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Best WordPress Portfolio plugins for every photography and portfolio based website


Presenting the best WordPress portfolio plugins for photography websites

WordPress as an open source and self – hosted content management system is successfully used by thousands of people all around the globe for photography and portfolio presentation purposes.

As the website functionality and the visual appeal are of primary importance for them, the WordPress sorts out this issues in the most cases.

However, as designers, photographers and other portfolio owners deal with a large amount of professional and high – quality image content, the website loading speed and performance capacity may be negatively affected to some extent, leading to the website visitor insufficient user experience.

Anyway, the good news is that this concern can be usefully settled with the help of a wide range of highly customizable and user – friendly WordPress portfolio plugins, which come with tons of image optimization options, so that their high resolution and exceptional visualization will remain untouched, at the same time contributing to the web page speed and fast loading. Taking into consideration the advantages those plugins may bring forward, we have picked out the best WordPress portfolio plugins with a powerful relevant options and controls to provide the stunning look and feel of the website images and the overall portfolio content.

1. NextGen Gallery

Our list of the best gallery – optimized solutions, which are totally compatible with any WordPress powered websites and blogs deservedly opens highly popular NextGen Gallery plugin. This product is available in free and pro and plus versions, however, all of them come integrated with extensively intuitive interface and totally responsive layout, thus being optimized for mobile and tablet usage. This practical system of image and photo management and control will grant you with unlimited possibilities to add image content to a gallery, create albums, arrange group galleries into albums, add and delete images, import meta data for organizing and sorting images, edit thumbnails for better visual appearance, compact and extended album styles in the free version, and much more options loading with the premium ones.

2. Gallery by Webdorado

Gallery and WordPress portfolio plugin authored by Webdorado is the next power – packed and feature – rich photography – centered WordPress template to function flawlessly on any photography, art, designer, freelancer or any other portfolio based online platforms. The main functional characteristic features of Gallery plugin are its very easy to use interface and responsive design, thanks to which the website owner is able to upload, manage, change and modify his photography content accordingly, and further, images are ready to adapt themselves to any mobile or device screen sizes and be aesthetically stunning in all cases. With the help of this dynamically crafted plugin available in free and premium versions, you will also be able to add gallery to the web pages and posts, browse images and set their thumbnails and even add watermarks to all your images.

3. Master Slider

As the slider is one of the central tools any gallery and image – oriented website can practice for showcasing the most efficient content, Master Slider can be an ideal selection in this relation for every relevant web presentation. This photographer WordPress plugin will generate extremely accurate and responsive slider to your page, ensuring your image content smooth and exceptional look and feel irrespective of the PC, mobile, smartphone, tablet or other technological innovation. This drag and drop slider creation tool is accompanied also with more than six slider transition tools, which are totally controllable, smooth and sleek navigation both in vertical and horizontal directions and many other useful and practical options.

4. Meta Slider

The next extensively intuitive and adaptive WordPress supported slider plugin, which can be acquired and installed on any photography website or blog is Meta Slider. This tool is widely known and appreciated for its user and developer – friendly interface and admin panel, lots of controllable features and elements coming along this smart and resourceful plugin to choose from, including 4 types of sliders with their respective transition controls: Flex Slider 2, Nivo Slider, Responsive Slides and Coin Slider; all of them available in full – width, image cropping function, built on Developer API and SEO optimization, and all this is accessible with the free Meta Slider, yet there is also its Pro variant with additional functionality and potential.

5. Huge IT Gallery

If you are looking for cutting edge performance, perfect compatibility with the website and image – centered functional approach on the one hand, and simplicity, accurateness and total customizability on the other hand, look no further than Huge IT Gallery. This freemium WordPress portfolio plugin appears loaded with entirely responsive and cross mobile compatible design, the options to add galleries and lightbox to the website page or post, upload images and insert them into the portfolio, add descriptions and titled to the images, as well as exercise one of the available 7 views to match the overall design perception of your gallery – optimized website.

6. Envira Gallery Lite

With the presence of Envira Gallery Lite you will have extensively developed and technologically advanced gallery and image optimization and management processes centered on the specific nuances and customization tool set any photographer or designer will need to run in his workflow. This plugin will grant the user with the easiest and stylish way to practice in order to add pretty responsive images very quickly, which will look good on all the devices and mobiles. One of the most exciting qualities of this WordPress product is its fast and smooth performance, allowing you to realize drag and drop function for the gallery creation just in seconds. You can also upgrade from Lite to Pro version and enjoy more perspectives available.

7. Foo Gallery

Last, but not least is Foo Gallery guaranteeing a professional level of quality of every single image appearing on your relevant website. This awesomely set up and developed, exceptionally functioning and highly adaptive image and photo content operation system will anticipate all the needs in order to overcome photo related difficulties. The plugin can be praised for its light and easy running, letting the admin undertake all the necessary customization alternatives freely and with ease. Along with image galleries, beautifully arranged video galleries may also be present, inbuilt album extensions can be activated in few seconds, drag and drop function can be exercised for image and gallery arrangement and many other actions can be taken within the scope of Foo Gallery.

How to Add an Easy Affiliate Disclaimer to Your WordPress Site

Do you want to add an easy Affiliate Disclaimer to your WordPress site? We appreciate the flow of your thoughts!

Honesty and transparency are always the best policies one can have for his website or a blog. Being honest with your audience and letting they know the important nuances and points of your activities is the best reflection of business customer relations based on trust and loyalty.

In order to put the things quite understandable for you, let’s start with discussing what actually an affiliate disclaimer is.

What is an easy Affiliate Disclaimer?

Easy Affiliate Disclaimer is a kind of statement on the affiliate relationships your site has with other businesses and websites. It becomes more important whenever you have some income or revenue from this kind of commercial relationships.

For example, you own a WordPress based website and have included affiliate links catering to products and services of any other company. For the sake of transparency of your online profile and activities, you are obliged to let your audience know that you’ll earn some commission every time they use those links, go to the source website and buy something.

All in all, affiliate links are a great way to uplevel your site with new strings of income without any initial investment or too much effort.

Why should you add an easy Affiliate Disclaimer to your WordPress site?

Well, disclosing your profit related actions through the affiliate links is one of the reasonable steps you can do to keep your web visitors informed and well aware of your working policy.

At this point, one of your basic goals is to provide your web viewers with useful and trustworthy links so that they can follow them and find something matching their needs. Therefore, adding an affiliate links is half the job you can do. Another part includes your statement about them so that your audience can have a complete structure of your site and the additional (affiliate) ways it offers to them.

How to add an easy Affiliate Disclaimer to your WordPress site?

If you are making money from your WP website or blog through affiliate marketing, you should think of the proper ways to inform your audience about it. Web visitors and readers are the most expensive capital you can have and you need to undertake every certain step to be quite sincere with them.

So, the truth is that you need to add an easy Affiliate Disclaimer to your WordPress site on every occasion you are inserting affiliate links. Say, you are writing a post and adding an affiliate link pointing out some external product, service, review, etc., from which you have a payout. You should also include an affiliate disclaimer at the top of that post.

This mechanism should be working in relation to every such post you are publishing on your website.

You may say that adding affiliate disclaimer any time you are using affiliate links can be time consuming. Apart from that, you might forget about it occasionally.

Well, the methods we are going to share with you solve this problem and let you easily add an easy affiliate disclaimer to your WordPress site posts automatically, or with a simple click of a button.

1. Edit your functions.php file

In order to add affiliate disclaimers automatically, you need to copy and paste a relevant code into your functions.php.

You can find your functions.php file from Appearance, Theme Editor, functions.php file. Copy and Save this file into any text editor like Notepad. Now, find the relevant piece of code below and add it to the very bottom of the text editor:

function affiliate_the_content( $content ) {
 if( is_single() ) {
      if (has_tag('affiliate')) {
    $custom_content = '<div class="disclaimer">I’m disclosing that this post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn an affiliate commission you click on one. <a href="/affiliate-disclaimer">Read the full disclaimer here.</a></div>';
	    $custom_content .= $content;
    return $custom_content;
add_filter( 'the_content', 'affiliate_the_content' );

Now, save the updated file and that’s it. For now on, all you need to do is to tag any post containing such links with “Affiliate” and “I’m disclosing that this post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn an affiliate commission you click on one” will be added before each such post.

As you see, this code contains a specific disclaimer sentence and directs to a separate disclaimer page. Of course, it’s up to you to change and stylize the sentence, as well as add your URL. Your URL should be located after href. E.g. <a href="/“>

2. Install and use any of the relevant plugins

My Custom Functions:

My custom functions


If you are clueless about coding and are afraid to hamper the flawless performance of your site, you can use any relevant plugin instead.

My Custom Functions is one of such useful and lightweight plugins with a user optimized interface and handy toolbox. It will enable you to quickly add your custom functions and make them valid throughout your WP site.

Advanced Custom Fields:

Advance custom filed


Advanced Custom Fields is the next practical plugin you can rely on when it comes to adding custom fields to your site’s post and pages.

This plugin is simple in usage and easy to follow. However, you need to spend some time on it if you want to add affiliate disclaimer, configure it the way you need and display it on your website through your child theme by using FTP.

You need to create a New Field Group, then Add Field and add Affiliate Disclaimer under Field Label. Further, select Checkbox under Field Type, and fill the box next to the Choice with Display Affiliate Disclaimer: Display Affiliate Disclaimer. This much for the background work.

Now, you need to showcase affiliate disclaimer for the frontend visitors. For this, you need to go to log into FTP, WP-Content, Themes and find all the themes installed on your site. Find the parent theme folder and the file for single posts. Usually it is called single.php or something like that. You need to copy its entire content into a text editor, go to the child theme, create a new file with the exact name as your single.php file, save it, then open and copy all the content you have previously copied into it.

In the newly created single.php file you may find different coding elements. Use the code below and copy it before the loop or at the beginning of the main div or box.

1.        // vars
2.        $affiliate = get_field('affiliate_disclaimer');
3.        // check
4.        if( $affiliate &amp;&amp; in_array('Display Affiliate Disclaimer', $affiliate) ): 
5.        <div class="affiliate_disclaimer">This post contains affiliate links.</div>
6.        endif; 

This code suggests that whenever you check the Affiliate Disclaimer checkbox, this text will be shown.

Naturally, you can change the default text to make it more user friendly or reasonable.

Advanced Custom Fields Repeater & Flexible Content Fields Collapser:

Advanced custom field


Advanced Custom Fields Repeater is another practical tool you can use along with the above mentioned Advanced Custom Fields Plugin for more controls over your site’s functionality.

Animation WordPress Plugins for placing animations in website


A notable batch of animation WordPress plugins is presented in this article for you to find well structured animation delivery systems for your website of any kind.

The practice of attracting website visitors is heavily based on how your website looks. In this relation, the implementation of CSS animation in the modern web design is what matters the most when it comes to rendering your website in a presentable, pixel – perfect and visually eye – catchy appearance.

The way your website elements and touches insensibly change from one style to another based on the key — frames specified beforehand not only can be visually effectual, but also can contribute to the user -friendliness of the web interface and become the brick and mortar of your website’s mobile version as well.

In case you value the manner in which your content will be packaged and served, here are some of the best animation WordPress plugins to easily and quickly animate your website and make it more interactive. They have been checked for their perfect collaboration with thousands of WordPress – based templates and have displayed their best qualities.

1. Animate It!:

User – friendly and admin – optimized, Animate It is a wonderful solution for nice – looking animations in your WordPress – powered website. This plugin is ready – made and perfectly coded to handle different animations and make your online profile more beautiful and interactive, engaging and entertaining. The arsenal of Animate It includes tons of practical controls and features, among them availability to apply CSS3 animations on post, widget and pages, exercise animation controls on Scroll, Click or Hover. Moreover, you are powered to give rise to a beautiful animation sequence while using delay feature, control the duration of the animations, enable or disable the performance of animations on smartphones and tablets, as well as add CSS classes to animation blocks.

2. Master Slider:

Powerful and unbeatable, perfectly balanced and inherently flexible, Master Slider is one of the top – rated animation WordPress plugins available in the WordPress library entirely for free. This minutely worked – out and processed WordPress animation and slider plugin with its more than 100.000 active installs packs everything you will ever need for animated sliders in your web page with smooth and sleek navigation. Free, yet premium – quality, Master Slider comes accessible for all website owners and is custom – built to grant them with wonderfully responsive design and cross – mobile compatibility. It means that the animations and transition effects shining on your website will be effective and beautiful across different mobiles and platforms. Other valuable features of the plugins are search engine – optimized nature for boosted SEO results, touch swipe navigation, CSS3 transitions, CSS3 3D transforms, multisite – compatibility, etc.

3. Page Animations and Transitions:

Adding animation touches to your website will be unimaginably easier with Page Animations and Transitions. Instinctive and truly flexible, this plugin comes powered to add different beautiful animations to your website and make them look fantastic all the time. You can easily embed wonderful transition effects and make your content intuitive and natural, as people are used to gradual movements of things and objects in the real world as well. What is more exciting about Page Animations and Transitions is that the access to this plugin will cost you absolutely nothing but will provide with fade, fade down, fade up, fade left, fade right, rotate, zoom and other effects. Some of the useful animation and transition elements are set page in and set page out animation effects, set page in and set page out animation duration.

4. Image Hover Effect:

A great way to insert hover effect functionality to any WordPress – powered website comes launched as Image Hover Effect. More than 40 beautiful hover effects are available with this plugin to make your images more attractive and attention – grabbing. As one of the easiest to use and manage animation WordPress plugins at your disposal, Image Hover Effect categorizes the possible 40+ hover effects in 2 different styles and provides with seamlessly convenient admin – panel to control them. CSS3 effects, readily responsive design style, numerous shortcodes and categories, image preview option, animation features and much more are all wrapped up in one single solution in the face of Image Hover Effect.

5. Animated Headline:

Animation is one of the successful and highly applicable trends in headline creation and manifestation. Headline is what makes a website visitor guess about your content, and sometimes it can be the decisive factor in the web visitor’s decision making process of whether to browse this or that content and read or not. Animated Headline comes to make the performance of your headlines more compelling and operative. Make your headlines or certain words of it animated with pretty little efforts while dealing with a shortcode. Up to 10 types of animation effects are at your fingertips to exercise.

6. GIf Animation Preview:

Next in our list of animation WordPress plugins to be added to WordPress – based websites is Gif Animation Preview. The essence of this simple yet energetic animation plugin lies in its enviable precision of how it takes GIF animations and replaces them to preview images. Moreover this functionality is effective when the GIF is embedded form any other website, as well as when using any static thumbnail. Depending on your preferences, you can stop animations across your website or start it on inside a post.

7. Parallax Scroll:

Parallax Scroll is one of the reasonable and simple approaches to winning the parallax looking of your website’s header, post and pages. The whole procedure includes the simple tweaking with shortcodes and minimum timeframe to have effective and serviceable parallax scrolling backgrounds. Thus, you are free to stylize the header text with it, create an entire section where a certain piece of content will be armed with parallax scrolling background or use this functionality for certain elements of the website. Basically, the plugin enables you to copy the given shortcode and paste it into a page and post easily, or use it directly in PHP code.

Contact form 7 problems with your WordPress website

Contact form7 problems with your WordPress website

One of the reasons that most marketers use contact form 7 plugin on their website is so that prospective leads can contact them directly, using the same. That’s one of the reasons behind the increasing popularity of this plugin. If you have just installed this plugin on your website but you are not getting any email notifications of any message, then you just need to follow the steps listed below to get your contact form 7 working again. Just check out the steps listed below –

1. Test the contact form:
Just test the contact form, use the same to send a test message to yourself and see if it gets to your mail inbox, as it should. If it does not, then follow the steps listed below.

2. Update your plugin:
Make sure that your contact form 7 has been updated to the latest version. This is something that you need to do periodically; just make sure that the contact form has been updated successfully. Test it out again and if it works, then the earlier issue has been resolved. And if the form still does not work, then you need to let the developer know regarding the issue to resolve it at the earliest.

3. Validate contact form 7 configurations:
Once you have installed the latest version of contact form 7 on your website, click on the contact form in your dashboard which should now display all your contacts. Check your email in box for the validate configuration of contact form 7 message. Now click on the validate configuration button and that’s it. Now click on mail to see if there are any error messages. Enter the form and subject fields and see if the plugin operates smoothly.

4. Contact form 7 changes to Google RECAPTCHA from a simple CAPTCHA:
Given the state of abuse that the contact form 7’s captcha had to take, this change was along the expected lines. It has now started using Google‘s RECaptcha instead of their own simple captcha. So, for your contact form 7 to work as seamlessly as it is supposed to, you need to obtain and activate Google’s recaptcha on your form.

1.Just go over to Google’s recaptcha site, and register with your Google ID.
2.Once you access the same, you will need to set a label for your website, something that you can remember easily.
3.The next step is where you enter the domains that you want to use the Google recaptcha key for.

5. Site and secret key:
Now that you have registered successfully on the Google recaptcha page, you would soon get a site key and a secret key. You need to copy and paste these keys to the contact form 7 integration pages for the contact form 7 to work.

6. Integration:
Now, just head over to your admin dashboard, and hover above the contact link provided there. This should open up the drop down list and the menu for contact form. Now click on the integration link and then click on “integrate with other services”. Once you have clicked on the same you may want to click on the ‘configure keys’ link as well. A new page should open up, where you need to enter the site key and the secret key. Just copy and paste it from earlier, and make sure that you save the same, after having entered it.

7. Contact form:
Once you have saved the keys after you had entered them in the integration page, you need to open up your contact form and decide where you would like the Google recaptcha to go. Just open up the contact form page, and now, click exactly where want Google recaptcha to appear and click on the recaptcha short code. Now the recaptcha short code should appear, and save it once it does. Once you have added it, now click on save it.

8. Finish:
Once you have done so, you can reboot your website and the contact form should appear with the Google recaptcha being displayed prominently across the same

What makes contact form 7 is the fact that it is highly adaptable and can be easily tweaked to adjust to the rest of your website. Since you have just started your business website, it is naturally important that your customers and more importantly prospective leads are able to get in touch with you. And equally important is that it is your responsibility to make sure that the contact form 7 page works, seamlessly as it collate valuable data and key information.

What’s more, you should be able to set up contact form 7 pugin in a matter of minute.
Spam: This is yet another reason as to why you wanted to check out contact form 7. Most of the spam is often posted as replies to the previous comment. That’s why it makes sense to go in for a plugin for your website at the earliest as it can help protect both you and your customers as well. One way to tackle the menace is to integrate it with Akismet, which can help prevent spam

Once you have set it up as per the directions listed above, your users should be able to use the contact form 7 to get in touch with you. Just remember that you still need to have high grade quality content on your website with the requisite audience in two. It is important that you realize just how useful the contact form 7 can be when it comes to marketing your products and services. Once a viable lead expresses intent with the help of contact form 7, you can then follow it up with that person.

Contact form 7 is really important especial for the success of you company. And if you had not set it up correctly, then you will not receive any notifications for the same. With a customized contact, you can set up your plugin so that it looks like the rest of your website.

Skills Counter and Skill bar plugins to consider for WordPress

WordPress skill bar plugins are considered in this article for your reference.

Whether you want to display your skills, stress out all the qualifications your team members share, showcase the completeness or this or that project or compare different attributes on a 100% scale, skill bars are irreplaceable tools at your disposal.

All in all, these are great elements to keep your virtual audience both engaged and informed, as well as to keep the track of the success of specific campaigns, donations, events, projects, etc.

Skill bars are also considered to be design technics to add a unique charm to your content. As such, they are used for personal and CV websites, design agencies and centers to showcase the level of expertise and background knowledge. Hence, the useful information provided by skill bars and rolled up by beautiful animations is a very productive way to connect with your audience.

The simplest method you can use in your WP based website to have a powerful skill bar is via WordPress skill bar plugins available in WP current repository.

In this article, we have surfed the Internet to find the best WordPress skill bar plugins so that you can completely rely on them with the hope of receiving more with less work and stress around.


SKT Skill Bar:


skt skill bar


SKT Skill Bar is one of the award winning and top class WordPress skill bar plugins every WP website admin can have at his fingertips.

This plugin suggests one of the simplest ways to add beautiful jquery skill bars like a progress bar, circular or half circular bar in order to display your skills on a percentage basis.

GPL2 licensed based, SKT Skill Bar is available entirely for fee. It means it can be a favorable option for individuals or small companies working on a tight budget.

Powerful shortcodes based functionality is what makes this plugin stand out with its persistency and seamless usability. Moreover, SKT Skill Bar is entirely responsive and mobile friendly. It means that the skills bar deployed on your website will keep its unique look and feel across different platforms and mobiles.

Unlimited color controls are also at your disposal to play with the overall design and color combinations of skill bars to be added to your profile.

All in all, this plugin gives you a complete control over your site’s skill bars and the way they will be available for the website visitors.

Skill Bars

skill bar


Skill Bars is also among the top WordPress skill bar plugins aimed at adding beautiful and fancy skill bars on any WordPress based website or blog. Just like the previous plugin, this one shares all the touches of responsive design so that you can result in a great mobile user experience.

This skill counter or skill bar plugin also comes with cross browser compatibility and unlimited quantity of skill bars possible.

With this plugin, you are also powered to manipulate with colors so that the skill bars added to your template will be a perfect mix and match to the latter.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you need to use shortcode to display your skill bars either on post or on page.

Wen Skill Charts:

skill chart


Add and distribute animated and eye catchy skill bar, circle or chart by the application of Wen Skill Charts. It is one of the highly customizable and user optimized WordPress skill bar plugins to add the required skill bars anywhere on your website: in a post, page or sidebar.

Wen Skill Charts is very convenient in usage and installation directly from your Admin Dashboard. Further, you can also manage customization controls from this Dashboard, including adding, removal or editing skill items.

In order to add a new skill to your bar, head over the Skills icon appearing on your Dashboard, then Add New. At this stage, a new tab will be opened for you to fill in. You’ll be required to add the title, description, percentage, select the color, etc. Once you are done with this part, hit Publish and that’s it.

Custom Progress Bar:

Custome prgoress bar


Custom Progress Bar is simple and lightweight WP progress bar plugin coming with an intuitive and user friendly interface. If you want to add attractive and presentable progress bars and style them according to your taste, you are free to do it with Custom Progress Bar.

From custom width controls to color combinations and animations, tons of customization features are loaded with this useful plugin. This plugin is well maintained and fully documented so that you are going to have the whole process running smoothly.

Progress Bar:

progress bar


Progress Bar is the next top option you can rely on in case you want to have awe inspiring and fully controllable progress bars. This plugin takes the responsibility of creating simple CSS3 progress bars and lets you style them with your own CSS3.

Simply use the shortcode below and add your progress bar whenever you find relevant on your website:

[wppb progress=60]

In this shortode the number 60 states that the progress bar is 60% complete.
The progress is a required parameter and can be presented in 2 different forms. It can be showcased either as a number and will indicate the percentages, or as a fraction, such as 50/100.
Alternatively, you can also use $ sign, for example, whenever you are dealing with donation, fundraising or other relevant programs and events.

WP Progress Bar:


HD and retina ready, WP Progress Bar is another simple yet dependable, lightweight yet sophisticated progress bar plugin developed for WP related folks and their sites. This plugin empowers you to add visually stunning progress bars in your posts and customize their appearance whenever needed.

It has been tested with all the major browsers for its error free compatibility and celebrates full responsiveness when it comes to mobile usage.

Best plugins for fixing hacked WordPress websites

Best plugins for fixing hacked WordPress websites

If you are just setting up your first WordPress website, then you may want to read this article first. Given the recent spate in hacking and the fact that WordPress websites often feature large for most hackers, you would definitely want to take a few measures to better protect yourself. Granted that the process is bound to be overwhelming to anyone but with these plugins, you should be able to better protect yourself, your website from any unwanted intrusion. Chances are that most malware infections and hacking attempts often result from downloading and installing third party plugins. This does not mean that all external plugins are bad but that you need to check them out in detail. You need to spend some time reviewing each plugin individually before downloading and installing it on site. If you are still able to log into your admin dashboard area, then you need to install these plugins on you website as they can help flush out the malware infecting your website.

1. Malcare:
Malcare is a comprehensive WordPress security plugin that can effectively track and eliminate all traces of malware in your system. This plugin stands out in the sense that it cleans your system and protects it from other future breaches as well. It runs a complete scan on your website, determines the presence of malware. Once it senses malware infection, it will clean your site and remove all traces of the same. Additionally, you can also use this plugin to prevent any repeat attacks by blocking the originating IP address and preventing it from launching any fresh attacks on your website. It also helps to prevent any malicious login attempts and comes with 1-click auto cleaner. This is a handy plugin to have on your website, especially its deep scanning technology.

2. Wordfence:
Wordfence is not just a good WordPress security plugin but it also happens to be the popular choice, when it comes to protecting your website against unwanted intrusions. With this plugin in place, you should be able to scan your website, track down any malicious codes on it and remove it altogether. It also enables you to ID files that do not belong in WordPress and gives you the option to remove the same. This plugin comes with a handy set of features that will enable you to deep scan your website, including all the content hosted on it. It also helps to prevent backdoor intrusions, code injections etc. It also protects your website as a result of its anti-brute force feature. In all, it stands out for all the right reasons.

3. Anti-malware and brute force firewall:
Well, if you are in a messy situation because of malware infection, then this may well be the plugin that you were looking for. This security plugin helps to determine if your website contains malware by running a complete scan on the same. Once it makes its determination, it then flushes away the malicious code. More than that, its comprehensive firewall makes sure that you remain protected against future threats and risks that you are likely to encounter online. But what makes this plugin stand out is that it regularly updates its codes and takes measures to protect itself.

4. Sucuri security:
Sucuri is fast gaining a household name where WordPress security plugins are concerned. It is one of the few that provides you with a complete suite of security solutions that make this plugin essential. It comes with effective scanning and cleaning tools – it helps to clean your website, and in the process, ensure that all malware infections are dealt with on a war footing. It runs an integrity check on your system and even helps to determine if your website is black listed by any of the search engines and several anti-virus products as well. It also hardens your website to prevent any infections and to prevent future attacks. Incidentally, this plugin will also provide you with notifications in case of anything malicious.

5. Security and Malware scan CLEAN TALK:
It may be brand new to the scene but this security plugin is certainly proving that it can handle anything thrown at it. This plugin provides you with Heuristic scanning which can help flag unknown malware after studying its behavior. It is quite effective in scanning websites and determining whether your website is infected with malware or not. This plugin will scan your website, track down any malware and delete the same. It also scans your database for any untoward events such as SQL injections. It also hardens your website to prevent any future attacks as well.

6. Quterra web malware scanner:
This plugin helps to track down, indentify and delete malware with ease. It scans your website completely for malicious code and then tracks it down and deletes it. It also detects all the files infected by malware and then deletes the same. Apart from this, this plugin also checks as to whether your website, because of its malware infection, has been blacklisted by search engines. Once the scan of your website is complete, it notifies you in case of malware infections and takes effective measures to eliminate the same. But the fact is that this plugin is an effective one in the sense that most of the users that utilize it for protection and security have little to complain about.

These are some of the plugins that you can use to flush out the malicious codes in your system. Granted that you may already have a few security plugins in place but for a comprehensive security solution, you need to check out the above plugins. Some may come with tiered packages which you can choose, depending on your current requirements.

But the best way to prevent your WordPress website from being hacked or for malicious codes to become integrated into your website is to run periodic scans, using one of the plugins posted above. With these plugins, your website would be protected and your information safeguarded against all forms of online threats. Additionally, make sure that you check out a plugin before installing it on your website.

10 Helpful Free Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin

facebook logo

If you are looking for the Free Facebook Feed WordPress plugin then this article is helpful for you.

Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the strongest platforms to promote content and website within a short time. If you are the user of WordPress, then monetizing the content with Facebook is a smart move.

Before jumping into Facebook feed WordPress plugins, you need to know about the complete detail of what Facebook feed Plugins are and its use.

What is Facebook Feed WordPress?

If you want to know what’s going on the Facebook page, then the Facebook feed plugin is there. This comes with lots of customization options that help to see inside social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and more of your pages on the website.

These plugins are smart and easy to use which takes less time to show Facebook on your website. The feel and tone of the page look the same as your website.

These themes are available in different colors and designs that can improve the display of an attractive look. Even this helps the user to read the articles more on the Facebook page.

Why you need Facebook feed plugins?

Today, social media is on hype. Whether it is for promoting and sharing your stories. As compare to earlier times, you need to put extra physical efforts to promote your content. But now, with social media, it is just one click.

All you need to post the content and try to viral it. The more you reach the audience the more you get the visitors to your website.

This is the best and perfect platform that can make you large without putting hard efforts. With the use of Facebook feed plugins, you can improve customer satisfaction and make them always updated with your new posts.

According to stats, millions of websites are raising due to social media.

Here, we are going to share the top 10 Facebook Feed WordPress plugins, which are newly added with advanced features.

1. Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

Custom Facebook Feed

This Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin is the best responsive, SEO Optimized, and easy to use feed for the website. It doesn’t require any HTM coding or language knowledge. You can use this easily. This can help to crawl your pages, HTML-Links of pages and URL faster.

Key features:

  • No need expert CSS knowledge
  • Fast delivery

2. 10Web Social Post Feed

wd facebook feed

This plugin is yet another option to enjoy the best experience. With this, you can easily integrate Facebook feeds of pages, profiles, groups, etc. with customizing options to your website.

This helps in displaying the content with complete pictures, videos, and the timeline. Moreover, this will offer you various views of content to choose from.

Here, you need to select the view for your desirable content that keeps you and your reader impressed.

You can select the number of views from the unlimited box and enjoy the best. You can add these by adding simple short-codes.

Key features:

  • Easy to generate shortcodes
  • Give multiple feeds

3. Feed them Social

feed them social

If you want to create the social feed of your friends, celebrities, groups member, and your business. Then this Facebook feed WordPress Plugin is superb.

One of the best parts is it will look stunning on the desktop, PCs, mobile and other devices. This is easy to operate and used by anyone.

You can customize the feed according to your needs as adding like or follow button or more. The shortcode are easy to generate. This has a wide range of unexplored features.

Key features:

  • Generate shortcode
  • Unlimited features

4. Easy Social Post Feed

easy facebook likebox

This plugin is used to display the feed on your website. It is highly customized because it uses API that helps to style your feeds that the way you need. With this, you can easily display the posts of Facebook that help your readers to connect you more.

Key features:

  • Style the feed the way you need
  • Easy to use

5. Showeblogin Like Share Box Plugin


This is a special designed Facebook Plugin that showcases the Facebook page updates. Also, this allows you to promote the Facebook page with a more targeted audience on the website. This is a responsive, SEO-friendly, and smart plugin that gives you a perfect layout and make easy for you to promote website content on social media of the WordPress website.

Key features:

  • Easily embed the Facebook page to show on your website
  • Smart version

6. Flow-Flow Social Streams


It is perfect to engage more audience in your content because it is highly customized. This can pull high traffic on your website via news, photos, and more that you can expect. Well, it doesn’t reveal your details. So you can go with it at ease and enjoy the benefits.

Key features:

  • No risk of leaking out personal information
  • Perfect for streaming

7. Social Feed

social feed plugin

This Facebook plugin is smart that displays all the latest posts feed on the Facebook page. This is also customized and uses open graph API that further helps to design the feeds as the way you want to pretend them.

Key features:

  • Give 24/7 support
  • Perfect to get the latest feeds
  • Easy to customize

8. Social LikeBox & Feed

social likebox feed

This is also the name of a plugin launched by Weblizar. It is simple, smart, and easy to use a plugin for anyone. With this, you will see the display of live streams of your team members of the WordPress website. This widget helps in publishing the new posts the way you want. It is responsive and browser supporting feed that can offer you the best experience.

Key features:

  • Highly compatible
  • Display latest feeds

9. Feeder Ninja

feeder ninja

It is yet the best Facebook feed WordPress Plugin that offers SEO friendly and responsive version to make your website the best. Moreover, it offers you highly customize options that allow you to feel and get the best editing features to display the post as you need.

Key features:

  • Display feeds from multiple pages
  • Customize feed

10. Custom Feed for Social Media Networks

WP Social Feed

This helps to make your feed of Facebook like a box. The like button allows the user to see updates from the page and give another supporter as well. Using saving widgets you can display like option on post and pages easily on your website.

Key features:

  • Custom feeds
  • Display Facebook like a box

10 Best Free Recent Posts Widgets for WordPress

number of posts per page

Top 10 Best free Posts Widgets for WordPress

Are you interest to read about best Posts Widgets for WordPress? So, come and read this page and get vast knowledge of updated widgets that can increase your website traffic and many more.

Without a doubt, our motive is to engage more audience with our website. After all, this can increase our profits. The more you publish the good content, the more you get the audience, organic traffic, visitors, conversion rate, visibility, etc. to make all things possible.

WordPress is one of the suitable content management systems that has been used over years worldwide. However, there are hundreds of debates on WordPress’s pros and cons, but WordPress stands out the first in the queue of web development to manage everything with ease.

WordPress comes with various plugins that help website Owner to improve SEO and ROI of the website. Well, most of the plugins are paid, and for a newbie, this is an issue. Therefore, most of the people love to work on free tools or basic plugins that offer benefits to a little extent.

Apart from plugins, WordPress theme is essential to boost website performance. And for these widgets are the best. You have some great free Posts Widgets for WordPress that can help to increase your website appearance and performance.

What are widgets and how it works?

In WordPress, widgets are specific small blocks that perform a great function. Even you can add these into sidebars to the webpage. These are small, simple, and perfect designed and structure control units of WordPress theme by the user.

These widgets allow the user to add and widgets area in the theme. These are available in the different designs and features to perform specific functions.

Widgets are codes known to perform certain functions. For example, if the user wants to add a specific ad in the widget area, this can be done easily using a widget.

Well, widgets are of any type. But here in this, we are going to share some of the best free Posts Widgets for WordPress that can maximize your working experience.

1.Recent posts widgets extended

recent posts widget extended

With this, you can display the posts in thumbnails, dates, or via widgets. It also allows the user many features that can attract your reader impressively. It is a highly customized and advanced widget that can better your experience.
Key features:

  • Give support
  • Give multiple filters
  • Support multiple languages
  • Display date, comment, and current post

2.Recent posts widgets with thumbnails

recent post widget with thumbnails

It is a well-known default widget in the WordPress named with “recent posts”. This will format the posts in thumbnails and categories.

Moreover, it has the number of features to display the content in custom-tailored lists. If you have neither highlighted image nor content, you can use default thumbnail.
Key features:

  • You can customize the theme according to your needs.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • It will list the latest posts in thumbnails
  • It is effective and lightweight.

3.WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress popular posts

It is a superb plugin post that can display recent posts from multiple categories in the widgets area. It is not like a default widget. It is a way to show multiple posts from different pages. The best feature of this, it will allow the user to choose the post which you want to display.
Key features:

  • Choose your feature posts
  • Display content from different posts
  • Featured with shortcode

4.Flexible posts widgets

flexible posts widget

It is a basic/default widget that works exceptionally. If you need posts to type in taxonomy, then this widget is good. It is easy to use and help to show the numbers of posts, pages, and types of any combination. If you need to feature a particular content on the website, this tool is effective.
Key features:

  • You can customize the posts and images.
  • Use templates
  • It can control the output

5.Category Posts Widget

category posts

It is a new and advanced featuring widget in WordPress to manage the posts category with thumbnails. This comes under special configuration options to make your content appearance better.
Key features:

  • Easy to Customize
  • Provide awesome layout

6.Recent Posts Widget Plus

recent posts widget plus

It is also abbreviated as an RPWP widget. With this listing, you can create slides of content on your website. Nowadays, this comes with some advanced features as filtering posts for pages. Recent Posts Widget Plus can make your content super attractive in slides and link the content and images with specific URL’s or posts.
Key Features:

  • Magic post listing offers three formation options Grid, Stacked rows, and List.
  • The posts will fit seamlessly in slides.

7.Content Blocks (Custom Post Widget)

custom post widget

This plugin is used for mobile users. Posts slider will show the recent posts in slider beautifully. It is fully-customize, easy, and perfect widget to manage the posts and its structure.
Key Features:

  • It 100% responsive.
  • It displays the content nicely that attracts readers.
  • It comes with hiding/display options.
  • Lightweight, easy to translate, and loaded with great features.

8.Advanced Random Posts Widget

advanced random post widget

It is one of the best plugin used in WordPress to make a new widget in the widget area. This can help the user to add the widget to the WordPress theme. With this, you can easily list pages and posts by filtering them into categories, tags, and other custom options.
Key Features:

  • Add categories to pages.
  • Make your posts easier.
  • This will allow us to set and manage the content of the website with author names.

9.ACF Recent Posts Widget

acf recent posts

This new widget can display your posts in horizontal and vertical mode. In this, you have the option to select what you want to show and where. This is a new release, so we can’t say much about it. Well, it has some good reviews from the customer that praise its features.
Key features:

  • Very easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t show thumbnails

10.WP Page Post Widget Clone

WP Page Post Widget Clone

This widget is perfect for those who don’t about programing language and HTML. It is easy to use to create posts in a list that offer a fine amount of display to engage readers.
Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Smart functions
  • Great features

Landing Page Builder plugins In WordPress Market And Ecosystem

engagebay landing page builder

We are living in a world of stiff competition. So, everyone has their own website and every website owner has entangled some business. There are many kinds of business and every businessman is trying to enhance their sales in one way or another. And, one of the ways to increase your sales is to create an elegant landing page. In the stream of digital marketing, a landing page is an extensive phenomenon and that too have reasons. There are also many landing page builder plugins of WordPress emerging due to the popularity of Landing pages. Landing pages are effective to turn your website visitors into your customers. If you are in a business that obligates landing website then you can quest for a topnotch design agency.

These days, many of the companies prefer to use the landing website. It is one of the optimum ways to advertise your products over the internet. You can advertise one or multiple products on a single landing page. We can also call it a promo page as it is doing promotion of our products. The best way is to use landing page builder plugins of WordPress. A variety of WordPress plugins are available on the internet. They help you to design a landing website with efficacy and convenience. And, if you do not have a sound knowledge of coding then, it will be much interesting for you. But, it is not that much arduous to create a landing website with WordPress. This is used to hide multiple pages of a website and to represent everything in a well-manner in one page.

Aspiration of a landing Website :
The basic notion behind using a landing website is to augment the conversion rate. Visitors usually come to a landing website from a link in another website or any other resource. This is known as contextual advertising. Landing page focuses only on one content. That is, it fulfills what the customers are searching for. On the landing page, clients cannot do any alternative action. Only one purpose will be fulfilled that is one for which the page is written. The content is informative and attractive as well. And, landing page is designed in such a well-manner that it will captivate visitors to buy the product.

Landing page plugins are one of the best ways to design an effective landing website. But before we go to the list of best landing plugins, I want to give you a suggestion. How to design a landing website in order to have more profit and high conversion? Here is the answer. You have to analyze customer behavior in a proper way to get your answer. Their interest, action, satisfaction and likewise. You have to be well aware of all these aspects of your customers. After doing proper analyzation you can design your landing website as per the customer behavior. This leads to inflate conversion rate of visitors and eventually enhance profit.

Best landing page builder plugins of WordPress:
Here we are going to discuss some of the optimum landing page plugins.

1. SKT Page Builder :
skt page builder

2. EngageBay landing pages:
engagebay landing page builder

If you get bored of using distended drag and drop landing page builder plugins. Then this is impeccable solution for you. Using this plugin you can create palatial landing pages within some minutes without any coding. One of the best features about this, you can connect your landing page with marketing and CRM software. You can also track the conversion rate on your landing page. Already it consists of clones of landing pages and with just a click you can create a new one. You just have to use This is one of the best landing page builder plugins of WordPress. It also comprised of readymade blocks so with the use of it you can create landing pages within a short span of time.

Can add subscribers forms also to your landing page. Custom CSS support is also made available. You can say that it is on the top among page builder plugins with its immense features and functionality. Consist of Visual Editor to bring all necessary changes to design and see results of your work in real time. Except for incorporation of multiple perplexed tools and features it pays attention also to providing the fascinating design.

Some of the key features are listed below.

Responsive design:
It will render aesthetically crosswise each device like mobile, desktop, laptop and others.

Pre-built Blocks and landing page templates:
You can easily encompass ready-made blocks in any of your pages. It comprised of various categories like header, footer, services, testimonials and others. You need not spawn website from scratch when you are already made available with ready made templates. You can customize them as per your requirements. All the templates are tested and provides instant conversions.

SEO Based:
You can customize key elements of SEO like meta description, page title, keyword and others. All based on impeccable Search engine optimization with the use of option made available.

It is much simple and easy to use page builder plugin. You just have to select a template, tweak the text, style and simply publish it. All this takes approx two minutes only.

Incorporate with other tools:
You can use Zapier to send entries from your EngageBay landing page Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, Pipedrive, Twilio, Madmimi, Getresponse and more.

It can be called as a ‘complete package’ of every obligatory facet to design an effective landing page.

3. WordPress landing pages:
WordPress Landing Pages

Landing page builder plugins of WordPress framework allows you to choose from a wide variety of landing pages. You can also design your own custom designs with the help of this plugin. It will give you the abilities run a/b or multivariate split tests on landing pages, to monitor and track conversion rates, and most importantly increase lead flow.

4. Landing Page cat:
landing page cat

You can create a truly beautiful, elegant, simple and a highly converting landing page with this plugin. In this plugin, developers have focused on only one main aspect. And, that main aspect is made you available with free extension to create splendid and conversion-optimized landing pages. This you can do with less time-consuming. It is one of the best things about this plugin.

5. Sunny landing page:
sunny landing pages

Sunny Landing page is used by more than 500 websites all over the world. It allows you to create an outstanding landing page and that too without any coding knowledge. You can grow your business by using engrossing and functional landing pages to a great extent.

6. Elementor page builder:

This is basically designed cling to requirements of designers and marketers. It is one of the best landing page plugins. You can use it to design amazing landing pages on your WordPress website. It is devised to boost your sales and build your e-mail list. A landing page cannot be substituted by the regular posts of other pages.

7. Ultimate landing page:
Ultimate Landing Page

It is an excellent WordPress drag and drop page builder to instantly create beautiful landing pages. It comes along with a variety of professionally designed templates. All these tools are optimized for conversion and lead generation. You can also drag and drop widgets to add different elements including images, backgrounds, text, multimedia, and more.

I have listed here some of the best landing page builder plugins of WordPress. You can use them to design an effective landing page. As a result, it will increase your sales to a great extent. Hope, you like reading this post.

WordPress GDPR Plugins for 2020

GDPR WordPress Plugins

This read will help you out in figuring out the best WordPress GDPR Plugins for your website

The requirements for complying with the GDRP have overwhelmed individuals from around the world. Confused about what to do and what not to do is a stage faced by most website owners before ensuring the compliance of their sites.

The good news is that you can leave the entire compliance task to a plugin if you own a WordPress website.

You can choose from multiple options that can rescue you from this situation. The unnerving task of compliance can be conveniently converted into a simple one with a capable program which also ensures that users get the best experience on the website.

GDPR Cookie Consent

GDPR cookie consent

Everything is brought under one roof by this GDPR plugin. It ensures that you do not rely on other or multiple programs for the compliance of your website. For your WordPress website, the entire compliance will become easier and faster due to the development of this plugin.

To ensure the website’s user with the right to be forgotten it comes with a single click solution. Through the ‘forget me’ form, the users can request the erasure of the data.

Contacting the data protection officer, unsubscribing from the newsletter, requesting for data, and other such requests for various purposes are managed through forms.

The privacy of all users is entirely in their hands and as per their choice with this tool. Cookies can be enabled and even classified by users. The opportunity to send out privacy policy data and rectify their data is also ensured to the users.

Integration with third-party programs and services is one of the major benefits provided by the WordPress GDPR plugins in general and the same is also provided by this tool.

GDPR Cookie Compliance

GDPR cookie compliance

The GDPR cookie compliance of the WordPress website can be best handled with this tool. For the cookie notification banner, it comes with multiple templates to choose from.

If any of the existing templates do not match your WordPress site or if you are not satisfied with the element’s content then you can build your custom template or modify any of the selected element.

Cookies categories and cookies list can be easily managed by it. The cookies on your website can be automatically scanned and those can also be downloaded as CSV files. On a granular basis, it allows users to opt-in for cookies.

The highest degree of control with regards to granting permission for cookies can be achieved with these tools and functionality.

If you have users from countries where GDPR does not apply then you can conveniently modify the settings and exclude cookie notice for such countries.

It comes with the auto-script block feature which allows the user a smooth experience and also blocks scripts of third-party services that will ultimately install cookies in the user’s system. If the users provide their consent, only then, it will permit such external sources to install cookies.



Cookiebot is amongst the best WordPress GDPR Plugins and offers an impeccable solution to ensure the cookie compliance of a WordPress website.

After explicitly pronouncing user consent, the cookies will be added to the user’s system by this plugin of your site. All the non-essential cookies are blocked by its features. It also prevents other scripts or plugins to add cookies on the browser.

For the convenience of activating or deactivating cookies by the users, it comes with five categories of cookies.

In addition to the general cookie law of the GDPR, this cookie enables the website to comply with the laws of countries like the United States, EU, UK, German, and Italy. It comes with the best GEO-IP location feature.

The plugin is well-designed and offers 7+ cookie pop up templates to choose from for the users. If required it also allows customization of the selected template according to the requirement.

You can also opt to translate the popup into any language because the plugin is WPML compatible. Popular third-party service apps which are sometimes required by the users are also compatible with this plugin for ensuring superior functionality.


complianz GDPR

WordPress GDPR Plugins make it an effortless task to accomplish with the compliance. This plugin can be one of the best choices along with the regular GDPR compliance it also allows the website to get legal updates and comply with major laws which are country or region-specific.

It is necessary to set up legal documentation on your website for managing with the compliance. This task can be hectic and also requires proper attention.

When you use the Complianz plugin it offers you an excellent feature of the personal dashboard. You can monitor the legal documents here and set it up as required by you.

The plugin helps you by a setup wizard so that you can generate the cookie policy and privacy statements.

If required you can also create Data Processing Agreement and Disclaimer documents. It also offers advanced cookie settings like location-specific display, blocking non-functional cookies, the appearance of cookie notice, and others.

Clients have various perceptions and to get an insight into it the plugins statistics dashboard will help you. These statistics will help in improving the conversion ratio and also enhance the user-friendliness.



For complying with privacy and GDPR laws, WP DSGVO Tools (GDPR) is one of the widely used WordPress GDPR plugins. All legal documents which are essential for the existence of your website can be created with the help of this plugin.

Features that make this plugin peculiar and unique include terms & condition, GDPR privacy policy, management & generation of custom legal pages, and others.

The cookie notice banner on the website informs the users that cookies are in use on the website and this can be enabled with the help of this plugin. From the footer section, this plugin allows you to link legal notices. It also notifies about any recent changes or updates to the user.

These are among the best plugins that can be used for your website and enhancing its functionality.

The plugin that provides you with the ease of use and has been reviewed positively for the type of WordPress website that you intend to host must be selected.

Integrating Google Services with a WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Integrating Google services

Benefits of integrating Google services with WordPress contact form

WordPress is endowed with thousands of plugins to make life easier for website owners of different kinds. WordPress also helps website owners to collect data from their visitors and customers through contact forms.

Feedbacks, personal preferences, personal information, complaints and demands, all of it can be collected by an entrepreneur by simply putting up a form on their WordPress website. The ways to do so however is restricted in their knowledge to just the basic form details.

Not many know that through some hi-tech plugins available for free, WordPress can easily help collect and track such data by integrating the efficiency of Google services into it.

It is undeniable that contact forms are a great way to survey and collect data. However, the ways to use contact forms is by adding one necessary field like email, text, multimedia, name, etc.

People on WordPress have an added advantage with contact forms and this advantage makes a significant difference in the data collection and its process.

The added advantage with WordPress is that some advanced Google services like Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Sheets, etc can be integrated into the Google forms.

Integrating Google services with WordPress contact form plugins include the following advantages and benefits for your business:

  • It helps monitor form submission carefully.
  • It makes the creation of events with Google Analytics and their tracking with WordPress possible.
  • It helps show Google Maps along with the WordPress contact address column so that it’s easier to access the address.
  • It automatically saves data from the form to the sheet after every submission entry.
  • It helps monitor visitor’s behavior on your website and thus analyzes the efficiency of your online presence.
  • It gets data of visitors coming on your website using different devices.
  • It helps get better solutions for your site based on the data at Google Analytics.

Ways to Integrate Google Analytics With WordPress Contact Form

For integrating Google services on WordPress contact forms, you’ll need to have a contact form plugin already installed on your system.

There is a wide variety of form builders. For example, Contact Form 7, WeForms, WP Forms, Ninja Forms, etc on your WordPress. It is recommended to choose WeForms among this list.

Benefits of WeForms

WeForms is a highly rated plugin for integrating Google services available on WordPress for this purpose. There are several benefits that make you inclined to choose WeForms among all the other plugins available for integrating Google services. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Real time live preview
  • Customizable templates
  • Unlimited forms
  • One page Ajax submission
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Export and import of forms from other form developers
  • Creating forms with multiple rows and columnsFree slack integration
  • Anti spam and recaptcha suppor

Now let’s have a look at how can we integrate Google Analytics with WeForms.

For this, you’ll first have to go to your WP Admin Dashboard and add the new plugin called “WeForms”. Install WeForms like any other WordPress plugin.

Now comes the point where you will be integrating Google services with WeForms. To add Google Analytics to WeForms, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Go to the WordPress Admin dashboard then go to WeForms and select modules. Over there, select the Google analytics module.

Step 2: Now you should go to WeForms settings and paste Google analytics tracking id over there.

Step 3: in this step, you’ll have to go to the WeForms of WordPress admin dashboard and select All Forms. There you have to click on create or edit a form. Then click on integrations and enter the event details. In the end, save the form.

Now you’ll have to insert the following values:

  • Event UA Code: Here you have to input the Google Analytics tracking code. You can find this tracking code in the tracking info section of the property column in the admin panel of the google analytics dashboard.
  • Event Category: Insert the event category here.
  • Event Action: Insert your tracking actions.
  • Event label: Add an Event Title.
  • Event Value: Insert event identification number.

At the end, finish the Google analytics configuration process by clicking on save form.

With completing this process, you have completed the integration of Google Analytics with weForms. The difficult part of the job is done. Now you just have to monitor and track data on Google analytics and analyze it to your benefits.

Google analytics help you track data to minutes and seconds. This means that the process of tracking on google analytics is highly functional and efficient for its purpose. So, let’s have a look at how to do it.

How to track in Google Analytics:

Now, your website is ready for the additional functionality you added as soon as a new visitor submits a new form on it.

Now, in order to track the data, you need to go to Google analytics dashboard and click on Reports. Then click on Real-Time and finally click on Events there.

Here, everytime your website visitor submits a form, the event category will be visible as ‘Form’ and the event action will be shown as ‘submission’. The events will be shown in percentage. The number of active users on your site will also be visible.

However, you must know that Google Analytics is not the only service provided by WeForms. For Google Sheets and Google Maps, you’ll have to have a pro version of WeForms.

To synchronize or integrate Google sheet with a weForms field, use the WeForms Google sheets integration module. Use Google maps integration for the same in weForms.


Google services integration is highly convenient as process with WordPress contact form plugins. Google Analytics tool is pretty handy in terms of observing the history of form submission data. There is also a filter called built-in timeline filter that will help you see form submission data at all times.

So go ahead with integrating Google services with WordPress contact form plugin and enjoy the technological advancements of this century making your life easier on your website, in just a few clicks.

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7 Free WordPress eCommerce Plugins for Creating your Online Store

WordPress eCommerce Plugins
Although, WordPress commenced its journey as a robust blogging platform, now you can use it to build anything- from a simple blog to an e-commerce site. Its extensive range of themes and plugins gives you the flexibility to create any kind of a site – even an online store within a least span of time.

However, the WordPress doesn’t offer any in-built eCommerce functionality, but there are hosts of overwhelming tools and plugins that will help you to transform your simple site into a fully-functional eCommerce solution with ease.

So, in this blog post, we will cover the 7 best WordPress eCommerce plugins that you can use to create a highly-interactive online store.

Let’s get started!

1. WooCommerce
WooCommerce WordPress plugin

Active Installs: 1 million+
Ratings: 4.6/5

When it comes to the most popular and user-friendly eCommerce solution, WooCommerce is the first name that strikes to my mind. It is the #1 free eCommerce plugin for WordPress with over 1 million of active installs across the globe.

This plugin makes it easy for you to add unlimited product pages within your site. You will also get a variety of eCommerce functionalities, including shopping cart, checkout, order management, product and inventory management, control over shipping, coupon management, interactive statistics and a lot more that can help you make a successful online storefront.
After installing WooCommerce to your site, you are free to use its exciting range of features, such as:

  • Fully-responsive
  • Highly-customizable
  • Multiple payment options (accept major credit cards,PayPal, Bank transfers, and cash on delivery)
  • Integrated with Authorize.Net, Stripe, and Amazon Payments
  • Developer-friendly and a lot more.

2. Easy Digital Downloads
Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin

Active Installs: 50K+
Ratings: 4.8/5

If you are selling digital products online, then you can’t ignore this plugin.
Easy Digital Downloads is an ideal WordPress plugin for selling digital and non-physical products in essence. It is a simple, intuitive and easy to install plugin that can help you create a full-fledged eCommerce store in minutes.

It comes up with all the necessary features that can help you run a booming online store instantly. Some of the great features of this plugin are:

  • Unlimited payment gateways
  • Cart system for buying multiple downloads at one
  • Promotional code system
  • Complete payment history
  • Embed functionality with various extensions, etc.

3. Jigoshop

Active Installs: 10K+
Ratings: 4.4/5

It is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that lets you create online shop without even getting your hands dirty in coding. The plugin is created by a professional development team that has years of experience in delivering quality online site projects for top-notch brands.

With the use of Jigoshop, you can add multiple product pages; upload all your products, take payments with PayPal and other payment gateways, without integrating any third party tool.
In addition, there are plenty of premium extensions that will take your online store to the next level on the go. In short, Jigoshop is a simple, user-friendly and cost-effective solution for creating professional looking eCommerce site.


  • Easy to setup
  • Embed multiple product type options to your estore
  • Detailed stats, and graphs
  • Over hundreds of premium extensions
  • Easy to manage shop’s stock, and much more.

4. WP eCommerce
WP eCommerce plugin

Active Installs: 50K+
Ratings: 3.5/5

WP eCommerce is a great WordPress plugin that allows business owners to create and customize purpose-oriented online store with ease.

Sell anything online – both the physical and digital products using this powerful plugin. Even, it lets you create a membership site as per your requirement. You can further customize your plugin if you are comfortable with CSS and HTML coding. There are also some useful video tutorials that will help you learn more about this plugin.

In addition, WP eCommerce offers you an option to manage your orders and catalogs of your site using robust inbuilt tools. It offers some of the stunning features such as:

  • Integrated with hosts of payment gateways
  • Readymade marketing tools
  • Inbuilt shipping tools
  • Integrated with popular couriers
  • Secure check-out with SSL

5. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping cart
Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping cart

Active Installs: 20K+
Ratings: 4.5/5

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping cart plugin makes it super easy to set up a professional looking online store quickly and easily. This means you don’t need to learn any programming language to create or customize your e-store.

This user-friendly plugin empowers non-tech savvy site owners to sell anything (both physical and digital products) on the fly. There are literary 40 international payment options and real-time shipping integration that make it a popular plugin across the globe.
Plus, it integrates well with recognized carriers including FedEx, UPS, Australia Post, Canda post, USPS, etc to automatically calculate shipping taxes. You can also add your eCommerce site to Facebook to sell out your products and services to your targeted Facebook users. In fact, Ecwid is the leading eCommerce app on Facebook.


  • Easy to set up
  • Tons of shipping options
  • It offers free mobile apps for Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Limitless storage, automatic backups and regular upgrades
  • PCI DSS Level 1 certified and lot more.

6. Shopp
Shopp WordPress ecommerce plugin

Active Installs: 5K+
Ratings: 3.7/5

Shopp is an excellent eCommerce plugin and secure shopping cart that has the potential to run thousands of online stores with ease.

Although it was introduced as a premium plugin, now you can use it at free of cost. It is developed and modified by a community of volunteers that have expertise in developing quality eCommerce solutions across the world.

Use this plugin to build your own order processing labels just by clicking a few buttons. Even, you can easily move orders manually or automatically.


  • Simple and intuitive
  • Safe and secure plugin
  • Easy to customize your plugin
  • Robust support system
  • Provides complete flexibility and much more.

7. WP EasyCart
WP EasyCart

Active Installs: 1 million+
Ratings: 5/4.6

WP EasyCart is a convenient solution for creating interactive and visually-appealing online store from scratch. There is plethora of free options to help you add eCommerce Shopping Cart system to your WordPress site within a few minutes.

The plugin allows you to sell anything- from retail products to digital downloadable products, gifts and carts to any other product that you can easily buy or subscribe online.
But the best thing about this plugin is that it works smoothly with all WordPress themes. This means you don’t to buy third party tools to integrate shopping cart functionality to your site if you are using WP Easy Cart plugin.


  • It comes with tons of readymade widgets
  • Integrated with popular payment gateways
  • Google Analytics
  • Social sharing integration
  • Inbuilt tools to setup and run coupons and promotions, etc.

All these plugins mentioned above in this blog post are free and incredible in terms of functionality, feasibility and features. These plugins will allow you to set up a successful online store without any coding skills.

All you need to do is to pick out the most suitable eCommerce plugin from WordPress repository and then download, install and use it for your first/next eCommerce project.

About the Author:
I am Jessica Gibson, marketing head at PromoCodeClub and a passionate blogger. Currently, I am working for an eCommerce website. Here you can get ola coupons for new users, existing users, Redbus, Uber coupons, Amazon, eBay and many more. Apart from writing blogs, I love to explore the world by visiting different places and sharing my experiences with people.

A Quick Guide to Adding a Favicon to Your WordPress Site

Do you want to add a favicon to your WordPress site but wondering how? Here we are with our quick guide to adding it effortlessly.

Small picture, great value

All of us have noticed the small icon next to the website title appearing on the tabs of the browsers or in the search engine results. These icons are the so called favicons or the favorite icons of sites.

Initially, these tiny icons were intended to be displayed in the Favorites of the Internet Explorer. Gradually, other browsers also started to support these images while displaying them on the opened tabs.

Why you should add a favicon to your WordPress site

It makes your site recognizable

As for the present, not a single serious website can do without its own and original favicon. Hence, if you want your website to be among the serious and powerful ones with a clear cut identity, you should add a favicon to your WordPress site. This is one of the basic marks by which many users recognize your site, when several links are opened in the browser.

It builds a successful identity or brand

Favicon can have a tremendous impact on your personal or business online strategy. You may say that favicons are not among the essential parts of the website and that creating and adding a well stylized favicon is just a waste of time.

Well, the seasoned professionals and the veterans of the digital world will prove you are wrong. It’s the small tiny things that make the greatest difference and set any company or business apart from the competition.

Making users lives easier

As stated above, favicons are sometimes the only distinctive feature showcased on the browser tab. When users open many tabs on the browser, your website URL or title and the favicon remains to be the only mark user can easily notice in the range.

Apart from that, the human brain processes images more quickly than words and texts. When scanning the list of the available websites and blogs, they will be able to find yours through the quick visual detection.

Thus, one of the objective reasons to add a favicon to your WordPress site has to do with a better and more productive website user experience.

Favicons are best in establishing credibility

Of course, we can never underestimate the killer design you have provided for your website. But once the attention of the users has been caught, you need to persuade them to stay around for a while.

As far as favicons are concerned in this relation, they are the integral part of any website design and a kind of pleasant gesture your site’s visitors will see and appreciate for sure. Usually, the favicon of your site is the main “sticky” part of your site to allure people to stick around.

How to create a favicon

Creating a favicon for your WordPress site is as easy as walking on a comfortable pair of shoes. If you are good at design and can put your unique test into work, then you’d better create the favicon of your site by yourself. You will certainly result in something that will stand out.

The optimal icon image size is 512×512 in ICO, PNG or GIF format. Since the favicon is too small, you don’t need to add too many details or burden it with too many touches. Keep it clear, easy to grasp and compact. If your company has a logo, you can use it in your favicon’s design. Alternatively, you can create the favicon around the first letter of your company or business.

How to add a favicon to your WordPress site

As for the latest updates of WordPress (since 4.3), they let you add the favicon from the Admin Dashboard of the theme. Head over Appearance, Customize and then press Site Identity tab.

This part of your theme customizer enables you to manage the details of your site, such as its title, description, as well as to choose to showcase them in the header.

You can also add the favicon from here. Under the Display Header Text, you can find Site Icon part, stating that the site icon is used as a browser and app icon for your website. You will be also instructed that they must meet certain requirements: square, at least 512px in width and height.

Now, you need to click on the Select File button and upload the relevant image.

If your image size exceeds the optimal size, WordPress will allow you to crop it. If there are no issues with the size, you can save it and go live with your favicon.

That’s it. As you can see, you don’t need to be a seasoned developer or designer in order to create and add a favicon to your WordPress site.

In addition to the above stated method, let us consider also the method of adding favicons with the help of third party plugins.

Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator:

Favicon by realfacivongenerator


It is one of the awesome favicon generator and adding tools one can use for his WordPress powered site. This plugin works hassle free when it comes to generating the icons of your website to look pixel perfect across different browsers, platforms and devices.

Heroic Favicon Generator:

Heroic Favicon gernerator


Heroic Favicon Generation is an easy to use plugin custom built to create favicons from the images you have uploaded to your media library. This useful plugin has been tested by thousands of active users and proved to be a handy tool matching your needs.

All in One Favicon:

all in one Favicon


If you are looking for all inclusive solution to add a favicon to your WordPress site, look no further than All in One Favicon. It supports all three favorite formats of favicons, plus Apple Touch Icons. It will help you easily add favicons both to your site and your admin pages.

WordPress Instagram Plugins for showcasing Instagram feeds on website


The best WordPress Instagram plugins are in the focus of our interest to bring much – demanded Instagram functionality to any WordPress – based website.

Instagram in the modern digital marketing has long become one of the most powerful tools integrated into many different aspects of online profiles and campaigns. Frequently used by millions of people across the globe, this social media platform can be one of the channels to leverage the true power of social media and bring lots of advantages to your website or blog.

From increased awareness to boosted traffic, from more daily visits to more interactive and social – savvy performance, benefits coming along providing Instagram presence in your website are endless. Therefore, a myriad of businesses spare no efforts to jump into the bandwagons of Instagram and other top – ranked platforms and unite them with their websites.

Hence if you want to keep up with the latest trends and make your website Instagram – friendly to share your Instagram feed with your website, display the latest Instagram posts, photos, etc., our collection of WordPress Instagram plugins presented below can help you find the best way. All of them are tested for their error – free functionality of any website of WordPress production and work impeccably together to bring more tangible results and deliverables.

1. Instagram Feed:

Of all the Instagram – related plugins and widgets available in the WordPress library as for now, Instagram Feed is in the top positions so far with its 5 star rank and thousands of installs. It is one of the most affordable and flexible tools one can master fully when it comes to displaying Instagram feeds from different Instagram accounts. With pretty easy installation and activation process, this plugin is totally responsive and controllable with lots of features for you to tackle in. You are authorized to choose whether to showcase photos from different accounts in the same feed or insert them into separate ones. Wonderfully mobile – friendly framework of the plugin responds to any mobile or device screen size for the unbeatable look and feel. With this product you are the one to decide and customize number of photos and columns, width and height, image size, change the background color and undertake other customization procedures.

2. WP Instagram Widget:

WP Instagram Widget is the next simple yet powerful, clear coded and minutely worked – out product among WordPress Instagram plugins to directly import the latest Istagram photos into your website and display it in your website. No API management or configuration is needed from you to tweak with this intuitive and lightweight layout. You can also avoid from complicated login procedures and sign in via oAuth and organize everything with your username. With this template you are the only designer of your online presence, since it is up to you to decorate and design the plugin to match your website’s look and vision.

3. Instagram Feed WD:

In case you are looking for the simplest and user – optimized way to display Instagram user or hashtag feeds on your website, you are in the right place. Here is Instagram Feed WD authored by Webdorado to identify your profile, brand or company through the power of Instagram. Displaying feeds from Instagram account can be the best source of extra traffic coming to your profile and thus boosting social engagement of it. Additionally, the Pro version of this wonderful plugin provides additional controls over how to showcase feeds. Thus you are capable of combining feeds from multiple accounts or hashtags or mix those two and generate totally new feed. This plugin is readily responsive and cross – mobile compliant, as well as search engine – optimized, resulting in additional flows of incomes in the face of new website visitors and social follower.

4. Alpine Photo Tile for Instagram:

Sharing Instagram image – based content with your WordPress – based website has never been so easy and joyful. As another valuable pattern in our collection of WordPress Istagram plugins, Alpine Photo Tile for Instagram does a good job for integrating your Instagram photos into your website and does it in the most intelligent fashion. The basic features and elements celebrated by this top – quality plugin are as follows: possibility to showcase photos in sidebar, as well as posts and pages, availability to customize and add your own style and touches, lightbox slideshows options, etc. The highly configurable functionality of Alpine Photo Tile for Instagram enbles you to easily add users, as well as manipulate it with shortcode and widget options without any difficulty.

5. Simply Instagram:

Get the Instagram party started in your website supported by the plugin called Simply Instagram. Make your website more socialized and integrate your Instagram photos through shortcode into post or page or by means of widget. This simple and optimal plugin is particularly suitable for photo bloggers, photographers and artists to demonstrate their high – quality images, photos and portfolio owners while functioning in Instagram frontline. While using prettyPhoto and Masonry, Simply Instagram is armed with useful features, among them admin – optimized dashboard with intuitive settings and controls, shortcode generator, autoplay slideshow usage, custom images display, as well as the possibility for your potential clients and future visitors to instantly follow you.

6. Instagram Slider Widget:

The last product reasonably included in our list of optimized and battle – ready WordPress Instagram plugins comes launched as Instagram Slider Widget. This responsive and highly comprehensive, compact and feature – packed plugin implements its work at the highest level and wins the user’s positive experience all the time. This resilient and admin – friendly slider widget is ready to display 12 latest images from Instagram or 18 images from a hashtag. The working philosophy includes importing relevant Instagram patterns as WordPress attachments and comes to display images in slider or thumbnails. This widget also provides you with multiple customization options to sort images in a random format, according to popularity, date, etc and does not require any API configuration or key along the way.

Create contact forms for your WordPress site

These days, you can create contact forms for your WordPress site using a drag and drop form builder.

A proper contact form is mandatory for every website. It is highly important for service providing and product selling websites because potential clients would be contacting to understand the product or service in greater details and clarify their doubts. Gone are the days when people used to write codes to create contact forms with custom fields. There is no need to using any code at all.

There are various plugins available to create contact forms for your site using a drag and drop form builder. You can even create contact forms that will come as a pop-up which are useful for charity websites for collecting donations and for blogs to increase subscribers’ list.

Steps to create contact forms for your site using a drag and drop form builder

We are choosing WPForms Lite plugin for creating a contact form as it is the best plugin to create contact forms for your site using a drag and drop form builder. It is free, user-friendly and you can upgrade it to WPForms Pro anytime you want to have advanced features. It has over 3 lakh installs and extremely positive reviews and ratings. Apart from that, you can also check out Gravity Forms, Pirate Forms as well as Ninja Forms.

njnja form


pirate form

pirate form


wp form

wp form


Install The Plugin

Go to Admin Dashboard and from the left menu, click on Add New from the Plugins menu option. Search for the plugin WPForms and Install and Activate it. After activating it, you have to come back to Admin Dashboard, and you will find a menu option WPForms.

Adding Contact Form

Move your mouse pointer to WPForms and click on Add New. This is where you can create contact forms for your site using a drag and drop form builder. In the next screen, click on Add New button at the top.

In the next screen, you have to provide a name for the contact form. You will get two options – Blank Contact Form Or Simple Contact Form. It is better to go for Simple Contact Form for beginners. The template will have a simple contact form with fields like Name, Email, and Message.

Customizing Contact Form

If you need only Name, Email, and Message field, you can settle with the form and edit the existing field just by clicking on them. But more often than not, website owners need to include special fields as per requirements. All the different types of fields are present on the left side under the Tab ‘Add Fields’. You can insert single textbox, paragraph textbox, dropdown, checkboxes, multiple choice, number textbox, name and email textbox.

Apart from that, there are tailor-made textboxes with label and validation under different categories like Password, URL, File Upload, Date/Time and likewise. All you have to do is drag and drop from the left side to the contact form. Then you can rearrange the fields as per your requirement.

When all is done, you have to click on Save button. If you go for its Pro version, you will have various ready-made templates of contact forms like for request a quote, subscription, donation, and likewise. All of them have Captcha as well.

Creating contact forms for your site using a drag and drop form builder is a job half done because you need to integrate it with your website.

Configuring Contact Form

Once you save the contact form you created, you will move to the next screen which is Settings. Under the General tab, you can set the label of the button that comes with the contact form.

Under Notification tab, you can set the email address where you would get a notification every time someone sends you a message through your contact form. Under Confirmation tab, you can set the return message you want to show the user once he submits his message through the contact form.

Adding Contact Form In Contact Page

After creating contact forms for your site using a drag and drop form builder, it is time to display the contact form to the visitors of your site.

If you have a Contact page, edit it. In the body, place the mouse cursor where you want to place the form. On the top just beside the Add Media button, you will find another button with label Add Form.

Click on that and select the contact form name with which you created the contact form and click on Add Form button. You can go ahead and publish or update the page and visit your website’s contact page to see the form. Try a dummy message to see if everything is working perfectly.

It is important to note that WPForms comes in widget form as well. To place the contact form in the sidebar, you need to go to Dashboard and then to Appearance. Under it, you will find the option Widgets. You will see the widgets WPForms which you have to drag and drop in the sidebar where you want to place it. Then you need to click on that and select the contact form name.

Why Should You Use Contact Form Instead Of Pasting Email Address?

Some website owners put their email address directly on the contact page instead of creating contact forms for your site using a drag and drop form builder. This is a bad practice from user-experience and SEO perspective.

User-Experience and SEO – SEO is indirectly dependent of better user-experience. By not providing a contact form, you are making it difficult for a user to contact you. If Google bots crawl your contact page and find that out, your site can get a lower rank than some of your competitors.

Stop Spamming – If you put your email address directly on your website, you are going to get hundreds of spam emails every day which is going to piss you. You need to avoid such practices for your own good.

Correct Information – If a user emails you personally, he may miss out important details. But using a contact form, you can create mandatory fields for a user to fill in before sending you his message.

You can also attach email marketing tools with your contact forms to collect the email addresses automatically.

7 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for your website or blog

From recent statistics, over 60million consumers use WordPress as their ideal platform for websites. The fact that it is easily customisable makes it a good choice of CMS for many people. With WordPress, you can achieve virtually every kind of website that you desire. The availability of incessant developer support in terms of plugins makes it an even better choice of CMS. Depending on your niche, several WordPress plugins can come in handy. However, there are those critical plugins that every businessperson ought to have in his WordPress site. We’ll go through a couple of them. Keeping this in mind, while selecting a right WordPress plugin it is most flexible and user – friendly WordPress plugins suitable for every blogger or not.

1.Enhanced Text Widget:

The normal out-of-the-box text widget that comes with WordPress tends to lack several key features, making it less useful. With Enhanced Text Widget plugin however, you are guaranteed more functionalities and better features. Some of its supported features include;

  • Turning widget titles into links
  • Assigning CSS classes to widgets
  • Giving provision for hiding or displaying widget title
  • Supportive of HTML, PHP, Flash, JavaScript and Shortcodes


It is free, making it very irresistible to anyone who would want to give his website a completely new look and increased functionality.

2. BackupBuddy

Its current price ranges from $80 to $197. For every business, there’s always that need of regular website backup. It becomes better when the backup in question is secure and easily retrievable. That is where BackupBuddy comes in. This plugin allows complete and partial creation of backups for database, core WordPress, and even plugins. Amazingly, it also supports a regular backup feature that enables storage on various locations including local hosting, FTP, Dropbox, BackupBuddy Stash or Dropbox depending on one’s preference.

It comes along with several useful features, making it one of the most comprehensive WordPress Plugins. With this Plugin, you don’t have to worry yourself about the possibility of being penalized by Google for duplicate content. The reason is simple. BackupBuddy plugin automatically adds rel=‘’canonical’’ tag to all individual pages and posts. Considering the functionalities and flawless features, it is worth every dollar spent on it.

3. Akismet

The need to deal with spams is urgent and necessary. WordPress gives many provisions for spam combating plugins and Akismet turns out to be one of the best. It offers an easy setup option, making it a favorite amongst many. All you have to do is facilitate your registration at their website,, from where you will get a WordPress key. Go to the Akismet settings in your website and insert the key. That’s all you need to keep spams off your website!

4. Gravity Forms

Every revenue-generating website needs forms. Forms are necessary components in collecting useful information about users. Gravity Forms boasts of being the best WordPress form plugins. This plugins comes with hundreds of features, making it one of the most dynamic plugins. More interestingly, this plugin has several other add-on plugins that integrate into useful Customer Relationship Management Systems like Salesforce and InfusionSoft.

For only $39, you can have this plugin on your website. With this done, you would not need to spend any additional money on the accompanying add-on plugins since most of them are free. With the kind of flexibility it offers, there is no doubt it will prove inseparable upon usage.

5. DiggDigg

We are living in the social media era. Anyone who is not taking advantage of that has some issues. DiggDigg plugin enables your users to capture the full functionality of social media in brand promotion. The plugin adds a floating box to your site, making it possible for the users to share, with lots of ease, the pages they are on. It is supportive of common social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn among others. Depending on your niche, you can customize the plugin to allow sharing to relevant social media sites. It is free for personal use so you wouldn’t need to worry about dollar bills.

6. W3 Total Cache

The need for web caches varies from one site to the other. Websites with frequent use of large images and scripts will benefit from cache plugins. Cache plugins enhance the speed of such websites, which in turn has an influence on search engine rankings. W3 Total Cash prides itself on being one of those plugins with unbeatable caching features.

For a beginner, you might find the various features offered by this plugin quite overwhelming. You do not have to rush into it. Be slow and test each feature carefully to determine how useful it will be in enhancing the functionality of your website. Just like other amazing plugins, WordPress offers W3 Total Cache free of charge.

7. 404 Redirected

The cost of a broken link can be so high, especially for SEO campaigns. Sadly, many people do not seem to focus on monitoring their broken links. 404 Errors pages can cost you many customers in addition to Google rankings.
With 404 Redirected plugin, the problem is as good as solved. It enables 301 redirecting of error pages to actual websites and thereby directing traffic to the appropriate pages. More resoundingly, it helps pass page ranks to the appropriate pages.

8. Content Aware Sidebars

Most CMSs like Joomla give the provision for assigning widgets to specific pages or posts. With WordPress, this is not possible. That is where Content Aware Sidebar plugin comes in. This free plugin allows the creation of unlimited number of widget areas and assigning them to specific pages or posts. In essence, it creates virtual widget areas to replace the number of sidebars for specified pages. Upon creation of a new widget area, it will be visible in the Appearance.

The fact that WordPress has thousands of Plugins makes it quite difficult to narrow down to 7 critical plugins. There is no doubt several other useful plugins might have been left out. However, it is undisputable that this list captures some of the most essential WordPress Plugins every business owner should check out.

Derek Iwasiuk runs a national digital search engine optimization firm headquartered in Minneapolis. He also spends a lot of his free time educating the minds of thousands of young SEO’s and top agencies. To gain from his in-depth SEO experience, you can check out his articles at Engage the Crowd or follow him on twitter @Diwasiuk.

Plugging out the crucial plugins can be harmful for your WP site


Though WordPress is an easy to use platform this does not mean that the developers can be ignorant about the fact that there are certain thing which you need be aware of. Those who do not pay attention tend to discover some bottleneck while development.

We are very much aware of the fact that WordPress is a decade old CMS platform who has now grown to be a vast plat from meeting the modern needs is just because of all the plugins developed by this vast community of developers.

Plugins of this platform are one of the great assets that help the web developers who posses different kind of web development skills. These help the developers to extended the capabilities and functionalities of this website as per their wishes and requirements without having to carry the unnecessary burden of extra functionaries which are required as you can now download and install only those plguins that are required.

They further let you have a complete control of your website.

On contrary to the statement I made in the above paragraph there are times when Plugins increase the unnecessary weight of a website if the one which are not required are installed on your website which hampers the performance of the server. There are numerous plugins installed in your WP website which are not even required on it wherefore this makes it quite burdensome for the developers making the speed quite slow. Thus, web developers must keep in mind to remove all the unnecessary plugins which is a step to optimize the speed of your website.

Therefore, to do this you need to make sure that you have uninstalled one those unnecessary plugins which which increase the load time of your website. Sometimes it happens that people randomly install plugins to merely check what they offer and off chance they forget to uninstall them. These plugins which can be fruitful for us turn into a speed retarder.

Moreover, if you are a rookie web developer the biggest problem arises as they do not pay heed to such things and they uninstall a plugin which are vital for their WP website’s performance. These plugins have a very deeper impact on them that uninstalling them could directly affect the performance of the website directly hampering the speed and stability of the website so much that you need to end up hiring a expert developer to sort this issue for you.

Four major background checks you need to do before installing a plugin:

  • A good plugging must load just the required number of styles, scripts, or others to deliver highly functional website all the time.
  • Those who add extra number database queries (which directly affects the performance) must not be included.
  • Plugins working on complex operations must be work off server.
  • Check for the plugins which render a lot of remote requests

Some of the important plugins which you need to have on your website are:
Google XML Sitemaps Generator
A XML sitemap file is a must for every website irrespective of its platform, as it helps the bot’s or the crawler of all the search engines to index your website easily. For this task we have GoogleXML Sitemap plugin which not only creates but also updates your Sitemap XML file. Apart from this it also informs the search crawlers about the fresh content uploaded on a website which is still not indexed on web server. This plugin is of greater use for those websites which are regularly updated as it becomes quite hectic for the web developers to send request to the search engine each time the website is updated.

Super Cache
This is an incredible plugin which works as a speed accelerator for your WP pages and posts as it creates a static HTML version your website and updating it at a regular interval. Wherefore, the need to process the server each tome a visitor requests a page. It was noted that this plugin improved the unprimed caches at a whooping rate of 259.1 %, as a result this lowered the average page loading time by 9.56s to 3.69s even for content heavy pages.

WP-SpamFree, All in One SEO Pack, WP-PageNavi, Shareaholic are the plugins which you need to incorporated in order to increasing the speed of your website .

While designing a platform the developers must be well aware of the fact that they are designing for end users.

I like to play safe and this is why I think that hiding the important plugins among all the installed ones is one of the safest way. For this you can take reference from the code snippet mentioned below:

add_filter( ‘all_plugins’, ‘hide_plugins’);
function hide_plugins($plugins)
// Hide review plugin
if(is_plugin_active(‘review.php’)) {
unset( $plugins[‘review.php’] );
// Hide imgwidget plugin
if(is_plugin_active(‘imgwidget/imgwidget.php’)) {
unset( $plugins[‘imgwidget/imgwidget.php’] );
return $plugins;

The above mentioned code snippet hides the plugin which can be the best of all the development
Super Cache and Google XML Sitemaps Generator which completely removes the possibility that they can ever be removed from the list.

Likewise you can also save your important plugins from getting uninstalled.

add_filter( ‘all_plugins’, ‘hide_plugins’);
function hide_plugins($plugins)
// Hide sociallinks Plugin
if(is_plugin_active(‘sociallinks/sociallinks.php’)) {
unset( $plugins[‘sociallinks/sociallinks.php’] );
// Hide TeamBox Plugin
if(is_plugin_active(‘TeamBox/TeamBox.php’)) {
unset( $plugins[‘TeamBox/TeamBox.php’] );
return $plugins;

I believe that hiding the important plugins is the best way to avoid any unnecessary chaos.
Incorporating this code snippet is the best way to avoid them uninstalling those plugins which play a vital role in improving the performance of a website by mistake.

How to decide the number of plugins?
There is no formula which calculates and provides you the number of plugins one should have on a website. However, this is misconception that they should be minimal which states that having as many plugins will hamper the speed of your website. There are plugins that have the capacity to single handedly transform the landscape of your website, it can be positively as well as negatively.
Any which way, you need to be cautious!

About the Author-
AmandaCurrently employed with Xicom Technologies Ltd, a leading IOS and Android app development company, Amanda can serve as an excellent asset for your web development project. Amanda Cline is a proficient programmer with a brilliant caliber of building simple and complex websites and web applications.

Image Gallery WordPress Plugins for setting up image gallery in websites


Powerful and feature – packed image gallery WordPress plugins are assembled here

They are suitable for photographers, designers, artists, freelancers, photo enthusiasts, photo lovers and other image – related website owners to make their virtual presence more image – centric and attractive.

Professional imagery is one of the important parts of your website to take care of. And this refers not only to portfolio or photography websites but also others as well since people are prone to making snap judgments based on the visual design and images of your website.

WordPress content management system comes with lots of relevant Photo and image gallery WordPress plugins to ultimately boost the presence of your images and their categorization in different parts, galleries and albums, enhance the web user’s visual experience, enhance people engagement into the target website and help create image – based and attractive branding online.

In case you want to enhance the look and feel of your image and photo web materials, as well as contribute to the overall attention – grabbing visualization of your website, you are in the right place. Let’s kick off with the best and easy to use image gallery WordPress plugins processed and launched with ultimate sophistication and client – centric approach.

1. Gallery:

Responsive and mobile – friendly, Gallery comes bundled with unlimited gallery and album options for your web images and photos to be sorted out and presented in an accurate way.

This template is totally free of any charges and will let your arm your images with aesthetic appeal in a matter of minutes.

Functionally advanced and enviably flexible in usage, Gallery knows no boundaries when it comes to customization controls and cross mobile and browser compatibility.

Add image galleries and albums to posts and pages or widgets, add as many images as you want and give their descriptions, choose the best view for your galleries such as thumbnail gallery view, slideshow, compact album view and much more available in commercial version of this plugin.

2. Envira Gallery:

Meet Envira Gallery as one of the highest – ranked, wonderfully smart and professionally processed image gallery WordPress plugins installed and checked by more than 70,000 times.

Based on drag and drop working functionality, this plugin has already captured the attention of professionals and average users of WordPress – based platforms aiming at playing with their web images and making them more presentable and awe – inspiring.

Ready to load galleries quickly, Envira Gallery celebrates totally responsive design as well. It means that this plugin knows the best way of taking your galleries and images and showcasing them across different platforms and when viewed on portable devices. Customize the appearance of the visual part of your website easily and save tons of time while doing that. Envira Gallery is available both in free and pro versions.

3. NextGen Gallery:

One of the simplest yet popular ways to create wonderful image galleries for a WordPress – powered website of any kind comes ready as NextGen Gallery. This plugin professionally makes tricky and bewildering things quite simple and easy, so that you don’t need hours to spend on learning how to deal with this product. Millions of active users have already tried their luck with this template and never regretted for that. Affordable for anyone with shallow WordPress experience, this responsive and nicely – organized template is wonderful for seasoned experts and photographers as well. Available in free, plus and pro versions, NextGen Gallery offers optimal customization tools at your disposal to import meta data, add, delete and rearrange your images, edit thumbnails, create and group galleries into albums and much more

4. Foo Gallery:

Another image and gallery management system designed and developed specifically for WordPress users is Foo Gallery. This plugin also shares the best qualities and characteristic features which describe only the best image gallery WordPress plugins accessible in the current repository of WordPress. Intuitive and intelligent, user and client – optimized, this exclusively good and wonderfully lightweight plugin enables the usage of premium – quality thumbnails so that they will never appear distorted or blurred. Retina – ready and video – optimized as well, Foo Gallery has already lived on over 80,000 websites and blogs. Get started with building creative and original image and video galleries with Foo Gallery and spend nothing for that since the plugin available in free version for you.

5. WP Canvas:

Authored by Chris Balderlmar, WP Canvas can also be an optimal and affordable contribution for your image and gallery – rich websites. Elastic and zealous, user and customer – friendly, this premium – quality WordPress tool has been created in order to extend the usage of WordPress – based galleries. This plugin makes it possible to professionally showcase masonry, carousel and slider galleries for the impeccable look and usability of your WordPress – optimized website. More size and display, as well as additional caption options will be at your leisure to manipulate with when your website is supported by WP Canvas. You can even control the popup size for a given image when your website user clicks on it.

6. Responsive Photo Gallery:

Responsive Photo Gallery is a responsive and mobile friendly gallery management system included in our list of image gallery WordPress plugins. Add professional – looking galleries to your website with this award – winning plugin that preaches sophistication and error – free precision when cooperating with any WordPress website. Powered by a bootstrap framework, Responsive Photo Gallery plugin is highly optimized for responsive and cross mobile – compatible performance. The theme’s arsenal is rich with useful elements and controls. Hence the user of this plugin is lucky enough to have a wide array of customization and management options to make the most out of this product. Thus anyone is free to utilize multiple gallery options and shortcodes on different pages and posts, exercise fade animation effects and choose the most convenient variant among 2 design layouts. Two types of color scheme, as well as hover color opacity effect are also available with this powerful plugin controlled by handy admin dashboard.

Appointment Booking Plugins for WordPress website and blog

An incredibly efficient collection of appointment booking plugins for WordPress is presented in this article for integrating online booking or scheduling functionality to the websites of various purposes and denomination.

A long range of modern businesses has high expectations from online booking and appointment culture brought to their websites. And this tendency is justified by a long range of reasons, starting from potential client’s expectations of organizing everything as quickly as possible up to saving tons of money and efforts in establishing new offices, customer care or sale points to serve the client – base.

WordPress content management system and its specialists have taken care of authoring and launching valuable plugins to extend the functionality of any default WordPress template and add appointment booking, online reservation systems. This working philosophy has been processed as a response to the clients, customers, patients and consumer’s expectations from you to provide them with up – to – minute channel of scheduling his or her nearest appointment in the blink of an eye.

Today we are going to focus on the best and the most affordable appointment booking plugins for WordPress to ease the burden of medical, tourism, service provision, food and drink industry representatives to receive online reservation and appointment booking requests. This will also keep the workflow precise and well – arranged all the time so that you will not be afraid of forgetting about already scheduled appointment or losing the paper on which the time and date were fixed.

Appointment booking plugins for WordPress

1. Appointment Booking Calendar:

Don’t let cost stand in your way to online success and wow your clients and customers with self – served and quick appointment booking system with the help of Appointment Booking Calendar. This top – quality, yet simple booking calendar plugin will act as your personal assistant to meet your online visitors with smile and satisfy their needs catering to the upcoming appointment arrangements. Receive and confirm online bookings for your medical, tourism, hotel or restaurant, education and training business without facing any difficulty and let people make payments via PayPal payment gateway. Determine the appointment booking capacity for each time – slot and let your potential customers book any available one. Both notification e-mail after the payment has been done, as well as confirmation e-mail to confirm the scheduled appointment are available within this plugin.

2. Appointment Booking Calendar – BirchPress Scheduler:

The next wonderful system in the list of appointment booking plugins for WordPress comes launched as Appointment Booking Calendar – BirchPress Scheduler. With the great assistance of this plugin fixing appointments will not be a never – ending time waste for your clients and customers while experiencing long queues in waiting rooms or other localities. Custom – built to bring state – of – the – art online booking philosophy to your online profile, BirchPress Scheduler is capable of covering a far – reaching range of physical and digital activities, including fitness and yoga, personal training and online coaching, tutorials and other learning programs, service provision, consultation, etc. You can fix the time interval during the day to be booked, support different locations and services, manage service length, price and other nuances, organize the appearance of the booking form so that it can appear in daily, weekly or monthly view, and much more in the premium version of the plugin.

3. Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita:

Aimed at facilitating the process of appointment bookings and reservations of your services, consultation, rooms, tables or whatever it is, Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita is a wonderful solution both for multi – service and narrowly specialized websites. It is one of the most comprehensive and persistent online booking softwares to be present in your profile and let anyone from every part of the world make booking and reservations, registrations to some events and more. Some of the basic features of this wonderful plugin are the options to book appointments, schedule meetings, register for events, sign up for classes and, make payments online, etc.

4. Bookly:

Streamline your successful business to the most possible extent and accept online booking and scheduling requests easily. As one of the flexible and lightweight frameworks among appointment booking plugins for WordPress, this plugin comes ready to highly contribute to the customer engagement and increased sales. Control your businesses from anywhere you want in 24/7 format and never miss a single reservation with this plugin armed with responsive design style to be accessible across different platforms and devices, simple WordPress integration and perfect functionality with a WordPress – powered website of any kind. Bookly is also completely translatable when supported by WPML, as well as comes bundled with tons of customization options for you to enjoy.

5. Pinpoint Booking System:

Create and effortlessly manage your bookings and appointments with PinPoint Booking system and enjoy its error – free functionality around the clock. Resilient and intelligent, fast and reliable in performance and responsiveness, this plugin considerably reduces the time to be spent on back and forth communication between the business and client with its self – service and automated system. Be on top of your business and respond to your client’s booking – related inquiries quickly with the help of this brilliant plugin. Let them easily find available hours, products, services, appointments, tables, cars, apartments for rent and much more. You can also highly benefit from the combination of Pinpoint Booking System and WooCommerce plugins
and result in a client – optimized and fully – packed e – commerce solution.

6. WP Simple Booking Calendar:

Turn your online efforts into tangible results when supported by WP Simple Booking Calendar as another reasonable solution in the collection of the best appointment booking plugins for WordPress. By the application of this plugin anyone will be granted with an unmatched suite of handy features and options to exercise and boost his online performance. Free, yet flexible and integrative, this self – service appointment scheduling and rescheduling system will highly increase the client’s satisfaction and will win his or her loyalty. The installation and activation process will not take long. As a result, you will be able to display the availability of your apartment, tour, online course, training or whatever it is via the booking calendar.

Social Media Login Plugins for social media login into websites


A noteworthy collection of social media login plugins is compiled in this article.

For millions of social media profile owners to get connected with your website easily, comment on your posts and sharing the posts and articles of importance.

Social media platforms are far more important than it may seem at first blush. The advancement of social media environment as a deeply influential faction in the modern life and lifestyle is breathtaking. And the reason why the social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and other major ones are relevant to any website owner is because the latter owns a brand, showcases his professional skills, owns a blog that needs to gain more and more reader, provides services which need to be ordered and the like.

Additionally, social media consumer is probably the most targeted type of consumers since he or she more dynamic and active, keener to follow your company’s profile or page than an average Internet user.

With this in mind, every website is obliged to establish communication channels with the major social networks and let people login and comment via their social media profiles rather than spending more time and filling a long registration form to become a website user.

Below are some social media login plugins for your consideration and their macro – levels things to review in order to guarantee the safe and sound entry of each web visitor to your posts and pages via their frequently – used social media platforms and profiles.

1. WordPress social login:

Create a great social movement in your website arena with the help of WordPress social media plugin. Interactive and dynamic, error – free and lightweight in performance, this valuable plugin is custom – built to effortlessly bring the whole influence of the social media platforms into your website, including also the function of login and sharing with social media profiles. In a nutshel, WordPress social login is in full compliance with any WordPress – based website for impeccable cooperation. This social login ad commenting plugin simplifies the process of becoming an active user of the website while removing the necessity to separately register and remember new login details for the website access. Flexibility and customization – ready nature of the plugin are more than enough for every website admin to set a rule of usage, restrictions and totally control the access of each use of the site. The range of supported platforms includes Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Linkedin, Thumblr, Instagram, etc.

2. Social login:

Open up a direct communication channel linking social media users with your digital profile when armed with Social login as one of the best social medial login plugins one can find in the current marketplace of WordPress products. This fast performing and truly versatile plugin will enable you to implement social media login functionality on your WordPress – based website and let your web visitors login and comment directly from their social profiles. Packed with tons of valuable features and elements, Social login is the one to support a bundle of major social ecosystems, among them Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, PayPal, Вконтакте, Instagram, Disqus, Blogger, Pinterest, Reddit and others. Simple installation and activation of the plugin is followed by admin – friendly customization options to manage the deployment of Social plugin: on the login or registration page, in sidebar, on the comment formular or with a shortcode.

3. MiniOrange social login:

Making your blog or website totally social – friendly and social media – optimized will be as easy as a pie with MiniOrange social login plugin. As one of the top – rated social media login plugins, this one has already managed to result in the positive experience of more than 10.000 users. Easy in usage and management, MiniOrange will let your website users use already registered details of their social media profiles and log in to your site instantly. Packaged with handy toolbox, this plugin goes hand in hand with regisration, login, commenting and sharing functionalities across different over – populated platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, ВКонтаке, WindowsLive, Instagram, etc. The theme also offers beautiful and easy to follow admin dashboard to keep everything clear and accessible for your audience. Free trial of 30 days is available for the plugin so that anyone can check all the pros and cons of it.

4. Social connect:

Social connect is ready to bring social media influence into your posts and pages. One – click login to your website without additional actions will be much appreciated by every single website user. It is a professionally – developed and well – managed, accurately performing and affordable social – based toolset for you to add social functionality to your site and reap a good profit from it. Ready to satisfy all the social – related needs of your WordPress – powered website, Social connect makes it possible for people to connect their social profiles to your website and become the active user of it without additional registration procedures. The available platforms are Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and By adding social login buttons on your website, one can easily press them and login to your website and comment on your posts.

5. Login widget with shortcode:

Authorize your website sign – in with the major social platforms when having Login widget with shortcode at your disposal. Fast and intelligent, this product among the best social media login plugins will inevitably bring more people into your website and will increase its registrations and daily visits. Without further ado, people can use their existing social profiles and jump into your website area as fully – authorized users. It is one of the simplest login forms in the widget so as to provide presentable forms for inhabitants of social media platforms. Ready to serve for multisite installation processes, Login widget with shortcode lets you add the login widget into the sidebar and change some of the controllable settings. CAPTCHA security form, redirection of the page after login is completed, redirection after logout, easy CSS integration from the backend are all wrapped up in this plugin.

Best WordPress Plugins That Can Turn Website Mobile Responsive


For a better prospect in the digital marketplace, it is outright necessary that every business should deploy the mobile responsive website as early as possible. The mobile responsive website is a kind of website that can be accessed through varied mobile devices. Moreover, it delivers the consistent user-experience across all the devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

The exposure of the internet through the mobile devices is increasing at a faster pace. More and more users are accessing the websites through their mobiles but are frustrated due to low-key responsive design as well as slow load times. That drive them to approach alternative business. It is a responsibility for the business to provide the best experience and less hassles to their customers. And, the possible solution is deploying a responsive website.

According to present data, it has been found that more than 70 million websites are running on WordPress, which is accounted for around 18% of total business websites all around the world. In order to help those million businesses convert their websites into responsive websites, this blog provides the list of the best plugins that enable the end-users to make the web page mobile responsive.

Have A Glimpse Below To Know More About Plugins

1. WPtouch Mobile Plugin
WPtouch Mobile Plugin is a brilliantly designed plugin that comes with beautiful mobile-friendly themes. Along with this, it comes with a capability to transform the website content into responsive features without affecting the look and feel. It empowers the users to control the menus, pages, and devices.

2. WordPress Mobile Pack
WordPress Mobile Pack comes packed with various functional elements that can pack the content inside the responsive theme to make sure that the mobile users can access the website on their devices. This plugin supports cross-browser compatibility. It makes the content responsive to the varied screen sizes. Along with this, it enables the users to customize the theme.

3. MobilePress
MobilePress is a ready-to-go plugin that can help you deploy the mobile responsive website at the utmost ease. It is an extremely simple plugin that requires minimal configuration. MobilePress has been designed to make the website compatible with almost all the browsers and operating systems. Moreover, it does not require regular updates.

4. WP Mobile Detector
WP Mobile Detector is a smart mobile responsive plugin. This plugin has the capability to detect the features (platform, browser, and screen) of mobile device that is accessing the website. According to the features, WP Mobile Detector displays the website content. Along with this, it makes the content touch-optimized and enables the users to add collapsible menu, dynamic page, and other functions.

5. Jetpack
Loaded with 33 amazing features, Jetpack is a powerful plugin that can not only transform your content into a responsive website but also optimize the website for varied mobile devices. Along with this, it empowers the users to customize the website and integrate unique theme and functionality.

6. WP Mobile Edition
WP Mobile Edition delivers the uniform display experience of the business website content on all the devices, such as computer and mobile phones. This is a kind of ready-to-go plugin which can be installed with minimal configuration. WP Mobile Edition is highly simple because it does not support any complex functions. It is good for those who just want to convert their desktop content to mobile-friendly.

7.Obox Mobile
Obox Mobile provides mobile responsive layouts for all kinds of websites, including, business, blogging and others. This plugin is extremely easy to set up. The end-users just need to plug and play this plugin. Another exceptional features of this plugin are, social media, post slider, adverts, translation ready, and many more.

8.Mobile Smart
Mobile Smart is a superbly designed plugin that according to the device renders the website. It comes with manual switcher that allows the visitors to switch between two views, including desktop and mobile. This plugin supports image trans-coding that can automatically rescale the image in the website content according to the display screen.

9. iThemes Mobile
iThemes Mobile plugin is a brilliantly programmed plugin that eases the way for the end-users to create the mobile-friendly website. This plugin comes with varied powerful features, such as Theme style manager, mobile starter themes, custom menus & navigation, and many others.

10.Any Mobile Theme Switcher
As the name implies, this plugin comes with the capability to switch the website content theme display as per different mobile browsers. It has the functionality to display different themes on different mobile browsers.

The Final Thought
Mobile responsive website is the best approach for the business to gain attention of the mobile users and provide their service in a better way. Even, Google search engine also gives preference to those websites that are mobile responsive. Thus, every business should deploy mobile-friendly website. This will not only benefit the customers, but also the business too.

Nowadays not just mobile responsive but AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) is what Google has implemented to be the best along with mobile responsive and is required by websites to implement so that they get the benefit of higher ranking from Google search engine on websites. AMP implemented websites are ranking higher and are appearing with AMP sign on Google mobile searches.

Author Bio
David Meyer is a web developer who has been working at CSSChopper (a renowned website designing and development company) for many years. He has a keen interest in writing the content, so when not developing the website, he gets busy in writing the blogs and articles that shed light on various imperative concepts related to website designing and coding.