Insert Headers and Footers Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Choosing the best insert headers and footers plugins can be daunting enough if you are not ready to decide which one to pick. There is simply more than one WordPress plugin for this feature.

But it can become confusing when it comes to picking one. This is why we are here to make your job easier with our suggestions.

Here are some of the best plugins that you can look for to add this feature to your WordPress website:

insert headers and footers plugins

1.Insert Headers and footers by WPBeginner

Insert header and footer by wpbeginner

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If you are looking for a simple plugin for your purpose, then this one is the most suitable choice for you.

This simple plugin lets you insert all the code like Custom CSS, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc., into your WordPress website, which makes it highly impressive.

Here are the features it offers:

  • Quick set up
  • It lets you insert header and further code
  • It lets you add any code or script along with HTML and JavaScript
  • The script inserting is very simple

2. Insert headers and Footer Code

Insert headers and footers by hasthemes

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The Insert headers and Footer code is one of the very impressive plugins that lets you insert the Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, custom HTML, and JavaScript code to your header and footer so that you can create stellar themes.

Here are the features it has to offer:

  • Very simple to use
  • Add Custom CSS and js to any of the themes
  • Shows on pixel code, homepage, selected pages, etc.
  • It lets you exclude posts or the pages

3. Head, Footer, and Post Injections

header footer and post injection by stefano lissa

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This one of the most popular insert headers and footers plugins is very impressive as it lets you just copy the code and services you want to add to your theme. At the same time, it lets you change your theme without even losing the code you have injected.

Here are the features it has to offer:

  • Tags are required for some of the JavaScript and the SDK
  • It lets you recognize and execute the PHP code for adding logic to your injections
  • Offers various desktop and mobile injections
  • The page section lets you add most of the codes

4. Elementor Header & Footer Builder

Elementor header footer builder

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This plugin is simply a great one as it lets you add the code to your header and footer area for individual posts, pages or other content. It is ideal for the scripts like Google Analytics conversion tracking code and other page-specific JavaScript.

Here are the features it includes:

  • It is very simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • It lets you add the codes in a very easier manner
  • Reliable

5. Insert headers and footers

insert header and footer by wpbrigade

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Being one of the highly useful insert headers and footers plugins, it is great to use as it comes with plenty of functionalities. It lets you insert code to your WordPress website headers and footers section, which is very simple.

Here are the features it has to offer:

  • It lets you insert codes to your WordPress headers and footers
  • It lets you add Google authentication code to any of the themes
  • You can add custom CSS, any of the script and the HTML to your website area
  • You can also add code to your website body section

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6. Woody Code snippets- Insert header Footer Code Adsense Code

woody code snippets

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This woody Code snippet is simply great to use when you want something simpler and more reliable for you. It helps you to create the store code snippets or the duplicate text for your admin bar and special library area.

Here are the features it has to offer:

  • It lets you insert Google Adsense Ads, Amazon native Shopping Contextual ads,, Yandex direct ads to your website.
  • You can also insert your PHP Code snippets and execute them on your website.
  • It lets you show or hide your code snippets based on conditional logic.
  • You can roll back the changes with the code revisions.

7. Ad Inserter- Ad manager & Adsense Ads

ad inserter

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Ad Management plugin comes with many advanced features, which makes it one of the highly effective insert headers and footers plugins.

It simply supports all kinds of ads, including the Google Ad Manager, Google Adsense, AmazonNative Shopping ads, Infolinks, etc.

Here are the features it has to offer:

  • It integrates easily with the Adsense and the Google Ad manager
  • It lets you insert the code after or before the post
  • You can also insert the code before or after the various paragraphs
  • You can insert code above the header and the footer tag

8. Header Footer Code Manager

header and footer code manager

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The header and Footer Code manager comes with a very easy-to-use interface for adding snippets to the header and the footer area or above or below the area of content.

With this plugin, you never have to worry about inadvertently breaking your site with the code addition. It lets you avoid placing the snippets in the wrong place. At the same time, with this plugin, you never lose the code snippets.

Here are the features of it:

  • Let’s manage posts or pages along with the script load.
  • You can use the shortcodes to place manually anywhere
  • It lets you label the snippets for easier reference
  • The scripts can load on any of the mobile or desktop.

9. Insert script in headers and Footers

insert script in header and footer

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With this one of the smart insert headers and footers plugins, you can insert all your Google Analytics code, custom style, Facebook pixel code, and JavaScript codes to your WordPress header and footer area.

It gives you a very quick setup that you can do in a few minutes. Moreover, it works with very easy to use and simple to insert shortcodes.

Here are the features it brings in front of you:

  • Let’s you insert the script in the body area.
  • You can add the Google Analytics code to any of your themes
  • You can add the custom CSS across the themes area
  • There are options for adding advertisement script code

10. Advanced Ads Ad Manager & AdSense

advanced ads

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As a very simple ad manager plugin, this plugin adds plenty of functionalities to your WordPress website theme. This is having the approval for the 10 years of Ad Optimization and Publishing. It works simply well with any of the networks and Google AdSense, Amazon ads, or the media. net.

Here are the exclusive features it has in its store to offer:

  • There are most of the features added for testing and optimizing the ads
  • It is dedicated to the Gutenberg block for the ads
  • Offers the best-rated support completely for free
  • Supports an unlimited number of ad units

11. Elements kit Elementor addons

elements header and footer by Wpmet

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This is one of the highly used insert headers and footers plugins. It seamlessly enables you for better functionalities if you want to enable your users to have the authority to insert custom CSS.

Also, it lets the users add the custom headers or the Java scripts into the site without editing any of the theme files.

Here are the extensive features it offers:

  • It is safe to use for the WordPress installations
  • All the simple header and footer is made with the
  • The plugin design does not contain any kind of evil eval () calls
  • This one is very easy to work with

12. Tag Manager

Tag manager

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For your WordPress site, this plugin is simply the best suit in every aspect. As you feel the need to insert some of the codes to your header and footer area, it lets you add them in a very simple and easy way.

At the same time, this plugin is highly responsive. It lets you add all your code in a very effective way.

Here is the feature it offers:

  • You can easily add any of the HTML code.
  • This plugin lets you add all the web analytics code like Google analytics
  • You can also add the CSS stylesheet or the social media script
  • You can add proper tags with the codes

13. Head & Footer Code

header and footer code by aleksandar

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The Head & Footer code plugin is made to help you by adding the custom code and snippets to the page even if you are not an advanced programmer.

You can use plenty of site verification codes and add various services to it, such as meta or the web front link, custom style, etc. Before or after the body, you can even add various analytics or heat map code.

Here are the various features it has in its store:

  • You can add specific features to your homepage area
  • It lets you use the Metabox for specific kinds of editing
  • Very simple to use
  • Highly responsive to work with the most popular themes


If you are thinking of adding more functional approaches to your header footer area in your WordPress website, then the above-mentioned insert headers and footers plugins are simply great to pick.

These are stuffed with a variety of features and lets you add functionalities that you want to achieve in a very precise way. Thus, while choosing the tools, make proper decisions so that you can add more ease to your work.

The ones mentioned above are great to choose for a variety of editing and header/ footer maintenance and optimization.

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