Freelancer WordPress Themes for Freelancing and Software Developer Websites

Some of the top and best freelancer WordPress themes for all the individuals and freelancers.

These freelancer WordPress themes can also be used for technical startups and software developers, ITs and designers to create their masterpiece website in silence, without any rush or irritation.

The pressures of modern digital space and the high – demands of current lifestyle force people to play around every “would – be” opportunity to take advantage of all the challenges they are faced with constantly.

In this situation, our main concern will be all those freelancers and software developers who want to establish and run their digital profiles and exercise all the marketing strategies for their growth that are gradually shifting from traditional analogue to digital.

All of the freelancer WordPress themes presented in this article are search – based and prioritized according to their smart and intuitive design and coding controls, so that it will be easier even for the novice to edit and personalize his website to exemplify the professionalism and experience of its owner.

Freelancer WordPress Themes

When it comes to sustainability and durability, all of them are time – checked in performance and persistent in usage and maintenance.

SKT Software Pro:

SKT Software

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GB IT Company:

GB IT Company

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The App PRO

The App Pro

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Game Developer:

game developer WordPress theme

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Design Agency Pro:

design agency

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Design Agency Pro is conceptually well – thought out and creatively stylized freelancer, artist and photography – centric website builder tool for the individuals and company representatives of any relevant industry imaginable.

Powered to render powerful intelligence and manipulation area, smooth and flawless navigation controls and the overall easy to use theme structure based on drag and drop functionality.

This unique template with unmatched features will make it easy for any freelancer to create a top – quality and personalized web pages armed with the most informative content and portfolio samples embedded in the categorized areas of the theme or appearing in a homepage nice – looking slider.


premium WordPress theme

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Kraft is another web creation system compiled for all the freelancers, software developers, graphic and other designers or any other portfolio owner to avoid any kind of disturbance and make the most of their online presence to lead your individual or corporate business from where you are to the destination of where you can be in the nearest future.

This multiconcept and multiuse – ready, original and creative, motivational and inspiring, animated and responsive do – it – yourself one of a kind freelancer WordPress themes can be purchased at more affordable cost than it would definitely take to hire professionals and experts to create and launch custom – made and niche – specific theme for you.

High Tech:


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Serious and professional, smart and sophisticated, High Tech can be another companion of you in your journey of selecting the best template for the stable basis of your future website and exercising it fully.

With the minutely reviewed and worked – out functional and structural system of this profoundly useful template any freelancer or developer will be able to enjoy his virtual profile without having to touch a single line of code, offer his services and product in the most practical and affordable way.

As well as make his content adjustable and adaptive enough to match any mobile or device resolution for the stunning multi – device user experience and respective positive feedback.

This theme surely fills up the category of Freelancer WordPress themes.

SKT Black Pro:

Complete and perspective, error – free and premium style, SKT Black Pro can be the best output you’ll ever have in the digital era, with which your future results will be trackable easily.

This strong and durable out of the freelancer WordPress themes has not failed to adapt all the compulsory technics and approaches that any modern WordPress – based website is currently expected to incorporate, be it a prebuilt element and option, customization and management process, responsive and cross mobile – compliant web design approach.

Also SEO – optimized coding for higher rankings and much more. With this amazing system you can even set up and run your own online shop and sell your products at an international market level.

StartUp Pro:

StartUp Pro is correlated with the work of the skilled developers and designers, who have spare no endeavors and time to dig out the best qualities of this template.

It let them easily practicable by any startup company or newly started individual to get noticed and hired by all the people and organizations needing his particular products and services.

Packed with point and click interface, simplified backend and intuitive web coding, this one of the freelancer WordPress themes will cause any freelancer minimal troubles and time for mastering the website and getting it covered and ready for exploitation both by the desktop and mobile visitors and customers.

IT Consultant:

Balanced between fresh – faced and expressive outlook, deeply resourceful and resilient inner description, tech – savvy and advanced technology – based coding and styling, It Consultant Pro has been acquired by thousands of customers worldwide and quickly won their appreciation.

This profoundly inciting freelancer WordPress theme has been assured to be complete in its every part and aspect, so that every IT consultant, webmaster, software developer or expert can effortlessly transfer the default outward of the theme into something valuable and perspective to grab the visitor’s attention with a mathematically – precise arrangement of all the relevant information.


Aesthetically refined and visually conscious, lively and colorful, thriving and alluring, Photodock can be the promising start of any freelance photography or artist website to conquer the virtual world that is advancing in leaps and bounds.

This modern and truly useful one of a kind out of the freelancer WordPress themes has been optimized for easy and light usage and eliminates the need of auxiliary costs and developer support in order to achieve the popularity that is staggering.

Photodock features inherently elastic and adaptable framework that is programmed for power and significance, boundless opportunities for any kind of customization and intervention for bettering the web results and expanding its operational scope, admin – friendly modern panel paired with handy theme options and controllable features to experience steady growth in your online existence.

It is the theme that also matters the most while having the mobile and device users of the website in mind, as the adjustments and alterations are reduced to minimum in case of the mobile version of the web content.

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