60+ Interview Questions and Answers for WordPress Developer

Before hiring a WordPress developer, you should have these 30 WordPress Questions in your mind so that you get the desired candidate for your company.

The one who gives proper and accurate answers to these questions is the one perfect for your organization. Having deep knowledge about these WordPress Questions and Answers is somewhat makes you expert in WordPress.

Q1. What is WordPress?
WordPress is a free open source content management system designed for everyone, emphasizing, friendliness, performance, security, and ease of use. Great software with minimum setup, simple and predictable. Also, WordPress offers powerful features and functions to design websites for any kind of business growth.

Q2. To what extent is a WordPress website secure?
WordPress as an open source of platforms, with lots of security plugins, is safe and still one requires regular updates preventing from hacking and loss of data.

30 Interview Questions and Answers for WordPress Developer

Q3. What are the minimum requirements to run WordPress?

  • Latest PHP version
  • MySQL 5.6
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module
  • HTTPS support

Q4. In which year WordPress was released?
WordPress was released in the year 2003.

Q5. Does a WordPress website have any limitations?
Is the most frequently Asked WordPress SEO Questions and Answers. You can utilize WordPress for ecommerce websites, business website, corporate websites, membership websites, photograph exhibitions and some other sort of webpage you can consider. The site is made utilizing a similar HTML code as some other site, so there are no any limitations for WordPress website.

Q6. List some features of WordPress.
WordPress controls over 28% of the web and this figure aren’t restricted it rises each day. Everything from basic sites, to web blogs, to complex entryways and venture sites, and even applications, are worked with WordPress.
Here is a portion of the highlights of WordPress.

  • It’s Simplicity
  • Simpler distributing devices
  • Web index Optimized
  • Client Management
  • Media Management
  • Simple Theme System
  • Simple Extendability with Plugins
  • Simple Installation and Upgrades
  • Multilingual Support
  • Worked in Comments System
  • Custom Content Types
  • Supportive

WordPress Interview Questions and Answers

Q7. What is a plugin in WordPress? List plugin that comes with WordPress.
WordPress Plugins are a bit of code that contains at least one capacities written to stretch out and add to the usefulness of a current WordPress site.

WordPress development plugins are the key highlights for developers while building up the WordPress sites, these plugins assume an imperative job in configuration reason, realistic reason, nearly in each angle. WordPress offers free, premium plugins.

The center of WordPress is intended to be lean and lightweight, to augment adaptability and limit code swell. Plugins at that point offer custom capacities and highlights so every client can tailor their site to their particular needs.

The following is the rundown of plugins that accompanies WordPress establishment.

Q8. Where is WordPress Content stored?
WordPress contents are stored in the MySQL database on the server.

Q9. what are the differences between posts and pages in WordPress?
Posts and Pages are the content types in WordPress.

Posts are coordinated and recorded in a sequential request with the most recent posts at the best. Posts are meant to be shared and commented on.

Pages are static will be static content, so an about us, contact us page and so forth. They are perpetual and timeless sections.

Q10. Is it necessary to have a blog to utilize WordPress for a website?
WordPress was initially utilized as blogging programming however it has since turned out to be well known for the site too. It isn’t important to have a blog to utilize WordPress. As yet having a blog is admirable as it will help in website improvement.

Q11. Is WordPress beneficial from an SEO perspective? Will it help the website appear on Google search results?
The strong advantages of utilizing WordPress; it has an inbuilt SEO search engine. Likewise, you can have an extra plugin for WordPress to help SEO to rank a website in SERP.

Q12. Why does WordPress use MySQL?
Why does WordPress use MySQL? Is the second general WordPress questions and answers asked by interviewer. MySQL is a broadly accessible database server and is amazingly quick. It is an open source, and it is accessible at no expense additionally it is upheld by some minimal effort Linux has so its simple for anybody to have their site.

Q13. Is it possible to rename the WordPress folder?
Indeed, it is conceivable to rename the WordPress folder. On the off chance that WordPress is as of now introduced, you need to sign in to the weblog as the administrator and after that change the settings

WordPress address (URI) :
Blog address( URI) :

In the wake of rolling out the improvements, you can rename the folder or index with the WordPress file in it.

Q14. What are the advantages of using WordPress?
The big advantages of WordPress are

  • Easy to installation and easy to upgrades
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Extensive Themes and Plugins
  • Flexible
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Developer-friendly
  • Multilingual offers more than 70 language options
  • Scalability
  • Multilingual Support
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Cost-Effective
  • Seamlessly integrates with various third-party tools

Q15. What are the guidelines that must be followed for WordPress plugin development?

  • Create the plugin’s folder
  • Create a unique name
  • Create a sub-folder to store PHP files, translations, and assets.
  • Generate the primary plugin file and complete the header information.
  • Create activation and de-activation function
  • Create an uninstall script
  • Create a readme.txt file
  • Use proper constants and functions to detect paths to a plugin file

Q16. What are the types of hooks in WordPress and mention their functions?
There are two types of hooks in WordPress

  • Action hook
  • Filter hook

Hooks allows users to create a WordPress theme or plugin with shortcodes without changing the original file. Action Hook enables you to embed an extra code from an outside asset, while, Filter hook will just enable you to include content or content toward the finish of the post.

Q17. How do you enable debug mode in WP?
You can enable debug mode in WP by editing wp-config.php file and changing WP_DEBUG constant value to true.

Q18. What is the prefix of WordPress tables by default?
wp_ is the prefix for WordPress

Q19. By default, how many tables does WordPress have?

By default 11 tables are there in WordPress.

Q20. What is the WordPress loop?
The WordPress loop is a PHP code that retrieves and displays posts from the database in a continuous loop.

Q21. What actions can you take if your WordPress files are compromised due to hacking?

  • Firstly, install some popular WordPress security plugins include Wordfence, Sucuri Security, iThemes Security, and All In One WP Security & Firewall.
  • Update the latest version of WordPress.
  • Change credentials for all users.
  • Check themes and plugins up-to-date.

Q22. What do template tags refer to in WordPress?
The template tag is a code in a WordPress that instructs WordPress to “do” or “get” something.

Q23. What is a Child Theme in WordPress?
The Child Theme is an augmentation of the Parent Theme. In the event that you make changes to the parent theme, any update will fix the changes. With a child theme, the customizations are protected on an update.

Q24. What is the essential feature you look for the theme?
Theme choice varies as indicated by the prerequisite, yet a perfect theme would be something that would not limit to utilize the number of pages, plugins or static landing page.

Q25 What are importers in WordPress?
In WordPress, Importers are plugins that give usefulness to import a mass XML document with any number of records. It empowers to import Posts, Page, Custom Posts and Users information in an XML record.

Q26. What do you mean by Custom field in WordPress?
What do you mean by Custom field in WordPress? This is the Advance WordPress Interview Questions and Answers ask. Custom fields are otherwise called post meta. Post meta is a component in WordPress which permits present writers on including extra data at the time composing a post. WordPress stores this data as metadata in key-esteem sets. Clients can later show this metadata by utilizing layout labels in their WordPress themes whenever required.

Q27. How can you disable a comment in WordPress?

  • To disable a comment in WordPress,
  • Login to your WordPress admin panel
  • Go to the settings menu
  • Under settings menu click on Discussion
  • Uncheck “Allow people to post comments on new articles” checkbox
  • Click on save changes button

Q28. How to run a database query on WordPress?
WordPress query function enables you to execute any SQL question on the WordPress database. It is best utilized when there is a requirement for explicit, custom, or generally complex SQL queries. For progressively fundamental questions, for example, choosing data from a table, see the other WordPress database functions such as get_results, get_var, get_row or get_col.


Q29. Which is the considerably best multilingual plugin in WordPress?
WPML is the best multilingual plugin in WordPress.

Q30. Does WordPress use cookies?
Yes, WordPress uses cookies for verification purpose of the users when they log in.

Q31 Why is MySQL is used in WordPress?

  • The accompanying highlights of MySQL fulfill the utilization of MySQL in WordPress and make it simple for anybody to have their site.
  • Availability of database server
  • Extremely fast
  • Open source
  • Free of cost
  • Supported by many low-cost Linux hosts.

Q32. In which cases you are not able to see a plugin menu?
You are not able to see a plugin menu when a blog gets hosted on wordpress.com, which is free. It does not come with the option to add a plugin there.

Also, if you do not have an account for the administrator level on your WordPress, it is not going to show you the option for seeing the plugin.

Q33.In which case you get locked out from the WordPress admin and have a blank screen when you look at your website?
This is quite possible to happen when you have attempted the pasting of code from a website along with the wrong formats. Simultaneously, when you have pasted the code in an incorrect location, you can get locked out.

Also, sometimes it indicates the banning of your IP, which leads you to see the black screen on your website.

Q34. What are the plugins that you can opt for creating a contact form in WordPress?
Here is the answer to one of the most crucial WordPress Questions and Answers. If you want to create a contact form in WordPress, then there is a plugin called Gravity that enables you to create. Also, there are options to use the free plugin contact form 7.

Q35. Why do you need to use a static front page in WordPress?
Some users want to have a WordPress installation to become more actionable than a mere blog site. A static front page thus gives their page a similar look to a real website page with better functionalities.

Q36. Why does the widget not show up in the sidebar?
While you go for using a widget, you need to ensure that if your theme comes with compatible support for the widget or not.

In case it does, it must come visible with the sidebar. In case you are not able to see the sidebar, then it indicates the mission of the ” function.php” file or a similar file to it.

Also, there are possibilities for it to happen, in case you have forgotten to save the changes in the area of the widget. Also, probable you have forgotten to refresh the older-looking display of the page.

Q37. How is it different from creating a site on wordpress.org from wordpress.com?
It is more or less the same to create a site on wordpress.org and wordpress.com. The only difference lies in using the plugins and the choice of themes that come with various traits.

Q38. Are the deactivated plugins capable of slowing down a WordPress site?
No, the deactivated plugins are not capable of slowing down your WordPress site. The WordPress sites only work with the activated plugins, and it simply does not care about the deactivated plugins or any other matters.

Q39. Why is wordpress.com considered comparatively more secure than wordpress.org?
WordPress.com is considered the more secure one while compared to wordpress.org, as it is capable of limiting the themes.

Also, WordPress.com does not enable the installation of plugins. But the security depends on how the hosting company works to host your website on WordPress. Org.

Also, it depends on the steps that you have considered to combat the major security problems regarding your WordPress site.

Q40. In which cases should you refrain from recommending the WordPress site to your clients?
You cannot recommend your WordPress site to your clients if the following situation appears:

  • If your client is working along with a non-CMS based project
  • In case the enterprise of your client deals with the intranet solution.
  • If the site of your client wants to enable more complex or innovative e-commerce functionalities
  • If the sites of your client require more custom solution for the scripting

Q41. How can you create a static page along with WordPress?
If you want to create a static page on your WordPress site, you need to upload the PHP file to the server from the page section in the theme folder.

After that, you need to select it as your template. It will enable you to add any of the pages and look for what you want for your blog. It is going to remain completely static.

Q42. Which one is considered as the better CMS than WordPress?
Undoubtedly, WordPress tops the list when it comes to the ease of use and popularity of a convenient CMS.
However, also, there is Drupal and Joomla, which are considered as one of the best CMS for creating a site. Drupal is especially revoked for providing the utmost security features.

Q43. Can you update your content on your WordPress site?
Updating your content using your WordPress site depends on the type of the site. Also, it is dependable on what kind of project you are working on. You can easily update your content on the site.

Q44. Custom post type or custom database tables, which one is best to use for your plugin development?
Though there is no particular reference for the plugin development, it is dependable on what type of plugin you need to develop. Many recommendations go compatible with the custom post type.

But the custom database table holds more benefits than the custom post type. One needs to choose based on the requirements for the plugin development.

Q45. Are there any ways to write a series in WordPress?
The answer to this one of the very common WordPress Questions and Answers is yes, there are ways to organize a series of plugins. If you want to write a series in WordPress, you need to use the organizing of the plugin series.

Q46. Does WordPress come with the hosting feature compatible with Amazon web services like EC2, EBS, RDS, etc.?
Yes, you can easily host your WordPress site using the Amazon web services such as EC2, RDS, EBS, etc.

Q47. Why should one not hack the WordPress core file?
The reason you should not opt for hacking the WordPress core file is whatever you are doing on it; you need to rework it as a patch. Thus, it is better not to hack the WordPress core file.

Q48. What are the meat tags on WordPress?
Meta tags are referred to as the keywords and the descriptions that come with the option to display the information about the page or the website.

Q49. Explain the components that become visible on the home screen of WordPress.
Have a look at the answer to one of the most important WordPress Questions and Answers:

  • Dashboard menu:The dashboard menu component on the home screen comes with the menu navigation option for the posts, pages, media library, and comments from the left corner of the screen.
  • Welcome:The Welcome component from the home page allows you to customize the WordPress theme with a click on the customize your site button. There is also a center column that offers useful links for page creation, web page front end viewing, blog posts creating, etc. Also, the last column comes with the links to the widgets, menus, comment settings, etc.
  • Screen options:The screen option on the homepage comes with the various displays of the different widgets, which you can show or hide on the screens. It also includes the checkboxes with show/ hide on different screen options. At this same time, it allows you to customize the various sections on the admin screen area.
  • Quick draft:The quick draft comes with the mini post editor for writing, saving, and publishing the post from the admin dashboard. This also contains the title and draft with some notes regarding the draft and save it as a draft.
  • Activity:The activity on the home screen allows the latest comments, published recent posts. It also comes with the reply, deletes, edit, approves, or disapprove option for the comments. You can, at the same time, move the comments to spam.
  • WordPress News:The WordPress news displayed on the home screen comes with the latest news related to the latest updates for software updates on WordPress.
  • At a glance:This component on the home screen comes with the display of the overview of the posts, numbers, pages, and comments on the blog area.

Q50. Can you access the SEO of a WordPress site to make it show on Google’s first page?
WordPress comes with in-built SEO search engine advantages. You can easily have the additional plugin for WordPress to help it along with the SEO rank to come on the first page of a search engine like Google.

Q51. Where does the difference lie between character 23 and x23?
The 23 refers to the octal 23, whereas the x23 refers to the hex 23.

Q52. In WordPress, objects are passed by value or by reference?
All the objects are passed by value on WordPress.

Q53. Explain the pages in WordPress.
This is one of the most important WordPress Questions and Answers. The pages on WordPress should not be confused with the posts.

The pages are static on the site and do not opt for changes quite often. You can also add various pages that include the details or information about the user and the site.

Q54. Explain the posts in WordPress:
The posts on WordPress comes with the blog writing and posting option on your site. The posts on your site are listed as the reverse in chronological order on the front-page area of your blog.

Q55. How can you edit a comment on WordPress?
To edit a WordPress comment, you need to use the dashboard of your WordPress site. From the panel, the area goes to the Comments option. From there, you can select edit to edit a comment to add it on your WordPress site.

Q56. What is the moderate comment in WordPress?
Moderate comments refer to the comments by the visitors on a post that you haven’t yet published directly unless the admin is providing it.

It is named moderation. In case you want to change the comment moderation set, go for the select Setting option in the dashboard area. Now you need to check the option for “Comment must be manually approved.”

Q57. How can you allow only the registered users in the comments on WordPress?
Here is the answer to one of the most popular WordPress Questions and Answers. To allow the registered users only, you need to go for checking the ” Users must be registered and logged in to comment” option from the Discussions area under the Settings option.

Q58. How do you install WordPress to your system using the basic steps?
Well, the following are the fundamental steps to install WordPress to your system:

  • Start with downloading and unzip the latest WordPress version from the official website.
  • Now you need to create a database for WordPress on your system.
  • Find and rename the wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php. Then you need to add the database information.
  • After that upload, the WordPress files to your webserver.
  • Now you need to run the URL from the browser.
  • Complete with setting the basic information such as title, username, password, and start using the site.

Q59. How many types of user roles are there in WordPress?
There are various types of user roles and user types in WordPress. Here is the answer for this one of the very common WordPress Questions and Answers:

  • Author role
  • Administrator role
  • Editor role
  • Contributor role
  • Subscriber role

Q60. How do you ensure security using your WordPress site?
Ensuring the security on your WordPress site is of most importance due to the protection of data. Here are the various ways that you can apply to ensure security:

  • Opt for using a Unique username and a password
  • You can consider precautions to combat the Brute force
  • Consider keeping the plugins, keeping and version along with the themes regularly updated
  • Use protection from viruses and malware
  • You can use a WordPress security plugin

Q61. How can you add a Custom dynamic sidebar to your WordPress?
How can you add a Custom dynamic sidecar is one of the most important WordPress Questions and Answers. The side bar area in your WordPress refers to the place where you can use your widgets along with the theme.

Also, the area is termed as the Widgetized area. The sidebar can be created using the register_sidebar function along with one argument of the parameters that comes with the option for setting the widget area.

You can wrap the $args array and register_sidebar() with separate functions named as ‘widgets_init’hooks. You can use the register_sidebar () method to add the sidebar on WordPress. Here are the syntax codes:

$args = array(
   'name' => __('Sidebar name', 'theme_text_domain’),
   'id' => 'unique-sidebar-id',
   'description' => '',
   'class' => '', 'before_widget' => '<li id="%1$s" class="widget %2$s">',
   'after_widget' => '</li>',
   'before_title' => '<h2 class="widgettitle">',
   'after_title' => '</h2>'

These 60+ WordPress Questions and Answers will help you to get brief details about WordPress and helps you to prepare for a good WordPress developer. This blog helps you with the best questions and answers asked by the interviewer while interviewing.

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