Choosing the Best Colors for Effective Web Design

Our world is filled with colors. Colors have the potential to cause reactions, sway thinking, and change actions. It can make things look good or ugly. It can soothe your eyes and also irritate them.

Basically, in all our day-to-day tasks, colors play a vital role. And hence it is necessary to choose a magnificent combination of colors for effective web design. Because people have an instinctual and natural reaction to colors one must not underestimate its power.

It can influence the mood and behavior so technically it can decide if a visitor stays on a webpage to explore or just quits. Every single aspect of the website like marketing materials, logo, theme, design, and pictures selection of colors is essential.

Colors create an impact, and you have to decide what kind of impact you intend to create on visitors exploring your website. Here, we will discuss how to choose the best colors for effective web design and explore all components related to the same.

1. The Psychological Factor :
Everyone who owns a website always intends that the visitors have an interaction with their page that they should carry.

It could be about anything blog, subscription, research, purchase, contact you, or any other peculiarity that your website has to offer. It is not a good idea to create a website with just one color and involving more than colors means working out on color combinations.

A combination of multiple colors that reflects the identity of your brand and at the same time is pleasing. Colors can encourage the right actions for your website. Confused how? The following points will help you.

– Colors increase brand recognition by 80%
– In a survey, 85% of respondents stated that color is the primary influencer of purchase decisions
– In total 52% of online users do not return to a website due to its bad aesthetics
– At least 42% of online users base their opinion of a website on overall design alone

Colors promote excitement or tranquility by stimulating multiple areas of the brain. Focusing on this aspect one can work on the conversion rate by trigging certain emotions and grabbing their attention.

2. Combinations :
An illustrative organization of color which is abstract and hues around a circle is termed as the color wheel. It represents the inter relationship between two or more colors.

The color wheel is used by web designers and theme makers to combine colors that gel up together. It can be divided into cool colors and warm colors.

– Cool colors: It is used to convey professionalism, calmness, and trust
– Warm colors: It reflects energy, passion, and happiness

Utmost care should be taken while combining warm and cool colors. If you do not get it right it will end up by leaving the visitor confused. Hence it is essential to promote the right combination of colors for effective web design.

Choosing the Best Colors for Effective Web Design

3. Focal colors of the Web :
focal colors

The colors used in a website and in the theme are always related to a particular industry or to a section of business related to them. Colors represent the brand’s personality and efficiently feature their services/product.

Red, Blue, and Yellow are the primary colors which are used to influence perceptions. Secondary colors include green, orange, black, purple, grey, and white which are produced by mixing any two primary colors.

Designers systematically combine primary and secondary colors for effective web design and representation of varied emotions required by the brand.

4. Deciding on choosing a color scheme :
A combination of colors that go well together is a color scheme and usually, a web designing process incepts by selection one.

Before selecting a color scheme one must remember that a bad design reflects the underperforming business and a bad color scheme turn the visitor away. The color scheme must reflect your brands identify and match with your organizations business sector.

One must also take into consideration the type of audience that the website will engage and the most appropriate color theme for them must be chosen.

Unless the colors of your website do not associate with the audience the audience will not associate itself with the product. Following are a few types of schemes which one can choose and finalize colors for effective web design.

4.1 – Monochromatic Color Scheme :
One gets a cohesive look which is polished and made from three separate values of a single color. Because it is made from a single color it is an easy combination and it will always suit

4.2 – Complementary Color Scheme :
This color scheme is not made from the same primary color. It creates a dynamic contrast by combining two opposite colors.

4.3 – Analogous color scheme :
By combining three adjacent colors of a color wheel which was discussed above, one can create such a scheme. It generates natural and calm vibes.

4.4 – Split Compliment Color Schemes :
Split Compliment Color Schemes
One color is combined with two adjacent complementary colors to create a sense of harmony. It has high contrast but lower than the complementary color scheme.

4.5 – Triadic Color Scheme :
By combining (from the color wheel) three evenly spaced colors a triadic color scheme is obtained. It is considered to be one of the best color schemes because it assigns a specific color for the background, highlight, and content

4.6 – Tetradic Color Scheme :
By using at least two complementary pairs of colors and selecting at least one color to be dominant a Tetradic Color Scheme is formed. One must focus sharply on the balance between cool and warm colors to avoid errors in final visualization.

5. Specifics of Color Use :
Colors always make a difference despite the fact that many times they may not be apparent. Areas for assigning colors for effective web design includes borders, headlines, buttons, background, banners & graphics, and pop-ups (if any).

A fascination towards colors can bring the creativity required for experimenting the right color scheme for your website. Selecting the right colors can increase the traffic on your web page significantly. Be definite about the aura of your webpage by discovering your perfect color scheme.

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