Charts and Graphs WordPress Plugins for Chart and Graph Displays

If you have a laser trained focus on the optimization of your WordPress site in terms of content presentation, data or report presentation and explanation, charts and graphs WordPress plugins we are going to share with you will be a great deal of help to you.

Conveying your website information in a variety of easy to find, follow and digest manners is one of the practical actions you can do for the sake of your website guest’s convenience and rational time management.

Getting graphical and serving your site content with the help of charts, graphs, tables, infographics and more can replace your boring articles with data and number rich, interesting and fully legible pieces of content thus making it simpler for your online audience to make heads or tails of what you are talking about.

Whether it is about some trend or statistics, relationship or product comparison, If we managed to persuade you to integrate useful graphs and charts to your niche specific website.

Charts and Graphs WordPress Plugins

Here are some of the best charts and graphs WordPress plugins to help you in this connection.

With any of these plugins you will be able to effortlessly visualize your site or blog posts and publications in an eye catchy format with accurate date presenting graphs and charts.

You may assume that such kind of content dissemination can also be boring for your site’s visitors and surfers. But the truth is that with these charts and graphs WordPress plugins you can creatively work on the makeover of your site’s charts and graphs with unique tact and taste.

1. WordPress Charts and Graphs Lite


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WordPress Charts and Graphs Lite is one of the lightest in performance yet powerful charts and graphs WordPress plugins you can connect to your own website or blog.

It enables you to create and showcase interactive and informative charts, diagrams and tables in the most responsive and animated fashion to be cross browser and mobile optimized.

It means that your data and visual materials will smoothly adapt to any screen size and will respond to its requirements thus enabling all your mobile or device armed web viewers make the most of your charts and graphs.

More chart types and better features are available with Pro version of this plugin such as live editor to quickly edit and customize charts, possibility to import data from other charts, creation of private charts and much more.

2. Web-Stat

web stat

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Quickly craft, embed and enjoy eye catchy charts in your WordPress hosted site with dozens of advantages grants you with.

It comes with 6 chart types for you to select the best version matching the overall design and working objectives of your profile. They are all fully animated and completely customizable so that you can create any look and touch you want for your important data.

HTML 5 based and well maintained, WordPress Charts is optimized for old and new browsers and operates superbly across them.

With this flexible and controllable plugin, you are capable of adding charts to your site’s sidebar by the application of pre enable widget.

3. Infographic Maker – iList

infographic maker

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From do it yourself daily WP users and non coders to highly professional webmasters, absolutely anyone can use all the potential of Infographic Maker – iList and add the needed charts, infographics, reports and statistics to his or her WordPress powered digital presence.

As one of the results driven and easy to play with charts and graphs WordPress plugins, it can be used for a website or blog of any nature, from art and design to statistical, service provision or product listings and description.

You are welcome to use Infogram / for the customization of effective charts, infographics, reports, maps or social media visuals and quickly add them to your site with drag and drop functionality.

4. Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

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Another data customization and visualization tool you can pair with your WordPress site is called Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer.

Arming your website with professional quality pieces of visual content can turn into an interactive game with this tool ranked as one of the best charts and graphs WordPress plugins.

If you have any data stored in CSV file, Google Spreadsheet, MySQL database or Google Apps Script, you can quickly make them embedded into your WordPress profile in the form of easy to search and find tables, charts or graphs.

Once they are a part of your site, they will be updated any time you update Google Spreadsheet or another source file they were initially stored in.

5. Formidable Forms- Form Builder from WordPress


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Create stunningly beautiful and practical forms for your WordPress website in a matter of minutes with Formidable Forms.

Based on drag and drop functionality, packed with tons of styling options, Formidable Forms offers prebuilt form templates to choose from or to add your own one.

As for charts and graphs part, you need to upgrade to the plugin’s Pro version. Here you will find more field types, visual form styler, front end editing, charts and graphs visualization and control, etc.

6. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

data tables generator by supsystic

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Graphing your data in an accurate and serviceable fashion is possible with Data Tables Generator by Supsystic.
Add interactive and mobile optimized tables, diagrams, charts and graphs to your site without being pro in web or plugin coding.

FrontEnd table editing, Google charts integration, font and cell color choices, sorting, pagination, filtering and other options for tables are all offered with Data Tables Generator by Supsystic.

This plugin is also translation and SEO friendly to contribute to the overall productive performance of your site.

7. My Chart

M Chart

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With easy to follow and apply installation instructions, My Chart is another user centric charts and graphs plugin for WordPress users. You can rely on this tool for taking your data art, report or infographic based website to another higher level of visual excellence and content display.

Find and activate this plugin form the Admin Panel of your site and control its settings as per your preferences and convenience.

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