On-Page SEO Techniques for WordPress Websites

It takes a strong foundation for a business to survive. Similarly, it takes a planned and structured coding for a website to remain active and generate revenue.

It must be understood that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of building a WordPress Website.

Varied search engines across the internet and the most frequently used like Google and Bing are constantly evolving with methods to track and read the content of a website. Hence one must sequentially plan and include SEO strategies.

This article will discuss On-Page SEO Techniques for WordPress Websites. WordPress is flexible as one can easily design business, blogs, or e-commerce website and the most important thing it’s free.

The content to be included in the webpage must be strong & SEO Friendly as On-Page SEO is implemented while writing the actual content. Read and understand the following points and get back to us on the comment section for any queries

1. Installing Sitemap Plugin

A plugin is crucial for WordPress blogs. To enable a search engine to index the site content easily, links of all the pages of the site in a sitemap are to be provided.

We recommend providing them in .xml format. A good and dynamic plugin helps by automatically updating and creating sitemaps.

On-Page SEO Techniques for WordPress Websites

2. Installing SEO Plugin

Dominant, trusted, and easy to use Plugin is an essential On-Page SEO Technique for WordPress to automatically manage various SEO related aspects of your site.

All in One SEO Pack by Michael Torbet and Yoast SEO are popular SEO plugin suitable for WordPress sites. Squirrly SEO is one of the best paid-SEO Plugin for use.

3. Duplicate Pages

Repeating keywords or titles on a webpages creates duplicate content if a separate title structure/tag is not created. The resolve such issue one must noindex the less important page which conveys to the search engine to not index a page using a specific meta name.

4. Caching Plugin

The higher the loading time of a webpage the more percentage of traffic it is bound to lose. Caching Plugin comes with two major advantages i.e. it makes your website faster and it reduces the load on the web server.

W3 Total Cache is one of the best and most recommended plugin for use. Using optimized images, updating themes regularly, and using the best WordPress hosting can significantly improve the webpage loading speed.

5. Linking Posts

Internal linking of posts has been emphasized for a long time and even today it is important. It helps in making navigation within the site easier for the visitor. It helps the visitor gain access to the related information and provides traffic to your previous posts.

6. Optimizing

– Optimized Slug :

Short URL or slug is important for SEO. Post slug can be easily managed from Permalinks in settings. A page slug can be optimized individually as well as in the single post.

– Optimized Image :

Resizing and compressing reduces the size of the image hence resulting in optimized images. Optimization helps in reducing the load on the webpage hence directly improvising the loading time of a webpage and eventually attracting more traffic. One can also use a plugin for automatic size reduction.

– Optimized Title Tag :

Expertise in content is mandatory for attracting visitors. A fascinating headline will attract the visitor and an exclusive headline will hold the visitor on the site.

7. Social Media Sharing :

Social Media Management

Posts with better reactions and associations with social media are prioritized by search engines in SERPs. Integrating social media with post allows users to easily share your content on the web and provides more visibility.

Social Media is an important On-Page SEO Technique for WordPress and one must not refrain from including options to share a page on social media handles.

8. Responsive theme and adaptive design :

Themes with simple coding must be preferred over themes with complicates coding. A complicated theme generates more queries for the server and increases the page loading time. Hence a quick responsive theme must be chosen.

One of the most ignored On-Page SEO Techniques for WordPress is adaptive designing. The layout of the website must remain the same irrespective of the device of its access.

Designs that provide a foundation to themes and are adaptive across all devices must be wisely chosen.

9. Updating content regularly :

It becomes important for the page to be dynamic in order to attract new visitors and entertain regular visitors. Adding fresh and original content in your respective niche is bound to be featured by search engines.

10. Keywords and Meta Description :

Search engines focus the most on the initial content of any site. Including the required information and smartly adding the desired keywords in the initial sentences helps one get an edge.

The description that appears on the link before opening it is termed as meta description. Although it is not directly related to the SEO one must manually enter an appropriate description.

11. Engaging and Original Content :

Creating engaging and attractive content is one of the most important On-Page SEO Techniques for WordPress. Search engines are improvising day-by-day. It is easy for them to analyze the most read content by the users.

They can also analyze the most unique content. Engaging the audience with lengthy and useful content by adding images or any other media is extremely important.

One must not fail on supporting the content by internal and external linking of different articles & stats. Content adds value to your code and design.

It is important to review your website plan before designing and it is equally necessary to re-evaluate your site once it is ready. Analyze the performance of your site after a time period regularly.

If there is no gradual increase in the traffic of the webpage then you are definitely missing out on one or more of the On-Page SEO Technique for WordPress mentioned above.

It is required that one must sort out a working pattern and strategy for a website to evolve gradually according to the demand of the users.

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