Choosing The Best WordPress Plugins for Your Multi Location Business

When building a website for your multi location business, there is one platform that will assuredly come to the top of your short list: WordPress.

WordPress is such a popular product because while it retains the simplicity from its roots as a blogging platform, it is extremely flexible in terms of making a wide range of website types.

This allows users to try out any number of themes to set their business apart in ways that cannot be said for other platforms that follow a more cookie-cutter template.

With that said, WordPress itself does not offer all of the tools necessary for business success in 2022. Fortunately, it is compatible with a multitude of software add-ons, known as plugins, to make your business website complete.

From store locator software to advanced analytics packages, the following breakdown looks at the best WordPress plugins for multi location businesses.

WordPress Plugin for Multi Location

Cart Management

cart management

In the world of hybrid commerce, it is critical that you be able to close sales online when necessary. And while WordPress is the most popular website builder for businesses, it does not come with any built-in shopping carts or payment processing methods.

As such, it is critical that you install a high-quality cart management plugin to make your hybrid business complete. Using a cart management plugin, you will be able to:

  • List items for sale online
  • Allow customers to add products to their cart and view products on a dedicated shopping cart page
  • Process credit card payments directly from your website

While there are many quality cart management plugins for WordPress, some of the most notable include WooCommerce, WP EasyCart, and Cart66.

Store Locator

When you are a multi location business, people are likely familiar with your name but may be unsure as to where to buy. As a result, it is critical that your website has the best wordpress store locator on the market.

To this effect, Bullseye is the premier name in location software. Using GPS data, Bullseye can quickly ascertain the location of a client and route them to your nearest vendor. Among the software’s other features include:

  • Customer engagement – use the plugin to create branded local pages to feature showrooms, design services, estimating, and product photos and videos
  • Segmentation and conversion – when leads are ready to make an inquiry, the software automatically directs them to the nearest professional, leading to increased responsiveness from local dealers and the closing of more sales
  • Inventory transparency – when motivated buyers are ready to make a purchase, they want to know that their nearest location actually has product available. Use Bullseye software to connect clients to the nearest dealer who has the correct stock available

Inventory Management

As your business grows and you open multiple locations, inventory management becomes increasingly complicated. Therefore, it is critical that your business have the best inventory management plugin for its website to avoid costly stockout scenarios.

The best inventory management plugins will automate inventory processes and provide accurate data. Some of the best WordPress plugins that are easiest to navigate, have the widest variety of features, and offer the most robust customer support include:

  • WP Inventory Manager
  • Z Inventory Manager
  • Cart66 Cloud


Generating leads can be a costly and time consuming process. Therefore, when you get one, it is essential that you do not let them go.

To help in this regard, it is important that your website has an elite plugin for creating forms so that clients can get in touch with your business and you can capture relevant client information.

There are a number of reasons why you would want to include a form on your website, such as for contact information, email subscriptions, surveys, and online orders. While there are a number of plugins available, the best form software options for WordPress includes:

  • WPForms
  • Formidable Forms
  • Ninja Forms


analytics picture
Without actionable data, your business is just throwing darts and hoping that one hits a winner. Fortunately, analytics plugins can provide just the type of information that you need to make the most profitable business decisions possible.

Among the data revealed by an analytics plugin includes:

  • Statistics on which pages of your website are getting the highest number of clicks
  • Which pages are ranking high in internet searches
  • The average amount of time that people spend on each page of your website
  • Which pages are seeing the most customers leave your website

When building the WordPress website for your multi location business, some of the best analytics plugins that can deliver these features are MonsterInsights, HubSpot, Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, and Jetpack by

5 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Multi Location Business

While WordPress is one of the best website-building platforms on the market, it will not be able to handle all of your business needs on its own.

With this in mind, high-quality store locator, cart management, inventory management, forms, and analytics plugins are the 5 essential add-ons to make your WordPress website complete for a multi location business.

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