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Horizontal Layout WordPress Themes for Building a Flexible Website

Horizontal Layout WordPress Themes

If you are an interior designer or an artist, then you would definitely need a website and preferably one that’s built using WordPress, given the fact that WordPress ranks right on top when it comes to flexibility, ease of use and an outstanding CMS. What’s more, WordPress, is a free resource system and as such, you should be able to tweak the typography on your site, change the header, the footer and even the layout as per your preference. But more importantly, you may want to consider checking out some of the horizontal layout WordPress themes as they are perfect, for your website and should enable you to feature your work with the help of sliders and much more.

When it comes to horizontal layout WordPress themes, it is vital that you choose one that is 100% responsive, mobile friendly, and compatible with third party plugins. After all, you would want your users to be able to access your website through multiple devices without any loss of functionality. These are some of the themes that you may want to take a look at –

1. Décor:
Decor WordPress theme


This theme can be utilized by interior decorators, artists, architects and other to showcase their work to perfection. The theme comes with four different layout options for the header and five options for the footer; it is completely customizable and comes with pre-built pages and templates, such as 404 error page, and a customizable search engine that should enable your users to search for specific product and information on the same.

When it comes to horizontal layout WordPress themes, Décor ranks right amongst the top, on account of its features and the fact that it comes with a simple classy design and more importantly, with full section scrolling feature that can allow your users to check out your designs/ prints/ pictures real close up. This theme also comes with various sidebar variations that you can use along with widgets and third party plugins that you can utilize to increase the functionality of your website. With this theme, your website should stand out for all the right reasons.

2. Windows and doors:
windows doors WordPress theme


This theme is a multi-purpose theme that can be used for most verticals and industries alike. This theme is easy to install and comes with round the clock support that you can count on to resolve any issues that you may face, during installation. It comes loaded with pre-built templates, as well as page builders and is completely customizable, so you can tweak, modify and change any page element on your website without any hassle. The header comes in four variations as far as the layout is concerned and it also comes with a inner header that you can customize to include a slider, a call to action or even a video or map. The point is that with this theme, you can customize your website and ensure that it gets the right amount of attention.

Windows and doors is 100% responsive and your users should be able to view your site with any device, from android to iPad without any loss of functionality. It also comes loaded with pre-built 101+ short codes that you can utilize and customize any feature on the website. Additionally, you can also use third party plugins to add additional shortcodes and to improve the functionality of your website for your customers.

3. Creative agency:
Creative Agency WordPress Themes


This theme is perfect for any new website as it is a multi-purpose theme that can be customized for any business niche. It comes with step by step instruction including the set up and moreover, this documentation should prove handy when you are trying to customize it. This theme also ranks quite high when it comes to horizontal layout WordPress themes; with this theme, your users can use the drop down menu to check your other pages, and even use the full page scrolling feature to check out the various high resolution images in your gallery in close detail. The overall design is pleasant enough and it is minimalistic enough so your users are not going to get confused which would defeat the purpose behind your website altogether. This website also makes it possible for you to use third party plugins and even set up a payment gateway as it is compatible with woo commerce.

It comes with a beautiful typography but you can customize it as per your preference. More importantly, the theme does come with a few pre-sets and if you do not like the same, you can always change the same with ease. Although the theme does come with 100+ short codes that you can use to improve the functionality of your website you can always use third party plugins to include additional short codes to the website. The theme also makes it possible for you to user widgets as well, to improve the functionality of your website and in the process, provide your users with better user experience and help boost up those rankings.

4. Painting:
Painting Company WordPress theme


This WordPresstheme comes with a visually attractive design that’s both trendy and eye catching; it comes with drop down menus and thanks to horizontal layout WordPress themes, you can now display high-resolution images. This theme, apart from the fact that it is HD and retina ready, comes loaded with various features that you can use to increase the functionality of your website. It is a completely customizable design that you can tweak and modify as much as you would like and as per your preference. This theme is compatible with third party plugins which you can use to improve the functionality, such as optimizing your website for better SERPS, providing your users with a search engine which they can use to locate specific information.

With this theme, your website should be a hit soon and more importantly, you should be able to improve on several metrics right form user engagement to navigation. This should result in your website getting better rankings and what’s more, by using pagination, you should be able to increase those page views, and coupled with social media plugins, you should be able to get better traffic and develop a larger audience base as well. This is why it is essential that you check out these themes at the earliest, as they can help you improve your performance.

Most people love to watch displays of art and the same applies to designers featuring great works of art which is why you need to go for a professionally designed framework that comes with a collapsible menu and are completely customizable. Given the fact that you are more or less, setting out to showcase your work, it is important that you use horizontal layout WordPress themes as they can showcase your work quite well. The fact is that these themes allow you to check out your work in all its glory and all that you would require are some horizontal layout WordPress themes to choose from and you should be able to make it happen.

When it comes to horizontal WordPress themes, it may be a good idea to choose ones that allow you to edit and tweak to your heart’s content; some may even allow you to add widgets to the drop down menu as well. The theme needs to come with multiple templates and must be multi-purpose apart from the fact that it must also contain toggable elements on the page which can be made visible one second and invisible the next, by employing these toggles. When it comes to horizontal WordPress themes, the one thing that you can count on is the fact that the horizontal layout WordPress themes come with full screen scrolling so that your users can check out your high resolution images with a single click.

It is important that you are able to provide your users with advanced functionality, as this can help improve user experience on your website. As a result, your rankings should improve and you should be able to give your online conversion rates a much needed welcome boost as well. Most of the customer prefers to check out the product online to get as much information as they need and the same applies here which is why it is essential for you to double check out these themes and even do a demo to make sure that they are perfect for your website.

The overall design of these horizontal layout WordPress must be simple and minimalistic in its approach as this can encourage online users to stick around and check out the rest of the site. Naturally, you need to make the site easy to use and ensure that the pages load fast. Nothing irritates a prospective customer than having to wait forever for the page to load which is why you may want to use cache plugin to improve the efficiency of your website and make sure that the theme you have selected is 100% responsive.

Parenting WordPress themes for being mommy website


A search – based collection of parenting WordPress themes for parenting blogs and magazines, as well as mommy, pregnancy and woman – centric websites.

The art of good parenting should be mastered by every single individual who is going to take the massive responsibility of becoming a parent. From pregnancy planning to health care, from the first days following the child birth to its adulthood, methods and principles of right upbringing and any other topic catering to the development of the child’s physical, mental and psychological health are always at the center of massive attention across the globe.

As the global networking system has had a great impact on the modern life while streamlining access to any target information, today any kind of parenting – related content is quite easy to find and read in a few simple clicks, be it fertility, pregnancy planning, baby names, toddler, child, food, diapers, baby sleep and feeding, health and much more.

In this article we have taken the trouble of analyzing all the available templates for being mommy website and sorted out the best parenting WordPress themes for you to start truly informative and useful parenting content and help tons of mommies to get professional advice and consultation.

And since the truth lies in the details, let’s take a separate view of each of them.

1. Play School:
education WordPress theme


Create your powerful and parent –optimized website with the help of Play School and simplify the process of content scanning for your website visitors. Rather than going out of their comfort zones and driving outside to reach libraries or buying some thematic journals, they can sit back and surf the worldwide web to find any kind of parent or child – relating information. And since Play School shares totally SEO – optimized nature when supported by SEO plugins, your chances will be high to meet your potential web visitors at the right place. Colorful and engaging, smoothly navigable and easy to customize, Play School is convenient also for children and education topics ranging from preschools and schools to babysitters, as well as diverse learning platforms, private courses and others. It comes with different page and post layouts to choose from, bundle of shortcodes for instant content setup, as well as homepage preloaded slider with controllable effects to showcase alluring and beautiful images of babies and children.

2. Teethy:


Meet Teethy as one of the most strenuous, pragmatic and cost – effective parenting WordPress themes obtainable from the current WordPress depository. Multi – service and general – purpose, the theme is ready made to cover myriad topics and niches revolving around children and parents, parenting, childhood, child development, mother and newborn health care, etc. Child doctors, pediatricians, dentists, accoucheurs, gynecologists, health consultants and other relevant doctors and medical experts can highly benefit from this template and create their online profiles for doctor – patient communications. Beautiful design traits used in the graphics, top quality of coding, admin – friendly working dashboard, easy to read and follow documentation, as well as premium-quality support are bonuses coming together with responsiveness and plugin compatibility of Teethy.

3. Diet and Nutrition:
diet and nutrition WordPress theme


Enjoy all improvements of online connectivity with Diet and Nutrition. Create your high – quality content and publish them in nicely – categorized sections and areas provided by Diet and Nutrition. Be the primary resource of information for thousands of parents and parents to –be and provide them with any kind of content they wish. Establish your online dominance via home section and create your serious – looking product, share your history and origin via about us and enlist all your consultations and services, therapies and tests in services section. With widgetized footer area and blog availability, Diet and Nutrition will never let your parenting website be constrained by display size of any mobile or other portable device and will take care of how content is laid out on every screen in a legible fashion.

4. Gravida :
corporate WordPress theme


Balanced between contemporary look and feel and functional stability, Gravida is another valuable sample in our list of parenting WordPress themes to turn parents’ heads with its exclusive appearance and easy to use nature. It’s one of the user – friendliest WordPress templates you will ever find to fully master your website. The whole establishment and customization maneuver will take you few minutes and little efforts while letting you save tons of time and financial means which could be spent on hiring professionals to assist you. Initially WooCommerce – compliant and e – commerce – ready, this well – laid out and robust website builder can be used for online store creation so that you can sell baby care products, cloths, lotions, baby creams, washes, shampoos, powders, diapers, etc.

5. Shudh Pro:
minimal WordPress theme


Clean – coded and streamlined, decorated with the touches of minimalistic design style, Shudh Pro is ready to build unbeatable digital experience for a parenting website admin of any background. Superbly resilient and flexible, visually precise and pristine, this website builder can be the most reasonable and cost – effective solution at any level of your website creation and further management. Packaged with suitable portfolio and other sections, color changing options, font and other icons and much more, Shudh Pro will enable you to add your finishing touches to the given platform right from the backend with intuitive performance.

6. Girlie:
girly WordPress theme


Going from hobby to serious business, from local popularity to global fame, from limited capacity to groundbreaking one, absolutely anything will be possible with Girlie as a feminine – centric pattern among parenting WordPress themes at your fingertips. If you are a feminine entrepreneur, business lady, pediatrician, child care center representative or parenting psychologist and non – techy in the digital world, Girlie is ready to breathe life into your seeing. Elegant and thriving, this template is remarkable intelligent and responsive when it comes to mobile and tablet usage, so that your content will respond to all the challenges across different browsers and platforms for your end – user’s convenience to scan your content all the time.

Check other WP Themes at SKT Themes.

10 Ways to Improve Your Mobile App UX

Improve Your Mobile App UX

Several ways to improve your Mobile App UX discussed

Do you want to make your mobile applications smarter and successful? In the present time, you may already know the value of mobile and its applications. People are now connected with phones and love to make searches frequently.

Therefore, if you are involved in the mobile development process or need to increase Mobile App UX. Then here is the list of top 10 ways that can help a lot to offer cutting edge solutions for users.

UX stated as the User experience that often known to describe the app’s usability and achievement. To accomplish this goal, you need to prepare and implement a strong strategy that gives complete worth to your efforts.

1. Develop the Impressive App

We all know this fact, the user takes only a few seconds to decide the app is best or just a wastage. So, to impress your audience you need to think according to their mind and needs.

The Mobile App UX should be fantastic and eye-catching that attract user in seconds and they just want to stay with you. Do not rely only on putting high-quality content, this sometimes misleads the user.

Keep engaging, straight that describes clear what you are and why they should use the app. The other thing you need to make sure is do focus on adding images, videos that offer great UX.

2. Make Your App Design Simple & Responsive

The motive of app development is to accomplish the goals of the user so they found your app best. This can be possible if the app design is simple and perfect for use.

With this, the user can find the content with ease and take benefit from it. The interesting app for the user is only which is easy to load, offer high UX, and easy to navigate on the devices.

The other thing you need to look at is to make your app super responsive that can access by anyone at any device.

3. Add Visual Data

data presentation and visualization

The interceding Mobile App UX in which the color theme, visual photos, videos are in high numbers. No one is interested in text-based content. Users mostly love to open the file which is easy to navigate and learn.
With these, the user will feel more engaged with the content and keep him longer in your app that improves the performance and reviews as well.

4. Keep the App Easy

Mobile Application Advantages Disadvantages

If your app is about sharing good information, education, etc. that requires information from users such as by registering names, phone numbers then make sure the process is easy and fast.

If there is any delay in loading pages and accessing the account, the user will take one second to leave your app.

So, Mobile App UX is perfect that just make the user happy. All you need to do is reduce the user efforts on your app and scan all the techniques that should be simple.

5. Connect with Social Media

social media thinking

When it comes to user experience, your primary focus is to make the app registration process easy so the user just converts in your app smoothly.

According to stats, most of the users found trouble while doing the signup process. Even some leave the process incomplete due to the long process.

To make the signup process faster just connect it with social media with a simple click. This gives your user a good and smooth process to have in touch with your app.

6. Reduce Loading Time

The other important thing you need to check is the speed. If your app is taking a long loading time then the user can leave you without thinking the second time. Make sure the app has high speed and pages are easy to navigate.

This eventually improves the user experience. The other thing you need to sure, the app download time should be 5 seconds. In case it is taking 1-2 minutes, the user will stop the download.

7. Smart User Interface

user experience

The smart user interface can help in improving the app UI along with UX. When the user gets consistency in the app and makes user usage easy with no pitfalls, they feel the best outcomes and leave good reviews for you.

To do the best in this UI/UX app design is perfect. Even you can take the help of a professional web and app Development Company.

8. Make Search Easier

When anyone user searches you, his motive is to collect some useful information about the product or it could be any. So, you need to do is make the search are highly integrated that give good wish to make your search experience better. One thing you need to check, the search box should be easy.

9. The App Should be User-friendly

user friendly

The pro tip to make Mobile App UX better, you need to check the customer support. It doesn’t matter how good your app is, but it has to be user-friendly that gives them good assistance when they need it.

Chatbox or email message should be on, so when your user needs help they get a good worth.

10. Don’t Forget the Market

Maybe you are thinking now, why market? Well, it applies to all. While developing your app, it is important to study your customers and their needs.

User needs a smart app that works in a single touch and gives worth to their efforts. Interactive and useful apps always rock in the market.

If you are all set to develop Mobile App UX then do follow all the above tips to make you and your user happy.

Wrapping Up

No one needs to put their efforts where the chances of outcomes are negative, whether it is from a user point of view or the developer.

With the proper market research and caring for some good tips, while developing, you can produce the best that can meet with the user’s requirement.

With proper hard work, you can get the nest sales, high conversion rate, best user experience, and great outcomes.

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Why You Should Care About Your Websites Page Speed

When it comes to page speed, even a fraction of a second can influence user experience to a great extent According to a study, more than half of all internet users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. A website which is taking more than 2 seconds is considered slow.

If your website takes more than 2 seconds to fully load, it can be a serious concern. A slow loading website can cause significant loss – most website owners lose their loyal audience just because their website loading speed is not acceptable. A slow loading website, apart from being annoying, has numerous other negative effects that are worth considering.

In this post, we will take a look at why you should improve your website speed, but before that let’s know what is the ideal speed for a website.

What is an Ideal Page Speed?
You might have noticed, over the years, the focus has progressively shifted to mobile. Now mobile has turned into the mainstream. However, still many people find their desktop-computers useful for their daily online experiences.

Nevertheless, one thing is a fact, whether a user is using desktop or mobile device he expects a website to load fast. Website owners who consistently offer smooth and lightning fast user experience always have greater chance to enhance their customer engagement, increase conversion and sales and improve search engine ranking.

Everyone knows that good page speed is crucial, but the point is what is an ideal page speed. Well, every expert has its own opinion on website load speed.

According to Arvind Jain, a Google engineer, every millisecond matters when it comes to website loading speed. According to him, even a blink of an eye, beyond 400 milliseconds is considered too long for user’s to wait.

People are less likely to access a website that loads 250 milliseconds slower than its competitors. However, people expectations on website speed may vary depending on the type of content. Sometimes, people may wait for a video clip but not for a search result. Most SEO experts agree that website load page speed should not be more 3 seconds. In a broad sense, we can say you should try to keep your page speed below 3 seconds (2 seconds is even better). If it is above 3 you really need to diagnose the issues and fix them as soon as possible.

Tools to Check Your Website Speed

Page Speed Insight
Web page test
Website Pulse

You may use any of the these free and premium tools to keep track on your website page speed. These tools may also give you suggestions on resolving the following issues:

– JavaScript and CSS rendering website loading
– Non-optimized images
– Unnecessary use of themes and plugins
– Externally – Embedded Media

After using any of above tool, If you get a suggestion to fix render-blocking CSS and JavaScript, there is a great post about eliminating render-blocking Javascript and CSS in above-the-fold can be helpful for you.

Let’s have a look at some factors why page speed is so important and why we shouldn’t ignore it.

It is an important Google’s Ranking Factor

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, back in 2010, Google announced that website speed would be counted as a ranking factor. While some experts don’t consider it the strongest factor yet it can give you that little extra push to put your online presence ahead of your competition on search engine results.

Apart from considering page speed as a ranking factor, slow page speed can also affect how quickly Google can index your website. If Google is indexing fewer pages of your site, it can affect your website ranking.

It can Affect Your Conversion and Sales Rates

As people leave slow-loading sites, conversion and sales will be automatically lower if your website speed is exceptionally slow. According to report, every second delay in website loading can cause 7% fewer conversions and 16% decrease in overall customer satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at some examples how quickly loading page can bring better conversion and sales.

-When Amazon improved their page speed by 1 second, they noticed 2% increase in their conversions.

-Mozilla also improved their page speed by 2.2 seconds and guess what! now they relish 60 million more downloads per year.

-Shopzilla also noticed a huge benefit after decreasing their page loading time by 3 seconds. They started getting 25% percent more page views and between 7 – 12% increase in revenue as well. We guess, this evidence clearly discloses that if you want to get a higher conversion, you must take some steps to speed up your website.

It Helps in Reducing Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is referred to the percentage of users who visit a website and don’t come back. High bounce rate means that more visitors are abandoning your site while a low bounce rate means people are finding your site relevant.

It is clear that higher bounce rate can decrease your chances of leads, conversions, and sales. No matter if your website has the best content and best design in the world, but if it is loading very slow, people would not like to access your site. According to a stat, even a single second decrease in load time can cause 11% percent fewer page views.

Common Factors that Can Slow Down a Web Page

There are myriad of factors that can influence a web page speed. Below are some quick tips which you may find helpful to speed up your site speed

-Optimize your website’s images.-Minify Your JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
-Choose a lightweight theme
-Try to reduce the number of HTTP requests.
-Optimize your site for mobile users
-Use browser caching
-Reduce time to the first byte
-Reduce server response time
-Choose the reliable hosting partner and pick the right hosting plan according to your business needs
-Try enabling compression

If you’re really serious about improving your online presence, page speed optimization must be your top priority. We hope this article gives you better ideas on why page speed is crucial to a user-experience, SEO, and conversion.

The importance of business app creation and why choose WordPress to build it

Managing to keep the success of your business at an optimal level can be quite difficult, considering how competitive the majority of industries are. Nowadays, in order for many enterprises to become relevant, focusing on their online presence is a must. However, the simple development of a website is no longer the only thing that can increase your odds of appealing to the younger generation, apps becoming just as relevant. If you have been contemplating on creating a mobile application for your business’ website, but you are not sure if this is a wise investment to make, receiving a few insist on the topic might help you reach a decision. The following information will tell you the benefits of app creation as well as why you should opt for WordPress when you are building one.

1. The pros of developing an app:

There are various factors that make app creation such a positive business choice, some of which might appeal to you.

Easy and fast process – in comparison with what you might be tempted to believe, creating an app is not at all difficult. If you choose to resort to the right App Maker, you can get the end-product extremely fast, with minimal effort from your part. Just by following a few simple, relevant steps, you will obtain an app version to your website. Check a few app makers to understand the process better.

Valuing customers – with an app at your disposal, it will be much easier for you to create loyalty programs and thus give your customers the value and recognition they seek in order to keep them loyal. Perhaps you might already have a loyalty program running on your website, but the app alternative is far more convenient and user-friendly.

Improving reputation – the majority of successful businesses nowadays, give their customers/clients the possibility of downloading an app, which provides them with an easier access to the company’ services, products or website content. In order to keep up with competitors, and maintain customer satisfaction, it’s important to follow the latest digital and technological trends yourself, and this is one of them. You will quickly notice more people taking an interest in your business after the development of an app.

Boost profits – all business decisions you make ultimately come down to profit. From marketing to product or service improvement, any changes and actions you are taking are probably focused on increasing profitability.

Well, in order to grow your clientele range, or to maintain the loyalty of your current clients, paying attention to their needs is necessary. Through the various marketing and advertising tactics you can adopt with the help of a mobile app, you will be able to improve customer satisfaction, and thus reach your goals in the profit department.

Younger demographics – if you were looking for way to determine younger people to become more interested in your brand, an app might just be the answer you were looking for. Today’s youths are known for constantly with a smartphone in their hands, and the majority of them are also app-enthusiasts. Because in their point of view there should be an app for anything, this is your chance to catch their interest. A regular website only will not give you the possibility to reach out to younger demographics.

Build recognition and brand – Brand awareness is one of any busies’ goals, and while there are other resources that can contribute in this department, offering app access remains a powerful solution. By providing customers with interesting and fun features giving the application an attention grabbing design, appealing to an increased number of people will be a normal outcome, which will improve the business awareness of your brand. When you are determining customers to interact with an app, you are increasing your chances of making them actually buy your product or hire your services as well, so gaining recognition will become easier this way.

2. Why should you choose WordPress for app building?:

Content reach is widened – WP enables mobile app access in the offline as well, which widens the content reach of your application. Being able to check out your content without requiring a stable network connection will certainly be seen as a great plus by your audience.

Easy access to push notifications – you can improve customer support by sending push notification, informing them about the latest deals, offers and promotions, and WP will give you this possibility.

Compatibility with devices – if you research the topic for a bit, you will find out that WordPress is the safest choice to make when it comes to device compatibility. You will be allowing your users to access uninterrupted various features of your application, while utilizing the features of their own devices at the same time as well. This will make the app more appealing to them, and will increase the number of people who will actually download it.

Customization options – The next most important detail about a mobile app, besides being easy to use, is the way it looks. If you want to grab the attention of users, you will need to customize the application in a unique and interesting way. With WP, you have this possibility. With just a simple search on the web, you will come across an impressive range of amazing themes, which give you the chance to give both your website and app that twist it needs to make it more enjoyable for users.

As you can see, the creation of a mobile application can be of great help to the further success of your business, helping you reach the level of awareness and online presence you desire. Deciding to build one and going for WordPress option is also extremely advantageous. However, in order for the results provide you truly be the ones you expect, and to bring you the positive outcomes desires, make sure to resort to the right app development tool. Search for options, compare offers, and make an informed choice.

Comprehensive guide to Fix Connection lost Error in WordPress

Here our experienced driven team shall provide you with how you can Fix Connection Lost Error in WordPress.

This article is to clear your doubt regarding fixing the connection lost error while working in your WordPress. WordPress uses various keys while you work on your content. Similarly, the lost connection is a major problem that takes time as well as cost while you work for your website.

Be it, new bloggers or professionals, everybody wants to work on an economical and time-saving share of interest.

Firstly you need to understand the basics of how your work is assessed by WordPress; you need to understand that, WordPress uses Ajax for saving you’re the post that you work on.. Further, admin-ajax.php is employed to connect your server from the web browser.

This is done so, because, if your server loses internet connection, or the server goes down, none of your work goes off. However, a regular pulse is sent between the browser and the server at regular interval allowing frontend updates.

Meanwhile, hundreds of sites are associated on the same IP address, and it is reviewed that no similar sites abuse the resources thus clearing the confusion, so the shared hosts create connection error which further shows a pop of message of “Connection lost.

Savings has been disabled until you’re recommended. We’re backing up this post in your browser, just in case. If it goes even worse, Heartbeat API usage can stop your WordPress from editing. Your hard-earned content is lost in a matter of seconds. However, here are a few reliable solutions that you should try to stop the problem that arises in your work.

Catching the problem of API

It is an easy task to identify Heartbeat API based problem by just surfing the admin-ajax-php coverage. Open a site speed test and check how much time is spent on the admin.ajax.php. If the indication is heavy, Heartbeat API is the reason behind it. It is due to the unnecessary amount of pages opened that create the problem.

Generally, the web host notifies the excessive amount of usage through the admin-ajax.php. Heartbeat API is a newly added feature in WordPress 3.6. We shall provide you with a short description of it so that you undertand what the problems are hindering.

API influences the bidirectional connection between the server and the browser. While a user works on it, API will use for auto saving, post locking and also provide log-in expiration. Meanwhile, an API will be sending XHR request to the server every 15 seconds and records callbacks on receiving the encrypted data.

While the futuristic program shall have a blocking feature of simultaneous editing of widgets along with menus as per the requirement, for now, the connection error is a problem for the most number of workers.

Additionally, the admin-ajax.php helps in connecting the web browser directly to the server. The updated version has a lot to do to Fix Connection Lost Error in WordPress. Backend pages keep updated with the server and the browser, unnecessary and huge amount of load is created when multiple numbers use the backend, further if a single user surfs multiple pages, it also creates unnecessary resource usage.

Solving the Most Important Issue

solve problem

Heartbeat API is resource-intensive, it provides the basic function of the auto save feature. When you Fix Connection Lost Error In WordPress, essential features are not compromised. Heartbeat API control feature can be made effective by downloading and installing the Heartbeat control plugin.

Further, Plugin is featured with API control setting where the standard interval should be overridden in high frequency. a frequency of 60 seconds is the most standardized limitation. The server works according to the time limit decreasing the stress on the server.

This helps in sending other unnecessary request to the server and further decreasing the usage of the server and the browser.

Deactivating Plugins Can Show Results

Plugin issues can be a big reason behind the lapse in your WordPress, By deactivating as much page as you can, the error might go away, but, if the error still shows up, deactivate all the plugins, wait for some time and try activating one by one. See how it responds. A short check on specific plugin shall help you in larger areas.

Common Methods Used By Experts

If you are finding hard to Fix Connection Lost Error in WordPress, the most common method that is used by experts is by simply checking the internet connection. This is the most common problem that everyone faces where neither the hard-earned posts get saved in the draft section nor the work gets posted. Once you fix the internet problem, your timely update shall be saved in the site.

Your Host May Be Putting You on Confusion

This is one such problem that newbies, as well as professional, generally face, you maybe be working with great efficiency, but the host you choose may not be reliable to you. Most of the time, such a problem is solved when the hosting service is changed.

If there is a limitation in hosting or downgraded hosting service, it is better to update or bring a change by getting a better service, paying a little amount will surely help you expand yourself, and if this also does not help you we can confirm you that it can be a plugin or a themes confliction. Try deactivating all the plugins and using the default as your theme.

So, these above-mentioned tricks were some of the easiest and the most effective ways to Connection Lost Error in WordPress, that has been reported to you. Because of your importance while working in WordPress.

We understand how important is the data that you maintain and its significance for your client. These basic problems arise in all the pages in WordPress. It can be fixed with many simple ways, working on it would save the necessary time and cost and further bring a reliable way to unnecessary load to your server.

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Why to Convert Non Responsive WordPress Website to Responsive One

Why to Convert Non Responsive WordPress Website to Responsive One

If you have noticed the drop in traffic and the lack of any meaningful conversions taking place on your website – you should know that the same could well be on account of your non responsive website. . It is high time that you should consider changing your website to a responsive WordPress website, given the fact that nearly 30% of online users and more, prefer to shop and conduct transactions online through their smartphone. Here are some of the top 5 reasons as to why you need to change to a responsive website, at the earliest.

1. Improved functionality:
Do note that you are aiming to transform your website into a responsive WordPress website and not just a mobile friendly one at that. The key difference between a mobile friendly website and a responsive one is that the former just looks good on mobile phone but it still comes with a few glitches which affect its functionality. A responsive website is one that can be easily viewed through any hand held device and it enables the end user to navigate your website quite easily and without any loss of functionality at that. In fact, a responsive website is one that essentially enables your website to adjust the screen that it is being viewed on. So your users should be able to access your website from tablets, mobile phones, ipads and other devices without any loss of functionality.

2. Increased traffic from mobile users:
One of the key reasons that you may want to opt for responsive WordPress website is the fact that most of the online consumers prefer to shop directly by accessing the various websites with their smartphone. The fact is that more and more consumers prefer to shop online with their smartphone since it enables them to shop “on the go”. Given this, it only makes sense from a business point of view that you would want to opt for a responsive WordPress design at the earliest. Moreover, with a responsive design in place, you should be able to regain the competitive edge over your competition.

3. Lower cost and website maintenance:

Isle of Man Website Maintenace

When you are setting up a WordPress responsive website, you may want to consider the fact that this could well result in lower cost and expenses with streamlined website maintenance. You need to remember that initially, the responsive design may seem a tad expensive at the start but given the fact that you would no longer have to maintain two websites, it should help make the price tag seem all the more attractive. Furthermore, it is fairly easy to maintain as well. More importantly, it should not take you much time to set up your responsive website which is why it makes more sense to opt for a responsive design at the earliest.

4. Seamless user experience:
When it comes to responsive WordPress websites, the one thing that you can count in is a seamless user experience. You should not have many issues in navigating from one page to the next, to checking out all the features of the target website and more. When you access your non-responsive website, you may notice that the texts are all mixed up and that it is not that easy to navigate from one page to the next. This is exactly what your users would experience when they check out your website online and naturally, there’s zero conversion. And that is why you need to opt for a responsive website design at the earliest and in the process, ensure that your online conversion rate gets a boost.

5. Adaptability:
Given the fact that most users experience a loss of functionality in one, some or all the features when they try to access your static and non responsive website, it should make you consider transforming your website to a responsive one.What makes a responsive website is the way by which the website adapts itself to any screen that it is being accessed from. It is certainly adaptable and should help boost your company.

6. Improved SEO:

Improved SEO

One of the best things about having a responsive WordPress website instead of the usual non responsive website is the improvement in its SEO and current rankings. Most search engines often rank responsive websites higher for the simple reason that these websites are considered to be user centric and to provide essential service in the form of a responsive website

These are some of the reasons that you would want to opt for a responsive design at the earliest. And if you plan to stay competitive and to go head to head with your competition, then it only follows that you would want to use every advantage that WordPress can provide you. And a responsive design in place is one of the most effective ways by which you can snag more customers and even help build your brand as well. Just remember that a responsive design by itself is no guarantee of success but it needs to be complemented with great content, high resolution images, media files, and much more.

A responsive design complements the rest and manages to provide your users with enriched user experience. Just keep in mind the fact that more and more consumers have started accessing internet through their various hand held devices. And that this number is growing exponentially and given that more online users have started accessing online websites in developing markets such as China and India, it only makes sense to opt for a responsive WordPress website. And there are quite a few attractively priced designs and themes that you can pick from when it comes to choosing the right one for your website. You need to double check and ensure that the design you are opting for is a responsive one and not just a mobile friendly one at that. And remember that when it comes to the overall design, choose one that comes loaded with advanced functionality and more user centric features.

Is WordPress Website Speed Crucial to Your Success?

Is WordPress Speed is Crucial to Your Success

How often have you been frustrated at the slow loading speed of a particular website? Now, imagine the shoe on the other foot – the reaction that you had to the slow loading speed is exactly the same as the ones your customers have, when faced with the issue of your slow WordPress website speed. It is one thing to be just cursing out but the issue is that slow load speeds can often lead to web abandonment. And that is precisely the reason that you need to read the rest of the article so that you can understand the issue of WordPress website speed better.

Google has made page speed a ranking signal since 2010; it had finally taken note of the sheer frustration experienced by countless users on coming across the “page loading” notification and had decided to make it a ranking signal. Essentially, this basically means that those pages that load fast enough will get ranked higher than pages that load slower, as long as the page is relevant, spot on and not filled with some gibberish. In simple terms, as long as your page is relevant to your website and is filled with coherent information, then it will get ranked higher provided the pages load fast enough. This should be reason enough for you to start using your plugins and try and improve the speed of your pages. It is important that you utilize all the help you can get to improve the speed of your pages so that you get to rank higher. And this is exactly the reason why you need to go all out to ensure that the pages to your website loads at optimal speeds, so that you can rank higher than your competition and take advantage of the same. It is important to stress that Google does not reward low quality pages so make sure that your pages are relevant and provide the necessary information that an online user may be looking for.

E commerce:
One of the interesting things is that when it comes to e commerce, various studies have found that a sharp increase in the page load times often lead to more conversions and sales. And what more do you need to convince you to speed up those pages? When customers shop online, they often expect instant gratification which is why a “page loading” notification is bound to frustrate them and turn them away from your website. And this is precisely why you need to make sure that your WordPress website speed is at optimal levels. Moreover, this is bound to boost their user experience and as a result, they are bound to return back as well. And of course, they are more than likely to spread the word about your website as well. And that is why it is essential that you ensure that all your pages load at optimal speeds so that none of your customers go dissatisfied. Remember that you are running an online business and it is on you to ensure that your visitors’ user experience is good enough to get the t return back and this should, in turn, help boost up that conversion rate as well. To help put it in perspective, Mozilla enjoyed 60 million more firefox downloads after they boosted their speed by 2.2 seconds, and that’s a phenomenal number. This is why it is critical that you improve your WordPress website speed, especially if you are running an ecommerce store.

Mobile experience:

mobile experience

One of the other reasons that you may want to consider increasing your WordPress website speed is on account of the fact that most online users tend to check websites out via their phones and other hand held devices. The first thing that you need to ensure is that your website is mobile friendly. That being said, with mobile devices seeing greater traction, you need to make sure that your prospective customers can review/ check your website and access its functionality without a hitch. And if your pages load slowly enough, they are not going to stick around for long. Most online users have a short attention span and there is no reason to believe that the same logic does not apply to mobile users either. Given the short attention span of mobile users, this is the reason why you need to ensure that your pages load fast and immediately, without causing the user to experience any loss of functionality in any form or the other. And that is why you need to use plugins to ensure that all your pages can be viewed right away without any loss of functionality in a mobile phone or any hand held device as well. Just remember that most mobile users may even grade your website or review the same, so it is in your interest to make your website mobile friendly and fast loading at the same time.

How to improve your speed?

When it comes to improving the speed of your website, there are a few things that you need to do, it would be a good idea to prep a checklist so that you can cross each item as you come across it.

1. Migrate from shared hosting to VPS:
As your website becomes more popular and as you install more user centric applications on your website, it maybe time for you to move away from shared hosting to a more dedicated form of hosting, such as VPS.

2. Optimize your content:
You need to optimize your content to make your pages load faster; and that means making your large images smaller. There are various plugins that you can use, that can help trim those images so that your pages load faster.

3. Caching plugin:

W3 Total Cache

There are quite a few reasons as to why you want to use caching plugin; for starters, it can help you cache content which you can then display to visitors and for another, it can help your pages load much faster than before.

4. GZip:
GZIP is a handy tool that helps to compress the content; with it, you can go for lossless compression without any negative impact on the quality of the image itself. Given this, you may want to install GZip on your website, at the earliest.

This is why you need to pay attention to your page speed at all times. And you may want to keep in mind that as you run more widgets and user centric applications on your website, it is bound to cause your speed to drop quite a bit. And that is why you need to carefully review all the applications and widgets you are currently running on your website, especially if you hope to improve the speed to optimal levels.

Is it Really Important to Speed up WordPress Websites from SEO Aspect

Is it Really Important to Speed up WordPress Websites from SEO Aspect

If you are planning to set up a website for your small start up, or to establish an online presence for your business, then it is important that you review the rest of the article carefully. When it comes to online websites, speed is paramount – more so, where online users are concerned. To put it in perspective, according to Radware, even a two second delay can lead to an 87% abandonment rate. And that’s all the more reason that you would have to choose the right theme and the right plug-in to speed up your WordPress website. Check out the various reasons as to why you need to take the issue of speed more seriously.

1. The effect of WordPress site speed:
Ever since Google made it clear that a website’s speed is important and one that would be taken as one of the metric, when ranking a website, more websites have started paying attention to the same. The fact is that a slow website can impact your website functionality. Think about it, a viable lead gets to your landing page and clicks on the “checkout” link, but the page does not load fast enough. It will only result in the customer walking away and loss of sales. A recent study clearly highlighted the fact that most online users tend to spend just a few seconds when browsing online. And naturally, given this attention span, it is all the more important for you to ensure that your website operates at optimal speed. And please note, if your website is considered to be slow, this will result in Google raking your website lower. Just Google “speed up WordPress website” and you should come across quite a few plugins that you can use.

2. How to check site speed:

PageSpeed Insights

There are some free online tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights that allow you to check the loading speed of your website on a desktop and mobile. If you are wondering how to check your site speed, then all you need to do is to search online for ‘speed up WordPress website’. The search results should help provide various tools that you can use to search your website’s speed. You can check your website speed and determine if your website is operating at the optimal speed or not which should tell you if your users are experiencing a lag time when checking out your website. If your site had slowed down quite a bit, then it may be time for you to become more proactive regarding the same. For example, you can have fewer apps, plugins running on your website and this should help your website load faster. But the point is that you need to check regularly, and monitor your website speed. And if the overall speed drops, then you need to take adequate measures to ensure that the pages load at optimal levels again.

3. Improving your WordPress website:
if you are wondering how to speed up your WordPress website, then you should know that there are a few things that you can do. For example, you can optimize your image, update your plugins and themes, and reduce external HTTP requests and much more. You can also break down your long posts into short ones, but apart from these basic tricks, the best thing that you can do to speed up your website is to invest in a good hosting solution. The best one happens to be the WordPress hosting solution and that is all the more reason as to why you should opt for one.

4. Why WordPress hosting?
While it is true that carrying out those basic tips such as updating your plugins and themes should help improve your speed marginally, if you are looking to speed up your WordPress website, then you need to go in for WordPress hosting at the earliest. Here are a few reasons as to why you want to go in for WordPress hosting,

5. SSD storage systems:
The SSD storage systems should enable your website to load seamlessly and quickly at that. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the latency on your pages so that when a user clicks on a link, the requested page should open up right away.

6. CDN or content delivery system:
since WordPress comes with a first class CDN in place, all your content should get uploaded in real time. Moreover, the same content would be available to one and all, irrespective of any geographic location and they should certainly experience little to no latency.

7. regular updates:

regular updates

granted that WordPress comes with advanced functionality but even these may require to be updated or a tweak to be applied. So you can always count on getting regular updates from WordPress, round the clock, instant notifications and if any security issues flares up, WordPress steps in and gets the issue resolved once and for all. And the updates are automatic, by default so you do not really have to click on anything to get your WordPress updated.

8. Consistent monitoring:
the great thing about WordPress is its advanced functionality. It monitors your website round the clock and ensures that it operates at optimal speeds. If thereis an issue with speed, it flags the issue and lets the admin of the site, aware that he has a problem. And WordPress even suggests solutions that you can use to improve your speed and more. This process is also automatic and you really do not have to do much or even press a button.

This post should make it patently clear that when it comes to the speed of your WordPress website, you need to take all effective measures that you can to help increase the speed to optimal levels. Keep in mind that lower speed can result in Google ranking you lower and in customers walking away. It is in your interest to make sure that your website continues to operate at optimal levels and that your customers do not face any latency when they are clicking on the links on your website. And with the right amount of speed along with some fantastic content, your website should stand out for the right reasons.

Gadget shop WordPress themes tools to get your website the attention it deserves

Gadget shop WordPress themes

When it comes to setting up a website from scratch, it always pays to research and plan out everything in advance. It does not matter if you are just setting up your first website or if you are planning to go in for a complete makeover and need a brand new website. The fact remains that you still require one and that’s why it is important that you checkout some of the top websites in your niche so that you can get an idea of what to go for, as far as the design goes. And assuming that you want your website to be set up for e commerce as well, since you would be wanting to market your key products and services, it makes more sense to go for gadget shop WordPress themes, that are woo commerce compatible. And you must also make sure that you choose a theme that’s 100% responsive and comes with some support. Just take a glance through our collection of gadget WordPress themes, and choose the one that looks like a good fit and matches with your requirements. With the right theme, your website should stand out for the right reasons.

1. Diet & nutrition:
diet and nutrition WordPress theme


If you are looking for a framework for your diet or nutrition based websites, then this theme which ranks among the top for gadget shop WordPress themes, should be a good fit. The theme comes with home page along with ten built in sections which can function as additional pages. It comes with a nice design along with multi-layout options as well as side bar layouts. The theme provides you with more control over how your post is displayed and coupled with the drop down menu, advanced functionality and widget friendly headers, it is easy to see that with this theme installed, your website should stand out for the right reasons. The theme is also compatible with third party plugins which you can use to enhance the functionality of your website. It is 100% responsive and what’s more, it is mobile friendly which essentially means that your users can access your website via multiple devices from android to iPad. And the fact that this comes with 600+ Google fonts, built in testimonials page, about us, contacts and much more is reason enough why you should try out this theme. It also comes with a default slider as well as several slider plugins, which should make it easy for you to showcase high resolution images on your website. The theme is priced at $39 and comes with bundled support for one year.

2. SKT Architect:
architect WordPress theme


The theme is a multi-purpose theme and as such, it can be used for any niche. What makes this theme, one of the top ranking gadget shop WordPress themes is the fact that this theme is translation ready. In other words, with this theme which is compatible with third party plugins, you should be able to install plugins such as WPML and qTranslate X and be able to translate the contents of your website into multiple languages in real time. And as a result, you should be able to reach out to a larger audience, and market your products and services effectively. Apart from this, the design is simple, with multiple layout options, side bar options along with 600+ Google fonts as well as 500+ font based icons. The theme also comes with more control on how you would want your website to look; it is completely customizable. And moreover, it comes with customizer so you should be able to edit in the background, preview the changes before carrying them out. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 and support for a year.

3. The Trip:
travel WordPress theme


This theme ranks among the top ten when it comes to gadget shop WordPress themes. The design is great but what stands out is its simplicity of use; it is that easy to set up that even a complete beginner should be able to handle it with ease. The theme comes with default sliders with ten slides that you can use to showcase high resolution images, and it would make more sense to feature the same on your front page. This theme makes it happen as it comes loaded with drop down menu, a minimalistic front page, and various widgets for added functionality. It is also 100% responsive, and can be viewed through multiple devices including android, iPad, and others without loss of functionality. The best way to market your services or products online is by providing your users with that extra bit of functionality. And as the theme is compatible with third party plugin, you should be able to set up an integrated payment gateway that would enable your customers to place orders, track the same in real time as well. The theme comes with a price tag of $39, and that’s a real steal given all the extra features that comes loaded with this theme.

4. SKT Food:
food WordPress theme


This theme certainly makes it clear why gadget shop WordPress themes are some of the very best in the field. This theme, has been designed by experts, and is HTML5 and CSS3 based. As it is, the theme is well designed and stands out on account of its flexibility and ease of use. The theme also comes with color picker and built in customizer; it is fully customizable and with the customizer you can change any page element with ease, in real time and even get a preview of the changes before implementing the same. When it comes to making your website stand out, you’ll find that images and video work betterwith online users. That’s why you should use the default slider and its slides to display several high resolution images. You can also set up a slide show which should make for good impact with your audience. The theme is compatible with third party plugins, so you should be able to use the same to improve your website’s functionality. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 as well as support for a year.

5. Pic Art:
portfolio WordPress theme


Considered to be one of the best among gadget shop WordPress themes, this theme certainly makes it clear why it is as good as it gets. The overall design is simple yet effective with multi layout page options, side bars, header and footer variations and much more. As the theme is fully customizable, you can change any page element with ease. Moreover, as it comes with customizer, you should be able to preview all the changes as you carry them out. The theme is compatible with third party plugins and as such, you should be able to increase the functionality of your website. What’s more, this theme is woo commerce compatible so you should be able to set up an integrated payment gateway for your customers. You can also make it easy for them to login to your website by installing social media plugins, so that they can use the same for logging in. You can also use the 100+ short codes to modify the various page elements and tweak some of the sections. You can also use external plugins to add more short codes or as much as you need. The theme comes with $39 price tag which is a real bargain at that rate.

6. SKT Landing page:
landing page WordPress theme


The landing page WordPress theme should certainly make your website stand out for all the right reasons. The theme itself is minimalistic in design and the layout is simple enough with drop down menu. It is a multipurpose theme and as such, it can be used across many industries and niches; and it is completely customizable. For example, the theme comes with a default grungy theme but you can change the color, font, typesetting, layout, and even the font completely. And as the theme comes with customizer, you can use the same when carrying out changes and preview the same in real time. The theme is compatible with third party plugins so you should be able to integrate payment gateways with ease so your users should be able to use it to check out anything that they may have purchased on your website. The theme is 100% responsive and fully scalable, and it has also been tested for the same. It also comes with dynamic widgets which you can add almost anywhere on your website and this should help to provide your users with better functionality. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 as well as support for a complete year and at that rate, it’s a real bargain.

These are some of the top ranked gadget shop WordPress themes; just check through the lot and demo the lot and then see which one fits your website better.

How To Choose The Right Hosting Environment For Your eCommerce Store

WooCcommerce store

Now you have thought about your business, choosing the right eCommerce host is what you should be thinking. A Right Hosting Environment has many things to do with your business because the host will be the one who will help you bring the inflow of traffic and money on your site.

To make you clear, the right host will gather a thriving market to your eCommerce business.

While you start working on your business, we have given a short idea about why Right Hosting Environment is the most important part of the journey.

Meanwhile, whether you are a newbie or a professional, your host has a lot to do with your business module, additionally; it is only the host who can put your strong presence in this competitive sector.

Here you will find how a reliable host can change the fortune of your website. We have captured certain traits that you need to carefully look to have a thriving presence in the market.

What Package Has Been Provided?

package provider

If you have planned to settle a strong business, selecting store software is the first requirement. The proper function of a website is dependent on how the content is provided to the user and how friendly is it with the user while doing business.

Similarly, how the content shall be refreshed to bring client’s visibility is what the attention should be all about. Websites require timely updated, the host should mention how it should be done. Also, as an eCommerce site, make sure that the service provider supports the application to specific software that the website will be handled with.

Speed matters if you want to influence your customer

deciding team work

This technology-driven world is very much associated with frequent and swift service. According to a study, 47 per cent of customers expect their web page to open in two or three seconds. A site that takes time brings a negative influence to the customer, as the quote speaks” Early bird picks the catches the worm”, similar to that is with your customer.

24/7 Technical Support Hosting Team

hosting panel

Yes, you read it right, 24/7 should be one of the topmost priorities while you build your brand. Your product is viewed all over the world. No matter where you are, your site is always open to the customers.

Consider that, your client from another part of the world is placing an order and suddenly, the website goes down, it might have a huge impact on your profit as well as the reputation of the company. In such a situation a 24/7 host shall provide technical support to your website making you take the credit.

Well Managed Security System

secured WordPress themes

This is the most significant part of the Right Hosting Environment. Your website is going to access an enormous amount of personal detail including credit card number, other itineraries, a breach in data could cause unthinkable damage to your enterprise.

To give a short idea, many of the companies have experienced data theft, A recent survey done in 2018 shows that

  • Social media giant Facebook claimed that over 50 million accounts have been penetrated by hackers.
  • More than 100 million Quora users accounts have been affected

To make this picture even clear, you should know that 90 per cent of logins in the eCommerce site is said to be doubtful. Therefore, the business enterprise is required to abide by the PCI DSS standard that prevents their customer’s information from breaching.

This is the job of your web host to provide your eCommerce site safe and secure PCI compliance so that you can carry forward your work efficiently. That’s the reason why you need to have a top-notch security platform

Proper Management

A well-managed host shall take care of every component in your website while you run your business. All uploads in your websites create a major visual interpretation to your client.

The size of the data that you upload may slow down your website. But, that does not mean you start degrading the quality of your content.

Always keep in the mind that your interpretation with the host is an asset for your growth. The Right Hosting Environment will plan a bandwidth that supports all your data, additionally; they will also ensure round the clock information is provided to you and guide you towards developing the best web service.

Backups Are the Backbone to Your Business

business deals

Generating and maintaining a website is not a child’s play, what if some unwanted incident happens as the website gets hacked or it does not work properly, here you will have an idea about the importance of a backup, further, it would risk your hard-earned investment.

If you cannot get this important aspect of the Right Hosting Environment, you should probably change your host.

Likewise, backups should be carried in short interval so that the data that you put in your webpage is stored in a separated server where it would be easy if your website needs a short restore facility and if your host provides an entire backup platform, you need not do it individual way.

A Step Before You Wrap an Idea about Hosting an Ecommerce

best hosting

As you have got a vivid idea about the Right Hosting Environment, all you need to do is select a proper hoist keeping in the mind that what are your requirements and where do you want your enterprise to rise.

Think carefully that, selecting a hosting plan is much more about being economical, it will directly affect the growth of your business enterprise, similarly, the security and the business interaction is the most significant part of the module that the host represents.

Meanwhile, as you see, the online market has taken the world by full swing, finding an efficient, reliable and right hosting partner will surely take your capabilities to the next level of compatibility.

This decision is in your hand how you want to choose your host. While you choose your partner do not think only about the present but also about the future of your enterprise.

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Keymaker WordPress Themes for keymaking and locksmith services

The most professionally crafted keymaker WordPress themes are discussed this time for keymaker and security service providers, engineers and technical specialists, plumbers, keymaker and safe manufacturers and contractors, etc.

Have you ever experienced that bad situation when your key or lock is broken and you are stumbling over seeking help? Well, now one can be sure to avoid such situations. This is where emergency , commercial, residential and automotive keymaker services come into play.

Such services provide more than just fixing your keys and installing reliable locks. They take care of the entire security and protection of your dwelling places, offices and homes. Moreover, the scope of the modern keymaker business includes also the installation and management of a wide range of modern equipment and techniques catering to security, repair services and more.

Hence, if you are engaged in keymaker activities in the need of having your own online space to advertise your services and prove your audience you are the master of your work, you can reasonably choose one of the best keymaker WordPress themes and establish your professional website on it.

Each of the proposed keymaker WordPress themes will significantly expand the scope of your work, increase the customer base and improve the profitability of your enterprise or private business.

All of them are extremely good at making your content easy to find and read, as well as letting your clients view all your images and other visual materials in a presentable fashion on every single mobile or device they are using.

It means that with any of those keymaker WordPress themes you will not need any support of web designers and developers to visually brand and showcase your keymaker services.

1. Locksmith:


Create the most influential public face of your business with Locksmith which is one of the niche specific keymaker WordPress themes you can have access to.

Visually captivating and modernly stylized, this creative website builder has been developed to share the most essential pages and content areas for you to quickly create and publish your content. However, you are capable of changing and rearranging them to fit all your professional and marketing needs.

If you are able to envision it, you can realize it easily with this amazingly flexible and user centric template. Bring any kind of design and functional ideas into life with the help of limitless possibilities of Locksmith.

There is a truly convenient admin panel you can control from behind the scenes and change theme’s overall look with your preferable colors and aesthetics, fonts and icons, page and blog layouts, etc.

2. Perfect Mechanic:
mechanic WordPress theme


Perfect Mechanic is the next highly prospective yet cost effective solution to any handymen or craftsmen, mechanic or keymaker and security service provision websites and personal profiles.

From a lovely design touches to a legible visualization of the entire interface, from quick and smoothly navigable framework to responsive coding, Perfect Mechanic comprises all the top features the relevant keymaker WordPress themes should have.

The theme is also readily responsive with HTML5 and CSS3 solutions, totally customizable with preloaded features and controls, celebrates homepage slider for communicating your messages in the visual format and yet much more to expect from this template.

3. Accommodation:
accomodation WordPress theme


Multipurpose and very adaptive, Accommodation is the one to inspire the creation of absolutely any kind of website or blog. Hence, if you are looking for a simple, yet trustworthy platform to market your keymaker services and keep them in high demand, this template will be one of the best solutions.

Customize the default form of the theme to be relevant to your services and offers, business identity and client’s expectation. Enlist different types of locks and systems, types of keymaker services, share your location and branches, showcase the profiles of your experts in the most accurate way through the posts and pages, sections and areas.

No geographical constraints will hamper your business since this template is fully multilingual ready to showcase your content in as many foreign languages as your international audience will require.

4. Black and White:
black and white WordPress themes


With mobile optimized and admin friendly Black and White you will never ever need another chance to make an effective first expression on all your website viewers. With a stunningly elegant and modern design, reliable nature and extensible nature, Black and White is one of the top quality keymaker WordPress themes you can purchase without emptying your pocket.

Our professional web designers and developers have made all the required procedures to take the guesswork out of your future admin work. It means that you are going to find only simplified processes with pre enabled shortcodes and configurations, intuitive customization panel and more.

5. WoodCraft:
furniture store WordPress theme


The best contemporary design aesthetics and technics have been utilized by the authors of WoodCraft to make it worth your financial means.

By the application of this clean and crisp, technically enhanced and plugin compatible website builder you can quickly and easily strategize your website for the most qualitative traffic and boosted results. The thing is that this theme is fully optimized for SEO and SMO results ensuring the continuous traffic flows to your site. Header and footer, sidebar and page/post variations are all given along with page building compatibility and multilingual support.

Well documented and well coded, WoodCraft has been checked for its consistency with commercial platforms and ecommerce activities with relevant plugins and tools.

6. Welder:
welding WordPress theme


Within minutes can deliver a thoroughly worked out and flexible website for keymakers and machinists, engineers and fitters, welders and other handymen services.

Take a moment to review the demo version of this high ranked template and evaluate its capacities. You fill find dozens of its controls and characteristic features ready to be the key of your online success.

Balanced between simple usage and an avalanche of customization controls, Welder lets you play with color schemes and shaded, typography changes and content scheduling to be a turn on for your current clients.

With integrated font and icons packs, shortcodes and page templates, the theme is also seamlessly functional with a wide range of additional plugins.

How to Create Visually Effective Call-To-Action

Calls To Action

This article chalks out plans on how to create visually effective call-to-action

If your website doesn’t compel the visitors to take any kind of action then chances are there that your website lacks proper call-to-action. It is the most crucial part of the marketing campaign and having a good call-to-action depends on whether you are going to get more customers or you are going to lose them.

Making an effective call-to-action requires a lot of crucial steps. Having proper CTA helps you to know about people who are visiting your website or reading the emails for buying any product, reading any article, downloading any file. When it comes to digital marketing, CTA remains present as a link or with any kind of anchor text.

A CTA can be easily used anywhere so that the readers or the viewers can take any action and finish the task. Usually, when people jump to action depending on the CTA, it is known as conversion and most of the marketers look for better conversions.

Proper and Effective Call-To-Action connects strongly to the page content and also helps in motivating people to take action on any particular content. A proper CTA helps in giving proper message regarding the benefits which people can get on acting.

Also, make sure that the CTA which you are using meets all the promises and a good CTA utilize the action words which helps the viewers to know about the proper action they must take.

It is important to make an effective strategy before featuring any of the call-to-action on the website and then finding a good design for featuring them. Listed below are some of the ways that you can follow to make an effective CTA for your website.

Create bigger CTA

It is important to understand the goal of the CTA and how it can help in attracting the attention of visitors. One of the effective ways of knowing about the importance is by simply increasing the size of the CTA.

Size of the CTA should not be decided independently on different other factors. This is highly co-related to the page context and various other features of the call-to-action.

If you want to make an Effective Call-To-Action make sure to make a bigger CTA only if you want to add images or graphics which will help in strengthening the message.

Importance of proper placement

Make sure that the CTA is placed above the fold as this will help the viewers to easily spot it without any issues. An Effective Call-To-Action is mostly placed in the top left position on the online advertisements.

This way also has certain logic as while reading, we mostly start from left to right and we read from top to bottom. Another effective way of placing CTA depends on the context of the remaining page and therefore, it is important to do certain testing before placing the CTA. Proper placement of CTA will force the visitors to take decision and take proper action.

Contrast is necessary

Contrast is considered as one of the most effective graphical techniques and can be applied to make Effective Call-To-Action. If you quickly want to grab someone’s attention as soon as they visit your website is simply by making the CTA different and unique from the rest of the page.

This can also be done by making the CTA dominant on your website page. This can be easily achieved by selecting any colour for the button which is in contrast with the background. A lot of marketers debate on the fact that using the red colour for making CTA helps in increasing the click rates.

While others say that the whole context of the web page must find out the colour. If you want to keep the colour contrasting then make sure that everything fits with the general website colour scheme. Also, try to avoid utilizing patterns for making CTA.

Include spatial effect

Always Add Hover Effects

You must have heard that less is always more and this is always applicable for CTA. In case you want to attract more visitors for your CTA, then it is best if you leave some white space. If you want to make Effective Call-To-Action then it is best not to crowd the language unless the information provided compels to take action.

Dividing CTA from the remaining content on a web page does mean separating the item. Another trick that you can use for making CTA is simply by adding warm tone colors in the background like orange and red since these colors helps in making the CTA appear large.

Use unconventional shapes

Effective call-to-action

Usually most of the CTA’s have similar shapes which are rectangular box but it is best if you use any round or circular shaped boxes which will make it look like button. Having square corners makes the visitors to think it as advertisement or any kind of banner which people mostly tend to avoid.

A lot of times you can see few CTA’s which comes in unconventional shapes. These shapes make an element of surprise in the minds of the visitors which increases click rates.

Give significance to text

significance text

It has been found that people tend to read more text content compared to the graphical content. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the wordings are clear; action oriented and are specific as well. When giving importance on the CTA text, keep in mind that graphics helps in giving meaning to the messages.

Add sense of direction

Few effective and successful CTA has arrows those pointing on them. This creates sense of direction which helps in guiding visitor towards the important element present on the page. This is an effective way of segmenting information and making a flow.

Incorporate hover effect

You might have noticed few CTA which changes especially when hovering over them with mouse. Keeping this hover effect helps in creating the idea that the CTA can be clicked instantly.

Incorporating hover animation, the colour of the buttons can be easily changed along with the brightness. If you want you can provide a shadow or alternatively you can use the zoom in and out effect.

Therefore, these are some of the ways by which you can make some visually effective CTA for your website.

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The Guide To Grow Your Mobile App Using Content Marketing

content marketing

No one denies this fact, mobile apps are growing continually. And people are loving it too. Therefore, entrepreneurs taking this opportunity hands to hands to make their website performance better along with conversion rate. The new challenge for every mobile development is to get the best out of it.

On the internet, you will find different ways to grow your mobile app. In which content marketing is one of the best ways to has magical benefits to promote your business. If you want to engage more audience and spark your brand among user’s mind.

So, before jumping to the tips, you must understand what content marketing is.

What Is Content Marketing?

The key to get success in business and engage more audience to your website is content marketing.

This can be done via sharing content on social media channels and more. According to stats, blogs, articles become the proven method to get high traffic to the website and paid advertising. Later on, it boosts the conversion of Mobile apps too.

Content marketing is the cheapest way to get the best outcomes from fewer efforts. It does not need any expert to do this. But all you have to write good stuff that has the power to engage the audience. When it comes to outsourcing the mobile app, content marketing has been proved method.

Why Content Marketing Is The Right Strategy?

If you are not okay with content marketing ideas, then see below the benefits of opting tactics to grow your mobile app.

  • Almost 80% of business uses the mobile app to grow UX.
  • About 95% of SEO experts and Entrepreneurs believe content is a king.
  • More than 65% of users buy from mobile apps than stores

As you can see, content marketing is doing a remarkable job to grow your mobile app. So, why don’t you try this?

How Does Content Marketing Work In The Mobile App?

For any reader, it is vital to know how content works in grows mobile apps. So, here we have list one example to understand the working.

Suppose you are reading books and products. In which some of the products you would not know about. So, with the help of content, you can easily let to know about your audience about products that offer quick insight to your audience.

You can use paid ads, direct approach, reviews and more to make your customer attract. Apart from the direct approach, content marketing is also important that gives the position to your brand.

Let us consider an example, you have advertised the product on social media like Facebook that take your audience to the mobile app. In this, they found the content about that product which shows how good this product is. This improves brand image and your mobile app becomes more than just reading or purchasing the app.

What Is The Key To Success In Content Marketing For Mobile Apps?

One of the best and strongest techniques to get success, you need to study your customer needs. This means you need to give your audience what they are looking for. If your product is about beauty, then you need a target that audience which is highly interested to buy your products. You need to go straight while delivering your audience.

Some of the best practices that you need to follow:

1. Prepare Your Content Marketing Plan

If you have the skills to write engaging content for the paid advertisement and content, then all you need to make a plan and work accordingly. In case you have no idea what to write and how then hire a professional is a smart choice.

Just keep in mind, do not go too early. If you need to avail of the benefits, then first read your customer needs and develop good content. Spend some good time researching the market and you will create the best content for yourself.

2. Go With The Natural Write-Up

When you are writing for an audience you need to consider each one. Perhaps your audience doesn’t understand the vocab and tough words. Making your content readable and easy to understand by your audience is your first job.

Hence, your efforts get complete worth. Even you can add some pictures and visual data, to make content more engaging for the audience. In simple words, you need to write attractive and easy content that can engage in high traffic.

3. Write Content In Different Types

Website Content and Design

You are pretty much aware of the audience’s needs now. So, you need to write the content in different style and word counts. Some people like to read a lengthy content and some short. All you need to write what is good for the audience.

Moreover, people also consider video tutorials instead of reading the text. The point is to deliver your audience different type of content or show your power to make your customers highly satisfied. Well, it is difficult to accomplish the needs of all your customers, but yes if you have the best content with the quality of products so the users will use your app longer.

4. Make Your Content Informative

If you have some unique and useful content for audience form there get some knowledge as to what they are looking for.

So they will like your mobile app and may increase in your users. Always do your best in writing so the reader likes and shares your content further. Once you get more users and shares, this shows the success of your content marketing tactic.

5. Promote & Promote

To reach the audience and make your campaign successful, you need to promote the content on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and more. With this, you can target many audiences as possible. Keep in mind one thing, your content sounds informative not just a copy of selling products.

Final Words

Follow these above tips of content marketing to grow your mobile app. We will hope you will get success. Make sure you are implementing the tricks wisely or you can take the help of professionals too.

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Top 10 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

about web development

The Prominence of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

Artificial intelligence reshapes the market industry and reduces human efforts to resolve the complex issues conveniently. The AI is progressing very rapidly from self-remote cars to creating robots.

While there is big controversy now, AI boosts unemployment. With the modern science and development of technology, businesses getting more benefits that reduce the need for employees. AI comes with lots of benefits to improve the business and take it to the next level.

Apart from the business and various platforms, Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development changes the thinking level of creators.

AI helps to create more brilliant, easy, and intelligent applications that significantly improve UX. If you are also thinking to involve AI in your current mobile app then you are taking the right step.

Perhaps you are in confusion is this right decision? But we must say YES!

Artificial Intelligence mainly focuses on developing new machines and technology that make the user experience better. With this technology, the human is becoming more reliable and smart by learning from mistakes and creation.

When an app developer engages Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development, he can create something unexpected that can reduce physical efforts. For example, voice sensors, medical check-ups, writing recognition and many more.

People are also aware of AI and that’s why they are demanding more features to better their experience. Therefore, we have found several app development companies are opting AI to deliver unique and best user experience in every set of the app.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

1. Get Programmed Debugging

Debug Bar

If you are a developer, so the use of artificial intelligence can reduce your efforts as in recognizing errors in a code and fix it for them. AI will detect the errors and fix them own without getting command. With this, the time of developing a mobile app reduces that further improve the production of vast mobile apps in a short time.

2. It Improves Reasoning

With an Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development, the developer can easily estimate what to pick that suits their customer needs. For developers, the client’s need is on the top. So, if you have the help of a superpower, you can do your best that significantly increases the experience of the user. Let us understand this with and suitable example.

The company services like Ola and Uber uses AI that helps them to reach their customer in a short time. AI easily investigate the routes and roads. Even it helps to find short cuts to reach their clients.

3. The Easy Accomplishment Of Repetitive Tasks

The worst part for every user is to do repetitive tasks that required more efficiency to do this. With artificial evidence, the exertion of performing this task reduces and offers you a great deal to do everything with ease. The AI deals with issues related to complete things and makes you more comfortable.

4. Read Your Customers


The developers mainly work after reading out past mistakes and experiences of the users. The NLP (Natural Language Processing) combines with machine learning can help the developer to read the customer’s issues and past mistakes. The objective is to improve the interactions of user experience and give them the best outputs.

5. The User Experience Level Improves

The vital part of involving artificial intelligence is to cut down the time of loading and make the user experience great. The capability of AI smooth the pitfalls coming in apps that boost the applications to engage more clients in the app. Even this helps to see inside the relevant aspects to upgrade the features.

6. Improve Revenue

When the user gets higher satisfaction from the app they will buy from you hassle-free. AI improves the experience of user and capability thus it boosts application revenue.

The larger part of retail brands that serve better experience and make your client more satisfy. You can even take a look at Google, where you can easily get to know the searches about top apps and its benefits.

7. Conversational UI

With Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development the CUI increases that make your app performance much better than before. You may have seen numbers of chatbots open in front of you that support greater customer satisfaction. This offers clients to share their quires with their customers what they need.

8. It Comes With Analytical Proficiencies

Comprehensive analytics

With AI in the mobile application, the developer has the power to see inside the customer’s needs. This will offer you valuable content on a plan to produce work on the market practices that help the developer to produce a strong plan to make the mobile app worthy.

9. Improve Daily Operations

With Artificial Intelligence technology, mobile applications get significant worth in creating advance features that simply eliminate the everyday risk and task of apps. This also improves the learning experience of developers so the user can feel great pleasure.

For example, the app is about travel, with the help of AI the user can see the different places and tourist destinations. Even this helps to discover medical tourism smart.

10. Enhances The User Experience

Optimize User Experience

The AI helps the user to explore unlimited and beyond the expectation. This will co-ordinate mobile applications to work much better than the user experience.

Nowadays, the large number of entrepreneurs involving in the apps with AI. This brings great information to users and developers both that significantly boost the client commitment.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, the AI has contributed largely to the online marketing industry to improving human life. In fact, with the use of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development numbers of owners found the great engagement of people that boost the revenue of industries too.

It is not ended here. With the help of AI, you can simply take insights into a consumer that what they are expecting and what they not. If you are moving ahead to take AI for the industry then go with a positive attitude.

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9 Ways An Outdated Website Can Hurt Your Business

Websites are the best possible things that can improve your business rankings, they provide numerous ways to deal with your customers and care about their needs.

Likewise, a proper web page has a great amount of significance in imprinting a vision for your visitors. However, websites should be upgraded timely to bring a rise in the growth of viewers.

Growth is the most important thing if you want to improve your business ranking in the mainstream market. For that, firstly you need to understand the reason why your close competitor brushes up but your website downgrades constantly.

Certain tricks and tips are there that can accelerate the number of clients on your website. Upgrading your Outdated Website is one of them. Professional web pages constantly keep on changing their content. If you check the search engine giant like Google, you might see that there are always drastic changes that keep going on.

Similarly, online business sites like Amazon and Alibaba are no less at initiating the market. This makes a clear idea of why there is an importance in bringing few changes to your professional website. Not only that, clients get exalted when they see the change in the module.

Here are significant 9 certain ways that professional webpage designers suggest that can improve the ranking of your website at a short duration. These changes are a must if you do not want to hurt your business.

  • Not Bringing A Change In The Webpage
    As said earlier changes are the most basic criteria required to improve your business. Changes need not be a big, small changes have a huge impact on the work you carry.
    A change in web page color or addition with some new features can bring a great impact on your business. This brings a positive inflow in your work helping you see expansion in your business.
  • Outdated Websites Create Confusion
    Yes,you read it right,Outdated Website creates a big confusion. When your competitor is upgrading the website and you lack behind, there creates a big confusion.
    In this technology-savvy world, not investing in your website makes the viewers doubtful about your business, further, it hurts the customer service and downgrades the morale of your customers. To be precise, certain resources like services, products, discounts are generally checked by most of the visitors. If such basic itineraries are not taken care of, your competitor shall take over.
  • The Trust Factor Starts Depleting
    We shall provide a clear view, what if you start receiving the same news every day. Would you follow the same thing, let us say for a certain period would be ok, but slowly you start losing the trust, similar to that is your website.
    However, there is nothing to worry at all, its never too late, upgrading an Outdated Website will take you ahead.
  • Ranking Starts Divulging
    Search engines are smart so, changes brought on your website shows that you care about your business. Not only your viewers but also the search engine understands the changes, subsequently, the search engines analyze the changes and give an edge to rise.
  • SEO Ranking Degrades
    Competitiveness in SEO
    Millions of visitors visit sites where many new keywords are generated. Only upgrading your website shall improve the readability of the website. To increase the viewers, you need to provide the latest keywords, creative content and regular check-up for bugs. Sites stay at the bottom of the page if not maintained properly.
  • Growth Is Limited
    Even if your company provides great services and has a good name in the market but has a depleting online presence, the company shall not grow the way it is required.
    Such decrement generally brings doubt against the employees. However, there is no problem with the work efficiency, the problem has arisen only with the website. Your quick design can change the fate of your business module.
  • The Downfall In Employers Potential
    business deals
    This comes under human psychology, human potential stars decreasing due to websites inactivity. Whenever a new employee joins a company, the first thing the person does is brief research about the company.
    If the website lacks positivity, the employee loses their potentiality. Website upgradation can have a good prospect in the mindset of your employees and your clients.
  • People Think You Are Done With Your Business
    Activity in pages brings an inflow of customers, however if an Outdated Website starts losing creativity, this brings a negative idea about your business. It shows that you are no more interested in your business and you cannot provide your customer’s needs or services., this happens even if you work hard to achieve your target.
  • You Open A Golden Gate For Your Competitor
    marketing Competitors
    It would be an unwise act to let your competitor win the race. If your website is not accelerating, others will take your hard-earned spot. We understand how hard it is to build your brand, we know what level of dedication has the company and its member worked, losing the trust of your visitor is something that nobody wants.
    How to know whether your website is not Improving or needs to bring specific changes. Don’t worry you don’t need to be a professional web page designer. It is not rocket science, just a simple task, all you need to do is to carefully check the following items.
  • Less word count on the page.
  • Excessive usage of keyword.
  • Incorrect information
  • Broken logos and pictures.
  • Neglected links and blogs.
  • Low readability and not user-friendly
  • Information on Employees.
  • No representation of ratings and reviews

In the era of digitization, you get much professional support to improve your business. Many web page designer is for your service in improving your Outdated Website.

Likewise, there are specific techniques that professionals suggest to improve your ranking and widen up your business. All you need to do is take a step forward and allow your website to the necessary change.

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Updating WP Site with earn more visitors

Free WordPress themes with slider options and nice headers to grab maximum attention

A noteworthy collection of free WordPress themes with slider options packed and nicely – formatted header areas to capture the website viewer’s consideration in seconds. Let them figure out what your website is about and greet them with your logo or slogan as soon as they land on your page. Keep them focused on your target products, services or whatever it is with a powerful and awe- inspiring slider and its slideshows on the homepage.

WordPress has been one of the most famous content management trends since the times it was adopted and praised itself as a totally proper, qualified and impactful platform. Not only does this ecosystem share the most affordable and self – hosted structure for the average user working on a limited budget, but also suggests a successful mixture of physique and inner functionality, that can be totally accommodated the wishes and expectations of target groups of website visitors in order to grab and hold their attentions and force them to undertake further steps to get connected with you.

In this regard, we have selected some of the best WordPress themes with slider options and nice headers to keep the visitor’s eye in the most informative parts of your presence. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

1. Interior Lite:
free interior design WordPress theme


Interior Lite is a quite adorable and smart template at your fingertips to blow your client’s mind with the most effectual images and snapshots of your business. Based on general – purpose nature and packed with handy theme features and controllable elements, this free template can be an ideal way to breed customer engagement via the site perfect visualization based on the homepage slider, as well as via the most informative content and details, the part of which can be located in the editable header area, be it a contact detail like phone number, address, email, logo, etc. Built upon Customizer, this theme will let you preview what your website will look like after certain modifications. Interior Lite is also cross device and mobile compliant, SEO and SMO integrated, and celebrates the most flexible framework towards useful plugins and extensions.

2. Naturo Lite:
clean minimal WordPress theme


Clean and simple, yet truly smart and intelligent, Naturo Lite is a free WordPress theme that uses minimalistic design style professionally and beautifully to leverage between its clear space and the most saturated content in the user – driven fashion. And since minimal style is about emphasis, the homepage preloaded slider is the centralized fireplace of the expected visitor interest and engagement with as many as 5 diverse slides spanning the entire width of the homepage. As for the footer and header areas of Naturo Lite, they can be edited and armed with all of the frequently asked information, include contact info, direct links to your social profiles, showcase your recent posts, include your slogan or something descriptive about you, etc.

3. IT Consultant Lite:
consultant WordPress theme


From dynamic and visually engaging design and graphical solutions to functional satiation, SKT Magazine Pro is appreciated as safe and robust website builder that is ready to seize the attention of a website visitor of any background. Bring your business – style, IT or technical website to the status of always – connected and put all of your clients and customers in control of their own desktop and mobile experience. The identifier of IT Consultant Lite is the way it is attuned to any kind of usages and generates visually crystal – clear typography and high – resolution images that can be seamlessly integrated with the homepage nivo slider. All in all, with this free template it is more than realistic to manipulate the website viewer’s perception of your brand easily.

4. Bizness Lite:
responsive business WordPress theme


Provide all your website followers with the best viewing and navigation experiences with Bizness Lite and let them conjure up the best images when talking about you. Preloaded with tons of useful controls and essentials, the package of this free WordPress theme includes responsive and Google mobile friendly layout, SEO – optimization for building brand awareness with the help of major search engines, header area that can be utilized to its full potential rather than appear as a kind of afterthought, as well as stunning default slider for adding visual perfection to the site and informing your clients about your experience, professionalism or something from the realm of value and importance.

5. SKT Construction Lite:
construction WordPress theme


The lack of necessity of prior in – depth WordPress and programming knowledge in relation to SKT Construction Lite enables every user to master this template fully, contribute to his brand popularity and attract new customers without any specific and highly expensive marketing strategies. Stylized and built for any kind of corporate and industry, construction, renovation, interior and exterior design, cleaning, transportation or other relevant online profiles, this amazing website creation and content arrangement mechanism is well – tuned to be aware of all the channels to maximize the web visual effectiveness and make a positive impact of the website visitor’s perception of the featured content. Along these lines, SKT Construction Lite delivers homepage full – width slider with up to 5 images to grab the viewer’s attention, footer and header areas as informative centers of the template, WooCommerce compatibility and e – commerce experience for shopping practices.

6. Spirited Lite:
corporate WordPress theme


Spirited Lite is one more top – class and top –notch, creative and elegant free WordPress theme for any individual or corporate agent to embark on a seamlessly low – cost journey of website creation and configuration that will lead to the new horizons of popularity and client conversion. Complex coding, heavy loading and distorted vitalization have nothing to do with this theme, so that you can bravely choose this product as a stable foundation of your next online project, show off all your essential points, special offers, your experts or any other interesting information in the form of slider images to swim around your web pages, as well as use all the other parts and options of the theme, including sections and areas, header and footer, standard pages, widgetized sidebar and much more to your gratuity.

Make your website stand apart with the best WordPress themes for your club

Make your website stand apart with the best WordPress themes

One of the hazards of setting up a website and marketing online is in making sure that you have picked out the right theme for your website. Assuming that you are looking for ways to rebrand yourself by giving your old website a makeover, the decision to choose the right theme becomes all the more important. Granted that there are so many themes to pick from and for what it’s worth, most resemble each other as far as some of the main specs are concerned. However, if you want your website to stand out for all the right reasons, then you need to go premium or better yet, take a look at our WordPress themes club. For a price tag of $99 only, you get access to over 6000+ themes and that’s a lot, by any definition. And that’s why, with the WordPress themes club, you are more likely to land the right theme for your website than ever before. Just check out some of the main features of this theme and it should become clear why this theme does stand out for all the right reasons.

1. Scalability:
The WordPress theme is 100% responsive and completely scalable; one of the issues that most web owners had with their themes in the recent past is when their customers accessed their websites through other devices, including mobile phones, iPads, among others, they found the website in question truncated and that they could not access some of the features. Naturally, this resulted in a higher bounce rate and loss of potential customers. However, with this collection of premium, tested and vetted themes, they are all responsive, do not come with a fixed width and are completely scalable. This is why it makes more sense to opt for the “all in one” package, when choosing to set up your own website.

2. Customization:
All the themes in the WordPress themes club are completely customizable. More often than not, many have found to their own detriment that the theme they had selected for their website, does not really provide for any customization other than a few cosmetic changes. But these themes do; moreover, they all come with 100+ short codes that you can utilize to change any page element on the website and also come loaded with various header, footer, sidebar, layout options. So you should be able to tweak and customize your website as much as you need.

3. Compatibility:
What makes the themes of the WordPress themes club is the fact that they are all cross browser, cross device and cross plugin compatible. These themes are compatible with third party plugins and as a result, they make it possible for you to enhance the functionality of your website and to be able to provide your users with better user experience. Thanks to these plugins, you should be able to integrate a dynamic payment gateway on your website with multiple forms of payment including digital wallets. You should also be able to optimize your content, from text to images, with the right plugin and as a result, be able to increase your SEO rankings. Moreover, you should be able to provide your audience with better streamlined content, sliders with high resolution images and videos, and be able to interact with them more.

4. Translation:
What makes the WordPress themes club stand out is the fact that all their themes come with POT file, and are translation, HD retina ready. And since the themes are already compatible with third party plugins, you can use translation plugins to install on your website so that users can access the content of your website in multiple languages. The one major advantage to having your website in multiple languages is that you can market your products and services to a wider audience than before. And as a result, you should get more traffic and your conversion rate should also improve.

5. Parallax scrolling:
One of the advantages of parallax scrolling is the nice appearance and finish it lends to your website. With the background scrolling at a different speed than the foreground, it tends to make your website stand out for all the right reasons. And most of the themes in the WordPress themes club come with the same as well, which is all the more reason that you should opt for the same.

6. Infinite scrolling:
A recent study highlighted the fact that infinite scrolling actually helps to keep down the bounce rate as well as improve your SEO rankings. Infinite scrolling is a web design technique that constantly keeps loading the content and as a result of choosing a theme with the same, you are bound to get more page views, better interaction with your users and higher SEO ratings. The good news is that most of the themes in the club do come with infinite scrolling so you should be able to keep the bounce rate all the way down.

7. Flexibility:
This is the all too important criteria; it goes without saying that whether you are choosing the platform to build your website on or the framework, you need to make sure that it is flexible, easy to use and that users are able to navigate your pages easily, without a hassle. The best part about the WordPress themes club is that all the themes are quite flexible and come with an intuitive design and intelligent navigation. Your users, landing on your front page should find their focus being drawn automatically to the important features of your website including the ‘call to action’, and that’s why you need to go for the themes club, especially if you want your website to get more traction online.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should consider WordPress themes club; it comes loaded with various features and add-ons, and with the right theme in place, you should be able to give a boost to your online traffic as well as your SEO rankings.

Quilting WordPress themes for arts and crafts based websites

Are you looking for the top class quilting WordPress themes to go live with your quilt making business? Then, you are welcome to follow our article!

Quilting has its roots back in ancient times and has undergone profound revolution through centuries. Today, quilting is a unity of useful profession and artistic self expression. Therefore, the quilt making business is still alive and even doing well.

If you have made a choice in favour of WordPress CMS for your quilting or sewing, stitching or handmade business, congratulations!

But if you think that finding a perfect template matching all your needs is a simple task, we are sorry to rain on your parade.

Although WordPress repository is rich with quilting WordPress themes, it’s really hard to find a specific one unifying all must have features and being available at a pocket friendly price!

But there is also good news for you! We have taken the trouble of looking for the most cost effective yet amazingly versatile quilting WordPress themes for individuals and companies functioning in quilting or sewing field. From quilters to tailors, ateliers and fashion studios, from private entrepreneurs and business professionals can find the below mentioned templates reasonable investments for their online success.

1. Furniture Pro:

furniture WordPress theme


Furniture Pro is the one that knows the shortest path to success. Designed and developed with ultimate care of the professionals working on it, this template appears to be one of the revenue generating quilting WordPress themes in the marketplace at present. It creates and renders unlimited possibilities for you to showcase your professionalism and talents in quilting world, as well as demonstrate the best pieces of your unique art.

The homepage full width slider can be the cornerstone of your online exhibition when armed with high quality images and photos of your works. Additionally, you will be able to control its timing and animation, and even replace the default slider with the one you like more.

Add your content in an attractive way and feel confident when it comes to mobile usage as well. Furniture Pro is a perfect solution taking into notice the requirements of your mobile based audience as well.

2. Fashion Trends:

fashion WordPress theme


Fashion Trends is lively and ambitious, colorful and energetic template ready to cover a wide scale of topics and niches. The possible range includes any fashion and vogue, mode and studio, quilting or sewing industry and even more.

Crafted by professionals for professionals, Fashion Trends will leave you speechless whenever you try to use the given platform with its feature rich toolbox. Use the prebuilt customizer to make your profile a domain where every single visitor will feel comfortable and will access to your contact information freely.

SEO friendly coding is one of the essential features of every modern website and Fashion Trends does not lack it. It means that all the efforts have been made by the theme authors to make your future profile search engine friendly.

3. Shopzee:

eCommerce WordPress theme


If you are looking for the commercial ready platform to showcase and sell your quilts, look no further than Shopzee. It is one of the popular and frequently user commercial tools included in quilting WordPress themes and accessible to the public at large. Shopzee seamlessly manages to blend highly functional theme structure with easy to use interface and customization options.

Showcase your products and services, add contact details and other useful pieces of content, and finally, organize your online store with the look and feel you prefer.

This template also runs at an optimal speed to be ranked high by search engines, as well as is smoothly navigable to result in satisfied website viewers and online customers. PayPal, Credit Cards and MiJireh payment gateways are all supported by this template for instant payments and their receipts online.

4. SKT Industrial:

industrial renovation WordPress themes


Packed with a plethora of features and elements, icons and fonts, SKT Industrial is one of the best selling quilting WordPress themes armed with simple drag and drop functionality. This template is well aware of all the technics that can make your website look good and function hassle free.

It doesn’t matter what website you are building on SKT Industrial, be sure you will come off. However, this template feels like a fish in water when it comes to highlighting any industry and handicraft related businesses, from construction and architecture to quilting and interior design.

All in all, it comes bundled with full color changing controls, Google fonts and font based icons, entirely controllable sidebar area for additional posts and pages, gallery, testimonials, team, services and much more.

5. Girlie:

girly WordPress theme


Girlie can be the starting point of your quilting business. Visually elegant and touchy, functionally advanced and all inclusive, Girlie is one of the most versatile website creation and management platforms.

It’s a template that forces you to use all your imagination and creativity to boost your online performance and engage more clients and customers. For this you have all the favorable conditions and all the primary tools, including font and color controls, shortcodes for accordions, testimonials, information boxes and more.

Gallery area can be the best destination of the high resolution images depicting your creative and eye catch quilts, decors, trims, etc.

Social media integration has also been done for you to use the power of the modern social media platforms as well.

6. Marvin:

personal WordPress theme


Well developed and serious looking, Marvin can visualize your strong skills and experience in any field. Launched for individuals, Marvin can be the best online presentation, profile, resume or CV for you to find new partners and clients, employers, etc. Hence, this template can stunningly suit to anyone who is engaged in quilting and want to reach new professional heights through the online platforms.

Showcase your artwork via the theme sections and areas, run an online shop to sell your products, showcase your skills in the relevant skills section, use the works section as a portfolio part and run a daily blog for more traffic.

Awesome WordPress themes help to boost online traffic

Awesome WordPress themes

Irrespective of your business niche, it is a fact that all businesses need to have an online presence in order to compete more effectively. In fact, most business already have an online presence and if you do not, then you are missing out on the gravy train. You must have a professional website up and running and thanks to WordPress and some awesome WordPress themes, you should be able to do it in no time at all. What’s interesting is that you do not have to code anything but instead you can just choose your preference and WordPress takes care of the rest. And once you have chosen, you should be able to get the ball rolling on having your website up and running. The first thing that you need to do is to check out your competition and their websites, pay attention to the design and the layout; you can choose to adopt something similar by going through our collection of awesome WordPress themes. Once you have chosen the theme, you can then move to installation and content. So check out these pre-tested themes and choose the one that seems to be a good fit for your website.

1. Military :


The military WordPress theme is an awesome WordPress theme; it’s easy to use and is HD and retina ready, and comes loaded with over 800 fonts. The fact that the theme was primarily designed for a military website does not restrict this theme from being used for setting up other professional websites. What’s more, the theme is completely customizable and comes with several color pickers and that’s just for starters. With this theme, you can change the color, layout, and even the structure and reshape your website, just the way you want it done. The theme comes with several widgets which help to increase the functionality of your website, and the fact that the theme is 100% responsive and as a result, can be viewed without loss of functionality, across multiple devices is all the more reason that you may want to consider this theme for your website. It also comes with both browser and third party plugin compatibility meaning that your users can enjoy better experience on your website which in turn should help prop up those SERPS. Overall, this theme is as good as it gets if not more; it comes with a price tag of $39 only along with bundled support for a year.

2. Bed and breakfast :
bed and breakfast WordPress theme


When it comes to awesome WordPress themes, the bed and breakfast gets the top billing and with good reason. The theme is classically designed and comes with multiple layout options from boxed to full wide, so you can have your pick. Apart from this, the theme is completely customizable so you can change the background image to something lighter or tweak the typeface used and seeing how this theme comes with 800+ fonts, you can pick the ones you need for your website; actually you would need two. The theme is also browser and third party plugin compatible, so you should be able to increase the functionality of your website. One of the reasons that your theme sticks out for all the right reasons is that your theme comes with its own POT file, which means that you can use multi-lingual plugins like WPML, qTranslate X and Polylang, and translate your web content in specific languages for specific markets. In essence, with this theme, you should be able to increase your outreach, market your products and services to a wider audience. And the fact that the theme also comes with infinite scrolling should help make it more attractive. The theme comes with a price tag of $48, and with it, you should be able to make your website stand out for all the right reasons.

3. Vcard :
vcard wordpress theme


The vCard WordPress theme is certainly one of the better awesome WordPress themes given its simplicity and flexibility. It comes with a simple layout with clear information infrastructure; it is also completely customizable, which is yet another reason that you may want to opt for this theme. And since the theme is completely compatible with third party plugins, you can use various cache plugins with your website to help make your web pages load faster. Nothing irritates the customer than waiting endlessly for the pages to load. And that’s why you would definitely need to get a theme like this one installed on your website at the earliest since you can use it to help boost your performance. Moreover, it also comes with a simple, flat, material design that’s easy on the eye and the fact that it comes with default sliders should enable you to showcase high resolution images on your front page as they are a lot more effective when it comes to marketing. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 only, along with support for a year.

4. Black and white :
black and white WordPress theme


This theme certainly makes it apparent why it gets the top billing as far as awesome WordPress themes are concerned – form its minimalistic look, to the drop down menu and the fact that it is fully customizable with 800+ Google fonts, it stands out from the rest. What’s more, with this theme, you can pick and choose the color and tone you need for your website, thanks to the handy color picker. You can also customize any page element and more to the point; the theme is 100% responsive and completely scalable and has already been tested for whether it is mobile friendly. With this theme installed on your website, your users should be able to access your website, with any device without loss of functionality. More to the point, it is compatible with most browsers as well as third party plugins, so now you can install social media plugins and make it easier for your users to login to your site with their social media credentials. The one thing that business website needs is a healthy traffic and the ability to attract more, and with this particular theme with integrated parallax and infinite scrolling and the multi-lingual aspect of this theme, you should be able to do that and much more. The theme is currently pegged at $48 only and comes with free installation and one year round the clock support as well.

5. Music producer :
music band WordPress theme


The theme, one of the top picks among awesome WordPress themes, certainly manages to make an impact. The overall design is minimalistic to an extent and it comes with multi layout options from inner layout options to sidebars with blog posts. The theme is completely customizable and it comes with 800+ fonts so you can alter, change, modify and edit any page element in the backend and see those changes happen on the front end easily. The overall design is perfect and should definitely provide your users with better UI. Apart from fonts, colors and typeface, you can also use third party plugins with this theme; as the theme has been designed specifically for music related websites, you can easily install online music player so that your visitors can listen to the track and purchase the one they need, through the integrated payment gateway. All of this is possible with this theme, thanks to its compatibility with third party plugins and as a result of this advanced functionality; your SERPS should improve as well. The theme comes with a price tag of $48 which is pretty reasonable, given all the add-ons that it comes loaded with.

6. Flower Shop :
flower shop WordPress theme


The florist WordPress theme certainly catches your eye; it is creatively designed and makes strategic use of the white space by drawing your visitors’ attention to the pertinent parts of your webpage. The theme is 100% responsive and your users should be able to check out your website on any device from iPad to others. And as the theme is completely customizable, you can change any page element on your website with ease. Moreover, the theme comes with 100+ short codes with which you can add specific pages to your website such as ‘testimonials’ or even include a rolling testimonials page, change any page element and all without having to code anything. And since the theme is 3’rd party compatible, you can also use third party plugins to get more short codes to add more functionality on your website. With advanced functionality, your users should be able to enjoy better user experience and this should help boost your conversion rate as well. The theme is priced at $48 only, with one year complete support.

These are some of the top awesome WordPress themes; you can now check each one out and choose the right one to install on your website. With the right theme in place, you should be able to make a good impression and your traffic should shoot up in no time at all.

Lead generation WordPress themes to give your marketing a boost

Lead generation WordPress themes

If you are planning to set up a website for your business, then there are a few things that you should know, before choosing to set one up. You need to take care when deciding which platform to base your website on and more importantly, what framework to go with. This is why it is important for you to sit down, and chalk out a blue print starting with what you think you need the website for, the objectives, and what you think your target audience would prefer? All these questions are important from a marketing perspective as it enables you to design a website that caters specifically to your target audience and as a result, should help you generate a loyal customer base. For starters you may want to check out some of the lead generation WordPress themes; they are all designed to help you reach out to more customers and to generate more leads in the process. Granted, the process of choosing a WordPress theme is never easy given the fact that there are so many online, which is why we have collated some of the very best, and have listed them out for your convenience. So, check them out.

1. SEO Marketing :
SEO WordPress theme


When it comes to lead generation WordPress themes, this one stands out on account of its simplicity and flexibility. With this theme, and the fact that it is completely customizable means that you should be able to customize any page element in the background and see the same on the front end, instantaneously. The theme is cross browser, cross device and cross platform compatible – meaning that it is 100% responsive and your users should be able to access your website without loss of functionality. What’s more, the theme has been designed by experts, and in a way that it makes use of strategic white space to direct your visitors’ attention to specific parts of your website. It also comes with 600+ font based social icons so that you can use the same on your website. The theme is widget friendly and what’s more, it is compatible with third party plugins that you can install on your website for more functionality. You can use plugins to collect visitor information as well as make it easy for them to subscribe to your product updates. This should help generate more leads for your business; the theme is currently pegged at $48 and comes with support for one full year.

2. Car Rental:
car rental WordPress theme


This particular theme stands out as one of the best lead generation WordPress themes. Even though this theme was designed for a specific niche, it is also a multi-purpose theme meaning that you can reuse this theme for most business verticals. The theme itself comes with both full wide and boxed layouts with a minimalistic look and drop down menu. The overall effect is pleasing to the eye but what makes it stand out is the fact that it also comes with a built in customizer that you can use to change any page element on your website, once you have the theme installed. It also comes with 800+ Google fonts which you can use to change the fonts by making use of some of the easy typography options. And as it is cross browser, cross device and cross platform compatible, your users should be able to access your website on any device without loss of functionality and as the pages themselves do not come with fixed width, your users should be able to access the complete page. It is also third party compatible and you can use various page builders such as eaver, site origin, elementor, visual composer, live composer, sandwich and pootle and more to build additional pages. The theme comes priced at $48, along with support for a full year.

3. Adventure:
adventure WordPress theme


If you own an adventure gear shop or into adventure sports, then you would definitely want to check this theme out. The theme itself, aptly named is one of the top ranked lead generation WordPress themes. It comes with a simplistic layout and a drop down menu; this should make it easier for your users to use your website. More importantly, the theme also comes with both full wide and boxed layout so you can choose as per your preference. Moreover, it is cross platform, cross device, cross browser compatible along with the fact that your users can review and check your website out with any device, thanks to this theme. One of the issues most users had when using devices such as mobile phones to checkout other websites was the loss of functionality. But this theme is completely scalable and your user should not run into the same issue. The theme is woo commerce and third party plugin and as a result, you should be able to set up an integrated payment gateway for your users with multi payment options. The theme certainly stands out for the right reasons and comes with a price tag of $48, along with one year support, round the clock.

4. Game Zone:
game developer WordPress theme


The theme is just what every budding entrepreneur needs; a professional multi-purpose theme that manages to enhance user experience which again is why this theme ranks better when it comes to lead generation WordPress themes. The theme itself comes with a minimalistic design and one that can enable you to make strategic use of white space so that your user’s attention is re-directed to the main parts of your website. The theme itself comes with several blog layouts and as it is fully customizable, you can change any page element on your website, with ease. What’s more, the website is compatible with third party plugins which should enable you to increase the functionality of your website. You should be able to integrate social media plugins on your website, enabling your users to login with their social media credentials. And let’s not forget the fact that this theme comes with default slider with at least 10 slides that you can use to feature high resolution images, videos, iframe, banner and much more. The theme comes with a price tag of $48 only, along with support for one year.

5. SKT Banking:
banking WordPress theme


Of all the lead generation WordPress themes, what makes the banking WordPress theme stand out is the fact that it is easy to use and more importantly, is quite easy to customize. The theme itself comes with several hundreds of built in short codes that you can use to set up additional pages such as ‘testimonials’ or ‘contact us’ or create a button for use on your web page and much more. The fact is that the theme is completely organic, well developed, aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, completely customizable. If these reasons are not enough as to why you should go ahead with this theme, then read on. The theme is also woo commerce compatible, and since it is already compatible with third party plugins, you should be able to set up an integrated payment gateway for your customers. The theme makes it possible for your website to stand out for all the right reasons and as it comes with advanced functionality, it should help improve your rankings. The theme comes with a price tag of $48 and with it, you should be able to generate more leads in no time at all.

6. SKT Education:
education WordPress theme


This theme is a tad futuristic and it certainly looks that way – from its classic layout structure along with the drop down menu, sections, etc. The theme is a multi-purpose one, which you can use for other niches as well; the great part about WordPress is that you can change the theme at any point but your content and posts remain put. Anyway, this theme comes with several short codes that you can utilize to change any page element. The theme also comes with both parallax and infinite scrolling that should help keep the bounce rate on your website all the way down and generate more leads in the process. It is also retina and HD ready, and along with this, you can use the sliders that the theme comes with to feature images, media, etc. It is also woo commerce compatible and your users should be able to enjoy advanced functionality on this website. As a result, your seo rankings are bound to go up; the theme comes with a price tag of $48 and you can use multi-lingual plugins with this theme so that you can reach out to more customers.

These are some of the top lead generation WordPress themes; you can check out each individually; and what’s more, you should short list a few so that you can demo a same, and this should help you decide which.