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Two and Three Column Responsive WordPress Themes for Column Based Websites

two column three column WordPress themes
Since column – based websites are very popular at present with their productive content management chances, in this article we have picked out the best two and three column responsive WordPress themes, which will speak to the favor of any modern and creative website building and development, irrespective of its type, nature, size or content to be displayed.

With the emergence of the universal need of making any digital product more comprehensive and informative, multi – column layout designs broke their way into existence along with grid systems, which had been available for a very long time.

There are lots of functional and aesthetic advantages one can enjoy from two and three column – based structures, especially when dealing with multimedia and interactive content. Instead of utilizing full – width horizontal content area, all the website information can be precisely showcased by the help of multi – column content arrangement to be more attractive and focus –effective, as well as easier to read and digest. And this is not the whole pack of privileges one can benefit from.

1. SKT Magazine Pro (3 column):

magazine WordPress theme


SKT Magazine Pro is top – rated multipurpose product loaded with 3 column grid system, so that the content of the website established on this template will be easier to perceive for the visitors.

This premium quality, yet cost – conscious theme comes with interactive and bright design and graphical solutions, highly versatile and dynamic structure and truly responsive and mobile friendly template, which is a primary concern in the current digital world for all the web presences, since the website column – centric arrangement must adapt itself to present a pixel perfect mobile version.

2. Character (3 column):

personal WordPress theme


By the application of highly recommended Character of 3 column – based appearance every single website owner or administrator will have all the chances at his disposal to ensure the website harmonic and presentable design, which will also be appreciated by any website visitor. Truly elegant and modern, dynamic and creative, extremely resourceful and resilient, smart and stable, highly user and developer – friendly, as well as easily customizable, this responsive template will definitely guarantee your website three column – based smooth and sleek navigation.

3. SKT Beach (2 column):

beach and aqua WordPress theme


SKT Beach is another convenient multimedia content posting and controlling tool in our list of the most productive and truly powerful two and three column responsive WordPress themes, which generates all the favorable conditions for every person with or without any programming knowledge to take full control over his website online presence and break his relevant content into 2 possible column areas. This reliable theme has also been designed to meet all the requirements any responsive theme should share, so that the website will be able to keep all its elegance and eye – catching appearance balanced with exceptional performance and usability as well.

4. SKT Trust (2 column):

non profit WordPress theme


If you are looking for a truly modern and functionally saturated do-it-yourself website builder framework, which apart from its all-inclusive and highly sophisticated template, will be also very easy to use and understand, here is SKT Trust with its 2 column – based layout arrangement and control. All the details and touches of immensely intuitive and responsive design have been taken care of, so that when crafting a website on the basis of SKT Trust, a mobile version of it will be stunningly generated without any defects and will provide the website visitors and readers with truly positive and presentable mobile and tablet user experience.

5. Exceptiona (2 column):



Simplicity and lightweight performance, total adaptability and flexibility, professionally designed and worked out overall foundation personalized with 2 column – centric website layout disposition for the creation of multipurpose and multimedia – rich content. This truly exceptional and convenient, extensively smart and professional, 100 % responsive and cross mobile compatible, HTML5 and CSS3 based and WordPress powered template is power – packed with all the essential theme options and features to integrate all the needed functionality and advanced performance to the website.

6. Nuptials (2 column):



The next expressively dynamic and practical sample, deserving its special place in our list of two and three column responsive WordPress themes is the product called Nuptials. The shorter lines of the columns will for sure be more perceptible and visually precise for the content reader, providing them not only with the perfect look and feel of website desktop version, but also with flawless mobile version appearance and excellent visualization.

7. Religious (2 column):


Multipurpose and multiuse, wonderfully readable and perceptible, polished and pliable, tech – savvy and dependable, Religious can transfer any web presence into a dominant and impressively popular digital medium. This fast loading, readily flexible and totally responsible WordPress – powered website builder comes integrated with tons of customization and management options to keep the online profile of any individual or company always up to date and expressively structured with the help of 2 column layout design suggestion.

8. SKT Lens Pro (3 column):

responsive portfolio WordPress theme


SKT Lens Pro with its safe and sound, flexible and intuitive, totally responsive and mobile version optimized framework will help every single person of almost any experience and professional level to personalize his website according to all his objectives. This perspective and dynamic template is built up with 3 column – based layout arrangement, which will fit any mobile and device screen size, thus showcasing great functional and design stability in all cases.

9. SKT Full Width Pro (3 column):

Full Wide WordPress theme


Finally, we came to SKT Full Width Pro armed with well –structured and compactly organized three column responsive layout system to provide a stable and reliable operational framework for multipurpose usages catering to any individual or business undertaking. Since this highly practical and far -famed product has been minutely worked out to be a truly modern and supportive template, satisfying all the need of the current worldwide web, optimized mobile view will be browsed for all the mobile and device users.

6 Clean WordPress Themes With Slider Make Your Website Stand Out

Clean WordPress themes with slider

The days when you could depend on a static copy on your website to deliver actual results are long gone; these days, your website is not just a professional website for your company but it also acts as a central hub for all your marketing campaigns and your various outreach programs. And what’s more, if you want your website to stand out for all the obvious reasons, then you must be able to offer your customers that extra special something which is where sliders and all the advanced functionality come in.

Given the fact that the digital medium is a heavily saturated field and that you will be going toe to toe with some of the biggest guys out there, it naturally stands to reason that you would want to choose the right framework for your website that can help make this happen. Just check out some of our top end clean WordPress themes with slider and you should be able to see that they are all premium themes and all of them have been well designed. So let’s take a closer look at some of clean WordPress themes with slider, shall we?

1. Photo Session PRO

photographer WordPress theme


This theme manages to encompass the very best of clean WordPress theme with slider and more. It comes with a neat professional design that borders on minimalism and along with it, an uncluttered layout, with drop down menus which make for easy navigation. What makes this theme stand out is the fact that it comes with advanced slider as a default option and what’s more, it supports external plugins so you should be able to use more advanced sliders to showcase your high resolution images, video files and feature them on the home page for good effect. It is customizable and you can change the color, tone of some of the page elements and it also comes with a built in photo gallery that you can use to showcase your images.

Moreover, the theme comes with 50+ social icons which should help you to enhance the user experience on your website and with the right plugins, enable your users to log in using their social media credentials and share the images on the same from the photo gallery in real time as well. What’s more, with specific plugins and widgets, you should be able to increase the functionality of your website and make it stand out for all the right reasons. And the price tag of $39 is quite low considering the fact that this theme comes with more than a few advanced features.

2. Computer repair



This theme, ranked among the top ten clean WordPress theme with slider, comes with a classical design and a nice layout. It comes with a simple design as well as an intuitive design that makes navigating the website and its various sections seem less of a hassle. It is a responsive design and one that’s completely scalable, not to mention the fact that it is completely customizable. You can use the various short codes that the theme comes with to change and alter the various sections and page elements as per your preference. Moreover, the theme also incorporates a default slider with ten slides that you can use to showcase your images to perfection.

And the theme has also been tested with other sliders as well, not to mention browsers, so you can use the same instead of the default slider. Overall, the theme scores well on design and intuitiveness and should help your website stand out for all the right reasons and get it more traction online. It also comes with woo commerce compatibility and you should be able to set up an integrated payment gateway as well as use the integrated blog as a platform for leveraging your website. It comes with a price tag of $39, along with support for one year plus free installation.

3. Beauty Cuts

hair salon WordPress theme


This theme comes off as one of the best among the clean WordPress themes with slider on account of its simplicity and ease of use. For starters, the theme comes with a single page template which is perfect for small businesses and brand new startups; moreover, the theme itself comes with a classic design along with a nice layout and advanced slider option right on the home page. You can use this slider with ten slides that you can use to showcase your products and services and even opt to use more advanced slider with animation features with more control options, such as pause etc.

It is compatible with third party plugins and is fully customizable so you can change any page element on the website and use these plugins to boost your performance. The theme stands out on account of its simplicity, and the fact that any novice can customize the site as it comes with several designated short codes that you can use to good effect. It comes with a price tag of $39 as well as documentation support, support for one year along with free installation.

4. Toy store

Toy Store WordPress Theme


This theme certainly ranks as one among the best when it comes to clean WordPress themes with slider. And while the theme is mainly designed for toys, it can easily be repurposed for other niches as well. The theme itself comes with a minimalistic look, a great background and intuitive design features including the drop down menu that should help make navigation much easier. It comes with a nice layout as well as several options for header, footer as well as sidebar layouts. You can also use the built in color picker to change and alter the colors of the theme as well as that of the various page elements.

Apart from this, you can customize any page element as per preference and what’s more, the theme is woo commerce compatible and supports external plugins. Now, you can use these plugins to utilize more advanced sliders with better resolution and more control, filters to edit the images, and showcase the same to perfection for your audience. You can also set up an interactive payment gateway, and provide that extra something for your clients. Doing so should help increase the traffic as well as make it patently clear that the current rate of $48 is a reasonable one, given the advanced functionality that the theme comes with.

5. Massage Center

massage WordPress theme


This theme is currently one of the top billed themes where clean WordPress themes with slider are concerned. It certainly looks attractive enough and should attract more than a few eyeballs. But apart from this it also comes with a color picker that you can use to change the colors of the theme as well as that of the page elements. Moreover, the theme itself is customizable and you can use the built in short codes to change and alter various page elements.

It comes with a nice home page with various sections that you can customize as per the spa related services you offer. And what’s more, this theme supports external plugins so you should be able to use advanced sliders, galleries and even use page builders to build those extra few pages as well. What’s more, the theme is woo commerce compatible and with the right plugins, you should be able to enable your users to book their sessions online and even pay for the same in advance. The theme comes with a price of $39, which is a reasonable price indeed.

6. SKT Pathway PRO

skt pathway


The SKT pathway pro theme was specifically designed for multiple industries and niches; it is a dynamic and responsive theme. It has been stringently tested for its responsiveness as well as its scalability for various resolutions. With this theme, your users should be able to checkout your website and even purchase any products or services irrespective of what device they use to access it in the first place. It also comes with 450+ icons along with several Google fonts that you can use to help make your website all the more attractive. And as the theme is compatible with third part plugins, you can use the same to help boost your site’s performance.

What’s more, with these external plugins you should be able to optimize your website and even design and create custom built pages as well as provide your users with advanced functionality and in the process help boost their rankings. It also comes with a nice home page as well as twenty sections which should be more than enough. What’s more, with the built in short codes you should be able to create/change tabs, accordions, recent posts section, testimonials section, as well as block quotes, info boxes and buttons. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 which is a real bargain at that rate.

A Dog Breeder WordPress Theme is Essential for Any Pet Animal Website

Dog Breeder WordPress Theme

Getting the word out sounds easier than done and when it comes to websites, and the fact that online space is getting increasingly oversaturated, it can be hard to stand apart from the rest of the competition. That’s why you should take your time to choose both the platform and theme to set up the website and there’s none better than WordPress when it comes to the platform on account of both its flexibility as well as adaptability. And as for the theme, you would do well to check out our dog breeder WordPress theme and our collection.

The dog breeder WordPress themes are multi-purpose themes that can be used for any industry niche which makes them all the more invaluable and apart from this is the fact that all these themes come with additional features which should come handy in improving the functionality of your website. But make a point to check out each theme individually before deciding which one you want to go ahead with; a good idea would be to demo the theme before making the final decision. All our themes are reasonably priced and each one is different from the other; here are some of our top picks for your consideration.

1. My Dog

Dog WordPress Theme


The dog WordPress theme certainly stands out for both its ease of use and its intelligent navigation. With this theme in place, your users should be able to navigate your website with ease. More importantly, you should be able to strategize your marketing and with the help of advanced features, and tools, you should be able to garner your website more attention. The theme comes with a neat design along with multiple layout, header, footer as well as sidebar options; with these, you should have more control over how your content is displayed to your audience.

The whole design is aesthetically pleasing to the eye; and what’s more, you can also customize the inner header so as to include images, videos, banner and much more. The theme is 100% responsive and is compatible with third party plugins. In fact, you should be able to use page builders such as Visual composer,Elementor,Divi, Beaver, Live composer and others. You should be able to build more pages by using these page builders as well as cache plugins to help improve the performance of our website. The theme itself comes with a price tag of $39 and the fact that it is a multi-purpose theme makes it apparent why the rate is indeed, a reasonable one.

2. Horse Riding

Equestrian WordPress Theme


This framework is one among the top ten where dog breeder WordPress themes are concerned; it is 100% responsive and completely scalable. So your customers should be able to view your website and access all its features without anything getting truncated, irrespective of what device they utilize to access the same. The overall design is as professional as it can get, with neutral colors and the fact that the theme is a multi-purpose one means that the same can be re-purposed for any business/ niche.

It also comes with both parallax and infinite scrolling which should help keep the bounce rate all the way down as well as help improve your SEO rankings. And the icing on the cake is that the theme is completely customizable which means that you can tweak and modify any page element without issue. It also comes with 100+ short codes, which should make it easier for you to customize all the page elements without having to know any code. Additionally, you can add in more short codes, as much as you need, with the help of third party plugins. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 as well as bundled support for a year along with free installation.

3. Pet Care

animal wordpress theme


When you are setting up a website for the first time, the one thing that you need to aim for is dynamic design and whether the theme itself is responsive or not. Luckily for you, we stringently test our themes for the same and this theme ranks right at the top, among our collection of dog breeder WordPress themes. The theme comes with an easy design that even a novice should be able to handle it. Apart from this is the fact that the theme is compatible with third party plugins, so you should be able to increase the functionality of your website and provide your users with much more.

And as the theme is compatible with woo commerce, you should be able to set up an integrated payment gateway along with multiple payment options for your customers. You should also be able to optimize your website better with the appropriate SEO and analytics plugin. By doing so, it should tell you how effective your marketing strategies are and whether you need to tweak the same for better effectiveness. This theme is as good as it gets and with it, your website should stand part from the rest of the competition. It comes with a price tag of $39 along with bundled support as well as free installation.

4. Photodock

Portfolio wordpress theme


The great thing about dog breeder WordPress themes is its multi-purpose facet and how easily it can be repurposed to suit any business/niche and as one of the top ranking themes, the waste management certainly fits the paradigm. What makes this theme stand out is its ease of use and the fact that it can be re-utilized in any business niche to good effect. The theme comes with a classic design but without appearing too cluttered. It also comes with various widgets and tools that you can use to provide your users with added functionality.

Apart from this, the theme is completely customizable and comes with multiple, layout, sidebar options. Moreover, you can customize and tweak the inner header to include videos, banners, pictures and much more so as to attract more attention and visitors. It comes with cross device, cross platform and cross browser compatibility and the fact that it is also compatible with woo commerce means that you can enable your visitors to make payment online. Given all these advanced functionality, you can see why this theme is a real bargain at $39 only.

5. Fashion blog

Fashion Blog WordPress theme


This theme is one of the top ranked among all the dog breeder WordPress themes and with good reason. The theme comes with an interesting design that is sure to snag more eyeballs and a higher traffic than before. Additionally, it also comes with an elegant layout and header, both of which are completely customizable along with other page elements of the website. The fact that it is completely customizable is what helps to make it one of the top ranking themes in our collection.

The theme also comes with both parallax and infinite scrolling, both of which should help improve page views. And coupled with the fact that you can use cache plugins to give a boost to your website as well as use certain SEO plugins to optimize your website, it should soon become apparent to you as to why you need to take a closer look at this particular theme. More importantly, the theme is compatible with third party plugins which should help you provide better performance as well as advanced functionality for your users. This should result in SERPS and the fact that it comes with a reasonable price tag of $39 makes it a real bargain.

6. Lifestyle

Lifestyle WordPress theme


Granted that choosing one theme from among the several dog breeder WordPress theme may not seem that easy and may even be a little overwhelming. But the fact is that we have tested and listed the themes in their order of ranking so that it is more convenient for you to choose the right one for your website. The theme comes with a minimalistic look which makes it easier to use the empty space on the landing page strategically so as to direct the user’s attention to the call to action. This should result in more traffic along with a better conversion rate.

The theme also comes with a neat design as well as layout, header, side bar options which should help make it easier for you to customize it as per your preference. And the fact that this theme comes with over 100+ short codes for this very purpose and the fact that you can add in as many as you please, should help make this process easier. The theme is compatible with external plugins which essentially means that you can now provide your users with better features and advanced functionality. This should help you increase in your rankings as far as SEO is concerned. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 as well as free installation and support for a year.

6 Academy WordPress Themes are Indeed the Best for Educational Sites

Academy WordPress themes

If you are just starting out and looking to get a slice of the online market, then there are a few things that you need to know. For starters making it online is no easy matter, at least not as easy as it used to be in say, 1990’s, when anyone could set up a website with AdSense and monetize the same. These days, you need something extra to make all that happen for real and that’s why, you should always base your websites on a WordPress platform.

For starters, as an open source platform WordPress offers you flexibility and adaptability, more so than any other platform out there and its free – moreover it comes with various themes such as the academy WordPress themes which should help garner your website the attention it deserves.

The fact of the matter is that most of the niche markets are over saturated and that’s an understatement which is why it is essential that you select the right framework for your website so that you can offer something more to your customers. The academy WordPress themes certainly make that happen, and do come loaded with advanced functionality and all the widgets that you can throw a stick at. Just check out some of the top ranked themes and it should soon become clear why these themes are indeed as good as it gets.

1. Military



One of the first things that you would immediately notice about this theme is, that apart from its background image, it remains fairly uncluttered. This should help you strategize and use the empty space to direct the users’ attention to important parts of the landing page and even to the call to action. That’s why this theme is one of the top ranked of all the academy WordPress themes and one that you definitely need to take a closer look at.

The theme comes with 800+ Google fonts so if you want to tweak with the typography of the website, then you should be able to do so with ease. Moreover, the theme is completely customizable which means that you can change any page element with ease, and even change the background image, colors, fonts, as well as the layout features with a few clicks.

It is also 100% responsive and fully scalable, meaning that your users can use any device to access your website without any loss of functionality. What makes this theme stand out is its ease of use and the fact that it is compatible with third party plugins and comes with various advanced tools and features should make it apparent that the current price tag of $39 is not just a reasonable one but a real bargain.

2. SKT Education

SKT Education


This theme ranks quite well among all the academy WordPress themes for all the obvious reasons. It comes with a well designed layout and a nice professional appearance; but the theme is completely customizable – meaning that you can change, alter any page element of your website with ease. The theme is also 100% responsive and has been tested for the same as well as for cross browser compatibility. So, your users should not find it hard to access your website irrespective of the device they use to access the same.

What makes this theme stand out is the fact that this is a fast loading theme and comes with intelligent navigation – your pages should load a lot faster and there would be no lag time. Additionally, the theme is compatible with third party plugins so you should be able to use the same to improve the performance of your website as well as provide your user with advanced functionality.

You should also be able to set up a payment portal for your customers to use and to make payments with as well as install a tracking plugin that allows them to monitor the services that they had paid for. Essentially, this theme comes with all the advanced functionality that you need to make your website stand out and the best part is that it is a multi-purpose one so you should be able to repurpose it for any industry/ niche and all for $39 only.

3. Disco Dancer

disco dancer WordPress theme


This theme is billed as one of the top performing themes of all the academy WordPress themes and here’s why. The theme itself comes with a slightly grungy and minimalistic look, with drop down menus designed to help make the process of navigating the website easier on your users. It also comes with a sectioned layout with pricing tables which should help your customers learn more about your services and the overall cost of the same.

Moreover, the theme also comes with a default slider that you can use to display high resolution images as well as video files so that your website gets more page views and a higher conversion rate, as well. It is also 100% responsive and fully scalable apart from being HD ready; it is just what you need to help make your website stand apart for all the obvious reasons.

It is also compatible with third party plugins so you should be able to use other sliders, as well as page builders to develop custom built pages for your website. And since it already comes loaded with 100+ short codes, you should be able to customize the website with ease and without even having to code anything. All of this is available for only $39 and that’s with one year support and free installation.

4. Photo World PRO

photography WordPress theme


This theme certainly makes it apparent right away why it ranks right at the top when it comes to academy WordPress themes. For starters, the overall design is minimalistic, or rather in the sense that it is uncluttered and comes with an overwhelming background image that’s certain to garner more eyeballs for obvious reasons.

The overall design is simplistic along with a drop down menu and intuitive navigation that should help your users navigate through the various sections of your website. It also comes with dual sidebar options, header and footer options; the theme is customizable and you can use the built in short codes to change any page element with the few clicks of the mouse, it’s that easy.

What sets this theme apart is that it also comes with social media integration and you can market your posts to other platforms with ease and as a result, get better traffic and rank better on SEO. It also comes with compatibility with third party plugins which means that your customer can access advanced functionality and this should help you rank better in the long run. The theme itself comes with a price tag of $39 which is a bargain at that rate.

5. SKT Industrial

skt industrial


Ranking amongst the top ten as far as academy WordPress themes are concerned, it soon becomes clear why this theme is considered to be one of the top performing themes. For starters, it comes with a minimalistic though dark background with intelligent navigation and clear menus so your users should not have much difficulty with surfing your website or its various sections.

What is important though is that this theme stands out from all the others out there starting with the fact that it comes loaded with 600+ Google fonts. You should be able to tweak the typography on your website with this theme and as it is completely customizable, you should be able to change any page element with ease. It also comes with a home page with ten sections which you can use in lieu of other pages.

Apart from this, the theme also comes with compatibility to third party plugins, and is HD and retina ready, not to mention the fact that it is also translation ready as well. So, given all the advanced functionality that the theme comes with, the price tag of $39 is indeed a real bargain.

6. Online Coach Pro

online coach new


The online coach WordPress theme comes with a sectioned homepage, with drop down menus and attractive layout. The theme as a whole is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and one that is bound to garner your website the attention it needs. More importantly, the theme comes with a raft of widgets, tools that you can use to enhance the performance of your website.

Additionally, it also comes with third party plugin compatibility and is also 100% responsive, not to mention the fact that it has been tested for cross-browser compatibility as well. It also comes with over 100+ short codes which should help simplify the process of customizing a web page and the best part is that you do not have to code anything. What’s more, you can add custom CSS to your theme via the panel and tweak it accordingly. Given all these advanced features, it soon becomes apparent why this theme is indeed a great buy at $39 only.

Easy to Customize 13 All in One WordPress Themes For Beginners

All in One WordPress Themes
Do you want to start your blog, business website or online shopping store? If yes, then choosing up a theme that supports your various needs is really important. A theme should not only fit your business or brand, but it must have the ability to support multiple plugins to reach your targeted audience and rank on google search pages.

You have Collection of themes to choose for your business, but selecting any one randomly does not make sense at all. You need to think about your goals, targeted audience, and everything that satisfy you and your users both. Therefore, we are here and rounded up all in one WordPress themes that will do best for your business and you do not need to put your mind in finding all little details. These themes will fit any type of business. So in short, choose the specialize theme from the given list and get started with your business.

The List of Top 13 All in One WordPress Themes 2020

1. SKT Elements Pro

SKT Elements Pro


If you are looking for a theme that can give your website a stunning look in an easy way then you should acknowledge SKT Elements all in one WordPress theme. In this theme, you do not require any technical knowledge to go and install it. It includes the simple templates that you can use according to your website requirement. The theme has multiple website pages which quickly and give your drag and drop function, so you can easily improve the customer experience.

Key Features:

  • Supports kind of files such as video, text, images and audio.
  • It will provide you with a flexible theme that supports multiple browsers and devices.
  • You do not need to compromise with the footer and header section. It is widget-friendly.
  • You will get free customer support for one year via emails or contact number.
  • Provides the best searching experience to the customers.

2. SKT Guten Pro

skt guten pro


SKT Guten Pro is yet another best all in one WordPress themes you should strive for your business. It is a highly preferable theme by the customers because it is easy to use and available for multi-purpose businesses. The theme has followed up all the guidelines and tested by Google so that your user will get the real experience. This theme is best that can be handled by any tech or non-tech person. It includes a hundred Plus functionalities, so you can install it without editing the codes.

Key Features:

  • Includes a number of features such as event search, save the venue, Google map and many more.
  • Support the NextGen gallery plugin and compatible with high-quality images and videos.
  • Favor’s calendar and wpml plugin
  • You will get a testimonial block to showcase your reviews and also you can add up to three columns layout which can style your website.
  • It supports multilingual languages.

3. SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme


This theme is highly recommended and suitable for any type of industry. It has pre-installed templates that come up with various appearances that you can select for your website. The home page is coded with SKT page builder which provide you super flexibility and fun. More than that, its inner pages hold up the multiple page borders such as WP Bakery site or a breezy and more. SKT Perfect is compatible with the various plugin such as wooCommerce gallery plugins, slider plugins, and many more. Also, it is friendly and optimised theme that makes it easier for you to load on Google and help to get the best customer experience.

Key Features:

  • It includes comment templates with nicely compatible with commenting plugins.
  • Fully documented theme
  • Retina ready, HD ready, and multilingual Reddy theme pack compatible with q translate and wpml.
  • Include about, services, and other inbuilt pages that you can edit easily.
  • It is integrated with 600 + font-icons as well as several Hydra layouts and advances short quotes like partner logos.

4. Naturo



Naturo is one of the finest all in one WordPress themes that looks good for every business. It is a very nice theme which is SEO and SMO optimized. Along with that, it has a team and Portfolio section which can have to showcase your premiums and testimonials easily. Many people love a clean and simple website and this is exactly what it will provide you. It comes and integrated with awesome font icons which have been checked and tested. The theme is drop-down ready and consistent with the latest version of WordPress. This theme is developed by using the elementor page Builders and also supports the Divi, WP Bakery, and multiple page builders.

Key Features:

  • Contact information can be displayed in the footer section.
  • It is clean and easy to use.
  • Include default contact form and testimonials.
  • Contain 600 + Google fonts.
  • You can use the blog very affordable to per articles news and other tips.

5. Condimentum

condimentum new


It is a complete multi-purpose WordPress theme coded with elementor page builder. it is one of the safest and documented WordPress themes that compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It includes a proper call to action buttons that integrate with your clients. It is also known as a robust WordPress theme because it includes the default about and the team members where you can showcase the services easily and nicely target the audience with the greater navigation features. The blog section can also be great and used for the multiple purposes that make your services more reliable. Key Features:

  • Complete colour changing theme so you can edit as per your choice.
  • It is coded with HTML5 and CSS5.
  • One of the best industry-related theme that can build you as the brand.
  • Include several boxes of testimonials, etc.
  • Google tested and retina ready theme

6. Simple

simple new


If you are looking for the super easy and fast loading themes that just better you user requirements, simple is all in one WordPress themes which comes up with essential features nowadays. It is highly congenial with the different gallery plugins and supports widgets of sidebar, header and footer as well. It is fully documented and very easy to use. It does not require any technical person to access the codes. Since it is based on the navigation that comes up with all great features to support the user requirement as well as the owners. It comes up with the default demo video, so you can learn the basics and use it accordingly. Also, it includes a colour picker tool, so you can change the theme background as per your choice.

Key Features:

  • Include several plugins so you have full control over the sidebar
  • Support multilingual languages and a default contact form.
  • Easy to load and compatible with different plugins.
  • Give a stunning appearance to your website.

7. SKT Parallax Me Pro

parallax me


SKT Parallax Me Pro is the SEO optimised and responsive theme that has the ability to reach your targeted audience conveniently and you’ll get the Best rank on Google search pages in a short time. It has filterable portfolio sections and showcases gallery to show the audience what you have been working for. This is a one-page multipurpose theme which is beautifully designed for any type of industries in the businesses on eCommerce section.

It has 10 section into one page that comprises pre-enabled shortcodes. It comes with unlimited colours and colour picker so you can change it according to your website. More than that it includes pricing table, testimonial area, and contact form with captcha code. It is simply designed that allowed the webpage to scroll down easily and create a great effect, so you can get back to it.

Key Features:

  • It is an interesting theme that is designed to achieve your goals successfully.
  • It will give your website captivating and forward-look.
  • This has been crossed cheque with multiple Browsers and devices.
  • It is loaded with various social media icons.
  • The well-suited theme for every business

8. Exceptiona



It is a well-suited accounting WordPress theme which has a greater number of features to support your business in multiple ways. This theme has different looking. This provides you with great info and comes up with a lot of white spaces that give your website a stunning look. The theme is responsive and easy to run and load on mobiles and desktop.

It provides you with great services from the customers and allows users to navigate your site perfectly. It has scalable dropdown level 5 and multiple page layouts, blog layout, and posts layout options. This also includes the proper call to action buttons which is packed with the options panel and you will get the great response.

Key Features:

  • Comprise auto-rotate feature
  • Give your professional and impressive website
  • Include of some 500 + font and 650 Plus Google fonts.
  • Incorporate multiple theme files and free installation

9. SKT Pathway Pro

skt pathway


SKT Pathway pro is yet another all in one WordPress themes created by the SKT themes to accomplish the goals of every industry and the business. It has many inbuilt features that allow you to create the best website from its appearance to its professionalism. The theme can easily modify with the person who wants to change its colour font etc. This includes twenty sections on the homepage and comes up with the 5-page template such as Right, Left, full width, no sidebar and blog template. This is an integrated ready and WooCommerce supportive theme. Along with that, it is perfectly integrated to support the best customer satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Comes with the standard pages like 404 and pricing table.
  • Can help you to add any type of content.
  • 100% supportive and world-class best theme for your business.
  • Involve slider, headers and footers.

10. Local Business Pro

local business pro


If you are looking for the theme that supports your business sales easily and you can earn the best revenue for it, then you should look on the local business all in one WordPress themes because it focuses on the call to action and social media buttons. It has a different inbuilt slider which can be easily modified as per your need. It includes a contact form that supports captcha code, and also it is compatible with social media sharing plugin, so you can reach the multiple orders from the different platforms. In the case of supermarkets of your local business survive, it is the best digital platform or a theme to outreach your competitors.

Key Features:

  • Coded with the latest programming languages and give you a more professional appearance.
  • Perfect theme to support local business and reap maximum features.
  • Include contemporary features the take you to the peak of success.
  • It does not provide your customers with the inconvenience.

11. Ele Business

ele business


This theme is specially created for professional business websites who wants a website should be fascinating and amazing. The theme is actually the fastest and simple theme which is lightweight and support number of plugins. The customer support of this theme is highly experienced and integrated with eCommerce functionality. Ele Business theme is coded with the latest languages that support the latest WordPress version. Moreover, the website can be created by utilizing the customise features So, anyone can add it as per the choice.

Key Features:

  • It is just the perfect option to increase the lead and users subscription.
  • The theme can be used by different businesses and small scale industries.
  • Include a lot of options that raise your business globally.

12. Bizness Pro

Bizness pro


It is a high quality responsive multipurpose WordPress theme which is suitable for every device and browser. It easy to use and include portfolio, so you can add photos and the testimonials to showcase your audience that how good you are. Along with that, it includes cache plugin which is important for the best website experience. It is essential and the best theme to reach your business goals easily. It is compatible and can handle different languages, so you can achieve your audience more and get the best results.

Key Features:

  • It comprises special characters.
  • It is a clean fresh and professional theme.
  • RTL tested and Google friendly theme
  • Incorporated with multiple fonts and google icons.

13. SKT Biz Pro

SKT Biz Pro


SKT Biz Pro is also the best all in one WordPress theme which can manage the home page itself. It is easy to use and fully documented theme. It is highly great and supports multiple plugins especially Ecommerce, so you can sell the products online. More than that it helps the Guttenberg features that simply integrate with the most SEO plugin. The theme includes the number of elements which provide you with a great layout in the text, images, and heading that is integrated with the Google maps. More than that, it can fix up your errors easily and you can receive direct support from the customers to resolve any kind of issues.

Key Features:

  • Include standardized pages such as easy to navigate.
  • Include 6 types of page templates.
  • The main feature of the theme is its USP.
  • Give the best user interface that allows the best UX.

Top 12 Most Popular Prayer WordPress Themes for Religion Website

Prayer WordPress Themes
Most people generally use WordPress for creating a website for their business. So, if you do search around the web, then you may find several such themes that commemorate the idea of trading. In short, if you have a charity or prayer-related website, then it might be a little bit challenging for you to find something that caters to your purpose.

But, there is no need to worry about it. Here, to help you in this aspect, we will be talking about some of the best prayer WordPress themes that will suit your purpose perfectly. Besides mentioning their names, we will be providing some insights about their salient features as well. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s wrap up our books and get started with it.

Top 12 Best Prayer WordPress Themes for Your Website

1. Religious


When talking about the best church or prayer website-related themes, the first name that comes to the mind is Religious. It is an all-in-one plugin that can help you with anything and everything.

For starters, it comes with a PODCAST player, which can be employed to inform everyone about prayers, donations, rules, and many more. If you want to, then you can also use it for selling essentials from your organization or church.

There is also a separate gallery section available in the theme that can aid you in posting relevant videos and images as well. Also, in essence, it is a color-changing theme. So, you can always play with them to make your website look better than ever.

Salient Features

  • It is highly responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Has more than 100 shortcodes for setting up the contents in a proper manner
  • Comes with a quirky-looking Gospel and Sermons music section
  • It is integrated with several social media platforms
  • Features over 360 icons for a better site-building experience

2. SKT Trust


As you can already understand from its name, SKT Trust is perfect for both prayer and trust organizations. The whole design of the theme is quite minimalistic, which, in turn, will help you to preach about calmness and peace throughout your website.

There is a wide slider available in the theme. Here, you can post about the upcoming events, donation requests, and the programs that you are going to conduct in the near future. Moreover, you can also showcase your causes properly in this section.

Widely regarded as one of the best prayer WordPress themes, SKT Trust also comes with an Options Panel feature. You can use it to manage various features of the theme without any difficulties. Moreover, the tool is also compatible with almost all the donation plugins available on the web.

Salient Features

  • Comes with several CTA (call-to-action) sections
  • The theme is compatible with Stripe, PayPal, and many other money-based apps
  • A huge number of charitable causes can be added to it
  • It is widget-friendly and easy to use
  • It can be integrated with page builders

3. SKT Charity Pro



Are you looking for a minimalistic theme that can help you to make your prayer website look well up to the mark? Then, you can definitely opt for SKT Charity Pro. Besides its decent looks, the theme also comes with CTA options that can lead the users to the crucial sections of your site.

In SKT Charity Pro, you can make a donor’s list, donation list, testimonials, and a few other things as well. Moreover, the plugin is also translation-ready. Therefore, no matter which country your consumer belongs to, they can always understand everything that is written on your site.

There is an in-built gallery available in the plugin as well. You can keep the videos or images in it. Also, the plugin comes with over 580 icons, which can be used for different purposes. Additionally, SKT Charity Pro is quite easy to use tool. So, if you are a beginner, then it should be the best bet for you.

Salient Features

  • Has over 650 Google fonts
  • It is cross-browser compatible
  • SEO-friendly and loads a lot faster than usual
  • Can be integrated with the latest update of WordPress
  • Boasts 8+ template options

4. Holy Church

spiritual WordPress theme


Unlike the previous options, the Holy Church is rather unique and comes with several color and styling options. There are several in-built sections available in it where you can keep videos, images, audios, and many other things. Also, it is one of those rare prayer WordPress themes that come with a blog section.

You can also write Christianity-related write-ups here to turn your regular site into a full-fledged prayer website. Moreover, if you do not like the primary look of the theme, then you can also reorganize it completely. There is a full-screen banner available in the theme, where you can include a video or a banner image for better visibility. Changing colors is also possible in this plugin.

Salient Features

  • Comes with a plethora of font choices with Latin and Cyrillic subset
  • Has a lot of different layout options
  • It is compatible with a lot of SEO-based plugins
  • The theme is short-code friendly
  • It is both highly responsive and ideal for Smartphone users

5. Fundraiser

fundraiser WordPress theme


The fundraiser comes with several different layouts that can help you to make your website look better than ever. If you want to, then you can also change the colors of it to make things look even more charming and gorgeous.
Besides, there are four different heading styles available as well in the plugin. Hence, to make your prayer website look more informative, you can put different types of headings on each of your contents. The best thing about Fundraiser is its minimalistic design. It is also quite responsive and opens swiftly on mobile devices.

Various much-needed tools, such as audio embed, event management, and booking plugin, video, etc can be integrated with the theme. Lastly, the program also comes with more than 800 different fonts that can help you to create your prayer website in a unique manner.

Salient Features

  • It is compatible with several other SKT-made themes
  • Does support the latest version of WordPress
  • Comes with four layout variants for designing the header section
  • It is very responsive and can be opened in any type of browsers
  • Comes with 1000+ icons’ pack

6. Simple

simple new


Just like its name suggests, the Simple theme is, indeed, quite easy to use. It does come with a lot of tools, but you won’t have to go through an intricate learning curve to use them. In a way, Simple can make your website look quite minimalistic and eye-soothing.

However, if you do not want to your site to look boring, then you can change the colors and background. You may also download new images in it and use them wherever they fit in perfectly. It is one of those few prayer WordPress themes that feature coloring options.

You can use them make your site look more distinctive than the other similar alternatives. Simple comes with around 700 different fonts. So, it can make your blogs or written contents look somewhat quirky and beautiful.

Salient Features

  • Supports several high-end gallery plugins
  • Comes with an easy-to-use sidebar, which is user-friendly as well
  • Has a wide variety of template and blog options
  • It is cross-browser attuned
  • Features elegant styling components

7. SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme


Do you want to make your prayer website look creative yet dynamic? Then, SKT Perfect should be an ideal option for you. The homepage of the theme has been created with a high-end page builder. Hence, you can edit everything without any sweat.

Additionally, it can also work alongside several different language-based plugins like WPML, Polylang, etc. So, even foreigners can come to your website and read your preaches and prayer-related content!

Also, there are several pre-installed templates available in the theme that can help you to refurbish the overall look whenever you like. Unlike others, SKT Perfect has an HD-ready feature. So, you can upload high-end photos and videos, especially of the events, on it.

Salient Features

  • It supports a lot of different short-code plugins
  • The user can amalgamate it with various payment plugins
  • Two different types of site layouts available in it
  • It is completely translation-ready
  • Has almost all the social media-related widget with sharing options

8. SKT White Pro

skt white


Whether you believe it or not but a prayer website does look better with a minimalistic approach. Hence, if you are thinking about creating a website, which is dedicated to Christianity, then SKT White Pro should be your go-to option.

Moreover, there is a huge header available on the website where you can post about religious events, donations, and a few other things that you want to let your subscribers know about. SKT White Pro also comes with 50+ social media icons. So, it becomes easier for you to integrate prayer website with SM platforms and expose it to a lot of users.

Salient Features

  • It is compatible with various WooCommerce plugins
  • The backend of the theme is pretty simple
  • It comes with several analytic and portfolio options for offering a better user experience
  • The theme is SEO-friendly
  • It is HD-ready

9. Shudh Pro

minimal WordPress theme


Shudh Pro can be yet another excellent choice that can help you to create a minimalistic yet eye-catching website. The base design of the theme comes with an eye-pleasing white color with the use of black-colored fonts.
Known as one of the best prayer WordPress themes available on the web, Shudh Pro is translation-ready. So, you can add any type of language in it and preach your religious views and prayers. It can make your website icon-friendly as well.

There is a color picker available in the theme. You can pick any tint or shade from there and give your prayer website the touch of Midas. It also comes with over a hundred fonts that you can use throughout your website.

Salient Features

  • Comes with exquisitely-designed and fully responsive layouts
  • You can make your blogs look more unique with the different font options
  • Both the footer and header of the website can be equipped with widgets
  • Easy to use and edit
  • Has more 600 icons altogether

10. Naturo



The base variant of Naturo does come with a minimal look. However, if you do buy the premium version, then you can change the styling in almost any way you like. There are a plethora of colors and font options available in it that can make your prayer website look more religious and spiritual.

Unlike many of its rivals, Naturo is SEO-friendly and responsive. So, with this one implemented on it, your website would always rank at the top of search results. There is also a blog area available where you can add your own writings and make everyone know about your thoughts about religion.

Salient Features

  • Has more than 700 font icons in it
  • It is a drop down-ready theme
  • It does support the current version of WordPress
  • Comes with the blog layout and page template functionality
  • Has a separate About Us section

11. Kraft

premium WordPress theme


If you want to put a little bit of corporate touch on your prayer website, for donations, then using Kraft should be a decent idea for you. It does come with various common features, just like any other theme mentioned here. However, it is still unique and exquisite in its own accord.

For starters, Kraft comes with various minimalistic layouts that are ideal for a prayer website. You can use the coloring option if you want to make everything look a little bit more vibrant. There are more than 500 amazing fonts available for you to make things look more personalized.

It also comes with a lot of shortcodes, which can be used for creating a donation form. Lastly, like every other plugin in the list, this one, too, is SEO-friendly and supports the latest version of WordPress.
So, if you are looking for one of the best prayer WordPress themes to create a decent religious website, then this one should be your go-to option.

Salient Features

  • One of the best multipurpose themes available out there
  • You can change the color of anything and everything with the color picker
  • Has a pre-built homepage section for offering a greater user experience
  • Compatible with several WooCommerce plugins
  • It’s default slider features 12 different animation effects

12. Complete Pro



So, we are going to finish up with our list with one of the simplest and subtlest theme, Complete Pro. However, unlike how it looks, the plugin does come with a lot of features. So, you can definitely have some fun with it.
To begin with, the plugin comes with a lot of color options to help you to create your prayer website from scratch. Secondly, there are a lot of different layout designs and customizers that can help you to preview your changes at the live timing. Hence, with it, you can create your prayer site in a more personalized manner.

Salient Features

  • It is cross-browser compatible
  • It has more than 600 fonts
  • The shortcodes are quite easy to use
  • The theme has more than one footer and header layout choices
  • It increases the speed of your page

These are a few of the themes that you can use for your prayer-based WordPress website.

6 Handmade Shop WordPress Themes for Handmade Business Owners

In this article, we will share the best handmade shop WordPress themes for handmade business owners, handcrafted material selling blogs and websites, as well as other handmade accessories and jewelry, bags and belts stores, and creative people with a talent of producing something original.

Whether you are crafting handmade products for fun or for pastime, be sure you can turn it into a revenue generating activity. Today handmade business has become a primary source of income for thousands of people across the globe while enabling them to put their creativity and specific talents into a productive work.

Making a living from handmade businesses is more realistic than you can ever imagine. Growing your handcraft business in the right direction and going beyond the living room table you are working on is totally cashable with one of the best handmade shop WordPress themes you can find today.

Each of the handmade shop WordPress themes introduced in this article shares all the essential nuts and bolts your website will need to be highly presentable and smoothly functional. From introducing your unique production to more people to finding investors and partners, from economizing on opening up a physical store to running an online one that will be open around the clock, the advantages of those handmade shop WordPress themes are countless.

1. Toy Store


Toy Store is by far one of the lively and purposeful handmade shop WordPress themes you can use for the introduction of your handmade toys and playthings and not only.

What is so pleasing about this template is that it is adapted to any kind of usage and can cater to any specific business need or objective, be it a well managed online storefront, customer satisfaction or something more.
Coded to look and function vibrantly on all the suggested platforms and portable devices, Toy Store is ultimately responsive and cross mobile compatible with HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling controls.

Boundless other possibilities are given within the theme, from header and footer layout choices to homepage sections control, from displaying nice looking sliders on the homepage slider to adding WooCommerce functionality to your site.

2. Adventure

adventure WordPress theme


Vigorous and well prepared, Adventure is more than just a convenient foundation to run your handmade store or shop. Every single detail of the template has gone through profound examination and improvement to provide you with a premium quality product that is technologically cutting edge.

The theme’s lovely look and customizable nature enable the website admin to get his products and crafted merchandise discovered, viewed and purchased in the online platform. With intuitive and simplified admin dashboard offered you from the backend of the theme, it will be possible to manage and style almost everything on your website your clients are going to see from the frontend.

The SEO friendliness of the theme is another important asset responsible for bringing your website in front of your potential clients and customers.

3. WoodCraft

furniture store WordPress theme


With an increased proportion of diverse businesses becoming online, your handmade business website is more than important. In this relation, WoodCraft is one of the most reliable handmade shop WordPress themes you can give a try without any bewildering and make all your wooden products and handcrafted materials ready for the online purchase.
Pre enabled page controls and design elements are there for you to arrange them in any way you give preference to and stand the online competition as of present.

Lots of plugins and extensions are supported by WoodCraft for granting you with broader functional and aesthetical opportunities to manage your online store, categorize products and offers, control gallery part, translate the content into other languages, etc.

4. Luxury Watch

SKT Luxury pro


Luxury Watch is another commercial ready and WooCommerce complaint online store website builder to share your products online and market them to the right audience.

Introduce your handmade collections of clothing and accessories, design materials and items, toys and cosmetic products and more through the well deployed posts and pages. Add your favorite ones to the homepage slider to capture the attention of the web guests from the very start of their online journey.

To ensure you have enough visual content in your website, the theme has been optimized for additional gallery and portfolio plugins to have all your images and photos in easy to find galleries and albums.
The theme is also shortcodes based, plugin compatible and supports widget friendly areas in the form of header, footer and sidebar.

5. Flower Shop

flower shop WordPress theme


Another award winning template among the highly recommended handmade shop WordPress thems for creative entrepreneurs and businesspersons is called flower Shop. Designed by creative specialists for creative undertakings, this template can run effortlessly with any kind of handcrafted business and material selling.

Whether you are a florist creating unique compositions of flowers and sweets, or an enthusiastic lady with original ideas and professional hands, this responsive and mobile checked template is for you.

This premium quality web builder includes SEO friendly coding so that both your future users and search engines can understand who you are in the virtual domain. The theme is also social media optimized for growing your popularity through social media channels and networks.

6. Fashion Trends

fashion WordPress theme


For all the people who have set their mind on growing from hobby to a profitable business, Fashion Trends can be the best starting point.

No technical skills are needed to use the maximum potential of this beautifully crafted and designer made template that is also easy to customize with the theme’s wonderful customizer panel.

Take awe inspiring product shots and showcase them via the homepage slider to get the best exposure of what you are offering to your client base. Other sliders such as meta slider, crelly slider, cyclone slider 2 are all compatible with the theme as well so that you can try and test each of them.
Blogging techniques are also well done so that you can run a daily blog and add new items description and launching.

9 Repair WordPress Themes Suitable for Servicing and Repairing Sites

Repair WordPress themes

Businesses relating to provision of diverse services, repair companies and centers of any kind and direction also benefit greatly from today’s digital possibilities coming together with lots of reliable and stable repair WordPress themes, which appear integrated with all the necessary controllable theme integral parts and features to provide the strong and powerful look and feel of any servicing and repairing websites.

Along with the emergence and growth of WordPress phenomenon as user-friendly content management system as a solid platform for any self –hosted website creation and management, a wide range of businesses were given new and unlimited possibilities to expand their operational horizons outside of their foreseen scopes.

In this article we have selected a bunch of highly versatile and flexible repair WordPress themes.

To ensure your mobile, device, computer, laptop or car repair, auto, construction, renovation, cleaning, pet and animal care servicing or other related website safe and secure operational framework and exercise the best online solution for you these templates are listed.

Laptop Repair Pro

laptop repair pro


Laptop Repair Pro is the best repair WordPress themes in terms of speed performance, and flexibility. This theme is more populate for its in build features. If you don’t want to customize any of the feature of layout that its demo have, you can simply change the content, images, logo and your website will get ready to start the actual work.

This theme is very easy to setup as it provides free installation. Different business can use this theme for different purposes such as Phone Repair, computer repair services, Laptop Repair, Apple Service Center, appliance repair shop, electronic repair, and other repairing services.




Build appears as a premium quality and one of the repair WordPress themes catering to any construction or renovation services and product, which is also cost – effective from a financial standpoint. This professional and sophisticated, strong and powerful, deeply flexible and adaptable, user and developer – friendly repair product will considerably promote your any startup or popular servicing or repair company to a new functional level, letting more people get acquainted with your company’s online profile, suggested services or any other relevant information needed. The theme has also been developed to ensure the website exceptional performance in the case of mobile and device usages thanks to its total responsiveness.

Movers and Packers

movers and packers


Movers and Packers is deeply clever and smart, purposeful and intuitive, modern and tech – savvy repair, moving, packaging and logistics and of course out of the category of repair WordPress themes, enabling you to implement any kind of respective services display in the most productive way. The theme has been built for your convenience and comfort, so that every single part of your repair or servicing website will be under your total control and management to the maximum extent. This dynamically worked out and modernly crafted template is loaded with tons of customization options, including a powerful package of Google fonts and icons, as well as demonstrates cross mobile and device compatibility without having any negative impact on the overall functionality of the website.

Auto Car

car repair WordPress theme


Anything in relation to car industry, ranging from dealer activities to car and auto repair or washing, can be perfectly run and showcased by the application of Auto Car. This car related repair WordPress theme and template is easily accessible to anyone, no matter what developer or graphic designer skills the latter possesses or whether he has any prior experience of working with WordPress themes. With Auto Car you will be granted with a perfect operational framework to guarantee exceptional visual appearance of your business, as well as ensure customer and client – friendly website atmosphere, so that every single website visitor will be subject to a presentable user experience.

Complete Pro



General – purpose and multiconcept, entirely sophisticated and experienced, strongly reliable and dependable, safe and sound, Complete Pro is considered as an ideal WordPress supported framework to initiate the demonstration of your repair servicing catering to computer, mobile or other technical output, transportation, renovation, construction or any other target undertaking. Build upon Customizer letting you take the requested changes and preview them before they will appear on the website, the theme comes integrated with any essential theme feature and option to edit and modify it as per your needs and ideas. This can of course be used into any industry website and successfully caters to repair WordPress themes category.

HVAC and Cleaning

HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


HVAC and Cleaning asks for a balance between all – inclusiveness, technological saturation and tech – savvy structure on the one hand, and simplicity, adaptability and user – oriented layout on the other hand. Subsequently, your cleaning industry has all the chances to advance in the online digital world with the great support of this cleaning service WordPress theme with all its advantageous and beneficial peculiarities. The theme is loaded ready to be used, however, it can undergo certain changes to match all the requirements and claims outlined and specified by the website owner or other authorized representatives.

Pet Care



If you want your pet and animal care website stand out among many other suchlike online presences, here is Pet Care for you to practice your pet – related services to your potential clients, who want to take the best care of their beloved pets. This pliable and polished, technologically cutting edge and premium quality WordPress product will provide exceptional experience for your visitors, so that they can easily find all the required information about your services, specialists, working hours, locations, pet – related feeding and care products or whatever it may be. The theme has the opportunity to support WooCommerce plugin and make it possible to get involved in shopping and commercial businesses as well.


condimentum new


From nicely designed appearance, modern and stylish graphical solutions, eye – catching and dynamic look to simplified and user – friendly layout, repair and service – optimized framework, multipurpose and multiconcept template, Condimentum seems to integrate all the primary touches and points you will ever be in need of to build an outstanding repair web page. The theme has been checked for its flawless responsiveness and impeccable compatibility with all the modern mobiles, devices and smartphones, as well as for its SEO – optimized functionality.

Clean Pro

clean pro


Clean Pro is another bright representative of clean and cleaning service WordPress powered theme series to proceed with any cleaning and washing activities. This totally resilient and precisely constructed template includes pixel perfect functionality and high adaptability to any suggested theme controls and amendments for better functionality and visitor engagement.

This elegantly and modernly designed tool is loaded with conveniently arranged homepage sections to highlight your services and maintenance, experts, workers and handymen, showcase the most expressive images and other content, as well as lots of fonts and icons integration to choose from and stylize your relevant online presence.

Top 8 Showcase WordPress Themes for Showcasing Your Portfolio

This roundup of templates refers to the best showcase WordPress themes to be sleek solutions for every creative artist, portfolio owner, photographer, IT specialist, app and product showcasing agencies and companies and the like.

With ever – growing competition in every single field, visualization – based undertakings have also exercised certain gateways to a broader client conversion and enhanced reputation along the digital way.

One of such primary portal is for sure the modern and refined, accomplished and stabilized website with a primary checklist of essentials, every image or portfolio item, artwork or photography – based topic will ever need to be fully revealed.

In this article we have collected the best templates for such niches.

All of them have been developed with all the contemporary trends and compulsory norms in the developers’

And as “the devil is in the details”, let’s delve into the characteristic features of each of the proposed showcase WordPress themes in their whole integrity.

1. SKT Lens Pro:

responsive portfolio WordPress theme


Based on general – purpose and multi usage structure, SKT Lens Pro is the first candidate in our list of the most effectual showcase WordPress themes to strike the eye of each and every website visitors both with its image – centric and other content, as well the whole visual reflection around it.

This awe – inspiring template has passed the probation period successfully and now can be proudly used no matter what kind of website you are going to build on it. All the norms of responsiveness and mobile adaptability, full color changing options, multilingual readiness for having the content generated in all the target languages and yet much more are strictly followed.

2. Condimentum:

condimentum new


The next in our compilation is Condimentum, which is flexible and smart enough to accomplish a feat and accommodate the available powerful potential to any forced conditions.

This will inevitably result in the accolades of all your website viewers that will be able to enjoy the whole elegant appearance and high – quality content in the form of images and texts.

This responsive and admin – directed, SEO integrated and modernly coded template is truly dependable web solution for all those individuals or agents who want to keep the focus on the visitors exactly on this or that website point free of any distractions.

3. Clean Pro:

clean pro


Needless to say, that all your portfolio items and masterpieces of your works, successfully completed projects, new apps and programs need sophisticated and breathtaking exposure to survive and to appear at the fingertips of your supporters or consumers.

Clean Pro will be ideal for all those masters and artists, who want clean and simple layout on the foundation, so that the contrast between that layout and bright examples of his portfolio will strictly outline all the professionalism and top – class character of the latter.

Homepage full – width slider, gallery section and more are the parts custom – built to show off whatever is so relevant to your activities.

4. Furnish (Interior Pro):

Furnish (Interior Pro)


Let all your users navigate through your website easily and find whatever they are looking for in a matter of seconds with Furnish.

This is one of the top – rated and error – free showcase WordPress themes with advanced technological shades and eye – catchy design and graphical touches to make a strong impact on everyone.

Preloaded sections, areas and blocks of the theme, like home, about us, services, blog, team, testimonials, etc, nicely – formatted gallery section for displaying your patterns and much more will deliberately compliment all your business or individual purposes.

5. Design Agency Pro:

design agency


From dynamic and creative lookout to impeccable functionality, that can be extended, Design Agency Pro will easily reach the degree of visual and operational coverage you are striving for your web pages. By the application of this conceptually well – crafted and minutely work – out, shortcode – based and widget – friendly ecosystem, you will be creative and original with more than your budget allows you, since the theme celebrates totally cost – conscious nature to be affordable with every single portfolio owner or freelancer with limited funds.

6. SKT Parallax Me Pro:

Parallax Me


SKT Parallax Me Pro utterly owns the runway when it comes to building a significant and perspective website of any size with pretty little efforts and time spent on the inner processes of activation, customization and management.

Any single line of the theme can be effortlessly managed from the theme convenient backend and modified as per the website admin’s needs and visions.

This clearly – coded and user – friendly template comes generated with parallax web design effects for brighter look and feel of your content, changeable backgrounds and colors, lots of neatly – arranged theme sections, columns and areas available, filterable portfolio controls, etc.

7. SKT Black Pro:

skt black pro


One more type – driven theme in the list of showcase WordPress themes is called SKT Black Pro functioning at a near – polish level.

This surprisingly stable and durable theme incorporates all the options required to give rise to super-fast – loading and smoothly navigable responsive web pages with ultimately positive user experiences.

Show off all your talent in the shape of your works of art in comfort – zones and sections of the theme, feature all your services, works and images in the most engaging way to convert your website traffic into paying clients and customers easily with SKT Black Pro.

8. The App Pro:

app WordPress theme


Meet the wonderful theme of your intentions in the form of The App Pro, specifically suitable for all the IT companies and digital agencies, which want to establish their challenging existence throughout the online environment and let the clients follow their updates and to – be – launched digital products both from their PCs and portable devices such as mobiles, smartphones, tablets, ipads or any other gadget.

Preloaded portfolio gallery, social media integration, inner pages and controllable background, SEO – friendliness and standard pages inclusion generalize the power of The APP Pro.

7 Best Wonderful WordPress Themes for Wonderful Looking Websites

Here is a search based assemblage of wonderful WordPress themes to fire up any kind of website with unique look and feel.

All of them are unbeatably powerful in their true nature, and are rolled up by exquisite visual design.

Of thousands of templates included in the modern repository of WordPress, anyone can find the one that will be up to the requirements and standards he or she prioritizes. However, if you have ever tried to scroll the directory of WordPress themes up to its end, it had probably given you a headache. In order to narrow down the possible reasonable choices for you, here we are with the most wonderful WordPress themes for near perfection level and attention seizing website establishment and maintenance.

Moreover, if you are not going to loosen your purse strings and be more liberal with your expenditures, those templates will be ideal for you. Each of them is available at one time reasonable price while providing you with an exceptional platform with constant updates and improvements without additional costs. The philosophy of those wonderful WordPress themes is not about making your personal or corporate website stand out from the crowd. It is also about making your site mobile friendly, user optimized and compatible with the modern digital world.

1. Wedding Rituals:


Wedding Rituals is productive and aesthetically pleasing, safe and sound template for multipurpose usages. Although it is designed and launched mainly for wedding and matrimonial, dating and engagement, as well as anniversary websites and wedding agencies, any other topic or niche will be seamlessly showcased through this template. Without any shred of doubt, Wedding Rituals celebrates a responsive design meaning that your content will be well laid out on any given platform, device or mobile. It also maintains high rankings among its users thanks to its admin friendly dashboard with handy features, homepage slider to host your slideshows, shortcodes, fonts and colors management throughout the website.

2. Musical Sounds:

musical sound


What makes Musical Sounds a template including in the list of wonderful WordPress themes it its unusual dark based visualization combined with strong inner performance across different platforms. It shares a plethora of practical features and elements to speed up your workflow and save your precious time. All in all, there are several page templates at your fingertips, footer and header variables to choose the best one matching your style, as well as tons of calls to actions for the website viewers and visitors to get in touch with you. The theme is as simple and accessible in usage as it is strong and adaptive in its responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility.

3. Gravida:

corporate WordPress theme


Gravida is another modern and creative, alluring and visually pixel perfect template with tons of customization options. Those controls and options are enabled for you to take your website performance to a higher level of operation and client engagement. It took all the creativity and professional qualities of our staff to generate this template and polish it to perfection. Multidimensional and all inclusive, Gravida is developed for the business world and its units, be it a company, corporation, agency or shop. It is also ready to provide you with constant flows of mobile web visitors since the theme mobile version is as usable as the desktop version. Elegant color combinations are used within the theme, but you are not limited to those colors at all. Use the given color picker and change them whenever needed.

4. Clean Pro:

clean WordPress theme


Clean Pro is excellent in its simple, yet modern and unique form. As one of the top notch and wonderful WordPress themes you can find right now, this website builder is bloated with smart and intuitive framework ready to adjust to any admin management controls. Unique demo version is also accessible for you to feel the whole potential of Clean Pro, as well as all the working strategies of it you can adopt for your needs. Filled with interchangeable features and elements, Clean Pro shares improved HTML5 and CSS3 based framework, which is responsible for the responsive performance of your site, as well as its legible face.

5. Blendit:

blendit single page WordPress theme


Blendit is another highly versatile and robust product stylized with wonderful style and coding. The unbeatable composition of this template will let any kind of business or personal undertaking stand out among many others with all the bells and whistles of your unique website. Whether you want to materialize your business plans through your site, show off the best pieces of your portfolio, run an online store and sell your digital and physical products, Blendit is constructional enough to match your plans. This superbly crafty and confident website tool comprises controllable backend with color changing and other options, beautiful homepage slider with animation, pause time, etc., as well as SEO optimization with SEO plugins and more.

6. Photo World Pro:

photography WordPress theme


Photo World Pro is among the top seller general purpose wonderful WordPress themes. Based on a fluid architectural base, this theme is balanced between tranquil look and advanced technology based inner stage. Cutting edge homepage slider is put on the action for you to organize the online exhibition of your photos and images, as well as other portfolio items. Social media icons are added to Photo World Pro to contribute to the socialization of your site and its content.

7. I Am One Pro:

one page WordPress theme


Spectacularly attractive and cutting edge, I Am One Pro is the output of the best efforts of our developers and designers to grant you with a bombshell. We have managed to create and launch a digital experience that unites modern and wonderful design style, ecommerce ready platform, strong and stable coding in compliance with the current trends of web development. Element and icon placement, color controls and shortcodes usage are all balanced to give rise to a premium quality website that will also be well optimized for mobile usage. In case you need more shortcodes or contact form added to your site, there are also relevant compatible plugins to be added to this theme.

6 E learning WordPress Themes for Online Courses Education Learning

If you are looking for one of the most suitable e learning WordPress themes to drive your e learning or online courses, education or learning, university or college, private tutor or special education website to the top of online popularity and search engine rankings, we have good news for you. We have already looked through numerous web solutions and boiled down to the best e learning WordPress themes to be discussed with you.

Education has been and is the engine of a civilized and strong society by giving the knowledge of the world around us and changing it into a better place to live and enjoy. And while high quality education is a guarantee of a more confident, financially stable and a safer life, today more and more people are striving for it.

In this relation, the global Internet based digital platform and e learning environment, in particular, have made it easier for people to get more qualified education than even the classroom based one could provide them with. At the same time it eliminates dozens of physical and geographical barriers and brings specialists, tutors, students and learners closer under the same roof.

But when you picture yourself working on the creation of your own e learning based website, it might seem scary. Fortunately, there is WordPress with its fantastic themes and plugins making the whole process of any type of web creation and further maintenance a breeze. Just as optimistic as it sounds, e learning WordPress themes will add up in your productivity and efficiency equation if you are eager to create any LMS, e learning or education related, training or academic society website or blog, online educational center, etc. Let’s explore each of these e learning WordPress themes from the good to the best separately.

1. SKT Education

SKT Education


SKT Education is clean and crisp, visually and functionally stable template among e learning WordPress themes that is best at not only providing access to a wonderful collection of web creation tools, but also ensuring your progress as a webmaster.

Otherwise stated, you are going to have plenty of customization and configuration settings at your fingertips to make your e learning profile attractive and easy to use for your online guests and learners.

Add visual and learning materials, display different buttons, call to actions and links to follow, schedule blog posts to be published regularly and make sure you have a contact form added with the help of compatible plugins so that your potential students can directly connect with you.

2. HR Management


From HR managers and consultants to e learning platform representatives, specialists and tutors, anyone can benefit from HR Management.

The theme is based on the latest web development technology and coding to match the requirements of WordPress and its users. With a live customizer to be found in the backend of the theme, you can ultimately change both the default state of the theme as well as change the behavior of every single element it incorporates.

There are also a wealth of shortcodes pre enabled to keep you away from hard coding techniques, widget ready areas and controllable homepage slider, page building compatibility and multilingual readiness, WooCommerce support and SEO enhancement plugins all compatible.

3. Play School

education WordPress theme


We perfectly acknowledge the fact that being active or keeping the website active on the Internet is one of the best marketing strategies to follow for absolutely any kind of business. Play School is one of the most dynamic school, education and e learning WordPress themes that is custom built to share your burden of keeping your profile user centric and energetic around the clock.

Inspire your potential students with high quality content, motivating images on the homepage slider, give them full access to your services, plans, programs and more with accurately arranged theme sections, menu items, parts and categories.

RTL and multilingual tested, Play School enables you to share multilingual content for winning the attraction of the international audience.

4. Web Programmer


Whether you represent an IT center or any other learning platform, Web Programming will be your best choice.
Create your online place with Web Programmer and offer e learning options that has long become an education industry standard for thousands of people across the globe. This wonderfully touch and feature packed theme comes with page and post management tools, cross device and browser compatibility with 100% responsive coding, pack of Google approved fonts with Cyrillic and Latin sub sets, more than 10 prebuilt homepage sections to be used as per your e learning business needs.

5. Online Coach Pro

online coach new


Online Coach Pro is another superb theme to provide your clients and learners with an easy path to jump in and start progressing with you.

It’s a really viable option for both startup and seasoned learning and educational centers, private tutors and teachers to advertise their business and services online and get the maximum digital exposure thanks to search engine optimization of Online Coach Pro.

With 0 coding knowledge and natural knack for organizing everything by yourself, you will be capable of playing with the look and feel of your site, add and manage various sections like team, members, testimonials and more, adding e commerce controls with plugins, enhance SEO and SMO capabilities.

6. Adventure

adventure WordPress theme


Sometimes it’s reasonable to compromise on certain things in life, but never on an award winning and value delivering website for your niche specific business or personal undertaking.

Hence, if you are looking for a zealous and adrenaline generating, hassle free and unbeatable platform to nurture your website guests with the most inspiring feelings, Adventure should be your starting point.

Your imagination is the only thing to breathe life into your website and make it a learning online environment anyone can take advantage of. Simple to use backend of the theme lets you do quick changes, set colors, manage pages and add buttons on the one hand, and checking the results of those changes on live mode on the other.

5 Home Automation WordPress Themes for Security Smart Homes

Finding the best theme for revamping your old site or creating a completely new one with powerful coding and design can be time consuming and daunting task. Therefore, to save you the leg work, we have put together the premium quality home automation WordPress themes in case you are interested in building smart home and home automation, home and office supply, intelligent home, interactive security, remote control and emergency management or any other relevant website.

Home automation or smart house system is what makes boundless advantages of wireless solutions so obvious. This system is an advanced and energy saving design the integration of which can create the most comfortable life conditions in your house. All processes in the house are controlled by home automation so that the home owners will have more spare time to enjoy. Moreover, it will give you a peace of mind while letting you remotely activate this or that function or view camera images and videos any time you want to make sure everything is ok and under control. And this is not the whole package of wonderful features home automation grants people with.

But before people can discover this awesome system and all its nuances, you need to create a digital profile sharing all the important information, providing them with detailed explanations and guidance until they are incited and motivated to connect with you.

Create a presentable online presence and let your potential clients enjoy a comfortable environment to use for getting in touch with you in 24/7 format, finding dealers and stores, compare items, products and systems and even plan their projects online with any of these home automation WordPress themes.

With each of these smart home, home care and home automation WordPress themes you will not need to start everything from a blank canvas as they are all well structured, professionally coded and designer touched to provide you with a ready to go platforms. All you will need to do is to differentiate your digital identity with customization and management of the default theme you will choose and be sure you are no longer “everyone else”.

1. Accommodation

accomodation WordPress theme


Whether you want to customize and restyle your website on an ongoing basis or are keener on preserving its stable look and feel, you can do it with Accommodation. Anyway, you can create a really mind blowing beauty and advanced functionality with this template to sweep your web viewers off their feet.

From color and font choices to page and post layout options, call to actions, tabs, buttons and more with the help of shortcodes, homepage slider and separate gallery area for setting the best presentation of your imagery and product images, everything is packed with Accommodation.

Of course, one of the best advantages home automation WordPress themes share is e commerce readiness. Accommodation is fully e commerce optimized and WooCommerce compatible to fully realize the ultimate goal of your wbsite, that is to contribute to the increase of your sale rates.

2. Solar Energy


Solar Energy is packed with all kinds of innovative and interactive features to make your any home related industry website one of a kind.

You don’t need to be a whizkid coder to make your website something lead and sale generating with Solar Energy as this template is perfectly coded to be beginner friendly. All in all, this responsive, live customizer based, Google approved fonts and color picker armed theme does a pretty good job in letting non techies not only go online, but also do their best with its extensible nature.

3. Cleaning Company


Cleaning Company is one of the highly ranked HVAC and cleaning, construction and architecture, home supply and home automation WordPress themes that is updated to the latest web coding and design trends. As such, this theme is custom built to populate a website that will be in compliance with all the requirements of the contemporary digital world and WordPress in particular.

With improved customization area, controllable slider and secondary content zones which are widget ready, animated homepage with eye catchy CSS 3 animations, you will be able to market smart home and home automation systems and services in the most cost effective way.

Blog section is another great source of new traffic and boosted leads and therefore has been added to Cleaning Company as well. Other features contributing to the enhancement of your site results are SEO and SMO readiness and generally plugin compatibility of it.

4. Real Estate


Real Estate is another cost effective marketing tool among home automation WordPress themes worth trying if you want to create a website that will be easy to use both for the web admin from the backend, and its front end users.
Purchasing power and comfort is on the rise at present. And whenever people are searching for a new dwelling place in real estate market, they want to find a house or home with all the premium amenities.

With this in mind, you can use Real Estate for the convenient real estate categorization and listings and their provision via your website so that it will be easier and time saving for the potential clients to find whatever they are looking for.

Alternatively, if you are mainly specialized in home automation area, Real Estate is also a preferable choice. Use the whole capacity of this premium quality and retina ready web builder to attract the attention of all the target groups of users, from builders and constructors to direct end consumers and home owners.

5. SKT Stone


Creation of an awesomely professional and smart website to prove the high quality of any smart home and home automation business can be effortless and pocket friendly with SKT Stone.

This tech savvy and multipurpose theme will be an ideal foundation for your website that is going to be smoothly navigable and pixel perfect while hosting any kind of content or marketing material, scheduled posts and edited pages, online shopping platform with WooCommerce, and finally, search engine friendly with the support of relevant plugins.

City Information WordPress Themes for Government Tourism Info Sites

City Information WordPress Themes

When it comes to creating an informative city information or town press, city guide or travel, municipality or government website or official blog, you will never find a better starting point than our collection of city information WordPress themes. Designed with care and considered for bringing any city and its peculiarities, governors and interesting places accessible to a larger audience, each of these town and city information WordPress themes is suitable for niche specific websites of different kinds, from official and legal to traveling and personal.

Whether you are an enthusiastic blogger who wants a special digital space to share the most stunning image of your country or city, a representative of some governmental institution or local community to craft an online environment for presenting works, missions and vision of it, a travel agency owner who needs to attract more and more people across the globe or guide tourists through the most interesting places of this or that locality, you will be able to do it with these city information WordPress themes.

Each of these web building methods is a great solution to revolutionize the way websites are built and promoted without much spending and much turmoil. Otherwise stated, all of these legal and jurisdiction, town and city information WordPress themes are not only pocket friendly and help you save your financial means, but also easy to customize and configure to adopt the most productive promotion ways to conquer the digital world.

From a more technical standpoint, they are all well structured and modernly coded so that the strong and presentable look of your site and its sustainable performance along the way would be the best proof of your professionalism and efforts you put into maintaining the excellent look of your site around the clock.

1. Farming

Farming WordPress theme


Whether you want to let more people hear about your city, town, village, farming industry, agricultural or organic farming business, you are welcome to organize it via one of the best city information WordPress themes called Farming.
This multipurpose and fresh looking template will never leave you alone on your way to crafting a wonderful website or blog that will be available for the website guests in 24/7 format and will be flexible enough to comply with any screen or mobile resolution.

The theme is also well prepared for social media attendance and search engine optimization, as well as supports all kinds of useful and practical plugins to add certain functional capacity to the default template.

2. Fundraiser


Fundraising has always been a part of the daily routine of any undertaking aimed at making any city life better and more comfortable for its citizens. In this relation, Fundraiser is an excellent website builder you can use for fundraising or charitable, NGO or non profit, religious or other topics, campaigns, events and more dedicated to making your locality a better place to live in.

Given the topic of your site, it will inevitably need online ways to receive donations and money for solving different problems and here is where the theme’s plugin friendliness comes into picture. You can accept money via different payment gateways that can be added to your site via relevant plugins and add ons.

3. CoWorking



CoWorking is another versatile and completely customization ready website builder you can use to realize different online projects, from the creation of working space for municipality or some department employees to a dynamic city information for citizens and city guests with weather warnings, coastal reports, transportation, satellite images and much more.

Homepage full width slider is ideal for demonstrating the true face of your city with engaging images of it. You can also control the way those images are displayed with pause time, animation and more. You can also make the most of the given shortcodes for adding new effective touches to the theme, Google fonts for fully legible typography, as well as color picker for mixing the most eye catchy colors and shades together across the whole website.

4. HR Management

Hr Management WordPress Theme


Another high end WordPress template that comes as a ready made website builder with accurate homepage and demo content, page and post controls as well as tons of other customization controls is called HR Management.

With this admin friendly website template, you don’t need to start everything from scratch as the theme’s developers have already added the best coding and styling to it, have structured it in the most effective way and enabled you to do your own changes as per your needs and wishes.

Hence, you can play with the whole theme without touching its codes and result in a wonderful digital product that will be harmonic in form and function, user and website guest optimized, easy to scroll and navigate.

5. SKT NewsPaper Pro

newspaper WordPress theme


SKT NewsPaper Pro is one of the best magazine or blogging style city information WordPress themes ready to satisfy different needs of all those who want to run a dynamic and frequently updated online information for their city, town, geographical area or region.

From displaying thematic articles and sharing interviews to giving weather forecasts and presenting time zones, offering a list of must visit places and monuments, museums and other places, advertising the best accommodation or hospitality places and more, you can use SKT NewsPaper Pro for hosting absolutely any kind of information and content.

6. Complete Pro



Complete Pro is a robust and really complete web management solution that comes bundled with endless functional capacity and modern appearance ready to sweep your website guests off their feet.

The main advantage of this responsive and mobile checked, Google approved and search engine optimized template is that it can wear as many different outfits as you may like to test and try until you find the best one.
You can also quickly set up the needed content and offer it with the typography, colors and size, arrangement and sequence best suited to your profile.

Online Food Ordering WordPress Themes for Food Delivery Take Aways

If you want to create an online food delivery and takeout website making it easier for your clients to order what is needed at the tap of a button, here are some of the best online food delivery and online food ordering WordPress themes you can check and get started with.

The Internet purchases and online orders have firmly entered our lives. And while there are some disadvantages of relying on online shopping activities, it’s undeniable that it saves a lot of time and sometimes even money, given the dynamic competition among businesses and their offers.

As for the online food ordering and delivery, restaurant takeout and other relevant businesses, millions of people feel thankful to them when it comes to lunch or dinnertime. It takes them only seconds to select the food they want and quickly order it via different online platforms and systems.

If you are running any food related or restaurant business, going online with your food and beverage delivery services is a must, otherwise you are going to lose lots of potential customers.

Additionally, giving your clients a chance to order food easily has also to do with your business identity and promotion. It’s a kind of affordable yet effective marketing to get your business out on your website, on different social media platforms, search engines and more.

Now, when we have discussed the advantages of an online food ordering business for both parties, let’s have a talk about some of the smart and practical online food ordering WordPress themes ready to give your digital presence a huge boost.

Flexibility, endless customization controls and effective marketing platform is what you will receive with any of these online food ordering WordPress themes. They are custom built to help you meet all your business objectives in the way of offering diverse services from table reservation to online food delivery and attracting more clients and online food purchasers.

1. Bistro


Bistro is one of the modern looking and tech savvy online food ordering WordPress themes that will definitely help you leverage on the power of WordPress CMS by delivering the best web creation and management solutions.
Turn your website into something appetizing and inviting with right color choices and homepage slider images, typography and content arrangement in different parts and sections, integrate WooCommerce functionality , online ordering and online payment systems with the help of plugins and extensions.

The theme is also updated as per the latest version of WordPress and come with full documentation to guide you through the intricate parts of web building, if there are any.

2. Ele Restaurant

ele restaurant


Whether you want an easy to grasp web appearance for your website or something tasty and drool inducing, Ele Restaurant can turn into anything. You are capable of making the most of the theme’s customizer from behind the scenes opening up hundreds of configuration and customization options to set the title of your site or its homepage, adding or removing pages and widgets, arranging sidebar, adding visual imagery, scheduling future updates, inserting menu and types of food you offer, etc.

Page builder compatible and search engine friendly, Ele Restaurant is also coded and designed to meet the needs of the mobile users and clients on the move as it is one of the fully responsive and mobile optimized online food ordering WordPress themes.

3. Bakers

bakery wordpress theme


The simplicity and admin friendly nature of Perfect Pizza is a great source of inspiration to try some new design and functional solutions to your food and drink related website or blog. Committed to the open source philosophy, Bakers makes it stunningly easy for you to take the leadership over your profile and make it even more powerful and traffic generating with high quality visual and textual content, layout choices and page/post controls, etc.

Totally responsive and cross mobile compatible, Bakers will make it surprisingly easy for your clients to make orders from anywhere they are by simply using their portable devices and smartphones even while on the move. Moreover, you have a stunning selection of plugins and additional shortcodes available for making your online food ordering system one of a kind.

4. Recipe


Recipe is the next premium and highly configurable restaurant, food and recipe, cooking and food blogging, food ordering and delivery sites and systems.

Get ready for your website creation and customization practice with no coding experience as Recipe is designed for the beginners and non techy users first and foremost. You will be able to create a mouthwatering site design and menu with all your offers without hiring developers to do it.

Start your food online delivery website in as less time as several minutes and take it to a higher level of performance with supplementary plugins and add ons, as they are all compatible with this theme.

5. Catering



Arm your website with the most high quality and appetizing images, inciting descriptions of your food and drink products with Perfect Food and make people want to rush out to order them online.

This theme is a kind of window to an exclusive world of web experience and ideas as it is feature packed with all the primary controls and elements you will ever need to succeed as a website master.

Play with colors and shades, categorize your offers and products in the easy to search and find way, add online shopping and online ordering platforms, exercise preloaded shortcodes for achieving this or that needed function or element, button or more.

6. Restro



Restro is also one of the most valuable online food ordering WordPress themes and you will be amazed by the diversity of opportunities it may grant you with.

It’s lovely and contemporary appearance is ideal to advertise your food specific business with a curiously crafted website that will be cross mobile and browser compatible, search engine friendly to meet your clients just where they are looking for relevant food ordering services, as well as social media friendly to take the taste of your products to popular social media.

6 Top Retro WordPress Themes for Vintage Style Blog and Websites

Modern retro web design trend has “infected” thousands of website and blog owners. And if you are one of them and want to make your digital presence more sensual with retro or vintage style inspiration, our collection of retro WordPress themes is for you. Whether it is a personal blog that needs to be visually aesthetic and elegant with unique look or an antique store, retro clothing storefront or something else, each of these retro WordPress themes will give you a head start in your workload.

Indeed, retro web design style is what makes hundreds of corporates and businesses more attractive and memorable. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many retro café or restaurant, retro cinema or retro club websites can be found at every step. The elements of both retro and vintage style together with the modern dynamic touches take responsibility for the promotion of your website in different directions as well as for raising client’s awareness of your site’s existence and operation.

Now, if you are impatient to have vintage or retro elements on your website like clippings of postcards and photos, usage of the clip arts, textures and shades, as well as “newspaper” style fonts and typography, you will absolutely love our retro WordPress themes.

Each of these fully controllable and customizable, simple to use and configure vintage and retro WordPress themes implies complete freedom of creativity combined with slight nostalgia for the era when you could read something only in book, newspaper or magazine. It means you can give a unique look to your site or blog while delivering the feeling of a past to your audience at the same time.

1. Natural Herbs


Natural Herbs is one of the lovely mixtures of old and new, of past and present and as such celebrates an eye catchy look, functional excellence and technical reliability.

Although it is one of the latest themes of SKT Production and is coded as per the latest web design and coding trends, you can freely use and customize this template to give it the best feeling of a retro or vintage style with typography and color changes, CSS 3 animations, homepage slider controls to showcase relevant pieces of imagery and more.

A beautiful and clean green and white based color combination dominates the overall appearance of the theme enabling you to produce and share content and be sure it is legible and easy to notice.

2. Modeling


Modeling is one of the most suitable retro WordPress themes to effortlessly transferring the retro atmosphere with different images and marks, colors and typography.

Arm the homepage slider with retro style images and control the way those images are showcased to the audience. They can capture an old suitcase or a girl with a neat haircut, part of an old newspaper or something other, depending on the nature of your profile.

The theme is also customizer based thus making you the only master of your site with boundless management options when it comes to controlling sidebar and other widget friendly zones, adding plugins and shortcodes, integrating commercial platforms, making your site more SEO and SMO friendly.

3. Black and White

black and white WordPress theme


Black and White is an impactful black and white designed theme that is multipurpose in nature and admin friendly at its core.

The idea behind this clean and crisp theme is to create a breathing room for your niche specific content and demonstrate it with as many retro style patterns and elements as you need. It showcases you how versatile and smart your website can be with accurately deployed yet effectively styled content, high quality and pixel perfect images, Google friendly typography, page builder controls and plugin integration. Among the compatible tools are WooCommerce and ecommerce, translation and contact form, SEO, gallery and animation plugins and not only.

4. Adventure

adventure WordPress theme


Adventure offers excellent tools and retro website solutions to absolutely any kind of website or personal blog. Whatever your plans for your present and future form of your website are, Adventure is competent enough to be your helping hand at any phase of its development and customization thus making it present and future scalable all the time.

From sports and leisure, traveling and hotel websites to those catering to culture and art, classical and web design with retro style inspiration, anything can be well structured and shared with this mobile and browser optimized, shortcodes friendly and user centric website builder.

5. Girlie


We could not forget about Girlie and don’t include it in the list of the best retro WordPress themes, as Girlie is definitely the template that can nurture retro or vintage style in its whole charm and magnetism.

This theme is as smart as it is elegant and eye catchy and as such is custom built to give your website or blog the most polished retro look you have been looking for.

Moreover, working with this shortcodes ready and intuitive template is going to be code and stress free, as the developers of the theme have already done. You are just going to enjoy the fun part with website customization and styling, content publishing, etc.

6. We Bake

bakery WordPress theme


We Bake is another nice looking and tasteful, visually elegant and subtle template you can use for any kind of retro style food and drink businesses and not only. Whether you want to stress the effect of transferring three dimensional space of your physical restaurant or café to a two dimensional Internet network in the most captivating way, put emphasis on the “vintagism” of the site with calligraphy fonts and combined with colors emphasizing the atmosphere of elegant luxury, you are welcome to do it with this top quality retro and vintage website builder.

From a more technical standpoint, it is fully configurable and customizable not only with colors and fonts, but also with images and galleries, default shop timings widgets and lots of other shortcodes, prebuilt contact form with captcha protection and much more.

6 Top Storefront WordPress Themes for Online Shops and Store Platforms

Have you ever come up with an idea of having your own online storefront or commercial platform along with your brick and mortar store to make more profit? Then you’d love our roundup of the best e commerce ready and storefront WordPress themes developed specifically for online commercial activities, online storefronts, e shops, auction platforms, virtual shopping cart based environments and other trading and e commerce based activities online.

Undoubtedly, WordPress is an ideal platform for e commerce performances of any kind, from the presentation and promotion of a small grocery store in your locality to advertising a worldwide chain of branded commercial businesses and everything in between.

And the reasons why e commerce is so popular at present are many. Such kind of relations between sellers and buyers are based on a mutually beneficial cooperation that saves time and efforts, financial means for both sides, keeps everything under control and easy to manage, etc.

Hence, if you are planning to create a strong and customer oriented shopping website and translated into a fully versatile selling machine, you are welcome to do it with one of the best storefront WordPress themes we have put together in this article for you.

From music and other digital product selling companies to fashion and model based world’s specialists, handmade product makers and sellers, furniture stores and construction material manufacturers, online boutique and luxury store owners, absolutely anyone will find these storefront WordPress themes competent enough to support his or her online presence with accurate product listings and categorizations, online payment systems integration and more, as all of them are checked for their compatibility for the popular ecommerce, WooCommerce and payment plugins.

1. Spectacles


Spectacles is one of the most suitable eye care and optics, sunglasses and accessories storefront WordPress themes you can rely on.

Create the most engaging and convenient shopping environment for your online buyers while making the most of the given platform, color and font choices, layout options and page building experience with compatible page builders and visual composers.

What makes this template highly competitive is its social media friendly and search engine optimized nature. If we also add the theme’s wonderful responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility, you can be sure to have the highest possible rankings in the digital realm.

If you’d need more controls and more functional capacities for realizing all your ideas catering to your online storefront, you are free to add different useful plugins, from WooCommerce and payment gateways to shortcodes, multilingual, contact form and more.

2. Flower Shop

flower shop WordPress theme


Another creative and visually pleasing theme ready to serve your ecommerce and online shopping needs is Flower Shop.
There is no limit to what you can do with Flower Shop or what look and feel of your site you can achieve with the preloaded options and additional tools available with third party plugins.

Noting motivates the web admins like the chance of being independent and initiative in his actions. Therefore, this self hosted and GPL based theme is what a commercial website owner will absolutely like thanks to its admin friendly and hassle free nature when it comes to customizing it the way needed.

Google approved fonts, layout options, footer and header variations, page building compatibility, default contact form or a more advanced one with plugins, default slider with animation, pause time and other controls are all delivered with Flower Shop.

3. SKT Landing Page

landing page WordPress theme


Landing page is an indispensable part of commercial marketing and in this relation SKT Landing Page is what you will need for your storefront website.

The overall theme is kept minimalistic and clean to give you more space to use for your digital and physical products listings to win more attention and get more eyes on them.

Flat and material design style adopted makes the whole picture more aesthetical and modern looking. You can also contribute to the picture with pixel perfect images of the products and merchandise, informative footer, header and sidebar choices with links, social media links and buttons, call to actions and more.

4. Luxury Watch

SKT Luxury pro


If you are looking for one of the beginner friendly storefront WordPress themes to get your commercial website up and perfectly running without having to dig around in code, look no other way than Luxury Watch.

The professional authors of Luxury Watch have devoted their time and all resources to grant its end user with a ready made and well coded template to finalize as per the user’s taste, preferences, business needs, international client base expectations and more.

5. Shopzee

eCommerce WordPress theme


Shopzee has been created exactly with e commerce activities in the developers’ mind. It means, whatever the type of your storefront or e commerce presence, it will be well functioning with this responsive and mobile friendly, shortcodes armed and live customizer supported theme.

This powerful framework is going to affect everything, from your store’s social media presence and search engine positions to the way it attracts new flows of traffic and boosted revenue.

Expand your site’s capacity with plugins and integrate WooCommerce potential with shopping cart and more, add as many products, categories and listings as you want. Translate your site and its content into multiple languages to trade on an international level and yet much more to be practiced with Shopzee.

6. Toy Store


Another WooCommerce based awesome template marked as one of the awesome storefront WordPress themes is called Toy Store.

Toy retailers, gift stores, handmade boutiques and other storefronts can hit their peak with this amazingly editable and customizable template. Setting up the most eye catchy and colorful tone of your site with color picker, establish order with accurate content zones, parts and boxes, schedule blog posts to keep your profile active all the time and integrate different plugins and add ons to make your operation more fruitful and client supporting.

There are no written rules for how your online storefront should be so you can get creative and original with dozens of customizer packed settings and elements, homepage slider for high quality images and more.

6 Chess WordPress Themes for Game Zone Chess and Games Club

If you are looking for one of the superb chess WordPress themes that comes chock full of features, elements and integrations, we have selected the most suitable templates for you to review today. Whether you prefer a web builder each and every character of which is well taken care of or the one with a great general picture and all inclusive nature, you will find the best fit among chess WordPress themes assembled below.

A human has been creating real miracles for centuries: he conquers deserts making them fertile, creates cities and monuments that conquer time, builds a social life, explores science and produces grandiose techniques.

This creation is accompanied by struggle and effort, and during that process it’s not always possible to catch the right plan leading towards success and triumph – there are constant mistakes and fails. But he tries not to succumb to prejudices but to carefully weighed judgments.

He is more inclined to trust in a force governed by consciousness and intelligence rather than in cunning or wickedness. This is what distinguishes a human being from an animal that acts instinctively.

Well, what we have illustrated above is what figuratively describes the true nature of chess. It’s one of the most ancient types of intellectual games incorporating elements of sports and science and taking the real battle on the chessboard. And if you are going to elevate a chess related website, it should inevitably be as intelligent and powerful, as the game itself. It should exemplify your creative and quick witted mind and make you a winner in the digital realm.

Thus, if your goal is to create and promote any game zone, chess club or association, chess player or grandmaster, draughts or domino, or any other kind of sports or game related website, look no further than this handpicked collection of chess WordPress themes. These website tools are ideal for proving the majesty and grandeur of your chess or sports related website with quick controls and customization options. Furthermore, all of these chess WordPress themes bring an amazing host of tools and controls ready to make your online experience something fully meaningful and endlessly productive.

1. Horse Riding


Horse Riding is one of the royal horse club and horse riding, draughts player club and chess WordPress themes you will absolutely love.

Practically, there are no rules when it comes to the creation of a chess website with Horse Riding. Everything is up to you, from visual and eye catchy effects and animations to the functional framework, default features application or insertion of new ones with plugins and shortcodes. You can also use the extensive documentation to use right from the start for following the right path towards your site’s excellence in the virtual arena.

2. Soccer

soccer WordPress theme


Market your chess club or academy, game zone or soccer club, league or fitness center, health club or any other intellectual or physical sports related website on the basis of Soccer.

There is hardly anything Soccer lacks when it comes to the proper processing and launching of your site within the shortest timespan. In addition to quick and affordable first step of your site creation, the subsequent steps will also make you happy given the freedom of your actions for customization works as well as simplicity in usage eliminating the need for spending more and hiring web masters to finalize your website’s look and feel.

3. Black and White

black and white WordPress theme


If you prefer a classical solution to building white and based chess website, Black and White is what needs your attention.

Use the whole flexibility of one of the most elegant chess WordPress themes to present chess tips and strategies, puzzles, news, events, famous chess players and more with your posts and pages, blog area and more. Make the most of widget ready zones to their full potential to set the right tone of your website with quickly helping information, contact details, links and more.

The theme is also 100% responsive to enable your web guests take advantage of your site even while on the go, as well as is optimized for plugin usage to boost the site results, promote events, translate content, enable social sharing and commenting, etc.

4. Adventure

adventure WordPress theme


Adventure celebrates a unique charisma and energy ready to make your chess website attractive and motivational.
You are given absolute freedom to decide the way your site’s homepage, menus, content arrangement and image location is going to be. You are the one to make header, footer and sidebar areas minimal or full with information, homepage slider presented with high quality photos, typography set with Google friendly fonts, languages your content is going to be displayed with and much more.

5. Game Developer

game developer WordPress theme


One thing that your digital profile cannot get enough with Game Developer is its daily users. The developers of this fantastic theme have put together their best practices to make it as user and visitor centric is it is necessary for winning their attention first and loyalty later.

Visual composer and page builder plugins can be of great assistance to you to provide you with DIY practice to manage everything in the most effective yet simpler manner. As for the other compatible plugins, there are many. You can find a relevant tool for any purpose, be it commercial or WooCommerce related, content translation, SEO and SMO optimization, better contact form or image management or something else.

6. Fitt

weight loss WordPress theme


Your wonderful chess or fitness website is only a few clicks away with Fitt. Packed with all you will ever need to create a valuable online presence and get the most wanted flows of new web visitors, Fitt welcomes you with modern and durable HTML 5 and CSS 3 mix and match, practical selection of designer made layouts and widgetized zones, full color changing capacity and live customizer for you to thoroughly control your every step.

Completely commercialized and e commerce ready, Fitt also makes it easier to advertise your events and sell tickets online without much of a hassle.

Infinite Scroll WordPress Themes the Next Step Towards Minimizing the Bounce rate

Infinite Scroll WordPress themes

As hard as may seem to get any traction online with a brand new website, there are various ways that you can ensure that your website is getting the right amount of traction. If your current design is outdated, and is no longer getting any traffic, then it may be time for a brand makeover and you can start the process by scoping out your competition and checking out their websites. The fact is that online traffic is finicky at best and every online user values his time and if that was not enough, most of them have extremely short attention span.

Given this, and the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of themes for you to pick from, you may want to go ahead and check out infinite scroll WordPress themes. Just check out our top pick among all the infinite scroll WordPress themes and you’ll see why they are essential for any company trying to re-brand itself or trying to establish their presence online in an already saturated market. These themes have been handpicked for a variety of reasons and chief among them is that they all feature infinite scroll.

1. Logistic

Cargo WordPress theme


This particular theme is a multi-purpose theme and one that comes loaded with infinite scroll; one of the reasons why webmasters value infinite scroll is the fact that with this particular scroll, and as users scroll down the page, the next post comes up. Moreover, you can customize it, resize your posts, and with this scroll implemented on your website, you should be able to keep the bounce rate all the way down.

Apart from the fact that this theme is one of the top ranked infinite scroll WordPress themes, it also happens to comes with a dynamic and 100% responsive design. This should ensure that your users would be able to access complete functionality when they are accessing your website by utilizing various devices, such as android phone, iPad, etc.

It also comes with complete documentation and step by step process for the theme in question which should prove handy when you are trying to customize it for your website. You can change any page element, tweak, customize it and even improve its functionality by utilizing third party plugins. At the end of the day, with this theme locked and loaded, your website should start getting more traction online than before.

2. Event Planner

Event Agency WordPress Theme


The event agency theme is a multi-purpose theme and one that can be utilized for any business or personal use. You can even use this website to set up a wedding themed website or tweak it for a travel agency; the fact remains that this theme has a built in flexibility that makes it perfect for most businesses and therefore one that you can easily incorporate it to your website as it comes loaded with some fantastic features. This theme is also ranked quite high when it comes to infinite scroll WordPress themes, and moreover, it comes with four header layout options as well as five footer layout options.

The theme is fully customizable and you can use the same to design and tweak all the important page elements on your website. The fact that it comes loaded with several short codes makes it apparent that you would not have to code anything to improve the functionality of your website, when using this theme. The price tag is quite reasonable as the theme comes with a price tag of $39 and comes with free installation. Apart from this, the theme also comes with full documentation that should make it easier for you to tweak the website as you see fit.

3. Pest control

Pest Control WordPress theme


This theme manages to showcase the fact that infinite scroll is mandatory these days especially if you want to keep the bounce rate down and improve your SEO in the process. The theme does come loaded with infinite scroll, apart from that it also comes with both full layouts as well as boxed layout and you can choose the one that you prefer. The theme itself comes with the latest trendy designs, and should help make your website stand out for all the right reasons. If you are a brand new company and looking to make an impact with your website, then this may well be the theme that you need.

It comes with advanced functionality in the form of several short codes that you can use to enhance functionality on the website itself. Though this theme was mainly designed for the pest control niche, it is multi-purpose and can be reused for various verticals with ease. The theme is designed as per SEO standards, and in line with Google’s recommendations; moreover it is compatible with various plugins such as Yoast SEO and all in one SEO. And at a price tag of $39 only, it is certainly attractive and also provides you with one year full support 24*7.

4. Junk Removal

Waste Management WordPress theme


The theme was designed primarily for waste management niche but in reality, it is a multi-purpose website that can be utilized for any industry. The fact that the theme is completely customizable and features as one of the top ranked infinite scroll WordPress themes, this makes it necessary for you to take a closer look at the theme, so that you can re-use it for your own website. The theme comes loaded with infinite scroll, which gives your SEO and any monetization strategies that you may use on your website, a much needed boost. Apart from this, the theme has been tested for browser compatibility and is 100% responsive.

It is important for you to snag the attention of online users, and this theme comes with various templates, each classically designed with the sole purpose of making your website stand out for all the right reasons. The designs are some of the latest and it should allow you to draw your visitors’ attention to the main page elements of your front page and to the call to action. With this theme, along with the various short codes and advanced functionality, you should be able to provide your users with enhanced user experience which in turn should lead to better SERPS.

5. Caregiving



The senior care WordPress theme was specifically designed for healthcare, senior care organizations, organizations that specialize in providing medical care. But the neat thing about this theme is that it is multi-purpose and can be tweaked to suit any niche/ vertical, and you can even use it to set up a business related professional website. The overall design is classic, and features latest design trends such as minimalism. That enables your visitors to focus on the main and important features of your website, and on the call to action.

The theme is 100% responsive, completely dynamic and more importantly, comes with complete documentation so that you should be able to customize any page element with ease. More importantly, it comes loaded with several short codes and you can add a lot more, so you do not have to code anything when looking to customize any page element. It comes with both a fixed layout as well as a boxed layout and you can still tweak the layout as per your preference. It comes with a reasonable price tag of $39, and comes bundled with several add-ons as well as one year of complete support.

6. Blog & Shop

Fashion Blog WordPress theme


The theme is well suited for online fashion blogs, personal blogs, online shops, life style blogs and much more. The theme is multi-purpose and can be easily adapted to suit most businesses. The overall design is simplistic, with an easy flow and structure; it also comes with woo commerce and third party plugin compatibility, so you can use the same to set up a payment gateway for your customers to purchase your products/ services. It is a completely responsive design and one that can be viewed on any device without loss of functionality.

It also comes with complete documentation with which you should be able to customize your website to your heart’s content. The theme itself comes with four header and five footer layout options that you can customize so that your website stands out for all the right reason. The infinite scroll implemented on this theme makes it possible for you to keep the bounce rate on your website, all the way down.

It also comes with built in short codes that you can use to customize your website, without having to code anything. More importantly, the theme is fully customizable, and you can customize the website with ease, with the sole objective of making the website standout for all the right reasons.

These are some of the top themes in WordPress which rank well when it comes to infinite scroll WordPress themes.

7 Jewelry Shop WordPress Themes for Boutique Merchandise Storefront

This time we have jotted down the best jewelry shop WordPress themes checked for their stable performance with commercial and shopping storefront websites. Hence, from jewelry and accessories, clothing and bags, handmade products and DIY merchandise traders to other luxurious and elegant boutique owners and shop managers, anyone can find dozens of new marketing and commercial opportunities with any of these jewelry shop WordPress themes.

Since the emergence of the digital world, commercial activities and relations have been progressing at an astronomical pace hard to catch up with for many other businesses and undertakings. And this is not surprising at all.

E commerce based platforms have simplified the process of online trading enabling both sides of it feel more comfortable in their position. From breaking geographical barriers to proposing online payment gateways, from the possibility of reviewing the needed product from the comfort of your home to ordering it without any hassle, the benefits of them seem to have no ending.

With all these advantages and not only, WordPress developers have done their best to process and launch hundreds of relevant commercial templates among which jewelry shop WordPress themes have their deserved presence.

They will make any kind of shopping and online selling website something exclusive for your audience while guaranteeing the most convenient user and customer platform for them with responsive layouts and resizable images, easy to find and review product listings, etc.

1. Jewellery

Jewellery Shop WordPress Theme


Jewellery is a fantastic jewelry shop WordPress theme that can be used to setup ecommerce website for jewelry or any women accessories. To help you by providing readymade template to get website setup within some minutes, the template is available with the demo content. Different options are provided to setup unique website.

One can use this template to sell their products or one can use it to promote their blog. It gives you a better chance to showcase your services and products thus it is supported with multimedia content too. SKT Themes has made sure to add all that functionality which are essential to convert your website visitors into customers.

2. Luxury Watch

SKT Luxury pro


The customers of Luxury Watch know that getting a professional and powerful website off the ground can be easier than ever with this top rated pattern of jewelry shop WordPress themes. Coded for the newbie website admins and managers, this template is wonderfully easy and intuitive with pre enabled shortcodes base, step by step documentation, quick in performance and easy to understand admin dashboard.

Even if you want to experiment on the backend and see the final result of your creative ideas, color and font changes, or something else, fear not! Every single admin action can be easily reviewed before it will be accessible for your front end website users.

Calendar, qTranslate X, slider, e commerce and SEO plugins can considerably improve your sites results and indicators. NextGen gallery plugin is also tested with Luxury Watch to make the images of your products categorized and easy to view.

3. Flower Shop

flower shop WordPress theme


The next artistic approach towards building a reliable platform for your online business is called Flower Shop. Floristic and flower, design and wedding services, luxury online stores and jewelry boutiques can make the most of this template coming with the simples backend options and the most serviceable front end for your final users.

Introduced with second to nine design and coding bases in the form of HTML 5 and CSS3, Flower Shop features a clean and robust layout with prebuilt content parts and sections, homepage slider to get maximum exposure for your visual imagery, widget friendly areas like footer, header and sidebar, etc.

You are also free to exercise the given package of preenabled shortcodes and go wild by anything you desire, whether it is attaching gallery to some post or page, create special forms, playlists, videos and more.

4. Fashion Trends

fashion WordPress theme


Fashion Trends is another captivating and modernly touched template you can consider as one of the much recommended that will persuade you to pull out your imagination and creativity into building the online version of your brick and mortar storefront.

This profoundly innovative and robust template is a big opportunity for a simple idea of establishing online commercial activities and selling your jewelry items and product to the large digital audience.

The responsive and mobile compatibility layout of the theme is going to make your web content shine across a multitude of platforms and devices, as well as make your shop adaptive to any screen size with relevant product viewing environment for each mobile or device user.

5. SKT Landing Page

landing page WordPress theme


If you are searching for one of the most flexible and customization ready jewelry shop WordPress themes to give your own taste and meaning to your website, SKT Landing Page is the right candidate for you.

Wow your audience and potential shoppers with an inviting layout and structural peculiarities, convenient shopping platform with the help of additional plugins like WooCommerce, translated and localized content to attract the attention for international clients.

Your jewelry and accessories boutique’s website will be ready to welcome every visitor knocking at its door as the theme is totally responsively designed with HTML 5 coding at its core.

6. Shopzee

eCommerce WordPress theme


Shopzee is a website tool that is highly specialized in commercial activities and as such is going to give you a peace of mind about the reliability, future scalability and durable performance of the offered product.

This all inclusive template will help you get all kinds of visual and textual aspects of your site organized and easy to notice for the online searchers. Moreover, with Shopzee your best offers are going to appear in the best rankings of search engines and persuade the online surfers that your website deserves their visit as soon as possible.

With one click demo import and theme installation practice, Shopzee is also convenient in further usage and management with hundreds of page and post, layout and interface controls, albums and galleries, product listings opportunities, plugin support and much more.

7. Girlie


If your main concern is to find a girl and woman centric template in the repository of today’s jewelry shop WordPress themes to create a more feminine approach to your jewelry sales funnel, Girlie is what will make your life much brighter.

No technical or coding struggle is waiting for you with this shortcodes packed and easy to configure template. It means that your long to do list can be considerably shortened by removing all kinds of complex processes and leaving only the fun part to complete with colors, images, typography, blog management and products presentation.

You can also create your reasonable marketing and branding experience across social media platforms and search engines, since the theme is both SEO and SMO optimized.

10+ Awesome Gallery Optimized WordPress Themes for Portfolio Sites


Gallery Optimized WordPress Themes have been shared for public

One of the basic techniques to assemble and showcase the personal or business portfolio in the most professional way is to have it presentable and accessible in the online version, thus providing potential clients, partners or employers with the opportunity to preview it and form an insight about the abilities and potential of the individual or the working strategies of the corporate.

In this regard, we have selected more than 10 awesome gallery optimized WordPress themes, which can play a fairly significant role in the process of online portfolio creation and management.

While choosing one of those outstanding gallery optimized WordPress themes as a stable basis for your website, you will grant your visitors with the chance to navigate flawlessly through your website full of portfolio images and content, thus creating also a unique visitor experience.

All of the below – mentioned themes are packaged with tons of image optimization and management options so that you’ll be sure to grab your portfolio website visitor’s attention easily.

Designers, artists, photographers, developers and others are free to pick any of those tech-savvy and dynamically crafted WordPress layouts and run a competitive portfolio site with the help of advanced options.

1. PicArt



PicArt can be truly chosen undertaking that does not use enormous amounts of time and energy for the creation and maintenance of any portfolio website. This gallery optimzied WordPress theme with bright and engaging, lively and interactive external design, great responsiveness and cross device and mobile compatibility structure will for sure enable you to display your professional skills in the best possible manner. PicArt is updated to ensure compatibility with diverse portfolio galleries, 6 more image or video slides to showcase on the slider and includes many other features.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Perfectly suited for Photographers and artists
  • Elegant and modern design
  • Multiple portfolio galleries available
  • Header and footer variations


2. SKT Full Width Pro



SKT Full Width Pro is intuitive and highly versatile, entirely flexible and resilient, polished and strong, deeply image and gallery optimized WordPress theme to present all the relevant information, images and other content in relation to the individual or business portfolio in the best possible way. This perfect theme comes with full – screen homepage slider, which acts as a unique platform to showcase the most expressive samples included in portfolio, more than 50 social icons and more than 600 Google fonts availability, as well as lots of Gallery and Photo Album features and elements to add the needed images.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Integrated with 600+ Google fonts
  • Responsive and HD ready theme
  • Completely widgetized footer
  • Gallery and photo album features available


3. SKT Lens Pro



SKT Lens Pro as a gallery friendly theme will for sure guarantee a high – level of quality of any portfolio related website. It’s a very extensively developed, gallery and image –optimized, profoundly customizable multipurpose template authored by SKT Themes to run on the basis of your portfolio presenting site, which is preloaded with all the basic theme features, as well as shows perfect compatibility with diverse portfolio plugins, including Huge IT Portfolio, NextGen Gallery and others.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Color changing theme with color picker
  • RTL tested theme
  • WooCommerce compatible theme
  • Completely and extensively documented


4. Panaroma Pro



Alluring and elegantly designed, smart and resourceful, stable and solid, Panaroma Pro is another ideal solution for undertaking any portfolio site launching and development. This template is well – suited for dealing with a great number of images and photos and includes lots of portfolio and gallery management and display controls. You may display 5 most expressive pieces of your work embracing the whole homepage.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Opacity changing option
  • Portfolio/Gallery display option
  • Lots of shortcodes available
  • 50+ social icons


5. Photo Session Pro



Photo Session Pro, as it can be truly judged by its name, comes with lots of inbuilt photo and image optimization options and elements to create an impeccable final image of your portfolio presentation, very easy to use and configure platform, user – friendly and responsive layout to provide an ideal mobile and device access, convenient gallery section to practice with photos and images.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Fully SEO compatible theme
  • Sortable gallery also available via plugin
  • Easy to use theme options
  • Default contact form with captcha available


6. SKT Black

skt black pro


Among the best gallery optimized WordPress themes with dozens of gallery and photo optimization options, SKT Black Pro stands out for its super elegant and powerful design, feature – rich structure and exceptional performance. Thus, SKT Black with its effective slider with accompanying controllable features, lots of shortcodes, page templates inclusion and tons of customization options is supposed to be another right selection for displaying any kind of personal or business portfolio, works, skills and advantages.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Upto 15 images in slider
  • Completely customizable slider
  • 100s of shortcode available
  • eCommerce ready theme


7. Complete Pro



Complete Pro is clean and polished, feature – rich and complete, entirely functional and adaptable gallery optimized WordPress themes has been repeatedly tested for its total user – friendliness, its stunning compatibility with lots of modern and applicable gallery and other important plugins, lots of pre – enabled icons, shortcodes, Google fonts, buttons, boxes and other key elements coming along this theme.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Comes with WordPress customizer to easily customize the theme
  • Default page templates
  • Can be used for any type of industry
  • Coded with HTML5 and CSS3


8. SKT Parallax Me Pro

Parallax Me


The next highly recommended one of the gallery optimized WordPress themes as a suitable image and photo optimization tool at your full command is SKT Parallax Me Pro. This technologically advanced and functionally saturated product comes integrated with homepage sections, among them filter – friendly portfolio section to cope with the requested images, device and mobile – friendly homepage slider to add expressive slides on, color picker tool inclusion and much more.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Add as many as 20 sections on the homepage
  • Ability to change background of the sections
  • Filterable portfolio section
  • Nicely done testimonial area


9. Photo World Pro



Photo World Pro, as one more gallery optimized WordPress themes, has its focus on the elegant and clean design, responsive and cross device compatible ground and is packed with photo album feature, lots of gallery plugins availability to install on the theme, search engine optimized platform, WooCommerce support for e – commerce purposes, unlimited number of inbuilt customization and configuration options.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Additional dual sidebar layout available
  • Photo Album feature available
  • SEO Compatibility checked
  • Social media integration done


10. The Art



The Art has been professionally outfitted with a handy package of image and photo optimization tools and controls, thus making this theme fully gallery-optimized one. By the application of this theme, you will be faced with abundant theme features and options to make the most of your portfolio related site. Some of its basic characteristics are the responsive and mobile – friendly structure, different header and footer variants, 2 types of gallery availability and perfect functionality with useful gallery plugins for better image management and display.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Sidebar, header and footer widget friendly
  • Shortcodes in built 100+ in number
  • Easy to use Customizer options panel
  • Check changes as you make them using Customizer


11. Shudh



Shudh is simple and minimal, smart and intuitive, yet very flexible and dependable portfolio and one of the gallery WordPress themes developed on entirely responsive platform. This user – directed product features special portfolio section to present the relevant portfolio content in the most beneficial manner, more than 600 fonts and over 100 shortcodes, default slider with several transition elements and shows high compatibility with a wide range of modern and requested plugins.

Some of its feature includes:

  • Portfolio section to add and showcase your work
  • Translation ready and multilingual ready
  • Separate sidebar for blog and pages
  • Blog single post layout also available


Exhibition WordPress Themes for Art Culture Based Events Gatherings

We have demonstrated a professional approach to selecting the best exhibition WordPress themes and gathering them in this article for museum and exhibition, history and art gallery, photography, exposure, fair and trade show, other culture related websites and blogs. Freelancers and artists, archeologists and painters and craftsmen will also feel comfortable with any of these museum and exhibition WordPress themes.

If you are passionate about exhibitions or art and culture based world, you may want a digital environment to nurture that passion and share its results with your audience and friends, partners and followers. But you might be scared by the unexpected challenges waiting for you if you have never worked on the relevant process of web development and design. Well, you don’t need to worry about anything, as everything is much simpler and affordable than you may think.

The creation of a website or blog with cultural, artistic or spiritual inclination will never be something hard or expensive with WordPress and its products. There are many valuable art and exhibition WordPress themes you can have as your starting point which are of premium quality, but cost conscious to let you breathe free, roll up your sleeves and start!

It’s high time to get client and customer obsessed with the most pleasing exhibition WordPress themes you can have at your fingertips for now. These web creation means are not just about artistic and eye catchy look, but also unite dependable platform, easy to use and customization ready working area, dozens of modern functions and touches to present your cultural website in the most effective fashion.

1. PicArt

portfolio WordPress theme


If you are for a colorful and visually dynamic solution among exhibition WordPress thems to build your website on, look no further than PicArt. Whether you want to create a trade or exhibition information portal, bring more attendees to your next trade show, share the masterpieces of your art exhibition or portfolio items, PicArt will be subject to your objectives.

Build more relationships and communication ties with different target groups via your website that is going to be responsive and quick in performance, as well as search engine friendly to contribute to your site’s organic promotion.

Making more money from online commercial platform is also possible with PicArt that is fully compatible with diverse plugins and add ons such as WooCommerce and other ecommerce ones, payment form and online credit card plugins, translation and multilingual plugins, etc.

2. Adventure

adventure WordPress theme


Adventure is the next enthusiastic web creation tool that is time and security checked, frequently updated to guarantee the most productive collaboration with the latest version of WordPress.

This multipurpose template is going to make your preferences a priority so that you are free to test as many version of your exhibition website as you will need to understand what the “true” one is and share it with your web guests. Moreover, your site is not going to have downtimes or heavy performance while you are working on the improvement and customization of the theme from the backend. It will remain unchanged for the front end users until you make changes, preview and save them finally.

3. Charm

WordPress blog theme


Charm is another top option you can have for your art and music, history and museum, exhibition and gallery centric personal blog or business website.

The overall look of charm is welcoming and warm, while the default structure makes it possible for you to use the theme as it is or change it as per your content classification and arrangement. There are also different page and post layouts to choose from, footer, header and sidebar areas all widget friendly to make the most of secondary content with social media integration and more, font and typography choices and color picker to play with shades and color combinations of the theme.

Beyond that, Charm can be supported by a wide variety of add ons and tools, among them additional shortcodes and buttons packs, e commerce platforms and content translation, gallery management and slider plugins, etc.

4. The Art

art WordPress theme


You will be impressed by the power and enthusiasm The Art generates. Packed with everything needed, HTML 5 coded and CSS 3 styled, this designer touched and well taken care of theme is custom built to host your content in the most accurate manner and roll it up with the best colors, fonts, structure and more.

Document and display any kind of cultural heritage, portfolio or exhibition content, create events and update your followers with them, showcase the best images on the homepage slider that is enabled by default, change the dominating color of the theme and replace it with the tone you want to make sure it complies with your own aesthetics and taste.

5. Modeling


Anything that has to do with beauty and charm can be well displayed with Modeling. This beautiful and elegant, thrilling and modernly styled template can serve the needs of cultural and artistic, modeling and beauty centric websites, freelancers, portfolio owners, architects, interior designers and other specialists with an eye ready to find beauty in everything.

Build, leverage and grow your online presence with one of the sophisticated exhibition WordPress themes and make sure your audience experiences the best user support within the scope of your profile. Everything is done to make sure your web visitors are happy while navigating through your posts and pages, reading legible content and viewing high quality images from their laptops, mobiles and gadgets.

6. SKT Parallax Me Pro

Parallax Me


Another template that focuses on beauty and visual balance is SKT Parallax Me Pro. This one page and parallax effect armed website builder is ideal for connecting your business with the world and delivering the values of it.

You will be as free as a bird when it comes to deciding which and when to include in your site, which to modify or completely remove with live customizer or shortcodes, which new functionality is needed to be integrated with plugins and yet much more to be up to you with SKT Parallax Me Pro.