12 Best Free WordPress Analytics Plugins 2023

WordPress Analytics is the solution to keep track of how many users are coming to your WordPress website, and from where they are coming and why are they are on your website.

Website Analytics assist you by giving detailed info about your website visitors. Detailed information that you can get are listed below.

– A total number of users coming to your WordPress website.
– From where you are getting traffic like search engines, social media, advertisement, or any other link?
– Which of your pages are the most popular?
– What action do your visitors perform to your website?

Let us check some amazing WordPress Analytics Plugins with their features and advantages, disadvantages.

Best Free WordPress Analytics Plugins

Best Free WordPress Analytics Plugins

MonsterInsights :


MonsterInsights is the best WordPress Analytics Plugins that you can install Google Analytics to your WordPress website very easily. In the WordPress dashboard, you can check the traffic and other reports to understand your visitor’s behavior.

MonsterInsights also supports the WooCommerce tracking so that you can track the WooCommerce users.

Matomo Analytics:


Matomo Analytics plugin is robust in nature that permits you to grab the data for every particular change, Swipe, page views, and click.

With the help of WordPress Analytics Plugins, you can easily analyze your website traffic to create a custom report, tracking data and viewers. Hence, it works gently in terms of conversion rate, faster reports, user tracking, etc.

Independent Analytics:

independent analytics

Independent Analytics is a new WordPress plugin and Google Analytics alternative. It starts tracking your views and referrers the moment you install it and is fully compatible with GDPR regulations.

The analytics dashboard added to your WP admin has a beautiful design and includes lots of tools for navigating your data, such as sorting, filters, and column customization.

You can quickly create custom reports to see your top pages, posts, or categories. You can even see the search terms users are entering into your site’s search bar and find 404 pages that visitors have landed on.

Overall, it’s a highly practical and lightweight analytics plugin for WordPress, and it’s freely available via the WordPress plugin repository.

WP Statistics :

WP Statistics

In the WordPress admin section, WP statistics show the tracking results in simple graph format. It also helps to redirect from different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

You can also apply filters according to your requirements like browser versions country, IP address, Pages, keywords. Hence it increases the WordPress size for backup.

Crazy Egg :

Crazy Egg

With the use of Crazy eggs plugin, you will get to know that from where your visitor is actually clicking. this process is known as heat-mapping.

It uses the A/B testing tool to select the color, font, images, and videos based on user statistics. It offers a data-driven methodology.

Koko Analytics :

koko analytics

To track the event in real-time i.e. Live then you can take the benefits of Mixpanel for your campaign. It can be used in websites and mobile apps.

You can get user attention by sending push-notifications and emails. It also helps to increase traffic and conversion rates.


GA in WP

GAinWP is open source software plugin that is available at Zero cost also available with the premium features. It helps you to custom and extensive reports, and data protection. This plugin is also available for the mobile app you view and track the performance.

It supports SEO features to rank the website on different search engines. You can record the sessions that are going on.

Google Analyticator :

google analyticator

This plugin makes awfully easy to view the Google Analytics from your WordPress dashboard. Different types of widgets are available that show the analytics data in the admin section. More than 3.5 million downloads have been done for their awesome features listed.

It helps you to display the graph for the last 30 days. It is compatible with link tracking, speed tracking, event tracking, and supports localization

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by Analytify :

wp analytify

Analytify is very easy to use all over the WordPress website like pages, posts, custom posts, etc. Within a minute now you can access the Google Analytics dashboard under your WordPress dashboard.

Analytify is a one-click authentication process to add tracking code to your WordPress website. You don’t even need to copy any code manually. Also, you can track social media statistics, mobile device statistics. and hence increases the SEO performance.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP) :

google analytics dashboard for wp

ExactMetrics is the topmost Google Analytics plugin that is widely used WordPress Analytics Plugins. Also, it is available at free of cost. Some reports that are generated by Google Analytics are difficult to understand by new users. But ExactMetrics resolves this issue because it is very easy to understand.

The best feature is that you can view the visitor in real-time i.e. Live that how many users are coming to your website.

Google Analytics :

google analytics WordPress

Google Analytics is also the most popular plugin that is available free of cost and can be easily installed on the WordPress website.

By adding code on your website you can easily install the plugin directly. With the help of a single account, you can install the plugin on different websites and can view all the detailed reports into a single dashboard.

GA Google Analytics :

ga google analytics

GA Google Analytics plugin is so light weighted and fast to use available with lots of features. You just need to copy the tracking code and paste it. That’s all your plugin will get started working.

Easy to use, fast performance, use lastest tracking code, custom markup, customize the code for tracking, disable tracking, enable tracking page and many more. These all features are supported

Analytics Spam Blocker :

analytics spam blocker

Analytics Spam Blocker plugin supports the higher version of WordPress 4.0. It can be used for a business owner or a website to track the website data.

Analytics Spam Blocker is specially created to prevent the website from a spammer attack. Hence it is also open-source software. Tested upto 5.2.2 version of WordPress.

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