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30 Proven Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress

make money online blogging

Here are the 30 proven ways to make money online by blogging using WordPress.

WordPress is used for blogging and publishing. You can use it no matter where you are, where you want to work from.

1. Performance-Based Marketing or Affiliate Marketing

It’s performance-based marketing. Using special tracking links, you can put forward your product to your audience, and if someone buys it using that link, the commission is yours.
Manage them, use WordPress Plugins.

2. Google AdSense

You can display Google AdSense on WordPress by using the Cost Per Click (CPC) advertisements. You have to add a script from Google on your website and turn on displaying ads option. Every time any user clicks on that particular ad, you will get paid.

3. WordPress Advertising Plugin

You can sell banner advertisement space directly according to your terms and conditions. We recommend using WordPress ad management plugin to make it easier.

4. Post Blogs that are Sponsored

You can sell sponsored blog posts. You have put your traffic stats details, followers on social media and other data on your site to make it more attractive for users. Then you can ask sponsorship from companies to negotiate a deal.

5. Earn Money by Writing Reviews

You can get paid by writing reviews about products instead of doing it free. Ask companies to write reviews about their products or use websites that help you connect with such businesses.

6. Flipping Websites

You can make money online by blogging and adding traffic. Build various sites and sell them. For this, you must know the demand on websites.

7. Be a Public Speaker

If you are an expert in your field, then you can do public speaking in conferences. You may also do shows and other related sectors and charge money for this.

8. Websites with Paid Memberships

Using WordPress Membership plugin, you can create a membership site. Allow your restricted users to pay you for new blog posts, videos and audios and other content.

9. Private Forums

To get paid by memberships, you can also create a private forum that only allows users who are paying. Here are the best five ways of forum plugin for Word Press sites.

10. A Q&A Community

You can create questions and answers community to interact with your members. Quora and Stack Exchange are huge communities that help you build an interesting, motivating and engaged online forum.

11. Dictionary Website with WordPress

You can create a paid business directory in WordPress that contains reviews of local businesses, podcasts, and products.

12. WordPress Job Board

Creating a paid job board is another online money earning option. Ask companies to advertise their vacancies on your job board, and if someone is hired through your forum, you can charge for it.

13. WordPress Event Calendar

Create an event calendar on your WordPress site. If you have a significant following on your blog, people will pay you for their event advertisements.

14. Selling Digital Products

It’s a low maintenance way to make money online with blogging using WordPress by selling your digital products.

make money online blogging

Following are some excellent ideas to create and sell your products.

15. E-books and Online Courses

It’s one of the best ways to make money online with blogging that you sell E.books and online courses. Students are a vast audience to pay you for books and courses.

16. Paid Webinars

Hosting paid webinars is a great way to build an audience, experience sharing, and growing your business. Since its more like an online course, you can do it live and add questions answers session for your viewers.

17. Freelance Services using WordPress

If you’re a blogger, you must be an expert within your field. You can offer freelance services to your current audience.

18. Consultation Business

You can start your own consultancy business to make money online from blogging. Your clients need and strategies for their businesses.

19. Become a Coach

You can be a life coach, blog coach, writing coach and more as you like. You need an excellent communicating skill to satisfy your client.

20. E-Commerce and Woo Commerce

You can start an online shop using WordPress. It creates an online shop and can also add a shop with your blog by using Woo Commerce Plugin.

21. An Online Shirts Store

With WordPress, it’s easy to create a T-shirt selling the shop. You can upload your designs and prints and sell them online.

22. WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

A dropshipping store is more like an invisible inventory handling and items shipping store. You can create it with the WordPress website using Woo Commerce Dropshipping Plugin.

23. Affiliate WordPress Shop of Amazon

You can create an Amazon affiliate WordPress shop. It will be an easy way to create an e-commerce site without having shipment issues.

24. Online Market Place Website

You can create an e-commerce website that allows sellers and buyers to interact with each other using your forum.

25. An Auction Website

Customers can find different deals while sellers can increase their profits by using auction websites. WordPress website can run auctions and allows users to list their products as well.

26. Online Job Marketplace

Similar to the e-commerce marketplace, you can build a website that allows companies and job hunters to interact with each other.

27. WordPress Plugin Development

For plugin development, you must know PHP and WordPress works. You can sell your plugins on your blog.

28. WordPress Themes Selling Website

You can create different themes with your WordPress website. For help, you can use the WordPress theme framework like SKT Themes free to make your idea attractive.

29. Sell Graphics

Another option is to sell graphics on your WordPress site. Using an e-commerce plugin, you can create stock images, logos and, other designs and sell them.

30. Donations

You can accept donations on your WordPress site by adding a PayPal donate button and a Stripe donate button. It’s an easy way to make money while make money with online blogging at the same time.

It gets confusing, at times, to decide how much money you are going to make. You can always start with baby steps. As a beginner, you may end up with a few dollars, but as soon as you gain experience in this area, you can earn more and more.

WordPress Blog Setup Mistakes You Should Know And Try to Avoid

wordpress blog setup
It’s quite easy to get your WordPress website up and running. Most web hosting companies provide a one-click WordPress installation procedure, which is very convenient. This makes designing a decent website possible, even to people who don’t know any coding language.

Though the installation process is easy, a lot needs to be done after the installation to ensure you get an attractive and high-quality website.

When you don’t set up your WordPress website well, you’ll miss out on the several advantages offered by this content management system and might even put your website at risk. Let’s see what mistakes you should know about and avoid.


Image source:

Consider the Web Hosting Platform

Before you even reach the setup stage, you need to decide on the best web host for your site. While it may tempt you to choose the cheapest option, you’ll be missing out on the features and support offered by paid-up hosts.
Not all web hosts are the same. Do some research to find out the best before signing up. Here are some factors you need to find out about before signing up.

  • How knowledgeable and responsive customer support is
  • Is the web hosting provider fast
  • What security features will you need and if they provide them
  • Does the web host promise and hold up uptime that is no less than 99%

The bottom line is to choose the most reliable hosting for WordPress. You need a host that offers the best services and has 24/7 support just in case you may have some issues.

Once you get a good host, the setup process begins. Here are some mistakes you need to avoid while setting up your WordPress site.

1. Failing to Change the Default WordPress Username

When you install WordPress, it will come with a default admin username for the administrator’s account. If you don’t change this name, hackers may find it easy to get access to your dashboard and interfere with your website. Hackers usually try the “admin” username on newly built websites, so immediately after you install WordPress, change the admin username to something difficult to guess, or not very obvious.


Image source:

2. Using a Weak Password

Just like with changing the admin username, hackers usually try several passwords on websites, and they may succeed on your website if you use a weak password. I would advise that you choose a strong password, comprising both upper and lower case letters, plus other characters. Ideally, use a password manager app like 1password to have a password that is virtually unbreakable by brute force attacks.

3. Using Unsightly Permalinks

The URLs to your website’s pages (permalinks) need to be simple. By default, WordPress will give long permalinks to your web pages. For example, you may find a permalink that looks like this This URL is not only ugly, but it also doesn’t give the reader any information connected to the URL.

A URL to an article should, at least, have some information on what the article is about – the topic. The words in the URL guide both the readers and the search engines. So, you need to change your permalinks to make them more friendly. Something like looks much better. This URL tells the reader it leads to an article dealing with – best WordPress plugins.

To change the permalink, log into your WordPress website, then click Settings. Go to Permalinks then click “Post Name.” Finally, save the changes. Once you do that, any article you post will pick a URL that has words from the title of the article.

4. Using The Wrong WordPress Theme

WordPress has many themes that you can choose from. But what makes some of these themes bad for your website? I can not list all the qualities of bad themes, but I will mention a few things you should be wary about. A bad theme:

  • Is not responsive – it doesn’t fit well on some devices like phones or tablets
  • Doesn’t have all the features necessary for your business
  • Doesn’t have any support
  • Is no longer updated to fix bugs and accommodate new versions of WordPress
  • Doesn’t allow you to change the layout or colors
  • Doesn’t match with the services or product you are offering

In case you’ve installed a wrong theme, you can contact a web developer or designer to tweak it, or you can remove it and install a new theme. Follow the link while Choosing a Website Theme.

5. Choosing The Wrong Subfolder

URLs should be as simple as possible to make it easy for visitors to remember. Even though long URLs are acceptable and will just work fine, some words may be unnecessary and redundant.

For example, there’s a difference between a URL like and The former looks simple and straightforward, but the latter is complex and looks quite unprofessional.

When you get such a URL, it means the webmaster never removed the contents found in the installation folder of WordPress. The content of the installation folder needs to be removed and placed in another folder pre-named “blog.” Another method is to upload the WordPress folder, then rename it accordingly. If you want to have a simple URL, don’t forget this step. Ideally, if you’re using an auto-installer, it’ll make sure you don’t run into this issue.

6. Not Having An Effective Backup Plan

A good WordPress website needs a backup plan. This will ensure you don’t lose any data should the website crash. Crashing happens from the host’s end, or if you make the wrong tweaks to your website. In case of such an unfortunate event, you may lose your tags, categories, posts, images, .htaccess file, robots.txt file, and the entire database. That’s why you need a backup plan that can help in restoring your website after a crash. You can either use your hosting provider’s backup solution or get a plugin like Updraft to take care of the backups.

There’s so much more we could cover, but we’d need a book’s length of an article, so here are some other little things that are often overlooked:

  • Failing to create your favicon
  • Leaving in the sample content
  • Using the “Uncategorized” option while posting content
  • Editing theme’s files without creating a child theme
  • Disregarding SEO
  • Not having security measures in place

Final Words
As you have seen, it’s quite easy to install WordPress, but the real work begins after the installation. Setting up a WordPress website needs patience and keenness. This is because whatever the component you leave unattended to might cost you. If possible, you can hire an expert to carry out the installation and set up for you. Above all, ensure you get a supportive hosting platform.

Photo Gallery WordPress Themes for Photo Gallery Portfolio Websites

Today we’ll take a look at photo gallery WordPress themes for photographers and freelancers

These photo gallery WordPress themes can also be used by artists and designers, fashion bloggers and e – commerce businesses and other image – based modelling and presentation websites.

In the recent years here has been a crucial shift in the digital world to that of abundant visual content.

Images and videos, photos and other pieces of visual content have long become powerful tools for communities, brands, individuals and businesses to communicate with their market more effectively.

There are lots of reasons emphasizing the irreplaceable role of photo galleries in the majority of websites.

The bulk may include from the website visitor’s snap judgments based on the site’s visualization and images to better adoption of visual content as compared to the textual one.

Here are some of the best photo gallery WordPress themes to add and showcase your website images, photos and galleries in an accurate fashion. Compelling visual traits and graphics, as well as well – presented images can result in better client or visitor engagement.

Moreover, your texts accompanied by eye – catchy images will be more digestible for the majority of web surfers.

1. PicArt

portfolio WordPress theme


Today people demonstrate an obvious preference for getting information via images and galleries. When it comes to photography or design industry, there is no second way to render information to your clients.

PicArt has been designed, coded and stylized with a professional image and gallery management system in the author’s mind.

Hence, you are powered to use the given platform as it is and just add your images on the slider and in gallery section. However, you are also authorized to make certain changes to the theme and add your unique style and identity.

With PicArt anyone will have one affordable solution across different devices and mobiles.

In this relation, all credits go to the responsive and cross mobile compatibility of the theme.

Different portfolio galleries are possible with PicArt.

2. The Art

art WordPress theme


As one of the successful and fully – packed photo gallery WordPress themes, The Art can be the best pathway to success in the digital arena.

Take total control over how your images and text content are laid out and served to your web audience easily with this theme.

Bright and energetic, The Art is the one to beautifully cover any kind of topic or niche.

It’s a super easy to use platform based on handy toolbox and manageable structure.

Every effort has been made to generate a well – organized and creative look of the website with respective content fields and areas.

All in all, you can make use of home, about us, services, gallery and other sections, as well as homepage slider for the best images.

Footer and inner header options, two versions of gallery, as well as NextGen gallery support are also there for you to play with.

3. Photodock

Portfolio wordpress theme


In case you are looking for a pixel – perfect and clutter – free image and gallery management tool, Photodock is for you. This template is responsive and adaptive enough to take your content and serve it to your mobile and desktop users equally well. Hence, shrunken visuals, unreadable texts and distorted images will never cross the website user’s way.

The theme is specifically convenient for those website owners who are sure that high – resolution images and galleries should be an integral part of their presence. Without requiring a high learning curve, this template strikes the eye with its admin – friendly dashboard and manageable nature. You can easily add your images to the homepage slider and greet your site’s visitors as soon as they land on your homepage.

4. Panaroma Pro


Totally intelligent and bewitchingly inspiring, Panaroma Pro is all about beauty. The inclusion of this template in our list of photo gallery WordPress themes is fully justified by its precision and stable performance all the time. All the preloaded features, 5 slides availability on the homepage and much more are certainly meant for the simplest usage and control customization and maintenance.

It will let you prove your experience in the given field through the personalization of your image – based website. Maximum effective, yet cost – conscious, Panaroma Pro gives tons of controls over your website look. From opacity and transparency to color changing options, icons and Google fonts, you have a wide choice to create and control the site of your dreams.

5. SKT Parallax Me Pro

parallax WordPress theme


With this beautiful template you don’t need to worry about how your high – quality images are going to be displayed across various platforms. It’s a readily responsive and mobile – optimized, multi – service parallax WordPress template with build – in gallery and image features. It is quietly balanced between eye – catchy design, graphical solutions and unbeatable functional base. The first impression matters the most!

Hence nice – looking parallax slider forms the indispensable part of this template to be armed with niche – specific images and photos. Easy to customize portfolio section is loaded with the theme for you to manage your portfolio images and videos, as well as create galleries. Preloaded shorctodes are waiting for your instructions to add whatever is required to the theme.

6. SKT Lens Pro

responsive portfolio WordPress theme


Responsive and plugin – compatible, SKT Lens Pro is the last product in our list of photo gallery WordPress themes to help you get a lot of eyeballs to your wonderful images and photos. It’s a template ready to cater to absolutely any website with any working principle or client – base. Polished and pliable, every single part of the theme has gone through analysis and update to be ultimately resourceful and usable.

This template will never let cost stand in your way to success, as you are going to pay almost next to nothing for it. SKT Lens Pro comes bundled with convenient color picker to decide the color gamut of your website. Numerous shortcodes make it possible for you to have gallery, accordions, tabs and more to organize the flawless operation of your site.

Holistic WordPress Themes for Creating Therapy & Holistic Websites

This time we invite you to check the category of the best holistic WordPress themes for holistic medicine and therapy, spa and wellness, body treatment and health centers, yoga studios and dances, retreat and rehabilitation centers, holistic clinics and health related activities online.

Next the quality services you provide, your online reputation is one of the biggest assets in your future success.

The truth is that thousands of people use the global networking system to find relevant health related services and doctors just like they look for restaurants and cafes, cars and apartments, etc.

Therefore, taking care of catching your potential clients at the same point where they are searching for some information you share online is of paramount importance for your holistic business and its prosperity.

Whether you want to distribute your multi service holistic health clinic with diverse medical services, therapies, medical experts, injury management and treatment procedures or something else within the framework of holistic medicine, our assemblage of the most practical holistic WordPress themes will be the best guidance for you.

All of the holistic WordPress themes combined in this article come with downloadable demo versions for you to review before purchasing them. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about shelling your hard earned bucks. All of them are pocket friendly and foreseen for the businesses working on a limited budget.

Hence, low price, great opportunities are what you are going to find with those holistic WordPress themes ready made to accompany you through the whole process of your holistic clinic or hospital, spa or therapy center website’s creation and customization.

1. Condimentum

condimentum new


Build more effective relationships with clients and partners through your website based on one of the most elegant holistic WordPress themes launched as Condimentum. From wellness and spa salons to holistic spa and therapy centers and much more can be effortlessly presented by the application of this error free and wonderfully elastic website building tool.

No hassle around any coding processes or complex design management options. The theme is pretty simple in usage with suitable workplace from the backend of the theme, as well as with handy toolkit including “ first aid” elements and features. Among them one can find color and font controls, homepage slider with controllable slides, pre enabled shortcodes pack, page and post customization options, as well as amazing compatibility with a variety of useful plugins and extensions.

2. Bony

chiropractor WordPress theme


Bony is the next recommendation for you when it comes to building a customer centric holistic website for your holistic therapies and treatments, spa and medical interventions, as well as other holistic businesses online.

This theme is well developed and worked out to face all the modern challenges and comply with all the WordPress requirements. As such, it comes with a durable HTML5 coding and CSS3 animation touches responsible for the legible and presentable look and function of your site when viewed on different mobiles and platforms, widget friendly areas to make useful contact details, recent posts and social media links more apparent on the front page and much more.

Multiple shortcodes are also loaded for testimonials, galleries, accordions, tabs, buttons, etc.

3. Medicare Pro

medicare pro


The next highly recommended website solution among holistic WordPress themes is called Medicare Pro.
Raise the awareness of your medical based holistic business with the great assistance coming from Medicare Pro and occupy one of the leading positions in the relevant field. With little efforts and reduced workload, you will be able to take control over your website and generate more leads since Perfect Medical has been developed with the best SEO practices in the theme authors’ mind.

Visually clean and accurate, functionally advanced with commercial ready character, the theme embraces prebuilt sections and content areas to highlight your vocational skills and expertise, offered services and therapies, opening hours, as well as any other useful information.

4. Yogi Pro



If you want to find a perfect framework through which you can productively communicate the real value of your holistic services and products, yoga club and classes, spa and beauty related procedures and more, Yogi Pro can be the starting point of your success.

This top notch template comes bundled almost with every modern touch and shade which WordPress community holds, from responsive and mobile optimized design to sleek navigation levels, from SEO coding to easy to control backend of the theme.

Increase the profitability of your holistic website by starting commercial activities with the help of WooCommerce plugin, translate your content into as many foreign languages as your international client base requires.

5. Massage Center

massage WordPress theme


Build, protect and boost your online presence with one of the unique and stylish holistic WordPress themes catering to holistic and beauty based world.

In order to make the most out of this template, you don’t need a well trained staff including top rated developers and designers. With Massage Center everything is under your dominion to be controlled and altered without having to do with complex coding or styling processes. Just simple clicks, previews and that’s it. You can go live with any preferred layout and functionality.

With a strong focus on the user experience and convenience across multiple browsers and devices, Massage Center shares more than 100 shortcodes, calls to action and popular icons, gallery area for the most effective images and photos, etc.

6. Healing Touch

Healing Touch Pro


Walk the path towards your dream website when armed with Healing Touch. This affordable yet world class holistic template of WordPress realm comes to prove that establishing a revenue generating holistic business online is not a challenge that cannot be accepted.

The unique and feature rich structure of the theme brings any management or customization possible so that you can choose the best form and function for your website. Additionally, with Healing Touch you will stay away from irritating coding processes and will be powered by a pack of preloaded shortcodes to do the whole job. The theme is also checked for its SEO friendly coding, retina ready visuals, as well as plugin support.

Chinese Restaurant WordPress Themes for Chinese Food Websites

Chinese restaurant WordPress themes for Chinese are discussed in this article.

These Chinese restaurant WordPress themes are suitable for Chinese restaurants and eateries, sushi bars, as well as Chinese cuisine and food – centric websites.

The concepts behind the Chinese food and eating culture are well – known not only in the East Asia, but also in other corners of the globe.

Each dish and cookie has its own philosophy and is highly traditional.

It incorporates the old Chinese attitude towards food that is far more than just a burst of smell.

Today, Chinese eating traditions are becoming more and more accepted and applicable throughout the world.

They have already managed to become a favorite ethnic cuisine in certain localities and areas.

With this dazzling advancement of Chinese restaurants and food chains which are being put into circulation, your own one may lack popularity or client loyalty if you don’t own a presentable website for it.

In this article we have put together some of the most practical tips among Chinese restaurant WordPress themes for Chinese to establish his Chinese restaurant, take-away, cuisine, chef or another relevant website.

From your unique and traditional food to online menu and address, any kind of content can be hosted by those templates in the most customer – centric fashion.

1. SKT Food

food WordPress theme


One of the leaders in our collection of Chinese restaurant WordPress themes for Chinese is the theme called SKT Food. Highly competent and intelligent in what it is doing, the theme shares the best qualities approved by the modern WordPress community. Although the default version of the theme is ready for the instant exploitation, you are welcome to add your own favorite touched to it.

The theme’s admin panel is wonderfully easy in usage so that you can control everything from behind the scenes. Without time – consuming and coding processes, you are capable of adding your Chinese food information, share recipes in separate recipe section, showcase menu items of your restaurant, etc. HTML5 and CSS3 – based, SKT Food comes powered by total responsiveness, search engine optimization and e – commerce – ready functionality.

2. Ele Chocolate

ele chocolate


Ele Chocolate is one of the multi – purpose and bewitchingly attractive modern templates ready to cater to your traditional Chinese restaurant or another food – based business. Super flexibility and precision in performance are what characterizing this template best and rank them among the strongly – advised. Ele Chocolate boasts inherently resilient and reliable layout with premium – quality features ready to demonstrate your unique restaurant.

Present your menu and its items, hospitable staff and comfortable atmosphere with ease and result in boosted deliverables soon. You don’t need to worry about spending too much money on the acquisition of a template to fully rely on. Ele Chocolate saves your financial means and provides you with powerful toolkit at an affordable price.

3. Ele Restaurant

ele restaurant


The next truly real time – saver for you to get your Chinese food or restaurant website ready and effortlessly running is Ele Restaurant. No more fuss around posting or editing your restaurant – based content and images the way you want. Ele Restaurant takes care of all the nuances when it comes to the theme’s customization and management anytime and from anywhere.

As one of the creative and eye – catchy Chinese restaurant WordPress themes in the WordPress library of food – centric themes, Ele Restaurant perfectly balances between easily digestible and invincible character.

Impressively smart and secure, it comes bundled with color changing options, shortcodes of different nature for content setup, page and blog templates to choose from and much more. SEO – friendly coding, responsiveness and translation – readiness are all added to the theme as well.

4. Restro

restaurant WordPress theme


Another valuable contribution to your Chinese cuisine related website can be in the form of Restro. Establish your challenging website, keep it fresh – faced and entertaining, informative and chic all the time and don’t miss a single diner to your competitors. There are home, about us, our menu and gallery sections at your disposal to categorize your content effectively.

Footer and header areas can be the information centers of your restaurant so that your customers can quickly get in touch with you. There is a nice – looking homepage slider to greet your website visitors with drool – inducing images of your menu items. With Restro you are also authorized to control the look and feel of your website with color combinations, Google fonts and icons.

5. SKT Cafe Pro

Cafe shop WordPress theme


SKT Cafe Pro is highly comprehensive and flexible, while entirely lightweight and admin – friendly. It can be the best stimulus for your future success and larger customer – base. What makes SKT Cafe Pro a must – have product to present food originating from different parts of China is totally durable and well – managed framework. Moreover, it aligns with an impressively beautiful visualization of the theme for better visual influence. Homepage slider is the best for displaying the appetizing photos of your delicious offers.

Blog are together with social media integration are also included in the theme’s package. Additionally, the theme goes hand in hand with all the major claims put forward by the modern WordPress community. With shortcodes – based SKT Cafe Pro you will never stumble across any website behavior, distorted images or heavy loading either.

6. Bistro

Food WordPress Theme


As it is humorously stated, “The Chinese eat everything with four legs, except tables, and everything that flies, except airplanes.” It means that you need an extensive digital platform that will also be feature – rich to showcase your rich menu and dishes in a presentable way. Perfect Food is one of such all – inclusive and plugin – compatible Chinese restaurant WordPress themes ready to proudly deliver your multi – dimensional content.

If your website does not have a mobile – optimization, you are losing customers. Therefore, all the aspects of mobile – friendly coding have been practiced with Restro so that your mobile –users will feel appreciated and satisfied. It will also let your customers on – the – go check out your contact details, location, make online reservations and much more from their portable devices.

Bookkeeping WordPress Themes for Bookkeepers CPAs Accountants

If you are looking for the best bookkeeping WordPress themes to run on your personal or company website, this article is for you!

Legal and financial services have always been highly demanded. As long as commercial and trade relations are alive and well doing in the global marketplace, accountants and bookkeepers will never be unemployed.

If you are a private bookkeeper, legal advisor or financial consultant, or you are a part of a big and trusted financial institution with a wide spectrum of services to offer your clients, then creating a reliable online profile to communicate with your audience is of paramount importance.

Today, our main focus well be on the top rated accountant and bookkeeping WordPress themes for the relevant legal and financial specialists to expand their web presence and easily achieve a highly competitive edge. Each bookkeeping WordPress themes highlighted below is an expert in taking and showcasing your valuable information in a pixel perfect format across different hand held devices and when accessed by different browsers.

Hence, all you need to do is to take one of the prebuilt templates and adjust it to fully reflect your style or working policy without much hesitation around.


Finance WordPress theme

Finance is the chance of a lifetime. This top quality one of the bookkeeping WordPress themes is ideal for the financial and accounting field experts to offer their financial and legal assistant, consultation and services.

Whether you are a freelance bookkeeper to showcase a personal profile with all the needed information and experience, or a manager of an accounting company, your chances are high to make maximum profit with Perfect Accounting.

This smart and sophisticated template builds a reputation on generating hustle free and pixel perfect design, functionally stable performance and flexibility when it comes to customization options.

Hence, with this template you are free to add and remove, edit and alter each and every single element of the theme, make use of different plugins for extended working platform, etc.

SKT Banking

banking WordPress theme

SKT Banking is the next award winning banking and bookkeeping template rolled up in a decent look. Visually presentable yet serious, these bookkeeping WordPress themes will serve any kind of banking, accounting and bookkeeping needs and as such comes with prebuilt sections and areas to deploy your content. Home, about us, services and contact us are among the areas essential to any premium quality site to have the essential content hosted accurately.

Additionally, you can choose between footer and header variations, sidebar layouts, colors and fonts.
A clear and modern coding runs at the core of SKT Banking which makes the theme mobile and device compatible, error free and plugin compliant. All in all, it has been tested with a number of useful plugins to result in boosted results and revenue. From SEO and commercial plugins to contact from and slider ones, all of them are well working with SKT Banking.

Complete Pro


Complete Pro can be the oxygen of your virtual profile of any kind or nature. Hence, this universal and multiprofile template is the one to take care of your vocational or work related content as well. Specifically, the compact and well arranged layout of the theme makes this platform preferable for financial institutions and banks, bookkeepers and accountants, financiers and financial experts.

Ready to impress and allure both existing and first time customers, Complete Pro shares totally manageable framework with unlimited color and font management options, shortcodes pack at your leisure to use whenever needed, inner page layouts with inner page headers, PO file inclusion for serving your content in different translations and much more.

Homepage full width slider is the most effective tool to showcase your images and slides and gain the customer attention your site deserves.



Exceptiona is the next deeply customizable and highly profitable one of the bookkeeping WordPress themes coded to save its users time and nerves. By the application of this truly exceptional framework you will never be bogged down in tricky coding since the hardest part is already successfully completed by the authors of the theme. However, you are the only designer of this template to modify the default state of it and make your own style shine through your website.

You might want to economize on the building of your bookkeeping website, especially, in the current choppy economic situation. We are thrilled to inform you that Ecxeptiona is available at a really pocket friendly price so that even the financially abstemious clients will find this template a godsend.

With mobile friendly design touches, widget friendly zones available, tons of useful shortcodes and Google fonts, smooth and sleek navigation and translation readiness, Exceptional is unbeatable.

Flat Pro

flat pro

Flat Pro is the one that gently interweaves powerful functionality with awe inspiring visualization. The latter is supported by grid flat design approach eliminating the attempts of building unnecessary shadows and heavy physicality. As a result, we have Flat Pro as a uniquely stylized and time checked bookkeeping WordPress themes to market your services, offers, digital products, projects and much more.

There is something honest about Flat Pro with a dominant white space and neatly arranged sections and areas. It means that you can easily categorize your content and insert them into relevant parts to be easy to find and access.

With Flat Pro, your website will also scale fantastic to smaller screens and resolutions whenever accessed by mobile or device users.

Legal Expert

legal WordPress theme

The last affordable yet fully fledged financial and legal template for a broader usage in the target fields comes launched as Legal Expert. The theme’s clear and elegant face is appealing to dozens of people and businesses to choose it as a foundation of their sites.

Finalizing the default template to go well with your business objectives will not be a never ending struggle for you. The authors of the theme have developed it with a non techy user in their mind. It means that a handy admin area will be at your disposal to add your own touches to the theme.

Wedding Photographer WordPress Themes for Wedding Photography Sites

This time we are thrilled to share wedding photographer WordPress themes in this article for wedding and other events photographers.

Even portfolio owners, designers and design agencies and other image – based performances websites can also use these wedding photographer WordPress themes.

Any business catering to wedding is a noisy one. As for the wedding photography industry, it’s really hard to prove yourself as an outstanding photographer and set yourself apart from your competitors.

In such situation, much depends on how you deliver your services and offers to the prospective clients and customers.

This is the point where energetic and lively, professional and smart website comes into play.

Since the clients are the most valuable assets in every business, taking care of their precious time and efforts can be easily done via the website.

Getting your wedding shoots prepped and posted on your website will also speak thousands of words about your professionalism and creativity.

In this article we have taken the trouble of looking for and finding some of the best wedding photographer WordPress themes for you.

Although it’s hard to nail them down to a single definition, the truth is that all of them are top – quality products each with unique construction.

Let’s cast a glance at each of them separately.

1. Ele Wedding



Ele Wedding is one of the original and well – dressed wedding photographer WordPress themes both for professional and startup photographers. Moreover, the theme comes ready to tailor to the needs of other wedding – related sites as well with broader services. The range may include wedding planning and managing, photography and thematic photo – shoots, music and cakes, decorations and dresses or whatever it is.

With out of the box functional framework, Ele Wedding generates custom – designed form and unbeatable performance across different platforms. Lots of icons more than 580 in number, multiple page and post, footer and header variations, PO file for translations and much more are loaded with the theme.

2. Wedding Videographer

Wedding videographer WordPress Theme


Wedding Videographer is one of the latest niche – specific templates for wedding and other photographers, graphic designers, digital agency managers, portfolio showcases, etc. It is ready to facilitate the creation and maintenance your website with handy toolbox and controllable elements. Truly pixel – perfect in look, this website building tool will enable you to showcase all – season photos and images.

It means that not only wedding and engagement – related content can be revealed through your website. When the wedding season gradually slows down, off –season shoots can keep your website alluring and eye – catchy. From homepage full – width slider for the best shoots to relevant content zones for works, your team, services, etc, Perfect Photography has it all.

3. Wedding Rituals

wedding agency WordPress theme


Meet one of the most effective and user – friendly wedding photographer WordPress themes to work with style and precision. Without writing a single line of code anyone will be capable of taking control over The Art and customize it as per his needs and preferences. Ultimate care and attention of the developers and designers have been put together to launch this template.

As a result, this website building tool is reliable and persistent, user and client – optimized with its smooth and sleek latitude. Put very little efforts into the practice and give rise to a feature – rich website of your own. Shortcodes – based and plugin – compatible, The Art is as responsive and translation – ready as it is search engine optimized.

4. Photodock

Portfolio wordpress theme


Photodock is inherently versatile and sleek template for building an image – centric website of any kind. Based on parallax approach, this theme renders a unique character to help you out – pace the digital competition. Moreover, amazingly simple and flexible in usage, Photodock will build a much – needed momentum for your wedding photography business.

About 20 sections can serve you for the right disposition of your content materials. Lots of customization options are also at your leisure to change the colors, backgrounds of your website. Nice parallax slider on the homepage together with gallery section is the best stronghold of your photos and images.

5. PicArt

portfolio WordPress theme


Next in our assemblage of wedding photographer WordPress themes comes launched as PicArt. It is one of the most frequently installed templates with a unique persistence in hacking success every single time. Get started with precise and animated sections and stand out in the way that is attention – grabbing.

There is a nice – looking slider on the top of the homepage that can host as many as 10 different sliders. More than 650 Google fonts and more than 50 social media icons are integrated within PicArt to manipulate with. The theme’s responsive design and WooCommece compatibility are also there for better and tangible results.

6. SKT Lens Pro

responsive portfolio WordPress theme


If you are on the pursuit of a photography template that is both simple and powerful, SKT Lens Pro is what you need. It comes as a tuneful unity of form and function practiced by the seasoned professionals. The theme’s unbeatable framework and optimal features will walk you through the simple installation, activation and customization processes of your future website.

Cost – effective, yet feature – rich, this serious – looking and energized theme celebrates retina and HD – ready nature, cross mobile and browser – compatibility, as well as SEO – friendly coding for increased traffic coming to your site.

7. Panaroma PRO

portfolio WordPress theme


At last, we came to Panaroma PRO as one of the exclusive and beautiful, modern and zealous templates catering to wedding photography business. This product has a full package with all the essential controls and elements all WordPress – approved.

The package includes more than 5 page templates, numerous shortcodes for quick content handling, homepage sections which can be 30 in number, as well as preloaded Google fonts. Nice parallax slider runs on the homepage to display your works and photos. Full documentation and professional support are also available when purchasing this award – winning template.

Alternative Medicine WordPress Themes for Medical Related Sites

This time we are thrilled to bring the best alternative medicine WordPress themes to your attention. They can be a perfect match to each alternative medicine website or blog, medical clinic or institution, as well as other medical and doctor based profiles.

Alternative or fringe medicine practices are continually gaining traction throughout the world. It is the generalized name of the methodology than claims to treat or prevent from multiple illnesses. And although the effectiveness of such kind of non traditional medicine has not been scientifically proven, the ineffectiveness of it is not a fact either.

Alternative medicine methods and practices are based on the experience inherited from different nations during many centuries and have a defined value. Only natural substances are used, which are not harmful or dangerous for the health.

If you want to easily present and market your alternative medicine therapies and other services, you have come to the right place. In this article we have compiled the best of alternative medicine WordPress themes as ready made platforms for your relevant business online. Expand your communication network with potential clients and give them your helping hand whenever needed.

1. Medical Marijuana

marijuana WordPress theme

Medical Marijuana is by far one of the top rated nature and herbal, as well as alternative medicine WordPress templates to make the creation and management of your relevant website less of a hassle.

Well developed and maintained, frequently updated and improved, Medical Marijuana is truly perfect in all its appearances. Visually clean and elegant, functionally hassle and error free, this template will provide your web visitors only with positive emotions and trust toward what you are offering them.

From acupuncture, Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy to Chinese or Oriental medicine, from chiropractic and osteopathic medicine to needle or body movement therapies, absolutely any kind of complementary and alternative medicine types can be well revealed through this responsive and mobile optimized template.

Split your valuable content and insert them into the pre enabled content areas and zones, arm the homepage slider with the most alluring images depicting your practice and encourage your clients to get in touch with you.

2. Diet and Nutrition

diet and nutrition

Diet and Nutrition is the next energetic and results driven, visually eye catchy and inherently resilient template to highly contribute to your traditional and alternative medical practices and not only.

This template is also convenient for learning and education websites and blogs, colleges, schools, kindergartens, as well as private tutors and centers offering their relevant services and learning groups.

The possibility of its full adaptation and convenient management makes Play School one of the highly recommended alternative medicine WordPress themes which are user and developer friendly.

For the sake of your convenience, it comes with an intuitive interface, highly functional platform with a diversity of customization opportunities. From unlimited control over fonts and colors, homepage slider and shortcodes, sidebar, header and footer areas, you have everything you’ll ever need to draw the attractive skeleton of your future template.

3. Handy

doctor WordPress theme

Handy is the next tried and tested medical based website tool to be as smooth and sleek in performance, as easy and lightweight in customization.

This template perfectly knows that your communication with patients and customers is of paramount importance. Therefore this theme is pre implemented with visitor optimized navigation and mobile usage experience, as well as contact forms available.

Hence, your potential patients will be able to quickly connect to you via their portable devices and smartphones while filling the required fields in your contact form and asking their questions to you.

Translation and multilingual ready, Handy comes packaged with responsive and mobile friendly layout, social media and blog integration for boosted traffic and social media engagement, page and post layouts, etc.

4. Laboratory Pro

laboratory WordPress theme

You will be knocked down by the ultimate functionality and inventiveness of Kraft. This template is exclusively built for pixel perfect and clean websites, among them any kind of traditional or alternative, medicine, clinic, hospital, dental, and neurologist, veterinary and other relevant ones.

Simplicity, seamless performance and flexibility in customization are the main characteristic features of Kraft making your life as a web designer a much easier that you would expect. Although this template is already well decorated and stylized to be modern and elegant looking, you are free to change it the way you prefer.

You can tweak to the theme’s backend and edit the default color gamut, typography, animated columns and other content areas, insert social media links, add questions and answers in FAQ section and much more.

5. Reiki Pro

Reiki WordPress theme

If you are looking for the golden nugget to get things flow, look no further than Reiki Pro. It is also among the premium quality yet pocket friendly alternative medicine WordPress themes to offer your
non traditional or herbal substances, therapies, consulting services and more.

Grow the army of your patients and customers by becoming one of the easy to use and browse websites packed with valuable and trusted information. Building and retaining a loyal audience will be a breeze with this supreme quality yet easy to manage template.

There are tons of gallery and portfolio section choices for the visual content of your site, customizer controls to get everything organized and polished in a few simple clicks of mouse.

6. Healing Touch

Healing Touch Pro

Healing Touch is the last strongly advisable tool among alternative medicine WordPress themes that can be a huge assistance to you in getting things smoothly flowing.

Secure and lightweight coding runs at the core of the theme thus making its operation much lighter and enjoyable both from the backend and the frontend.

Your site’s face and the overall design is the first thing your site’s viewers are going to notice and be guided by. Therefore, the designers of Healing Touch have done their best to make it as presentable and serviceable as possible. However, you have tons of ample choices when it comes to creating a user centric face and look of your online profile with new shades and color palette.

Contemporary WordPress Themes for Creative Artistic and Modern Websites

Contemporary WordPress themes with awesome look and feel are collected in this article.

They are designed and stylized with a strict follow up of the modern WordPress community and its requirements.

The modern digital world is full of wonders and effortless ways to promote yourself or your business online. From personal and individual affairs to seasoned business activities are condemned to success if tied with the current virtual platform.

Modern WordPress CMS has taken the trouble of processing and launching both multi – purpose and niche – specific templates for any kind of usage. However, the truth is that they are constantly undergoing checks and updates to generate contemporary look and feel.

In this article one can find some of the contemporary WordPress themes in a full compliance with modern claims and prerequisites. Aside from saving lots of financial means, they are also flexible enough to provide your website with a deep sense of fulfillment and usability. Additionally, all of the modern principles of web design and development are applied to make each of them a product worth using.

1. Complete Pro



Complete Pro is one of the contemporary WordPress themes ready for multipurpose execution. This unique and comprehensive template is relentless in satisfying all your goals and objectives in the digital realm. Hence, every kind of personal or corporate, business or service provision content will find its way to presentable deployment on the theme’s sections and pages.

The theme is fully font and icon – friendly while loading powerful packages of both. One can find as many as around 600 Google fonts, 580 icons and 100 preloaded shortodes to deal within the theme. You are not obliged to go far beyond Complete Pro to digest its true essence and working principle. The theme has been coded while taking into account the capacity of an average web admin lacking prior WordPress expertise.

2. Flat Pro

flat pro


The philosophy of flat web design style has already managed to conquer a large portion of modern websites. Flat Pro is one of such flat and material – based contemporary WordPress templates to keep your website content precise and streamlined. The theme is guided with the principle that less is more. As such, it provides maximum effect and exposure with minimum expenses and excessive touches.

The overall white – based and clear visualization can be supported by the right icons chosen from the given packs, as well as homepage slider images. The theme is wonderfully widget- friendly with footer, header and sidebar areas and comes with more than 100 shortcodes inclusion to add your content or whatever is needed easily.

3. Gravida

corporate WordPress theme


The next ultimate guide to success as one of the contemporary WordPress themes is called Gravida. Through your well – shaped website based this beautiful and original template you will easily mirror your business or identity to the other part of the globe. The eye – catchy design style and graphical solutions are put together to make sure a precise interface.

It will be easier for the website guests to navigate around your website and find the requested information in the blink of an eye. In addition to the smooth and sleek navigation levels, the theme is based upon the modern Customizer to make your admin life easy and enjoyable with simply controls.

4. Condimentum

condimentum new


Consider Condimentum as one of the best projects ready to cater to your event and calendar, project management, business promotion and other event and service – based initiatives. This exclusively thought out and thoroughly updated theme is also user and admin – friendly. Hence, the theme’s admin dashboard is the tool with which anyone can get a bird’s view of what can be done for the better effectiveness of the theme.

All in all, with Condimentum you are authorized to generate your content and insert them into the convenient theme sections and zones and thus keep your audience aware of all ongoing and upcoming events.

5. Shopzee

eCommerce WordPress theme


Shopzee can be a whole new commercial world for those who are planning to benefit from the forceful e – commerce challenges online. If you are a private entrepreneur, sales manager of any startup or big company, or just an individual with an aim to starting an online shopping business, Shopzee is here for you. This one deserves a special place in our collection of contemporary WordPress themes for many reasons.

First of all, the reliable and modern design of the theme is not just what it shows; it is also how it works. And as such, the theme is equipped with all the compulsory modern techniques and approaches – from responsive design to SEO – optimized coding.

6. Simple

simple new


Simple is another hard proof of the fact that great a top –class website can be elaborated at an affordable price. Today more and more people are acknowledging the fact that fitness and physical activities should be maintained regularly in their routine. This fact speaks about the growing popularity of gyms and fitness centers and it can be hard to stand out among the diversity of offers.

This is the exact point where Simple comes to the fore with its charm and modernity. Blog and page variations are at your disposal to exercise, gallery section for motivational transformations of your clients and contact us sections for comprehensive contact information. HD and Retina ready graphics and 100% responsive layout also form an indispensable part of the theme.

7. Girlie

girly WordPress theme


Girlie is the last contemporary theme included in our article catering to the needs of feminine sector and not only. Elegant and awe – inspiring, it is destined to be the best friend of girl bosses and businesswomen, enthusiastic and courageous feminine representatives to try their power online.

User and admin – friendly, Girlie demonstrates inherent versatility and adaptability to how your content is laid out on different mobiles and platforms. Stay on the top of your performance with feature – rich toolbox of the theme including homepage animated sections, color and font size changing options, etc.

WordPress Themes for IT Company and Technology Companies


Following article is related to the WordPress themes for IT company and technology companies.

“It’s not that we use technology, We live technology”. This famous quote of Godfrey Reggio fits just best in today’s world we are living in.

Human race has been progressing since it started inventing things for survival and better life and technology is again a source of living for us in the present time.

We have now become attached and keen at the same time to try out for new technologies that would help in making our lives more simpler and time reducing.

This has become possible to achieve due to the evolution and development of IT and technology companies offering the best of the solutions and contributing in the growth of world.

These are the companies that have helped in connecting one end of the world to other and bringing the people from various parts and areas together.

IT sector along with the support of technology has now become the backbone of any country by providing all the facilitation in every required field.

Such companies are now responsible for driving the world towards new level of advancements thereby proving beneficial for every human being to survive longer.

It is necessary for these companies that are coping effectively with world to make their existence and recognition among all.

Hence it is essential to have online presence which can be done with the help of yet another boon of IT sector in the form of websites.

Digital medium is the most widely used and adopted aspect of today.

Websites act as a great support for making masses aware of anything and provide them information or services.

Hence any IT company or a technology company without any website will remain unidentified and not known to people.

There are number of WordPress themes for IT company and technology companies to create an engaging and attractive user friendly presence.

Some of the selections can be made from the following wide range of themes.

1. Ele Agency

ele agency lite


Ele Agency is the type of WordPress themes for IT company and technology companies which will prove to be the right choice for making any sophisticated and technical website. It is a modern day and top-notch theme to fulfill all the demands of how a corporate IT company website should be. With several features such as changing of the backgrounds, color, texts and fonts this proves to be one of the best theme for an IT or a technology company.

2. High Tech



High Tech is a multipurpose and a majestic IT and technology company WordPress template that packs luxuriant features to create an awe-inspiring corporate website. This theme is customizer based to provide a whole new experience for developing website and has several slider plugin compatibility to enhance the performance. Unlike other themes High Tech is an optimized and engaging template to allow for more live output.

3. SKT Corp Pro

SKT Corp pro


SKT Corp Pro is a WordPress template for IT company and technology companies which has been created with a thought to help in making landing pages for new apps or products that is the requirement of today in corporate world. It is simple and subtle in design and has color changing options with parallex section. It is highly compatible and documented theme with its tests performed over various plugins to make it more dynamic.

4. Flat Pro

flat pro


Flat Pro is among the types of WordPress themes for IT company and technology companies designed to be user friendly and well managed. It has been launched after its successful test of being mobile friendly and helping people to read it in any language by bring multilingual. It has many colors to splash up for designing a beautiful website and is various shortcodes compatible with header and footer variations and 8+ page templates.

5. SKT StartUp Pro

startup WordPress theme


SKT StartUp Pro is yet another elegant and modern look WordPress template for IT and technology companies. It has been made translation and multilingual ready to make each and every person read the content with ease. You can change its colors anytime and it allows for many animation effects and default slider with 10 slides. This theme makes it easier to embed maps, videos and podcasts and is a retina and HD ready theme.

6. Condimentum

condimentum new


Condimentum in itself is a very unique and multipurpose WordPress template for IT company and technology companies. This theme is vigorous with the maximum shade of white to give it a premium look but can be made colorful by adding background sections. Compatible to cross device, this theme is SEO friendly and comes with a nice Nivo slider. It has been created with fresh and new coding and is compatible with WordPress latest version.

7. Design Agency Pro

design agency


Design Agency Pro is one of the types of WordPress themes for IT company and technology companies that gives a set of exhilarating options to choose from while creating a corporate website. It has been made compatible with all major browsers to make a more appealing. It has the section of portfolio to represent the work done with every detail and links to provide ease of access. Coming with 650+ Google fonts this theme allows for multiple choices of style statement.

8. Kraft

premium WordPress theme


Kraft is a WordPress theme and template for IT and technology companies that has been crafted with high-end features and superb manner. It takes us step by step to create one of a kind website having complete documentation and manual to achieve the same. The user can relate anything to world as this theme gives more than 500+ font awesome icons to have any type of social media icon. You can even ask your queries with the FAQ section provided with this theme to enhance more visibility.

9. Blendit

blendit single page WordPress theme


Blendit is another scintillating and well developed kind of WordPress themes for IT company and technology companies. It is a well thought and crafted theme that brings you the most exciting experience of changing color of every element within the theme and has many of the other features to surprise the user with every new additions to be made.

10. IT Consultant Pro

it consultant new


IT Consultant Pro is the best template of WordPress for IT and technology companies. It is packed with the kind of features that allow for a wide platform of making choices whether it is the color, text, font or the layout styling; this theme has all of them. It has over 600 of the Google fonts and more than a 100 of shortcodes to make the website even more flourishing and exuberant than ever it has been.

11. Bizness Pro

Bizness pro


Bizness Pro is the another type of ebullient and buoyant template of IT and technology company WordPress that has been stuffed with sparkling features and options to build an outstanding corporate website. It gives you more than 670 icons that can help your website get connected with social media to make your company reach more and more people across the globe.

If you wish to keep every of the section and the pages different then this theme is the best solution allowing for several header and footer options to achieve same.

WordPress Themes for Book Authors and e-book Authors


The following article describes about the WordPress themes for book authors and e-book authors.

“The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say”. This quote by Anais Nin consists very deep meaning in itself.

Even though we are living a highly modern and technological life these days, there is still a touch of old time that continues to be with us everytime in the form of books and novels.

Every other person is fond of reading and always looks for some of the best selling books to read and get relaxed from all of the busy activities of the day.

Books or novels are the source of immense pleasure when written by any author who jots all of his world of imagination or incidents of life into pages.

There are many of the books from various of the famous authors to melt down our hearts with words of love or to bring us down to tears with the sentences of emotions. Book reading has also evolved as a hobby for many of the people today.

However, being into so much fast life, it is not necessary to carry books everytime with us for reading. It is as discussed, a digital world hence there needs to be a medium of making these beautiful stories a part of our digital life.

This has been observed by the authors all around the globe and they are now heading towards online publications to reach out for every individual who loves to read.

Website is the best option for every author now to put his creations in view of everyone who cares taking a look into it.

Not just the novels but the education related books are also touching the grounds of being online via websites.

To fulfill this, WordPress themes for book authors and e-book authors can be used extensively to publish online books through the medium of websites and facilitate for the fast and easy access to the lovers of reading.

This theme also for Essay Writers, essay helps other people make lives better, even if they are struggling with their own.

Some of the wide range of the WordPress themes for book authors and e-book authors can be seen below.

SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme


SKT Perfect is a type of WordPress themes for book authors and e-book authors which can help them very well in publishing their books online. It is a theme with ample of options to make the reading experience more pleasing and attractive as it contains pre-installed templates.

A book when published in our own language increases the excitement of reading it even more and this can be made possible with this theme easily as it is multilingual ready and translation ready. You can create an environment that goes with the flow of content by choosing from various color and over 600 of font options to make the reader take deeper interest while reading.

Any kind of device screen will not hamper the readability as this theme passes all the device compatibility tests successfully. SKT Perfect has been designed keeping in mind the curiosity of a reader who wishes to unfold the pages of his favorite book sooner and hence this theme is SEO friendly and optimized to deliver faster loading performance.

SKT Launch Pro

author WordPress theme


SKT Launch Pro is a template of WordPress for book authors and e-book authors designed to cater with excellent services of making an e-book website. This theme has the feature that will take you to the journey of author and his details through the sections that can be inserted to put in the content and details.

It can give you a new and fresh look with every visit due to the number of Google fonts that can be changed anytime to maintain the interest of the reader with every new visit. It is also a product friendly theme to showcase the vast variety of e-books online. To enhance the overall approach it can be altered to any color with easy to pick and apply color options available.

It allows to leave your permanent mark on social media with the control of social icons, changeable colors of links and the fonts as well to delight the user everytime. SKT Launch Pro has it all with 6 different types of post formats to share your status in style and elegance. It has been made to create a perfect e-book website by coding it with HTML5 and CSS3 and making it compatible with the latest theme of WordPress.

Complete Pro



Complete Pro is one of the type of WordPress themes for book authors and e-book authors that is crafted as complete in every aspect. It has been made a full font ready theme with over 600 of Google fonts to enrich the experience of the reader who takes a look at the website.

It has also the options of placing the colors as per the choice of requirement to create a mesmerizing experience with every visit. Justifying its name, this theme has been loaded up with many of the sections to put across and there are many of the choices that you can make in the header and footer options.

You can even narrate the story or the content of the book in the form of videos or photos; all thanks to the various sections of the homepage this theme provides to us making itself more complete.

SKT Education

SKT Education




BeFit Pro

personal trainer WordPress theme


BeFit Pro is yet another type of WordPress themes for book authors and e-book authors which is multipurpose in nature and can serve as the best theme for making an e-book publication website. To change its full color anytime is one of the feature of this theme that allows us to make desired changes in the colors of our wish and it is simpler to set up animations for any columns making the reading more exuberant.

You can get acquainted with the details of the author, his interests, the book and what it is all about in a summarized manner with the help of provided section.

SKT Dual



SKT Dual is a WordPress template for book authors and e-book authors with ample choices of gallery and portfolio. You can make your website one of a kind looking with the help of this theme as it provides the options of color change by the color picker.

Tested with over dozens of plugins this theme is the benchmark for creating a website for e-books. This theme has been made to reduce the efforts of user by making it easy to use and has dual screen for more visual and textual impact.

Furniture Pro



Furniture Pro – a template of WordPress designed for the book authors and e-book authors has countless of features to develop an outstanding website. Making it a real fast experience this theme has been made compatible to fast loading and shortcodes plugin to add more than 100 of various shortcodes for content options.

Pictography made simple in this theme due to the addition of default gallery with additional compatibility for other gallery and slider plugins. This theme has been thought out to be a full color changing and SEO friendly theme with social media integration and multilingual readiness for different language experiences.

Optometrists WordPress Themes for Opticians Ophthalmologists

A handpicked assemblage of optometrists WordPress themes for opticians, ophthalmologists, oculists and other health and medical care – related professionals.

Taking care of the eyes and vision are of primary importance for every single individual. Bad vision or other eye – related problems may lead to the reduction of the life quality, decrease in well – being and more critical problems.

Additionally, an eye is sometimes a mirror of your overall health state and an indicator of certain diseases.

Hence, an ordinary eye exam may give a clear understanding of what’s going on in your body.

This is where an optometry comes into play with its seasoned professionals and specialists to analyze patient’s eyes, prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses.

And if you are an optometrist or oculist specialized in rendering eye – related services, diagnosis, examination, treatment, prescription and more, keep reading this article.

Attracting more optometry patients today is one of the principles of online marketing assigned to the modern and niche – specific website.

Otherwise stated, the optometrist website functioning around the clock can relatively reduce the stress catering to finding new patients and clients.

Well – managed and informative, it will result in increased client engagement coming from the digital arena.

We have sorted out the best optometrists WordPress themes for opticians, ophthalmologists, and other relevant medicals, shop owners selling eye – care products, eyeglasses, drugs, lenses, etc.

All of them are powered by fast loading rates, total flexibility, as well as reliable and always accessible support team standing by you.

1. Handy

doctor WordPress theme


In case you want to grow your optometry practice and receive more patients, Handy can be your helping hand.

It is one of the comprehensive and complete systems among best optometrists WordPress themes ready to serve the purposes of medical world.

Establish all-inclusive and perfectly customized website with Handy and build patient trust with limited financial means. Boost your revenues from the patients who have found your information from search engine inquiries, since this template is totally search engine – optimized.

This user and patient – centric template also includes clean and well – developed coding, testimonials section for satisfied client’s feedback and reviews, social media, as well as blog integration. The theme has also been checked for its translation – readiness when it is required to produce and host a multilingual medical content.

2. Healing Touch Pro

Healing Touch Pro


Simplicity and modest design are what make a medical – related website worth attention and trust. With this in the developer’s mind, the next highly attractive yet simple and cost – effective optometry – based website building tool comes launched as Healing Touch Pro.

Build a website of any nature you can imagine when supported by this template. With simple and adaptive drag and drop interface, Healing Touch Pro will let you change the overall color combinations, as well as background. Homepage slider is added to the default theme for you to showcase high – resolution images and photos to attract the web visitor’s attention instantly. Numerous blog and page template controls are given within the theme, as well as more than 100 shortcodes to create your content easily.

3. Bony

chiropractor WordPress theme


Generating compelling and informative content to encourage your patients will be quite achievable with Bony. Clear and precise, it is one of the top – ranked optometrists WordPress themes ready to offer a full range of optometric services and treatments. By the application of this template soon you will be assured that running a profitable website and being aware of all ins and outs for better web conversion is not a task of developer or marketing specialists at all.

With Bony you are the only developer, designer and marketer of your website to make us of the pre – enabled icons and Google fonts packs, as well as manage the overall look and feel of your site. The theme also blusters with its mobile – friendly coding, translation –readines, as well as WooCommerce and SEO plugins compatibility.

4. Medicare Pro

medicare pro


Dynamic and energetic, Medicare Pro will breathe more enthusiasm in your optometrist website.
Animated columns are available with the theme for easy content dissemination through your website. Pre – built contact form will enable your clients to communicate with you and make appointments. You will also be capable of flaunting your own style with color changes, slider images and typography and turn patient’s heads with the uniqueness of your website.

Element placement, homepage accurate sections, page and post template controls blog and FAQ sections are all well – balanced to generate an unequaled website experience at any given device. One can also highly benefit from Kraft to sell products, services and items online.

5. Reiki Pro

Reiki WordPress theme


As one of the newest optometrists WordPress themes, Reiki Pro is familiar with all the contemporary techniques and visual touches required for the impeccable performance of any medical website. Whether you are marketing your clinic, its services or announcing days of free eye exam, your website based on Reiki Pro is ready to host any kind of content and make it totally manageable and editable whenever needed.

This modern and super – fast template will save your time with its pre – designed and packed framework. However, you are authorized to create your own medical branding and experience with the help of customization controls. Your content supported by Reiki Pro will be easily quantifiable for search engines as well.

6. Psychology



Deliver high – quality optometrists WordPress theme based website with Condimentum to build up a perfect reputation in medical industry.

Stake your challenging position in the relevant marketplace and enjoy more deliverables and higher results.

Psychology celebrates all favorable conditions in helping you achieving more with less expenditure.

Color picker is a part of the theme for you to change the default color combination of the theme and make dominant the ones you prefer. Based on minimalistic design approach, Psychology offers a dominant white space across the layout for more streamlined operation and look.

Nice – looking nivo – slider performs its daily duty of demonstrating the best pieces of your practice. The theme is also HTML5 and CSS3 – based with 100 % responsiveness and e – commerce readiness.

Wood WordPress Themes Are Simple But Elegant

If you are in the furniture business and looking to set up your first website, then you definitely need ot check out our collection of top wood WordPress themes. The one commonality between all our wood WordPress themes is the fact that they all come with muted background, with a simple but elegant design along with the fact that the design is responsive.

Granted, that there are a few who prefer bright, garish designs but then again, online users may prefer simplistic designs to garish ones as it enables them to focus on what the site is all about rather than get distracted by the overall design. Given the fact that online users have a short attention span and rarely spend more than a few seconds per page, you may want to opt for one of these themes as it should result in better conversion rates and keep the bounce rate down at the same time as well.

All these themes have been tested and are listed and ranked according to their various features; so check out the same, read the description and do a demo, and see if the theme in question is a perfect fit or not.

1. Furniture Pro

furniture WordPress theme


This theme is the perfect example of wood WordPress themes; it comes with a simple yet elegant design and has been designed intuitively and with intelligent navigation. The theme is responsive and is a multipurpose and multi concept theme, so it can be repurposed for any business niche with ease. The theme comes with various header, footer, sidebar and layout variations and comes with several page and blog layouts as well.

The theme also supports external plugins, with which you can add more functionality to your website. It comes with a default slider and gallery but you can replace the same with more advanced versions of the same, and even display these sliders right on the home page which should help attract more attention. The theme is also social media integrated and is SEO compliant. You can also use specific SEO and SMO plugins to optimize your website from scratch and improve your rankings in the press.

With specific plugins, you can provide your users with advanced functionality in the form of integrated shopping cart, as well as being able to track orders online, able to share posts to various social media platforms in real time and much more. Given all this advanced functionality, the price tag of $39 is indeed a real bargain.

2. WoodCraft

furniture store WordPress theme


This theme, which incidentally is a collection of 20 themes in one, consists mostly of wood WordPress themes. All the themes are responsive, and come with intuitive design, along with elegant layouts, muted colors and with advanced functionality. This pack comes with all the requisite bells and whistles, along with intelligent navigation which should help your users navigate through the various pages.

It also comes with pre-installed templates as well as header, footer, sidebar and layout options which you can set according to your preference. Moreover, this pack also comes with pre-configured bbpress forum pages as well as woo commerce pages, which should enable you to provide your users with better functionality. These themes come with default slider as well as galleries that you can use to showcase your images and video but as they are also compatible with third party plugins, you can use more advanced forms of sliders to showcase them to perfection.

And with external plugins, you can enable your users to login directly using their social media credentials and even leverage the various social media platforms and get the word out. It also comes with built in customizer and as you carry out the various changes, you can live preview the lot, thanks to the customizer. With these external plugins, you can optimize your website, provide your users with better quality of services and target your audience much more effectively and in the process, get ranked better on SERPS. Given all this, is it any wonder that the rate of $60 is way too reasonable a rate for this pack?

3. Furnish (Interior Pro)

Furnish (Interior Pro)


This theme stands out among the various wood WordPress themes, on account of the simplicity of the design, the overall layout, and the intelligent navigation. The end result is a pleasing yet, practical theme, one that’s geared to get your website the right amount of attention. It comes with drop down menus, as well as a minimalistic look that focuses attention to specific parts of the page.

What’s more, the theme also comes with infinite scrolling which should help you get more page views. And as the theme is completely customizable, you can change, alter and modify anything as required, and what’s more, as the theme comes with 100+ short codes, you would not be required to code anything. The underlying features of the theme are neatly organized and come with default slider, gallery, parallax action in the background along with social media icons.

It is also a color changing theme and you should be able to change the color of any page element without any hassle. But what sets this theme apart is the fact that it supports external plugins and comes loaded with many advanced features including its compatibility to several SEO and SMO, plugins which you can use to optimize your website better. On the whole, with this theme, you should be able to provide your users with better functionality, at all times and it comes with a price tag of $39 only.

4. WoodWorks

WoodWorks WordPress themes


This theme ranks quite well among the various wood WordPress themes; it comes with a simplistic design, with drop down menus as well as a nice layout. The theme is 100% responsive, has been tested for various resolutions and has cleared the Google mobile friendly test. With this theme, which is a multipurpose one, your users should be able to access your website, without experiencing any loss of functionality.

It also comes with header, footer, sidebar options where you can change the side bar layout on the inner pages. The theme is customizable and you can use the built in short codes to change the various page elements, including color and even create additional pages. It comes with 600+ icons which should help make your website more attractive. And as the theme comes with built in compatibility to external plugins, you can add more features to your website, and thereby provide your users with advanced functionality.

You can set up an integrated shopping cart with payment gateway, optimize your website better by installing select plugins, and even use pagination on your website to render it more professional. All of this is possible, for only $39.

5. SKT White PRO

white WordPress theme


This theme ranks as one of the best when it comes to wood WordPress themes on account of its simple design and the fact that it is easy to use the same. Even a novice can set it all up in few minutes. The theme itself comes with drop down menus, a dark background with muted colors and as the theme is customizable, you can change the same as per your preference.

It is both HD and retina ready and comes with 650+ Google fonts as well as various social icons that you can use to tweak your content, including typography and help make it more attractive. It comes with standard pages such as 404, search and a blog section. The theme supports external plugins, so you should be able to use the same on your website and provide your users with advanced functionality. It is woo commerce compatible so you should be able to set up your integrated shopping cart with ease. All of this is available for only $39, with free installation.

6. Handyman Pro

Handyman WordPress theme


The handyman WordPress theme comes with an interesting design, one that can help make your website stand out for all the right reasons. The design is innovative enough and it comes with enough white space that you can use to strategically direct your user’s attention to specific parts of your website. The theme is responsive, scalable and customizable as well.

So you should be able to make it possible for your users to access advanced functionality on your website; for example, you can install social media plugins, and make it easier for your users to log in using their social media credentials. You can also install cache plugins and improve the performance of your website by getting your pages to load faster.

It also comes with default slider and gallery but you can always use more advanced forms of sliders to showcase your images and videos to perfection. It is also woo commerce compatible and comes with a price tag of only $39 which is indeed a real bargain given all the advanced functionality that it comes with.

Car Dealership WordPress Themes for Car Owners Dealers Auto Workshops

car dealership wordpress themes

With the rapid progress of the digital platform, more and more businesses are doing their best to create online profiles and make the most of them. In this relation, car and garage related businesses are not exceptions. Therefore, we thought it might be useful to have a valuable collection of car dealership WordPress themes car dealers and merchants, mechanics and garage owners, moving and packing companies, automotive and vehicle rental business representatives and others can benefit from when needed.

Any of you can weigh the advantages of these car dealership WordPress themes for car dealership, vehicle local distribution, dealership contractors, automobile salespeople, car, bike and motor rental, driving test and licensing, driving school and academy, car repair center and workshop, car repairing tips and methods, carwash and other car and automobile centric websites.

The authors of these car rental and repair, motorcycle and car dealership WordPress themes have relied on an advanced technology and modern web design solutions which means your thematic website based on any of them is going to generate contemporary look and reliable form to meet all your ambitious wishes.

With these templates, you are going to find ample choices of colors, layout distribution, content management and styling, plugin addition and customization to turn your website into a user and client optimized and sales generating dealership spotlight.

And last but not least, security, error free performance, premium plugin support, full documentation and quick technical support by the theme developers are going to be found with any of these car broker and car dealership WordPress themes.

1. Car Rental

car rental WordPress theme


Spice up your digital presence with Car Rental and keep it as vivid and awe inspiring as possible with constant updates and new color touches, photos and images, list of services and more to win the desired client attention all the time.

With this responsive and well coded, flat web design styled and impressively advanced in technology template, you are not going to have unpredictable peaks and valleys in your workload as a website admin, as the overall template is kept as simple to understand and quick to customize as possible. Moreover, you won’t need to get into the meat of web coding or design for creating a profile in line with your own ideas and within your own strengths.

2. Flat Pro

flat pro


All the good begins with an accurate and professional looking, perfectly working and nicely formatted website.
Flat Pro is one of such car dealership WordPress themes matching all the important criteria and guaranteeing your future website’s compliance with the current digital spectrum and its daily users.

The name of the theme speaks for itself proving that flat web design was the main inspiration of the theme designers. What mainly characterizes the theme author’s work in relation to using this modern web style is the overall accurate and clutter free look and focus on removing all kinds of excessive or unnecessary element the website guest can be easily distracted with. So, no need to worry about the effectiveness of your web content including services and car offers, dealership details and pricing neatly arranged throughout homepage sections, boxes and areas.

3. Handyman Pro

Handyman WordPress theme


Get a really powerful web solution with Handyman Pro and start with the establishment of car mechanic or repair specialist, handymen and technician, automobile repair shop website even while working on a limited budget.

Use the whole power of this retina and high quality ready, image and multimedia optimized template to provide your website guests with an extensive list of your auto repair and maintenance services including brakes and tire repair, engine repair and alignment, vehicle inspection, transmission, service warranty and more. Manage the theme sections, content parts and image locations the way you prefer to craft a really user centric environment where anything can be found with quick search.

Without any shred of doubt, you can add as many plugins and third party extensions as your business lacks to be a winner in the digital game, be it a commercial, SEO or any other tool.

4. Auto Car

car repair WordPress theme


Auto Car has been and is one of the most trusted names among car dealership WordPress themes.
With this amazingly smart and serious website toolkit, your website is going to act as a reliable consultant or car dealership whisperer for the online guests directing them to the relevant parts and sections of the website based on their necessities.

Homepage slider is what will showcase the best imagery catering to your workshop or offered cars to be in the center of the client attention. You can change the slides as frequently as needed as well as control their sequence, transition, animation and more.

As for the other important features, there are preloaded packs of fonts and color choices, buttons and shortcodes, Live Customizer you can access from behind the scenes for any kind of live customization processes.

5. Movers and Packers Pro

moving company WordPress theme


Moving and packaging, transportation and logistics, car dealership and car rental services will become more popular and easy to find for the target audience whenever they are supported by Movers and Packers Pro.

One of the most striking advantages of this template that really encourages website owners of different backgrounds and technical literacy to purchase it is it’s simple and understandable nature which means anyone without advanced coding or design knowledge will be able to craft the best version of his website with Movers and Packers Pro.

6. Towing

towing WordPress theme


Any kind of mechanic and car repair expert, car dealer profile or car listing website can be built upon Towing.

Chances are great that you will be able to finalize the default template and reach visual and functional excellence of it without sweating hard as the template has been kept simple and easy to manage.

Create your helpful content, add high quality images on the homepage slider, run daily blog for more traffic, integrate social media platforms in your marketing plan and enjoy additional potential of compatible plugins with Perfect Mechanic.

Tumblr Style WordPress Themes Tumblr Styled Websites Using WP

The best collection of Tumblr style WordPress themes can be found in this article.

These tumblr style WordPress themes are useful for linking any kind of WordPress – based website with Tumblr – style look and feel and enjoying boundless benefits of it.

Tumblr is a short – form micro – blogging and website platform with millions of daily active users to post and follow multimedia content.

Founded about 10 years ago, it quickly became one of the most – haunted social media and blogging platforms across the globe.

People inevitably appreciate the flexibility, quick posting, resourcefulness and mobility of this platform.

And since tons of people are already used to the unique style and layout of Tumblr, we have collected some of the Tumblr style WordPress themes to run for your blogging and blogging style – websites.

We value the loveliness of the details and comprehensive analysis.

It is a hard – proof of the fact that you will not be faced with unpredictable and unpleasant situations when choosing any of Tumblr style WordPress themes for your future website. Simple and adaptive, cost – conscious and affordable, all of them will certainly steal your heart with their creativity and uniqueness.

1. SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme


SKT Perfect is one of the outstanding representatives of Tumblr style WordPress themes ready to make your website stand out with unique charm.

This lovely and zealous, fully – fledged and feature – rich website includes blogging style layout to run a personal or business blog.

It may cater to every single topic or niche, since there are no restrictions at all.

Element and feature placement, visual composer and page builder support, pre-loaded templates and much more are balanced for the impeccable form and function of the theme. SKT Perfect harnesses the true beauty of adaptive content and its resizing when your website is browsed on different mobiles and tablets.

Numerous blog layout controls are also available with SKT Perfect.

2. Fashion Trends


Fashion Trends is one of the latest blogging and Tumblr style WordPress themes and powered templates for multi – purpose usages. Perfect and risk – free installation process and further controls are coming along the theme to simplify the establishment of your blog or website of any denomination. From personal to corporate, from fashion and design to digital technologies, Fashion Trends is not hesitant to showcase your content in an accurate manner.

Live preview of all the changes made to the default platform is there for you since the functionality of the theme is based on the modern customizer and its controls. The theme is also 100% responsive and mobile – friendly, which means that you don’t worry about building a separate mobile version of your site for the readers on the go.

3. Photodock


Photodock is another top – rated blogging system in the collection Tumblr style WordPress themes. It is custom- built to provide a hosting solution for your entertaining content, including photos and images, videos and text materials. This results – driven blogging template is well- optimized for the fast loading and smooth navigation controls whenever your followers and readers are making a virtual journey through your virtual arena.

Every single effort has been put to eliminate the future losses or inconveniences if the website admin. It means, that Photodock boasts totally reliable platform dotted by useful controls and customization options. It’s you to decide the color gamut of the site, background, fonts and much more.

4. Charm

WordPress blog theme


Charm is full – grown Tumblr style template which is unparalleled in safety and precise usability. This blog – based website building tool equips the website admin with complete theme subjection. Otherwise state, the website admin is the one to be the master of his blog and make constant changes to it. User – centric and eloquent, Charm comes bundled with an offshoot of advanced and capacities.

There are full color changing options, font – based icons and Google fonts worth your attention. Checked for its responsiveness and cross mobile and browser compatibility, your website or blog based on Charm will also be supported by a range of practical WooCommerce and other plugins.

5. SKT NewsPaper Pro

newspaper WordPress theme


SKT NewsPaper Pro has already won lots of applauses and positive feedback from its users as one of the best Tumblr style WordPress themes so far. It will enable you to quickly establish your newspaper or blog – style website and expand the horizons of its influence across the digital platform.

From narrow – specialized and thematic blogs to all – inclusive informational online news portals, every kind of online business can be revealed through SKT NewsPaper Pro. Building and maintaining your website with this theme will be as easy as a pie and will never cost you large amounts of money either.

6. Play School

education WordPress theme


Full – packed character of Play School makes it super easy for anyone to run website and blog with education and knowledge, kid and children – related direction. Create, add and curate your content in a simplified manner and make it shine with its compact and legible nature.

Build with full customization in the developer’s mind, the theme encompasses several page and post layouts, pre – enabled shortcodes, homepage slider to host high – resolution images, etc. Play School has shown itself as one of the reliable templates when it comes to mobile and SEO, as well as translation – optimized performance as well.

7. Character

personal WordPress theme


The last sample proposed by us in the hand – picked list of Tumblr style WordPress themes is called Character. This template is functionally – advanced and in full compliance with the modern WordPress community. With this theme you are free as in freedom to manage your site with the help of preloaded features or auxiliary plugins. It is a great template for those bloggers who want an elegantly designed, simple yet challenging layout at their hand.

Character has been tested for its mobile – friendly coding and adaptability to any browser requirements. From PO file, color controls, shortcodes to prebuilt gallery and homepage slider, all the primary features are wrapped up in Character.

Therapist WordPress Themes for Medical Health and Wellness Therapy Websites

The best roundup of therapist WordPress themes have been sorted out for therapists.

These therapist WordPress themes can be used by psychotherapists, analysts and counsellors to offer their services online and improve people’s lives.

From successful people to desperate ones, today thousands of people seek professional therapy services for different purposes.

The range may include the wish to change the quality of their lives, achievement of their goals and aims, overcoming of fear, anxiety, depression and much more.

Success and wealth don’t make people immune to problems or depressions. In the modern chaotic world no one is guaranteed against accidents as a result of which he or she will need a therapeutic or psychiatric help.

That’s the reason many clinics and institutions, as well as individuals offer their wide – scale services and consultations to help lots of people survive and find their inner peace.

And one of the best tools to exercise for connecting with more patients and clients is the establishment of a relevant all – inclusive website.

In this article all the interested candidates can find the best and the most affordable therapist WordPress themes.

All of them are simple in usage and premium – quality because therapist WordPress themes would be managed by therapists themselves.

It means that once can find a truly powerful toolkit and make use of it without any additional assistance or guidance.

However, all of them are provided with accompanying documentation and professional support if you ever go astray.

Healing Touch Pro

Healing Touch Pro


First in our list of therapist WordPress themes is Healing Touch Pro with its calm and unique nature. You will astonished by the calm visualization and smooth performance of the theme. This delicate and refined character of the theme will also be noticed by each and every website visitor. Prove your potential patients that you care about their time and comfort and organize your content dissemination through the given parts and sections.

Among them are about and our team to give the summary of your clinic or center, as well as your team members and specialists. Services section is perfect for accurately highlighting your services in a summarized or detailed manner. Lots of choices are at your disposal, such as the overall color racket of the theme and typography based on ample fonts.


doctor WordPress theme


Handy is the next top – rated medical and therapist – related template for relevant specialist to benefit from their websites. From clear and picky visual design to error – free operation, the theme shares it all. This clever and smart website building tool celebrates clear coding and responsive design. It means that you will never miss a single web visitor just because the letter is browsing your website via any portable device.

Testimonials part has also been added to the theme as one of the results – driven techniques to win client’s trust towards you. If you are confident about your high – quality services and offers, your patients should be too. It means that their reviews and testimonials will encourage other website visitors to turn to your services as well.

Reiki Pro

Reiki WordPress theme


In case you are looking for truly simple and elegant template to run on the basis of your future therapist website, Reiki Pro can be a wise solution for you. It is one of the reliable and lightweight therapist WordPress themes ready to cater to the needs of therapy business and its specialists. From spa and massage therapists to cognitive therapists and psychoanalysts, everyone will be capable of mastering the given platform easily and satisfy its browsers.

This wonderful template is based on a splendid collection of prebuilt layout and preloaded elements. Some of the most applicable ones are more than 100 shortcodes to play with and add whatever is needed to your website. Homepage default slider will help you organize the visual exhibition of your images and photos depicting your therapy procedures and happy clients.

Massage Center


There are infinite advantages of massage therapy treatments and this kind of services is widely popular. Hence, we have taken into consideration the growing demand of massage therapy business templates and created Massage Center. This nice – looking and user – optimized center is ready to tailor to any spa and massage therapy manifestation and be the place where anyone can find valuable information and directives.

Use the handy color picker of the theme to add your own touches and color combinations to the default format of the theme. Use the attention – grabbing slider on the homepage, add your high – quality images and control their transition and speed. This template will also let you grow your site visibility via organic search engines as all the essentials of SEO – coding are taken care of.


psychologist WordPress theme


Integrity and perfect usability are qualities to describe Psychology. Precise and flexible, it is one of the top – ranked therapist WordPress themes with all – inclusive toolbox and customization options which are all admin – friendly. From life and health coaches to narrow – specialized therapist and psychotherapist, anyone will be capable of establishing a strong and communicative website with ease.

Persuade your website guests that they can ultimately rely on you and express your professionalism through posts and pages. The overall structural framework is pretty easy to understand and manage with its footer and header, as well as available blog areas, about section to summarize your business profile, etc. Your website based on Psychology will also be totally responsive and mobile – friendly to respond to any screen size.

Medicare Pro

medicare pro


Give your Medicare Pro to people needing your assistance through your website established on Medicare Pro. Go beneath the surface of the given platform and customize it as per your preferences to match your mission and vision. The subtle and refined face of the theme is mixed with a persistent basis for you to make the most out of your online profile.

It is stylized with white and blue – based design which is one of the suitable medical and therapy web design in usage. It keeps everything easy to achieve and look through. Responsiveness and plugin compatibility are also the integral parts of the theme.

All of us have a coping mechanism when we are dealing with stress. There are still situations when the conditions are severe and one is not able to handle things on their own. The situation demands a support of an expert who can help you sail through the situation and bring you back to the normal healthy lifestyle.

Despite this being such an obvious thing many of us shy away from therapy. The need right now is of widespread awareness and normalization of therapy. The easiest way to reach out the maximum individuals is with the help of online platforms. Using Therapist WordPress themes is a highly effective and communicative website can be created.

What are the benefits of therapy themes?

Create Goals: One could be in therapy for any reason it could be physical or mental health related. Many times we are aware of what is required to be done but do not get into it just because of the absence of a goal. The therapy websites are the best source which can help you create small, measurable and achievable goals. The idea is to break bigger goals in smaller ones so that the progress can be tracked. Slow and continuous progress is required for growth.

Support: In most cases, denial is the biggest hurdle and talking to someone trusted can actually help a lot. The therapy sessions are highly confidential which ensures that anyone seeking help is assured that their stories or problems are safe and not disclosed to anyone. This goes for online sessions or one-to-one sessions with the experts. Using Therapist WordPress themes have security and safety features which ensures that data is not accessed by any unwanted party.

Core problem: The main idea behind the therapy is to get to the core of the issue. There are many times when we feel that the issue is not that huge and ignore it and that becomes a seed leading to complex problems. The use of therapist will ensure that the real problem is identified. Speaking to an expert help one formulates the plan to deal with it, the perspective related to the problem just changes when an experts help you unveil the whole reality.

It is so because of the fact that the discussion is made without stress and anxiety. Efforts are made to see the problem without the preconceived notion and in the light of reality as it is. This helps one remove any unnecessary feeling and thought and see clearly what the actual issue is.

In most cases, this is not possible without the help of an expert as the human mind tricks the person into believing that the problem is complex. The therapy website will help one get in touch with the right person who can help one sail through the journey.

The websites not just provide assistance but can be a good source of information on various developments in the therapy world. The blogs are an insightful way of approaching people and creating awareness.

Easy to Use WordPress Website Builder for Building Website in an Easiest Manner

In this article, we will provide a list of easy to use WordPress website builder themes with which you can create your own dream website without anyone’s help.

WordPress is the most user-friendly as well as a developer-friendly platform for creating stunning websites.

Within a matter of few hours, you can prepare the entire website like magic. They have thousands of ready-made themes suitable for any type of website you want it to be.

Along with easy to use WordPress themes, they provide awesome page builders with which any new page can be created and existing ones can be edited intuitively.

You can add any required functionality with the advanced plugins available. Hence, WordPress has become the go-to destination for any developer or person wanting to have a website.

1. SKT Elements Pro

SKT Elements Pro


SKT Elements Pro is great and easy to use WordPress theme that is created with elementor page builder. The theme has some unique functionality such as 1 click demo import option, more than 70+ templates, custom sidebar, widgets included and more. SKT Elementor Pro comes with the premium package which can be used to extend the functionality of your WordPress website.

Even this package is included with the most important plugins that are helpful for improving website performance, speed and eCommerce functionality. Most of the template is created for online store businesses whereas some are for creating a blog or a corporate website.

2. Elastic Pro



Elastic Pro is a powerful and easy to use WordPress theme that is designed to build a website for a number of business types. The theme comes with powerful page builder compatible features such as elementor page builder, WPBakery page builder, drag and drops page builder, etc.

These features allow you to customize the website as much as you want. The theme is also packed with lots of prebuilt demos and dummy content. We have taken care of SEO hence the website will be mobile friendly and responsive. We have checked the performance and speed of a website with different tools and it works best.

3. SKT Cafe Pro



SKT Cafe Pro is a light weighted and easy to use WordPress theme it is specially created with the page builder tool. The theme suits best for cafe and restaurant businesses. SKT cafe Pro is a premium version that has multi-options for customization plus it is totally compatible with the WooCommerce plugin if you want to build an eCommerce store.

The template has a transparent header layout with the call to action button, background image, image slider, etc. WPML plugin is also supportable for multi-language compatible. The template has a multiple sidebar and custom header.

4. Complete Pro



As the name suggests, it is a complete theme you can ever get. You can create any type of website with it. It is definitely one of the easy to use WordPress website builder themes allowing you to customize every component. It comes with animated sliders, ready to use sections, various homepage layouts, multiple inner page layouts and various page sections like header, footer, sidebars, widgets etc.

Apart from that, it has cross browser support and is fully responsive. It is compatible with all the standard page builders. It is SEO and SMO friendly and offers hundreds of fonts, icons, and shortcodes.

5. Strong Pro

crossfit WordPress theme


It is a developer-friendly and easy to use WordPress website builder theme. There are over 30 header styles and 5 footer variations. It provides exclusive inner banner space where you can insert map, contact form, video, slider, gallery etc. The blog section has a unique timeline. It has WooCommerce compatibility and the color combination is quite eye-catching. You can use the available customizer to change any component live.

6. SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme


Next up on your list of easy to use WordPress website builder theme is SKT perfect. As the name suggests, it is the perfect website you can have to represent your business or create a blog. Any type of visual composer will work on it, and it is a one-page theme. You can insert separate pages with page builder easily. It is best for showcasing your business like services and products and integrating WooCommerce for direct selling.

It comes with several pre-installed templates for different types of businesses. It is SEO friendly, mobile friendly and HD ready with inbuilt inner pages. One can also have a forum with the bbPress plugin.

7. BeFit Pro

personal trainer WordPress theme


This is a classic theme with a black background, and there are many companies who like black websites to catch attention at once. It is retina ready and compatible with any device or browser. It is a multipurpose theme and hence, is tailor-made for all different types of businesses and intentions. It has various animations, awesome, icons, beautiful fonts, necessary pages, skill bars and useful widgets.

Service listing pages are stunning, and it is a true modern theme according to modern standards. One can expect their business to stand apart from their competitors with such an attention-grabbing and easy to use WordPress website builder theme.

8. Gravida

corporate WordPress theme


It is a perfect corporate WordPress theme. It features in the list of easy to use WordPress website builder because it is built upon customizer which lets you make changes with live view. It comes with multiple variations in header and footer section and hundreds of shortcodes for beautification.

Filterable gallery, carousels, testimonial and contact section, WooCommerce integration, event calendar, are some of its vital components. It comes with unlimited variations for the homepage and it is fully optimized in terms of speed and search engine friendliness. You can easily build an online store with all the different features and payment integration effortlessly.

9. The App Pro

app WordPress theme


All the websites have mobile apps now because more and more people are accessing websites through their smartphones. Moreover, you can target local customers easily and build loyal customers with your app only. The App Pro is a minimalist one-page theme and it is a superb easy to use WordPress website builder theme. You can create a website if you have app-only based businesses. Otherwise, you can use it to build an external website that will be redirected from your main website.

Coming to its features, it has lots of shortcodes, color changing options, various templates, social media integration option and amazing portfolio and service gallery sections. It is very easy to change every section and give it a look as you desire.

10. SKT Dual


It is a unique theme in terms of its novelty in the layout. Any user will definitely like it as it has a fresh design and eye-catching quotient. There are so many options to choose from for gallery and portfolio section. Everything is customizable, and it comes with unlimited fonts, icons, colors, and shortcodes.

It has WooCommerce compatibility and compatible with any standard page builder or plugin. It can be used as a blog, as a personal website for celebrity or wedding, showcasing website for products, services or apps as well as purely for promotional purpose.

11. Simple

simple new


You can take its name at its face value because it truly is one of the easy to use WordPress website builder themes. It looks wonderful and uniform in all devices and browsers. It comes with WooCommerce integration, various animated sliders, advanced shortcodes, default portfolio and gallery section. It has a minimalist elegant design with a lot of spacing and it is this simplicity in design that will win you more crowds.

12. SKT Architecture Pro

architect WordPress theme


The last but equally best theme to construct your website in simple steps is SKT Architecture Pro. It is a multipurpose theme and has beautiful parallax backgrounds. It is easy to set up and has all the ingredients for amazing designing. It has meet SEO standards and mobile-friendly test. It loads at lightning speed, and it is best for lead generation as it has call-to-action features, widgets, and sidebars. It is best for any medium to large companies to attract more customers by building a strong trust factor easily.

These are the best and extremely easy to use WordPress website builder theme to construct your website all by yourself. Choose the one that matches your business description so that you can just modify the required component and furnish your website online.

Medical Equipment WordPress Themes for Creating Medical and Life Sciences Website


This article represents the features of the Medical Equipment WordPress Themes for creating medical and Life Sciences Website.

Medical science has evolved significantly in the recent times and has proved to be a beneficial aspect for mankind in this fast growing world.

The modern developments and adoptions of new technologies has created a way for advanced medical facilities and has reduced the cost and time to a greater extent which was not visible in early times.

The population of the globe has been ever increasing and so is the number of people requiring crucial medical attention.

We cannot depend on the older techniques to serve the purposes of medical treatment and hence there arises a need of modern day medical equipment.

It has been observed on a general basis that many number of people suffer from serious health issues and require some or the other treatment which is fulfilled with the help of the medical equipment available in the market.

These equipment are of wide use in the large hospitals where it has now become a mandate to provide the best of the facilities to its patients keeping it cost effective at the same time.

The business of medical equipment has also come up as a never ending success owing to the daily requirement from the hospitals, clinics and the retail market. The demand has increased more in the current time with the increasing ratio of people falling ill.

Being into the modern world where every hand is occupied with digital medium such as mobile phones, tablets etc; medical equipment websites have also found a space to cater the people who are in need of the same.

It is essential for a medical equipment website to provide all the details and information to a user or a customer who cares heeding to it.

Hence to fulfill the same, choice can be made from some of the best Medical Equipment WordPress Themes for creating medical and Life Sciences Website.

Here is a wide range of Premium Medical Equipment WordPress Themes to be observed.

1. Medicare Pro

wellness WordPress theme


Medicare Pro is the most advanced and highly flexible kind of Medical Equipment WordPress Themes that allows for best output while considering for building a medical website. It has been perfectly carved and never misses out on the expectations of creating a high-end website that makes the user have a seamless experience.

This theme is to make all the medical facilitation providers switch to digital medium and develop a multipurpose website packed with advanced features to be successfully implemented and used on mobile devices and tablets. It is a blend of functional and immaculate design that has enabled to feel it on the high resolution monitors being HD and Retina ready kind theme.

2. Teethy

teethy WordPress theme


Teethy is a smooth and sober, pleasingly functional WordPress template for medical equipment. It is an immensely developed and remarkably technological theme that stands out of the queue. Its features makes it one of the most unique and user friendly theme that proffers for making the changes to happen in real time. With the option of changing the color of font and the background, Teethy is loaded for furnishing a highly advanced and tech-savvy website.

It is one of the competent theme to expedite and caters the needs of doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, medical practitioners etc. It is packed with over 800 Google fonts and gears up to craft the modern day website in a detailed yet awe-inspiring way to make the visitor experience even more fascinating and website more magnificent.

3. Laboratory Pro

laboratory WordPress theme


Laboratory Pro is a robust and pleasant, splendid and glorious theme of WordPress for medical equipment. It has been crafted with keeping in mind many of the exciting features that are wonderful in their own aspect. It is a congenial theme that facilitates for the options to make the website more informative and easy to access.

It has been armed with various fonts and colors to help the builder make use of his choices and create a website that is more engaging. While making this theme, it has been thought well to make it compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce, Contact form 7 etc.

4. Complete Pro



Complete is one of a kind of Medical Equipment WordPress Themes that is optimized and created to yield best quality result while making a medical website. It has been made to deliver the maximum of services with easy to choose options that help in changing the style of fonts and colors of the texts and the background as well.

It is a versatile theme that allows for the changing the colors of other areas and provided buttons. Making your website appear the way you want can be achieved with this theme as it comes loaded with 100 in-built shortcodes that is enough to showcase the timelines, gird and list view, column boxes and more.

5. Handy

doctor WordPress theme


Handy is the resourcefully thought out and carefully designed WordPress template of Medical Equipment that offers the best website making experience with the features it provides to the user. It has the most astonishing and delighting options of selecting from more than 600 Google fonts at the same time making it friendly to a mobile device. It is empowered with the integrated sections for blog and social media and can be well utilized being compatible with cross browser and device.

It is like a rainbow in the dark allowing you to choose from various colors for fonts, text and menu that makes it come up with a full color changing unique WordPress theme. It creates an incredibly developed platform for website designing by supporting the plugins like WooCommerce which can be brought into use for E-Commerce.

6. Bony

chiropractor WordPress theme


Bony is a type of Medical Equipment WordPress Themes which is dynamic and easy to use in nature and gives better experience of website design with its set of options. It includes the pack of over 580 awesome font icons to reflect the one of a kind interface and is tested with most popular SEO plugins to help you in making one of the best websites to be at the top of the competition.

7. Healing Touch

Healing Touch Pro


This theme is one of a kind responsive Medical Equipment WordPress Themes. It has been designed to indulge in its beautiful layout and offers rapid customization of the sections. It has the most marvelous options to craft a website such as color change, over 500+ of icon packs and its compatibility with the latest version of WordPress. This theme is superb in its nature and displays ample of the possibilities by being mobile device friendly.

8. SKT Medical Pro

medical WordPress theme


SKT Medical Pro as the name suggests is the WordPress template for Medical Equipment. It is a creative and purposeful theme with multipurpose functionality to cater the best optimum services for the user. It has the fabulous performance by having all Google fonts available and there is a color picker to make your experience more colorful with the desired color changes that can be done across any section. This theme reduces your efforts to a great extent by giving homepage content as default as soon as it is installed.

Engagement WordPress Themes for Engagement and Wedding Websites

In this article we have sorted engagement WordPress themes from good to best

They are determined to cater to engagement and wedding – related websites and blogs, photographers and planners, service providers and other relevant industries.

Each and every single company or service provider has the same mission – to boost its performance and maximize revenues. As for the engagement, wedding and anniversary – related businesses, they are not exceptions in this relation.

The trump card of such companies and agencies is that they manage to excel in the happiest lifecycles of people and help organize unforgettable engagement and wedding days. This strategy is best implemented in the digital platform and in the form of presentable and all – inclusive website.

When it comes to creating your own engagement website, lots of engagement WordPress themes come into play. With more girls and brides to be taking their engagement and wedding planning online, your website based on one of those themes will be the most productive way to meet your potential clients.

However, many of them will cost you either large amounts of money or time. But you are not condemned to lose either of them since we have sorted some of the most affordable and easy to manage engagement WordPress themes to satisfy all your needs and requirements. Let’s cast a glance at each of them one after another and see what they have in common and what makes them so exceptional.

1. Nuptials


One of the most creative and eye – catch engagement WordPress themes you are free to find in the WordPress library is Nuptials. From visually pleasing design to quick performance, everything is minutely taken care of before the launching of the theme. This wonderful unity of form and function will prove the future brides and grooms that your company is worth trusting.

It’s a bewitchingly attractive and high – quality template drafted with terrific concentration on every single detail. Easy to use shortcodes can be found in the themes collection to play with the theme, as well as more than 600 Google fonts of different style and types to choose from. Customized navigation menu is alse introduced into the theme. Blog section and albums with photo galleries are also there for you to share the unforgettable moments of your life.

2. Ele Wedding



Ele Wedding is an image – centric website and as such can be the starting point for engagement and wedding photographer and videographers. Pixel – perfect and highly intelligent, Ele Wedding is the one to eliminate all the obstacles on your way to digital success and client engagement. Prove your audience that they can put a plus sign in front of “photography” included in their engagement long to – do – list.

Showcase your most successful shots with the help of homepage slider or in gallery section easily. Because engagements and weddings are so unique, Ele Wedding has been designed with the same principle of uniqueness with its responsive and mobile friendly design, user – optimized operational framework, shortocodes inclusion and much more.

3. Wedding Videographer

Wedding videographer WordPress Theme


We have launched Wedding Videographer to make the online engagement planning services and offers much easier and affordable. As one of the premium – style engagement WordPress themes, Wedding Videographer has no shortage of capacity to host your content and images in the most beneficial way both for you and your website surfers. It’s a quality – checked and inherently comprehensive product with a myriad customization options at your disposal.

Easy to handle color picker is added to the theme for the web admin to implement color choice and change the overall color saturation of the website. This plugin compatible and translation – compliant theme is also totally responsive and mobile – friendly based on HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling touches.

4. Dating

dating WordPress theme


Multiuse and multi – service at its true nature, Dating is the next convenient templates to bring your engagement website into action. It is more than just a theme for your future website. It is a smart and complete solution to establishing a website that will last a lifetime. The benefits of this website builder don’t stop near its simple usage or customization. Move on further and you will find tons of advantages within the theme.

The theme’s pack implicates slider – based performances for your best images and photos. Moreover, you can add slider plugins and enjoy their features for better exposure. Dating has been tested for its cooperation with tons of plugins, among them WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery, Shortcodes, qTranslate X and much more.

5. Wedding Rituals

wedding agency WordPress theme


With simple click installation process, Wedding Rituals is also one of the preferable engagement WordPress themes for engagement and wedding venues and destinations, vacation rentals, luxury halls and restaurants. The homepage full width slider armed with high – quality images will give the website visitors a peek of what you can offer them.

All you need to do is to add the most attractive images and control their transition and other effects from the theme backend. The theme comes with relevant theme sections and parts, among them home, about us, services, rooms, blog and contact us sections so that not a single bunch of informative content will miss from your site.

6. Nuptials

wedding WordPress theme


Create your own engagement website or offer engagement – based services and items with the help of Nuptials. It can perfectly fit into your thematic website with amazing creativity and flexibility, precise workload and reliability. From adorable parallax – based design to legible content, Nuptials is the one to put a big smile on the website viewer’s face.

This website building tool is lighter and quicker than many other relevant themes available for now. However, this simple design doesn’t skimp on the battle – ready and revenue – generating performance. The theme is fully customizable with color picker, the possibility to add up to 20 homepage sections, pre – loaded shortcodes and yet much more to come with it.

Rehabilitation WordPress Themes for Drug and Physical Rehab Services

Rehabilitation WordPress themes for drug rehab, physical rehabilitation services, alcohol rehab centers and other similar rehabilitation and treatment services are discussed in this article.

People addicted to drugs need special care and consideration. Although they can clearly understand the danger of the situation they are stuck in, in the majority of cases they need the intervention of certain specialists and services of drug rehabilitation centers and programs.

Although it is always easier to prevent drug addiction than to eradicate it, there are millions of people worldwide needing professional aids. With the clear – cut intention to put such drug – addicted people back into the common stream of society, there are numerous rehabilitation centers and treatment procedures today. And in order to overcome extra costs and wasted time, the prevailing majority of them run a specific drug rehabilitation website based on one of the rehabilitation WordPress themes.

In this article, we have jotted down some of them to offer your drug and alcohol treatment services and facilities easily. Your website based on any of those rehabilitation WordPress themes can be an information source not only about your rehab services, but also information on drug use and health state, drug abuse and dependence.

1. Caregiving

senior care WordPress theme


Our list of the rehabilitation WordPress themes deservedly opens Caregiving. Wonderfully elastic and sleek, cleverly coded and well – thought out, this template is designed to instill confidence to your website visitors. Since the primary aim of your drug rehabilitation website is to be maximum precise and easy to digest, the design of the theme is kept unruffled and clean.

You don’t need bright colors or excessive design touches, instead you need reasonably deployed theme sections to add your content. Caregiving offers the needed structural framework and lets you arrange your content and images with few simple clicks done in the backend. The theme’s package enchants with its all – inclusiveness and handy toolbox including shortcodes, page and post controls, plugin compatibility and total responsiveness.

2. SKT Consulting Pro

SKT Consulting Pro


SKT Consulting Pro is the next valuable product for any kind of rehabilitation services and clinics to meet their future patients online and communicate with them without additional processes. Of course, your clinic or rehabilitation center is proud of its seasoned staff and medical specialists. In this relation SKT Consulting Pro is a perfect tool to speak about them, and showcase their profiles.

Make your website based on SKT Consulting Pro easy to use and access, smooth in navigation and “browseable” when accessed by different mobiles and tablets. Add the best images on the homepage slider and meet every single website visitor entering your website. Prove through your visual and textual content how your center can help individuals suffering from drug abuse or even mental disorder to recover their health and healthy lifestyle.

3. Psychology

psychologist WordPress theme


In case you are on the lookout of the simplest and lightweight offer among the rehabilitation WordPress themes, look no further than Psychology. Offer your individual and group, ordinary or customized services and treatment programs through your posts and pages. Insert them into the relevant theme content sections and parts so that every website surfer will not spend long time when looking for the specific information.

Psychology provides a working approach that is complete, comprehensive and flexible. The theme is extremely patient when it comes to its customization and constant updates. Hence, with Simple you are authorized to pry into the theme framework and make lots of changes to it. More than 100 shortcodes are added for you with relevant guidance. Based on minimalistic and white – based design approach, this theme is also readily responsive, e – commerce – based and widget – friendly.

4. Handy

doctor WordPress theme


Handy is medical and health – related website builder for drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, counseling and psychotherapy and other accompanying services and consultation. It can be a complex solution to create your website and let it gain a momentum quickly. Coding knowledge is never required with this pliable and artificially intelligent template to twiddle with the given platform and customize it as required.

Ultimate shortcode and font management library is present with the theme, as well as fast loading and pixel – perfect navigation levels. There are several page layout templates to create beautiful and user – optimized website without touching codes. Social media optimization and blog availability are not forgotten either. Footer and header, as well as sidebar area are dynamic widget – friendly areas to quickly manage and replace them if needed.

5. SKT Medical Pro

medical WordPress theme


If there are rehabilitation WordPress themes which respect your time, SKT Medical Pro is obviously one of them. Add fully – packed array of services and treatment modalities rendered in your drug rehab center with the help of precise content zones and image destinations. SKT Medical Pro shares the best qualities to serve your content in the most dynamic way to receive special attention.

It comes with stacks of Google fonts for the right typography, homepage slider with up to 10 slides capacity, slider controls for better exposure of images and photos, etc. Additionally, photos and textual content served in your website will be appropriate to any mobile screen or dimension under usage. It means responsiveness, perfect look and feel, quick performance and less bandwidth both for mobile and desktop users.

6. Healing Touch

Healing Touch Pro


Express your readiness to offer a healing touch to those individuals who need it through your website based on Healing Touch. Serious – looking yet motivational, smart and secure, it is the theme to match all your professional requirements, objectives and mission catering to your rehab website. It celebrates color management system for you to tweak to the color combinations of the theme and add your touches.

The theme’s arsenal also includes standard pages like 404, archives, category, search and more for better productivity of your site. Responsiveness and mobile – friendliness, WooCommerce – complaint and fast loading nature are all balanced to result in a great web experience for your website’s mobile and desktop users.

WordPress Themes for Associations and Association Websites


This article comprises of the WordPress themes for associations and association websites.

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic”. And this saying of Seth Godin proves itself right somewhere in today’s world. The modern time has been becoming very rapid and people find it hard to take out time for each other due to their busy schedules.

There is a need for everyone to make themselves free and available for some moments and have a social gathering to maintain and flourish the relations to keep them going.

This has been taken up as a responsibility by some groups of people together forming an association where it can be made possible to get connected across all parts of the globe.

There has been an increase in the formation of business or non-profit associations since the past decade that have brought together many other groups or individuals from various locations and parts.

Associations are playing a vital role in developing more and more public relations through their various initiatives. Such activities whether profitable or non-profitable that are carried out throughout the year have helped the associations become successful in achieving their motto of increasing audience gathering.

Since we have talked about living in the digital world where the mediums of approach are website nowadays, associations too need to have their online presence to make population aware about their events, activities and to support for more global outreach.

Hence it is necessary for an association to have its own website where it can represent and make any user get acquainted with the things to happen in coming time. For developing an engaging website it is therefore essential to seek for WordPress themes for associations and association websites.

Some of the premium WordPress themes for associations and association websites are stated below

1. SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme


SKT Perfect is among the types of WordPress themes for associations and association websites which adds more value to any of the website due to its features. This is a right theme for any of the association to create its website with no limits of additions and modifications. It has been made to perform and to be used in almost any type of industry as it has the options that are the finest in the category.

Any of the association can make an extensive and desired use of this theme to create a beautiful looking website. It gives more than 100 shortcodes and over 600 Google fonts to configure our own style and way of creating a website. Color schemes add on to the beauty where we can make changes in text, background and sections.

2. Character

personal WordPress theme


Character is a fresh and blooming template of WordPress for association and association websites. It is very expressive and self contained in its nature and hence makes way for a website which would be different from the rest. This theme can help a website to speak for itself in multiple languages by being multilingual and translation ready.

It helps you to share your information about other profiles by provision of social media links in sidebar and footer. You can write out your thoughts and experiences or anything you feel interesting and share it through the blog section given by this theme. This is a recent time theme with its compatibility to all plugins and devices.

3. Political Candidate

political candidate WordPress theme


Political Candidate is one of the type of WordPress themes for associations and association websites. It is a new and contemporary template loaded with bumper of features to choose from. It can prove to be a best suitable theme for any of the association website as the theme is meant for campaigns, fundraising, donations and events etc.

It has a very appealing color combination which can be changed based on one’s choice from color picker and this theme likes to keep itself light in weight and fast loading at the same time. You can just see a flow of events that are completed or upcoming with the feature of timeline that comes with this theme. With secured coding, it lets you make a simple and effective website.

4. Play School

education WordPress theme


Play School is an association and association website template with unlimited possibilities to create a website.Coming with 5 different variations of header and footer, this theme gives you the key of control to make an elegant and lavish website that fits as per the modern day standards in its design and has flat based graphics.

It is a very glowing and radiant theme with the options to make changes in colors whenever required. Several page and blog layouts makes it possible to craft even more happening and lively website with excess user engagement.

5. Spirited Pro

spirited pro template


Spirited Pro is the WordPress theme and template for association websites. Made with the thought in mind to run on all mobile phones, tablets and desktops this theme has been stuffed with some awesome ingredients to help in creating an exceptional website for association.

It has undergone from many of the tests to check its compatibility with various plugins, contact forms, WooCommerce, slider and SEO plugins. Add as many possible social media icons in the footer to reach out more and it lends its support via forum, email and Skype as well. It has been documented in a way to make it user friendly theme.

6. SKT Full Width PRO

Full Wide WordPress theme


SKT Full Width PRO is yet another type of WordPress themes for associations and association websites which marks its compatibility with Huge IT Portfolio and NextGen gallery to have a full fledged gallery section.

It is also compatible with Elementor page builder which makes the experience of creating website even more exuberant with its 27 in built exciting widgets and content sections that allows for a fancy look of the website. This theme allows you to make your website a memorable journey of designing with its feature of gallery and photo album for adding pictures.

7. SKT White PRO

white WordPress theme


SKT White PRO is a theme of WordPress for association websites which is tremendous in its performance and distinguished in its nature. It makes the tasks of the designer simple by making the menu management easy and passes all the tests of being all devices friendly.

It gives you the opportunity to connect with the world by adding more than 50+ social media icons and runs itself on high definition resolutions. Coding itself with HTML5 and CSS3, this theme gives faster support using the forum and creates the possibility of setting up a filterable gallery section.

8. Local Business Pro

local business pro


Local Business Pro is a WordPress template for associations and association websites that is subtle and superior color changing theme. Its compatibility is just unmatched and can work well with 100+ of shortcodes, WooCommerce and e-Commerce and multilingual plugin to help anyone read the content in the spoken language of that particular region.

Replaceable default slider is also a unique quality of this theme that makes it different from others and changing of fonts is made just so simpler with the help of Google fonts to make selection from plenty of them. Option panel seems very user friendly and sidebar is made widget friendly.