Food Truck WordPress Themes for Outside Food and Eat Out Websites

food truck WordPress themes
Food truck WordPress themes for food truck and food delivery related businesses, including cafes and restaurants, eateries and breweries, snacks on wheels, bed and breakfast services, burger and barbeque, hot dog and waffle houses, food truck, delivery, catering and other services online.

Food business is one of the most profitable ones with great perspectives and never runs dry. And this statement is not surprising.

Food is among the most consumable items in the world. Apart from that, business, where the export is one of the working ways, cannot help but generate profit.

As for the food truck or snack on wheels business, it is a novelty in a culinary and food industry that is developing in leaps and bounds.

And if you are fond of cooking or experimenting with meals, have an exceptional talent for decorating food turning them into a work of art, you should probably try to open your “movable” bar or eatery to serve them.

It will be cheaper and easier than wasting all your money for opening a restaurant or café.

All in all, it’s a format of inexpensive but decent and cozy food based initiative that is quite capable of competing with stationary food centers and cafes.

Now, if you have already made the first step and opened up your food truck business, we are happy to walk you through the most useful and productive food truck WordPress themes for showcasing your services online and attracting new clients.

Those restaurant and food truck WordPress themes are brilliant for relevant food delivery, truck and catering services in your locality or outside of it, restaurants and pubs, bars and pizzerias, as well as personal culinary blog and websites.

With those templates you are not going to put all your financial means into work since they are all affordable and pocket friendly yet powerful and functionally saturated.


bakery wordpress theme


Take your food delivery and catering business to a notch higher with Bakers and showcase the variety of your services, truck availabilities and more.

With simple yet attractive layout, this template shares the most convenient platform for tweaking to the theme’s core and remodeling the overall look and feel of your site. From color and font combinations to image and gallery management, shortcodes control and plugin support, you have everything at your disposal.

As one of the modern and fully fledged food truck WordPress themes for the universal usage, Bakers is also stunningly responsive providing the accurate disposition of your web content across the avalanche of platforms and devices.




Restro is the next highly applicable marketing and advertising tool when it comes to food related businesses and undertakings.

Hence, anything catering to food truck business, its consulting and organizing, seminars and training, sale and service provision, food truck events and catering, can be easily arranged through Restro.

Projected and framed for stability and excellent performance, Restro acknowledges no boundaries when it comes to responsiveness and mobile friendliness.

Well constructed for the smart content categorization, it shares home, about us, menu blog, our services, pricing and other relevant areas for presenting your food truck business in detail.

This well documented and fully supported website template comes with clear coding that is responsible for the mistake free operation of your site at all time.


Food WordPress Theme


With Bistro as one of the results driven food truck WordPress themes you are the architect and builder of your business profile to seize maximum exposure in the digital platform.

Showcase all the advantages of your pizzeria or eatery, schedule evenings and events, offer services and truck catering, shows how your business works and run a daily blog without sweating hard. The default version of the theme grants you with a compact looking appearance that can be enhanced by your own color palette and touches, font choices and styling.

The talented authors of Perfect Pizza have applied the best digital practices and coding controls in order to make this template look and function its absolute best.

Bed and Breakfast

bed and breakfast WordPress theme


Bed and Breakfast is one of the latest food truck WordPress themes of SKT production that will enable you to create the website of a lifetime. From bed and breakfast, resort and hotel, café and restaurant to food delivery and order, truck and catering businesses, absolutely any kind of food specific business can be established online with less hassle around.

Comprise all your services and offers in one place and serve them in nice looking format. You can select the best images of your portfolio and display them via the homepage slider that is controllable.

With Bed and Breakfast you can also bring the booking functionality to your site via the relevant booking plugins.

SKT Food

SKT Food


With SKT Food you can give rise to your website under an hour. With simple and quick installation and activation, SKT Food is also wonderfully enjoyable in further customization and restyling with color and font, shortcodes and image plays, sections and areas arrangements, footer and header areas and more.

Admin panel of the theme is an excellent platform to manage, add and delete posts, change the appearance, add and activate plugins, manage users and their roles, as well as manage any stored or additional tools.

The developers of the theme have also taken every care to guarantee the stability and accuracy of your web content when viewed on different devices, as well as when crawled by search engines.

We Bake



Visually classy and fabulous, We Bake is what you might need to start your online career as a food truck company manager, culinary blogger, restaurant owner or food photographer.
Hundreds of clients have already had a positive experience working with We Bake and prove it to be a 100% responsive and mobile compatible, smoothly navigable with dropdown levels, easy to control and maintain.

With We Bake you don’t need to be a genius about HTML or another programming since all the hard work is already done by the theme developers. You can even add certain functionality to the default template without touching its codes and relying on compatible plugins.

Like any other business website, your food truck website matters a lot. Gone are the days when the oriented menu was the face of the business, the internet has changed the way the services connect with the customers. The first impression which is likely to be made is with the use of an effective website.

When people look at the truck they become curious and instead of making an instant halt by your truck they are more likely to quickly look for the website. Thus, if you wish to make an impression and ensure that they make a halt by the truck use Food Truck WordPress Themes which comes with all the suitable features for the website.

Now the major question arises what all features should the website has? This is simply answered with the list of features that a food truck website must have

  1. Responsiveness: There is no running away from this feature and the Food Truck WordPress Themes must be selected based on responsiveness first. There should be no one who has made a search and is not shown your business on the list. The smartphone users are growing in number hence all website should now target their attention. This is done only when the website is created with high-responsiveness.
  2. General overview: Along with all the special effects that you wish to add the website should have a simple introduction to the food truck? Do not just rely on the name of the business to make an impact. Give a description which will be appreciated by the viewers add details what is special about your food and why one should visit you here so that the viewers are intrigued to know more.
  3. Location: Now this is tricky for a food truck business as they are mobile and general change directions. But this information is still a must for people to be able to locate you. Providing direction of every part of the town is not possible hence Google map location is highly helpful. It is best advised that a photograph for the identification of the truck is made available for the people who are visiting for the first time. They should able to locate it immediately on the street once they are there.
  4. Menu: The main business is the food you serve on the truck. Promote your unique selling point here and let the people know what they can expect once they are there. Create the menu in an interesting way by adding images and description of the food where ever necessary. The most common mistake that people make is the use of scanned menu on the website. This should be avoided at all cost and a digital menu should be placed there instead. Add everything and all specials there are, the space on the online platform has no limit.

You know this already that running a food truck is not an easy task and thus when it comes to support and help the website is a great source for you. Use it to your advantage by picking all the right features.

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