Best Free WordPress Billing Plugins 2023

To scale your online business, it is vital to manage your billing with proper invoices and payment system for your customers. It is essential to manage the proper order of your finance to keep track of everything.

If you are looking for free billing plugins for your business in 2023 to properly shape your finance, then this is the right place for you. Here we are going to talk about the best free WordPress billing plugins for 2023.

But before installing the billing plugins, here are the questions that you need to ask your plugin author.

Best-Free WordPress Billing Plugins

Best Free WordPress Billing Plugins 2023

1. WooCommerce Invoice Gateway:

WooCommerce Invoice Gateway

WooCommerce Invoice gateway is quite popular as a billing plugin of WordPress. It allows your site to accept payments to have a smooth billing function. It is a complete solution for e-commerce with its extendable and flexible functionalities. Here are the features that it offers.

  • Available with free add-ons.
  • Works with the WP-CRM Integration.
  • Offers a brand-new user interface for improved billing filtering and searching.
  • Custom entry for payment and administrative adjustment.
  • Sends the invoice notification to the customer with the secure link back.
  • Comes with Invoice notification, receipt templates, and reminders.

2. Client Invoicing by Sprout Invoices – Easy Estimates and Invoices for WordPress:

Gravity Forms + Sprout Invoices

Sprout invoice is undoubtedly the best solution for the billing and invoices as it allows the users to create efficient estimates within minutes. It works with the goal to make the payment process easier. Here is how it provides the features.

  • Enhanced integration power of the Sprout automates the tasks with the real power to create the billing.
  • It uses popular payment integrations like PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, eWay,, NMI, etc
  • Easy invoice and estimation submission with WordPress.
  • Prope client management
  • Advanced reporting
  • Customizable templates with themes.
  • Nested line items.

3. Jetpack CRM- Clients, Invoices, Leads, & Billing for WordPress:

Jetpack CRM

The Jetpack CRM of WordPress is efficient to scale your WooCommerce business with much efficiency. Here is why it is a must-have for your billing functionalities.

  • Comes with the disabling feature of the billing field in the WooCommerce checkout on WordPress.
  • Allows hiding the field for the order values under the $0.01
  • Billing field hiding for the shipping-related functions

4. Invoicing with InvoiceXpress For WooCommerce – Free:

Invoicing with InvoiceXpress for WooCommerce – Free

This billing solution of the WordPress billing plugins allows you to create the legal invoices for your orders on WooCommerce.

The InvoiceXpress makes billing easy directly on the store dashboard and sends the bill to the client through email. Following are some of the features that you are going to get with this plugin.

  • Creates simplified invoices.
  • Send documents through emails.
  • Manual issuing of all the documents.
  • Issues the VAT exempt document
  • Comes with eh VAT field on the checkout

5. WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes & Shipping Labels:

WooCommerce PDF Invoices

To scale the technique of your billing for WooCommerce orders, this one performs with proper efficiency. This WordPress-based billing plugin enables you to create PDF invoices, delivery notes, shipping labels, and packing slips with ease. Here is what it offers.

  • Lets you customize your store logo, name on the email invoice, PDF, delivery note, packing slip, and shipping labels.
  • Lets you download PDF invoices from the order admin page.
  • Prints the labels for the order page in bulk.
  • Enables you to add the customized return policy on the labels.
  • Auto-generation of the customized invoice number with provision to set the prefix and suffix.

6. YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Shipping List:

YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Shipping List

This WooCommerce billing plugin lets you create PDF invoices and the shipping list documents for your orders. It comes with multiple templates so that you can opt for quick construction of your billing. Here are the features provided by this billing plugin.

  • Lets you generate the PDF invoices with the shipping list documents.
  • Easy to customize invoice number formats.
  • Adds the PDF invoice as an attachment to the email sent to the customer.
  • Invoice templates are customizable.
  • Let’s you download the invoice from the Customer’s Order page.

7. Flexible PDF Invoices for WordPress:

The Flexible PDF invoice by WordPress is an efficient billing plugin the enables you to create the PDF of the invoices for free. Along with the extension, you can issue invoices for WooCommerce. Here are the features that it offers.

  • Issues and saves invoices as PDF for easy billing.
  • Adds, edits, and deletes the invoices.
  • Creates the templates with the VAT taxpayers and the VAT exempt entities.
  • Generates and downloads invoices in bulk.
  • Prepares reports with the summary of all documents.
  • Translates the invoices with the WPML or Polylang into the languages your customer is using.

8. Multisite WooCommerce Platform Featuring Subscription Billing & more:

revcent payments

This WordPress billing plugin allows you to sell the subscription products; trial offers shippable products along with the recurring payments from the WooCommerce stores. It comes with multiple features to help you with easy billing. Here are the characteristics that it comes with.

  • Simple integration with WooCommerce and WordPress.
  • Sells the trial offers.
  • Comes with the potential management tools and capabilities.
  • Features the proper flexibility for the managing of subscription and recurring payments.
  • Goes compatible with multiple payment methods and powerful processing tools

9. WooCommerce PDF Builder, Create invoices, Packing slips, and more:

The WooCommerce PDF Invoice Builder helps in the easy billing accomplishment of your WooCommerce orders. You can easily create invoices, credit notes and packing slips, and any PDF using the billing plugin. Here are the features that it provides.

  • Drag and drop interface for creating the invoice, packing slip, etc.
  • Customizable fields for the invoice numbers.
  • Style designer to change the color of the invoice.
  • Support images and logos.
  • Multiple currency format.
  • Configurable invoice number with the file name.
  • Customizable PDF templates.

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1. What Payment Gateways does this plugin work with?
There are several payment gateways that go compatible with the free WordPress billing plugins. The most popular one is PayPal. It also works with the PayPal Standard, Stripe, Square,, WooCommerce payments, etc.

2. Is this Payments add-on compatible with WooCommerce?
Yes, the payment add-ons offered by WordPress are compatible with WooCommerce. You can opt for the invoice PDFs, billing quotes, delivery notes, packing slip, shipping label for WooCommerce order using the plugins.

3. What languages are available with this plugin?
The commonly used language for plugins is English. However, they are also available in multiple local languages to edit and localize your billing PDFs with the various templates.

Adding the WordPress billing plugins to your eCommerce store is the best way to customize your business with proper financial arrangements. The billing plugins are also free and work as an effective add-on to your business to organize the entire billing process with ease.

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