The Best WooCommerce WordPress Auction Plugins for Marketplace

Are you in the search of best auction WordPress plugins?

On your website, you can establish and run an online auction by integrating and activating the auction plugin. With these plugins, you can also build an online store in WordPress just like eBay.

In this blog, we will learn about some top auction plugins that you should consider for WordPress.

Things to consider before getting started

You will find a lot of plugins for establishing auction functionality. Some plugins are available as a WooCommerce extension whereas some of them are available as a standalone WordPress auction plugin.

WordPress auction plugins

The setup of these plugins will be different as per the option you prefer. For example
You will need a WooCommerce plugin so that you can establish e-commerce functionality on your website. To make it possible you will also require a WooCommerce hosting provider such as SiteGround.

But if you are going with another plugin then you just need to build a WordPress website and then integrate the plugin as per your requirements.

If you need a website that will have plenty of bidding in the auction then the most important aspect for a website you should consider is performance and the speed which can be resolved if you choose the correct WordPress hosting.

This will make sure that your website is capable of handling huge traffic and critical auction times.

Let’s check out some top auction plugins in WordPress

1. Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin

Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin

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One of the best ways to add auction functionality in your WooCommerce store or a WordPress website is to choose the ultimate WordPress auction plugin.

It will permit you to set bidding time, add auction products and manage auctions with the help of a simple dashboard. This is one of the great tools from the free WordPress auction plugins list.

It permits you to accept the payment with the help of PayPal. It also offers a paid version that provides an option to get the payment via Stripe.

If you are using this plugin on WooCommerce also it will also provide you an option to use a multi-vendor plugin. On your platform, you can easily auction the products of other sellers.

2. WP eBay Product Feeds

WP eBay Product Feeds

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This plugin helps you to get and showcase the eBay auction of your website, this plugin is more helpful for the sellers who are selling products on eBay.

Even you will be able to display your existing users that will showcase that you are an active seller and reputable seller.

This plugin is very easy to use. You just need to add the ID of eBay and use the services of Third-party to convert the ID into the usable RSS feed. After this, you will have permission to display your products in your feeds the way you want.

With eBay links, you will be permitted to make use of your own affiliate ID because of this plugin. It works well with the Gutenberg Block Editor. However, on any section or page, you will be able to showcase the auction feed on your website.

This plugin also works seamlessly with other auction plugins for WooCommerce and WordPress, or it will work with a standalone solution to send users to create a bid on your eBay profile.

3. WP-Lister Lite for eBay

WP-Lister Lite for eBay

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Another best WooCommerce and WordPress auction plugins that will permit you to seamlessly add products of your WooCommerce on your eBay store are WP-Lister Lite.

On your online store and eBay Store, you will be able to list all your products at the same time. It does not permit you to run an auction on the WooCommerce store.

If you are a beginner then you find this plugin quite complicated because you will have to establish to work with an API. Once the setup process is done then the complete plugin will run smoothly without any problem.

4. Auction Nudge – Your eBay on Your Site

Auction Nudge – Your eBay on Your Site

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With the help of the Auction Nudge plugin, you will be able to bring your eBay profile to your WooCommerce store or a WordPress website.

This plugin can be used especially when you are looking to display that you are the best and well-known seller.

Also, this plugin can be used when you want to market your eBay auctions. Auction Nudge is one of the best WordPress auction plugins that bring content to your WordPress from your eBay account.

It offers plenty of flexible options and it is very simple to use. Its features can be used to showcase your profile information, eBay products, and your recent feedback.

With any other WordPress auction plugins, this tool can be used and help the users to watch the past activity on the platform.

5. Ultimate Auction for WooCommerce

Ultimate Auction for WooCommerce

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Another free auction plugin is Ultimate Auction for WooCommerce. It is very easy and quick to set up. Plus it provides an easy option to add your products to your website as an auction.

It is very easy to configure, simple and flexible in nature. Great support is also provided by this plugin for any help.

Some of the top features included in the free plugin are bought now option, a bid can be placed by a registered user, and in your time zone, you can show auctions, forbidding as standard auctions, and more.

Some more additional features provided are to admin for all activities, an email notification will be provided, for auction countdown timer is provided, for payment alerts email sent the notification will be offered and more.

6. WP Auction Plugin by By Owen Cutajar & Hyder Jaffari

WordPress Auction Plugin

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The WP Auction plugin sells your products on your auction website instantly. In this plugin, some additional features are added recently. One of the great features provided is beta.

The beta feature will permit users to sell their products on their own. The role of placing bids can be limited easily.

Easy to use is the most highlighted feature of this plugin. Moreover, it takes just 5 minutes to install as well as it is totally mobile optimized. With a free plugin can host auctions on your website or a blog that too at free of cost.

On your 3rd party website, you don’t need to pay an extra amount of gallery fees, listing, seller, and final value fee for your auctions.

With this plugin, you can run auctions on your own and help you to sell them on your website.

Some of the top features included in this plugin are uploaded an extra image, allow only registered users to bid, custom contact field, added shipping price assign an auction to page or posts, display auctions in graphic format or a list format.

In this blog, we have tried to list the top best WordPress auction plugins for your website.

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