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Features of Mystic WordPress Theme

Palm Healing theme is a lightweight, fast and multipurpose mystic WordPress theme that features a great set of customization options.

One can use this theme for anything from portfolio sites to blogs, professional sites to eCommerce shops. Palm healing template is fully optimized for speed and search engines.

Also, it is made responsive, RTL and translation ready and mobile-friendly template compatible with WooCommerce plugin.

The ‘Reiki’ word comes from the Japanese, where ‘Rei’ means universal and ‘Ki’ means life energy.

One of the types of energy healing is known as Reiki. Some reiki practitioners consider that enhancing the flow of energy can relieve pain, enable relaxation, reduce other illness symptoms, and speed healing.

Most people relate to reiki as hand-on healing or palm healing. Some of the well-known reiki techniques are clearing, beaming, centering, smoothing, raking the aura, extracting harmful energies, infusing, and more.

Palm healing patients worldwide have accomplished relief from mild to a severe medical condition which also includes leukemia and the common cold. The major concept of such practitioners is to give healing energy to the client.

In our bodies, there are mainly 7 different Chakras that are aligned with particular body parts and it has various functions. Some practitioners of reiki make use of chakra and crystals healing wands to protect a home from unwanted or negative energy also enables the healing.

A list of Chakras is given below: Crown chakra, third eye chakra, Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Solar plexus, Sacral chakra, and Root chakra.

Depending upon the medical conditions, different sessions are required so that a patient can go their home full of radiant, relaxed, and balanced feeling.

Building a reiki or palm healing center takes more time compared to other industries. To minimize the overall budget most of the startups prefer to set up the reiki healing center out of their homes.

But setting up a business at your home or any other particular location will not allow you to target people from all around the world.

Thus, SKT Themes is offering you a solution to create a website with our mystic WordPress theme to start targeting people from the globe while sitting at your home or office location.

Palm Healing theme was built by considering the design in mind so that it attracts more visitors coming to your website with a great set of lines, colors, animations, fonts, etc that will improve the overall browsing experience.

And if you are looking for some changes then it is also possible as it is provided with plenty of customization options.

However, one can say that Palm Healing template is a perfect mystic WordPress theme to begin your spa and reiki-related store online. It has been provided with a ready importer demo site to get you can get your project started in just a few clicks.

This theme is suitable for Reiki practitioners. With our complete dedication and passion, we tried to create a top-selling template that will make your spa business shine on the web market.

This theme has everything that you expect from any wellness-related website. It does have a strong design and easy navigation to reiki classes and reiki sessions.

Also, the theme offers a page for team overview. You can use this section to exhibit your team member details in case you don’t handle your business all by yourself.

Also, testimonials, call to action, FAQ, google calendar can be added to the homepage. A business or an organization that comes under the healthcare or wellness industry is a business that fully depends on trust to a great level.

The profit that a reiki or palm healing business can make:
Reiki therapists make $40,000 and $72,000 annual premiums, considering the level of expertise in experience, training, and latest demand for reiki.

As an owner of the business, you will be collecting the disbursement and fees payments to each practitioner on the basis of work done. Therefore, every time services are offered to the clients will improve the potential to promote your profit.

You can make your business more profitable by including the services like acupuncture, massage therapy, becoming a reiki instructor, reiki coach, opening a reiki school, hosting events, and many more.

Creating a reiki website with a mystic WordPress theme:
You are all set to use your skills as a healer to establish your reiki business even if you are at level 1. Yes, this is actually right, to establish your business you don’t need to wait for a longer time until you become a palm healing or reiki master.

A few years back, there were very few who could complete the reiki masters and were willing to start a Reiki practice.

You will need some of the marketing tools to promote your business. It is important to let your people know about the services you will be offering and who you are.

To do this, you will find many methods. However, you can give a try to every method and track the results accordingly.

At the end of the day, you will find that creating a palm healing or a reiki website with reiki website with mystic WordPress theme will be a worthy option to promote and market your business all over the world.

To get the desired results you will need to spend some money on website creation. Because the price of Palm Healing theme is kept reasonable so that a beginner or an intermediate can find it affordable.

Another aspect that can help you to promote your reiki center is by creating an email list. Luckily Palm Healing theme is compatible with the MailChimp plugin and newsletter so that you can grow your emailing list without any hassle.

This email list will also help you to remind your people about the latest practices that are going on in your reiki centers. Also, let them know about special deals and promotions or about fundraisers and reiki evenings.

It actually does not matter that you have started your reiki practice with a group of people or on your own. It is vital to get your business on the web market as soon as possible so that you can be benefited from all required marketing features.

Website created with mystic WordPress theme will behave as a handy option to let your people know about your business. Rather than giving so much of handouts or detailed verbal descriptions about the offerings you just need to handle them with a web address.

Giving the address of your web will make sure your customers are able to access all information and get access to every information they are looking for.

Nowadays, day by day internet is becoming a vital aspect of our society, so if your business does not have an online presence then in no time, people will start considering that you are taking your reiki business lightly.

A well-designed palm healing website developed with our mystic WordPress theme will contain:

An introduction on reiki and some of the questions that are frequently asked.
Your session fees, short description, and the duration.
Add a big plus by mentioning testimonials from your previous clients.
The team member section can be utilized to add team member details along with their profile picture, designation, etc.
In case, your business is singly handled then you can add your own bio including experience, background, and picture,
Integration of contact form to take user input to solve their queries and problems.

If you don’t have a huge budget to hire a professional web designer and developer for your website work then our mystic WordPress theme – Palm Healing theme comes as a handy solution.

The very first thing that you need to keep in mind is that people will recognize you by the promotional material quality. So ensure that your online presence does appear professional and structured so that it is able to convey your business motto to your visitors.

To add some of the most important features you can add WordPress plugins to your website that too directly from the dashboard of WordPress. With Google Analytics, you can also track your visitor’s behavior and their likes and dislikes.

There are many more ways to promote your palm healing business. Like most people provide reiki classes for free of cost because they believe in self-care or helping friends and family.

Yet, this is possible if you choose a mystic WordPress theme to create a nonprofit organization website for the people who are in need.

Palm Healing template will convert your organization into something more productive. People suffering from emotional issues or any other negative side effects of treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy can recover with the right reiki session.

Our mystic WordPress theme does support various WordPress plugins to add new functionality in just a few clicks as per your business niche. For example, you can integrate a donation plugin to start accepting donations right away.

Therefore we say that starting a reiki business can reward you with many things just you need to consider some marketing aspects seriously to make your business reachable to every corner of the world.

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Change Log

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