How to Improve Landing Page Performance at Your WordPress Website?

Just imagine that what will be the situation when every person that visits your website is a new lead for you?
Now imagine that you are able to convert those leads into paid customers

It will be the most overwhelming situation for you and you wish if it could be possible. Yes, it is possible but only if you are able to create the best landing page that attracts most of the customers.

But the fact is less than 3 out of 100 people that land on your website will be converted into buying customers i.e. sales.

This is very less figure to consider but it is actually true. However, if you want to increase this sales figure then you can do it by creating a wonderful and understanding landing page.

While creating a landing page make sure it mainly focuses on your customers’ requirements that will automatically improve their user experience. By following this strategy you can ensure that you are able to convert your visitors into the lead.

improve landing page performance

Why it is important to enhance the performance of your WordPress landing page?

In few words, you can say that it is important to improve landing page performance to enhance the user experience.

If your landing page is capable of engaging maximum audiences for a long time that means you are successful in creating a landing page.

This is because the landing page is the very first page that people interact with you. Thus it becomes crucial that your website’s landing page should be flawless and easy to execute.

This is the most important reason that why you need to follow some strategies to improve the performance of a landing page.

1. Page loading time

loading time
There are some other reasons that why it is important to speed up the landing page of your WordPress website.

After doing so much research we get to know that more than 40% of the traffic bounce rate occurs because your website is not able to load faster and thus it takes more than 3 seconds to load the content.

However, the conversions will be decreased by 7% because of a 1-second delay in total page loading time.

Does not matter if you have an eCommerce website or a static website, the audiences of today’s world are impatient and need to respond faster as much as possible.

The search engine will rank your website to the top of search engine result pages if the landing page is loading quickly as much as possible.

So this makes sense if we say that by focusing on the landing page you can improve the rankings of your website easily and get top results.

2. Length of landing page

No length is specified for creating a landing page in WordPress. Sometimes you will notice that single pages will get higher results as compared to the long pages whereas sometimes it can be wise-versa.

But the fact is you can improve landing page performance if you are able to express all important details on the landing page in the best way. Thus it would be good if you use two or three frames.

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3. Focus on copy

Some studies show that you will have less than 8 seconds to leave the best impression in front of your users with the landing page.

Make sure your website is able to grab the user’s attention but also try to optimize the page title as per your need. To get desired results for users searching online make sure that you have added long-tailed keywords while setting the page title.

Along with the page, the title makes sure the page or Meta-description is compelling. This will help attract the visitors which are viewing the search results.

Check if you have made grammatical errors or not. Ensure that the information you added on your website is genuine as much as possible. Do not add false testimonials as they will harm your potential customers.

You can also add other multimedia content such as videos, Google maps, call to actions buttons on your website that will increase the conversion by 86%.

Ensure that you are following the copy guidelines to make your brand recognized which will ultimately improve landing page performance.

4. Make use of call to actions

create a Call-to-Action Button
The most important and essential component of your WordPress landing page is your WordPress landing page. One of the best factors that come under the optimized landing page is CTA.

The call to action should be designed in such a way it converts your website visitors to leads.

You should make use of some actionable words to get quick reactions. Showcase the product’s benefits and how CTA will help them to get expected content.

You can also make use of contrasting colors to make your brand unique as compared to the others and also make sure that the buttons you add look visually appealing.

The very first goal behind creating a landing page was to attract and engage your visitors. The method of using call-to-action buttons will help you to focus on your primary goal.

Ensure that you are not using different CTAs because adding too much CTA will affect the landing page of your website badly.

5. To your WordPress website add a live chat plugin

live chat live support
Live chat plugin is another most helpful component that needs to be added on your landing page to help your customers by solving their queries. On the WordPress repository website, you will find a number of live chat plugins.

Integration of such plugin means it will open up the chances for getting more leads. If you are able to solve your customer’s queries they will surely prefer to experience services from you.

6. Add social proof

Another best way to build trust is to add social proof on your landing page. Showcasing the actual reviews, testimonials, and press mentions will create credibility for your landing page.

With the right and killer landing page, you will be able to earn more conversions. Thus you will be able to improve landing page performance automatically.

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