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Understanding market business better and getting more customers

Tips for Understanding Your Customer and Your Business Competition

Understanding market business is very important. Your business will fail if you have not done a proper analysis of your business market. In market, there are numbers of businesses and numbers of competitor.

Therefore you should analyze your competitor and the strategy they are using. Suppose you have not done an analysis about your competitor and you have planed something which is an old way to gain traffic.

Hence, no users will get attracted to your product and your business will automatically goes down and your competitor will get more sells.

You should do market research to know the new market trends. SWOT analysis tool will help you out to research the competitor in the best way.

SWOT means which is performed by an organization to study its strength and weakness. SWOT-analysis helps you to study companies’ competitive position and develop strategic planning. SWOT means strength, weakness, opportunity and threat analysis.

For Understanding market business this process is involved:
Create: Create some high-quality survey to do market research.
Spread: Make use of multiple platforms to share market research surveys like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Examine: Extract main data and valuable result from market research data.
Execute: Plan and execute some new strategy according to the research.

There are 2 different types of market research:

Primary market research :
Primary market research is kind of one to one research, for example, you yourself are conducting research of the market via telephone, social media like (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) telephonic interviews, online surveys, etc.

Secondary market research :
Secondary market research means taking out the marketing data from a different person or third-party analysis, for example, taking out data from statistics, market content, reports, etc.

3 Different ways to do the marketing analysis are:
– Desk Market Research : You can research from existing information from the internet
– Field Market Research: Collecting information by yourself using a survey, and other research tools.
– Commercial Agencies Market Research: Hiring other organizations who will perform market research for you.

Different ways for Understanding market Business more deeply

1. Who is your competitor?
2. Different things that you should know about your competitor.
3. Studying about your competitor.
4. listening about your competitors.
5. How to behave on the competitor information you get.

Let us study more in detail……

1. Who is your competitor?
All types of businesses have their own competitor for example if you have a restaurant or a blogging website you will surely have a competitor from different places, cities, countries.
As the internet is the only way to show the online presence each and every business has started to show their presence through the internet. Even if they are small scale business or large scale business.

You can find different competitors from different areas like
– local business directories
– Social Media
– Customer Feedback
– Advertising
– Searching for similar products or services

2. Different things that you should know about your competitors :
Your competitors or publishers are those who market the same product as your business does. your customer will judge you and your competitor based on price, quality and quantity you and your competitors offer. So you should always make sure to analyze

– The product and services that your competitor provide.
– The price your competitor offers.
– How they deliver the service and product.
– The backup services they provide.
– The brand they are using and the brand reputation.
– Find the type of customer they’re targeting.
– What next product they are to build and develop.
– what type of commercial way they have.

Check different activities on local newspapers, radio, television and any type of advertising. Try to take out more and more information. The more research you do the more strategy you can plan.

3. Studying about your competitor :
Make a list of a competitor. Study each and every competitor one by one. Understand there marketing strategy, for example, the social media they are using for targeting their customers. Try to communicate with competitors clients and employees. you can reach to them via their LinkedIn account. Always try to read their testimonial. The testimonial will help you to know more about their services, and clients.

Another most important way to study your client is to take a review of your competitor’s website. You can see the feel and functionality their website have. Check if they have started writing blogs or not if not then you should start writing blogs this will keep your clients and customer engagement to your business. If they have already created a blog then you should nicely optimize the blogs for SEO purposes.

4. listening about your competitors :
For understanding market business you should always able to listen to your competitor. The competitor is not your enemy they are just a business competitor. Try to communicate with them via different social media or meet up in the exhibition this will build your trust and they will able to give you some ideas. Try to meet your competitor face to face or via phone to interact more.

Research about their products. Like if they are selling there product at $100. then sell your product at $80. try to maintain the same quality and quantity they have. Or you can offer more than they offer. Give free support to your customers. The negative point of your competitor can make your business a positive point which will directly divert your competitor’s customers to you.

5. How to behave on the competitor information you get :
The last step is to execute the information you get while understanding market business. Make a list of information that you gathered while doing analysis and start executing them. Even if the point has less weight.

The 1st step is to think, if there something that your competitor is doing best according to you. Then it’s your time to make few changes on services or products you are offering. Like you can give free customer support, make some new and exciting offers, make some discounts on the next purchase, free delivery, etc.

The 2nd step is to think what bad they are doing then you? Like, if they have a blog and still they have not optimized it. It is your high time to make your blog optimized. As you may know that according to the Google standards the website should be upto-date with new and fresh content. If they have not made fresh content for a long time, grasp this opportunity and create a fresh and nice content that Google will crawl and rank your website hence this will improve your user traffic.

These strategies are for understanding market business better.

How to Fix WordPress 429 Too Many Request Errors

WordPress 429 too many request errors

Suppose you have created a fully functional website and taken care of each and every feature that the user’s need should be fulfilled.

But what if your website has encountered many unrequested errors. And hence it will affect the level of your website. Therefore this article is all about the WordPress 429 request errors. Where we will figure out how to resolve it.

WordPress 429 request errors turn on when a user tries to make a request to your server. Which is design to protect your website against DDOS attack i.e. distributed denial of service attack.

For example, you have made many requests at a time and the server is not identifying the request. At that time 429 request error will take place. This will judge that your server is getting some unexpected request.

This type of error can be encountered with a number of factors. If these types of errors encountered you should deactivation all the plugins immediately. And when this issue has been resolved then you can reactivate those plugins again.

Let’s study more deeply on how to avoid these types of errors.

1. Deactivate Misbehaving Plugin :
To Fix Error 429 Too Many Requests in WordPress you need to check first all the plugins that are working properly or not. If all plugins are working properly then it’s OK. but if Not, then deactivate that plugin immediately because this plugin can be the main reason for getting you WordPress 429 request too many errors.

Steps are given below to deactivate the plugin
1. WordPress admin area
2. Select the Plugins.
3. Now, select Deactivate and click on the Apply button

After this, go to WordPress website again and check if the errors are not getting again. If the errors have not stopped yet then find another plugin which is misbehaving or uninstalls that plugin and tries to install a new one.

2. Switch to a Default WordPress Theme :
Once you have checked all the plugins next step is to switch to the default WordPress theme.
usually, all users did not use the default theme because they prefer there own customized theme. Also, you know that the WordPress website comes with default functionality and plugins. In such a case, this default functionality may the reason for misbehavior. This is the only best and simple way to detect the theme is responsible for this issue or not.
So If you are getting still 429 error you should switch your theme from customized to the default theme.

Steps to switch WordPress theme from the current activated theme to the default theme.
– In the admin panel at the left-hand side, click on Appearance and select the Themes option.
– Change your current theme to the default theme that has not in-build features.
– Check if still, the same error occurred or not. if yes contact your theme creator they will solve this issue.

3. Ask Your Hosting Provider :
What is WordPress hosting

If you have followed above mentioned 2 steps and still you are getting an error then it is not your fault. It can be because of hosting you are using then you should contact your web host provider.

This all can be because of DDOS attack but there is the possibility of a third party attack. you know that the search engine uses bots for demonstrating the website ranking. So there is something wrong that ‘s why you are getting errors.

This will really help to stop getting errors from the third party and you will get errors from one party only. If still, your web hosting provider is not getting you proper solution switch hosting provider from this to another one.

Hope this article will help you out to fix Error 429 Too Many Requests in WordPress.

Turn Your WordPress Blog Into a Business Website Easily With These Tips

WordPress Blog Into a Business Website

WordPress is the preferred CMS of bloggers, appreciated for its harmonious themes and for its functional side. These days many entrepreneurs are using WordPress theme to build their website. WordPress and Joomla are often compared for creating a showcase site or blog. But unlike its competitor, WordPress has a very active community and you will find very easily plugins to transform its use. Hence, the obvious reasons to convert WordPress blog into a business website.

Before creating a WordPress site you must know a few things:

1. How to Buy a domain name and a server
2. Choosing and installing a WordPress theme
3. Creating Site Structure and lay outing
4. Writing content
5. Installing the best plugins to get started.
With the below tips you can easily convert WordPress blog into a business website.

Buying a domain name and a server

First of all, you need to choose your domain name. The domain name is the domiciliation of your site. It is very important for SEO as the domain reflects your activity with the corresponding keywords or simply be named by the name of your company or your brand. It is preferable to choose a synthetic domain name so that the users will retain it better. You can choose between several domain names: org., .in, .org, .net and of course .com. 

The question then arises of the selecting a reliable host. There are two types of hosting services available: the shared server or the dedicated server. There are many web hosts, you will be spoiled for choice. Moreover, if you are diligent, reviews of several hosting services, you can be able to make a quick decision. Among the best hosting services, Hostgator, GoDaddy, Blue host are quite reliable. There you go! You are done with the first step.

Choosing a theme

In your dashboard, click the “Appearances” and “themes”, and then choose a free theme by clicking on “add” button. There are many sites to find free WordPress themes. For more details, take a look at the separate articles on how to install WordPress.

You can thus decide on the design of your website using the many templates offered by WordPress. The choice of theme is very important because it must be representative of your universe. On WordPress, you can change the colors of the template, insert a background image and a logo, and edit the header. With this simple tip, you can give a beautiful structure of your WordPress blog into a business website.

Creating the structure and pages of your site

Then comes the nerve of war, namely the management and creation of the pages of your site as well as their writing. You can write pages optimized for referencing by professionals or decide to write them.

On your dashboard click on “article” then “add”.

You will see that article creation presents a fairly simple interface for editing your articles. You can also categorize your articles using the tab “Categories” and optimize your referencing by clicking on edit the category you have carefully chosen beforehand. You also have the option to link the items together. This tab will allow you to organize your blog.

Then click on “Pages”. This tab will allow you to organize the various static pages of your WordPress site, in particular by saving bulk changes.

The structure of your pages will be:

Installing the required plugins for a WordPress site

It is now time to install the WordPress plugins that will perfect the creation of your WordPress site to make it even more efficient.

WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Yoast SEO



Yoast SEO is the basic plugin for natural referencing of your site. Thanks to this tool you can manage the different tags and titles of each article. Yoast is extremely convenient because when your site is badly referenced, it tells you what you need to change so that your site becomes SEO friendly.

Yoast also allows you to manage the social networks connected to your site. Probably a complete natural SEO tool on WordPress.

Google Sitemap XML

Google sitemap XML


A sitemap (that is, a sitemap) allows the robot of the various search engines to recognize your URL to index them in the search engine. With this tool, the robot is informed as soon as a new content is published, which is in a way a watch of the referencing of your site.

Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics for WordPress is also a valuable tool for SEO your WordPress site. Indeed this plugin allows you to connect to your Google Analytics account, but with an interface and options specially designed for the CMS. In particular, you can be informed of the number of visitors to your site.

Promote your WordPress site


sharing plugin


Thanks to Shareaholic, you can give your readers the best posts on your blog by posting them on different social networks. For WordPress which is a very visual CMS, users will appreciate in particular the aesthetic of the buttons of sharing.

WP To Twitter

Thanks to this plugin you will be able to share quotes of your articles on Twitter. This allows you to initiate your users to share content of your texts by placing a Twitter button in each article.

wp to twitter


WordPress Newsletters

MailChimp for WordPress


Mailchimp is an emailing manager. You will be able to manage the contacts that will receive your emails, create forms to your taste and especially receive reports on your communication campaigns. This tool is therefore very effective to manage your advertising on the web.

WP Popup Maker

pop up maker


WP Popup Maker allows you to collect emails. Indeed WP Popup Maker offers you many themes for the creation of a pop-up advertising on your site.

Layout and Performance

Q2W3 Fixed Widget



Q2W3 Fixed allows you to constantly leave the plugin of your choice on the screen. This widget can be very interesting to encourage visitors to your site to share your content at any time they play.

Contact Form 7

contact form 7


Very rich visually, this application will allow you to create beautiful forms and add the options you want to create quotes, invoices, or purchase orders.

WordPress super cache

wp super cache


WordPress Super Cache allows you to keep the data in memory so that the server does not have to read them again. This extension thus makes it possible, among other things, to technically optimize the loading of the pages.

Steps to Start a Company Blog and how to maintain in future

Steps to Start a Company Blog

Most of the people attempted all the possible ways of getting connected to the customer through different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Another best way of connecting with customers and getting quality leads is to start a company blog.

Creating a blog is a center to being identified as an authority in your company. This is the main reason to create a successful blog for your business.

Are you searching for how to start a company blog? Then you have found the right place to get answered!
To start a company blog quality blog content helps you to gain more trust and loyalty for your product, with the help of the right quality content, you can target any customers form the world wide area which helps you to build a relationship with your targeted customer.

If you know that the content marketing gets twice the result that you get from paid searching for advertising. Whereas 70% of people learned about your company through blog articles rather than the paid ads.

The ratio given below shows the importance of content writing.
– 20% of internet users spent more time on content.
– 57% of internet users read the title of content marketing at least once a month.
– 80% of users appreciate training through custom content about a company.
– 68% of internet users spent time to read about brands that attract them to brands.

If you want to convey a brief message to your customer you will have to start a company blog.
Here are some steps that will help you to start a company blog.

1. Select the best blogging platform, domain name, and hosting provider :

Select a blogging platform :

The best platform for starting a blog is a WordPress platform. but some businesses have used Wix, Blogger, Joomla, and Squarespace successfully.

But if you already have a website but the website is not created in WordPress then you will need to follow step by step procedure for starting your own blog which you will need the help of web designer and developer.

That’s why you have to decide the proper blogging platform for starting a new blog.

I suggest that you should start creating a blog using WordPress. WordPress allows you to create your own hosted blog. You can create your own hosted blog in just a few minutes because WordPress is very simple to use and very easy to setup.

WordPress also provides one most important feature I.e. SEO Friendly which allows you to rank the website quickly on Google.

Choose a WordPress theme :

The most important feature of WordPress is that it permits you to customize the site easily according to your look and feel you want using different themes.
Different types of themes are available that you can choose any one of them. But while choosing any theme checks the listed feature are included or not.

– The theme is responsive or not: The theme should adjust its size according to the device we are using like mobile phones, tabs, desktop, etc.
– Customer Support or Support forum is available or not: You should easily connect with customer support if you need help or have some queries.
– The theme should allow a level of customization: You should able to change color, navigations menu, buttons, widgets, etc. as per your choice.

Register a domain name :

After choosing your best platform to start a company blog you need to register a domain name. This blog URL will help users to access your site.
For example, you registered a domain name and your site URL is
Keep in mind that your company name and your site name should be the same. So that the users can recognize your site and your business name easily. The business name should be simple and easy to read and remember.

Purchase web hosting :

The last step is web hosting which helps individuals or organizations to make their website accessible all over the world.
There are different companies that provide web hosting. Most of the web hosting service providers guarantees for security and reliability.

2. Make branding a first priority :

Branding helps you to target a product and differentiate it from other products and services.
Actually branding itself is a marketing strategy by which the company creates a name, symbol or design that is unique which relates to the company. Branding helps you to gain more attention to your product or services which will increase your online presence. You should choose your brand according to your business. The color, fonts, the design should be simple but trendy.

Most important the content you choose for branding should be meaning full which should say about your business should not go outside the topic.

Branding helps you to get recognized all over the world.
– It helps to increase your business value.
– Branding helps to generate more new customers.
– Branding improves employee joy and satisfaction
– Also it helps to create trust within the market
– And branding plays a major role in support advertising.

3. Integrate Social Media buttons on every blog page :

Marketing and advertisement are all about getting your product and messages for your potential clients and customers. Millions of people use social media networks to stay online, to get connected with the new people to generate more sells.

Integrating social media buttons to blog will help to increase brand submission. It encourages a good user experience and helps to get more traffic. The biggest benefit if adding social media buttons is that it helps to get more traffic to your website. If you provide this option to get connected many online users will get to know more about your business.
It also helps to share your content with other sites which will bring new users to your website.

4. Create a content calendar and measure your success :

The content calendar is the most helpful tool that helps you to plan and schedule all your social content in advance. A content calendar helps you organized. A content calendar gives access to view the content you have written in the calendar by your whole team.

Content calendars help you to stay consistence. It helps to create a content marketing plan that helps you to identify your target audience. It doesn’t matter what your blogs are about. The setup of the content calendar will be the same for all.
These are the Steps that you need to Start a company blog.

How to Increase Your Online Business Visibility

Increase Your Online Business Visibility

In simple visibility means one who can see you and online business visibility means a one who can find you and your product online. It can be social media, it can be a testimonial, it can be any kind of websites where your presence matters. You know that there are thousands of websites created each and every day to sell their services and products.

The online presence of your product or brand in the general customer environment is necessary. Suppose you have a website for your business but how user or customer will know that what is your product about? Where they can view your product? For this online business visibility plays an important role. To increase the visibility of your business online you need to know some ways to boost your business presence.

Online visibility helps you to increase brand reputation. And brand reputation helps a website remains from its competition. Importance of online visibility that generates opportunities that helps you to attract your potential customers to your services and products.
This is the importance of online visibility for a business.

Some simple learner-friendly ways to boost your online business visibility are listed below.

1.Search engine optimization :

Search engine optimization which helps you to increase your presence on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. It helps you to generate a huge number of quality leads and organic traffic. If your website pages are properly On-Page optimized then it can bring a huge impact for your website to rank on search engines.

There are some On-page optimization strategies that are easy to understand and implement.
Some free plugins are available which can guide you during online presence or you need to hire an SEO company for best results.

2.Publish regular blog content :
If you want to rank your website to the top of all search engines you need to create nice and unique quality content on your website. Content writing is the best solution to show your presence online. Every website contains a section or page or a blog. A blog is a part of the website where writers write and share their thoughts to the customer, usually; blog contains the answer to the questions that can occur in a customer’s mind. Blogs help you to convert traffic to most quality leads. Also, it helps to boost your SEO with targeted Keywords.
But the content you are writing should be fresh and up to date because SEO checks the dates of the changes made on blogs.

3. Get active on a few social media networks :
Social Media Marketing plays a major role in increasing your online business visibility which helps you to generate quality leads. As most of the customer uses social media to search for any product. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

So you need to sell the product on social media. It helps you to promote your product online.
Social media marketing is a part of internet marketing where you need the know-how to create and share content to achieve your targeting goals. Content can be a combination of images, videos, words anything. You need to do Social media regularly to get more traffic, engaged users and leads.

4. Run targeted Facebook ads :
Facebook ads mean Facebook Adwords that are paid one. You need to set some amount and bids for each click to run the campaign. Then the user can see your ads on the sidebar on
There are 3 basic audience type of Facebook that can be targeted.

– Saves audiences :
This audience helps you to choose people interested, locations, age, gender, etc. you can set up a campaign in audience manager.

– Custom audience :
These are a high targeted audience that allows you to target the past audience.

– Lookalike audiences :
A lookalike audience helps you to target the people who belong to your existing customer database.

5.Guest blog on relevant websites :
In simple Guest blog means which allows you to publish the content on others websites. This is a unique way to make new audiences and get them out. It helps you to build a new relationship with new users. A guest blog is one of the best effective and important link building techniques.

A simple strategy for blog posting is given below.
– Link a blog post title to another page.
– Share and Promote it on Twitter many times.
– Share and promote it on Facebook.
– Thank the person where you post or someone who posts on your page.
– Check the variations on your post and respond back to the comments you got on the posts.

6. Encourage your customers to leave online reviews :
Online reviews help to increase your visibility.
You are in 2nd position in search engine but you got 20 positive reviews. And your top competitor does not get any review then also what do you think where the customer will get attracted?
Yes, the customer will get definitely attracted to your website because you got 20 positive reviews. Hence reviews help to build trust among you and your customers.
Try to encourage your customer to leave the online reviews and past that reviews on your website testimonial.

7.Remodel Your Website :
Remodel your website means to redesign your website with new and fresh content make use of visual like images, videos which helps you to increase by visual appeals.
If your website is not up to date the client will seem that you have no more interest on your website hence the website is boring.

Actually, the design of the website gets old quickly. There you need to focus on your content and images. The design should be simple but responsive so that all users will able to access the website on any device like mobile phones, desktop, Tabs, etc.

Online business Visibility is not a Static Approach. You need to update your website always so that the website will be up to date which will increase your web presence it is one type of SEO rule. As per the SEO standards Google crawlers the website which is up to date and helps to rank on Google quickly. This is the main importance online visibility

How to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook?

post images on Facebook

Harnessing your website with social media integration is one of the best marketing tools for any website or blog. As for the Facebook as one of the dynamic and overpopulates social media platforms, it can never be overcome if you want to make your site and its content social friendly and social optimised.

A colossal audience with more than one billion daily users, Facebook has long become a hotspot of personal and business interactions leading to new ties and beneficial cooperation. While advantages of this network are endless, it is more than compulsory for every modern website to use this powerful marketing form in all the possible ways.

In this relation, one of the practical ways to boost social integration and grow your business through Facebook, you have to take care of channels to post your web images, posts and pages on Facebook. Along with other strategies to be used for your website to find its visitors, posting your web content on Facebook is a low – cost method and requires little endeavour.

The thing is that sharing your WordPress based profile, basic information, pictures and images of your site with Facebook audience can be easily done through a number of practical ways. Hence, if you clearly understand the huge potential of Facebook as one of the biggest sources of traffic and new leads, this article will help you in comprehending how to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook.

At the very beginning, let’s clarify why you need to share your content with Facebook. Integrating Facebook with your WordPress website has much to do with growing audience, boosted traffic and the overall socialisation of your website. And while you are not able to automate the engagement of your web visitors, you can at least automate the process of adding relevant posts and pages on Facebook.

Now let’s see what you can do when it comes to sharing your website or blog content with social audience on Facebook. Generally speaking, there are several ways around this topic which we are going to discuss one after another.

1. The application of IFTTT to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook.

IFTTT is an abbreviation that stands for “If this then that”. It is a free online web based tool that lets you achieve more with your server. Here you are welcome to create applets which are triggered by the updates in different platforms, including Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This method will bring multiple ways of connecting your WordPress site with Facebook to automatically share new WP posts on Facebook pages, to post new blogs appearing in WordPress also on Facebook page with images and more.

For the beginning, you need to go to and create an account, create New Applet /can be found in the upper right corner of the page/.

Then click on +this link to activate the wizard and choose service as WordPress to continue. After pressing Connect button a form will appear to be filled with relevant information about your site. Next comes the selection of triggers you can use.

Choose Any new post to go on. Click on +that link to choose the action service as Facebook. Select to post either in your personal profile or page, connect your FB account to IFTTT when FB asks for permission and choose the required action from the given boxes /Create a status message, Create a link post, upload a photo from URL/.

The last step is to create an action and that’s it.

2. The application of Buffer to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook.

Buffer is one of the sophisticated ways to auto share your WP content on social media networks, including, of course, Facebook.

It’s a truly convenient method not only to share your multimedia content, posts and pages, but also schedule their posting time throughout the day.

Visit and create your account. In order to connect your site with this system, you need to install the plugin called WordPress to Buffer

WP to buffer

Activate and configure this plugin /Settings, Buffer authentication, Access Token.

You’ll find a callback URL below Access Token field. Copy this URL since you are going to fill it together with other details when visiting to create an app.
Simply click the button Create an app and the relevant form will appear to be filled. After creating an application, Buffer will create an app for you and provide you with API keys and access token. Copy and paste this token to your WP plugin settings page and save.

Now your WP website is connected to Buffer. All you need to do is to configure settings the way you wish your WP posts to be shared on FB. Click on the available Facebook account in the provided posts or page tabs and use Enable account option.

Furthermore, you are free to play with more options to automatically add post title, description and image on Facebook.

3. The application of WordPress plugins to automatically post images and posts/pages on Facebook.

In case you feel that both methods described below will be time consuming or beyond your strengths, the third method to add your site images and posts on FB via plugins will be more comfortable for you. There is an avalanche of relevant social plugins ready to make auto sharing of your web content. All you need to do is to dig into the library of WordPress plugins and find the one matching your needs.

In order to help you get your head around what is offered, we can enumerate some of the top rated plugins available for now. Among them are:

Facebook Auto Publish

WP2Social Auto Publish

Facebook Auto Post

FAuto Poster

Jetpack Publicize

Social Networks Auto Poster

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

The Best Sales Call to Action Examples to Improve Your Conversion Rates

best call to action example for sales

When it comes to establishing your presence online, it is not enough to get your website set up on the #1 CMS platforms, which incidentally happens to be WordPress. You may need to do a bit more, to boost the conversion rate, and in the process ensure that you get a better conversion rate from all those prospective leads, who check out your landing page.

The fact is that there are millions of websites out there, targeting the same demographic with the use of social media ads, and more. If you want your prospective leads to feel as though they need to purchase your product/ service, then you need to utilize some of the best call to action examples for sales; read on to know more.

What is a call to action?

Simply put, a call to action is a text or an image, which engages the end user and compels him to take a certain action. An example of an effective call to action would be a “free gift inside” or “free download, click here”.

Different types of call to action:

There are various call to action types, that you can utilize to help convert those leads. Do check them out below,

  • Encouragement call to action: This type of call to action is often the most effective one for the simple reason that it encourages the viewer to take a certain action, based on an incentive. For example, if you want the user to opt in, you could ask him to click on a button for a download and add the incentive that it is free – that should do the trick.
  • Lead capturing CTA: For example, if you want to capture certain information such as the user’s mail address, then you may want to provide them with something of value, which gets them to do just that. The best approach would be to offer your users with something that is free, valuable and where they would have to enter their email address to download the same. This should enable you to capture the person’s email address, which you can use to streamline your marketing.
  • Educational CTA: At times, companies may want to educate the public about the usefulness of their product and even the need for the same, before they try to hard sell the same. And that is why many of them post links to free webinars, educational videos which provide the user with relevant information, along with ebooks, reports and more. All of this can encourage the user to commit more time to learning about the product and why he should indeed purchase the same, at the earliest.

Tips for creating good CTAs:

Check out these tips for creating effective CTAs

  • Use white space: one of the effective ways to draw more attention to your CTA is to use the white space strategically. By surrounding it with white space, you are essentially making your CTA stand out and this would cause the others to click on the same.
  • Content matters: If you want your best call to action examples for sales, to be effective, then you need make sure that they are connected to the content. For example, if you are developing a post about how to get more followers on social platforms, then you may want to include a CTA along the lines of “CLICK HERE to download our free guide on getting more followers on instagram, facebook etc”
  • Phrase your CTA accordingly: If you are going to set up a CTA, then you may want to develop it depending on the sales funnel stage. For example, if the client is still in the evaluation stage, then you may want to use a CTA along the lines of “download our free guide”. But if he is about to make a purchase, then you may want to use a CTA along the lines of “buy now”, or “add to cart” etc.
  • Positive/negative: You can list out CTAs that either have a positive or a negative message; you could ask users not to click on the link and download the free report in the hopes that this would egg on a few users to click on the same. But the CTAs that come with a positive message are naturally much more effective.
  • Clear benefits: The one thing that you need to communicate clearly with users is about the benefits of the CTAs. The users must understand what the best call to action examples for sales, is all about and how they stand to benefit from the same, this should help boost that conversion rate quite well.

Some good CTA examples:

You may also want to check out some of the following examples of effective CTAs that have been widely effective.

  • Email marketing: no one likes to read a long email and that is why you may want to keep your email marketing template with the CTA short and to the point. For example, check out LOFT and you will see that their CTA catches your eye right away and it also happens to be placed just right.
  • Website call to action: It is all about location, location and location. Check out some of the top websites in any niche and you will see that some of the best call to action example for sales occupies a premium space, with a lot of white space which prominently highlights the CTA and associated benefits.
  • E-Commerce CTA: If you have an ecommerce store, then you may want to do what a few others have done and that is to do away with the wish list altogether. If you want the best call to action examples for sales, well, then you may want to use “add to shopping bag” instead of “add to wish list”. This should encourage users to make the purchase rather than just wishing that they had.

This is how you go about developing an effective CTA; if you are looking to boost the conversion rates of your website, then you need to develop some of the best call to action example for sales, and in the process help convert those prospective leads to actual customers.

How to Handle Market Research to Find New Opportunities for Business

market research before starting a business

Market research is not something that’s new, but one that has been heavily utilized by companies and organizations alike to cross-promote their various products and services. As hard as it may be to believe, the process of cultivating user preferences, likes and dislikes started around 1920s and since then, the modality has not changed much except for the format.

The premise is the same as companies would want to use the market research to tweak their various campaigns to target the demographic better. Check out the rest of the article to learn more about market research and why it makes sense to do your market research before starting a business.

Why market research is essential?

If you are running a company or an organization and looking for an effective way to promote your products or services, then it is essential that you invest some time and money to get the market research done, well ahead. This is one of the reasons why some of the top companies from Intel to Coca Cola invest millions each year in market research to determine the current trends in the market.

This would allow them to gauge the current market and in the same time, enable them to find out what their target demographic prefers as well. This information is invaluable as it enables these companies to develop similar products/ services so as to target the public better, and that is why these companies do their market research before starting a business or developing a product.

What you need to remember is that market research is not just for established companies but even new ones, as it enables you to learn more about the market and in the process, discover new customers and better and effective ways of reaching them.

What is market potential?

You may have come across this particular term quite often; market potential for a particular product/ service is a gross estimate of the overall demand for the same, in any market at any given time. Companies generally utilize these metrics to gauge the demand for any particular product before they head into full scale production.

  • Market size: Before developing a product, a company would want to know the market size which is nothing more than the total sales of all their competition in the field. This should provide you with a gross of the total market and that’s what you would be targeting.
  • Market growth: This is fairly easy to determine but remember that global cues can have an impact on the same. You need to look over the last 5 -10 years to determine the average growth and if the growth had faltered for any particular year, then you may want to know why. This is also why you always do your market research before starting a business.
  • Competition: You need to assess your competition and price your product just right. This particular metric would enable you to remain competitive.
  • Target audience: you need to know who your target demographic is going to be and do all you can to get a better read on their consumer behavior. This will enable you to determine if your customers are going to be repeat customers, their general preferences etc.

Define your goals:

It goes without saying that if you want your market research to be effective, then you need to finalize your goals and then do your market research before starting a business. Market research is a serious topic and one that enables you to gather valuable data but for you to use the data effectively, you first need to determine the purpose of the research itself.

For example, if you are planning to launch a new product, then the purpose of the research would be to learn more about consumer behavior and what it is that they want. But if you want to increase sales, then the purpose would be to learn about new areas, to tap into the market and so on.

Market research methods:

There are two different methods that you can use to learn more about the market, qualitative and quantitative.

Quantitative research: This is fairly easy as this part of the research utilizes numerical data only; for example you can use quantitative research to accurately determine the growth rate of a particular product over the last few years.

Qualitative research: Qualitative research is mostly used for gathering information on consumer behavior and is dependent on both verbal and written communication form consumers to various surveys. This type of research lets you know whether a consumer, belonging to a particular demographic would likely be interested in purchasing your product/ services. For example, when you do your market research before starting a business, one of the first things that you would want to get a read on is to learn more about the demand and consumer behavior.

Increase your branding strategies:

Once you have a clear picture of the market, you may want to launch your product and at the same time, undertake several campaigns that enhance your branding strategies. There are several marketing campaigns that you can undertake but you need to remember that each of these, must result in building up your brand, like the cola drinks to the point that they are eponymous today.

Tweak the product/service:

You may also want to survey a product/ service after it has been launched. While it is essential that you need to obtain your market research before starting a business, it is equally essential that you follow up on the product, after its launch. You need to find out how your target market is viewing your product and whether you need to tweak the same. For example, if your current market feels that the product is overpriced, then you may need to lower the same to a more reasonable level.

This is precisely why you need to do your market research well in advance of the actual production and launch of a product. And with the right market research, you should be able to tap into new businesses and new markets, opportunities, more effectively.

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Create an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign: Facebook Ads Starter Guide

how to create a Facebook Ad Campaign

If you have just established your business website on WordPress and looking for an effective way to ramp up traffic and sales, then you may want to start taking a closer look at some of these social media platforms like Facebook which currently boasts of 2.2 billion users per month. Now that is a humongous audience that you can advertise your website to, and market your key products and services. But if you are wondering how to create a Facebook ad campaign, then you definitely need to read on.

Reasons as to why you would want to use Facebook:

If you are looking at how to create a Facebook ad campaign, then you know that there are quite a few reasons as to why you should use this particular platform to increase the reach of your product and key services. Do check them out,

  • Facebook targeting options: One of the reasons that most advertisers prefer to advertise their products on Facebook is but for the simple fact that it comes with some awesome targeting options. The ads are set in such a way that it allows you to target ads to a specific group of people, based on their age, demographic, gender, current likes etc. The point is that with Facebook, you can target your message and ads at a specific group who already happen to have an interest in the same. This should naturally result in a good conversion rate as more traffic flows to your website,
  • Affordable fees: When it comes to ‘how to create a Facebook ad campaign’, you would want to know if your current budget can stretch to accommodate the cost. The good news is that Facebook ads are quite affordable and you can certainly use the same to target specific groups of people,
  • Large audience base: The other reason that you would want to use Facebook is on account of its huge reader base. Now give that Facebook boasts of nearly 2.2 billion active users per month, then that’s 2.2 billion prospective customers that you can tap with effective ads. This is all the more reason that you would want to take a closer look at ‘how to create a Facebook ad campaign’

How to create a Facebook campaign:

If you are wondering how to create a Facebook ad campaign, then you should know that the process is simple enough. The first thing that you need to do is to review the objectives of your campaign. If the objectives are for promoting a certain brand or product, then you could go for ads that can help lead to a better conversion rate. However, if your main objective here is just about increasing your reach and to get more brand publicity, then you would want to go in for a different sort of ad. The objectives here can vary which is all the more reason that you may want to take a closer look at the information posted below, to streamline your campaign, for better effectiveness.

When it comes to Facebook, you would find that Facebook has simplified the matter by listing awareness, consideration and conversion as part of marketing. You can customize your ad according to your key objective.

  • Awareness: If you have just launched your product and are looking for a way to create brand awareness regarding your product you may want to select your marketing objective as awareness. Facebook would list your ad to a maximum number of users that they would be interested in
  • Reach: As part of a campaign to increase your brand awareness, you can set the ad to be displayed to a particular user only 5 times. This should enable you to increase the effectiveness of the ad itself.
  • Engagement: The objective here is to ensure that the users engage more with your ad, either by way of comments or visits to your Facebook page. Facebook would optimize your ads so that the users do engage positively with the ad in question. This particular selection can also help drive visitors to your video and other respective ads as well. You can also choose to let the viewers contact you via Facebook messenger so that they can ask any queries and even place orders.
  • Conversion: Often, the hardest part of any marketing campaign is in converting a prospective lead to an actual customer. But thanks to Facebook you should be able to handle the same with a certain degree of ease. Before you start on this part of the campaign you need to download and install Facebook pixels. Think detailed analytics and you should get the picture. Anyway you can go ahead and create your ad, specify which pages you would like visitors to be directed to, and that’s it. Now Facebook will ensure that the respective ad is shown to people who are likely to complete this conversion.

This is why most advertisers utilize platforms like Facebook to advertise their products and services. Apart from enabling you to create targeted ads, you can also create ads that ensure that you get better engagement, and brand awareness with your ads. All of these should help boost your conversion rate and ramp up the sales as well. If you are still wondering ‘how to create a Facebook ad campaign’, then by now you should know how and what key objectives you can meet by running Facebook adverts.

This is why, irrespective of whether you are a start up or a respected business, you would definitely want to start advertising on platforms like Facebook with increasing regularity. This should enable you to boost up the performance of your website, increase brand awareness and in the process, market your various products and services better. Just note that you may want to review various online guides before you get started on that first Facebook campaign. Similarly you can use other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and many more to run detailed campaigns.

13 Great Event Reminder Email Techniques That Really Work

Reminder Email techniques

When it comes to designing and even reminder email template so that you can help drive more traffic towards your event, you may want to take note that some of the methods, including the ones listed below are bound to show immediate results. So, if you are looking for ways to help drive more traffic to your website, then you may want to take a closer look at some of the techniques posted below.

  • Email reminders: When it comes to event reminder email techniques, you may find that the classy email still ranks as #1. This is also the reason why so many marketers still utilize opt-in email marketing as a way to market their various products and services. You can use emails as the main format and remind invitees that the event is due to take place at a certain date and at the same time, make sure that you use a friendly template to describe the event and also post helpful links for registration, etc.
  • Countdown: This is more of a recent development where event reminder email techniques are concerned. The emails are often sent out with a countdown featured on the email, counting down to the exact event. These types of emails should definitely get you more traction online.
  • Incentives: When it comes to event reminder email techniques, you may also want to include an offer or an incentive. For example, you can include something along these lines “last chance to win $2000” or “raffle entry with every registration”. Everyone is looking for something for free and this should help get your email noticed right away.
  • No CTA: CTAs are generally thought of as hard sell where you need the user to perform a certain action. You may want to avoid any CTA, and go in for soft sell since that’s usually much more effective. You may just want to list out the details of your event and post the link for registration.
  • Personalize: As any marketer would tell you, one of the ways to ensure that your event reminder email techniques are working is to personalize the email. When you add the ‘personal touch’, people are more likely to respond to the same.
  • De-personalization: Now, this is a bit of a doozy since most marketing gurus would tell you the opposite. But a few companies have opted for the de-personalization touch and for some reason it seems to work. You just list out the bare essentials on your email, with a CTA embedded on the same.
  • Taking it to a new level: When it comes to your event reminder email techniques, you may want to take it to the next level altogether. You may want to add a few personal details about the subject as well as use colloquial terms/ slang that put the subject at ease so that they are likely to respond to your message positively, which is just what you need.
  • New announcement: When it comes to event reminder email techniques, this method has proved that it works, like a charm. The fact is that as humans most of us do not want to miss out on something important and when you send out new additional announcements, informing them something new and important about the event, they are more than likely to respond to the same.
  • RSVP: When you are sending out those emails about your event you may want to include an RSVP in the mail as well. Most people would respond to the RSVP and let you know if they are interested or not.
  • Agenda: Often, the devil is in the details and you may just want to go down that route as far as event reminder email techniques are concerned. You may want to list out the agenda for the meeting so that everyone is aware of what it is all about.
  • Banners with CTAs: There are various vendors who provide you with banners that you can customize to use with your email. You can include a CTA which would more than likely get the recipient to respond to the same email. And additionally, you may also want to avoid getting your email tagged as promotions since very few people read the same. Just make sure that your mail is designed in such a way that you get an immediate response from the recipient.
  • Provocative event remainder email: When you do not get the responses you were looking for, and then it might be time to take it up a notch. You may want to send out a provocative email, one that would either lead the recipient to unsubscribe or to respond to your email. You do not need the former and you need the later, so if you do not get the responses rolling in, then perhaps it is time to send out a provocative mail, one that lists out the important features of the event and why they should attend the same.
  • Sly trick: This is a bit of a sly option but one that you may want to consider especially if you are not getting enough responses. All you need is a negative title for your email such as “don’t come” or ‘Please do not attend this program’, and this is bound to get the attention that you needed in the first place and is sure to get you more than a few responses.

These are some of the top 13 event reminder email techniques that have been proven to work, again and again. So, if you are hosting an event, then you may want to try out some of the tips posted below and in the process, ensure that your event is well attended. But do remember not to send too many emails regarding the same event since that may be considered as spamming. And ensure that the message contained in your mail, remains professional in tone, all the time.

Methods of Building Fffective Business Relationships With Your Client

Building effective Business Relationship Ladder

As a business professional, focussing on the methods of building effective business relationships is important because you may want to build a closer relationship with your current client for most of the time, these clients end up providing you with repeat business offers.

But building a closer relationship with your client can be easier said than done, but here are a few tips which should enable you to do just that. Do remember that not everyone has the same likes and dislikes, and if you are serious about building a closer relationship with your client, then you may want to start off by acting on some of the tips posted below – do check them out.

  • Closer communication: When it comes to building effective business relationships, the first place to start would usually be communication. Chances are that you do not often communicate with your clients regarding projects or in providing them with timely updates. This can be quite problematic and can even cause a burgeoning work relationship to sour.

    This is why it is essential that you take proactive measures since you would want to develop a close connection with your current clients. And the first thing that you need to do is to establish clear communication protocols that help to define and support this work relationship. You need to develop an open and frank relationship with your client and ensure that he remains updated on every stage of the project, so that he is well informed of the current state of progress as well. This should enable you to develop a closer connection with each other.

  • Positive attitude: This may come as a surprise but when it comes to building effective business relationships, you may find that a positive attitude often goes a long way. When you end up displaying a cynical or negative attitude, others would be less likely to trust you and may want to re-evaluate the relationship itself. And that is why it is essential you develop a positive attitude and a positive frame of mind can enable you to develop a closer business relationship with your clients.
  • Personalize it: One of the effective methods when it comes to building effective business relationships is to personalize the same. But remember, that at the end of the day it is still a business relationship and you still need to stay professional. As it is, when it comes to developing closer business relationships with clients, you can make some efforts to personalize the same.

    You know the old saying that you are required to remain professional all the time – well, no one is claiming that you should not, but there is no reason that you should not be on a first name basis with your clients or why you should not send greeting cards on important occasions.

    For example, if your client is celebrating his wedding anniversary, you may want to send over a small gift – the point being that these little things can actually help you in building effective business relationships, with your client as well as others.

  • Knowledge and information: Building effective business relationships can be hard and that is a given. But every now and then, you may come across opportunities that can enable you to take this business relationship to the next level.

    For example, if your client feels digitally challenged and does not know how to adjust the settings on his new smart phone and you do, then you can utilize this opportunity to share the information and knowledge with him, which effectively should help you develop a closer business relationship.

    The fact is that as you share information and knowledge with the client, you should be able to develop more trust and confidence in each other. And you can leverage this to develop a closer working relationship, one that could well lead to more work as well as repeat assignments and projects.

  • Be open: When it comes to developing stronger work relationships with your client, you may find that it pays to be open and frank. Rather than sugar coating all the aspects of your work, you may want to be open and frank with your clients. This should help develop more trust and confidence in you both as a person and as a professional.

    Moreover, if your client assigns some work that you are not comfortable handling, then you may want to tell him right away about the same. You could provide a cursory reason as to why you may not want to take up the work and remember, you also need to make the reason both credible and reasonable. And since you had informed the client well in advance, he would definitely appreciate your candor on the same as well.

  • Exceeding expectations: The best way to develop close business relationships with clients is to exceed their expectations. And when that happens, these clients are less likely to shop around and would want to stick with you. You may want to review the project that the client had just assigned to you, determine the time frame and see if you can wrap it up within the specified time frame with the quality parameters being met.

    And as long as you exceed the client’s expectations, you need not worry about the client approaching someone else for handing his various projects. But remember, that if the client asks you for a deadline, you may want to provide them with one, after you make a realistic assessment and even factor in a few delays as well.

These are some of the ways by which you can develop a close business relationship with a client. It is essential that you take all measures to develop a better working relationship as it can result in better working conditions, terms as well as more repeat projects from the client.

At the end of the day, you are trying to get the message across to your client that you value your working relationship with them and want to take it up to the next level.

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How Can You Supercharge Higher Education Email Marketing?

supercharge higher education email marketing

Methods of how to supercharge and increase conversions using higher education email marketing to have better click through rates and open rates have been explained in this article.

All colleges as well as higher institutions need a regular supply of students, if they are to survive which is why most of them have taken to social media to attract interested students and to interact more with them.

But social media marketing is not exactly free and its bound to cause the university in question, some overheads as well. It makes sense that colleges and universities try to target students via social media since nearly every student is active on one social media platform or the other.

But what most of them forget is the fact that email marketing is cheap, and one that still happens to rank #1 when it comes to marketing. So, if these educational institutions want to market their various degree programs, then, they may want to re-think their current format and opt for email marketing.

Here are a few reasons as to why colleges and universities should consider email marketing:

  • Cheap: When it comes to higher education email marketing, most colleges are bound to find that email marketing happens to be one of the least expensive and yet most effective marketing channel. It allows you to target the key demographic with little or no overhead and in the process, it should help save a bundle for the university in question.
  • Convenient communications: A recent study underlined the fact that most online users prefer to receive news via email. And given this, it makes more sense to opt for email marketing as a way to reach out to their target demographic instantly.
  • Used for different purposes: One of the best aspects of higher education email marketing is that it can be easily used for various purposes. You could use it to reach out to students about the various changes in student policy, your admissions program, your scholarship program, the dance and the list goes on.

Tips for starting your email campaign:

Now that you have decided to opt for higher education email marketing, as a way to reach the students, it may be time for you to check out the various tips on how to help make your emails much more effective.

  • Define your goals: When it comes to higher education email marketing, the first thing that you need to do is to define your goals. You may need to develop an email, promoting your university and the various degree programs and underline the fact that the student chooses to benefit from the same by enrolling in. Or your goal could be about increasing admissions rate in your school or informing new entrants about the various changes in your current policy. The point is that unless you define your goals clearly,
  • Develop a buyer persona: Before you send out the email, it is important that you realize that you are going all out to attract the top talent to your university. And that means that you cannot communicate with them, the same way you do with others. Furthermore, you may want to do some background check s on the student as this can help you personalize that email.
  • Create a recruitment funnel: When it comes to higher educational email marketing, you may want to create a recruitment funnel where the process starts with your act of reaching out to the student in question. You need to reach out to the student and explain about the various programs that are being conducted across the campus, talk about the student, teacher ratio and even list out the various extracurricular activities that the student can participate in. This should help engage his interest and as you can see, making the first contact is indeed important.
  • Segmented email lists: You may want to avoid sending out the same email to all students. It is important that you remember to personalize each mail and send out the mails from the email list as part of a segment list. You also need to try and keep each mail unique for obvious reasons. If the email in question is thought to be unique then, the student in question is more than likely to respond to your email.
  • Automation: when it comes to higher education email marketing, you may want to consider automating part of the process as it should help make you more productive and enable you to send out more emails. Since part of the process consists of repetitive tasks, you may want to automate the same. And if you have to make an important announcement to the student body, you may well want to send out automated emails with all the details being clearly listed in the same. For example, if a class test schedule is being changed, then you may well want to reach out the student body with the help of these automated emails.
  • Email provider: There are several vendors who provide you with cost effective email marketing solutions that you can use to help promote your university and its various degree programs. And before you select the first email provider that you come across, you may want to check out a few more. Find out about their core functionality, what they are supposed to do and more importantly, the overall cost.

    Apart from this, you may also want to check out the online reviews posted against each email vendor as this should help clue you in as to whether the company is as good as they claim to be. Soon, you should be able to select the right email provider and in the process, be able to target the students more effectively.

These are some of the ways by which you can amp up your email marketing methods, and increase the admission numbers as well. It is equally important that you enroll at the right university and these emails should help list out the various degree programs that they have in place. These methods have been proven to work and with it, you should be able to touch base with several students.

How to Create Digital Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits & NGOs

fundraising strategies for nonprofits

In this article we will discuss about how to create digital fundraisng strategies for nonprofits as well as NGOs.

If you are planning a fundraiser for a worthwhile cause, then naturally, you would want to do all you can to make it a complete success. And that’s why you may want to review some of the tips posted below on how to get others to donate to the event successfully.

You may want to first establish your nonprofit website on WordPress; once you have, you can then go ahead and select a responsive theme that’s also compatible with third party plugins since you would want to provide your users with several user centric features and even install a “donate now” button on your website.

But if you want to ramp up the fundraising, then there are a few methods that you can opt for, to make it happen – check them out.

  • Soft launch: Each campaign is different and so are its goals and key targets, but that being said, when it comes to fundraising strategies for nonprofits, you may want to kick off with a soft launch. Before you officially launch your fundraising program, you may want to contact some of your friends and loved ones and get them to put up a fund raising page and to get the word out, so that people are aware of the fundraising objective well before the official launch of your website.

    This should enable you to create more awareness amongst the public as to what your fundraising is all about, so that when the official campaign starts, they would be more than eager to donate for what they assume is a worthwhile cause.

  • Publicity: Once you launch your website, you may want to go all out to get your fundraising website, the publicity and visibility that it requires. You can utilize various communication channels, from blogs to social media and even run print ads, to get your fundraising efforts the attention it needs. When it comes to fundraising strategies for nonprofits, this is a must.

    Just remember that when you are setting up your website, to go for a theme that’s compatible to third party plugins. This should enable you to cross post your content across various social media platforms and by doing that, you should be able to leverage various social media platforms from Facebook to twitter, effortlessly.

  • Tip sheet: You may have a lot of volunteers donating their time and hard work to help make your fundraising activity a success. But as far as fundraising strategies for nonprofits go, it is not enough to get more volunteers to enroll for your cause. You may want to provide them with a tip sheet on what to do and what not to do when asking the public to donate.

    The tip sheet should contain detailed instructions on how to get both companies and individuals to donate for the cause. A recent study showcased the fact that the volunteer group that received a tip sheet managed to outdo other such groups by nearly 25%!

  • Donation page: With various fundraising strategies for nonprofits doing the rounds, you may also want to create a donation page with the respective donation buttons featured right up front and center. The point is that such pages, accompanied with various social media marketing campaigns and other forms of marketing are bound to see more traction online.

    The point is that people, at a certain subliminal level, are more than likely to donate on a featured donation page rather than a general landing page. Given that, you may want to create several donation pages, one for different sources of traffic such as web, mobile phones etc.

  • Matching period: If you are wondering how to get the big companies to donate, then you may want to recheck your blue book for fundraising strategies for nonprofits.

    One of the effective methods is to approach several companies’ right at the start of the campaign and to get them to commit themselves to a specific date, where they would match the donations for that particular date. Granted that not all the companies are going to be on board but more than a few would be more than happy to participate in the program. Here is a free tip, you may want to take along an impressive speaker along, so that he can convince them about the idea, as he makes the presentation.

  • Impact: When it comes to donations and fundraising, you may find that people and companies alike are likely to donate as long as they believe that the cause is worthy and that their donation is having some impact. If they feel that no matter what they donate, it is not going to have much of an impact on the ground, then chances are that they are going to walk away. For example, you could paraphrase your donation requests such as “a donation of $30 can help vaccinate 5 kids against a debilitating disease”.

    The point is that the public sees this message; they would realize that their donation would have some impact on the ground and would donate for the same.

  • Video: Several studies have pointed to the fact that most online users are easily influenced by online videos as well as high resolution images. Given this, you may want to host more than a few high resolution videos and images on your website as this can encourage others to donate more for your cause.

This is how you go about when it comes to enabling your fundraising to be a total success. You just need to ensure that your message reaches the right people and you also have to make sure that you utilize all communication channels to help market the same. And you also need to have an active marketing campaign in place along with social media marketing strategy amongst others. All of this should enable your fundraising website to stand out for the right reasons.

It should soon get enough traction online and with it, lots of prospective donors as well.

How To Use Custom Post Types In WordPress

custom post types WordPress

WordPress has established itself as a robust platform not only for blogging but also for advanced content management.

WordPress 4.7.3 which is the recent version of WordPress comes multiple post types.

Some of the popular post types are general post, page, attachment, and navigation menu.

Besides these, there is a need to use custom post types in WordPress as per the demand of your website.

For example, if you have a review site, you need to use custom post types in WordPress so that reviewing anything can become easy and the representation of the post becomes personalized.

It will help in better branding, better user experience and most importantly, you can use this custom post type template every time and complete your post instantly.

How To Use Custom Post Types In WordPress (Using Plugin)

Using a plugin to do anything is the easiest way in WordPress, especially those who do not want to uses codes to solve their problems. The process is rather safe because amateur WordPress users can create a mess while editing files and inserting the required code.

Step 1 – Install The Plugin and Get The Menu Option

The plugin to use custom post types in WordPress 4.7.3 is named Custom Post Type UI. Therefore, go to Plugins option from the Dashboard and click on Add New. Search for the plugin in the new screen, install and activate it. Once the activation is done, you need to come back to your Dashboard. You will find that a new menu option named CPT UI has been added to the left menu.

Custom Post Type UI


Step 2 – Understanding Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomy

Place your mouse point of the menu option CPT UI and click on Add New option from the drop down. In the next screen, you will find two columns. One is for creating custom post type (left) and the other is for creating custom taxonomy (right). As stated earlier, custom post type is a customized post template for creating a regular post in a personalized way.

custom post type

On the other hand, a custom taxonomy is for representing a group of posts. For example, the default taxonomy in WordPress is category and tags and they group different articles together. Similarly, you can create your own taxonomy for your review site like Topics – books, movies, products, services which would be more like a category or something like Rating where posts of different ratings can be grouped together and shown to the visitors for better user experience.

Step 3 – Adding New Custom Post Type

Moving on from the explanation, in the existing screen, use the left column to create a custom post type. You have to provide a name within 20 characters. The next field is the label which is going to appear on the left menu of the Dashboard just like Page or Post option. The label is generally in plural form and in the next field, you have to provide the singular form of that.

how to add post type

Finally, write the description properly with the keyword. Click on Create Custom Post Type button and you will have access to it from the Dashboard. You can check out different advanced options as well for more customization.

How To Use Custom Post Types In WordPress (Manually)

The drawback of using a plugin for such a core work is that if there are any glitches in the plugin, all the posts might get affected. Even a bigger problem is that if the plugin gets uninstalled somehow then all the posts will be lost except the text part. Therefore, it is always recommended to do it manually so that no such issue arises.

Adding Basic Code To Serve The Purpose

For that, you need to go to your Dashboard and then to Appearance. Click on Editor and in the next screen, locate functions.php from the left side. Go to the end of the code already present and write the following basic code.

basic code post type

From the code snippet, you can see that labels have ‘Movies’ as the post type which you can change along with its singular form. There are other parameters like public, archive, and slug which you may like to modify as per your requirement. But you can add much more with coding as the possibilities are truly limitless.

Adding Advanced Code For Better Personalization and Features

If your custom post type does not have all the features like the normal post type WordPress offers then it is a crime. If you are a slightly advanced user, you should use the following code instead of the above on. But make sure you understand the code well else you can mess things up while customizing the code to enter labels and other parameters as per your requirement.

As you can see, it has options for revision, adding featured image and various other custom fields which are going to make your post professional and personalized. There is an option named Hierarchical which you can set to True if you want your custom post to behave like Pages. Furthermore, you will notice that it has a custom taxonomy called Genres which you can change as per your requirement. If you do not want it, you can delete or make the line as a comment in case you want to activate it in future.

How To Display Custom Posts in WordPress 4.7.3

Once the creation of custom post type is done using the above method, you need to display them. First, create a few custom posts so that it appears well on the site and you can also check what you have created. Then go to Appearance from Dashboard and click on Menus. You need to create a menu option and place the link of Custom Post Types’ URL in it. It is most likely to be Instead of movies, it can be anything that you have modified it to be. The URL structure can also be something else based on the permalink settings you have. Therefore, check it before using it and create the menu option.

By default, custom posts would not appear on the homepage and you need to write the following code in the functions.php file for the same.

pre post type

That’s all. You can now have different types of custom posts to enhance the user experience and make you look unique.

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How to Properly Move from Wix to WordPress?

Wix to WordPress
Wix is usually used to create a simple website in considerably no time. The platforms offer limited option and adding other features become expensive. Hence, most users prefer to switch from Wix to WordPress which is one of the most powerful self-hosted platforms in the world.

In this read, we have covered all the important steps for you to make this transformation smoothly and without using any codes. By successfully making this transformation you will be able to experience complete freedom with enhanced functionality and features for your website.

There are several methods to do this but one of the best methods is through the RSS feed. The migration is an easy process and depending upon the intensity of data involved it can take 60 to 90 minutes for this process to complete.

Step 1: Signup for a WordPress Account

A web hosting account is mandatory for a WordPress website or blog. Basically it’s the home of your website on the internet space. All your files and relevant data stored there. You also require your site’s address which in technical terms is known as a domain name.

One of the reasons that Wix is limited is that it hosts your website when you use it. WordPress, on the other hand, is free to use hence all you will need is a place to install it. Therefore it becomes mandatory for you to purchase the domain name and a web hosting server.

Step 2: Setup your New Website

The primary task is to purchase the new hosting plan. After that install WordPress and set up your account. Some hosting servers will automatically install it for you.

From the hosting account itself, you can directly login to your Admin Dashboard. Mostly all the web hosting providers offer at least one-click WordPress installers.


The first thing to do after logging in is to set your permalinks, as it will determine the address of each blog post. Permalinks option in the settings menu should be accessed for modification. Select the structure that you desire and then click on the save changes option.

Step 3: Work on the design of your site

The appearance of the website should be customized and it can be conveniently done with themes. The display and appearance of your website are controlled by WordPress themes just like Wix Templates.

Work on the design of your site

You can select from one of the largest collections of free and paid themes according to your target audience and site requirements. Select a theme and then install it. Themes are variable i.e. it can be easily changed whenever required hence do not let this task consume a lot of time. For working on the other process on the early stage you can even start with the default theme.

Step 4: Import your Posts from Wix to WordPress

Migrating content from Wix is difficult because it is a closed platform. Hence instead of manually recreating each post, we will automate the process by importing the RSS feed from Wix. First, download your Wix RSS file. To locate the file add the following to your Wix website URL – /feed.xml or /blog-feed.xml.

In case you don’t have a custom domain name then you can find the feed at Replace the username and the blog name with their actual names.
If you have a custom domain name then simply add /feed.xml or /blog-feed.xml after your URL.

Import your Posts from Wix to WordPress

If you have done it properly you will see a page full of codes. Save this file on your computer with the simple process of right-clicking and save as.

The next step is to find the Import button in the tool menu from the WordPress dashboard. Under the RSS heading click on the Install Now link. Click the link on the top of the page to run the importer.

import content

Now select the choose file button and upload the recently saved RSS feed file. It might take some time to import depending upon your data. But you will see a confirmation message when it is complete.

Import RSS

All your data i.e. posts will be migrated from Wix to WordPress except the photographs. You add photos by downloading, installing, and activating the Auto Upload Images plugin.

The plugin will import images when you re-save each post that contains images. No need to re-save each post manually it can be done easily by selecting all the posts from the Posts menu in settings.

Step 5: Import Pages from Wix to WordPress

There is no automated method to import pages. Hence, each page has to be recreated in WordPress one at a time. The first thing to do is to go the page and highlight all the content that needs to be copied.

Import Pages from Wix to WordPress

Now copy that content. In the next step navigate to the Add New option from the Pages menu from your WordPress dashboard. The page title can be typed at the top. Now paste the copied content. You can work on the styling of your page now and when it is done click on the publish button.

Add New Page

For all text-based pages, the above method will work except for the contact page. You will have to install a contact form plugin for the same.

Publish Page

This step concludes importing of all your content from Wix to WordPress. Please check all your data thoroughly once you are done.

Step 6: Navigation Menu & Plugins

Navigation set up of your new website using the primary menu is a must. This can be done from the Appearance option in the Menu. All you have to do is type a name and click on the Create Menu button. You can also select the pages that you want to add your main menu. Click on the Save Menu option to conclude the process. This will make it live on your website.

Navigation Menu & Plugins

You can add more features to your site through WordPress plugins. There are hundreds of paid and free plugins available online.

Primary Menu

You can use them according to the requirement of the functionality on your website. There are a few must-have plugins for any WordPress site which you can search and install for enhancing the site performance and security.

Handy Tips for WordPress blogging professionals to blog easily

tips WordPress blogging professionals

Top Tips For WordPress Blogging Professionals

WordPress is the best platform for blogging. People have been giving up their job offers and becoming professional bloggers. Even though it may seem like a very easy job, it requires hard work and all round performance.

The following handy tips for WordPress blogging professionals can help them blog easily and take their blogs to the next level. Most of the professional bloggers have no idea how to optimize their blogs and reach out to more people and get more revenue from their posts. Go through the following tailor-made tips for WordPress blogging professionals to blog efficiently.

Passionate Writing – When you have accepted blogging as your profession and working at your home or office comfortably, you have the full freedom to be fully passionate about what you are doing. Therefore, your writing must show your passion on the subject. Hopefully, you have chosen a category where you have genuine interest rather than the one that can sell better and you hardly have any knowledge about it.

Writing Better – This is one of the most important tips for WordPress blogging professionals to follow. Do not just write a blog for the sake of writing. Take your time, plan your writing, do proper research and see how your article can be different from other in terms of information and presentation.

The presentation of the blog matters as much as the quality of the content. Focus on creating epic content that is likely to get more shares and more engagement. At times, you can just write an article a day and make sure it is the best thing you could write.

Learn Something New – Growth is the most important thing in the professional world irrespective of the kind of profession you are in. Everything is evolving and improving and you have to keep up with the new things.

Therefore, invest some time in learning new things like SEO, designing creative graphic like an infographic, making and editing videos and everything that you can learn related to blogging. Whatever new you will learn, you can implement them for a better result. This is one of the most useful tips for WordPress blogging professionals to implement in real life.

Email List Building – If you want your blog to avoid the ups and downs in the external factor ruling the blogging world like a change in search algorithms, you have to have a good fan following. In the case of blogging, subscribers are the beating heart of the blog. They are loyal followers and you can sell different digital products to them very easily. They are the real asset of your blog.

Outsource – Once your blog starts to grow, you need to outsource your writing works so that you can concentrate on finding better topics for writing, better SEO and better marketing and promotion. Writing is the only thing you can outsource and you can provide guidelines for writing with proper instructions so that the quality of writing does not deteriorate.

Add More Features – While nobody likes a blog with too many features, the same is applicable for a blog with simple features. Therefore, you have to make sure you add only interesting features like points for comments and amazing widgets to captivate your visitors better so that it becomes addictive to them.

Better SEO – SEO is the most important factor for the true success of a blog. You can do paid advertisements to get traffic but if you do not have significant organic traffic on your site, you can never succeed with your blog in the long run.

Therefore, invest your time in learning on-page SEO techniques and implement them for every post. Hire an SEO professional for all off-page SEO so that the search engine ranking goes up and some of your articles land on the first page of result pages. Among all other tips for WordPress blogging professionals, this is the most critical for success.

Use Tools – You can automate the process of blogging significantly with the use of multiple tools. There are tools for spelling and grammatical mistakes like Grammarly, tools for keyword research like Keyword Planner, SEO tools like Moz Bar, content planning tool like Evernote, productivity tool and likewise, that will increase the work output and enhance the efficiency. Most importantly, you can save a lot of time to research and do best for your blog.

This is one of the important tips for WordPress blogging professionals who are in the business for some time now.

Better Marketing Strategies – Apart from SEO, you have to prepare better marketing plans to reach out to your targeted audiences. You should take steps to ensure that you reach out to everyone on social media by setting up interesting and engaging contests, doing a free giveaway on the site and other such innovative plans. You should take your time out to connect with experience bloggers and get some practice marketing tips for WordPress blogging professionals to implement and get results.

Better Content – Just like researching and planning before writing content is important, similarly, writing the content wonderfully with the resources you have is equally important. Make sure you have a catchy title, personalized and relevant featured image, better format of the content with creative images and videos and all the ingredients that make the content epic so that it gets huge shares and comments. Focus on writing evergreen content so that you can promote them regularly.

Social Media – Social media is where the success of blog lies at present scenario. Therefore, be active on social media and engage people in talking about your blog and articles. Keep posting interesting images so that people share them and your page goes viral. Get to the influencers on the social media and seek their support. You should also do paid campaigns to reach out to new audiences.

Better Monetization – Understand the analytics well and place your ad segments in the right places to get more clicks. Affiliate links will give you more revenue than ad segments and you should write such articles equally where you can put the relevant affiliate link and your readers buy out the product. In the long run, you should create your own digital items like books and services to earn huge revenue.

Idea Bank – Lastly, it is very easy to write content for years but not so to have ideas for content. At some point, you may be completely broke due to the dearth of ideas and that is why you should have lots of ideas for content up for sleeves all the time.
Follow these above-mentioned tips for WordPress blogging professionals very rigorously and achieve new heights in your blogging career.

How To Optimise Your Website For Voice Search

Optimize website for voice search

According to Com score, it is estimated that nearly 50% of all searches done online would be based on voice searches. And this is all the more important given the exponential increase in the use of smart speakers, digital assistants, smart watches and other IoT devices.

Even a cursory look should make the trend towards voice search more apparent. It seems that we are trending more towards voice search which is all the more reason as to why you would want to optimize your WordPress website for the same. Take a look at some of the methods, about how you can alter your website for voice search optimization.

Optimise Your Website For Voice Search

1. Long tail keywords

When you use online search engines, you would have used search string queries based on keywords. For example, if you were planning to search for cheap plane tickets to Portland, you would have typed something along the lines of “cheap+ tickets + Portland” or along those lines.

But since you are looking to tweak your website, for voice search optimization, you may want to opt for more natural sounding search queries as you would be primarily utilizing voice search. In other words, you may want to go with long tail keywords when using voice search, than you otherwise would, with text based searches and search engines.

2. Simplify

If you normally write content at the 12th grade level or that of a sophomore, then you should know that you may have to alter it a tad. The point is that with voice searches becoming more common, you may need to make your content simple, something like at the 9th grade level in your quest for voice search optimization.

In simple terms, if you want to optimize your website for voice search, then you need to be a lot less technical so as to reach more people. Google would look more favorably on content that’s simple enough to register with most voice based search engines and would rank it proportionately for the same. So it naturally follows that you need to make your content simple so that it is easily understood by all.

3. Partnering with Amazon

If you own on online store, and are looking for ways to reach out to more customers, then you may want to tweak your website for voice search optimization.

It makes more sense since Amazon has amazing IoT products like Amazon echo. And what’s more, partnering with Amazon is bound to see you listed right front and center, as part of Amazon recommendations for its clients.

4. Get listed online

If you have just established your presence online, then you would want to register with some of the local online directories so that your company shows up on local business listings.

The fact is that when it comes to voice searches, most voice based search engines often show business listings first, and these usually carry a link back to your website. And this is all the more reason that you would want to go for voice search optimization at the earliest, so that SIRI and other digital assistants can search and list out your website.

5. Get more local content in

local content

A recent study of voice searches indicated that most of them were for local content. That’s why it makes more sense for you to feature more local content on your website as it can help boost traffic to your website.

The more local content you feature on your website, the more people would search for your website via voice searches, and given the exponential increase in voice searches, you can see why it makes more sense to go ‘local’.

6. Characteristics of voice search

Before optimizing your website for the same, it is important that you understand some of the basic characteristics of voice search and the impact it can have on your website. For starters, voice searches are longer, and contain natural search strings, than something that you may type out on Google. Voice searches are longer, and they contain long tail keywords but they are not all about long tail keywords.

Rather, you need to frame your query in the form of a question for a effective search engine result. There are various tools that you can use to see how to frame voice search queries and this should give you a better idea of how it works. And if you want your website to show up consistently for top voice searches, then it is important that you make the content simple, relevant, spot on and of stellar quality. All of these would enable your website to show up right near the top of SERPS.

7. Immediate results

There is another reason as to why you may want to go for optimize your website for voice search at the earliest. Most online users want results right away and they want the right results. And more of them command various digital assistants with voice commands.

So naturally, when they search for a specific keyword, chances are that your business would get listed provided it is ranked well and happens to be close to where the user is located. This can help increase user experience as well and boost your business in the process. By optimizing your website for voice searches, you are bound to see an uptick in local traffic with more conversions over shorter periods of time.

These are some of the ways that you can optimize your website for voice searches. Just keep in mind that voice search is the future and part of our reality. It only makes sense that you would want to tweak your website so that you can take advantage of the same. With these tips, you should be able to optimize your website without a hassle.

The fact is that as the smart wearable’s, smart phones see exponential growth; the demand for voice search should go up as well. This is all the more reason as to why you may want to tweak your website, so as to stay ahead of the curve in more ways than one.

Tips to Get You Start as a WordPress Developer – a Beginners Guide

become a WordPress developer
Before we start with WordPress developer, it is important to know about WordPress and its function. WordPress works as a framework to create websites for different purposes like blogging, e-Commerce etc. WordPress serves the most effective software for beginners to create their website with or without knowing web languages like JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and others.

In the earliest days internet websites were created using HTML, a web developing language. Web developers used HTML coding language for back-end jobs to create text, page layouts, images, and other things. In the front-end job, the web browser would read those codes and turns them into render and show the content on a particular page.

It was essential to learn HTML coding to develop a website and further upgrade it. But now the scenario has been changed thanks to the blessing of WordPress. After the creation of WordPress, it became much easier to develop and create a website using the themes already existed in WP.

With learning any coding languages and spending money for hiring a developer, you can build your website in a short period. You can install WordPress in your server in just 5 minutes after that all you need is to create your website or you can also use the theme from the software.

The main features that enable WordPress developer to work more effectively and efficiently are the following.

Tips to Get You Start as a WordPress Developer

Presence in the Online Platform:

Whenever you think of any startup, you desire an online platform and your website through which people will know you. WordPress allows you to build your website as you like.

You do not depend on other web developers and also can save money for other purposes. It helps you attract peoples’ attention and gives you clients for your product or services.

Manage Website Easily:

If you have multiple websites, WordPress gives you the chance to manage them from one single dashboard. With this software, you can access more than one admin panel.


reasons why blogging
WordPress is the most user-friendly web developing software for bloggers. You can manage any blog in your website through it. Editing, quick editing, multiple editing can be done easily with WordPress.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization:

It has multiple search engine plugins that help the user to build the website on the internet easily in no time. Even with no SEO skill the user can develop a website and post it. Clients can easily access your website after posting the website on the internet.

Online Transactions:

Starting a website with WordPress gives the WordPress developer assures to get a malware-free website on the internet.

Response from Others:

WordPress not only make the website seen to the clients, it also works as a bridge between the maker and clients. Clients can communicate with the website owner and send feedback to them. With the interaction between the owner and the client, it becomes easy for the client to understand the owner’s ideas and thoughts. And for the owner, it becomes easy to get the client’s requirement.

Here are Dos and Don’ts while creating a website in WordPress

1. Theme Development

The common mistake done by the developer is to modifying the core theme files. It increases the risk of removing all the changes done in your website. With the update of themes and plugins, the changes that you make on the theme will disappear.

To avoid this situation, create a copy of your plugins and themes. It will allow you to make any upgrade to your website in your own time. This will save all the changes in your WordPress theme even after upgrading it.

2. Speeding Up the Website

Boost Your WordPress Website Speed
WordPress optimization hosting services allows auto caching support. It is best to choose a host that has WordPress caching in it. It will speed up the website and make your website work more fluently.

3. Security

WordPress is highly recommended by developers to build a website. It also becomes a major target for hackers if the WordPress developer does not upgrade your plugins. Installation of security plugins enhances the security of your website.

4. Tools to Make The work Easier

WordPress has some inbuilt plugins that help the developer to work easily.

WP-CLI is a WordPress plugin that uses the command line to upgrade the WordPress in seconds. It also updates plugins. When you change to a different server, the built-in search-replace command will change the URL.

Query Monitor helps to monitor the queries that slow down the process. It also shows PHP warnings and errors.

Advanced Database Cleaner is a plugin that removes all spam comments.

5. Overdosing Plugin

WordPress plugins bloggers wiriters
Overdosing the WordPress with plugins is a common mistake made by developers. All the plugins do not need installation, the more plugins you install the slower the loading will be on your website. If you need more plugins then install Plugin Organizer to manage them.

6. Avoid Hacking

WordPress has so many functions in one box and that cannot be turned off in the settings. To make WordPress more secure here is a tip. Removing the WordPress version number is the best way to avoid hacking.

7. Function in Loading CSS and JavaScript

WordPress keeps the record of CSS and the Scripts it has loaded. WordPress can manage the functionality without adding JavaScript and CSS into the header and footer.

8. Tutorials

WordPress tutorials are easily available on the internet. Before you start your website development you can go through those tutorials. There are also courses on WordPress development that will help you to build an effective website on your own.

Different Types of Websites

  • Blog
  • Job Board
  • eCommerce
  • Question answer Website
  • Podcast
  • Business Directory
  • Wiki an knowledge-based Website
  • Non Profit website
  • Religious Website
  • Online Communities
  • Auction Website
  • Multi linguistic Website
  • Coupon Website

To become a WordPress Developer it is not necessary to do web development course but learning basic web languages will help you build a website that will appeal to the clients. It will add professionalism to your creativity.

Start Your Mobile App Development Effectively with the Guide

Mobile app development is a process to develop an application for a mobile device. These apps can be pre-installed or you have to install them in your smartphone later. App Stores and Google Play Store have 4 million applications in total, but out of them only 1% or 2% are accessible by the people and get success.

Developers came up with new ideas and thoughts to create a new app for smartphones. There are specific causes behind the failure of these mobile apps, so here are some guides to get the business back on track.

1. Uniqueness is Important

Uniqueness is important to develop a mobile app. In the competitive market success and survival is very much hard. So it is very crucial to come up with a unique app idea that can solve some problems in human life. As a developer, it is essential to make teamwork together and come up with the best ideas.

2. App Development Team

It is good to hire professionals for in house app development than hiring freelancer. While developing an app, teamwork has a significant role to play. And as a business owner, it becomes easy to assemble and manage the development process under one roof.

3. Target your People

business deals

Before developing the idea for mobile app development it is necessary to target the audience. Target audience means people for whom you are building the app. You can also survey people and see the outcome and according to it, you can modify your app. Target people can be based on age and gender. Analyzing consumer behavior, their needs and preference must be a part of your survey.

4. Market Research

marketing Competitors

Analyzing competitors, their surviving methods and techniques, marketing idea and advertising medium are crucial points to follow before you launch your app in the market. Learning from your competitors may help you to come up with a better idea for your mobile application.

5. Advertisement

For any product or service, it is important to advertise in a way to make the people aware of your product. Only through advertisement, the demonstration can be done and people will get to know about the app and how it works.

Advertisement creates direct influence in people’s mind. With advertising, it is also crucial to choose the right media for it. Print media, digital media, and outdoor media have different characteristics. As the owner, it is up to you which media you will choose to place the advertisement.

6. Platform for App Development

Android, iOS, and Windows are the main platforms for which the companies develop apps. In the process of mobile app development, you need to fix your mind in which platform you will launch your app. Android and iOS are ideal for western countries like UK, Europe, USA and other. In Asia android is an ideal platform.

7. User-friendly Experience

user friendly

Making an app with a smooth, user-friendly experience gives the customer satisfaction. Customer’s become satisfied with the developers if the app functions smoothly without taking so much space.

Developers follow a trend of feedback section, to understand the problems customers experience while using the app. Through the feedback section they can also monitor the number of users and subscribers of their product.

Every app has a navigation button that leads the customer to have smooth access to the app. The navigation should be in simple words so that everyone can understand it.

Space is another option that blurs the good points of the mobile applications. Developers should keep in mind that their app must not take too much space in the phone memory. Taking too much space is a negative point for mobile apps.

8. Budgeting and Costing

balanced budget

The cost and budget are included in the app development process. It depends on the features and category of the app. Professionals you hire for the development process is included in it. Every cost is included in the budget of the mobile app development process so planning is needed to carry out the work successfully.

9. Marketing and Promoting

After building the app launching and marketing is part of post-production. Target audience, celebrity endorsement, promoting it through advertisements in different media and overall goodwill of your company will help you to gain success in this process. Series of ad campaign, demonstration, free usage, discount in subscription plan, opinion building, are integral part of promotion.

10. Strategy

The owners mainly focus to gain profit and permanent clients for their developed application. To boost the performance of the mobile app following strategies can be helpful:

  • Understanding the development of the app
  • Battery-efficient app building
  • Reducing the memory consumption
  • Security and Privacy
  • Language
  • Clear understanding of web developing languages

These strategies can be taken by the developer to boost the performance of the mobile app.

11. Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are the backbone of the app development process. It is important for the developer to give the users a sense of security and privacy when they use the app. With other features and complexity, security is another big element of an app.

As well as users’ details and other sensitive information are part of privacy. The privacy policy of app development should not go against the user. Developers should pay more attention to these parts as well as the others.

12. Language

Language is another barrier for app developers, but with English, as the most popular international language, it lessens the language barrier. But app developers also use vernacular languages as options.

13. Battery-efficiency

People are least interested in the mobile apps that tend to consume battery power. App that is good in both function and also consumes less battery power is likely to get popularity. In the mobile app development process, developers must keep this point in mind. Or users will not think twice to uninstall the app that consumes power.

Mobile apps are another way to make life easy for people. Apps build brand value and goodwill for the company. They help the company to survive in the competitive market. Through mobile app company gets loyal customers and gain profit.

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A Guide to Using PayPal to Sell Online in India

PayPal to Sell online
Business from India has been expanding all over the globe for both product and service type of industries. With the Internet, it has become convenient to trust genuine suppliers and make sure that a product can reach to another part of the globe without facing any difficulties.

In the initial period when the market was growing and expanding it was a little tough to sort out issues for payment and delivery but with time, today we can easily find solutions for all kinds of needs.

To sell goods and services online PayPal is one of the best and most preferred payment solutions. To send and receive payments it has emerged as the most trusted and secure service across the globe.

For merchants in India, the introduction of PayPal to sell online has made the task of carrying global operations extremely easy. The easy, fast, and safest payment solution can be used anyone who intends to do business across different countries.

The domestic operation of PayPal in India was announced in 2017 and since then even for online domestic shopping, the Indian consumers can use Paypal. This is a win-win situation for the buyers as well as sellers. The Indian e-commerce market now has the reliability of PayPal to accept payments from Indian buyers.

It is also possible to start accepting payments in various currencies by adding a button for this payment solution on your website. In this read, you will learn everything that relates to selling online with this trusted platform.

Advantages of using PayPal to Sell Online

  • It enables you to get access to almost 180 million global customers using its platform so that you are not restricted just by the local market. Focusing only on the Asia-Pacific region approximately 11 million buyers are using this payment solution.
  • The payment gateway is internationally recognized. Hence your customers will not hesitate to initiate the payment with a secured and reliable payment gateway.
  • There is the least chance for the transaction failing due to technical error as it offers multiple payout options.
  • The funds are transferred to your account daily hence you do not have to wait for the payments for a prolonged period.
  • To protect from fraudulent transactions they have a seller protection policy for selling physical or non-physical goods.
  • <PayPal to sell online is the best option because you can accept payments directly on your website and even without a website by invoicing the customer when selling the goods or services.

It is essential to know about the correct procedure of using PayPal to accept payments on your website. You do not need full-fledged e-commerce to accept the payment which is amongst the best features that this platform has to offer.

By simply adding PayPal to your website, you can easily transform a simple website or a blog to an e-commerce site. It is also possible to sell products in at least 200 currencies with this payment solution. And with seller protection at your service, you do not need to worry about anything else.
sell online
For PayPal to Sell Online it is essential to have a business account so that you can start using it on your site. Following are the steps to open a business account.

  • Just like in any other sign up procedure you have to enter your email address and create a secure password for your account.
  • After creating the account enter basic business information for your account.
  • Now PayPal will send a verification link to your email address which you have to access and verify your email address with your newly created account.

The basic procedure comes to an end here. You have a PayPal account now. For scrutiny and security, you will have to go through an online verification process and upload some documents necessary for the KYC.

After successful online verification you will be able to sell internationally but to sell in the local market, you will have to upload the required documents for completing the KYC.

To accept international payments, you will require the following documents

  • The first step will be to verify you PAN by entering the PAN number.
  • For international payments, add necessary details of the bank account where you intend to receive the payments.
  • Verification of email address is necessary at this stage if it has been done previously then you are good to go but in case it is pending it is mandatory to verify it.
  • The final step will be to select a purpose code which is a requirement by the RBI. This will vary from one field of business to another.

To complete the KYC it is essential to submit documents according to the type of business or service that you are involved in. Following is a list of the documents required for freelancer or individual business owners.

  • For proof of identity, a PAN card will be necessary
  • Residence proof like Aadhar Card, Driving License, Election Card, etc
  • Proof of Bank account i.e. bank statement or a cancelled cheque

For registering a firm with sole proprietorship following documents will be required.

  • For proof of identity, a PAN card of the proprietor of the firm.
  • Residential address of business owner’s proof of address.
  • One proof for business entity i.e. GST number or other related documents.
  • Business address proof like GST certificate, bank statement, and others.
  • Bank Account Proof

For all other business types besides the above-mentioned documents, a Letter of Authorization on the firm’s letterhead is required.

After KYC and online verification your account will be activated and open to use. The best thing with PayPal to Sell Online is that it does not charge for monthly or annual subscription plans. You have to pay only when the payment is received in your account.

For ease of access and settlement of payment, it offers you two options to select from how you intend to get paid viz.

  1. Website Payment Standards where no technical skills are required and you can simply add the PayPal paying option on your website and
  2. The PayPal Checkout option is available to conveniently receive payments in India in coordination with the retailers and shopkeepers. Some technical knowledge is essential with the PayPal Checkout option.

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How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress

HTML Editor WordPress

WordPress has the best default post editor of them all, and it is exactly why people prefer WordPress over other platforms.

WordPress is said to be the most user-friendly platform where a person does not require any coding skill or no prior experience to write a blog every day.

You can write your blog without any distraction and then you can format it as per your requirement.

Most of the people first write their posts in MS Word or other online or offline editors if they are using any other platform except WordPress.

The reason is that the post editors of other platforms are either full of too many features or do not have the look to let you write joyfully.

In WordPress, there are two different types of editors present – Visual Editor and HTML Editor.

The visual editor is the default post editor in all the versions of WordPress because most of the users prefer to write on it.

But there are some advanced users who prefer to use HTML editor all the time.

In this article, you will learn how to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress.

It may be that you need to have it in default mode for a few days or weeks because you could be debugging all your previous articles for some reason.

Once that is done, you can again set Visual Editor as the default post editor.

There are two ways to set HTML editor as the default post editor in WordPress – By Coding And Without Coding.

How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress For A Single User(Without Coding)

The visual editor is the most convenient way of writing a post.

It has WYSIWYG interface and toolbars for proper formatting.

As stated earlier, there could be different situations and scenarios when you would require having HTML editor as default, and if you do not like coding and editing core files, you have to take a long route.

Note: Sometimes when you do heavy formatting in the Visual editor and then go to HTML editor, the formatting can get disfigured and therefore, it is good to have HTML editor as default post editor from the very beginning if you are looking to change the coding part of existing articles.

To set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress, go to Users from the left menu of the Dashboard.

Click on drop down option Your Profile.

In the next side screen, you will see the first option as Visual Editor under heading Personal Options.

You will see that there is a checkbox that says ‘Disable The Visual Editor When Writing’.

Check mark that and click on Update Profile button at the end of the page.

HTML Editor Default Post Editor WordPress

Now, if you open any existing post or create a new post, you will not find the Visual Editor anymore.

Once your job is done and you want to get the Visual Editor back, go to Your Profile again and check it off.

HTML editor WordPress

How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress For All Users (Without Coding)

In the last method, you just disabled the Visual Editor for your profile only, but if you have multiple users on your website, you have to check mark the option for all users.

But there is no option to set this particular preference of Visual or HTML editor for other users in WordPress even when you are the admin.

You would need to install a Plugin named Adminimize for this purpose.

Go to Plugins on the left menu from the Dashboard and click on Add New. Find the plugin and install and activate it.

Once you do that and go to the setting of the plugin, you will see that you can set preferences for almost everything for your users who are categorized into Admins, Editors, Authors, Contributors, Subscribers or Employees.

adminize WordPress plugin

Apart from changing the default post editor, you can have full control over your users like never before, and this is a must have plugin for those websites where there are multiple users.

It is very important as different users may need different settings like Editor would prefer to have HTML as default while the authors may like Visual and faster writing and better formatting.

How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress (With Coding)

If you are smart and want to take the shortcut to success, you need to write a few lines of coding.

By coding, you can set universal settings for all users.

It is useful when you have only a few users and most of them agree to your choice to set HTML editor as the default post editor in WordPress.

Therefore, go to Editor from Appearance option of the left menu on the Dashboard.

The Editor option is located at the end.

If you are using this Editor option for the first time, you may get a statutory warning that you should not expose your core file as they can be vulnerable and stuff like that and you need to go ahead with that.

file editor WordPress

In the next screen, you can locate a lot of files on the left side. Select functions.php and go to the end of the code in the file.

Add the following code to the file and save it. Once you create a new post or edit a previous post, you will see the Visual Editor as an option, but HTML editor would be the default one.

add_filter( 'wp_default_editor', create_function('', 'return "html";') );

The advantage of this method over the first method we described above is that you will have the visual editor in the background which you can choose to use anytime.

But in the first method, you will not see the visual editor at all which could be problematic for formatting a post.

If you want the Visual editor back as the default post editor, go to functions.php file again and remove the line you added.

HTML View Editor

In case, you cannot access functions.php from the Editor due to strict security reason from your webs host, you can use FTP software and access functions.php from your web server directory and edit it.

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