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Herbal Medicine WordPress themes for ayurvedic websites

This time we have scoured the Internet for the best herbal medicine WordPress themes and are going to share them with you.

The attention to herbal or botanical medicine has been present for centuries and practiced by thousands of people. A human being is a part of nature and feels the necessity of being tied to it in all the possible ways.

But the modern and technologically saturated life have taken us far away from nature and the essential natural environment we should live in. And this is the point where herbs and natural medical measures try to save us.

With growing demand and potential consumption of herbal medicine and relevant specialists, it’s not surprising that every herbal medicine based industry fights for its online place in order to find new consumers and clients.

In this relation, we have picked up the most useful and easy to use herbal medicine WordPress themes for herbal medicine business representatives, “herb nerds”, medical experts and doctors. Each template discussed in this article is all in one solution to expand your market share and involve more people into it.

From a technical standpoint, all of them have a distinct honor of being totally customizable so that your website can wear any outfit you want.

1. Perfect Herbal:

herbal WordPress theme


Perfect Herbal is a green based and highly configurable template for any kind herbal and medicine, diet and nutrition, agriculture and nature related topics and niches. Whether you are going to sell your herbal and natural medicine online or run a blog about wonders of this type of medicine, Perfect Herbal as one of the powerful herbal medicine WordPress themes can be the wisest solution for you.

With this template you can be sure to provide your website visitors with a sufficient user experience, since your herbal website is going to be smoothly navigable, quick in loading and overall performance, and finally, cross mobile and device compatible.

2. Diet and Nutrition:

diet and nutrition WordPress theme


Diet and Nutrition is the next precise and accurate, clear and fresh looking WordPress templates developed to meet the demands of organic food and drink, herbal medicine and organic farming businesses. Dotted with useful elements and colored with the shades of green over the dominant white, Diet and Nutrition is built on an easy to use and control platform. You have more than 100 bit of codes to add the needed functionality to your posts and pages. Widget friendly sidebar area is also available for you to give useful links and deploy the most popular or recent articles.
Tried and tested for a flawless mobile using experience, Diet and Nutrition is also compatible with a wide range of useful plugins. Among them are slider plugins to replace the default slider, comments plugin to add a commenting functionality, WooCommerce and SEO plugins, etc.

3. Perfect Nature:


Created and launched for precision and power, Perfect Nature is one of the top rated herbal medicine WordPress themes that will fascinate even the most demanding user. Bring your herbal medicine or organic ingredients into online market through your website based on this template and even sell them without putting too much money or effort into it. No more ugly look or distorted visualization with Perfect Nature.

Everything is well developed and taken care of to provide you with a fantastic online environment to use. From pixel perfect appearance to accurately deployed boxes and parts, from blog and gallery sections to widgetized areas for quick links and calls to actions, Perfect Nature shares it all.

This green based and highly versatile, mobile friendly and retina ready template is also convenient for other nature and organic centric websites, NGOs and nature preservation campaigns, herbal medicine retailers and wholesalers, etc.

4. SKT Gardening:

gardening landscaping WordPress theme


SKT Gardening is the next eco and herbal, nature and landscaping friendly template packed up by all the primary features and elements you’d ever need to avoid high stress situations. It is bundled with tons of advantages to style up and present a website proving your expertise in the specific field you are working in.

SKT Gardening will not let cost stand in your way to a greater success and client conversion since it is available at an affordable price.

This template has a notable capacity of taking your wishes and completing them in a professional fashion. Whether you want to change the colors of the theme, manage fonts, their type, size and color, select the best page and post templates, or make your content multilingual ready, you are powered to do that with the help of SKT Gardening.

5. SKT Food:

food WordPress theme


SKT Food is a general purpose and multi profile WordPress website building tool meant for any kind of food and drink, herbal and medicine, organic agriculture and nature related blogs and sites and not only. Armed with a wide array of handy features, SKT Food is a high performance and mobile optimized template to showcase your creative content across different mobiles and platforms.

A modern flat graphic design has been implemented for a fancy look and feel. Moreover, you can add your own touches to it and choose the right colors from a convenient color wheel.

All the requirement of SEO friendly coding and e commerce readiness have also been completed.

6. Simple:

simple WordPress theme


Simple is one of the easy to use and lightweight herbal medicine WordPress themes one can purchase from a WordPress library. An intimate functional framework is rolled up with an elegant design to make your website stand out among others. Boundless internal and external solutions can be made due to the great versatility and shortcodes based nature of this template.

With a handy admin panel from behind the scene, Simple comes with responsive layout and cross browser compatibility, preloaded shortcodes and Google fonts, default contact form, etc.

Finally, it should be noted, that the subtle styling of this template does not skimp on the professional and secure functionality of the theme, which means that you are free to manipulate with it whenever needed.

What is Gravatar and Why You Should Start Using it Right Away

One of the most important principles and advantages of working on the Internet is automation. It is automation that allows us to increase labor productivity and increase efficiency with less time and efforts. Well, if you want to understand what Gravatar is and what it has to do with the automation and being recognized in the digital platform, keep reading our article.

Very often those who are new to WordPress, feel confused about how they can change the default Mystery Man icon appearing next to their name. This is default WordPress Gravatar that can be quickly and easily replaced by a more descriptive image or icon that will make you stand out from the crowd and be easy to notice.

1. What is Gravatar?
Actually, what is Gravatar and why you need to use it for WordPress hosted website or blog? On the whole, Gravatar is a web service and one of the automated ways of your identity or brand establishment through “Generally Recognized Avatar”. As soon as you jump into this service and add your specific Gravatar, it is going to be recognized and showcased throughout numerous platforms and content management systems that come with prebuilt Gravatar support. It means that you are not required to add your Gravatar in different platforms you are using and are going to save your precious time on other important actions. Your unique images created by Gravatar is going to follow you from site to site you visit.

As for WordPress particularly, it also celebrates support for Gravatar, it showcases default Gravatar or grey “mystery man” icon whenever people leave their comments or write posts. Once this icon is replaced by the photo or image chosen by the user, WordPress will pull the new Gravatar and will showcase it within the scope of its website or blog.

2. Why should you start using it right away?

If you are a newly started business, long established company with a huge client base, private contractor or non profit organization volunteer, using the advantages of Gravatar is a must. When you present yourself with Gravatar, it is going to follow you around multiple websites and you are more likely to be noticed and identified. This technique will let you overcome the necessity of adding your image every time you comment or post in different platforms, blogs and forums on the one hand. On the other, sometimes images are more talkative than words and long descriptions. Therefore, arming your presence with the right Gravatar is what will make you presentable across the global digital arena.

3. How to get a Gravatar?
Now when we have identified what Gravatar is and how you as a WordPress website owner or user can benefit from it, let’s see which steps are to be followed for you to use this wonderful mechanism and establish your individuality or branding through it.

In a nutshell, getting Gravatar is easy and quick. Just visit (official website of Gravatar) and sign up for free with the email address you are using for commenting or adding blogs mostly. If you don’t have a WordPress account, you need to register first. Along with email, you will be required to add also username and set a password. A notification mail will be sent to you with a button to click on and activate your account. Once your WordPress account is active, now you can log in to Gravatar with the same email.

Further, you need to assign a specific Gravatar to your email address. If you don’t want to add one, a custom one will be generated on the basis of the settings of a site it showcases in.

Follow the link “Add one by clicking here” and you will be redirected to a new page where you are free to choose one of the given ways of adding your Gravatar. You can upload a new one, use URL, choose from past uploads or use webcam to take a new shoot.

If you want to upload new image, Gravatar will automatically resize if it is large. File size limit in this case is 1 MB. Upload your image and next you can have small and large preview of your image and will be able to crop it to look its absolute best. It can be your own photo, the logo of your company or some unique image having to do with your business or portfolio, etc.

The next step is to understand what Gravatar is and to what audience it can be showcased. Here you need to choose a rating for your Gravatar. G rating means it is suitable for all kinds of websites with any kind of audience or followers. If the image contains some rude gestures, provocative dressing, some swear or rude expressions and words, you need to choose other rates such PG, R or X. In this case, your Gravatar will be showcased to a specific audience.

Once your rating is set, congratulations. You have successfully added your Gravatar which is going to follow your name wherever you are in the diversity of WordPress and other platforms and areas.

If you want to set Gravatars for your WordPress users from your website, again you will be redirected to the same from your site’s Admin Dashboard to choose profile picture for the User from Gravatar.

Controls and settings available on Gravatar, can be accessed through Settings, Discussion page of your WP Admin options as well. Here you can choose to show Avatars, set maximum rating, choose which Avatar for users to be displayed on your website like Mystery Man, blank, Gravatar Logo or custom generated ones.

That’s it, folks! We do really hope we helped you understand what Gravatar is and how you can integrate it into your digital experience to form a part of your virtual activities, from post authoring to commenting on different discussions.

If you are new to websites and more particularly to the term Gravatar, you are bound to be scratching your head right about now. Think avatar and that should clue you in as to what gravatar is all about. Essentially, a gravatar is an image or icon that you use to create a separate identity for yourself, your company or your product. It is one of the easiest ways for others to recognize you by your gravatar which is why, it is a useful marketing tool. This is why when it comes to Gravatar, you should start using it right away. You can search online for “gravatar should start using it right away”, that should provide you with more than a few results and lots of information on the same. Here are a few important reasons as to why it makes sense to have your own gravatar.

  • Identity: A gravatar can help customers identify with you and your brand easily; that’s why you need to set it up at the earliest. From a marketing perspective, creating an online gravatar can help you re-brand yourself, and even engage much more with customers than before. What’s more, with a gravatar, customers can easily identify with your image/logo and this should even help you boost your conversion rates.
  • Better user engagement: A gravatar can lead to greater interaction with your audience; recently a study highlighted the fact that customers interact more freely in the online medium with those with established identities such as gravatars than otherwise. And more importantly, as customers increase their user engagement, you should be able to market your key products and services effectively.
  • Better traffic: With a boost in customer engagement, and as customers are able to easily identify with your brand and logo, this should result in better visibility. The added bonus feature is that gravatars are portable and that you need to set up your gravatar only once. And after that, you can use the same gravatar on websites that come with pre-built gravatar support; so you would not have to go to the trouble of creating a new one all over again. And as you surf online, comment on other websites, interact more with others on these platforms, your gravatar should get displayed alongside which is why it is important that you set one up at the earliest.
  • Cost: It costs nothing to set up a gravatar; if you set one up, then you are bound to become more visible and even snag more traffic, as a result of the same.

This is why gravatars are important; some of the other websites even insist that you have a gravatar set up before you are allowed to post on their website. You can set up a similar policy for your website as well. With an attractive gravatar in place, you should be able to snag enough attention and in the process, get the word out regarding your products and services.

5 ways you can write faster content for your WordPress blog

Write faster content is what we want always for our WordPress blog and this article tries to explore them.

Blogs are nowadays much more than just means to become popular or to share information, they have become a necessity.

Day by day more people use the Internet to get their products and services, anywhere and anytime. The Internet has become their most favourite place to find their favourite shops, blogs, and source of trusted information.

This is why the high quality content of the blog is really what matters. The first and the most important thing for any blog is its content.

Every blogger tries to find efficient and productive ways to attract customers, provide returning visits, millions of views and clicks. Here are some more news: only supremely useful and insightful content is not just enough. You also need some good design, that will allow and easy and smooth use. Your visitors should find and be concentrated on what they need, not how to find what they need.

It is not an easy task to get the right content which corresponds to your blog perfectly. Putting improper content can lead the visitors to some other blogs and websites.

Content must be simple, easy and clear. Content must make a good impact on the company and its products and services. Otherwise it can’t draw the attention of visitors through its line. Once good content is posted on your blog it will work for you for years and give you profits. Good content is like a long term investment which generates profit in forms of visitors, clicks, views and even money.

What is different in creating an interesting and engaging content is that you always need time, ideas, and means to ring it to a post.

There are also a handful of phases in creating any kind of written content, including blog posts, so you can write faster content for your blog:

1.Idea generation

But there are some tricks and ways you can write faster content for your blog and we are here to help you explore them:

1.Always keep any good idea whenever and wherever you see it

A good idea is half of the work. No matter how creative or experienced a blogger is, there comes a time when they don’t have a really engaging idea, or just don’t feel like having motivation or just don’t have time to develop an idea.

Nothing wastes a blogger’s time and energy more than starting to write and not knowing what to write about and how to develop plot.

You can always avoid the problem by creating and using sources for varied ideas and inspiration.

That’s why all content writers are strongly advised to have idea lists and update them every day on regular basis, but use them only in special cases as there is no such thing as extra ideas for a content writer.

2.Use WordPress plugins for planning

An editorial calendar is a great tool for planned and strategic blogging. It helps you to plan ahead, and if implemented properly should go a surprisingly long way in terms of engaging your audience and growing your subscriber base.

Keep a running list of possible content topics — and keep track of other blogger with the free

WordPress Editorial Calendar

Wordpress Editorial calendar


Planning ahead with an editorial calendar also helps you consider the whole month’s blogging needs instead of just thinking about your next post. A planned work, a scheduled. This shift in mindset helps ensure any special events, holidays, or other “time pegs” are on your radar and don’t get missed.

If you are working with a team Edit Flow, another WordPress plugin, is just the thing for you.

Edit Flow:

Edit Flow


Edit Flow empowers you to collaborate with your editorial team inside WordPress. We’ve made it modular so you can customize it to your needs:

  • Calendar – A convenient month-by-month look at your content.
  • Custom Statuses – Define the key stages to your workflow.
  • Editorial Comments – Threaded commenting in the admin for private discussion between writers and editors.
  • Editorial Metadata – Keep track of the important details.
  • Notifications – Receive timely updates on the content you’re following.
  • Story Budget – View your upcoming content budget.
  • User Groups – Keep your users organized by department or function.

You should also keep other articles, newsletters and possible headlines, sources, in an email folder together. Having a good idea with an organized material won’t take long to turn into a high quality blog post and you can write faster content for your blog each time.




CoSchedule plugin is quite unique. According to its WordPress Plugin Directory listing, it is the first and on the all in one editorial calendar for content marketing and social scheduling. This means that not only can you quickly and easily schedule your posts, but also your social media updates, all from the same drag-and-drop calendar.

It keeps you and your team insanely organized and is the first (and only) editorial calendar to integrate with WordPress. Collaborate, schedule, and automate all of your content marketing and social media with CoSchedule.
Take control of your content strategy and consolidate your tools into one content marketing editorial calendar with CoSchedule.

3.Keep it simple

Quite often blog posts are not read or popular because they ate too long or too detailed.

Good blog posts are concise and stick to a single topic.

Just give general overview of the topic and wait for your readers responses. If they are interested they’ll let you know, if no, you are losing your reader’s time and your reputation.

4.Try different Templates and choose yours

There are hundreds of successful blog post formulas and templates. But before choosing one best for your blog do some testing, use 4-5 that you consider good and make a choice based on how the post performs.

There are just a handful of basic blog post types:

1.List post

Understand the needs of your readers and be flexible in order to be able to write faster content for your blog.

5. Avoid anything that distracts you

To write quickly, you have to get into the zone. Close your office/room door, shut down extra browser screens, turn off your phone, close your email and tell your family members or colleagues that you are busy for the next 30mins with a deadline.

Best WordPress Plugins That Can Turn Website Mobile Responsive


For a better prospect in the digital marketplace, it is outright necessary that every business should deploy the mobile responsive website as early as possible. The mobile responsive website is a kind of website that can be accessed through varied mobile devices. Moreover, it delivers the consistent user-experience across all the devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

The exposure of the internet through the mobile devices is increasing at a faster pace. More and more users are accessing the websites through their mobiles but are frustrated due to low-key responsive design as well as slow load times. That drive them to approach alternative business. It is a responsibility for the business to provide the best experience and less hassles to their customers. And, the possible solution is deploying a responsive website.

According to present data, it has been found that more than 70 million websites are running on WordPress, which is accounted for around 18% of total business websites all around the world. In order to help those million businesses convert their websites into responsive websites, this blog provides the list of the best plugins that enable the end-users to make the web page mobile responsive.

Have A Glimpse Below To Know More About Plugins

1. WPtouch Mobile Plugin
WPtouch Mobile Plugin is a brilliantly designed plugin that comes with beautiful mobile-friendly themes. Along with this, it comes with a capability to transform the website content into responsive features without affecting the look and feel. It empowers the users to control the menus, pages, and devices.

2. WordPress Mobile Pack
WordPress Mobile Pack comes packed with various functional elements that can pack the content inside the responsive theme to make sure that the mobile users can access the website on their devices. This plugin supports cross-browser compatibility. It makes the content responsive to the varied screen sizes. Along with this, it enables the users to customize the theme.

3. MobilePress
MobilePress is a ready-to-go plugin that can help you deploy the mobile responsive website at the utmost ease. It is an extremely simple plugin that requires minimal configuration. MobilePress has been designed to make the website compatible with almost all the browsers and operating systems. Moreover, it does not require regular updates.

4. WP Mobile Detector
WP Mobile Detector is a smart mobile responsive plugin. This plugin has the capability to detect the features (platform, browser, and screen) of mobile device that is accessing the website. According to the features, WP Mobile Detector displays the website content. Along with this, it makes the content touch-optimized and enables the users to add collapsible menu, dynamic page, and other functions.

5. Jetpack
Loaded with 33 amazing features, Jetpack is a powerful plugin that can not only transform your content into a responsive website but also optimize the website for varied mobile devices. Along with this, it empowers the users to customize the website and integrate unique theme and functionality.

6. WP Mobile Edition
WP Mobile Edition delivers the uniform display experience of the business website content on all the devices, such as computer and mobile phones. This is a kind of ready-to-go plugin which can be installed with minimal configuration. WP Mobile Edition is highly simple because it does not support any complex functions. It is good for those who just want to convert their desktop content to mobile-friendly.

7.Obox Mobile
Obox Mobile provides mobile responsive layouts for all kinds of websites, including, business, blogging and others. This plugin is extremely easy to set up. The end-users just need to plug and play this plugin. Another exceptional features of this plugin are, social media, post slider, adverts, translation ready, and many more.

8.Mobile Smart
Mobile Smart is a superbly designed plugin that according to the device renders the website. It comes with manual switcher that allows the visitors to switch between two views, including desktop and mobile. This plugin supports image trans-coding that can automatically rescale the image in the website content according to the display screen.

9. iThemes Mobile
iThemes Mobile plugin is a brilliantly programmed plugin that eases the way for the end-users to create the mobile-friendly website. This plugin comes with varied powerful features, such as Theme style manager, mobile starter themes, custom menus & navigation, and many others.

10.Any Mobile Theme Switcher
As the name implies, this plugin comes with the capability to switch the website content theme display as per different mobile browsers. It has the functionality to display different themes on different mobile browsers.

The Final Thought
Mobile responsive website is the best approach for the business to gain attention of the mobile users and provide their service in a better way. Even, Google search engine also gives preference to those websites that are mobile responsive. Thus, every business should deploy mobile-friendly website. This will not only benefit the customers, but also the business too.

Nowadays not just mobile responsive but AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) is what Google has implemented to be the best along with mobile responsive and is required by websites to implement so that they get the benefit of higher ranking from Google search engine on websites. AMP implemented websites are ranking higher and are appearing with AMP sign on Google mobile searches.

Author Bio
David Meyer is a web developer who has been working at CSSChopper (a renowned website designing and development company) for many years. He has a keen interest in writing the content, so when not developing the website, he gets busy in writing the blogs and articles that shed light on various imperative concepts related to website designing and coding.

Neonatologist WordPress Themes for newborn infants and neonatal care sites

WordPress has some of the best neonatologist WordPress themes to design a proper website.

Neonatology is a branch of medical science that takes care of illness in a premature newborn infant. The branch is progressing exponentially as the number of premature newborn infants is increasing every day.

If the illness is serious, the infant has to be hospitalized else the mother can be guided to take proper steps. Since this is a relatively new branch, people and targeted audiences of neonatologists will be searching on the internet to find a neonatology to consult. Therefore, it is immensely important for all the neonatologists to get a website to increase visibility and become searchable.

These neonatologist WordPress themes have all the features and design components to get the job done perfectly.

1. Handy
doctor WordPress theme


It is one of the best neonatologist WordPress themes as it is a medical theme with a professional design. You can edit everything without any technical knowledge using live customizer. It has the most important testimonial section which is going to increase the trust factor. It is compatible with all devices and supports all standard plugins for all the required functionalities. It comes with WooCommerce integration in case patients want to make advance payment while booking through the contact page.

2. Fitt
weight loss WordPress theme


This is a fully responsive WordPress themes and one of the best as neonatologist WordPress themes. It is a great looking health cum medical theme with professional look and there are portfolio sections where you can showcase your services. Changing the color scheme, fonts and layout require only a few clicks. It also has a blog section where you can post engaging articles and you are sure to get a lot of visitors for that because this branch of medical science is still relatively new. It comes with unlimited fonts with icons and it is mobile friendly as well as SEO and SMO friendly.

3. Healing Touch
medical WordPress theme


This is another awesome Neonatologist WordPress themes which some stunning designs and useful functionalities. It has parallax background and all the necessary and standard pages with sample text and design. You can change color of each component individually as well as replace the fonts and icons with its unlimited collection. There are so many useful shortcodes available for better embedding in the contents and overall beautification.

4. Strong Pro
crossfit WordPress theme


This is another stunning Neonatologist WordPress themes with infographic style design which is so eye-catching. It is this new creative design of the website that will make your hospital or doctors premium and parents will definitely visit you and give you preference. There are so many different variations available for designing sections like header, footer, sidebar, widgets and layout and templates for the inner pages. It is e-commerce ready and has advance booking feature. You can insert maps, videos, call-to-action forms, sliders and images as inner banners.

5. Teethy
teethy WordPress theme


This is not exactly one of the tailor-made Neonatologist WordPress themes but you can transform it with a few clicks. It is one of the best themes to use because it has passed Google mobile test and speed test. It is clean and the coding is done according to SEO rules. There are so many beautiful fonts available with icons and unlimited shortcodes are present for easy setup of content. The sliders are awesome and the galleries are mind blowing. There are shuttle animations on the homepage which will get in getting attention at once.

6. Girlie
girly WordPress theme


This is a feminine WordPress theme and it is going to be useful for neonatologists who are females. But in generally, neonatology concerns the mothers and they are the ones who contact the neonatologist for consult and treatment of newborn infant. This theme has best designing components, call-to-action options, super sliders and amazing galleries. It also has shuttle animation to capture the attention of the visitors immediately.

7. Marvin
personal WordPress theme


Most of the neonatologists are going independent and opening their own clinic. Hence, a personalized website would be great to become popular in a short span of time and reach out to more and more people with your website. The theme is clean and modern and navigation is super intuitive. It is compatible with WooCommerce and plugins for appointment booking. You can showcase your services wonderfully and have testimonial section for better trust factor.

8. Online Coach Pro
online coach WordPress theme


Some parents seek online guidance from neonatologists rather than traveling long distance all the time with the newly born baby. Therefore, online services and interactions are becoming popular like never before. You can easily setup your website with one of the best neonatologist WordPress themes and it has all features and functionalities to make your website successful. It has advanced chat system and contact us page plugins for better interactions. It also has an important blog section to engage the visitors and get more conversion.

9. Diet And Nutrition
diet and nutrition WordPress theme


Most of the time, pregnant mothers seek the help for the neonatologists before giving birth so as to avoid any abnormal conditions. Diet and nutrition play an important role in the better condition of the baby. You can use the theme to offer some of the best solutions to avoid any abnormal condition of the baby to be born and also get appointments from people who would like to consult you for better guidance. There are some attractive and useful sections on the homepage. It is SEO friendly and would help you to reach out to the targeted people through search engine result pages.

10. Kraft
premium WordPress theme


This is a multipurpose theme and one of the most suitable neonatologist WordPress themes on the list. It is professional in look and feel and comes with various sliders options, gallery options, animated columns, essential FAQ section, social media integration and translation support. It is generally used in designing medical related websites and it can be used for personal website as well as professional and commercial purpose. It comes with WooCommerce section and blog section along with advanced contact page for appointment and booking.

These are some of the best neonatologist WordPress themes you need to consider while constructing your website to get more visibility and reach out to your targeted patients easily. They are easy to set up and the design is sure to get appreciation from your patients.

Celebrity WordPress Theme for celebrity websites and fan and blog sites


Celebrity WordPress theme cater to celebrities and their websites.

Celebrities have their own website and famous celebrities need a common point of all social networking websites that they have to publish from a common website.

WordPress being the best CMS and its ability to publish into different social networking websites via the website makes it the top choice for celebrities to have their website done in WordPress CMS.

Hence we see a lot of celebrity WordPress themes targeted for the use by celebrities and made user friendly and customer friendly as well so that not just celebrities have problems managing their own website or their staff or the people who want to interact with their popular celebrities should also be able to do so easily and navigate along the website and get details about them.

Also it becomes an area for agencies to contact these celebrities for hiring purposes like events and films or modelling etc.

Celebrity websites need a few features like focussing on about section of the celebrity, awards won by the celebrity, gallery of previous and past works along with the upcoming works and future works.

Also contact section with agency numbers given and social networking platform links where the celebrity is regularly active.

Also gossip news and celebrity news websites also need celebrity WordPress theme so that they can have their gossip news and celebrity news published nicely not just on their website but also on various social networking websites.

Also these news channels need to have a good humor and gossip news displayed nicely where people can come in and comment as well.

Thus these type of websites should have commenting system like Facebook comments or Disqus commenting system readily working so that they just install the plugin and it works as a plug and play.

Following are the Celebrity WordPress theme to consider:

SKT Perfect:


Perfect has lots of features which have been time and again discussed and one can visit the theme page to know why this theme is called our best creation till date. It has 20 different template demos within itself and can act like any website. Any slider on the top with loads of shortcodes which can display images, text and videos nicely of any celebrity and can be turned into an awesome celebrity website which no one has seen before.

SKT Dual:


SKT Dual is a single page agency website which can be used as a celebrity website and can give details about the celebrity. It has enough features to make it to this list and is a great looking theme which can change colors, fonts, add more functionality and slider can be changed to anything of your own choice. With ample options this theme can make a celebrity website a real eye stunner.

portfolio WordPress theme


PicArt offers a great visual experience with colorful boxes on the homepage and a nice carousel slider on the top. It also can work as a model celebrity portfolio website. It has decent amount of features like a blog section and other stuff which make it a great deal worth use for any type of celebrity websites. Also its gallery choices and picture choices make it a worthwhile candidate for any celebrity who wants to showcase their work nicely on their website.

personal WordPress theme


Character is a mix of a celebrity website and a celebrity who loves to blog most of the times. Like Paris Hilton or Kim kardashian or the likes of people who love to blog most of the times Mr. Amitabh Bachchan from the Bollywood. Character shows real great features and has great look and feel and hence is one of the contenders in this Celebrity WordPress theme list.

girly WordPress theme


Girlie has pastel colors and can have menu and recipe sections so can serve as a celebrity food blogger website or fitness blogger or other types of celebrity website use. It has all the features similar to greater themes we have discussed till now above and can serve as a blog, news site, a website and can hold unlimited number of pages or posts as well.

Can also work as an online shop for celebrity items to be sold.



Charm is a charming blog cum website which gives importance to posts and news and blogging but can serve as a great website as well. With great widgetized sidebar, footer etc it does the job for a celebrity blogger, food and travel and lifestyle and fashion kind of a website and is visually strong and attractive.

SKT Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


SKT Black Pro was initially created to cater to portfolio and photography clients but has slowly turned into a great celebrity website which has several sections on the homepage catering to a celebrity and several inner pages and great compatibility with plugins to have what they want in terms of functionality like gallery, work, about us, contact form etc.

Political Candidate:
political candidate WordPress theme


Although was created for political candidate and their campaign raisers can surely work as a charming celebrity website and personal site as it is a one page site and has great look and feel. Has great event calendar and other such features to showcase celebrity events and upcoming shows.

personal WordPress theme


A true personal celebrity WordPress theme and is a small one with focus on the required items only. If someone wants a small footprint and a decent website with nice background for themselves this theme surely is the answer and is a minimal styled great looking template for consideration.

Panaroma Pro:


Can work for singer, musician, blogger, food, lifestyle, model, actor and others. A nice 5 slides on the front page and with exclusive transparent background pages for inner pages and blog this surely looks a great website option for any celebrity to consider.

resume WordPress theme


Was intended as a resume website for anyone from a celebrity book author to an artists, chef and food blogger to anyone who is a celebrity. Has color changing features and font features and social icons features just like the others and SEO friendly just like others as well as easy to use with step by step documentation available.

Following are the Gossip news and viral buzz type of Celebrity WordPress theme:

SKT NewsPaper Pro:


Newspaper Pro does job for bigger celebrity gossip channels and gossip news blogging sites who can post humors, jokes, celebrity gossips and others and as well as require several ad widgets to post ads and several news tickers etc.

SKT Magazine Pro:
magazine WordPress theme


Can serve as a multi author gossip news website and celebrity news channel and has all the features similar to Newspaper pro and has several blog and page templates to satisfy any news agency or news channel blogging site completely.

Wedding Videographer WordPress themes for videography sites

This time let us touch on the chivalry of the best Wedding Videographer WordPress themes for happy couples to share the best moments of their lives, as well as any kind of matrimony and wedding related websites and niches.

The range may include Wedding Videographer and wedding services, matchmaking services, wedding venues, marriage arrangement and consultation services, dating websites, wedding accessories, cakes, music and much more.

Wedding Videography websites and relevant services are rapidly gaining more and more popularity across the globe.

As a successful alternative to the traditional dating websites or marriage brokers, Wedding Videographer websites exercise their potential to help people find a perfect couple. All in all, it’s a modern practice where the role of the matchmaker or a personalized matchmaking assistant is highly professionalized and trustworthy.

Hence, if you have made your mind to launch a well arranged and eye catchy Wedding Videographer or wedding website result in more client engagement into your business, our Wedding Videographer WordPress themes are for you. Each and every single template that has appeared in our article is custom built to grant you with extra powers to make the most out of your website. In a nutshell, they are as simple and affordable, as flexible and user optimized as you would ever wish them to be.

1. Wedding Videographer:


2. Wedding Rituals:


Wedding Rituals is one of the latest Wedding Videographer WordPress themes designed for Wedding Videographer and wedding related websites, niches and topics. This wonderfully robust website builder is exceptionally good when it comes to hosting an avalanche of websites and blogs. You can use it to run an entertaining and multimedia based informative website sharing your posts about interesting traditions and wedding rituals of different countries. In another case, you can use Wedding Rituals particularly for matchmaking services and result in happy couples. For your convenience, this template has been coded to purvey ultimate simplicity and adaptability in usage. Moreover, with Wedding Rituals you are going to have pixel perfect, SEO friendly and easy to customize content for desktop, mobiles and devices. There are also fonts and color changing options, perfect dropdown navigation and WooCommerce compatible nature wrapped up in Wedding Rituals.

3. Nuptials:


The next highly recommended template among Wedding Videographer WordPress themes is called Nuptials. From elegant and lively visualization to battle ready functional framework, this top ranked template incorporates it all. Let your client base scan your web content easily via the given theme sections and content zones. Showcase the happy faces of your clients who have found each other thanks to your professional efforts via the homepage slider and positively influence your future clients. You can also showcase the registered profiles of your client base and let it easily searchable for others. Nuptials showacases seamless consistency when it comes to mobile and device responsiveness. Apart from being readily responsive and cross browser complaint, it is also shortcodes based with easily editable layout and customization options.

4. SKT Beach:


SKT Beach can be an ultimate solution for diversified wedding and Wedding Videographer service providers and managers to prove their legibility and sophistication in what they are engaged in. Based on a durable coding and styling approaches, SKT Beach is irreplaceable for personal wedding and engagement websites, private websites, wedding consultants and venues. It comes launched with color picker controls to add unique colors to your website, drag and drop functionality to easily manage everything. It also generates Customizer based performance to change whatever is needed within the theme and instantly preview them before they will appear valid for the website guests. Additionally, no coding skills are required to master this responsive and mobile optimized, fully documented and supported website builder.

5. SKT Lens Pro:
responsive portfolio WordPress theme


Meet SKT Lens Pro which can be the next valuable contribution to your wedding based website or blog. Amazingly beautiful and attention grabbing, versatile and artificially intelligent, it is one of the most popular Wedding Videographer WordPress themes with a high rating. SKT Lens Pro is an admin and user centric website building tool designed with professional care and terrific attention to every single detail. As a result, this template proves to celebrate multipurpose nature for any kind of content dissemination and is dotted with e – commerce touches to run an online shop and sell wedding related items and accessories. SKT Lens Pro has also been checked for its cooperation with page builder, portfolio, shortcodes and cache plugins to keep your website functionally advanced and secure at the same time.

6. SKT Corp Pro:


SKT Corp Pro is one of the businesslike and effectual Wedding Videographer WordPress themes one can find in the collection of WordPress powered templates. This serious looking and effortlessly stable template is 100 % responsive with a thorough control over how your website and its content are going to respond to any mobile or other portable device requirements. This template is split into convenient and clutter free areas and sections for you to establish your business profile, tell hundreds of success stories of your clients, show off best images and photos and enlist contact details. The true value of this template is not only its near perfection structure and design, but also a seasoned professionals standing behind it and ready to support you whenever needed.

7. Adventure:


Give your online matrimony and dating services a unique charm with the help of Adventure. It’s a multidimensional and feature rich website building toolbox to provide best and perfect results for your relevant online undertaking. Adventure utilized elements and controls to give you maximum flexibility to change and edit, redesign or modify the given template to match the overall nature and denomination of your Wedding Videographer website. The simplified installation and activation processes make it super fast for someone to start his website and control its look and feel right from the theme backend. Loaded with shortcodes and Google fonts, Adventure is also rolled up with 5 levels of dropdown navigation, HD and retina readiness and much needed search engine optimization for increased web traffic and results.

Tea WordPress Themes for making a tea or coffee shop website

These tea WordPress themes have amazing designs to leave a positive impression and get more conversion effortlessly.

Every business needs to be online in today’s scenario because everyone is online all the time and it helps to reach out to the targeted customers and clients easily.

You can do marketing, promotion, and advertisement so that your brand visibility increases and your campaigns become successful.

Offline marketing is no more effective and the conversion is too low for any further investment. If you are an owner of a tea shop, factory or company, or even café, you need to have an online presence. Nothing is better than WordPress for that purpose because there are multiple tea WordPress themes tailor-made for your website.

1. SKT Gardening
gardening landscaping WordPress theme


SKT Gardening is one of the best tea WordPress themes that are tailor-made for tea companies to display their products to get bulk orders from big restaurants and clients. It has some of the best sliders and gallery options. It is SEO friendly and comes with compatibility for all SEO plugins so that it appears on the first page of SERPs.

All the necessary pages like about us, contact us, team members, portfolio, and others are present. It also has WooCommerce support for companies and restaurants to make a booking paying the initial amount. It is super easy to customize, and the animations on the different pages make it look extremely unique.

2. Shopzee
eCommerce WordPress theme


This is an e-commerce website to sell your tea variants directly to people who can order them sitting at the comfort of their home or on the go. It is fast becoming one of the bestselling tea WordPress themes. If you have a tea company or brand, it is ideal for you, and you can take your sales figures to new levels that you never imagined.

You can list tea products according to the category, prices and brands and anyone can pay directly through WooCommerce support, and you can deliver the products at home. The theme is clean, flat and user-friendly.

3. Diet And Nutrition
diet and nutrition WordPress theme


This is one of the best tea WordPress themes, and it can be used for various purposes like blogging, listing different tea brands and products as well as a professional website for a tea company. It is mobile friendly, and it will help people to know more about your products and brands. There are several widgets and blog templates. The images are beautifully placed in the background of the different sections, and it is a very fast loading theme and SEO friendly to have more visibility.

4. SKT Full Width Pro
Full Wide WordPress theme


It is one of those tea WordPress themes that are better suited for tea companies and brands. You can have full-width sliders as well as other creative sliders in the background. The menu style is awesome and likely to set your website apart from your competitors. You can add as many as 15 images and there are unlimited icons and fonts available for the inner pages to look equally great.

5. Restro
restaurant WordPress theme


If you have a restaurant or a café where tea is your specialty, you can have a dedicated website based on your tea items, and you can have inner pages for other menu items. It is one of the best tea WordPress themes that come with all the necessities and functionalities. It is device friendly, and people can access your website on the go.

The gallery area is beautifully designed, and there are awesome fonts and shortcodes available to make the website look like million bucks. There are dedicated designing components to list your prices and menu lists on the homepage.

6. Nature One Pro


This is a grand theme for showing your tea business to the online world. You can get more orders and clients automatically. As a matter of fact, you can use the theme as a blog to enrich the knowledge of people about tea, its variants, and usages. The transitions are super cool in the slider, and the color combination of the theme is striking and makes the website noticeable quickly. There are some creative icons and shortcodes available to add more features.

7. SKT Food
food WordPress theme


It is a great theme to showcase your tea and coffee café and get orders and attract local and global customers easily. The layouts and overall design are stunning, and it would increase brand value. It is responsive, and you can make some blogs about recipes to attract more customers to your website. The color combination, fonts, and designing components are all editable. It is clean, flat and has all the necessary ingredients to make your website stand out.

8. Clean Pro
clean WordPress theme


This is a multipurpose theme, and it can be used for tea and coffee café, tea company and product showcasing as well as an e-commerce site for selling branded tea products. It is clean, modern, flat, and loads faster than most of the themes. It is user-friendly and has advanced menu options. It is also SEO friendly and has support for all social media plugins. There are a separate blog section and options for easy customization.

9. We Bake
bakery WordPress theme


This is one of the awesome tea WordPress themes to showcase your café cum restaurants dedicated for tea items. You can also use the theme as an e-commerce website to sell your tea products easily. There are some awesome sections on the homepage to list different products and menu items according to criteria. There is social media integration for reaching out to the students and teenagers who are likely to be the potential customers.

10. SKT Black Pro
black and dark WordPress theme


This is a premium looking WordPress theme, and it can make your tea brand premium as well. The black color is now used to list only high-end products and expensive items. The overall design and outlook are stunning and eye-catching. It has all the ingredients in terms of fonts, icons, shortcodes, plugins and advanced customizer for better and designing your website the way you want.

The above ones are the best tea WordPress themes you can get, and your business website will get you more leads and conversions once you build your website with these feature-rich professional themes.

Top 10 Healthcare WordPress Themes for medical care websites


So, let’s get started with the list of healthcare WordPress themes

In this age of technology, a major portion of the business is operating in the virtual world. And this also include the medical and healthcare industry. A lot of healthcare businesses are largely relying on their websites to operate their business daily and serve the community better. Patient records, doctor appointments and clinical forms are a few items that are managed efficiently using a website.

Keeping in mind the utmost need of having a website to operate healthcare business, we have compiled a list of top 10 healthcare WordPress themes from our website. We hope that this compilation will help you choose the best possible theme for your business and get the most out of it.

1. Bony


This incredible and one of the healthcare WordPress themes will offer responsiveness and an eye catching design. The color scheme based on blue and white colors ensures that the visitors get a soothing and calm experience. However, you are free to choose the color combination as per your needs and requirements with this color changing theme.
The interesting design of this theme comes with a lot of plug-ins and over 100+ content short codes which you can use to span the content as you like across the whole website. Moreover, Bony offers full time compatibility with q Translate X plug-in so that you can make your website multilingual.
Other features include:

  • Contact form 7 compatibility
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce
  • 8 + page templates
  • Integration with Google Fonts of 600+ fonts
  • Integration with Icon packs with 580+ icons
  • Call to action like clinic timings and forms and phone numbers as well as address

In a nutshell, this template is one of the healthcare WordPress themes that adheres to all the medical requirements.

2. Kraft


This is one of those multipurpose healthcare WordPress themes which can easily suffice for all the needs and requirements of a healthcare platform. Being responsive and packed with multiple features, it offers you loads of functionalities.
The animated columns allow you to easily handle the content as well as look good when someone scrolls through the content. There is a default slider that comes with 12 animation effects. Moreover, you will have the ability to:

  • change the color of the theme using the color picker option
  • switch between over 650 Google fonts
  • Compatibility with various Ecommerce, Contact Forms and SEO plugins
  • Compatibility with various gallery plugins
  • All call to actions included

All these features make it a superb choice in terms of design.
Apart from the design, this healthcare WP theme has got a contact form, social media integration and 580+ Icons pack. In a nutshell, it has got everything you can ask for in a medical website

3. Healing Touch
medicine WordPress theme


Healing Touch is one of those healthcare WordPress themes which have passed the Google mobile friendly test. Moreover, being extremely responsive it offers speed surfing with faster loading and a great user experience. So, if you are looking for a fast theme that has passed most of the speed tests, then this is the choice for you.
Apart from great user experience, this theme is compatible with:

  • NextGen Gallery compatibility
  • Contact Form 7 and SEO plugins compatibility
  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • Color changing theme
  • Font awesome icons pack and Google fonts integration

This theme provides you with the ease of setting up the content in an easy manner. You should definitely check out this awesome package for great design, user friendly functionality and great speed.

4. Toothy
dentist WordPress theme


If you are a dentist then this healthcare WordPress theme is definitely for you.
By virtue of this theme, any dentist is able to tell about himself. Moreover, there is a gallery section to show different aspects of the business. On top of that, the integration with social media is marvelous.
Toothy allows you to add blog for the awards, case studies, press releases etc. Moreover, it has also got the plug-ins for Google map and contact form. All this and compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and various other plugins of SEO, Ecommerce and contact forms make this theme one of the best in the niche of health and care WordPress themes.

features include:

  • Social media icons on top for dentist
  • Shortcodes and lots of other features with theme options
  • Easy color change, link change, fonts change from backend
  • Blog for case studies, awards, press releases etc.


5. Teethy


Just like Toothy, this theme is also meant for healthcare professionals associated to the field of dentistry. Being responsive and highly customizable on grounds of functionality and design, it is destined to suffice for all the requirements of your healthcare website.
Teethy allows you to customize the color combination and have control over 650 Google fonts. Over 100 shortcodes allow you to incorporate content variation in your website. The gallery section makes it easier for the clients to have a visual experience about your services.
Using this theme, you can add as many pages, posts and dropdowns as you want. This is the complete package.
features include:

  • 650+ Google fonts integrated for having full control over fonts
  • Gallery area to showcase clinic or doctor or patient photos
  • Easy to use theme options which require no prior knowledge of HTML
  • Create as many pages, dropdowns, posts


6. Handy
doctor WordPress theme


Handy is one of the fastest loading and user friendly healthcare WordPress themes out there. Being coded in HTML5 and CSS3, this theme is also compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
Apart from being responsive, it will come with complete documentation so that you can modify it as per your liking. Other features are:

  • Over 600 Google Fonts
  • Contact Form with Google map for location to local businesses
  • Simple layout with testimonials, clinic timings and appointment forms
  • Compatibility with various plugins

Thus, in terms of functionality – it covers all the essentials. On top of that, you can customize it as per your liking. This applies especially to the color combination. In a nutshell, you will have great functionality, awesome design and remarkable user experience with this theme.

7. Yogi


The comfortable and soothing design of this theme attracts everyone. The functionality is very smooth and comes with responsiveness for all devices. Moreover, you can customize the color scheme as per your liking. Having passed the Google mobile friendly test, it offers great user experience, fast browsing and responsiveness for all devices.
For better integration with social media, there are relevant icons placed at the footer. Moreover, the coding has been done in an SEO friendly manner and the compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress give it an extra edge over the competing themes in the market.

Features include:

  • Full color changing theme
  • Includes 580+ icons pack
  • 100+ shortcodes to add your content your way
  • Social media integration with social icons in footer


8. Fitt


The design, usability and functionality of this healthcare WordPress theme is remarkable without a doubt. The layout allows the user to get comfortable with the interface very quickly. Moreover, the animations make the experience worthy enough. There are lots of short codes and content codes meant to make the process of website usage and content writing even easier.
The home page consists of a banner slider to give a better idea of your business. On top of that, there are buttons for social media integration. This theme will ensure that you never run out of fonts. It is due to the integration with Google fonts.

Features include:

  • Pricing table of various types to suit the type you need
  • Blog to add your posts/tips/news etc
  • Comes with 100+ shortcodes to help you using the website
  • Google mobile friendly theme


9. Shudh


If you are a minimalist then this one is the best choice for you. This responsive theme has got a simple and minimal design that makes it easier for users to interact with the web interface.
People with portfolio might find this theme very helpful in order to show their projects. Moreover, the overall looks of the theme can be changed because you can choose the colors yourself.
Other features include:

  • Over 600 Google fonts
  • Over 100 shortcodes
  • Google map plug-in
  • WooCommerce
  • Contact Form 7
  • and much more

You should definitely consider this theme.

10. Massage Center


This highly responsive and creatively designed theme ensures that all the requirements of your healthcare business are fulfilled. Being coded to cover up for all the SEO requirements, it makes your website more discoverable by the search engines.
The theme offers a really good combination of social media icons, readymade contact section, about us section, team information and much more. Apart from that, all the cool animations make the user experience much more appreciable. On top of that, you have full control over the animations and the content.
You should definitely give this one a try.

Features include:

  • Readymade Contact Us section with captcha for spam protection
  • Services section showcasing all the services
  • Compatible with latest version of WordPress
  • It is color changing and can be changed into any color you like using color pickers


Some of the common features of these healthcare WordPress themes are:

Most of the healthcare websites are handled by staff and hence its important that the features are more than worth the money and they are also easy to use so that the staff does not have to rely on the developer again and again and can get the changes done which their management team asks them to do. Here are some of the common features of our healthcare WordPress themes which make a difference and give your website the much needed performance quotient over others:

1. Contact Forms: Contact forms like booking, appointment and normal contact form to ask some advices are essential in any medical and healthcare websites are important because doctors are not always free and sometimes patient info is also necessary which is not always possible to take when someone calls. Hence forms become easier way to grab the info which is required for healthcare professionals to contact them back. Contact form plugin is given in built in these templates however compatibility with ninja forms and contact form 7 among other forms are also given.

2. Gallery: Gallery is always essential to showcase the past patient conditions or successful works that have been done. Gallery can also be used to showcase facilities of the healthcare website and also can be used to give idea about the various activities and press and awards the healthcare professionals have got in the past.

3. Sliders: Slideshows can also be useful when it comes to describing case studies and sliders about past and present conditions of patients. Slideshows can also easily in a minute give an idea about the facilities of the organization and prove to be better in some cases than the galleries. We have tested our healthcare WordPress themes to be compatible with several slider plugins.

4. SEO friendly: SEO friendly coding has been done and the templates are found compatible with several SEO plugins as well.

5. Colors and fonts: Colors and fonts can be changed easily so that staff does not have to rely upon developer each time.

6. Table plugins Compatible: Tables not just show pricing but can be useful to show schedules of various doctors, it can come handy to show opening and closing hours or the working hours of the healthcare as well.

7. PDF viewer plugins: PDF forms are required in several cases for download and to be filled up and submitted with the authorities. PDF viewer plugins compatible themes can show the PDF clearly to all users.

Why You Should Use Headings in Every Blog Post

Wondering why you should use headings in every blog post?

To create and publish high quality content is one thing, and to serve it in the right way both for SEO purposes and a great user experience is quite another thing.

A well chosen title together with proper headings is all that makes difference! While the title is the face of your post content to garner attention and persuade people to start reading, headings are there to keep them interested throughout the whole process of reading and incite them to go till the end.

What are headings?

Actually, headings are important structural and technical components defining any site or blog post. They are small pieces or lines of information letting the reader know that the next paragraph of the blog is about. All in all, they act as titles for each part of the blog for a more compact look and feel.

Figuratively, headings are the pillars of your blog posts. Whenever a potential reader browses your post, the first thing he or she pays attention to is the important and outlined parts of it to understand what the whole text is about. Hence, headings are a true indicators of your posts being seductive to your audience.

Why you should use headings in every blog post?

On the whole, using headings when creating any new blog post will enable you to create engaging, easy to read and well arranged content that will be much appreciated by your blog readers and search engines equally.

They help you divide up your post content into small and easy to digest parts

Showcasing your content with smaller portions is an important technic to avoid from distraction. It’s a well known fact that human beings are lazy enough not to read a long post up to the end, no matter how interesting or informative it is. Hence, if you use headings in every blog post, you are likely to save your readers from scrolling through boring and long chunks of texts.

The truth is that people cast a first and appraising glance at your post’s overall design and structure and see whether it’s worth following it. This is where accurately used headings can help your blog posts look useful and worth reading.

The blogger or the author of a specific post also benefits from headings

Of course, nobody wants to lose the semantic clue passing throughout the whole article or post. When you break up your blog post into separate parts and use headings in each blog post, it keeps your concise and well organized not to distract from the main topic and write something that falls within the scope of each heading and subheading.

Integration of headings can make your posts look good and be attention grabbing

Using headings in your blog posts and publications is not just meant for simplifying the reading process of its readers. They are also used as design touches to stylize your posts with unique colors and styles, so that they can be really attractive for your web viewers or blog readers.

They are essential for building balance and visual consistency.

Additionally, they will also help you in building balance and visual consistency into your blog and its content. On the one hand, the webmaster will not spend too much time on defining the heading details and styles each time and for each post. On the other hand, the blog readers will scan all your pages quickly since they subconsciously know the structure and visual appearance of your posts.

Headings are useful for SEO

Finally, the SEO factor of headings should be noted. It is one of the main purposes of categorizing your content with headings.

To put it short, search engines, and Google, in particular, love and appreciate headings. Search engines use headings to identify the most relevant parts of your posts, as well as indexing the general structure and content of your site or blog page.

If we go deeper into the technical details and the heading tabs Google gives preference to, we should note that there are 6 different HTML headings available whenever you want to use headings in each blog post.

Which are types of headings one can use?

This is heading 1

This is heading 2

This is heading 3

This is heading 4

This is heading 5
This is heading 6

These are supported by all major search engines, including Google, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.

As the statistics and rankings show, Google gives the greatest value to h1 heading element. And, although some specialists state that there is only a slight boost to your blog’s SEO via proper heading elements, the usage of h1 or h2 heading tags are preferable in any way.

On the contrary, some experts emphasize the importance of moving away from the constant usages of h1, since WordPress or other HTML5 based websites already embed h1 in meta data of the page to give Google and other search engines a note about the nature of a post.

Instructions for headings

With all the advantages headings have for every modern website or blog, you should follow a certain guideline to make them effective and really beneficial:

Make sure the overall scheme of your post makes sense with headings included in it.

Including 5 or 6 lines in each paragraph dotted with a heading seems to be an optimal division of any blog post. However, the frequency of their usage depends on the overall design of your site, its policy, the structure of the target post, its nature and other factors.

Try not to repeat certain words and expressions at the beginning of each heading.

In order to reduce the difficulty of scanning the whole blog post and getting more valuable information from it, you need to avoid repeating the same words when writing your headings. Keep them unique and easy to distinguish.

Don’t forget to use keywords in headings.

Using keywords in headings not only has to do with advanced SEO rankings, but also with a clearer meaning of the paragraph following the heading.

Cyber Security WordPress Themes for cyber attack protection companies

A splendid roundup of the best Cyber Security WordPress themes for security companies and security guard services, bodyguards and protectors, security agents and investigators, video surveillance and CCTV, escort and safe conduct services, security and protection systems installation websites and more.

Security as a social phenomenon is always one of the central problems of any nation, country, community, group of people, and finally, an individual. Ensuring national security is to some extent a global goal, which should be subordinated to the enhancement of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. Yet, guaranteeing the security of an individual or a group of people, some organization or event, structure or locality is much more of a local and segregated nature.

Today, there is hardly a deficiency in relevant security and protection services to help you guarantee the usual flow of your work, lifestyle, business, school, financial institution, family or whatever it may be. However, marketing such security and security guard services can be somehow tough since it’s a narrow specialized industry and cannot target all groups of audience at the same time.

Under such conditions, the best way to put a positive spin on your marketing and reach out your target clients is to purchase one of the best Cyber Security WordPress themes and build your reliable website on it.

We are pretty sure you will find the best experience with any of these Cyber Security WordPress themes we are going to shed light on soon. Your website is going to be the best proof of your expertise and proficiency. So let one of these products take the responsibility of identifying your best qualities online and ensure the credibility of your services.

1. Military:


Military is one of the niche specific and seriously developed Cyber Security WordPress themes to cover a website of any security, protection, bodyguard or military background.

Whether your primary goal is to be virtually accessible around the clock, maximize the number of your partners and clients, win the top rankings of SEO to yield more profit, organize online classes and trainings or sell relevant products and security means, this template will do the job hassle free.

Designed to nurture the viewer with the sense of comfort and precision, Military comes with smoothly navigable layout and well arranged homepage, where one can add his logo on the header area, social media links and contact details on the footer, and finally, the best images on the slider.

2. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


Perfect and invincibly durable in all its appearances, SKT Perfect shares all the commissions to be the best pillar for your future security website or blog.

All in all, it’s an all inclusive package of processes, opportunities and authorization to create, manage and communicate your business value to your prospective clients. As such, it comes with custom built layout that is ultimately adaptive and flexible, responsive and checked for its consistency with IOS, Android and other frameworks.

Non coders can test the functionality of the theme with page builder and visual composer plugins as well and enjoy the simplest drag and drop functionality to finalize the look of their website.

3. vCard:


Use the ultimate power and potential of vCard as your competitive advantage and create your private investigator or bodyguard website to be your business card for thousands of people.

Ready for the usage for both personal and corporate purposes, vCard helps you in getting everything done in a matter of minutes and with a comfort of your mouse. No additional skills and proficiency are ever required from you to manage your site’s general appearance, functional basis or user centric mobile version.

Social icons, Google approved fonts, color changing options, page sidebar and blog layouts and much more are loaded with vCard initially. Moreover, you can double the power of your site’s performance with additional plugins, extensions and tools.

4. Locksmith:


The next simple and easy to learn technique among Cyber Security WordPress themes is called Locksmith.
This predesigned and mobile optimized template is waiting for you to add your specific touches and web content, images and photos, business profile and history to it. A simple and intuitive admin panel will guide you through the best customization controls so that your website users will not have to come up with those “imperfections” the default template have.

This avant guard and modern looking template is also convenient for establishing an online store and selling security systems and equipment, locks and other security and protection means and measures in a neat and compacted way.

5. Condimentum:
multipurpose WordPress theme


Fluid and clean, impressive in its simplicity and accurate design, Condimentum is the next highly versatile and effectual templates you can run on your security website.

Getting into the nitty gritty of your site creation and development will be quick in terms of timeframe and affordable in terms of finances.
Invest your creative ideas into Condimentum and make it rich with your high quality content, add the homepage slider with HD images, manage page and post layouts and it will definitely pay off in spades.

This template promises a unique benefit to your site’s mobile users as well while being totally responsive and cross mobile and browser compatible. Such coding along with qualitative content and SEO readiness at the theme’s core is more than enough to get the needed traffic from the organic search results.

6. Legal Expert:
legal WordPress theme


Finally, met Legal Expert as one of the crisp and sleek, retina ready and HD ready Cyber Security WordPress themes to be your perfect choice.

The effective methods of this template vary from organizing your website from behind the scenes, checking the changes with live preview and approving them to using other approaches to contribute to your site’s visibility through social media and commercial channels.

On the whole, HTML5 and CSS3 based coding, standard pages included, compatibility with useful plugins and shortcodes of Legal Expert will let your ride the wave of success and popularity without investing much time and resources into it.

Social Media Login Plugins for social media login into websites


A noteworthy collection of social media login plugins is compiled in this article.

For millions of social media profile owners to get connected with your website easily, comment on your posts and sharing the posts and articles of importance.

Social media platforms are far more important than it may seem at first blush. The advancement of social media environment as a deeply influential faction in the modern life and lifestyle is breathtaking. And the reason why the social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and other major ones are relevant to any website owner is because the latter owns a brand, showcases his professional skills, owns a blog that needs to gain more and more reader, provides services which need to be ordered and the like.

Additionally, social media consumer is probably the most targeted type of consumers since he or she more dynamic and active, keener to follow your company’s profile or page than an average Internet user.

With this in mind, every website is obliged to establish communication channels with the major social networks and let people login and comment via their social media profiles rather than spending more time and filling a long registration form to become a website user.

Below are some social media login plugins for your consideration and their macro – levels things to review in order to guarantee the safe and sound entry of each web visitor to your posts and pages via their frequently – used social media platforms and profiles.

1. WordPress social login:

Create a great social movement in your website arena with the help of WordPress social media plugin. Interactive and dynamic, error – free and lightweight in performance, this valuable plugin is custom – built to effortlessly bring the whole influence of the social media platforms into your website, including also the function of login and sharing with social media profiles. In a nutshel, WordPress social login is in full compliance with any WordPress – based website for impeccable cooperation. This social login ad commenting plugin simplifies the process of becoming an active user of the website while removing the necessity to separately register and remember new login details for the website access. Flexibility and customization – ready nature of the plugin are more than enough for every website admin to set a rule of usage, restrictions and totally control the access of each use of the site. The range of supported platforms includes Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Linkedin, Thumblr, Instagram, etc.

2. Social login:

Open up a direct communication channel linking social media users with your digital profile when armed with Social login as one of the best social medial login plugins one can find in the current marketplace of WordPress products. This fast performing and truly versatile plugin will enable you to implement social media login functionality on your WordPress – based website and let your web visitors login and comment directly from their social profiles. Packed with tons of valuable features and elements, Social login is the one to support a bundle of major social ecosystems, among them Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, PayPal, Вконтакте, Instagram, Disqus, Blogger, Pinterest, Reddit and others. Simple installation and activation of the plugin is followed by admin – friendly customization options to manage the deployment of Social plugin: on the login or registration page, in sidebar, on the comment formular or with a shortcode.

3. MiniOrange social login:

Making your blog or website totally social – friendly and social media – optimized will be as easy as a pie with MiniOrange social login plugin. As one of the top – rated social media login plugins, this one has already managed to result in the positive experience of more than 10.000 users. Easy in usage and management, MiniOrange will let your website users use already registered details of their social media profiles and log in to your site instantly. Packaged with handy toolbox, this plugin goes hand in hand with regisration, login, commenting and sharing functionalities across different over – populated platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, ВКонтаке, WindowsLive, Instagram, etc. The theme also offers beautiful and easy to follow admin dashboard to keep everything clear and accessible for your audience. Free trial of 30 days is available for the plugin so that anyone can check all the pros and cons of it.

4. Social connect:

Social connect is ready to bring social media influence into your posts and pages. One – click login to your website without additional actions will be much appreciated by every single website user. It is a professionally – developed and well – managed, accurately performing and affordable social – based toolset for you to add social functionality to your site and reap a good profit from it. Ready to satisfy all the social – related needs of your WordPress – powered website, Social connect makes it possible for people to connect their social profiles to your website and become the active user of it without additional registration procedures. The available platforms are Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and By adding social login buttons on your website, one can easily press them and login to your website and comment on your posts.

5. Login widget with shortcode:

Authorize your website sign – in with the major social platforms when having Login widget with shortcode at your disposal. Fast and intelligent, this product among the best social media login plugins will inevitably bring more people into your website and will increase its registrations and daily visits. Without further ado, people can use their existing social profiles and jump into your website area as fully – authorized users. It is one of the simplest login forms in the widget so as to provide presentable forms for inhabitants of social media platforms. Ready to serve for multisite installation processes, Login widget with shortcode lets you add the login widget into the sidebar and change some of the controllable settings. CAPTCHA security form, redirection of the page after login is completed, redirection after logout, easy CSS integration from the backend are all wrapped up in this plugin.

Under Construction and Coming Soon WordPress Themes for maintenance mode

For all those who are looking for the best under construction and coming soon WordPress themes to properly schedule their site building and activation with relevant pages and modes, we have the best offers.

Under construction, coming soon or maintenance mode activation in certain stages of your site launching and development can be more than necessary.

One of the essential factors of a high quality web design it its communicability. Hence you can start strong communication with your audience even while your site is under construction and has not been launched yet, is under temporary maintenance or the like. This strategy will also keep your domain and future website “searchable” so that people will be aware of your upcoming personal or business website.

Well, if you are convinced to put up a coming soon or under construction page on your website and get involved into the digital world right from the start, our collection of the best under construction and coming soon WordPress themes are just for you.

All of these products are simple and affordable in nature while requiring creativity to become something unique and attention grabbing. As far as the activation of coming soon page and its seamless combination with your website are concerned, these under construction and coming soon WordPress themes know the best way of integrating relevant third party tools and plugins to make your work successful.

1. SKT Landing Page:
landing page WordPress theme


SKT Landing Page is one of the practical and results driven one page templates among under construction and coming soon WordPress themes enabling you to take care of the proper look and feel of your website prior to its activation.

Checked for its excellent practicality with dozens of useful plugins and shortcodes collections, fonts and color management controls, SKT Landing Page is simply the best in functioning with under construction or maintenance mode WordPress plugins. They can help you attract more attention with a uniquely created and published message letting your clients know that your website will go live soon. It is a way better solution than leaving your site blank with nothing definite or informative.

2. Blendit:
blendit single page WordPress theme


Blendit is the next colorful and lively looking, modernly touched and designer though out template ready to serve the needs of demanding individuals and freelancers, portfolio owners and corporate managers, enthusiastic leaders and energetic communities.

Irrespective of the future construction or business nature of your website, Blendit shares a flexible platform to make all your ideas real, be it a coming soon message, under construction page, countdown timer to announce the exact date of your site publication or something more.

Creating the desired maintenance page or the activation or under construction mode will take you only minutes with Blendit and will grant you with more features to customize the way it is going to be displayed with title, description, overall design and even Google tracking. All you are supposed to do in this case is to look for the most relevant free or paid plugin for such purposes and follow its instructions.

3. Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


Ready to play with your imagination and creativity, Black Pro is the next lovely and user optimized, yet modern and highly potential template anyone can find in the current library of under construction and coming soon WordPress themes.

Start your online journey with taking as many opportunities as possible with an effective under construction or coming soon page. It is for sure a worthwhile investment you can do for the further recognition and client engagement for your site.

Visually stable yet captivating, HD and retina ready, Black Pro is compatible with the majority of valuable plugins to bring the needed functionality to your profile. Among the compatible tools are Under Construction plugin by Web factory Ltd ( , under Construction authored by Noah Kagan ( and many others you can find in the repository of under construction and coming soon WordPress themes and plugins.

4. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


Fully customization ready and e commerce optimized, SKT Perfect comprises all the credentials to make the creation and management of your corporate, business or personal website, profile or blog smooth and hassle free.

An impactful and reasonably customized coming soon message or under construction announcement directed to your future website guests can be the spotlight of your site’s future success and satisfying results. Therefore, with that in the theme developer’s mind, SKT Perfect has been properly coded and configured to easily adopt this working philosophy with different plugins and present your website with a perfect under construction or landing page.

5. The App Pro:
app WordPress theme


Ideal for product and app launching, ebook writing and selling activities online, The APP Pro is the next convenient tool for many entrepreneurs and developers, authors and designers to publish, market and advertise whatever is needed.

Whether you spend months on drafting the overall form and function of your website and develop it or have a precise picture to be displayed in a matter of minutes, gaining momentum, reaching up enough followers and website guests, becoming quantifiable for search engines takes time. Therefore, using the App Pro paired with coming soon plugins and tools to grow your digital potential like a snowball even before your site is up and running is more than relevant.

6. SKT Parallax Me Pro:
parallax WordPress theme


Finally, here is SKT Parallax Me Pro armed with a beautiful parallax effect and CSS3 animations for showcasing your content in the most fashionable manner.

Leaving an empty space in your website when it’s in coming soon or under maintenance mode can be replaced with a uniquely designed message with your logo, favorite image, comment and more. It means that your website visitors will get informed about your website launching and its overall nature at the time you are working from the backend, tweaking and checking diverse design and coding solutions.

At last, you don’t need to be a coding expert to get your website under maintenance or construction mode. There are plenty of plugins to do the hard work for you and work with your website based on SKT Parallax Me Pro.

Best Mobile friendly WordPress themes for building responsive mobile websites

Let’s cast a top – down glance at the best mobile friendly WordPress themes valid in the current marketplace of WordPress products.

Digital technologies are developing at a pace hard to keep with and the digital world adapts and widens to accommodate those technologies. And the truth is that it is also happening at an exponential rate.

In the diversity of the above – mentioned digital world and its output, responsive and mobile – compatible web design style has become one of the baselines leading to stupendous traffic coming to the target website or blog, increased user and visitor engagement and better leads and prospects to convert to customers later.

The philosophy of responsiveness lies in preparing your website to unexpected mobile and device accesses. It makes easy for the website to fit both content and images into a mobile or tablet solution for the same pixel – perfect look and legible texts.

Each of them can become irreplaceable for your universal and flexible website performance across different platforms and when accessed by any portable device. With those templates you don’t need to create different versions of your website specifically for desktop, tablet and mobile – users. Instead, you give a rise to one and only responsive web profile that will be flexible enough to adapt to any suggested screen size – from small to large, and everything in between.

Mobile Friendly WordPress themes and the best ones are listed

1. Photodock:


Hammer your future website into any proposed screen size and resolution with Photodock as one of the best mobile friendly WordPress themes available for now. Image and portfolio – optimized, user and developer – friendly, this lively and well – dressed template will never leave you astray when it comes to taking your content and resizing it to fit any mobile or device screen. From boosted conversion rates to Google – approved performance, bonuses of this responsive website builder seem to have no end. Multi – purpose at its pure nature, Photodock is all dressed up to cover any topic or niche and provide its precision and usability in case of both desktop and mobile usages.

2. SKT Trust:
non profit WordPress theme


Next in the list comes SKT Trust as serious – looking and compact, responsive and mobile friendly layout for charity purposes, charity and fundraising campaigns and organizations, religious institutions and other relevant activities to be explored online. Based on the modern coding and styling mixture in the form of HTML5 and CSS3, this template is never clueless of how to behave when someone tries to browse the website on his or her mobile or tablet. Stay in the forefront of all donators and fundraisers all the time and easily promote your humanitarian and philanthropic activities. Let your voice be heard across different platforms and bring the expected results with this wonderful template.

3. SKT Food:
food WordPress theme


SKT Food is ready made to generate mobile optimization of any WordPress – based website. Attractive and refined, easy to use and control, this template comes bundled with polished and precise theme sections to share your content about your restaurant or café, pub or tavern, bakery or coffee shop and allure the potential clients with fetching and appetizing images. The best ones can be hosted by the homepage slider and welcome your web visitors with their unique charm as soon as they land on your website. The responsiveness of this template as one of the mobile friendly WordPress themes does not only speak for the convenience of your mobile users, but also will let your website appear higher in search results and rankings.

4. The Art:
art WordPress theme


Elegant and artistic, subtle and eloquent, The Art is a powerful web tool to render an experience tailored to portable devices and major browsers. This general – purpose and wonderfully elastic website building solution is in full compliance with every single requirement of the modern WordPress ecosystem and its codex. It means that your website is simple and lightweight for the web admin, but invulnerable distorted look and feel no matter what kind of mobile or another low –powered device is being used to scan the website. Packed with lots of shortcodes, page and post templates, the theme is also Customizer – based, plugin compatible and translation – ready.

5. SKT Medical Pro:
medical WordPress theme


As recent statistics and reports witness, mobile Internet consumption has already surpassed the desktop usage. Moreover, the percentage ratio between them speaks in favor of mobile consumption. With this in mind, responsiveness and mobile – compatibility should be a top – priority of a website of any kind or description. SKT Medical Pro is one of the best mobile friendly WordPress themes designed and coded for medical industry and its representatives. From clear and streamlined appearance to smooth navigation and unbeatable inner operation, this template knows how to keep your medical or another business up to date and affordable for mobile access tries.

6. SKT Fitness Pro:


SKT Fitness Pro will for sure win the storm of applause by your website desktop and mobile visitors equally. This motivational and efficient, thoroughly processed and designer – made template celebrates maximum responsiveness and mobile friendliness, thus eliminating the need of creating a separate mobile version. With this template you will have one unified performance all the time with required editions and resizes, as the case may be. From gym and fitness industry to dance and music, corporate presentation and marketing, absolutely any kind of content will shine with its usability and sensibility when based on SKT Fitness Pro.

7. SKT Full Width Pro:
Full Wide WordPress theme


SKT Full Width Pro is among the best mobile friendly WordPress themes for photographers and designers, portfolio owners and other image – based performances in the digital platform. This top – quality website builder is ready – made to deliver perfect mobile viewing experience for all the website visitors of present and even of future. Hence, present and future – scalable, SKT Full Width Pro is easy to scroll and navigate, visually pleasing and functionally precise. The theme has been checked for it compatibility with a set of practical slider and other plugins and shares fantastic e – commerce ready platform.

Small Business WordPress Themes for small businesses


Small Business WordPress Themes listed here

Small businesses need small business WordPress themes to make their website online and to grab more attention and visitors.

Online medium is important nowadays because we everyone searches online for their nearby businesses, check their reviews and past experiences and then call them to get a quote.

So before even a visit happens from any of the customer you get a call for pricing just by checking your business online.

That is only possible using small business WordPress themes because they have better SEO and are capable of handling local business listings nicely.

Here is a list of some 25+ Small Business WordPress Themes listed for your review and those are better in every aspect to satisfy the requirements of any small business.

The best compilation of small business WordPress themes for all startups, small and medium – sized businesses to find a fundamental for their websites and be way ahead of the game.

Everything about your business from the conformability of your physical store to the quality of your customer support and presentable digital profile is a part of a great business experience. As for the online existence, it is a vital piece of each and every single business plan taking into the consideration the power of communicating with clients and customers electronically, as well as the gauge clearly showing the trends of your growth in the relevant marketplace.

With this in mind, we have sorted out some of the top – quality small business WordPress themes to get an idea of the boundless working potential of each. Each of the below – proposed templates is ready not only to compensate its purchaser for investing his financial means and time, but also reward the latter for the initiative he took in creating his website based on this or that theme. Using those templates will also reduce and even eliminate the need of hiring experts to deal with the customization and management of your future website, since all of them are coded to be totally digestible for everyone with pretty little or no coding experience at all.

1. SKT Perfect:


Perfect is perfect for any business. It is a great looking small business WordPress theme and has all the features a small business should need like proper call to action and management of social icons. It is the best theme provided by SKT Themes and has more than 15 templates within itself and more than 70 to be added in near future. It is a multipurpose business theme which can be used for any kind of business. All the other types of business are depicted by use of independent templates which can be used to have any type of business like beauty salon, fitness, medical, charity, pizza, golf club etc.

It has many salient features but we will discuss all the common salient features at the very end of this article.

2. StartUp Pro:
startup WordPress theme


StartUp Pro is a startup WordPress theme suitable for small business and can be easily converted to any type of startup business website. It has proper lead generation contact form and other call to actions and social icons for interacting with your clients on your social network. Fully features with all the latest tools required to make any startup business successful this small business WordPress theme does have all the necessary requisites of being a great template for them. Seriously worked – out and aesthetically polished, elegant and businesslike, StartUp Pro is one of the top – rated small business WordPress themes of SKT production to act as a springboard for your upcoming success in the digital realm. This simple and smart, yet advanced and inherently powerful template comes with all of the styling and functionality, however, you are the master of your online profile with tons of opportunities to change and adapt itself to your business style and brand awareness. The admin panel of the theme is the place where you can get a bird’s view of what can be done to this or that part of the website or what look and feel it may communicate to its visitors.

3. Photodock:


The next dependable and zealous, user and customer – optimized template at your fingertips to expand the field of influence of your small business is Photodock. Getting enough traffic to your posts and pages will not be a bit of mystery with this template, as every part and portion of it has been in under the constant surveillance of the authors of Photodock to make it a product of a near – perfection level. Thus, from total responsive and cross mobile web design to translation and multilingual ready nature, from the homepage slider availability for the best images to preloaded gallery, shortcodes and team member section, impeccable navigation levels and plugin compatibility, everything has been minutely taken care of.

4. Play School:
education WordPress theme


Play School is another piece of hard proof that fantastic achievement can be recorded with minimum costs. This wonderfully fresh and entertaining, technologically refined and totally accomplished representative in our collection of the best small business WordPress themes is comprehensive and complete in every aspect so that you will never feel clueless of how to deal with it and create a business website with reduced expenses, but improved efficiency and tangible results coming down the pike star. The theme comes bundled with multipurpose nature, but it is specifically suitable for kids and education – related topics to gain more popularity and fame across the digital environment with the help of SEO – optimization of the theme, WooCommerce and LMS plugin compatibility, modern and classy appearance with flat design style touches, multilingual – friendliness, etc.

5. The Art:
art WordPress theme


An imposing number of customers are inclined to meet businesses in the virtual reality long before they venture through the business doors. With this in mind, The Art pretends to be an unbeatable starting point for all the artists, portfolio owners, freelancers, designers, photographers, as well as other private entrepreneurs or small business owners to make the most of their online profiles and present their works, items, services or portfolio in the most effectual fashion. Based on modern customizer for the website admin to tweak the theme’s options, controls, color wheels, visualization and much more, this strongly advisable template features colorful and bright look with well – designed graphical solutions, lots of shortcodes for easy inner procedures, as well as HTML5 and CCS3 coding for blameless performance both in desktop and mobile version.

6. Wine Pro:
wine brewery WordPress theme


Wine Pro is not hesitant to showcase your newly – started or small business of any type in a sophisticated way to increase the number of your potential customers. Your competitive website based on Wine Pro will be ready to undertake any changes and alterations for better results and extensive operational framework to be one of the beneficial promotional activates you target certain groups of audience in an effort to boost your earning, as well as increase your business influence in the respective industry. Wine Pro has been developed in such a way that it intuitively understands your needs and is ready to act accordingly. Hence, with this template you will be the only one to decide color combinations, content categorization and publication in theme sections and areas, images to be showcased on the slider, translate the web content into other languages, etc.

7. Build:
construction WordPress theme


Transform your business website into whatever you want with Build as another trustworthy sample among small business WordPress themes to grab your visitors’ attention and trust. Any kind of activity, including industry, construction, service provision and more can be fully revealed with this exceptional template armed with totally user – friendly layout, responsive coding at its core to look stunning irrespective of the mobile or device used, social media optimization for integrating social media environment into your business strategy, company and project sections to present yourself from a professional standpoint, as well as to show off your successful projects of the past, blog section for news, interviews, press releases and other updates and yet much more to come with this template.

8. SKT Dual:


Dual screen approach this theme has a lot of marketing skills when it comes to showcasing any small business. Also since this appears like a one pager theme it does justify the importance of small business and acts like a landing page for any of the small business WordPress themes based website where the purpose is to have information about the business.

9. SKT Architect Pro:
architect WordPress theme


SKT Architect Pro is basically an architectural design agency website however we can use it for multiple purposes or for multiple types of websites. It satisfies the need for someone who is looking to have a nice visual and attractive website filled with images. Services are depicted in the form of images and they appear really nice and chic. Architect pro is another small business WordPress theme which has been created to have a great impact on your visitors so that they easily get convinced and connect with you for more business.

10. SKT Landing Page:
landing page WordPress theme


Landing page surely focusses as per the name that is on the landing page which has a nice slider on the top with call to action like phone number and a quick contact form. It is easy to depict and tell about your services on the landing page and get quick information from people who need or are interested in your business services and thereby get more sales and leads from the website. The main purpose of SKT Landing page is to grab more sales and leads. Thus this type of template will suit most users who want a site to get maximum sales or leads.

11. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


Flat Pro is a great website template for small businesses as they can get this one of the small business WordPress themes to create any type of website they can imagine for. Also it follows the latest design trend of flat business style which means no gradient element is present in this theme and thus one can easily vouch for the cross browser friendliness of the theme as well as cross device compatibility.

12. SKT Lens Pro:
responsive portfolio WordPress theme


SKT Lens Pro as has been shown in the four slides can be really used for any type of services or business website use and has a real visual approach with a full wide slider on the homepage. It has nice menu on the left with a widget underneath the menu to have phone number and social icons for call to action on the sidebar.
Since the sidebar is fixed one can easily get the call to actions listed on the sidebar for easy visibility.

13. Gravida:
corporate WordPress theme


Gravida is a corporate WordPress theme and gives a real corporate look and feel and thus is best suited for all sorts of small business WordPress websites. It has a great homepage which can be set up easily using sections of the customizer and while doing any changes one can check the changes happening in real time. Slider is replaceable and can be changed to anything you like. Loads of other features just like other themes.

14. Simple:
simple WordPress theme


Simple as the name suggests is a simple WordPress theme for small business and since is very simple and easy to use can be used for any startups or novice business users who want a website but don’t have a big budget and prefer to do everything on their own. Simple simplifies the user experience with a simple slider, services section, header with menu items and call to action. Simple way to have a background in the website and other easy to use shortcodes.

15. Condimentum:
multipurpose WordPress theme


Condimentum is a really clean and premium style WordPress theme suitable for small businesses. Has a great display of icons and relevant text to showcase services and about us nicely on the homepage. Really clean with lots of white space on the site. Team members are done nicely and differently than what you have seen in other themes. Client testimonials are also refreshed from different design look and feel. A true multipurpose template this has all the qualities of a nice template suitable for all kinds of small businesses.

16. Shudh Pro:
minimal WordPress theme


Shudh Pro is a white minimalistic styled small business WordPress theme which has a great slider on the top and great visually attractive elements which follow thereafter. On top of white this template has all the buttons and other elements in nice colorful approach so that they look good.

17. SKT Industrial:
industrial renovation WordPress themes


As the name suggests it is suitable for any industrial or production company type of a website where any production related services, careers, about us and management can be showcased nicely. Secondary menu has call to action for having a phone number and email address for quick contact for your company info for anyone who is interested in your services.

18. Exceptiona:
accounting WordPress theme


Exceptiona is an accounting WordPress theme for small businesses where users can use it for any type of financial related or corporate type of business use. The template looks professional with a nice transparent background and a 980 grid used for the entire site so that it gives the look for an old company website which is good in terms of business. Blue gives the professional look and feel for the entire template on top of white. A big large button to get appointment is given on the top header.

19. Design Agency Pro:
design agency WordPress theme


Design Agency Pro is a great clean and classic styled fully wide and one among small business WordPress themes suitable for any type of small and medium businesses. Design agency pro has been created to suit creative and design agencies and apart from that advertising and other company or agencies who need a great website, need professional approach and look and feel and yet have their info displayed in the most nicest manner. With typography control one can have the type of fancy fonts they need on this theme similar to others.

20. Welder:
welding WordPress theme


Welder is a welding company theme but with yellow look and feel which of course can be changed as it has a great color picker tool one needs to see that this type of template suits any small business WordPress website and has the bells and whistles to cater to the requirements of those businesses.

21. SKT Construction Pro:
construction WordPress theme


Construction, concrete and manufacturing businesses who are just starting or are in small level can certainly make use of such a small business template. Has on top location and email address nicely mentioned. Slider is full and projects are showcased really nicely which is one of the main attractions of this theme.

22. Kraft:
premium WordPress theme


Clean and looks really nice and apart from that the main USP of this premium small business WordPress theme is that it has icons to describe menu items on the top which looks really awesome and unique.

23. Naturo:
clean minimal WordPress theme


Naturo is clean and minimal and is suitable for bare minimal websites who need just content and info showcased and do not need a fancy website any day to describe their business or about themselves.

24. Blendit:
blendit single page WordPress theme


It is a one page WordPress theme for small business which has a great animation effect on the homepage and lots of other features just like others which give it a boost to get it considered for any type of business. Contact us and other features are in built.

25. SKT Black Pro:
black and dark WordPress theme


Suitable for all businesses and photography business as well. Full color changing so make it look just like you want it to be. Black and yellow although look classy and with animated sections this steals an eye from the visitor and makes an impact for any small business.

26. Panaroma Pro:


Slider is the main USP of this color changing one of the small business WordPress themes. It has a great transparent option which can be changed as well as colors can be changed. Fully responsive this theme is surely going to grab some eyeballs for any small business website.

27. SKT Biz Pro:
business WordPress theme