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10 Support Ticket System or Help Desk WordPress Plugins for Client Help

Are you looking for the smartest help desk WordPress plugins to take your customer support to the next level of performance? We at SKT themes have already reviewed the content of WordPress directory for the best support ticket system or help desk WordPress plugins to narrow down your selection and save your time.

Thousands of businesses and companies are competing to win the attention and loyalty of customers and clients. Doing this is not always easy, but exercising all the possible tools and technics to do it is what will bring more and more clients closer to your doors. One of such technics to rely on is a professional customer support and service.

A great customer support is not just about being polite to them. It’s also about meeting their needs, being responsive to their requests and demands, saving their time, solving their issues, and generally, offering them an exclusively well client experience they could ever have.

If you are already online with your business or personal website, you need to think about the integration of powerful tool and plugins for making your communication with your client base more organized and time saving. Well, help desk WordPress plugins and other relevant third party software are ideal solutions in such cases.

Whether you want to provide your website users with the most convenient helpdesks to direct their inquiries and questions, tickets and more, receive them instantly from the back end, connect your site with popular help desk systems and platforms, manage email notifications to keep the track of your client’s demands all the time, be sure you can do it all with the best support ticket system or help desk WordPress plugins discussed below.

1. Knowledge Base

knowledge base

Knowledge Base is another most popular WordPress support ticket plugin for WordPress users. If you choose this plugin that it would be a perfect move to interact with customers and to maintain business relationships with them. The plugin comes with limited features that will satisfy your requirements to manage the customer relationship. It also has some awesome design features to create a front end and backend as you want. This premium tool is completely customizable from everyone. Easily you can build custom fields so that you can gather the desired customer’s information.

Customers will be able to request easily because it has a neat and clean user interface. It is very easy to configure just need to install, download, and activate the plugin. The plugin comes with 2 licenses that give you 6-month support and future updates. One can sort and search the ticket based on custom fields such as priority, date, and department. Customers will have the authority to select the concerned department and ticket priority. You will get a regular license at $49 whereas you get an extended license at $200.
The plugin was updated last month, but it not compatible with the Gutenberg editor.


  • It is compatible with chrome, safari, firefox, IE9, IE10, Opera, Edge, and more.
  • Supports the WordPress version 4.7 and above.
  • Shortcodes compatibility.
  • Uses categories.
  • Customizable permalink.
  • Widgets.
  • Responsive.
  • Support for nested categories.

2. Chat – Support Board

support board

This is another most effective WordPress support ticket plugin. This plugin is a little different from other’s support plugins because it has the feature of live chat, video chat, and voice chat. This plugin is very helpful as it assists you in managing the ticket system plus it provides a number of options to communicate with the customers when needed. To make your business more valuable it has advanced reporting features.

Without any hassle you can customize the look of this plugin with the help of a visual composer page builder. Without adding any extra software on your website, customers can use video, and voice chat.
Chat support will help you by giving you proper information about your customer including their IP address, location, and more. This plugin is available for free and a premium cost. The regular license comes in $45 and extended license comes with $399 with free 6-month support and updates for the future.


  • In real-time you can even track your customers or the website visitors.
  • The plugin is a complete solution for voice chat, video chat, messages, live chat, and ticketing system.
  • Live chat and video calls are added on the plugin with the help of Skype and G-Talk.
  • The plugin is best suitable for every browsers and device.
  • Multilingual friendly, thus it supports different languages.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Social integration toolbar.
  • Advanced reporting feature.
  • 3. Catchers Helpdesk


    Catchers Helpdesk is the top most helpful WordPress ticket system that permits you to replies that are common so that you can forward it to other customers to save your time and efforts. This feature is very helpful to make your work faster and provide customer support in efficient way. Free version of this plugin is sufficient if you have just started your business online but if you would like to extend its features then without any issue you can jump to any add-ons of its. These add-ons will help you by providing some premium features to extend your website functionality. Premium plugin starts with $39. You will get complete access to setting option to customize plugin as you want.


    • Front-end ticket submissions.
    • Email fetching.
    • Allow users to upload file attachments.
    • Reply templates.
    • Client management.
    • Filter tickets.
    • Select default person to assign tickets.
    • Categorize tickets.

    4. Help Scout

    help scout

    Help scout is very helpful WordPress ticket system with different mailboxes you can make your team organized for shared email address. You can also keep a track on your team’s performance with the help of WordPress dashboard. Help scout is integration with more than 50 plugins so you can also use any third party plugins with the help scout system. It will also work perfectly with the live chat plugins plus the live chat will get stored on the customers profiles that is personalized.

    If you think that the layouts of help scouts are not suitable to your website design then you will get abundant of option to change it. Plus you can an option for voicemails and phone calls. More than 50 voicemail services are permitted to use. Also available with phone call logs. You don’t need to waste your time on writing code because you will get access to more than 75 keyboard shortcodes.


    • Shared inbox.
    • Reporting on real time.
    • Integration of many tools.
    • Live chat integration.
    • In-app messaging.
    • Customer management.
    • Knowledge base.

    5. LiveChat

    live chat

    LiveChat is a WordPress ticket system the main motto of integrating this plugin to your website is to provide better customer service and enhance the conversion rate. This plugin is used by 27000+ users. This plugin is also used by popular companies such as PayPal. This plugin has very easy setup process. It helps you to communicate with the customers instantly.

    LiveChat comes with many features including proactive chat invitation. With the help of this feature chat operator or a support agent can send personalize messages automatically? Plus at the same time different live chat session can be initiated to make customer service more efficient. With this plugin feature i.e. building ticketing system, you can provide 24/7 customer services.


    • Instant connection.
    • Easy and simplest way to provide customer support.
    • Enhance the conversions and sales.
    • With live chat you can increase overall sales and order value.
    • 24/7 customer support.
    • Visitor tracking.
    • Chat invitation.
    • File upload support.

    6. WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System:

    One of the best ways to integrate awesome helpdesk ticket system into your WordPress powered website is called WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System.

    From free version to full documentation, paid add ons, professional technical and pre sale support, everything important is wrapped up in this handy plugin.

    Some of the basic features of free version are as follows:

    • Unlimited tickets and agents support
    • Possibility to submit tickets on behalf of the others
    • Guest ticket
    • Support button
    • Custom fields
    • Responsive design and coding
    • Possibility to add note to the support team and many other useful features.

    Email piping and notifications, stick and export tickets are among premium add ons you can have along with this plugin.

    7. Awesome Support: WordPress Helpdesk and Support Plugin:

    Awesome Support is another recommended option in our list of the best help desk WordPress plugins. It’s the output of many years of hard work and improvement of experienced WordPress professionals and now you are lucky to have access to it in its best version.

    You can check the demo version of this plugin where you will find many practical options, like login as Admin or Agent, Submit Ticket as a User, Guest login, login and register.

    The features you are going to find with this pro quality plugin are many. Complete ticketing system is processed to enable your web users to submit their tickets quickly and you to receive and respond to them from the backend. It also comes with Zendesk, Helpscout and Ticsky support to import tickets from those platforms.

    8. Zendesk Support for WordPress:

    Another plugin supporting Zendesk is known as Zendesk Support for WordPress.
    Actually, Zendesk is a popular helpdesk and customer support system that can be effortlessly connected to your WP site with the help of this plugin.

    What this plugin actually does for your users is eliminating the need for them to switch their accounts for ticket submission. They will be provided with Single Sign on, meaning that whenever a user tries to login to Zendesk, the plugin will check whether the latter is already logged in to your WP website. If yes, then that user will not need to register on Zendesk to get in touch with you with his tickets.

    Additionally, you can have Zendesk support web widget anywhere you need on your site’s page so that your web users can quickly chat with you, ask questions, submit tickets, etc.

    9. JS Support Ticket:

    JS Support Ticket is a plugin that smartly unites easy to use and lightweight nature with high quality and effective tools and features.

    The free version of this user optimized plugin makes front end ticket creation for all your visitors and guests easy, enables the admin of a website to create tickets on behalf of the users, offer useful filters on tickets both for the user and admin, etc.

    Email notification can also be enabled for receiving email whenever a new ticket is received, edit tickets any time you want, change the order of ticket fields, etc.

    10. uCare: Support Ticket System and Helpdesk:

    One of the feature rich and fully fledged upport ticket system or help desk WordPress plugins you can find currently is launched as uCare.

    Arming your WordPress site with this amazing help and support toolkit is going to be one of the reasons your web users and business clients are going to love you. Build customer trust with the help of uCare and prove you care for every single website guest you have.

    uCare is tested with hundreds of WordPress themes and has never resulted in any issue with them.
    Hence, you can choose this plugin without any hesitation and be sure your users can submit tickets both from their PCs and mobiles, as u Care is 100% responsive.

    You will be amazed by the diversity and avalanche of features this support ticket system is going to grant you with. First and foremost, this plugin is very light and fast in performance which means that the overall speed rate and operation of your WP site are not going to suffer at all.

    Further, multiple users and groups are supported like support Admin, support Agent and support User, work on more than one ticket is possible at the same time, as well as notification system is perfectly working.

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    The Ultimate Guide to Setting up Your WordPress Development Environment

    WordPress development environment

    While developing a website on WordPress, many users make changes in their live site. This practice is not recommended as if something goes wrong while making the changes; it would be noticeable to the public. As an alternative, it is suggested to use a staging server or set up WordPress Development environment.

    A development environment allows the users to set up a server environment on their machine rather than using the same provided by a web hosting company. It also helps in customizing the website before the site goes live.

    The Benefits of WordPress Development environment

    The various advantages of setting up a development environment on WordPress are as follows

    Safe Update

    Users can check core and the component of WordPress in their local environment to ensure they are free from problems, before applying the same updates on their live site.

    Faster performance

    As the performance of the site is not dependant on the internet connection, it runs faster thereby improving the workflow. Besides, users can also utilize free software to set their local sites, which means they need not pay any excess amount for the staging area.

    Themes and plugins

    Users can also check various themes and plugins on their local site thereby preventing their live site from facing any issues concerning compatibility with the same.

    Independent of internet connection

    One of the most important advantages of setting up WordPress Development environment is that the users can work on their site without being connected to the internet. As a result, they can work anywhere and anytime without bothering about wifi signals.

    Setting up WordPress Development Environment

    For setting up a development environment on WordPress one needs the help of certain tools. The following steps are involved in this process.

    Step 1: Select an ideal server to meet the need

    The following tools are widely used for setting up the development environment. They are –


    This tool is a single solution that includes every element that users require for setting up their server and running their site. It will provide them a proper environment for building their site on WordPress. It works for both Windows as well as for Mac.


    After installing this easy- to- set- up tool, users can install the WordPress software stack, which would further help them in working on building their website immediately. This open-source tool is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac devices.

    Desktop Server

    This tool can not only help users to build WordPress development environment locally, but it also includes server virtualization features. This means that if the users copy their existing sites, select the location of their server, and delete the sites once they have finished and the sites will be published online.

    Step 2: Select a text editor

    A text editor will help the users in improving their programming efficiency and avoid committing mistakes at their work. While experienced developers might have their preferred text editors, one can choose the following commonly used editors as well.

    • NetBeans – It is a full-function editor that includes features such as an in-built debugger and many WordPress add-ons.
    • PhPStorm – This editor supports the setting up of development environment and easily detects the site one is building on WordPress.
    • Coda – This editor is compatible with only Mac and includes plugins specifically for WordPress.
    • Atom – This open-source editor is comparatively new and it includes plenty of WordPress add-ons. It is easy to use and has an active community.
    • Sublime Text – This editor contains various add-ons of WordPress and is fast and easy to use.

    Step -3: Selecting a browser

    The web browsers used nowadays come with tools that help the developers to test as well as debug their website from the window of the browser directly. The most commonly used browsers for setting up WordPress development environment are Chrome and Firefox. While Chrome allows the use of these developer tools within the settings of the browser, Firefox offers Firefox Developer Edition, a browser built specifically for the developers.

    Step 4: Allowing debugging for Installation of WordPress

    The users are required to enable the Debugging function of WordPress. As this feature allows WordPress to display the errors that may arise while working on the site, users can fix them in the development phase, before making their site live.

    Step 5: Optional tools and plugins

    Depending on their requirement, users can install other optional tools and plugins such as Query Monitor, a debugging plugin or WP-CLI for streamlining the development experience, etc. Theme developers can also use a plugin called Theme Check to check the active theme to ensure that they meet the standards of WordPress.

    Step 6: Building the website

    Once the server is set up followed by selecting a text editor, browser, setting up debugging features and other optional tools and plugins for setting up WordPress development environment, the users should shift their attention to building their site. While creating a development environment involves various steps, developing a site on the local device is equally important and need a lot of attention.

    Deploy the website

    Once the website is developed locally as per the likings and requirement of the users, the next step they need to carry out is making the site live. The deployment process similar to setting up a development environment involves various steps. Users can complete this step either with the help of a plugin or manually. In the following section, deploying a website with the help of plugin ‘Duplicator’ is discussed.

    Step 1: Installing Duplicator


    Following steps are involved for installing Duplicator
    • Go to plugins
    • Select ‘Add New’
    • Write the plugin name in the search box and click on ‘enter’
    • Click on ‘Install Now’ and activate it once the installation is completed.

    Step 2: Export Site

    When Duplicator is activated, it adds as a menu item in the dashboard of WordPress. Clicking on it opens up a window, where the users are required to create a package. Following steps are needed to carry out for creating a package.
    • Click on ‘Create New’ and enter the name of the package.
    • No need to make any changes in options from ‘Storage’, ‘Archive’ and ‘installer’ sections as Duplicator attempts to fill the columns later automatically.
    • Click on ‘Next’. Duplicator will run a test for detecting problems
    • If all seems good, click on ‘Build’ for starting building the package.
    • Click on ‘One-click download’ for downloading the Installer and the zip file

    Step 3: Upload and deploy files on the server

    In the next phase of deploying the website for which the WordPress Development Environment has been set up previously, the following steps are needed to carry out.

    • Log in to FTP server
    • Browse the home directory of the new site
    • Start uploading the files created in the previous step
    • Insert ‘’ in the browser bar. Users must remember to replace ‘yoursite’ with the name of their actual site.
    • The plugin checks the integrity of the archive to ensure that the site can be deployed in the current environment.
    • Click on the box beside ‘I have read and accept all terms and notices’
    • Press on ‘Next’ button

    The site is now unpacked. A screen opens up, where the users are required to provide information regarding the database. The plugin can use an existing database or create a new one.

    • For using the existing database, the database is needed to set up manually.
    • Whether using an existing database or creating a new one, users need to provide the name of the database, username and a password.
    • Duplicator then will use this information for updating the ‘wp-config.php’ file of the site.
    • Click on ‘Test Database’ to ensure that the connection works
    • Click on ‘Next’ to initiate database installation.
    • In the final step, the users need to confirm the details of their old and new site. This step will help the Duplicator in replacing the old URL in the database with the new one.
    • If everything appears ok, click on “Next’.

    Step 4: Completing the Deployment process

    As one needs to keep several things in mind while setting up the WordPress Development Environment, proper attention should be given while completing the deployment process. For this purpose, the users are required to check the following aspects.

    • Visit the last page of the set up to ensure that no problem is experienced in the process of deployment.
    • Log in to the site which will take the user to the Duplicator menu.
    • Click on ‘Remove Installation Files Now!’ at the top. This step is important to carry out for security purpose.

    Thus, the new site is now migrated from the local environment to live server. One must remember that the entire process of setting up a development environment and then making the site live is time-consuming. However, with the help of various tools, these processes get simpler. One can make numerous changes to their website in the development environment without any risk. Thus, the above discussion will help one in gaining an understanding of how to set up WordPress Development Environment and deploy their site later.

    wordpress contact form plugins

    Topmost 8 Contact Form Plugins Available for WordPress

    Here are 7 contact form plugins we have shortlisted which are good as well as most popular of them all:

    Almost all websites nowadays need contact form so that people can contact them online without the hassle of copying email address and emailing them separately or contacting them via phone call.

    A contact form definitely has its own advantages.

    Hence it is necessary we choose the right contact form plugin for our WordPress website.

    1.       Contact Form 7

    Contact Form 7 is one of the most downloaded and popular plugins available in WordPress repository. Contact Form 7 is very easy to use. However its simplicity has had people using it more and more.

    Plus it is the most oldest of contact form plugins and hence has a lot work done already by many developers.

    We use contact form 7 on our website and as you can see we have customized it a lot.

    For customization however you have to write css within your theme style.css and it isn’t very easy to use for non-coders/non-developers. So won’t recommend it for non tech people.

    But nevertheless it does the job. It also gets integrated with really simple captcha and google recaptcha.

    More info about this plugin

    2.       Ninja Forms

    Ninja Forms are a very simple drag and drop interface contact form very similar to that of Gravity Forms. And the best part is it is FREE. PayPal Express checkout and other add ons are paid but that one doesn’t require in order to have a contact form for their site.

    Ninja Forms is comparatively quite newer as compared to other forms which have been there for quite a while.

    We would recommend this plugin for non techy as well as developers because it uses advantage of both.

    For non tech people it is easy to use and for developers they can define custom class and make any sort of contact form they like.

    More info about this plugin

    3.       Easy Contact Forms

    Easy Contact Forms is another drag and drop interface contact form builder and is easy to use. It has online video tutorials available on how to customize any contact form using Easy Contact Forms.

    Style settings and other custom css can also be included in order to manage Easy contact forms.

    This one is also recommended for non tech as well as developers both. The only problem with this plugin however is that none of the support forum problems/questions in WordPress repository has been answered.

    Hence if this plugin works for you, do use it. But if it isn’t working for you then don’t expect great support unless you can figure things out yourself.

    More info on this plugin

    4.       Fast Secure Contact Form

    Fast Secure Contact Form (earlier SI Contact Form) is also one of the most downloaded contact forms in WordPress repository. The default form looks very bad but one may modify the css to make it look good. Similarly the captcha also looks too bad and one needs to either use different captcha or modify the same.

    In terms of working Fast Secure Contact Form works similar to Contact Form 7. It is simple, and does the job.

    However for customizations you need to be good in html/css or else for non tech people won’t recommend this sort of contact form plugin.

    More info on this plugin

    5.       Visual Form Builder

    Visual Form builder is another drag and drop interface WordPress contact form which is easy to use for non tech as well as developers.

    However it’s not completely free. Yes it does the job in case you want a basic WordPress contact form.

    For custom form designs you need to pay in case you are a developer then only you can customize visual form builder.

    More info about this plugin

    6.       Gravity Forms

    Gravity Forms is a Paid plugin and has been in industry for quite long. It has its fair share of developers who like the plugin so much that they continue to use it.

    Gravity Forms has 1.8 as the latest stable version and it is the first drag and drop interface easy to use contact form which was developed.

    Sure it has got other features as well like multi part form, limiting entries to the form, scheduling the form, polls etc.

    Basic form builder will cost $39 (not recommended as this task can be done using any of the above forms)

    Business Form builder costs: $99 (recommended only if you want to integrate newsletters on your own without coder)

    Developer form builder costs: $199 (definitely recommended if you have the budget as it integrates paypal,, can be used for polls, survey, coupons freshbook etc)

    So cost wise it seems expensive but the value it gives with $199 is for you to weigh against the pricing structure.

    7.       WordPress Contact Form Plugin by vCita

    vCita is a well known name for online scheduling. They also have a well maintained contact form. This contact form is all good and can be used readily. The only problem with this form is that it does require someone to log into or register in vCita and then customize the form there.

    Another problem is that it provides an iFrame just like Facebook. So it is additional load time of vCita server which might slow down your website.

    It does have some fancy stuff which look good and if your site is small or you need online scheduler or want to build a complex form without prior coding knowledge this form will come handy.

    However if you have a large site and bother about site speeds etc then this isn’t the right plugin for you.

    More info about this plugin

    8. Contact Form Clean and Simple

    Contact Form Clean and Simple uses Twitter Bootstrap and Google Recaptcha. It is worth trying this form as your contact form if you are looking to make your forms responsive.

    Again similar to contact form 7 and others it requires coding knowledge whereby you can customize the form using theme’s style.css.

    More info about this plugin


    We are in no way affiliate to any of the above contact form plugin developers and as WordPress theme designers and developers we have reviewed and used these plugins and told you our unbiased review/comments.

    Step by Step Guide to Add Navigation Menu Primary Footer in WordPress

    Are you looking for the ways to add a primary or footer navigation menu in a WordPress site? Follow our step by step guide to adding a navigation menu in your WP based site and showcase the basic structure of it to your web visitors and viewers.

    Basically, the navigation menu is one of the essential components of every modern website to be a roadbook for your website guests and visitors.

    As for the primary menu, it’s the basic menu of your Menu Editor, the part which you use to create your navigation menus. The path to this Editor goes through WP Dashboard, Appearance, Menus, Menu Editor.

    Basically, you, as a WordPress user, are authorized to tweak to your menu items and edit them so that it will appear the way you want. If you choose not to edit the menu, it will enlist your site pages as menu items.

    To add a primary navigation menu in a WordPress website, open up your Menu Editor and click on Create a new menu button. You will be asked to fill in the name of your menu. This name will be seen only by you and not by your audience.

    Depending on the theme you run on your site, the Menu Settings and relevant locations for menu under Menu Structure will vary. In one way or another, at least primary option will be available for you. Choose Primary to be the location if you want to add a primary navigation menu in your WP website. If you would like to change the location in future, don’t worry. You can come back and change it whenever needed.

    On the left side of the opened screen, you will see the list of items, like pages, posts, custom links and categories to be added to your menu. Now, choose the pages to be added to the menu.
    As soon as the needed pages are added to the menu, it’s time to rearrange them. By default, they are located in the order you are adding them. However, it’s pretty easy to relocate them by simply dragging and dropping them in the sequence you prefer.

    You can repeat the same process for categories and posts as well. Simply choose the ones you want to add and click on Add to Menu.

    Apart from posts, pages and categories, you would like to add custom links to your primary navigation menu. For this, you need to click on the Custom Links tab to expand it.

    Here you will find URL and Link Text boxes to be filled. The first one is the destination of the actual URL you want to add. And the Link Text is for the text describing the link. Once you are finished with adding the required details, go on with pressing Add to Menu.

    As soon as you add a primary navigation menu in your WP website, you will notice that the title of the page or the post added to the menu is used as the link text.

    At this point, you can change that text and replace it with another one. Simply toggle the menu item (or click the arrow on the right of the item, as the case may be) the navigation label of which you need to change and edit it. Enter the preferred text in navigation and save your changes.

    Instead of having a primary or header navigation menu (different theme may have different names for it), you can also choose to add footer navigation menu in your WP site, or embed it in sidebar or other widgetized areas you have at your leisure.

    As for the footer area, in particular, people are used to casting a quick glance at it with the hope to find the useful links and pages instantly. Hence, since footer areas are highly noticeable and frequently used, setting navigation menu in the footer area can be effective for your audience scrolling down the bottom of your site.

    In this case, you need to look for and find a widget named Custom Menu widget. Go to WP Admin Dashboard, Appearance, Widgets and add Custom Menu Widget to a footer. Additionally, you need to enter the title text and choose the menu to be showcased in the footer area. It can be an existing menu already available on your site, or it may be a completely new one created for that widget.

    When everything is properly done, click Save. As for the technical part for adding footer navigation menu, we are done.

    Additionally, you can use different customization and styling options to give your menu a fresh look and feel. Basically, WordPress based themes are using CSS controls to decorate navigation menus. If you are clueless about writing CSS or dealing with codes, you’d better turn to the help of plugins.

    Max Mega Menu:

    Max Mega Menu


    Max Mega Menu is one of the feature rich WP menu management and customization plugins you can rely on. With this plugin you will be able to take a full control over your navigation menus and style them to match the overall design of your site. This plugin is ready made to replace the default WP menu with a mega menu and will let you use widgets.

    It also comes with built in CSS3 transitions, multiple menus support, horizontal mega menus opportunity, Font Awesome Icons pack, Custom Item Styling, Genericon and custom Icons and other useful features and options.

    Custom Menu Wizard Widget:

    Custom Menu Wizard Widget


    Another optimal menu management system you can highly benefit from is called Custom Menu Wizard Widget. This plugin is also ready to tailor to the specific needs of its users in relation to the overall structure and styling of the site menus.

    Advanced Menu Widget:

    Advanced Menu Widget


    The next reliable source of Navigation menu widget is the plugin launched as Advanced Menu Widget. It is easy to follow in usage and management and suggests practical tools to make your menus more flexible and accurate.

    Wiki Knowledge Base WordPress plugins for having a knowledge base area


    In this article we have successfully sorted out some of the most usable wiki knowledge base WordPress plugins for any kind of WordPress – based websites for having a knowledge base area, FAQ (frequently asked questions) or wiki in order to provide the target groups of audience a thorough information about this or that company or organization, its visions and objectives, the relevant services and products and much more.

    Review the below – inserted knowledge – base flavors that share a competent tone, look and feel and consider them for acquiring and activating for your online profile.

    Customer support and knowledge – base system of any website should be considered separately and assured to function impeccably.

    This is a complex strategy with relevant procedures to undertake and let your customers and clients be sure, that they can greatly benefit from their interactions with your dedicated staff and specialists.

    Generally speaking, knowledge – base area of your web presence is considered to be your central repository directly from which the dissemination of your premium – quality and customer – driven information takes place.


    The first wiki knowledge base WordPress plugin in our list is the simplest and the most practical wiki solution is called Very Simple Knowledge Base for to furnish with a centralized place for storing and publishing data for the website visitors to get quick access and find the sufficient answers to their questions. Based on totally responsive design shades to guarantee perfect adjustment when running on the mobiles and tablets, this plugin will let you easily manipulate your categories and posts with 3 or 4 column dispositions. In case of mobile access the columns will appear to be 2.


    Next is DW Knowledge Base WordPress plugin that is available in the marketplace entirely for free. This useful and dynamic plugin comes with inherently easy to follow installation process and setup, generates amazingly flexible and responsive layout whenever any mobile, tablet or other portable device is called into action, seamlessly integrates with any kind of WordPress – based website and allows anyone to create and manage his website knowledge database with the minimum efforts imaginable. The plugin is also widget – friendly, including tags, categories, popular articles, ordinary or the freshest articles. Customization options are also at your fingertips to turn on or off search form, comments or breadcrumbs. There is also a wide range of modern and highly applicable plugins that are profoundly supported by DW Knowledge Base.


    With the simplified step by step installation process that will suit its power and usability to the word is WP Knowledge Base. This user and customer – optimized, functionally advanced and smoothly performing wiki knowledge base WordPress plugin come bundled with all the essential features you will need to run an influential and supportive knowledge base web presence with the easiest content management system. Precisely arranged interface of WordPress will help you intuitively create your knowledge base articles, manuals, diverse tips of usages, instructions, recipes , etc. The enumerated features refer to the free version of the plugin. However, you can upgrade to its Pro version for more controls, such as the availability of resizing images, uploading and storing them, adding meta to the body area, etc.


    KnB Lite is knowledge base and FAQ plugin for adding interactive features to your website such as knowledge database or the section of frequently asked questions for giving all the important interpretations and answers to the most problematic issues. It is the free version of the plugin with shortcode creation and with the potential of using the theme shortcode generator easily. With this plugin support you can showcase up to 4 columns, customize the overall appearance and choose from the available color wheel to go hand in hand with your website of WordPress production. This wiki knowledge base WordPress plugin is also responsive and cross – browser compliant, so that the technical errors and visual distortions are reduced to minimum in all the possible cases.


    Another convenient way of integrating FAQ functionality into your web pages is generated in the form of The Spider FAQ plugin, checked and updated to be totally simple and lightweight in usage and management, so that you can be sure to enhance your website informativity and save your precious time answering the same questions over and over by guiding all your customers and website readers to your instant information repository as a well – organized FAQ section. With this precise and resilient product the entire content of FAQ will not appear as a mess and can be neatly arranged into categories for the easier search and usage. Standard category inclusion within the section can also be implemented.


    One more optimal and user – friendly wiki knowledge base WordPress plugin for adding compact and very useful FAQ publication into your website is the Ultimate FAQ plugin. This entirely customizable and easy to control tool will let you use question and answer format for all your website visitors to orientate in a matter of seconds and find all the answers they are interested in. Since the key to a great FAQ section is its practical functionality and presentable design, this stunning plugin is subject to quick customization and management for exceptional look and operation. Thus it will be possible to choose your FAQ style and layout, create categories, share your FAQs in social media platforms, as well as to exercise all its features, review statistics and yet much more to come with the premium version of this plugin.


    HTML 5 Responsive FAQ is also deservedly included in our collection to add your frequently asked questions and publicize them in your WordPress – authored website in the easiest fashion. Provide your website with the most comprehensive way of satisfying all your customer inquiries without feeling overwhelmed. This is one of the best and the most responsive FAQ practices that will work unimprovably with any type of WordPress website, add diverse categories, change the visualization of the section to consummately correspond to your theme styling and graphical solutions.

    At times, hiring personnel to handle customer queries can be time consuming and an expensive affair. Getting the same support questions from customers over and over again can be infuriating too. But, with a Wiki Knowledge Base WordPress plugin, you can avoid such situations and save your precious time by guiding all your customers and website readers to your instant information repository section.

    All you will have to do is create a centralized, detailed and informative site for storing and publishing data for the website visitors to get quick access and find sufficient answers to their questions regarding the company’s products and services.

    A knowledge-based area of your website is your central repository section where customers go to for more information about your products and services. Therefore, if you are looking to add a support section to your site, then you have come to the right place. With this WordPress plugin, you can create a support site where users can go to, to stay updated about your business, products, and services.

    In most cases, you will find customers making several enquiries through other channels about your products and services and at the same time, feeling frustrated when their questions are not answered in a timely manner. If you are in the profit-making business, this is something that you would want to avoid as it can cost you lots of potential clients and of course, a drop in sales or profits.

    With a Wiki Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin, companies can ensure that commonly asked questions and answers are made accessible to clients in minutes. It is actually easier to just add this plugin to your existing WordPress site than you think.

    On the other hand, it is essential to know that customer support and knowledge base systems of any website are completely different and should be considered separately. Customers and clients should be made to understand that they should engage your dedicated staff and specialists at times, as they can greatly benefit from these interactions.

    With Wiki Knowledge Base WordPress plugins, you can easily convert your WordPress site into a wiki-style informative site. We have successfully sorted out some of the best and most usable knowledge base WordPress plugins for any kind of WordPress-based website for having a knowledge base area, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or wiki, in order to provide the target groups of audience thorough information about your company and its products or services.

    These plugins have an easy to follow and simplified installation process and set up and can run on mobile phones and tablets. Just like the knowledge base, the FAQ plugins discussed here are easy to control, customizable and for some, they let you use question and answer format for all your website visitors in a bid to orientate and find the answers they are interested in.

    Review the below–inserted knowledge –base flavors that share a competent tone, look and feel and consider them for acquiring and activating your online profile.

    Managing WordPress Taxonomies for Better Usability


    Management of WordPress taxonomies and their uses have been discussed here.

    WordPress offers a wonderful platform with amazing custom services.

    This most popular CMS is used by the majority of users.

    For the folks who are interested in creating custom posts, with this article you will be able to understand and deploy custom archive taxonomies.

    Whether you want to create a custom taxonomy or you want to customize an existing one, here you will surely get an effective solution.

    Taxonomy: A Foreword

    The taxonomy refers to a content type in WordPress that is ideal for organizing the content, which possesses some other content type.

    The most common taxonomies that most of you probably would be familiar with are Categories and Tags.

    It is assumed that you are aware of both categories and tags in WordPress, these two integral taxonomies with hierarchical and non-hierarchical orientation respectively. Hierarchical Taxonomy means that it possesses a hierarchical structure with parent-child relationships and Non-hierarchical Taxonomy doesn’t exhibit any such relationship.

    What WordPress does is, it creates an automated archive for each tag, category and custom taxonomy that follows a reverse chronological order and generates a list of associated posts. The site that features posts that are kept well organized with proper tags and categories are comparatively easier to maintain than it is to with custom posts and custom taxonomies.

    In WP, the display for each archive is defined in template files, thus while moving towards customization, the very first step is to determine which template file is associated with your target.

    How To Create Custom Taxonomies?

    There are several ways of creating custom taxonomies, however, the most preferred one is by deploying a suitable plugin. There is no dearth of WP plugins, you can conveniently find an efficient plugin to accomplish the job with a greater proficiency.

    However, while implementing any other method, it is recommended to create a new plugin for the cause instead of inserting the appropriate chunk of code to the functions.php file. Because, it will make the method less complex and will offer the added advantage in the future by making the created custom taxonomy easily available.

    For creating a plugin, simply add the below mentioned line of code at the top of the text file boasting appropriate code.

    /* Plugin name: Custom Taxonomy */

    Here is the code snippet for a plugin that has been created to support custom taxonomy, which is named as “fruits”.

    _x( 'TastyFruits', 'Taxonomy General Name', 'text_domain' ),
    'singular_name' => _x( 'TastyFruit', 'Taxonomy Singular Name', 'text_domain' ),
    'menu_name' => __( 'Taxonomy', 'text_domain' ),
    'all_Fruits' => __( 'All Fruits', 'text_domain' ),
    'parent_Fruit' => __( 'Parent Fruit', 'text_domain' ),
    'parent_Fruit_colon' => __( 'Parent Fruit:', 'text_domain' ),
    'new_Fruit_name' => __( 'New Fruit name', 'text_domain' ),
    'add_new_Fruit' => __( 'Add new Fruit', 'text_domain' ),
    'edit_Fruit' => __( 'Edit Fruit', 'text_domain' ),
    'update_Fruit' => __( 'Update Fruit', 'text_domain' ),
    'separate_Fruits_with_commas' => __( 'Separate Fruits with commas', 'text_domain' ),
    'search_Fruits' => __( 'Search Fruits', 'text_domain' ),
    'add_or_remove_Fruits' => __( 'Add or remove Fruits', 'text_domain' ),
    'choose_from_most_used' => __( 'Choose from the most used Fruits', 'text_domain' ),
    'not_found' => __( 'Not Found', 'text_domain' ),
    $args = array(
    'labels' => $labels,
    'hierarchical' => false,
    'public' => true,
    'show_ui' => true,
    'show_admin_column' => true,
    'show_in_nav_menus' => true,
    'show_tagcloud' => false,
    register_taxonomy( 'tastyfruit', array( 'post' ), $args );


    add_action( 'init', 'slug_fruits_tax', 0 );


    How To Customize Taxonomy Archives?

    For those who are interested in using WP as a CMS and not just as a blogging tool, they often need to customize the built-in functions of WP, which is easily feasible with custom taxonomies.

    By default, the WordPress implements the WP_Query class to automatically fetch the posts for the viewers while considering the page on which they are. However, this query can be tweaked for adding custom post types to tag or category archives, for this what you can do is, integrate the pre_get_posts filter.

    Now, let’s see how it works.

    The filter helps tweak the query when it is called before any post has been fetched by the WP. You can create arguments (“post” as a regular post and “latest” as a custom post type) to be passed in the WP_Query. By following the below mentioned code.

    Code Snippet:


    Here, for passing the changed post_type arguments we will need to implement the class method set(). As this method enables one to alter the arguments while the class has been already created.

    Code Snippet:

    is_category() && $query->is_main_query() ) {
    $query->set( 'post_type',

    return $query;


    By following the aforementioned guide thoroughly, you will be able to efficiently customize desired taxonomies archives in WordPress.

    Author Bio :

    Sophia Phillips has been working as a professional in WordPress web development company and loves sharing information about leveraging multiple benefits of WordPress in the best possible manner. Currently, she has an impressive count of WordPress -related articles under her name.

    How to Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Site: 3 Methods Explored

    add custom CSS WordPress

    Here 3 methods to add custom CSS in your WordPress website


    If you are a developer who is building a website, then you must have a clear idea about the inside elements of the website. WordPress makes you enable you to build a website without writing a long code snippet, but this platform provides you a chance to modify or customize the website you are currently developing if you have any knowledge about coding.

    Once you have decided to customize a part of your theme, then you just need to create a child theme otherwise if the main theme is updated, then all the customizations will go away. You may have a question in your mind that how to add custom CSS to WordPress but you do not need to worry there are several guidelines and tools to add custom CSS in your website that are reported to produce effective outcomes.

    There are several methods to add custom CSS to WordPress that are not complicated and can be performed by a beginner.

    1. Use Child Theme to Edit CSS

    If you have downloaded a theme for your website and want some changes in it then you are advised to do it using a child theme. Then you might have a question in your mind that why you should add child theme, the answer is simple many developers often update themes for design changes and bug fixes.

    If you update the theme after those changes are done then the entire change will be discarded and you just have to write the long code snippets again. With the updated version of WordPress, you can simply add custom CSS WordPress from the admin section.

    On the other hand, some professional developers of themes are aware of the child theme’s importance so generally, they include child theme with the main theme. This is another easy yet effective way to add custom CSS to WordPress and using this method you will get a chance to see the changes you made as a preview.

    2. Use Plug-in to add custom CSS to WordPress

    This is regarded to be the most convenient way to add custom CSS to WordPress websites. Now the question is that what are the benefits of choosing this method the answer is similar to the benefits of the child theme.

    Here are a few methods that will answer your questions regarding how to add custom CSS to WordPress.

    A) Simple Custom CSS

    simple Custom CSS

    It is a plug-in that is used to add custom CSS to WordPress that will meet the needs of the developers. This plug-in has several features like customized control, syntax highlighter, user-friendly interface and many more.

    B) WP add Custom CSS

    WP Add Custom CSS

    This is another useful plug-in that allows the developer to use customized CSS to the entire website and also to individual elements of the web page. This plug-in is available in many languages that make it stand out from other plug-ins.

    C) Easy Code Placement

    easy code placement

    Easy code placement is much more than just a plug-in it enables the developer to add other coding languages such as PHP, HTML or just plain text. This plug-in enables you to use customization on specific elements of your webpage such as widget areas, the title of the post or pages, the content of the post or pages, tags and many other areas.

    D) Theme Junkie Custom CSS

    theme junkie Custom CSS

    If you are looking for a plug-in that will enable you to preview your changes before publishing the website then this is the solution for you. This plug-in enables a custom CSS manager on the admin section to add custom CSS code snippets to the WordPress website.

    This plug-in offer several features such as live preview, user-friendly interface, uninstall process, and the main significant feature is that no configuration is needed to set up this plug-in

    E) Child Theme Configurator

    child theme configurator

    Last but not least, this plug-in is the solution that enables the developer to customize the layout of the website with the help of the child theme.

    This plug-in is easy yet fast that allows you to analyze the common theme related issues and customize the issues without the help of customizer. The analyzer present in this plug-in allows you to scan the provided theme and automatically customizes the child theme.

    This plug-in offers several features that are discussed below:
    · Some issues cannot be changed by using customizer, but this plug-in enables you to change those issues.
    · It enables you to resolve common issues related to the child theme.
    · It enables you to save hours of development time.
    · Child theme configurator helps you to use web fonts in the child theme.
    · This plug-in offers you a preview of your custom styles before publishing them to the website.
    · This plug-in is compatible with many other sites.

    3. Edit style.css file

    There are mainly two ways to customize the main theme file namely, from the administration dashboard, and the other way is to browse through the operating system of your host provider.

    To use the first method you just need to click on the left-hand navigation panel and click the appearance option. After clicking on the appearance a fly-out menu should display other options. Among those options, you will see the editor option and just click on that.

    Once you are on the editor page then you will see a list of files on the right-hand side of the page, from those files you will find style.css the main theme file at the bottom of that page. Lastly, when the style.css file is already opened you will get code snippets in the middle of the screen and from there you can change codes as per your requirements.

    The other way that enables you to add custom CSS to WordPress is browsing the theme folder provided by your host provider. The exact location of the theme folder varies depending on the hosting provider.

    Since WordPress is installed for your site, you can see the wp-content named folder under your website name where all the theme files are pre-installed. You will also find the current theme named folder for example if you have used the theme newsletter then there will be two folders namely newsletter-parent folder and news-letter child folder.

    Now you may have a question that what is the purpose of these two folders, the answer is child folder is offered by the hosting provider to enable you to customize the website using the child theme. The child theme enables you to change a particular area of the main theme without changing the main theme.

    Besides, if you customize the main theme and install an update then those customizations made by you will be omitted and you have to write the long code snippets again. Another reason for using a child theme is flexibility without writing a long code snippet.

    Once you are done with writing the codes then the child theme enables you to customize functions and template files that you need to change in a specific template file without affecting the others.

    If you are comfortable in writing codes then you can create a child theme and perform the customization. But if you want to avoid complex code snippets then plug-ins can also serve the purpose effectively and reasonably.

    How to Add and Align Images in WordPress Block Editor

    Add Align images WordPress block editor

    WordPress is known for being a powerful yet easy to use Content Management System. Usually, the blogging world is focused on the use of WordPress due to its convenience. Content is published in WordPress in the form of a post. These posts can be made more meaningful by adding images.

    Images also prove a boost for the Search Engine Optimization of the content. Adding images is quite easy in WordPress. With the addition of Gutenberg as the new standard Block Editor, users may experience difficulty in how to add and align images.

    This article shall consider the various ways to add and align images in WordPress editor.

    Traditional Method of Adding Images

    The popular WordPress standard editor used before WordPress 5.0 presented specific issues in image alignment. At times, the alignment option failed. There were also instances where the image size collapsed.

    The traditional editor used buttons that allowed for three types of image alignment: left, center, and right. However, the method has changed with Gutenberg. Being a block editor, it presents a brand new way to align images in WordPress Block editor.

    Steps to Add Images in Gutenberg

    What must be remembered here is that Gutenberg is BLOCK editor. As a result, there must a new block placed for every element that is being added in the post. Thus, to add images, the user needs to create a new block. This block can be created using two methods:

    • Pressing “Add New Block” button
    • Typing /image in the post

    The image block further presents three options for inserting images. The user may

    • Use an image from the computer. For this purpose, we must click on upload.
    • Insert an image that is already part of the media library. For this purpose, we must click on “Media Library.”
    • The user may also insert an image directly from the internet. To do so, we must click on insert URL. Entering the exact URL of the image shall add it to the post.

    add images gutenberg

    How to Align Images in Gutenberg

    Once the image is added to the Gutenberg editor, there are five distinct options to align your images. You may align the image left, center, right, full width, or wide width. The different part here is that these options are shown on top of the image in a toolbar. Some of the key things to remember here are as follows

    • Left and right alignment of a non-full-width image shall result in text to be shown on the other side.
    • Center alignment results in a completely separate row for the image. No text is shown on any side of the picture.
    • If you chose full-width, then the image shall be stretched to reach the left and right ends of the browser.
    • If you want the image to be bigger than the text area, use wide image option.

    However, this method may not work well if you need a horizontal alignment of text with images. To counter this problem, Gutenberg has introduced the Media and Text block. This block can be used to put text and align images in WordPress Block Editor perfectly.

    align images gutenberg

    How to align using the Media and Text Block

    In simplest terms, there are two columns in this block. You may select the purpose of each column. One of the column shall be for the text, while the other is for image upload.
    • In the text column, enter the relevant text that you wish to align with the image.
    • In the image column, add the image from one of the three methods (upload, media library, or URL).
    Hence, the image and text gets perfectly aligned.

    aligned image Gutenberg

    Multiple Images Alignment

    You may use the gallery feature with Gutenberg to align images in WordPress Block Editor. Again, being a block editor, Gutenberg has a separate block for this purpose, the “Gallery” block. The alignment options are similar to those for a single image. There are two specific set of settings may be used.
    • Some settings are related to optimizing the gallery. These settings contain options like number of columns or the link of the gallery etc.
    • The other settings are in the same toolbar as aligning a single image. This toolbar is where you may select the alignment.

    Gutenberg Gallery

    Side by Side Images

    A dynamic way to sue the gallery block is to make just two columns and add two single images. That way, you will have equal-sized, perfectly aligned two images in your post. The most straightforward steps to follow for this are
    • Select two columns from the gallery block settings
    • Add two images to the gallery mentioned above
    • Use the crop thumbnail feature. This feature allows for thumbnails to be equally sized.
    These steps allow you to perfectly align images in WordPress Block Editor in two columns each.

    Additional Methods

    One of the key features of WordPress maintained and furthered by Gutenberg is flexibility. Multiple other ways may be opted for the inserting and aligning images.
    • You may use the cover block. Basically, this block allows you to add a cover image to your post. Cover images can boost your content’s visibility and retain users. Users are less likely to bounce-off from web-pages that have content-related cover images present. You may align cover images in the same way you align the image block.
    • An additional option is the parallax background effect. Previously, it had to be part of the theme. Otherwise, a select plugin would be required to cause this effect. Gutenberg solves the issue by allowing any custom parallax background in each post.
    • Images from Instagram can be incorporated in the posts. For this purpose, you may use the Instagram block. Merely placing the Instagram image URL does the job with this block.

    Common Gutenberg FAQs


    Gutenberg has added convenience to the use of WordPress. This convenience is extended to the use of images and their alignment. Using the procedures mentioned above can make it easy for the user to insert and align images in WordPress Block Editor.

    Checkout difference of Gutenberg vs Page Builders.

    How to add fancy content by using shortcodes plugin in WordPress?

    fancy content shortcodes plugin WordPress

    Shortcodes in WordPress are specific bits of codes enabling you to perform different things while saving your time and efforts. Basically, they are used for adding fancy content and files, as well as creating objects without having to do with complicated coding.

    These custom elements or macros are essential parts of any WordPress template and are used to make any website presentable without any programming skills. Whether you want to add a beautiful slider on the top of your homepage, embed video and audio files, list posts of the relevant category and author, etc, shortcodes are what you will ever need.

    WordPress is unspeakably rich with different shortcodes plugins which come with great shortcodes and thus make your digital life a lot simpler.

    Against this background, in this article we are going to shed light on the best WordPress Shortcodes plugin and understand how they can contribute to your digital presence.

    1. Shortcodes Ultimate:

    Shortcodes Ultimate


    Shortcodes Ultimate is a top class WordPress shortcodes plugin available in the WordPress marketplace. It comes bundled with a bulk of easy to use tools and controls to get maximum profit from your WordPress website. So far it has been one of the most trusted and popular solutions to add fancy content to posts and pages.

    Shortcodes Ultimate is highly optimized for all those users who are not comfortable with coding and need a simpler platform to work with.

    For the sake of the user convenience, the free version of Shortcodes Ultimate plugin offers you around 50 shortcodes and has a shortcode categorization by type, like content, media, library, data, box and more. You can add a video, table, display images and boxes, highlight text, add a quote, Google map and more in the easiest manner.

    Additionally, with this plugin you are also provided with default styling options, as well as with option to define your own style. It’s a handy tool to exercise in order keep your website’s overall design and its content in visual harmony. All you need to do is to make use of Shortcode Creator, which is among premium add ons of this plugin.

    Other add ons available are Extra Shortcodes to give you 15 additional shortcodes, Additional Skins with 60 additional skins, as well as all in one Add ons Bundle.

    The next attractive touch of this plugin is that in most cases you can have preview of your work before it will be added to your site. Preview the initial results and change them accordingly.

    2. WordPress Shortcodes:

    WordPress Shortcodes


    Another reliable way to supercharge your website with much needed plugins is via WordPress Shortcodes. Create and add your content easily and quickly with this WordPress shortcodes plugin and dress up your WP powered website the way you prefer.

    Highlight whatever is important for your website and present not to be missed parts in a fancy way by the application of WordPress Shortcodes. Add the needed tabs, sections, layouts and other parts to your site and easily make use of the shortcode editor with preview option.

    All in all, there are more than 26 elements and shortcodes integrated into this popular plugin. Additionally, WordPress Shortcodes is perfectly suited to work with any WordPress theme and template, since it complies with all the modern standards of WordPress community.

    3. Custom Content Shortcode:

    Custom Content Shortcode


    Custom Content Shortcodes unites simplicity with powerful performance when it comes to equipping you with the required capacities. This WordPress shortcodes plugin is user and developer friendly, well thought out and adapted to any kind of usage with WP themes. Create your custom content and insert it in any part of your site.

    As for the [content] shortcode available with this plugin, it can display posts, pages, custom post types, images, menus, fields or widget areas.

    As for the [loop] shortcode, it makes query loops and can display products in a category, excerpts from recent posts, etc.

    On the whole, Custom Content Shortcode encompasses a wide variety of query parameters to organize the display of your site content, relevant URLs for images and links, as well as optional controls like Gallery Field, Mobile Detect and more.

    4. Shortcoder:



    Shortcoder is the next applicable toolkit to spice up your site with fancy content and engaging touches. Improve the look and feel of your site by the application of this amazing WordPress shortcodes plugin. This shortcodes related tool makes it unspeakably easy to make it running on any WP based website or blog. It is custom built to let you create your custom shortcodes with HTML and Javascript without touching complex codes and coding processes and use them in posts and pages.

    5. Fruitful Shortcodes:

    Fruitful Shortcodes


    If you want to get access to a big family of shortcodes, look no further than Fruitful Shortcodes. This highly effective and smart WordPress shortcodes plugin will provide you with a list of shortcodes once you have installed the plugin.

    All you need to do at this point is to select the ones you need. They are automatically added to the post as soon as you click on them.

    Although you will not find too much customization and styling options in this plugin, the default design and look of the available shortcodes are more than accurate to complement your website’s appearance.

    As for the list of available shortcodes, it includes horizontal and vertical tabs, accordion, columns 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 2/3, etc, separator, promo text, button, alert, etc.

    6. WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop:

    WP Shortcode


    WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop is another valuable destination of shortcodes. It’s a premium class plugin and is intended for the general use. It means that a WordPress user who is clueless about coding and development will be capable of adding fancy content, buttons, tabs, pricing tables and more to his WordPress site with simple clicks.

    It includes 24 shortcodes and makes it super easy to insert them into a post or page. Just go to the post or page you want to add a specific shortcode and click on the green plus icon in the toolbar. A comprehensive list of available options will appear.

    Top Security Plugins and Their Comparison for WordPress in 2020

    Top Security Plugins

    Being a website developmental tool, WordPress plugins are exercised for a number of basic reasons to extend functionality and flexibility of the website, increase the traffic, speed up the site, link the relevant site to the most popular social networking areas, test the theme you have chosen for your future website for its compatibility with WordPress latest standards and requirements, to encourage the website e-commerce activities, view respective statistics and many other advanced opportunities at your discretion.

    However, among the most important and notable must have plugins to be implicated in your website, are security plugins. Although your website can be considered as completely safe and sound in itself, adding certain security improvements to it won’t be esteemed as a waste of time and measures. Those extensions will make your online manifestation less vulnerable to the possible extent and protect it from any credible hacks, viruses, spam and other dangers.

    In this article we are going to highlight the most dependable and feature-rich security plugins in 2020, which are well optimized for being installed on any WordPress web page and compare their core features and possibilities. Anyway, having one of the proposed security plugins, you will be able to undertake all the necessary measures to guarantee the sufficient security of your online presence.

    1. All In One WP Security and Firewall


    All In One WP Security and Firewall pretends to be the most essential components of your WordPress based website, guaranteeing its constant flawless and safe operation. This smart and secure, resourceful and user-friendly WordPress product for 2019 will in no way hamper your website speed and functionality or be harmful in some other implicit way.

    All In One WP Security and Firewall is presented with a package of really vital features and elements, including security of user account, detecting the accounts with improper “admin” username or user accounts with the same login names, password strength tool for ensuring safe passwords, security of user login to detect too many login attempts or lock out certain IP addresses out of the system, force log out possibility, ability to view all the account activities or logged in accounts.

    Add captcha form to your login form or forget password form, security of user registration to activate manual approval of user accounts for avoiding spam, as well as security of database and file system, backup, restore and blacklist options and firewall protection at your command.

    2. iThemes Security or Better WP Security


    We can for sure state, that iThemes Security or Better WP Security plugin, just like the previous one, is praised for its very easy and use foundation and great support, causing no functional flaws to your website. As for the applicable features and options, as compared to the 1-st described plugin, they do not stay behind.

    Moreover, it seems to be the most popular WordPress security plugin for now with more than 700.000 active installs. Apart from the standard version, coming with the most proper characteristics, we have also the Pro version with ultimate protection possibilities to explore, among them a time-saving security option to easily change WordPress security keys and salts, the malware scan possibility, password security and expiration date setting, captcha form available, brute force attack protection, similar to the previous plugin, and yet much more to come with this awesome security plugin.

    3. BulletProof Security


    Now, let us have a closer look at BulletProof Security. This plugin, parallel to the above mentioned plugins, matches all the cooperation terms and conditions of WordPress, at the same time making it easy to guarantee the protection and security of your relevant website. BulletProof Security is loaded with well-developed structure and dynamic feature.

    Such as very easy and fast setup, login security and supervision, Auth Cookie Expiration, DB full and partial backups, logout for idle session, website firewall protection and other features coming already with Pro version of this plugin.

    4. Anti-Malware and Brute Force


    Another comprehensive, smart and secure, as well as well-supported security solution for your website flawless exploitation is Anti-Malware and Brute Force at your inclination to keep the website safe against malware and other viruses. This one is also among the most frequently installed extensions with more than 100.000 installs.

    Check this outstanding safety strategy with its automatic full scan to detect threats and dangers, blocking of malware from, upgrade from TimThumb PHP script for more secure protection and enjoy its comfort and stable foundation. You can even upgrade to its Pro version with more saturated functioning and potentiality.

    5. Sucuri Security


    Sucuri Security is the next highly recommended website defender with flexible design and all the corresponding characteristic features inclusion. This product, as the remaining rival plugins highlighted here, is created and developed to be fully compatible with any WordPress based website for providing extra security to it.

    Sucuri Security is powered by malware detection and security tools, supervision of file integration, blacklist management with various blacklist engines and antivirus products, including Norton, AVG, ESET, Yandex, Spamhaus ect. as well as other useful features, controls and configuration options coming along this handy WordPress security plugin for 2019.

    6. WP Antivirus


    With the help of this all-inclusive plugin you will be granted with dozens of possibilities to customize all the required security settings so that your online platform will not fall victim to viruses, spam and other vulnerabilities.

    WP Antivirus is packed and presented with premium-quality security mechanisms and controls to prevent the website and its functioning from any type of harmful penetrations. Some of those features include complete scan of all the documents existing within the website, including theme and plugin documentation, malware prevention or detection and removal, alerts and notifications set up.

    Protection from brute force attack, hidden links, harmful codes, redirections to other unknown areas, the availability to review security reports online and other easy to customize and straight to the point security tools in your hands for your website optimal protection and surveillance.

    5 Powerful WordPress Plugins for Creating a Powerful WP Based Website

    Do you want your WordPress based website to record higher results and win a competitive edge on the global market? Then using 5 powerful WordPress plugins we are going to discuss in this article will help you do that.

    WordPress content management system has already been long around helping thousands of companies and businesses, individuals and organizations to power their top rated websites. With every single detail minutely considered and treated by the professional developers and designers, today WordPress comes as one of the best solutions to absolutely any kind of website or blog.

    And while the themes authored by WordPress developers and offered in WP directory are feature rich and highly configurable to reach out the final result you or your business needs, you might still need something additional to stand out among the others and come closer to a perfect level of online performance. The 5 powerful WordPress plugins you will find analyzed below are ideal add ons for your website to become more search engine friendly and customer oriented, faster and lighter with proper caching, secured, backed up and well protected against hacks and spams, etc.

    All of these 5 powerful WordPress plugins are hand tested by thousands of active users which is the best evidence of their reliability and hassle free operation.

    This being said, let’s see which those plugins are and how you can benefit from them.

    1.The SEO Framework:

    In the rapidly evolving digital environment, taking care of proper SEO optimization of your site is what you need to ensure first of all to make your website more noticeable and easy to scrawl for sophisticated search engines.

    The SEO Framework is one of 5 powerful WordPress plugins you can use to power your website with the easiest SEO solution, if you are a startup in WordPress. However, this plugin can be a solid framework for more complex and in depth SEO tool for advanced users.

    This plugin already comes with default settings to give you a jumpstart in search rankings, however, you are free to change them the way you feel necessary for achieving better results. Moreover, with The SEO Framework, you can SEO each and every page and post, taxonomy and term, automatically generates anti spam technique based descriptions, titles, pre enabled sitemap functionality, better social media support with eye catchy posts, etc.

    2.Comet Cache:

    When it comes to optimizing your WordPress websites performance in terms of speed and better client experience, caching plugins are what come in handy.

    Comet Cache is one of such useful tools among 5 powerful WordPress plugins to be added to your site’s arsenal with easy to follow installation and configuration documentation.

    This plugin is preconfigured which means that it is well prepared and packed with the most essential options to boost your site’s loading time and maximize its traffic.

    Other valuable features Comet Cache can offer you are as follows:

    Automatic caching of the entire WordPress website
    URI and User agent exclusion patterns
    Caching for 404 requests and URLS containing GET requests
    Possibility to choose the parts and areas of your website to be cached
    Gzip compression and yet much more in free version of the plugin
    Upgrading to the premium version of Comet Cache will give you access to additional pro features like a new “Clear Cash” button in the admin bar with the ability to enable and disable it, automatic cash clearing of pages and posts, custom post types, tags, categories, users and more.

    3.UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin:
    updraft plus WordPress backup

    UpdraftPlus is one of the most complete and comprehensive backup and restoration plugins absolutely any type of WordPress website will need.

    Making sure you have the reserved copy of your WP site and installation, files and database is of utmost importance whenever you are making core changes from the backend, testing new web solutions, tweaking the database or server hosting your site, etc. In this relation, UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin is what will do this job effortlessly.

    It supports the most popular third party cloud services and storages like Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, Updaft Vault, Amazon S3 and many others. Alternatively, you may choose to have the scheduled backups of your site to be sent to your email address.

    As for the premium version of Updraftplus, it adds some cool features like multisite and multinetwork compatibility, professional technical support, website migration and duplication tools, etc.

    4.Contact Form by WP Forms:

    Our list of 5 powerful WordPress plugins would be incomplete without one of the top rated form builder and contact form plugins called Contact Form by WP Forms.

    This award winning and client trusted plugin makes it super easy to make a contact form and integrate it with WP powered website by the application of simple drag and drop working mechanism.

    Not only pleasing contact forms are to be created with this plugin, but also subscription forms, payment forms as well as other necessary forms without hiring developers to do that.

    The responsive and SEO optimized nature of Contact Form by WP Forms will also contribute to the fast and error free performance of your site for all its desktop and mobile users.

    5.Smush Image Compression and Optimization:

    Smush Image Compression and Optimization is a great toolkit for compressing and optimizing images on your website.

    Making your WordPress site more picturesque with high quality imagery is always a good idea. However, large images and photos are known to make your site much heavier than ever before.

    What Smush actually does in such cases is to remove all the unnecessary data and compresses images without harming their quality.

    In particular, Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin deals with JPEG, GIF and PNG image file formats, compresses and optimize them with the contemporary technique and thus saves up a larger space.

    The plugin can automatically smush all the image while uploaded or let you smush the attachments manually from the media library.

    15 Essential Tools For Creating WordPress Content

    website tools

    You have a website, but don’t know what to write on a WordPress blog? Then it’s time to learn about some good tools for creating WordPress content. With high-quality and good content can increase your website organic traffic that helps to get more subscribers, sales, and leads.

    Businesses often rely on creating a strong content strategy. The internet regular updates with millions of content and all content fighting with each one to attract millions of visitors to their website.

    Well, making guess can work, but when it comes to getting leads you will need to work smarter. Therefore, numbers of marketing experts use tools for creating WordPress content that works as data-driven.

    With the help of these tools, you can enjoy more leads, high-quality traffic, and exciting content. Also, this helps to deliver what your audience wants to hear from you and what they are looking for.

    It is a perfect strategy that gives the best results with high ROI.

    To learn tools for creating WordPress content, see below:

    1. Yoast SEO


    Yoast SEO is one of the famous and widely used Plugins that often used to optimize the website. This plugin is not limited to Meta-tags, but also for giving you the best content optimization suite that offers huge help in improving website performance. With the use of an effective tool, you can take your website ranking to the next level.

    2. MonsterInsights


    It is one of the best ways of Google Analytics in WordPress. This allows you to look at your website deep as traffic, bounce rate, total visitors, and more. Furthermore, it helps to see how many people are lacking their interest in your website. Here, you can see top contents, referral sources, and profitable pages that can help you to create the best content for the website. MonsterInsights also helps to track user engagements, which is good to make a content strategy.

    3. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

    SEM rush SEO writing assistant

    When it comes to SEO of the website, numbers of professionals use SEMRush to study the market. It is one of the best tools for creating WordPress content. This will help your website to increase own SEO. Here, you can learn about top organic keywords of your competitors, own keywords backlink, and useful data that can help you easily for rank No.1 on Google. With all these useful data, you can make your content strategy accordingly.

    4. Ahrefs


    Ahrefs is yet another best Tools for Creating WordPress Content. It is a popular tool that helps to analyze why you are not ranking and what are the tricks making your competitor higher than you. This window offer content and keyword research tools, which assist you to find out the best content ideas that will be traffic-driven.

    Moreover, it is a powerful crawler that crawls your website on the web. This will track website backlinks, paid advertising keywords, and more.

    5. Edit Flow

    edit flow

    Edit Flow is one of the good tools often used by marketers to generate high-quality content. This tool helps to see the editorial calendar, editorial feedback, and more. Moreover, this tool comes with various customization options, so you can modify it per your expectations.

    6. Jetpack


    It is a widely used tool to create a content strategy in the market. It is dedicated to the marketers, where they can use the best content ideas to generate a wide range of traffic. With Jetpack spelling & grammar you can get to know about how to improve your text, make it more engaging and traffic driven. Even it detects the misused grammar issues that improve your website performance.

    7. Grammarly


    It is one of the best online Grammar checking tool for your WordPress site content. If you are confused what to write and how to? Then this tool can help you to complete your work with focus. This is a best tool for WordPress content that can allow you to create perfect contents strategies where customer get focus and you will enjoy the great leads. Beside this feature, it comes up with great number of features such as it can improve writing skills, check the formats plus style options and spellings.

    8. Editorial Calendar

    Editorial Calendar

    One of the tough task for content writers or bloggers is to schedule your WordPress post. Which can generate clicks and traffic to the website so, this tool is luckily there that can help you to get the best content Strategies. Based on the keyword research, you can easily choose the data-driven content with catchy titles.

    9. Canva


    It is one of the popular tools in the market that has been widely used by marketers. It is best known for visual and good effects to add pictures on the blog post. This also helps you appreciate SEO friendly images that you should choose for better optimization of the content. Developer mostly notices this as a professional tool, when people are struggling to find good quality images for their blogs. If you are a graphic designer the stall going to be a perfect WordPress content creation tool.

    10. Image Optimizer


    It is one of the biggest platforms that has been used by over 15 million people. It is basically use for optimize your posts images in search engline. It is a daily basis program where you can get to know about thousands of questions on the daily basis. What customer is looking on the internet?

    You can create a perfect report on the questions and create your content strategy accordingly with this material. You can know about the consumer preferences and recommendations.

    11. Social Networks Auto-poster


    The millions of users use social media and it is known as a powerful platform to drive the traffic from Facebook, Twitter, and other social communities. If you have a number of followers and high-quality content, you can engage the audience. With social network auto poster, you will increase your reach to the users and get to know what they are looking for.

    12. Shared Counts

    shared counts

    When it comes to getting traffic in the market, Shared Counts is one of the perfect solutions that can have to arrange the content within your presentation and sharing content in social media. With this, you do not need to worry about anything. It will optimize website rank and also the traffic.

    13. Revive Old Posts

    revive old post WordPress

    This tool can easily publish your content from time to time. This is a perfect tool to repost your blogs, photos, and other relevant content after a time. You just need to set the preferences and the time and topics which you want to repost.

    14. Custom Content Shortcode

    custom content shortcode

    This is an effective tool perfect for both small and medium businesses. If you don’t have enough to handle all the things, then you can use this best tool for WordPress content. It is a helpful assistant that provides professional writing services and you can enjoy the greater leads to your website.

    15. WP

    wp smushit

    It is one of the best content creation strategy tools which can improve your web page ranking and also provide the best results. This is also good to reduce picture size and make your users more engaging with your content.

    Wrap up

    Using the best content creation tools can help to get the best out of your efforts. It is better than your guesswork. With these tools, website rank perfectly and also adds more visitors that better ROI and conversion rates.

    How to Guide For Using Google Fonts With Google And Plugins!

    Google Fonts
    If you are a designer, you are more likely to consider typography as the foundation of any website design. Not only selecting the fonts but also providing an edge to the readability of web pages.

    What Is Typography?
    Typography is all about selecting line length, point size, line spacing, typefaces and adjusting the spaces between the groups of letters.

    Why is Google Fonts a clear choice?
    There were times when the internet had standard fonts that would bore anyone looking at them, but as time paced, the web designers and developers were forced to limit their live text font choices and design the fonts that are compatible with the greatest number of users over the Internet. They came up with CSS3. Typekit initiated it.

    Typekit developed some of the enticing fonts that helped designers selecting appealing and user-friendly fonts for their web pages, but the only issue in using Typekit was the cost they charge to their users. The price was $49 and in case a designer would want to develop two sites, he had to pay $99 just for using fonts on the web page. Thanks to Google who came along with its brilliant font designs and offered it for free.

    It’s quite obvious that you don’t get free what you can get with money but believe it, the Google Web Fonts were nonetheless than the one offered by Typekit. Of course, Google Web fonts are best when you don’t like spending too much on fonts as you know building entire website costs too much.

    Google Fonts and Their Customization:
    As of today, there are over 647 fonts separate font families in the Google library. When you’re selecting a font for your website’s content, it’s imperative to view it in a similar fashion to how you’re going to implement that font. Some fonts look perfect for body content but dreadful as a heading.

    Luckily, Google Web Fonts allows you to customize your preview to match your use case. You can enter custom preview text, and change your preview size as preferred. It is important to preview any header or body copy you are going to use in paragraph view and if, you have a lot of body copy, don’t use too much custom fonts.

    Funnelling Down The Right Font!
    As we are aware of more than six hundred font families to sift through, it gets difficult to filter and choose the right one by simply scrolling through them one by one. So, use the below steps to hone in on exactly what you need for your website:

    • Take a quick look at the fonts that are recently updated by Google. The chances are you’ll get the trending and bug-free font without having to look rest of the fonts. Also, see the fonts used by most of the designers and developers. Doing this will allow you to know of versatile fonts that you can use in multiple styles and widths.
    • If you know the typeface for your website, characteristics and style of fonts can improve your results like if you want a handwritten font, disable all other types of results.
    • Google allows you to refine your font search further by adding thickness, slant and width of the character as filtering options. Isn’t it cool feature to get the best font for your website?

    Selecting The fonts
    Google has various methods to choose and then implement the fonts according to a website owner’s needs. There’s nothing right or wrong here. Whatever is best for you, you’ll get that. It supports three buttons to help you choosing the right font:

    • Quick Use: To quickly take a look at the font you like.
    • Pop out: To know more about the font that you like i.e its functionality and uses.
    • Collection: If you want to use more than two fonts, Collection is the button you need to click on. It’ll add all the fonts that you like on a single page.

    How To Use The Google Fonts?
    Once you’ve selected the fonts that you’d like to use on your webpage, you can click on the “Use” tab to see them in action. Now, when you are sure about the font, all you need is simple copying and pasting some code on your webpage. You’ll get three options to choose from:

    It is a standard stylesheet link. You need to place it in the head part of your HTML file, thus saving you the step of adding the @import rule as you’re significantly adding in a stylesheet that already has it thrown in. Example:

    Use CSS @import rule in case you don’t want to link to the auto-generated stylesheet in your header. Use the below code to integrate the fonts into your CSS:

    font-family: 'Henry Pigeous', serif;
    font-family: 'Diplomatic'. cursive;

    Google and Typekit, both developed this code in here as a part of WebFont loader to give the users more control over font loading.

    Grab an HTML snippet and put it near to HTML header as:


    Page Title


    Jump to the CSS and follow this:

    h1 {
    font: 400 45px/0.5 'Diplomatic', Arial, sans-serif;
    p {
    font: 400 14px/1.5 'Henry Pegasus', Times, serif;

    With The Help of Plugins!
    There are some plugins available that offer seamless Google Font integration. Using Plugins has its limitations like a plugin won’t know to look for particular text without customizing further with the help of HTML or CSS. But still, here are few plugins to include Google fonts to your website.

    1. WP Google Fonts
    WP Google Fonts

    It is an easy and effective way to inlay Google fonts to your website with only a few clicks. You can either use your stylesheet or use CSS style; both will work to adapt them to your theme. You can do it from admin area or your website’s stylesheet. WP Google fonts is all you require for your website, quickly and efficiently.

    2. Easy Google Fonts
    Easy Google Fonts

    With Easy Google Fonts plugin, you don’t need to touch any coding to get the fonts on your website. From choosing to optimizing and giving unique colors to live to preview, everything with fonts can be done using Easy Google Fonts.

    3. Supreme Google Webfonts
    Supreme Google Webfonts

    Supreme Google Webfonts will add all 291 Google Web fonts into your visual editor panel when you are developing pages or posts. Just install it and start using it.

    Installing The Above Plugins:

    • Login to the WordPress Administrator
    • Click “Plugins”
    • Click “Add New”
    • Type the plugins name in the top right hand corner and click on “install now”

    To Customize The Plugins

    • Click on “Appearance” and then click on “Customize”.
    • Click on “Visit Site” and then on “Customize”
    • You’ll notice a new added menu as “Typography”

    Implement The Learning!
    We hope, reading the article was a learning lesson to use, and now, it’s time to use this knowledge on your website. Browse through various fonts, plugins to improve the typography in your websites. Keep in mind that if you are customizing a font, it’ll be more beneficial than just copy pasting a font. Let us know the fonts and methods you use to add typography to allure your audience in your projects.

    Fonts enhance the aesthetic form of a website and are the foundation of any website design. Fonts or typography is all about selecting line length, point size, line spacing, typefaces and adjusting the spaces between the group letters.

    As a designer, it is always good to refine your font search further by adding thickness, slant and width of the character as filtering options. Not all fonts look good in the body and/or heading content. Some fonts do not look good as a heading and others cannot be read easily on the body content. Therefore, it is advisable to view you selected font in a similar fashion to how you are going to implement it so that you can test its readability.

    Gone are the days when the internet used to have the same old boring standard fonts. Technology advanced and web designers and developers were forced to design fonts that are compatible with the greatest number of users over the internet. They came up with CSS3. Typekit initiated it and developed some of the enticing and appealing fonts for web designers to use. But, they were too costly. Thankfully, Google came to the rescue and offered brilliant, user-friendly font designs for free.

    Funneling Down the Right Font!

    Currently, the number of fonts in the google library stands at 647, making it hard to filter and choose the right one. However, with these 3 steps, you can get exactly what you need for your website:

    • Take a look at the recently updated fonts on google and get a trending and bug-free font. Also, look up fonts used by majority of designers to allow you to know about the versatility of fonts that you can use in multiple styles and widths.
    • Know the typeface for your website, characteristics and style of fonts to improve your results.
    • Refine your font search by adding thickness, slant and width of the character as filtering option.

    Selecting Fonts

    Depending on your needs, Google has several methods to help you select a font. To choose the right font, consider:

    Quick access-To quickly take a look at the font you like

    Pop Out- To know more about the font, i.e functionality and uses

    Collection-If you want to use more than two fonts, click on this button. It will add all the fonts you like on a single page.

    How to Use Google Fonts

    Once you have selected your preferred font, click on the ‘Use’ tab to see them in action. Then, copy and paste some code on your webpage. You will get three options to choose from:

    Standard-This is a standard stylesheet link. Place it in the head part of your HTML file. It will save you the step of adding the @import rule as you are significantly adding in a stylesheet that already has it.

    CSS-Use the CSS @import rule in case you do not want to link to the auto-generated stylesheet in your header. Use the below code to integrate the fonts into your CSS:

    font-family: ‘Henry Pigeous’, serif;
    font-family: ‘Diplomatic’. cursive;

    JavaScript-Google and Typekit, both developed this code in here as a part of Web Font loader to give the users more control over font loading.

    Grab an HTML snippet and put it near to HTML header as:

    Page Title

    Jump to the CSS and follow this:

    h1 {

    font: 400 45px/0.5 ‘Diplomatic’, Arial, sans-serif;


    p {

    font: 400 14px/1.5 ‘Henry Pegasus’, Times, serif;



    About The Author:
    Catherrine Garcia is an experienced Web Developer at Hosting Facts and a passionate blogger. She loves to share her knowledge through her articles on web development and WordPress.

    4 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins Compared – 2020

    Are you looking for one of the best ecommerce plugins to build the online version of your brick and mortar store, create product catalogs and listings, display products wherever needed on your website and generally create an excellent shopping experience for your customers? Today we are going to compare 5 best WordPress ecommerce plugins so that it will be easier for you to understand which one suits your needs and objectives better.

    Since the advent of the global networking system, ecommerce activities have become something valuable in terms of smashing all kinds of international and geographical barriers and bringing the commercial world closer together. And whether you are a startup businessman trying to find more clients for your local store, or have planned to go transborder to take advantage of the current e commerce based market at a lower cost, your entrance to the web based reality is highly appreciated.

    Although WordPress themes are developed with e commerce and WooCommerce in the developer’s mind, there is always a chance to strengthen the functionality of your WP based website or blog with better commercial touches and capacities.

    Below you will find the comparison of 4 best WordPress ecommerce plugins so that you can make a right decision when it comes to acquiring the needed ecommerce tool for your website. However, with any of them you can quickly pair with your website and do your shopping business across the continents without much of a hassle.

    1. WooCommerce:

    Naturally, our list of the best WordPress ecommerce plugins opens WooCommerce, just because it is the most downloaded and much trusted commercial platforms by WordPress users. While the current status of this plugin has passed the exam of time and thousands of users, we are going to share both advantages and disadvantages of it leaving the final vote to you.

    It is well developed and well supported. WooCommerce is authored by Automattic and has a user friendly and experienced community standing behind it. It means that any WooCommerce user will be well supported by the responsive developers of this product.

    Many add ons and themes. WooCommerce suggests an avalanche of extensions and themes with dozens of options and controls so that you can result in the best look and feel of your e commerce website you have always wanted to have.

    It is well documented. Along with a five star technical support, WooCommerce comes with complete documentation as well.


    Abundance of options. There are too many options and features WooCommerce users are going to find when working with this platform. Particularly, for the novices, it is going to be time consuming and bewildering to make heads or tails of WooCommerce options.

    2. Shopify:

    The next highly valuable shopping and e commerce solution among the best WordPress ecommerce plugins we are going to explore is Shopify. Let’s see the pluses and minuses of it.


    It’s cost effective and affordable at least at the beginning. All in all, it’s the best open source commercial platform for different businesses coming as a mixture of quality and pocket friendly pricing, technical support and unlimited products possible at one place, but only if you are a beginner and don’t need to have much at your disposal. You can have access to the basic features of Shopify with $29 (monthly price).

    It supports both physical and digital products. It means you are free to open up a store for any kind of goods and merchandise, from clothing and bags, construction materials to ebooks and music, videos and courses, web elements and more.

    Payment and shipping options, as well as social media integration are also among the advantages of Shopify.


    Fewer content management options. Well, Shopify is product management system and not content. But whenever you want to add some extra content to your products for a more descriptive view or showcase videos or carousels, Shopify is not the best option in this case.

    3. Easy Digital Downloads:
    Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin

    Easy Digital Downloads is one of the best recommendations for all those businesses who are selling digital products. Simple to start with, easy to use, multilingual ready, payment systems supportive… The advantages of this plugin are many.


    It makes selling digital goods effortlessly easy. From software and programs to ebooks and tutorials, training materials and courses, graphic designs and photography, professional services, translation, consultation, tickets, articles and more, absolutely any kind of digital product can be easily sold with this plugin.

    Payment gateways integration by default and with add ons. Offering payment methods and gateways to your consumers is of great importance in terms of their convenience when it comes to buying and paying online. Easy Digital Downloads supports PayPal Standard and Amazon Payments, but you can use extensions to integrate even more options.


    It does not support non digital and external goods. Having this plugin for selling non digital goods is never a good idea.

    Add ons needed for selling external products. Whenever you want to add external or affiliate product, you will be required to turn to a third party add on.

    4. Shopp:
    Shopp WordPress ecommerce plugin

    Another platform incorporating the qualities of the best WordPress ecommerce plugins comes as Shopp.
    It’s a reasonable solution both for startups and professional developers with an easy to control features for storefront management for the first group of the users, and more flexibility for the second one.


    This plugin is well coded and secure. With Shopp you don’t need to worry about the security of your online shop or store at all, since the authors of this plugin have kept their focus on the important aspect of security and protection.

    Different product types support. Add and sell any type of product you produce, make, own or somehow dispose of, whether, physical, digital or virtual.

    Limited free support. If you feel you need any help to make the most of this plugin, you need to pay for it.
    Few WordPress themes. Although Shopp functions well with all kinds of WP themes, there are not many options which have been developed specifically for Shopp integration.

    6 Bitcoin Plugins for Accepting Payment on Your WordPress Site

    Bitcoin plugins WordPress

    The types of bitcoin plugins that are listed below.

    A cryptocurrency, such as the bitcoin, is a type of digital asset, which has been designed to work as the medium of exchange for commercial transactions.

    As the name suggests, these assets use strong cryptography which makes them completely secure.

    Bitcoin, known to be one of the most popular types of cryptocurrency, was first released in the year of 2009 by an unknown organization.

    However, it did not take much time to gain the monumental popularity, and as of now, almost all the merchants of the online sectors, including the WordPress, are using it as their medium of exchange.

    There are various types of plugins available for the WordPress merchants, which are known to help them in numerous ways, such as offering a cheaper or free transaction fee and minimizing fraud. However, each of the types of plugins generally comes with different features.

    Thus, if you are looking to gain more information on this context, then make sure to check out.

    GoUrl WooCommerce

    gourl woocommerce bitcoin

    Formerly known as Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway Addon is a type of WooCommerce plugin, which allows its users to distribute files through payments.

    If you choose to use GoUrl WooCommerce, then, you also will be able to select the amount that you are thinking to pay. Most of the WordPress merchants consider this feature to be very beneficial as it helps them to attract a lot of customers.

    With this type of bitcoin plugin, you would also be able to accept payments through numerous payment processors and gateways such as PayPal, InterKassa, PerfectMoney, Alertpay, Payza, Stripe, EgoPay, and Bitpay for bitcoin payments.

    GoUrl WooCommerce allows the users to set the lowest amount limit for their payments. Also, when a financial transaction is completed, you will get a download link from the plugin, which is heavily encrypted and will be available for a limited time period.

    Another amazing feature of GoUrl WooCommerce is its ability to download and support big files, which it does through X-send file mode. This type of plugin is also much quicker and easier to access than the others as it uses an AJAX-payment form.

    GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Plugin

    gourl bitcoin payment

    This type of payment plugin integrates directly on the website of the user without any other external payment pages.

    Like some other plugins, GoUrl also allows the users to accept numerous types of cryptocurrency payments, such as Litecoin, Reddcoin, Vertcoin, Dash, PotCoin, Peercoin, Feathercoin, MonetaryUnit, and, bitcoin.

    With this plugin, you will also be able to set your desired prices in more than 100 currencies.

    GoUrl plugin supports automated synchronization, which takes place in your site and the payment data.

    However, if GoUrl is unable to connect with your website, then, it will store the notifications as well as the payment transactions in the queue and will deliver it to you after the connection has been re-established.

    The plugin provides its users with ultimate security by using one of the best encryption technologies such as the SSL encryption. This highly efficient encryption helps to protect all your data as well as your customers against hackers or crackers.

    Thus, if you are looking for a type of bitcoin plugins, which accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies while not taking a single dime from you, then GoUrl should be your go-to option.



    Known to be one of the most popular payment plugins for the WooCommerce sector, MyCryptoCheckout helps the merchants to accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin, Dash, Litecoin, Black Coin, and of course, the bitcoin.

    The main plugin of MyCryptoCheckout generally uses the API, which is completely free of cost and is known to be extremely secure.

    MyCryptoCheckout can not only spare you from the middle man fees but can also protect your essential customer data efficiently. However, to use MyCryptoCheckout, you would need to have a PHP version of 5.6 with GMP and cURL enabled.


    coinbase commerce

    CoinBase is known to be one of the most popular bitcoin plugins among the people who are not much familiar with exchanges and wallets.

    By using the CoinBase Commerce, you will be able to transact not only bitcoin but also a few other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin. Because of the user-friendly interface, this plugin will also be able to quicken the transaction process by a mile.

    WordPress Bitcoin Payments – Blockonomics

    blockonomics bitcoin payments

    Blockonomics is another type of bitcoin plugin which helps you and the customers to avoid the middlemen as well as any other third party.

    This type of plugin allows the users to accept the payments directly into their wallet rather than utilizing the wallets, which are hosted by other payment gateways. Also, Blockonomics offers its users with 10 free transactions, which will help you to save even more money.

    Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallet

    bitcoin altcoin wallets

    It is a core plugin which can be used for both accounting functionality as well as fundamental bitcoin currency. However, like the other types of bitcoin plugins, bitcoin and altcoin wallet also comes with a few excellent features.

    Some of these are:

    • It uses simple and easy shortcodes to quicken the log-in as well as the payment process. The codes also help the users deposit or transfer funds to some other users.
    • Bitcoin and altcoin wallet uses MySQL database for storing all the data of the users. Because of the highly efficient database, the plugin can cope with the data and files, which are quite large.
    • It is completely free and helps you as well as the users to avoid the third party and middlemen.

    It provides a proper and genuine accounting for each and every user on your site.
    As the popularity of the forms of cryptocurrencies is growing at a rapid rate, it is a high time for all the WordPress merchants to accept bitcoin as the only form of payment.

    Thus, find the bitcoin plugin that suits perfectly for you as well as your business and make a lot of profits by using them on your website.

    Ways to Prevent Stealing or Theft of Your WordPress Website Images

    prevent stealing theft WordPress website images

    Are you a seasoned photographer or freelancer and want to prevent image theft in your WordPress website or blog?

    Here we are with some of the practical ways to prevent stealing of your site’s images and photos.

    Image theft is one of the popular problems many WordPress users are faced with.

    For as long as the digital world of photography arrived and has been in existence, so has been the possibility to steal images and photos.

    Hence, protecting your own images showcased on a website or a blog becomes one of the headaches for many WordPress users.

    However, you are not powerless when it comes to preventing image theft in your WordPress website or blog.

    We have taken the trouble of looking for the best ways to protect your site’s images from being downloaded or stolen or any other unauthorised use.

    You can use any of them and make the theft of WP images really hard, if not impossible.

    Since images are vulnerable and unprotected elements displayed on your site, taking care of their security and copyright issues is of primary importance.

    Let’s see what you can do to prevent image theft in your WP website or blog through copying and downloading, right clicking or another way.

    1. Copyright notice added to your images.

    Fortunately, fighting against illegal usage of your WP images is quite simple.

    All you need to do is to arm yourself with certain tools, elements, plugins and watermarks to protect your valuable visual content.

    One of the simple ways you can exercise is to a add copyright notice to your site’s images and photos.

    Once you have created or shot an image and uploaded it to the site, you are the only owner and distributor of it.

    Hence, adding also a copyright notice is a practical way to prevent plagiarism of your images.

    Footer Putter:

    Footer Putter


    If you want to have copyright protected images, Footer Putter plugin can be your assistant. It will enable you to add notice on the footer area of your site so that it will be visible on every single page.

    It’s a feature rich plugin offering you to create two widgets: a Footer Copyright Widget and a Trademark Widget. You can also include a copyright statement that is changed automatically as the year changes so that you will never have old dated copyright.

    All in all, this plugin takes care to showcase the credibility and real nature of your business or personality and lets you demonstrate your ownership over your website content, including also WordPress Website Images.

    2. Disable right clicking on your website

    Another useful method to prevent image theft in your WP website is to disable right click functionality. If you run an image centric website and virtually demonstrate your portfolio and photoshoots, disabling right clicking on your website really makes sense to protect your material.

    WP Content Copy Protection and No Right Click:

    WP Content Copy Protection No Right click


    WP Content Copy Protection and No Right Click knows the way to protect both you site textual and image content. IT disables the text select and right click functionalities, so that no one will be able to copy your texts and images without your permission.

    This easy to install and configure plugin is available in both free and premium versions. The premium one comes with more controls like watermarking your images, usage of htaccess rules and more.

    Related Post : 8 Key Ways to Prevent Website Content from Scraping In WordPress

    No Right Click Images:

    No Right Click Images


    Alternatively, you can choose this plugin if you want to disable only right click actions catering to WordPress Website Images and have other right click actions working normally on your website. Upload this plugin from the WP library for free and enjoy its features to prevent image theft in your WP website through disabling right click.

    3. Watermark your images

    Basically, a watermark is a transparent or less visible text, image or logo placed over images and photos to identify the creator or the owner of it. It easily protects any visual content and makes it almost impossible to copy and use it without any traces of its origin.
    Hence, if you want to “sign” your photos and images to prove your legibility, here are some of the useful tools at your disposal.

    Easy Watermark:
    easy watermark

    Easy Watermark is an amazingly simple and user friendly image watermarking tool you can use and prevent image theft in your WP website or blog. The strategy of this plugin is to
    automatically add a watermark to any image you upload to your site.

    You can also choose to watermark your images manually. Additionally, Easy Watermark comes bundled with management options to set text, color, rotation and size of the watermark to be added, its format to be jpg, png or gif and much more.

    Image Watermark:
    Image Watermark is another highly effective choice when it comes to automatically watermarking your site’s images. You can enable the watermarking of all the images being uploaded to your site or choose the post types for the watermark to be applied.

    Apart from plugins, there are also free online services offering the same watermarking functionality for WP users.

    Visual Watermark:

    Visual Watermark


    Visual Watermark is an online service making the process of watermarking your images pretty easy. If you try to use any design software or program like Photoshop to watermark all your images one after another, you will probably need hours.

    The advantage of this service is that it is ready to watermark a bulk number of images all at once so that you can save tons of time. Moreover, Visual Watermark offers its custom templates if you have not created any yet. Add your text, image, logo or whatever you want on your image as a watermark and work both offline and online.

    Water Marquee:
    water marquee

    Water Marquee is another free online platform to watermark your images before uploading them to your WP site. It does not require installing any application or software on you mobile or PC to start watermarking your images.

    WordPress Adio Music Player Plugins for Having Audio or Music in Website


    In this article a rundown of the most popular WordPress audio music player plugins are discussed.

    These WordPress audio music player plugins are suitable for all musicians and musical bands who want to extend the borders of their fan – zone, as well as podcasters and entertainment website owners who want to engage their audience with multimedia files.

    WordPress content creation and management system is continually susceptible and responsive to the digital spectrum and technology – based world which are developing at a rate hard to keep with. Hence we are lucky enough to consider WordPress templates custom – built to move our personal or business initiatives from old – dated or traditional paths into new and more aggressive ones.

    With the same working principle and from the same reliable viewpoint, WordPress products do offer a default support of audio files to be used in diverse formats. However, if you are a musician or a member of musical band, author or producer, composer or portfolio owner and need broader extensions and functional capacity for your audio files, WordPress audio music plugins will inevitably act in your favor. All in all, whatever your relationship or status with audio files, our list will definitely help you in your decision – making process of what is the most relevant for your specific website.

    1. Audio Album:


    From private storytellers and e-book authors to independent composers and other talented individuals can feel the necessity of embedding audio files in their profiles and share them with tons of website visitors. Naturally, not all of them will have deep developing coding to puzzle out of complex coding and other procedures. Audio album is developed and coded specifically for those technically “sluggish and cumbersome” people to make the most of their WordPress – based environment when supported by this plugin.

    Another plus of this plugin together with simplicity in usage is the capability of adding as many audio albums as you may wish to have for your digital profile. The functionality of Audio Album revolves around two simple shortcodes: [audioalbum] and [audiotrack] for adding title, details, date, height, width and much more.

    2. Compact WP Audio Player:


    Another compact audio solution in our range of WordPress audio music plugins comes launched as Compact WP Audio Player. While supporting .mp3 and .ogg file formats, this plugin has been checked for its consistent cooperation with a wide array of modern and highly applicable browsers and devices, including Andriod, iPhone, iPad, IE7, IE8m Safari, Firefox, Chrome and more.

    Hence Compact WP Audio Player celebrates total responsiveness across all the major responsive devices and lets all your mobile and device users enjoy your audio files while on the move. With this plugin you can easily embed your audio files into posts and pages without facing any major scrape. Even the autoplay option comes loaded with this plugin so that you can enable this function whenever the page loads.

    3. HTML5 jQuery Audio Player:


    Fully adaptive and customization – optimized, user and developer – centric, competent and challenging, HTML5 jQuery Audio Player is a comprehensive and nicely – arranged tool at your leisure to solve all issues catering to audio files inclusion into your web presence in a simple, yet effectual fashion. It is a product that will be stunningly supported by all modern browsers, among them iPhone and iPad.

    Some of the essential controls of the plugin include mp3 and ogg file formats usage, attention – grabbing and beautiful design, browser and device compatibility, as well as the possibility of enabling or disabling the autoplay. It can be a highly impressive award specifically for those who want to sell their music right from their online profiles. This can be easily organized via HTML5 jQuery Audio Player when united with Easy Digital Downloads.

    4. CP Media Player:


    Please, meet CP Media Player that is scrupulously projected and launched, well – managed and well – laid out to comply with your WordPress – powered website effortlessly. This plugin is also well – trained to go hand in hand with any suggested major browser, such as IE9, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It means that your website visitor is free to choose his or her favorite browser to scan your content and deal with your audio and video files in particular.

    The same rule applies when trying to access those files via this or that low – powered device. The result is the same – fantastic functionality and precision across all the devices and mobiles. As one of the world – class WordPress audio music plugins, this product will let you publish your audio or video player anywhere you find expedient.

    5. Simple Audio Player:


    The next plugin worth you review and consideration is called Simple Audio Player with readily customizable and easy to exercise nature. With more than 7000 active installation and subsequently thousands of satisfied clients, this plugin comes bundled with all standard audio player features, customization – ready flesh media player and player color and size changing options.

    6. HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist Free:


    Another noteworthy and time – checked, fully manageable and user – optimized audio integration control included in our list of WordPress audio music plugins is called HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist Free. It enables its users to utilize HTML 5 to activate audio playback in the browser. Compatible with all the major browsers, this plugin is armed with Playlist, Repeat, Stream Seek, Volume Control, Timer, Play and Pause and many other options as well.

    7. Gallery Gmedia:


    And last, but not least, here is Gallery Gmedia as a complex multimedia solution for all those website owners who are seeking for all in one yet affordable plugin to better their web results with interactive content. With this plugin you can instantly add files, create slideshows, insert audio and video files, etc. The number of photo and audio files available to be loaded is not restricted, meaning that you can add as many as you wish and group them in separate galleries and audio playlists. This plugin is also inherently responsive and cross – browser compliant.

    We all love some good music regardless of the genre. Whenever we want to listen to music, we either do it from tuning into our favorite radio or Tv station, Youtube, SoundCloud or our favorite playlist on our iPods. Digitization of music has made it very easy to find any audio or video music file on any music platforms online.

    Musicians at times struggle with selling their music to fans, and getting airplay on Radio and Tv stations. Convincing DJs to play their music, be it in clubs, gigs or parties is also another hurdle. From private storytellers and e-book authors to independent composers and other talented individuals, the necessity of embedding audio files in their profiles and sharing them with tons of website visitors can never be underestimated.

    However, with the variety of WordPress Audio Music Player Plugins discussed here, musicians, musical bands, composers, and producers can now market their own music and engage their fans with multimedia files, while extending their fan base. With a website, you will not only have all your music files in one place for easier access by your fans, you will also be able to receive immediate feedback from them. Whatever your relationship or status with audio files is, our list will definitely help you make a wise decision of what is the most relevant for your specific website and needs.

    WordPress is the best method of displaying your music online. It offers a default support of audio files to be used in diverse formats. It allows you to play any audio music or video files. WordPress content creation and management systems are continually susceptible and responsive to the digital spectrum and technology-based world which are developing at a rate hard to keep up with. Hence, we are lucky enough to consider WordPress templates custom-built to move your personal or business initiative from traditional ways of selling your music into a new and more aggressive one.

    Depending on the WordPress theme you choose, these WordPress Audio Music Player Plugins support .mp3 and .ogg file formats, are beautifully designed, customizable and compatible with an array of modern and highly applicable browsers and devices including Android, iPhone, iPad, IE7, IE8m Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and many more to allow your website visitors choose their preferred browser.

    In addition, the plugins, are very easy to use and in some, you can add as many audio albums as you wish. But, if you want to have the power to enable or disable auto play, sell your music right from your online profile, then the HTML5 jQuery Audio Player would be the perfect fit.

    These WordPress Audio Music Player plugins will definitely make visitors visit your site often and stay hooked to it. And, if you have the Gallery Gmedia plugin, you will not be restricted to the number of photo and audio files to upload. You will be able to create slideshows and add video files. It is a one in all yet affordable plugin that is going to guarantee you web results with interactive content.

    WordPress Podcasting Plugins for Having Podcasts in Your Websites


    A splendid assemblage of the best and frequently installed WordPress podcasting plugins to enjoy incredibly practical and user – friendly podcasting solution with boundless capacities.

    Modern podcasting system, having its roots in far back 2000s through diverse platforms, is one of the handy tools at present both for individual and corporate digital usage.

    Whether your website is entertainment or multimedia – based, businesslike with video and audio files required to be shared with your audience, podcasting integrated into your website can be the best strategy you cannot live without for a wide array of reasons.

    If you ever wondered how to integrate a handy and credible, flexible and energetic podcasting plugin into your WordPress – based website with pretty little hassle and endeavor, the answer is right here. We offer you to delve in the below – mentioned list of WordPress podcasting plugins for every techy or non – techy WordPress user to manipulate with them effortlessly and result in a dynamic and attention – grabbing, interactive and multimedia – based website to allure and satisfy all your website visitors.

    Moreover, all of them are repeatedly checked and updated to escape all the errors and drawbacks.

    And what is more enjoyable at this point is that each of them is in full compliance with WordPress CMS system and its products.

    1. Libsyn Podcast:

    Energized and integrative, fully user and develop – optimized, powerful while totally lightweight, Libsyn Podcast is among the most dependable podcasting tools one can ever have as a helping hand. From simplicity in usage to intuitive performance, everything is minutely taken care of in this plugin. As a solid ground for your further actions, Libsyn Podcaset is ready to provide you with a basis on which you can add and practice any podcasting activity web profile or blog without facing any lack of control and surveillance. However, this plugin is still in beta version needing additional updates and interventions for the final outstanding product and a true contendor of WordPress podcasting plugins category.

    2. Cincopa:

    Armed with more than 40 templates to make selection from, fully customizable and user – friendly to be exercised without any coding knowledge at all, Cincopa is also among the best WordPress podcasting plugins to easily add videos, photo galleries and albums, slideshows, music and playlists and showcase them in a nicely – formatted fashion. Hence this podcasting system can be ideal for tons of websites with certain working direction, ranging from personal and hobby, music and portfolio, fashion and design to business and corporate, video and audio blog, developing and digital production and other relevant WordPress – powered web presences. This HTML 5 – based plugin also celebrates total responsiveness and thus is ready to respond to any suggested mobile or device screen size and requirements.

    3. Podcast Player:

    Podcast Player is another simple, yet handy tool in our roundup for a website admin of any background and coding preparedness to host a podcast through his WordPress – authored website. Even if you are not expert in podcasting – related career, be sure that with Podcast Player plugin you will be guaranteed against any kind of major challenges hampering your website ordinary functionality. Hassle and error – free, well – managed and launched, this is a plugin worth total attention and consideration for your website of any kind.

    4. Podlove Podcast Publisher:

    If you ever feel overwhelmed with the necessity of adding podcast plugin to your existing or future website and feel bewildered with the offered choices, there you are with your competence to consider Podlove plugin here it is as one of the time and security – checked WordPress podcasting plugins ready to serve all your relevant needs. It comes as a whole podcasting integration and management system with its multi – dimensional and multi – format publishing opportunities, zealous and resilient templates, chapter information publishing opportunity and even optimized web player inclusion for your convenience to deal with audio and video files.

    5. Podtrac and Seriously Simple Podcasting:

    Podtrac plugin feels fantastic when it comes to supporting and securing Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin added to your website. Those two are custom – built to generate strikingly useful tandem to convert all your podcasting – related efforts into something worth higher applause. Hence establishing your online podcasting – based identity or community, look no further than Podtrac to make the whole process of podcasting integration into your web system as painless as it is possible. With this tool you can also be granted with episode redirect, feed redirect and other options to be controlled effectively.

    6. BuzzSprout Podcast:

    One more homogenous unity of form and function, simplicity and precision in usage comes launched as BuzzSprout Podcast as one of the most active installed WordPress podcasting plugins. Custom built to support you any relevant undertaking, this plugin requires the existence of your Buzzsprout accounts, and WordPress account to provide you with accurate and precise audio players, iTunes, Stitcher and yet much more to be available with this plugin. You will be capable of migrating from your old podcasting system into this one without any difficulty.

    7. Blubrry PowerPress Podcast:

    With simple, yet valuable and highly useful tips and tricks, PowerPress podcast can boast with its 50,000+ active installs and client loyalty. Totally iTune compliant and equipped with advanced migration tools, this plugin will never leave you in the middle of the road. Even if you are a novice in the field, no worries about creating and serving fully customized and responsive podcast feeds to your target audience for subscription. The plugin is also accented with SEO aspects for better ranking results.

    8. Seriously Simple Podcast:

    As one of the simplest podcasting solution for any WordPress – based website and its user, Seriously Simple Podcast will certainly show a helping hand to anyone when it comes to using the given framework to make it podcast – friendly. Get all the suggested podcasting tools and options valid for you in the most affordable fashion and broadly make use of them. Armed with complete user documentation, it comes with optimal shortcodes and widgets for episode lists, single episodes, podcast playlists the way you want.

    Podcasts have become so popular lately. The number of shows on the podcast has also gone up and if you are thinking of starting one for yourself or your company, then you have come to the right place. We have put together a collection of WordPress Podcast Plugins for you to choose from.

    People turn to the podcast when they need or are interested in specific content. Unlike in TV and Radio, podcasts’ audience is narrow as only those interested in a particular topic, sign up or subscribe. It is one of the handy tools at present for both individual and corporate digital usage.

    Radio and TV stations normally operate on set programming hours and if you miss it, well, oh unto you. For Tv, some broadcasting houses may upload YouTube videos on their channel but in some cases, it is never a guarantee. But, with the podcast, there is no particular schedule or programming. You can access your subscriptions anytime and the viewpoints allowed are more.
    While not anyone can be a radio or Tv host, anyone can be a podcaster.

    All you will need is proper equipment, a strong Wi-Fi connection, editing software, good content and of course, a website. A podcast can be created from anywhere. You do not have to travel or leave the comfort of your home or office to connect with your audience. It is very convenient. Also, podcasts help build relationships and trust with the listeners. One of the reasons why your audience is hooked to your podcasts is that they share the same opinion as you.

    If you have a website of whatever kind with videos and audio files to be shared with your audience, then having a WordPress Podcast Plugin integrated into your website is the best strategy. The importance of a podcast is that it allows you to build your online community as well as get feedback on your program (s). It is common knowledge that good news travels fast but guess what, a good podcast spreads even faster. Therefore, to ensure you retain your audience, you need to make sure that your audio series are continuous.

    Podcasts have been reported to create awareness and gain new audiences for businesses that have incorporated them into their marketing strategy. Also, the number of businesses using podcasts has increased tremendously. So, do not be left out. With our splendid assemblage of the best and frequently installed WordPress Podcast Plugins, you will be able to launch a podcast right on your website and enjoy incredibly practical and user-friendly podcasting solution with boundless capacities.

    The list of plugins discussed below is for every techy or non-techy WordPress user to manipulate in a bid to achieve a dynamic and attention-grabbing, interactive and multimedia-based website that is sure to satisfy all your website visitors.

    The advantage of having any of these WordPress Podcast Plugins is that they are repeatedly checked and updated to escape all the errors and drawback that might arise. And what is more enjoyable at this point is that each of them is in full compliance with WordPress CMS system and its products.

    How to add donation buttons and PayPal buttons in a WordPress website?

    donation buttons PayPal WordPress

    Wondering how to add donation buttons in a WordPress website?

    This article will accompany you through the steps of adding donation and Paypal buttons to your non profit, NGO, business, school or another website.

    Donation buttons are convenient donation tools to grow a non profit organization or fundraising.

    Donating online via PC or portable devices is the easiest way for thousands of people worldwide to contribute to the implementation of this or that charitable program or campaign, donate for some business event, product, plugin, etc.

    All in all, your efforts to add donation buttons in your website will be profitable both for you and your online audience.

    Reduce the fundraising costs for your charitable, religious, educational or scientific website.

    Give your potential contributors, donors and fundraisers an opportunity to act online while on the move, at any time and from the convenience from their homes or bedrooms.

    Additionally, you will establish a strong communication ties with younger generations you are used to doing everything online.

    Now, if you are seriously wondering about how to add donation buttons in your WordPress powered website and start accepting donations online, follow our step by step guide for adding donation buttons manually or through relevant plugins.

    1. How to add PayPal donation buttons in WordPress manually.

    First of all, you need to create a PayPal account.

    If you already have a PayPal account, log in and click on Tools menu item. In the opened page, click on PayPal Buttons. Further, you need to find Related items on the right and use Create new button link.

    When you create a button, choose Donations under Choose a button type. On this page, you can also find customization tools. Choose to display credit card logos, to use smaller button, language and country for button or to use your own button image. Then, you need to choose currency and contribution amount. You can choose to let your donors enter their own contribution amount.

    As soon as you are done with this part, click on Create Button. Next, you will be able to see the code which is required to display PayPal donate button. Open the email tab and copy the given link in any text editor.

    Next step is to go to your WP Admin Dashboard and edit the post or page you want your PayPal donate button appear on. Make sure that you are using text editor mode instead of visual editor.
    Then, copy and paste the following piece of code:

    <a href="Email URL that you got from PayPal" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer"><img src="" alt="" /></a>

    Don’t forget to use the link you have copied in the text editor instead of “Email URL that you got from PayPal”.

    We are finished. Now you have the required donation button added to your site. If you want to locate it on your sidebar, paste the above mentioned code inside a WP text widget.

    2. How to add Paypal donation buttons using a plugin.

    If you are looking for a simpler way to bring online donation functionality to your WP site, you’d better use this method. You can find lots of free donation plugins in WordPress repository of plugins. However, navigating your way through the avalanche of such plugins can be irritating. Therefore, we have chosen one of the best PayPal donate plugins to do a top class job for your site.

    PayPal Donations:

    PayPal Donations


    Start with uploading ‘paypal-donations’ folder to the ‘wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it through WP Plugins menu.

    Now, you need to visit Settings, PayPal donations page for further customization. In General tab, you need to add your PayPal email, as well as choose the currency for the donations.

    Additionally, you can find optional settings, like Page Style and Return Page. As for the Page Style, you can add a custom payment page URL that exists in your PayPal account profile. As for the Return Page, you can provide a URL which the donators will come to once they are done with their donations. It can be a Thank you page or the like.

    Now, let’s pass to the optional settings. You can set the default amount to be received as a donation, state the purpose of donation and reference for the donation. Finally, you are offered to select a button style.

    Now, you are ready to showcase PayPal donation button with the help of the following shortcode inserted into any WP post or page:



    An alternative way to add Paypal Donations button to your WP site’s sidebar is to go to Appearance, Widgets, add title, text, purpose and reference. Once you are done with filling the fields, don’t forget to Save.

    Anyway, PayPal Donations is not the only plugin that can be a wise contribution to your website, especially, if you want to add more than donation buttons.

    Another user and developer friendly plugin to give you infinite control is

    Give: Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform by Wordlmpress

    Give Donation Plugin


    This plugin is custom built to grant you with a reliable donation framework so that you can accept online donations easily.

    With Give you can have totally manageable donation forms, review and monitor donation statistics, as well as use other payment gateways and tools.

    You don’t need to pay a single penny to acquire this plugin.

    It is available for free and as such is suitable for non profit and tax free organizations and companies, as well as for those working on a tight budget.

    PayPal Donation Buttons:

    PayPal Donation Buttons


    This plugin is a good alternative to PayPal Donations, since this one also offers paypal buttons integration into your site.

    It offers you 9 standard Paypal donation plugins. You are also authorized to use your own custom button.

    Moreover, by the application of PayPal Donation Buttons, you can display Donation Goal and Donation List history on your page, post or widget.

    If you are searching for a donation plugin optimized for your WooCommerce based online store, you can use

    Potent Donations for WooCommerce:

    Potent Donations for WooCommerce


    Reviews and Testimonials WordPress Plugins for websites to showcase client appreciation

    Customer reviews and testimonials are one of the practical ways of measuring your quality services that is directly proportional to your client satisfaction.

    Otherwise stated, client evidence is one of the major factors of influence as today millions of people are inclined to perceive it as a guiding principle for their decision – making whether to trust the website they are browsing or not.

    Hence, ensuring a perfectly designed and flexible reviews and testimonials management system into your web presence will form an integral part of your future success with a clear cut thought for your future clients that your existing customers are seamlessly over the moon with your services or products.

    The easiest way to embedding reviews and testimonials area for your customers to showcase their satisfaction or appreciation is finding reviews and testimonials WordPress plugin for your WordPress – based product and run it in the simplest fashion. Exactly for this purpose, we have sort out the best samples of such plugins to add reviews and testimonials as a trustworthy and convincing factors of your credibility. Enable your client reviews with those plugins and enjoy all the on-site ranking benefits coming along.


    Strong and full – featured while totally lightweight and fast – performing, Testimonial Free is one of the most convenient and affordable reviews and testimonials WordPress plugins that will provide you with out – of – the – box performance. And while advantages of this product are endless even with its free version, some of the basic functions include readily responsive and cross mobile and browser compliant web design, precise and nice looking appearance, intuitive installation and configuration processes that will not take long, and finally, impeccable cooperation with each and every WordPress – based website of any size or description. In case it doesn’t seem to be enough, you are enabled to upgrade to its premium version.


    By showcasing the great client feedbacks on your website you predefine your first – time website visitor’s perception of your business to the great extent. Under this necessity, Testimonial Rotator proves to be an ideal version for adding testimonials to the relevant WordPress – powered website or blog easily and effectively. This plugin with thoroughly thought – out structure and schematic markup is totally free of charge and comes integrated with powerful features, including the possibility of changing rotator settings, add testimonials to diverse rotators, enable star ratings, custom templates availability, etc.


    The next stable and resistant, time – proof and error – free reviews and testimonials WordPress plugin for an average WordPress user without any basic programming knowledge is Strong Testimonials with its lite and pro versions. This testimonial system will let your categorize your testimonials for the avoidance of inordinate look and showcase them in multiple ways as the admin may think expedient. Lite version also offers star ratings, manual and automatic excerpts, thumbnails inclusion, preloaded templates with diverse layouts, simple pagination system, and much more. You can also choose to display your testimonials with a help of beautiful slideshows moving around your content, so that your website viewers will instantly catch them.


    Easy Testimonials is another top – class and checked testimonial solution for your digital product. It’s a user – driven and easy to follow plugin, which is packed with premium quality features. By the application of this amazing plugin one is capable of adding testimonials as a customized widget or embedding them to posts and pages with a shortcode insertion in a matter of seconds. With Easy Testimonials it is also up to you to decide how your testimonials are going to be displayed, whether or not with image, rating or with compatible markup.


    Handsome Testimonials has been coded and launched to provide us with another credible phenomenon in the format of reviews and testimonials WordPress plugin. Statistics show that it is another preferable way of arming your site with the nicely – fashioned and truly practical testimonial and review system and enjoying all its upsides in favor of your personal or corporate business online. Based on the user and admin – driven and simplified installation and configuration processes, Handsome Testimonials is available in free and premium variants for the beginners and for pro users accordingly. The plugin is also highly customizable so that you can edit it to match your website overall style and operational directions.


    Making a stunning and nicely – formatted testimonial availability for any WordPress product has never been so easy and entertaining as it is with totally responsive and customization – ready plugin called just Testimonial. Integrating social proof and positive client feedback to your web presence will be a joy with this system without any complex procedures and irritating configuration controls. Add and showcase your slider – based best testimonials in a creative and original way, use awe – inspiring testimonial carousel, customize and change the colors of the slider, publish your testimonials in a categorized manner and be sure they’ll appear in the most responsive fashion.


    Create your inspiring and beautiful client appreciation system and drag new customers and followers to your business, give you a variety of channels to manage it as per your wishes and objectives with the great assistance of Testimonials. This reviews and testimonials WordPress plugin will enable your existing clients to leave their feedback and persuade the potential ones that your business is worthy of dependence and loyalty. Based on HTML5 design, the plugin is profoundly responsive and adaptable, has listing and slider layouts and an overall shortcode – driven blameless functionality. The same is true about its Pro version, naturally, with extended functional potential.


    One more highly – rated and originally – worked out testimonial inclusion method available as for present is called IG Testimonials letting you add testimonials to your WordPress – supported website or blog at a glance with a shortcode or widget. This detail – oriented and easy to deal with plugin combines testimonial custom post type and category inclusion, responsiveness catering to testimonial slider and its carousel, carousel setting configuration options, as well as ability to adjust testimonial image sizes, etc.

    In today’s world, all different business be it local or global across different industries use social media and online website for marketing purposes. Making your presence on social media and online website is one of the cheapest and easiest methods to effectively reach your customers. However, it is easy to assume that when a good amount of traffic is being generated on your website it automatically implies that the customers are happy with your product or business. This is not necessarily true. For a business to grow consistently and to make more effective decisions, it is always important to obtain customer feedback through testimonials or reviews.

    Many observations and market statistics state that on popular shopping websites, customers do not generally buy products with bad reviews. Obtaining reviews and testimonials from customers is critical to boosting your business’ growth as well as to prove your credibility to the world. They allow you to compel a customer as to why they should buy from you. Hence if you already have a website with a business up and running or planning to build a website to start up a business it is crucial that you add in the option of reviews and testimonials for your customers.

    Our website hosts a wide range of WordPress Themes be it any industry or business field you are from. Along with it we also have Reviews and Testimonials WordPress Plugins to add on to your website. Testimonials plugins work by generally allowing you to add your testimonials to your website, and there are a variety of forms to exhibit them such as slideshows, widgets, full pages five-star ratings and much more. Our plugins are simple and user-friendly easy to use without complicated configurations. You can also find various fonts, styling options and various customization options without having to know any technical details

    With the help of our Reviews and Testimonials WordPress Plugins you can now receive multiple positive and negative reviews that important in making the next big decision for your business. A good word from your customers can really make it or break it for your business. It has the potential to turn your business into gaining amazing profits as reviews and testimonials, in turn, acts as a free marketing tool for your business. There has been a widespread trend for customers to go and read a review before buying any product since many reviews and testimonials regarding products and businesses are easily available on the Internet.

    If you already have a website up and running for your business and are failing to find improvement in the growth of business then you have your answer here. Our modern and powerfully built plugins are sure to expand your customer base and also help you become a potential brand name in the market. Hence don’t think twice, just choose the plugins you feel that will suit your business the best and order away from our website.

    Video Gallery WordPress Plugins for setting up videos in websites


    The best video gallery WordPress plugins are sorted out for WordPress users

    To make the web content more zealous and interesting, as well as generate more leads and prospects, irrespective of the nature of their online activities videos are required.

    Integration of video content into your website is a plus for you for lots of reasons – starting from better visualization to increased SEO results. The reason why embedded video materials can be more informative and interactive is the evidence that tons of people are keen to click to play and watch videos rather than read long write ups and posts or any other static content. As far as search engine optimization of your digital profile is concerned, keeping your website interactive and entertaining will “persuade” your website visitors to stay in your arena longer and come back over and over.

    In this relation, we at SKT Themes have put some of the video gallery WordPress plugins through the wringer to test them and reveal the best ones. Show instead of telling your story, tell about your company or agency, showcase your songs and albums, highlight whatever is important to your profile and keep it energetic and lively in around the clock with any of the below – discussed plugins.

    1. Huge IT Video Gallery:

    Huge IT Video Gallery is one of the top – rated, safe and secure, widely popular and trusted video gallery WordPress plugins so far with as many as 40.000 active installs and thousands of satisfied users. Well – dressed and full – featured, this wonderful plugin will be an ultimate solution of making videos an integral part of your website and showcasing video links in convenient and practical video galleries. Powered to support Vimeo and YouTube video channels, this plugin celebrates 7 amazing views for you to review and choose whatever suits your website overall style and identity. Use the specific shortcode to add videos on any page or post, write a title, add description and organize everything in the blink of an eye.

    2. Contus Video Gallery:

    Create and display your video trainings and tutorials, boost your sales and purchase rates with the help of explanatory videos when supported by Contus Video Gallery. It is an unbeatable product at your leisure to create and showcase beautiful and results – driven videos and keep your web audience informed and entertained. Easy installation and activation of this plugin are waiting along the way and will not take long. The plugin is flexible and affordable enough for an average website admin to exercise the given framework without additional help of developers. It comes armed with a bulk of useful elements and features to keep your video galleries accurate and precise in usage. All in all, you are entitled to add video materials from YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Viddler, create playlists and subscribe user channel. Ffmpeg support, easy customization options, watch history availability for users, option to pause the videos for storing in history and many other valuable features are also accessible with this plugin.

    3. Cool Video Gallery:

    Meet Cool Video Gallery as another creative and well – dressed, admin – optimized and intelligent video gallery WordPress plugins on can have added to his WordPress –based profile and create attention – grabbing video galleries. It comes with possibility to upload videos, add videos from YouTube portal and deploy them in numerous galleries. Highly customizable and integrative, smart and secure, this simple yet effective video gallery building ecosystem feels like fish in water when it comes to uploading or adding videos to boost your website’s engagement and usability. The top formats, including H.264, FLV and MP3, multiple video upload feature, gallery title and description adding options are also suggested by this exceptional plugin. Share option for the videos can be easily enabled or disable via admin – panel as well.

    4. Video Gallery by Huzzaz:

    Make your website rich with videos as one of the most powerful forms of communication with a great support of Video Gallery by Huzzaz. Create beautiful and precise video galleries for your target market – base with a few simple clicks and without complex coding. Equipped with a wide array of features and elements to play with, this plugin knows how to seize and deliver the amazingness of each video material and gallery in your website. Multifunctional and

    5. YouTube Channel Gallery:

    YouTube Channel Gallery is also included in our list of video gallery WordPress plugins since this plugin knows the perfect way to connect your web audience with the best videos from YouTube. Find the right spot for video materials and contribute to the visual storytelling of your personal or business profile. Specialized in working with YouTube as one of the largest music destinations for now, YouTube Channel Gallery lets you showcase latest thumbnail videos for YouTube user channel playlist. Click on the thumbnail and the playing of video will follow it. This plugin also takes care of your website mobile users, as it uses YouTube IFrame player IPA to generate HTML5 player. It is also up to use to decide whether you want to use this premium – quality yet simple plugin as a widget or as a shortcode.

    6. Workbox Video from Vimeo and YouTube:

    In case you are looking for a robust and dependable video gallery solution for your WordPress – generated website, look no further than Workbox Video from Vimeo and YouTube. However, this plugin is more convenient for advanced users with some background knowledge about the field. In that case this stable and smart plugin is ready to do all the hard work for you so that nothing catering to this product will make you feel confused. It suggests one of the practical ways to add and manage video pieces on your WordPress – based website or blog. It has been checked for its consistent compatibility with Vimeo, Wistia and YouTube as the main sources of video materials. Download and activate this plugin in a matter of minutes and add videos by merely pasting the URL of the target video.

    Online is all about creating interesting content that people will have the enthusiasm to go through. Be it creating photo galleries, or video galleries, or something else. The modern world of today loves to watch more content through their eyes than just read a whole bunch of page long articles. That’s why YouTube has become so famous not only for content creation but also for making people take in all that created content. From various DIY (Do It Yourself) on recipes and other important things that we may face in our daily lives. So, in order to make a potential user play and watch your videos, and even come back for more, you need something special. A good website will just not make the cut. You need a great website along with various tweaks in the SEO or Search Engine Optimization results, to get ahead of your competitors. A great website will always make your viewers happy and more interested in what they see. From showcasing your songs, albums or anything, you need a special tool, like Video Gallery WordPress Plugins, and let it do its trick.

    From plugins that will specifically suit your own website, from just customizing it to your own liking. Can support various video channels like Vimeo or YouTube, etc. and you can even add titles, descriptions, make a post and thereby help the website to organize everything. And if you’re worried about time, then this whole process would be done in just the blink of an eye. From creating various kinds of video training or tutorials, that will help your users, concerned with what type of audience you are targeting. Thus, it will help you boost your current sales and purchase patterns, and thereby bring more profit and returns, to the content you’ve just created. From easy installation and being flexible, plugins will just be installed in the blink of an eye. Not only that, the plugin will also be affordable for the average user so that the overall costs can be kept low as well. There will be easy options for customization for the average users, and these will be rightly available with these WordPress plugins. Goes to show, how much it will boost your own productivity.

    Not only just being customizable will do the trick. There is also support for various kinds of file systems, like H.264, FLV, MP3, etc. so uploading in any popular format won’t be any such problems. There are also included various kinds f extra features, that will make your video galleries look more beautiful and sophisticated. There are also plugins, that will support HTML5 too if you want. From creating eye-catching thumbnails, and hype-creating tiles, it will all be a child’s play for the normal user. Also, there should be no problems with your mobile users as well. They will also be taken care of, via this Video Gallery WordPress Plugins. There will be no compatibility issues, and every part of your website filled videos will be taken care of. Just exactly how a video related website should be made.