7 WordPress Pagination Plugin Options

Pagination Plugin Options

For visitors to properly scroll and browse through your articles or content it is essential that one adds nice pagination to their blog or other articles pages where the length of articles is longer or the length of number of posts appearing is quite larger.

Pagination just doesn’t makes it easy for users to hop from one page to another but also helps bots read and crawl your pages and in the end increases usability point in your website.

Hence we took the time out to write an article about all the options and the types of WordPress pagination available. Only the ones which are latest updated and compatible till latest version of Wordpress have been included in this list:

WordPress pagination

1. Default Wordpress Pagination

Wordpress has a default function for pagination like Older posts and Newer Posts.

It also comes with an advanced function of paginate: <?php echo paginate_links( $args ); ?>

The above code can be used for Previous, Next and 1,2,3,4 etc.

One can use query posts and make use of this function to get the desired result. However if one doesn’t like to code too much unnecessary one can use one of the below listed plugins:

2. WP Paginate

WP Paginate is a simple and flexible pagination plugin. Even though the plugin hasn’t been updated for 2 years it is still in use and is compatible to the last version of WordPress. The latest version of this plugin is 1.2.4 and is quite easy to use within your query of posts or pages or archives. Offers translation using po file.


3. WP-Page Navi

Coming from the stable plugins of Lester Chen this plugin is one of the most popular nowadays. It gives you the option to either use the plugin css or use your own css.


4. 3 Pagination

This has been created for sites with more number of pages. It allows one to check the last page as well as with numbers with no more than 3 clicks takes you to 999th page. Both default and pretty permalink structure is supported using this plugin.


5. WP Page Numbers

This is a simple to use pagination plugin and comes with 6 color options. If not you can use your own css and edit the colors. Even though hasn’t been updated for quite some time but this pagination does the trick is good for SEO and is compatible to the latest version of WordPress.


6. Simple Pagination

Simple pagination doesn’t go by its name offers 6 styles. It allows one to set up advanced pagination not just for posts but also for comments.  It also offers translation in English as well as French.


7. DF Pagination

Simple, flexible, and a cool pagination it provides another option for pagination plugin to WordPress users. It doesn’t have much to offer with its simplicity. You can edit the css and configure it by placing its css in your theme style.css.


Unfortunate part is that none of the pagination plugins offers too much in terms of translation. So you will have to either edit the plugin or in some case if it has the po file you can change it to check it translation works or not.

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