The 10 Rules You Must Follow To Create Effective Landing Page

To create effective landing page there are some rules one should follow:

Landing Page is a page made for a specific audience with one very specific conversion goal. A page with one purpose and one goal use some methods for the visitors to get into contact with the company through phone number, email or an enquiry form.

Landing pages are different from web page as they have specific purpose to serve and they are intended to gather information from visitors and sell a product. In digital marketing landing pages are used for marketing purposes or advertisement campaign. These pages are built to convert visitors into leads or clients.

Effective Landing Page

Be clear be relevant

When audience visits your page two specific questions pop in their mind first. Is this for me? And second. Can I trust you?

Be precise about your stand while creating a landing page. Understand your target audience before building a landing page. To make the landing page effective use relevant headlines, visuals and colours.

Colours are important for conversion as they set the mood; they have different meanings and purpose. Colours like Yellow: it is optimistic, youthful and grabs attention.

Red is used to show energy, urgency and often used for Clearance sales.

Orange is aggressive and good for Call-To-Action buttons.

Pink is romantic and feminine and great for Woman only.

Blue is a Colour of trust and security and often used by banks and accountants.

Green is the easiest colour on eyes it is used by Wealth, Finance and Entertainment website.

There is no hard and fast rule in choosing colours but the colour you choose for your page must be visually pleasing.

Less is more

In your landing page give less choices as the more choices you present to someone the less likely they are to make choices at all. You cannot use too much options in your landing page it will distract the visitors from the main purpose of your page.

Catchy headline and sub headlines

catchy headline
Headlines and sub headlines are must to create effective landing pages. Always use captivating headlines, powerful words, appealing sub headlines and guarantee in your landing page to get the attention of your visitors.

Pictures and videos

In present days you have to give pictures not more than 2 and relevant video that will explain your product or service to your visitor. Do not use stock photos in your landing page, it lessen the credibility of your page. Videos should be original, not copied and should be helpful not selling the product or service.


Give a good explanation to your visitor why you do? What you do? And what makes you special and different from others. Be clear about the benefits that the customer will get from your product or service. How is the life of your customer going to be better? Should be the question ticking your mind while designing landing page.

The landing page must convey the value of your product or service to the visitor. As value creates desire, it will convert more visitors in your client. You should not be impatient or you cannot be coy. Be specific and straight about your product in the landing page.

Logical Flow

Do not use too much information at a time, go with the logical flow.

Explanation > Benefits > Testimonials > Call-to-action

Testimonials of other customers are important to create effective landing page. The testimonials should carry picture, name and address of the person to increase its value.

Multiple Methods of Contact

Multiple Methods of Contact
To create effective landing page use multiple method of contact like phone number, email address, enquiry form, social media so that the visitor can get multiple choices of contact with the company. Never use only one method of contacting as your customers are different and they prefer different methods of contact. For example: people of old age use phone number as it is convenient for them.

A good Copy to impress and express

In your landing page you must write a good copy for your visitors. If you are not capable enough then hire a pro, a copy can impress your visitor or scare your visitor. You should avoid too much information in your copy, spelling mistakes and long sentences etc. Impeccable grammar, exact content make the landing page substantial.

In your landing page how much information will make it compatible depends on the complexity of your offer and what you want visitors to do.

Ask for minimum Information

Keep it simple while creating the registration form. The longer your enquiry form is, the lower your conversion rate will be. It will be hard for your audience to get your service if you ask for too information. It is nice to only ask for email address or phone number.

Test Your Visitors

There are tons of tools in market to test your landing page. Make two versions of your landing page and test which one is preferred more by your visitors; always update your landing page by changing the colour, headlines, content, pictures and videos.

By creating effective landing page you not only inform your target audience about your product or service as well as take business online through advertisment campaign.

It is an easy way to launch a new product and promote online. Sometimes it creates opportunity for you to find new customers for your product. You can link social media feed in your landing page or can lead your customer directly to the cart to buy the product.

Some company use the review option in their landing page for the new visitor to get information and clear idea through the reviews.

As everyone says First impression is the best impression, making a great first impression is essential for landing page to the new subscribers.

They must not feel uneasy or confused by the page. Easy set up, offers and free trials are some business traits that compel the audience.

Simple yet appealing and powerful landing pages capture attention and create desire in your visitor’s mind to sign up and buy the product. It is the bottom line for sales and digital marketing.

If you do not know how to create a landing page then you should visit our article.

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