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Top 10 WordPress Malware Removal Plugins of 2019

Top 10 WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

It is a fact that more malware attacks had taken place last year than in the last five years combined and they are increasing exponentially. What can be irksome to most wordpress users is that wordpress websites are often targeted by these hackers as they can use the login screen to launch brute force attacks. So, if your current website is based on wordpress, then perhaps, you need to review the following plugins, and get them installed on your website to both protect yourself and your customers. The best part is that once you get these plugins installed in place, they’ll help provide you with all the security that you require and more. So, check them out –

This wordpress security plugin comes in from the makers of wordpress itself and it certainly comes packed with all the tools you need to better protect yourself. For starters, this plugin provide you with deep scanning, code scanning, spam filtering, monitoring during downtime, and prevents brute force attacks and much more. It also enables a two factor authentication protocol for logging in to your website.

2. iThemes security:
Earlier on, it was called wordpress security but it has changed its title since then. It is a comprehensive wordpress security plugin and comes with all the requisite tools and features. Once you have this plugin installed, you should be able to access 30 options to better protect your website. It comes with deep scanning which helps to alert you in case of any malicious activity. Apart from this, it also tracks all vulnerabilities and even helps you to set stronger passwords.

3. All in one, WP Security and Firewall:
This is a free wordpress security plugin which makes it all the more attractive, and it is essential that you get the same installed on your website at the earliest. It comes with a better user interface this time around along with improved customer service. What makes this plugin all the more interesting is the use of visual cues to represent the data and information. As it stands, this plugin provides you with all the protection you need from tracking malicious code and eliminating the same to database security, file system protection and more.

4. Sucuri security:
This security plugin is currently one of the trending ones and for all the right reasons. It comes with a free and a paid version as well. You can use the free version to help provide your website with requisite protection, and you can always upgrade to the premium version later on, depending on your requirements. The free version comes with security auditing; file integrated monitoring, blacklist monitoring, security notifications and more.

5. Bulletproof security:
Bullet proof security plugin comes with malware scanning, which it uses to scan your website regularly for any malware infections. Other than this, it also offers you firewall protection with which it can help prevent brute force attacks. It comes with both free and paid version and you can opt for either one.

6. Vault press:
Vault press is yet another wordpress security plugin that provides you with a complete suite of features that you can use to enhance the security of your website. It was also created by the makers of CMS system and moreover, happens to be powered by Jet pack as well. The one downside is that this is a paid option especially if you are on the lookout for some good anti malware protection. But it is reasonably priced and its comprehensive suite of security features should help protect your website more effectively.

7. Hide my WP:
Let’s just start off by saying that wordpress as a platform does come with a few vulnerabilities which is why you need a good quality wordpress security plugin like “Hide my WP”. This plugin hides the fact that you are using wordpress as a platform from hackers and others. Apart from this, it also helps to boost the performance of your website by providing you with several tools and several security features. It will also send you an automatic notification if it senses some malicious activity.

8. Secupress:
This wordpress security plugin is one of the latest and comes with several brand new security enhancing features which you can use to better protect yourself. It comes with both a free and a paid option without much difference between the two. This plugin should help prevent brute force attacks, block IPS, Firewall and much more. It also provides you with detailed security report in PDF format. Comparatively, this security plugin is easier to use and you can customize the same, post installation

9. Google authenticator:
This is a must have wordpress security plugin; you need to have the same installed on your website at the earliest. This plugin enables you to set up a two factor authentication force, where in uses often have to have their ID confirmed by a two steo authentication protocol. This should help you protect your website beter.

10. Gravity forms encrypted fields:
If you have Gravity forms installed on your website, then it should help to enhance the security of your platform and to keep all your information secure. You may want to consider investing in gravity forms encrypted fields as it would boost the security of your website. These security features s should help you to protect your website and keep your information safe and secure.

These are the top 10 malware plugins that you may want to use on your website to keep it safe and secure at all times. Granted that there are more than a few security plugins that you can opt for, which is why you to go in for a trail period. Download and install the plugin. Once done, you can opt to check the lot out and that should provide you with all the information you need to choose the right plugin. Just remember that when you are installing plugins on your website it is always a good idea to check and see if the plugin in compatible with your website.

10 common WordPress theme issues and how to fix them

10 common WordPress theme issues and how to fix them

When it comes to developing a website, whether you are looking to jumpstart your business or looking to set up an ecommerce portal or for that matter, a personal website, the fact is that you need a robust and strong platform to base it on. And WordPress offers you such a platform with all the requisite tools, and themes to go with it. Moreover, WordPress is quite popular on account of its CMS system, as it allows you to upload content to your website instantaneously. There are quite a few reasons as to why WordPress continues to be popular so much so that some of the top companies in the world are opting for the same. It comes with several themes that you can opt for when setting up your website. But more importantly, there are a few themes related that’s bound to creep in from time to time. You may want to review the lot and learn how to resolve the same quickly so that your website continues to function seamlessly.

1. Missing stylesheet:
You finally found a theme that you liked, and purchased the same. However, when you tried to install the same, you get the error that the style sheet is missing. Well, chances are that the developer tried to scam you but a more realistic explanation is that the style sheet is located in the theme folder. Save a copy of the theme to your system, unzip it and you should be able to check your theme. Now zip it again, use FTP to upload to WordPress and unzip it again, it should now work.

2. Sample data import errors:
Now that you have your theme installed, you soon run into several issues when importing data. One of the reasons that you may encounter several errors when importing data from other sources to your website could be that the theme has not been activated yet. Or the other reason could be that you have not checked the box that says “download attachments”. This should help take care of your data import issues

3. Home page does not look like the demo:
More users become irked when their home page does not look like the demo of the theme they had selected for their website. This is because you have either set the home page to feature your latest post or your theme is using default settings. Either way, you can easily resolve this by heading to your settings and checking out your preferences, check under font page displays.

4. Ugly URLs:
Well, if you are not that happy about your current URL, you can get the same changed easily by heading over to settings and Permalinks. You should come across many options, choose the one you prefer as your URL and that’s it.

5. Posts are returning 404 errors:
If your posts are returning 404 errors, you need to stop panicking and take a deep breath as this issue is easily resolved. It is a simple matter of updating your permalinks. Just remember that if you changed your theme, then you need to update your permalinks.

6. Blank menu:
If you are new to WordPress and a little puzzled as to why your theme continues to remain blank, do read on. You need to make sure that the theme in question has installed the menu and then you need to assign location to the same. Well, your menu should be ready now.

7. Tons of posts without featured images:
The latest WordPress version presents the featured image in the form of a thumbnail with the post. But if you have a lot older posts, which does not display the featured image, and are wondering as to why – well, this is the reason. Your old theme did not use featured images or you had not set them, that’s it.

8. Slides, accordions, toggle and more:
Most of the enhanced features that you see on your website from slides to accordions are mainly designed with Java script. If you run into an issue with one of them then chances are that they are caused by Java Script. But what you can do is t disable your plugins and now see if they are the cause behind these not functioning as they should, in which case, the rogue plugin needs to be disabled.

9. Styling changes:
You have installed the theme correctly and now have added custom script to your preference but for some reason, none of the styling changes seem to take any effect. If that is the case, then you need to disable your cache plugin, refresh your website using customizer, and now see if your styling changes do take effect.

10. Updated and now, my files are gone:
This is why we always suggest that you should do a complete backup of all your core files including content and CSS. So you opted to update without doing any back up and now all your information has been overwritten by the default or new theme that you had just installed. If that is what happened, then all your old files are gone unless you had backed them up before. In which case, you can recover your oild file back without a hitch. Just remember that before you carry out any changes on your website, no matter what they are, it is always a good idea to go in for a complete backup than a haphazard one.

These are some of the theme related issues that you are bound to come across your website. Just remember that WordPress is one of the best platforms there is and it comes loaded with all the advanced functionality that you would ever require. Check out the various issues and the tips associated with the same. It should provide you with the information you need, to help resolve any theme related issues that you may come across. There is no need to panic and the issue can be easily resolved, and in no time at all.

Blogging Mistakes one should listen to and avoid this year

Are you a startup blogger trying to avoid major blogging mistakes?

We all perfectly know that the main aim and goal of every blogger is to write posts that will generate traffic, provide engagement, and social shares.

With hundreds of WordPress themes to choose from, plugins to activate and widgets to use, blogger sometimes are likely to get caught in the blogging blunder trap: having too many and varied “options” and forgetting about the aims.

But often, it seems like the blogger has followed or the rules and methods, but the post doesn’t seem to be engaging.

To help you understand the reasons, here are some blogging mistakes one should listen to and avoid

1. Ignoring your visitors’ reviews and comments

One of the unforgettable blogging mistakes a blogger can make is to totally ignore its audience reviews and comments. Anything you post on you blog is first of all and mainly pre intended for you visitors and readers. This is why their opinion, their voice, their point of view (objective or subjective) is what really makes sense.

Check the performance of the posts on daily basis. Make weekly and monthly reports, create charts and try to understand why one post is more successful than the other. There are even some useful tools in this relation for you to apply.

Gravity Forms:


Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that will be a much help. It gives the ability to make custom forms for anything. Create a contact form, quote request, or even a survey.  Only takes a couple minutes and you’re on your way.  Inserting the form on a page is as simple as copying a short line of code that correlates to the form number right into the html section of the WordPress page editor.

Read and follow all the comments, emails and feedbacks. Sure they may sometimes be unrelated, unclear or highly subjective, but some of them will give you an outer view and some good points and ideas to work on.


Link Within is just the thing for the case.

It is a blog widget that appears under each post, linking to related stories from your blog archive. According to its description in WordPress plugin directory, it retrieves and indexes all stories from your blog archive, not just recent stories, making them accessible to new or casual readers of your blog who would not otherwise encounter them. This helps to increase page views and keep readers engaged. The widget links to stories that are relevant and interesting to readers of a particular post, keeping them engaged with your blog, and increasing your traffic.

2. A blog post is enough

A good, interesting, trendy and high quality blog post is great, but still not enough. In order to turn your blog into a successful and popular blog, you should not only produce engaging posts, but make your blog famous and familiar to readers.

Quality is important, but just as much as marketing.

Instead, you can:

  • Share you posts on social media (Some sources recommend spending time 20/80 writing/sharing other 50/50)
  • Test the time of the day and different days of the week of posting and engagement accordingly
  • Publish on all possible social media platforms
  • Some of older articles can still be relevant and entertaining and that is why some sources advise to share older articles too

3. Wrong structure of the post

Another sample of the major blogging mistakes one should listen to and avoid is writing posts that have no structure or skip paragraphs or sub heads.

Here is a post formula that really works.

  • Headline the 6 words that count most. Goal: Grab Attention. Headlines are read more than anything else on the website. A good headline is your chance to turn a visitor of the blog into a reader and probably a subscriber.
  • Opening
  • Sub Head
  • Content
  • CTA 1
  • Sub Head
  • Content
  • STA2

4. Disabling/enabling Comments

When you think of starting a blog, you should also think of having comments and being ready to answer those of your readers. Comments have been a unique and tightly integrated feature of blogging since the beginning of blogs. But several high profile blogs have decided to turn comments off in recent years. In accordance with their point of view, some comments are either double or triple or useless. While others argue that without comments, a blog isn’t really a blog. Blogging is not just about publishing content, but also a two way communication and community building aspects behind it.

So, if we come to understanding that the truth is somewhere in the middle, you should enable a WordPress plugin that allows you to enable or disable comments for each post particularly.
Disable Comments is a WordPress plugin allows administrators to globally disable comments on any post type (posts, pages, attachments, etc.) so that these settings cannot be overridden for individual posts. It also removes all comment related fields from edit and quick edit screens. On multisite installations, it can be used to disable comments on the entire network.

Additionally, comment related items can be removed from the Dashboard, Widgets, the Admin Menu and the Admin Bar.

5. Non Related Advertising

Another popular way among bloggers to earn money from their blog is to place only highly relevant and links to specific products on it. Having non related advertising on your blog is one of the top blogging mistakes to avoid this year.
Something even worse than non related advertising is too much advertising. It is quite disgusting when you start reading an article and then a big banner popup appears in the middle of the screen and hides content area. Annoying your readers generally won’t make you a sale and won’t provide returning visitors.

6. No Contact and About Pages

You should be easily reachable for your readers. A contact page with a few contacts is a must for any blog.

About page is another handy for letting your visitors know whether your blog is determined for them or no. Write about the bloggers, your values and the aim of the blog.

7. You don’t know your audience

What is fundamental for a blogger is knowing his audience, as whatever blogger does, he, first of all, does it for his audience. Knowing your audience helps you create relevant content, use understandable language and terminology, and reach your main goal, that is have a post that has social engagement and high performance.

Ways to Create Exciting Unique and Memorable Content for Your Small Business

Ways to Create Exciting, Unique and Memorable Content for Your Small Business

When it comes to creating your website from scratch, it is essential that you ensure that your website features some outstanding content so as to make the right sort of impact online. If you want your website to get more traction online, then it goes without saying that you need to look into ways to create content, and develop some outstanding content so that your website stands out for the right reason. Check out some of the following tips on how to create some exciting and unique content for your website.

1. Framing content:
When it comes to ways to create content, the first thing that you need to pay attention to is in framing the content. You need to factor in as to what your audience may be interested in and then prep the content that they would want to check out. But more importantly, you need to frame the content by using the right sort of words, which can help drive people to your content and get them to check it out. Of course, you also need to optimize your content for SEO but you need to first prep relevant content, that’s on topic, and is coherent enough to be tagged as ‘interesting’.

2. Headline:
The headline assumes importance when it comes to ways to create content. Whether you are developing a business post or a blog update, you need to ensure that your title is relevant, one that makes sense and is equally memorable as well. It is essential that you check out some of the top websites to get an idea as to what makes for an interesting headline. The main purpose of a headline is to inform your users as to what your post or update is all about so that they can check out the whole post, if they are into it; but that does not mean that you need to develop a title that seems too ‘factual’ or ‘clinical’. Instead you need to frame it in such a way so that the title is relevant, memorable, short and at the same time, funny as well. Granted, that’s a tall order but if you want your post to grab eyeballs this is what you need to do.

3. Value:


it is one thing to sell your content with the help of a great headline but totally something else, to match it up with great content. But that is exactly what you need to do when it comes to ways to create content. You need to provide value add content, or rather content that provides your users with something of value, such as information they are unaware of or on the specifics on how to go about a certain task, etc. The list goes on and it should be pointed out that if you end up prepping an outstanding headline with some great content, then your post is bound to get more traction online than ever before. For example, you can put out some great tips/ suggestions that prove invaluable to your readers so that they turn out to be repeat customers who would check out your website periodically.

4. Short posts:
This goes without saying; when it comes to ways to create content, you need to aim for short posts to capture your reader’s attention. Granted that you may have much more to say on a particular subject but long posts generally tend to bore out others and they tend to lose interest before they are midway through the post. So make your posts short and if the particular post is long, then break it up into various parts and post it one at a time. That way you should be able to keep your user engaged so that he would check out your website often.

5. Links:
When it comes to providing value add content for your readers, remember to add invaluable and relevant links to the article. The links MUST NOT be promotional but one that is relevant to the article itself and one that your readers would definitely want to check out as well. So make sure that when you research a particular article, you note down relevant links for use later on.

6. Multimedia:
It is important that you feature the right amount of visual cues with your post to make it more appealing for your audience. You can use relevant pictures, high resolution images as well as videos. Just make sure that they are relevant, spot on and just what you need for your post. And if you are worried about the size, then you can use relevant plugins and go in for lossless compression that does not affect the quality of the image itself. Just make sure that you include the right multimedia file along with your post, to help make it more attractive.

7. Takeaways for the audience:
It is essential that your content has some takeaways for your audience; your content must make your readers think so that they’ll want to check out your website again and follow up on the post and even undertake some research as well. This can help drive the readers back to your content and what’s more, it can even get them to share the same via various social media platforms as well. This in turn should help boost the user engagement for your website and ramp up your incoming traffic as well.

These are some of the points that you would want to consider when it comes to developing some unique and memorable content for your website. And keep in mind that you would also have to optimize your content for SEO which means that you need to do the required research and include specific keywords with your posts. This is to ensure that the various search engine robots are able to crawl your website faster and as a result, it should lead to your website being ranked higher. So make sure that you follow all the tips listed above for some outstanding content.

5 ways to repair a broken WordPress installation

5 ways to repair a broken wordpress installation

Today, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms and with good reason; it more than helps to facilitate your website to stand out. It comes with all the advanced functionality that you would require so that you can integrate more user centric features on your website with ease. But what makes it stand out is the fact that it enables you to build your website from scratch irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a novice; and since the process is more or less automated, you should be able to set up your website with ease. And as WordPress is an open source, there are countless developers working on making it perfect and you can expect regular updates for your platform without having to pay anything. The only issue is that at times, a WordPress installation may not take place along as expected. As a result, your website may no longer function as expected which is why you need to check out the 5 ways to repair broken WordPress installation.

Granted that there are various reasons why a WordPress installation may not take place as scheduled and in the event it does, you need to follow the steps listed below, to ensure that your installation takes place, as expected. But before you can begin, you need to first back up your core WP files, such as your blog’s database, wp-content folder etc.

1. Disable plugins:
Plugins do add a lot of functionality to your website; they can enable several user centric features on your website which can help enhance user experience. But on the other hand, when you have one too many plugins installed on your website, they can affect the performance of your website. They can even prevent the latest version of WordPress from being downloaded and installed, and that’s often the case with third party plugins. Just head over to your admin dashboard, and try disabling the plugins one by one, or better yet disable them all. You can also access your website’s directory by using the FTP credentials that your host had provided you with. Now, using this, locate the plugin folder in your root directory. Once you have located the folder, change the name of the folder and that should effectively disable it Repeat this process with the other folders and once deactivated, try a manual installation and see if it goes through a hitch.

2. Check your config file:
Pay close attention to the config file; you can locate the same in your root directory. If your website has not been able to download and install the latest version, it could well be because of a database error. And that’ why you need to check the config file and see if the user name, password and database names are accurate and spot on. If they are still ok, then you need to contact your hosting provider and let them know regarding the issue.

3. Reinstall WordPress again:
Some times, the installation of a new version could be interrupted due to various reasons. One of the ways to ensure that the latest version is downloaded and installed correctly is to reinstall WordPress manually. At the least, this should help resolve most of the issues. You can always use your FTP to reinstall your WordPress but make sure that you use the same wp-content folder of your old website otherwise, all the content would disappear.

4. Check the database:
If your broken WordPress installation is not on account of your plugin or any of your core WordPress files, then you need to check your database tables. Just check out your database tables with the help of myPhpAdmin. Now, check your database and see if there is any error. If there is, then you can click on repair and get the issue sorted out at the earliest. You can also contact the hosting company and they’ll be more than happy to help you with the various steps involved.

5. Call In the experts:
If the four steps have not resolved the issue yet, then you need to call in the big guys. The installation may be incomplete or incorrect due to various reasons. But once you call in the experts, they should be able to locate the most likely causative factors and take the required corrective actions. And keep in mind that the solution could be as simple as a defective plugin or something else altogether. It is important that you contact your host and let them know about the issue. List out the various steps that you had followed and ask them for assistance. Usually, they respond rather quickly and would definitely help you out with the issue at hand.

Having to deal with a broken WordPress installation is never easy; at least it may appear that way. The point being that all you need to do is to check the steps listed here, follow the directions to the letter and you should be able to get the latest version installed. It is essential that your website runs on the latest version since previous versions are often replaced due to security flaw, which hackers can then use to target your website.

Ironically, certain third party plugins can help provide your website, with the security it requires. But the same plugins can cause your website to malfunction and interrupt the installation of WordPress on your website. If that happens, then it is important that you do not panic, and by following the directions listed here. And if you find the whole process slightly overwhelming, you can always call in the experts. But the methodology and the process listed here is quite simple that you should be able to follow it in without any hassle. The latest version of WordPress should definitely help your website stand out, for all the right reasons. This is why it makes perfect sense to try and check out the various reasons as to why the latest WordPress may have not been installed. It is important that you have a good sense of humor.

10 Ways to Improve Your Mobile App UX

Improve Your Mobile App UX

Several ways to improve your Mobile App UX discussed

Do you want to make your mobile applications smarter and successful? In the present time, you may already know the value of mobile and its applications. People are now connected with phones and love to make searches frequently.

Therefore, if you are involved in the mobile development process or need to increase Mobile App UX. Then here is the list of top 10 ways that can help a lot to offer cutting edge solutions for users.

UX stated as the User experience that often known to describe the app’s usability and achievement. To accomplish this goal, you need to prepare and implement a strong strategy that gives complete worth to your efforts.

1. Develop the Impressive App

We all know this fact, the user takes only a few seconds to decide the app is best or just a wastage. So, to impress your audience you need to think according to their mind and needs.

The Mobile App UX should be fantastic and eye-catching that attract user in seconds and they just want to stay with you. Do not rely only on putting high-quality content, this sometimes misleads the user.

Keep engaging, straight that describes clear what you are and why they should use the app. The other thing you need to make sure is do focus on adding images, videos that offer great UX.

2. Make Your App Design Simple & Responsive

The motive of app development is to accomplish the goals of the user so they found your app best. This can be possible if the app design is simple and perfect for use.

With this, the user can find the content with ease and take benefit from it. The interesting app for the user is only which is easy to load, offer high UX, and easy to navigate on the devices.

The other thing you need to look at is to make your app super responsive that can access by anyone at any device.

3. Add Visual Data

data presentation and visualization

The interceding Mobile App UX in which the color theme, visual photos, videos are in high numbers. No one is interested in text-based content. Users mostly love to open the file which is easy to navigate and learn.
With these, the user will feel more engaged with the content and keep him longer in your app that improves the performance and reviews as well.

4. Keep the App Easy

Mobile Application Advantages Disadvantages

If your app is about sharing good information, education, etc. that requires information from users such as by registering names, phone numbers then make sure the process is easy and fast.

If there is any delay in loading pages and accessing the account, the user will take one second to leave your app.

So, Mobile App UX is perfect that just make the user happy. All you need to do is reduce the user efforts on your app and scan all the techniques that should be simple.

5. Connect with Social Media

social media thinking

When it comes to user experience, your primary focus is to make the app registration process easy so the user just converts in your app smoothly.

According to stats, most of the users found trouble while doing the signup process. Even some leave the process incomplete due to the long process.

To make the signup process faster just connect it with social media with a simple click. This gives your user a good and smooth process to have in touch with your app.

6. Reduce Loading Time

The other important thing you need to check is the speed. If your app is taking a long loading time then the user can leave you without thinking the second time. Make sure the app has high speed and pages are easy to navigate.

This eventually improves the user experience. The other thing you need to sure, the app download time should be 5 seconds. In case it is taking 1-2 minutes, the user will stop the download.

7. Smart User Interface

user experience

The smart user interface can help in improving the app UI along with UX. When the user gets consistency in the app and makes user usage easy with no pitfalls, they feel the best outcomes and leave good reviews for you.

To do the best in this UI/UX app design is perfect. Even you can take the help of a professional web and app Development Company.

8. Make Search Easier

When anyone user searches you, his motive is to collect some useful information about the product or it could be any. So, you need to do is make the search are highly integrated that give good wish to make your search experience better. One thing you need to check, the search box should be easy.

9. The App Should be User-friendly

user friendly

The pro tip to make Mobile App UX better, you need to check the customer support. It doesn’t matter how good your app is, but it has to be user-friendly that gives them good assistance when they need it.

Chatbox or email message should be on, so when your user needs help they get a good worth.

10. Don’t Forget the Market

Maybe you are thinking now, why market? Well, it applies to all. While developing your app, it is important to study your customers and their needs.

User needs a smart app that works in a single touch and gives worth to their efforts. Interactive and useful apps always rock in the market.

If you are all set to develop Mobile App UX then do follow all the above tips to make you and your user happy.

Wrapping Up

No one needs to put their efforts where the chances of outcomes are negative, whether it is from a user point of view or the developer.

With the proper market research and caring for some good tips, while developing, you can produce the best that can meet with the user’s requirement.

With proper hard work, you can get the nest sales, high conversion rate, best user experience, and great outcomes.

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Why You Should Care About Your Websites Page Speed

When it comes to page speed, even a fraction of a second can influence user experience to a great extent According to a study, more than half of all internet users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. A website which is taking more than 2 seconds is considered slow.

If your website takes more than 2 seconds to fully load, it can be a serious concern. A slow loading website can cause significant loss – most website owners lose their loyal audience just because their website loading speed is not acceptable. A slow loading website, apart from being annoying, has numerous other negative effects that are worth considering.

In this post, we will take a look at why you should improve your website speed, but before that let’s know what is the ideal speed for a website.

What is an Ideal Page Speed?
You might have noticed, over the years, the focus has progressively shifted to mobile. Now mobile has turned into the mainstream. However, still many people find their desktop-computers useful for their daily online experiences.

Nevertheless, one thing is a fact, whether a user is using desktop or mobile device he expects a website to load fast. Website owners who consistently offer smooth and lightning fast user experience always have greater chance to enhance their customer engagement, increase conversion and sales and improve search engine ranking.

Everyone knows that good page speed is crucial, but the point is what is an ideal page speed. Well, every expert has its own opinion on website load speed.

According to Arvind Jain, a Google engineer, every millisecond matters when it comes to website loading speed. According to him, even a blink of an eye, beyond 400 milliseconds is considered too long for user’s to wait.

People are less likely to access a website that loads 250 milliseconds slower than its competitors. However, people expectations on website speed may vary depending on the type of content. Sometimes, people may wait for a video clip but not for a search result. Most SEO experts agree that website load page speed should not be more 3 seconds. In a broad sense, we can say you should try to keep your page speed below 3 seconds (2 seconds is even better). If it is above 3 you really need to diagnose the issues and fix them as soon as possible.

Tools to Check Your Website Speed

Page Speed Insight
Web page test
Website Pulse

You may use any of the these free and premium tools to keep track on your website page speed. These tools may also give you suggestions on resolving the following issues:

– JavaScript and CSS rendering website loading
– Non-optimized images
– Unnecessary use of themes and plugins
– Externally – Embedded Media

After using any of above tool, If you get a suggestion to fix render-blocking CSS and JavaScript, there is a great post about eliminating render-blocking Javascript and CSS in above-the-fold can be helpful for you.

Let’s have a look at some factors why page speed is so important and why we shouldn’t ignore it.

It is an important Google’s Ranking Factor

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, back in 2010, Google announced that website speed would be counted as a ranking factor. While some experts don’t consider it the strongest factor yet it can give you that little extra push to put your online presence ahead of your competition on search engine results.

Apart from considering page speed as a ranking factor, slow page speed can also affect how quickly Google can index your website. If Google is indexing fewer pages of your site, it can affect your website ranking.

It can Affect Your Conversion and Sales Rates

As people leave slow-loading sites, conversion and sales will be automatically lower if your website speed is exceptionally slow. According to report, every second delay in website loading can cause 7% fewer conversions and 16% decrease in overall customer satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at some examples how quickly loading page can bring better conversion and sales.

-When Amazon improved their page speed by 1 second, they noticed 2% increase in their conversions.

-Mozilla also improved their page speed by 2.2 seconds and guess what! now they relish 60 million more downloads per year.

-Shopzilla also noticed a huge benefit after decreasing their page loading time by 3 seconds. They started getting 25% percent more page views and between 7 – 12% increase in revenue as well. We guess, this evidence clearly discloses that if you want to get a higher conversion, you must take some steps to speed up your website.

It Helps in Reducing Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is referred to the percentage of users who visit a website and don’t come back. High bounce rate means that more visitors are abandoning your site while a low bounce rate means people are finding your site relevant.

It is clear that higher bounce rate can decrease your chances of leads, conversions, and sales. No matter if your website has the best content and best design in the world, but if it is loading very slow, people would not like to access your site. According to a stat, even a single second decrease in load time can cause 11% percent fewer page views.

Common Factors that Can Slow Down a Web Page

There are myriad of factors that can influence a web page speed. Below are some quick tips which you may find helpful to speed up your site speed

-Optimize your website’s images.-Minify Your JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
-Choose a lightweight theme
-Try to reduce the number of HTTP requests.
-Optimize your site for mobile users
-Use browser caching
-Reduce time to the first byte
-Reduce server response time
-Choose the reliable hosting partner and pick the right hosting plan according to your business needs
-Try enabling compression

If you’re really serious about improving your online presence, page speed optimization must be your top priority. We hope this article gives you better ideas on why page speed is crucial to a user-experience, SEO, and conversion.

The importance of business app creation and why choose WordPress to build it

Managing to keep the success of your business at an optimal level can be quite difficult, considering how competitive the majority of industries are. Nowadays, in order for many enterprises to become relevant, focusing on their online presence is a must. However, the simple development of a website is no longer the only thing that can increase your odds of appealing to the younger generation, apps becoming just as relevant. If you have been contemplating on creating a mobile application for your business’ website, but you are not sure if this is a wise investment to make, receiving a few insist on the topic might help you reach a decision. The following information will tell you the benefits of app creation as well as why you should opt for WordPress when you are building one.

1. The pros of developing an app:

There are various factors that make app creation such a positive business choice, some of which might appeal to you.

Easy and fast process – in comparison with what you might be tempted to believe, creating an app is not at all difficult. If you choose to resort to the right App Maker, you can get the end-product extremely fast, with minimal effort from your part. Just by following a few simple, relevant steps, you will obtain an app version to your website. Check a few app makers to understand the process better.

Valuing customers – with an app at your disposal, it will be much easier for you to create loyalty programs and thus give your customers the value and recognition they seek in order to keep them loyal. Perhaps you might already have a loyalty program running on your website, but the app alternative is far more convenient and user-friendly.

Improving reputation – the majority of successful businesses nowadays, give their customers/clients the possibility of downloading an app, which provides them with an easier access to the company’ services, products or website content. In order to keep up with competitors, and maintain customer satisfaction, it’s important to follow the latest digital and technological trends yourself, and this is one of them. You will quickly notice more people taking an interest in your business after the development of an app.

Boost profits – all business decisions you make ultimately come down to profit. From marketing to product or service improvement, any changes and actions you are taking are probably focused on increasing profitability.

Well, in order to grow your clientele range, or to maintain the loyalty of your current clients, paying attention to their needs is necessary. Through the various marketing and advertising tactics you can adopt with the help of a mobile app, you will be able to improve customer satisfaction, and thus reach your goals in the profit department.

Younger demographics – if you were looking for way to determine younger people to become more interested in your brand, an app might just be the answer you were looking for. Today’s youths are known for constantly with a smartphone in their hands, and the majority of them are also app-enthusiasts. Because in their point of view there should be an app for anything, this is your chance to catch their interest. A regular website only will not give you the possibility to reach out to younger demographics.

Build recognition and brand – Brand awareness is one of any busies’ goals, and while there are other resources that can contribute in this department, offering app access remains a powerful solution. By providing customers with interesting and fun features giving the application an attention grabbing design, appealing to an increased number of people will be a normal outcome, which will improve the business awareness of your brand. When you are determining customers to interact with an app, you are increasing your chances of making them actually buy your product or hire your services as well, so gaining recognition will become easier this way.

2. Why should you choose WordPress for app building?:

Content reach is widened – WP enables mobile app access in the offline as well, which widens the content reach of your application. Being able to check out your content without requiring a stable network connection will certainly be seen as a great plus by your audience.

Easy access to push notifications – you can improve customer support by sending push notification, informing them about the latest deals, offers and promotions, and WP will give you this possibility.

Compatibility with devices – if you research the topic for a bit, you will find out that WordPress is the safest choice to make when it comes to device compatibility. You will be allowing your users to access uninterrupted various features of your application, while utilizing the features of their own devices at the same time as well. This will make the app more appealing to them, and will increase the number of people who will actually download it.

Customization options – The next most important detail about a mobile app, besides being easy to use, is the way it looks. If you want to grab the attention of users, you will need to customize the application in a unique and interesting way. With WP, you have this possibility. With just a simple search on the web, you will come across an impressive range of amazing themes, which give you the chance to give both your website and app that twist it needs to make it more enjoyable for users.

As you can see, the creation of a mobile application can be of great help to the further success of your business, helping you reach the level of awareness and online presence you desire. Deciding to build one and going for WordPress option is also extremely advantageous. However, in order for the results provide you truly be the ones you expect, and to bring you the positive outcomes desires, make sure to resort to the right app development tool. Search for options, compare offers, and make an informed choice.

Comprehensive guide to Fix Connection lost Error in WordPress

Here our experienced driven team shall provide you with how you can Fix Connection Lost Error in WordPress.

This article is to clear your doubt regarding fixing the connection lost error while working in your WordPress. WordPress uses various keys while you work on your content. Similarly, the lost connection is a major problem that takes time as well as cost while you work for your website.

Be it, new bloggers or professionals, everybody wants to work on an economical and time-saving share of interest.

Firstly you need to understand the basics of how your work is assessed by WordPress; you need to understand that, WordPress uses Ajax for saving you’re the post that you work on.. Further, admin-ajax.php is employed to connect your server from the web browser.

This is done so, because, if your server loses internet connection, or the server goes down, none of your work goes off. However, a regular pulse is sent between the browser and the server at regular interval allowing frontend updates.

Meanwhile, hundreds of sites are associated on the same IP address, and it is reviewed that no similar sites abuse the resources thus clearing the confusion, so the shared hosts create connection error which further shows a pop of message of “Connection lost.

Savings has been disabled until you’re recommended. We’re backing up this post in your browser, just in case. If it goes even worse, Heartbeat API usage can stop your WordPress from editing. Your hard-earned content is lost in a matter of seconds. However, here are a few reliable solutions that you should try to stop the problem that arises in your work.

Catching the problem of API

It is an easy task to identify Heartbeat API based problem by just surfing the admin-ajax-php coverage. Open a site speed test and check how much time is spent on the admin.ajax.php. If the indication is heavy, Heartbeat API is the reason behind it. It is due to the unnecessary amount of pages opened that create the problem.

Generally, the web host notifies the excessive amount of usage through the admin-ajax.php. Heartbeat API is a newly added feature in WordPress 3.6. We shall provide you with a short description of it so that you undertand what the problems are hindering.

API influences the bidirectional connection between the server and the browser. While a user works on it, API will use for auto saving, post locking and also provide log-in expiration. Meanwhile, an API will be sending XHR request to the server every 15 seconds and records callbacks on receiving the encrypted data.

While the futuristic program shall have a blocking feature of simultaneous editing of widgets along with menus as per the requirement, for now, the connection error is a problem for the most number of workers.

Additionally, the admin-ajax.php helps in connecting the web browser directly to the server. The updated version has a lot to do to Fix Connection Lost Error in WordPress. Backend pages keep updated with the server and the browser, unnecessary and huge amount of load is created when multiple numbers use the backend, further if a single user surfs multiple pages, it also creates unnecessary resource usage.

Solving the Most Important Issue

solve problem

Heartbeat API is resource-intensive, it provides the basic function of the auto save feature. When you Fix Connection Lost Error In WordPress, essential features are not compromised. Heartbeat API control feature can be made effective by downloading and installing the Heartbeat control plugin.

Further, Plugin is featured with API control setting where the standard interval should be overridden in high frequency. a frequency of 60 seconds is the most standardized limitation. The server works according to the time limit decreasing the stress on the server.

This helps in sending other unnecessary request to the server and further decreasing the usage of the server and the browser.

Deactivating Plugins Can Show Results

Plugin issues can be a big reason behind the lapse in your WordPress, By deactivating as much page as you can, the error might go away, but, if the error still shows up, deactivate all the plugins, wait for some time and try activating one by one. See how it responds. A short check on specific plugin shall help you in larger areas.

Common Methods Used By Experts

If you are finding hard to Fix Connection Lost Error in WordPress, the most common method that is used by experts is by simply checking the internet connection. This is the most common problem that everyone faces where neither the hard-earned posts get saved in the draft section nor the work gets posted. Once you fix the internet problem, your timely update shall be saved in the site.

Your Host May Be Putting You on Confusion

This is one such problem that newbies, as well as professional, generally face, you maybe be working with great efficiency, but the host you choose may not be reliable to you. Most of the time, such a problem is solved when the hosting service is changed.

If there is a limitation in hosting or downgraded hosting service, it is better to update or bring a change by getting a better service, paying a little amount will surely help you expand yourself, and if this also does not help you we can confirm you that it can be a plugin or a themes confliction. Try deactivating all the plugins and using the default as your theme.

So, these above-mentioned tricks were some of the easiest and the most effective ways to Connection Lost Error in WordPress, that has been reported to you. Because of your importance while working in WordPress.

We understand how important is the data that you maintain and its significance for your client. These basic problems arise in all the pages in WordPress. It can be fixed with many simple ways, working on it would save the necessary time and cost and further bring a reliable way to unnecessary load to your server.

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Why to Convert Non Responsive WordPress Website to Responsive One

Why to Convert Non Responsive WordPress Website to Responsive One

If you have noticed the drop in traffic and the lack of any meaningful conversions taking place on your website – you should know that the same could well be on account of your non responsive website. . It is high time that you should consider changing your website to a responsive WordPress website, given the fact that nearly 30% of online users and more, prefer to shop and conduct transactions online through their smartphone. Here are some of the top 5 reasons as to why you need to change to a responsive website, at the earliest.

1. Improved functionality:
Do note that you are aiming to transform your website into a responsive WordPress website and not just a mobile friendly one at that. The key difference between a mobile friendly website and a responsive one is that the former just looks good on mobile phone but it still comes with a few glitches which affect its functionality. A responsive website is one that can be easily viewed through any hand held device and it enables the end user to navigate your website quite easily and without any loss of functionality at that. In fact, a responsive website is one that essentially enables your website to adjust the screen that it is being viewed on. So your users should be able to access your website from tablets, mobile phones, ipads and other devices without any loss of functionality.

2. Increased traffic from mobile users:
One of the key reasons that you may want to opt for responsive WordPress website is the fact that most of the online consumers prefer to shop directly by accessing the various websites with their smartphone. The fact is that more and more consumers prefer to shop online with their smartphone since it enables them to shop “on the go”. Given this, it only makes sense from a business point of view that you would want to opt for a responsive WordPress design at the earliest. Moreover, with a responsive design in place, you should be able to regain the competitive edge over your competition.

3. Lower cost and website maintenance:

Isle of Man Website Maintenace

When you are setting up a WordPress responsive website, you may want to consider the fact that this could well result in lower cost and expenses with streamlined website maintenance. You need to remember that initially, the responsive design may seem a tad expensive at the start but given the fact that you would no longer have to maintain two websites, it should help make the price tag seem all the more attractive. Furthermore, it is fairly easy to maintain as well. More importantly, it should not take you much time to set up your responsive website which is why it makes more sense to opt for a responsive design at the earliest.

4. Seamless user experience:
When it comes to responsive WordPress websites, the one thing that you can count in is a seamless user experience. You should not have many issues in navigating from one page to the next, to checking out all the features of the target website and more. When you access your non-responsive website, you may notice that the texts are all mixed up and that it is not that easy to navigate from one page to the next. This is exactly what your users would experience when they check out your website online and naturally, there’s zero conversion. And that is why you need to opt for a responsive website design at the earliest and in the process, ensure that your online conversion rate gets a boost.

5. Adaptability:
Given the fact that most users experience a loss of functionality in one, some or all the features when they try to access your static and non responsive website, it should make you consider transforming your website to a responsive one.What makes a responsive website is the way by which the website adapts itself to any screen that it is being accessed from. It is certainly adaptable and should help boost your company.

6. Improved SEO:

Improved SEO

One of the best things about having a responsive WordPress website instead of the usual non responsive website is the improvement in its SEO and current rankings. Most search engines often rank responsive websites higher for the simple reason that these websites are considered to be user centric and to provide essential service in the form of a responsive website

These are some of the reasons that you would want to opt for a responsive design at the earliest. And if you plan to stay competitive and to go head to head with your competition, then it only follows that you would want to use every advantage that WordPress can provide you. And a responsive design in place is one of the most effective ways by which you can snag more customers and even help build your brand as well. Just remember that a responsive design by itself is no guarantee of success but it needs to be complemented with great content, high resolution images, media files, and much more.

A responsive design complements the rest and manages to provide your users with enriched user experience. Just keep in mind the fact that more and more consumers have started accessing internet through their various hand held devices. And that this number is growing exponentially and given that more online users have started accessing online websites in developing markets such as China and India, it only makes sense to opt for a responsive WordPress website. And there are quite a few attractively priced designs and themes that you can pick from when it comes to choosing the right one for your website. You need to double check and ensure that the design you are opting for is a responsive one and not just a mobile friendly one at that. And remember that when it comes to the overall design, choose one that comes loaded with advanced functionality and more user centric features.

Is WordPress Website Speed Crucial to Your Success?

Is WordPress Speed is Crucial to Your Success

How often have you been frustrated at the slow loading speed of a particular website? Now, imagine the shoe on the other foot – the reaction that you had to the slow loading speed is exactly the same as the ones your customers have, when faced with the issue of your slow WordPress website speed. It is one thing to be just cursing out but the issue is that slow load speeds can often lead to web abandonment. And that is precisely the reason that you need to read the rest of the article so that you can understand the issue of WordPress website speed better.

Google has made page speed a ranking signal since 2010; it had finally taken note of the sheer frustration experienced by countless users on coming across the “page loading” notification and had decided to make it a ranking signal. Essentially, this basically means that those pages that load fast enough will get ranked higher than pages that load slower, as long as the page is relevant, spot on and not filled with some gibberish. In simple terms, as long as your page is relevant to your website and is filled with coherent information, then it will get ranked higher provided the pages load fast enough. This should be reason enough for you to start using your plugins and try and improve the speed of your pages. It is important that you utilize all the help you can get to improve the speed of your pages so that you get to rank higher. And this is exactly the reason why you need to go all out to ensure that the pages to your website loads at optimal speeds, so that you can rank higher than your competition and take advantage of the same. It is important to stress that Google does not reward low quality pages so make sure that your pages are relevant and provide the necessary information that an online user may be looking for.

E commerce:
One of the interesting things is that when it comes to e commerce, various studies have found that a sharp increase in the page load times often lead to more conversions and sales. And what more do you need to convince you to speed up those pages? When customers shop online, they often expect instant gratification which is why a “page loading” notification is bound to frustrate them and turn them away from your website. And this is precisely why you need to make sure that your WordPress website speed is at optimal levels. Moreover, this is bound to boost their user experience and as a result, they are bound to return back as well. And of course, they are more than likely to spread the word about your website as well. And that is why it is essential that you ensure that all your pages load at optimal speeds so that none of your customers go dissatisfied. Remember that you are running an online business and it is on you to ensure that your visitors’ user experience is good enough to get the t return back and this should, in turn, help boost up that conversion rate as well. To help put it in perspective, Mozilla enjoyed 60 million more firefox downloads after they boosted their speed by 2.2 seconds, and that’s a phenomenal number. This is why it is critical that you improve your WordPress website speed, especially if you are running an ecommerce store.

Mobile experience:

mobile experience

One of the other reasons that you may want to consider increasing your WordPress website speed is on account of the fact that most online users tend to check websites out via their phones and other hand held devices. The first thing that you need to ensure is that your website is mobile friendly. That being said, with mobile devices seeing greater traction, you need to make sure that your prospective customers can review/ check your website and access its functionality without a hitch. And if your pages load slowly enough, they are not going to stick around for long. Most online users have a short attention span and there is no reason to believe that the same logic does not apply to mobile users either. Given the short attention span of mobile users, this is the reason why you need to ensure that your pages load fast and immediately, without causing the user to experience any loss of functionality in any form or the other. And that is why you need to use plugins to ensure that all your pages can be viewed right away without any loss of functionality in a mobile phone or any hand held device as well. Just remember that most mobile users may even grade your website or review the same, so it is in your interest to make your website mobile friendly and fast loading at the same time.

How to improve your speed?

When it comes to improving the speed of your website, there are a few things that you need to do, it would be a good idea to prep a checklist so that you can cross each item as you come across it.

1. Migrate from shared hosting to VPS:
As your website becomes more popular and as you install more user centric applications on your website, it maybe time for you to move away from shared hosting to a more dedicated form of hosting, such as VPS.

2. Optimize your content:
You need to optimize your content to make your pages load faster; and that means making your large images smaller. There are various plugins that you can use, that can help trim those images so that your pages load faster.

3. Caching plugin:

W3 Total Cache

There are quite a few reasons as to why you want to use caching plugin; for starters, it can help you cache content which you can then display to visitors and for another, it can help your pages load much faster than before.

4. GZip:
GZIP is a handy tool that helps to compress the content; with it, you can go for lossless compression without any negative impact on the quality of the image itself. Given this, you may want to install GZip on your website, at the earliest.

This is why you need to pay attention to your page speed at all times. And you may want to keep in mind that as you run more widgets and user centric applications on your website, it is bound to cause your speed to drop quite a bit. And that is why you need to carefully review all the applications and widgets you are currently running on your website, especially if you hope to improve the speed to optimal levels.

Is it Really Important to Speed up WordPress Websites from SEO Aspect

Is it Really Important to Speed up WordPress Websites from SEO Aspect

If you are planning to set up a website for your small start up, or to establish an online presence for your business, then it is important that you review the rest of the article carefully. When it comes to online websites, speed is paramount – more so, where online users are concerned. To put it in perspective, according to Radware, even a two second delay can lead to an 87% abandonment rate. And that’s all the more reason that you would have to choose the right theme and the right plug-in to speed up your WordPress website. Check out the various reasons as to why you need to take the issue of speed more seriously.

1. The effect of WordPress site speed:
Ever since Google made it clear that a website’s speed is important and one that would be taken as one of the metric, when ranking a website, more websites have started paying attention to the same. The fact is that a slow website can impact your website functionality. Think about it, a viable lead gets to your landing page and clicks on the “checkout” link, but the page does not load fast enough. It will only result in the customer walking away and loss of sales. A recent study clearly highlighted the fact that most online users tend to spend just a few seconds when browsing online. And naturally, given this attention span, it is all the more important for you to ensure that your website operates at optimal speed. And please note, if your website is considered to be slow, this will result in Google raking your website lower. Just Google “speed up WordPress website” and you should come across quite a few plugins that you can use.

2. How to check site speed:

PageSpeed Insights

There are some free online tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights that allow you to check the loading speed of your website on a desktop and mobile. If you are wondering how to check your site speed, then all you need to do is to search online for ‘speed up WordPress website’. The search results should help provide various tools that you can use to search your website’s speed. You can check your website speed and determine if your website is operating at the optimal speed or not which should tell you if your users are experiencing a lag time when checking out your website. If your site had slowed down quite a bit, then it may be time for you to become more proactive regarding the same. For example, you can have fewer apps, plugins running on your website and this should help your website load faster. But the point is that you need to check regularly, and monitor your website speed. And if the overall speed drops, then you need to take adequate measures to ensure that the pages load at optimal levels again.

3. Improving your WordPress website:
if you are wondering how to speed up your WordPress website, then you should know that there are a few things that you can do. For example, you can optimize your image, update your plugins and themes, and reduce external HTTP requests and much more. You can also break down your long posts into short ones, but apart from these basic tricks, the best thing that you can do to speed up your website is to invest in a good hosting solution. The best one happens to be the WordPress hosting solution and that is all the more reason as to why you should opt for one.

4. Why WordPress hosting?
While it is true that carrying out those basic tips such as updating your plugins and themes should help improve your speed marginally, if you are looking to speed up your WordPress website, then you need to go in for WordPress hosting at the earliest. Here are a few reasons as to why you want to go in for WordPress hosting,

5. SSD storage systems:
The SSD storage systems should enable your website to load seamlessly and quickly at that. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the latency on your pages so that when a user clicks on a link, the requested page should open up right away.

6. CDN or content delivery system:
since WordPress comes with a first class CDN in place, all your content should get uploaded in real time. Moreover, the same content would be available to one and all, irrespective of any geographic location and they should certainly experience little to no latency.

7. regular updates:

regular updates

granted that WordPress comes with advanced functionality but even these may require to be updated or a tweak to be applied. So you can always count on getting regular updates from WordPress, round the clock, instant notifications and if any security issues flares up, WordPress steps in and gets the issue resolved once and for all. And the updates are automatic, by default so you do not really have to click on anything to get your WordPress updated.

8. Consistent monitoring:
the great thing about WordPress is its advanced functionality. It monitors your website round the clock and ensures that it operates at optimal speeds. If thereis an issue with speed, it flags the issue and lets the admin of the site, aware that he has a problem. And WordPress even suggests solutions that you can use to improve your speed and more. This process is also automatic and you really do not have to do much or even press a button.

This post should make it patently clear that when it comes to the speed of your WordPress website, you need to take all effective measures that you can to help increase the speed to optimal levels. Keep in mind that lower speed can result in Google ranking you lower and in customers walking away. It is in your interest to make sure that your website continues to operate at optimal levels and that your customers do not face any latency when they are clicking on the links on your website. And with the right amount of speed along with some fantastic content, your website should stand out for the right reasons.

How to Create Visually Effective Call-To-Action

Calls To Action

This article chalks out plans on how to create visually effective call-to-action

If your website doesn’t compel the visitors to take any kind of action then chances are there that your website lacks proper call-to-action. It is the most crucial part of the marketing campaign and having a good call-to-action depends on whether you are going to get more customers or you are going to lose them.

Making an effective call-to-action requires a lot of crucial steps. Having proper CTA helps you to know about people who are visiting your website or reading the emails for buying any product, reading any article, downloading any file. When it comes to digital marketing, CTA remains present as a link or with any kind of anchor text.

A CTA can be easily used anywhere so that the readers or the viewers can take any action and finish the task. Usually, when people jump to action depending on the CTA, it is known as conversion and most of the marketers look for better conversions.

Proper and Effective Call-To-Action connects strongly to the page content and also helps in motivating people to take action on any particular content. A proper CTA helps in giving proper message regarding the benefits which people can get on acting.

Also, make sure that the CTA which you are using meets all the promises and a good CTA utilize the action words which helps the viewers to know about the proper action they must take.

It is important to make an effective strategy before featuring any of the call-to-action on the website and then finding a good design for featuring them. Listed below are some of the ways that you can follow to make an effective CTA for your website.

Create bigger CTA

It is important to understand the goal of the CTA and how it can help in attracting the attention of visitors. One of the effective ways of knowing about the importance is by simply increasing the size of the CTA.

Size of the CTA should not be decided independently on different other factors. This is highly co-related to the page context and various other features of the call-to-action.

If you want to make an Effective Call-To-Action make sure to make a bigger CTA only if you want to add images or graphics which will help in strengthening the message.

Importance of proper placement

Make sure that the CTA is placed above the fold as this will help the viewers to easily spot it without any issues. An Effective Call-To-Action is mostly placed in the top left position on the online advertisements.

This way also has certain logic as while reading, we mostly start from left to right and we read from top to bottom. Another effective way of placing CTA depends on the context of the remaining page and therefore, it is important to do certain testing before placing the CTA. Proper placement of CTA will force the visitors to take decision and take proper action.

Contrast is necessary

Contrast is considered as one of the most effective graphical techniques and can be applied to make Effective Call-To-Action. If you quickly want to grab someone’s attention as soon as they visit your website is simply by making the CTA different and unique from the rest of the page.

This can also be done by making the CTA dominant on your website page. This can be easily achieved by selecting any colour for the button which is in contrast with the background. A lot of marketers debate on the fact that using the red colour for making CTA helps in increasing the click rates.

While others say that the whole context of the web page must find out the colour. If you want to keep the colour contrasting then make sure that everything fits with the general website colour scheme. Also, try to avoid utilizing patterns for making CTA.

Include spatial effect

Always Add Hover Effects

You must have heard that less is always more and this is always applicable for CTA. In case you want to attract more visitors for your CTA, then it is best if you leave some white space. If you want to make Effective Call-To-Action then it is best not to crowd the language unless the information provided compels to take action.

Dividing CTA from the remaining content on a web page does mean separating the item. Another trick that you can use for making CTA is simply by adding warm tone colors in the background like orange and red since these colors helps in making the CTA appear large.

Use unconventional shapes

Effective call-to-action

Usually most of the CTA’s have similar shapes which are rectangular box but it is best if you use any round or circular shaped boxes which will make it look like button. Having square corners makes the visitors to think it as advertisement or any kind of banner which people mostly tend to avoid.

A lot of times you can see few CTA’s which comes in unconventional shapes. These shapes make an element of surprise in the minds of the visitors which increases click rates.

Give significance to text

significance text

It has been found that people tend to read more text content compared to the graphical content. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the wordings are clear; action oriented and are specific as well. When giving importance on the CTA text, keep in mind that graphics helps in giving meaning to the messages.

Add sense of direction

Few effective and successful CTA has arrows those pointing on them. This creates sense of direction which helps in guiding visitor towards the important element present on the page. This is an effective way of segmenting information and making a flow.

Incorporate hover effect

You might have noticed few CTA which changes especially when hovering over them with mouse. Keeping this hover effect helps in creating the idea that the CTA can be clicked instantly.

Incorporating hover animation, the colour of the buttons can be easily changed along with the brightness. If you want you can provide a shadow or alternatively you can use the zoom in and out effect.

Therefore, these are some of the ways by which you can make some visually effective CTA for your website.

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The Guide To Grow Your Mobile App Using Content Marketing

content marketing

No one denies this fact, mobile apps are growing continually. And people are loving it too. Therefore, entrepreneurs taking this opportunity hands to hands to make their website performance better along with conversion rate. The new challenge for every mobile development is to get the best out of it.

On the internet, you will find different ways to grow your mobile app. In which content marketing is one of the best ways to has magical benefits to promote your business. If you want to engage more audience and spark your brand among user’s mind.

So, before jumping to the tips, you must understand what content marketing is.

What Is Content Marketing?

The key to get success in business and engage more audience to your website is content marketing.

This can be done via sharing content on social media channels and more. According to stats, blogs, articles become the proven method to get high traffic to the website and paid advertising. Later on, it boosts the conversion of Mobile apps too.

Content marketing is the cheapest way to get the best outcomes from fewer efforts. It does not need any expert to do this. But all you have to write good stuff that has the power to engage the audience. When it comes to outsourcing the mobile app, content marketing has been proved method.

Why Content Marketing Is The Right Strategy?

If you are not okay with content marketing ideas, then see below the benefits of opting tactics to grow your mobile app.

  • Almost 80% of business uses the mobile app to grow UX.
  • About 95% of SEO experts and Entrepreneurs believe content is a king.
  • More than 65% of users buy from mobile apps than stores

As you can see, content marketing is doing a remarkable job to grow your mobile app. So, why don’t you try this?

How Does Content Marketing Work In The Mobile App?

For any reader, it is vital to know how content works in grows mobile apps. So, here we have list one example to understand the working.

Suppose you are reading books and products. In which some of the products you would not know about. So, with the help of content, you can easily let to know about your audience about products that offer quick insight to your audience.

You can use paid ads, direct approach, reviews and more to make your customer attract. Apart from the direct approach, content marketing is also important that gives the position to your brand.

Let us consider an example, you have advertised the product on social media like Facebook that take your audience to the mobile app. In this, they found the content about that product which shows how good this product is. This improves brand image and your mobile app becomes more than just reading or purchasing the app.

What Is The Key To Success In Content Marketing For Mobile Apps?

One of the best and strongest techniques to get success, you need to study your customer needs. This means you need to give your audience what they are looking for. If your product is about beauty, then you need a target that audience which is highly interested to buy your products. You need to go straight while delivering your audience.

Some of the best practices that you need to follow:

1. Prepare Your Content Marketing Plan

If you have the skills to write engaging content for the paid advertisement and content, then all you need to make a plan and work accordingly. In case you have no idea what to write and how then hire a professional is a smart choice.

Just keep in mind, do not go too early. If you need to avail of the benefits, then first read your customer needs and develop good content. Spend some good time researching the market and you will create the best content for yourself.

2. Go With The Natural Write-Up

When you are writing for an audience you need to consider each one. Perhaps your audience doesn’t understand the vocab and tough words. Making your content readable and easy to understand by your audience is your first job.

Hence, your efforts get complete worth. Even you can add some pictures and visual data, to make content more engaging for the audience. In simple words, you need to write attractive and easy content that can engage in high traffic.

3. Write Content In Different Types

Website Content and Design

You are pretty much aware of the audience’s needs now. So, you need to write the content in different style and word counts. Some people like to read a lengthy content and some short. All you need to write what is good for the audience.

Moreover, people also consider video tutorials instead of reading the text. The point is to deliver your audience different type of content or show your power to make your customers highly satisfied. Well, it is difficult to accomplish the needs of all your customers, but yes if you have the best content with the quality of products so the users will use your app longer.

4. Make Your Content Informative

If you have some unique and useful content for audience form there get some knowledge as to what they are looking for.

So they will like your mobile app and may increase in your users. Always do your best in writing so the reader likes and shares your content further. Once you get more users and shares, this shows the success of your content marketing tactic.

5. Promote & Promote

To reach the audience and make your campaign successful, you need to promote the content on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and more. With this, you can target many audiences as possible. Keep in mind one thing, your content sounds informative not just a copy of selling products.

Final Words

Follow these above tips of content marketing to grow your mobile app. We will hope you will get success. Make sure you are implementing the tricks wisely or you can take the help of professionals too.

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Create a Free Email Newsletter Service using WordPress

People always look for free email newsletter service using WordPress instead of going for paid email newsletter options like MailChimp, Aweber, and others.

Email Newsletter is increasingly becoming a mandatory part for the success of a website.

It is more important for bloggers as they have a lot of subscribers whom they should send updates from time to time to keep them engaged.

As a matter of fact, sending daily or weekly newsletters helps in getting a lot of organic visitors automatically.

Even companies send newsletters to their customers and clients to keep them updated about the new products and services as well as useful blogs.

Those paid plugins or tools come handy only when you have a very large subscribers’ base and you want to send different newsletter updates to a different chunk of subscribers based on certain advanced criteria.

But the following steps will help you get free email newsletter service using WordPress using FeedBurner.

You can have all the basic functions like sending email newsletter, checking your subscribers’ number and how many clicks you have received for each link and likewise.

Free Email Newsletter Service Using WordPress (Using Category)

Step 1 – Add An Email Newsletter Category

Go to your admin dashboard and then to Posts option on the left menu and click on Categories. Add a new category under heading Add New Category. You can name it anything like Email Newsletter. Make sure that category parent is none and category slug is what it should be. Leave the description blank and click on Add New Category button.

Once the category is created, you have to note down the category ID which you can get by placing your mouse pointer in the newly created category and check the status bar for text like ‘ID=’ and the number that follows after the equal sign is the category ID.

Step 2 – Hiding Email Newsletter Category

Since Email Newsletter is something that should not be seen on the website but should stay as an internal item to send email newsletters, it should be hidden from displaying on the website. For that, go to Appearance on the left menu and click on Editor. Find the file sidebar.php and locate the following line. Sometimes, the following line may not be present in sidebar.php and may be present in some other file depending on the theme and hence, if you do not locate it in sidebar.php, check other available files for the same.

Now, replace that line with the next line. Make sure you replace the mentioned part with the ID you noted in the previous step. Once done, save the file and check whether the category appears on the website or not.

Step 3- Hiding Posts From Email Newsletter Category

In the last step you hid the category from view, now you have to hide the posts from appearing on the website and other pages. It is natural that you would only place a few posts under Email Newsletter category as you want the subscribers to read useful and viral posts. Also, you can make a few posts exclusively for the subscribers and place them directly under Email Newsletter category. Those exclusive posts will appear on the homepage if not kept hidden. To do that, you have to install a plugin named Advanced Category Extractor and after installing go to its Settings. Select the menu name and under Sections heading, uncheck Single Posts.

Step 4 – Setting Up An Account In FeedBurner

Open FeedBurner and under the heading Burn a Feed, provide the URL of your category which should be like and click on next. Note that you should already have an account in FeedBurner, not if, create one and then do the steps. After that, click on Next button.

Enter a meaningful Feed title and a Feed address where the users can find your feed. Click on Next and in the next screen, you will have all the settings and options. Go to Publicize tab and click on Email Subscription. Then you will find an Activate button towards the end, click on that.

You will see a code that you have to copy and paste in your website’s sidebar widget so that visitors can see an option to put their email address in order to subscribe and get email newsletter as you set it up.

Use Reverse Image Search to Detect Fraud

Reverse Image Search

We all know how to use Google to search with keywords. What if you have to search for images? That is a little tricky, and not everyone is well aware of how to utilize a search engine for image search. That’s where a reverse image search software comes in for help.

The technological revolution has led us, humans, to find a solution to everything. So, did they with image search! Reverse Image Search is a tool you can easily find at The answer to your question; how to find similar images online is very simple: Search by image.

Reverse Image Search enables you to search by image, instead of keyword and provides you with all the similar photos available on search engines like Google, Yandex, and Bing. A simple click on “Check Images” will take you to the respective search engine. There are so many benefits that we as users can have, by using a reverse photo search.

Perks of using Reverse Image Search
First of all, this tool is free to use, you are not required to pay anything at all. It is a web-based tool, so you are not bound to download it on your device, and it is also accessible on all devices with any OS. Moreover, it is a tool that you can use regardless of your geographical location.

We browse pictures of cute puppies, beautiful places and delicious looking dishes, the problem occurs where we don’t know about the name of the dog, place or dish. Search by image helps us overcome this issue. By uploading that particular image in the tool, you can find similar pictures of adorable puppies, your favorite destinations, and tasty recipes. So, you can know more about anything you are interested in.

The people who are very active and post pictures on social media, especially photographers, trying to build a career or someone who owns a social account/website/firm you all can use search by image to find out the replicated photos. Submitting your pictures in the Reverse Image Search tool will allow you to easily identify someone who is manipulating your work or using your pictures in an immoral way. Once you have identified the source, you can ask to take down your pictures or give you the credit you rightly deserve. Not only this but you can even sue them by taking them to court as it is against the laws if needed.

By submitting just one image in reverse image search, you can see different links of matching photos. So, this helps us to find pictures with much better quality as well as angle. If you insert a photo that is not having right pixels, by clicking on the links provided by reverse image search you can save a picture which is clearer and more attractive.

How hard is it to use Reverse Image Search?
Well, not at all!
Social Catfish’s reverse image search bestows us with two choices through which we can upload the picture to the tool. We can select either way and enjoy the satisfying results. You might be confused and thinking that it will be tricky to run this tool, however, it has been a piece of cake for me to search for similar images with SST’s reverse photo search. No specialized knowledge or expertise about images or relevant things are required to use this application on your device.

Once you visit the site, you can browse through the tools and open the RIS, a space mentioning the option of uploading image or writing URL will be visible to you. Upload the image and after clicking on “Search Similar Images” button in the, the tool will start processing. The results will be available to you almost instantly, which are quite accurate. There will be three different links for different search engines, by clicking on the link for your preferred search engine, you will be redirected to it, where you can see all the images. The tool was recommended to me by someone, and now I know why. All you will need is a stable internet connection, and you are good to go. Use it yourself to see how amazing this tool really is!

WooCommerce Conversion Optimization Strategies To Boost Sales

WooCommerce WordPress plugin

WooCommerce is a revolutionary shopping cart system for your eCommerce website. It is a popular open-source eCommerce plugin available for free in the market. It serves small to large scale businesses efficiently and it’s high demand and popularity have made it take over 30% of the worldwide market.

WooCommerce comes with a variety of features that can manage multiple tasks on your eCommerce website. Unlike other such plugins, WooCommerce is also available for free. Thus it is a highly cost-effective platform for small scale business houses.

However, not all the features on WooCommerce are free. Some of the features on WooCommerce comes with an extra cost.

There are several benefits of using WooCommerce as a management plugin to your e-commerce site. Let’s discuss some of those benefits.

Benefits of using WooCommerce

  • WooCommerce is an Open Source System – This plugin is open source and thus free to use in order to make your WordPress e-commerce website highly efficient. With this plugin, you can control all-round aspects of your business without paying any fee.
  • Highly Customizable Functions – WooCommerce has got a big community of highly supportive developers. This makes WooCommerce functionally top notch. WooCommerce can be highly customized as per your business without any hassle. It includes a wide range of plugins to avail of diverse functions for your website.
  • Versatile Design Options – There is a wide variety of themes and designs available for you to choose from in WooCommerce. It is an easy medium for having overall control over your website which includes web design.
  • Easy to use for Amateurs – The functionalities of WooCommerce is very easy to learn. This makes it highly preferred by e-commerce website owners worldwide. Entrepreneurs with no technical knowledge can also easily operate a website run by WooCommerce.
  • Sales Champion – WooCommerce has proved to make it highly convenient for customers to operate an e-commerce website. This has resulted in more conversation rate in WooCommerce websites compared to others. This has made WooCommerce a champion in terms of sales generation.
  • SEO Optimized – WooCommerce is highly optimized for SEO ranking. It helps your website end up on top of people’s search results on various search engines. You can optimize your WooCommerce website for the best SEO settings to reach a more targeted audience.
  • Efficient Data Analysis System – The data analysis system on a WooCommerce website is highly efficient and outruns many other similar platforms. This helps you strategize better plans for your website.
  • Safe and Secure – The security system of WooCommerce websites are also developed by highly professional develops contributing passionately for this open-source platform. This has made WooCommerce a secure platform to run your business on.
  • Efficient at Content Marketing – As WooCommerce is built on blogging CMS it makes it easier for your website to publish the right content. This affects your content marketing strategy in a positive way and thus makes WooCommerce efficient at content marketing.

These are the benefits of the WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress website.

Now let’s discuss some WooCommerce conversion optimization strategies that can boost the sales of your e-commerce website.

Before you strategize for your WooCommerce website’s conversion optimization, you must understand what is conversion.

What is Conversion?

Conversion is the transcending of visitors on your WooCommerce website into customers. When targeted traffic or potential customer visits your WooCommerce website and generates a lead for the first time by buying your product or service within a certain period of time, this phenomenon is called the conversion of your customer.

You can calculate the conversation rate with this example:

Suppose, you have had 1500 visitors on your website today. Out of those, 50 visitors signed up on your website. So the sign-up conversion rate on this occasion is 3.33%.

This data can also be used in the future to attract visitors who didn’t convert with some tactical marketing strategies.

There are several plugins available for WooCommerce users to help track and monitor visitors on your e-commerce website.

Strategizing and bringing back old, unconverted visitors back on the website is effectively done by these WooCommerce plugins. You can also link it with social media accounts and Google AdWords for better targeting and a higher rate of conversion. Almost 70% of visitors on an e-commerce website don’t end up getting converted. This makes this WooCommerce conversion optimization by tracking very essential for e-commerce businesses.

There are several things you can achieve with this tracking system. Let us discuss them one by one.

The things you can achieve using WooCommerce conversion optimization by tracking are listed below:

  • You can get a customer behavior report based on data collected through this system.
  • You can bring potential customers back on the site using this system.
  • You can monitor your customer activity with this tool.
  • This tool is compatible with all retargeting platforms.
  • You can use the data acquired for strategies like SEO marketing, A/B Testing, etc.

There are 4 Retargeting strategies you can use for WooCommerce conversion optimization.

Retargeting and remarketing have proven to boost conversion rates as the targeted customers are already interested and have thus visited your e-commerce website before. Targeting the second time visitors have shown statistics of drastic changes in the return of investment and an increase in sales.

There are 4 strategies you can apply for WooCommerce conversion optimization and ensure good conversion rates.

1.Facebook – Use Facebook Pixel ID and track the following events in WooCommerce conversion tracking:

facebook logo

  • Add to cart
  • Initiate checkout
  • Purchase
  • Complete registration
  • View product category
  • View product
  • Search product
  • Add to wish list

2.Twitter – Track with Twitter Tag ID the following:


  • Purchase
  • Add to cart
  • Registration

3.Google Ads – Track and advertise to potential customers on YouTube, websites, etc by tracking events listed below on Google Ads Account ID:

Google Ads

  • Purchase
  • Complete registration

4.Perfect Audience – With Perfect Audience’s advertiser ID code, you can track the following:

  • View product
  • Add to cart
  • Purchase
  • Initiate checkout
  • Complete registration

These are the strategies to be thoroughly followed for WooCommerce conversion optimization and ensure good conversion rates on your e-commerce website.

Using these strategies, your website is sure to see a significant surge in conversion rate and thrive towards success.

Educational Uses of WordPress for Students and Teachers

Are you a student looking to build a website where you can provide academic transcription services? Or just looking for a way to connect with your fellow classmates and create a virtual space for online notes sharing? Look no further – you have landed at the right website!

As more people shift towards the trend of blogging, WordPress had become a favorite tool for these bloggers. Today, an increasing number of people are inching towards digital and so are educational institutions. As the shift towards online education becomes more common, students, educators and bloggers are turning towards the World Wide Web for resources and information that can be easily accessed. And one such source is WordPress.

As the world of blogging expands, so does the scope of educational blogs. Today, WordPress is being used for several educational purposes. Following are some examples on how this specific platform can be used by students or educators to enhance the educational experience.

1. Blogs – WordPress is a wonderful tool for bloggers and posting blogs. Teachers and students can utilize this to set up a blog for various purposes. While teachers could set up different blogs to host a virtual classroom, students can use that as their central location for information regarding upcoming assignments or download notes. Students on the other hand could set up a WordPress website as their personal project space where the team members can gather for sharing ideas and brainstorming.

2. Communication – Teachers often set up a blog as a means of communicating with the parents of their students. By updating information regarding class schedules, assignments and posting comments; parents are kept in the loop and are therefore updated with their children’s school activities.

3. Provide Writing Services
Often students are on the lookout for extra cash they could earn. And one of those ways is by providing writing services to other students. WordPress has several built-in templates and plugins that students can use to easily create a website offering these services and earning a side income.

4. Virtual Classroom
A website that has been setup to imitate a virtual classroom is one of the other educational uses of WordPress today.

5. Sharing Lesson Plans
The ability to post and share class lessons online and get feedback from other educators is another great way educational bloggers are using WordPress today. By building an online community and amassing a number of followers, who provide you with feedback and suggest alternate methods for executing lesson plans can prove to be extremely useful.

6. Integration of Multimedia
Quick and easy access is what everyone wants and requires today. And the same applies to students and teachers as well. An educational website built from WordPress can prove to be a great virtual resource for students from where they can easily download online lectures, notes, view class videos or share and embed videos. By easily embedding presentations, songs and videos in to posts, it creates an interactive and engaging learning experience for students which lead to increased understanding and execution of concepts and lessons.

7. Create their Portfolio for academic firm
Today every academic firm wants the applicant applying for a job (especially a recent graduate) to have a portfolio from where they could assess their work. However, lugging around a giant portfolio bag can not only be a complete pain and a hassle but also be an inconvenience. That’s where having your own website showcasing your work can help! Creating an online e-portfolio is a great option that students are preferring over carrying large folders and bags filled with their work.

8. Easier Sharing
Having an online page or website where you can download and share relevant documents and media links without a password is another way educators today are using WordPress. Such sites allow for flexibility to post to a page or a blog, making it a popular feature to be utilized.
While there are many other tools and platform that allow students and teachers to build an educational website, WordPress has become a favorite due to a number of reasons. Not only is it completely free and an open source, but also is easy to maintain and create as well provides the users with flexibility and versatility.

Use of RSS in WordPress and explanation with regards to RSS

RSS is the most common term, but some bloggers are still unaware of its importance. If you ever come across RSS feed or links, and its benefits to improve the WordPress SEO and blog performance, then you must read out this page.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of RSS in WordPress and some good tips to improve the WordPress blog.

What is RSS?

RSS Feed Errors

RSS is abbreviated as Really Simple Syndication that sometimes pronounces as RSS feed. It is an easy way to send notifications, updates, and new content to the public. It is a new technology that lets millions of people to know about your website updates.

Now, gone were the days when you need to bookmark that website to know about the updates. The RSS made it simple for every reader and blogger to stay connected with each other with regular updates of new posts.

In simple words, now you do not need to do things manually. RSS will update you or allow users to see on your website and read your posts in their Emails.

How does RSS work?

category specific rss feed menu
RSS feed work to convert your publishing content into an XML document. These XML documents included the complete detail of your article along with metadata such as category, date, time author, and more.

This XML document read with an RSS feed reader. RSS Feed reader is available for different browsers, operating systems, mobile, and more.

The RSS in WordPress mainly located in the

 <a href=” ”> 

. This can be shown when you inspect the page. To do so, right-click on the blog page and click on the page source option. Then HTML coding will appear. Give command CTRL+F and write RSS, this will take you to the RSS feed link.

Well, WordPress blogs come with in-built RSS feeds. Which is considered as by default and shows Meta tag that points your website’s RSS feed location. If you have disabled this then please enable. Why? Let us consider some of its great advantages of RSS in WordPress.

What are the trending benefits of RSS?

RSS in WordPress is important that make your existing and new users stay in touch with your posts via email. With RSS feed your active audience will see regular posting updates from your website to their devices like desktop, mobiles and more.

If you are running a website on healthy, beauty tips and you have lots of subscribers because they want to hear from you. For subscribers it is tough to remember your website address, hence RSS feed comes into place. How?

If your website had enabled RSS, so one the user subscribe to your page. So, he will get regular notification automatically of your new updates.

You do not need to put hard efforts to do this. Furthermore, it improves customer satisfaction in the way they can read your post even when they are offline.

The subscribers are highly interested to share the posts, so you will get more leads. Even the RSS feed helps to improve your website performance in some way and better SEO.

If you think as a user, RSS in WordPress sounds impressive. Because you can read each content of your favorite website at one roof without using internet data. If a user needs to comment on your website then you can just open the blog and comment with ease.

All things will be made easy for both bloggers and readers.

Today, countless bloggers using RSS in WordPress to maximize the reading of content, comments, and more subscribers. The beauty of RSS feed is, it will give you full update from the following rival website you can do even better.

How to use RSS feed?

It is quick and simple to use. All you need to subscribe to the RSS feed channels by using some good applications. On the market, there are numbers of RSS feed readers are available for different devices.

The following are some good readers that you can use:

  • Innoreader uses for Web, iOS, and Android.
  • The Old Reader uses for Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, and more.
  • Bloglovin used for Web, Android, iOS.
  • Feedly uses for Add-ons, iOS, Kindle, and Web.

You can add any of the above RSS feed readers. But if you need the best Feedly can be a smart choice. With this app, you can read content without the use of the internet and even continue reading after an hour of a break from where you have stopped. To use this app, enter your website and click on the follow button.

How you can improve the RSS feed of WordPress?

RSS in WordPress

As you got to know the importance of RSS feed. So, now you want to know how you can promote this to better your experience.

If your Website is in WordPress, the RSS feed is already enabled. To check this is on, enter
Web address/feed/

You can even add the subscribe button to your website of RSS feed which is in orange color. Link your RSS feed to e-mail so the user can get daily updates in their e-mail.

To better, the growth of the website just follow the given tips:

  1. Connect the RSS feed with emails social media channels to improve RSS feed
  2. Promote blogs to improve RSS feed
  3. Improve the RSS feed
  4. Add follow button of RSS feed in the website
  5. Add impressive images with blogs in RSS feed
  6. Add custom blogs and post to your RSS feed
  7. Allow users to subscribe to the authors of your website in RSS feed

Wrap Up

RSS Feed is a perfect tool to read from your favorite website as a user and competitor both. Apart from this, RSS is used to give a healthy impact on your website shares and comments that can boost the visibility of your website in a short time.

I hope with this article you have got useful information on RSS feed, its benefits and more.

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How to Add CAPTCHA in WordPress Login and Registration Form?

captcha wordpress

Have you ever been asked to solve a simple math problem or prove that you are a human before performing any kind of activity on a website- it means that you have faced captcha? This simple feature is universal for good reason.

In fact, you will be willing to add WordPress captcha to your site. CAPTCHAs are fabricated to safeguard sensitive and confidential information, block spam and attacks and prohibit access to a vital feature of a website.

Many times, we have come across the word captcha while we are searching for anything on the internet. So, let us understand what is captcha, it is a computer program that is used to differentiate human from automated users.

It performs that by presenting a test that is very simple and easy for the human users to pass but not that easy for an automated script to pass. You can even find this captcha while you are checking your scorecard of any examination in any particular website or while signing up for any registration form.

This acts as a security purpose which cannot be passed by automated users. This is the traditional process where a user is asked to enter the text that they can see in the given box. This image shows random letters, words or numbers in a distorted style.

It is only possible for human users to understand the letters and type in the given box. Later an updated technology called ReCaptcha was introduced. It displayed random words as a challenge and used the user input to help digitalize books.

Google acquired this technology in the year 2009, since then it has helped digitalizing thousands of books. It shows simplified checkbox for human users to click on.

An introduction to various type of captchas

A CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) acts exactly what its unwieldy full name implies. It performs a test crafted to tell the difference between bots and humans or other computer programs.

This is used all across the internet for some time. Their most common form is a series of distorted letters or numbers. It is very easy for a human user to understand this image, while the curved letters might confuse the bots.

However, there are certain issues related to this type of CAPTCHA. At times it also becomes difficult for a human user to decipher the curved letters, and bots are getting much better at puzzling these images out.

A new variety of captcha has been implemented by Google and are known as the NO CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA, which requires you only to tick the checkbox that is made available.

This type of CAPTCHA monitors the movements of your mouse, so as to tell whether you are a human or any computer program.

The merits and de-merit of using a WordPress CAPTCHA

The initial goal add captcha to the WordPress is to offer an extra layer of security on sensitive pages.

When this is used as a part of a registration, order form or login, these features aid you to restrict malicious bots from creating spam or getting direct access to personal information.

There are arguments against using CAPTHAs

  • Users get annoyed by some of the captchas. This is less of a problem with recent simpler CAPTCHA options but is still a strong issue.
  • Even all captchas are not fooled proof, and it is easy for bots are getting better in cracking them.

Thus, it can be said that CAPTCHAS is resourceful addition to your website it is used carefully. As for when to use CAPTCHAs, they are most resourceful at any point when the users submit their personal information.

This includes a registration form, checkout screens and login pages. With the help of this, you can secure your personal details that you had to share while filling your registration form.

Tools that can be used for adding a WordPress CAPTCHA to your website

You need to have an appropriate tool if you are willing to add captcha to the WordPress. In the case of WordPress, we need to have a dedicated plugin. There are several plugins that are available that can help you to create a WordPress captcha.

The first plugin is Google-captcha, with the help of this plugin you will be able to add a simple CAPTCHA checkbox to any form on your site, including registration, contact, login, and comment forms. There are ample of additional customization options are available.

The second plugin is Advanced no captcha reCAPTCHA, this plugin uses the same type of CAPTCHA as the one that has been discussed above, it provides a few more niche options for where your captcha is placed and the manner it appears.

For instance, you can add CAPTCHAs to your e-commerce pages or forums and adjust their appearance and size.

How you will add a CAPTCHA to your WordPress site?

For this first, you are required to install one of the plugins that have been discussed above and activate them.

Once the plugin gets activated, you are required to follow the steps: you need to visit Setting » Advanced noCaptcha page from the admin panel. Once you finish with this, WordPress will take you to the general setting page of the plugin.

From there, you are required to select a Google reCAPTCHA version and find reCAPTCHA keys to start the service on your site. It is highly recommended to use v2 because it is believed v3 is not stable yet.

To get these API keys, you are required to visit the website of reCAPTCHA and click on the ‘Admin Console’ button. On the next screen, you will be asked by Google to sign in to your account.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to see the ‘Register a new site’ page. After this, you are required to enter the name of your website in the Label field. After doing this, you are required to select a reCAPTCHA type.

For instance, you can select reCAPTCHA v2 ‘I am not a robot’ checkbox. After that, you are required to enter the name of your domain under the Domain section.

You are required to enter the name of your domain without using ‘https://www.’ After doing this, you are required to check the box next to ‘Accept the terms of service of reCAPTCHA. Once done with this, you can then click on the submit button.

After clicking the submit you will get to see a success message along with the secret keys and site that can be applied on your site.

That all! After this, you have added reCAPTCHA in WordPress login and registration form. To see it, from your browser you can open your WordPress login URL.

If you are willing to check the reCAPTCHA on the registration form, then you can click on the Register link that is provided below the login form.

After completing the process, the WordPress registration form will open, and you can preview how the captcha functions. By following the steps you will be able to add captcha to the WordPress.

Why captcha should be used for WordPress login and registration?

WordPress and registration pages are the easy targets of spammers and hackers and hence these sites require some sort of security.

The reason behind this is that WordPress is the most popular website builder on the global platform, making it an easy target for malicious functions. The easiest and possible solution to safeguard the WordPress site is by applying WordPress firewall plugin such as Succri.

\With the help of this protector, you will be able to block bad visitors from reaching your website and obstruct unauthorised access. Another solution to this is to make it passcode protected on WordPress login and registration pages.

However, the main issue with this method is that you are required to share the second passcode with other users and hence this makes its less protective.

CAPTCHA, on the other hand, offers an easier alternative to these solutions. It makes use of the Google AI technologies to detect genuine traffic and present CAPTCHA challenges to suspicious users.

By doing this you are able to protect your website to some extent as these cannot be completed with the help of computer programs. Only human users can pass the CAPTCHA test, thus protecting your website from unwanted users and hackers. I have also discussed how easily to add captcha to the WordPress site.

As a user, it must be a little annoying mainly if it is implemented poorly. However, their benefits often subside the slightest inconvenience they show.

If you are able to leverage the advantages of CAPTCHAs without having a negative impact on the experience of site user, then you will be adding an effective layer of security.

Recently there has been an increased number of spammers in the world and this is why you are required to add a layer of security to your website so that you can prevent unwanted access to your website. Add a captcha in WordPress and you will be able to restrict these unauthorised accesses.

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Step by Step Guide for Adding Anchor Links in WordPress

Links and URLs

Links are the basic keys that connect one web page with another web page. Similarly, anchor links act as hyperlinks between a destination anchor and a source anchor. These anchor links have made the viewers reach a specific page according to the requirements.

Such anchor links are generally used to move viewers to the desired page without reloading the page. Further, Google enlists such content under the SEO for better navigation.

Anchor links are also known as jump menu, typically, anchor links are on the page of the website. They guide to the location that you want. Sites generally do not use the table of content at the beginning of the long post.

By using the techniques of CSS, you can make it more creative and stylish by following some tricks. Stay with us as we shall point out how important is anchor link and how easily you can add anchor link in the WordPress for your business.

Brace up as we show you the example of an anchor link. We shall share you the specifications of Adding Anchor Links to your WordPress to provide you with a clear perspective.

What is the significance of Anchor Links?

Anchor links let you connect with to a specific place on the same page of your website. The positive point about it is that you need not jump to the next page.

Just a point on the link will open the page for you. Likewise, anchor links are generally used in lengthy paragraphs so that the viewers can catch their section of interest.

The source link can be an image, article, and video. In such a way, anchor links open about your profile to give detail information to the visitors. It is known that the traffic of a website can be increased by the way it influences the visitors. The web page has hardly a second or two to capture the client’s diversion.

So, the best way to bring your visitor is by showing them short and quick information. Here anchor link plays its significance in convincing the visitors.

It also skips the unwanted information that has been provided to the client. Eventually, Adding Anchor Link helps you grow your number of customer and improve the overall experience.

Similarly, Google provides an upper hand while using an anchor link. These jump links increase the click-through rates while searching for the result.

They are also great for WordPress SEO. They easily show the result in the links about your WordPress.

Addition of Anchor Link by Manual Way

Adding Anchor links can be done manually in your WordPress, however, it has its limitation. There certain guidelines that you need to follow to add it manually.

  • An anchor link should be created with a # sign before the anchor text.
  • An ID attribute should be inserted so that you can take the user wherever they want to be taken.

Now, here we shall show you how to start your work with an anchor link

  • At first, you need to select the text that needs s to be linked, create the text, and add a hyperlink like it is done normally for linking.
  • URI designate anchors have a # character followed by the anchor name. Name it whatever you want, however, keep that in mind to make it short and content related.
  • Add an ID on the header so that anchor link can jump to it. For this, you need to switch to (HTML) in the WordPress editor. Add ID along with the anchor name and choose the second step. However, the anchor and ID attribute has to be the same so that the link works.

Guidance on choosing the text for Adding Anchor Link:

  • Capitalization can be done in anchor text to make more readable.
  • Unnecessary and complex anchor links make the website vulnerable.
  • Addition of proper keyword for linking the section.
  • To make the link more clear, make the proper usage of hyphen

Once the link has been added you can see the link that has been created in the editor. But, opening the link won’t help you, it can be done only after you fix it by pointing the browser to the section of the text that you want to show to the user.

Adding the ID attribute to the section that you want to link

If you go to the content editor, scroll down the section that you want to navigate. Generally, it stands at the heading of the section. Further, click and select the block and move to the block settings, click the advanced tab under the heading block settings.

Add the same text as added as the anchor link in the ‘HTML Anchor’ field. Keep in mind that you do not add the text without the # prefix. Further, if the three-dot menu needs to be used, select ‘Edit as HTML’This will allow editing HTML code for certain block that you want to work for.

Ways of Adding Anchor Links on the Headings Automatically

This best suitable for user who adds long content to their websites. Let us show you how you can add headings. Simply follow the steps as given. Install and activate the Easy Table Content plugin. This plugin shall automatically allow you to generate a table of content and the anchor links. The headings given in the content section can be changed according to your configuration.

After activation, go to Settings, Table of Contents. At first, enable the post types where you would like to add a table of contents.

The page is enabled by a plugin, but it can also be enabled by you. Auto insert option that is given there allows the article; including the older one to generate the table automatically.

Meanwhile, if you need automatically generated table of content for specified work, just leave the option unchecked as it is.

Scroll down further to select where the table will be displayed. Other reviews can be done for advanced settings on the page and customize as per your need.

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