code snippets for WordPress that’s available online and when the ‘not so tech savvy’ users use the same, they often make a typo when pasting these codes on to their templates. But the good news is that you can easily fix such syntax errors and the purpose of this article is to do the same and effectively at that.

1. Spotting the error:
The good news is that WordPress would have already done the grunt part of the job and would have listed the error code which should tell you which file needs editing and in particular which line.

2. FTP:
Now that you know which file requires editing and chances are that it is the last file that you were editing, you would have to go to your FTP account, use the credentials supplied to you by your host, access your website’s root directory and download the file in question. Please do a back up and once you have downloaded the requisite file, just head over to the specified section and remove the incorrect code and add in the right one. You can check online for the right code to add and ensure that the syntax is perfect this time around. Now, all that’s left is for you to upload the required file back to your root director and reload your website. If there are no other syntax issues, your website should load just fine. In case, there are other syntax issues that need to be resolved, then please repeat the process as listed above and your website should start working again.

3. Uploading fresh files:
It does happen but there are times when you would not be able to figure out how to fix the syntax error issue on your website. When that happens, then you need to download a fresh theme copy and make sure that your files are updated. This should help resolve any syntax error issues that creep in.

4. And WordPress:
If the issue is still not sorted, then it may be time to reinstall This happens but rarely at that and in such cases, is it inevitable that you have to reinstall WordPress as your core files have become corrupted. You would need to download a fresh copy of WordPress, and download the same and save it in your computer. But make sure that the version you are downloading is the same one that you are currently using at the moment. You can download earlier versions by clicking on the release archive link on the left hand side of the download page. Once you have downloaded the latest files of the same version that you are currently using, you can then login to your FTP account, using the credentials that your webhost would have provided you with. Once you are logged in, you can now, upload these files back to your root directory except for the wp-content file. If you replace the wp-content file, then all your information, data would be lost. So it is important that you replace all the files except for this one.

5. Adding your own code:
The great thing about WordPress is its advanced functionality and the fact that it is an open resource which means that it is free to use and users worldwide contribute to improving the platform. So essentially you can look forward to upgrades and improvements at zero cost. What this means is that you can develop your own code, customize your website, tweak it as you see fit and streamline the overall content, structure and the very design itself. Given the fact that you can create and use your own code, it is inevitable that you are bound to run into syntax error issues more often than not. This is not to imply that you should not code anything in to your WordPress website, and that it is bad. On the contrary, WordPress encourages you to try out your own codes, but you may want to prep on the code, the functionality that you are planning to tweak and review the correct syntax for the code, before implementing it on your website.

Even a simple syntax error such as a missing space can cause your website to crash; from a marketing perspective that’s disastrous in the sense that your customers would no longer be able to access your website, be able to check out your latest product updates or for that matter, check out anything on your website. This is why you should always double check and even triple check all custom codes before you implement them on your website.

6. Plugins:
And if you had just installed a plugin or were working on one just before the error occurred then that could well be the reason why the issue crept in the first place. In that case you need to disable the plugin and if you are not sure you remember which plugin you were working on before the issue showed up, then all you have to do is to head back to your root directory, and disable all the plugins. Load your website and see if the issue has been resolved and if it has, then the issue has been with one of your plugins. Now, enable all the plugins, one by one and check your website as you enable each one and soon, you should be able to spot the rogue plugin in question, and be able to disable it permanently.

These are some of the steps by which you can fix your syntax error issue in no time at all.

How to Enable Browser Caching in WordPress

How to Enable Browser Caching in WordPress

If you find that your website is getting slow at loading pages, then it may be time for you to enable browser caching in WordPress. The procedure to do the same is fairly easy and yes, enabling browser caching in WordPress can actually get your pages to load faster. According to various studies, most online users spend hardly more than a few seconds browsing a web page and if your page does not load promptly enough, they are not going to stick around and you are bound to lose out on prospective leads and actual customers. That’s reason enough as to why you may want to enable caching on your website, at the earliest. And since WordPress comes with advanced functionality, it should be fairly easy to do so and you do not even have to be a tech expert. Just follow the steps listed below and you should be able to boost the performance of your website in no time at all. Just remember to always do a complete backup before you get started.

If you are still not sure about what browser caching is all about, it works like this – a web browser may retrieve information from many sources such as HTML files, CSS, JavaScript and so on to load a particular web page. Web cache is the technology that is used to store information on frequently visited sites on your local disc. And when you visit such a site, since the prior data, information is stored; your page should load a lot faster. This is why it makes sense to enable browser caching in WordPress at the earliest. You can follow the steps listed below and if you are not sure that you want to do it manually, you can always download and install cache plugin on your website.

1. Leverage browser caching:
In order to leverage browser caching, your web server should allow web browser to store visited web page resources temporarily on the local disk. Doing so, should enable your pages to load faster when a user visits your web page and in the process, cause your pages to load much faster. In order to enable caching, and to allow the browser to leverage your cache, you will need to set content expiry dates by adding cache control headers and ETag headers in HTTP headers. You can set the time for the cache to store the required information, and you can optimally set it for a year but no longer than that. You can change the time limit depending on the frequency of changes in resources.

2. Editing your ht access file:
If your WordPress website is stored on an apache server or for that matter, any server, then you would be required to make the following changes to your .htaccess file. Keep in mind that it is advisable that you do a complete backup before you get started. Just copy and paste the following code in your ht access file and you would have enabled browser caching on your WordPress site. You need to login to your FTP account, using the credentials that your web host would have provided you with, head over to the root directory of your website, locate the .htaccess file and download the same to your computer. Open the file in your text editor and copy paste the code posted below, ‘as it is’ and that should do the trick
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType text/css “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType text/html “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType image/gif “access 1 year”
ExpiresByType image/png “access 1 year”
ExpiresByType image/jpg “access 1 year”
ExpiresByType image/jpeg “access 1 year”
ExpiresByType image/x-icon “access 1 year”
ExpiresByType application/pdf “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType application/javascript “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType text/x-javascript “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-flash “access 1 month”
ExpiresDefault “access 1 month”
Once you have added the above code, kindly include this in as well – it relates to cache control headers and is required for your caching to work seamlessly.
# TN – BEGIN Cache-Control Headers

Header set Cache-Control “public”

Header set Cache-Control “public”

Header set Cache-Control “private”

Header set Cache-Control “private, must-revalidate”

# TN – END Cache-Control Headers
Now, turn the ET tags of by adding this code,
# TN – BEGIN Turn ETags Off
FileETag None
# TN – END Turn ETags Off

That’s it, now all that’s left is for you to upload the ht access file back to your root directory using the FTP server and reload your website. It should be good to go and your pages should start loading faster.

3. Enabling browser caching with plugins:
While adding the code is more effective, for the not so tech savvy, this option may be preferable. There are a lot of plugins available which enable browser caching in WordPress starting with WP-Plugin. All you need to do is to download WP Fastest Cache plugin and what’s more, it is free to use. Once you have downloaded the same, you would need to install it on your website. Access your plugin settings and enable browser caching, and click on save. And by doing so, you would have successfully enabled browser caching on your WordPress website without having to add in any code or upload any file. You can also use other plugins, check out their info and reviews and select one that seems to be a good fit. With the right plugin, you should be able to get your web pages to load faster, generate more traffic, and reduce HTTP requests which happen to be the case with WP plugin and more. In short, you should be able to get your website to perform better and this should also have a positive influence on your rankings as well.

These are the steps by which you can enable browser caching on WordPress, and soon you should be able to streamline your website, get more traction online and even help increase the conversion rate. There are more than a few cache plugins so you may want to shortlist a few, try them out on a trial basis and see if there is a marked improvement on your website.

How to Show Instagram Photos in a WordPress Post or Page

How to Show Instagram Photos in a WordPress Post or Page

If you have just set up your first WordPress site for your business, then you need to know that it is important that your website is well designed and that you have chosen the perfect theme for your website. It is important, that you are able to market your website effectively well. And one of the ways that you go about it is to download and install social media plugin. For starters, it will enable your visitors to login from their various social media accounts and even share your content across their various social media accounts. All of this should result in extra visibility and more traction for your website. But of all the social media platforms out there, it is instagram which is fast emerging as a global leader given the fact that it currently boasts of nearly half a million users logging in each month with 100 million posts being added each day. Yes, you heard it right, 100 million posts each day and given the increasing popularity of instagram, it is important that you learn how to add instagram photos to your WordPress post or page. What’s more, you can link up your instagram feed to your website so that your instagram pictures are instantly displayed on your website. The great thing about WordPress is its advanced functionality and ease of use; the procedure to add instagram photos to your website is fairly easy and simple enough. Just follow the steps listed below and you should be able to add instagram photos to your post and help make your content more attractive in the process. Just make sure that the images posted to your site are on topic and relevant to the specified niche.

1. Getting unique instagram photo URL:
The first step is to locate the picture or image that you would like to add to your content. Just check your app, and find the instagram photo that you would like to display with your post. In order to do so, you would need the instagram photo URL, so search the various images, locate the one that you want and click on vertical ellipsis (…). Now, click on ‘copy and share URL’. You need to paste this URL on your desktop or you could do one better and email the URL to your mail addy. That works like a charm and in the process; you would not be cluttering your desktop.

2. Locate URL on site:
You can get the instagram photo URL from the website itself. Just head over to, load the picture you want to embed on a page by itself. Just click on the link showing how old the post is and this should help display the image with the instagram photo URL. Now, copy the link to your clipboard.

3. Adding instagram photos to your website:
Now that you have copied the instagram photo URL, you can easily embed the required images to your post with ease. And given that WordPress makes the process fairly easy, you should be able to add the required images in no time at all. Now just head over to the post where you wanted to embed the image, place the cursor on top left of the post and hit on return, this should create an empty line on top of the post. Now, paste in the URL and hit return and WordPress would display the required image to perfection, along with your post. It is that easy and instantaneous.

4. Embedding manually:
You can also embed instagram photos manually; if you are not able to add the image to your content with the instagram photo URL, or you want more options with your image, such as hide description, well you can do so by embedding instagram photos manually. For embedding instagram photos manually to your post, you cannot use the app but instead you would have to head over to just search among the pictures posted on, choose the image that you want to display with your post, and click on vertical ellipsis (…). You do not need to copy any image URL but instead chose ‘embed’ from the drop down menu and instagram will provide you with the embed code that you require. And once you get the embed code, copy the same to your clipboard. And if you do not want to display the caption with the image, untick the include caption box. Now, you have to head over to your text editor, and help create some space on top of your post, and now, paste in the embed code and publish the post. It should now display instagram photos with your textual content perfectly.

Now, your post should display the instagram photo as intended; but remember that you can also tweak your website so that all your instagram photos are automatically posted to your website. This should help generate more buzz and publicity for your website.

The first thing that you need to do is to head over to, register and set up a new account. Once you are logged in click on applets and new applets to get started. Then you need to login to instagram from the IFTTT page and authorize IFTTT to access your instagram account. Next, chose the right option for automating the process of adding your instagram photos to your WordPress website. Now, choose a trigger, for example, if you chose ‘any new posts’, then any new photos you post to instagram will be automatically uploaded to your website. After this, IFTTT will ask for permission to connect with your WordPress website, along with username and password. Now, you need to select the action that you want to take and you can also map instagram to your post. You can also add tags, custom fields and much more. Once that is done, you can click on save applet and now the process of adding your instagram photos to your WordPress website is more or less automated.

Additionally, if you do not want to create new posts for your instagram photos, you can use instagram feed plugins which should help display the latest instagram photos on your website.

How to Add Images to WordPress website posts and pages

How to Add Images to WordPress Posts and Pages

If you are not that tech savvy and are thinking about adding images to your first WordPress website, then this article is for you and one that you need to read. It’s fairly easy to add images to your WordPress website; WordPress is one of the top ranking platforms that’s popular on account of its ease of use and advanced functionality. And the process of uploading images or for that matter, any media files is quite easy and uncomplicated. Granted, the process may seem overwhelming to those who are not that tech savvy but as long as you follow the steps listed below, you should be able to upload the images you need to your post/ page. Given the fact that there are millions of websites scrambling for attention from online users, you need feature rich images to help make your website all the more attractive and help it to stand out. What’s more, you can add images to your slider, set up your website to feature advanced sliders such as carousel so that all your feature rich images are displayed to perfection. This should help you to attract more traffic and more customers, in the long run. You can also set up a slide show, or even feature some of the high resolution images, using your inner header to help make your website stand out for the right reasons.

Before you follow the steps listed below, you should log into your admin dashboard.

1. Adding images from your computer:
The process is fairly simple enough and there are two ways that you can do this. The first step consists of uploading the images you have saved on your computer to your gallery. Once the image has been uploaded to the gallery, all you have to do is click on new post, develop the content for the same, and use the “add image/ media” which should appear in the post edit tab. Clicking on the same should enable you to upload images directly from your gallery. You can also drag the image directly from your file to the text editor, and you can even place the image directly into your post. All you need to do is to place the cursor at the point where you would want the image to go and even place the image in line with your content.

2. Insert the image directly from the web:
You also have the option of adding images directly from the web. All you have to do is to head over to your text editor, place the cursor over where you would like your image to appear, click on the plus symbol and the option to add media should appear. Now, all you have to do is to add the required media and what’s more, WordPress will even provide you with customization options before you add the image to your post. Remember that you would have to enter the URL for the image in question as you add it to your post; just add the required image url for the image in question and click on upload. That should do it, and all you have to do is to edit the image in question and click on insert; the image should now appear in your post.

3. Insert an image from your media library:
Just head over to your text editor, place the cursor over where you would like your image to appear and then click on “add media”. This should open up your media library where you can surf the many images present, choose the appropriate one and click on the same. You can edit, resize the images, tweak it and once you have finished with the same, you can click on insert and you are done. You have successfully added the required image to your post successfully.

4. Image alignment:
Image alignment is important as images add context to your text and more importantly they help to attract visitors to your website. This is what you need to do, you need to ensure that you post attractive, high resolution images and ensure that the images are aligned correctly with your text for maximum impact.

5. Text wrap:
You can use the text editor to add images to your post at any line; once you do you can choose to have the text wrapped around your image so that it appears naturally, in line with the rest of your post. This can be an effective marketing link especially when you link the image to other pages of your website as it can help to increase page views and therefore your SEO rankings as well.

6. Side by side:
If you are planning on using two images for the same post, you can make them appear side by side. Give them a right to left alignment, but make sure that they are of the right size so that both these images can fit on the same line. You can always resize this so that it fits in perfectly with the rest of your post.

7. No text wrap:
You can always add images to your post and opt for no alignment or text wrap. The optimal placement for standalone images is usually at the top left end of the post, as most users would see it first, when they review your post.
Just remember that you can always edit the inserted images and customize and tweak them further. All you have to do is to head over to your admin dashboard, select the image you want to customize and click on the pencil icon. This should enable you to customize the image in question perfectly, and customize it as you see fit.

These are the ways by which you can add images to your WordPress site with ease. You do not have to be tech savvy and you certainly do not need to add any code. All the steps listed here are self explanatory, and you should be able to add, edit, delete and customize your images with ease. Do remember that not all the images available online are royalty free so you may need the author’s permission before you can add the same on your website.

How to change the font size in WordPress website

How to change the font size in WordPress

If you have just set up your first WordPress site, and want to tweak the way the font appears so as to help make your website stand out, you should be able to do so with ease. Assuming that you had chosen a premium theme for your website, it should come loaded with easy customizable options as well as several hundred Google integrated fonts with which you can change the font and the typography on your website. But on the other hand, if you had opted to go ahead with a basic theme, then you need to read the rest of the article to find out how to change your font, without much of a hassle. Don’t worry, the process listed is quite easy and even a novice should be able to handle the same with ease.

If you are looking at more than increasing the size or the font color, then what you need is a brand new WordPress theme. The good news is that there are a lot to choose from, so you can decide which one appeals the most to you, confirm that it is completely customizable and then use the options offered to change the font on your website. But if you prefer to stick with the theme that you have currently installed, then just follow the directions listed in the rest of the article and it should enable you to change the font as well as various aspects on it without any hassle.

To Change Color of Your Text On WordPress

1. You need to head over to your admin dashboard and click on posts. Then click on the particular text that you want to edit; just use the ‘toggle toolbar’ which can be found next to ‘add media’ and ‘add contact form’ buttons.

2. Once you are there, you should see a capital letter A which would be underlined, and as you hover around the letter, and the down arrow, the ‘text color’ should pop up. You can use the same to change the colors of the text on one particular post.

3. Just click on the down arrow and the windows containing the prefixed text colors should pop up. Now, all you need to do is to highlight the text that you want to change the colors and choose the color you would prefer for this particular text and that should do the trick. Incidentally, you can also customize it as you see fit rather than using the preset color palette.

To change the font size in WordPress

1. Whether you are looking to change the header font size, or the font size of your content, you still need to start at the same place. You need to head over to WordPress admin dashboard, and once you do, just click on posts and in particular, the post that you would prefer the font size to be altered. Now click on edit, for the post.

2. This should open up the visual editor, now, click on the far right icon which is tagged as the ‘kitchen sink’. It should open up more options for you in the visual editor

3. Usually, the visual editor should offer you several options such as italics, bold, bullets as well as several formatting options. But with the kitchen sink, you should get more options such as ‘paragraph’, ‘header sizes’ and so on.

4. Just highlight the text that you want the font size to be altered, now click on the drop down menu labeled “paragraph”. This should provide you with six font sizes to choose from along with “pre”. Each one would allow you to change the font size effectively, without any hassle. That’s it; you should be able to change the font size for specific text, on your website.

To change the font size of your theme

Assuming that the theme you have selected does not come with customizing options, you can always use CSS to change the font size and even its color, right across the whole theme with ease. Just follow the directions posted below and you should be fine.

Just login to your admin dashboard in WordPress and click on ‘appearance’. Now, check out the several menus that open under “appearance” and click on “editor”. You should see the editor window open up with a column of files to the right.

All you need to do is to locate the styles.css file and click on the same, which should open up in your text editor. Keep in mind that this is one of the core files of your theme so back up all information PRIOR to carrying out any alterations or changes.

Now that you are inside the CSS styles fie, scroll down until you come across “h1 {“. Just keep scrolling until you come across this particular code, “font-size: 26px”. This code relates to the font size and it’s the one that you need to change, and update your core file so that the font size is changed for your entire theme.

You can change the font size for all your headers and your text, as you see fit. And once you have made the changes, you can then click on update and that should do the trick. Now, your website should feature the font size of your preference and it should also help make your website stand out for the right reasons.

The step-by-step directions listed above are simple enough and you should be able to carry them out without a hitch. Just remember that it can take a little while for WordPress to update its server but the changes should be visible right away. And make sure that you do not make any other changes to your core files as it can affect the functioning of your website itself. And that’s why you always do a complete backup, before tinkering with any of the core files. This is how you change the color and the font size on your website. And as you can see, WordPress is highly adaptable and functional which is why it is one of the top ranking platforms for most businesses as well as individuals alike.