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Doctor directory WordPress themes help to make your website stand out from the rest

Doctor directory WordPress themes

If you are not that tech savvy, you can still set up your first professional website in a matter of few minutes, it’s that easy – just check out our collection of awesome doctor directory WordPress themes. That’s why, if you are in the process of setting up your very first business website, then you need to make a beeline for WordPress which has more or less automated the whole process. Whether you are trying to set up a medical database for your doctors so that they can access patient records easily or need to locate doctors urgently, then these themes would be your best bet. You can review our themes and you’ll find that they are all outstanding, and have been vetted and tested, before being ranked accordingly. What’s more, the themes are all responsive and each comes with its own set of unique features that makes it more appealing to the audience. Do read the descriptions listed against each theme and before you take a final call, make sure that you demo the theme out. It is important that you access each theme individually, and choose one that seems to be a good fit for your business and your current requirements.

1. Teethy:
teethy WordPress theme


When it comes to doctor directory WordPress themes, the ‘Teethy’ stands out from the lot for obvious reasons such as the fact that is a complete theme. It comes with an eye catching design, elegant and sophisticated layout as well as intuitive features including drop down menus and intelligent navigation. What sets this theme apart is the fact that it is a multipurpose one and one that can be easily repurposed for any business niche or even for personal websites. It certainly comes packed with features including a responsive design that’s cross browser, cross device and cross platform compatible. The theme is completely customizable and you can use the built in short codes to change and alter any page element with ease. Moreover, it also comes with 650+ integrated Google fonts with which you can tweak the typography of your website. And as the theme supports external plugins, you can use advanced page builder plugins to develop custom built pages for your website and even park advanced sliders and galleries on your front page to showcase your high resolution images, videos etc. The theme has also been tested for RTL compatibility and comes with PO file and with the right plugins, you should be able to set up your web content in various languages. Given all this advanced functionality, the price tag of $39 is more than reasonable.

2. Handy:
doctor WordPress theme


The ‘Handy’ theme ranks among the top twenty where doctor directory WordPress themes are concerned. It comes with a minimalistic design which should help focus your user’s attention on relevant parts of your website. It also comes with 100% responsive design, elegant layout along with intuitive features packed in. The theme comes with a nicely designed homepage, with drop down menus and intelligent navigation, so your users should be able to navigate your website with ease. What’s more, the theme is compatible with both woo commerce as well as third party pugins, so you can set up an integrated shopping cart for your users to use. The theme also comes with the requisite footer, header, sidebar and layout variations; it also comes with over 600+ integrated Google fonts, 580+ social fonts which you can use to help make your website more attractive. And as the theme supports external plugin, you can use advanced sliders on your website to showcase your images and videos to perfection and even embed them in the header. On the whole, this theme is as good as it gets, and the best part of it all is that it is extremely simple to use and you do not even have to code anything as it comes with built in short codes. Given all this advanced functionality, the theme will make your website stand out for all the right reasons. Its price tag of $39 is more than reasonable, given all the extra add-ons.

3. Toothy:
dentist WordPress theme


When it comes to doctor directory WordPress themes, this is yet another theme that stands out on account of its minimalistic design as well as functionality, not to mention, ease of use. The design is elegant and the layout, clean and it comes with intuitive features, drop down menus, and intelligent navigation. The theme comes with 100% responsive design and one that’s completely scalable. So, your users should be able to view your website from any device without loss of functionality or for that matter, resolution. It certainly comes with an aesthetically pleasing theme along with boxes for testimonials, team, about us and other relevant information. The ‘Toothy’ is completely customizable and also compatible with third party plugins. You can use these plugins to increase the functionality of your website; for example you can install social media plugin and integrate your website with the same. By doing so, your users should be able to login using their social media credentials and even share your content across various social media platforms. Similarly, you can also use cache plugins to get your pages to load faster, optimize your website with YOAST plugin and all in one SEO. This theme should definitely help your website stand apart for all the right reasons and it comes with a price tag of $39 only.

4. Bony:
chiropractor WordPress theme


The ‘Bony’ theme ranks among the top five when it comes to doctor directory WordPress themes, on account of its outstanding design and elegant layout. It certainly comes with a jaw dropping design that catches your attention right away. The design is 100% responsive and your users can view your website on any device without loss of functionality or resolution. It also comes with a well designed homepage, complete with drop down menus which should help facilitate navigation. It is completely customizable so you can change and alter any page element with the help of short codes; moreover as the theme also comes with 650+ Google integrated fonts as well as 580+social fonts, you can use both to help make your website look even more attractive. This is a color changing theme, one that happens to be widget friendly; you can use these widgets on the footer and sidebars to add more functionality to your website. And as the theme supports 3rd party plugins, you can use the same to provide your users with more user centric features such as integrated shopping cart, chat option, social media integration, organizer, Google Maps, booking page, and much more. This is why the price tag of $39 is more than reasonable given all this advanced functionality.

5. Yogi Pro:
yoga WordPress theme


The ‘Yogi Pro’ theme certainly gets the top billing where doctor directory WordPress themes are concerned, for its outstanding design and it’s built in functionality. It certainly manages to catch attention with its unique design that’s 100% responsive. It comes with an elegant layout, well designed homepage; drop down menu and intuitive features. The theme is completely customizable and comes with various short codes (100+), that you can use for this very purpose. It also comes with the requisite header, footer, sidebar, layout variations as well as blog template with unique layout as well as a news and events section which you can feature on your front page itself. The theme comes with a default slider but as it supports 3rd party plugins, you can use the same to host more advanced sliders, such as carousel and others on your website, to showcase your images and videos to perfection. Incidentally, the theme comes with social media integration so by installing social media plugin, you should be able to enable your users to login using their social media credentials. The theme is as simple as it can get and even a novice should have no issue in tweaking or customizing the same. It comes with a price tag of $39, which is a real bargain.

6. Kraft:
premium WordPress theme


The ‘Kraft’ theme is a multipurpose, dynamic and responsive theme; it comes with all the bells and whistles and some more. The design is 100% responsive and completely scalable so your users should be able to access your website, ‘as it is’ without loss of functionality or for that matter resolution. It comes with a well designed homepage, along with elegant layout; drop down menus, pre-built sections which you can add easily to your website and even a default contact page. It comes with the requisite header, footer, sidebar and layout variations as well as compatibility with both woo commerce as well as external plugins. So you should be able to set up an ecommerce portal for your customers to use as well as other user centric features, such as integrated shopping cart, payment gateway, chat, social media login, community board, and much more. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 which is more than reasonable given the advanced functionality that it packs in.

Company website WordPress themes are what you need to make your website stand out

Company website WordPress themes

Whether you are an entrepreneur or part of a global conglomerate, when it comes to setting up your professional business website, you need to make sure that all the steps you take are the right ones; just glance through our collection of company website WordPress themes which should give you a good idea. You need to remember that your website is the face of your company and with a nicely designed website with premium content; you can effectively use it as a platform to rebrand yourself and attract more prospective customers. To that end, some of the top companies such as CNN, HBO, TIME and others have already migrated their websites onto WordPress, mainly on account of its functionality, flexibility and ease of use. There’s no reason why you should not do the same – just check out some of our top polled website themes and you’ll soon see that they have all been coded and designed by the experts. Our collection of company website themes has been rigorously vetted and is ranked accordingly. So do check out the same and make sure that you do a demo of the theme in question so that you can be sure that it is the perfect fit for your business.

1. Marketing agency:
marketing agency wordpress theme


When it comes to company website WordPress themes, this one stands out for all the right reasons – nice captivating design, elegant and well laid out layout, drop down menus, minimalistic look that refocuses the user’s attention to important parts of your website and more. The overall impact is that this design is as professional as it can get and moreover, it is completely customizable as well. So you can change, alter, modify any page element with ease and with the help of built in short codes. Incidentally, the theme design is flat and comes with a flat structure which should make it easy for your users to view your website, even with an old browser. Moreover, it is 100% responsive and completely scalable as well, which should make it easier for your viewers to check out your website on any device without any loss of functionality or resolution. As the theme is compatible with both woo commerce and third party plugins, you can use plugins for Google Analytics, maps, events, gallery, slideshow and others can be added in order to make your website more captivating. You would be providing your users with advanced functionality and in the process enhance their user experience as well. Moreover, you can also install cache plugins to make your pages load faster, so that there is no lag time. The theme itself comes with a price tag of $39 only, along with free support and free installation.

2. Meditation Pro:
Meditation Pro


Whether you are running a yoga studio or a school, Meditation Pro would be perfect for you. Apart from the fact that it ranks among the best, when it comes to company website WordPress themes, this theme is truly captivating and its design is sure enough to make your website stand out for all the right reasons. The design is a tad minimalistic and the use of high resolution images as a background is enough to snag the attention of most online users; it also comes with a classic layout, intuitive features as well as drop down menus. It is also customizable and comes packed with functional short codes, with which you can change and alter any page element with ease. More ever, it also comes with a well designed home page, prebuilt sections as well as standard pages such as 404, search, Archives, blog and much more. But what sets this theme apart from most others is the fact that it is highly functional and quite easy to use; in fact it comes with complete documentation which should help you with the process. It also comes with a color picker that should allow you to pick and choose the color and opacity of most of the page elements. Incidentally, it also comes with 800+ integrated Google fonts so you can change the typography of your website and make it more attractive in the process. The theme is compatible with both woo commerce as well as 3rd party plugins, so you can set up an ecommerce portal complete with an integrated shopping cart as well as be able to provide your users with advanced functionality such as using their social media credentials to log in, share content online onto various social media platforms in real time and much more. Given all this, it is apparent that the price tag of $39 is a real bargain in more ways than one.

3. SKT golf:
golf wordpress theme


The SKT golf theme ranks among the top twenty when it comes to company website WordPress themes; the design is outstanding and it comes with a classic layout, with drop down menus and intuitive features. It also comes with a responsive design and also happens to be cross browser, cross device and cross platform compatible. It also comes with the requisite header, footer, sidebar and layout variations. It also features a default slider as well as gallery that you can utilize to showcase your images and videos to perfection. And as the theme also supports external plugins, you can use more advanced forms of sliders to showcase them perfectly. With these plugins, you can provide your users with advanced functionality, set up a membership plan with the right plugin, or provide your users with a forum to interact on. Incidentally, you can also install chat plugin so that your visitors can contact and chat with you in real time. It also comes with POT file and is both translation and multilingual ready; so you can use various plugins like WPML, qTranslateX and Polylang plugins and reach out to more customers. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 along with free installation and support for a year.

4. Telecom:
Telecom WordPress theme


This theme ranks among the top ten where company website WordPress themes are concerned and stands out on account of its simplicity and ease of use. The theme sure stands out, on account of its simple design and rich background, with drop down menus, intuitive features and more. It comes with a simple design that should be effective at focusing your visitors ‘attention to important parts of your website. It is customizable and comes packed with various short codes that you can use for tweaking your page elements as well as helping build other sections. It also happens to be compatible with external plugins and is widget friendly as well. It comes with standard pages such as 404, search, archives and much more. One of the reasons that this theme is so popular is that it is a multipurpose theme and can be used for any niche, and the other reason is its advanced functionality. With this theme, you can install all the plugins you need on your website and help provide your users with more user centric features such as integrated shopping cart, organizer, social media login, sharing posts across various social media platforms in real time and more. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 which is more than reasonable.

5. Business consulting:
Business Consulting


This theme gets top billing when it comes to company website WordPress themes on account of its professional appearance. But what really sets this theme apart is its ease of use and its spectacular design, well designed layout, organized information architecture, along with intuitive features such as drop down menus. This them e is customizable where you can change/ alter/ modify the various page elements, from fonts to colors and even the page element itself with the help of functional and built in short codes. It is also compatible with woo commerce as well as external plugins so you should be able to set up an integrated shopping cart along with payment gateway for your customers. Moreover, the theme is both SEO and SMO friendly and has also been tested for several page builders. So you can use Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, Visual composer, Beaver, Live composer and other Page builder plugins to help develop custom built pages for your website. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 which is more than reasonable.

6. Logistics:
Cargo WordPress theme


The Logistics theme is outstanding on account of the simplicity of its design and its intuitive features. It is both compatible with woo commerce as well as external plugins, and also happens to be 100% responsive. So your users should be able to view your website from any device without loss of functionality or for that matter, resolution. The theme is neatly designed and is quite effective at keeping the bounce rate all the way down. And thanks to these plugins, you should be able to optimize your website, get your pages to load faster, enable your customers to track their products online and much more. This theme comes loaded with advanced functionality and should help your website stand out from the rest, and all for $39 only.

Interactive WordPress Themes for creating interactive dynamic websites

A handy collection of the most interactive WordPress themes for multi service websites and blogs, online storefronts and service provision, creative and personal profiles and more is shared in this article for any website admin to showcase whatever is needed under the bright light.

The interaction with the target audience, attraction of new customers, advertising of new goods and services – you can use a variety of means for all this.

Until recently, the most effective tools for promoting any business were newspapers and television.

However, the advertising through such methods has lots of flows, the main ones of which are high cost and fragility of contact.

As for comparison, outdoor advertising is more competitive but is aimed at all types of consumers and not the target ones. Additionally, there is also a regional binding.

It’s not a secret that one of the most relevant platforms for advertising any product and contributing to the promotion of any undertaking is the Internet. Only Internet marketing allows you to get a return on the maximum number of consumers.

This contemporary digital method is not only effective but a bit complex. The thing is that you need to prove your online audience that your offers are worth their consideration, your goods are of high quality and your services are professional.

In this relation, all you need for the beginning is one of the dynamic and interactive WordPress themes to start your unforgettable journey online.

Whether you need a certain emphasis on the visual design of your site or its advanced functionality to offer ultimate convenience to your clients, these interactive WordPress themes will leave you speechless with their unique blend of form and function.

1. Beer and Pub:


Beer and Pub is one of the freshest interactive WordPress themes the professional specialists at SKT Themes have launched for the public usage.

Expand the reach of your café or restaurant, brewery or pub, lounge bar or tavern with the assistance of this strongly coded yet flexible website builder. It is custom built to boost and compliment your choices and preferences, as well as make them dominant within your high quality profile.

Capturing the needed attention to your business and its advantages with the right color choices, page and post controls, typography, responsive design and plugin compatibility Beer and Pub offers will never be a challenge.

2. Yacht and Cruise:


As a luxurious and interactive template, Yacht and Cruise is designed for cruise and travel, tourism and venue websites and blog, travel agencies, hotels and resorts to accept bookings and reservations, etc.

Interactive web design suggests is focused on creating a truly convenient atmosphere both for the webmaster working on the backend of the theme, and website users enjoying the results of the webmaster’s work from the frontend. In this relation Yacht and Cruise is no way hesitant to provide a stunning framework that is easy to customize for the web admin with footer and header layouts, sidebar choices and page builder compatibility. On the other hand, it is well formatted to comply with the most important requirements of the users, from responsive design to sleek navigation and quick response time.

3. Toy Store:


If you think your commercial website looks old dated and needs a facelift for satisfactory results, look no further than Toy Store. As one of the most feature rich and interactive WordPress themes, this product makes it possible for you to use traditional web design and development principles in your site or turn to more extraordinary and exclusive solutions to make a greater impact.

Hence, from color dominance of your profile, typeface controls with preloaded Google fonts to available shortcodes and boundless customization possibilities with images and layouts, Toy Store is power packed with all the essential and problem solving components.

Your new online shopping website built on Toy Store is going to be ultimately responsive with all the compulsory SEO and SMO touches to guarantee the stable advancement of your site in all the possible directions.

4. Classified Ads:


Built for client engagement and conversion, compelling design and error free operation, Classified Ads is one of the growth driven interactive WordPress themes you can be lucky enough to have at your fingertips.

Despite being ready to ensure rich and interactive web experience for your audience, the theme is also well optimized for ads and advertising materials for having additional revenue through your website.

This multipurpose website tool is feature rich enough for you to make sure your website guests will not be bombarded by unnecessary information, excessive design or something else. Instead, everything can be served rationally and with taste while working on the Customizer the theme comes integrated with.

5. Real Estate:


Let your real estate, immovable and movable property website put its best foot forward with the help of Real Estate.
This modern looking and undoubtedly reliable website template is interactive from top to bottom, enabling you to exercise all the possible methods to persuade your clients that you are worth getting to know and be explored further.

Guide your website guests and prospective users with the help of strategically placed buttons, images, call to actions, contact form, posts and publications. Choose between grid and list view options, arm the homepage slider with 10 slides and take the leading role in managing them with pause time, animation, etc.

6. Donation:


We have tried to make this collection of interactive WordPress themes as diversified as it should be for complying with any kind of needs, including also those of NGOs and non profit activities. Therefore, we have not forgotten about Donation to share with you that is wonderfully customizable and admin optimized.

NGOs, charity and donation, church and religious institutions and other relevant non profit undertakings can be sure to have an excellent online presence while paying almost next to nothing for this template.

All the crucial elements any homepage should share are included, from accurate content sections to homepage full width slider for making your textual content more vivid and talkative via images and photos.

Chiropractor/ Chiropractic WordPress Theme for chiropractors

doctor WordPress themeBony is a chiropractor WordPress theme designed and developed just for chiropractics. The Bony WordPress theme has all the features essential and necessary for making a chiropractic website.

For a chiropractor the most important thing on his/her site is to show call to actions like contact button or booking tab. Also show contact phone number for easier reach.

It is said that a person visits a site and decides within the first 10 seconds whether they want to stay on this site or not.

Hence it is important your site is designed such that important visitors who want to or are looking for a chiropractor decide to stay on your site and then review your testimonials, read more about you and watch your gallery area for previous cases or your lab set up and then decide to fill your booking form for appointment.

It is also essential to notify them of your clinic timings and hence on the top we have the clinic timings mentioned.

Nowadays many clients prefer contacting using the social media and hence even doctors, lawyers and other professionals aren’t ignoring this fact and using the social media platform for their benefit.

We thought of this and integrated the handy WordPress theme with social media icons.


  1. It has a home page with flexible slider.
  2. Right sidebar with clinic timings.
  3. About the doctor and a little area and snippet of the welcome text.
  4. And testimonials section on right sidebar.
  5. Clearly shows which services are provided by the Chiropractor.
  6. This chiropractic WordPress theme has lot of other features like
    1. Shortcodes of about 100 in number to have any type of functionality like line, table, paragraph, info boxes, accordions and tabs
    2. 600+ google fonts to have any sort of style you feel is write for your chiropractor theme.
    3. Theme options to have email id of your contact us page stored.
    4. Social media icons management.
    5. It also has a gallery section for showing cases of your patients either in video or image form.
    6. Also has a blog area to either showcase your press releases, awards or sharing new info with your patients.
    7. Lastly the theme costs only $48 and comes with free installation on your server and documentation and awesome support.

So click here to grab your chiropractor WordPress theme.

Chiropractor WordPress theme has been designed and created by SKT Themes team in order to make good websites for chiropractors.

Chiropractic medicine is basically practice of musculoskeletal system and hence deals with diagnosis and treatment of the same.

Chiropractic is well established in several countries whereas many countries include it within orthopaedic medicine as well. However major difference between the 2 is orthopaedic can prescribe medicine and perform surgery whereas a chiropractic cannot prescribe any medicine nor perform surgery.

Our Chiropractor WordPress theme is very light weight and can be handled easily without any problems. It can also be easily set up without any issues or problems and can be managed and maintained with the tools given inside.

Step by step documentation and guide has been provided on how to manage the entire website. It is loaded with social icons but one can make use of external plugins to add more social icons as per their need.

One can have access to over 500+ Google fonts however one can add their own font as well using plugin.

Our chiropractic WordPress theme is compatible with a lot of plugins and hence makes it desirable.

Simple and easy to handle and use even novice users can handle the website easily without any issues. Physiotherapists and Chiropractors are top professionals and are always in demand by fitness experts, gym trainers and all those who have any muscle or bone related minor problems or ligament problems.

Always friends and family are the ones who provide you good chiropractor doctor numbers. For being good you always get referrals but always referrals are not going to give you more business and hence having a good online presence would mean that one can get easily found online and can check the previous reviews and can easily get the phone number for contacting and appointment booking as well.

Easiest way to manage personal websites and services are via a CMS website whereby you can manage all the options, content, text on your own without depending on costly developers to assist.

Also one can easily set up the social media icons, widgets, contact form, plugins and timely backups as well all of them through the dashboard.

Our chiropractor WordPress theme is compatible with plugins like WooCommerce and hence accept payments online through clients.

It is compatible with booking plugins for appointment bookings. It is compatible with several widgets of social media and also social media sharing is also possible with the help of blog posts and social sharing which would mean one can easily share the posts images online via pinterest or instagram and get instant traffic as well.

One can change the colors of the theme with the help of color pickers and choose to have the color for the website just the way they want it.

All the useful features are provided which will help someone craft an online presence for themselves. We can say the template is versatile and multipurpose and can be useful for great websites. Any type of website can be designed and developed using this template.

It is a responsive theme so that your website will fit well with any of the devices whether it is a mobile, laptop, desktop or any other as well. Majority of people prefer to use mobile for any of their research or browsing work so it is necessary for modernizing websites to be responsive otherwise it would be difficult to for you to attract more traffic to your site.

Since it is designed with Modern technical languages such as HTML and CSS3, therefore, gives a pleasant look and feel to your website. When a website is designed with such a fascinating theme and it is loaded with eye-catching content so the concoction of both will be just amazing and as result it inflates your popularity rate to a great extent. So, just give it a try and take your business or career to new heights.

Meditation WordPress Themes for yoga pilates life sciences sites

Meditation WordPress themes for yoga and meditation, Pilates and shaping, prayer and inspirational websites and blogs, meditation experts and centers, etc.

Modern civilization is characterized by the fact that mankind has reached the highest level of technological development.

This caused the loss of many enduring values in the impetuous breakthrough of scientific and technological progress, forcing people to break away from the foundations of wisdom and inner harmony.

Well, this reality is never enough for achieving high results both in personal and business lives. This is where yoga and meditation come to play.

You have probably managed to read different books on business promotion and self development. Along with many other advices, most of them contain the same advice: you need to allocate time for meditation.

Meditation is an ancient method of mental training. Through meditation you are able to clear your mind of unnecessary worries, adjust the emotional and physical balance of your body.

While the brakes of even a couple of minutes of meditation help thousands of people fight stress and recover inner peace, today there are hundreds of meditation specialists and yoga studios dealing with personal and group yoga and meditation training.

Our collection of the best meditation WordPress themes is for such activities and experts working in the relevant field and trying to inspire more and more people.

All of the yoga and meditation WordPress themes we give preference to are well constructed and easy to customize so that you can quickly draw the map of your future site to be.

It means that you can effortlessly mock up the overall look and feel of your motivational site and create a user centric website to fascinate its users.

1. Yogi Pro:
yoga WordPress theme


Yogi Pro is one of the supple and versatile yoga and meditation WordPress themes you will find absolutely fantastic for your niche specific website or blog.

Having this uniquely stylized and well developed template at your disposal will facilitate your workload when it comes to advertising your yoga or Pilates center or online meditation group training.

It comes with fully adjusted structure for you to modify and publish relevant content. Homepage slider is essential in drawing more attention to your visual content. You can use this tool to generate more leads and prospects via high quality slides on it. There are also preloaded shortcodes, icons and Google based fonts, social icons and calls to actions, plugin compatibility and strong coding you can find with Yogi Pro.

2. Perfect Golf Club:
golf WordPress theme


Perfect Golf Club is the next fresh faced and visually pleasing template dedicated to the work of building websites for sports and golf clubs, tennis courts and outdoor meditation practices.

Your website visitors will be pleased by the retina ready and high quality graphics, as well as well arranged homepage sections of your site. In a matter of seconds they will be able to find the information they were looking for and quickly get in touch with you to find the answers to their questions.

The useful search engine optimization of this template will let Google and other major search engines consider your site competent for high ranks. It means that your website will bring more quality results and boosted traffic to your meditation business.

3. Black and White:
black and white WordPress themes


Impactful and classy, Black and White is among the most lovely meditation WordPress themes that make sense the most when it comes to marketing your meditation services and practices.

Whether you are running a personal meditation blog with different tips and advices on living mindfully and peacefully through meditation or a professional website showcasing your yoga center and its specialists, Black and White is what you will need to establish your presence online.

This responsive and mobile optimized, admin centric and widget friendly website builder is packed with black and white design that creates emotions and lets your content and images be more apparent.

4. Character:
personal WordPress theme


Character is serious looking and multipurpose template of WordPress authorship for you to create a better sense of virtual life and business promotion.

From lovely design to HD readiness for eye catchy imagery, convenient parts and sections for content categorization, blog area for frequent updates and novelties in the modern meditation world, Character incorporates it all.

You can also make the most of its mobile friendly and plugin compatible nature by connecting different additional extensions and plugins for different purposes.

Although the basic shortcodes are already given within the template, you can have access to more pieces of codes to make your webmaster’s life more enjoyable.

Simply find the best shortcodes plugin and add it to the theme. Commercial, gallery, translation and SEO plugins have also been checked with Character.

5. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


A good place to start your meditation practice online is Complete Pro.

This multifunctional and unspeakably powerful website will make the creation and customization of your website like decorating a house.

You will have a solid foundation and will need to take care of its interior design and convenient arrangement of furniture in your house, or, in the site’s context, the overall look and content deployment of your posts and pages.

As a website owner, you need to make sure your content is legible and pixel perfect across different platforms.

With Complete Pro you will have less stress since you are the one to set the typography via the given font controls, the rest will do the template itself thanks to its responsive and mobile friendly nature.

6. SKT Parallax Me Pro:
parallax WordPress theme


SKT Parallax Me Pro is the last elegant and parallax based template included in our collection of meditation WordPress themes for meditation and yoga services, leadership and mindful trainings, shaping studios, etc.

This template is already ready to go live, hence all you need to do is to generate your own content and arm the default template with it.

You will also need to put some effort into changing its design and color combinations to match the overall philosophy of your meditation business with color and font controls, shortcodes and calls to actions, homepage slider and more.

Private Investigator WordPress Themes for spy services detectives secret service

A bold collection of the best private investigator WordPress themes developed specifically for private detectives and investigators, secret service providers, attorneys and lawyers, secret agencies and spy services.

The role of the private investigators and secret services is great in the legal system. Their multipurpose work is directed to the assistance of different individuals and groups of people, from the ordinary citizen to law enforcement and public agencies, companies and more.

As research masters in different fields, such experts are responsible for a wide range of important cases, surveillance operations, information gathering, background checks and other activities to support this or that person, corporation, claim, action or prosecution.

And while the merits of private investigators, attorneys, consultants, detectives and lawyers can never be underestimated, as any kind of modern business, they also need their special presentation online in order to stay highly competitive.

With this in our mind, we have put together a practical collection of the best private investigator WordPress themes to be a perfect fit for any investigation or research related website or blog.

Whether you are a private investigator in an effort to keep pace with competitors or a well established secret service agency with thousands of offers and service provisions for different cases and occasions, these private investigator WordPress themes are what you need to review.

The components you will find among these templates are oriented around making your virtual life much simpler and affordable with quick solutions and customization options. They are also wonderfully pocket friendly. So why send more if you can get access to a premium quality website builder with less money.

1. Military:


Military is the answer if you want to showcase your professional services and consultation to your audience in the most stunning fashion.

As one of the intuitive and admin friendly military and private investigator WordPress themes out there, this template will give you enough freedom to elevate a website of your dreams with your favorite colors and typeface, images and videos, layouts and inner page designs.

It also comes with default slider which is totally controllable with pause time and animation for sharing the best of your images and photos. Other sliders can also be tested on this template for more flexibility or better visualization of your materials.

With Military your background knowledge or WordPress experience will not affect your performance since only the simplest processes are waiting for you with the preloaded shortcodes, SEO friendly coding, thorough responsiveness and cross browser compatibility.

2. vCard:


If you are a private investigator or a lawyer in need of your own serious looking and sophisticated website, vCard can answer all your questions.

This top quality template is wonderfully specialized in as many aspects and fields as you may wish your website to include. From commercial ready platform to multilingual ready nature with responsive coding and mobile optimization, vCard is a truly award winning creature among many other private investigator WordPress themes.

Balanced between discreet look and advanced technological frame, this website ecosystem focuses on solidity in performance, felicity in answering your client’s requirements, as well as capacity for adjustments when viewed on portable devices and mobiles.

3. Legal Expert:
legal WordPress theme


Legal Expert is the next entirely crisp and pliable, earnest and strong WordPress hosted templates any lawyer or attorney, legal expert, private investigator or detective, secret agent or conveyance firm representative can greatly benefit from.

The authors of this unbeatable template clearly understood the unique and primary needs of the legal or investigation community online. Therefore, every single detail both in theme design and development has been well considered and processed to convey all your prospects to customers.

Grab the modern trends Legal Expert offers you and showcase your narrow specialized agents and experts, services and consultation through the enabled sections and areas or restyle them to fit your specific purposes.

4. Black and White:
black and white WordPress themes


Black and White is another good option for private and public usages if anyone wants to setup an all round and in depth website as a bridge between your business and its client base.

All the compulsory SEO standards have been followed with Black and White to ensure your private investigator website gets the maximum online visibility and more flows of customers from search engines.

This interactive and deliberate template will make it possible for you to model the look and establish the functionality of your site without much of a headache.

HTML5 and CSS3 coding controls are added to the theme to guarantee your website’s proper operation and pixel perfect look in case of mobile accesses. plugin support or content translation.

SEO WordPress theme


SKT SEO is one of the mindful and general purpose products deservedly appearing in the top collections of private investigator WordPress themes.

With simple and clean appearance, SKT SEO grants you with a great working platform at your disposal to play with your profile without leaving your comfort zone. The admin dashboard of the theme is intuitive enough for you to take the leading role in your site’s development and avoid the necessity of hiring professionals to do it.

As one of the thoroughly responsive and mobile approved templates at present, SKT SEO is not hesitant to demonstrate a supreme compatibility with additional tools, shortcodes packs and plugins for taking your profile to new heights and performance levels.

6. Lawzo:
lawyer law firm attorney WordPress theme


If you are struggling to find your online magic, Lawzo is what you will ever need.
Rolled up by the captivating and serious web design solutions, Lawzo is the one to offer you a simplified admin workload with as little or no intervention and involvement as it may be expedient for keeping your site modern, user centric and fresh faced.

It is seamlessly integrated with a plethora of useful features and controls, design and structural components, CSS3 animation, SEO and SMO integration, color picker available, etc.

The commitment of Lawzo’s authors and specialist to you and other owners of this template is simple. We are by your side whenever you need our support, not just when it is suitable for us.

Martial Arts WordPress Themes for karate MMA training schools

A powerful compilation of the best martial arts WordPress themes for sensei and martial arts specialists, karate academies and judo schools, boxing clubs and fitness centers, fighting clubs and competitions, as well as any other type of major and minor martial arts or crossfit center is showcased in this article.

The Far East is extremely rich in national and regional traditions that determine many of the aspects of human existence, otherwise called the form of life.

This way of life is determined by the order of actions that is the most rational under this or that conditions.

And, of course, the adherents of the Far Eastern martial arts adjusted their training to the patterns developed by their ancestors many centuries ago and tried to make them massively exercised by thousands of people across the world.

While those arts are characterized as a way of acquiring the inner balance of the human body and a dynamic way of developing certain physical and mental qualities, the website depicting any martial arts as a form of life or a business should deliver the same philosophy and high quality.

Our martial arts WordPress themes compiled in this article are well trained to be the best exposure of any martial arts or karate related activities and training websites, specialists and bearers of the ancient martial culture.

All of those sports, fitness and martial arts WordPress themes will greatly help you in setting up your personal or professional profile and making sure you are guaranteed against a single pattern of digital adversary.

1. Perfect Fitness:
perfect fitness WordPress theme


Persistent and durable, highly energetic and inspirational, Perfect Fitness as one of the best martial arts WordPress themes can be the true bearer of martial arts philosophy and working directions.

Whether you want to be the best example for your potential clients or share the stories of the most experienced warriors through your website, Perfect Fitness will be excellent for your needs.

The default content is well laid out waiting for you to replace it with your own content and make it highly responsive across dozens of portable devices, gadgets and mobiles.

The homepage nice slider is irreplaceable for hosting your retina ready and HD ready images delivering the true passion and power of your profession, club or academy.

Lots of controllable elements, as well as preloaded packages of useful shortcodes and fonts can be found within Perfect Fitness making you website creation work much easier and even enjoyable.

2. Black and White:
black and white WordPress themes


Another serious looking and well prepared, designer made and inspiringly competent template ready to go with any kind of martial arts presentation online is called Black and White.

Take your karate and taekwondo website to infinity in relation to client engagement and satisfaction with this template that is user and client friendly with responsive design and error free navigation levels, quick performance and pixel perfect visualization.

Packed with a myriad of student and client grabbing features and calls to actions, Black and White comes with color changing and font managing options, page builder compatibility for accelerating the time that will be spent on crafting engaging pages, WooCommerce compatibility and PO file inclusion for translations.

3. Adventure
adventure WordPress theme


If you want to make your client’s journey through your web pages and posts a real and unforgettable adventure bringing them back to your profile over and over, look no further than Adventure.

Hence, if you are in the martial arts industry seeking for the most relevant martial arts WordPress themes to support your digital performance, here is Adventure with an enviably strong structure.

This hands on website building tool is designed with a certain objective in the theme authors’ mind: to bring you closer to your prospective clients and customers, learners and students, depending on the type of activities you are conducting.

The theme’s responsiveness and cross browser supportive nature, simple admin dashboard from the backend of the theme and shortcodes based performance, SEO and SMO compatibility are all directed to reaching that objective.

4. Strong Pro:
crossfit WordPress theme


If you want new students and clients flood in your martial arts business, academy or club, you should give Strong Pro a try.

Designed and minutely worked out to fulfill the needs of fitness and gym, taekwondo and boxing, catch wrestling and judo websites and blogs, Strong Pro is the template we cannot recommend highly enough, since its advantages are boundless.

From clear cut appearance with eye catchy graphical solutions to convenient content areas and sections, mobile friendliness and social media integration, Strong Pro celebrates it all.

Your martial arts website based on this translation ready and plugin compatible template will make your website look fantastic and speak loudly to generate more prospects and leads, more client integration and SEO results.

5. Yogi Pro:
yoga WordPress theme


If you are about stressing the tranquil and stable side of your martial arts, recovering the inner peace of its students and giving them more confidence, Yogi Pro is custom built to support you in building a website that will communicate those feelings to your audience.

Visually elegant and graceful, functionally cutting edge and technically savvy, Yogi Pro is one of the time checked yoga and martial arts WordPress themes to help you in getting things accurate and easy to find.
This template has successfully passed all the tests catering to its mobile friendliness and Google approved performance. The theme is also shortcodes and font based as well as fully adjustable in terms of colors, visual traits, content dissemination and plugin compatibility.

6. BeFit Pro:
personal trainer WordPress theme


Whether you are an experienced sensei with an aim of transferring your knowledge to the younger generation or an online store owner trying to sell more of your relevant products and accessories produced for martial arts warriors and representatives, BeFit Pro is what you are looking for.

As a mix and match of all the modern web design and development trends, BeFit Pro comes bundled with all the primary sections for your content display, from services to blog part, from contact section to gallery.

Internet Provider WordPress Themes for broadband ISP hosting companies

A splendid roundup of the best Internet provider WordPress themes is what we are going to highlight in this article for broadband and Internet service providers, telecommunication companies, call centers, web hosting and domain registrars, digital marketing agencies and other relevant businesses online.

Now, we can confidently say that the world will never be the same as before. It will certainly be divided into two completely different time periods – before and after the appearance of the global network or the Internet.

The role of the Internet in the life of a modern man is hard to overestimate. It is nowadays regularly used by more than 30% of the world population, and it is a little too much about 1.500.000.000 people. An influential number, right? Meanwhile, it was planned to use the Internet only for work purposes.

Well, with the growing demand for Internet based services and offers, specialized service and Internet providers, digital agencies and specialists were among the ones who have managed to take advantage of the situation and make money.

This article on the Internet provider WordPress themes is mainly for such Internet providers and other virtual service companies and organizations which are engaged in providing people with the access to the worldwide networking system.

Needless to say that this system has already become their helping hand and reliable friend in different situations, and hence, people are not going to show stinginess when it comes to having a dependable and premium quality Internet access and connection with their PCs, mobiles and other devices.

Therefore, you can definitely choose one of the suggested Internet provider WordPress themes without long sober thinking and be sure you are going to have a fantastic visualization of your business online that will be user centric and highly demanded.

SEO WordPress theme


SKT SEO is one of the splendidly versatile and elegantly sparkling digital marketing and Internet provider WordPress themes. It is custom built to prove you how a well managed website can be the basis of your groundbreaking success in the nearest future.

Your website needs to be as smooth and error free, as quick in response time and as user centric as the Internet services you offer to your audience. With SKT SEO you can be sure to have not only those qualities, but yet much more.

Flexibility in management, clean interface for better absorbing of information by the website guest, responsive design to ensure your site is accessible both for desktop and mobile users are what make SKT SEO so meaningful and significant.

2. Game Developer:
game developer WordPress theme


The next dynamic and purposeful template designed and worked out specifically for digital and Internet service providers is called Game Developer.

Thanks to the adaptive nature, this template can be reformed and restyled to meet your business needs and serve you as a platform for your game or web developing, Internet marketing or service provision website.

You may not have particular web development or design skills, but with Game Developer it can never be an obstacle for you. Customizer based settings, configuration options with pages and posts, footer and header variations and other features are given within the theme for making your workload much simpler.

The theme is also made to be ads friendly meaning you have additional ways to exercise in order to receive higher profit from your online presence.

3. SKT Hosting:
hosting WordPress theme


Showcase your potential and future clients that the distance does not matter at all. Be available for them in 24/7 format with the assistance of one of the best hosting and Internet provider WordPress themes out theme and showcase your useful service.

The theme’s default structure is well taken care of for you to replace the demo content with your own one and enlist Internet provision, service management, tariff plan switching, checking account balance, online payment, e wallet and other services, packages, discounts and more.

Additionally, SKT Hosting is one size fits all solution for all those businessmen who are well aware of the advantages responsive and adaptive website.

4. IT Consultant:
consultant WordPress theme


Smart content provided by you and an invincibly blend of form and functionality offered by IT Consultant will make your marketing efforts highly productive.

This professional and smartly developed website tool is suitable for IT and digital world, relevant services and consultation, repair and service centers, Internet broadband services, mobile cellular companies, etc.

Totally translation ready, IT Consultant enables you to translate your down to the neighborhood content into different languages to widen the geography of your influence.

However, translation plugins are not the only ones which have been tested with IT Consultant. SEO and SMO, gallery and shortcodes, as well as page builder plugins can also be added to the theme for expanding the functional basis of your site.

5. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


Let us get you totally inspired by the modern flat web design trends. Flat Pro is one of such modern looking and flat or material web design based templates among the best Internet provider WordPress themes you can effortlessly purchase and use.

All in all, it is one of the practical technics you can use for your site that will contribute to the responsive and legible performance of your site across as many platforms and devices as your clients will prefer.

By the application of font and color changing options, layout choices, widget friendly areas and plugin support, you can progress Flat Pro into something more than just an ordinary website of an Internet provider.

6. The App Pro:
app WordPress theme


The last template dedicated to the ultimate operation of any digital based website or blog is called the App Pro.

Crafted for app and product launches, digital services promotion and repair centers, The App Pro unifies pixel perfect design with handy toolbox including customization controls based on the theme’s Customizer, homepage slider with available settings, background and image changes, etc.

SEO and SMO friendly coding has been done properly for your site to dominate search engine results and appear on the best social media platforms.

Sewing WordPress Themes for dressmakers tailors fashion studios

A round up of the best sewing WordPress themes for dressmakers and seamstresses, tailors and designers, handmade business owners, ateliers and parlors, fashion studios and sewing houses, as well as other threading workers.

Sewing is one of the ancient forms of handiwork. The ability to sew has always been admired by people, regardless of culture, era, social condition, standard of living, etc. Anyone who is lucky enough to be your friend or relative or acquaintance will be happy to witness your talent and get from you a present sewn by your own hands.

When you manage to create something beautiful, stylish and useful, it always brings a sense of satisfaction and pride for your work. And when you see that things made by you bring joy to people, you get more inspiration.

As for now, any person with due diligence and desire, can master sewing in a fairly short time and make it one of the sources of his or her profit. And naturally, one of the essential steps to make more people know about your handmade business, small store or atelier is a properly managed and showcased website.

We have already surfed the Internet for the best sewing WordPress themes so that you don’t need to do that.

Each of these templates is already well taken care of and comes with all the needed ingredients to activate your website. However, any of these sewing WordPress themes can become more unique and presentable if you not only invest your time, but also exercise your imagination and innovations.

1. Fashion Trends:
fashion WordPress theme


The expediency of Fashion Trends as one of the best sewing WordPress themes is very high. It means that every single penny you are going to spend on it will be justified in the nearest future.
From lifestyle ladies to fashion enthusiasts, seasoned sewers and needlewomen, dressmakers and designers, this template will be a real go to girl for the website owner of any relevant profession or private business representative.

Responsive and mobile optimized design that demonstrates maximum flexibility across diverse fields, customizer options for managing your site on a continual basis, flat design basics used in the theme along with SEO coding and yet much more can be found within this perfect product.

2. Girlie:


Meet Girlie – a true whimsy galore. This template is as elegant and charming as it is functional and consonant in performance.

All in all, this beautiful and fresh faced website builder is a product without customization limits. We all know if you want to organize a great show for your online audience, you need your site’s backstage function impeccably.

In this relation, you don’t need to worry since Girlie includes convenient and durable admin panel on the backend of the theme where you can find all kinds of accesses to your template and its elements.

With Girlie your sewing or hobby website will be ranked like there is no tomorrow! A stunning SEO coding is done to the theme to provide stable SEO results and meet your clients just on the spot where they are waiting for your offers.
3. Toy Store:


Toy Store is another great idea among the most reliable sewing WordPress themes on how you can achieve great results and win the attention of thousands of clients just with one yet all inclusive and all service website.

If we go deeper into the meat of Toy Store, we’ll discover boundless features and useful components which are harmoniously blended not to hinder, but even foster each other’s denomination.

You are certainly in luck with Toy Store since your business is going to be found on Google and other search engines and attract new incomers to your site. The same goes for your site’s plugin compatible nature to allow you to test new possibilities of your profile in the sphere of online sale and shopping, gallery and portfolio management, content translation and more.

4. Flower Shop:
flower shop WordPress theme


If you are a master in making something unique out of ordinary, Flower Shop is right here for you.
It has all the credentials to turn into one of the top drivers of your creative or handmade business, sewing studio or sewing machine company, private fashion boutique or online storefront.

Amp up your website with valuable content and show off your best images that will be well arranged in the homepage default slider with controllable slides, pause time, animation and more.

This designer made and HTML 5 based website also comes bundled with preloaded font and color management options, footer, header and sidebar choices to be located wherever needed and to contain pieces of useful information.

5. The Art:
art WordPress theme


Another artistic way to approaching the creation and management of your sewing website is called The Art.
Without any shred of doubt, The Art has got you covered with the ready made mobile version of your site to keep the mobile and gadget users closer to you. No digital profile is complete without proper coding and styling controls responsible for your site’s continual proper form and function. Hence, the developers of this template have done their best to adopt the best web related strategies, of course, keeping the non techy website user and his convenience as a top priority.

As one of the powerful sewing WordPress themes, The Art has already managed to prove its consistency with Shortcodes Ultimate, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, SEO, NextGen Gallery and other important tools and plugins.

6. Luxury Watch:


Luxury Watch is another ideal solution for sewing and fabric knitting businesses and industries, fashion studios and ateliers, handmade design specialists and online traders trying to sell their unique products
and accessories.

On the whole, Luxury Watch is not a static framework, but dynamic, meaning that you can constantly change and modify it to adapt to the changing requirements of your online guests.
If you are looking for the best ways of making your site more functional and incorporate new touches, plugins and extensions are your next step, since this template is ultimately plugin friendly.

Virtual assistant WordPress themes for VA and Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistant WordPress themes

There are some awesome virtual assistant WordPress themes available with you can create your website and get more orders like never before.

As the number of companies is increasing day by day, the demand for virtual assistants is increasing exponentially.

If you are a company providing virtual assistance or work in a group or personally, you would need a proper website so that clients can reach out to you.

These premium virtual assistant WordPress themes are extremely eye-catching and have all the necessary functionalities to impress the clients at the very first glance.

Even if you have an existing website, consider changing it to the themes list below for better growth and conversion.

Design Agency Pro
design agency WordPress theme


This is one of the best virtual assistant WordPress themes which is responsive and mobile friendly. It has translation support, and it loads at lightning fast speed. It comes with so many useful shortcodes to show the skills beautifully to the potential clients. WooCommerce support is there and call to action options are handy. The fonts are unlimited, and so are the icons. It is widget friendly and comes with many pre-design widgets for placing them at different positions. Around 8+ page templates are there for designing the inner pages creatively.

personal WordPress theme


This is a personal website building theme and for those who are offering virtual assistance services all by themselves. You can put up some videos to convince the clients, and you can list your skills wonderfully for better conversion rate. The pricing section is useful to list different services, and one can buy them out with a payment gateway. You can also create engaging blogs to increase your brand value, and you will be able to change everything without any technical knowledge.

SKT Biz Pro
business WordPress theme


This is one of the best virtual assistant WordPress themes for providing corporate level assistance. It is best for a company having employees who are expert at providing virtual assistance. This is a very simple theme with no clumsy design, and it is likely to impress the clients to get you more orders. It has all the standard pages, and you can have as many sections as you want. The theme is SEO friendly and fully responsive.

Fix IT
handyman WordPress theme


This is basically a theme for designing a service page. It has a wonderful layout to list the different services with price tags. It is quite creative and increases the value of the company massively. It is going to fetch you bulk orders and it a matter of few years, you can end up being on the top virtual assistant providers in the market. The theme has a filterable gallery, creative sliders, animation in the blocks listed on the homepage and shortcodes to embed different sections in the web pages.

High Tech
computer repair WordPress theme


This is one of the best virtual assistant WordPress themes for those providing technical support. You can list the skills and the categories that you cover. The look of the theme is professional, and the standard pages are innovative with all necessary features. Everything is editable from the background with live preview. The sliders and galleries are exceptional, and it is retina ready for all devices.

IT Consultant

consultant WordPress theme


This is one of the best virtual assistant WordPress themes for those who are providing computer technology related services. It is compatible with mobile devices, and there are unlimited resources for designing the website the way you want. It has social media integration to spread the reach further. The blog section is going to increase organic traffic, and the design is short and professional. Visitors can spot everything easily.


resume WordPress theme


This is one of the best virtual assistant WordPress themes for a personal website. It is compatible with all the standard plugins for gallery, contact establishment, payment gateway, search engine optimization and social media marketing. The fancy gallery and shuttle animations are very eye-catching. It comes with unlimited icons, shortcodes, fonts and plugins support. You can sport your resume beautifully for the potential clients to get impressed easily.

Complete Pro

complete WordPress theme


This is one of the most amazing virtual assistant WordPress themes on the list. It has a classic look, and it is best for BPO companies to use them to get bulk orders. The first glance is enough to impress the potential clients, and it comes with parallax background effect. You can place banners, map, video, other graphical objects in the background of the different sections. There are many choices for the page layout and placing widgets and different sections for the purpose of attracting clients.

SKT Dual

marketing WordPress theme


This is a creative theme and one can show every skill individually. Companies can list their different categories and departments of virtual assistance for clients to avail them. It has great blog section and galleries. You can place audios and videos with shortcodes. It is more of a one-page theme though beautiful inner pages can be created with the advanced page builder. It has support for video conference and providing a demo for online communication.

SKT Launch Pro

author WordPress theme


If you are starting your BPO business recently, it is one of the best virtual assistant WordPress themes to use. It has all the ingredients to make your website successful and take your company to the next level. You can also start a blog to write engaging posts and get potential clients from search engines. There are so many theme options available for tweaking designs and core features. Services can be listed in the better way and its professional design is sure to impress the visitors.

I Am One PRO

one page WordPress theme


This is a multipurpose personal website building theme. There are so many sections available on the homepage to showcase your talent and skills. You can have video slider and galleries and provide video to give a demo. You can also have a podcast to show your quality and discuss issues related to your skill areas to gain the trust of the clients easily and bag the orders.
These are the best virtual assistant WordPress themes for a company or association providing visual assistance. They can also be used as a personal website by the virtual assistants who want to get orders directly. These are tailor-made to impress the potential clients and get the order easily.

Pink WordPress Themes for pink coloured websites

It is best to design websites for such businesses with inherent pink WordPress themes to have the best outlook.

The color of any website theme plays an important role. Every color has certain implications from the business point of view.

Different brands use different colors for their logo and website design to make people understand instantly what their business is about. For example, pink is a common color for brands and websites related to women like lifestyle, fashion, wedding and likewise.

Inherent pink WordPress themes are tailor-made with relevant components and widgets that are going to be useful for your desired website design.

Here are some of the best pink WordPress themes you need to go through to select the perfect pink color theme for your website.

1. Nuptials


Nuptials is a perfect pink theme for creating personal wedding sites, offering wedding services like photography, selling wedding accessories and items. The theme is responsive and looks great on all devices. You can put up wedding albums with amazing photo galleries and lightboxes. It comes with many shortcodes for creatively design your website as per your requirement with advanced designing elements. There are important pages like About Us where you can have your family members, Blog for writing your heart out and share special moments with your readers, Events for announcing special occasions and invite people to attend as well as other necessary pages like Contact Us.

The home page comes with a full-width animated slider to showcase your best photos with punch lines. It comes with more than 600 Google fonts and hence, you can get all the decorative and ornamental fonts to beautify your website further.

2. Girlie
girly WordPress theme


Pink WordPress themes go perfectly with websites related to girls and women. Girlie is an outstanding theme for designing any feminine website. It is responsive and appears equally awesome on all browsers and devices. It has passed Google mobile-friendly test successfully and hence, it is best from SEO perspective. It is a feature-rich theme with options for changing color, fonts, size, managing contact section and integrating social media pages seamlessly. Amazing shortcodes are provided for powerful features like call-to-action buttons, info boxes, and testimonial or featured post sliders.

Coming to its applications, it is best for designing blogs such health, recipes, travel, or even personal website for girls. One can also use it as a business website for selling products and services that have girls as targeted audiences. It is WooCommerce compatible, and various other popular plugins for online shopping and eCommerce can be integrated effortlessly. The homepage has various graphical triggers with animations to make it eye-catching and addictive.

3. CutsNStyle Pro
responsive hair salon WordPress theme


CutsNut Pro is one of the most attractive pink WordPress themes of them all. It is best for creating an online store exclusively for women. It is fully responsive with cross browser compatibility and multilingual support. The slider comes with 12 different animation effects to add variety and shortcodes will help you to add elegant content on any page effortlessly.

It has relevant designs for blog section and other important pages. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce for direct monetary transactions and Nextgen gallery for advance portfolio showcasing. There are multiple widgets available for showcasing different offers and deals to drive sale figures.

4. SKT Landing Page
landing page WordPress theme


SKT Landing Page is a one-page deep pink WordPress theme. It is a multipurpose landing page theme which can be used as showcasing website for apps, products, services or any general business for that matter. Just like other pink WordPress themes, it has minimalist design style and very light weight for fast loading speed. The design of the website is according to the modern trend, and hence, only flat icons and buttons are inserted in relevant places.
It offers as many as 6 sliders to meet your demands, and it is compatible with WooCommerce for the online sale of products and services directly through the website. It is SEO-friendly, translation ready for global customers, compatible with page builder, email subscription plugins, pricing table plugins, and offers dynamic widgets for versatility. It is one of the complete pink WordPress themes with all the features for a perfect business website.

5. Charm
WordPress blog theme


Charm is one of the best pink WordPress themes for creating a blog for women. It is fully responsive and layouts are perfect for creating a world-class blog. It provides all the different types of blog commenting facilities and widgets. You can add new layouts and pages with its page builder. It comes with several widgets which are important for a blogger to make more revenue. One can feature some sponsor articles, offers services by showcasing a portfolio and even use WooCommerce for direct transactions.

6. Fashion Trends


Fashion Trends is the most elegant among all other pink WordPress themes that are dedicated to fashion and lifestyle blog or store. It is retina ready for small to extra-large screen devices. It comes with a customizer tool to modify the layout as per your need. Live preview of the changes can be seen to design everything perfectly. It is flat according to modern trend and SEO-friendly to rank you higher on search engines. Mega Menu, page builder and WooCommerce compatibility, amazing gallery options, exclusive blogging section, animations and unique shortcodes are some of its unique features that will dazzle the customers. It also has an event calendar, Google plugins, comment plugins, forum section, multilingual and translation support and a great collection of flat icons.

7. Bakery
bakery WordPress theme


It is a deep pink and brown combination WordPress theme. It can be used as an online store to sell food products or even as a blogging for sharing recipes. It is fully responsive in all browsers and devices. The sliders are awesome and you can change colors, fonts, icons to personalize them. There are separate sections for team, service, blog, testimonial, and other necessary pages.

8. SKT Newspaper Pro
newspaper WordPress theme


This is one of the most popular pink WordPress themes for blogging. The default color is customizable. The homepage can accommodate all the different categories of articles with grid view. With the slider, you can show featured or sponsored posts. 4 different types of homepages are possible. There are several sidebars for keeping your audiences engaged and generate more revenue. Galleries are stunning and WooCommerce can be integrated easily. It can be used for personal as well as commercial blogging. It is completely SEO-friendly and has multilingual and translation support.

These are the best pink WordPress themes you can ever get to design your dream website and achieve personal and professional goals. You can check the demo for each theme and get an overall idea and thereafter, buy out the theme to use it for the lifetime. They are sure to make your website stand out with their eye-catching design, superfast functionalities, and user-friendliness.

Hunting Outfitters WordPress Themes for hunting and fishing stores

The best hunting outfitters WordPress themes are shared this time for hunting outfitters and guides, hunting and fishing stores, hunting clubs and accessories, as well as outfitter professionals and experts to easily establish their online presence and sell their hunting tours, accessories, ammunition, arms and more.

Hunting is one of the oldest occupations of people and their first profession which not only survived until now but got a new modern development and understanding.

At present hunting is one of the favorite pastimes of millions of people. It is a real chance for them to combine many different aspects, from having a rest in the open air and communicating with nature to demonstrating their athletic qualities and generating profit.

The collection of the best hunting outfitters WordPress themes showcased in this article can be a real revelation for hunting outfitter business representatives and hunting clubs to widen the scope of their influence and engage more and more people surfing the Internet for the relevant services and offers.

All of those fishing and hunting outfitters WordPress themes are well optimized for performing under different conditions and wearing different outfits to please different groups of audience.

Hence, whether your aim is to market your hunting store or club, find partners and investors to organize trips or create hunting maps, or just increase your popularity, those hunting outfitters WordPress themes will do the job perfectly.

1. Adventure:
adventure WordPress theme


Creating a hunting website with Adventure will be a fun job. All you need to do is to purchase it as one of the cost effective hunting outfitters WordPress themes and customize it the way your audience expects it to appear.

Brainstorm your creative ideas and put them into action with color and font changes and plays, disposition of imagery and social media icons, footer and header area, etc.

The theme’s backend is enviable flexible and intuitive in usage while letting you tweak to the default template and change or remodel as per your needs.

A modern flat design has been added to the theme in order to make your website’s look more effective and attention seizing.

There is also a nice looking homepage slider you can use for showcasing attractive photos from your tours or services.

2. Perfect Golf Club:
golf WordPress theme


Perfect Golf Club is very reliable and smart template that generates visual excellence in terms of colors, graphics and homepage structure serving as a gateway to your website.

It’s a multipurpose and feature rich template of WordPress origin ready to function well with a myriad of profiles and businesses, from sports and leisure clubs to shooting ranges and hunting clubs, hotel and hostel, hunting venues and wild tours, etc.

With great performance and pixel perfect appearance, Perfect Golf Club is bundled with preloaded pack of shortcodes, Google fonts and social media icons, widget friendly areas and thousands of customizer controls from behind the scenes.

The theme is also wonderfully responsive and SMO optimized to lead more quantifiable results and bring more Internet users to your web pages.

3. Car Rental:
car rental WordPress theme


Car Rental is another niche specific template suitable for renting and selling businesses, and hence can be effortlessly applied in relation to any hunting equipment or accessories, tents and cars rental services, tour operators and hunting tour guides, etc.

All the essential features and elements of this template are incorporated reasonable and thoughtfully to eliminate the risk of losses and errors while providing you with maximum freedom in your actions. From decorating your website with the favorite color touches to changing the overall structure of the theme for better exposure and extending its functionality with the help of plugins, you are the only developer and designer of your site.

Page builder compatibility and slider operation, PO file inclusion for translation purposes and ecommerce ready platform for online commercial activities are all possible with Car Rental.

4. Hotel Booking:
hotel booking WordPress theme


Designed for precision and cutting edge accomplishment, Hotel Booking is designed to support you in the presentation of your fishing or hunting outfitters business, provide services and offer tours with hotel and hostel reservations and more.

Responsive web design has long drifted away from the pool of luxury and has entered into the group of standard web practices.

It means that guaranteeing your website’s responsive and mobile compatible design is a must.

In this relation, you can heavily rely on Car Rental with mobile optimization and HTML5 coding.

This simple and user centric website comes with page builder or drag and drop system compatibility to quickly build highly functional and elegant pages.

5. The Trip:
travel WordPress theme


The Trip is another award winning ecosystem among the most productive hunting outfitters WordPress themes to increase your opportunities to success in the relevant hunting or fishing field.

Jump in the online game with little investment and build your online hunting storefront, let hunters book their club memberships, licenses, etc., let social media users find your content easily and earn your credibility.

Elevate your hunting profile with useful information deployed in the preloaded content zones like home, about, services and blog, display your imagery in gallery section with categorized albums, locate calls to actions and contact details in footer and header area which are widget friendly.

If your site is not SEO friendly, you are leaving money on the table. The Trip is well coded to meet the requirements of search engines especially when supported by popular SEO plugins for better organic results.

6. Go Fishing:
fishing WordPress theme


Go Fishing is fishing and hunting, shooting and sports related template packed with all the compulsory modern controls and design touches.

Launching your website with Go Fishing will not be painful since you are not going to sweat in order to transfer it to the active stage and proceed with its customization.

All in all, the theme is user friendly, easy to navigate and scan, mobile compatible and browser checked, as well as shortcodes friendly.

SMO and SEO coding is also well performed to take your website to the platforms where millions of people are.

Telephone Service WordPress Themes for broadband and IT providers

We are thrilled to bring you the results of our hard work in the form of the best telephone service WordPress themes.

These systems are intended for the pixel perfect performance across telephone and cell phone services, including repair and software, stores and shops, telecommunication service providers and companies, telephone exchange principalities, as well as other digital and electronic based businesses online.

The field of electronic communication is currently experiencing revolutionary changes associated with the globalization of production and economic processes in the world.

This corresponds to the emergence and development of new technologies: the emergence of computer and telecommunications systems, the introduction of fiber optic technology, the digital methods and devices of data transmission, etc.

However, in this turmoil of technological advancement, the invention of telephones, and later also cell phones can never be shadowed.

It was one of the first steps towards breaking geographical barriers and bringing friends, relatives, partners and colleagues closer.

And although there are more dynamic ways of digital communication as for now, ranging from email and fax to social media networks, the communication through telephone remains one of the relevant components in personal and business interaction.

The collection of the best telephone service WordPress themes is primary highlighted for all such digital and telecommunication companies providing telephone and cell phone services of any kind, selling electronic devices, etc.

Whether you are going to advertise your telephone services, local residential and business packages, high speed internet connection, support and security services or cell your digital products on favorable terms, these telephone service WordPress themes are for you. Let’s go through each of them separately so that you can reasonably choose the best one matching your demands.

SEO WordPress theme


SKT SEO is not only about visual beauty and aesthetics. It’s also about wonderful pliability and correctness in performance, as well as subordination to any admin’s undertaking from the backend of the theme.

Thanks to this qualities and not only, SKT SEO is praised as one of the top rated telephone service WordPress themes that can freely function around any telephone and mobile phone based profile, Internet broadband services, SEO and SMO marketing, domain and hosting registrars and more.

Once you are united with this responsive yet simple in operation template, be sure nothing will prevent your website from appearing online around the clock and being easy to crawl and rank for search engine algorithms.

2. Black and White:
black and white WordPress themes


Another recommendation for telephone service providers and digital marketers, phone repair centers and stores is called Black and White.

The mission of Black and White is to enable anyone to create a digital design based on the modern web standards. It is based on the phenomenon that the website design is not only how beautiful your site looks and feels but also how well it works.

This template is quite adaptive and accommodating meaning that you can play with the theme options, add something and preview it, or take a quick step back and remove whatever you have added recently without hectic coding. Moreover, whatever the content and image arrangement your site is, the mobile optimized version of your site with all the required changes is 100 % guaranteed with this theme.

3. SKT Hosting:
hosting WordPress theme


SKT Hosting is also one of the niche specific telephone service WordPress themes to deliver customer centric and engaging experience for your potential and prospective clients.

Additionally, this amazingly developed and well coded website tool feels perfect when hosted by any digital industry representative, domain and hosting, security license and service package provision organizations, Internet providers, telecommunication networks, etc.

SKT Hosting, as a part of your virtual profile, will grant you with a rich feature base to work on and achieve the impeccable form and function of you site your clients will evaluate high. It comes with all the first aid options and elements, fonts and shortcodes packs, service and other boxes to emphasize your offers and services, etc.

4. Flat Pro:
flat WordPress theme


Are you going to craft a website that will be qualitatively stable and durable? We do hope so, because there is no other way to beat the fierce competition in the digital arena.

Flat Pro is one of such stable and persistent templates designed and decorated for business spectrum and its all branches. Hence, telephone service providers need not spend their time on further searches for relevant ecosystem on which a well formatted and sophisticated website can be built on.

Flat web design still keeps its apparel on the clients’ journey while improving the loading speed, making the visual more attention grabbing, as well as supporting responsiveness and SEO results of your theme.

5. High Tech:
computer repair WordPress theme


Another exclusive pattern incorporated in our assemblage of computer service WordPress themes that will blow your mind comes launched as High Tech.

A key tenet of this digital product is to provide framework that is custom built to tailor to the marketing needs of any webmaster or website admin. It means that High Tech can be modified and refreshed as many times as you may wish to keep your profile and its services easy to achieve for your audience.

Suitable also for computer and telephone, mobile and gadget repair services, High Tech comprises dynamic features and characteristics paired with translation and commercial ready nature.

6. The App Pro:
app WordPress theme


The App Pro is the next innovative template that will help your grow your business and client base in the most effective yet cost conscious way.

With 0 expertise in web design and development, you will be capable of exercising the theme in its full potential and even extending its capacities to reach a better commercial platform, multilingual content, additional shortcodes and more.

Since mobile friendliness and cross mobile compatibility jump into the same boat together with client satisfaction, The App Pro has been coded to share those qualities to the maximum extent. As for the other advantages of the theme, it is widget friendly with controllable parts, background areas, images, colors, fonts, etc.

Roofing WordPress Themes for flooring as well as roofing websites

roofing WordPress themes

A mega assemblage of the best and the most practical roofing WordPress themes catering to flooring and roofing, paving and carpets cleaning, repair and renovation, interior design and modeling, home decoration, stone flooring and ceramic tile stores, HVAC and cleaning, and other relevant businesses is shared with you.

The demand for interior design, roofing and paving services for apartments, offices and dwelling spaces is growing along with the number of people who want to live and work in comfort. On the other hand, with the growth of well being, people are increasingly turning to design projects and innovations.

What is more interesting is the evidence that this phenomenon applies both to the owners of large cottages and houses, as well as small apartments. And given the fact that it’s relatively easy to jump into this kind of business even with little investment and with the assistance of a couple of creative employees, it’s not surprising that interior design studios, flooring and roofing service provision agencies grow like mushrooms.

Hence, if you are a startup businessman in this industry or want to market your seasoned company for better results and brand recognition, our roofing WordPress themes are here for your consideration.
These roofing WordPress themes build their reputation on stability and precision during the whole period of their performance on the basis of multiple niche specific websites and blogs. And while you are probably looking for custom built design and functional base that will be unbeatable and self secured, you are going to receive more than you expect from each of these roofing WordPress themes.

1. Real Estate:


Take advantage of Real Estate that is both beautiful and highly functional and create your near perfection profile with less fuss around. Use the preloaded elements, shortcodes, components and features of this unique website building tool that are flexible, customizable and easy in usage.

Designed for accessibility and quick management controls, Real Estate boasts a brand new visual appearance, grid and list view options for your products and services, boxed or full wide layout options, color picker with ultimate color controls and much more.

Integrating a whole commercial system into your online profile will be easier than you might ever think. Just choose the appropriate plugin and go live with your online store and physical product listings.

2. Perfect Interior:
perfect interior WordPress theme


Responsive and mobile optimized, user and client centric, Perfect Interior is also included in our list of roofing WordPress themes for which the client’s satisfaction is a top priority.
Interior design experts, roofing and paving contractors and other experts working in this industry can turn Perfect Interior into their digital homes that will showcase their basic skills, expertise in the field with proper portfolio inclusion, etc.

Enlist all your available services, including wood and carpet, laminate and marble, linoleum and tile roofing services and others in the relevant sections and content areas of the theme, give contact details in footer or header area to be in the focus of the web viewer’s attention as soon as the latter lands on your profile.

3. WoodCraft:
furniture store WordPress theme


WoodCraft is another great offer for housing and wood industry representatives.
As a business owner, you will have all of the freedom to customize and manage your profile that will go hand in hand with your brand identity, taste and proficiency. This respectable website builder comes saturated with pre enabled features and shorcodes to take care of the proper look and feel of your site irrespective of your qualities as a web designer or developer.

Other must have features that this modern template shares are the theme’s HTML 5 coding that exudes 100% responsiveness, page builder compatibility and translation readiness, modern flat web design applied for ensuring your site’s stable performance across old and new browsers, etc.

4. Accommodation:
accomodation WordPress theme


Accommodation is clean and crisp, elegant and delicate WordPress powered theme that delivers high grade and denomination.

With trending design and thorough flexibility, Accommodation incorporates everything you will ever need to mind your own journey to online success. All in all, the theme’s package includes page and post controls with typography changes and resizes, color testing, footer, header and sidebar layout choices, convenient homepage sections and calls to actions to seize more attention, etc.

An easy to use and apply documentation is also available with the theme’s package, as well as professional support is waiting for you in case you are faced with some issue.

5. Locksmith:


Another valuable recommendation among roofing WordPress themes tying to housing industry is called Locksmith.
Styled by the most elegant and aesthetic traits and graphical solutions, this template is custom built to serve any kind of content in the most fashionable yet accurate manner striving for the maximum legibility. Homepage with nicely deployed section is a great starting point for displaying both visual and textual content with the typography you have chosen.

Material and flat design components of Locksmith are added which are all Google approved and can serve as indicators for your site being search engine friendly. Moreover, other SEO basics are also well taken care of in relation to this product so that you can be sure to occupy the best positions in the digital platform.

6. Furnish (Interior Pro):
interior design WordPress theme


You will certainly find joy in dealing with Furnish. Expand your interior design, renovation or roofing business by reaching out more potential customers by the application of all the essential marketing and promotion channels this template offers you. From SEO to SMO optimization to responsive design to attract all those clients you are using their mobile phones for Internet searches, this template is well equipped with all the primary characteristics.

Use the default homepage slider or replace it with another one to entice your website guests with the effective images of your works and portfolio items.

The internationalization of your profile is also possible with Furnish since this template is totally multilingual ready with POT file inclusion and qTranslate X plugin compatibility.

Hardware Store WordPress Themes for tools & hardware selling websites

Hardware store WordPress themes for tools and hardware stores, household and heavy equipment magazines, electrical and plumbing services, hardware and painting specialists and other relevant stores and handymen to create their websites and market their services and products more effectively.

If you have already taken the trouble of opening your hardware store, it doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax hoping that your business will never face hard times.

The giants and retailers operating on the same field as you will hardly cede their clients and customers to you.

It means that you need to exercise all the local and international marketing strategies to get more market share and new clients to your store or service provision business.

It goes without saying that website is one of the lead generating digital marketing tools creating an environment where you can meet your clients and share your offers with them.

Our collection of hardware store WordPress themes is aimed at bringing you closer to the right decision when it comes to choosing the basis of your future hardware store website.

Check the below specified hardware store WordPress themes in order to redouble your sales and do it with minimum costs and wasted financial means.

Each and every template you will meet in this article has won the love and trust of many retailers and wholesalers managing hardware or DIY stores, online shops selling home and garden equipment and tools, etc.

Those hardware store WordPress themes have lots of essential features and controls in common. However, each of them is developed in a way to stress the uniqueness and comfort of your website matching your preferences and business needs.

1. Perfect Business:
perfect business WordPress theme


Powered by the latest coding controls and durability, Perfect Business is one of the cutting edge hardware store WordPress themes custom built for multiple applications.

From local hardware stores to megamarkets and household appliances stores, and everything in between, Perfect Business is ready to proudly present them to your digital audience.

Create your professional website based on Perfect Business and let your clients take a virtual journey through your hardware store or home improvement center with its items, products and services.

All the necessary content zones and areas are loaded for the complete demonstration of your store and its parts, sections and merchandise, your business profile, contact details and operating hours, etc.

The theme is also HD ready with responsive coding to take the exposure of your visual imagery to perfection across mobiles and gadgets.

2. Perfect Mechanic:
mechanic WordPress theme


Perfect Mechanic is the next well coded and designer made WordPress template ready made to grow your commercial or service provision business.

Whether you are selling home based and building materials, chains, electrical supplies, cleaning and painting products or offering mechanic, plumber, woodmaker, electrician or flooring services, Perfect Mechanic will be the best investment for your online success.

The theme’s overall design makes it easy to highlight the most attractive parts of your business and its experts and handymen, their talents, price range and more.

You can also make your profile more powerful and categorized with the help of multiple plugins, from commercial to contact from, from SEO to shortcodes and more.

3. Complete Pro:
complete WordPress theme


Complete Pro is what you were looking for so far. With durable framework and full flexibility for constant changes and amendments, this fully packed and all inclusive template is the one to take your hardware store to the maximum online exposure.

This comprehensive and intelligent template comes with commercial ready layout to create the online version of your store and start selling your products via the Internet as well. All you need to do is to add relevant e commerce plugin to your template and make use of the offered store management platform.

Other plugins such as portfolio ones for better gallery and portfolio classification, shortcodes plugins for more shortcodes at your disposal, as well as multilingual plugins have all been checked with Complete Pro.

4. Landing page:
landing page WordPress theme


The next valuable and results focused website tool among the best hardware store WordPress themes is called Landing Page. This top rated template can be the heart and soul of your commercial and marketing efforts while narrowing your web visitor’s attention to the most informative parts of your site.

The true perfection and stability of this template is achieved by the clear and minimal design it shares.

It is not that nothing more can be added, but surely there is nothing that needs to be taken away.

This comprehensive and smart design is supported by advanced technological framework with color changing and font management controls, page and post templates to manage, inner banner available, as well as pricing tables integration with relevant plugins.

5. Blendit:
blendit single page WordPress theme


If you are looking for a compact one page, yet modern and elegant website template to run on your hardware store website, look no further than Blendit. It comes as a mixture of the most successful web design approaches and graphical solutions wrapped up with hassle free layout and intuitive admin dashboard.

Create your revenue generating commercial profile with Blendit and grow your social and digital communities over time. Showcase all your products, their prices and short descriptions, available handymen and delivery services, store locations and working hours, etc in the given areas and sections, footer and header parts and more.

6. Shopzee:
eCommerce WordPress theme


Shopzee is the last ecommerce ready layout created with the online traders and merchandizers, store and shop owners in the developers’ mind.

This top quality template is powered by HTML5 and CSS3 to prove the hassle free performance of your site in terms of look and functionality.

Add different product categories to make your online store easy to look through, use the preloaded homepage slider for the exclusive offers and sales announcements, and use the blog section to guarantee the optimal frequency of blog posting meeting your client’s expectations.

You are also capable of creating as many pages and posts as you will find expedient for your profile, as well as changing the theme’s typography and colors at any time during the site’s operation.

Museum WordPress Themes for circus museums antique and other sites

An elegant assemblage of the best museum WordPress themes for showcasing any kind of cultural heritage or modern culture collections is shared in this article for museums and theaters, exhibitions and antique collections, libraries and art galleries, as well as other culture related websites and blogs.

In modern society, success depends on information literacy, self reliance, ability to communicate effectively and solve problems in less time and stress.

Skills are changing, more opportunities for choice are given, and it becomes more and more difficult to make a final decision.

Museums, libraries and other memory institutions try to understand how the skills of the modern human being have changed.

It gives them the opportunity to adequately respond to those changes by providing relevant services and competing in the leisure market with movies, clubs, shopping and entertainment centers, and, naturally, the Internet.

In an effort to be as effective and desirable as possible, many museums and other cultural institutions do their best to be online with their services and exhibitions. The museum WordPress themes included in our article are designed specifically for such purposes and cultural presentations online.

Choose any of the below discussed museum WordPress themes and enjoy the avalanche of potential and possible opportunities, both design and functional, in order to elevate a website with a unique charm and magnetism.

Additionally, with any of those museum WordPress themes you will get an irreplaceable technical support with a first call resolution strategy so that you will never feel confused or frustrated with your website and its development.

1. The Art:
art WordPress theme


Flooded by the artistic breeze, The Art is one of the elegant and purposeful museum WordPress themes to be utilized for any kind of artistic or cultural website or blog. Whether you are a private artist who wants to organize online exhibitions of his works or sell them, or a museum manager to create the online version of your institution, look no further than The Art.

If we remove the beautiful look and neat graphics of this template, we’ll find a totally customizable yet simple in usage admin dashboard giving you enough freedom to work from the backend of the theme. Here you’ll have access to the whole toolkit of the theme with color changing options, typography management, header and footer layout choices, page and post controls, etc.

SEO WordPress theme


Clean and vibrant, SKT SEO is the next general purpose and highly influential website building ecosystems the cultural world can highly benefit from.

The designers working on SKT SEO have not rushed with the establishment of the theme’s overall look and have taken into account all the advantages of clear and legible appearances. Hence, SKT SEO is a great tool for communicating your cultural message to your audience with simple design solutions and items.

By doing away with anything irrelevant, SKT SEO is rather rich in management options, shortcodes base for different processes, as well as page and post controls.

The theme’s responsiveness and SEO friendliness are the best assets in keeping your website higher in ranking, as well as in client engagement both with desktop and mobile usages.

3. Classified Ads:


The commercial aspect has penetrated into almost all the aspects of the modern life and the cultural world is not exclusion. Classified Ads is advertisement friendly product among the top notch museum WordPress themes to provide you with a competitive edge and letting you earn money from ads placed on your website.

From quick registration to proper listings of your museum halls and their content, from offering your tickets and programs to the potential clients to sharing the best images on the homepage slider, everything is well taken care of in Classified Ads.

Feel free to test your website with every single portable device with an Internet connection and you will be astonished by the precision and adaptability your site will showcase.

4. Photodock:


Photodock is an image based and artist friendly website tool suitable both for local museums with restricted audience and world famous cultural centers with an international audience and attendance.

With multilingual support Photodock celebrates, it will be possible for you to showcase your website as a brochure in specific languages so that more and more tourists and international guests can review your profile and order tickets.
The creation of your exclusive profile will take you only minutes even if you are dumb in web programming and styling.

The proper HTML5 and CSS3 techniques have been used in relation to Photodock to serve all the needs of your website surfers and provide them with the best exposure of your site, both desktop and mobile.

5. Gravida:
corporate WordPress theme


If your preference is a modern and all inclusive website base to get maximum profit with minim efforts, Gravida is what you are looking for.

Custom built to present your museum in all its glow and charm, Gravida is well optimized for simple usage and admin friendly performance. Hence, you can display your museum, its construction and rooms, valuable collections and antiques, special parts and more in a professional and compact way.

You can flaunt your unique style with ease by the application of color picker options, adding the preferred images to the homepage full width slider and setting the best typography. You are also enabled to try and test additional tools and extensions to check ecommerce compatibility, multilingual readiness or SEO character of your site.

6. PicArt:
portfolio WordPress theme


PicArt is whimsy and creative, inspiringly beautiful and dependable template among museum WordPress themes to show whatever is relevant to your museum or library, exhibition or theatre.

Customizing this template is as easy as a pie given the intuitive admin dashboard and the abundance of preloaded features. Among them are color changing controls with color picker, full documentation to guide you in bewildering situations, homepage slider to host the best of your museum photos, widget friendly sidebar area and more.
With complete responsiveness, SEO and SMO friendliness, shortcodes base and standard pages inclusion, PicArt will help you put your best foot forward.

Recording Studio WordPress Themes for music recording websites

It’s high time to take you through the best recording studio WordPress themes for musicians and music producers, DJs and private singers, artists, songwriters and record label studios, audio production and mixing specialists, music bands and groups, etc.

To be successful in music and audio production world, being talented and creative is only half the way to success.

The other half is the proper marketing and advertising of your relevant activities, services and music products so that they can find their end users quickly.

Here is a gathering of the best recording studio WordPress themes for absolutely all types of music and audio world representatives.

From private singers and music groups to music producers and songwriters, record studio managers and experts, audio production activities and more, these templates will host your website in the most effective fashion.

As a record studio owner or music producer, with any of those recording studio WordPress themes you can easily leverage the volume of your potential client and customers scanning your profile for relevant services and offers.

All of them are created and updated in a compliance with the highest standards imposed by the modern digital world and as such are aimed at generating a visual delight together with a functional excellence.

1. Music Producer:
music band WordPress theme


Your fans and followers, clients and customers are expecting to find a “one stop shop” profile where they can scroll up and down, go from page to page, make purchases, download audio and video files, direct questions and more. If you think that having all in one solution for your audio and music industry presentation is impossible, give Music Producer a try.

It is one of the strong and results focused recording studio WordPress themes to dominate the music industry with a unique and charming website or blog. Whether you are going to use the online platform for promoting your recording or record label studio, share your audio materials or interact with your fans, Music Producer is what you will ever need.

The theme’s admin panel is nothing but a splendidly armed toolbox for anyone to take the leading role in controlling and styling his website accordingly with colors, typeface, fonts, slider images, shortcodes application and more.

2. Adventure:
adventure WordPress theme


Adventure is the next recommendation for music and dance world representatives, music producers and studio engineers to easily identify your message and communicate it to your target audience.

Build your creative and sustainable musical brand or the profile of your professional studio in the most cost effective fashion with Adventure since this template is truly affordable and reachable.

When it comes to conquering the online space, we all know which matters the most. Adventure has been developed with all the necessary controls and qualities to bring maximum results. Among them are the theme’s responsiveness and mobile friendly coding based on HTML 5, CSS3 animation controls to enable presentable animation effects at the scrolls of your slider images, etc.

3. SKT Tube:
video WordPress theme


SKT Tube is a brilliant solution among recording studio WordPress themes that is specialized in dealing with dozens of audio and video materials, as well as displaying them effortlessly through the web posts and pages, homepage slider, etc.

Default video slider is enabled with the theme to make it possible to showcase your video materials and tutorials, clips displaying the potential of your recording studio, its modern solutions and equipment, etc.
Naturally, this template is also suitable for artists and musicians, dancers and music groups, festivals and event organizers to schedule their video clip releases, upcoming concerts and festivals, create songs and video listings, categorize albums and galleries, etc.

From a more technical perspective, SKT Tube is armed with dozens of management and customization controls, editable sections and selective page and site layouts, standard pages included, SEO and SMO optimization all wrapped up in a modern flat design.

4. Musical Sounds:
audio WordPress theme


Musical Sounds is the next dynamic and energetic website building tool to help you to go viral and create an unforgettable website experience for your impatient yet demanding audience.

From music promo agencies and consulting services to recording studio marketing and promotion, Musical Sounds will assist you in ensuring the stability of your business performance online.

This inspiringly beautiful and multifunctional template can serve a solid ground for a music industry representatives and artists of any direction, professionalism, nature, genre or style. Music player is enabled for the default template that is fully controllable with size and more, as well as fonts and icons packs are pre enabled for you to exercise for better typography, icons management, etc.

5. Melody:
music studio WordPress theme


Melody as one of the talented and visually crisp, smoothly scannable and fully sustainable recording studio WordPress themes will let you dream big and realize all your dreams within the shortest timespan.

This HTML5 and CSS3 supported template will protect your recording studio fame or your musical brand by optimizing all the cooperation channels with social media, search engines, commercial world and more.

The theme gives you a great sense of control and surveillance over your profile from the backend of the theme. The theme supports HD and retina readiness for higher resolutions and pixel perfect image support across different mobiles and browsers. Team members area is also prebuilt to create the profiles of your specialists and studio members, summarize their experience, share their photos and more.

6. Disco Dancer:
disco dancer WordPress theme


Disco Dancer is the last visually captivating and colorful, smoothly navigable and fully fledged, dance and music, audio producing, recording studio WordPress themes at present.

Find the fan and client base your music brand, record labeling studio or dance academy deserves with Disco Dancer that is well formulated and modeled to exude responsiveness and mobile friendliness, browser and device support.

With Disco Dancer you don’t need a science degree in marketing or web development to get things flowing and craft your profile that will be translation ready with PO file inclusion, as well as shortcodes and customizer based for a simpler workload.

Music is one of the best things in the universe. No one can imagine life without music. Without music, the world would be reticent and barren. Music enfolds you in a blanket of comfort, giving you inspiration in moments of loneliness and sorrow.

It is the amicable articulation of people’s thoughts and fervor utilized as a meaningful and complex expression of universal communication. Yes, it might possible that everyone like a different type of music.

From the earlier days till now, there are many forms of music has evolved. No matter you are organizing any occasion without music it will not be completed. The moment musical notes softly enter our ears; they arouse the comatose love for it.

Mythology, as well as folk tales, bears evidence to the fact that even animals respond with joy to the melodious vibrations of the harp. Music has a soothing and healing power.

Soft and sweet music soothes the wearied, the worried, and the sad; mothers let their fretful children sleep with gentle lullabies. So, music has its impact everywhere in one form or another.

These days when people are much busy in their daily routine then soft music after the day-long tiredness will relax their stress. Similarly, if there is a party then pop music or DJ songs will suits perfect.

As per the occasion, we select the type of music. Some have lovely voices which conquer the hearts of people. Some have a passion for song collection while some are music maniac. They want to make their career in the music industry.

If you are also one of them who has a god gifted sweet and beautiful voice. Then, you can make people aware of your sweet voice and the best solution is to design your own website.

Cling to all these we have come forward with this elegant recording studio WordPress theme. So, by exerting this theme you can design a magnificent website for singers, audio studio, music player and related.

Designed keep in mind all the quintessential of modern websites. All the SEO standards have been followed and SEO optimized coding has been done in order to make your website available with good search rankings.

You can install various SEO plugins also like Yoast and All In One in order to augment your search rankings. As the theme is designed compatible with various SEO plugins.

Recording studio WordPress theme is designed congenial with WooCommerce plugin. So, you can carry online transactions with your recording studio website without any worries, securely and effectively.

Social media integration is one of the prerequisites for enhancing the traffic of your website. Hence, the theme is designed social media friendly so you can incarnate social media icons in various sections while designing your elegant website.

Coded and stylized with modern technical languages, HTML and CSS3. So, you can have a compact structured website in which you can showcase all your music album listings, music events, and other things.

You can see a website bombarded with animated effects so it will appear more enticing and pleasant. Not only its outer look but also the inner features are just amazing.

This is highly resilient, graphically nimble, professionally designed and customizable theme. So, you can have a website which is highly demanding and just impeccable to tempt more visitors.

Recording studio theme is just immaculate no matter you consider from any of its facets. It is far then impeccable to design websites for album, art studio, artist, audio, band, entertainment, music, musician, producer, recording, singer, studio and related website.

Try recording studio WordPress theme which is chock-full of contemporary features and take your career as a musician to new heights.

Low cost WordPress site builder for affordable website building

The presence of low cost WordPress site builder helps people to build their desired website at very nominal cost.

In this digital world, having an online presence is a must for any business to target local and global customers.

There are so many opportunities for making money online through websites that people are quitting their jobs and becoming full-time bloggers or online service providers.

When it comes to building a website, WordPress is the go-to destination. WordPress is the best content management and business showcasing platform. It is user-friendly, secure and does not require huge initial investments.

Low cost WordPress site builder implies low price or free themes that are compatible with any standard free page builder and customizer plugin.

Here is the list of the best low cost WordPress site builder you should consider to construct your website with minimum investment.

1. Sportsman Pro


2. Elastic Pro


3. SKT Cafe Pro


4. SKT Parallax Me
parallax WordPress theme


When it comes to low cost WordPress site builder, SKT Parallax Me stands out. It is a multipurpose parallax theme which gives you the ability to use unlimited color, change background images and you can have 20 sections on the homepage featuring different categories. Its powerful visual editor lets to design and edit any section of any page with ease. There are shortcodes for amazing content placement like accordions and testimonials. It supports filterable portfolio with images and videos. Just like any other theme, it is fully responsive on all devices.

5. I Am One
one page WordPress theme


As the name suggests I Am One is a free single page WordPress theme that comes under low cost WordPress site builder list. It has eye-catching Parallax slider that is compatible to look equally great on all devices. The homepage has 12 sections which are easily editable with the visual editor. It is best for showcasing services and products. One can have WooCommerce integration for directly selling the services and products. It has forum creating option with bbPress and advanced contact forms. It is SEO-friendly and absolutely lightweight with all the ingredients to showcase your business brilliantly.

6. SKT Photo Session


SKT photo session is a free yet premium photography WordPress theme. It comes with full page slider with 5 images and control buttons. When you want low cost WordPress site builder, this is the best gem that you can get for putting your photography site online. Needless to say that the galleries are breath-taking and the overall design is very sleek and elegant. You can sell any photograph directly with WooCommerce support. You can also have a blog to get a good number of followers and have social media integration to make your site go viral.

7. SKT Pathway
multipurpose WordPress theme


Next up on our list of low cost WordPress site builder is SKT pathway which is ideal for creating a product showcasing site. It is a multipurpose free theme with easy to set up theme options that require no technical expertise. It offers five different types of designs to suit your design needs, and each one of them is fully editable with the visual editor. It is compatible with any standard page builder, and you can add pages as per your requirement effortlessly. It has ready-made blog templates with sample content. You can have sidebar and widgets or even full-width pages. It is best for showcasing digital products like software, apps, web applications, games and likewise.

8. Beauty Spa Lite


This is an amazing low cost WordPress site builder theme that you can use to showcase your business and write relevant blogs. You can customize any component with its built-in customizer. It has passed Google mobile test and SEO standards. You can use it to have an online store to represent your offline business like beauty spa center, beauty salon, massage center, yoga center, gym and likewise. Writing relevant blogs will get you a lot of visitors, and in fact, you can turn them into your customers cleverly. It is clean, modern and very light-weight for faster loading speed.

9. SKT Black
black and dark WordPress theme


This is a free WordPress theme but has a premium black look. It is all devices friendly, and the overall design is gripping and sure to leave a good impression on your potential customers. It is SEO and SMO ready, and your website is likely to go viral. It is a secured theme and fully protected from hacking o virus attacks. It comes with several theme options to tweak every component intuitively. It is suitable for all kinds of businesses, and it has all the necessary sections to engage your visitors and increase the conversion rate effortlessly.

10. SKT Magazine
magazine WordPress theme


It is a free theme for professional and personal blogging. You can use it as a news site with viral content. The layouts on the homepage are tailor-made for featuring certain articles and showcasing the sponsored articles prominently. You can have sidebars, widgets, and pop-ups for generating huge revenue. It is the best low cost WordPress site builder for blogging purpose. It is compatible with any Window, Android or iOS handheld devices. It provides beautiful plugins for showcasing your portfolio and galleries. You can integrate Facebook comment and most-used comment plugin named Disqus to increase engagement on your website.
Once your blog grows bigger and goes viral, you can offer services and sell products directly through a different section on your website. WooCommerce is perfectly compatible, and sidebar widgets will help you to show exciting offers on products. There are multiple shortcodes to make content appealing, and you can change the color scheme as per your requirement. It has all the social media plugins along with social sharing options.

When you are starting a new business and getting it online through WordPress, it is pretty usual for you to look for a low cost WordPress site builder. Even established entrepreneurs want low cost WordPress site builder so that the expense incurred on building the website including hosting plans does not affect the profitability of the business adversely. For all of them, the above-listed themes are going to be the best, and they can construct their dream website with low cost WordPress site builder to give a premium outlook.

Tree Service WordPress Themes for lawn service nature eco websites

One of a kind collection of the best tree service WordPress themes dedicated to the perfect performance of tree and shrub removal, trimming and pruning, lawn service, plant health care, emergency service websites, tree and herbal products sales, nature and eco friendly profiles and other relevant businesses online.

Nature is the entire material world of the Universe that was created without human intervention. During the whole time of their existence, people often turned to be guilty of certain changes and interventions in the natural environment they lived.

But the truth is that the role of nature, trees and plants is colossal and can never be underestimated.

We are all part of nature. We grow from it and exist in it. A certain atmospheric pressure, temperature, level of oxygen – this is the natural state of the Earth that is optimal for humans.
The aggravation of the ecological crisis forced the general public to turn to the world of plants and forests that provide multilateral protection of the biosphere. Apparently, they are the green shields of the planet and need special care and attention throughout the year.

Luckily, now there are dozens of highly specialized companies and organizations ready to take the initiative in starting nature preservation and protection programs, organizing events or communicating with the large masses to raise their awareness and involve in their projects.

Moreover, there are licensed and insured businesses and service providers to offer their high quality tree and plant related services to the individuals as well.

Our collection of the best tree service WordPress themes is suitable for all kinds of above mentioned services, sales and offers that are directed to the provision of beautiful, fresh and healthy environment.

Each and every product you will find among tree service WordPress themes is minutely worked out for you to make sure your website receives increased metrics which are so important to your success, such as page views, site visits, clicks, time spent on your profile, etc.
Now, let’s discuss each of them separately.

1. SKT Gardening:
gardening landscaping WordPress theme


SKT Gardening Pro is one of the fresh faced and scrupulously managed tree service WordPress themes. This amazing product does not expect you to have an expert level knowledge in web design or development. Instead, it takes care of your comfort and convenience when working on the theme and changing its form, function, extending its capacity, removing or adding certain touches and more.

Showcase your audience that you value and respect them by establishing a total accuracy and smooth navigation in your profile with SKT Gardening. The responsiveness of the theme together with HD readiness and clear typography available will contribute to your efforts in reaching the best customer care online.

2. Perfect Nature:
perfect nature WordPress theme


Perfect Nature is another holistic approach to getting any nature friendly website up and running at the lowest possible price.
Protect your nerves and wallet with this cost effective and intuitive child theme and create an amazing business profile to offer your tree and plant services.

Choose this template among many other available tree service WordPress themes and you will get access to all the perks at once. From menu and page controls to post scheduling settings, color and font configuration possibilities and SEO friendly coding for maximum search engine results and higher rankings, Perfect Nature is enviably powerful in all its aspects and components.

3. Flower Shop:
flower shop WordPress theme


From floristic designers and flower shops to tree and plant, gardening and landscaping services, nature preservation GNOs and ecological institutions, a wide range of niche specific activities can be best highlighted with Flower Shop.

This spectacularly beautiful and avant guard website tool is powered by resistant coding, intuitive Customizer panel with the help of which you can make constant changes and live preview them to see whether you have the expected results or not.

Sell your services, trees, flowers, plants, nutritions and fertilizers online since this template is as commercial ready as you will ever need to conduct online shopping business. All the conditions for translating your content, integrating new contact form, making gallery more manageable are all provided within the theme.

4. Diet and Nutrition:
diet and nutrition WordPress theme


If you are looking for an elegant and clean looking website tool on which you can manipulate your own color and design preferences, look no further than Diet and Nutrition.

The layout of the theme is highly attractive with ample choices of images, buttons, footer and header areas, homepage slides, editable header image for inner pages, etc. Around 10 homepage sections are prebuilt for you to show off all the important information, give the list of services, prove your high qualification in the field, share the best images in the gallery section, etc.

Testimonials area is also given within the theme so that your clients can leave their feedbacks and persuade future customers that your services are worth their financial means.

5. Clean Pro:
clean WordPress theme


Clean Pro is another revolutionary option for residential and commercial tree service providers and consultants.
With modern and clear design, this template shares all the credentials to be one of the thriving and nature friendly tree service WordPress themes at present.

With more creativity and less learning curve, anyone will be capable of creating an online profile in action with legible content deployment and cross mobile compatible nature.

All in all, Clean Pro boosts innovation and customization with pre enabled shortcodes, font and icons packages, different layout options, plugin compatibility and yet much more to come.

6. Nature One Pro:


With strong infrastructure and green based visualization, Nature One Pro is premium quality website ecosystem with maximum freedom and pliability.

Let your prospective clients meet your team members, browse images and videos, request consultation or order tree care service all at one place through your posts, pages and content zones.

With Nature One Pro you can come up with any kind of new concept, solution, design, color combinations, widget area management, shortcodes application, custom CSS controls, transition effects for the homepage slider, etc.

Chemical Industry WordPress Themes for oil gas lab production company

A handpicked collection of the best chemical industry WordPress themes released by SKT Themes is in the focus of our attention which are all well suited for any kind of factory, chemical industry, oil, gas, chemical production company and organization, chemical laboratory and research websites and blogs.

The contemporary chemical industry is vast and multifarious. And while every single aspect of it should be safe and environmentally regulated, well managed and continually improved to yield better results, the promotion of chemical based products, services and consumer goods is at the top of such businesses’ agenda.

With this in our mind, we have already taken the trouble of sorting out the best chemical industry WordPress themes for chemistry specialists, chemists, chemical engineers and manufacturers working around chemical production, processing, manufacturing and sale businesses.

Whether you are engaged in this dynamic sphere dealing with fertilizers, gas and oil components and mixtures, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, soaps or other cosmetic means, you are free to choose any of these chemical industry WordPress themes and use it as per your needs.

With these products, you will never feel inconvenient with the overdose of coding controls and processes, since the complexity of each of the chemical industry WordPress themes you’ll find below is reduced to the barest minimum. They are also as flexible and simple in usage as you may like them to be in order to fulfill your website’s creative scenario.

1. SKT Industrial:
industrial renovation WordPress themes


One of the decent chemical industry WordPress themes deliberately worked out for the chemical world and its representatives is called SKT Industrial.

While this businesslike and results driven template is rich with dozens of useful elements and contemporary coding and design touches to draw your general profile, it is also fairly easy and affordable in usage and continual customization.

It’s up to you to decide the overall structure and menu listings of your site, content areas with services, about us, contact and more, gallery section for portfolio and other image based materials, etc.
Pre enabled shortcodes are given within the theme to unspeakably simplify your work when it comes to building contact forms and testimonials area. The first one is intended to serve as a linking bridge between your business and its consumers, and the second one is a great platform for people to assess your services and rank them.

2. SKT Perfect:
perfect commercial WordPress theme


Can you ever imagine that a cost effective website building theme can be thoroughly complete and perfect in every aspect of it? SKT Perfect is a great example of how dedicated work of professionals can make anyone the real master of his or her website even without a coding knowledge.

This highly qualified and all purpose template can be a real discovery for the chemical industry and its branches to guarantee their maximum visibility online.

It comes as a mixture of all the compulsory technics and coding as well as new modern design shades to make your profile truly unique but compatible with all types of old and modern browsers.

As such, it comprises totally manageable homepage with page builder or visual composer support whenever needed, numerous pre installed templates to choose from, SEO and SMO, as well as plugin friendly coding.

SEO WordPress theme


Accuracy in visual design where every single element is well thought out can be the best way of emphasizing your content and keep the visitor’s eye on it. SKT SEO is one of such clear and nicely formatted chemical industry WordPress themes to provide a meaningful balance of creativity and precision to your audience.

Ride the virtual wave with SKT SEO and you can easily optimize your new website or refresh the old one with new approaches, colors, fonts, shortcodes application, homepage slider for hosting your high quality images and more.
Like the absolute majority of our templates, SKT SEO is also fully commercial ready meaning that you can not only promote your chemical business and offer services, but sell your production and merchandise without additional costs and efforts.

4. WoodCraft:
furniture store WordPress theme


Flexibility, lightning speed and productivity are the best characteristics WoodCraft can be described by.

This responsive and mobile optimized, user and client friendly website toolkit is here to assist you in meeting your business objectives in the most strategic way.

All in all, any industry specialist or owner can leverage the opportunities of WoodCraft on a regular basis and build an enterprise scale profile targeting the right group of users. In this relation, all the main controls are already done beginning from search engine optimization for the direction of the right traffic to your site up to social media integration for better social proof of your business.

5. HVAC and Cleaning:
HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


HVAC and Cleaning is the next top rated product among the best and the most frequently used chemical industry WordPress themes.

This pro quality template superbly connects content and images, services and team members to drive more sales and perspectives. The authors of the theme have prioritized your comfort as a website admin and have done their best to make HVAC and Cleaning as configurable as it can be with a modern Customizer.

Hence, you can model and redesign the default version of the theme, remove certain elements and add new functionality with plugins and shortcodes to match your business model.

6. Local Business Pro:
local business WordPress theme


Local Business Pro means lower costs, higher results, better conversion and satisfied clients for whom your website will be available around the clock.

It is surprisingly elastic and customizable, community maintained and constantly updated to be competitive and revenue generating.

Whether you own a small scaled chemical business on a certain locality or run a holding company with international branches, Local Business Pro shares all the ingredients to take your business higher and make it more client oriented with a serviceable website.

With an avalanche of call to actions ranging from contact forms to social media icons, with 100 % responsive and plugin compliant design, HTML5 and CSS3 coding, Local Business Pro is for sure worth your attention.

Reiki WordPress Themes for healing therapy & medical practitioner websites

A search based assemblage of Reiki WordPress themes for Reiki practitioners and specialists, relevant service providers and alternative medical centers, Reiki training and healing therapies, as well as any other medical and doctor based websites and blogs.

Reiki is one of the popular branches of the modern alternative medicine that fosters the idea of using life force energy.

The combination of self-energy and the vital power of the organism with the ever going energy of the Universe is the basic principle of Reiki.

Basically, Reiki does not oppose itself to medicine and does not replace the latter, but complements it.

The specialists believe that if you treat a person according to the laws of this energy, you can heal not only the human body, but the soul.

With its help, you can also extend the period of use of shoes, clothes, knives, razors, household appliances, watches, etc.

In this article, we have done our best to collect the most practical Reiki WordPress themes for covering any kind of Reiki related website.

Whether you are going to propagate your Reiki center and its services, run a personal blog revealing dozens of advantages of this form of energy based healing, each of the Reiki WordPress themes you will find in this article can be an indispensable tool at your disposal.

Each of those Reiki WordPress themes is custom built to deliver more clients and patients thanks to its user centric layout and controls simplifying the web user’s journey on your website.

1. Healing Touch:
medical WordPress theme


Win the attention of more and more patients through your website based on one of the leads generating Reiki WordPress themes out there. Healing Touch will best describe the philosophy of your Reiki services and prove their positive influence on the human body and mind.

This responsive and mobile optimized website building ecosystem is well specialized in bringing you tangible and quantifiable results.

Get ready with this awesome yet easy to use template and be sure to meet your potential patients and cases at the point where they are looking for your services.

Otherwise stated, this theme is totally SEO friendly ready to take your profile higher in search engine rankings and attract more attention in search results.

The theme is also rich with pre enabled shortcodes, color changing options and typography controls, compatibility with a wide array of extensions, additional tools and plugins.

2. Perfect Medical:
perfect medical WordPress theme


Perfect Medical is the next clear cut and visually legible, functionally and technically savvy template catering to the modern medical world and all its demonstrations.

Spread your best words and images via the given platform and make them easy to find through your homepage, posts and pages.

The homepage full width slider will take the role of the hostess of your site while greeting your patients with awe inspiring images and photos.

You have also about us and services sections to showcase your business profile and services you offer, from pain and injury management to emotional processing, from stress and energy management to natural pain relief therapies, etc.

This template also delivers the best responsive and mobile compatible touches, as well as translation ready layout and SMO/SEO integration.

3. SKT Dual:
marketing WordPress theme


SKT Dual is also among the best Reiki WordPress themes that looks serious and functions hassle free across different platforms and browsers.

Promote your Reiki healing practice on all levels through SKT Dual and use the prebuilt sections to insert all your services and treatment sessions, run a blog with useful posts about the advantages of this non invasive energy healing method and more.

Tons of gallery and album management variations are given with SKT Dual especially when supported by the relevant gallery and portfolio plugins. Font and color choices are also at your leisure to take care of the serviceable and caring look of your medical profile.

Well equipped from top to bottom, SKT Dual shares so attractive dual screen and includes PO file making your site ready for translation processes.

4. Simple:
simple WordPress theme


The clear and elegant design of Simple can really reflect the philosophy of your energy based medical services. The seamless execution of the theme’s navigation and mobile optimized nature make Simple highly appealing for your website visitors.

Simple makes sure your website design is pixel perfect and simple to navigate. The authors of this fantastic template have not underestimated the importance of custom imagery on your homepage, therefore they have added a default nice looking slider to host different images of your staff, healing procedures, satisfied clients and more.

The choice is also yours when it comes to the website’s typography, color palette, shortcodes applications and plugin support.

SEO WordPress theme


With SKT SEO you don’t need to go far beyond its surface to understand what it has to provide you with. Simple and lightweight, accurate and stable, SKT SEO is one of the multipurpose templates of SKT origin ready to present large and HD hero images on the homepage.

Another section that is going to make strong visual experience on your potential clients is the available gallery section to have categorized images and albums.

With SKT SEO you will take a unique kind of dignity in communicating your message to the clients since it is going to be fully legible and presentable when browsed on any browser or accessed by any portable device.

6. Handy:
doctor WordPress theme


Handy is the last healthcare and medical related template among Reiki WordPress themes you can utilize for your special needs and business promotion.

Building a high quality and strongly communicable digital profile will be easy peasy with Handy since it is bundled with a convenient admin area for working behind the scenes.

By the application of this shortcodes armed and Google approved web template you are free to make any brainstorming idea a reality in order to boost your client’s engagement into your business.

From running a blog for keeping your audience well informed about your news and practices to enhancing your site’s SEO results with relevant plugins, everything is up to you.