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Free Custom WordPress Themes for Customized Personalized Sites

free custom WordPress themes

If you really looking to create a website with a custom feature then you must try Free custom WordPress themes.

Certainly, background video in the WordPress website proves to be the best enthralling and captivating more than simple text.

In the early days, we were using static images to display our companies services but the new trend has involved that allows us to display videos background content on our website. Therefore, to get more traffic to your website, you must use custom or full-screen images. It seems that using a custom on the website is more vogue, mighty and fascinating.

Many businesses need custom themes that can post their business videos to help people understand their business work.

The businesses that need custom websites are restaurant websites, portfolio sites, photographers or videographer, artists, music sites and many more.

SKT Filmmaker

Film Maker


SKT Filmmaker provides an opportunity to add different multimedia in the header section. likewise videos, images, short films, etc. This theme can be utilized to post live concerts going on. Plus more than 3 sliding videos can be added instead of sliding images.

The theme can be exploited for video concert, video production, singers, agencies, also you can post celebrities portfolios.

To get more deals via extended features this theme has made compatible with all advanced features like NextGen gallery plugin feature to showcase portfolio in proper manner, WooCommerce feature to allow online trade easy, Multilingual feature to make website translation easy into any native language, SEO feature to make a website grow faster on search engines, flexible feature to make a website customizable by any user with any style.

Banquet Hall

banquet hall


To show the work online you will need a Free custom WordPress themes.

Banquet Hall is a theme that enables you to post videos and images easily on the landing page. Not only landing page will consist of videos but also different pages like service page, blogs page, contact us page can consist of videos, images.

The video you add should explain your business work, ambiance, clients reviews etc.

The banquet hall can be used to celebrate birthday, anniversaries, and manage various events like weddings, official events, parties, event decorations etc.

The theme has invented by coding newly HTML and CSS code.

Event Planners

Event Agency WordPress Theme


Event planners should definitively use Free custom WordPress themes to exhibit event services. This theme allows you to display the services as much as you want.

To create a unique design you can easily adjust color, size, spacing, fonts, widgets, etc without any extra efforts.

The paid theme supports the visual composer feature to drag and drop the elements you needed.

The slider image on the homepage can be static and dynamic plus accepts the custom feature.

The theme can be used as a management system to manage the data of each and every client and their work.

SKT Elastic

Elastic Pro


SKT Elastic is a pure and clean Free custom WordPress themes.

SKT Elastic is very simple to use that can result in user charm because the theme is active and expeditious that adapt the customization easily.

The framework of this theme is so uncomplicated that can be handled by any person.

This theme has an overarching feature of POT files that will be responsible for getting a translation feature successful.

The theme consists of simple design style that a small company can make use of it very easily plus creative agency can apply their own unique design to get the same appearance they looking for.

Decor Lite

Decor WordPress theme


Now you all can create a magnificent and impressive WordPress theme to get outstanding performance for your desired audience.

Do not need to worry if you have a small business or a large, this theme can shape its design and features according to your business expectations.

The theme has a multifaceted feature to attract customers.

SKT Spa Lite

spa WordPress Theme


SKT Spa lite is a Free custom WordPress themes that work smoothly even if you add high-quality videos or images. Because the theme has an image retina quality.

This theme has a grace of creating various purpose websites such as Beauty spa, spa Solon, clinic website, yoga site, hospital sites, dental sites, health and fitness sites, and other planar websites.

The theme has various options like a color option, elegant design option, plugins option, contact form option, and customization option.

The theme adapts all the screen resolutions whether you are using TV, mobile phones or computers does not matter.

Users will be able to interpret your blogs and post easily without any difficulty.

SKT Charity

charity WordPress Theme


SKT Charity is a cleaver and receptive WordPress theme that enables you to create a custom and full-screen homepage.

The theme is professionally made to showcase a non-profit organization’s work to appeal to users for donations and funds.

Without spending money non-profit organizations can come into existence on the internet. Sponsors section can be created to list down the godparents for needy people.

Web Programmer Lite

programmer WordPress Theme


A web programmer is constructed for a specialized business to exhibit business services in inadequate manner.

The theme can also implement different business services like blogger service, personal website service, etc. This is possible by applying customization options to set various layouts for the various business types.

The theme is compromising that can adapt any plugin feature to boost the site performance.

The Free custom WordPress themes can be used to highlight the most important content of the website.

Creative design and digital agencies will be the best suitable business to retain the web programmer Lite’s specialties.

SKT Strong

crossfit WordPress Theme


SKT strong is a general-purpose theme for an inclusive business like gym, IT support, digital agency, health club, creative agency etc. SKT Strong encourages the eCommerce features to sell the product online. the list of fitness trainers can be listed out on “our trainers” section with their name and position. by taking your mouse cursor on a particular block it will swap the trainer image to another page that will display trainer details and their social media accounts link to get the user to connect directly.

SKT Meditation

Meditation WordPress theme


SKT Meditation is created with the contemporary CSS3 code that occupies all the features of a trend going on. This means this theme accepts the feature to add a full screen custom in the front page of your website. It accomplishes all the business needs to create a miraculous website related to yoga, fitness, meditation, health-care, personal care products, and non-profit organization.

It has many color schemes option, fonts style and size option, and the image resize options, blogs and menu options. You can promote your services by allowing people to enroll on your website, also allow people to get connected to you via social sharing plugin feature.

Pressure Washing Service WordPress Themes for Washing Cleaning Business

If you want a superb WordPress powered platform with the help of which you can manipulate and present your washing or cleaning business without hopping out of your comfort zone, this handpicked collection of the best pressure washing service WordPress themes is what you will need to get started.

Window washing and glass cleaning, home and carpet cleaning, laundry care and dry cleaning service provision, air conditioning and ventilation, as well as all types of pressure washing services can be productively presented and promoted with any of these pressure washing service WordPress themes.

Making your washing and cleaning services highly demanded and ordered, keeping your audience satisfied with your online presence and accessibility, client centric approach with instant quotes provided via your website is all possible if you give your choice to one of the most practical and five star pressure washing service WordPress themes we are going to explore today.

Before we jump into the meat of each of the proposed HVAC and cleaning, junk removal and pressure washing service WordPress themes, let’s have a look at which qualities and features unite all of them.

First and foremost, each and every of these proposals includes all the key features ensuring the future great performance of your business or service provision profile. From showing or hiring whatever is needed to adding or deleting widgets, post scheduling and preview, font and color setting options to responsive layouts with smooth navigation and SEO essentials, plugin compatibility and multilingual readiness, each of them has proven itself to provide you with all.

1. Engineering Pro

Engineering WordPress theme


Whether your business revolves around housekeeping or cleaning, washing or air conditioning, gardening or landscaping, construction or renovation, stone or tile manufacturing spectrum, Engineering Pro is what counts nowadays.

Built by the application of modern HTML 5 and CSS 3 controls, visually clean and crisp, Engineering Pro is custom built to give your website a serviceable look and convenient working platform to accurately formulate and manage your content, images and posts.

Since you are offering services and products to be purchased, it’s imperative for your site to be e commerce ready. When it comes to commercial framework, Engineering Pro is the one to celebrate victory. Online trading and shopping friendly, this template will enable you to establish your online storefront with the help of commercial plugins and make the most revenue out of it.

2. HVAC and Cleaning

HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


All kinds of relevant services such as concrete and ceiling, roof and parking lot, road and sidewalk, shopping center and strip mall, restaurants and cafes, gas and service stations pressure washing and cleaning services can find a wide exposure online if based on one of the most original and results driven HVAC, cleaning and pressure washing service WordPress themes.

Low price, all in one solution and infinite working possibilities are proposed with this responsive and well structured, designer touched and seamless in navigation website template.

Inbuilt shortcodes, gallery and contact form, fonts pack and color picker will brighten up your workload as you will be capable of taking care of the ultimate appearance and functionality of your site without the necessity of getting your hands dirty and head aching with coding controls.

3. Flat Pro

flat pro


High conversion rates and social media presence, high quality content positioning and its adjustment across a variety of profiles and areas are guaranteed with Flat Pro.

Standard pages and content areas are added to the theme, but you are the one to make them exclusively well looking and informative with your own content and imagery, links and typography, etc.

Start enjoying the support of flat or material web design preparing your website for the effective cooperation with old and new platforms and devices, search engines and more. This web design approach does wonders not only to your content clarity and readability but only its digestion and crawling by search engines making your website highly competitive in rankings.

4. SKT Industrial

skt industrial


Present a comprehensive and full description of who you are and what you have to propose to your market by the application of SKT Industrial.

Coded and crafted with the needs and requirements of cleaning and washing, repair and renovation industry, SKT Industrial features convenient platform to display a wealth of information and services listings, products and merchandise, pricing and contact details.

Numerous easy to use shortcodes are what will make your web development and functionality extension a breeze for you by replacing those long and irritating HTML codes with short bits of codes to be inserted wherever needed.

Social media websites and networks are popular platforms making an impact on the client’s purchase making decisions. Therefore, SKT Industrial is well taken care of to be totally SEO and SMO friendly to integrate all the dynamic environments where your potential clients can search for your business.

5. Maintenance Services Pro

Maintenance Services WordPress theme


Manage your cleaning or washing website like a pro even if you have never jumped into the backend of any WordPress powered website. Maintenance Services Pro has been developer with the most unexperienced website admin in the theme author’s mind.

Therefore, one is going to find hundreds of easy to apply pieces of shortcodes, drag and drop functionality for adding images or embedding links, easy to restyle and reconstruct homepage parts to make them relevant for your content, services, pressure washing equipment and more.

With reasonable pricing requirement and maximum profitability, Maintenance Services Pro is also fully legible with Google approved fonts application, 100% responsive and retina ready as well.

6. SKT Corp Pro

SKT Corp pro


Perfect for corporate and business revelation and contribution online, SKT Corp Pro is the last candidate among the best and the most frequently used pressure washing service WordPress themes.

Ready for page building processes, totally modifiable with the overall appearance and inner pages, font and color styles, homepage sections and default contact form, SKT Corp Pro comes with a totally admin optimized backend to control all of the above mentioned parts and features.

A nice looking full width slider with several slides, more than 100 shortcodes, standard pages like 404, archive, category and more are all included in this top quality theme.

Valentines Day WordPress Themes for Love Marriage Romantic Gift Shops

Valentine Day WordPress Themes

The digital world has only got better with WordPress by the avalanche of tools and powerful functionality it offers its users. Now, if you have already given your vote to WordPress and are planning to go live and do well with your marriage or love, engagement or anniversary, family or Valentine’s Day, gift shop or romantic store, Valentine’s gift shop or gallery website, you’d be excited to find the best Valentine’s Day WordPress themes assembled under one roof.

Whether you want an online platform to share your love story, family details, keep your friends updated for upcoming anniversaries and celebrations, surprise your wife or husband with a new romantic website on Valentine’s day, sell thematic gifts and services, flowers and other relevant items, Christmas decorations or something more, our Valentine’s Day WordPress themes are here for you.

Charm your audience with bright and elegant, visually pleasing and technically unbeatable website what fully complies with their needs, from aesthetic to commercial, from mobile usage to legibility. These Valentine’s Day WordPress themes come as all in one solutions to building exclusive websites and blogs for driving more customers and boosting sale levels, integrating new partners and investors, etc.

What makes each of these holiday and celebration, Christmas and Valentine’s Day WordPress themes so ideal in the first time user’s eye is their seamlessly easy and affordable nature, full customizability and flexibility. These are the primary qualities making you the real owner of your website who is powered to decide the way it is going to be showcased to the audience, the way it is going to function in terms of e commerce, search engine and social media optimization and everything in between.

1. Dating

dating WordPress theme


Dating is one of the thrilling and engaging dating and Valentine’s Day WordPress themes that is ready made to serve multiple business and personal needs. Use the most extraordinary ideas and transfer them into tangible results with your website based on Dating.

The theme is packed with two types of search – horizontal and vertical, Google approved and high quality fonts, easy to use shortcodes, page, sidebar and blog layouts to choose and customize accordingly.

Plugin compatibility of the theme is what makes Dating a super ecosystem to satisfy all your needs. Whether you need to add commercial or shopping cart functionality to sell Valentine’s Day items and gifts, accessories or services, enable group chatting between family members and relatives, make gallery part more controllable with images and albums, you are welcome to do it with theme +plugin formula.

2. Ele Wedding



Use Ele Wedding to portray the festivity and the warmest feelings with your site. Ele Wedding and New Year, Easter and Halloween, Women’s Day and Valentine’s Day related businesses and service providers will be capable of proving their excellence in what they are doing with Ele Wedding that is fully responsive and checked to comply with different browsers’ resolutions and requirements.

Create a lovely atmosphere for your website guests, gallery area visitors with pixel perfect galleries, images and video materials, let them review product and service lists, compare prices, check availability and more, give contact numbers on widget ready areas or contact section to be assessable to them, etc.

3. Flower Shop

flower shop WordPress theme


Flower Shop is the next five star web solution among Valentine’s Day WordPress themes ready to make web creation process just fun for you.

Flooded by the latest design touches and CSS 3 animation controls, Flower Shop is amazingly flexible from the back part of the theme and is built upon convenient live customizer to make your workload much simpler with quick controls and live preview options to get the most desirable results without hampering the site’s normal functionality from the front end.

The theme is also preferable thanks to its plugin compatibility and SEO friendly nature for you to enjoy the highest functional levels and search engine results with your e commerce based and client centric website.

4. Wedding Rituals

wedding agency WordPress theme


Wedding Rituals has been selected to be added to our assemblage of Valentine’s Day WordPress themes for a wide variety of reasons, from being responsive to celebrating smooth and sleek interface with easy to scroll navigation, etc.

As commercial aspect has long penetrated into the digital life and now does wonders in terms of quantifiable results and revenues, Wedding Rituals could not lack e commerce functionality. Whether you are a wedding or dating agency, Valentine’s Day or love story goods seller who wants to jump online with a cozy storefront, Wedding Rituals share the potential to assist you in fulfilling all your dreams.

Another important aspect of integrating more clients is making sure your site is multilingual in its appearance and the content it holds. In this relation, Wedding Rituals is also a suitable candidate for your site as there is a PO file included in it to simplify the process of translation whenever you add one of translation plugins to your theme.

5. Nuptials

wedding WordPress theme


Let you audience feel the festive atmosphere on different holidays and occasions with Nuptials.

With Nuptials, you will never be limited to online desktop or PC users, as the theme enjoys the most mobile friendly environment. You will not be confined to advertising your business or products within a small radius of your town or geographical area, as multilingual readiness of the theme is what will broaden the space of your influence for the international audience.

6. SKT Lens Pro

responsive portfolio WordPress theme


SKT Lens Pro is a lively and multipurpose system to use and create a dynamic online platform with smart technical solutions and eye catchy design, convenient shopping platform and responsive imagery/content.

Make the most of SKT Lens Pro so that your current and prospective clients cannot get enough of the buzz around it. Add as many sections and areas as you like, change images on the slider to match the overall subject of your site at the moment or the upcoming holiday, enable clients to get in touch with you quickly via contact form, etc.

Money Order Service WordPress Themes for Currency Exchange Companies

The WordPress developers have taken care of ensuring the best online presence for financial companies and businesses as well. And if you are excited to explore the best templates matching your financial profile needs and exposure peculiarities, the roundup of the best money order service WordPress themes is right here for you.

Any kind of financial institution or agency, banks and credit union organizations, money order services, payment gateway and money transfer systems, currency exchange companies and corporations, investment firms and consultants, accountants and CPAs, cash checking and account fraud, cash in transit companies, escrow and tax services, stock brokers and financial agents can be highlighted with any of these money order service WordPress themes and find the best client reaction.

What does a financial institution need to do in order to convert average people into long term clients and customers? Of course, win their trust and translate it into loyalty. And it’s not only during the phone calls and face to face meeting that allow you to nurture the best feelings to your clients.

Your website packed with secure and reliable money order and transfer services, responsive agents and specialists giving quick answers to their online inquiries is a trump card in your hand to build your authentic and credible brand or company’s look.

In a nutshell, the success of your money order services or any other financial or legal business generally boils down to how your digital profile is presented to your audience and how informative, flexible and comfortable it is in usage.

With any of the below specified money order service WordPress themes you can definitely focus on establishing mutually beneficial relationship with thousands of people across the globe who want to secure their money transfers or other financial transactions with money orders, receive consultation or information on rates, loans, interests and more.

We are pretty sure you are going to love the customizable and easy to manage nature of each of these money order service WordPress themes custom built to be admin optimized, meaning that you can be upfront and quick to sympathize at the outset of any online conversation or cooperation with your target client base.

1. Exceptiona



Need a superb companion in the virtual domain to walk you through the whole process of your financial site’s establishment and proper customization? Then look no further than Exceptiona.

With polished and glassy design and modern graphical dashes, with easy to manage and control admin dashboard based on the customizer performance, Perfect Accounting is ready to meet all your business and financial needs, from accurate content arrangement sections to a full width homepage slider for pixel perfect imagery.

The theme is also professionally processed and coded as per the latest digital trends and requirements and as such shares 100% responsiveness, commercial and translation readiness, social media optimization and shortcodes application.

2. Finance


Finance is one of the latest templates authored by SKT Themes and sandblasted to be unbeatable in exploitation. Hence, from private insurance agents and gold dealers to banks and financial institutions, money order services and more can reap a real good profit from this powerful website tool.

This professional and serious looking business website system generates different sidewide layouts for your future profile, header and footer choices to select the best one going well with the overall character of your site, page and blog templates, as well as easy to use shortcodes to quicken your site’s management work.

3. SKT Banking

banking WordPress theme


Give your clients more than they are accustomed to receiving from money order or banking services. Use SKT Banking for your digital purposes and earn, maintain and preserve your client’s best experience.

If we talk about the client’s convenience when browsing your content, responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility come down. In this relation, SKT Banking is one of the mobile and browser optimized money transfer and money order service WordPress themes you can rely on. This kind of web coding will make your content look perfectly legible at any size, from small to large, as the device screen resolution can be.

4. Condimentum

condimentum new


Being in total control of your site including both its form and function is possible with Condimentum.
Designed with minimal web design principles to let your informative content receive more views, this template is ideal for accounting and money order services with its default structure and user centric approach.

Clearly communicate your business profile, its working directions and objectives, services and offers, reliable payment methods and much more with the neat and nice homepage sections and areas. This template is really well cultivated and crafted with responsiveness and fast performance, smooth and uncluttered navigation and search options so that you can establish the desired level of trust and loyalty.

5. Spirited Pro

spirited pro template


Do you want your financial business to be open in the evenings and at weekends, on holiday and vacation seasons and generally all the time your clients want to order your money services? Spirited Pro as one of the top quality money order service WordPress themes will keep your doors open for your clients around the clock.

Rolled up by elegant design and packed with practical sections and boxes for services and other content, Spirited Pro comes integrated with as many controls, Google fonts, shortcodes and color controls as are necessary to finalize the appearance and functionality of your profile.

6. Legal Expert

legal WordPress theme


Whether you are going to extend the visual or technical capabilities of your present site or practice a whole new and complete solution to your future site, Legal Expert knows your demands.

Designed to provide legal and financial experts, specialists and service providers with an obviously sophisticated layout, Legal Expert comes rich in default features and components, color mix and match with color picker, homepage slider for adding 10 different images and controlling their exposure with pause time and animation.

Standard pages like 404 and search, blog area and contact form available with compatible plugins will make your profile more relevant in terms of utilization.

Paving WordPress Themes for Pavements Contractor Construction Sites

Excellent digital presentation of your business or company is something to work hard on. However, there are dozens of WordPress tools and templates ready to do half of that hard work and provide you with ready made and custom built frameworks you can use for your niche specific website creation and further promotion.

This time we are going to explore some of such customized and easy to use Paving WordPress themes which can be applied and exploited by Paving and flooring, roof replacement and repair, Paving system installation, ceiling and gravel, interior design and renovation, construction and maintenance, as well as absolutely any type of construction and building, home interior and exterior related websites and topics online.

The competition among the modern construction and home care industry is as tempestuous and challenging as a newbie business owner or private contractor coming with the tight purse strings may feel bewildering when it comes to operating in this area.

But if we go back one step and look at the more generalized picture, we’ll discover that there are certain working directions and marketing tips to follow if you want to be where seasoned and results driven companies and initiatives are.

One of such important directions you can measure and take is going online with one of the best Paving WordPress themes we have tried and tested before offering them to you.

Each of these user optimized Paving WordPress themes is wonderfully crafted to set your mood for a positive and productive workload from the theme’s backend. Featuring lots of useful tools and tips when it comes to your site’s overall management and control, each of these templates is also intuitive and affordable in usage while coming with understandable and step by step documentation to focus on.

1. SKT Stone


If you want to put together a sophisticated and quick in performance, responsive and immensely versatile website, look no further than SKT Stone.

As one of the cost conscious and pocket friendly stone manufacturing and supply, wood processing and Paving WordPress themes, SKT Stone is a convenient option both for the novices of the industry as well as long established and seasoned businesses to achieve more with less expenses.

The overall appearance and layouts of the theme have been developed and styled to generate as little clutter as it will not bother your audience to comprehend your content fully. Hence, you can add your visual and textual content, customize their look and color, deployment and more and be sure they are going to be easy to digest for your website guests.

2. WoodCraft

furniture store WordPress theme


WoodCraft is the next business centric and completely manageable construction and wood related website building tool that will enable small and medium sized business to swim with the sharks.

Coded with care and with specific requirements of responsive coding, WoodCraft comes to be HTML 5 based and thoroughly adaptive to different screen thanks to its ultimate mobile and browser friendliness.

With WoodCraft you are going to find prebuilt sections and areas with demo content, homepage slider for visualizing your business and its proficiency by means of portfolio images, contact form available for establishing direct connection with partners and clients, etc.

3. Build



Ideal for furniture and woodcraft, exterior and interior, stone and tile contracting, construction and upbuilding websites, Build is the next effective investment you can do in the elevation and furtherance of your paving company or service provision.

Whether you want to follow generic structures or layouts typical to the majority of business websites or add your unique aesthetic or style to your profile, Perfect Interior will support all your undertakings.

Color changes and typeface setup with Google approved fonts, multidimensional layout selections and page/post controls, plugin compatibility and search engine optimization, shortcodes packs and SMO integration, Build is well packed with all the primary features.

4. Furniture Pro

furniture WordPress theme


Furniture is one of the fastest loading and thoughtful paving WordPress themes you can purchase with ease and utilize for the contentious viability and superb presentation of your furniture o residential paving business.

Furniture Pro always stays true to its mission of granting the webmaster with the easiest in customization and surveillance platform with as diverse features and components as the latter will ever need in his work as a website developer or designer.

Sharing the latest posts and articles on the blog section, refreshing the look of your homepage with new images on the slider and generally bringing your imaginative thoughts into reality with colors and shades, shortcodes and plugins is also fairly easy with Furniture Pro.

5. SKT Architect Pro

architect WordPress theme


In the modern era of passing brand loyalty, providing your clients with exceptionally good support and staying responsive to their requests is what you must do first of all. Well, this can be effortlessly achieved by the application of SKT Architect Pro and being accessible for your client base as long as they need it, even late at night.

Uttermost mobile and device compatibility with perfect HTML 5 coding, commercial readiness with translation and multilingual support via shortcodes and plugins will add extra functionality to your roofing business site based on one of the top quality paving WordPress themes. Other plugins such as slider and social sharing, events and calendar, security and analytics can all be paired with SKT Architect Pro for yielding better potential.

6. Contractor Pro

Contractor WordPress theme


Elastic and pliable to wear any form or generate any functionality, Contractor Pro is a creative multi purpose website toolkit you can have access to and start the formation of your website of any nature, kind or caliber.

Thus, this high ranked template is another beneficial option for paving contractors and service providers, handymen and business owners to market their offers and services, share the best of their works and projects, as well as run an online store forming an integral part of their profile.

With Contractor Pro every single part or every piece of the web content will be accurately displayed on any screen size and meet your client’s expectations in terms of responsiveness and mobile optimization.

Bridal WordPress Themes for Bridal Engagement Wedding Websites

A luxurious collection of wedding and bridal WordPress themes can be found in this article for bridal salons and services, makeup and hair studios, wedding vendors and service providers and other wedding related businesses.

Marriage is the beginning of a whole new life with the one who shares the same values and the same philosophy of life. And this beautiful journey to infinite success starts with a beautiful wedding ceremony acclaiming your unity.

And although wedding preparations bring tons of pleasures and excitement, there is also the other side of the coin. Here are a long to do list and nuances to take care if you want to realize whatever you have planned in the most presentable fashion.

This is where the avalanche of wedding and bridal services comes to play. With little to now license requirements or permissions, such services are among the profitable ones, since the stream of happy couples going to get married is never calm.

Whether you want to start a part time bridal business or wedding planning activities without a huge investment, or a huge service provision company with your creative and passionate staff, the bridal WordPress themes discussed below will be a good starting point for you.

All of them are visually alluring and glamorous proving that you have something special to offer each bride and groom. Additionally, with each of them you will never be under assault of “no exit” emergencies or deadlocks since they are tried and tested for their high security rates and reliable functionality.

Wedding Rituals


Is a fabulous and awe inspiring template designed for purity, simplicity and lightweight performance.

Choose this stunning template and showcase your potential clients that they deserve the best for their special day and its celebration. Any kind of wedding or bridal service, including decoration and music, cakes and sweets, hair and haircuts, makeup and nail services, spa and massage and much more can be easily offered through Wedding Rituals.

In terms of design, this template is something of an exceptional look and feel. In terms of reliability, it is self secured with clear and persistent coding at its core. There are lots of shortcodes enabled in this theme to give you a freedom of actions to bring the needed content or functionality to your posts and pages. You are also powered to add and test the additional capacities of a wide range of compatible plugins, among them gallery, SEO and multilingual plugins.



Nuptials is another valuable option among bridal WordPress themes that incarnates tenderness and elegance.

The precious attention of your potential clients and couples can be easily captured by the powerful slider spanning your site’s homepage. You can add up to 15 slides and control the way they are exposed and showcased to your web viewers.

This template can also be used by the couples and brides themselves to share the valuable moments of their wedding or engagement party, preparation works and more.

Hence, Nuptials is irreplaceable both for personal and business usages and explores a wide range of elements and features you can only look for.

Ele Wedding


Dedicated to beauty and feminine world, Ele Wedding as one of the subtle bridal WordPress themes is capable of covering a multitude of topics and niches revolving around weddings and brides.

A nice looking slider popping up in the homepage is custom built to host the most engaging and serviceable images of your business and special offers.

Moreover, your slides and other pieces of gallery are going to resize as per the resolution and screen size of each mobile or tablet the website guest is using to access your information.

From blog and page variations to contact us section, from footer area with useful links and social media integration to client’s testimonials to build trust, everything is included in this top rated wedding and beauty spa template.


Jewellery Shop WordPress Theme

Designed and launched for beautiful and colorful websites, Jewellery is the next productive tool among bridal WordPress themes. Whether you are planning to create a product or service oriented website, sell your flowers or bridal bouquets, offer flower decoration or other services, Flower Shop can be the wisest investment in your business promotion campaigns.

Its fresh and motivational design will make your website look fantastic and inviting across all the modern browsers, platforms and devices due to the ultimate responsive web design applied to the theme.

It also generates a perfect admin dashboard which is easy to follow in its essence. It means that you can make your own changes to the theme, preview them, amend and showcase to your audience without any background knowledge in web development.

SKT Lens Pro

responsive portfolio WordPress theme
SKT Lens Pro is a bridal WordPress theme that is designed for a photography related businesses. This theme gives you tons of features for creating a website as you want. features such as you will get the access to homepage and other pages template that is required for any type of photography website. This template will give you all the features and functionality that are required to run a successful business online.

For enhancing the design and layouts of a theme you can make use of any page builder. All type of page builders is supported by this template. The demo link is included with lots of pages such as home, about us, contact along with the social media icons. SKT Lens Pro is the perfect solution for your business.


dating WordPress theme

Energetic and breathtaking, Dating is the next world class ecosystem to arm your bridal or wedding venue website with every single touch that the couples will find attractive. With a user optimized and whimsical look, Dating is ideal for wedding venues and destinations, hotels and tour packages with wedding offers, multiple bridal services, clothes and accessories, design studios, wedding planners, etc.

The overall practical structure of the theme with well arranged theme sections and areas is convenient for compressing any kind of content in easy to digest parts and publishing theme regularly.

Inner page banner for sliders, adds, forms, sidebar availability for posts and pages, lots of pre styled fonts and icons, as well as modern flat design touches relevant to Adventure make the theme bewitchingly beautiful and attention grabbing at the same time.

SKT Beach


If you are looking for a lively and zealous template for wedding venues, destinations, beach ceremonies and more, SKT Beach will walk you through the best way of creating your relevant website in a matter of minutes.

This profoundly rich and intelligent website building tool comes with color changing and management options, commercial ready platform for e commerce activities, translation readiness to serve your content in different languages, customizer based operation, etc.

Price Comparison WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing Online Shopping Coupons

Price Comparison WordPress Themes

The best price comparison WordPress themes discussed and analyzed in this article are going to be an inspiration for hundreds of people planning to go online with their e commerce based business or digitalize their brick and mortar store, create a universal shopping platform with thousands of offers, product descriptions and price comparison.

Hence, from online storefronts and any kind of commercial activities, Amazon style platforms and international marketplaces, affiliate marketing websites and other relevant topics and niches can be relied on any of these price comparison WordPress themes.

When it comes to the customer’s decision making, price is one of the most important factors. Therefore, whatever you are selling, whatever the quality of it, the price should be competitive and affordable to its end user.

Well, it’s not always possible to offer the cheapest price, but it’s always possible to offer all the available options, from the cheapest to the most expensive and leave the final decision to the buyer who can quickly make a price comparison and decide which purchase suits his pocket the best.

This can be ideally done with any of the best affiliate or price comparison WordPress themes which have been designed with care and launched with pride by the dedicated WP developers at SKT Themes.

They are the true masters of their work and perfectly know how to mix the modern touches with strong coding which can result in a dynamic operational platform for the website owner on the one hand, and a useful and enjoyable one for the website guests to look for the needed products and offers, compare technical specifications and prices, etc.

Finally, each of these price comparison WordPress themes and website builders is GPL licensed which gives you an ultimate freedom in your actions and enables you to make any kind of website transformation without violating any law.

1. SKT Coupon

skt coupon


SKT Coupon is literally a perfect e commerce optimized platform ready to host tons of products and their listings and make it easier for the website audience to make price and description comparisons online.

Coded to be modern yet durable, secured yet flexible enough to comply with all the user requirements, SKT Coupon generates stunningly responsive and cross mobile optimized nature which means your audience is going to enjoy the website and its content no matter where they are and what device they are using.

Additionally, both desktop and mobile versions of the site with SKT Coupon are going to be fully legible with modern and Google approved fonts, pixel perfect and visually appealing in the way your website showcases imagery on the homepage slider or elsewhere, as well as commercial ready to add and remove as many offers and products as needed.

2. Ele Store

ele store


Whether you need a conversion oriented design for your commercial website or a lead generating platform to boost your revenue with ease, Ele Store is one of the versatile and customization ready e commerce business and price comparison WordPress themes you can use to fulfill all your digital objectives.

No matter what products or deals you offer and compare through your website, they are going to receive the highest attention and discussion with Ele Store that is easy to navigate and quick to surf, responsive and mobile optimizes for the website guests on the move or on the go, as well as CSS 3 animation ready for a more attractive look and feel of the target website.

3. Classified Ads

Classified ads WordPress Theme


More leads and more money for the businesses and offers included in your website based on Classified Ads are waiting there will little efforts.

Creating a beneficial website environment for the demanding online shoppers and buyers will be easier and time saving with this shortcodes packed and admin optimized web creation tool. There are also quick controls across the theme’s fonts and colors, shades and CSS 3 animations, homepage slider with manageable slides, homepage structure or menu items.

Additional shortcodes and plugins can also form an integral unity with Classified Ads and contribute to the results and rankings your website deserves the most.

4. Real Estate

Real Estate WordPress Theme


Establishing a digital presence with price comparison functionality can be best done with the selection of one of the most reliable price comparison WordPress themes. Once you have it, the upcoming workload will be less painful and will be more productive.

Real Estate is one of such deals presentation and price comparison web management platforms you can have for different purposes. Regardless of whether you are going to build a platform where different deals will be showcased and compared from different resources or want to elevate your own commercial website and make the comparison of your own products and offers, Real Estate knows how to deal with any kind of price comparison practice.

5. Luxury Watch

SKT Luxury pro


Luxury Watch is one of the multipurpose and visually emotional website builders you can choose to have at your disposal and create any kind of website presence, from personal to corporate, from commercial to NGO, or whatever you are planning to have.

What makes this template universal and general purpose is its all encompassing and ultimately customizable nature which means you can create and enjoy absolutely any kind of digital product.

As for the commercial or price compare profiles, you can quickly arrange everything with compatible marketplace, e commerce, seller and price comparison plugins and extensions.

6. Car Rental

car rental WordPress theme


Create pricing tables and offer anything for sale or rent with the help of Car Rental that is modern and well functioning based on HTML 5 and CSS 3.

All kinds of affiliates and commercial activities, price comparison mechanisms and product descriptions can be controlled from within the theme’s backend with intuitive customization choices and options.
Shortcodes and buttons, homepage controllable slides, widget ready areas and multilingual readiness are all wrapped up in Car Rental for you to achieve the desired form and function of your site.

Additionally, you can choose to have more powerful functionality and more controls with plugins, add ons and extensions which are all compatible with Car Rental.

Service Finder WordPress Themes for Directory Marketplace Local Business Sites

Service Finder WordPress Themes

Get excited by the best service finder WordPress themes and start the creation of your own service finder, provider or business listings, directory, service booking and specialist reservation, marketplace services or any other service or service provision focused website or network.

The convenience and comfort of the client are ultimate assets and the boosters of absolutely every business existence. Whatever you are doing, whatever the range of the services you provide, whatever the quality of digital or physical products you produce and sell, you need to be client centric and make sure the end users of your business are more than satisfied.

From the client’s perspective, having all the relevant services he or she is interested under one roof is the most preferable version. It enables them to save tons of time and nerves on the one hand, and have the opportunitiy to review and compare the best offers, services and merchandise before making a final decision.

Therefore, creating an online platform with service listings and offers to the large masses of online audience is what you can do if you want to bring more and more clients into your profile and make money from different actions, from adding business profiles and new services to the website to selling them to end users.

Grab a lifetime access to the latest web design and development solutions with any of these service finder WordPress themes and create a fantastic looking and well performing service finder and provider, business listings or directory websites.

What makes this modern and admin optimized, shortcodes ready and fully responsive service finder WordPress themes so demanded is the fact that they are all generated and offered as a ready made digital products you need to slightly customize and arm with your own content and that’s it. You are now ready to instantly jump into the online bandwagon and start doing wonders there.

1. SKT Job Portal

Job Portal WordPress Theme


If you want to have a productive WordPress experience while building a website without much efforts, SKT Job Portal is one of the well worked out job and service finder WordPress themes you can use.

This template has been coded and developed as a strong yet customization ready ecosystem that can be used for the presentation and sale of absolutely anything, from job opportunities and vacancies to services, consultation and medical help, legal advice, digital products, handmade products and much more.

Fully commercialized and WooCommerce ready, you are free to exercise the whole potential of SKT Job Portal for the monetization and commercialization of any business you are engaged in.

2. SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme


For anyone who is looking for an efficient yet pocket friendly web solution to share and advertise endless services and business listings, SKT Perfect is an ideal starting point.

There is hardly anything important SKT Perfect lacks, as it comes with professional coding and designer touched appearance, responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility, preloaded shortcodes, fonts and buttons, retina readiness and HD readiness for imagery and multimedia, live customizer functionality for quick customization processes and their checking and much more.

However, if you will need anything more than the given platform suggests, you can add and configure additional compatible plugins for product listing and e commerce management, online payment, contact form for service submission or inquiries and so on.

3. HR Management

Hr Management WordPress Theme


Create a pro quality human resources or recruitment, service or real estate listings management portal with one of the best service finder WordPress themes and add value to your presence with neatly categorized sections and bundled services, contact details, maps and more.

This search engine optimized and cross mobile and browser compatible nature of HR Management will definitely raise your site’s availability and thus will let more people and service searchers find your offers online.
Finally, the overall subtle colors and shades of HR Management depict eye catchy and positive attitude, however, you are the one to set the final look and feel of your website from behind the scenes.

4. Cleaning Company


Cleaning Company is exactly what you will ever need for the elevation of a cleaning service finder and provider online directory, where anyone can do a quick search and find HVAC, cleaning, air conditioning, sanitary and other services.

However, the theme’s transformative nature makes it possible for you to use the given template for other services as well, be it construction, financial, legal, design, digital media or anything else.
All in all, Cleaning Company incorporates all the important features, customization ready layout, page and post controls, shortcodes and plugin support to bring your website to life and keep it functioning well around the clock.

5. Classified Ads

Classified ads WordPress Theme


When it comes to classifying and categorizing web content in the most reasonable way for sharing with the end users and purchasers, Classified Ads becomes one of the most preferable service finder WordPress themes.

There is no end to what you can achieve with this flexible and functionally extensible, strongly coded and modernly CSS 3 animated website builder. It is as SEO and SMO friendly as it is responsive and legible in mobile version and plugin compatible whenever needed.

The theme is also advertisement and affiliate links friendly meaning you can make an extra profit from acting online and cooperating with different websites and portals, businesses and service providers.

6. Real Estate

Real Estate WordPress Theme


Everything catering to service finding and provision, as well as real estate listings online has been minutely analyzed by the authors of Real Estate and everything important has been added to it. It means that you are going to find a reliable and all inclusive platform where showcasing and advertising something is going to be fun instead of torture.

Whenever you start to explore the whole potential of Real Estate, you are going to find endless opportunities and management options from the admin panel on the back part of the theme. Here, you will be the only one to make decisions on how to customize and style your website to match your website user’s needs and preferences.

Organic Food WordPress Themes for Natural Farm Fresh Healthy Food Agro Dairy

Organic Food WordPress Themes

Whether you are about to revamp your old looking organic food site or creating something new to match your expectations, our organic food WordPress themes will get you covered. Organic and natural market and its branches, organic nutrients and eco food storefront and retailers, organic farming and natural product selling, agriculture and dairy, healthy and organic food online markets, organic farm centers and other organic food focused businesses and specialists, as well as bioproducts industry representations can be ideally structured and taken online with any of these organic drink and organic food WordPress themes.

It’s been a fantastic time for farmers and organic food marketers recently in the digital platform, with boosted results and better presentation of their products to the target groups of audience and the overall satisfactory results for their specific businesses. And what encourages hundreds of organic food manufacturers and sellers to jump online and kick start their presence there is boundless web creation and development tools which are launched specifically for this market and whoever is included in it.

It means that there are dozens of practical tools and well drawn strategies you can combine across the best organic food WordPress themes and be sure your digital presence is going to do wonders for your business or selling practice.

Each of this premium quality and fully fledged natural and organic food WordPress themes is viewed as an important link between the production side of the relevant businesses and its primary consumers, and which guarantees strong and healthy relations between the two parties yielding to mutually beneficial situation.

These templates will also give you tools and controls necessary to meet the latest requirements of the digital spectrum and gain a winning status for your website.

1. Organic


Organic is one of the thematic and perfectly worked out organic food WordPress themes filled with all the important website tools and promotion mechanisms you can take advantage of quickly.

Organic food has been one of the most frequently sold thing on the digital arena recently and this fact has encouraged the developers at SKT Themes to create something valuable and unique for this market to record even higher results.

Moreover, the authors of Organic have taken into account all the essential nuances and spare no efforts when creating this website builder. As a result, it comes packed with everything needed to justify your presence online with responsive and cross mobile checked nature, widgetized areas controls and shortcods application, plugin compatibility and search engine optimization.

2. Natural Herbs

Natural WordPress Theme


Whether you are going to create an eco product or agricultural marketing resource center platform or promote your organic farm, bring more people around any national or local organic program, or eventually sell organic and eco products online, Natural Herbs is what you will need to succeed in your undertakings.

Your website based on this HTML 5 based and CSS 3 supported, visually engaging and functionally savvy website building tool is going to compete for every single website guest and viewer thanks to its cross mobile and browser friendly coding.

The theme is also shortcodes packed for you to quickly use them to contribute to the functional and visual excellence of the website, as well as completely commercialized and WooCommerce compatible for realizing any kind of e commerce practices online.

3. Farming

Farming WordPress theme


Farming is the shortest and affordable way for you to get the desired results for your eco or nature, agriculture or organic food based business or company.

There are literally thousands of practical ways you can customize and decorate your site as per your business needs, its identity or nature. With live customizer and convenient admin dashboard from the back part of the theme, you will be productive and quick in your actions whenever working on this or that part or touch of the website.

From colors to the overall structural base, call to actions and social media buttons, sidebar, footer and header widget friendly layouts, blog area and other standard pages are all at your disposal to manage.

4. Nature One Pro

nature one pro


If your business or activities revolve around natural or organic food market, agriculture, healthy eating or diet, nature preservation campaigns or programs, Nature One Pro is one of the top and best organic food WordPress themes you can use for getting started in the online sphere with your own profile.

What makes you the only manager and master of your website is the ultimate customizability and flexibility of the theme with endless options and web promotion tips. You are free as in freedom to make the most of the given template with font and color management, content arrangement in the homepage sections and widget friendly areas, additional shortcodes and plugins.

5. SKT Food

food WordPress theme


You know the expectations of your target market more than any website developer does. Therefore, having a fully editable and controllable platform at your fingertips to elevate a website in compliance with all the client requirements and in favor of the client satisfaction is a must.

SKT Food is one of such admin friendly and open source, GPL based WordPress powered templates you can purchase and customize on a regular basis to always keep the site user centric, visually appealing and functionally unbeatable.
The theme’s SEO and SMO friendliness and responsive touches by nature are also important in taking your profile to a higher rankings and bringing more and more qualified traffic to its posts and pages.

6. Ele Nature

ele nature


If you are searching for a modern looking, professionally worked out, visually captivating and user optimized commercial website builder that will guarantee a fruitful cooperation and interaction with your audience, Ele Nature is our best recommendation to you.

Built with the ultimate responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility in the theme developers’ mind, Ele Nature comes with loads of fonts and color picker functionality to put the right colors and typography together along with menu items and homepage sections, images on the homepage slider, standard pages and more.

Radio Station WordPress Themes for Record Music Producer Studio

Radio Station WordPress Themes

This time we are going to shed light on the top radio station WordPress themes which are all developed with all the nuances and technical requirements of the modern digital spectrum in mind. It means that your commercial or public radio station, radio program or broadcasting, radio hub and music producer, music studio and broadcasting studio, DJ and podcast, network, radio circuit or any other thematic website or digital portal is what can be perfectly displayed and advertised with these pro quality radio station WordPress themes.

Ending up with a professional and visually appealing, top and user optimized website for your radio station or broadcasting company is always possible with any of these radio station WordPress themes. And as all of these website builders are unspeakably versatile and zealous in their nature and the way they are managed, you can use any of the below discussed website building systems can cover any relevant website or blog, be it a radio or broadcasting, radio program or event, TV or music, studio or artist, and even beyond those topics.

Finally, these podcast and radio station WordPress themes offer so much more than just a presentable look and advanced functionality. Their flexibility and smartness when it comes to customization and modification processes cannot be compared to anything else in terms of admin friendliness and productivity of the webmaster’s workload.

Hence, you can give your preference to any of them, quickly install and activate on your website without spending too much money or time on it, and instantly proceed with the management of the default template to aesthetically and functionally match the nature and style of your business.

1. Music Producer

music band WordPress theme


Music Producer is one of the powerful HTML 5 music and artist, TV and radio station WordPress themes to give you a great dose of creativity and productive work strategy. With this easy to use and shortcodes armed website builder, you don’t need to dig around in a heavy coding to generate a presentable and well functioning website for your online guests and radio followers.

Whether you are satisfied with the default package of the theme or want to make it larger with new tools and plugins, you can do that with Music Producer as the latter is fully checked for its cooperation with e commerce, multilingual, page builder, shortcodes, page optimization, caching, SEO and other important ones.

2. FilmMaker

Film Maker WordPress theme


FilmMaker is ideal for startup companies and studios, local radio stations and networks to boost their presence online and get closer to their audience without having to do with complex coding processes.

Everything in FilmMaker is well arranged and the theme’s package is armed with first aid controls, features and elements to make it stunningly easy for a non coder admin to play with the overall look and feel of the site from the theme’s backend. The preloaded shortcodes, live customizer and admin friendly dashboard on the backend are enough for you to demonstrate your creative skills and make the most of the given template.

Additionally, you can choose to have a more sophisticated and all inclusive website with everything in it, from commercial basis to multilingual content, from social sharing capacity to a practical contact form. This all can be brought into your profile with the help of contemporary plugins as they are all well functioning with FilmMaker.

3. Melody

music studio WordPress theme


Melody is one of the award winning, modernly coded and CSS 3 animated multipurpose WordPress themes custom built to serve any kind of needs, from radio and broadcasting to event and multimedia, portfolio and company profile management websites and not only.

Thus, you can use the advantages of Melody for the creation of an online portal where one or more than one radio stations will be presented with their programs, music events, interviews, media news, participation opportunities and much more.

The theme’s easily customizable nature lets you add your content to a well formatted and nicely arranged theme sections and areas, and the theme’s SEO friendliness makes sure it is well propagated in different search engines for better rankings and results.

4. SKT Tube

video WordPress theme


Another video and audio centric template among the best radio station WordPress themes that can grant you with all the advanced conditions to go online with your livestreams and radio programs and their video versions is called SKT Tube.

Moreover, not only radio, but also TV and other programs, stations and services can be best showcased with STK Tube that comes with a beautiful video slider for hosting the best of your video materials and not only.

Generally, you can add and customize as many multimedia files as your specific business needs to do well online and entertain its fans or clients. Blog area is also included for you to add new files and content on a regular basis and keep the traffic of the website on its peak.

5. Musical Sounds

musical sound


For anyone who is looking for a quick and affordable solution among the best radio station WordPress themes, Musical Sounds is one of the best options.

It’s an exclusive chance to find a ready made, well coded and well taken care of, regularly updated and improved, fully documented and supported website building template for your specific digital needs.

Apart from being convenient at an initial stage of website creation, Musical Sounds is also preferable when it comes to the site’s further customization and promotion with attractive appearance and strong functionality.

6. Complete Pro



Let your audience choose and listen to the most popular radio programs and interviews with your website based on Complete Pro.

Add online TV channels, programs, coming soon movies and more to your website that is supported by responsive and cross mobile compatible Complete Pro. It means that your radio listeners are going to find accurate and easy to follow content no matter what device or mobile they are using for reaching out your profile.

Additionally, Complete Pro is strongly coded and prepared for search engine journey, as well as translation ready and plugin compatible.

VOIP WordPress Themes are Outstanding Help Make Your Website Standout

VOIP WordPress themes

The one major reason that you need to have an online presence is so that you can get an edge over your competition; it does not matter what business you are in but your competitors are already busy setting up their online strategy and targeting selected demographics and driving more traffic and sales towards their website.

If you wanted to keep pace with the rest of the competition, then the only way forward is to set up a professional business website and now, thanks to WordPress, you can handle it on your own.

WordPress is an open resource, and comes with various tools that you can use, not to mention themes like VOIP WordPress themes. These themes are responsive and have been diligently checked and listed below; do check them out and make sure you review the descriptions listed against each. Choose the one that seems to be a good fit.

Here’s what you need to look out for – a highly functional theme, one that comes with the latest trendy designs and is quite responsive as well. Demo the theme once you have made your selection, then install it and you should be set.

1. Cryptocurrency:

Crypto WordPress theme


Crypto currency ranks among the top twenty when it comes to VOIP WordPress themes. It stands out on account of its simplicity and functionality;it comes with an outstanding design, not to mention an elegant framework, well designed homepage with both intuitive features and intelligent navigation. This is a multipurpose website that can easily be repurposed for most niches and has been coded by experts.

The minimalistic design focuses the users’ attention to important parts of the website and what’s more, the theme is completely customizable, so you can change and alter any page element on your website with ease. It also features the requisite header, footer, sidebar and layout variations and comes with compatibility to both woo commerce as well as external plugins. You can use page builder plugins such as Gutenberg, Visual composer, Beaver, Elementor, Divi, Live composer and others to custom develop the pages you need.

You can also set up an integrated shopping cart for your users and along with it, a payment gateway. What’s more, you can even provide your users with chat option by installing chat plugin and even set up a community board for them to use. The theme comes with all the advanced functionality that you would ever need and more. It comes with a price tag of $39 only, which is quite reasonable.

2. Mobile app:

Mobile app WordPress theme


The mobile app theme certainly can be found among the very best of VOIP WordPress themes. For starters, it comes with an aesthetically pleasing design, with elegant layout, drop down menus which should help facilitate navigation.

What sets this theme apart is the fact that it is so easy to use that even a novice should be able to install and customize it further. And yes, the theme is completely customizable, you can tweak any font, change any color, add in new features, change any page element with ease with the help of 100+ functional short codes which means that you are not required to code in anything.

The theme also comes with a well designed home page along with templates that you can use for other sections, as well as the requisite header, footer, sidebar and layout options (you can go for sidebar, one sidebar or no sidebar) so you get to exercise more control over the way your content is displayed.

Additionally, you can tweak with the 800+integrated Google fonts as well as 2000+ social icons to help make your website stand out. And while the theme does come with a default slider, since the theme supports external plugins, you can use more advanced sliders on your website. To that end, you can also use various page builder plugins such as utenberg, Elementor, Divi, Visual composer, Beaver, Thrive architect and others, to build custom pages for your website. This theme comes with a price tag of $39 which is more than reasonable given all the additional features that it comes with.

3. SKT Golf:

golf wordpress theme


The SKT golf is an outstanding theme and often considered to be one of the best, among the various VOIP WordPress themes out there. This theme comes with a dark, minimalistic design complete with elegant layout and drop down menus.

The design itself is responsive and completely scalable; your users should be able to view your website on any device without loss of functionality or for that matter resolution. The theme is customizable and comes with the requisite short codes with which you can change, alter and modify any page element with ease.

Moreover, as the theme is compatible with both woo commerce as well as external plugins, you can use the same to set up an ecommerce portal. What’s more, you can also integrate Google Maps with your website and enable tracking so that your customers can track their orders in real time.

With plugins such as social media plugin, you can get your customers to login using their social media credentials, and they can also share your content across various social media platforms which should help get your website more traction online.

You can even develop a custom ordering/ booking page for your customers to use and install SEO, SMO plugins to optimize your website so that it ranks better for SERPS. On the whole, the theme comes with advanced functionality and is as good as it gets, which is why the price tag of $39 is more than reasonable.

4. Meditation pro:

Meditation WordPress theme


Often, one of the drawbacks to developing a website on your own is the belief that you need to know coding; thanks to themes like this one and our collection of VOIP WordPress themes, you can still develop your own website, and not have to code in anything.

This theme stands out on account of its simplicity and ease of use; it comes with 100% responsive design and is cross device, cross platform and cross browser compatible. The theme comes with a nicely designed homepage, with several intuitive features including drop down menus which should help facilitate navigation.

Furthermore, as the theme is compatible to both woo commerce as well as 3rd party plugins, you can now provide your users with more enhanced features and advanced functionality. For example, you can now enable your customers to login with their social media credentials; this should enable you to leverage the various social media platforms and get more publicity as a result.

You can also set up a dedicated shopping cart for your customers along with payment gateway. And if that’s not all, you can even boost the performance of your website by installing cache plugins and get your pages to load faster. All of this advanced functionality is available for $39 only which is a real bargain in more ways than one.

5. Telecom:

Telecom WordPress theme


Telecom gets the top billing where VOIP WordPress themes are concerned on account of its sheer simplistic style, aesthetically pleasing design and its ease of use. It comes with 100% responsive design along with a well developed home page complete with drop down menus, elegant layout and several intuitive features.

The theme is based on HTML5 and CSS3 so you can use animations on the homepage to make it stand out. It also comes with the requisite header, footer, sidebar and layout variations; furthermore, the inner header which is attractive enough as it is can be used to feature your CTAs, sliders, high resolution images and more.

It also comes with social media integration, not to mention the fact that it also features over 2000+ social icons as well as Google integrated fonts – you can tweak these to help make your website stand out from the rest of the middling crowd. And as this is your professional business website, you would naturally want your data to be protected.

The good news is that as this theme supports external plugins, you can use various security plugins to afford your website better protection. All of this advanced functionality can be yours for a mere $39 only, which is indeed reasonable.

6. Business consulting:

Business Consulting


Business consulting is a dynamic, color changing theme and comes with a stellar design, along with an innovative layout, drop down menus, and more. It also comes with a well designed homepage, one that you can customize completely with the help of built in short codes.

It also comes with the regular footer, header, sidebar and layout options; it also features a default slider with animation and pause control as well as a filterable gallery that you can use to showcase your images and videos alike.

And as the theme supports external plugins, you can use the same to install more advanced sliders, use page builder plugins and custom build more pages for your website and provide your users with more user centric features such as chat, integrated shopping cart, payment gateway and much more. The theme comes with a price tag of $39, which is more than reasonable.

Shopping cart WordPress Themes are Designed to Make Perfect Websites

Shopping cart WordPress themes

If you are in the process of setting up your first eCommerce portal for your online customers. Then you need to know that you need to set one up with a dedicated shopping cart for your customers to use, complete with an integrated payment gateway. Granted, the process to set it up can seem overwhelming at start, but thanks to WordPress, the process is more or less automated.

All you have to do is to check out some of our shopping cart WordPress themes listed below and see which one makes the cut as far as your business is concerned.

Keep in mind that the theme you select must not just be aesthetically pleasing, but comes loaded with advanced functionality. The issue is that online websites are a dime a dozen and with intensive competition being the cornerstone of most online businesses, it is vital that you choose a theme that comes packed with several user centric features.

All the themes listed below have been vetted, and rigorously tested, and are ranked accordingly. So, review the lot, choose the one that seems to be a good fit for your business and you should be set.

1. Minimal blog:

Minimalist blog WordPress theme


Minimal blog ranks among the top ten when it comes to shopping cart WordPress themes. The blog itself is a multipurpose one and can be used for most niches; it comes with an elegant design, with a minimalist appearance, intuitive features along with intelligent navigation which should help your users to navigate your website with ease.

The theme comes with a design that’s 100% responsive, scalable, not to mention the fact that it is also completely customizable. You can alter, change and modify any of the page elements with the help of built in short codes. It features the requisite header, footer, sidebar and layout variations, not to mention the fact it also comes with a blog template with a unique layout.

It also features 800+ integrated Google fonts, which you can alter to help make your website look more attractive. As the theme supports external plugins, you can use the same to enable your users to login with their social media credentials. To set up an integrated shopping cart complete with payment gateway, to set up chat and community board functionality and much more. Given all this, the price tag of $39 is indeed more than reasonable.

2. Logistics:

Cargo WordPress theme


The logistics theme comes with an awesome design along with an elegant layout, complete with intuitive features, drop down menus and intelligent navigation.

The theme is both dynamic, and responsive; it also happens to be completely customizable so you can change, and alter any feature on your website with the help of built in short codes and you do not have to code anything.

It is also cross device, cross platform and cross browser compatible, and happens to be compatible with woo commerce. One of the reasons why this theme stands out is the fact that it supports 3rd party plugins, which you can use to extend the functionality of your website.

For example, with the right plugins being installed, you can set up an integrated shopping cart, set up tracking feature. So your users can track their packages online, and enable your users to login using their social media credentials and much more. Given all this, the price tag of $39 is more than reasonable.

3. Meditation pro:

Meditation WordPress theme


The meditation pro stands out among the very best when it comes to shopping cart WordPress themes. The theme itself comes with a design that’s 100% responsive and is cross device, cross browser, cross platform compatible.

It also features an aesthetically perfect homepage that comes with several intuitive features such as drop down menus, well organized information architecture along with an elegant layout.

It also features the requisite header, footer, sidebar and layout variations and is completely customizable. In fact, it comes loaded with short codes that you can utilize to change, alter and modify any page element without having to code anything.

The theme also happens to be compatible with both woo commerce, and 3rd party plugins and features both default slider, gallery to showcase your images, video to perfection.

You can also install and use more advanced sliders such as Nivo, with animation effects, pause and other controls and park it on the inner header right in the home page. With these plugins, you should be able to provide your users with more functionality and user centric features.

For example, you can set up an integrated shopping cart along with payment gateway. A chat plugin so that your users can reach out and chat with you instantly along with a community board, etc. You can also install specific SEO and SMO plugins like Yoast to optimize your website and get it to rank better. On the whole, this theme stands out for the right reasons and it comes with a reasonable price tag of $39 only.

4. SKT golf:

golf wordpress theme


The SKT golf stands out from the other shopping cart WordPress themes on account of its ease of use and functionality. It comes with an elegant design, a nice layout, minimalistic look that focuses the users’ attention to main parts of the website. The theme itself comes with 100% responsive design and is cross device, cross browser and cross platform compatible.

It comes with a well deigned homepage, complete with drop down menus and intelligent navigation. It is that easy to set this theme up, so much so that even a novice should be able to do so with ease. Moreover, the theme is completely customizable meaning that you can change and alter any page element and as it comes loaded with short codes, you should be able to do so with ease and without the need to code in anything.

And as the theme supports external plugins, you should be able to use advanced page builder plugins like Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, Visual composer, Beaver, Live composer and others to custom develop all the additional pages you need. You can even set up an integrated shopping cart complete with payment gateway for your customers to use.

You can also provide more user centric features for your customers including the ability to login using their social media credentials, as well as install a chat plugin, set up a community board and much more. The price tag for this theme is pegged at $39 only, which is more than reasonable.

5. Telecom:

Telecom WordPress theme


Of all the shopping cart WordPress themes, Telecom manages to stand out for all the right reasons and catches your eye right away, with its outstanding design. It also comes with a well designed home page, one that comes with an elegant layout, rich colors, minimalistic appearance, intuitive features complete with drop down menus.

This multi-purpose theme comes with a 100% responsive design, along with the fact that it is completely customizable and comes with several functional short codes that you can utilize to alter, shape, and change any page element with ease. Moreover, you can build any additional pages you need with the help of short codes, and as the theme supports external plugins, you can also install advanced sliders, galleries to showcase your images and videos to perfection.

The theme is easy to use and comes with complete documentation not to mention free installation and support for a year. You can use advanced plugins to set up Analytics, maps, events, gallery, slideshow, and other user centric features – this should enable you to provide your users with enhanced user experience which in turn should help boost your rankings. On the whole, the theme is as good as it gets and comes for $39 only.

6. Business consulting:

Business Consulting


The business consulting theme ranks right at the top where shopping cart WordPress themes are concerned, for all the right reasons. For starters, it comes with a minimalistic design, along with a dark and grungy background which should further help focus your users’ attention to relevant parts of your website. The theme comes with a design that’s 100% responsive, and one that your users should be able to view on any device without loss of functionality or resolution.

This theme is a dynamic theme and naturally, it is completely customizable – you should be able to change any page element, including the color, fonts on the website and even extend the functionality of your website. And as the theme supports external plugins, you can use the same to provide your users with several user centric features. Including installing video sliders, setting up integrated shopping cart for your users, enabling your users to communicate with you and others with the help of chat plugin, to set up a community board and much more.

Furthermore, you can even streamline your marketing campaign and integrate your website with social media by installing social media plugin. Given all this advanced functionality, the price tag of $39 is more than reasonable.

Download Most Popular Free Customizable WordPress Themes

free customizable WordPress themes

Several free customizable WordPress themes have been made available that could be easily downloaded.

Understanding the importance of having a website, many people are opting for developing websites for various reasons.

Some focus on making it as a reliable source of information or education resource, some others want to showcase their talent attracting the people who share the same interests.

Some want to promote their brand making a strong online presence, whereas some wanted to establish an online store offering their products and services.

Over time, WordPress has become a reliable platform for developing websites for various purposes.

Therefore, to meet the growing demand of developing websites presenting the following list. Let us discuss some of these themes along with their attributes in the following section.

SKT Girlie

girly WordPress theme


SKT Girlie is one of the very popular free customizable WordPress themes coded using the handbook and codex reference coding standards of the official WordPress site.
It is compatible with qTranslate X plugin and includes a default slider of five slides.

The sidebar can hold the widgets required for the website and the site owners can change the color of the link.

Compatibility with NextGEN gallery help in adding images to the website and with the help of WooCommerce plugin, an online store can be set up.

This theme also includes standard pages such as archive, search and others.

SKT Elastic

Elastic Pro


SKT elastic is a popular theme counted among the free customizable WordPress themes.

The AMP plugin makes it easy for the sites to access from various devices without compromising on the appearance of the website.

POT files make the theme translation ready and the theme works smoothly with RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and others.

This theme contains more than inbuilt shortcode plugins which help in improving the functionality of the website.

Cache plugins can also be installed to provide the users with a faster website loading experience.

Event Planners

Event Agency WordPress Theme


Similar to some of the best free customizable WordPress themes 2019, the default template of the Event Planners come with a commenting feature.

This provides an opportunity for the visitors to interact with the site owners by leaving their comments for each post or page.

With the help of various SMO plugins, the web content could be shared on various social media platform as well.

This and its compatibility with SEO plugins help in improving the search rankings for any website.

Various multimedia files can be included alongside the textual contents to provide a stunning web appearance to the visitors.

SKT Spa Lite

spa WordPress Theme


SKT Spa Lite is an effective theme for building commercial as well as personal websites and is categorized under the best free customizable WordPress themes 2019.

It is compatible with various page builder plugins which can be used to create stylish page design as required.

The theme is retina ready which guarantees quality appearance irrespective of the screen resolution.

The security plugins ensured that the website is protected from various malicious activities.

As many as widgets required can be set up in the sidebar and blog section can be used effectively in creating engaging contents for the visitors.

Black and White Lite

black and white WordPress Theme


Black and White Lite is a very popular theme used for building various types of websites and is considered as one of the best free customizable WordPress themes.

With the help of color picker, one can change the color of the websites and add widgets to sidebar, header, and footer as required.

While customizing the website as per their preferred way, one can preview the same through Customizer.

It is compatible with SEO plugins such as Yoast and All in One SEO which helps in improving the ranking of the website in search engines.

SKT Magazine

magazine WordPress Theme


SKT Magazine is free fully customizable WordPress themes used mostly for building newspaper or magazine websites.

It does not require knowledge of HTML to set up the website.

It is compatible with various popular WordPress plugins. The WooCommerce plugin help setting up an online store where visitors can subscribe for e-magazine or others.

It also includes comments feature where the audience can post their comments. With the help of SMO plugins, web contents could be shared on various social media platforms.

Spirited Lite

spirited pro template


Spirited Lite is popular customizable WordPress themes free that come with a default slider.

The homepage includes multiple easy to manage sections where contents and posts could be set up effortlessly.

It comes with standard pages such as 404, category, archives and others.

The theme is also integrated with social icons and one can add widgets to the sidebar. It is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with the latest version WordPress.

While NextGEN gallery plugins help in developing a portfolio website, WooCommerce plugins are effective for setting up an online store.

I Am One

one page WordPress theme


It is mostly used for developing a single-page website and is highly customizable free WordPress themes.

It includes a Parallax slider and the homepage has twelve sections for potting up different types of content.

It performs well on different types of browsers and devices.

This theme is quite easy to set up.

It is also compatible with popular plugins such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce and others.
One can add images as required in the gallery section.

Charm Lite

WordPress blog Theme


Owing to its features, Charm Lite is regarded as one of the most customizable free WordPress themes.

Whether one prefers to change color or add widgets or any other form of changes to their website as per their need and choice, they can do so effortlessly.

Customizer helps them to preview the changes before finally implementing them.

It also provides a faster user experience to all the visitors.

The shortcode plugins help in improving the functionality of the website whereas security plugins work efficiently to protect the website.

The theme is also compliant with RTL languages.

SKT Panaroma

portfolio WordPress Theme


SKT Panaroma is customizable free WordPress themes compatible with portfolio plugins such as NextGEN Gallery, Master Slider, Cyclone slider 2 and others.

This helps the site owners to add relevant images as per their web content to their website.

It also includes five levels of the drop-down menu that proves to be quite effective while navigating through different pages of websites.

It includes default templates, slider, and standard pages. One can also change the color of the link to their preferred color.

It is also compatible with multilingual plugins such as qTranslate X. Location and social media icons can be set up on the default footer section.

Fundraiser Lite

fundraiser WordPress theme


Fundraiser Lite is easy customizable WordPress themes free used to develop websites for NGO.

The WooCommerce plugins allow visitors to make contribution or donation for charitable works.

One can also update their audience about their ongoing as well as upcoming program through their blogs, and posts. Images of events can also be included to the website.

The website can be translated into other languages with the help of PO Edit or LOCO translate.
One can develop a fancy content style for the websites with the help of page builder plugins such as SKT Page Builder, Gutenberg, Elementor, and others.

SKT Education Lite

education WordPress Theme


This WordPress themes free customizable is compatible with popular SEO plugins such as Yoast, All in one SEO and others which further improves the search rankings for the website.

The compatibility with SMO plugins ensures that the website content could be shared on various social media platforms.

The default slider includes three slides and various call-to-action widgets can be added to different sections of the website.

The shortcode plugins are responsible for improving website functionality, whereas contact form plugins help in setting up different types of forms required for the website.

SKT Gardening Lite

gardening landscaping WordPress theme


SKT Garden Lite is customizable responsive WordPress themes free.

Various multimedia files such as images, videos, banners, and other elements can be included alongside textual contents to develop a visually attractive website.

With the help of SMO plugins, content can be shared on social media platforms.

It is compliant with various RTL languages and the multilingual plugins allow the site to be translated to other languages.

Visitors can also comment on each post or pages.

Widgets can also be added to different website sections. Cache plugins help in improving the loading speed of the website.

Kraft Lite

premium WordPress Theme


Kraft Lite is free fully customizable WordPress themes that come with complete documentation which makes it easy for the setting up of the website.

It includes a simple blog template along with various standard pages.

The default slider includes five slides and the theme is integrated with basic social icons.

One can also change the hover color of the website.

It is compatible with NextGEN Gallery, Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce plugins.

Widgets can also be added to the sidebar.

The theme is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

SKT Complete



This easy customizable WordPress themes free can be customized as per choice and requirement in terms of color schemes or adding widgets to the header, footer, and sidebar.

It is compatible with SKT builder which can be used to set up website pages effortlessly.

Step by step guidance is provided with this theme and it is compliant with different RTL languages.

The default slider includes three slides and the theme is compatible with contact form plugins such as WP forms, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7 and others.

It is also compatible with SEO plugins, eCommerce plugins as well as cache plugins.
All these themes are highly customizable and hence suits the needs of different types of site owners who want to build websites for various purpose.

Medical Tourism WordPress Themes for Medical Treatment Across Nations

Get the latest list of the best medical tourism WordPress themes for medical tourism and healthcare, medical travel and other health and doctor related websites, medical tourism associations and societies, international healthcare accreditation groups and companies and other relevant businesses to be taken online with a professional website.

Medical tourism is what makes treatment without any geographical borders a reality. It is one of the directions of tourism aimed at organizing the treatment of people abroad.

Today medical treatment abroad is gaining momentum more than ever before and is becoming more demanded. And it’s not surprising at all since one of the distinguishing features of medical tourism is the opportunity to combine high quality medical services and rest in different hospitable countries.

However, the concept of medical tourism, above all, implies basic and full medical care and treatment abroad, and not additional procedures. Therefore, if you are a representative of this unique industry, you need to make the best impression on your potential clients with your website and prove people can rely on you.

Another proof that a medical tourism website is of absolute necessity is that gone are the days when patients trusted only physician or word of mouth referrals. Today, they are keen on surfing the Internet for the best offers and get in touch with them for all the important details.

Take control of your medial tourism and medical travel business online with one of the medical tourism WordPress themes. Choose any of these templates and be sure you are delivering value and trust to your current and prospective patients. Not only you will avoid irrelevant information by other sources, but also will be able to create the right image of your business and its objectives as all the medical tourism WordPress themes are 100% controllable and customizable.

1. Bony

chiropractor WordPress theme


If you are on the lookout for one of the versatile and visually clean medical tourism WordPress themes, Bony is an ideal option for you.

This well structured and feature rich website building tool enables you to deliver the most valuable and pertinent information on your specific medical tourism business, your stuff and company, vision and mission and much more with nicely arranged sections and parts, posts and pages.

Slider is added to the theme with manageable slides and additional effects for displaying high quality photos and images on the homepage. Plenty of shortcodes will also be at your hand for gallery, buttons, tables, tabs, accordions and more.

Testimonials are on your website can be the best proof of your professionalism and quality services and will turn out to be the booster in terms of client engagement and loyalty. Therefore, Bony has been coded also with this section in the developers’ mind.

2. Toothy

toothy new


Toothy is a real leader WP theme combining simplicity and power, user optimization and boundless functional potential to guarantee a secure yet fully controllable web presence.

The developers and authors of Toothy have done their best to collect all the necessary features and web customization controls under one hood. It means you are going to have plenty of options to manage and modify, rescaled, add, edit and remove whatever needed to result in a pro quality final digital product.

Simple to use shortcodes and layout choices, footer and header variations, background controls with images and videos are all wrapped up in the theme’s toolbox along with many other handy features.

3. Medicare Pro

medicare pro


Medicare Pro is also among the five star medical tourism WordPress themes based on cutting edge technology and practical drag and drop functionality with live customizer.

Medicare Pro will be a great assistance to you when it comes to elevating a professional and serious looking website for your medical tourism business or association with all the needed information and links, destinations and prices, facts and statistics, guidebook and more.

All in all, this responsive and Google approved template is an all encompassing solution to all kinds of medical and health related web owners to make the most of the default as well as additional capacities provided by the theme and plugins compatible to it.

4. Healing Touch

Healing Touch Pro


When patients land on your website, you should provide them with the highest level of care and attention so that they can be sure to find the same level of professionalism in your tourism medical services.

Create the best awareness about your medical tourism sector among the patients and customers across the globe by generating high quality content and translating it into different languages as Healing Touch has been done to support multilingualism with relevant plugins.

Other important plugins such as commercial, online payment and booking, SEO and SMO, shortcodes and email subscription ones are all function great with this theme.

5. Psychology



Maintain your effective presence online with the help of Psychology. What makes this theme so unique and practical is its general purpose and fully controllable nature. It means that whatever the type of your future website, you can achieve it with SKT Perfect.

You are free to make use of any kind of visual composer or page editor to publish, edit, modify, organize or delete any kind of web content for your medical tourism business and not only.

About, services, blog and other important sections are all included for you to enhance your reputation and be highly informative for the international online audience.

6. Handy

doctor WordPress theme


Handy is the next highly advisable web management platform you can find in our collection of the best medical tourism WordPress themes. This ecommerce ready and WooCommerce compatible theme is specialized in getting the highest results as soon as possible due to its search engine friendly and cross browser/mobile compatibility.

You don’t need to approach Handy with a special coding or programming or web design knowledge as the theme is like an open book for the most beginner website admin packed with easy to use tools and preloaded shortcodes.

HelpDesk WordPress Themes for Customer Service and Knowledge Base

Whether you are going to create a technical helpdesk, ticket support, FAQ, knowledge based or contact form packed website, our HelpDesk WordPress themes are here for you. Each of them is going to be a complete web building experience for absolutely any kind of customer and consumer centric businesses and companies, from technical and IT to financial and any kind of service provision so that you can easily integrate a valuable ticket support and management, HelpDesk or customer conversation- based websites of your own.

Even if your business is doing well, having a perfect customer support offered online is a must for customer retention and loyalty. Happy and satisfied customers are the true capital of any business. If you are client oriented and customer centric, having a client support online platform enabling potential customers to find the quickest solutions to their problems is what you as a professional businessman need to have first and foremost.

This system is also useful from many other angles as well. Both you and your clients are going to enjoy a more speedy and automated processes for finding reasonable solutions to customer needs, more productivity and better view of customer’s requirements, problems and generally customer data, better scalability and estimation of your business, etc.

Now, that we have discussed endless advantages of customer support websites, let’s consider the best HelpDesk WordPress themes to help you have the most versatile yet easy to follow mechanisms for your audience.

Each of these client support and HelpDesk WordPress themes come as a fully integrated web management environment and is perfect in terms of functionality, in terms of modern coding, as well as in terms of the available pre enabled elements, layout choices, page controls and much more.

1. IT Solution


Just because winners are bound to a timescale, and you need to be ready to welcome every single client knocking at your door, you cannot help but create a valuable online profile with one of the top rated HelpDesk WordPress themes to be a place where your customers can get in touch with you with their questions and inquiries around the clock.

IT Solution is a seriously developed and resilient theme to satisfy all your needs, starting from technical up to design and the overall eye catchy structure. There are color picker and font management, shortcodes application and widget ready area control capacities, more than 10 preloaded homepage sections, full documentation with step by step guidance, and finally, plugin compatibility to make use of HelpDesk and ticket plugins and not only.

2. HR Management


HR Management is another universal web establishment and promotion engine that is easy to access, use and customize.
Create a strong atmosphere around your website and keep it up to date with modern HTML 5 coding and CSS 3 animations. Showcase your help center or support system in the most effective way with eye catchy look and reliable functionality, easy to follow steps and standard pages to save client’s time and efforts whenever they face some problem and want to share it with you.

Totally responsive, plugin compatible and multilingual ready, HR Management shares all the credentials any of premium quality HelpDesk WordPress themes should have. As such, it boasts admin friendly dashboard based on live customizer and packed with easy drag and drop mechanism, preloaded pieces of shortcodes, social media and search engine optimization for making your presence more noticeable for the target audience.

3. SKT Consulting Pro

SKT Consulting Pro


SKT Consulting Pro is a living proof that creating a superb website can be pain free and pocket friendly. Unlimited choices and controls, color and font mixtures, hundreds of shortcodes, multiple unique designs and layouts, intuitive admin dashboard and yet much more are wrapped up in one lean solution that is offered at a reasonable price.

Whatever your expectations from your customer care and support website, they are going to be justified with Perfect Business that is coded with all the modern web promotion channels in the authors’ mind. As such, it is well optimized for cross mobile and tablet compatibility, search engine rankings and social media integration, easy registration and HelpDesk forms with relevant plugins and add ons.

4. SKT Job Portal


Make ticket support or HelpDesk service a part of your successful business with one of the strongly advised HelpDesk WordPress themes called SKT Job Portal.

Provide your clients with the quickest and simplest way to reach your customer care or technical support specialists, hosting providers or server administrators with an easy to navigate and speedy website packed with homepage slider, color and font changing controls, page and blog layouts, etc.

Designed with modern flat web design touches, SKT Job Portal makes it effortlessly simple to add any kind of supplementary functions with plugins and extensions, whether it has to do with technical, functional, promotional, commercial or any other aspect.

5. Classified Ads


Classified Ads is one more well projected and frequently updated website ecosystem suitable both for professionals and beginners. It can greatly improve your HelpDesk website creation process and will save your financial means at the same time.

Use the whole potential of this theme and give your web guests enough freedom and flexibility to submit their requests, reports and tickets, as well as track their resolution with their PCs, laptops, gadgets, smartphones and other devices.

6. IT Consultant

it consultant new


Any kind of IT or technician workload can be simplified with IT Consultant. It is one of the serious looking and professional templates the effectiveness of which can be measured in many different ways, from how simple and admin friendly it is in usage to what results you can get with it in search engines, how popular you can be across social forums and social media platforms, etc..

Create your custom website as per your brand, its color palette and business identity, make a strong communication with a clientbase and prove you care for their convenience and comfort by providing them with a polished navigation, speedy performance and pixel perfect imagery.

Gift Shop WordPress Themes for Souvenir Gifts Presents & Others

The creation of a super quality and inviting gift shop or handmade products store, romantic or antique gift boutiques, souvenir gift storefronts, as well as any other e commerce based website starts from the best gift shop WordPress themes.

If you own one of the above mentioned stores and want to grow the army of its guests, you are welcome to follow the checklist of the modern gift shop WordPress themes to engage new clients and customers.

Whether it’s a small yet original gift store where anyone can find an appropriate present for a friend, beloved one or a family member, or a souvenir boutique to win the consideration of travelers and tourists across the globe, souvenir, handmade merchandise and gift shop WordPress themes of SKT Production we are going to explore below will do a fantastic job for taking it to a higher platform of performance and client care.

Create a convenient online shopping platform for your target audience and let them compare products and their prices, check the availability of sizes, colors and much more without losing time or nerves. Each of these gift shop WordPress themes is completely inventive and intelligent when it comes to commercial solutions and brings your talents as a creative web designer and developer to the fore for modeling and styling your online gift store.

1. Spectacles


Spectacles is one of the freshest gift shop WordPress themes that is custom built with the latest web design and development trends in the theme authors’ mind. As such, this template is versatile enough to undergo any changes and modifications to wear the outfit and support functionality your e commerce website needs the most.

It’s a feature rich platform with responsive and cross mobile checked HTML 5 coding paired with CSS 3 animations, unlimited product and category support, live customizer controls for reducing the time you are going to spend on the customization of your website and reviewing results, etc.

Add as many online shopping and commercial plugins as needed, integrate online payment and shopping cart functionalities and make your content multilingual to attract as many foreign visitors and tourists as possible.

2. Ele Store

ele store


You will definitely love the way Ele Store is ready made for your online journey. Even if you are not experienced in web related processes or programming, you don’t need to worry. This theme is a unity of simplicity and versatility making it affordable for you to craft an enviably good gift or accessories online store.

It’s a multipurpose and fully configurable template meaning that you can remove and add, adjust and rescale whatever is needed to market any kind of products, from ordinary to high volume, designer or handmade clothing, bags, belts and accessories, kids toys and gifts, antiques and jewelry, ancient furniture and sculptures, etc.

Choose from multiple layouts and use hundreds of preloaded shortcodes, make the most of the translation readiness of the theme with compatible multilingual plugins, and enhance default SEO capabilities with additional tools and extensions.

3. Flower Shop

flower shop WordPress theme


Florists, designers, physical gift shop and digital portfolio owner will definitely evaluate the charm and creativity of Flower Shop.

The good news about this theme is that you don’t need to be rich, have a month of free time or some technical knowledge to get started with your website or online storefront. Flower shop is cost effective and comes with full documentation to help you start quickly and give your site a final look without any difficulty.

WooCommerce of the theme has been checked not only once and this is where your website is going to be transformed into a fully functional e commerce store with products and gifts categories, classifications, product ranges and other filters.

4. SKT Landing Page

landing page WordPress theme


You can predict and fully control your site visitor’s browsing behavior with a smart and attention seizing SKT Landing Page.

Gift shop WordPress themes with a lading page included are modern marketing tools for client engagement and conversion you can use for your own online commercial operation. You can use this page for sales related content, offer the best products or lead the customers wherever needed throughout the other parts of your site via call to actions.

You are armed with dozens of primary web design controls, including font and color choices, image selection for the default homepage slider, page and post layouts, widget friendly theme areas and much more.

5. Luxury Watch

Luxury WordPress theme


If you want your luxury or gift store to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks of the year even while you are on vacation, having a website in parallel with the brick and mortar store is a must.

Luxury Watch is a good starting point in this relation ready to provide the stable operation of your site around the clock. You can present a big image of a business of any commercial nature or size with this luxurious and dynamic, CSS 3 packed and durably coded theme and no one needs to know that you are a small gift shop or a startup business.

Tested with a wide range of sliders like Crelly Slider, Mete Slider and others for the most captivating exposure of images on the homepage, Luxury Watch is retina ready and fully editable in gallery part to display the photos and image based descriptions of your physical and E-products.

6. Shopzee

eCommerce WordPress theme


Whenever you want to update your store with a new design breath, it is going to be a headache for you. However, it will never be the case with your store’s online presentation if you rely on Shopzee. Update your site as frequently as needed so that your shoppers will have access to the newest offers and products.

All in all, Shopzee is one of the reliable, shortest and fastest ways to bring all your merchandise, gift items and handmade goods to the widest possible group of potential buyers and clients as the theme can host multilingual content, as well as welcome both desktop and mobile users so that there is no chance you will miss a single visitor.

Dental Care WordPress Themes for Dentistry Care and Dental Clinic Websites

We have been on the task of sorting through the affordable dental care WordPress themes.

And now are thrilled to present them for dentists, dental care specialists, dental clinics and other dentistry websites.

The medical industry is not an exception when it comes to conquering the digital platform for the fulfillment of a wide range of business objectives. If we try to be more precise and talk about the dental industry, it will be reasonable to note that the client’s choice of dentist heavily depends on his or her website or at least online profile to look through.

Hence, it is of great importance to realize how your dental practice can benefit from clear and serious – looking, as well as informative and easy to use website of your own.

Thus, with the growing importance of the relevant global networking system for dentists and dental clinics, we have collected some of the best dental care WordPress themes to fulfill all your provocative plans catering to your dental activities and win the client’s trust. Seize the advantage of presenting yourself in front of global market and gradually increase the army of your potential clients.

1. Teethy

teethy WordPress theme


Teethy shares all the characteristics to change the game in favor of you. Highly flexible and intelligent while totally customizable and controllable, it is one of the clear – coded and visually attractive dentist and doctor – based WordPress templates. It means that a splendid assemblage of doctor and medical – related initiatives can be revealed through this template easily yet effectively.

The theme is based upon Customizer for you to tweak to the website and its content easily and make all the relevant changes. Homepage default slider and its effects are at your leisure to tell your story through high – quality images and photos, showcase your clinic and its facilities, your staff or satisfied clients and much more.

Header and footer variations, translation – ready platform when supported by respective plugins, convenient color wheel to choose colors of your site and integrated shortcodes pack generalize the true beauty of Teethy.

2. Medicare Pro

medicare pro


Next in our list is Medicare Pro as one of the latest dental care WordPress themes for you to get you dental or medical website up and effortlessly running in a matter of minutes. Radically change the way you communicate with your patient – base and make that communication as affordable as it may be with responsive and mobile – friendly layout of your website.

Hence, you are not obliged to build a separate mobile or device version of your dental clinic website. Teethy will take care of all the nuances to keep your website’s look and feel across different platforms and devices. Legible and white – dominant visualization of Medicare Pro is exactly what suits medical and dental industry to the most extent.

3. Healing Touch

Healing Touch Pro


Boost your tangible results, convert your efforts into better reputation and social proof with the assistance of Healing Touch. Make a step forward from half – empty reception or waiting room and accept a new stream of clients coming from your website. Hence if you are a dentist, dental care specialist, private dental clinic owner, hospital representative, neurologist, pediatrician or any other medial industry representative and want to change the way clients perceive you and your business, Healing Touch comes ready – made to fulfill your far – reaching plans.

Just having a website and publish some information about you is not enough. Your website must be visual clear and easy to digest, as well as easy to navigate from top to bottom and responsive enough for the clients on the move. All the above – mentioned qualities are celebrated by Healing Touch to result in perfect client and website visitor experience.

4. Toothy

toothy new


Toothy is brought to you as one of the best and top – rated dental care WordPress themes suitable for a dental business of any kind, from small or newly – started to seasoned and highly – experienced. Since homepage and about pages are among the most –visited pages according to statistics, this template is packed with those sections and even more to enlist your services, run a blog and inform your patients about special offers, discounts, updated policy, new business objectives and much more.

Use the available color picker and add your favorite colors to the existing white –based framework, use the given shortcodes for quick setup and choose among the given packs of icons and Google fonts.

5. SKT Medical Pro

medical WordPress theme


Another leader among dental care WordPress themes available for the average website owner comes launched as SKT Medical Pro. This superb and full – packed, well – developed and minutely processed template is equipped with all the primary elements, features and controls any dentist or another doctor will ever dream to have at his or her disposal. Dental practitioners can never neglect the fact of visualization of their medical practice.

And this can be perfectly arranged with the given homepage slider, as well as gallery section for displaying clinic and hospital, client and doctor, before and after images and photos. This template will never leave you helpless with empty hands when it comes to customizing and managing your website as per your wishes and preferences.

6. Bony

chiropractor WordPress theme


The challenging market of modern medical world has brought about fierce competition among medical service providers. In such situation running a top – quality and easy to use all – inclusive website becomes a top – priority for any such business. Bony has been powered to be the starting point of any such medical initiative to slay the ongoing competition.

Visually accurate and clear with a minimum number of distracting touches, Bony is the last candidate in our list of dentist and dental clinic and dental care WordPress themes ready to turn thousands of patient’s heads with its unique look and error – free structural framework. Widget – friendly and HTML5 and CSS3 coded, responsive and Google mobile – friendly, Bony is wonderfully compatible with qTranslate X, Shortcodes Ultimate, Contact Form, SEO and Ecommerce plugins for extensive functionality and higher results.

Video Production WordPress Themes for Filmmaker Film Studio Websites

The best video production WordPress themes have been sort out for videographers and video bloggers, digital agencies and experts, video portfolio owners, film makers and directors, cinematographers and filmographers, etc.

Video materials are widely and successfully used in the modern virtual domain as one of the main methods of transferring information, presenting portfolio, organizing distance lessons and tutorials, summarizing specific projects and programs, etc.

Though the video and video communications industry is vast and multifunctional, it is heavily based on today’s digital platform.

It exercises new channels of visual content dissemination rather than giving its preference to the traditional ways such as television.

The advantages of such kind of video materials dissemination through the online channels are limitless, starting from the accessibility for disabled people to attend certain video classes and lessons to letting video operators manage their videos from every part of the world.

Well, having a video blog or website is not a luxury anymore.

If you are a famous video production company working at an international level or a startup video agency creating interactive video materials and movable images, here are some of the smartest video production WordPress themes to give a try.

Or, if you already have a video production or video based website and eager to make it widely attended by thousands of potential clients and customers, partners and fans, you are also welcome to check our list of the best video production WordPress themes.

Kicking your old looking and unsightly website back into gear with one of those dynamic and spirited templates will be primary proportional to the boosted results of your site and better client concentration on your profile.

1. SKT Tube

video WordPress theme


SKT Tube is one of the top rated video production WordPress themes and comes with ultimate audio and video support. It is custom built to host as many video materials as you want to share with your audience though video slider or a separate section on your profile.

Getting started with this wonderfully vigorous and dynamically coded template will be surprisingly convenient for a website admin with any level of WordPress knowledge or web development. With tons of variations and options to choose from, layout and framework controls and pre enabled features, making the most of this web builder will be a breeze for anyone.

Video shortcodes are enabled right from the start for you to apply whenever needed in order to embed different video materials and files, play them back and more.

Multilingual readiness of SKT Tube together with responsive coding and commercial ready framework is also perfectly completed.

2. FilmMaker

Film Maker WordPress theme


FilmMaker is the next interactive and visually captivating template ready to deal with any kind of video materials and showcase your video production business in all its charm.

From game and app developers to digital agency experts and marketers, filmographers and film makers, cinema website admins and other video related businesses owners, anyone can quickly reveal the whole working capacity behind the FilmMaker.

All in all, this unspeakably potential and complete template reasonably faces all its responsibilities and will never end up in making your website irrelevant for your audience. Perfect responsiveness and mobile friendliness are ensured to provide the stability and legibility of visual and textual your content across as many devices and platforms as your web viewers will choose to use.

3. SKT Actor



SKT Actor is the unity of all the modern web design and coding preferences you are seeking among video production WordPress themes available for now.

It is one of the best selling templates ready to guarantee the online success of absolutely any kind of video related industry or field representations and not only. Basically, no matter whether you are a video producer or a person with another specialty who wants to market his services or products through video materials,SKT Actor will turn to be a real magic maker for you.

This well thought out and absolutely durable framework is rich with diverse functional and visual capacities and includes dozens of essential and secondary features to make sure your website is looking and working exclusively way. From making your videos span in the background area or showcasing them on a homepage slider, anything is possible with SKT Actor.

4. SKT Pathway PRO

skt pathway


Video bloggers and producers will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of capabilities SKT Pathway PRO may provide them with. This well equipped and visually captivating, technically persistent and high quality template is easy to customize and modify with your preferred colors and font types, sections and boxes, widget friendly areas for posts including slider, footer and header, etc.

Portfolio section with transition effect is at your disposal to compactly arrange all your video materials and other portfolio items, add, edit and remove them whenever needed.

5. Complete Pro



Complete Pro is another top notch and user centric website builder you will for sure like. This highly professional and intelligent template is included in the collection of the most powerful yet cost effective video production WordPress themes to make your video materials and productions blisteringly displayed through your posts and pages.

When it comes to boosting your connection with the audience or communicating your message to them, nothing beats image and video materials. In this relation, Complete Pro has been developed to make it effortlessly suitable for you to add the best images and videos as a background and let them convey your expertise in the relevant field, tell your story or more.

6. Gravida

corporate WordPress theme


Gravida celebrates modern design with effective graphical and animation solutions. This template is multipurpose with huge functional volume to move your website to the needed direction.

The simplicity of adding your videos and marketing your video production agency with is galvanizing. Portfolio section is ready to display your videos and images, as well as other portfolio items.

Customizer based and fully controllable, Gravida delivers multiple page and post, layout and shortcodes controls and selection options, blog section for sharing teasers and trailers, press releases, news and more.

Dairy Farm WordPress Themes for Green Eco Friendly Agri Based Sites

We invite you to check the list of the best dairy farm WordPress themes in case you are looking for a solution to create dairy farm or farming, eco product and eco friendly, agriculture, gardening or landscaping, cattle farm or organic store, eco product manufacturing or any other farm or agricultural business website.

Not too many businessmen decide to create and exploit dairy farm, thinking that it is too expensive and not very profitable. However, this opinion is erroneous: today farming is one of the mist promising areas of entrepreneurship and the modern digital area, in its part, can be a huge help in making your specific business thriving in the long run.

Now, if you have already ventured to jump into any kind of farm or agriculture business and want to move forward with the creation of a relevant website for it, look no further than our collection of dairy farm WordPress themes.

Make your dairy or cattle farm website exclusively well taken care of and powerful, give your customers and clients across the world a digital platform they are going to trust. Use the whole potential each of these dairy farm WordPress themes celebrates to deliver quality, service and value altogether.

Whether you are going to create the online version of your family owned business, share news and updates of your farming society or organization, tell its creation story or share thousands of images to make it easier for your audience to guess who you are, you are free to do it with each of the dairy farm WordPress themes you will find below.

1. Organic


Bring your cattle or agriculture, farming or eco friendly organic business online with Organic. Visually clean yet captivating, functionally error free, this responsive and mobile checked template is going to be your best investment in further development of your business with the most dynamic online strategies, from search engine optimization to presence on social media, from cross browser and device compatibility to better user experience.

The theme is also fully commercial ready for you to elevate a stunningly practical and easy to use e ecommerce platform and sell your organic or agriculture, meat and milk products. All you need to do is to search for the most relevant e commerce and other plugins from your theme’s Admin Dashboard, Plugins part and install them.

2. Poultry Farm



Another sample among dairy farm WordPress themes worth your time and money is Poultry Farm.

Whether you are planning to use this theme for organic and natural product, cattle or dairy farm website establishment or change the default template to match any other business or industry, you are welcome to do it.

Every single part and section of the theme is controllable and customizable from top to bottom, from appearance and the overall color combinations to structure and placement, from the frequency this or that part is updated with scheduled posts to the typography your content is served with.

3. SKT Gardening

gardening landscaping WordPress theme


Green is the color associated with nature and agriculture. Therefore, green based nature and gardening, landscaping and agriculture, cattle and dairy farm WordPress themes are the best to nurture passion and enthusiasm in your work.

The authors of this perfectly coded and designer touched web building ecosystem have already done a great deal of work and built a reliable framework with live customizer at its core, as well as added several prebuilt sections, first aid shortcodes, buttons and fonts for you to manage easily.

You can also choose to use this 100% responsive and plugin compatible, PO file included and multilingual ready template with one page or multipage structure, as you may think expedient for your niche specific business presentation online.

4. Ele Pet



Ele Pet has proven itself to be an ideal fit for any kind of business, ranging from nature preservation and other NGO to environment protection campaign, agriculture and farming, rural economy and agronomy, natural product and eco food market websites and blogs.

What makes this theme so ambitious is its completely customizable and admin optimized nature making it easy for a website admin of any knowledge or background to make the most of Perfect Nature with color and image choices, management of widget ready footer, header and sidebar areas with quick links, popular posts, social media presence and more.

You should not also waste too much time on adding any needed functionality or performance ways whenever the default theme is not able to satisfy your business needs. Ele Pet has been checked for the majority of useful plugins to make your presence more SEO friendly, WooCommerce supported, easy to manage in terms of galleries and albums, as well as easy to communicate with clients via contact form and more.

5. Diet and Nutrition

diet and nutrition WordPress theme


Get recognized online and do it without shelling out all your revenue with Diet and Nutrition. Although it is a smart and serious, all inclusive and premium quality web solution, it is offered at a pocket friendly price and complete documentation for you to follow if needed.

Homepage comes with prebuilt 10 sections for you to use and add all the important information and services, company’s profile, photos, videos, contact details and more. Blog sidebar option is also provided so that you can use this part to keep your entire profile dynamic and frequently updated with new info.

6. Nature One Pro

nature one pro


Another green and nature centric template ideal for any kind of dairy farm web management is Nature One Pro.
This pro quality and immensely sophisticated template boasts fully responsiveness and smooth navigation, a pack of Google fonts and color picker for color choices and combinations, contact section captcha included for better security and protection, CSS controls for boxes and more.

Whether you want to put the spotlight on simplicity or on the feature richness with additional tools and plugins, on better SEO rankings or more social media integration, Nature One Pro will assist you in getting all the things flowing.

Library WordPress Themes for Books and Encyclopedia Websites

Whatever comes and goes, reading remains in fashion. Therefore we have put together the best library WordPress themes for the creation and promotion online libraries and repositories, book listings, bookstores and ebook stacks, bookseller and librarian, authors and writer’s personal websites, publishing houses and more.

The fact that the books play a paramount role in the human development, in the formation of viewpoint as well as in distinguishing the good from the bad and developing a sense of aesthetics has been approved for centuries. In contrast to movies and films where the viewer only needs to watch and enjoy the beautiful scenes, the book makes you think and imagine, passing through yourself all that the author has tried to put into the lines.

On the other hand, we are not going to deny the fact that the Internet is penetrating deeper and deeper into our lives, changing it beyond recognition. However, there are also thousands of advantages on the fact that our modern life depends on this source of information that is available around the clock and can be managed even by the child.

A bright example of such advantages are library and bookstore websites giving you an ultimate freedom in your time management and choice of physical location whenever you want to purchase this or that book, view it online or get an information about some book presentation.

In this relation, we have scoured the Internet for the best and the most lovely library WordPress themes for any kind of book and author – related websites and personal blogs, bookstores and bookshops, libraries and online reading rooms.

Give a unique presence to your local library or authored books with any of the library WordPress themes we have put together for you. They are all worth trying and are custom built to look their absolute best on every single library website or blog.

1. SKT Education

SKT Education


Another fully editable and admin friendly template that can be found among the cost effective library WordPress themes is called SKT Education. It comes rich with everything needed for the ongoing viability and precise operation of your site across the diversity of platforms and browsers.

With SKT Education you can quickly allocate and deploy all the books and other materials and give your website users quick access to them. Display every piece of your digital library in an effective way and be sure it will appear with the same charm and legibility when viewed on different screens and portable devices.

2. Toy Store


Toy Store is one of the freshest and nice looking library WordPress themes with commercial nature at its core. It means that this template stands for flawless performance and usability when it comes to creating any online bookstore or library to give access to hundreds of website guests at once.

Whether you are an individual writer who wants to share his passion with his audience, or a local bookstore manager trying to reach out as many booklovers as possible, Toy Store is just the right thing for you.

The possibilities of this web builder are endless in terms of colors and fonts, widgetized areas control and page/ post layouts, content scheduling and editing any time you want, etc.

3. Classified Ads


Classified Ads is just another properly worked out template authored by SKT Themes that is ready to go with the majority of different topics and niches. This multipurpose and multidimensional system is extravagant when it comes to generating responsive and mobile optimized nature, SEO competent touches, as well as cooperation with the popular social media platforms.

By building a strong reputation through Classified Ads will be easier than you could ever imagine since this template is built on a firm HTML5 and CSS3 coding and includes all the primary tools you will need to style your presence.

PayPal, AlertPay and Moneybooker payment systems are paired with the theme for ensuring payments can be made and accepted in the easiest fashion.

4. SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme


Start your online career with SKT Perfect and you will never regret it. This serious looking website toolkit can be the right destination for your book collections and archives, articles and other databases, research guides, e magazines, journals, etc.

Nailing all the nuances catering to the look and feel of your site will never be difficult with SKT Perfect that is superb in customization and management. It works just as a simple visual editor with all the color and typography settings, page and image controls, resizing, remodeling and more. The same is true about its functional extension with the help of useful shortcodes, tools, add ons and plugins.

5. SKT Launch Pro

author WordPress theme


With multiple styles available, SKT Launch Pro is one of the flexible templates you can find in the collection of the best library WordPress themes presently.

From going live with your digital library to launching your e books and other products, SKT Launch Pro will be the best companion for you. It celebrates elegant and clean design, responsiveness in case of mobile and device accesses, Google fonts and social icons integration, etc.

Widget friendly areas are also ensured within the theme so that you can showcase the most useful links, as well as any other important information. Separate author area is also provided for displaying your profile and autobiography.

6. Military


Dynamic and inspiringly beautiful, smart and experienced, Military is the one to raise the bar for your library’s online presence and be the place that is haunted by hundreds of daily users.

The end user of this top rated template has been kept high in the theme developer’s mind. It means that every single technic has been exercised to result in a stunning reader and website visitor experience. The responsive coding and legible typography possible are directed to the fulfilling of the client’s primary needs.

Homepage fullwidth slider is the best tool for visualizing the best pieces of your library, your upcoming book presentations and more. Other sliders have also been tested with Military and showcased their best.

Service Provider WordPress Themes for Service Industry Websites

A dazzling assemblage of service provider WordPress themes is discussed in this article

These service provider WordPress themes are helpful in guiding all kind of service providers and help them boost their online performance.

Since the advent of the global networking system and modern technologies, the Internet has been an integral part of the modern life and the best medium of choice for many business representatives and service providers to market their goods and services.

In this situation, a modern website with all its advantages becomes a valuable online commodity to most businesses to get in touch with their potential consumers and clients and earn their admiration.

From niche – specific to general – purpose in their true nature, there are hundreds of service provider WordPress themes available in the current library of WordPress templates. However, with this abundance of suitable templates you may be spoiled for choice.

Therefore we have scoured the global networking system so you don’t have to and sorted out some of the best for you to review and understand how any of them can support you along your way to greater popularity and increased client engagement into your services.

Hence, all that is expected from you is to choose the most suitable one and create the best profile for your service provision activities even while you are working on a tight budget since all of the proposed templates are available at a cost – effective price.

1. SKT Plumbing



If you are fed up with unstable and complicated templates you meet on your way, meet SKT Plumbing as one of the most practical and business – like website builders for your car – related services. It can provide you with one of the optimal ways to show your clients what you can offer them and their cars.

From car – repair and mechanic to auto parts and auto dealer, any kind of relevant topic will be condemned to success with SKT Plumbing. From a technical standpoint, this template can be characterized as a fruitful unity of simplicity and advanced technological solutions.

It means that this template is custom – build to personify your expertise and professionalism in the car world easily yet effectively. From pixel – perfect and cutting – edge visual design and legibility to responsive and clear coding to run across different platforms, Perfect Mechanic incorporates it all and not only.

2. Movers and Packers Pro

moving company WordPress theme


Next in our collection of service provider WordPress themes proudly comes Movers and Packers Pro. Visually clean and functionally advanced, this template is foreseen for moving and packaging, logistics and other relevant companies, delivery and shipping service providers to reduce the people’s stress when it comes to changing their dwelling space, moving or sending something.

Dozens of practical elements and features are shared with this wonderful template. Among them are icons and Google fonts pack to choose the best icons and fonts to match your web design, homepage slider with animation controls, pause time and other options, inner pages header which is manageable, different page and blog templates, as well as widget – friendly areas. Customizer – based performance, responsive and cross mobile – compliant nature, SEO and SMO – friendliness are the bonuses of Movers and Packers Pro.

3. Pet Care


Lovely and nice – looking while entirely light and quick performing, Pet Care is the next tool available for the WordPress – powered websites catering to pet and animal – related service provision. A wide range of services can be showcased within this template, ranging from pet care and walking, veterinary services to pet sitting and other services.

Use the given firm framework and beautiful interface with homepage slider and let your website visitors feel that you care both about them and their beloved animals while their owners are working or cruising across oceans. There is no any restriction when it comes to adding new shades of functionality with plugin support. Hence you can turn to the help of multiple useful plugins at any stage of your site development and exploitation.

4. Auto Car

car repair WordPress theme


All your informative content and information about your workshop, car repair and other services, their pricelist, your handymen and specialists can find their valuable presentation in your website based on Auto Car. It is the next top – rated website building solution for car industry representatives and service providers reasonably included in our list of service provider WordPress themes.

Moreover, not only text materials will have their unique place in the website, but also images and photos can be the inseparable part of your profile and look incomparably alluring. All the nuances providing error – free operation when accessed by different mobiles and portable devices have been taken care of. The same can be stated about the overall persistent yet smooth and sleek navigation controls as well as easy setup.

5. HVAC and Cleaning

HVAC and cleaning WordPress theme


Running your HVAC, cleaning, repair and renovation, construction or engineering website based upon HVAC and Cleaning will never be time – consuming for anyone. Even if you are clueless about how to deal with the given platform, you will be capable of mastering it as soon as possible since it has been developed with the requirements of non professional web user in the theme author’s mind.

Give the list of commercial, industrial, residential and office cleaning services, demonstrate the images of places and areas where your specialists spare no efforts to make them shine and give your contact details for the clients to easily get in touch with you.

6. SKT Industrial

industrial renovation WordPress themes


Last in our assemblage of service provider WordPress themes which is worth special attention is SKT Industrial to cover any kind of industrial service provision and not only. It is a full – fledged and presentable, sophisticated and smart template on the cutting – edge of WordPress achievement.

The theme’s package includes tons of handy features for you to save your precious time and concentrate your efforts only on generating user – optimized content. It comes with color picker inclusion to change the theme colors, social media icons and Google fonts, preloaded shortcodes for gallery, testimonials, team, etc.