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  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Features of Free animal WordPress Theme

  • Ele Pet Lite is the best free animal WordPress theme.
  • Ele Pet Lite is also considered as a most delightful, attractive, multipurpose and visually appealing WordPress theme.
  • The theme can be used by a non-profit organization to protect the animals from a different violation.
  • It is straightforward and simple to operate.
  • The homepage is designed in such a way that it looks perfect on small and large devices.
  • Ele Pet Lite is responsive because we have made use of the elementor page builder.
  • The theme is light weighted and very fast to load.
  • Because of the minimal effects, the design of a web page looks more simple and elegant.
  • One-click demo import option is given.
  • It is optimized for SEO to get high search engine ranking.
  • Permitted to upload a logo of your choice but the settings will be constant.
  • The free animal WordPress theme is sympathetic to the latest version of WordPress.
  • With the WooCommerce plugin, a complete eCommerce setup can be done.
  • With blog support, one will be able to help animals and raise your voice for environmental issues.
  • In premium, you will have permission to show activities you have done in the past few years with the help of skill bar.
  • The web template is packed with features such as compatible with appointment plugin, SEO plugin, social media plugin, gallery plugin, etc.
  • Some aplenty features such as multilingual functionality are the biggest benefit of using this theme.
  • The free animal WordPress theme will exhibit your services in a professional and attractive way.
  • The background image option is given to add an image slider.
  • You will be able to disable any option present in the demo.
  • 900+ font family option is given for free.
  • Users will feel overwhelming because simple navigation is provided.
  • Menus, header, and background setting are already given by default.
  • You will be able to find all the needs at a single platform.
  • The theme is validated with W3C standards.
  • Dummy content is given for the homepage.
  • Homepage header can have at most 4 image sliders.
  • No more than 4 pages can be created on the website.
  • Two different homepage template is given by default.
  • Permitted to use the blog section to start blogging.
  • You can use the default setting to start blogging right away.
  • The third-party plugin such as security, or SEO Yoast plugin can be used without any problem.
  • Each section and features are uncomplicated to understand.
  • It is overseen by a clean and optimized code.
  • Contact form 7 plugin can be used to avoid spam commenting.

Pets are considered to be the most important member of our families. All love their pets. Pet animals such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc we all live together. With pets we fill completed as we are not alone we have someone who can listen to our thought, can share the love and the positive environment around us. Some psychologists have concluded that pets usually share some good effects on children and needy people. But if you have a pet at your home then make sure they are healthy and fit so that they can spread happiness all the time. Gems and bacteria from pets can farm human especially children can be harmed by gems if we are careless about our pets. Maintaining and taking care of pets will require some efforts. Many pet owners and other people are trying to reach the doctors so that they can take the professional advice quickly in some major or minor issues. And the simplest way to find the solution is the ‘Internet’.

Nowadays, you can find any kind of information on the internet very easily. Such as information about the nearby clinics, online advice, pet shops, veterinary clinics, grooming classes, etc. The complete scenario tells you that if you want that people should be able to access your services then your business needs to be online.

Because of advance technology and the vast use of the internet, lots of people are creating a theme to fulfill your needs. But not all themes are the same. All themes have their own features and functionality. Some themes are available for huge prices whereas some are available for free. Hence this is a very tricky situation to find a theme that will exactly match your requirements. You will be able to find themes with lots of features that are useful but bad for website speed. These types of themes are uncomplicated and difficult to manage.

However, we can help you with this.

The website can be created for exploring your services such as pets food, grooming sessions, regular injections, etc. For exploring all these services you will need a free animal WordPress theme. You can use the features of Ele Pet Lite as you want. The theme can be used to create an online store that will sell pets, pets accessories, pets food, pet care products and more. Plus the theme can be used by pet doctors to provide services online. Taking an appointment and booking a time slot is possible with the free web template.

Ele Pet Lite is crafted by SKTTHEMES so that the template looks more professional and ensures all features are provided to fulfill your pet’s business need. Just you have to give a few minutes to get started with your online business. Therefore the website created with this theme will be a great solution for you. The free animal WordPress theme have some awesome color sets and fonts options that can be used for styling your website.

With this theme, you will be able to start the blog, able to create a website dedicatedly for single birds or animals or a website that will sell all animal products. Your customers will feel fascinating while watching your themes. It is a nice looking WordPress theme that is preferred by many businesses. Usually, startup businesses prefer to use our template because even if you dont have coding knowledge then also you can handle this theme easily. The theme also can be used to create a website for horse racing. Get started with the theme right away with a single click.

Also Included with Free animal WordPress Theme

  1. Theme FilesTheme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
  2. SupportYou can email us for support of this theme

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Change Log

  1. Updated June 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts