Ele Pet - Pet Care WordPress theme

Ele Pet - Pet Care WordPress theme
Change Log
  • Updated July 2024
  • Working With Latest WordPress Version
  • Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  • Updated to work with PHP 8+
  • Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  • Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  • Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare
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Theme Features

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Features of Pet Care WordPress theme

  • Pet care WordPress theme has a pack of powerful features that will show your love for animals and pets.
  • The pet care WordPress theme has a very neat and clean design layout because of the Elementor page builder.
  • One can avail of pets services like pets grooming sessions, animal health consultancy, and animal accessories.
  • Pet care WordPress theme admits the feature of WooCommerce to create a website for an online store.
  • Plus the theme can offer some useful tips on pet care.
  • The working speed of Pet care WordPress theme is faster because it is established with elementor builder.
  • The real pet photos can be uploaded with high pixels without any problem.
  • Each image will look clean and attractive because the theme is retina image ready.
  • Every single section is adjustable in pursuant to your business urgency.
  • Any type of coding awareness is not required at all.
  • The implementation of colors and fonts formulates the website services in a more pleasing way.
  • The wholly responsive feature will permit the user to observe the website on any device.
  • At the same point, Pet care WordPress theme is wholly responsive for all types of browsers.
  • The theme is readily available with multilingual functionality to target the customers internationally.
  • The pet care WordPress theme is already search engine optimized to boost your business trustworthiness and authorities.
  • The banner image slideshow makes a website more striking in front of users.
  • The call to action feature on the banner images is supposed as a bounty.
  • One can operate the Pet care WordPress theme as a pet blogging platform to post images, videos, and text relevant to pets information.
  • Hence, Social media buttons are also integrated to share some latest pets photo and their creativity.
  • And the theme’s feature can be stretched out by facilitating with new plugins.
  • Plugins like social share plugin, form plugin, SEO plugin, security plugin and more. These all are extensible plugins required for pet care businesses.
  • One can book any pet online via the booking plugin.
  • With the strongest admin panel, one can redesign the booking form.
  • Plus one can avail of some other grooming services at specific dates.
  • The calendar form integration will assist the customer to book the date once viewing the calendar.
  • Some plugins are allowed to showcase the working hour’s date and time on the homepage.
  • For easy user navigation, Google maps can be unified on the contact page.
  • The grooming services or other services can be explored by mentioning some description along with the images and videos.
  • One can upload their own pets or any images as a background. A custom background option is given to them.
  • One can add any color as per their choice to any form of content. A custom color option is given to them.
  • One can alter the header size, color, and position as per their choice. 4 custom header option is given for them.
  • One can alter the logo color, size, text, background as per their choice. A custom logo option is given to them.
  • One can alter the menu text, position, hover effects, and link as per their choice. Custom menu options us given for them.
  • The best footer is created to make a small overview of a complete website.
  • Various footer widgets are permitted to enhance content effectiveness.
  • The website look can be full width to express your thoughts in a more informative way.
  • Or the website look can be compact to express more meaning with lessor content.
  • The website layout can be specified as a wide or compacted layout by adding or removing the sidebar.
  • The sidebars can be added to any page to the right-hand side or left-hand side of the content.
  • The new portfolio pattern can be emerged by adding a portfolio plugin to the pet theme.
  • The pet care WordPress theme sustains RTL language for the simple user interface.
  • For any type of request, one can contact the support forum directly via the contact details mentioned.
  • To know how to make a website using a pet theme one can refer to online documentation.
  • One can perform email marketing to offer some discounts and coupons to special customers.
  • The inclusion of live chat tools will be beneficial for two way communication.
  • Every code is already optimized with the new SEO and WordPress standards.

  • One can apply any color to the website it can be a plain website with a white background or an attractive website by applying any dark color to the background.
  • The support team has been rated with the highest mark as we provide 24*7 hours of services.
  • We have checked the quality of code with various tools and it has been passed with desired results.
  • Quality of code makes a website user and developer-friendly for the customization process.
  • The free trial is granted in the form of a demo with various dummy page content.
  • One can enhance the search experience by establishing the search button feature.
  • Google maps can be allotted to the inner pages or contact page.
  • The footer area can also have a Google map.
  • One can add the number of fields including buttons to the contact form.
  • You can remove or allot some access to any user by handling an easy dashboard.
  • No needs to have an expertise of code to enhance the website functionality.
  • The pet care WordPress theme comes under the GNU GPL License means the theme can be employed for professional or personal use.
  • To experience these all features click on the Buy Now button and the theme will be yours.
  • One can endure the look and feel of a website instantly created by Pet theme.
  • The above 5-page templates are submitted by default to get and create the same website.
  • Browsers like Safari, iOS Safari, Opera, and others are agreeable.
  • Ecommerce feature is supported to sell the products related to animals like animals food, accessories, etc.

Pet Stats: As of 2024, 66% of U.S. households (86.9 million homes) own a pet. This was reported by Forbes.

Some researches shows that,

More than 95% of people searches for website when they are planning some vacation trip. More than 88% of people searches for pet care website when they are planning for business trip.

More than 80% of people searches for pet care website when they are working for a long hours.

More than 60% of people require website to search for medicines and treatment online.

and more searches are done to train their pets.

Industry use: Pet care WordPress theme is created so that any user from any location can watch and learn some tips in the grooming section online. A business person related to pets exhibitions, animal parlor, dogs training, etc can avail Pet theme for going for online business. You can offer some grooming services to pets via mobile phones. Some other services that you can offer along with this are vacation pet sitting, puppy sitting, dog walking etc.

Some reason why you require a pet care WordPress theme for creating a website.

Importance of pet care: Suppose you established the pet business physically but how you will aware of your services to every person. Some people plan for a vacation trip, they obviously need an agency that will keep their dogs in a safe place for some days even for a month. If they are planning on a foreign trip.

Online visibility: If you have a website, your business will be shown on the internet. Hence, the user will directly visit your website while searching on the internet. Some dogs require training to behave like a good animal who can understand your feeling and your thoughts. Hence such types of dogs will need an organization to train their pets and groom them. However, if you have a website they can contact you directly.

You can offer services to train pets for competitions like swimming, running, understanding human languages, etc.

Pet training: If you are interested to share some tips so that the humans can follow the tips and train their pets on their own, then you can start blogging. Blogging can benefit you with more income. Select the pet care WordPress theme, visits the documentation for clear guidelines and your blog website will be ready to get started.

Online presence: If you search for a pet business online who will know that their are minimum number of pet business yet to come online.

Social media integration: Many pet takers just enhance their presence on social media. But social media is restricted with some functionality. Therefore your business need to have a website. Website will make sure that you can communicate with your client at any time from any location.

Video and Image multimedia options: You can post some latest videos and images of the dog you trained. This will help your business to attract more clients. Most client needs a pet sitting services so that they can enjoy their vacations without worrying about their pets.

Portfolio and Gallery: For setting the business website you will need a strong portfolio to showcase. Hence pet care WordPress theme has a functionality to add your portfolio in a proper format. To include the images you can add NextGen Gallery plugin.

Appointment schedule: You can easily schedule your timing on the website. Mostly it happens that customer visits your business location at any time. It might be possible that you are not available for sometime. Hence you can schedule your timing in the top of the header. Plus at available timing user will be able to book the appointment easily.

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Also Included with Pet Care WordPress theme

  • Theme Files

    Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased

  • Sample Content

    1 click demo import to set up all the content of all pages easily

  • Support

    You will get a login for our support forum and our email ID and Skype ID after purchasing a theme

  • PSD Design Files

    Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so. All Themes Bundle users will have to demand PSD files since including so many PSD files is not possible. Single theme users can get the PSD design files on demand.

  • Free Installation

    You will get free installation if you request us to install the Pet Care WordPress theme on your server with demo content