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The Guide To Grow Your Mobile App Using Content Marketing

content marketing

No one denies this fact, mobile apps are growing continually. And people are loving it too. Therefore, entrepreneurs taking this opportunity hands to hands to make their website performance better along with conversion rate. The new challenge for every mobile development is to get the best out of it.

On the internet, you will find different ways to grow your mobile app. In which content marketing is one of the best ways to has magical benefits to promote your business. If you want to engage more audience and spark your brand among user’s mind.

So, before jumping to the tips, you must understand what content marketing is.

What Is Content Marketing?

The key to get success in business and engage more audience to your website is content marketing.

This can be done via sharing content on social media channels and more. According to stats, blogs, articles become the proven method to get high traffic to the website and paid advertising. Later on, it boosts the conversion of Mobile apps too.

Content marketing is the cheapest way to get the best outcomes from fewer efforts. It does not need any expert to do this. But all you have to write good stuff that has the power to engage the audience. When it comes to outsourcing the mobile app, content marketing has been proved method.

Why Content Marketing Is The Right Strategy?

If you are not okay with content marketing ideas, then see below the benefits of opting tactics to grow your mobile app.

  • Almost 80% of business uses the mobile app to grow UX.
  • About 95% of SEO experts and Entrepreneurs believe content is a king.
  • More than 65% of users buy from mobile apps than stores

As you can see, content marketing is doing a remarkable job to grow your mobile app. So, why don’t you try this?

How Does Content Marketing Work In The Mobile App?

For any reader, it is vital to know how content works in grows mobile apps. So, here we have list one example to understand the working.

Suppose you are reading books and products. In which some of the products you would not know about. So, with the help of content, you can easily let to know about your audience about products that offer quick insight to your audience.

You can use paid ads, direct approach, reviews and more to make your customer attract. Apart from the direct approach, content marketing is also important that gives the position to your brand.

Let us consider an example, you have advertised the product on social media like Facebook that take your audience to the mobile app. In this, they found the content about that product which shows how good this product is. This improves brand image and your mobile app becomes more than just reading or purchasing the app.

What Is The Key To Success In Content Marketing For Mobile Apps?

One of the best and strongest techniques to get success, you need to study your customer needs. This means you need to give your audience what they are looking for. If your product is about beauty, then you need a target that audience which is highly interested to buy your products. You need to go straight while delivering your audience.

Some of the best practices that you need to follow:

1. Prepare Your Content Marketing Plan

If you have the skills to write engaging content for the paid advertisement and content, then all you need to make a plan and work accordingly. In case you have no idea what to write and how then hire a professional is a smart choice.

Just keep in mind, do not go too early. If you need to avail of the benefits, then first read your customer needs and develop good content. Spend some good time researching the market and you will create the best content for yourself.

2. Go With The Natural Write-Up

When you are writing for an audience you need to consider each one. Perhaps your audience doesn’t understand the vocab and tough words. Making your content readable and easy to understand by your audience is your first job.

Hence, your efforts get complete worth. Even you can add some pictures and visual data, to make content more engaging for the audience. In simple words, you need to write attractive and easy content that can engage in high traffic.

3. Write Content In Different Types

Website Content and Design

You are pretty much aware of the audience’s needs now. So, you need to write the content in different style and word counts. Some people like to read a lengthy content and some short. All you need to write what is good for the audience.

Moreover, people also consider video tutorials instead of reading the text. The point is to deliver your audience different type of content or show your power to make your customers highly satisfied. Well, it is difficult to accomplish the needs of all your customers, but yes if you have the best content with the quality of products so the users will use your app longer.

4. Make Your Content Informative

If you have some unique and useful content for audience form there get some knowledge as to what they are looking for.

So they will like your mobile app and may increase in your users. Always do your best in writing so the reader likes and shares your content further. Once you get more users and shares, this shows the success of your content marketing tactic.

5. Promote & Promote

To reach the audience and make your campaign successful, you need to promote the content on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and more. With this, you can target many audiences as possible. Keep in mind one thing, your content sounds informative not just a copy of selling products.

Final Words

Follow these above tips of content marketing to grow your mobile app. We will hope you will get success. Make sure you are implementing the tricks wisely or you can take the help of professionals too.

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Top 10 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

about web development

The Prominence of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

Artificial intelligence reshapes the market industry and reduces human efforts to resolve the complex issues conveniently. The AI is progressing very rapidly from self-remote cars to creating robots.

While there is big controversy now, AI boosts unemployment. With the modern science and development of technology, businesses getting more benefits that reduce the need for employees. AI comes with lots of benefits to improve the business and take it to the next level.

Apart from the business and various platforms, Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development changes the thinking level of creators.

AI helps to create more brilliant, easy, and intelligent applications that significantly improve UX. If you are also thinking to involve AI in your current mobile app then you are taking the right step.

Perhaps you are in confusion is this right decision? But we must say YES!

Artificial Intelligence mainly focuses on developing new machines and technology that make the user experience better. With this technology, the human is becoming more reliable and smart by learning from mistakes and creation.

When an app developer engages Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development, he can create something unexpected that can reduce physical efforts. For example, voice sensors, medical check-ups, writing recognition and many more.

People are also aware of AI and that’s why they are demanding more features to better their experience. Therefore, we have found several app development companies are opting AI to deliver unique and best user experience in every set of the app.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

1. Get Programmed Debugging

Debug Bar

If you are a developer, so the use of artificial intelligence can reduce your efforts as in recognizing errors in a code and fix it for them. AI will detect the errors and fix them own without getting command. With this, the time of developing a mobile app reduces that further improve the production of vast mobile apps in a short time.

2. It Improves Reasoning

With an Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development, the developer can easily estimate what to pick that suits their customer needs. For developers, the client’s need is on the top. So, if you have the help of a superpower, you can do your best that significantly increases the experience of the user. Let us understand this with and suitable example.

The company services like Ola and Uber uses AI that helps them to reach their customer in a short time. AI easily investigate the routes and roads. Even it helps to find short cuts to reach their clients.

3. The Easy Accomplishment Of Repetitive Tasks

The worst part for every user is to do repetitive tasks that required more efficiency to do this. With artificial evidence, the exertion of performing this task reduces and offers you a great deal to do everything with ease. The AI deals with issues related to complete things and makes you more comfortable.

4. Read Your Customers


The developers mainly work after reading out past mistakes and experiences of the users. The NLP (Natural Language Processing) combines with machine learning can help the developer to read the customer’s issues and past mistakes. The objective is to improve the interactions of user experience and give them the best outputs.

5. The User Experience Level Improves

The vital part of involving artificial intelligence is to cut down the time of loading and make the user experience great. The capability of AI smooth the pitfalls coming in apps that boost the applications to engage more clients in the app. Even this helps to see inside the relevant aspects to upgrade the features.

6. Improve Revenue

When the user gets higher satisfaction from the app they will buy from you hassle-free. AI improves the experience of user and capability thus it boosts application revenue.

The larger part of retail brands that serve better experience and make your client more satisfy. You can even take a look at Google, where you can easily get to know the searches about top apps and its benefits.

7. Conversational UI

With Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development the CUI increases that make your app performance much better than before. You may have seen numbers of chatbots open in front of you that support greater customer satisfaction. This offers clients to share their quires with their customers what they need.

8. It Comes With Analytical Proficiencies

Comprehensive analytics

With AI in the mobile application, the developer has the power to see inside the customer’s needs. This will offer you valuable content on a plan to produce work on the market practices that help the developer to produce a strong plan to make the mobile app worthy.

9. Improve Daily Operations

With Artificial Intelligence technology, mobile applications get significant worth in creating advance features that simply eliminate the everyday risk and task of apps. This also improves the learning experience of developers so the user can feel great pleasure.

For example, the app is about travel, with the help of AI the user can see the different places and tourist destinations. Even this helps to discover medical tourism smart.

10. Enhances The User Experience

Optimize User Experience

The AI helps the user to explore unlimited and beyond the expectation. This will co-ordinate mobile applications to work much better than the user experience.

Nowadays, the large number of entrepreneurs involving in the apps with AI. This brings great information to users and developers both that significantly boost the client commitment.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, the AI has contributed largely to the online marketing industry to improving human life. In fact, with the use of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development numbers of owners found the great engagement of people that boost the revenue of industries too.

It is not ended here. With the help of AI, you can simply take insights into a consumer that what they are expecting and what they not. If you are moving ahead to take AI for the industry then go with a positive attitude.

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9 Ways An Outdated Website Can Hurt Your Business

Websites are the best possible things that can improve your business rankings, they provide numerous ways to deal with your customers and care about their needs.

Likewise, a proper web page has a great amount of significance in imprinting a vision for your visitors. However, websites should be upgraded timely to bring a rise in the growth of viewers.

Growth is the most important thing if you want to improve your business ranking in the mainstream market. For that, firstly you need to understand the reason why your close competitor brushes up but your website downgrades constantly.

Certain tricks and tips are there that can accelerate the number of clients on your website. Upgrading your Outdated Website is one of them. Professional web pages constantly keep on changing their content. If you check the search engine giant like Google, you might see that there are always drastic changes that keep going on.

Similarly, online business sites like Amazon and Alibaba are no less at initiating the market. This makes a clear idea of why there is an importance in bringing few changes to your professional website. Not only that, clients get exalted when they see the change in the module.

Here are significant 9 certain ways that professional webpage designers suggest that can improve the ranking of your website at a short duration. These changes are a must if you do not want to hurt your business.

  • Not Bringing A Change In The Webpage
    As said earlier changes are the most basic criteria required to improve your business. Changes need not be a big, small changes have a huge impact on the work you carry.
    A change in web page color or addition with some new features can bring a great impact on your business. This brings a positive inflow in your work helping you see expansion in your business.
  • Outdated Websites Create Confusion
    Yes,you read it right,Outdated Website creates a big confusion. When your competitor is upgrading the website and you lack behind, there creates a big confusion.
    In this technology-savvy world, not investing in your website makes the viewers doubtful about your business, further, it hurts the customer service and downgrades the morale of your customers. To be precise, certain resources like services, products, discounts are generally checked by most of the visitors. If such basic itineraries are not taken care of, your competitor shall take over.
  • The Trust Factor Starts Depleting
    We shall provide a clear view, what if you start receiving the same news every day. Would you follow the same thing, let us say for a certain period would be ok, but slowly you start losing the trust, similar to that is your website.
    However, there is nothing to worry at all, its never too late, upgrading an Outdated Website will take you ahead.
  • Ranking Starts Divulging
    Search engines are smart so, changes brought on your website shows that you care about your business. Not only your viewers but also the search engine understands the changes, subsequently, the search engines analyze the changes and give an edge to rise.
  • SEO Ranking Degrades
    Competitiveness in SEO
    Millions of visitors visit sites where many new keywords are generated. Only upgrading your website shall improve the readability of the website. To increase the viewers, you need to provide the latest keywords, creative content and regular check-up for bugs. Sites stay at the bottom of the page if not maintained properly.
  • Growth Is Limited
    Even if your company provides great services and has a good name in the market but has a depleting online presence, the company shall not grow the way it is required.
    Such decrement generally brings doubt against the employees. However, there is no problem with the work efficiency, the problem has arisen only with the website. Your quick design can change the fate of your business module.
  • The Downfall In Employers Potential
    business deals
    This comes under human psychology, human potential stars decreasing due to websites inactivity. Whenever a new employee joins a company, the first thing the person does is brief research about the company.
    If the website lacks positivity, the employee loses their potentiality. Website upgradation can have a good prospect in the mindset of your employees and your clients.
  • People Think You Are Done With Your Business
    Activity in pages brings an inflow of customers, however if an Outdated Website starts losing creativity, this brings a negative idea about your business. It shows that you are no more interested in your business and you cannot provide your customer’s needs or services., this happens even if you work hard to achieve your target.
  • You Open A Golden Gate For Your Competitor
    marketing Competitors
    It would be an unwise act to let your competitor win the race. If your website is not accelerating, others will take your hard-earned spot. We understand how hard it is to build your brand, we know what level of dedication has the company and its member worked, losing the trust of your visitor is something that nobody wants.
    How to know whether your website is not Improving or needs to bring specific changes. Don’t worry you don’t need to be a professional web page designer. It is not rocket science, just a simple task, all you need to do is to carefully check the following items.
  • Less word count on the page.
  • Excessive usage of keyword.
  • Incorrect information
  • Broken logos and pictures.
  • Neglected links and blogs.
  • Low readability and not user-friendly
  • Information on Employees.
  • No representation of ratings and reviews

In the era of digitization, you get much professional support to improve your business. Many web page designer is for your service in improving your Outdated Website.

Likewise, there are specific techniques that professionals suggest to improve your ranking and widen up your business. All you need to do is take a step forward and allow your website to the necessary change.

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Create a Free Email Newsletter Service using WordPress

People always look for free email newsletter service using WordPress instead of going for paid email newsletter options like MailChimp, Aweber, and others.

Email Newsletter is increasingly becoming a mandatory part for the success of a website.

It is more important for bloggers as they have a lot of subscribers whom they should send updates from time to time to keep them engaged.

As a matter of fact, sending daily or weekly newsletters helps in getting a lot of organic visitors automatically.

Even companies send newsletters to their customers and clients to keep them updated about the new products and services as well as useful blogs.

Those paid plugins or tools come handy only when you have a very large subscribers’ base and you want to send different newsletter updates to a different chunk of subscribers based on certain advanced criteria.

But the following steps will help you get free email newsletter service using WordPress using FeedBurner.

You can have all the basic functions like sending email newsletter, checking your subscribers’ number and how many clicks you have received for each link and likewise.

Free Email Newsletter Service Using WordPress (Using Category)

Step 1 – Add An Email Newsletter Category

Go to your admin dashboard and then to Posts option on the left menu and click on Categories. Add a new category under heading Add New Category. You can name it anything like Email Newsletter. Make sure that category parent is none and category slug is what it should be. Leave the description blank and click on Add New Category button.

Once the category is created, you have to note down the category ID which you can get by placing your mouse pointer in the newly created category and check the status bar for text like ‘ID=’ and the number that follows after the equal sign is the category ID.

Step 2 – Hiding Email Newsletter Category

Since Email Newsletter is something that should not be seen on the website but should stay as an internal item to send email newsletters, it should be hidden from displaying on the website. For that, go to Appearance on the left menu and click on Editor. Find the file sidebar.php and locate the following line. Sometimes, the following line may not be present in sidebar.php and may be present in some other file depending on the theme and hence, if you do not locate it in sidebar.php, check other available files for the same.

Now, replace that line with the next line. Make sure you replace the mentioned part with the ID you noted in the previous step. Once done, save the file and check whether the category appears on the website or not.

Step 3- Hiding Posts From Email Newsletter Category

In the last step you hid the category from view, now you have to hide the posts from appearing on the website and other pages. It is natural that you would only place a few posts under Email Newsletter category as you want the subscribers to read useful and viral posts. Also, you can make a few posts exclusively for the subscribers and place them directly under Email Newsletter category. Those exclusive posts will appear on the homepage if not kept hidden. To do that, you have to install a plugin named Advanced Category Extractor and after installing go to its Settings. Select the menu name and under Sections heading, uncheck Single Posts.

Step 4 – Setting Up An Account In FeedBurner

Open FeedBurner and under the heading Burn a Feed, provide the URL of your category which should be like and click on next. Note that you should already have an account in FeedBurner, not if, create one and then do the steps. After that, click on Next button.

Enter a meaningful Feed title and a Feed address where the users can find your feed. Click on Next and in the next screen, you will have all the settings and options. Go to Publicize tab and click on Email Subscription. Then you will find an Activate button towards the end, click on that.

You will see a code that you have to copy and paste in your website’s sidebar widget so that visitors can see an option to put their email address in order to subscribe and get email newsletter as you set it up.

10 Helpful Free Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin

facebook logo

If you are looking for the Free Facebook Feed WordPress plugin then this article is helpful for you.

Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the strongest platforms to promote content and website within a short time. If you are the user of WordPress, then monetizing the content with Facebook is a smart move.

Before jumping into Facebook feed WordPress plugins, you need to know about the complete detail of what Facebook feed Plugins are and its use.

What is Facebook Feed WordPress?

If you want to know what’s going on the Facebook page, then the Facebook feed plugin is there. This comes with lots of customization options that help to see inside social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and more of your pages on the website.

These plugins are smart and easy to use which takes less time to show Facebook on your website. The feel and tone of the page look the same as your website.

These themes are available in different colors and designs that can improve the display of an attractive look. Even this helps the user to read the articles more on the Facebook page.

Why you need Facebook feed plugins?

Today, social media is on hype. Whether it is for promoting and sharing your stories. As compare to earlier times, you need to put extra physical efforts to promote your content. But now, with social media, it is just one click.

All you need to post the content and try to viral it. The more you reach the audience the more you get the visitors to your website.

This is the best and perfect platform that can make you large without putting hard efforts. With the use of Facebook feed plugins, you can improve customer satisfaction and make them always updated with your new posts.

According to stats, millions of websites are raising due to social media.

Here, we are going to share the top 10 Facebook Feed WordPress plugins, which are newly added with advanced features.

1. Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

Custom Facebook Feed

This Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin is the best responsive, SEO Optimized, and easy to use feed for the website. It doesn’t require any HTM coding or language knowledge. You can use this easily. This can help to crawl your pages, HTML-Links of pages and URL faster.

Key features:

  • No need expert CSS knowledge
  • Fast delivery

2. 10Web Social Post Feed

wd facebook feed

This plugin is yet another option to enjoy the best experience. With this, you can easily integrate Facebook feeds of pages, profiles, groups, etc. with customizing options to your website.

This helps in displaying the content with complete pictures, videos, and the timeline. Moreover, this will offer you various views of content to choose from.

Here, you need to select the view for your desirable content that keeps you and your reader impressed.

You can select the number of views from the unlimited box and enjoy the best. You can add these by adding simple short-codes.

Key features:

  • Easy to generate shortcodes
  • Give multiple feeds

3. Feed them Social

feed them social

If you want to create the social feed of your friends, celebrities, groups member, and your business. Then this Facebook feed WordPress Plugin is superb.

One of the best parts is it will look stunning on the desktop, PCs, mobile and other devices. This is easy to operate and used by anyone.

You can customize the feed according to your needs as adding like or follow button or more. The shortcode are easy to generate. This has a wide range of unexplored features.

Key features:

  • Generate shortcode
  • Unlimited features

4. Easy Social Post Feed

easy facebook likebox

This plugin is used to display the feed on your website. It is highly customized because it uses API that helps to style your feeds that the way you need. With this, you can easily display the posts of Facebook that help your readers to connect you more.

Key features:

  • Style the feed the way you need
  • Easy to use

5. Showeblogin Like Share Box Plugin


This is a special designed Facebook Plugin that showcases the Facebook page updates. Also, this allows you to promote the Facebook page with a more targeted audience on the website. This is a responsive, SEO-friendly, and smart plugin that gives you a perfect layout and make easy for you to promote website content on social media of the WordPress website.

Key features:

  • Easily embed the Facebook page to show on your website
  • Smart version

6. Flow-Flow Social Streams


It is perfect to engage more audience in your content because it is highly customized. This can pull high traffic on your website via news, photos, and more that you can expect. Well, it doesn’t reveal your details. So you can go with it at ease and enjoy the benefits.

Key features:

  • No risk of leaking out personal information
  • Perfect for streaming

7. Social Feed

social feed plugin

This Facebook plugin is smart that displays all the latest posts feed on the Facebook page. This is also customized and uses open graph API that further helps to design the feeds as the way you want to pretend them.

Key features:

  • Give 24/7 support
  • Perfect to get the latest feeds
  • Easy to customize

8. Social LikeBox & Feed

social likebox feed

This is also the name of a plugin launched by Weblizar. It is simple, smart, and easy to use a plugin for anyone. With this, you will see the display of live streams of your team members of the WordPress website. This widget helps in publishing the new posts the way you want. It is responsive and browser supporting feed that can offer you the best experience.

Key features:

  • Highly compatible
  • Display latest feeds

9. Feeder Ninja

feeder ninja

It is yet the best Facebook feed WordPress Plugin that offers SEO friendly and responsive version to make your website the best. Moreover, it offers you highly customize options that allow you to feel and get the best editing features to display the post as you need.

Key features:

  • Display feeds from multiple pages
  • Customize feed

10. Custom Feed for Social Media Networks

WP Social Feed

This helps to make your feed of Facebook like a box. The like button allows the user to see updates from the page and give another supporter as well. Using saving widgets you can display like option on post and pages easily on your website.

Key features:

  • Custom feeds
  • Display Facebook like a box

Use Reverse Image Search to Detect Fraud

Reverse Image Search

We all know how to use Google to search with keywords. What if you have to search for images? That is a little tricky, and not everyone is well aware of how to utilize a search engine for image search. That’s where a reverse image search software comes in for help.

The technological revolution has led us, humans, to find a solution to everything. So, did they with image search! Reverse Image Search is a tool you can easily find at The answer to your question; how to find similar images online is very simple: Search by image.

Reverse Image Search enables you to search by image, instead of keyword and provides you with all the similar photos available on search engines like Google, Yandex, and Bing. A simple click on “Check Images” will take you to the respective search engine. There are so many benefits that we as users can have, by using a reverse photo search.

Perks of using Reverse Image Search
First of all, this tool is free to use, you are not required to pay anything at all. It is a web-based tool, so you are not bound to download it on your device, and it is also accessible on all devices with any OS. Moreover, it is a tool that you can use regardless of your geographical location.

We browse pictures of cute puppies, beautiful places and delicious looking dishes, the problem occurs where we don’t know about the name of the dog, place or dish. Search by image helps us overcome this issue. By uploading that particular image in the tool, you can find similar pictures of adorable puppies, your favorite destinations, and tasty recipes. So, you can know more about anything you are interested in.

The people who are very active and post pictures on social media, especially photographers, trying to build a career or someone who owns a social account/website/firm you all can use search by image to find out the replicated photos. Submitting your pictures in the Reverse Image Search tool will allow you to easily identify someone who is manipulating your work or using your pictures in an immoral way. Once you have identified the source, you can ask to take down your pictures or give you the credit you rightly deserve. Not only this but you can even sue them by taking them to court as it is against the laws if needed.

By submitting just one image in reverse image search, you can see different links of matching photos. So, this helps us to find pictures with much better quality as well as angle. If you insert a photo that is not having right pixels, by clicking on the links provided by reverse image search you can save a picture which is clearer and more attractive.

How hard is it to use Reverse Image Search?
Well, not at all!
Social Catfish’s reverse image search bestows us with two choices through which we can upload the picture to the tool. We can select either way and enjoy the satisfying results. You might be confused and thinking that it will be tricky to run this tool, however, it has been a piece of cake for me to search for similar images with SST’s reverse photo search. No specialized knowledge or expertise about images or relevant things are required to use this application on your device.

Once you visit the site, you can browse through the tools and open the RIS, a space mentioning the option of uploading image or writing URL will be visible to you. Upload the image and after clicking on “Search Similar Images” button in the, the tool will start processing. The results will be available to you almost instantly, which are quite accurate. There will be three different links for different search engines, by clicking on the link for your preferred search engine, you will be redirected to it, where you can see all the images. The tool was recommended to me by someone, and now I know why. All you will need is a stable internet connection, and you are good to go. Use it yourself to see how amazing this tool really is!

10 Best Free Recent Posts Widgets for WordPress

number of posts per page

Top 10 Best free Posts Widgets for WordPress

Are you interest to read about best Posts Widgets for WordPress? So, come and read this page and get vast knowledge of updated widgets that can increase your website traffic and many more.

Without a doubt, our motive is to engage more audience with our website. After all, this can increase our profits. The more you publish the good content, the more you get the audience, organic traffic, visitors, conversion rate, visibility, etc. to make all things possible.

WordPress is one of the suitable content management systems that has been used over years worldwide. However, there are hundreds of debates on WordPress’s pros and cons, but WordPress stands out the first in the queue of web development to manage everything with ease.

WordPress comes with various plugins that help website Owner to improve SEO and ROI of the website. Well, most of the plugins are paid, and for a newbie, this is an issue. Therefore, most of the people love to work on free tools or basic plugins that offer benefits to a little extent.

Apart from plugins, WordPress theme is essential to boost website performance. And for these widgets are the best. You have some great free Posts Widgets for WordPress that can help to increase your website appearance and performance.

What are widgets and how it works?

In WordPress, widgets are specific small blocks that perform a great function. Even you can add these into sidebars to the webpage. These are small, simple, and perfect designed and structure control units of WordPress theme by the user.

These widgets allow the user to add and widgets area in the theme. These are available in the different designs and features to perform specific functions.

Widgets are codes known to perform certain functions. For example, if the user wants to add a specific ad in the widget area, this can be done easily using a widget.

Well, widgets are of any type. But here in this, we are going to share some of the best free Posts Widgets for WordPress that can maximize your working experience.

1.Recent posts widgets extended

recent posts widget extended

With this, you can display the posts in thumbnails, dates, or via widgets. It also allows the user many features that can attract your reader impressively. It is a highly customized and advanced widget that can better your experience.
Key features:

  • Give support
  • Give multiple filters
  • Support multiple languages
  • Display date, comment, and current post

2.Recent posts widgets with thumbnails

recent post widget with thumbnails

It is a well-known default widget in the WordPress named with “recent posts”. This will format the posts in thumbnails and categories.

Moreover, it has the number of features to display the content in custom-tailored lists. If you have neither highlighted image nor content, you can use default thumbnail.
Key features:

  • You can customize the theme according to your needs.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • It will list the latest posts in thumbnails
  • It is effective and lightweight.

3.WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress popular posts

It is a superb plugin post that can display recent posts from multiple categories in the widgets area. It is not like a default widget. It is a way to show multiple posts from different pages. The best feature of this, it will allow the user to choose the post which you want to display.
Key features:

  • Choose your feature posts
  • Display content from different posts
  • Featured with shortcode

4.Flexible posts widgets

flexible posts widget

It is a basic/default widget that works exceptionally. If you need posts to type in taxonomy, then this widget is good. It is easy to use and help to show the numbers of posts, pages, and types of any combination. If you need to feature a particular content on the website, this tool is effective.
Key features:

  • You can customize the posts and images.
  • Use templates
  • It can control the output

5.Category Posts Widget

category posts

It is a new and advanced featuring widget in WordPress to manage the posts category with thumbnails. This comes under special configuration options to make your content appearance better.
Key features:

  • Easy to Customize
  • Provide awesome layout

6.Recent Posts Widget Plus

recent posts widget plus

It is also abbreviated as an RPWP widget. With this listing, you can create slides of content on your website. Nowadays, this comes with some advanced features as filtering posts for pages. Recent Posts Widget Plus can make your content super attractive in slides and link the content and images with specific URL’s or posts.
Key Features:

  • Magic post listing offers three formation options Grid, Stacked rows, and List.
  • The posts will fit seamlessly in slides.

7.Content Blocks (Custom Post Widget)

custom post widget

This plugin is used for mobile users. Posts slider will show the recent posts in slider beautifully. It is fully-customize, easy, and perfect widget to manage the posts and its structure.
Key Features:

  • It 100% responsive.
  • It displays the content nicely that attracts readers.
  • It comes with hiding/display options.
  • Lightweight, easy to translate, and loaded with great features.

8.Advanced Random Posts Widget

advanced random post widget

It is one of the best plugin used in WordPress to make a new widget in the widget area. This can help the user to add the widget to the WordPress theme. With this, you can easily list pages and posts by filtering them into categories, tags, and other custom options.
Key Features:

  • Add categories to pages.
  • Make your posts easier.
  • This will allow us to set and manage the content of the website with author names.

9.ACF Recent Posts Widget

acf recent posts

This new widget can display your posts in horizontal and vertical mode. In this, you have the option to select what you want to show and where. This is a new release, so we can’t say much about it. Well, it has some good reviews from the customer that praise its features.
Key features:

  • Very easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t show thumbnails

10.WP Page Post Widget Clone

WP Page Post Widget Clone

This widget is perfect for those who don’t about programing language and HTML. It is easy to use to create posts in a list that offer a fine amount of display to engage readers.
Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Smart functions
  • Great features

How To Remove Jquery-Migrate.Min.Js?


Once you Remove jQuery-Migrate.min.js, the system becomes more hassle-free and removes unnecessary load to your work. Before the new version, developers worked on several version, each version came up with new features.

jQuery-Migrate.min.js is the oldest form of jQuery code developed for WordPress 3.6+. It ensures the compatibility version of jQuery older than 1.9. It controls is certain features and behaviours so that non-upgraded system runs properly on the current version.

However, WordPress 3.6 has been automatically attached with jQuery Migrate to all the pages making the system hassle-free. Further, most websites do not need jQuery-Migrate.min.js as a result, the site gives better accessibility. Most of the frontend code and plugin has outdated it for better functionality.

remove jquery migrate console

jQuery-Migrate.min was loaded in WordPress to support older functions that some WordPress plugins used earlier. Disabling the jQuery-Migrate.min.js is another issue that is being faced by developers. Here we shall point out some reasons that will certainly give you an upper hand to Remove jQuery-Migrate.min.js

Upgrading The Jquery-Migrate.Min.Js For Availing The Best Facility

Most up to date plugins and frontend does not require jQuery-Migrate.min.js. As said earlier, the system has already been attached to the WordPress page. Firstly, you need to know whether your site requires jQuery-Migrate.min.js or not.

For that, you simply need to open the wp-config.php and code it with define (‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’true):. This will show all the error that you face. This starts your beginning of removal of jQuery-Migrate.min.js.

We have enlisted two methods, firstly, implementing a snippet into the theme’s function.php file or installing a plugin, both of the ways can be used for upgrading the system. Let us show you the first and the simplest way that most of them use.

By Using With The Help Of Plugins

remove jquery migrate plugin

Activation of Plugin is the basic requirement in this process, it will disable the jQuery-Migrate.min.js, additionally, you can also use some premium plugin in that case. Once the plugin is activated, just switch on to enable the jQuery option and you are done with your work. The system will work on its own.

By using function PHP instead of plugin

From the below-given coding, you can easily upgrade your WordPress. However, keep in your mind that if any of the content or plugins of the website or even themes gets stopped while loading, please do not disable it, this might create a problem.

* Remove/Disable/DeQueue jQuery Migrate in WordPress.
* @author Nguyễn Đình Quân a.k.a narga.
* @link

add_action( 'wp_default_scripts', 'remove_jquery_migrate' );
function remove_jquery_migrate( $scripts ) {
if ( ! is_admin() && isset( $scripts->registered['jquery'] ) ) {
$script = $scripts->registered['jquery'];

if ( $script->deps ) { // Check whether the script has any dependencies
$script->deps = array_diff( $script->deps, array( 'jquery-migrate' ) );

The above-mentioned ways are the most viable ways to Remove jQuery-Migrate.min.js. Both of the ways are easy and effective, it is your decision while you take the call for it. Meanwhile, regarding the plugin, we highly recommend you to download and install a standard plugin for your hassle free update.

How Much Secure Is It to Remove jQuery-Migrate.min.js from WordPress?

Now we shall show you how much secure and its benefits while you work in it. jQuery-Migrate.min.js.

Removing it from the system stops the wastage of power in the server, likewise, the speed of the website can also be garnered up. The positive point about it is that unnecessary load to the website is removed making it easier to work on. Keeping up with the new version also helps you prevent security attacks that are very common wityh most of the older version.

While you Remove jQquery-Migrate.Min.Js temporarily, have a short check by going through your sites and test that all the other plugin features so that it works properly. An if something does not seem right, simply remove the snippets and everything will be normalized.

The jQuery Migrate file captures a size ranging from, 17KB to 7KB. When you remove the file, the browser is relieved with one less JavaScript file. One file less would be a boon to the system in the long run.

As you have had a good idea about the system, now you can conclude why the WordPress has relieved the jQuery Migrate. Now all you need is to simply not stress on the system anymore unless you like working in an archaic system or you are yet to upgrade it.

A piece of short information for your knowledge

  • Snippets are one such small fragments of PHP code which can be used to extend the functionality of websites powered by WordPress. To be more precise, it acts as a mini-sized plugin carrying less load in your site.
  • Addition of Code Snippet plugin to code snippets to your functions.php file without editing the WordPress dashboard.

jQuery-Migrate.min.js is nothing but a feature that makes the dependency of jQuery script in WordPress.

Some reports have suggested that those using visual composers and page builders sometimes experience breakage in images if something like that appears, we recommend leaving the jQuery Migrate enabled.

Meanwhile, changing the code may cause negative effects to the whole website and if you disable jQuery-Migrate.min.js, prepare yourself for compatibility issues.

How to Work With Designers To Collaborate Even Better

user experience

Here are few points to note while you Work With Designers

Collaboration brings a new creation. Yes, everything that you experience is from the creation. That’s that importance of having a good creation. Similarly, creation is being done in every scope of life.

Likewise, in today’s world uniqueness is the most prioritized subject that everybody stresses up. The more the unique content, the more the market value. That’s the reason why you are investing your precious time with your designer.

Developing a new design is a tough job; it requires time, knowledge, experience and discipline. Mankind works among themselves to bring development.

Similarly, every sector be it writing, managing, developing or designing, each of these sectors work for progress to bring the best in themselves.

Meanwhile, the collaboration of Work With Designers open a wide prospect. A short chat with any of the designer can just widen your scope of thinking.

Designers are always contented with creativity. They have a deep respect for new things. However, that does not mean that they do not want to work with other people. That’s a big dilemma that general people have.

To put a clear point, designers like working with non-designers. And the reason behind it is, it helps them open about shared perspective. As you know when two minds collaborate, they create a new idea. designers seriously believe this theory.

1. Communication Acts As An Influencer

Outstanding Communication Skills

Designers are blessed with creativity. They are good at understanding your thought, further, they also collaborate their thought blending a new idea.

Initial discussion should be glanced over the problems in creation, Sharing guidelines with designers can make the task easy. Thus, it is the most important reason why communication should be done while you collaborate with your designer friend.

2. Give Your Clear Viewpoint

Communication Plugin

While you assign work, give an outline about your target, your views matter the most, Your ideas will help the designer come up with certain imprints. Look after the product, if not satisfied ask for change as much as you want.
This widens the creativity. Designers shall provide whatever you need. Colours, images, typography and photos are silver linings. The abstract the view, the scintillating is the product.

 3. Details Are the Quality

Yes, you read it right, every detail that your designer tells to try to keep up the cope. To be clear, the dress that you selected for your wedding or the wall that you see imprinted could not have been there due to just a few additions of colour.

Minute things have to be taken care to bring the enigma. Your designer has a sumptuous amount of experience handling it. If the detail is hard to understand, don’t worry, your designer friend will teach more than what you need.

4. Motivation the key Feature to Success

While collaborating, you can be a big motivator to your designer. This helps them create great ideas and divulge them towards a quality product. It makes them feel that they have been valued for what they are and help them bring out meaningful outcomes.

Sharing your knowledge and experience shall provide fuel to the fire while you Work With Designers.

5. Trust Is The Foremost Principle

Build an audience through

Not only with designers, but trust is also the basic foundation of our life. When you put your trust only then the mind becomes free from doubts.

Designers should be trusted with their work to bring a fruitful quality. Although, they have a huge amount of positive energy a slight negative thought can slow down their endeavour. So, while collaborating your Work With Designers, go with the flow, you will never be led down.

6.Have A Testing

While you and your designer work on a project, keep yourself as well as your designer updating so that the creation can be antique in the market, After all the business is yours and you need to take it further.

Take as many help as possible to while you launch a small amount of prototype in the market. Designers work in a constructive pattern they use the knowledge that you give them.

7.Don’t Buckle Up With The Work

Every creation needs time to complete itself. Your designer works from the minute part to bring a unique quantity. Similarly, pressurizing your designer friend would be a horrible task.

Have short meetings, understand the work and give the required time to the designer. He/She does understand the value of your time and investment.

8. Intellectual Feedback Are Likened

Giving honest feedback is the most valuable thought that has an everlasting effect on the work. Whether negative or positive, critique help improves the work of a designer. However, while pointing your view, have regards for the designer’s work.

This is the only time where ideas do conflict but if taken care, such ideas help in developing both the collaborator and the designer.

9. Bestow Merit

A designer works very hard for your success; likewise, when his work brings name and fame at your disposal, do value his work. It is seen that most of the clients never care once the work has been done; this simply brings a negative thought.

A simple letter of regard may take the designer to cloud nine. A designer is emotionally attached to their work, wherever they may be. So, to be precise, show little regard to the work.

As you have learned some of the basic itineraries about a designer and the type of work they deal with, just relax and take a step forward by collaborating your work with your designer friend.

With the pace of time, the designer will create a masterpiece. There is always a fire in them to excel in their work.

It is a bit confusing at first because the work prediction is generally difficult to understand but once cleared. you are to be guaranteed that you will be drenched in the pool of talent that a designer has to show you while you Work With Designers.

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The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce SEO for Beginners and Advanced Users

WooCommerce WordPress plugin

In the market of online business, having a strong SEO background would have an edge in this competitive world. Online marketing platform does come with challenges business WooCommerce SEO for Beginners optimizes the websites and serves a gateway to expanding the

Some tricks and tips play a major role in developing a market strategy. Having a market-friendly Further, SEO targets the customer; here the WooCommerce website brings an upper hand in the business module.

Here we present the importance of WooCommerce SEO and how you can expand your business in a short duration.

Why is SEO or Search Engine Optimization valued the most?

Competitiveness in SEO

Every WordPress sites work closely with the SEO. An SEO plugin can generate much-needed traffic for the website. Likewise, SEO acts as a media house for promoting the desired business to the top page in the Search Engine Result Pages or SERP.

SEO is nothing but a way of communication that helps people find information on products.

Once the page is visible at the top, the positive results start showing in the business module. Website designs, keywords, and links play a significant role in the process.

How does WooCommerce helps you get your clients?


WooCommerce is the most advanced and active eCommerce plugin specifically made for WordPress. It is free where the content management system (CMS) helps in running online store.

Due its easy and viable availability, it has garnered the highest market share. Moreover, customizing is the best feature that comes with it.

WooCommerce the best SEO Friendly tool

  • WooCommerce is the best and the most followed SEO Friendly tool. It has been developed on the basis of SEO for the online website business. Likewise, WooCommerce SEO for Beginners is featured for the beginners who fall in confusion in the vast field of online business marketing. Certain characteristics make Easy content creation which makes it stand apart from the rest of the competitors.
  • HTML markup makes the SEO easy and understandable, latest themes such as Genesis have brought improvement by using HTML5.
  • Petty permalinks that link posts and pages control the content which can be assessed through you spearhead the challenge.
  • New and standard settings in WordPress.
  • Cache plugins help in loading page at a short duration.
  • Easy availability of SEO optimized WooCommerce themes in WordPress.
  • Title and headlines provide information for Google which WordPress allows without manually changing the HTML Tags.
  • Optimized images, addition, and removal of photos allow further to install ALT tags, descriptions, and other features.

Additionally, social media pages, blogs, and posts can be shared using social media sharing plugins from WordPress featured e-commerce sites.

Ignoring SEO for WooCommerce Website may be a loss?


Search Engine Optimization is a significant part of online business. It lets you know about your customers, the product that they want, and the market value of the product. Daily millions of visitors use online sites to access information. Google, Yahoo, Baidu keeps on analyzing the data without investing anything.

Google deals with the most number of visitors analyzing SEO. 70 percent of SEO data is recorded by Google. Thus to increase the number of visitors to your site, the web page must be brought under the influence of SERPs.

To get the maximum number of viewers, the site must perform exceptional well bringing it on the first page of the search engine. Here the WooCommerce SEO for Beginners play the major responsibility.

Some Effective Ways to Optimize your newly built WooCommerce Website

To improve the WooCommerce website’s SEO, WordPress SEO plugin should be downloaded and installed. Likewise, there are many other free WordPress plugins like Allin One AEO Packs, Yoast SEO and SEO Press in the WordPress directory, we shall use Yoast plugin for our website.

Keywords and its significance

The keyword is the foundation of SEO. To be precise, keyword is the term that a visitor searches in the search engine to get information about. For instance, while selling a bag, ‘bag’ could be a keyword, ‘ladies bag’ or ‘cheap bags’ could be a keyword.

The keyword can be easily searched with different research tools, some of the tools that are most used are,

  • Google Keyword Planner: This the most widely used research tools, further, it is provided free of cost by Google.
  • Keyword Everywhere: It is a paid service. It is an extension and helps to handle keywords swiftly.
  • This tool provides relevant keywords with actual phrases. Good news, it comes free.
  • Google Trend: Google Trend provides the latest trending keywords in the search engine market.

Appropriate Usage of Keywords

As soon as the keyword research is done, one can further move a step forward by properly implementing it on the WooCommerce web pages. Proper addition of keyword brings to the top page.

Similarly if a proper or unique keyword is not added, it might not bring the required results. For example, a product like smartphone can be made unique by making some changes such as ‘best smartphones’ or ‘new smartphones’.

Slug and the Importance of Woo Commerce Product

By appropriately adding the keywords in the content, keyword stuffing should be carried in the product URL. This helps to rank at the top in the search engine. A short URL makes an easy connection to the page.

SEO Title and the significance of WooCommerce Product Title

Proper addition of SEO title with focus keywords gets a booster in the long run. Addition of SEO Title is a simple task in the Woo Commerce SEO for Beginners with Yoast SEO plugin.

Focus Keywords and Meta Description

Although focus keywords do not have much significance it should never be ignored, likewise, experts suggest that focus keyword in meta description helps in building a strong link.

Woo Commerce Product Description

The product description has proper encryption. The description should not be less than 300 words. Elaborated description with keyword addition can bring the site a good recognition.

Ideal Product Description

Proper product categories bring a good amount of visitors. However, the overuse of keyword may not provide positive response. Clear descriptions put a clear view of the product.

Addition of Video and Images

High-quality images and videos bring a great number of viewers to the website. Using proper text in renaming images acts as a multiplier. The same goes for videos. Embedding the videos garners a rise in visitors.

Product Ratings and Customer Review

The more the product is clearly the more the webpage grows up. Addition of ratings, client’s comments, likes, and dislikes are appreciated by Google analytics as well as customers in general.


Generating Backlinks is hard for a new beginner; however, WooCommerce For Beginners help you guide a proper way to increase your website ranking.

Search engine guidelines are the most important thing while doing online business. SEO opens the gateway to your business prosperity. However, WooCommerce SEO for Beginners helps you to acquire the target that you set.

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Tips to secure your WordPress website against vulnerabilities

You might end up on this article searching for How to secure WordPress website against exploits? or

How to prevent by WordPress site against hacks and malware?

Or Tips securing your WordPress website against all exploits.

Of course this is the right article and this talks about all sorts of techniques, tools and plugins to help you secure your WordPress website.

As per W3Techs WordPress powers more than 58% of all the websites that use CMS which comes out to 24.9% of all websites in the world.

So with the increase in usage of WordPress and with the ever increasing popularity of how easy it is to set up and how easy it is to use there has been a rise of using more and more WordPress Themes as well as plugins.

But since it is easy there is also a rider which comes along with it. It becomes quite easy for hackers to hack it if used in all its default settings.

Hence the need to understand security and to secure your WordPress powered website because no one likes to get their website hacked.

It is obvious when you search on Google this keyword: “prevent WordPress hack” it comes up with 8 million or more results that how desperately people like developers as well as novice users want to know hack prevention techniques and tools for their WordPress website.

Here is a list of tips and tools as well as techniques we as WordPress theme developers could think of.

Of course this article can lead to a discussion and more input and more additions can be made as time passes by.

We will start with the simplest techniques and then move on to the more complex ones:

Simpler tips for security:

1. Hosting: Your hosting plays a crucial and important part in having your WordPress website secure. Many times its the bad host which gets you hacked. If you have a great hosting in place many things can be sorted out quickly and most of your frustration can be reduced. For example: Backups are easy. Brute Force attacks and spam and SQL injection are often checked and avoided. Hence we will talk about the most recommended hosts and their tools.

a. Shared Hosting: Most people just want to start their website and hence they don’t want to spend a lot in their first go and thus select shared hosting as their platform. There are thousands of hosting companies which provide shared hosting and we can’t possibly add all of them here but we are including only 4 shared hosting which we have personally tried and can recommend. However there might be even better or similar service. Do let us know:

i. Bluehost: Bluehost has been referred constantly by on its hosting page: It is a good starting point for shared hosting in case you need a WordPress website since it has both WordPress premium hosting for future and simple shared hosting with 1 click install. Since its a shared hosting which costs you 3 to 4 USD per month you can’t complain much about lack of features or services. However it has an automated tool for backup known as backup wizard comes along with cpanel which you can use. Thus backups can ensure that you are safe and if ever your website gets hacked you can restore the backup.

ii. A Small Orange: We are personally hosted on this hosting and most of the features present in Bluehost are present here. But above all which we like most and can say that is even better than the above host is the support. Support tickets are answered within 5-6 hours and always we get to chat with someone on the live chat within a few minutes. Support is what makes this host stand out from the rest because there are a lot of answers and help which they can provide free. All you need to do is ask them for it. Example: NGINX server cache installation, Backups and how to use it etc.

iii. SiteGround: Another popular WordPress shared hosting they also provide good tools for you to backup your website. Rest cpanel and standard features are present. Chat is also proactive and support tickets are answered often.

iv. Godaddy: Godaddy is the largest registrar of domains and hence many prefer it for their hosting as well. Overtime Godaddy also has made several changes to make it a reliable hosting for WordPress. It also has started giving standard Cpanel WordPress hosting which allows for backups and other easy to use tools.

b. Managed WordPress hosting: For those who have a little budget and want to have hosting manage their security for them. These 2 hosting companies out of the many out there we found reliable, cheaper than rest and often helping you secure your website as well as letting you know which plugins are good and which aren’t good. They also have nightly backups means that you are at peace of mind with them. So ever a hack happens which is rare since they manage it, they can restore the backup quickly:

i. WP Engine: WP Engine lets you know the list of plugins that they recommend for most. Hence vulnerable plugins are kept at bay.

ii. FlyWheel: Flywheel tells you not to install any security plugin as they handle the security themselves which means you don’t need to do anything once you install with them and they take care of the rest.

2. Back Ups: BackUps can be by use of cpanel file manager or via ftp (for files) and database download using phpMyAdmin using cpanel or the host database access. There are 100s of tutorials out there on how you can backup your WordPress website manually. However you should consider reading the Codex Backup Procedures as they are safe and have been written nicely: There are several plugins as well. We will talk about them in short as most of them we mentioned here are working fine and have good reviews from others:

a. BackUpWordPress
b. BackUpBuddy (paid version of this plugin also present)
c. VaultPress
d. Dropbox Backup and Restore
e. Amazon S3 BackUp and Restore

3. Update WordPress Version: Most of the times due to use of older version of WordPress your site is at risk of getting hacked. WordPress recognises many security flaws and parameters in its previous versions and as reported by fellow contributors which from time to time are updated. Hence using the latest version of WordPress should reduce the risk of getting hacked or attached by malware.

4. Updating WordPress plugins and themes: Generally in the same way theme authors and plugin authors release updates and features. Most of the time they are feature updates. But from time to time these authors also recoginize security flaws and hence its a good practice to keep using the updated plugins and themes as well.

5. Change default username and password: Default username and default password use like simple series of number or keeping admin is fine as long as you are on local server or on a test site. But for business websites it is important that you change the default username and password. Now with WordPress latest versions it is possible to choose secured username and it generates secured password but for users with older versions of WordPress you may go to your profile to change your password. However for changing username use either phpMyAdmin in case you are comfortable changing it from there or else use any of the plugins below:
a. Admin renamer extended
b. Username Changer

6. 2 Step Authentication for Brute Force Attacks: 2 step authentication is essential in case your site receives a lot of Brute force attacks and has a high traffic or sensitive information. 2 step authentication secures your WordPress login area and makes it very complex for brute force attacks. Plugins which can be used for 2 step authentication are:
a. Clef
b. Duo
c. Authy
d. Google Authenticator
e. Rublon

These simple steps should make an user feel at piece of mind in terms of at least having timely backups and at least presenting his website with bare minimum security.

The next steps we are going to discuss are more complex steps in securing your WordPress website even further.

Complex Steps:

1. Steps listed in Hardening WordPress by Codex:
Most of these steps are for developers or for people who have been using WordPress for quite long and understand how wp-config works. Have used file manager or ftp and can implement changes in htaccess, wp-config etc.

These steps surely act as a starting point in securing your website. However still some of the few security plugins we are going to discuss next will place a net cover of security on your WordPress website and hence you should check the following ones as well:

2. Plugins that will help in malware detections and change of files detection:

a. Sucuri Site Scan: Sucuri Site Scan has quite a few tabs. On the first tab are general settings about when to get notified for alerts like login, brute force attacks, registration of new users, alerts for failed login attempts, plugin installation etc. So if you have many users in your website and many administrators or editors who might install plugin then these features are useful and essential. The second one is malware scan which tells you about any kind of malware or malicious codes present in any plugin or theme directory. It also checks for error files, modified files if any. Scan should be reduced if your site traffic is low and you are hosted on shared hosting since scan also takes up a lot of hosting ram. The third part is hardening of security like removing WordPress version (as lower versions are more prone to hack, hackers check version and they know on which version what kind of security vulnerabilities are present). Hence removal of WordPress version, Uploads directory where media gets stored needs to be secured and hardened, restricting wp-content access, readme.html to be hardened, default admin account to be removed and changed, default database prefix to be changed Sucuri Firewall protection we haven’t tested this but shows up using Cloudproxy Firewall which it claims should help you secure your site against DDOS, Brute Force and SQL injections. If you have used this feature then do let us know as we don’t have proof of this firewall really helping.

b. Antivirus: Another plugin which we have found useful is Antivirus. It detects WordPress Theme files and database files for security and exploit. Only con of this security plugin is that it will use wp-cron and if you set up a daily scan and in case your shared hosting isn’t that powerful and your website is bigger in size in terms of pages, posts and database then this plugin might eat up a lot of resource as it scans through the files and database tables.

c. Anti-Malware and Brute Force Security by ELI: Anti-malware and Brute Force Security as the name suggests does a great job in this regard. In case you sign up for the plugin at you get all the updates of known threats. It also scans htaccess for any scripts, it checks for timthumb exploits and warns you, it checks for any backdoor scripts and asks not to use you, and checks your login for any vulnerabilities. So this way this plugin does the task of anti-malware. Checks all original WordPress files as well. You may use it and check for any problems in your existing website and rectify them.

d. Theme Authenticity Checker: Well for most cases we try to have plugins scanned and general WordPress dashboard security like login, WordPress files etc but WordPress themes and their security is also important because there can be unnecessary scripts or obfuscated malicious code which can be easily hacked. Hence this plugin serves as a nice tool to get your theme scanned and checked and once you know which files are unwanted or which code is problematic can refer it to original theme author for either removal or change of code to safer practices or if there are too many vulnerabilities rather use a more safer theme. For most cases for theme checks it does better than Antivirus.

3. Security Plugins that will secure it further

a. All in One WP Security and Firewall: This one takes care of the following which summarizes most of the security you can take on your website:
i. User Login Security
ii. User Account Security
iii. User Registration Security
iv. System File Security
v. Firewall SetUp
vi. Blacklist Feature
vii. Database Security
viii. BackUps
ix. Firewall and Brute Force

b. WordFence Security

c. Better WP Security (now iThemes Security)

d. BulletProof Security

4. Others kept out of this list but may be useful:

a. Acunetix WP Security: Recently a lot of negative reviews have cropped up for this plugin on hence we couldn’t recommend it to you.

b. 6Scan Security: Many clients have complained about site going blank after installation of this plugin and hence we couldn’t recommend it to you.

c. Exploit Scanner

d. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Landing Page Builder plugins In WordPress Market And Ecosystem

engagebay landing page builder

We are living in a world of stiff competition. So, everyone has their own website and every website owner has entangled some business. There are many kinds of business and every businessman is trying to enhance their sales in one way or another. And, one of the ways to increase your sales is to create an elegant landing page. In the stream of digital marketing, a landing page is an extensive phenomenon and that too have reasons. There are also many landing page builder plugins of WordPress emerging due to the popularity of Landing pages. Landing pages are effective to turn your website visitors into your customers. If you are in a business that obligates landing website then you can quest for a topnotch design agency.

These days, many of the companies prefer to use the landing website. It is one of the optimum ways to advertise your products over the internet. You can advertise one or multiple products on a single landing page. We can also call it a promo page as it is doing promotion of our products. The best way is to use landing page builder plugins of WordPress. A variety of WordPress plugins are available on the internet. They help you to design a landing website with efficacy and convenience. And, if you do not have a sound knowledge of coding then, it will be much interesting for you. But, it is not that much arduous to create a landing website with WordPress. This is used to hide multiple pages of a website and to represent everything in a well-manner in one page.

Aspiration of a landing Website :
The basic notion behind using a landing website is to augment the conversion rate. Visitors usually come to a landing website from a link in another website or any other resource. This is known as contextual advertising. Landing page focuses only on one content. That is, it fulfills what the customers are searching for. On the landing page, clients cannot do any alternative action. Only one purpose will be fulfilled that is one for which the page is written. The content is informative and attractive as well. And, landing page is designed in such a well-manner that it will captivate visitors to buy the product.

Landing page plugins are one of the best ways to design an effective landing website. But before we go to the list of best landing plugins, I want to give you a suggestion. How to design a landing website in order to have more profit and high conversion? Here is the answer. You have to analyze customer behavior in a proper way to get your answer. Their interest, action, satisfaction and likewise. You have to be well aware of all these aspects of your customers. After doing proper analyzation you can design your landing website as per the customer behavior. This leads to inflate conversion rate of visitors and eventually enhance profit.

Best landing page builder plugins of WordPress:
Here we are going to discuss some of the optimum landing page plugins.

1. SKT Page Builder :
skt page builder

2. EngageBay landing pages:
engagebay landing page builder

If you get bored of using distended drag and drop landing page builder plugins. Then this is impeccable solution for you. Using this plugin you can create palatial landing pages within some minutes without any coding. One of the best features about this, you can connect your landing page with marketing and CRM software. You can also track the conversion rate on your landing page. Already it consists of clones of landing pages and with just a click you can create a new one. You just have to use This is one of the best landing page builder plugins of WordPress. It also comprised of readymade blocks so with the use of it you can create landing pages within a short span of time.

Can add subscribers forms also to your landing page. Custom CSS support is also made available. You can say that it is on the top among page builder plugins with its immense features and functionality. Consist of Visual Editor to bring all necessary changes to design and see results of your work in real time. Except for incorporation of multiple perplexed tools and features it pays attention also to providing the fascinating design.

Some of the key features are listed below.

Responsive design:
It will render aesthetically crosswise each device like mobile, desktop, laptop and others.

Pre-built Blocks and landing page templates:
You can easily encompass ready-made blocks in any of your pages. It comprised of various categories like header, footer, services, testimonials and others. You need not spawn website from scratch when you are already made available with ready made templates. You can customize them as per your requirements. All the templates are tested and provides instant conversions.

SEO Based:
You can customize key elements of SEO like meta description, page title, keyword and others. All based on impeccable Search engine optimization with the use of option made available.

It is much simple and easy to use page builder plugin. You just have to select a template, tweak the text, style and simply publish it. All this takes approx two minutes only.

Incorporate with other tools:
You can use Zapier to send entries from your EngageBay landing page Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, Pipedrive, Twilio, Madmimi, Getresponse and more.

It can be called as a ‘complete package’ of every obligatory facet to design an effective landing page.

3. WordPress landing pages:
WordPress Landing Pages

Landing page builder plugins of WordPress framework allows you to choose from a wide variety of landing pages. You can also design your own custom designs with the help of this plugin. It will give you the abilities run a/b or multivariate split tests on landing pages, to monitor and track conversion rates, and most importantly increase lead flow.

4. Landing Page cat:
landing page cat

You can create a truly beautiful, elegant, simple and a highly converting landing page with this plugin. In this plugin, developers have focused on only one main aspect. And, that main aspect is made you available with free extension to create splendid and conversion-optimized landing pages. This you can do with less time-consuming. It is one of the best things about this plugin.

5. Sunny landing page:
sunny landing pages

Sunny Landing page is used by more than 500 websites all over the world. It allows you to create an outstanding landing page and that too without any coding knowledge. You can grow your business by using engrossing and functional landing pages to a great extent.

6. Elementor page builder:

This is basically designed cling to requirements of designers and marketers. It is one of the best landing page plugins. You can use it to design amazing landing pages on your WordPress website. It is devised to boost your sales and build your e-mail list. A landing page cannot be substituted by the regular posts of other pages.

7. Ultimate landing page:
Ultimate Landing Page

It is an excellent WordPress drag and drop page builder to instantly create beautiful landing pages. It comes along with a variety of professionally designed templates. All these tools are optimized for conversion and lead generation. You can also drag and drop widgets to add different elements including images, backgrounds, text, multimedia, and more.

I have listed here some of the best landing page builder plugins of WordPress. You can use them to design an effective landing page. As a result, it will increase your sales to a great extent. Hope, you like reading this post.

Educational Uses of WordPress for Students and Teachers

Are you a student looking to build a website where you can provide academic transcription services? Or just looking for a way to connect with your fellow classmates and create a virtual space for online notes sharing? Look no further – you have landed at the right website!

As more people shift towards the trend of blogging, WordPress had become a favorite tool for these bloggers. Today, an increasing number of people are inching towards digital and so are educational institutions. As the shift towards online education becomes more common, students, educators and bloggers are turning towards the World Wide Web for resources and information that can be easily accessed. And one such source is WordPress.

As the world of blogging expands, so does the scope of educational blogs. Today, WordPress is being used for several educational purposes. Following are some examples on how this specific platform can be used by students or educators to enhance the educational experience.

1. Blogs – WordPress is a wonderful tool for bloggers and posting blogs. Teachers and students can utilize this to set up a blog for various purposes. While teachers could set up different blogs to host a virtual classroom, students can use that as their central location for information regarding upcoming assignments or download notes. Students on the other hand could set up a WordPress website as their personal project space where the team members can gather for sharing ideas and brainstorming.

2. Communication – Teachers often set up a blog as a means of communicating with the parents of their students. By updating information regarding class schedules, assignments and posting comments; parents are kept in the loop and are therefore updated with their children’s school activities.

3. Provide Writing Services
Often students are on the lookout for extra cash they could earn. And one of those ways is by providing writing services to other students. WordPress has several built-in templates and plugins that students can use to easily create a website offering these services and earning a side income.

4. Virtual Classroom
A website that has been setup to imitate a virtual classroom is one of the other educational uses of WordPress today.

5. Sharing Lesson Plans
The ability to post and share class lessons online and get feedback from other educators is another great way educational bloggers are using WordPress today. By building an online community and amassing a number of followers, who provide you with feedback and suggest alternate methods for executing lesson plans can prove to be extremely useful.

6. Integration of Multimedia
Quick and easy access is what everyone wants and requires today. And the same applies to students and teachers as well. An educational website built from WordPress can prove to be a great virtual resource for students from where they can easily download online lectures, notes, view class videos or share and embed videos. By easily embedding presentations, songs and videos in to posts, it creates an interactive and engaging learning experience for students which lead to increased understanding and execution of concepts and lessons.

7. Create their Portfolio for academic firm
Today every academic firm wants the applicant applying for a job (especially a recent graduate) to have a portfolio from where they could assess their work. However, lugging around a giant portfolio bag can not only be a complete pain and a hassle but also be an inconvenience. That’s where having your own website showcasing your work can help! Creating an online e-portfolio is a great option that students are preferring over carrying large folders and bags filled with their work.

8. Easier Sharing
Having an online page or website where you can download and share relevant documents and media links without a password is another way educators today are using WordPress. Such sites allow for flexibility to post to a page or a blog, making it a popular feature to be utilized.
While there are many other tools and platform that allow students and teachers to build an educational website, WordPress has become a favorite due to a number of reasons. Not only is it completely free and an open source, but also is easy to maintain and create as well provides the users with flexibility and versatility.

WordPress GDPR Plugins for 2020

GDPR WordPress Plugins

This read will help you out in figuring out the best WordPress GDPR Plugins for your website

The requirements for complying with the GDRP have overwhelmed individuals from around the world. Confused about what to do and what not to do is a stage faced by most website owners before ensuring the compliance of their sites.

The good news is that you can leave the entire compliance task to a plugin if you own a WordPress website.

You can choose from multiple options that can rescue you from this situation. The unnerving task of compliance can be conveniently converted into a simple one with a capable program which also ensures that users get the best experience on the website.

GDPR Cookie Consent

GDPR cookie consent

Everything is brought under one roof by this GDPR plugin. It ensures that you do not rely on other or multiple programs for the compliance of your website. For your WordPress website, the entire compliance will become easier and faster due to the development of this plugin.

To ensure the website’s user with the right to be forgotten it comes with a single click solution. Through the ‘forget me’ form, the users can request the erasure of the data.

Contacting the data protection officer, unsubscribing from the newsletter, requesting for data, and other such requests for various purposes are managed through forms.

The privacy of all users is entirely in their hands and as per their choice with this tool. Cookies can be enabled and even classified by users. The opportunity to send out privacy policy data and rectify their data is also ensured to the users.

Integration with third-party programs and services is one of the major benefits provided by the WordPress GDPR plugins in general and the same is also provided by this tool.

GDPR Cookie Compliance

GDPR cookie compliance

The GDPR cookie compliance of the WordPress website can be best handled with this tool. For the cookie notification banner, it comes with multiple templates to choose from.

If any of the existing templates do not match your WordPress site or if you are not satisfied with the element’s content then you can build your custom template or modify any of the selected element.

Cookies categories and cookies list can be easily managed by it. The cookies on your website can be automatically scanned and those can also be downloaded as CSV files. On a granular basis, it allows users to opt-in for cookies.

The highest degree of control with regards to granting permission for cookies can be achieved with these tools and functionality.

If you have users from countries where GDPR does not apply then you can conveniently modify the settings and exclude cookie notice for such countries.

It comes with the auto-script block feature which allows the user a smooth experience and also blocks scripts of third-party services that will ultimately install cookies in the user’s system. If the users provide their consent, only then, it will permit such external sources to install cookies.



Cookiebot is amongst the best WordPress GDPR Plugins and offers an impeccable solution to ensure the cookie compliance of a WordPress website.

After explicitly pronouncing user consent, the cookies will be added to the user’s system by this plugin of your site. All the non-essential cookies are blocked by its features. It also prevents other scripts or plugins to add cookies on the browser.

For the convenience of activating or deactivating cookies by the users, it comes with five categories of cookies.

In addition to the general cookie law of the GDPR, this cookie enables the website to comply with the laws of countries like the United States, EU, UK, German, and Italy. It comes with the best GEO-IP location feature.

The plugin is well-designed and offers 7+ cookie pop up templates to choose from for the users. If required it also allows customization of the selected template according to the requirement.

You can also opt to translate the popup into any language because the plugin is WPML compatible. Popular third-party service apps which are sometimes required by the users are also compatible with this plugin for ensuring superior functionality.


complianz GDPR

WordPress GDPR Plugins make it an effortless task to accomplish with the compliance. This plugin can be one of the best choices along with the regular GDPR compliance it also allows the website to get legal updates and comply with major laws which are country or region-specific.

It is necessary to set up legal documentation on your website for managing with the compliance. This task can be hectic and also requires proper attention.

When you use the Complianz plugin it offers you an excellent feature of the personal dashboard. You can monitor the legal documents here and set it up as required by you.

The plugin helps you by a setup wizard so that you can generate the cookie policy and privacy statements.

If required you can also create Data Processing Agreement and Disclaimer documents. It also offers advanced cookie settings like location-specific display, blocking non-functional cookies, the appearance of cookie notice, and others.

Clients have various perceptions and to get an insight into it the plugins statistics dashboard will help you. These statistics will help in improving the conversion ratio and also enhance the user-friendliness.



For complying with privacy and GDPR laws, WP DSGVO Tools (GDPR) is one of the widely used WordPress GDPR plugins. All legal documents which are essential for the existence of your website can be created with the help of this plugin.

Features that make this plugin peculiar and unique include terms & condition, GDPR privacy policy, management & generation of custom legal pages, and others.

The cookie notice banner on the website informs the users that cookies are in use on the website and this can be enabled with the help of this plugin. From the footer section, this plugin allows you to link legal notices. It also notifies about any recent changes or updates to the user.

These are among the best plugins that can be used for your website and enhancing its functionality.

The plugin that provides you with the ease of use and has been reviewed positively for the type of WordPress website that you intend to host must be selected.

Use of RSS in WordPress and Explanation with Regards to RSS

RSS is the most common term, but some bloggers are still unaware of its importance. If you ever come across RSS feed or links, and its benefits to improve the WordPress SEO and blog performance, then you must read out this page.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of RSS in WordPress and some good tips to improve the WordPress blog.

What is RSS?

RSS Feed Errors

RSS is abbreviated as Really Simple Syndication that sometimes pronounces as RSS feed. It is an easy way to send notifications, updates, and new content to the public. It is a new technology that lets millions of people to know about your website updates.

Now, gone were the days when you need to bookmark that website to know about the updates. The RSS made it simple for every reader and blogger to stay connected with each other with regular updates of new posts.

In simple words, now you do not need to do things manually. RSS will update you or allow users to see on your website and read your posts in their Emails.

How does RSS work?

category specific rss feed menu
RSS feed work to convert your publishing content into an XML document. These XML documents included the complete detail of your article along with metadata such as category, date, time author, and more.

This XML document read with an RSS feed reader. RSS Feed reader is available for different browsers, operating systems, mobile, and more.

The RSS in WordPress mainly located in the

 <a href="”"> 

. This can be shown when you inspect the page. To do so, right-click on the blog page and click on the page source option. Then HTML coding will appear. Give command CTRL+F and write RSS, this will take you to the RSS feed link.

Well, WordPress blogs come with in-built RSS feeds. Which is considered as by default and shows Meta tag that points your website’s RSS feed location. If you have disabled this then please enable. Why? Let us consider some of its great advantages of RSS in WordPress.

What are the trending benefits of RSS?

RSS in WordPress is important that make your existing and new users stay in touch with your posts via email. With RSS feed your active audience will see regular posting updates from your website to their devices like desktop, mobiles and more.

If you are running a website on healthy, beauty tips and you have lots of subscribers because they want to hear from you. For subscribers it is tough to remember your website address, hence RSS feed comes into place. How?

If your website had enabled RSS, so one the user subscribe to your page. So, he will get regular notification automatically of your new updates.

You do not need to put hard efforts to do this. Furthermore, it improves customer satisfaction in the way they can read your post even when they are offline.

The subscribers are highly interested to share the posts, so you will get more leads. Even the RSS feed helps to improve your website performance in some way and better SEO.

If you think as a user, RSS in WordPress sounds impressive. Because you can read each content of your favorite website at one roof without using internet data. If a user needs to comment on your website then you can just open the blog and comment with ease.

All things will be made easy for both bloggers and readers.

Today, countless bloggers using RSS in WordPress to maximize the reading of content, comments, and more subscribers. The beauty of RSS feed is, it will give you full update from the following rival website you can do even better.

How to use RSS feed?

It is quick and simple to use. All you need to subscribe to the RSS feed channels by using some good applications. On the market, there are numbers of RSS feed readers are available for different devices.

The following are some good readers that you can use:

  • Innoreader uses for Web, iOS, and Android.
  • The Old Reader uses for Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, and more.
  • Bloglovin used for Web, Android, iOS.
  • Feedly uses for Add-ons, iOS, Kindle, and Web.

You can add any of the above RSS feed readers. But if you need the best Feedly can be a smart choice. With this app, you can read content without the use of the internet and even continue reading after an hour of a break from where you have stopped. To use this app, enter your website and click on the follow button.

How you can improve the RSS feed of WordPress?

RSS in WordPress

As you got to know the importance of RSS feed. So, now you want to know how you can promote this to better your experience.

If your Website is in WordPress, the RSS feed is already enabled. To check this is on, enter
Web address/feed/

You can even add the subscribe button to your website of RSS feed which is in orange color. Link your RSS feed to e-mail so the user can get daily updates in their e-mail.

To better, the growth of the website just follow the given tips:

  1. Connect the RSS feed with emails social media channels to improve RSS feed
  2. Promote blogs to improve RSS feed
  3. Improve the RSS feed
  4. Add follow button of RSS feed in the website
  5. Add impressive images with blogs in RSS feed
  6. Add custom blogs and post to your RSS feed
  7. Allow users to subscribe to the authors of your website in RSS feed

Wrap Up

RSS Feed is a perfect tool to read from your favorite website as a user and competitor both. Apart from this, RSS is used to give a healthy impact on your website shares and comments that can boost the visibility of your website in a short time.

I hope with this article you have got useful information on RSS feed, its benefits and more.

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6 Unusual Layout WordPress Themes With Unique and Unseen Design

Unusual layout WordPress themes

When it comes to setting up your website, the first thing that you need to decide on is what sort of website framework do you require and what is the objective of your website? For example, if you are planning to set up a personal blog, you may want to try out a different theme but however, if you are planning to set up a professional website, then you could do no better than to check out some of the unusual layout WordPress themes. One of the reasons as to why you may want to opt for this particular framework is that it manages to encompass what your business is all about and with its advanced functionality; it showcases the same in rich, vivid detail that’s designed to attract more eyeballs.

As a result, your traffic rate should shoot up but more importantly, with this theme, you should have a dynamic and highly responsive website, which should help you snag more prospective leads and help ramp up that conversion rate as well. This is why you should try out a demo of some of the unusual layout WordPress themes and choose the one that seems like a good fit to you.

1. The Celebration

banquet hall


When it comes to unusual layout WordPress themes, this one stands out for all the right reasons. Apart from the aesthetically perfect design, the layout format is simplified so your users should be able to navigate your website easily. Apart from that this theme also comes loaded with both parallax scrolling as well as infinite scrolling which should help limit the bounce rate and improve your SEO. The theme comes loaded with advanced functionality as it is compatible with third party plugins, and all forms of browsers.

Moreover, it has already been tested for the same, but what makes this theme stand out is its intelligent design so the point that any user visiting your website, will have their attention directed to the pertinent parts of your website with the call to action. The user interface is simple, easy to understand and navigate with and more importantly, your website should be accessible from any device without any loss of functionality. In other words, this theme is 100% responsive, not to mention the fact that it is completely customizable as well. This theme comes with a small price tag of just $48 only, and it comes bundled with one year support as well.

2. My Dog

Dog WordPress Theme


If you are running a pet store and need a new website, then this theme would be a good fit. The theme itself ranks rather high among the rest when it comes to unusual layout WordPress themes; as a result of its slightly unusual layout it manages to get enough attention and for the right reasons. Apart from its slightly unusual layout, the overall design is minimalistic and comes completely customizable. The neat thing about this theme is that it is a multi-purpose one and can be used for setting up any business website. It also comes with both parallax and infinite scrolling which should provide your users with enhanced user experience as well as improve your rankings in the process.

Apart from this, the theme is also compatible with third part plugins and you should be able to increase the functionality of your website as well. For example, you can install social media plugins on your website so that your users can login using their social media credentials; this should help make it convenient for your users as well as improve their experience when using your website. What’s more, it’s also woo commerce compatible, which means that you can also set up a payment gateway with multi-payment options for your online customers. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 only which is a real steal given the additional features that it comes with.

3. Jewelry

Jewellery Shop WordPress Theme


Whether you are running a jewelry shop or operating any other business, this multipurpose theme should be a good fit. Apart from the fact that it ranks among the top ten when it comes to unusual layout WordPress themes, it comes loaded with advanced features that should help your visitors enjoy better user experience on your website. For starters, it comes with intelligent navigation and the design itself, though simple, also happens to be an intuitive and responsive one.

The theme comes with several features that is designed to increase the functionality of your website and in the long run, this can only help you provide your users with better services. The theme is also compatible with both third party plugins and multiple browsers; apart from this, the theme makes it possible for you to use translator plugins so that you can auto translate the contents of your website automatically. This should effectively help you to reach out to more prospective customers than before. The theme comes with a price tag of just $48 and is also woo commerce compatible which means that you can setup an online payment gateway easily.

4. Natural Herbs

Natural WordPress Theme


This particular theme is certainly eye catching for all the right reasons and that perhaps can account for the reason as to why it ranks high when it comes to unusual layout WordPress themes. What makes this theme stand out is the fact that it utilizes the base green color in a creative way and even though the theme itself may have been designed for the organic industry related theme, it can be reused for several businesses and verticals.

The theme comes with easy navigation and comes loaded with several widgets which provides for added functionality, from calendar, to pre-built pages, such as “about us”, “contact” and so on. Apart from these, the theme also comes with slides and various sliders, galleries that you can use to showcase your high resolution images as well as video feeds for optimal response. The theme itself is dynamic, and is 100% responsive as well which should make it all the more easier for other users to access your website through various devices. Billed at $39, the theme is attractively priced and comes with round the clock support as well.

5. Horse

Equestrian WordPress Theme


The equestrian WordPress theme makes it apparent why you need to consider unusual layout WordPress themes and especially this one if you are planning to set up a website. The theme is multi-purpose, dynamic and comes with intelligent design; moreover, the whole site from the CSS3 features to the layout and internal structure makes it clear why this theme gets top billing. One of the interesting features of this theme is that it comes with a simple landing page, with other pages being delegated to other sections that can be accessed through the drop down menu.

The overall effect is simplicity personified and as a result, your users should be able to navigate your website with ease and the added fact that this theme also comes with both parallax and infinite scrolling should help keep the bounce rate all the way down. It also comes loaded with various sliders and has compatibility with third party plugins that should help you add more slider as needed. With added functionality, your users should be able to enjoy better user experience and on the whole, provide you with good feedback and all of the same should also result in better SERPS. It comes with a price tag of only $39 along with round the clock support for a year.

6. IT solution

It Solution WordPress Theme


The IT solution WordPress theme comes with an animated CSS3 home page that should help make your website stand out from all the others out there. The theme has been designed to be multi-purpose and as such, it can be used for any industry/ vertical. What makes this theme special is the fact that it comes with an intelligent and intuitive design, and users should be able to locate any information they need on the site, within seconds. The fact that all the pages load fast makes it all the more easier to choose this particular theme over others.

This theme also comes with a banner area in the header which is dynamic and therefore can be replaced with high res images; but the interesting thing about inner pages and the posts is that they all come with side bar layouts which should help you tweak as to how each post appears to an online user. The theme is 100% dynamic, and completely scalable, which is all the more reason that you should opt for the same. It comes with a reasonable price tag of $39 and can be easily customized to fit your preference.

These are some of the top themes with unusual layouts; it is important that you check each one out individually and then decide on what you want. A better idea would be to do a short demo as that should clue you in as to how good the theme is and whether it is the one that you have been looking for.

Take Business to New Heights Using These Grunge WordPress Themes

Grunge WordPress themes

When it comes to websites, most often fail to gain much attention on account of their lousy design or the fact that they are loaded with so many plugins, that the pages take forever to upload. A recent study clearly highlighted the fact that online users rarely stay for more than a few seconds per page and given this short space of time, it is essential for you to do a thorough analysis of your website, your traffic, bounce rate, design and see if you need to go in for a makeover. And if you are running a business, this assumes more importance since you would want to attract more customers and naturally would need a design that’s all the more attractive and makes it easy for online users to access your website.

That’s why you may want to consider grunge WordPress themes and the various themes that incorporate the same. You may want to check out some of the top ranked grunge WordPress themes below and you should find that most of them are classically designed and can be used for any business niche with little or no changes. More importantly, these themes have all been pre-vetted and tested, so they are, as good as it gets, if not more.

1. Psychologist



This theme is about as grungy as it can get; it manages to encapsulate the best of a grunge WordPress themes and therefore it manages to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Coming with a dark background and incidentally, you can also go in for a lighter one, it comes packed with all the features, tools and widgets that you would ever need. More importantly, the side bars are neatly designed and the theme is designed in a way so as to focus your user’s attention to the main features of your website with special emphasis on the call to action.

The theme is completely customizable so you should be able to change any page element, create a button or an event. And nope, since the theme comes pre-loaded with short codes, you would not have to code anything at any point. The header can be incorporated with call to action and even though the theme was designed for a health site, it is a multi-purpose one and can be used with any business. The add-on templates should make it easy for you to add on extra pages such as “contact us” or “about us” and so on. Coming with a price tag of $39, it’s quite cheap and well worth the price.

2. Wood Works

WoodWorks WordPress themes


This theme ranks right at the top when it comes to grunge WordPress themes; it comes bundled with complete documentation which should make it easier for you to customize the website as you see fit. More importantly, it is completely customizable and all for $39. The neat part about fully customizable is the fact that you can tweak any part of the website, any page element and even change the font while you are at it.

With this theme, you should be able to create your own website in the way you want. The theme is also woo commerce compatible and with this theme, you should be able to set up your own payment gateway for your customers and even tweak it so that your website supports multi-payment options. This should help make it easier for your customers to purchase what they need online and in the process, enable you to provide your customers with enhanced user experience which in turn should help you get better rankings.

3. Decor

Decor WordPress theme


If you are operating a home décor business and need to set up a website, then this is the theme that you need to go for. But let me state right away that this theme is a multi-purpose theme and one that can be reused for any business. The theme comes with social media widgets, as well as plugins that should help enhance the functionality of your website and in the process, enable your users to log in using their social media credentials. Apart from this, the theme also comes with short code manager as well as hundreds of short codes that you can use to add buttons, alerts and even customize your whole website without breaking out into a sweat.

It also comes with various templates such as archive page, and even built in templates, pages that you can add on to your front page, such as contacts, about us, etc. The theme is compatible with all browsers as well as third party plugins and is translation ready. With this particular theme, you can target specified markets much more effectively and the fact that you can now display your web content in several languages means that you can ensure that your outreach is much more effective than before.

4. Painting

Painting Company WordPress theme


The painting company WordPress theme certainly stands out as one of the most attractive of the entire grunge WordPress themes so far. Coming with a price tag of $39, this theme comes with an attractive design, background and color tones, designed to attract eyeballs and to get your website the attention it deserves. The layout is simple enough and users should be able to locate the information they need without any hassle and with ease. The fact that this theme comes pre-loaded with various widgets should only help you to increase the functionality of your website.

It comes with a drop down menu, a neat information architecture as well as sliders and galleries that you can use to showcase select images. More importantly, the theme is 100% responsive which is good since as per latest studies, most of the online business is generated more from mobile phones than through desktops and laptops. So opting for this particular theme should enable you to increase the user experience on your website and in the process, help you rank better on SERPS.

5. Windows and doors

windows doors WordPress theme


The windows and doors WordPress theme is one of the top ranked grunge WordPress themes on account of its advanced functionality. While most themes come loaded with a built in page builder and this theme just goes a step further and makes it possible for you to use page builders like Elementor, Divi, Visual composer, Beaver, Live composer and others on your website. Apart from this, the theme comes with a neat classic design with the essential drop down menu, as well as sliders and galleries that you can use to showcase high resolution images. It is important for you to feature a few high resolution images on your website and this theme just makes it easier for you to do the same and it should help get you more page views as a result.

Moreover, this theme is compatible with woo commerce which should make it easier for you to set up a payment gateway with multiple options for your customers to choose from, when making their payment. What’s more, with this theme you can customize your site as you see fit and use the hundreds of short codes it comes with, for the same purpose. As the theme is compatible with third party plugins, you should be able to use the same on your website for advanced functionality. This theme comes with a reasonable price tag of $39 along with 24 hrs support.

6. Creative agency

Creative Agency WordPress Themes


As the name says, this theme was specifically designed for a creative agency but the good news is that it is a multi-purpose theme, meaning that it can be reused for any niche in any industry. The theme ranks quite well when it comes to grunge WordPress themes for the simple reason that its design is minimalistic, simple enough for most beginner users and can be easily incorporated into your website. The coding for the website has been done as per the WordPress codex theme standard and as such, the theme itself is robust, resilient and highly flexible.

So essentially, you can customize this theme as you see fit, from modifying the inner header to the font that’s used, so you should be able to redesign your website from scratch. The layout is simple enough and it comes loaded with galleries and sliders that you can utilize to feature your catalog or high resolution images, and even host a few videos. This makes more sense, seeing how from a marketing perspective, images and more importantly videos resonate better with online users than textual content.

These are some of the top ranked grunge WordPress themes; each stands out for one reason or the other so you need to decide which one you prefer. A better idea would be to do a beta test and demo some of these themes out before deciding which one you prefer to be installed on your website; all of these themes are reasonably priced and come with round the clock support.

4 Top Horizontal Layout WordPress Themes for Building a Flexible Website

Horizontal Layout WordPress Themes

If you are an interior designer or an artist, then you would definitely need a website and preferably one that’s built using WordPress, given the fact that WordPress ranks right on top when it comes to flexibility, ease of use and an outstanding CMS. What’s more, WordPress, is a free resource system and as such, you should be able to tweak the typography on your site, change the header, the footer and even the layout as per your preference. But more importantly, you may want to consider checking out some of the horizontal layout WordPress themes as they are perfect, for your website and should enable you to feature your work with the help of sliders and much more.

When it comes to horizontal layout WordPress themes, it is vital that you choose one that is 100% responsive, mobile friendly, and compatible with third party plugins. After all, you would want your users to be able to access your website through multiple devices without any loss of functionality. These are some of the themes that you may want to take a look at –

1. Décor

Decor WordPress theme


This theme can be utilized by interior decorators, artists, architects and other to showcase their work to perfection. The theme comes with four different layout options for the header and five options for the footer; it is completely customizable and comes with pre-built pages and templates, such as 404 error page, and a customizable search engine that should enable your users to search for specific product and information on the same.

When it comes to horizontal layout WordPress themes, Décor ranks right amongst the top, on account of its features and the fact that it comes with a simple classy design and more importantly, with full section scrolling feature that can allow your users to check out your designs/ prints/ pictures real close up. This theme also comes with various sidebar variations that you can use along with widgets and third party plugins that you can utilize to increase the functionality of your website. With this theme, your website should stand out for all the right reasons.

2. Windows and doors

windows doors WordPress theme


This theme is a multi-purpose theme that can be used for most verticals and industries alike. This theme is easy to install and comes with round the clock support that you can count on to resolve any issues that you may face, during installation. It comes loaded with pre-built templates, as well as page builders and is completely customizable, so you can tweak, modify and change any page element on your website without any hassle.

The header comes in four variations as far as the layout is concerned and it also comes with a inner header that you can customize to include a slider, a call to action or even a video or map. The point is that with this theme, you can customize your website and ensure that it gets the right amount of attention.

Windows and doors is 100% responsive and your users should be able to view your site with any device, from android to iPad without any loss of functionality. It also comes loaded with pre-built 101+ short codes that you can utilize and customize any feature on the website. Additionally, you can also use third party plugins to add additional shortcodes and to improve the functionality of your website for your customers.

3. Creative agency

Creative Agency WordPress Themes


This theme is perfect for any new website as it is a multi-purpose theme that can be customized for any business niche. It comes with step by step instruction including the set up and moreover, this documentation should prove handy when you are trying to customize it. This theme also ranks quite high when it comes to horizontal layout WordPress themes; with this theme, your users can use the drop down menu to check your other pages, and even use the full page scrolling feature to check out the various high resolution images in your gallery in close detail.

The overall design is pleasant enough and it is minimalistic enough so your users are not going to get confused which would defeat the purpose behind your website altogether. This website also makes it possible for you to use third party plugins and even set up a payment gateway as it is compatible with woo commerce.

It comes with a beautiful typography but you can customize it as per your preference. More importantly, the theme does come with a few pre-sets and if you do not like the same, you can always change the same with ease. Although the theme does come with 100+ short codes that you can use to improve the functionality of your website you can always use third party plugins to include additional short codes to the website. The theme also makes it possible for you to user widgets as well, to improve the functionality of your website and in the process, provide your users with better user experience and help boost up those rankings.

4. Painting

Painting Company WordPress theme


This WordPresstheme comes with a visually attractive design that’s both trendy and eye catching; it comes with drop down menus and thanks to horizontal layout WordPress themes, you can now display high-resolution images. This theme, apart from the fact that it is HD and retina ready, comes loaded with various features that you can use to increase the functionality of your website.

It is a completely customizable design that you can tweak and modify as much as you would like and as per your preference. This theme is compatible with third party plugins which you can use to improve the functionality, such as optimizing your website for better SERPS, providing your users with a search engine which they can use to locate specific information.

With this theme, your website should be a hit soon and more importantly, you should be able to improve on several metrics right form user engagement to navigation. This should result in your website getting better rankings and what’s more, by using pagination, you should be able to increase those page views, and coupled with social media plugins, you should be able to get better traffic and develop a larger audience base as well. This is why it is essential that you check out these themes at the earliest, as they can help you improve your performance.

Most people love to watch displays of art and the same applies to designers featuring great works of art which is why you need to go for a professionally designed framework that comes with a collapsible menu and are completely customizable. Given the fact that you are more or less, setting out to showcase your work, it is important that you use horizontal layout WordPress themes as they can showcase your work quite well. The fact is that these themes allow you to check out your work in all its glory and all that you would require are some horizontal layout WordPress themes to choose from and you should be able to make it happen.

When it comes to horizontal WordPress themes, it may be a good idea to choose ones that allow you to edit and tweak to your heart’s content; some may even allow you to add widgets to the drop down menu as well. The theme needs to come with multiple templates and must be multi-purpose apart from the fact that it must also contain toggable elements on the page which can be made visible one second and invisible the next, by employing these toggles. When it comes to horizontal WordPress themes, the one thing that you can count on is the fact that the horizontal layout WordPress themes come with full screen scrolling so that your users can check out your high resolution images with a single click.

It is important that you are able to provide your users with advanced functionality, as this can help improve user experience on your website. As a result, your rankings should improve and you should be able to give your online conversion rates a much needed welcome boost as well. Most of the customer prefers to check out the product online to get as much information as they need and the same applies here which is why it is essential for you to double check out these themes and even do a demo to make sure that they are perfect for your website.

The overall design of these horizontal layout WordPress must be simple and minimalistic in its approach as this can encourage online users to stick around and check out the rest of the site. Naturally, you need to make the site easy to use and ensure that the pages load fast. Nothing irritates a prospective customer than having to wait forever for the page to load which is why you may want to use cache plugin to improve the efficiency of your website and make sure that the theme you have selected is 100% responsive.

Make Website Stand Apart With Best WordPress Themes for Your Club

Make your website stand apart with the best WordPress themes

One of the hazards of setting up a website and marketing online is in making sure that you have picked out the right theme for your website. Assuming that you are looking for ways to rebrand yourself by giving your old website a makeover, the decision to choose the right theme becomes all the more important.

Granted that there are so many themes to pick from and for what it’s worth, most resemble each other as far as some of the main specs are concerned. However, if you want your website to stand out for all the right reasons, then you need to go premium or better yet, take a look at our WordPress themes club.

For a price tag of $99 only, you get access to over 250+ themes and that’s a lot, by any definition. And that’s why, with the WordPress themes club, you are more likely to land the right theme for your website than ever before. Just check out some of the main features of this theme and it should become clear why this theme does stand out for all the right reasons.

1. Scalability:

The WordPress theme is 100% responsive and completely scalable; one of the issues that most web owners had with their themes in the recent past is when their customers accessed their websites through other devices, including mobile phones, iPads, among others, they found the website in question truncated and that they could not access some of the features.

Naturally, this resulted in a higher bounce rate and loss of potential customers. However, with this collection of premium, tested and vetted themes, they are all responsive, do not come with a fixed width and are completely scalable. This is why it makes more sense to opt for the “all in one” package, when choosing to set up your own website.

2. Customization:

All the themes in the WordPress themes club are completely customizable. More often than not, many have found to their own detriment that the theme they had selected for their website, does not really provide for any customization other than a few cosmetic changes. But these themes do; moreover, they all come with 100+ short codes that you can utilize to change any page element on the website and also come loaded with various header, footer, sidebar, layout options. So you should be able to tweak and customize your website as much as you need.

3. Compatibility:

What makes the themes of the WordPress themes club is the fact that they are all cross browser, cross device and cross plugin compatible. These themes are compatible with third party plugins and as a result, they make it possible for you to enhance the functionality of your website and to be able to provide your users with better user experience.

Thanks to these plugins, you should be able to integrate a dynamic payment gateway on your website with multiple forms of payment including digital wallets. You should also be able to optimize your content, from text to images, with the right plugin and as a result, be able to increase your SEO rankings. Moreover, you should be able to provide your audience with better streamlined content, sliders with high resolution images and videos, and be able to interact with them more.

4. Translation:

What makes the WordPress themes club stand out is the fact that all their themes come with POT file, and are translation, HD retina ready. And since the themes are already compatible with third party plugins, you can use translation plugins to install on your website so that users can access the content of your website in multiple languages. The one major advantage to having your website in multiple languages is that you can market your products and services to a wider audience than before. And as a result, you should get more traffic and your conversion rate should also improve.

5. Parallax scrolling:

One of the advantages of parallax scrolling is the nice appearance and finish it lends to your website. With the background scrolling at a different speed than the foreground, it tends to make your website stand out for all the right reasons. And most of the themes in the WordPress themes club come with the same as well, which is all the more reason that you should opt for the same.

6. Infinite scrolling:

A recent study highlighted the fact that infinite scrolling actually helps to keep down the bounce rate as well as improve your SEO rankings. Infinite scrolling is a web design technique that constantly keeps loading the content and as a result of choosing a theme with the same, you are bound to get more page views, better interaction with your users and higher SEO ratings. The good news is that most of the themes in the club do come with infinite scrolling so you should be able to keep the bounce rate all the way down.

7. Flexibility:

This is the all too important criteria; it goes without saying that whether you are choosing the platform to build your website on or the framework, you need to make sure that it is flexible, easy to use and that users are able to navigate your pages easily, without a hassle. The best part about the WordPress themes club is that all the themes are quite flexible and come with an intuitive design and intelligent navigation.

Your users, landing on your front page should find their focus being drawn automatically to the important features of your website including the ‘call to action’, and that’s why you need to go for the themes club, especially if you want your website to get more traction online.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should consider WordPress themes club; it comes loaded with various features and add-ons, and with the right theme in place, you should be able to give a boost to your online traffic as well as your SEO rankings.

6 Lead Generation WordPress Themes to Give Your Marketing a Boost

Lead generation WordPress themes

If you are planning to set up a website for your business, then there are a few things that you should know, before choosing to set one up. You need to take care when deciding which platform to base your website on and more importantly, what framework to go with. This is why it is important for you to sit down, and chalk out a blue print starting with what you think you need the website for, the objectives, and what you think your target audience would prefer? All these questions are important from a marketing perspective as it enables you to design a website that caters specifically to your target audience and as a result, should help you generate a loyal customer base.

For starters you may want to check out some of the lead generation WordPress themes; they are all designed to help you reach out to more customers and to generate more leads in the process. Granted, the process of choosing a WordPress theme is never easy given the fact that there are so many online, which is why we have collated some of the very best, and have listed them out for your convenience. So, check them out.

1. SEO Marketing

SEO WordPress theme


When it comes to lead generation WordPress themes, this one stands out on account of its simplicity and flexibility. With this theme, and the fact that it is completely customizable means that you should be able to customize any page element in the background and see the same on the front end, instantaneously. The theme is cross browser, cross device and cross platform compatible – meaning that it is 100% responsive and your users should be able to access your website without loss of functionality. What’s more, the theme has been designed by experts, and in a way that it makes use of strategic white space to direct your visitors’ attention to specific parts of your website.

It also comes with 600+ font based social icons so that you can use the same on your website. The theme is widget friendly and what’s more, it is compatible with third party plugins that you can install on your website for more functionality. You can use plugins to collect visitor information as well as make it easy for them to subscribe to your product updates. This should help generate more leads for your business; the theme is currently pegged at $48 and comes with support for one full year.

2. Car Rental

car rental WordPress theme


This particular theme stands out as one of the best lead generation WordPress themes. Even though this theme was designed for a specific niche, it is also a multi-purpose theme meaning that you can reuse this theme for most business verticals. The theme itself comes with both full wide and boxed layouts with a minimalistic look and drop down menu. The overall effect is pleasing to the eye but what makes it stand out is the fact that it also comes with a built in customizer that you can use to change any page element on your website, once you have the theme installed.

It also comes with 800+ Google fonts which you can use to change the fonts by making use of some of the easy typography options. And as it is cross browser, cross device and cross platform compatible, your users should be able to access your website on any device without loss of functionality and as the pages themselves do not come with fixed width, your users should be able to access the complete page. It is also third party compatible and you can use various page builders such as eaver, site origin, elementor, visual composer, live composer, sandwich and pootle and more to build additional pages. The theme comes priced at $48, along with support for a full year.

3. Adventure

adventure WordPress theme


If you own an adventure gear shop or into adventure sports, then you would definitely want to check this theme out. The theme itself, aptly named is one of the top ranked lead generation WordPress themes. It comes with a simplistic layout and a drop down menu; this should make it easier for your users to use your website. More importantly, the theme also comes with both full wide and boxed layout so you can choose as per your preference. Moreover, it is cross platform, cross device, cross browser compatible along with the fact that your users can review and check your website out with any device, thanks to this theme.

One of the issues most users had when using devices such as mobile phones to checkout other websites was the loss of functionality. But this theme is completely scalable and your user should not run into the same issue. The theme is woo commerce and third party plugin and as a result, you should be able to set up an integrated payment gateway for your users with multi payment options. The theme certainly stands out for the right reasons and comes with a price tag of $48, along with one year support, round the clock.

4. Game Zone

game developer WordPress theme


The theme is just what every budding entrepreneur needs; a professional multi-purpose theme that manages to enhance user experience which again is why this theme ranks better when it comes to lead generation WordPress themes. The theme itself comes with a minimalistic design and one that can enable you to make strategic use of white space so that your user’s attention is re-directed to the main parts of your website. The theme itself comes with several blog layouts and as it is fully customizable, you can change any page element on your website, with ease.

What’s more, the website is compatible with third party plugins which should enable you to increase the functionality of your website. You should be able to integrate social media plugins on your website, enabling your users to login with their social media credentials. And let’s not forget the fact that this theme comes with default slider with at least 10 slides that you can use to feature high resolution images, videos, iframe, banner and much more. The theme comes with a price tag of $48 only, along with support for one year.

5. SKT Banking

banking WordPress theme


Of all the lead generation WordPress themes, what makes the banking WordPress theme stand out is the fact that it is easy to use and more importantly, is quite easy to customize. The theme itself comes with several hundreds of built in short codes that you can use to set up additional pages such as ‘testimonials’ or ‘contact us’ or create a button for use on your web page and much more. The fact is that the theme is completely organic, well developed, aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, completely customizable. If these reasons are not enough as to why you should go ahead with this theme, then read on.

The theme is also woo commerce compatible, and since it is already compatible with third party plugins, you should be able to set up an integrated payment gateway for your customers. The theme makes it possible for your website to stand out for all the right reasons and as it comes with advanced functionality, it should help improve your rankings. The theme comes with a price tag of $48 and with it, you should be able to generate more leads in no time at all.

6. SKT Education

SKT Education


This theme is a tad futuristic and it certainly looks that way – from its classic layout structure along with the drop down menu, sections, etc. The theme is a multi-purpose one, which you can use for other niches as well; the great part about WordPress is that you can change the theme at any point but your content and posts remain put. Anyway, this theme comes with several short codes that you can utilize to change any page element. The theme also comes with both parallax and infinite scrolling that should help keep the bounce rate on your website all the way down and generate more leads in the process.

It is also retina and HD ready, and along with this, you can use the sliders that the theme comes with to feature images, media, etc. It is also woo commerce compatible and your users should be able to enjoy advanced functionality on this website. As a result, your seo rankings are bound to go up; the theme comes with a price tag of $48 and you can use multi-lingual plugins with this theme so that you can reach out to more customers.

These are some of the top lead generation WordPress themes; you can check out each individually; and what’s more, you should short list a few so that you can demo a same, and this should help you decide which.

Gratis WordPress Themes That Will Take Your Business to New Heights

Gratis WordPress themes

Setting up a website is not hard, it should only take you a matter of moments but setting up a successful website can take time and you need to plan ahead. That’s why when you are about to set up your own website, you may want to take some time to finalize the objectives of your website and what you are trying to accomplish with it. Once you have the purpose down, you can then move onto choosing an appropriate theme for your website. Keep in mind that you do not just need a great design but you need a functional theme, especially one that comes loaded with multiple features.

That’s why you may want to go ahead with Gratis WordPress themes. For starters, these themes have been designed by some of the top experts in WordPress and come loaded with various features and advanced functionality. It is important to incorporate some of these value add features to your website since you can provide your customers with advanced functionality, give them a reason to revisit your website and in the process, get ranked better on SERPS. That’s why you should check out some of the top themes for gratis WordPress theme.

1. Locksmith


When it comes to gratis WordPress theme, this one ranks rather high on account of the fact that it is easy to set up and easy to use. It comes with a simplistic design with multi layout options. You can set up the home page and choose the sections for the other pages; this theme makes it that easy to set up a website. It comes with third party compatibility and with it, you should be able to provide your users with advanced functionality when they are using your website.

Moreover as the theme is woo commerce compatible you can also set up an integrated payment gateway and your customers can place orders and pay for the same online. With this theme, you should be able to streamline your marketing and use several marketing campaigns to boost up the traffic to your website. But please keep in mind that a website has to standout on account of its design and functionality, and this theme does that and much more.

With this theme, you should be able to use the theme for other niches as well, since it is a multi-purpose theme. More importantly the theme is 100% responsive and fully scalable, so your users should be able to access the same with complete functionality. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 only along with support for a year.

2. Disco Dancer

disco dancer WordPress theme


The dance WordPress theme, manages to encompass the best that gratis WordPress themes have to offer; to that end, apart from its simple, elegant design with the drop down menu, it also comes with easy installation, along with intelligent navigation. With this theme, your users should find it easy to navigate through your website. The theme is completely customizable and is HD ready and has already been tested for higher resolutions of 320 px to 3000px. The theme also comes with POT file and is translation ready; moreover since the theme is compatible with third party plugins, you should be able to use multi-lingual plugins and make available the contents of your website in various languages. This is a big plus, as it can help you market your products and services to a much wider audience which should help your audience numbers swell up. As the theme is completely customizable, you should be able to edit, modify any part with ease. The theme is also woo commerce compatible and you can set up an integrated payment gateway and shopping cart for your customers with ease. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 along with support for a year.

3. Fashion Trends

fashion WordPress theme


This theme, ranks among the top ten as far as gratis WordPress themes are concerned, mostly on account of its functional design and its ease of use. The fact that the theme is customizer based makes it all the more easier to customize which is why you should take a closer look at this theme. This theme has been designed by experts and it has been coded to be resilient and highly adaptable, to that end, you should be able to reshape your website as you see fit. And as the theme is compatible with third party plugins, you should be able to use the same on your website and with it, you should be able to provide your users with advanced functionality.

It is also compatible with SEO plugins making it a lot easier to optimize the website with the same. As a result, your website should rank better in terms of SEO and advanced functionality thanks to these third party plugins. The theme is 100% responsive and fully scalable; so your users should be able to access the same without loss of any functionality. The theme is priced at $39 only, which is a bargain given the additional features that comes with the theme.

4. Teethy

teethy WordPress theme


One of the things that should strike you about this theme is its eye catching design along with the simple layout, drop down menu which serves to focus the user’s attention to the “call to action”. This is why this particular theme gets listed among the top when it comes to gratis WordPress themes. The theme comes loaded with a lot of great features including sliders that you can utilize to showcase high resolution images as well as videos. You can also install several widgets in the side bar and other parts of your website and given that the website is compatible with third party plugins, it should enable you to provide your users with better customer service and user experience.

As a result, your rankings should improve for the better and with better SERPS, you are bound to get more traffic. The theme comes with header and footer layout options as well as multi-layout options for the website along with 600+ font based icons. With the 100+ short codes that the theme comes loaded with, you can change any page element on your website, and even add more short codes as and when required. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 along with complete support for a year.

5. Photo Dock

Portfolio wordpress theme


This theme certainly stands out as one of the best examples of gratis WordPress theme. Apart from its creative design, aesthetic features, and ease of use, the theme stands out on account of its intelligent navigation and the way that it focuses the user’s attention to important parts of the page. The theme comes with over 600+ Google fonts, and is RTL compatible, meaning that it can also feature languages in the left to right format as well.

The theme is compatible with cross platforms, and cross devices, so your users should be able to access your website from any platform. Moreover, the theme is compatible with third party plugins and is translation ready. So, with the right plugin installed, you should be able to translate the contents of your website easily, so that you can increase your reach and market your products and services to a wider audience. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 along with bells and whistles.

6. Charm

WordPress blog theme


The WordPress blog theme is perfect for any personal, lifestyle blog or to even set up a professional website. The theme itself is multi-purpose so it can be used for most business niches. It comes with a neat layout and loaded with over 580+ Google fonts. It is completely customizable and you can change any of the page elements with ease. Above all, the theme comes with multi-layout design, compatibility with page builders, and advanced functionality. It is also woo commerce compatible so you should be able to set up an integrated payment gateway for your customers with multi-payment options.

It also comes with sliders with built in pause and animation, so you should be able to showcase high resolution images as well as videos on your website. And since videos and images make for better marketing impact, it makes more sense to use the sliders to showcase the same. The theme comes with 100+ short codes and you can always add more; it is more flexible than some of the other themes and in that sense, it certainly manages to standout. The theme comes with a price tag of $39, along with full support for one yer.

These are some of the top ranking gratis WordPress themes; you can choose your pick. But do remember to test out the theme first before installing it on your website and keep in mind that with the right theme in place, you should be able to get your message across more effectively. And that’s why it is essential you choose the right theme when setting up your website,