How To Use LinkedIn For Marketing: Actionable Tips And Tools

LinkedIn not only helps professionals and job-seekers to spread their network but it also help in developing an effective digital marketing strategy. In terms of generating leads, or to improve brand awareness one can use LinkedIn for marketing.

LinkedIn is a network of professionals. However, unlike other social media platforms, their audience is quite different and hence required a different type of marketing approach.

Following tips and tools can be useful in using LinkedIn to connect with potential customers and grow their business.

Tips for using LinkedIn as a marketing platform

Following tips can help a business to make the most from LinkedIn for marketing their products and services.

Complete the business profile

Any business needs to complete their profile. In this regard, the summary section of any profile is often overlooked. However, if used correctly they can help in the growth of the business.

Many people want to connect with another person before their products or services. Others prefer to visit the LinkedIn profile rather than their website.

use LinkedIn for marketing

As a result, businesses can use the summary section to properly present themselves in front of their target audience.

Also, experts believed that irrespective of adding contact information elsewhere on the profile, adding them to the summary section will make it easy for their audience to reach them.

Connect with people to develop business

To use LinkedIn for marketing, it is important to form a connection with people in the same industry and also the prospects.

LinkedIn is a social network where business owners not only can connect with other business owners, but also with prospects and partners – both strategic and referral.

Once the initial connection is made, they can further work on ways to build their relationship that can help in the growth of their business. For instance, many companies help other businesses to generate leads.

They search for people who fit the criteria of their clients through LinkedIn and act as a medium to connect both parties.

They send regular updates on behalf of their clients to ensure that their name always stays prominent in their network. In this way, by using LinkedIn one organization can help in the growth of business for other organization.

Groups on LinkedIn

One can use LinkedIn for marketing in an effective way by either joining other groups or creating their groups.

While joining other groups help them to mingle with key partners in the industry, having own group can also help them to stand out provided, they add some unique feature in it such as a creative logo and adding a short description of the group.

Adding engaging and interesting content can also encourage others to join the group. LinkedIn allows one to join approximately 50 groups. On joining these groups, one will have an understanding of the things that their prospects are discussing.

As a result, they can also share their insights into such discussions. Besides, they will also get access to their member list. Upon screening the members, they can find ideal prospects over there.

Through personalized mail, they can ask them to join their new group. Once the prospects join their group, they can share important and valuable content with them.

They can also demonstrate their expertise in various fields. In this way, they can connect with prospects which will ultimately lead to the growth of their business. However, one should maintain complete control over their group.

Post on LinkedIn

Users must post regularly on LinkedIn. LinkedIn generally offers three types of post- articles, images, and videos. LinkedIn itself advises its users to post a content blog as that can improve their credibility.

Besides, once a post started gaining momentum, LinkedIn will highlight it in any of the categories which will further increase its readership.

This will help in improving the visibility of the users which otherwise would have been difficult if they solely relied on their website or blogs.

Useful LinkedIn tools for Marketing

Following tools are extremely effective if any business owner want to use LinkedIn for marketing

LinkedIn Sales navigator

The main objective of this prospecting tool from LinkedIn is to connect buyers and sellers uniquely. It uses an advanced algorithm to find prospective buyers who can be aligned with the products and services that the sellers offer.

It also offers detailed insights regarding sales that help in making important business decisions. The relationship-building tools help the businesses move towards their goal of closing a sale.

It also recommends leads, and one can use additional tools to connect with potential buyers and make the sale.

LinkedIn Plugins

Various organizations can use different LinkedIn plugins such as share, company profile, company insider, alumni tool, etc. For instance, one might be interested in sharing the company profile with the visitors of their website.

It helps the visitors to form an idea about the organization including the number of people associated with it. It might not directly contribute to the growth in sales, however, the information it offers to the audience might make them interested in the organization.

LinkedIn Small Business

The three-step approach this tool follows is – establishing the presence of a brand, connecting to the target audience and engage them through content marketing.

This approach not only helps the small businesses to reach their prospects but also convert followers into advocates of the brand. One should gain an understanding of every feature of this tool to build up a strategy that could help them in achieving their goals.

This is an effective tool that allows one to use LinkedIn for marketing. Crystal reviews different profiles on LinkedIn and provides an insight into the personality of that person.

This will help the users to learn different styles of communication and behavior. It will offer guidance to the business regarding the ways to approach prospects with care, rather than ending up making a cold call.

In short, it helps the users to become better communicator so that they can improve their social selling. At present, it offers three packages- for hiring, for sales, and teams.

It is considered as one of the most important lead-generation tools for a business. This tool also provides the users an access to the contact information of the prospects, so that one can initiate their sales process. It also helps the users to send personalized e-mails and follow-ups to the prospects.

Through all these afore-mentioned tricks and tools, one can use LinkedIn as an effective marketing tool.

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