Free WordPress Google Map Plugins with the Use of Google Maps Shortcodes

Google Maps are the maps that can be integrated into your website to show the address in the proper way. There are different types of plugins available that can be integrated on your WordPress website very easily.

If you know that Google Maps also provides inbuild code that you can copy and paste to your WordPress posts or pages without using any type of plugins.

The code provided by Google Maps is customizable. With the help of a text editor, you will be able to add code in posts or pages.

But the problem is that Google Maps does not permit you to add your own data to the maps like you cannot add location, markers, directions, routes, and many more. Therefore WordPress Google Map Plugins comes with plenty of customizable options.

WordPress Google Map Plugins

You can find below, the best free WordPress Google Map Plugins that are useful for your WordPress website.

Top Free WordPress Google Map Plugins 2023

1. WP Google Maps :

WP Google Maps

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WP Google Maps is the most popular plugin in WordPress that is available at free of cost. This plugin is also easy to handle. You can easily build maps by adding an address, get directions, markers settings, and many more.

You can also add high-quality markers like locations, descriptions, categories, images, directions, and links but in the paid version. Upto 9 popular map themes are available that you can choose from.

You have full control to create your own map theme. The map can be viewed in full-screen resolution. The best part is that you can create a map in less than 30 seconds.

2. WP Google Map Plugin :

WP Google Map Plugin

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WP Google Map plugin is the best WordPress Google Map Plugins that helps you to interact easily. It consists of many features that allow you to create the most beautiful maps by customizing options.

It allows different customization options such as color makers, informational window, redirect users, embeds maps by using shortcodes, map click, and many more.

With the help of custom makers, you can also add multiple locations to create a map displaying these types of locations. Different types of maps can be created on pages, widgets, and custom templates with the use of Google maps shortcodes.

4 types of maps are provided i.e. Roadmap, Satellite, hybrid, and terrain map you can select any of theme.

3. Google Maps Easy :

Google Maps Easy

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By Google Maps Easy plugin one can create Google maps within a minutes. This plugin is 100% customizable. It allows you to add media makers like images, videos, links, text, and descriptions.

The Google map can be get displayed on the contact page, real estates, delivery areas, and routes. You can choose your own theme from 4 different options that are provided to create a Google map.

4. 10Web Map Builder for Google Maps :

10 web map builder

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This plugin is extended of 10Web Map Builder for Google Maps that is very easy to add multiple addresses to the same map with different types of the map like a road map, satellite map, hybrid map, and terrain map.

You have full control over the custom map style you can find different latitude and longitude inside the element. 10 different color maker ins icons are given.

You can enable or disable the zoom control. Also, it supports multilingual functionality like the Google map are available in 12 different languages

5. Google Maps CP :

codepeople post map

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Google Maps CP is created by CodePeople. Based on Google Maps Javascript API version 3. You can easily insert a Google map in the desired position within your blogs.

You can also create a Google maps in different languages, different Google maps controls and configuration options are provided.

Different customization option is made available such as height, width, alignment, map languages, map type, enable map control, disable map control, mouse hover and many more.

6. Google Maps Widget :

Google Maps Widget

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Google Maps widget plugin allows you to display the map in a sidebar widget. With a larger view, the Lightbox popup will get open while clicking on the map. You can choose any color and image for a pin. The Google maps widget options are title and address

7. Leaflet Maps Marker (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps)s. :

leaflet maps marker

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With the help of this plugin, you can easily share your preferred spots and tracks. On your WordPress site, it displays the locations and directions.

With markers, you can pin your favorites places. There are more than 1000 free customization options for the icons that you can choose from Maps icons collection.

8. Google Maps Bank: WP Google Maps Plugin :

With the help of Google Maps Bank i.e. WP Google Maps Plugin, You can create a map in a more interactive way. You can create a map by adding multiple locations, information windows, directions, store locations, and many more. This theme is also available at free of cost.

9. Ultimate Maps by Supsystic :

Ultimate Maps by Supsystic

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This plugin was mainly developed for changing the Google maps pricing policy. The new rule shows that accessing the map through Google map makes expensive for website users with large traffic. Therefore Supsystic team has created a substitution for Google maps.

But this plugin is available only in two languages i.e. English and German.

10. WP Google Map Plugin :

wp google map plugin

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You can add API Key to any of the theme or plugin. just you need to activate, visit setting option > click Google API Key and insert the key.

This plugin will only work if your Google API is added according to WordPress standards.

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