32 Best Free and Paid Chat Plugins for WordPress Website or Blog Sites

Best Paid Chat Plugins for WordPress

1. Support Board

support board

Support Board has been coded with the latest technologies and provide some innovative feature that will make you happy. The chat is fully integrated with WordPress, auto logged-in user detection and WordPress login compatibility are only some of the integration with WordPress.

Another great feature is the chatbots integration, they are powered by Dialogflow, one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence in the market, and it’s free to use. The bots understand human conversations and reply in a human-way without the need for human help.

Your agents will be able to train your bot with new questions and answers on the fly and they will make your bot better and better.

Support Board is also the only installable chat system at a professional level, you will not share data with third parties and you will not any expensive monthly fee. This is one of the cheapest WordPress Chat in the market.

2. Tawk.To Live Chat

tawk.to live chat wordpress plugin

More than 2,200,000 business are using Tawk.to live chat that is best free chat WordPress plugins available online. you will not face any problem No catch, No Spam, No Ads.

You can be connected with your users from anywhere like you can use mobile phone, desktop computers, tabs, it doesnt matters.

3. WP Live Chat Support

wp live chat support

WP Live chat support unlike others is software which gets installed on your server. It is best free chat WordPress plugins available online.

Only downfall if you are on a shared server it will take up load from your server. But for websites using strong hosting like vps and dedicated this can in turn become a boon as loading would be faster.  It is free of cost whereas the pro version comes at $14.95 for 3 websites.

For unlimited usage on any site $29.95 is needed.

4. Tidio Live Chat

tidio live chat

Tidio live chat is very easy to set up that allows you to run and activate the plugin very easily. chat boxes are customized in 3 designs, with fully color that can fit your brand. If you want to handle the chat you can access the Tidio chat tab. You can also handle the chats by installing the app in desktop, IOS or Android mobile app.

Offline messages are sent directly to your inbox if you are not online or unable to chat at that time. Paid plans start from $12/Month which includes unlimited chats and automatic messages.

5. WhatsApp Chat

whatapp chat

Most of the user use whatsApp application to chat with their connects. so this plugin will do the same work. you can communicate and solve queries of your customers using whatspp phone nuber.

You can reach more than 100 countries with 50 different languages via whatsapp.

6. Smartsupp Live Chat

social smartsupp

The most effective and useful chat is Smartsupp Live Chat plugin. which are available at free of cost. when your customers or user need help you will be always there Because it provides 24/7 support service hence this will definitely increase your conversion rate.

Smartsupp Live Chat Support is compatible with translation plugin.

7. WhatsApp me

WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp me Live Chat have been developed specially for a WordPress community. It is free chat WordPress plugins available. You will be able to communicate with your customer live easily with the help of Tidio Live Chat. also you can take the help of chatbots. and it is available at free of cost

The main features of this live chat is easy installation, 24/7 customer service is given, adjust the color combination, you can use any type of device.

all channels are available at single place such as chat, emai and messenger. also it supports different languages.

8. HubSpot Live Chat

HubSpot Live Chat is a totally featured live chat support. It is easy to use because it easily integrates with WordPress. You will get a code from HubSpot Live Chat to embed it on your WordPress website. It is one of the best WordPress chat plugins.

Some features are listed below that HubSpot Live Chat provides.
– Chat reports.
– Provide customer satisfaction.
– CRM integration support with Salesforce, Highrise, Nutshell CRM.
– Set rule to hide and show the chatbox.
– Integration of helpdesk.
– Group the chat with the sales team and support team.
– Chat history available.
– Check the shopping carts of your customers.
– You can remove HubSpot Brand if you want.

9. Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim Live Chat)

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat is the most popular live chat service for WordPress users.

It is very easy to install. Zendesk current version is 1.4.15

Zopim’s chat or Zendesk is the most beautiful and stylish chatbox among all other best WordPress live chat plugins.

Which is available with customizable layouts and themes. You can track the records and chats with the free subscription feature.

You can access this plugin which starts the premium price at $11.20/month. If you want to take a trial you can as it is 14 days free plans but unlimited plans for premium plans.

10. JivoChat Live Chat

jivochat live

JivoChat Live Chat is best because you don’t need to pay monthly fees.

You can handle chats from the WordPress dashboard. which is available with a fully customizable chatbox. Unlimited Chat history is available.

For Unlimited chat, you need to pay i.e. $75 fee

The unlimited number of conversations at any given time you can handle, plus multiple users can respond to the same question or query. If anyone is not available or not online then the chatbox is replaced with the contact form means the queries will be directly redirected via emails to support team.

11. Formilla Live Chat

Formilla Live Chat

Formilla is excellent live chat support provide with good features that are set for free users, which includes proactive chat. Customizable chat is not available you need to purchase to access this feature.

Premium plans start at $11.99/month. Unlimited chat is available. Plus free conversations per month is 30.

12. Pure Chat

pure chat

Pure chat is the easiest and fastest way to start a live chat on your website. This is the Free version Of best free chat WordPress plugins.

Which is nice and easy to handle. You can chat with any visitors to your blogs. Very easy to set up and install. For a Chat history, premium plans start with 90 days and 30 days with free plans.

Some features of the pure chat are
– Unlimited chats
– 3 operators for free
– Powerfull operator dashboard
– Customizable widget options
– Allow you to use on iOS and android mobile phones.

This is a continuation of our chat plugin which we wrote a week back. The first article contained list of free chat plugins for WordPress. Link is here. This one contains paid chat plugins for WordPress:

13. 3CX Live Chat and Talk

3CX LIve Chat

Other live chat softwares or plugins which are paid have definite advantage but the downfall is that they are quite costly. However 3CX Live Chat and Talk costs only $15 and is a standalone plugin available for integrating into your WordPress site.

One can set only logged in users to chat or have visitors also chat. You can have unlimited chat windows open. Only downfall is that you need to be online in your admin panel to be able to keep on chatting.

14. Live Chat Inc Chat

wp live chat software for WordPress

Costs $36 per month for a solo chat agent to open up unlimited number of chat windows with his/her visitors. Offers 30 days free trial usage.

15. IM Supporting Live Chat


Just like other paid plugins offers host of features like tracking of visitors and online visitor monitoring. But downfall is basic plan only allows 30 chat credits per day.

16. Website Alive


Website alive chat just like other paid chat plugins offers features like tracking and analytics of visitors and has mobile chat feature. Prices start at $29 per month.

17. Live Supporti Chat

live support

Live supporti plugin is available with a host of features and offers 1 agent with 1 concurrent chat free of cost. However unlimited chats with 1 agent starts at $5 per month.

18. Crisp Live Chat

crisp live chat

Crisp Live Chat is another paid chat plugin for WordPress however the best feature for Crisp is that it allows your visitors to directly call using browser from your website to your local access numbers. One can also use skype or gtalk to chat with their visitors. The company claims it is the fastest live chat.

19. REVE Chat

reve chat

REVE Chat is a paid chat plugin and if you are offline shows you are offline and takes message instead of chat. It offers 14 day free trial. The prices for this starts at $15 per month for 1 operator.

You can chat using your own IM client like Skype or using Gtalk. You can customize the CSS install it quickly and differentiate among operators. Can be integrated with zendesk, salesforce, assistly and highrise.

20. Zopim Chat

Zendesk Chat

Zopim is comparable to Olark and has almost similar features. It has 1 agent with 1 concurrent chat free for life.

21. WooCommerce – LiveChat

woocommerce livechat

It offers a 14 day free trial and is comparable in features to WooCommerce – LiveChat. However misses the salesforce, highrise, assistly and zendesk integration features which both Zopim and Olark have.

22. Comm 100 Live Chat


Paid plugin and allows for being online using mobile phones or IM. Pricing starts $29 per month. Nowhere on the site it talks about visitor tracking or analytics. Has 15 days free trial.

23. Live Chat – Live support

live chat live support

Live Chat – Live support is an enterprise grade cloud based chat and has many features. It is free of cost for 1 agent upto 5 concurrent chats whereas costs $11.99 per agent per month for unlimited chats.

It has features like chat using your own IM and features like analytics for tracking visitors.

24. ActiveCampaign

active campaign

Active Campaign we couldn’t find much about it since there weren’t any screenshots neither demo links. This plugin can be bought for $29 and what is appears is that this is a self hosted chat program.

25. Live Chat

live chat polylang

Allows you to do video as well as audio chat. You can host your chatroom in chat blazer. It is dependant on Live Chat account and chat blazer software. Live Chat account is paid and comes at varied pricing.

Downfall of this plugin is that it is flash based and as you know many people do not prefer flash based chats nowadays due to mobile phone incompatibility.

26. Live Chat by Customerly

live chat by customerly

This was one of the first chat applications and gained popularity that time. However as name suggests is a flash based chat application.

However they claim they have now changed interface to a HTML 5 chat application as well which is compatible with mobile phones. Also video calling is also possible using Live Chat by Customerly.

27. LiveAgent

live agent

Live chat by LiveAgent is good as well and offers live chat by their own cloud based hosting. No software to download. Audio chat is possible using LiveAgent. Pricing starts at $10.8 per month for 1 agent unlimited chats.

Can be added to gtalk as well and use your own IM for chat. Provides analysis and visitors track and chat records. Is similar to zopim and olark. Other languages are also supported.

28. Chatra Live Chat

chatra live chat

Chatra Live Chat is another free live chat WordPress plugins hosted chat application. Starts at $7.92 per month and has features similar to other hosted chat applications.

It allows for CRM integrations i.e. Salesforce and Sugar CRM and also offers gtalk integrations. Allows analytics and file transfers. Audio and video chat however we couldn’t notice. So we take this as a text based chat app.

29. YITH Live Chat

yith live chat

Live chat software by YITH Live Chat. As name indicates it is a software so a self hosted solution. As explained before if you have a good hosting platform this works good for you. For shared hosting websites self hosted softwares can cause downtimes.

Starts at $16 per month with more or less similar features. Doesn’t provide audio and video chat and also doesn’t provide any IM integration.

30. Userlike Chat


It’s a SAAS based chat application. Can be localized in your language. Allows for free trial like others. But in this chat software you can use the free trial for 1 agent and 20 chats per month.

No software is to be downloaded but rather is hosted on their server. Allows for survey questions. But doesn’t have any IM integrations. Starts at 3 agents and $37 per month.

31. Chaport Live Chat

chaport live chat

As its name suggests it is a video chat plugin for your WordPress site. It is paid software and pricing starts from 130 USD for lifetime for tiny websites with 20 concurrent chats.

It allows for all kinds of chat like audio, video as well as text chat.

32. WP-Chatbot for Messenger

wp chatbot for massenger

WP-Chatbot for Messenger is a new way of chat and allows 1on1 text as well as video chat. However it is a paid plugin starting with as low as 50cents per month.

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