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Handy Tips for WordPress blogging professionals to blog easily

tips WordPress blogging professionals

Top Tips For WordPress Blogging Professionals

WordPress is the best platform for blogging. People have been giving up their job offers and becoming professional bloggers. Even though it may seem like a very easy job, it requires hard work and all round performance.

The following handy tips for WordPress blogging professionals can help them blog easily and take their blogs to the next level. Most of the professional bloggers have no idea how to optimize their blogs and reach out to more people and get more revenue from their posts. Go through the following tailor-made tips for WordPress blogging professionals to blog efficiently.

Passionate Writing – When you have accepted blogging as your profession and working at your home or office comfortably, you have the full freedom to be fully passionate about what you are doing. Therefore, your writing must show your passion on the subject. Hopefully, you have chosen a category where you have genuine interest rather than the one that can sell better and you hardly have any knowledge about it.

Writing Better – This is one of the most important tips for WordPress blogging professionals to follow. Do not just write a blog for the sake of writing. Take your time, plan your writing, do proper research and see how your article can be different from other in terms of information and presentation.

The presentation of the blog matters as much as the quality of the content. Focus on creating epic content that is likely to get more shares and more engagement. At times, you can just write an article a day and make sure it is the best thing you could write.

Learn Something New – Growth is the most important thing in the professional world irrespective of the kind of profession you are in. Everything is evolving and improving and you have to keep up with the new things.

Therefore, invest some time in learning new things like SEO, designing creative graphic like an infographic, making and editing videos and everything that you can learn related to blogging. Whatever new you will learn, you can implement them for a better result. This is one of the most useful tips for WordPress blogging professionals to implement in real life.

Email List Building – If you want your blog to avoid the ups and downs in the external factor ruling the blogging world like a change in search algorithms, you have to have a good fan following. In the case of blogging, subscribers are the beating heart of the blog. They are loyal followers and you can sell different digital products to them very easily. They are the real asset of your blog.

Outsource – Once your blog starts to grow, you need to outsource your writing works so that you can concentrate on finding better topics for writing, better SEO and better marketing and promotion. Writing is the only thing you can outsource and you can provide guidelines for writing with proper instructions so that the quality of writing does not deteriorate.

Add More Features – While nobody likes a blog with too many features, the same is applicable for a blog with simple features. Therefore, you have to make sure you add only interesting features like points for comments and amazing widgets to captivate your visitors better so that it becomes addictive to them.

Better SEO – SEO is the most important factor for the true success of a blog. You can do paid advertisements to get traffic but if you do not have significant organic traffic on your site, you can never succeed with your blog in the long run.

Therefore, invest your time in learning on-page SEO techniques and implement them for every post. Hire an SEO professional for all off-page SEO so that the search engine ranking goes up and some of your articles land on the first page of result pages. Among all other tips for WordPress blogging professionals, this is the most critical for success.

Use Tools – You can automate the process of blogging significantly with the use of multiple tools. There are tools for spelling and grammatical mistakes like Grammarly, tools for keyword research like Keyword Planner, SEO tools like Moz Bar, content planning tool like Evernote, productivity tool and likewise, that will increase the work output and enhance the efficiency. Most importantly, you can save a lot of time to research and do best for your blog.

This is one of the important tips for WordPress blogging professionals who are in the business for some time now.

Better Marketing Strategies – Apart from SEO, you have to prepare better marketing plans to reach out to your targeted audiences. You should take steps to ensure that you reach out to everyone on social media by setting up interesting and engaging contests, doing a free giveaway on the site and other such innovative plans. You should take your time out to connect with experience bloggers and get some practice marketing tips for WordPress blogging professionals to implement and get results.

Better Content – Just like researching and planning before writing content is important, similarly, writing the content wonderfully with the resources you have is equally important. Make sure you have a catchy title, personalized and relevant featured image, better format of the content with creative images and videos and all the ingredients that make the content epic so that it gets huge shares and comments. Focus on writing evergreen content so that you can promote them regularly.

Social Media – Social media is where the success of blog lies at present scenario. Therefore, be active on social media and engage people in talking about your blog and articles. Keep posting interesting images so that people share them and your page goes viral. Get to the influencers on the social media and seek their support. You should also do paid campaigns to reach out to new audiences.

Better Monetization – Understand the analytics well and place your ad segments in the right places to get more clicks. Affiliate links will give you more revenue than ad segments and you should write such articles equally where you can put the relevant affiliate link and your readers buy out the product. In the long run, you should create your own digital items like books and services to earn huge revenue.

Idea Bank – Lastly, it is very easy to write content for years but not so to have ideas for content. At some point, you may be completely broke due to the dearth of ideas and that is why you should have lots of ideas for content up for sleeves all the time.
Follow these above-mentioned tips for WordPress blogging professionals very rigorously and achieve new heights in your blogging career.

How To Optimise Your Website For Voice Search

Optimize website for voice search

According to Com score, it is estimated that nearly 50% of all searches done online would be based on voice searches. And this is all the more important given the exponential increase in the use of smart speakers, digital assistants, smart watches and other IoT devices.

Even a cursory look should make the trend towards voice search more apparent. It seems that we are trending more towards voice search which is all the more reason as to why you would want to optimize your WordPress website for the same. Take a look at some of the methods, about how you can alter your website for voice search optimization.

Optimise Your Website For Voice Search

1. Long tail keywords

When you use online search engines, you would have used search string queries based on keywords. For example, if you were planning to search for cheap plane tickets to Portland, you would have typed something along the lines of “cheap+ tickets + Portland” or along those lines.

But since you are looking to tweak your website, for voice search optimization, you may want to opt for more natural sounding search queries as you would be primarily utilizing voice search. In other words, you may want to go with long tail keywords when using voice search, than you otherwise would, with text based searches and search engines.

2. Simplify

If you normally write content at the 12th grade level or that of a sophomore, then you should know that you may have to alter it a tad. The point is that with voice searches becoming more common, you may need to make your content simple, something like at the 9th grade level in your quest for voice search optimization.

In simple terms, if you want to optimize your website for voice search, then you need to be a lot less technical so as to reach more people. Google would look more favorably on content that’s simple enough to register with most voice based search engines and would rank it proportionately for the same. So it naturally follows that you need to make your content simple so that it is easily understood by all.

3. Partnering with Amazon

If you own on online store, and are looking for ways to reach out to more customers, then you may want to tweak your website for voice search optimization.

It makes more sense since Amazon has amazing IoT products like Amazon echo. And what’s more, partnering with Amazon is bound to see you listed right front and center, as part of Amazon recommendations for its clients.

4. Get listed online

If you have just established your presence online, then you would want to register with some of the local online directories so that your company shows up on local business listings.

The fact is that when it comes to voice searches, most voice based search engines often show business listings first, and these usually carry a link back to your website. And this is all the more reason that you would want to go for voice search optimization at the earliest, so that SIRI and other digital assistants can search and list out your website.

5. Get more local content in

local content

A recent study of voice searches indicated that most of them were for local content. That’s why it makes more sense for you to feature more local content on your website as it can help boost traffic to your website.

The more local content you feature on your website, the more people would search for your website via voice searches, and given the exponential increase in voice searches, you can see why it makes more sense to go ‘local’.

6. Characteristics of voice search

Before optimizing your website for the same, it is important that you understand some of the basic characteristics of voice search and the impact it can have on your website. For starters, voice searches are longer, and contain natural search strings, than something that you may type out on Google. Voice searches are longer, and they contain long tail keywords but they are not all about long tail keywords.

Rather, you need to frame your query in the form of a question for a effective search engine result. There are various tools that you can use to see how to frame voice search queries and this should give you a better idea of how it works. And if you want your website to show up consistently for top voice searches, then it is important that you make the content simple, relevant, spot on and of stellar quality. All of these would enable your website to show up right near the top of SERPS.

7. Immediate results

There is another reason as to why you may want to go for optimize your website for voice search at the earliest. Most online users want results right away and they want the right results. And more of them command various digital assistants with voice commands.

So naturally, when they search for a specific keyword, chances are that your business would get listed provided it is ranked well and happens to be close to where the user is located. This can help increase user experience as well and boost your business in the process. By optimizing your website for voice searches, you are bound to see an uptick in local traffic with more conversions over shorter periods of time.

These are some of the ways that you can optimize your website for voice searches. Just keep in mind that voice search is the future and part of our reality. It only makes sense that you would want to tweak your website so that you can take advantage of the same. With these tips, you should be able to optimize your website without a hassle.

The fact is that as the smart wearable’s, smart phones see exponential growth; the demand for voice search should go up as well. This is all the more reason as to why you may want to tweak your website, so as to stay ahead of the curve in more ways than one.

Tips to Get You Start as a WordPress Developer – a Beginners Guide

become a WordPress developer
Before we start with WordPress developer, it is important to know about WordPress and its function. WordPress works as a framework to create websites for different purposes like blogging, e-Commerce etc. WordPress serves the most effective software for beginners to create their website with or without knowing web languages like JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and others.

In the earliest days internet websites were created using HTML, a web developing language. Web developers used HTML coding language for back-end jobs to create text, page layouts, images, and other things. In the front-end job, the web browser would read those codes and turns them into render and show the content on a particular page.

It was essential to learn HTML coding to develop a website and further upgrade it. But now the scenario has been changed thanks to the blessing of WordPress. After the creation of WordPress, it became much easier to develop and create a website using the themes already existed in WP.

With learning any coding languages and spending money for hiring a developer, you can build your website in a short period. You can install WordPress in your server in just 5 minutes after that all you need is to create your website or you can also use the theme from the software.

The main features that enable WordPress developer to work more effectively and efficiently are the following.

Tips to Get You Start as a WordPress Developer

Presence in the Online Platform:

Whenever you think of any startup, you desire an online platform and your website through which people will know you. WordPress allows you to build your website as you like.

You do not depend on other web developers and also can save money for other purposes. It helps you attract peoples’ attention and gives you clients for your product or services.

Manage Website Easily:

If you have multiple websites, WordPress gives you the chance to manage them from one single dashboard. With this software, you can access more than one admin panel.


reasons why blogging
WordPress is the most user-friendly web developing software for bloggers. You can manage any blog in your website through it. Editing, quick editing, multiple editing can be done easily with WordPress.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization:

It has multiple search engine plugins that help the user to build the website on the internet easily in no time. Even with no SEO skill the user can develop a website and post it. Clients can easily access your website after posting the website on the internet.

Online Transactions:

Starting a website with WordPress gives the WordPress developer assures to get a malware-free website on the internet.

Response from Others:

WordPress not only make the website seen to the clients, it also works as a bridge between the maker and clients. Clients can communicate with the website owner and send feedback to them. With the interaction between the owner and the client, it becomes easy for the client to understand the owner’s ideas and thoughts. And for the owner, it becomes easy to get the client’s requirement.

Here are Dos and Don’ts while creating a website in WordPress

1. Theme Development

The common mistake done by the developer is to modifying the core theme files. It increases the risk of removing all the changes done in your website. With the update of themes and plugins, the changes that you make on the theme will disappear.

To avoid this situation, create a copy of your plugins and themes. It will allow you to make any upgrade to your website in your own time. This will save all the changes in your WordPress theme even after upgrading it.

2. Speeding Up the Website

Boost Your WordPress Website Speed
WordPress optimization hosting services allows auto caching support. It is best to choose a host that has WordPress caching in it. It will speed up the website and make your website work more fluently.

3. Security

WordPress is highly recommended by developers to build a website. It also becomes a major target for hackers if the WordPress developer does not upgrade your plugins. Installation of security plugins enhances the security of your website.

4. Tools to Make The work Easier

WordPress has some inbuilt plugins that help the developer to work easily.

WP-CLI is a WordPress plugin that uses the command line to upgrade the WordPress in seconds. It also updates plugins. When you change to a different server, the built-in search-replace command will change the URL.

Query Monitor helps to monitor the queries that slow down the process. It also shows PHP warnings and errors.

Advanced Database Cleaner is a plugin that removes all spam comments.

5. Overdosing Plugin

WordPress plugins bloggers wiriters
Overdosing the WordPress with plugins is a common mistake made by developers. All the plugins do not need installation, the more plugins you install the slower the loading will be on your website. If you need more plugins then install Plugin Organizer to manage them.

6. Avoid Hacking

WordPress has so many functions in one box and that cannot be turned off in the settings. To make WordPress more secure here is a tip. Removing the WordPress version number is the best way to avoid hacking.

7. Function in Loading CSS and JavaScript

WordPress keeps the record of CSS and the Scripts it has loaded. WordPress can manage the functionality without adding JavaScript and CSS into the header and footer.

8. Tutorials

WordPress tutorials are easily available on the internet. Before you start your website development you can go through those tutorials. There are also courses on WordPress development that will help you to build an effective website on your own.

Different Types of Websites

  • Blog
  • Job Board
  • eCommerce
  • Question answer Website
  • Podcast
  • Business Directory
  • Wiki an knowledge-based Website
  • Non Profit website
  • Religious Website
  • Online Communities
  • Auction Website
  • Multi linguistic Website
  • Coupon Website

To become a WordPress Developer it is not necessary to do web development course but learning basic web languages will help you build a website that will appeal to the clients. It will add professionalism to your creativity.

Start Your Mobile App Development Effectively with the Guide

Mobile app development is a process to develop an application for a mobile device. These apps can be pre-installed or you have to install them in your smartphone later. App Stores and Google Play Store have 4 million applications in total, but out of them only 1% or 2% are accessible by the people and get success.

Developers came up with new ideas and thoughts to create a new app for smartphones. There are specific causes behind the failure of these mobile apps, so here are some guides to get the business back on track.

1. Uniqueness is Important

Uniqueness is important to develop a mobile app. In the competitive market success and survival is very much hard. So it is very crucial to come up with a unique app idea that can solve some problems in human life. As a developer, it is essential to make teamwork together and come up with the best ideas.

2. App Development Team

It is good to hire professionals for in house app development than hiring freelancer. While developing an app, teamwork has a significant role to play. And as a business owner, it becomes easy to assemble and manage the development process under one roof.

3. Target your People

business deals

Before developing the idea for mobile app development it is necessary to target the audience. Target audience means people for whom you are building the app. You can also survey people and see the outcome and according to it, you can modify your app. Target people can be based on age and gender. Analyzing consumer behavior, their needs and preference must be a part of your survey.

4. Market Research

marketing Competitors

Analyzing competitors, their surviving methods and techniques, marketing idea and advertising medium are crucial points to follow before you launch your app in the market. Learning from your competitors may help you to come up with a better idea for your mobile application.

5. Advertisement

For any product or service, it is important to advertise in a way to make the people aware of your product. Only through advertisement, the demonstration can be done and people will get to know about the app and how it works.

Advertisement creates direct influence in people’s mind. With advertising, it is also crucial to choose the right media for it. Print media, digital media, and outdoor media have different characteristics. As the owner, it is up to you which media you will choose to place the advertisement.

6. Platform for App Development

Android, iOS, and Windows are the main platforms for which the companies develop apps. In the process of mobile app development, you need to fix your mind in which platform you will launch your app. Android and iOS are ideal for western countries like UK, Europe, USA and other. In Asia android is an ideal platform.

7. User-friendly Experience

user friendly

Making an app with a smooth, user-friendly experience gives the customer satisfaction. Customer’s become satisfied with the developers if the app functions smoothly without taking so much space.

Developers follow a trend of feedback section, to understand the problems customers experience while using the app. Through the feedback section they can also monitor the number of users and subscribers of their product.

Every app has a navigation button that leads the customer to have smooth access to the app. The navigation should be in simple words so that everyone can understand it.

Space is another option that blurs the good points of the mobile applications. Developers should keep in mind that their app must not take too much space in the phone memory. Taking too much space is a negative point for mobile apps.

8. Budgeting and Costing

balanced budget

The cost and budget are included in the app development process. It depends on the features and category of the app. Professionals you hire for the development process is included in it. Every cost is included in the budget of the mobile app development process so planning is needed to carry out the work successfully.

9. Marketing and Promoting

After building the app launching and marketing is part of post-production. Target audience, celebrity endorsement, promoting it through advertisements in different media and overall goodwill of your company will help you to gain success in this process. Series of ad campaign, demonstration, free usage, discount in subscription plan, opinion building, are integral part of promotion.

10. Strategy

The owners mainly focus to gain profit and permanent clients for their developed application. To boost the performance of the mobile app following strategies can be helpful:

  • Understanding the development of the app
  • Battery-efficient app building
  • Reducing the memory consumption
  • Security and Privacy
  • Language
  • Clear understanding of web developing languages

These strategies can be taken by the developer to boost the performance of the mobile app.

11. Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are the backbone of the app development process. It is important for the developer to give the users a sense of security and privacy when they use the app. With other features and complexity, security is another big element of an app.

As well as users’ details and other sensitive information are part of privacy. The privacy policy of app development should not go against the user. Developers should pay more attention to these parts as well as the others.

12. Language

Language is another barrier for app developers, but with English, as the most popular international language, it lessens the language barrier. But app developers also use vernacular languages as options.

13. Battery-efficiency

People are least interested in the mobile apps that tend to consume battery power. App that is good in both function and also consumes less battery power is likely to get popularity. In the mobile app development process, developers must keep this point in mind. Or users will not think twice to uninstall the app that consumes power.

Mobile apps are another way to make life easy for people. Apps build brand value and goodwill for the company. They help the company to survive in the competitive market. Through mobile app company gets loyal customers and gain profit.

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A Guide to Using PayPal to Sell Online in India

PayPal to Sell online
Business from India has been expanding all over the globe for both product and service type of industries. With the Internet, it has become convenient to trust genuine suppliers and make sure that a product can reach to another part of the globe without facing any difficulties.

In the initial period when the market was growing and expanding it was a little tough to sort out issues for payment and delivery but with time, today we can easily find solutions for all kinds of needs.

To sell goods and services online PayPal is one of the best and most preferred payment solutions. To send and receive payments it has emerged as the most trusted and secure service across the globe.

For merchants in India, the introduction of PayPal to sell online has made the task of carrying global operations extremely easy. The easy, fast, and safest payment solution can be used anyone who intends to do business across different countries.

The domestic operation of PayPal in India was announced in 2017 and since then even for online domestic shopping, the Indian consumers can use Paypal. This is a win-win situation for the buyers as well as sellers. The Indian e-commerce market now has the reliability of PayPal to accept payments from Indian buyers.

It is also possible to start accepting payments in various currencies by adding a button for this payment solution on your website. In this read, you will learn everything that relates to selling online with this trusted platform.

Advantages of using PayPal to Sell Online

  • It enables you to get access to almost 180 million global customers using its platform so that you are not restricted just by the local market. Focusing only on the Asia-Pacific region approximately 11 million buyers are using this payment solution.
  • The payment gateway is internationally recognized. Hence your customers will not hesitate to initiate the payment with a secured and reliable payment gateway.
  • There is the least chance for the transaction failing due to technical error as it offers multiple payout options.
  • The funds are transferred to your account daily hence you do not have to wait for the payments for a prolonged period.
  • To protect from fraudulent transactions they have a seller protection policy for selling physical or non-physical goods.
  • <PayPal to sell online is the best option because you can accept payments directly on your website and even without a website by invoicing the customer when selling the goods or services.

It is essential to know about the correct procedure of using PayPal to accept payments on your website. You do not need full-fledged e-commerce to accept the payment which is amongst the best features that this platform has to offer.

By simply adding PayPal to your website, you can easily transform a simple website or a blog to an e-commerce site. It is also possible to sell products in at least 200 currencies with this payment solution. And with seller protection at your service, you do not need to worry about anything else.
sell online
For PayPal to Sell Online it is essential to have a business account so that you can start using it on your site. Following are the steps to open a business account.

  • Just like in any other sign up procedure you have to enter your email address and create a secure password for your account.
  • After creating the account enter basic business information for your account.
  • Now PayPal will send a verification link to your email address which you have to access and verify your email address with your newly created account.

The basic procedure comes to an end here. You have a PayPal account now. For scrutiny and security, you will have to go through an online verification process and upload some documents necessary for the KYC.

After successful online verification you will be able to sell internationally but to sell in the local market, you will have to upload the required documents for completing the KYC.

To accept international payments, you will require the following documents

  • The first step will be to verify you PAN by entering the PAN number.
  • For international payments, add necessary details of the bank account where you intend to receive the payments.
  • Verification of email address is necessary at this stage if it has been done previously then you are good to go but in case it is pending it is mandatory to verify it.
  • The final step will be to select a purpose code which is a requirement by the RBI. This will vary from one field of business to another.

To complete the KYC it is essential to submit documents according to the type of business or service that you are involved in. Following is a list of the documents required for freelancer or individual business owners.

  • For proof of identity, a PAN card will be necessary
  • Residence proof like Aadhar Card, Driving License, Election Card, etc
  • Proof of Bank account i.e. bank statement or a cancelled cheque

For registering a firm with sole proprietorship following documents will be required.

  • For proof of identity, a PAN card of the proprietor of the firm.
  • Residential address of business owner’s proof of address.
  • One proof for business entity i.e. GST number or other related documents.
  • Business address proof like GST certificate, bank statement, and others.
  • Bank Account Proof

For all other business types besides the above-mentioned documents, a Letter of Authorization on the firm’s letterhead is required.

After KYC and online verification your account will be activated and open to use. The best thing with PayPal to Sell Online is that it does not charge for monthly or annual subscription plans. You have to pay only when the payment is received in your account.

For ease of access and settlement of payment, it offers you two options to select from how you intend to get paid viz.

  1. Website Payment Standards where no technical skills are required and you can simply add the PayPal paying option on your website and
  2. The PayPal Checkout option is available to conveniently receive payments in India in coordination with the retailers and shopkeepers. Some technical knowledge is essential with the PayPal Checkout option.

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How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress

HTML Editor WordPress

WordPress has the best default post editor of them all, and it is exactly why people prefer WordPress over other platforms.

WordPress is said to be the most user-friendly platform where a person does not require any coding skill or no prior experience to write a blog every day.

You can write your blog without any distraction and then you can format it as per your requirement.

Most of the people first write their posts in MS Word or other online or offline editors if they are using any other platform except WordPress.

The reason is that the post editors of other platforms are either full of too many features or do not have the look to let you write joyfully.

In WordPress, there are two different types of editors present – Visual Editor and HTML Editor.

The visual editor is the default post editor in all the versions of WordPress because most of the users prefer to write on it.

But there are some advanced users who prefer to use HTML editor all the time.

In this article, you will learn how to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress.

It may be that you need to have it in default mode for a few days or weeks because you could be debugging all your previous articles for some reason.

Once that is done, you can again set Visual Editor as the default post editor.

There are two ways to set HTML editor as the default post editor in WordPress – By Coding And Without Coding.

How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress For A Single User(Without Coding)

The visual editor is the most convenient way of writing a post.

It has WYSIWYG interface and toolbars for proper formatting.

As stated earlier, there could be different situations and scenarios when you would require having HTML editor as default, and if you do not like coding and editing core files, you have to take a long route.

Note: Sometimes when you do heavy formatting in the Visual editor and then go to HTML editor, the formatting can get disfigured and therefore, it is good to have HTML editor as default post editor from the very beginning if you are looking to change the coding part of existing articles.

To set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress, go to Users from the left menu of the Dashboard.

Click on drop down option Your Profile.

In the next side screen, you will see the first option as Visual Editor under heading Personal Options.

You will see that there is a checkbox that says ‘Disable The Visual Editor When Writing’.

Check mark that and click on Update Profile button at the end of the page.

HTML Editor Default Post Editor WordPress

Now, if you open any existing post or create a new post, you will not find the Visual Editor anymore.

Once your job is done and you want to get the Visual Editor back, go to Your Profile again and check it off.

HTML editor WordPress

How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress For All Users (Without Coding)

In the last method, you just disabled the Visual Editor for your profile only, but if you have multiple users on your website, you have to check mark the option for all users.

But there is no option to set this particular preference of Visual or HTML editor for other users in WordPress even when you are the admin.

You would need to install a Plugin named Adminimize for this purpose.

Go to Plugins on the left menu from the Dashboard and click on Add New. Find the plugin and install and activate it.

Once you do that and go to the setting of the plugin, you will see that you can set preferences for almost everything for your users who are categorized into Admins, Editors, Authors, Contributors, Subscribers or Employees.

adminize WordPress plugin

Apart from changing the default post editor, you can have full control over your users like never before, and this is a must have plugin for those websites where there are multiple users.

It is very important as different users may need different settings like Editor would prefer to have HTML as default while the authors may like Visual and faster writing and better formatting.

How to set HTML Editor as the Default Post Editor in WordPress (With Coding)

If you are smart and want to take the shortcut to success, you need to write a few lines of coding.

By coding, you can set universal settings for all users.

It is useful when you have only a few users and most of them agree to your choice to set HTML editor as the default post editor in WordPress.

Therefore, go to Editor from Appearance option of the left menu on the Dashboard.

The Editor option is located at the end.

If you are using this Editor option for the first time, you may get a statutory warning that you should not expose your core file as they can be vulnerable and stuff like that and you need to go ahead with that.

file editor WordPress

In the next screen, you can locate a lot of files on the left side. Select functions.php and go to the end of the code in the file.

Add the following code to the file and save it. Once you create a new post or edit a previous post, you will see the Visual Editor as an option, but HTML editor would be the default one.

add_filter( 'wp_default_editor', create_function('', 'return "html";') );

The advantage of this method over the first method we described above is that you will have the visual editor in the background which you can choose to use anytime.

But in the first method, you will not see the visual editor at all which could be problematic for formatting a post.

If you want the Visual editor back as the default post editor, go to functions.php file again and remove the line you added.

HTML View Editor

In case, you cannot access functions.php from the Editor due to strict security reason from your webs host, you can use FTP software and access functions.php from your web server directory and edit it.

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Basic Rules of Handling Customer Complaints for WordPress business

customer complaints

No one likes to be at the receiving end of Customer Complaints but as they say Customer is the King and hence one has to take all the customer feedbacks, complaints, and advices positively as well as handle them properly.

In any type of industry businesses face Customers daily and hence its important to not just value them but also listen, understand and acknowledge their complaints and try to solve them in the best possible way possible.

We are going to discuss here some very basic rules of handling customer complaints:

1. Be Honest in your Terms and Conditions and if possible display them at Sale points

Many times Customers come back to you asking for refund. If you are a Hotel and provide lodging its not possible that after a customer stays at your room and comes back to you and asks for a refund to process it.

Similarly Digital Goods once sold can’t be taken back because there is no way to measure whether the person will use it or not.

Hence the terms and conditions of refund or the refund policy should be displayed wherever possible and mostly at the checkout point so that customers have to read the terms and conditions and then acknowledge and accept and get your services.

This way there would be less hassle later on for you as a business.

2. Be Polite even though the consumer misbehaves

Many customers are rude and at times misbehave but as a business when writing back or addressing them we as business should always remain calm and polite. If you can’t handle it yourself ask a staff who is very calm and humble to handle the same for you. This way at least others will know that this business cares for their customers and isn’t rude.

3. Never use any abusive language or communication while writing back to a customer

We understand many customers can be rude and can even be personal but as mentioned above never write back in any abusive language and never address in such language in public forums otherwise it ridicules the brand image and name of the business or service.

4. Try to offer a solution

Always try to offer a solution to the problems that have been faced by the customer so that they can later acknowledge that their problem was solved and others can also see that you as a business did solve your customer complaint properly.

5. Try to offer an alternative solution

Many times whatever customer is asking is not possible and sometimes impossible in cases like these we should offer them an alternative solution since Customer is the King we can’t ignore them as they might post the same review at several places online and offline plus bad mouth publicity. Hence try to offer an alternative solution so that at least client understands that there problems are being addressed and their money isn’t gone waste completely.

6. If there has been a mistake correct it

Many business don’t acknowledge their mistake and be honest about it. If there has been an honest mistake accept it and then try to rectify it as soon as possible so that it doesn’t do more harm and more customers don’t complain about the same. Recently cars being recalled and electronic devices being recalled by Big Brand Names suggest that they are also being honest about these mistakes.

7. Apologize for the mistake

No one can complain if you apologize for your mistake and be honest about it and rectify it as well.

8. Listen to your customers and try to be in their place and think

Many times customers do have a valid point and trying to think as in their place and trying to understand the value proposition makes many businesses realize mistakes and hence have a very different approach towards customer service.

9. Always respond to complaints

Many times businesses or services ignore complaints by their customers. One shouldn’t ignore complaints and address them so that other prospective customers of yours can actually check that you responded and actually care about your customers.

10. Always have facts ready

Many times complaints are posted because of miscommunication and this is the time when having your facts as a business ready with you helps you more.

11. Write in less words but address issues properly

Don’t write stories while addressing any complaint. People don’t have time and they don’t want to know all about your problems. All they care is a solution to their problem. Hence write in the minimum words as possible and address their issues properly.

At last at SKT Themes as well:

We do not offer refunds as do many people giving digital goods but we do reasonably listen and try to solve plus offer support and a free theme to make it valuable upto $48

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design

In our guide to responsive web design, we’ll discuss the most important points of mobile friendly approach and will accompany you through the basic process of making your site totally responsive.

With a massively growing number of mobiles and other portable devices having access to the Internet, creating and running a website that is responsive has become a necessity.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is the design of web pages to provide an excellent user experience on all the possible sizes, devices and screen resolutions. This design strategy will let any site automatically adjust itself to any target mobile or device resolution for the sake of the premium quality look and feel of your site across all of them.

The principle behind this guide to responsive web design is that any modern and professional website should be elastic enough to undergo certain changes to match any screen size and resolution. All in all, it is an excellent solution in displaying a website correctly and accurately on different screens.

Why is it important?

Remember the pixel perfect images you see on the screen of your smartphone, collapsible menus or rearranged color structures? These are all examples of the modern and much demanded mobile friendly or responsive web design.

But you can confess, that you don’t praise the authors of the site who have done their best to provide you with an unsurpassable mobile user experience, because it’s quite natural for you to enjoy the flawless performance of the site mobile version.

But you will certainly feel irritated and in all probability will leave that website after several seconds if it fails to be convenient in usage and totally legible when accessed by your smartphone or tablet.

The same is with your own audience. Neither of your web visitors will tolerate even a slight flaw or disparity of your site’s mobile version. Hence, making your website mobile optimized and running smoothly. On them is one of the best strategies directed to keeping your customers on your website and inviting more of them at the same time.

However, this is not the only advantage you can make of the responsive design of your site. It’s one of the Google’s lovely design solutions for the contemporary websites. It means, that responsive sites are going to be ranked higher than those lacking this awesome functionality.

While counting the advantages of responsive web design, you should also note that it is not just about building a website that functions well when laid out on different devices. It is also about generating a website that is flexible and adaptive enough to render the true nature of a website without any distortions.

Now, that we have stressed the important points of mobile friendliness in our guide to responsive web design, let’s pass on to the technical part of it, so that understanding a responsive design will be less of a daunting task for you.

Now, let’s see which the main components of responsive web design are. There are three of them.

1. Flexible layouts

Creating a site with a flexible grid to be rearranged and resized according to the screen size and dimensions.

This is the first step toward making a responsive layout. With such layout width or heights are not fixed. Everything is distributed in proportional percentages to match this or that device requirements. For example, if the browser is enlarged, your layout will respond accordingly and will span the required width.

If you want to convert any fixed layout to the grid one, you’ll need to use your mathematical skills in order to divide the target by the context or use responsive design calculator alternatively.

2. Flexible Images

Images, first of all, as well as other media files integrated into your website also need to be resized accordingly as the device or its resolution changes.

Having flexible or responsive media files on your website is the next important point to note. If you have a fluid layout and your site’s images are not responsive, for example, you are going to have some discrepancies in the future.

One of the productive methods you can use in order to make images responsive is Adaptive Images. Use the CSS below in order to give an image a 100% width so that it will be able to adapt whenever the browser resizes:

img {
 max-width: 100%;
 width: 100%;

3. Media Queries

As soon as we have a flexible layout together with flexible media files, it’s time to bind it all together with the help of media queries. These are wonderful CSS settings which let the web browser which web sections will load whenever a specific device screen size is identified.

Basically, there are three media queries belonging to the phone, desktop and tablet screen resolutions. The most widely used screen width settings to match these screen resolutions are 320px, 600px, 768px and 1280px.

Here are some of the practical CSS media query breakpoints to be of much assistance to you:

/* Custom, iPhone Retina */ 
@media only screen and (min-width : 320px) {
/* custom styles */
/* Extra Small Devices, Phones */ 
@media only screen and (min-width : 480px) {
/* custom styles */
/* Small Devices, Tablets */
@media only screen and (min-width : 768px) {
/* custom styles */
/* Medium Devices, Desktops */
@media only screen and (min-width : 992px) {
/* custom styles */
/* Large Devices, Wide Screens */
@media only screen and (min-width : 1200px) {
/* custom styles */

Additionally, media queries are responsible for adding, moving or hiding the content for each specific device so that its users can enjoy your site from top to bottom. For example, you have a specific button on your site and want it to be hidden for your smartphone users. You can use the following CSS to hide it only from the smartphone holders:

/* Smartphones (portrait and landscape) ----------- */
@media only screen and (min-device-width : 320px) and (max-device-width : 480px) {
/* Styles */
.button {display:none}

The 10 Best CSS Tools and WebApps For Developers

We have put together the 10 best CSS tools and webapps for developers and webmasters to simplify their workflow and gain maximum results.

Live as a web developer may grant you with many awards, but when you are limited in a timeframe with tons of work to do, it becomes really irritating. Luckily, today there are dozens of tools, resources, webapps and other practical instruments to share your burden and help you complete more with less time and efforts.

Apart from that, the global networking system is changing in leaps and bounds and sometimes in a pace hard to keep with. Hence, if you are a web designer or developer who wants to be on the top of his performance you should constantly keep your eye on the most powerful tools and resources, CSS libraries and automated scripts you can greatly benefit from.

In this article, we have jotted down the 10 best CSS tools and webapps for developers to be a great aid in your web development workflow. Let’s discuss them from good to best.

1. PostCSS:

PostCSS is one of the handy web styling tools using Javascript powered plugins to automate CSS operations. Otherwise stated, this tool productively transforms extended features and syntaxes into a useful and browser optimized CSS.
The client base of this amazing tool is highly impressive. Among them we can find WordPress, Google, Facebook, GitHub, Wikipedia and other popular sites.

Authored by Andrey Sitnik and distributed under the MIT License, PostCSS is developed and improved by tons of active supporters and contributors.

2. Bourbon:

The next convenient instrument included in our collection of the 10 best CSS tools and webapps for developers is Bourbon. You can quickly integrate this tool as a part of your work and make your digital life much easier with it.
All in all, it’s a simple and lightweight SCSS framework for Sass development to contribute to the modern web design. As for the Sass or syntactically awesome stylesheets, it is a CSS extension language directed at making it super easy for the webmaster to create advanced styles.

3. Sierra Library:

Sierra Library is described as one of the smallest and lightest SCSS libraries. It meant that Sierra comes as a mixture of many SCCS partials and related libraries that are packed together into one inherently versatile and free UI library.

One of the top advantages of this library is that it is fully customizable with typography, grids, tables, forms, buttons and yet much more so that you can effortlessly create the unique design of your site.

4. Scout App:

One more popular tool among the 10 best CSS tools and webapps for developers is known as Scout App. Probably, it is the simplest way for the web developers to jump into CSS whirlpool.

This webapp lets you process .sass and .scss files into the required CSS without sweating hard. It also comes bundled with automatic and manual project setup, cross platform compatibility with Windows, Linux, OSX, etc.

Scout App is also multilingual and translation ready while being available in English, Russian, French, Dutch and other languages.

5. CSS Menu Maker:

If you are looking for a comfortable working platform to make HTML, CSS and jQuery menus both for PC and mobile sites, you would certainly love CSS Menu Maker.

This amazingly developed webapp is the one to browse unlimited styles of web navigation menus and boundless responsive solutions so that you can make the most out of your web menu and its controls.

6. The Ultimate CSS Generator:

It is one of the most powerful and results driven CSS Generator tools one can find in the collection of the 10 best CSS tools and webapps for developers. It can be fairly described as all in one solution when it comes to styling your website with useful CSS touches.

From animation to background controls, from border arrangements to possible layout managements, and yet much more are available with this free yet premium quality tool

7. Compass:

Sophisticated and quick in performance, user and developer friendly, trusted by hundreds of users across the globe, Compass is more than just CSS generator or preprocessor. The developers of Compass position it as a design framework using Sass syntax (.sass or .scss).

Whether you want to create eye catchy typographic or vertical rhythms or extensions, make CSS3 or sprites, Compass makes the whole work as easy as a pie.

8. SCSS Compiler:

SCSS Compiler is an amazing webapp under BeautifyTools to generate CSS styles from SCSS code. With this tool you are free to beautify or minify the compiled CSS whenever necessary. You will be able to combine different files together as well.

All in all, this fantastic online instrument is developed and launched to be a valuable contribution to your CSS workflow. SCSS Compiler is also feature rich with every single element you’ll need, so that the creation and designing of your site will be a breeze.

9. SassMeister:

SassMaister is another popular Sass playground in our assemblage of the 10 best CSS tools and webapps for developers.
Generally speaking, SassMeister is a platform managed solely for working with Sass and the libraries built on Sass. Hence, it turns out that this instrument has a narrower specialization and as such performs its duties better than other tools with broader functionality.

Getting ready with this platform is unspeakably easy. You don’t need any additional procedure to have access to it. Simply visit the site or use your GitHub account for that purpose.

10. Koala App:

It is one of the best GUI applications to let modern webmasters and developers work more productively with Less, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript.

Packed with a lovely interface, this application is available in different languages, as well as includes real time compilation, error notification whenever an error occurs, project settings and more.

Bounce Rate – What it Means & How to Use it

If you are active on the digital platform in an effort to make your website or blog more productive, then you have already heard about bounce rate.

If you are unfamiliar with this term, we’ll try to explain before touching on the practical ways to use it for the benefit of your site.

1. What is a bounce rate?

If we try to define what a bounce rate is in simple English, we’ll define it as a percentage of your site’s visitors who come to your site and bounce or leave it in seconds without visiting other pages. It’s one of the frequently used marketing terms in web analytics directed at reducing the website’s bounce rate and increase pageviews.

All in all, it’s one of the basic performance and results indicators use by thousands of website and blog owners across the globe.

2. Is a high bounce rate a reason to worry?

Now, when you know what a bounce rate is, it should be clear to you that a high bounce rate is inversely proportional to your online success. In the majority of cases, homepage serves as a gateway directing your website visitors to its important parts and pages. And if your website visitor is landed on the homepage and leaves it without any continuation, you need to find effective countermeasures to it.

As you can guess, your website’s bounce rate has to do with conversion optimization. Although potential blog visitors are only one click away from your virtual domain, you need to sweat hard in order to keep them and win their time. Hence, if you want to complete your conversion goals, you must take care of reducing the bounce rate.

3. How to analyze and use a bounce rate?

The most practical tool to reveal the average bounce rate of your site and pages is Google Analytics:

Use this tool to get all the important data and insights about your site’s results and bounce rate, and generally, track the relations between you and your audience based on what you offer them on your website.

You might want to go to Content, Site Content, Pages in Google Analytics to find the pages with the most pageviews with their relevant bounce rate.

Head over Traffic Resources, All Traffic, where you can find the sources bringing the most visitors to your pages with their relevant bounce rates.

You might also want to see the best keywords bringing the most visitors from search engines with the relevant bounce rates. For this, you need to go Traffic Sources under Search, Organic.

Of course, you are free to rely on other analytical services and methods to receive the needed information.

4. How to reduce a bounce rate?

Now, let’s boil down to the most effectual methods and strategies to reduce the bounce rate of your WordPress powered site.

Make sure you site has an optimal loading rate and quick perfomance

The digital audience is unlikely to tolerate a slow working or loading site. This equally refers both to desktop and mobile users. All in all, heavy loading websites kill the interest of the impatient visitor and thus increases your site’s bounce rate.

WP Optimize:

WP optimize


It is one of the simple plugins ready to optimize your website for a preferred performance and not only. It also takes care of removing all unnecessary data, performs clean ups, etc. so that your website will be clean and lightweight all the time.

W3 Total Cache:

w3 total cache


W3 Total Cache is another caching plugin to lighten up your digital life and greet your blog visitors with powerful and speedy workflow.

Interlink your posts

Make it easier for your visitors to navigate through your site and find more articles and publications. Insert links into your articles and make people spend more time by following those links and reading them. This will result in a more timespan spent on your profile, which will inevitably have an effect on your bounce rate.

However, while using this interlinking technique, be sure that the structure of your article is accurate enough and the inserted links make sense altogether.

Showcase related posts and pages

Offer other pieces of content that you think might interest to a target visitor. One your blog reader is done with 1 article, you can link him to other relevant articles as well by “inviting” him to read them (We thought that you might like…. or something like this) or to go through the related posts.

Use pagination method to split up long content

Rendering your site content with small portions is one of the best methods to reduce bounce rate. If you split up your long content and showcase it with several pages, you will definitely improve your site’s user experience and post readability. Use pagination by inserting tag into your post and grant your website visitors with additional navigation options.

WP Paginate:



It is one of the user friendly WP plugins to add the pagination functionality to your profile. It will help you in displaying your posts in a more easy to digest way and will improve your SEO ranking. As a result, you will notice an “improvement” in your bounce rate.

Use the sidebar for interactive content and useful pages

A sidebar is one of the essential widget ready areas of your WordPress site ready to host any kind of additional content. As for the anatomy of an excellent sidebar, it always includes something attractive for your users. Sidebars are important not only for the overall design and structure of your site, but also for drawing your web user’s attention on whatever you want. Feature top rated and popular posts rather than big banners and advertisements in your sidebar.

Match visitor requirements and expectations

Create and display a content that is relevant to your visitors and that your visitors expect from you. Also choose relevant formatting, images and videos to your posts.

30 Common UX Terms Every Web Designer Should Know

Below is a useful assemblage of 30 common UX terms every web designer should know in order to realize all his goals and engage his online audience in the right way.

Setting reasonable goals and objectives when designing a website is one of the important preparatory works to steer your site in any direction you need. Roughly speaking, the primary goal of every web design is to allure the potential web visitors and keep them as long in your domain as possible, gradually converting them into leads and prospects.

Naturally, depending on the site you are styling and designing, the tools and strategies used may vary. But as the Internet surfers are becoming more and more tech savvy and well aware of all the hustle and bustle of the digital world, it becomes more and more reasonable to design websites which are not merely visually eye catchy and dynamic, but fulfill their mission perfectly. And this is where UX or user experience design comes into play.

What is UX design?

Basically, UX or user experience is a multidimensional design aimed at contributing to the user satisfaction with your website while taking care of better accessibility, usability and more. It fundamentally changes the way designers plan their work and implement it for a maximum user convenience and satisfaction. Planning, testing, organizing, labeling, research and more are included in UX designer workload.

Which are 30 Common UX terms every web designer should know?

Hence, of you are a UX designer who wants to achieve a higher level of performance or an average website user who wants to become more sophisticated and informed in the virtual world, you are welcome to follow our list of 30 common UX terms every web designer should know. In certain cases, half the battle of learning some new field is to sort out its glossary or jargon. So, let’s go!

1. Adaptive Design

Adaptive design is the so called progressive enhancement of the website while using static layouts which do not immediately respond once they are loaded. This design works on detecting the target screen size and offering a relevant layout for that.

2. A/B Testing

It’s the process of testing different sites at the same time for revealing which one offers better user experience and which one to give preference to.

3. Affinity Diagramming

It’s also one of the common UX terms every web designer should know for grouping and understanding information in order to plan site layout or content effectively.

4. Analysis stage

It’s the stage when all the insights and collected data are put down for research by the staff.

5. Analytics

Analytics is a common term with a broader meaning that encompasses a bunch of technics and tools for pulling useful information out of data.

6. Beta launch

Preliminary launching and testing of the website for detecting bugs and errors.

7. Branding

Creation of a unique brand or name to be easily recognizable by the public at large.

8. Card Sorting

A technique using physical or digital cards to capture the information about the website and its parts.

9. Color theory

The modern theory based on the assumption that colors affect user’s behavior.

10. Collaborative design

Recruitment of other users, contributors, stakeholders, project members and others to contribute to the design

11. Competitor analysis

This one is also one of the common UX terms every web designer should know. It’s the process of auditing competitor’s websites to identify crucial points of their success and user behavior and use it for the benefit of your website.

12. Comparative analysis

This one also focuses on comparing different sites, but mainly focuses on the item by item comparison.

13. Content audit

Cataloging and assessing the current content for continuous viability.

14. Diary study

The process of asking users to record their web experience and opinion for a set timeframe.

15. Heuristic review

Assessment of the website’s usability.

16. Information architecture

The technique of organizing and scaling websites in order to boost its usability.

17. Interactive design

It’s a design based on cyclic processes of planning, prototyping, implementation and QA repeat in order to make relevant changes in the future.

18. Mood Board

Digital or physical assistant to help the UX designer to set the specific style of the website via images, colors, text and other elements.

19. Personas

A fictitious identity for the target audience which is the end user of your design.

20. Progressive disclosure

It is also one of the widely used and common UX terms every web designer should know. It is one of the subsets of interactive design technique for keeping the user’s attention while reducing clutter and mess.

21. Prototype

The outline, rough guide or sketch of the web design defining the way the web design is heading.

22. Questionaries

An instrument that consists of many questions for receiving information from the respondents.

23. Qualitative Research

Research conducted by the UX designers with the help of different techniques directed at gathering information. Interviews, inquiries, studies and more are included in this kind of research.

24. Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research is the other side of the moon. In this case, the solid date matters the most. A/B testing as well as Competitors analysis are the examples of quantitative research.

25. Scenario

Scenario is the profitability story that a designer foresees for the end users and in most of the cases includes how your site will fit into the users’ lives.

26. Storyboard

A visual rough sketch of a scenario to capture the end user’s interaction with a website.

27. UI Elements

Navigation, information and other elements of the website which the users apply to control their user experience. Buttons, drop lists, navigation bars and slider arrows are among such UI elements.

28. Usability

The easy of the user interaction with website and his smooth navigation through it.

29. User journey

A specific journey that the UI designer creates for the website users to reach their final goals.

30. Wireframe

A guide for the website’s layout drafted manually or with software.

Does internal linking helps in SEO and should you care about it?

Whether the fact that internal linking helps in SEO is true or a myth, interests tons of webmasters and website owners across the globe. In order to distinguish between true and false, let’s unfold what actually internal linking is so that we can help you to brush up the basic technics of it to apply.

What is internal linking?

Internal links are common hyperlinks which refer to target pages located on the same domain to which the source page is related to.

In plain English, an internal link is a link that refers to another page on the same site.

All in all, internal linking is the process of linking one page of your website or blog to a different page on the same website or blog.

Why should you care about internal linking?

It’s a common principle widely used almost in any website, from small to large, from personal to business. Although the process of adding internal links on your website is not a complicated process, the practices and frequency of their usage get relatively complex.

As for the purposes of internal links, there are many. Here are some of the top ones:

  • They help users navigate through the site
  • They allow you to create a hierarchy in the distribution of information on your site and the overall structure of it
  • They help to spread the link mass across your site and distribute the page authority

Does internal linking help in SEO?

Internal linking is user friendly. By inserting internal links and directing users to other relevant pages can help them spend less time on searching whatever they may be interested in. Use proper anchor text and send your web users wherever needed.

Now, let’s see what internal linking has to do with SEO.

Internal linking helps in SEO by increasing page views

It has a positive impact on the conversion rate of your website. People following through the given internal links considerably increase your site’s page views.

Internal linking helps you reduce bounce rate

It is one of the useful tactics to reduce bounce rate of your site and persuade people spend more time on your virtual domain.

Internal linking helps in SEO by increasing PageRank

Google PageRank measures the importance of web pages and the algorithm behind this method is based on how many quality backlinks are pointing to the specific web page.

Hence, if you are linking other pages to the one with a higher PageRank, those internally linked pages will get better ranks as well.

Internal linking results in better crawling and indexing

You know that Google uses crawlers to track your website and get information about it. Once the crawling has been done, the recorder results appear in Google’s index. Hence, if you have internal links, Google follows all of them and crawls around your entire website, thus indexing your web pages easily.

As you see, the fact that internal linking helps in SEO is true, however, if used properly and relevant to the nature and architecture of your site.

Now, that we have stressed the importance of integrating internal linking into your website for SEO purposes, let’s look through some of the important nuances you should bear in mind when it comes to adding internal links.

Create more, yet high quality content

Arming your website with as much relevant content as you can gives you a good basis to link more internal links.

Link the most important content from the homepage of your site

The homepage is the most visited and valuable real estate when it comes to generating traffic and pulling more visitors in. Therefore, adding more internal links to your homepage is effective in terms of both your website visitors and SEO.

Use anchor texts

Anchor texts used in internal linking can have a tremendous impact on your site’s search visibility. All in all anchor texts are strategic pieces of content linking your web reader to another source of content. Therefore you should use natural and clear expressions and words to act as anchor texts.

Add value to your links

Add links that are natural and relevant to the context they are added to. Since internal links are aimed at boosting the user engagement in your posts and pages, you should be careful when adding internal links in order to avoid mistakes. Make sure that the inserted links are informative and to the point and that people are likely to follow them. In this case you are giving signal both to your web readers and SEO that your links are worth following and are of high quality.

Concentrate on other parts of your website as well

Although the majority of internal links can be found on the homepage and contact page, you should not neglect other web parts. Distributing internal links to all the important parts is what makes your website SEO optimized on the whole.

Use reasonable links

Don’t use internal links until they are relevant to the main content they are going to link to. The philosophy is to pass the page authority from the one to another for the sake of SEO. Additionally, when you are offering links to follow, you are indirectly guaranteeing that the followers are going to find high value and quality pages. This part ensures the usability of your web pages. Hence, being fair with your audience and providing them with reasonable links they can find useful is a must.

Use optimal number of internal links

Well, the number of internal links that is “allowed” to have throughout a website is floating from one site to another and mainly depends on the nature and structure of each post on your website.

However, it’s not expedient to overload your website with too many internal links. Keep them on a sensible number and include only those from which your website users are going to benefit from.

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Things You Can Do to Grow Your Pinterest Traffic

Before going into the meat of generating Pinterest traffic, here is some information first hand.

Pinterest is an online visual discovery tool (web and mobile application) that operates a software system designed to discover information on the worldwide web.

Technically, registration is required in order for you to use this platform.

This awesome tool allows users to discover things that inspire them, things they want to do, see or buy and sometimes even things they did not know they were looking for.

As a blogger you need to know things you can do to grow your Pinterest traffic and regularly benefit from it.

Pinterest is a highly successful startup with quite impressive statistics. Here are some facts from 2017:

  • Total number of monthly active Pinterest users:150 million (source)
  • Total Number of Pinterest Users who save Shopping Pins on Boards Daily: 2 million
  • 70% of online consumers go to Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration on what to buy.
  • 67% go on Pinterest to keep up with the latest trends

With this statistics you surely want to know things you can do to grow your Pinterest traffic.

But this surely does not mean that Pinterest should be used only personally but and especially for business.

In many cases Pinterest would be a more useful and profitable social platform because it creates & facilitates buying intent.

Companies and bloggers that use Pinterest highly effectively create sales more and more.

Pinterest helps brands and businesses:

  • Get more traffic
  • Make more sales
  • Collect market intelligence which helps with future content & product development
  • Raise their brand profile
  • Develop loyal fans and brand advocates – determine exactly who is sharing your content
  • Rank higher on search engines
  • Reduce marketing expenses
  • Have others create content for you
  • Increase your exposure to a wider audience so others can reach out to you about partnerships

1. Register a business account

When speaking about things you can do to grow your Pinterest traffic, we first of all recommend you to sign up a business account and you’ll have access to Pinterest analytics – important information about your pins’ behavior – once you verify your website with Pinterest.

You can also apply for Rich Pins, which are pins with more information than your standard pin.

There are five different types, such as movie, article, product, app, recipe, and place, each with their own pin upgrades such as real time pricing and a direct link to your site.

Article pins are of great importance for bloggers.

Bloggers can use the platform to publish and promote their posts and it will be also a great help for those who are also working on brand awareness, as you can publish with your logo, big headline and a link back to your site.

And it’s easy to set up with WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, since Pinterest uses the Facebook Open Graph metadata.

Pinterest reviews your site and will contact you to let you know if you’ve been approved.

2. Draw your attention on the text of your pin if you want to grow your Pinterest traffic

Each pin in Pinterest has a description below it telling the reader what your pin is about. Typically, for bloggers, your blog title and a little description of your post should be enough.

Your text is your first impression, so it should be the most important thing you have to say but not boring rather than attractive and engaging.

According to Pinterest’s data that was published after analyzing over 10,000 pins

Here are the main characteristics of a perfect pin which will provide high engagement:

  • Helpful – make it easy for pinners to find your pin with a spot on description. According to Pinterest, helpful pins receive 30% more engagement.
  • Detailed – in a sentence or two explain what your pin is about. Give enough information to entice a pinner to click through to your blog.
  • Interesting – draw on the emotions of the pinner by using sensory related words and positive sentiments.
  • Actionable – include a call to action in your description. Using phrases like, “check out…” or “click to find out more” can generate an 80% increase in engagement.

Also do not forget about the keywords usage and their density and their location in:

  • Name and description
  • Photo
  • Boards

3. Traffic from the Pinterest Group Boards

Group boards are one of the greatest ways to grow your blog traffic.

Pinterest’s algorithm works in the most beneficial and effective way for the bloggers and promoters as when you pin something to your board your followers see it and it is also shown to other users who have the same interests and like the same things as your followers do.

The advantage of pinning something on a group board is that the other users of that same board see it and have the opportunity to repin your pin on their own boards.

This means that their followers will see it and people similar to their followers in the Smart Feed and so on.

There is no specific number of boards to have very few is also enough in case you are doing everything right.

The most vital thing here is not the number rather than narrow topic and specific content for each board. A good rule of thumb is to keep each board very specific.

So you have followed the rules and know the most important things you can do to grow your Pinterest traffic.

But in order to keep the track and understand which methods work the best for you need to measure the traffic. Instead of conclusion here is a quick guide for that.

Top 10 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

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The Prominence of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

Artificial intelligence reshapes the market industry and reduces human efforts to resolve the complex issues conveniently. The AI is progressing very rapidly from self-remote cars to creating robots.

While there is big controversy now, AI boosts unemployment. With the modern science and development of technology, businesses getting more benefits that reduce the need for employees. AI comes with lots of benefits to improve the business and take it to the next level.

Apart from the business and various platforms, Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development changes the thinking level of creators.

AI helps to create more brilliant, easy, and intelligent applications that significantly improve UX. If you are also thinking to involve AI in your current mobile app then you are taking the right step.

Perhaps you are in confusion is this right decision? But we must say YES!

Artificial Intelligence mainly focuses on developing new machines and technology that make the user experience better. With this technology, the human is becoming more reliable and smart by learning from mistakes and creation.

When an app developer engages Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development, he can create something unexpected that can reduce physical efforts. For example, voice sensors, medical check-ups, writing recognition and many more.

People are also aware of AI and that’s why they are demanding more features to better their experience. Therefore, we have found several app development companies are opting AI to deliver unique and best user experience in every set of the app.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Development

1. Get Programmed Debugging

Debug Bar

If you are a developer, so the use of artificial intelligence can reduce your efforts as in recognizing errors in a code and fix it for them. AI will detect the errors and fix them own without getting command. With this, the time of developing a mobile app reduces that further improve the production of vast mobile apps in a short time.

2. It Improves Reasoning

With an Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development, the developer can easily estimate what to pick that suits their customer needs. For developers, the client’s need is on the top. So, if you have the help of a superpower, you can do your best that significantly increases the experience of the user. Let us understand this with and suitable example.

The company services like Ola and Uber uses AI that helps them to reach their customer in a short time. AI easily investigate the routes and roads. Even it helps to find short cuts to reach their clients.

3. The Easy Accomplishment Of Repetitive Tasks

The worst part for every user is to do repetitive tasks that required more efficiency to do this. With artificial evidence, the exertion of performing this task reduces and offers you a great deal to do everything with ease. The AI deals with issues related to complete things and makes you more comfortable.

4. Read Your Customers


The developers mainly work after reading out past mistakes and experiences of the users. The NLP (Natural Language Processing) combines with machine learning can help the developer to read the customer’s issues and past mistakes. The objective is to improve the interactions of user experience and give them the best outputs.

5. The User Experience Level Improves

The vital part of involving artificial intelligence is to cut down the time of loading and make the user experience great. The capability of AI smooth the pitfalls coming in apps that boost the applications to engage more clients in the app. Even this helps to see inside the relevant aspects to upgrade the features.

6. Improve Revenue

When the user gets higher satisfaction from the app they will buy from you hassle-free. AI improves the experience of user and capability thus it boosts application revenue.

The larger part of retail brands that serve better experience and make your client more satisfy. You can even take a look at Google, where you can easily get to know the searches about top apps and its benefits.

7. Conversational UI

With Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development the CUI increases that make your app performance much better than before. You may have seen numbers of chatbots open in front of you that support greater customer satisfaction. This offers clients to share their quires with their customers what they need.

8. It Comes With Analytical Proficiencies

Comprehensive analytics

With AI in the mobile application, the developer has the power to see inside the customer’s needs. This will offer you valuable content on a plan to produce work on the market practices that help the developer to produce a strong plan to make the mobile app worthy.

9. Improve Daily Operations

With Artificial Intelligence technology, mobile applications get significant worth in creating advance features that simply eliminate the everyday risk and task of apps. This also improves the learning experience of developers so the user can feel great pleasure.

For example, the app is about travel, with the help of AI the user can see the different places and tourist destinations. Even this helps to discover medical tourism smart.

10. Enhances The User Experience

Optimize User Experience

The AI helps the user to explore unlimited and beyond the expectation. This will co-ordinate mobile applications to work much better than the user experience.

Nowadays, the large number of entrepreneurs involving in the apps with AI. This brings great information to users and developers both that significantly boost the client commitment.

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, the AI has contributed largely to the online marketing industry to improving human life. In fact, with the use of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development numbers of owners found the great engagement of people that boost the revenue of industries too.

It is not ended here. With the help of AI, you can simply take insights into a consumer that what they are expecting and what they not. If you are moving ahead to take AI for the industry then go with a positive attitude.

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How To Remove Jquery-Migrate.Min.Js?


Once you Remove jQuery-Migrate.min.js, the system becomes more hassle-free and removes unnecessary load to your work. Before the new version, developers worked on several version, each version came up with new features.

jQuery-Migrate.min.js is the oldest form of jQuery code developed for WordPress 3.6+. It ensures the compatibility version of jQuery older than 1.9. It controls is certain features and behaviours so that non-upgraded system runs properly on the current version.

However, WordPress 3.6 has been automatically attached with jQuery Migrate to all the pages making the system hassle-free. Further, most websites do not need jQuery-Migrate.min.js as a result, the site gives better accessibility. Most of the frontend code and plugin has outdated it for better functionality.

remove jquery migrate console

jQuery-Migrate.min was loaded in WordPress to support older functions that some WordPress plugins used earlier. Disabling the jQuery-Migrate.min.js is another issue that is being faced by developers. Here we shall point out some reasons that will certainly give you an upper hand to Remove jQuery-Migrate.min.js

Upgrading The Jquery-Migrate.Min.Js For Availing The Best Facility

Most up to date plugins and frontend does not require jQuery-Migrate.min.js. As said earlier, the system has already been attached to the WordPress page. Firstly, you need to know whether your site requires jQuery-Migrate.min.js or not.

For that, you simply need to open the wp-config.php and code it with define (‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’true):. This will show all the error that you face. This starts your beginning of removal of jQuery-Migrate.min.js.

We have enlisted two methods, firstly, implementing a snippet into the theme’s function.php file or installing a plugin, both of the ways can be used for upgrading the system. Let us show you the first and the simplest way that most of them use.

By Using With The Help Of Plugins

remove jquery migrate plugin

Activation of Plugin is the basic requirement in this process, it will disable the jQuery-Migrate.min.js, additionally, you can also use some premium plugin in that case. Once the plugin is activated, just switch on to enable the jQuery option and you are done with your work. The system will work on its own.

By using function PHP instead of plugin

From the below-given coding, you can easily upgrade your WordPress. However, keep in your mind that if any of the content or plugins of the website or even themes gets stopped while loading, please do not disable it, this might create a problem.

* Remove/Disable/DeQueue jQuery Migrate in WordPress.
* @author Nguyễn Đình Quân a.k.a narga.
* @link

add_action( 'wp_default_scripts', 'remove_jquery_migrate' );
function remove_jquery_migrate( $scripts ) {
if ( ! is_admin() &amp;&amp; isset( $scripts-&gt;registered['jquery'] ) ) {
$script = $scripts-&gt;registered['jquery'];

if ( $script-&gt;deps ) { // Check whether the script has any dependencies
$script-&gt;deps = array_diff( $script-&gt;deps, array( 'jquery-migrate' ) );

The above-mentioned ways are the most viable ways to Remove jQuery-Migrate.min.js. Both of the ways are easy and effective, it is your decision while you take the call for it. Meanwhile, regarding the plugin, we highly recommend you to download and install a standard plugin for your hassle free update.

How Much Secure Is It to Remove jQuery-Migrate.min.js from WordPress?

Now we shall show you how much secure and its benefits while you work in it. jQuery-Migrate.min.js.

Removing it from the system stops the wastage of power in the server, likewise, the speed of the website can also be garnered up. The positive point about it is that unnecessary load to the website is removed making it easier to work on. Keeping up with the new version also helps you prevent security attacks that are very common wityh most of the older version.

While you Remove jQquery-Migrate.Min.Js temporarily, have a short check by going through your sites and test that all the other plugin features so that it works properly. An if something does not seem right, simply remove the snippets and everything will be normalized.

The jQuery Migrate file captures a size ranging from, 17KB to 7KB. When you remove the file, the browser is relieved with one less JavaScript file. One file less would be a boon to the system in the long run.

As you have had a good idea about the system, now you can conclude why the WordPress has relieved the jQuery Migrate. Now all you need is to simply not stress on the system anymore unless you like working in an archaic system or you are yet to upgrade it.

A piece of short information for your knowledge

  • Snippets are one such small fragments of PHP code which can be used to extend the functionality of websites powered by WordPress. To be more precise, it acts as a mini-sized plugin carrying less load in your site.
  • Addition of Code Snippet plugin to code snippets to your functions.php file without editing the WordPress dashboard.

jQuery-Migrate.min.js is nothing but a feature that makes the dependency of jQuery script in WordPress.

Some reports have suggested that those using visual composers and page builders sometimes experience breakage in images if something like that appears, we recommend leaving the jQuery Migrate enabled.

Meanwhile, changing the code may cause negative effects to the whole website and if you disable jQuery-Migrate.min.js, prepare yourself for compatibility issues.

Mistakes to Avoid When Designing and Using Newsletters

Email newsletters are some of the most preferred methods of communicating with customers and building your brand. A carefully designed newsletter can help to supply the target audience with useful information about products, sales, events, and of course, help to promote the products.

Today, more than 69% of businesses use email marketing to strengthen their brands and grow sales. But even with the efficiency of using newsletters to market your product, some businesses often fail or achieve sub-optimal results after making various mistakes. If you want to be effective with newsletters, you need to understand these mistakes and avoid them.

Not Diversifying the Subject Line

When your target person receives the newsletter, the first item he sees is the subject line. About 47% of people who receive newsletters open them depending on the subject lines. Therefore, if the subject line remains the same in your newsletters, it will appear boring and not persuasive. The monotony will make the audience to believe there is nothing new to offer.

To make the subject line work, you need to think about the target clients to know what pleases them. Make it attractive and select words that will arouse the curiosity of the recipient. Think of describing the benefits that a recipient will get and interweaving them carefully with a summary of other content presented in the newsletter.

Being Inconsistent with Your Newsletter

In newsletter marketing, consistency is very important. If your newsletter is irregular, you will appear unprofessional and the target clients will not take you seriously. Businesses that do not have a schedule have a temptation of sending newsletters more frequently. But this does not always translate to results. Therefore, what schedule is the best for your company?

To establish the ideal schedule for your newsletter, it is important to study the target audience and the occurrence of events in your enterprise. Consider testing various release schedules to see the one with better results. Most businesses use biweekly or monthly newsletters schedules. Such timeframes are better because they allow you to prepare good content and test before publishing.

Trying to Make a Newsletter from Scratch

This is one of the serious mistakes that can completely water down your newsletter marketing efforts. Many people who try starting from scratch end up getting stuck in the middle or coming up with a product that will not work. Crafting working newsletters requires progressive research, special software, and regular testing. This makes it complex, expensive, and time-consuming. Instead of trying to build from scratch, you should go for expert newsletter templates.

The templates are designed by experts who have been in the market and understand what the target audience wants. And that is not all; they progressively test the templates to guarantee the best results. Here are other advantages of using ready templates:
* Creating a newsletter is easy and fun.
* You only need a very short time to craft a professional newsletter.
* There are diverse newsletter templates to select from.
* It is a great way to cut costs but get a highly effective product.

Not being Creative with Your Content

Like other forms of content marketing, the primary focus of your newsletter should be the target client. If you fail to focus on the recipient, the chances are that the content will be less appealing. This could easily dissipate a golden opportunity to build your brand.

To create the best content for your newsletter, you should think of what clients want and package it well. For example, an e-commerce company can focus on showcasing the latest products, upcoming discounts, and new events. The aim is to ensure that the client will get something valuable to keep him/her attached to your company.

When crafting your newsletter, do not spare any effort to win the affection of your client. After selecting the best templates, you might also want to look at how top brands run their newsletter marketing.

6 Social Media Strategies That Will Enhance Your Google Ranking

social media strategies

Social Media Strategies for improving engagements on digital platforms

Now, in the modern era, people are engaging more in digital platforms. After all, this made our life easier. Every morning starts with checking out the news feed, twitter posts, checking likes, and many more.

Millions of people stuck in the news feed to read some good content from the fantastic brands and websites. Therefore, Social media becomes the popular medium to get visitors, boost SEO ranking, and generating leads that further boost revenue too.

According to Google, social media has no direct impact on improving leads, but yes it plays a major role in boost ROI and website performance.

Google has proved two techniques to rank on Google, one is adding high-quality content and the second one is building strong links that can engage more audiences on your website. Despite these two, many tactics can help you to rank first on Google.

These days, with social media you can reach up to 12,000 people and more every day without any doing large efforts.

If you are still ignoring this fact and doing less effort to post on social media then my friend, you are ignoring the best asset. It’s time now to do the right efforts with some smart Social Media Strategies that need to implement in the right way.

So, it can generate great outcomes.

If you have the right tactics to get the audience and make your returns much better than ever. So, go ahead and read out the top 6 Social Media Strategies that will help to build the best brand position of your business among the audience.

Let us find out!

1. Huge Backlinks

The first and important part of ranking on Google is to deliver high-quality content which is, of course, has to be unique and great. Social media is the way to hook up your audience into your website, and that’s only possible if you have some best content on your website.

Along with this, this helps to increase visibility and ranking in Google. The way of creating backlink has been changed now, but still the power of backlink you can receive from social media channels too. However, it is difficult for you to create your own, but with the help of professionals, you can enjoy the best outcomes.

2. Organic Traffic

To reach the organic traffic one of the best ways to get genuine engagement is to take the help of friends and allow them to endorse your content to a huge extent.

With paid promotions, you can also gain some attention, but the results may not give you a guarantee. But with the help of genuine users and friends, social media can help you to reach a good audience which is genuine.

To get the best results, you need to plan the best Social Media Strategies that will take your audience and jump into the Google ranking platform.

3. Make your Social Media posts highly optimize

To engage the high audience in your content and the website, it is important to share optimize content that gives answers to your customer’s questions. Google highly crawls optimizes content rich with keywords. And it shows the social media updates that easily search hashtags, tagging and more.

Your post can be any, but if you want to reach the audience faster then make sure you are delivering them exactly what they need. Well, content optimization is necessary and crucial, but how to do this tough for a newbie. In this hiring, the best SEO experts can help you to enjoy the great leads.

4. Get more likes & followers

When you are on a social media platform, the chances of getting likes, followers, and adding more visitors to your website are common. This is a powerful and more engaging way to create and share useful content with the audience.

Without a doubt, with these social media channels if you deliver your audience what they are looking for then this will surely bring a change than your expectations.

In Google Search pages, searches often work on great and unique content that the user needs to know.

When you work in this plan, you will get more likes and share on the page that gives accurate changes without a negative impact.

5. Make your Brand Position No.1

On social media platforms, the potential audience reaches your brand and stay engaged with it that maintain the consistency of your page and brand in Google.

Suppose you post regularly, Google found this as your consistency that boosts visibility. With more engagement, the numbers of users reach and like you. Thus it provides you an easy ladder to reach on the top of SERPs.

The tip is here, you need to post regularly with high-quality content.

6. Boost your local performance

If your business is about selling goods and services and you need to target a local audience, then the Facebook page can help to increase your performance via influencing the local customers. The more you advertise your business the more you bale to reach potential customers.

To better this approach, do repost, retweet and share the content with friends via tagging to enjoy the better gains. If you are getting trouble in doing all these, why not you take the help of SEO experts that create Social Media Strategies and generate good outputs.

Some other social media tricks you shouldn’t miss 2019 are:

  • Do focus on targeted Keywords
  • Boost Inbound links
  • Grow your audience via using paid ads
  • Do not rely on one social media channel
  • Repost your best content
  • Add pictures to get more engagements

Wrapping Up

Social media is one of the best ways to get more engagement. This highly impacts the SEO of the website. So, the need for SEO tactics and the assistance of an SEO expert is highly recommended.

When you implement the Social Media Strategies superbly, you can easily reach the audience like the way you need. And get the better outcomes that may you have not expected yet. So, what are you waiting for? Just go with focus and rank your website on the top.

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How does LinkedIn use B2B lead generation?

LinkedIn use b2b lead generation

It hasn’t been too long prior that LinkedIn transformed from a small expert systems administration site to a huge world power. As far back as its start, B2B advertisers have been attempting to figure out the code for B2B achievement. With every one of these a huge number of experts in a single place, clearly there’s some method to open up the conduits to leads, right?

What’s more, truly, there is an approach to open up the conduits to progress. The ordinary LinkedIn exhortation isn’t sufficiently definite:

1) Join.
2) Be dynamic.
3) Get leads.

You may coincidentally discover a couple of falling leads, however so as to truly win you have to do your very own prospecting, LinkedIn style. How would you slice through the gaggle of occupation searchers, and locate the certified individuals to work with?

In this blog, I will demonstrate you 7 hints that will enable you to all the more likely use LinkedIn to be an amazing B2B promoting device.

1. LinkedIn Works:

linkedIn works

Before I go all specialized and begin giving you executioner tips, let me venture back and complete a bit of cheerleading number.

LinkedIn works for B2B leads. Do Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest? Perhaps, infant, yet don’t depend on it.

Most B2Bs are utilizing online life to get leads, as the exploration demonstrates.

Online life stages all in all aren’t scoring high on the lead marvelousness scale. However, among the low-scoring social destinations, there is one that emerges as a triumph marker. You got it: LinkedIn.

To place that into genuine numbers, LinkedIn is in charge of over 80% of a business’ web based life leads! The various web-based social networking stages set up together just add up to 19.67% of leads!

The primary concern is this: LinkedIn works for B2B lead age.

2. Create a showcase page:
create linkedin showcase page

LinkedIn made exhibit pages for organizations to advance individual brands that are expansions of the organization.

Feature pages are the ideal method to fragment your inbound LinkedIn traffic. On the off chance that you can make a specialty unit that is straightforwardly associated with a particular target group of onlookers, at that point you are in a situation to make a Showcase page.

Exhibit pages were fundamentally specially crafted for B2Bs to all the more likely produce leads. A Showcase page should target one client section, and give data that is significant to them.

Grandstand pages are essentially another approach to spread the net somewhat more extensive and to increase much more focused on leads keen on your item or administration.

Here a few hints for making your Showcase pages as incredible as could be allowed.

Make it transformation prepared, much the same as your organization page.

It’s imperative to keep the name of the page short, so it won’t be truncated in the presentation sidebar.

In the Showcase page name, utilize a word that your group of onlookers will comprehend and identify with.

Exhibit pages are just another approach to spread the net somewhat more extensive and to increase much more focused on leads keen on your item or administration.

3. Use Advanced Search:
advanced search

Up until now, I’ve clarified two inbound methods for picking up leads. Presently, I need to disclose how to go out and discover your prospects. They may not come discover you, but rather you can go get them.

LinkedIn’s propelled hunt gives you a fantastic method for distinguishing the correct sort of individuals your identity focusing on.

Propelled look is the absolute most dominant procedure for straightforwardly discovering targets.

The most dominant part of Advanced People Search is the inside segment, in which you can channel your pursuit by area, ebb and flow organization, industry, past organization, school, profile dialect, and philanthropic interests.

4. Spared Seeks :

When you experience crafted by making an exceptionally explicit and focused on pursuit, you’ll need to spare it.

Spared seeks make an approach to remain dynamic in your prospecting. You realize that getting B2B leads is certainly not a one and done movement. You need to keep up consistency so as to have a relentless pipeline of offers.

5. Search Groups:
linkedin group search

Hunting down individuals is an exceptionally nitty gritty and granular way to deal with searching for leads. It’s an extraordinary methodology, however there’s another: Groups.

At the season of composing this article, I distinguished 2,058,816 gatherings on LinkedIn. You can be genuinely certain that there’s a gathering in your specialty.

An incredible method to discover squares of leads is to look for gatherings, join these gatherings, keep up some dimension of action in these gatherings, and sustain leads in that way.

6. Start Groups:

LinkedIn bunches offer a ton of incredible systems administration openings. One of the approaches to get significantly more from the intensity of gatherings is to make your own.

As you join gatherings and cooperate with gatherings, you may distinguish an open door for another gathering to be framed. When you turn into the proprietor and arbitrator of your gathering, you gain administration and acknowledgment in the business. For whatever length of time that you position yourself legitimately and not in a salesy way, you can shape a place where your intended interest group can accumulate and connect.

7. Publish Content:

LinkedIn has an incredible distributing content.

On the off chance that you have distributing access, make certain to utilize this stage for considerably more introduction. LinkedIn individuals who are distributing report that they’ve encountered a great deal of achievement.


This is a wide dimension technique that abandons you bunches of space to follow down increasingly exact methodologies. LinkedIn offers a great deal of chance, and is the perfect asset for B2B advertising.

However, without the correct information, it turns out to be simply one more time-sucking interpersonal organization. Next time you’re on LinkedIn, go through somewhere around thirty minutes doing some propelled pursuit or gathering inquiry, and check whether you don’t concoct no less than five prospects.

It’s a begin, and it could transform into your next B2B deal.

How to Optimize Your Disqus Profile to Bring in Readers

Are you looking for productive ways to optimize your Disqus Profile to bring in readers and sweep them off their feet?

If you are fond of blogging and run your own WordPress based blog, you have certainly come across Disqus. If you are a novice in the digital field and just want to know what the basic tools to help you with blogging are, let’s first reveal what Disqus is.

What is Disqus?

Disqus is a popular blog commenting system ready to seamlessly integrate with many well known blogging platforms and CMS, including, of course, WordPress.

All in all, commenting functionality is relevant to all kinds of blogs so that the readers and visitors can leave their comments on posts and articles. Commenting is frequently considered a dark side of blogging stating that sometimes the discussion around the article and comments to it matter more than the content of the article.

What Disqus has to offer you?

This system is really easy to install and use. It is stylized with a beautiful design and is functionally advanced. Once you get this commenting system to replace the default one your blog offers you, you are likely to overcome tons of problems and inconveniences in the nearest future.

Disqus is ready made to grant you with wider opportunities when it comes to commenting your blog posts than the build in commenting platform of your blog.

Another advantage of this system is that you can configure spam filters. With Discus you can manage black and white lists, set censorship and even edit the comments your blog readers leave.

How to use Disqus?

Getting started with Disqus is fairly easy. All you need to do is to visit its official site and create an account You can quickly sign up with one of your social media profiles or email address. In either case you are going to receive a message on your email asking for verification. Once you verify, you are ready to get started.

Now you are free to leave your comments on different sites or install Disqus on your site. It does not make any difference, whether you are going to use this platform to engage with your favorite bloggers and their followers or install Disqus plugin for leaving comments on your WordPress based site, you need to optimize your Disqus profile for a number of reasons.

After the creation of their Disqus profile, people sometimes forget about how it looks and feels and are getting busy with commenting or configuring their blog for better commenting functionality. But the truth is that you need to optimize your Disqus profile to attract the attention of smart and adequate Disqus users who are revolving around any specific content your website or blog shares, or you are interested in and constantly commenting.

How to optimize Your Disqus Profile?

    Update your profile

Some people skip the process of updating their profiles and immediately move on to other sections of Disqus. When you sign up to this system with your social media profile, it automatically pulls in some of your details, including name, email and profile picture. However, it’s not enough for the positive and professional first experience you need to make on your profile viewers and thus bring in more readers.


The first thing you need to fix in this virtual domain is your name. It is going to appear everywhere you are commenting. It can be your first name, first and last name, or something containing both your name and the title of your website or blog, so that your potential audience can easily find you.

Blog or website

Add your blog or website to your Disqus profile so that your potential web visitors can easily get links to it.


Add your biography, but make sure you are including only the most important points and events. Keep it short and accurate. We recommend you to write in the third person and customize the bio text to match your expectations from this commenting system. The maximum number of characters you can use in bio is 200.


Another important point to establish your credibility and optimize your Disqus profile is adding the right Avatar. If you try to edit your avatar, you need to choose a method. You can upload it from your computer, import it from the social media network you are logged with, or simply leave the default avatar icon, which is not recommended.

The perfect avatar is the image matching your true business identity or brand. As from the technical standpoint, you’d better choose a high quality photo taken recently.

You can also choose a shot demonstrating your smiling or confident face from the right angle.


Location can tell a lot about your origin, social layer, lifestyle, background, etc. It can be a kind of guidance for your potential audience to reveal who you are and what you can probably offer them.

You can use something creative and short, since the system will not allow you to go deep into details of your location.


Username is different from the display name we discussed above. While the latter appears to be the name of the commentator showcased next to the comment, the first one indicates the URL of the profile holder. Your username is an indicator for people to find you. Using your website’s or blog’s name as a username is also a good idea.


Disqus provides you with a personal notification inbox to receive your preferred notifications. By default, all types of notifications are enabled. You are going to be notified when someone upvotes your comment, invites you to a discussion, recommends your discussion, mentions you in a discussion, etc. Of yours, you can disable any of them, but it’s more reasonable to leave them all enabled so that you can follow all kinds of updates and movements at the hot spots you are engaged in.

Look for the most relevant blogs and discussions to follow and join

Once your profile is ready, you can pass on to exploring the Disqus landscape to find relevant companies and organizations, partners and individuals to get in touch with and convert them into your readers and followers.
All in all, it is one of the cost free and entertaining ways to result in better reader engagement and people conversion for your blog or website.

Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Should Include Podcasts in It

podcast content marketing strategy

Importance of podcasts in content marketing strategy

With the growing expansion of the marketplaces, businesses have already begun to cope up with the various market situations. Whatever business you are doing, you will always have to face competition which is quite common.

Chances are there that the products which you are selling are of much better quality than the ones that are already present in the market, but it doesn’t help. Instead of focusing on all of these things, it is important to make sure that you are concentrating on the target market, and the deals which your company is providing should be the best one for them.

It is your responsibility to make the customers believe that your company’s products are effective enough, and worth investing. If you want to make your business different from others, then at first you must begin with great quality content since it is considered as an amazing start.

Publishing high-quality content will help your business in reaching out to the consumers in the target market. A good content marketing Strategy always emphasizes on publishing high-quality content which helps in building goodwill and win trust and position in the industry.

You might not be aware of, but a lot of potential customers are already struggling in the target market with certain things. These customers are waiting for effective results, and they are ready to pay for it.

As we live in the information age, people do look for information or content online which helps them in finding an effective solution. This is the major reason behind the importance of strategies of content marketing.
If you have a proper plan then people will find you when they will seek for answers. Here are some of the reasons for the importance of podcasts in the strategies of content marketing.

1. Easy for the audiences

podcast content marketing strategy

You must have heard about the podcasts while talking about radio shows, but one of the major difference is that the people don’t show any interest or listen to them anymore. One of the most significant reasons behind rising demand as well as the popularity of the podcasts is due to its convenience.

Podcasts are indeed one of the most convenient media in plenty of different ways, especially in the case of content marketing Strategy. Podcasts unlike the video contents or the blog posts provide room to the audience so that they can do multitasking. You can easily listen to these while eating, exercising, talking, and various other activities.
In this era of multi-tasking, the concept of podcast is extremely useful. In case you are targeting a specific group of people that has college students, businessman or someone who doesn’t have enough time then the podcasts are going to be extremely helpful in this group.

2. Supports easy streaming and download

podcast streaming

According to the Podcast Consumer Report, most of the people use mobile devices, and or any kind of portable devices to listen to them. Also, another major reason behind the growing popularity of the podcasts for content marketing Strategy, the audio files are much smaller in lighter in size compared to the videos.

This helps in making them easy to stream or download during any situation. Due to the low effort as well as communication friendly nature, the podcasts provide the audience with high-quality content at once irrespective of the connection quality or plans.

3. Increases audience engagement and influence

Podcasting plugins for blog

In case you are not aware of the fact then, podcasts are quite interactive which makes it as good as the old radio talk shows. With the help of podcasts, you can easily take calls, vote for the audience, and know about their involvement beyond passive listening.

Using these you can support great dialogues, get helpful insights from listeners. Due to its effectiveness in building a customer-brand bond, and the power to make a community of honest followers, podcasts are considered as the best match for content marketing Strategy.

4. Helps in maintaining consistency

Another major benefit of the podcast is, it helps in providing plenty of options for publishing consistently without putting any extra effort. Using podcasts, you can easily transcribe it into a good quality blog post, make a film for your channel, etc.

This does mean that with the help of podcasts you can easily offer a huge variety of different media to the audience. Using them you will be equipped properly to answer the behaviour of the audience.

5. Stays in mind

Podcasts are considered as one of the best content marketing Strategy since it stays in the minds of the people as compared to other strategies. Indeed, you will want to schedule the blog posts, any piece of content.
But, the truth is nobody takes out time for noticing the posting schedule, and watches it or listen to it diligently. Due to this reason podcasts have become one of the best tools for creating brand awareness.

6. Makes way for great collaborations

In case you want to work collaboratively with someone in their field, it will be easy and quick for you to be the guest for your podcast than requesting them to write for some attractive content for you or carry out a written interview.

This process is easier, and also quite fun, and the conversational format also does the job of making a good connection with the interviewee. Keep in mind that your podcast is your platform where you can grow and nurture new ideas.

7. Establishes a connection with the audience

podcast online

If you don’t want to use social media for the constant self-promotion you won’t be able to create any branded podcast for discussing your business and make a great advertisement for your project.

Don’t forget the fact that people don’t want to listen to the same thing in every episode, and podcasts tell stories and provide the audience with things that have value. Just like social media, podcasts are all about the proper establishment of your brand and making great relationships with the target audience.

Additionally, the podcast helps in providing the opportunity in expanding and choosing ways to show a new side of your business.

Therefore, these are some of the significant reason behind the importance of including podcasts for content marketing strategies.

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Reasons Why All Businesses Should Use Social Media

social media thinking

This article lists the reasons why to use social media

In any digital marketing plan use of social media has emerged as one of the most critical factors. Organizations can improve their brand reputation; discover how to connect with their customers on a deeper level, and many more such things with the right use social media strategy.

Companies can choose the platform which is best suited or their organization as there are many social networking channels.

It is obvious that you are missing out on something really exciting and important if you are not already on social networks. Businesses have started using social networking gradually to evolve their operations and improve their functionality.

Everyone from customers to companies is benefited with such advertisements along with the social networking platform. In this article, all the reasons for businesses to incorporate marketing through social optimization and SMO strategy has been included so that all small and big enterprise turn to use social media in the most effective manner.

Enhancing Brand Awareness

marketing automation

One of the most easy-to-use and profitable marketing solutions is social platforms. You must first find out on which platform your audience is spending most of the time and then create an account there. Instagram and Pinterest are sites where highly visual companies are more likely to thrive.

Devote few hours a week once your profile is ready on a social handle. You will definitely see assured returns soon. Your potential customers can now refer your business to others who use Social media and also explore more regarding the same.

Best Return on Investments

SEO is Cost Effective

Use Social media for marketing is the mantra for budding organizations because it is effective and amongst the most cost-effective marketing strategies. To avoid getting over your marketing budget on most channels you must choose how much you can spend for a particular campaign on a particular platform.

By using clever social networking usage tactics like influencer marketing and hashtags you can easily generate engagement and interest for your brand and avoid paying for the advertisements.

One of a kind opportunity to interact with the potential clients

business deals

Instead of just getting over after making a purchase or looking to make a purchase where there is a better deal youths intend to develop a connection with the business that they are dealing with. Keeping in touch with customers and associating them with your brand can be impactfully done when you use social media.

With friendly updates, images, videos, and insights of the team you get a chance to feature the human side of your organization. You get an actively engaged audience and deeper links with your target market as results.

Improvisation in brand loyalty

branding best option

Almost every industry and business sectors are suffering from the problem of brand loyalty. Companies that spend time and efforts in entertaining customers online are the most probable recipients of being gifted with customer loyalty.

To build a relationship with the audience it is essential to connect with them and that can be easily done when you use social media. These relationships create a company to client engagement level and develop trust among clients.

Consumers will always prefer to buy from the company that is connected with them and in most time ignore those that they don’t know about.

Brand Authority

For developing the company authority online there are many ways. Activities, like publishing blog spots and engaging in interviews, is included in it. By sharing insightful posts and connecting with industry influencers you can build authority on social networking sites.

A social media plan reflects how much a company knows about its industry. To answer your clients question setting up a customer service strategy on social platforms should be undertaken so that you deliver a considerably strong client experience.

SEO Rankings

Improved SEO

Organizations interested in boosting their SEO rankings are seriously considering using social media. For a firm, to make on the top of the search listing today, they need maximum backlinks and references for their company to make it possible.

Social networking sites enable you to develop these backlinks when you effectively share content on its platform. It also signals the credibility and authenticity of your business to Google. If the majority of the traffic on your website is redirected from the social networking sites then it significantly improves and boosts the SEO rankings.

Every small and big competitor is already using it

marketing Competitors

Use social media for your business not just to promote it but also to preserve it. Your competitors are already using it as one of the key tools to boost their business and are already interacting with your potential clients.

If your brand has been seen and explored by customers online, only then they are going to buy it. No one wants to buy from a brand they do not trust and know. You become more trustworthy in the eyes of your target market when you gradually improve your social networking reach.

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