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WordPress Push Notification Plugins for push notifications


We at SKT Themes are thrilled to share WordPress push notification plugins with you to increase the number of returning visitors.

Push notifications in the form of clickable messages are one of the most recent strategies to prompting more and more people to return to the website. It is one of the dynamic ways to follow up with the target website visitors and followers and inform them about your site updates, development, novelties, etc.

In plain English, it is one of the most effective communication channels to easily connect with your potential clients and customers, fans and followers. The process includes sending notifications to the web subscribers straightway on their desktops or portable devices.

If you are a WordPress site owner and are eager to exercise the system of push notification to better your website conversion, increase sales and people engagement into your services, here are some of the time and security checked WordPress push notification plugins ready to add the required functionality to your website. Each of them is an ultimate way to drive client engagement and boost deliverables.

1. Delite Studio:

Announce the start of a season discount or sale, an arrival of a long – awaited product, the launch of your new app or something else with the help of Delite Studio. Simple, yet effective, lightweight in performance, this plugin provides ultimate compatibility with any WordPress – based website and blog. What is more exciting about this product is that it sends push notifications directly and without support of any supplementary server or platform. It means that there is no need to pay extra fees for sending notifications to your subscribers. Delite Studio with more than 1000 active installs comes available in 2 versions – free and premium, where Lite supports IOS and Android devices, and Premium one Safari, Firefox and Chrome notifications. Apart from providing instant notifications, this product as one of the best WordPress push notification plugins, supports APNs and FCM, as well as comes with an option for users to choose whether to receive this or that notification or not.

2. Pushed:

Send your action – oriented and clear messages to your audience instantly while having the assistance of the next plugin launched as Pushed. Attract users and drive repeated traffic without additional efforts with totally easy and legible nature of this wonderful product. Moreover, in case you are looking for a free solution for announcing the publication of your new posts, Pushed can be the ideal solution for your web presence. All you need to do is to install this plugin and connect your website with Pushed app, which is also free of charge. It will cost you also little time and will provide you with a complete guide on how to proceed with and guarantee the constant flows of users coming back to your site.

3. SendPulse Web Push:

SendPulse Web Push is a WordPress plugin that allows you to outreach your customers across all types of devices at any time and at any place with no fees taken. Inform them about the latest sales, order status or special events using multiple unique features.

Web push notifications are available in Chrome (Desktop & Android), Safari (Mac OS X), and Firefox (Desktop) on both HTTP and HTTPS websites. You can take advantage of Personalization and Segmentation to send targeted messages based on different variables — browser language, region, subscription date and so on. Furthermore, you can carry out an A/B test to find out that very version of your notification campaign that will work best for your audience. In addition to this, you can use our SendPulse API and send web push notifications, emails, and SMS through one platform.

4. Push Monkey:

Easily integrate the push notification system into your WordPress website with Push Monkey. Keep your web visitors, users and subscribers hungry for your notifications even when they are busy on some other website or when their PC is not active. Let people receive instant web notifications without installing additional apps or programs. All that is expected from them is to enable you to send them notifications on a regular basis, whenever you feel the necessity. Totally filterable and elastic in usage, Push Monkey lets you filter the type of content for which to send push notifications. Automatic format of sending notifications when a new post is published is effective by default, thus no worries about constant turmoil for sending manual notifications all the time and hence wasting too much time and nerves.

5. PushEngage:

Meet PushEngage as another valuable pattern in the repository of WordPress push notification plugins. Several minutes are enough for any website admin to get the whole system of push notification installed and impeccably running on the web profile. Both desktop and mobile users on Chrome and Firefox can be the target group for you to send push notifications about your website updates. Just like the previous plugin, this one also stays dynamic and bustling when your website visitor is wandering in some other virtual area or platform. Automatic notification system is also available with PushEngage for WordPress – based websites to immediately notice people on your website news and updates. Multiple website management and multiuser login are also at your disposal to control and give access to.

6. PushAssist:

PushAssist also comes as a complete and comprehensive push notification solution for every single WordPress – powered profile. This plugin is at your disposal to keep your push notifications presentable and effective. Current version is optimized for Android, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Remind your web visitors about your engaging content and publications via push notifications sent to them. Some of the key features of this premium – quality plugin are quick notifications like message alerts, reliable APIs, availability to group users, both HTTP and HTTPS – based WordPress website support, automatic notification system, logo and image insertion into push notifications.

7. OneSignal:

OneSignal is considered as one of the best WordPress push notification plugins tried and tested by more than 10.000 individuals and companies to engage their audience and keep them informed all the time. As a multi – service and cross – browser and platform push notification delivery mechanism, this plugin enjoys the love and loyalty of thousands of website owners and developers for its clear and precise operation. OneSignel boasts for its quick installation and setup process, as well as further management and control even by non – techy web admin. Wonderfully present and future – scalable, this awesome plugin supports Chrome, Safari and Firefox platforms in the current version and lets your totally monitor the conversions of web notifications. Enable automatic notifications to be delivered to your subscribers whenever you have new post published on your site or reminders if they have not visited your website for some time. Analyze your subscribers and target certain groups to be notified as well.

If you are looking to increase customer engagement and to increase conversion on your website, then you definitely need to check out some of the WordPress push notification plugins. Push notifications essentially enable you to communicate with your subscribers and your audience base in real time by directing clickable and targeted messages to their desktops and other devices. By doing so, you should be able to inform your subscribers about the latest updates to your website, your products and services and whether you are running any offers, etc.

You get the gist, essentially push notifications are a rather clever way of marketing your services directly to your customers and instantly, at that. This way you are able to increase your interaction with your fans, your subscribers, your loyal customers and they need not even login to your site to get these updates. They should see them the moment they turn on their laptop, desktop and other devices on.

So if that sounds interesting, then you would be glad to know we do feature some of the top WordPress push notification plugins that you may be interested in, so check them out. Push notifications have changed the game plan as far as online marketing is concerned and you need to have the same installed on your website to level the playing field.

Most of the companies use push notification to help increase their customer interactions and to snag more customers in the process. The process of installing the push notification on your website is not hard. It’s quite easy and what’s more, with this added functionality on your website you should be able to ramp up customer engagement and help drive in more traffic in the process.

When it comes to push notifications, the first thing that you need to do is to find out if they are compatible with your website. The good news is that with your site uses a WordPress theme and it comes “push notification” ready. Essentially, most push notification plugins are compatible with WordPress.

You may want to read up more about the particular plugin and find out if it uses an external server to send the push notifications to your clients or directly as that means that your notifications go out the moment you hit send. You may also want to study all the features of the plugin and see what else it comes loaded with. The process of installing one is quite easy, all you have to do is to download the plugin and install it.

Just head over to your WordPress admin area and search under “add new” plugins and choose the one you want installed. You need to register with the plugin site as well, and have to enter the details of your website. And once that’s done, install the plugin on your site and install the same, and that’s it. With this push notification plugin, you should be able to ramp up your marketing and see immediate results for the same.

Do You Need a Plugin to Embed Google Maps with WordPress?

Embed Google Maps with WordPress
If you are looking forward to embedding Google maps with your WordPress site, then you are in the right place.

As known about WordPress, sites developed using this software provides loads of opportunities to embed Google Maps. Likewise, with flexibility being the chief characteristics of WordPress, you can simply add the maps using plugins or manually.

Adding Google Maps to your site can be of great help to your users and facilitate a better business opportunity for you.  A prospective customer can probably locate your business; provide them with loads of information and easily communicate with you.

Such essential factors make adding Google Maps to your site a necessity. However, some things can keep you worried. This means, you will be successful with inserting Google Maps to your WordPress site, if only you know the correct way.

Using plugins is the easiest and quickest way to lodge the maps. In case, you are a pro at technical know how, nothing can stop you from trying out the manual way. So, have a look at the detailed steps to embed Google Maps in WordPress.

Some noteworthy plugins for embedding Google Maps with WordPress sites

By far, many plugins allow embedding Google Maps using popular plugins. Most of the free versions of these plugins provide useful functionalities. Whereas the pro versions also come with attractive features and you can choose from some of them as:

WP Google Map

The free version of this plugin will allow you to set icons to mark places. Furthermore, the pro version displays custom posts using custom fields.

Google Maps Widget

This minimalistic solution serves the purpose of adding maps to your posts.

The above-mentioned plugins function similarly and substantially add the features to embed Google Maps.  You just have to understand the ways to create the API key and operate the interface. Once you encode these, picking up a new plugin at any point of time, won’t be an issue.

How will you embed the WordPress sites with Google maps with plugins?

In case, you wish to turn more creative and build maps with unique features then looking for a plugin can be the best way out. Given the chance to create custom maps, the Google maps plugins add certain features specific to WordPress.

These include filterable store finder and use of custom fields to display any type of posts. Moreover, plugins allow using shortcodes and not IFRAMES that comparatively make them more user-friendly.

To start the process to embed Google Maps, install and then activate the WP Google Maps. The WP Google Maps will allow you to create a single Google map with multiple markers as per your requirement. You can avail of all the added facilities from its paid version. The markers are of high quality, with appropriate descriptions, links, maps, and images to support it.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Building the API Key for Google Maps

For every plugin that you use, you need to go through this step to create an API key. Similarly, in this case, Google also allows creating an API key to access Google Maps to work on it.

In the context of embedding Google Maps to the WordPress site, creating the API key and entering it will help to connect the Google Maps with your site. Follow a detailed process to create the API key.

Once you are done with creating the API key, head on to the next stop. Enter it into the box and hit on the save button.

Step 2: Make changes to My First Map

The free version of this plugin will let you create a single custom map.  To make changes to your first map, you need to select Edit and then under it, ‘My first map’. This will direct you to the editing interface of the plugin.

Step 3: Configuration of Basic Settings

Several different types of tabs appear at the top band of the map interface to embed Google Maps. These tabs are provided with different functionalities that you need to configure. These are as follows:
1. General settings: This includes map type, which may be roadmaps or satellite maps along with alignment, width, and height. You can also set map names, zooming levels and make them mobile-friendly with preview options as well.
2. Directions: This plugin only allows using the direction for the map from its Pro version.
3. Advanced Settings: These include enabling the traffic data along with features that are only available on the Pro version.
4. Themes: You can choose from 9 themes for your maps. This will help to change the overall appearances of the maps.
5. Store Locator: This amazing feature permits users to locate all the stores located nearest to them. Store Locator can be helpful for people running businesses facilitated by physical address.

Configuring these settings is important and makes you ready for creating the maps on your own.

Step 4: Including Map elements

Apart from the basic settings, insert map elements to your map with different tabs. Add markers using the following:
add a polygon

Find the location

1. Drop the marker at the specific location by a right-click on any area of the map.
2. Save the marker as it appears on its map and, keep adding the others as well.
3. From the Your Marker panel, see the markers lists and edit your present markers.
4. From the tabs of Polylines and Polygon, launch the interface that will let you build complicated sets of shapes.
save your map

5. After you are over with the map and building shapes, click on Save Map.

Step 5: Using shortcode to insert Embeds

1. After saving the map, click Maps from the sidebar of the WordPress dashboard.
2. Copy the map shortcodes
3. Paste the shortcode in the location where you want your map to appear.

Ways to Embed Google Maps to WordPress site without plugins

Here is a quick way to insert Google Maps to WordPress sites. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Create the map for inserting into your WordPress site

For adding a presentable Map similar to the ones that appear on Google’s website, you need to:

1. Open the map of the business from the interface of Google Maps.
2. Hit on the Share option.
3. Click on the Embed map.
4. Copy embeds code as shown below:
5. Create an advanced version of your map with appropriate colors, custom notes and location markers.
6. Use the Google My Maps as the interface is user-friendly. Click on the button, ‘Create a New Map’ after you have signed in.
google maps wordpress
7. Build the map and after you finish click on Share.
8. Next, head on to Private and then click on the Change button.
9. After that, select On-Public on the web and Save.
10. Click the three dots and select ‘Embed on my site’.
11. After this, copy your embed code which will be needed in the following steps.

Step 2: Inserting embed code to the WordPress site

1. Edit the post or the pages from Google maps or Google My Maps interface.
2. Choose the tab marked as Text from the WordPress editor and finally paste the embed code.
3. On publishing, you can observe all the embedded of Google Maps, live on your site.

This method is appropriate in case you want to inserts maps marking a single location or just to set the directions rightly for users. Alternatively, create custom maps with Google My Map, which has added functionalities to offer.

A quick wrap

Thus, you can always look out for WordPress themes and plugins. Some themes come handy with useful features that allow embedding Google Maps.

The built-in functionality of adding maps help to serve the purpose of manually doing it or with plugins. Certain builder interfaces of WordPress also come with dedicated modules for maps. Considering your convenience, choose the best way to embed Google Maps within your site.

Plugins are easier to implement but in the event of adding maps only to certain functionality rather than the entire site, you may have to use the manual method. This applies to store locators, embedded in a certain post.

Create a Pinterest Scroll to Top-Down Buttons with WordPress Plugins

pinterest button

A WordPress site becomes more interactive with the use right platform. Adding some of the social media features; makes the user experience, more exciting at the same time. Pinterest is one of those social media platforms, where you get to know a lot and have an exciting functionality of adding attractive images.

To integrate Pinterest within your site, create a Pinterest scroll that also adds to one of the most prominent strategies for marketing.

How will you create a Pinterest Scroll?

Plugins give you the scope to add the Pinterest button to your WordPress site with versatile plugins. The use of plugins has made WordPress, the most user-friendly software.

Apart from these, you can also add a feature to your WordPress site that integrates the Pinterest button, by manually adding relevant codes. This process to create a Pinterest scroll is quite lengthy and mostly avoided.

Therefore, here are some of the plugins that you can use to add Pinterest scroll top down to your website:

Using plugins

WordPress has some of the versatile plugins like Jetpack and PI Button. These plugins help to add a Pinterest button to your WordPress website. You can easily install these plugins as they come with both the shortcode as well as the widget. This makes reaching out to the right audience very easily.

PI Button

pi button
PI Button is such a WordPress plugin, filled with features to add the top scroll down button of Pinterest to your WordPress website. It comes with buttons, for Pin It, for updating with the latest feeds, profile widgets, and the follow-buttons.

It comes with native builder functions due to which it does not decrease the website speed. It aids in including Pinterest widgets for the various purpose of the website.

The installation process is easy and once you have installed the plugins follow these steps to use it:
1. In the left bar of the admin section, click on the button named “PI Button”. You will reach the settings page of the Plug-in.
2. From the settings tab; update your settings for Pinterest as per your necessity.
3. Using the plug-in, you can enable as well as disable, the pinit.js file, loading all the settings.
4. Hover settings for the Pinterest pin: Make the configuration settings to make the Pinterest pin to appear as you wish.


You have the freedom to choose shortcodes for Pinterest widgets. These shortcodes are specific for pinning images, profile widgets and widgets for latest pins and board widgets.


To use the plug-in Jetpack, and create a Pinterest scroll follow, these steps:
1. In the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the plug-in section where you have to click the button, “Add Button” on the top of the screen.
2. In the text area, type Jetpack to search for it.
3. Install and further activate it.
4. In the left bar of the admin panel of WordPress, click the Jetpack tool.
5. Click settings and then click the header named, “Appearance” at the top of the settings page.
6. Swipe to the right, on “Extra Sidebar Widgets” and activate it.
7. Reach out to the widgets section. Drag and then drop them to the sidebar.
8. Enter the username of the Pinterest account and click ‘Save’ to save the settings.

Manually using codes

You can simply add Pinterest your WordPress website using manual codes. Use the Pinterest widget builder to create buttons, follow buttons, embed pins and boards as well as showcase the details of your Pinterest profile.

Here are the steps to do it:

1. Make changes in the file named function.php under child theme and include this code:

function php2. In the widget builder, create Pinterest embeds. Choose your settings and past the code in the Text tab, in the location where the widget should appear.
3. You can verify it by checking the front end.


Themes also come with the functionality of adding social media accounts. Ele Fashion is one such feature-rich theme that only requires the URL of the social media account.

This is how it works:

1. In the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Appearance section and click on “Themes”. Choose to customize using the Customize button,
2. It will open Ele Fashion, click on Social Options on the left. Here you will find many options that will help to explore many sections.
3. Select for adding the social elements to the profile.
4. Click on Save and click on close that will take you back to the admin panel.

However, you will find that not all the themes are compatible with your site. To check the supportability, click on “Widgets” in the appearance section.

1. Check each element in the left whether they match with the account on the right.
2. After settings open up, add information for your Pinterest account.
3. Click button to save and then on widget activate it.

Why will you integrate Pinterest to your WordPress site?

Create a Pinterest scroll to direct a range of your audience to your website. Pinterest provides a platform to share information more through images rather than written content. As a result, many prefer using Pinterest as you can still add written words to the graphics.

You have the freedom to integrate images from your account to share it on your website. Due to this, you need a Pinterest scroll plugin that uses the Pinterest scroll.

The plug-in will help to show all the images you post on Pinterest. Thus, whenever you post images on Pinterest, the thumbnail will show the image on your website. This feature will help to address more customers and work towards a simple marketing strategy for your website. It is for this reason, that popular eCommerce sites use the feature to display thumbnails of the images on their sites.

Thus, as you can see the scroll button does not come with a simple functionality as such. It comes with additional CSS animations that help to slide across the views. When you create a Pinterest scroll, a WordPress plugin adds to the high-end features to the website. Thus, it works towards better user experience by drawing more attention to your website.

Which is the Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin?

Choosing the best WordPress photo gallery plugin can be a daunting task given the variety of offered options and tools. Therefore, we are going to discuss some of the most versatile and top quality photo and image gallery plugins to narrow down your selection to the best ones only. Further, no matter what your decision is or which you give your preference to as the best WordPress photo gallery plugin, you can be sure to demonstrate visual materials in the most effective way to transcend your target message to your audience.

Well, appearance is everything even in the virtual reality. If your site is cluttered and poor in the very first look and feel, you are going to miss lots of visitors and leads. On the other hand, well thought out and designed, image and photo rich website is easier to connect and follow, seize people’s attention more quickly and keep their focus on the important parts of your content.

And although WordPress templates are image and gallery friendly enabling you to upload your images effortlessly and create personalized galleries, if you want to have more control over your site’s visual look and preparedness, rearrange and sort photos, add relevant metadata and more, keep reading our article and choose the best WordPress photo gallery plugin complying with your site’s specific needs.

1. NextGen Gallery:

With millions of active users and followers, with several years of successful life in WordPress industry, NextGen Gallery is probably the best WordPress photo gallery plugin you can test and try as a photographer, designer, portfolio owner, artist or just a modern website owner.

Create beautiful and categorized galleries in so many different ways, upload large images, group galleries into albums and be sure they are going to share the most responsive design to be showcased accurately on different devices and platforms.

Finally, plugin is available both in free and paid versions, the latter coming with several pricing options and more effective gallery management and customization capabilities.

2. Photo Gallery by Envira – Responsive Image Gallery for WordPress:
envira gallery

Photo Gallery by Envira is billed as one of the convenient in usage yet powerful and sophisticated in performance gallery and portfolio creation and customization tools you can have at your fingertips now.

Pre built templates are loaded with this plugin so that you can choose any of them and customize the look of galleries.

It is also wonderfully responsive and lets you quickly form albums with images, add tags, choose cover photo for each album, etc. Thanks to the drag and drop builder at the core of the plugin, the addition of imaged and creation of albums will take you less time than you have allocated for that workflow.

Social sharing, video gallery management, watermarking images for protection and much more is offered by this premium and the best WordPress photo gallery plugin.

3. Robo Gallery:

The next photo and image gallery plugin that is perfect for customization and speedy in performance thus contributing your site’s SEO results is what we call Robo Gallery.

Even if you are a startup in digital arena and want to share your visual materials or portfolio item accurately on your WordPress powered website or blog, Robo Gallery can be one of the best companions of you in doing that.
You are going to enjoy around customizable hover effects, auto resizing for images and thumbnails, social sharing and font customization for setting title, caption and description of images, etc.

4. Photo Gallery by WD:

Design and add galleries to your website with one of the best solutions known as Photo Gallery by WD. This image and gallery management tool enables you to draw the best visual version of your site and share your site galleries, portfolio part, showcases and more in the most authentic way.

From free version of this plugin with basic yet feature rich form with SEO support, HD ready imagery support, full control over galleries to premium offers with advanced tool and digital selling platform, more gallery views and social media integration, the advantages of Photo Gallery by WD are endless.

5. Foo Gallery:

Foo Gallery is another unbelievably versatile and smart plugin coming with a bulk of handy tools and solutions you can exercise for your WP site. With quick gallery previews and drag and drop reordering controls, easy to use visual display and editing options, one click gallery page creation and video galleries possible whenever needed, Foo Gallery celebrates the potential of the best WordPress photo gallery plugin as for present.

Some of the best features you will find with the free option of Foo Gallery are lazy loading, live preview from the admin part, video gallery management options with premium version, custom CSS available for galleries and albums, etc.

6. Photo Gallery by Supsystic:

Give Photo Gallery by Supsystic a try and you will find it ideal for your image, album and gallery arrangement and customization purposes.

No matter what type of portable device your site’s visitors are using in order to access to your galleries and images, they are going to find the best demonstration and great visualization of them all the time, since this photo gallery is ultimately responsive in operation.

You will also be given different gallery layouts like horizontal, full width, vertical, fixed and mobile, watermark options, social networks and FTP support.

7. WordPress Gallery Plugin: Gallery Bank:

Another practical solution for all types of image based website owners is WordPress Gallery Plugin Gallery Bank.
Thousands of users have already managed to estimate the powerful and reliable performance of this plugin when added to their WP hosted profiles.

You can create galleries and showcase them in post, page or widget area, exercise a bulk number of layouts like Compact Album and Extended Album, Masonry and Thumbnail, layouts with filters, search box, watermarking, special effects and more.

Strong SEO touches and responsiveness are also going to be found within Lite version of this plugin.

WordPress landing page plugins for creation of landing pages in websites

WordPress Landing Page Plugins

There are amazing WordPress landing page plugins available with which you can create stunning landing pages that will attract visitors and increase lead generation.

A landing page is a web page where the visitors land first.

It is basically the homepage, but it is intended to showcase products that will be launched or showing that a website is under construction and it generally has a subscription form to convert the visitors into subscribers and customers.

These WordPress landing page plugins come with unlimited templates, mobile-friendly designs, and all the required functionalities.

Check out the following best WordPress landing page plugins and select the one you like the most and likely to serve your purpose beautifully.

1. SKT Page Builder
skt page builder

2. Landing Page

This is one of the best WordPress landing page plugins to create amazing landing pages that will leave the visitors stunned. It includes awesome landing page templates, forms, integration with email marketing tools, responsive design, unlimited Google fonts and email autoresponder. You can create sales pages as well as coming soon pages. You can customize the design with CSS and JS. Yoast SEO is supported to write search engine optimized content for more organic traffic. It also has a premium version with more features like unlimited templates, shortcodes, database integration, custom autoresponder and much more.

3. WordPress Landing Pages

This is one of the advanced WordPress landing page plugins. It provides you visual editor to create and edit existing landing page templates. Among the advanced features, it lets you create clone landing pages and run A/B tests to see which page is performing better. You can take your decisions based on data and activities of the visitors. The forms will increase lead generation and conversion rate.

4. Free Squeeze Page, Landing Page Builder & Templates Creator For WordPress

The best part about this plugin is that it offers different categories of templates so that it suits your needs perfectly. There are templates for squeeze pages, landing pages, splash page, sales pages, newsletter opt-in forms and thank you pages. You can drag and drop items to create and edit templates with page builder. The templates have a mobile-first approach to rank them higher on search engines. You can easily attach responsive videos from video streaming sites and integrate email campaign tools like MailChimp, Aweber, and GetResponse.

5. Free Landing Pages Builder by Wishpond

This is one of the easiest WordPress landing page plugins on the list. It is also available in free and premium version. It comes with easy drag and drop builder, over 50 templates, A/B testing to try out different templates and increase conversion rate. All the templates are mobile responsive, and there is a powerful form builder. You can get real-time report and statistics and integrate your landing page with social media. Not only that, you can turn on lead notification email, and there is a full support team.

6. Page Builder: Live Composer – drag and drop website builder

This is one of the best free WordPress landing page plugins, and no premium version is available. It is a relatively new plugin and comes with the live customizer. You can create custom page layouts easily, and no coding is required. It is an open source plugin and developers can edit it as per their requirements. There is free support available, and it is fully mobile responsive. You can create simple yet powerful landing pages easily.

7. WordPress Page Builder – Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is one of the most popular WordPress landing page plugins. It is very convenient and flexible. You can just drag and drop objects. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or professional, you can use it without any prior knowledge. There are separate content modules and layouts. The templates are lightweight and you can integration, photo, video, and different color combination easily. It is mobile-friendly and works with WordPress custom post types.

8. Elementor Page Builder

This is a very cool plugin for creating stunning landing pages easily. There are various advanced features to integrate, and the performance of the templates is superfast. You can design them in real time, and there are stunning design elements like animations, effects, backgrounds, hover, overlays and much more. If you want to captivate the attention of the visitors at once, you can go ahead with this plugin. There is also a canvas to design your landing page easily.

9. WordPress Page Builder Plugin

It is very easy to build responsive landing pages with this plugin. It is one of those WordPress landing page plugins that have drag and drop page builder with the visual editor. It is compatible with any modern theme, and it will take you a few minute to complete the design and editing templates. The pages will be visually appealing and sure to increase lead and conversion rate. There are free widgets available, and it is compatible with all the standard and popular WordPress themes.

10. WordPress Page Builder by MotoPress

This is a creative and relatively new plugin that comes with ready-made templates with the content present. It is only a matter of few minutes to edit everything and get your landing page published. There is a visual editor, and all the templates are responsive, mobile-friendly and have cross-browser compatibility. You can save and reuse different styles, and it gives you total freedom to design anything you want.

11. WordPress Coming Soon Page, Maintenance Mode & Landing Page

Last but not the least, this plugin is perfect to create coming soon page, maintenance page and most importantly landing page. All the page designs are responsive, and they have timer option along with Ajax subscription option.

You can check out the demos of different types of landing pages before installing the plugins. It is very easy to configure, translation ready, and it is retina ready for all devices. It is also based on Bootstrap for cross-browser functioning, and with the premium version, you can get unlimited fonts, galleries, templates, social media icons.

Choose any one of these WordPress landing page plugins to design your landing page and drive enormous web traffic to increase lead generation and subscribers.

How to add a fancy commenting area in WordPress and get more out of it?

Do you want to enable WordPress comments and greatly benefit from it?

Enabling comments on your WordPress site or blog can be one of the best actions to drive more traffic to your pages and foster client engagement.

Whether you are running a personal, photography or fashion related blog, business or financial website, online store, etc, enabling the default WordPress commenting system or using plugins to extend that functionality is a must!

And no matter what measurement unit you usually choose to measure your website success, you can measure it through comments.

It’s a true indicator of your popularity in the digital platform and helps you engage with your clients to build social proof, trust and to establish flourishing communities.

If you are eager to enable WordPress comments in your site or blog and let your audience response to your posts easily, in this article you can find useful information to do that.

As we have already mentioned, your site is already provided with default commenting functionality once you are done with the theme installation and activation.

In order to control this system, you need to navigate to your WP Dashboard, Settings, Discussion and find discussion settings to manage.

Start with default article settings and allow people to post comments on new articles.

You can also choose to “Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article”. It will let your website notify the sites you linked to that you have linked to them. Afterward, they can inform their users that another site linked to them.

As for the reverse case, you can check the box in “Allow link notifications from other blogs”.

As for the additional settings, you can choose that the user, who is commenting on your site, must fill out name and e-mail. You can enable WordPress comments only for registered and logged users.

Additionally, you can disable the commenting of old posts. For example, you can use the following option: Automatically close comments on articles older than 15 days.

It means that after 15 days following the post publication your website users won’t be able to comment on it.

Once, you are done with this and other options, WordPress will add fancy commenting area after your post or article content, where your website users can leave their comments.

As soon as you approve the submitted comment, it will appear under your content.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the functionality the default commenting system provides you with, you are free to make use one of dozens of commenting plugins to enable WordPress comments in your site.

1. Disqus Comment System:

Disqus Comment System


Disqus Comment System is one of the trusted and popular client and community oriented comment integration system for WP users. This system comes with simple installation and is ready to replace the default WordPress commenting system with Disqus. The good thing about this replacement is that you are not going to lose your previous comments.
This plugin is also seamlessly light and secure so that your website performance and speed will never suffer from it. It also provides you with analytics platform so that you can control the general engagement and conversion of your site.

2. Jetpack by WordPress com:


Jetpack is all inclusive and feature rich plugin aimed at boosting your site’s performance and subsequent results in all the possible ways. This accurately and professionally developed plugin has already racked up millions of downloads and this fact is not surprising at all.

Jetpack’s avalanche of features includes search engine optimization tools, sharing functionality for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms, security and backup services and controls, as well as commenting functionality for Facebook, Twitter and Google account holders.

This plugin replaces your website’s default commenting form and brings its own one with social media login possibility. Hence, if your website visitor streams are mainly from social media platforms, this plugin can do the job for you.

Upon the activation of this plugin, you need to go to Jetpack, Settings on your WP Admin Dashboard and click on the Activate button to enable WordPress comments in your site.
If you commentators prefer to be notified via email each tome someone is replying to their comments, Jetpack enables this functionality as well.

3. Facebook Comments:

Facebook Comments


Another reliable plugin ready to break the barriers between you and your audience is called Facebook Comments. Hassle free and easy to install, this plugin is custom built to open up the whole power of Facebook commenting system you can have in your website.

This plugin has been trusted by thousands of website owners and this approach is never surprising. Today Facebook offers a user base of millions across the globe. And if you find the right bridge to connect Facebook users with your website and its content, as well as let them express their thoughts, suggestions and opinions via their comments, you will only benefit from it greatly.

By default, this plugin posts the commentator’s comment to his or her Facebook wall to create fancy commenting area. It means that your website’s content is going to find a larger audience through Facebook.

4. Comments WP Discuz:

Comments WP Discuz


It’s an alternative commenting plugin to replace the ones we have already discussed to fancy commenting area. With this plugin, it won’t take you long to generate a new comment form for your website in a fancy and engaging fashion.

Add nice looking comment boxes on your posts and other content types and grant your commentators clean and easy to use user interface.

This plugin is designed to be fully responsive and mobile friendly. This responsiveness ensures that your site’s comments form and threads will appear accurate across different mobile platforms as well.

Other valuable features which are waiting for you with this plugin are the live update of new comments with notifier buttons, anonymous comments possibility, as well as comment list sorting to be sorted by newest, oldest or most voted comments.

Writing WordPress Plugins for Creating engaging content for Writers

Writing WordPress Plugins for Creating engaging content with efficient plugins

A plugin can be considered as one of the core components in WordPress for any website development. When multiple functions are complied as a group, and programmed as software to add new features or extend functionality in WordPress website, then it can be termed as a plugin.

People usually confuse extensions with a plugin. Extensions can modify the core functionality of a webpage while on the other hand a plugin just extends the functionality without any modification.

A plugin acts as a stress booster for the developers. Content is the most important part of any webpage. Hence, efficient and impactful content creation is always crucial. There are numerous Writing WordPress plugins to make your writing work more efficient and we will be discussing a few of them in this article.

Google Doc Embedder

A developer requires flash, Microsoft office suite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Reader and other software to view the content of a downloaded file. By using Google Doc Embedder plugin one can directly view and also download file with varied extensions without the requirement of installing specific plugins for different file types.

Translations in French, Russian, Turkish, Czech, and for many other languages are available. It can also create the shortcode which gets embedded with the file during upload. The best part is that the plugin is free and comes with convenient downloading options.

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar

Updating content in a blog and adding new content requires necessary planning. Ideally, a layout of the posts for 30 upcoming days should be planned in advance. To keep track of the activities and to manage publication of different posts/article one can use the editorial calendar plugin. It provides an overview of the entire month and notifies about the details of the publication of previous and upcoming posts.

It has a drag and drop tool for flexible modification and also provides an option to edit the post from the calendar. It can contribute to managing a blog post and keeping it up to date. Amongst the Writing WordPress plugins this is free and can be downloaded easily from the web.

Co-Author Plus

co authors plus

Content is usually handled by a team of experts. If you want to permit the co-authors to edit, modify, or rewrite content then you can use Co-Author Plus. It can resolve permission issues and save a lot of time. One can also easily list co-authors.

A guest author profile is the best way out for freelancers or guest writers for a blog, which can be managed with this plugin. If you are not a seasoned user of WordPress you might face certain difficulties in using it, but gradually with time, it will turn out to be one of the most efficient writing WordPress plugins in use.

WP Dashboard Notes

WP Dashboard Notes

Websites project that involves a team of developers requires supervision and management. The track of activities for every day-to-day task must be maintained. Specific instructions must be conveyed to the developers so that the focus always remains on the customization required by the clients.

WP Dashboard Notes allows you to create notes with a range of colors on your dashboard. You can set the note to public or private. According to your convenience, you can create a checklist or write simple notes. Drag and drop list items and edit on the dashboard are some of its prominent features.



WordPress has a flexible and user-friendly interface. Fresh developers or enthusiasts who have no technical idea about WordPress can choose to use Zedity as a plugin. It helps to create a webpage without any CSS, JavaScript, or HTML codes. One can easily design, move, and create components without coding.

It also displays the complete visualization output that permits one to analyze the actual display screen. The plugin offers two versions for use i.e. free and premium. We recommend making a one-time payment for a lifetime license, as it is cheap over the monthly subscription.

Just Writing

just writing

Just writing is a unique and user-friendly plugin. While creating content, minor errors of spelling and alignment are bound to occur. In case of content with a limited word count, one can easily make necessary changes. But with a relatively larger word count, it becomes a hectic task.

This plugin includes features like spell check, modification of paragraph style, blocking quotes, paste from word, redo, undo, remove formatting, inserting custom characters, and others. You can access all these features without going back to the standard post edit mode. It can be downloaded free of cost for hassle-free writing and editing.

CM Footnotes

CM Footnotes

It becomes mandatory to add citations and footnotes with certain posts related to academics. In academic writing or in WebPages that features research papers, it is crucial to add footnote which is a tiresome task. With Creative Minds Footnotes Plugin you can easily add citations or footnotes to a page/post on WordPress.

According to the content of the site, one can conveniently customize the style and image of footnotes. If more than one footnote is created on a page, the plugin has a feature that creates a central index of all notes created. The basic versions of this writing WordPress plugins is available free of cost and the pro version is paid.

Apart from this, plugins like WP About Author, Author Bio Box, Custom About Author, TinyMCE, Visual Editor Font Size, Title Experiments, Writing Helper, Author Box After Post, Author Box Reloaded, Proofreading, WP Bio graphia, and Easy Content Templates are other effective and impactful WordPress Plugins to make your writing more efficient.

Essential WordPress plugins required to improve the design, SEO, page load times, and overall functionality and optimization of your website. The decision of using a paid plugin or utilizing a free version solely depends upon the type of content you intend to create.

Writing WordPress Plugins can preserve a lot of time for the content creators, which can result in increased efficiency of work. It also eliminates the possibilities of spelling errors, formatting, alignment, and makes a task like adding citation & footnotes easy.

Little things like adding author information in a blog can create an impact on the visitor. Be smart about creating engaging & efficient content for your readers. All the best.

How to Optimize WordPress Database through Code And Plugin

The speed of a website has always been a top priority. And to optimize WordPress database has a primary connection to the overall quick performance of a website. Therefore, taking care of your site’s database and regularly cleaning it up can do wonders for your digital experience. In this article, we are going to share our best experience with you when it comes to the question of how to optimize WordPress database through code and plugin.

A database is a well structured storage where all your site data are located, from important files and folders to unnecessary spams, comments and even already deleted plugins and extensions. Hence, if you are constantly configuring, changing, refreshing and playing with your website, extending its functionality or adding extra tools to boost its performance online, you’d definitely need to optimize WordPress database through one of the practical means in order to avoid heavy loading time, cluttered operation and tons of time for your WP website to retrieve the needed information from a huge database.

Let’s see what can be done to significantly affect the overall state of your site and how to optimize WordPress database through code and plugin.

Reminder! Before making any changes relating to database, make sure you have properly backed up your site and have its reserved copy in a safe place.

1. How to optimize WordPress database through code?

Use all the advantages of boosting the effectiveness of your database and quicker loading of your site’s pages with the optimization of WP database through code.

If you check WordPress Codex for understanding the structure of WP database, you will find that it consists of 12 core tables such as wp_commentmeta, wp_comments, wp_links, wp_posts, wp_terms, wp_users, etc. But if you check your own database, you may find more than 12 tables, meaning that additional ones have been created manually, or by plugins/themes you have used.

Now, what you need to do in order to optimize WordPress database through code is to run SQL command “Optimize table”. For example, let’s optimize wp_links table. In this case, you will need to run the following SQL query in your phpMyAdmin area.

Optimize table ‘wp_links’
You need to check tables having overhead by clicking “Check all” box from the dropdown menu, then choose “Optimize table” from Table maintenance and press “Go” button. This process should accurately fight with overhead compiled in your database over the time. As soon as the optimization process is finished, you will receive a confirmation about it.

If you want to delete comments waiting for approval or other spam comments, you can do that by following this SQL command:

DELETE FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved = ‘spam’
To deal with the trash folder, where all types of deleted items are stored, can be done in the following way.
Add define (‘SAVEQUERIES’, true ) to wp-config.php.
Further, add the below mentioned code in the footer of the theme:

if ( current_user_can( ‘administrator’ ) ) {
   global $wpdb;
   echo “<pre>”;
   print_r( $wpdb->queries );
   echo “</pre>”;

By default, trash items are deleted after 30 days, however you can change this timespan and define it as you wish, for example, by putting the following piece of code to wp-config.php file, if you need to set the days as 10:
define( ‘EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS’, 10 ); // 10 days

2. How to optimize WordPress database through plugin?
As alternative to having to do with little coding, there are several database optimization WP plugins you can choose to have in neighborhood and considerably contribute to the clutter free and speedy performance of your website.

WP Optimize:
WP Optimize

One of the best ways to optimize WordPress database through plugin has to do with WP Optimize.
This plugin enables you to perform an automatic cleaning of your website’s database meanwhile saving your efforts and financial means, as it is easy in usage and free to install.

You can organize the cleanup of your site periodically or set a schedule and configure WP Optimize to manage it according to the schedule, for example, weekly or twice a week, etc. It will remove needless data, from spammed, unapproved comments and post revisions, to expired options, trackbacks and more.

You are also free to choose which needs to be optimized by selecting options on your Admin Dashboard, check Database statistics and savings, and finally, organize everything from any mobile or portable device as WP Optimize is also mobile friendly.

Advanced Database Cleaner:

If you want a faster and cleaner WordPress website with lightweight and competent database at its core, look no further than Advanced Database Cleaner.

Keep your database in the best mood and function with this plugin and give the desired improvement to your site without having to do with coding or another complex procedure from the backend.

Both free and premium options are available for you to test in order to get rid of all kinds of unnecessary things stored in your database. Free version comes with a diversity of database cleanup useful features like deletion of old revisions, drafts of pages and posts, spam, trash and pending comments, automatic scheduled clean up availability, data optimization and website speed improvement, table view and cleaning, etc.

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions:
optimize database delete revisions

Another wonderful tool for cleaning and optimizing WP databases comes to be known as Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions.

It boasts over 90.000 active downloads and a huge army of satisfied WordPress site owners who have tried and succeeded in making their profiles more qualified in terms of speed and performance.

Spend no money on the acquisition of one of the simplest database optimization plugins available in the official WP library. Instead, you will get access to as many practical features as are enough to keep your database well organized and lightweight.

Hence, this plugin is ideal for deleting revisions of posts and pages, spammed comments and unused tags, trashed posts/pages/comments, automatic optimization as per your need, etc.

How to Sell Diamonds With WooCommerce Product Table

Selling diamonds or jewellery with WooCommerce can be a competitive business. To make your online diamond store a success, you need to create the ultimate customer experience so that users can easily compare and buy your diamonds.

It’s vital to display information about each diamond in an easy to understand, streamlined way. When browsing your site, customers should be able to find diamonds by filtering for criteria such as carat, color and clarity, and buy using WooCommerce without any hassle.

The built-in WooCommerce store layouts aren’t really set up for selling diamonds. You can sell diamonds more successfully by adding the WooCommerce Product Table plugin to your site. The plugin will list the diamonds on sale in a simple and effective way. Customers can interact with your site with ease, meaning they stay engaged and are less likely to buy from another supplier.

What is a WooCommerce Product Table?

WooCommerce Product Table is a WordPress plugin that allows online stores to display diamonds, jewellery and other products in a table on their website. Each diamond will be shown on a separate row of the table. You’ll be able to easily customize the information in the table.

WooCommerce Product Table plugin is easy to use even if you’re inexperienced in website design. And even better, it works with any WooCommerce-ready theme, including all of our own e-commerce themes. It will take the styling from your theme, creating lists of diamonds that fit beautifully with your overall design.

Why choose WooCommerce Product Table for selling diamonds?

Believe it or not, the way you display diamonds on your site can actually have quite an effect on your conversion rates and sales. WooCommerce Product Table is easy to set up, and faster than hiring a web designer or expert to create an overcomplicated, personalized table. There’s no point in lengthening this process (or spending more) when all you need is a product table that looks professional and gets your diamonds sold.

WooCommerce Product Table is a great WordPress plugin for selling diamonds. Most WooCommerce diamond stores provide a wide range of diamonds, either listed as individual products or as single products with multiple options/variations. Customers need to be able to choose variation options such as carat, clarity and color.

By using the easy-to-operate filter dropdown options and widgets available in WooCommerce Product Table, you’ll be able clearly display the different carat, color, clarity and cut possibilities for each diamond on your site. Customers can view all the information about each diamond, make an informed decision on which to buy, and quickly add the product to their cart. They can then easily buy and pay online via the standard WooCommerce checkout, which allows for many payment options such as PayPal and credit/debit card.

Adding data about your diamonds for sale

With a WooCommerce product table, you’ll be able to include all the relevant information about your diamonds. When selling diamonds, you’ll need to include a wide range of categories, tags and attributes to ensure your customers know exactly what they’re purchasing.

The plugin supports all the standard WooCommerce product data such as categories, tags and product attributes. You can even add extra ways of categorizing your diamonds such as WooCommerce custom taxonomies. This is how to add the main types of data about your diamonds:

Categorize your diamonds in WooCommerce

For any diamond seller, there will obviously be a wide range of category options for the diamonds sold on your site. From colored loose diamonds, through to bespoke engagement ring designs, you’ll need to cover every category within your table.

It’s easy to add categories through the ‘Add new category’ button under the product categories tab, or directly on the Add/Edit Product screen.

Add custom attributes

Attributes are ideal for storing specific details about the diamonds being sold on your site. You can either list them for information purposes only, or use them to create product variations (more on this later).

Create your attributes via the WooCommerce > Attributes section in the WordPress admin. Once you’ve done that, you can select them in the ‘Product Data’ section when you create each product. This is for selling diamonds in WooCommerce, where there are a wide range of possible combination of quality, color and carat.

In the diamond-selling shop used within this screenshot, there are options to buy diamonds of a carat weighing between 0.1 and 0.30.

Create variations from attributes

After you’ve entered the product attributes for your diamonds, you can use these attributes to create variations. Each variation is basically an option that customers can select to get the diamond they want.

Customers will be able to select the options from dropdowns within the product table itself. Or if you prefer, you can list each variation on its own row in the table.

When you create a product, select ‘Used for Variations’ for each of the attributes that you need to use for the variations. You can then click to the Variations tab (also in the ‘Product Data’ section) and create the variations based on the attributes. Each variation needs its own price, and you can also manage the stock individually.

Add prices

Obviously, fine tuning all of the details listed above is a pointless exercise if customers don’t go forward and make a purchase. To do this, they’ll need all the relevant information.

For this reason, it’s very important to clearly list the prices for your diamonds. This can be done by adding a price column that clearly displays the price in the product table. I’ll tell you how to do this in a minute.

Add an image of each diamond

When selling diamonds, one of the primary concerns for buyers will obviously relate to the appearance of your products. For this reason, you’ll need high quality images of each diamond. Fortunately, WooCommerce Product Table allows you to do just that.

You can also increase or decrease the size of the images. Your preference might depend on the pre-existing layout of your site, or whether you feel the images of your diamonds should dominate the page. Simply upload the image of each diamond as the main product image. The diamond image will then appear in the image column of the product table. Most WooCommerce diamond stores keep the images as small thumbnails in order to display more columns of data alongside.

How to display diamonds in WooCommerce Product Table

So far, I’ve told you how to add your diamonds to WooCommerce with all the data that you need about them. Next, you’ll discover how to list your diamonds using the WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

It’s easy to create a product table to sell diamonds online:

  1. Install the plugin and configure the options on the settings page (WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Product tables).
  2. Create a new page for your product table. There are alternative ways, such as adding the product table layout to the shop and category templates in your theme, but the simplest method is by dedicating a new page to your table.
  3. You’ll need to title your new page first. Call it anything you like, such as ‘diamond product table’ as it includes all diamond products listed on your site.
  4. Add a simple product table shortcode anywhere on your site – [product_table]. A fully operational product table listing your diamonds will then be added to your site:

Fine-tune your list of diamonds

Although this simple list of diamonds will get the job done, it doesn’t display add to cart buttons or the options for each diamond from the attributes and variations. For example, when selling loose diamonds, you’ll want customers to be able to select quantity amount as many customers will be jewellers or retailers requiring more than one diamond.

To do this, go back to the plugin settings page and make any changes to your list of diamonds for sale. For example, you’ll want to choose which columns of data to include. You’ll also want to activate variations, if you want people to choose between different diamond options.

Keep experimenting with WooCommerce Product Table until your list of diamonds is exactly how you want it. There are plenty of other possibilities depending on the specialisms of your diamond selling business.

Listing diamonds from specific categories

Alternatively, if you wish to create multiple product tables on your site – each listing different products – then you can easily do this by following the instructions in the knowledge base:

Pushing for a purchase

You’ll probably need an add to cart column to sell your diamonds in WooCommerce. The add to cart button should be positioned on the right hand side of the table. This makes it easy for customers to purchase after reading about each diamond.

There are a few different options for the add to cart column. You’ll either have a standard add to cart button or multi-select checkboxes, or both can appear together if required. Alternatively, you can use the free WooCommerce Add to Cart Button plugin, to replace the button with a cart icon.

For a WooCommerce diamond store, I’d normally recommend an add to cart button alongside each diamond. There’s no need to multi-select checkboxes because people don’t tend to buy many diamonds at once. (The exception to this is if your target market is diamond retailers or resellers.)

Diamond selling businesses can also add a quantity selector to the add to cart column. This will allow customers to easily choose various quantities or variations on each individual diamond.

After adding diamonds to the cart, customers can then click through to the cart and checkout.

If you have too many product variations to include in the columns, you can either list each variation on its own row. Alternatively, you can include links to the single product page where customers can choose their variations and buy. In these cases, the add to cart button will be replaced by a button allowing for clickthrough.

Filter dropdowns

To include filter dropdowns for the diamond products, you can set your filters on the plugin settings page. In this example, we’ve restricted this to categories. You can also add filters for tags, attributes, taxonomies, etc:

Filter widgets

The plugin also comes with filter widgets. These are useful if your list of diamonds has a left or right sidebar.

To add a widget to your product table page, first go to Appearance > Widgets in the WordPress Dashboard. From the list of widgets, look for the ones beginning with product table. You can then drag these widgets to the correct sidebar area.

Revolutionize your diamonds website with the WooCommerce Product Table plugin today

This tutorial is a basic guide to how to sell diamonds online using the WooCommerce Product Table plugin. However, it really is just the beginning. With WooCommerce, you’ll be able to perfectly customize your site to meet the requirements of your business.

For more information on the instructions listed here, or if you think we’ve missed out an important function for selling diamonds online with WooCommerce, check out the Product Table knowledge base.

If you feel WooCommerce Product Table is the right way to sell diamonds on your own website, why not take the plunge and try out the plugin demos, or purchase the product table plugin?

10 Best Free WordPress Countdown Plugins 2020

Best Free WordPress Countdown Plugins

Many people look forward to creating a website using WordPress because WordPress permits all the features and functionality that online store business required.

Hence, WordPress offers some of the best free plugins that enhance the performance of the user’s website. The countdown plugins are absolutely available at free of charge.

Usually, website owners make use of WordPress Countdown Plugins on their business website so that they can gain the attention of the users which helps to expand the sales of products and services.

WordPress countdown plugins are actually a timer that aware of the user’s total time left for offers, deals, and discounts.

Some Free Countdown plugins are listed below please check

1. WordPress Countdown Widget :

WordPress Countdown Widget is the free plugin that adds some countdown that is basic but functional.
– It allows you to add count-up timers on your website.
– To add your timer you can make use of shortcodes or widgets.
– The WordPress countdown widgets work awesome in every WordPress version.
– It is very easy to use.
– One can create unlimited timers.
– One can use pages and posts, widgets.
– It is easy to customization, therefore, one can add their own text in an hour, day, minute field.

2. jQuery T(-) Countdown Widget :

jquery t countdown widget

jQuery T(-) Countdown Widget is highly customizable as it uses the latest HTML5 code that makes plugin awesome in terms of visualization. With the help of this plugin, one can show the counters for the next event coming.

This plugin is very easy to set up also it provides community support. Without facing any type of problem one can change color, fonts, shapes of the timer as per your website design.

3. HurryTimer :


This plugin creates emergency and storage that helps you to enhance the sales, highlight the next upcoming event, drives clicks also highlight the deadline of any event.

It gives a unique countdown timer to every visitor for their local timezone.

You can also run the campaign by mentioning 2 dates like event starting date and ending date. This plugin can be integrated with WooCommerce plugin to show the countdown timer for each and every product page this will definitely drive more traffic to add to cart button.

4. Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce :

Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce

This plugin is specially created for WooCommerce users. One can check the countdown timer for eCommerce products.

As soon as new product get added to your shopping cart this plugin will display the countdown timer. But it is a full cart timer that will not work for a single product.

One can easily customize this plugin as per their choice. They can change the background, color, fonts, countdown text, etc.

5. Finale Lite :

Finale Lite

The finale Lite is only a WooCommerce Plugin that helps to create urgency and storage. It helps you to schedule fixed sales, shows the counter bar, display countdown timer and more.

This plugin is mostly created for store users so that they can run a campaign and transfer more visitors/users to buyers.

It also helps to create an event between 2 fixed dates and time. Different rules and regulations can be applied to customizing the campaigns.

6. Countdown Timer for Elementor :

Countdown Timer for Elementor

Countdown Timer for Elementor is very easy to use, flexible, and easy to customize. No coding requires a new beginner can also customize this plugin very easily. Different sizes and styles are available to choose from, you can add unlimited countdowns as per business needs.

The main condition of this theme is that is will only work when the Elementor page builder will be installed.

7. Sales Countdown Timer :

Sales Countdown Timer

This plugin is cooperative with WooCommerce. It helps to generate more income from your sales campaigns. It will show the timer for a single shop page or a product page.
Different configurations have been done for shortcodes. Unlimited color options have made available. Also one can display an upcoming message or end message.

8. Wow Countdowns :

mwp countdown

Wow Countdowns is a WordPress countdown plugin that creates a timer and counters very easily. It helps to improve the conversion rates. by using Wow Countdowns plugin you can set limited-time and limited amount offers. Also, have an ability to create upto 2 countdowns.

You will have full control to show or hide days, minutes, hours and seconds, also you can show and hide the title.

9. WP Maintenance :

WP Maintenance

WP maintenance is one of the best WordPress countdown plugins that creates a coming soon static page and will display it on your website. It consists of all the features like visual customizer, responsive ready, Bot, contact form, social media icons, countdown, exclude URLs.

WP Maintenance helps you to create a countdown and display the timer in real-time.

10. Event Calendar WD :

Event Calendar WD

Event Calendar WD is a very responsive and customizable plugin. You can create your own design for Countdown structure for unlimited events.

The main features are responsive layout, unlimited event and calender option, calender widgets available, Social share buttons, and more.

It supports great support and perfect technology design.

10 Best Free WordPress Google Map Plugins 2020

WordPress Google Map Plugins

Google Maps are the maps that can be integrated into your website to show the address in the proper way. There are different types of plugins available that can be integrated on your WordPress website very easily.

If you know that Google Maps also provides inbuild code that you can copy and paste to your WordPress posts or pages without using any type of plugins. The code provided by Google Maps is customizable. With the help of a text editor, you will be able to add code in posts or pages.

But the problem is that Google Maps does not permit you to add your own data to the maps like you cannot add location, markers, directions, routes, and many more. Therefore WordPress Google Map Plugins comes with plenty of customizable options.

You can find below, the best free WordPress Google Map Plugins that are useful for your WordPress website.

Top Free WordPress Google Map Plugins

1. WP Google Maps :

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is the most popular plugin in WordPress that is available at free of cost. This plugin is also easy to handle. You can easily build maps by adding an address, get directions, markers settings, and many more.

You can also add high-quality markers like locations, descriptions, categories, images, directions, and links but in the paid version. Upto 9 popular map themes are available that you can choose from. You have full control to create your own map theme. The map can be viewed in full-screen resolution. The best part is that you can create a map in less than 30 seconds.

2. WP Google Map Plugin :

WP Google Map Plugin

WP Google Map plugin is the best WordPress Google Map Plugins that helps you to interact easily. It consists of many features that allow you to create the most beautiful maps by customizing options.

It allows different customization options such as color makers, informational window, redirect users, embeds maps by using shortcodes, map click, and many more.

With the help of custom makers, you can also add multiple locations to create a map displaying these types of locations. Different types of maps can be created on pages, widgets, and custom templates with the use of Google maps shortcodes.

4 types of maps are provided i.e. Roadmap, Satellite, hybrid, and terrain map you can select any of theme.

3. Google Maps Easy :

Google Maps Easy

By Google Maps Easy plugin one can create Google maps within a minutes. This plugin is 100% customizable. It allows you to add media makers like images, videos, links, text, and descriptions. The Google map can be get displayed on the contact page, real estates, delivery areas, and routes. You can choose your own theme from 4 different options that are provided to create a Google map.

4. Elementor Google Map Extended :

Elementor Google Map Extended

This plugin is extended of Elementor Google Map Widget that is very easy to add multiple addresses to the same map with different types of the map like a road map, satellite map, hybrid map, and terrain map.

You have full control over the custom map style you can find different latitude and longitude inside the element. 10 different color maker ins icons are given. You can enable or disable the zoom control. Also, it supports multilingual functionality like the Google map are available in 12 different languages

5. Google Maps CP :

codepeople post map

Google Maps CP is created by CodePeople. Based on Google Maps Javascript API version 3. You can easily insert a Google map in the desired position within your blogs.

You can also create a Google maps in different languages, different Google maps controls and configuration options are provided. Different customization option is made available such as height, width, alignment, map languages, map type, enable map control, disable map control, mouse hover and many more.

6. Google Maps Widget :

Google Maps Widget

Google Maps widget plugin allows you to display the map in a sidebar widget. With a larger view, the Lightbox popup will get open while clicking on the map. You can choose any color and image for a pin. The Google maps widget options are title and address

7. Leaflet Maps Marker (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps)s. :

leaflet maps marker

With the help of this plugin, you can easily share your preferred spots and tracks. On your WordPress site, it displays the locations and directions.

With markers, you can pin your favorites places. There are more than 1000 free customization options for the icons that you can choose from Maps icons collection.

8. Google Maps Bank: WP Google Maps Plugin :

With the help of Google Maps Bank i.e. WP Google Maps Plugin, You can create a map in a more interactive way. You can create a map by adding multiple locations, information windows, directions, store locations, and many more. This theme is also available at free of cost.

9. Ultimate Maps by Supsystic :

Ultimate Maps by Supsystic

This plugin was mainly developed for changing the Google maps pricing policy. The new rule shows that accessing the map through Google map makes expensive for website users with large traffic. Therefore Supsystic team has created a substitution for Google maps.

But this plugin is available only in two languages i.e. English and German.

10. API KEY for Google Maps :

API KEY for Google Maps

You can add API Key to any of the theme or plugin. just you need to activate, visit setting option > click Google API Key and insert the key.

This plugin will only work if your Google API is added according to WordPress standards.

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10 Best Free WordPress Job Manager Plugins 2020

Best Free WordPress Job Manager Plugins

If you are looking to create a job portal website for your business then you will solidly require WordPress Job Manager Plugins. With the help of job manager plugins, different companies can create a job board and it will charge other companies to post the jobs. In short, it is a technique to get a profit from your blogs.

Job Manager Plugins provides varieties of options that one can choose from, but it will be difficult for you all to choose the perfect plugin for a job site.

Here, we will take a short trip to see which WordPress job Manager plugins 2019 are the best according to your website requirements. To get into more details some features and functionality are mentioned for each and every plugin.

1. WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager

It is a tremendously straightforward plugin that is used to create a job, you just need to create new pages, then add shortcodes, and you will have a real-time job board i.e. Live within some seconds.

To make a profit online Paid listing can be done. You can mingle additive(Add-Ons) with different platforms like Facebook, WooCommerce store, Indeed, etc. This plugin is lightweight in nature so it can be integrated with any type of WordPress themes. Click to select best WordPress themes for your website.

2. Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board

From WordPress repository one can download this plugin at free of cost. but the user will not able to create an account or add any type of listing on their own. you need to add job listing and job types manually. By adding simple order form you can extend the build-in monetization option.

Simply Job board plugin is user-friendly so that one can add a job board quickly to your website or a blog. The plugin is available in different languages like English, French, Arabic, Dutch, Chinese, etc.

3. Job Board Manager

Job Board Manager

Job Board Manager plugin is very easy to setup. By using different shortcodes one can create a job board website within some minutes without any problem.

Different Add-Ons are also available free of cost. by which you can exhibit job listings, user dashboard and many more. Also, you have full permission to add or delete any element via an action hook.

The best-highlighted features of the Job Board Manager plugin are that it is SEO friendly, shortcodes ready, and very easy to handle.

4. Ultimate Member & Job Manager – Free WordPress Job Manager Plugins

ultimate member job manager

The latest version of this plugin is 1.0.1. and tested upto the WordPress version 5.0.4 and it works well with all the versions. The minimum requirement of the plugin is that the PHP version should be 5.6 or higher.

To get install this plugin requires Ultimate Member and WP job manager. It combines the WP job manager and the extension to the ultimate member user profile.

Different WP Job manager extensions are compatible like applications, job alerts, etc. Paid version is also available with more features and functionality.

5. BuddyPress Job Manager

bp job manager

By building a particular tab in candidate profiles and employer’s profile with WP job manager plugin you can embed BuddyPress.

Resume manager gives the prior permission to add many resumes through the medium of BuddyPress resume manager. Also, it permits you to activate user roles for posting jobs. This plugin is tested upto 5.0.4 version.

6. Job Manager by JobScore

Job Manager by JobScore

For the WordPress admin, it is very easy to use. Without login to the WordPress admin, they can manager job listing. In a single mouse click, you can publish the job posting.

A user just needs to install this plugin once, then they can publish the job for a lifetime. No extra charges are applied. You can get the same look and feel that your brands do. Full email and phone support have been given for JobScore plugin users.

Hence, this plugin makes the task easy for recruiters and admins of WordPress. Both will love the working experience of JobScore plugin.

7. Go Fetch Jobs (for WP Job Manager)

go fetch jobs wp job manager

Go Fetch Jobs plugin is a free WordPress job plugin that helps you to get your WP job manager website to populate quickly. This plugin takes the data from RSS feeds and then implicate to your job database.

You just need to select the best online job website, search for RSS job feed and then paste that feed to move to fetch jobs, for your database you will get started with fresh jobs

For new imports, you can also recycle or reuse the import rules. Hence, As a template, one can save the import rules.

8. JS Job Manager

js jobs

JS Job Manager plugin has an 800+ active installations support the WordPress versions 4.5 or above. the biggest features of this theme are built-in search, unlimited jobs, export resume to excel, PDF, all the URLs are search engine friendly, it supports multilingual functionality, you can have unlimited job types, education, age, career, currencies, etc.

This plugin is also much responsive in nature that can be used in various devices easily like mobile phones, tablets, and computer desktop.

9. Import Listings into WP Job Manager

wp job manager xml csv listings import

For WordPress all import this plugin is the add-on. It helps you to make a bundle of imports to the WP job manager plugin in a few minutes.

It is user-friendly that you just need to drag and drop the data. To import the data into WP job manager fields you just need to drag and drop XML or CSV file.

10. Job Board Manager – Locations

job board manager locations

You can display the list of job location on edit page and list of jobs that are available by using job board manager -location plugin. It shows the single location page.

This plugin is available at free of cost. A paid plugin is also available with extended features.

These are the best 10 Free WordPress Job Manager Plugins 2019.

7 Best Free WordPress Flickr Plugins 2020

Best Free WordPress Flickr Plugins

In the market, there is n number of websites created by WordPress but some websites need some outstanding features to showcase the gallery images in a nice and attractive way.

It is a fact that user likes websites that shows the creativity and focus on design. Hence, to resolve this type of issue WordPress Flickr Plugins comes in the right way to improve feel and functionality. Each and every Flickr plugins consist of different features and functionality. With the help of Flickr plugins, you can redesign and reshape your website to get a different look. This process will assist you to get more user engagement for a longer time.

Some free WordPress Flickr Plugins are available in the market.

Please check some best Flickr Plugins that are listed below.

1. Flickr Album Gallery :

flickr album gallery

Flickr Album Gallery helps you to create a gallery in a nice and well-structured manner to make it viewable by each and every user. Flickr album image gallery is specially created by Flicker JS API. It is widely used to display Flickr album to your WordPress blog website. You can create your own API and ID to perform an album on your website. The multilingual feature is supported by this plugin. Fresh language translation can be done easily.

2. Flickr Photostream:

Flickr Photostream

Flickr Photostream plugin is a new Flickr gallery plugin that is created by using bootstrap CSS. CSS helps to create a nice formatted gallery to get customer attention. More than 30 hover effects are provided but in the paid version. You can use this plugin’s widget in the sidebar using shortcodes. Hence the plugin is very easy to customize. A new user or old user can also use this plugin very easily and effectively.

3. Flickr Viewer :

flickr viewer

Flickr Viewer is the best WordPress Flickr plugin. The version of this plugin is 1.1.8.
On your website, you can easily present Flickr Photostream, favorites, galleries, and albums. Lightbox is used to display the images.

Different shortcodes are provided to show galleries and albums on your website. But the 2 main shortcodes are

4. Photo Gallery For Flickr :

Photo Gallery For Flickr

You can now view photo gallery in a huge layout in an attractive way. You can view the effects of this plugin in the published pages and posts. This plugin is basic of Flickr API that enhance the calming effect to your customers while using your WordPress websites or posts.

Photo Gallery For Flickr plugin is much suitable for every version of WordPress but the basic requirement is that it requires a 3.8 WordPress version or higher than 3.8.

The main features of the photo gallery plugin for Flickr are responsive design, simple and easy admin gallery, compatible with every browser version, compatible with every device, different shortcodes are also provided.

5. Meks Simple Flickr Widget :

Meks Simple Flickr Widget

Meks Simple Flickr Widget works inside the WordPress widget section. You dont require any prior permission to use it. just you need to give your user ID. Also you can change the size of thumbnails are per your requirement. For best performance cashing systems have been integrated. It supports the 3.0 WordPress version and higher than that. the plugin has been tested upto 5.2.2 version.

6. Photonic :


Photonic Gallery Flickr plugin has some additional awesome functionality to enhance the look and feel of your website. it also supports different photos, album, galleries, etc.

you can give privileges to the user to set some photos as private or public. It works with Gutenberg editor and gallery shortcodes. It works with 4.9 and higher version of WordPress.

7. Slickr-Flickr :

Slickr Flickr plugin

Slickr-Flickr does not have its own slideshow widget. it only shows the photos as a gallery, unbranded slideshow or a galleria.

with the help of shortcode you can easily use Slickr-Flickr on your wordpress website. you can apply filter by date, title and description.

10 Best WordPress Facebook Plugins to Grow Website Business 2020

Best WordPress Facebook Plugins to Grow Website Business

Irrespective of whatever anyone says Facebook has revolutionized the way people use the internet and social media as it is technically everywhere. Every website that you visit has something or the other to do with Facebook. It can be as simple as permitting you to drop a comment by logging in your Facebook account, promoting their own Facebook Page, or using Facebook tracking pixel to analyze user behaviour. WordPress Facebook Plugins play a major role in enhancing what a website can offer to the visitors that connects the blog/site to Facebook. Here we will discuss some of those most used plugins.

1. Custom Facebook Feed :
Custom Facebook Feed

Usually, individuals or developers do not prefer to embed a personal timeline and Facebook page as the primary content of a website. The webpage is not benefited from it as it is not indexed like normal content. The most customizable way to add your Facebook feed in your WordPress website is through Custom Facebook Feed. It optimizes the path for the search engines to crawl in and also improves the Google ranking of the page. It provides you with an option to add/store only the required information from your Facebook page. Suppose if you want to add only the event details or promote only a particular post that can be easily done. It is a free plugin and can be upgraded to the Pro version at $49.

2. Social SEO Responsive Timeline Feed :

Social SEO Facebook Posts

Yes, you read it right. It is not an article title but the name of a plugin. The peculiarity of this plugin is that it makes things quick and easy for the visitors to your site. It allows you to put the social part of the Facebook page at the user’s fingertips and also enables you to customize the type and design of content which is to be displayed on your WordPress website. Through excerpt and thumbnails, you can render the native version of your Facebook post in a shareable box-like blog post. It is about social sharing feed display just as the name says. The best part is that the sharing is made easy by placing the icon just below the primary image.

3. Thumb Fixer for Facebook :
facebook thumb fixer

download button

To prevent Facebook from grabbing the wrong images when a post is shared, a simple and to the point plugin i.e. Facebook Thumb Fixer is used. It works like magic because it uses open-graph to do this. All you have to do is set an image to be featured and you are good to go. You can also set up a singular fallback image in case you do not intend to use the featured images. It is available for free and is amongst the best WordPress Facebook Plugins.

4. Live Chat with Facebook Messenger :

The live chat entry by Zotabox is the most talked about and recommended WordPress Facebook plugins for your website. Quick setup and simple installation procedure have earned it the highest marks. Your visitors will be provided with an option to like your page and leave a comment on your website irrespective of any navigation page they are on. It has replaced the email contact form and established the connection through Facebook messenger & your Facebook page. For a real-time conversation with the user, a user needs to have either the Pages app or a Messenger. It is one of the most resourceful methods of promoting the brand and promoting a professional relationship with the clients.

5. Facebook Messenger for WordPress :

facebook Messenger for WordPress

Download Button

It is a similar kind of Plugin and performs almost the same task as Zotabox. The major difference is that this is a premium plugin priced at $25 and the one mentioned above is free. The major preference for selection of this Plugin is the flexibility in customization options that has to offer. Just ask for the customization and you have it. You can change the Facebook blue theme and easily get WPML support. It supervises that connecting with your business is easier and that no potential client remains unattended or ignored.

6. Simple Facebook Plugin :
simple facebook plugin

Download Button

This Simple Facebook plugin is one of the most recommended WordPress Facebook Plugins. Just as it is titled it is a simple plugin. It allows you to embed the recent post, gain likes, display upcoming events and permits the users to comment about the page. For a minimal Facebook presence, this is just the perfect plugin as it has the potential to generate maximum visitor engagement.

7. WP Facebook Auto Publish :
facebook auto publish

For sharing content one can easily use the Jetpack Connect features, but by using WP Facebook Auto Publish plugin you can do much more than that. The content can be posted automatically on your Facebook page through this plugin. You have the option to filter and sort the type of content, text, links, and excerpts that are to be posted. It provides you with impactful options about monitoring and controlling the posts.

8. Facebook Content Locker :
content locker

When it comes to Facebook page a lot many things are included in it. And most of the times we do intend to display all the matter of the page to the visitors. This plugin lets you lock specific contents at the back of a Facebook share dialog box. You have an option to lock videos, texts, images, or any other content behind the Facebook login. Hence to make it convenient for the visitors who are just not interested in your social media link can easily click a close button and focus on the content of your blog/site.

9. WP Facebook Login :
wp facebook login

The quick and easiest method to add social login to your website is through WP Facebook Login which is attributed as the most efficient WordPress Facebook Plugins. Linking a Facebook account with the unique WP user name becomes really simple with this plugin. Here only the login is handled by the Facebook protocol and the users are still using their WordPress user account which enables the site info to stay with only you.

10. Facebook Comment Slider :

comment slider for facebook
Default WordPress comments turn out to be boring after repeated use. For adding a
substantially exclusive feature to it you can install the Facebook Comment Slider. Using
the Facebook account this plugin lets your user talk about the content of your website
instead of Email/URL/name. To draw the people’s attention to the comment box it has
animation and it can also expand and collapse.

An Ultimate Dropshipping Guide for WordPress with WooCommerce

Ultimate Dropshipping guide for WordPress

If you are thinking of starting your own business but are wary of the idea of maintaining your warehouse because of funding or space crunch then this article may be a perfect solution for you. You are one of the millions of budding business owners who wish to join the growing force of the digital online business.

If you are just starting one of the best solutions is building an e-commerce site on WordPress through WooCommerce. So here is the Ultimate Dropshipping Guide for WordPress presented for you which will explain to you in detail about Dropshipping and give you a comprehensive view about adopting WooCommerce do your online business. You will also be getting tips on finding the best products for Dropshipping and growing your business.

Explaining Dropshipping :
It is essential to explain Dropshipping in detail to beginners to understand the nuances of doing business with WooCommerce. For people who are new to the e-commerce scene, the process can look a little intimidating at first as it is extremely difficult to find a reliable guide which lets you understand the term in a simpler language.
Dropshipping is a kind of business model that enables a company to operate a business without maintaining inventory and it doesn’t necessities you to maintain a warehouse. Moreover, this process allows you to ship your products directly to the customer on the retailers’ behalf.

In this process, the seller never really touches the product which makes it a lesser riskier proposition. Your online purchase and sell stuff is ordered by the customers. This method eliminates your worries about clearing your inventory and funding which enables you to focus on other important aspects of running a business like marketing to attract new customers.

Dropshipping has readily become successful because it has lower operative costs and is easier to set up your business. So, it is quite an attractive way to start your business in a much quicker way without getting tensed about the infrastructure of your business.

Benefits of Dropshipping :
As a business owner, you can directly drop ship your products to the customers or you can partner with a company who will take care of your shipping. It’s overall an arrangement in which both the parties benefit to a great extent. There are many benefits of Dropshipping and some of which are discussed below.

Reach Out to More Customers :
As online business owners, you benefit immensely with Dropshipping as you can reach out to a wider base of customers. The wholesalers can display your products in their online or offline stores and market your products indirectly which gives you immense scope to expand your customer base. This ultimate Dropshipping guide for WordPress will benefit you immensely and give you profit for your business

Flexibility in Operations :


The rise of digital business provides the business owner with tremendous potential to directly interact with their customers. The Dropshipping model offers far wider flexibility to the merchants and they can sell more products to the customers.

Increase in Wholesale Buyers :
Running an e-commerce business becomes much easier when you don’t have to deal with physical products. Wholesale buyers will be more likely to strike a deal with you when you are a drop shipper. You don’t have to deal with the worries associated with packing and shipping of your items.

Saving You A Lot of Money :
People starting their e-commerce don’t have sufficient funds or the space to install their warehouse and Dropship plays an important role in this regard. A drop shipper is a certified wholesaler who not only saves you the hassle of buying your product but also ships it to your customer.

What is WooCommerce?


The Ultimate Dropshipping Guide for WordPress will help you to understand the term far more easily.
WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds online shopping functions to your WordPress website and you can open an online store. WooCommerce was launched in 2011 and it became a primary solution for users who are looking to open their self online stores. Automattic, owners of, acquired the plugin company in 2015 and currently it gives powers to most WordPress e-commerce sites in the UK.

Some Advantages of Using WooCommerce
WooCommerce is one of the best plugins which can be used for opening your online store. There are many benefits some which are discussed below:

Easy To Install :
The Ultimate Dropshipping Guide for WordPress with WooCommerce lets you get started in simple steps and the installation process is hassle-free with catchy WordPress themes. The plugin works like any other plugin in the market. Search for it in the Plugin section and install it with just a few clicks. The WooCommerce wizard will guide you through a set of steps and the options are almost limitless. As WooCommerce is completely compatible with WordPress it works with most of its themes and they are mostly free of charge.

The Shopping Cart is Loaded with Features :
You can set up your checkout process and payment getaways in your way so that your customers have an easy online experience. WooCommerce lets you accept checks, cash on delivery and also lets you use PayPal for accepting payments. Moreover, you can also turn on the automatic tax feature with geo-location which will help you to show the correct price to your customers irrespective of their locations. Controlling your checkout process is now easy with the option to choose between countries and you can also set up your default currency.

Hassle-Free Shipping :
WooCommerce makes shipping your products easy and also lets you ship it to your customers. They have built-in options with flat rates, local delivery features, and local pickup. You can also offer the lowest rates to your customers and even offer free shipping.

How To Start Dropshipping with WooCommerce :
The Ultimate Dropshipping Guide for WordPress will help you to know the nitty-gritty for starting your Dropshipping store. There are a few things you will require before starting your online stores and these are:

Domain Name :

Domain name

A domain is the permanent address of your store and its very important to pick up the right domain name. A domain name should be relevance, it should be easy to market and it should leave an impression in the minds of your visitors. You will also require your website hosting which propels your WooCommerce store. Make sure to include an affordable website host, offers a free SSL certificate, which makes it easy to install WordPress and have great phone support.

Plugin :
WordPress is an open-source software that is available in along with the WooCommerce plugin. You can also use these two pieces of software on your host.

Themes :
The theme of your site makes it look at how your online store looks and it plays a big role in driving visitors to your store. It is also important for you to need to choose a WordPress theme that is optimized for better conversions.


Add Your Products :
Since you are Dropshipping you don’t have any stock of your products. So you can search and import your product from several merchant sites which sell the trendiest products at the cheapest prices. There is also quite a list of suppliers who sells similar products so be on the lookout. Adding your products manually in WooCommerce will take up a lot of time since you have to manually edit your pictures, write in the descriptions and all other relevant information. Does it sound hectic? Don’t worry, as the Ultimate Dropshipping guide for WordPress will make it easier for you. You can use WooDropship which automates your WordPress Dropshipping store and make life hassle-free for you.

Taking Care Of Your Orders :
Don’t forget to transfer the order to your supplier after making the sale on your store. You just have to fill in the customer details, add the selected products and enter your payment terms. You can use WooDropship to automate your order payments as it will fill all the variants for you.

Customer Support :
Your customers will continue to buy products from your site if you give them outstanding before and after-sales support. So, excellent customer support is a must for your drop ship store and so you can install a customer support chatbot option to help your customers exchange their items and solve their queries.

Promote Your Store :
The Ultimate Dropshipping Guide for WordPress has great ideas to help you promote your store. WooCommerce has lots of themes that help you to brand your store in the most comprehensive way. You can add the social media sites to your stores and promote your online store on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So, you can see that starting your dropship store with WooCommerce for WordPress is very easy and moreover it is completely free. WooCommerce also gives you extensive options to sell your products and is a lot more flexible. This comprehensive guide about Dropshipping, WooCommerce, and Dropshipping with WooCommerce for WordPress will help you tremendously when you are trying to set up your online business.

6 Reasons for Why You Must Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes and Plugins

Reasons for Why You Must Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins

The act of piracy and the number of individuals using pirated products are increasing with each passing day.

Despite WordPress being free, you certainly have to pay for premium themes or plugins which are essential for the development of your site.

We have often come across individuals and enthusiasts who write and ask us about using Nulled WordPress themes and plugins. Nulled WordPress themes and plugins are pirated versions of the paid or premium WordPress products and we strictly recommend not using it.

There are many factors involved in website development and through this article, we will try to enlighten you about serious threats of using such pirated products.

Understanding Nulled WordPress Themes & Plugins

The immoral distributions of paid themes and plugins which can be used in WordPress are termed as Nulled WordPress themes and plugins.

A theory about the same has been doing rounds of the internet which says that because WordPress and derivatives associated with it falls under General Public License (GPL) it is technically legal and right, to copy and distribute it.

When we consider this matter legally it is right. But technically, is it sound to use such products? Are they built in the same manner as the original version?

Do they not compromise with the security and integrity of our websites? These pirated plugins and themes are the reason that our websites can be easily hacked.

Following are some of the prime reasons to avoid them.

1. Terrible for SEO :

Use the Nulled WordPress products only if you intend to destroy the SEO of your webpage completely. These pirated products can easily add spam links to your webpage. They can also redirect your users to banned/prohibited sites. By using pirated products you provide them with the license to hijack your site.

No matter how hard you try you might not be able to prevent this from happening all the time. The links to such activities are smartly inserted well within the code which is not possible for you to access. Search engines are efficient and more powerful than ever today.

As soon as they recognize such activities they will immediately drop your search rankings. It is also possible that they might de-index your website completely.

It will take months and months for your site to recover and in some worst-case scenarios, you will have to rebuild it.

2. Security & Privacy :

The Nulled WordPress plugins and themes are often found carrying malware with them which is a threat to WordPress security. Such malware is tough to find as they are in the shadows of varied codes and files.

If they hack your website you will definitely lose your site data. And not only that, but the site can be de-indexed from the search engines for spreading malware.

The word privacy turns alien the moment you use pirated products. All your information including your credentials, accounts, private information, membership details, and your contacts stand a high chance of being sold to someone who can misuse it perfectly.

You never come to know about such hacks because the WordPress platform functions normally.

3. Zero Updates :

WordPress is evolving into a better version of itself all the time. When you purchase plugins and themes, they provide a regular update which includes the addition of new features, patch on the security issues, bug fixes, improvement in the interface, and others.

But if you use Nulled themes and plugins you do not receive any updates as it is not licensed. In a year or two, your website becomes outdated.

There are also cases where the WordPress platform itself releases an update which requires a mandatory update of plugins or themes. In such cases you cannot install the newer version of the platform as your plugins will not respond to it. If you still install the WordPress update your website will start misbehaving or turn off.

4. No Technical Support :

According to the information provided to you above you already know that WordPress also releases updates. Hence, some of the most pro WordPress developers also need technical support in using themes and plugins over time.

The companies that provide premium products dedicate a lot of time in establishing the support centres and preparing support documents to help their users. In some cases, even support specialists are hired to resolve client issues.

If you use Nulled WordPress themes and plugins then you do not get any technical support. An individual is completely on its own and does not have any access to much needed technical assistance or tutorial.

5. Legal issues :

It is easy to find themes and plugins which are open source and built for use in WordPress but many of them are sold with mixed licenses.

The term Mixed licenses mean that at least some part of the coding of that product is copyrighted by the law.

Hence, if any visitors lose personal data or information because of the use of Nulled WordPress themes and plugins on your website, you can land in trouble.

6. Opting for free alternatives :

WordPress is a large platform and in any case, there is always an alternative available to suffice your requirements. It is official and free.

To be frank, some of the free available plugins and themes are better than the premium products.

You can use them effectively without any threat of privacy, security, or data breaching. It also helps you in maintaining a positive aura in the WordPress community.

A paid or legal theme and plugin will contribute to increasing the efficiency of your website constantly. It will not compromise with the integrity of the site.

Improvisation of efficiency will directly result in attracting more traffic to the webpage. Nulled WordPress themes and plugins are products that must be avoided at all costs and in any circumstances.

It is not only unethical but it is also a serious threat to your website, website data, and your personal information. Say no to plagiarism and products related to the same.

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Best Free WordPress Analytics Plugins 2020

Best Free WordPress Analytics Plugins

WordPress Analytics is the solution to keep track of how many users are coming to your WordPress website, and from where they are coming and why are they are on your website.

Website Analytics assist you by giving detailed info about your website visitors. Detailed information that you can get are listed below.

– A total number of users coming to your WordPress website.
– From where you are getting traffic like search engines, social media, advertisement, or any other link?
– Which of your pages are the most popular?
– What action do your visitors perform to your website?

Let us check some amazing WordPress Analytics Plugins with their features and advantages, disadvantages.

1. MonsterInsights :

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress Analytics Plugins that you can install Google Analytics to your WordPress website very easily. In the WordPress dashboard, you can check the traffic and other reports to understand your visitor’s behavior.

MonsterInsights also supports the WooCommerce tracking so that you can track the WooCommerce users.

2. Heap :
Heap plugin is robust in nature that permits you to grab the data for every particular change, Swipe, page views, and click.

With the help of WordPress Analytics Plugins, you can easily analyze your website traffic to create a custom report, tracking data and viewers. Hence, it works gently in terms of conversion rate, faster reports, user tracking, etc.

3. WP Statistics :
WP Statistics

In the WordPress admin section, WP statistics show the tracking results in simple graph format. It also helps to redirect from different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

You can also apply filters according to your requirements like browser versions country, IP address, Pages, keywords. Hence it increases the WordPress size for backup.

4. Crazy Egg :
Crazy Egg

With the use of Crazy eggs plugin, you will get to know that from where your visitor is actually clicking. this process is known as heat-mapping.

It uses the A/B testing tool to select the color, font, images, and videos based on user statistics. It offers a data-driven methodology.

5. Mixpanel :
To track the event in real-time i.e. Live then you can take the benefits of Mixpanel for your campaign. It can be used in websites and mobile apps.

You can get user attention by sending push-notifications and emails. It also helps to increase traffic and conversion rates.

6. Matomo :
WP Matomo

Matomo is open source software plugin that is available at Zero cost also available with the premium features. It helps you to custom and extensive reports, and data protection. This plugin is also available for the mobile app you view and track the performance.

It supports SEO features to rank the website on different search engines. You can record the sessions that are going on.

7. Google Analyticator :
google analyticator

This plugin makes awfully easy to view the Google Analytics from your WordPress dashboard. Different types of widgets are available that show the analytics data in the admin section. More than 3.5 million downloads have been done for their awesome features listed.

It helps you to display the graph for the last 30 days. It is compatible with link tracking, speed tracking, event tracking, and supports localization

8. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by Analytify :
wp analytify

Analytify is very easy to use all over the WordPress website like pages, posts, custom posts, etc. Within a minute now you can access the Google Analytics dashboard under your WordPress dashboard.

Analytify is a one-click authentication process to add tracking code to your WordPress website. You don’t even need to copy any code manually. Also, you can track social media statistics, mobile device statistics. and hence increases the SEO performance.

9. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP) :
google analytics dashboard for wp

ExactMetrics is the topmost Google Analytics plugin that is widely used WordPress Analytics Plugins. Also, it is available at free of cost. Some reports that are generated by Google Analytics are difficult to understand by new users. But ExactMetrics resolves this issue because it is very easy to understand.

The best feature is that you can view the visitor in real-time i.e. Live that how many users are coming to your website.

10. Google Analytics :
google analytics WordPress

Google Analytics is also the most popular plugin that is available free of cost and can be easily installed on the WordPress website.

By adding code on your website you can easily install the plugin directly. With the help of a single account, you can install the plugin on different websites and can view all the detailed reports into a single dashboard.

11. GA Google Analytics :
ga google analytics

GA Google Analytics plugin is so light weighted and fast to use available with lots of features. You just need to copy the tracking code and paste it. That’s all your plugin will get started working.

Easy to use, fast performance, use lastest tracking code, custom markup, customize the code for tracking, disable tracking, enable tracking page and many more. These all features are supported

12. Analytics Spam Blocker :
analytics spam blocker

Analytics Spam Blocker plugin supports the higher version of WordPress 4.0. It can be used for a business owner or a website to track the website data.

Analytics Spam Blocker is specially created to prevent the website from a spammer attack. Hence it is also open-source software. Tested upto 5.2.2 version of WordPress.

WordPress Plugins for Boosting Website Performance in All Possible Mobile Screens

Smartphones have become so ubiquitous that in most countries around the world, it is the number one device that people are using to consume content. This change has only happened in recent years. Therefore some people who run web pages have been caught flat footed.

It is therefore important to ensure that your website is mobile friendly, so that users can view a more properly formatted page regardless of the device they are using. Another reason for that is to ensure that your search engine rankings do not get lost.

Search engines like Google have in the last 5 years, consistently emphasized the importance of building a mobile friendly site. The following are plugins you can add to your WordPress site to make them more mobile friendly and increase load times.

1. EWWW Image Optimizer

If you have previously added a considerable number of images on your WordPress site, you may have noticed that it tends to become slower. If you find that your blog posts are full of images, you may want to consider using EWWW Image Optimizer.

EWWW Image Optimizer can work with WordPress sites that include other plugins such as FooGallery and NEXTGEN. This plugin reduces the sizes of your images, by changing the format to one that is smaller in size and easy to load. The images are lossless, so the process doesn’t compromise the quality of the displayed images.

The WordPress plugins for boosting website calls the optimization algorithms directly. It is therefore fast enough to run all your images in a considerably short period of time. It can change all types of image files into smaller fast loading lossless images, except images in the GIF format.

2. WP Touch

If you’re looking for a plugin that will improve the performance of your website for all portable devices, then WP touch may be the solution. WP touch allows you to automatically transform your WordPress site to a mobile friendly site.

Whether your audiences are people with Android, Blackberry, iPhone or any of the popular phones, WP Touch will deliver properly formatted pages to these screens on these devices. The other advantage of this site is that it makes the process very simple. With a few clicks you can create different versions of your site, so that it looks good to both portable devices, and fixed devices visitors of your site.

3. WP Mobile Detect

WP Mobile Detect is another plugin that you can use to ensure that your site can be viewed from any type of screen, be it a standard mobile, a Smartphone, or a desktop computer. WP mobile Detect offers greater flexibility and you can target virtually any mobile device and show an appropriate version of your website.

What WP Mobile Detect essentially does is to provide easy to use short codes that will allow you to show or hide your site to various devices. For example, if you have a big banner for your website, but it is not properly displayed on certain devices, WP Mobile Detect simply provides a short code for it.

You can choose to use short code to tell WordPress what it can display to certain devices. You can also target operating systems like IOS, Windows Mobile, Android, for greater flexibility on what you can display, the plugin allows you to use a combination of both.

The codes have a similar format to HTML with corresponding closing and opening tags. For example, content placed between the tags [phone][/phone] will be displayed on mobile phones only, but not on tablets, laptops or desktop.

4. BJ Lazy Load

This is a free plugin that increases load times by lazy loading images. This means that placeholders will be placed on the images and will only appear when the website visitor begins to scroll the page.

The advantage of lazy load is that it is simple to implement and therefore works on many different types of images unlike other optimizers such as EWWW Image Optimizer. The plugin also works with screen images for embedded videos like YouTube and Vimeo.

5. Any Mobile Theme Switcher

This plugin will detect the mobile device you are using and will display the appropriate theme as you had set in the admin section of the site. You can set mobile themes for iPhone, iPod, Palm OS, Android, Windows Mobile, amongst others.

The plugin is free but there is a pro version which has more advanced features. These features include: ability to work with QR codes for mobile book marking, separate home pages for each type of mobile, and better mobile detection.

There are numerous WordPress plugins that you can choose from to improve the performance of your site. All these plugins have different features with varying capabilities. You may want to consider factors such as quality, functionality, customizability, before making your final choice.

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Over the last couple of years, smartphones have become a staple way of accessing and visiting websites for most people out there. Almost everyone in this world now has a smartphone, which can access the internet. So, if a website which is not at all mobile friendly, can be easily detected by users who visit the website via their smartphones.

Google Search Rankings also base the websites according to how much mobile friendly they are. Google has always emphasized on building mobile-friendly websites. And that’s why you need WordPress Plugins for Boosting Website in order to boost your own website, and make it more mobile friendly as well.

A website, which has a lot of images in it, will ultimately become very slow, due to the high bandwidth, and thus you need something special to change that. Various plugins such as Foo Gallery or Next-Gen will help your website to automatically restructure images, to the format and size, that it seems optimum when a person loads that website on a mobile device.

The images are obviously lossless structure, so the quality won’t take a hit. These optimizations will help the user to load the website in just a matter of seconds. And all this is possible with the help of these WordPress Plugins.

Apart from that, if you want to make a simple website both for mobile devices as well as for normal desktops, then you have that option too as well. It will help you to transform your whole website, into a mobile-friendly site, that is very simple and effective, and users with their mobile phones, like the iPhone or Blackberry, can easily access it.

It will look good on any of these devices, and the best thing is that the process is very easy to carry out, as well. If you want your website to display website content optimized separately for all kinds of portable devices, the option is there too as well. In this way, the website content that will be shown exclusively for mobiles, will not be shown on tablets, desktops, etc. and vice versa. This optimization will help your website be more responsive on portable devices.

There are also other ways to optimize or boost your website, by only able to load images when the user starts to scroll the website. The images will not be loaded beforehand, thus the website will be loaded barebones, very fast, and then scrolling through it will load the images. This feature will also work on YouTube and Vimeo embedded videos too.

These WordPress Plugins for boosting website also introduced nifty features like these. From setting each theme separately for each operating system out there, this takes optimization to the next level. So, that each user of each different operating system, could easily benefit from their own ecosystem of websites, tailored made for their devices only. WordPress Plugins for Boosting Website really helps in simplifying everything about optimizing websites.

Best WordPress Caching Plugins for A Fast Loading Website

Keeping your site up and running at an optimal speed can do wonders for your niche specific business and client conversion rates. And there is no denial of the fact that it can be achieved with the help of the best WordPress caching plugins available for now.

Speed is one of the essential measurement units when it comes to rationally estimating your site’s performance. There is hardly any website visitor that will sit back relaxed while waiting for more than several seconds for your site’s page to load. And this is true for all kinds of digital profiles, from magazine and news style or leisure to online shopping and service provision.

Website surfers are impatient to get access to what they need to see, read, review or buy. Actually, they don’t want their online experience to be hampered by poor website performances or loading times. Thus, if you are planning to keep your online guests and result in returning visits and not let your website viewers take their businesses away from you, making sure your site is well performing in terms of speed and loading is of utmost importance.

Another stimulus for having a truly speedy website is the fact that Google and other major search engines treat speed as one of the signals to affect the ranking of websites. The higher your site’s speed is, the higher search results you are going to enjoy.

Well, there are certain steps to follow if you want to speed up your site’s loading time and overall operation and caching is one of them. Therefore, in this article we’ll discuss some of the best WordPress caching plugins for the effective speed optimization of any WordPress hosted website or blog.

From good to the best, all of these plugins are reliable in usage and client centric for management purposes. It means you are going to receive a fully integrated caching system with any of these best WordPress caching plugins that will perfectly communicate with your WordPress authored website without any heavy workload or complex coding solutions.

1. WP Fastest Cache:
wp fastest cache

WP Fastest Cache is undoubtedly one of the highest ranked and best WordPress caching plugins that has been checked and practiced by thousands of webmasters and website owners across the globe.

What this plugin does is the generation of static html files for your WP powered site or blog and its rendering to your users to avoid rendering of the page over and over.

It is amazingly easy in usage eliminating the necessity of modifying .htaccess file, since it is going to be modified automatically without your help.

Additionally, with WP Fastest Cache you are going to control more features and settings, like deletion of all cached files from the options page, blocking of cache for specific post or page, cache option enabling or disabling for mobile devices or logged in users, etc. You can also enable browser caching and thus optimize page load times for those visitors who come back to your site’s posts and pages.

2. LiteSpeed Cache:

Cache your website at a speed of the light with LiteSpeed Cache and grant your website users with the best and agilest website environment they can find themselves in.

It is also one of the most downloaded and best WordPress caching plugins you can rely on without any shred of doubt.
The highest level of performance of your site is guaranteed with this cache management tool that requires LiteSpeed Web Server and connects to built in page cache to get round PHP and database queries.

The developers of this plugin have already done a good job in customizing it to meet the basic requirements of any WordPress site. Hence, you just need to install the plugin and leave default settings just the way they are.

3. WP Super Cache:
wp super cache

With more than 2 million active installations and huge army of fans, WP Super Cache is by no means a plugin to justify all your expectations in relation to turning your WordPress into something fast and speedy, user optimized and quick in response time.

If you are searching for one of the best WordPress caching plugins that is offered with a boatload of useful options and settings like simple caching, cache rebuild, don’t cache pages and more, WP Super Cache is the most recommended solution for you.

This plugin also creates static files to be served to your users instead of heavy WP PHP scripts. Such static files are going to be served to the site’s users who are not logged in, who have not commented on your posts yet or those who have not managed to view a password protected post. Read here about How to Install and Setup WP Super Cache for Beginners.

4. WP Total Cache:

Another must have tool in your website’s arsenal is called WP Total Cache. Caching your site for the sake of its perfection level and quick performance is possible with this premium quality caching tool you can find in the official repository of the best WordPress caching plugins.

The benefits you can have with WP Total Cache are many, from satisfied clients to better search engine optimization, from page speed improvement to the general website’s boosted performance.

You are free to choose one click setup of plugin or undertake its customization to meet your specific needs, mobile requirements and more.

Some of the noteworthy features of WP Total Cache are as follows:
Compatibility with shared hosting and dedicated servers,
CDN management with theme files, Media Library and WordPress itself,
AMP and SSL support,
Minification and GZIP,

5. Comet Cache:

The last caching plugin custom built to take care of your WordPress site’s swiftness comes to be known as Comet Cache.

All in all, it’s an advanced caching technology to easily communicate with your WP site and enhance its operation with intelligent caching processes.

Packed with a bunch of first aid features, this plugin is going to add an ideal combination of speed, simplicity and reliability to your site or blog with the creation of snapshots of pages, posts, categories and more to be used later.

How to Put Your WordPress Site in Maintenance Mode or Coming Soon Mode

Take an audit of the best ways you can follow to put your WordPress site in maintenance mode for under construction or coming soon pages for better and positive user experience.

There comes a time when it is necessary to “unpublish” a site for different reasons, from making slight changes to radical customizations in terms of style and functionality, switching of themes, testing of new plugins and add ons, fixing errors and more. A

nd if your site does not have much of attendance, you do not need to worry how it is going to be displayed on your web visitor’s screens. But if you are reading this article, we do really hope, it’s not the case with you! Therefore, we assume that your website has an army of daily visitors and you don’t want them to witness your changes or maneuvers from behind the scenes.

Well, giving proper explanation to your front end guests about what is going on about your website is more reasonable than showcasing a blank page or giving the feel of a broken website. Moreover, if you put your WordPress website in maintenance mode, it will not deprive you of a full access to your website from the backend for working on it, making changes and finalizing the look and feel before sharing the result with your audience.

As it is the case in many situations, plugins are here first to help you put your WordPress site in maintenance mode without losing control over Admin Dashboard and its functionality. Let’s consider some of the best maintenance mode or coming soon WordPress plugins that will make sense in this case.

1. Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode by SeedProd:

One of the powerful WP plugin you can easily test and put your WordPress site in maintenance mode or add coming soon page is known as Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode by SeedProd.

Downloaded and used for more than 600.000 times, this plugin is ideal in performance and responsiveness, HTML 5 and CSS3 support, as well as fully customizable to let you create and display any look of maintenance mode or coming soon page you wish.

It is also translation ready and comes with Multisite and BuddyPress support in free version. As for the premium one, you will find here more useful options and SEO friendly practices, customization options without any coding, shortcode support and many other practical tools.

2. WP Maintenance Mode:

Another top rated plugin, which in no way, neither qualitatively, nor technically, yields to the previous plugin is called WP Maintenance Mode.

Put your WordPress site in maintenance mode easily and quickly, add promising coming soon page to your website or a blog, set countdown time to let visitors know when they are expected to come back with this plugin that is fully customizable and user friendly.

From colors and shades to texts and background, everything is at your leisure to modify and change in order to create beautiful maintenance mode or coming soon page. WP multisite support, SEO friendly nature, subscription and contact forms, countdown timer and responsive design are all wrapped up in WP Maintenance Mode.

3. Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode:

If you are looking for a simpler and completely pain free minimal solution to let your website guests know your website is down for maintenance or will be available soon, create an effective landing or launch page, Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode is what you need.

You will have everything needed at your hand to take care of the proper customization of the needed pages with colors, images, fonts, logo and more.

Once your maintenance page is properly styled and configured, you’ll have the option to preview it before launching.
Pro version of the plugin also packs SEO tools, numerous premium images and professional support by the plugin author’s side.

4. Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode:

Another simple and affordable way to put your WordPress site in maintenance mode, create informative coming soon page with 0 coding knowledge with Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode by wpdevart.

Checked for its compatibility with old and new WordPress versions, this plugin is completely responsive and fully customizable with colors and background image, logo and more. Search engine optimization and social media friendly coding have also been minutely worked out to contribute to the overall performance and social proof of your site.
Disabling this plugin for specific IPs, working from the backend while your site is in maintenance mode for your web guests will also be a breeze.

5. Maintenance Mode:

Activating maintenance mode of your site without sweating hard is possible with Maintenance Mode. Once this plugin is installed and activated, it’s going to be an integral part of any WP powered theme you are using. You can add maintenance mode page from the admin part or use the given editor to customize the page, add colors, images or links before activation.

What is exciting about Maintenance Mode is that it is frequently updated and improved without paid upgrades and without complex management tools. It means you are going to enjoy the simplicity yet versatility of this plugin any time and from any device you are using, from PC to mobile, and everything in between.

6. Elementor:

We cannot help but include award winning Elementor in our collection of the best maintenance mode and under construction WordPress plugins. Along with an avalanche of page building controls and useful working tips, you are going to find prebuilt maintenance mode creation options with Elementor. Moreover, this feature can be acquired completely for free and used as per your design needs or creativity.

You can also add widgets such as share buttons, subscribe form, login or countdown timer to your maintenance or under construction page. Other useful widgets like icon box, image gallery and image carousel, image and video, tabs and accordion, HTML and Google Maps are all available with Elementor.