WordPress Migration Plugins for Easy Migration of WordPress Websites

A tried and tested collection of the best WordPress migration plugins for all those who want to safely move their WordPress – based websites to any server or location.

Migrating your WordPress website can be a necessity for a wide array of reasons.

Maybe your customer wants to migrate his website or you are dissatisfied with your hosting provider and its technical support, slow performance and continual errors of your website or something else.

All of the suggested issues and not only may arise at any time so that knowing how to move your WordPress – powered website whenever the necessity arises will do half the work.

While getting your website moving you should take care of all the nuances in order to organize everything in the right manner and not to mess things up.

Otherwise, missing data, broken links or other losses will be inevitable.

In this relation we have picked up WordPress migration plugins perfectly working with any WordPress – based template or website of any kind.

They are time and security – checked and enjoy the credibility of hundreds of active users who have already migrated their websites successfully.

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1. All –in- One WP Migration:


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With groundbreaking success based on customer evidence, All-in-One WP Migration is feature – rich and all – inclusive system created to simplify the web admin’s work aimed at migrating a WordPress – supported website.

This top – notch yet easy to use, unbeatable and error – free plugin has racked up more than 300.000 active installs and gained high rankings thanks to its exclusiveness and precision in what is designed for.

It will let you easily export your datasheets, database, files and WordPress themes from one location to another while providing impeccable functionality with all hosting providers as well, among them Bluehost, Inmotion, Web Hosting Hub, Dreamhost, WP Engine and others.

What makes this product more valuable is that it shares responsiveness and mobile – compatibility for the end – user convenience.

2. Duplicator:


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The next all – inclusive product among WordPress migration plugins to copy, backup, transfer or move your website as per your demand comes launched as Duplicator.

It is one of the most applicable and trusted plugins ready to solve all kinds of migration – related issues easily. It means that you don’t need deep developer knowledge to fix up the whole process all by yourself.

From copying your site or simply moving it to another location to simply having backup in your repository, Duplicatior is ready to accompany you in such activities.

This plugin is available in two versions, Lite and Pro and naturally, premium version offers more diversified features, such as scheduled backups, storage to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and FTP, multisite support, cPanel connection from installer and much more.

3. Migrate Guru:

Migrate Guru

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Migrate Guru is a WordPress migration plugin that help you to migrate and clone your website data for free of cost. to use this plugin it is crucial to update your WordPress version to 4.0 or higher. if you are running late and want to migrate website faster then you should choose Migrate Guru.

To migrate your WordPress website you dont have to do any manual work as one mouse click all sufficient to clone a complete website. This plugin is powered by BlogVault to migrate large scale website.

4. WP Migrate DB:


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Your WordPress – powered website migration will be simpler and more painless than you can imagine with WP Migrate DB as the next worthwhile paradigm among WordPress migration plugins. In a few simple clicks you will be capable of copying your web database from one install to another one with minimum endeavors and pain.

By the application of database management tool it will be possible to import SQL file to the database in exchange of your existing one. WP Migrate DB is also available in free and premium versions, the latter with extensive capacity like email support, database export, selection of tables to be migrated, filtering of post types and enhanced security.

5. WP Clone by WP Academy:


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Stop scattering your precious time on unsafe and hazardous migration – related pursuit. Acquire WP Clone by WP Academy as a trusted tool to practice when it comes to your WordPress website migration, cloning, moving or backuping.

Whether you are transferring your website to another server or merely changing its domain name, it can be one of the most affordable and justified solutions you can have at your disposal. With simplified installation and activation process, you can master the plugin fully and utilize it for your testing or other purposes.

6. Backup & Staging – BlogVault Backups:

blogvault real time backup

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Let BlogVault Backups do all the heavy lifting catering to your website migration. It is another feature – rich candidate in our list of WordPress migration plugins convenient for a website admin or user of any programming proficiency or WordPress expertise. This plugin will also provide you with backup and security scanning services so that you can sit back and let it work instead of you. All you need to do is to subscribe for BlogVault Backups.

7. WP Engine Automated Migration:


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In case you are on the pursuit to fine the simplest and automated way to migrate your website to WP Engine platform, look no further than WP Engine Automated Migration plugin.

Spend your time on other productive procedures and leave all the relevant work to be performed by this high – quality plugin that will work fantastically when added to any WordPress website. What is more enjoyable in this case is that you can migrate diverse website effortlessly and irrespective of their nature.

8. Updraft WordPress Backup Plugin:


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Keep your WordPress content safe and secure during migration, backup or restoration with Updraft WordPress Backup Plugin. It is one of the highest – ranked and trusted plugins available for now in free and premium versions.

This plugin comes with backup support to UpdraftPlus Vault, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, etc, quick restoration process, scheduled automatic backup, site duplication and migration, remote control of backups and much more.

9. WP Staging – DB & File Duplicator & Migration

wp staging

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One more precisely laid – out and professionally managed alternative for you to overcome all the threats catering to migration is WP Staging – DB & File Duplicator & Migration granting you with boundless possibilities to manipulate your website across different servers, domain names, etc.

The processed of free database transfers and backup creations will be insured against losses. The overall framework of the plugin has been made to be simple and adaptive in usage so that every non – techy user will feel conversant to manage and implement website migration and clone WordPress or change of the domain name free.

There are many reasons why we choose to migrate a WordPress site from either one host to another, to a new server or location. It could be that the host’s service is annoyingly slow, the technical support is not satisfactory or that you just need to transfer your site to another server.

If this is your current situation, then you absolutely know that moving is inevitable. Your decision notwithstanding, you will need to know how to conduct the migration smoothly and safely without losing your files.

Just like moving houses or moving your company from one address to another requires a reliable moving company that will transfer your goods safely, migrating a WordPress site is more or less the same. You will want to employ an option that will oversee the successful transfer of your files without affecting any of the functionalities.

If you are a designer working on clients’ websites, then you are very familiar with the amount of time it takes to transfer a site from your server to the client’s server. Doing it manually might take you a lot of time and even cause you to lose some of your content and end up with a cluttered website. It is also very cumbersome.

But, fret not!

Today’s technology has made it easier to do a lot of things including how we communicate or relate with each other. And as it advances, some tasks have been made easier to carry out.

Case in point- WordPress website migration. Initially, transferring a WordPress site was done manually and so many security risks were involved. There was also the loss of data experienced and a lot of time spent on migration. However now, this is no longer the case.

The introduction of WordPress Migration Plugins has made it easier to move your site hassle-free and shorten the process. The process may sound complicated, very technical and cumbersome but, with a migration plugin, all you have to do is drag and drop or copy and paste your WordPress site to your desired location.

The good thing about these migration plugins is that they are very easy to use and you can actually migrate the website by yourself without needing developer knowledge to do it. The migration plugins easily transfer all information on your website including media files with no technicalities.

Then again, if your website has a lot of heavy content, it is always advisable to use a backup migration tool. Backing up your information before initiating the transfer ensures that your data remains safe in cases where the migration is not successful.

We urge you to keep on reading to find out which of the WordPress Migration Plugins interests you and suits your exact needs. We have provided a brief of each migration plugin tool; the features and what they do, to enable you to choose what fits you.

The plugins work perfectly with any WordPress-based template or website. Some of them also provide you with back up support and security scanning services.

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