12+ WordPress Backup Plugins and How to Backup a WordPress Site

Wordpress Back Up Plugins

There are several plugins which provide backup for your WordPress website. Different WordPress backup plugins are needed for taking the backup of your WordPress website and store it in the cloud or download on your computer.

In case if your website get hacks or mistakenly you are logout from your website. backup plugins will help you in these kind of situations.

Some provide backup only of your database since you can download the files using ftp or file manager of your cpanel.

Are you wondering about which plugin is best for backup and will suit to your business?

Let me help you out. Please check the different plugins and there features listed below.

  • Go with the plugins which you think it can help your website accordingly.
  • Some plugins offer complete backup of your WordPress website.
  • However before exploring plugins we would suggest you to first check with your hosting account. Normally hosting account nowadays has the option to take a backup of your website.
  • So in case your host provides scheduled backup or weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on the changes you make into your website you should first go for them.
  • In case you are looking for additional backups or in case your host doesn’t have such feature these plugins will come handy.

Best free WordPress backup plugins

1. WP Database Backup :

WP Database Backup

This plugin is used to create a backup easily on a single click. Backup is done regularly with repeating schedules. It needs very less configuration setup and stores the backup on different storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon s3, FTP, Email.

You can prohibit the table if you don’t want as per your choice. It gives a very short backup list I.e. (date and database size).

As the name suggests it takes backup of your WordPress database. The plugin recommends the user to download the WordPress database after taking the backup since keeping backup of your database open on your site can be risky. This is a free WordPress backup plugins.

WP-DB-Backups allows you to take the data from database and email it to the email address you mentioned. You can just download the data from database but you will need to save all the media files by your own i.e. manually.

If you don’t want to take the risk of the don’t prefer to use this plugin try another plugin to resolve the backup issue.

2. XCloner – Backup and Restore :

xcloner backup and restore

This plugin is integrated with WordPress which is used to backup and restore the plugin. It uses open-source standards WordPress backup plugins.

Stores the backup in different storage like FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, AWS, Azure Blob, Backblaze, WebDAV, Google Drive, etc. It generates automatic backups before automatic updates.

3. WordPress Backup and Migrate Plugin – Backup Guard :

Backup Guard

Backup Guard is the most updated backup plugin or complete WordPress plugin which gives the easiest way to backup, restore and migrate your WordPress data. It allows you to choose your file and folder. You can easily cancel the backup storage. Backup is uploaded to dropbox.

4. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin :


updraftPlus used for backup and restoration. This plugin is the most popular WordPress backup plugins that any other with over 2 million user installations.

You can take the backup and store it to the cloud storage with a single mouse click. Cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 (or compatible), UpdraftVault, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, DreamObjects, Openstack Swift, and email. Therefore this plugin is widely used all over the world.

This plugin is also a Paid one. Which also backs up to Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze B2, SFTP, SCP, and WebDAV.

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5. BackWPup :


This plugin takes backup of your complete wp-content folder as well as the database. The pro version comes with support. So one can try using the free version to see if it works well for them. This is a free plugin. The pro version is as low as $15.

The backedup wp-content folder can be downloaded into a dropbox, s3 or ftp. It also has 3-4 languages: Russian, German, French and Chinese apart from English.

Some unique feature of BackWPup are

Feature 1: Helps you to Back up to multiple destinations as per your need.

Feature 2: Arrange backup files on different remote location like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Feature 3: Helps you to Backup particular file path of your website as per your requirements.

6. BackupWordPress :


BackupWordPress plugin is very easy to use because it do not require any setup configuration from your side. Once the activation is done it automatically backups all the date by its own.

This plugin is similar to BackWPup plugin but the only difference is that it has schedule option. Also this plugin is completely free.

This plugin also has more languages like Spanish, Romanian, Dutch, Basque etc more than supported by BackWPup plugin. It also has similar features of uploading wp-content and mysql files to dropbox, s3 and or ftp.
It also helps you to unselect the files that you don’t want to backup.

Website backup files are stored in /wp-content/backups location by default. But if you want to change the path of backup you can change it anytime.

7. Vaultpress :


Vaultpress is a service provided by Automattic. The same company behind WordPress. They offer backup from as low as $5 per month.

As this is a paid plugin all you need to do is just install the plugin and relax. Not much of a setting. The $15 per month plan takes realtime backups as you keep on updating your website.

With the help of Vaultpress you can backup the data and files with by daily backup or real time synchronic.
Vaultpress is now a small component of jetpack, so its compulsory to add jetpack on your computer/desktop, then connect your website to WordPress.com, and select any of the plan(personal plan) to get started.

8. BlogVault :

blogvault real time backup

BlogVault is one of the most useful, most popular WordPress backup plugins. It is a software solution plugin than a WordPress plugin. It provides off-site backup on BlogVault server. So there will be no load on your server.

BlogVault has been around for quite some time now. It is another paid plugin which starts from as low as $9 per month for single site to $99 for unlimited sites. It is comparable to vaultpress. It has one extra good function and that is saving the backups to dropbox.

9. Backup Buddy :

Backup buddy is another paid plugin and one of the first ones to be launched for backup of WordPress sites. So it is one of the oldest available plugins. Prices start as low as $80/year for 2 websites.

Backup Buddy is widely used WordPress backup plugins which have been used thousands of websites. It helps you to schedule the backup. Backup can be taken daily, weekly, monthly as per your needs. This stores the backup on different cloud storage like dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP etc.

Best part of this plugin is that it is not a subscription plugin. Also you can use this plugin to duplicate, migrate, and restore. This plugins helps you to take the backup less than 10 minutes using a local backup

10. Backup Breeze :

Backup breeze is yet another paid premium plugin. It costs $47 for the plugin. Backup Breeze however is a onetime paid plugin unlike vaultpress, blogvault or backupbuddy. Yes features are a little less but it is value for money.

You will need Backup Breeze plugin in case if Your data, files are lost due to hacking, server failure, faulty updates or user mistakes which can crack you business.

Backup Breeze is used for easy backup, auto schedule, restore wizard, it can help you to copy and move to other place, it gives you the professional support, and helps you to choose file or directory as per your need.

11. WP Time Machine :

Cost of this plugin is free and as this name suggests it is indeed a time machine of your WordPress site. It takes complete back up of your wp-content folder as well as the mysql databases.

You can provide dropbox, amazon s3 or ftp account details for backups. It also backs up your .htaccess file so that you can recover your site as well as restore or install your site onto another server.

Some important features/ updates are added to this backup plugin.
1.A new option by which you can prohibits the cache directory you don’t want.
2.Automatic prohibits of MYSQL table that does not start with your table prefix.

12. WP DB Manager :

wp dbmanager

WP DB Manager doesn’t take backup of any files but only the mysql files or database files. You can repair, backup, restore, empty, write sql queries, optimize, delete as well as modify tables of your database using this plugin.

This is a plugin for complete database management of your WordPress site. It is a free plugin.


We would suggest you first to check with your hosting account if they provide backups. Most WHM cpanel server allow backup in them nowadays. If not try using some of the free plugins first and check if they are useful and work for you.

If they work for you then you need not worry or spend on the paid plugins. FREE plugins come with no obligation to pay and hence can be used.

However if you are unsatisfied with the free ones they you can compare all the paid ones and decide which one suits you the most.

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