How to add a youtube subscribe button to WordPress website

In the event that you have both a WordPress site and a YouTube channel, you should need to incorporate these stages.

One route is by basically posting your videos on the site, however, you can likewise add YouTube subscribe button to get more subscriptions for your channel.

In this blog, we’re going to begin by discussing why you should add a YouTube Subscribe button to WordPress website.

We will at that point tell you the best way to do it in two steps. How about we get the opportunity to chip away at getting your channel more perspectives!

If you have launched a YouTube channel to support your website, then adding a subscribe button is a great way to make more viewers.

How to add a youtube subscribe button to WordPress website

Why you should Add Youtube Subscribe button to your site

We have often seen while watching a video at Youtube, the subscriber at first introduction part used to say please subscribe to our channel and click the bell icon for more updates and latest videos.

What exactly happens, by clicking to subscribe button, it helps the subscriber to get more traffic on Youtube and more number of viewers for more rankings.

The subscribe button comes in a red color rectangular box, shown at the right or left-hand side corner of the page. The actual Youtube subscribe button appears like this:

Youtube Subscribe button

In any case, that straightforward style can play further bolstering your good fortune since it implies they fit in with practically any site structure.

In the interim, the unmistakable red shading will guarantee despite everything they emerge, much the same as a Call To Action (CTA).

That is uplifting news since it implies you can add YouTube Subscribe button directly close by your other online networking symbols on your site.

Utilizing a YouTube Subscribe button on your site is a shrewd method for expanding the number of subscribers without taking individuals off your site.

This is especially great on the off chance that you as of now install videos on your site. It additionally makes it simple to advance your channel on a medium other than YouTube itself.

In the event that you have a YouTube channel, you can add a subscription button to your site utilizing a widget, on your fundamental menu, or basically, anyplace else you need. We will discuss how to do that.

How to add a Youtube subscribe button to WordPress :

At first in this step, we are going to generate a Youtube subscribe button manually and then embed it into a website. For this, one should have a Youtube account and a Youtube channel’s id.

Step 1: Configure a Youtube subscription button :

In the event that you’re not yet acquainted with the Google Developers site, at that point it’s the ideal opportunity for that to change. Google Developers is the place where the search giant shares offer tools for web developers.

Here, you can discover data about forthcoming tech occasions, news, and a gathering of tools to enable you to assemble and adapt web applications:

The device we’re utilizing today is the one that gives us a chance to make our YouTube subscribe button. To discover it, you can go to the Product Index page on the Google Developer site and discover the YouTube Subscribe Button alternative:

Snap on that interface now and search for the Configure a Button alternative on the left of the following screen. Presently, you’ll see a structure where you can arrange your button. Begin by entering the ID or name for your channel:

How about we look at a portion of these different styles of buttons you can produce.

The full option, which can be somewhat huge for a navigation menu, however, might be ideal for a sidebar. There’s additionally a dark theme you can utilize, yet it possibly appears in case you’re experimenting with the full layout.

That alternative could be a solid match for a dark footer area. As usual, the decision of how to style the component is up to you! It’s likewise worth recollecting that you can create numerous buttons for various zones of your site.

When you’ve settled on a style, you can choose regardless of whether to demonstrate your Subscriber count. For the most part, talking, there’s no correct choice here.

For example, you should need to conceal your Subscriber count if it’s still low, or on the off chance that you need the button to be cleaner.

Be that as it may, in the event that you as of now have a lot of endorsers, appearing off can be an unobtrusive selling point in itself.

At long last, when you’re content with your settings, look down to the Code area. Inside, you’ll discover the scrap you have to add to your site to display the adding of your YouTube Subscribe button.

Next up, we’ll look at how to add that code to your site!



Step 2: Add your Embed Code to WordPress using a Widget :

Embed Code to WordPress

One way you can utilize this code scrap on your site is by going to the Appearance > Widgets tab on your WordPress dashboard. Here, you can search for the Custom HTML widget and move it to wherever you need to show your YouTube Subscribe button.

Now paste the above-mentioned code into the content section of your new widget, here is an example of how your button looks like:

In a perfect world, your WordPress site and YouTube channel should direct people to one another utilizing internet-based social media links and connections.

Be that as it may, you can generally take this further by adding a YouTube Subscribe button your site. Thusly, viewers will have an easier time to subscribe to your channel, which in short will be the benefit for you.

Everything necessary to add a YouTube subscribe button to your site are two stages:

  • Arrange your YouTube Subscribe button utilizing the Google Developers stage.
  • Add your embed code to WordPress utilizing a widget.

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