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How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress?

fix 500 internal server error WordPress

We are here to give you a general overview of what 500 internal server error in WordPress is and how to fix it all by yourself while walking you through server easy to follow steps.

The 500 internal server error is one of the fear generating HTTP status codes. It sends you signals that something went wrong with the server supporting your website.

If one day you discover 500 internal server error on your WordPress based website, don’t panic. There is an effective antitoxin for absolutely any kind of WordPress – related error, and HTTP 500 internal server error is not an exception.

Before passing on the steps to fix this error, let’s understand the origin of it and how you are faced with it. The bare truth is that it is not always caused by WordPress itself. There are also other server issues as well.

When you write your WP website URL in the bar or click on the link of your site, you instruct the server to show you the relevant page. However, for some specific reason, the server is not able to satisfy your request and instead shows you an internal server error.

Before passing on the practical ways to fix 500 internal server error in WordPress, we insist upon to creating the backup of your site on your server, you that you don’t suffer from your web date loss in some emergency situations.

In case you are faced with this unpleasant error and wonder how to fix 500 internal server error in WordPress, continue to read this article. Here you’ll find the best guidance to handle the situation in the right way and without any unexpected losses.

1. Checking for the corrupted .htaccess file and creating the new one.

The error showcased on your PC screen will never tell you anything about where the problem occurs from. Anyway, irrespective of its cause, the first thing to do when you are faced with this error is to check for the corrupted .htaccess file. It is one of the main causes of 500 internal server error and needs the replacement of this file with a new one. This can recover the functionality of your site and kick it back into gear.

Now, you need to move to cPanel, Files, File Manager and go to the directory hosting your site. Find the Settings button at the top and make hidden viewable. Once you are done, click Save.

Find .htaccess file and rename it into something other like .htaccess.bak or .htaccess.old. This method will delete .htaccess file. It means you need to create the new one. Go to WP admin dashboard, Settings, Permalinks and save changes.

Now let’s try opening your website again. If everything is ok, it means that the reason was the corrupted .htaccess file. If the problem still exists, you need to consider other cases as well.

2. Increasing PHP memory limit in WordPress.

Trying to fix 500 internal server error in WordPress can lead to success if you increase the PHP memory limit. Your WordPress and host initially define PHP limits for uploading photos, images, videos and other files. However, the plugins and scripts exercised on your WordPress powered website need PHP memory in order to work properly on your site.

Otherwise stated, those plugins and scripts need the assistance of PHP limits in order to load and function. So, when this default limit is reached, your server will automatically showcase 500 internal server error.

Basically, what you need to do in this error troubleshoot process is to increase PHP memory limit and easily get back to your WordPress website’s usual functionality.

There are several checked and trusted ways to undertake and increase the required PHP memory limit. You can do that by updating php.ini file, .htaccess file, wp-config.php file, as well as functions.php file.

As for the php.ini file, use your cPanel, Files, File Manager. Select to showcase hidden files and select wp-admin folder to find php.ini or php5.ini file. If it is missing, click New File button to create the one. Name that new file as php.ini and press on to Create File.

If the update with php.ini file does not give the needed result, try to edit .htaccess file while going to your root directory and finding that file. Download it to your computer, open the file in your preferred text editor program, and insert the following pieces of codes under the initial PHP tag:
php_value upload_max_filesize 64M
php_value post_max_size 64M

As for the wp-config.php file, the principle is the same as in the case of the previous .htaccess file. You can find it in the root directory, download it to your PC, open a file in editor and paste the following codes:
define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);
ini_set(‘post_max_size’, ’64M’);
ini_set(‘upload_max_filesize’, ’64M’).

At last, use the trick with functions.php file. The path is just the same as in the above mentioned cases through root directory, finding the needed one, opening the editor and this time including the following:

@ini_set(‘upload_max_size’ , ’64M’);
@ini_set(‘post_max_size’, ’64M’);
@ini_set(‘max_execution_time’, ‘300’).

3. Deactivating all plugins
Sometimes deactivating all your plugins at one will solve the problem. In certain cases, a specific plugin can be the hotspot of the error. In other cases, it can be caused by the improper cooperation of different plugins. However, it’s not always obvious which plugins are “guilty”. Under such circumstances, you have to try deactivating all the plugins simultaneously.

If this method fixes 500 internal server error in WordPress, then you definitely know that the reason is one of the plugins. Try to reactivate each of them until you meet the one causing all the trouble. Remove that plugin to escape future errors.

You can go ahead and try another option if your efforts were in vain with the above stated methods. If all the above cases are a no go, try to reupload core files, mainly wp-admin and wp-includes folder. This can be the possible solution for you.

Whenever the file is facing any problems than the 500 internal server error in WordPress will be shown on all the pages of the website. This means that there is some problem with the server or the file system which is providing power to the website. The major problem comes down from the directory where the files in the WordPress are stored but the problem could also be coming from the host server.

Whenever the error occurs it could be one of the most frustrating things in WordPress. Now since the reasons for the problem could be a lot the solution also is not just one. The ways to fix 500 internal server error in WordPress are thus more than a few each depending on the reason why it occurred in the first place. One must, however, realize that it will require a high amount of patience while dealing with the solutions hence time limitation might not work here.

Now the reasons could be ample hence a lot of efforts will have to be made to find the real cause. You can try the below-mentioned one to fix 500 internal server error in WordPress.

Debugging: If you are facing problems finding out what is causing the problem on the site then you might want to check the WordPress built-in debugging feature. This is not a very tricky business a simple pasting of the code into the website will do the job, paste wp-config.php file which will debug the site. A file will be created with all the errors which are recorded.

File permission: This is not majorly the reason but still there is no harm in checking. Check the WordPress directory, permission for folders. The files 755 or 644 if set at permission to anything may create a problem. Now to change that g to each file in the root directory permission tab and check. There should be no other permission than 755 or 644.

Using a fresh version of WP-admin and wp-inlcudes: This could be counted as the last resort when nothing else works. When you have tried almost everything which has been suggested yet cannot reach where you desired then this is where it should end. Make sure that the site s backed up before this and then you can download a fresh version of the main website’s version. If you see that the error is gone with refresh then it is likely that there was a corrupted file. If there is still error then the only option left is to take help from the host.

An Assistance of the host: When all other options have been tried out the host can help you with the solution but this should always be the last step when everything else has been tried. This is required as there are many third-party and host service which is building the site and hence every step is required so that the host is not solely blamed for something they cannot manage or handle.

The error could be frustrating and time-consuming but the solution in most cases is simple once you reach them.

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Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Good Newsletter To Drive Business

power of a good newsletter

The article tries to explain the power of a good newsletter and how you can turn your regular subscribers into more loyal customers and get more brand recall.

Emails are never going to fade away, we know that as does DMA report.

According to which, almost 58% criteria behind sending emails are to generate sales, and 51% is to engage with the clients.

Therefore, the power of a good newsletter plays a vital role when you have a bunch of prominent contacts in your list, which you want to pursue further business deals and opportunities.

So, regular electronic newsletters are sent over to loyal customers and clients.

Read along the blog to know more about the power of a good newsletter by added perks of following a disciplined procedure to do so.

1) Generates Organic Web Traffic

The ultimate power of a good newsletter is that it leads the traffic onto your websites.

Usually, businessmen would go extra miles for organic traffic. But with an excellent newsletter already in place, you would not need to extensively carry out a marketing plan for achieving that.

2) Better Return On Investment-A Better Strategy To Use

Online studies have shown that having a useful and impactful newsletter is still a better investment over many other marketing strategies online.

Copywriters need to be highly experienced in knowing the power and trigger words in advance. Once they do, the ROI shoots up the ceiling because of the right combination of words put together.

3) You Can Easily Segment Your Clients & Customers

Every client or customer is different. But, collectively, they all might fall into a group or a category. The power of a good newsletter comes into place when you recognize the segmentation of your clients and customers on-time.

Once that is done, your regular newsletters can be specified for each group. It makes readers feel special and privileged. They know then that a particular newsletter is specially written for them to read and share an opinion.

4) Directly Converts Emails To Immediate Sales With Right Structure And Time

An ideal newsletter helps cash the sales immediately.

This happens when the copywriter knows how to frame a newsletter at the right time for the right kind of readers.

Therefore, during this step, the great power of good newsletter is explored.Direct sales are attracted with trigger words and impactful or strategical font, size, colors, images, as well as catchy lines.

5) Builds Trust Between The Sender & Reader

A newsletter is sent to your subscribers mostly. Once you know that your subscribers are genuine, sending a newsletter on-time becomes a routine. It leads to building up of unspoken trust between the sender and the readers.

When you are sending the newsletter weekly, or bi-weekly, automatically the readers become habitual of receiving the newsletters from your end.

Therefore, to gauge the power of a good newsletter; try to skip a week and wait for automatic responses from your readers.

Their curiosity will be piqued to know the reason behind the lapse.

That is how you get to know that your newsletter is impacting your clients or customers’ lives.

6) You Can Maintain A Loyalty Programme

Only your subscribers are eligible for the newsletters that you wire. What about the rest of the contacts?

Well, for them you can initiate a persuasive message, influencing them to join your subscriber’s list.

Doing so, you prove that a newsletter is every loyal subscriber’s right.

When the general public, who is yet to be converted into genuine clients, know that exclusive pictures, images, and news of your business will be shared through the newsletter; they will be excited to join the loyalty list of your clients.

And that is how you start building up a pool of genuine, loyal, and long-term partnerships with every stakeholder of your business.

7) Better Utilization Of Costs

An excellent newsletter is still a better idea than hiring marketing agencies at premium costs. Why is that, you wonder?

Because sending a newsletter through emails is pretty cheap and involves almost no costs as such.

You, as a copywriter or a content manager, need to know the trigger words impacting your targeted readers. Research about the strategies of writing the best newsletters online.

And then start sending regular e-newsletters to your loyal partners.

There is absolutely no cost involved, and yet this marketing strategy promises surreal benefits like loyal readership and continuous orders from clients once the trust is built.

In fact, you can also expect word-of-mouth when the readers forward your newsletters to their personal groups.

8) Sky Is The Limit For Its Creativity

Even though we have talked about power words earlier, there is no end to creativity while you are creating infographics or evocative persuasive writing.

As a copywriter, you can apply whichever technique, color combination, font size and style, and other pictures to the newsletters.

From the responses, you can gauge whether creativity was successful or not.

Sometimes, it might not extract immediate response, but with time, a reader might start getting affected.

The similar impact is seen how they start conversing with you through emails afterward. Even their buying patterns may change or improve because of the creativity you have applied to the newsletters.

9) Hold Giveaways AsThe News Travels Fast

Everyone is attracted to freebies. Even if they are your loyal readers, make sure to use a given opportunity to host the best giveaways.

It could become the leading promotional activity for your latest products that are to be launched in the market.

Or if there is any update going on through an already existing product or service, you can easily invite the customers or your B-2-B clients for trials and fancy giveaways.

As these newsletters are not meant for everyone; the readers will obviously feel obliged to have received such information beforehand.

10) Quality Checks – Initiate A Newsletter Especially for Feedback

Once in a while, play smart and invite product or service feedback using the newsletters.

As your readers get habitual of reading your emails, they will not find it to be cumbersome to fill our surveys forms online.

By doing so, you can generate mass feedback count in one go.

This could be really helpful if you are looking for expansion or diversification of your brands in the near future.

Since we are talking about newsletter better to discuss how to launch your first email campaign

How to Launch Your First Email Marketing Campaign and Get the Results You Want

email marketing campaign

Email marketing campaign serves the highest ROI which probably no other marketing platforms can so viably do for businesses.

Emails are a supreme set of communication channels as such people keep on checking their emails multiple times a day either from their phones, tablets or desktops.

So, when you are really looking for marketing your business, launching the first email campaign will make your Company’s name known to thousands of users through their inboxes.

But how to get it started.

Just sending your promotional emails to thousands of users is not enough. Because every day the users are inundated with tons of emails and there is a high chance that your emails get deleted without even being read.

For this, you need to be very cautious to make your emails stand out in the crowd. Here’s how to get started.

Understand what a “campaign” means

Email Marketing campaign should be systematic and goal oriented.

Yes, these are the two words that you need to focus on while sending bulk emails to the list of subscribers in your contact list.

Knowing your purpose why you are sending emails is the most crucial part of email marketing. Your goals can be many, ranging from improving the sales drive to re-engaging sedentary subscribers to collecting customer information to boosting up social sharing, anything.

But whatever your goal is you should be focused from the very beginning.

Build a comprehensive contact list

After you have determined your goal for the email marketing campaign, now it is time to build a comprehensive list of contacts to whom you will be sending your email campaigns.

You can build in this contact list in several ways.

Like if you want to re-establish your contact from the known customers you can import the old contact list and merge it with the email campaign tool.

Or otherwise, you can also start creating your new contact list from scratch.

Choose an email service provider

This is another most crucial part of the Email marketing campaign. After you have created the mailing list of contacts, now you need to choose the email service provider.

For sending bulk emails relying on Gmail or Outlook would not be wise options.

Once your contact list begins to grow the service providers begin showing errors if you are using your normal Gmail or Outlook accounts.

Selecting email service providers that are meant for sending bulk emails will relieve you from these troubles in sending bulk emails.

Selecting an email service provider will put your email campaign into motion.

It has certain advantages like managing your database of emails while sending them in bulk, default email templates and customizable management services pertaining to email campaigns.

Think about your target audience

Make sure you know your target audience by every nerve. Are they ready to wait for your emails to open or they will straightaway delete them without even opening if it takes too long to load?

Remember HTML does good to your content but using too many HTML links will slow down the loading of your email which can again create a negative impact on your business.

Select the campaign type

Depending on your goals, you have tons of options for sending an email marketing campaign to your subscribers. There are newsletters, marketing offers, announcements, and event invitations.

Newsletters target only a single event of interest and are generally sent to the existing subscribers just to keep in touch with them.

Market offers are generally meant for new customers to encourage the purchase of your products. It often includes direct call-to-action to drive the sales and revenue of the Company.

When launching a new product and educating the customers is your motto, then an announcement campaign can effectively serve your purpose. If your goal is to re-engage dormant subscribers then an event invitation will be the most ideal marketing campaign.

Structure the email content

This is the most vital part of an email campaign. Researches show that the average attention span of an adult is approximately 8 seconds. With such an inherent attention span, you cannot expect your subscribers to read your emails line-by-line.

Instead, they scan through the entire email in just a few seconds to find out whether there is anything of interest or not. And if the email seems boring, they will straightaway delete the mails and may even block you for further interference.

Therefore, you need to structure the content of your emails in such a way that it seems engaging to the readers and urge them to finish reading till the end. A succinct headline with supporting contents is the key to build an eye-catching email that can help you to get a high click rate for your website.

Use visuals and images

Visuals, both images, and videos are more gripping than texts.

So, implementing visuals in your email content can deliver a thousand words without even using a single word. Studies show that individuals can retain up to 65% of the visual memories up to 3 days at a stretch and only 10% of the text memories.

Therefore, visual contents before they are washed out from the memories of your subscribers will undoubtedly create some positive effects which will help in driving the sales volume of your business.

It is also a well-researched axion that individuals can follow visual instructions more promptly than they can follow written instructions. Therefore, if you really want to direct your readers for following something given instructions that are in visuals to make them more effective.

Stay clear about your goals and strategize the email campaign tactfully so that you get the maximum response from your subscribers.

Starting off the email campaign may seem to be complicated at the beginning but then you will get used to about the rules that can bring in mammoth positive responses from the customers.

Start it simple, drive traffic to your website, collect email addresses and sent them periodic emails, success won’t be very far.

You would soon get huge web traffic diverted to your website.

FYI: Ways to do email blast have been given in this article as well.

How To Write Cold Emails That Quickly Convert Sales?

write cold emails

Every modern copywriter wants to write cold emails.

And why not? These cold emails generate gross sales with the right content and structure.

We know that through years of practice, writers can tap into the mindset of their clients. Though, you don’t need to wait for years for wisdom to come home.

Via this blog,you can find exciting ways to write cold emails, ones which will be the best of your career to date. Read along with this feature, and at the end, you are going to be at ease for sure.

1. Keep The Subject Line Short & Catchy

There are certain marketing words that you need to avoid while writing cold emails. This distracts the targeted client. Some might even think of it as spam. So, avoid using words like free, earn, profit, etc.

Also, refrain from using silly or any kind of emoji in the subject line. Well, honestly, just do not too act too smart while writing the very first line that will help you in converting the cold emails into profitable sales count.

Basically, it depends upon the situation that you have to choose the perfect list of power words. These words compel the reader to click the mail to open for further details.

2. Start Your Email With A Generic Greeting

When you write cold emails, make sure not to sound too friendly. The person you will be emailing might not know you well.

Therefore, using words like Hi, Hello, Hey XYZ, Hello Mr. XYZ are some of the prime examples which work fine in greeting a person with subtility from the very first line inside the email.

In fact, once the reader knows that you are not a scammer, he or she will definitely read your emails. And if you have structured it right, your cold emails will convert into deals very soon.

3. Focus On The Overall Structure Of The Email

There are many proven tactics which you can apply to the structure while you write cold emails to someone for business or networking purpose.

Some of which are:

(BAB) Before-After-Bridge:

Amongst the 3 main paragraphs of your email, you need to be able to deliver the 3 kinds of situations. The 1st paragraph denotes the current situation of the client.

The 2nd one defines where they will be after their status enhances to a better tangent in the market.

And finally, when the excitement of the reader is piqued, you bring in the 3rd paragraph stating how you will act as a bridge for them to reach to that point.

PAS (Problem/ Agitate/ Solve):

You must know this that fear sells the most in the market. That is one of the reasons that the word Insurance is the most expensive keyword.

So, one of the most prominent tactics to frame cold emails is to start pitching from the problem that the customer might not be aware of yet. Then the next paragraph should be about emphasising a weak point. This could be a side effect or consequence of the problem.

Lastly, you need to provide a solution to alleviate the tension that the first two paragraphs have invited in the mindset of the reader.

Therefore, at the end of the email, the reader or the potential client will be compelled to talk to you soon about the same. And that is how smoothly you can convert your cold emails into the real deals.

There are more such techniques, which you can apply as per the need of the hour. But the clarity to use those strategies comes with time and experience.

4. End An Email With A Call-To-Action Note

Experienced marketers and copywriters never leave a conversation close-ended through the emails. You should follow the same strategy as a copywriter.

Always leave scope for the client or the reader to contact you back—even if they no longer have a deal for you.

And how can you do so? Obviously, by using the CTAs or the call to action sentences at the end of the email.

For example, looking forward to hearing from you; do let me know, if the proposal is clear or if there is any doubt; we are waiting for your intelligence response.

This list would not end as long as you can put your creative mind into writing these CTAs.

A nice and generic CTA would impress the client to ask you further query.

The reader will be immediately engrossed in striking a conversation with you. And if that happens, we presume half of the battle is definitely won.

We all know how difficult it is to get a response from a customer.

CTAs help you or any copywriter to build up a bridge between the two parties. After that, a conversation can normally start and then you will have to pitch the product & services accordingly.

It might sound easy, but it takes a lot of missed-opportunities to finally get the vocabulary right for a perfect CTA.

And the best way to get a response via a CTA is to know beforehand what kind of customer you are up against.

Once that is sorted out, the type of CTA you write will result in the next conversation for sure.

5. Do Not Forget To Try Follow-ups!

Another thing that is most important if you wish to convert cold emails into sales, are the follow-ups. For every client to feel like a privileged customer, you need to treat the same way.

Doing follow-ups while you write cold emails increases your chances to retrieve the lost opportunities.

Therefore, it is suggested to send a gentle reminder to the customer after a week or 10 days.

If you follow this regime in your email marketing tactics, your customers will start counting on you for crucial decisions. They will know that you are keeping track of deliverables, and hence they would need not to worry about the closure of the deals.

In short, that is how you start gaining the trust of the clients and your dear customers, even when they have bagged or contacted through cold emails in the beginning.

But you need to keep in mind not to drop them an email every other day. It can be equally annoying.Find a perfect balance and surely your sales will rise when your clients begin to seek out in the time of need.

Once you go through this article in case you want to send and test emails on localhost you can click on the link and check on how to do it.

How to Grow Your Customers With Email Marketing Campaigns?

Grow your customers email marketing campaigns

The following steps will help you to grow your customers with email marketing.

Different business organizations sent emails regularly to their clients to promote their offers, campaign and spread brand awareness.

This type of marketing strategy is termed as an email marketing campaign.

If used effectively, this action will prompt the recipients of the emails to take actions based on the emails which further will help in generating leads that could be turned into real sales.

This form of strategy also helps in building a better customer relationship that would help in the growth of the business.

Set marketing goals

Every marketing strategy set certain goals so determine their effectiveness and progress concerning them. The common goals set for email marketing strategy are

  • To encourage visitors to become subscribers so that they can build a long-term better customer relationship with them.
  • Promoting their products and services to them to generate leads and initiate a sale.
  • Taking care of existing subscribers by offering them the products, services or information that would of value to them.
  • Engaging inactive subscribers
  • Grouping subscribers so that more target-based email marketing campaign can be carried out.

Create an email list of targeted audience

Every business developed product or information or services keeping their target audience in mind. If the audience finds the site to be interesting and offer the contents they seek, they are likely to subscribe to the site for staying updated about their promotional offers.

To grow your customers with email marketing, brands can make an email list of these subscribers to send them emails regularly with the various offers and updates. This way of email marketing will help in the growth of the customer base for a business.

Different types of emails

To use email marketing campaign successfully, it is important that organizations should understand the different types of email practices. If they only focus on sending promotional offers, the subscribers might start to avoid their emails. To build a long-term relationship, apart from promotional emails, brands might engage in sending following types of emails to their subscribers

  • Welcome messages
  • Confirmation regarding signing up for subscriber
  • Sending weekly newsletter and various relevant information that would be useful for the subscribers
  • Acknowledging any form of changes made in terms of information of the subscriber
  • Confirming order and purchases when a sale is made followed by dispatch updates and others.

Use of technology

To grow your customers with email marketing, various tools can help create successful marketing campaigns. These tools include features such as

  • Creating campaigns including workflows and templates
  • Grouping the audience into various sections
  • Scheduling emails and updates
  • Integration with different software such as WordPress and many others.
  • Providing detailed analytics in terms of performance of the campaign

Create Optin Forms

Optin forms are quite effective in catching the attention of the visitors and encourage them to sign up to the site. Following are some of the common types of optin forms.

  • Welcome gates
  • This type of optin forms appears when somebody visits a site. Brands can also use page slide feature that will help the visitors to move to the content whenever they are ready.

  • Exit-intent popups
  • Not every visitor turns into subscribers. However, businesses can use exit-intent popups for the visitors who intend to leave the site shortly after visiting them. These popups generally study the behavior of the visitors and present them a targeted campaign the moment they are about to leave the site. This technique can further help in converting visitors to lead and subsequent sales.

  • Lightbox popups
  • This type of forms can appear on any page and they blank out the remaining content temporarily for bringing the focus of the visitors on the optin form. They are also great in the conversion of the visitors.

Emphasize on the design of email marketing

To grow your customers with email marketing, it is important to provide a lot of attention to the design of the emails. As more and more people are using mobile devices to access their emails, it is important to select a responsive email template that can resize the emails according to the devices they are accessing it from whether it is a phone or a tablet or a desktop.

Besides, many people disable images while reading emails. Hence, it is advised to use more text than images in emails. While images can make emails attractive, however, if one cannot view them, it would not be of any use. Therefore, it would be wise to add text contents to serve the purpose of the emails. Otherwise, they can also add alt tags to describe the images. This might prompt the people who have disabled the images to enable them, which will improve the appearance of the emails.

Test and track email marketing campaign

While sending email to target audience acts as a first step to grow your customers with email marketing, it is important to collect data to determine the campaign progress and find out how to improve the future campaigns. In this regard, brands are required to check and test every aspect of these campaigns. It includes designs and layout of emails, the subject lines of the campaign, a copy of the email marketing, and the actions taken. It is also important to test the emails sent to different sections of the audience and also experiment with the timings when the emails are sent.

Besides, brands should also use email analytics from the email service provider to monitor the clicks, opens, unsubscribes, etc. This type of data will help them in understanding which marketing approach is effective and which is not. It is also advised to use ‘sender score’ to identify whether there are any red flags that are preventing the emails to reach the inbox of their subscribers.

All the above-mentioned steps would help in growing the customer base for any brand with the help of email marketing. It would be useful to identify inactive subscribers and encourage them to get engaged in different actions on the site. Though if the attempts fail, it would be better to remove them from the email list. Instead of having a large number of inactive subscribers, it will be beneficial for email marketing to have less number of active subscribers.

After doing the above you should also check our article on how to make these subscribers into customers.

Web Designer vs Web Developer – What’s the Difference?

web designer vs web developer

When we talk about Web Designer vs Web Developer, they are fundamentally and functionally two different aspects of the Website Designing Process.

Like an Architect whose work is to design a building, a Website Designers use graphic designs, logo designs and icons to create a website layout that is pixel perfect and navigate the user to use the website easily.

On the other hand Web Developers are the technical architect of website; they turn the designs into live website.

What is the Difference?

Web Designer vs Web Developers is an important match up for any website company. They are equally responsible in building a website as per the client required, but there’s always a debate about the functionality of Web Designer and Web Developer. Functionally Web Designer use graphics and pictures to create a user friendly Web design. Whither the Web Developer’s job is to develop a full-fledged website from the main design layout.

What is the job of a Web Designer?

  • Web Designers need to create best user experience layout and other visual elements of website.
  • They use programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator to design the aesthetic portion of the website.
  • Website Designers build the whole website with different designing components, layouts, icons, typography.
  • They focus on the point and purpose of the website and also client’s requirement.
  • Good experience to identify the simplest approach to attract the user’s attention is necessary for a Web Designer.
  • As a Web Designer you need to have good skills in graphic design and logo design.
  • Web Designer must have knowledge in implementing animations as animations make the static web page dynamic.
  • To be a good Web Designer you must keep yourself up to date with the latest trend of Web Designing.
  • Web Designer must follow big giants like Google and Facebook to know the latest trend in design to attract more users.

Top 5 skills Web Designer must need

  • Graphic Design skills
  • Logo Design skills
  • Communicating skill
  • User Experience design
  • Adobe Animation

Web Developer

Web Developers are responsible for coding modifying websites from the layout function and as per the client’s requirement. Developers use the web language like HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JS (JavaScript) to build the design and functionality of the website.

Web Developer’s Role and Responsibility

  • Front-end Developer (Client Side Developer) is the person responsible for developing the website using web languages, and software tools. The Front-end Developers covers the elements the users see and interact with.
  • Back-end Developer (Server Side Developer) controls the server data and requests.

    For example, Users submitting a form with personal details (such as creating an account) or saving article for blog or the website requires data to be saved for making it accessible at a later stage, it means that it would also need a database connection. So the Back-end Developer use web languages like PHP and write the database queries by using languages like SQL.

  • Web Developers do not usually create mock-ups, select typography, balance colour palettes –these are usually provided by the Web Designer.

Top 5 skills Web Developer must need

  • Basic coding and markup language like CSS, HTML
  • Photoshop for Front-end Developer
  • Analytical Skills
  • SEO
  • Responsive Design

Does the Web Designer need the knowledge of web language?

When we discuss about Web Designer vs Web Developer and about their teamwork the answer is yes.

The Web Designer should not only know about designing but they also do not need to know all the web languages like JavaScript, HTML, only the basic knowledge about the fundamentals or to translate your own design into code is enough for the designer to cover the fronted Development.

Sometimes to make the teamwork effective Web Designers become familiar with the languages.

As a designer it is your advantage to know about the programming languages as these affect the designer’s workflow.

By acquiring the basics of programming languages, designers automatically improve their skills. Beside the Web Designer and the Web Developer need a strong teamwork to make the website pleasing to user’s eyes and appealing to the client.

Collaboration is the key to success

Web Designer vs Web Developer, Who is the integral part of a website company? The answer is teamwork and collaboration between the two parties is required by a website company as the company works on both design and coding.

Web Designers challenge the Web Developers to push their limits in web technologies. As a result they develop a website that can amaze the users. Teamwork and planning about a design or code create new paths of designing and development.

In reality the debate about Web Designer vs Web Developer is always a hot topic.

A lot of people become puzzled with the functionality of Web Designer and Web Developer. But at the end of the day both the designer and developer work hard to achieve a single goal.

To build a website from the initial stage the designer and developer dedicate their time, skills and creativity to make the web page successful.

When the designer needs to create a layout for the website to attract users, on the other hand the develop keeps in mind how to make it functionally perfect and user friendly.

Both web design and development require a lot of specialized skills. If you are thinking of taking Web Designing or Web Development as your career, you cannot achieve it overnight.

For Web Designing you need artistic skills as well as graphic designing skill.

And for Web Development You need technical skills and experience.

As a designer you must keep in mind the client’s website objectives and then the information architecture to set a website’s hierarchy.

Web Designers may use basic design fundamentals to make the website user experience friendly. And as a Web Developer you must use image, content sliders and animation to make the static web page dynamic.

The 10 Rules You Must Follow To Create Effective Landing Page

Effective Landing Page

To create effective landing page there are some rules one should follow:

Landing Page is a page made for a specific audience with one very specific conversion goal. A page with one purpose and one goal use some methods for the visitors to get into contact with the company through phone number, email or an enquiry form.

Landing pages are different from web page as they have specific purpose to serve and they are intended to gather information from visitors and sell a product. In digital marketing landing pages are used for marketing purposes or advertisement campaign. These pages are built to convert visitors into leads or clients.

Be clear be relevant

When audience visits your page two specific questions pop in their mind first. Is this for me? And second. Can I trust you?

Be precise about your stand while creating a landing page. Understand your target audience before building a landing page. To make the landing page effective use relevant headlines, visuals and colours.

Colours are important for conversion as they set the mood; they have different meanings and purpose. Colours like Yellow: it is optimistic, youthful and grabs attention.

Red is used to show energy, urgency and often used for Clearance sales.

Orange is aggressive and good for Call-To-Action buttons.

Pink is romantic and feminine and great for Woman only.

Blue is a Colour of trust and security and often used by banks and accountants.

Green is the easiest colour on eyes it is used by Wealth, Finance and Entertainment website.

There is no hard and fast rule in choosing colours but the colour you choose for your page must be visually pleasing.

Less is more

In your landing page give less choices as the more choices you present to someone the less likely they are to make choices at all. You cannot use too much options in your landing page it will distract the visitors from the main purpose of your page.

Catchy headline and sub headlines

Headlines and sub headlines are must to create effective landing pages. Always use captivating headlines, powerful words, appealing sub headlines and guarantee in your landing page to get the attention of your visitors.

Pictures and videos

In present days you have to give pictures not more than 2 and relevant video that will explain your product or service to your visitor. Do not use stock photos in your landing page, it lessen the credibility of your page. Videos should be original, not copied and should be helpful not selling the product or service.


Give a good explanation to your visitor why you do? What you do? And what makes you special and different from others. Be clear about the benefits that the customer will get from your product or service. How is the life of your customer going to be better? Should be the question ticking your mind while designing landing page.

The landing page must convey the value of your product or service to the visitor. As value creates desire, it will convert more visitors in your client. You should not be impatient or you cannot be coy. Be specific and straight about your product in the landing page.

Logical Flow

Do not use too much information at a time, go with the logical flow.

Explanation > Benefits > Testimonials > Call-to-action

Testimonials of other customers are important to create effective landing page. The testimonials should carry picture, name and address of the person to increase its value.

Multiple Methods of Contact

To create effective landing page use multiple method of contact like phone number, email address, enquiry form, social media so that the visitor can get multiple choices of contact with the company. Never use only one method of contacting as your customers are different and they prefer different methods of contact. For example: people of old age use phone number as it is convenient for them.

A good Copy to impress and express

In your landing page you must write a good copy for your visitors. If you are not capable enough then hire a pro, a copy can impress your visitor or scare your visitor. You should avoid too much information in your copy, spelling mistakes and long sentences etc. Impeccable grammar, exact content make the landing page substantial.

In your landing page how much information will make it compatible depends on the complexity of your offer and what you want visitors to do.

Ask for minimum Information

Keep it simple while creating the registration form. The longer your enquiry form is, the lower your conversion rate will be. It will be hard for your audience to get your service if you ask for too information. It is nice to only ask for email address or phone number.

Test Your Visitors

There are tons of tools in market to test your landing page. Make two versions of your landing page and test which one is preferred more by your visitors; always update your landing page by changing the colour, headlines, content, pictures and videos.

By creating effective landing page you not only inform your target audience about your product or service as well as take business online through advertisment campaign.

It is an easy way to launch a new product and promote online. Sometimes it creates opportunity for you to find new customers for your product. You can link social media feed in your landing page or can lead your customer directly to the cart to buy the product.

Some company use the review option in their landing page for the new visitor to get information and clear idea through the reviews.

As everyone says First impression is the best impression, making a great first impression is essential for landing page to the new subscribers.

They must not feel uneasy or confused by the page. Easy set up, offers and free trials are some business traits that compel the audience.

Simple yet appealing and powerful landing pages capture attention and create desire in your visitor’s mind to sign up and buy the product. It is the bottom line for sales and digital marketing.

If you do not know how to create a landing page then you should visit our article.

Planning migration of e-Commerce website? Tips for smooth migration

migration of e-commerce website

If you have decided on the migration of e-commerce website, you are most probably already familiar with this.

When you migrate any website, it is never easy. Same is the case with an e-commerce website. You have to keep in mind the challenges that are going to come in the way of this migration as this is a very tricky task.

When you are planning on the movement, there will be roadblocks and issues regarding which you need to be careful..

Why would you even want a migration in the first place? This is the first and foremost question to answer.

The movement may be to opt for a platform that is more promising in terms of managing your increasing needs – a newer, better, and faster platform.

However, before you make any finalizing decision, there are a lot of checks that need to be made.

One of the biggest concerns when deciding a migration plan is to choose between an open-source and a commercial tool.

This concern is a significant dilemma to work consider.

A lot of factors need to be found here. These include but are not limited to payment plans or ERP and order management. Deciding upon these factors will result in the best-suited tool for your website.

Another significant and quite surprising factor to consider when planning a migration is the market that is targeted.

Flexibility is necessary for the technology because it affects the volume of the customer base, and also another reason is the tool itself with its ability to manage local news.

This local news consists of the delivery time, the time required for shipment together with the cost, the sales tax and consideration of VAT, etc.


A very decisive factor is the tool’s ability to provide a multi-channel experience supporting multiple currencies and locations. The better players in the e-commerce space are those that offer advanced price optimization, data mining, and analytical capabilities.
First of all, let us take a quick look at how migration takes place.

The following is the list of steps that you need to follow to help in the movement of your website generally.

Summarizing a migration:

  1. Choose a platform that works best for the business you have.
  2. Send the request for Proposals to the finalists.
  3. Make a forecast for your Revenues.
  4. Map out third-parties and Integration.
  5. Get inputs from all of the stakeholders and then test out the platform.
  6. Start launching the migration of your e-commerce website.
  7. For testing, relaunch your website.
  8. It is finally done. Time to go Live!

Now that we know how it is generally done, its time to dig deeper and understand how the planning process takes place.

Create a deployment a calendar:

Planning a migration of e-commerce website cannot be carried out as a single function. There are various functions like IT, sales, finance, customer service, marketing, and operations that need to be involved in the migration to take place. Multiple stakeholders coming from various departments need to make sure that delays are not an option, especially when they have a part by working together and understanding the migration process completely.

Change might be required for business processes:

With a faster and newer platform being introduced, the automated processes might start to increase, and the manual may be decreased. As a result, there might be a need for you to revise your business processes to keep them up to the mark. However, it is not enough to only change the business processes.

These processes have to be tested thoroughly by those who them. It is necessary to set up the new e-commerce website’s functionality and framework according to the desired plugins. The processes in work have to be tested and validated by the organization to check the amount of custom coding that is required.

Taking Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into consideration:

migration e-Commerce Website

When planning the migration of e-commerce website, we need to understand the fact that newly migrated websites often drop in their rankings.

To avoid this dip in the ranking for the site, we need to properly plan the migration with an SEO expert who can help us out by keywords, etc. to lower the effect of the movement.

For example, in cases where there is a URL change, the 301 redirects will make sure that maximum traffic is retained and there is link popularity.

We also have a helpful article regarding migration of website without hurting SEO.

Setting up of metrics:

After the migration of e-commerce website is completed, there needs to be a check on how successful the movement was. To keep a check, you need to specify several parameters either for the successor for the failure. The stakeholders shall decide to identify the most crucial factors that will be the basis of judgment for whether the migration was a failure or a success.

Training of your users:

Admittedly, we all know that the hardest part of any change is the acceptance of the change. Usually, the employees in any organization are not a big fan of changes, and they resist it. However, if the employees are provided with a thorough training program. There will be a higher acceptance of the difference in the platform. Let me tell you a golden rule here. Make sure the training sessions are regular and a little early to keep up the excitement for the change among the employees.

Summing it all up:

Looking for someone to help you plan migration of an e-commerce website? Need help to make a smoother transition? Indeed, the most essential thing that you need to seek is help from a solution provider that covers all the points as mentioned above. So go ahead and properly plan your transition so that it does not affect your ratings and help you perform better at the newer platform that you have chosen for your site, wither an open-source or a commercial one. Good Luck with the migration!

How Email Marketing can boost Startup Companies

Email Marketing

The potential of startup businesses is tested during its initial years. It is during those few years startups struggle to build their consumer base as also to keep their profit margins high. To achieve these goals, startups resort to various business strategies and email marketing is one of them.

If this tactic is adopted by the startup Companies from the initial stages then it is highly unlikely that the business cannot survive in the competitive market.

Email market campaigns need the help of various ESPs or email service providers to reap the benefits of email campaigns. There are myriads of ESPs available and choosing the most appropriate one for your startup business demands a sheer understanding of digital marketing.

A digital marketer may help you choose the most appropriate ESP for your business.
But how does email market campaigning boost up startups? All your queries would be answered here.

Attract potential customers

When you send bulk emails to the list of subscribers, you are actually landing your launches to multiple email inboxes all at once. Modern users keep on checking their emails every alternate second and if your email has something exciting to do with, then it will definitely get noticed.

Email marketing helps you to get exposure not only in your country but all across the world with the help of just a few clicks and a little digital marketing sense. You will be able to diversify your consumer base and also drive more web traffic to your website. During the initial years when you hardly have connections with your customers and investors, this marketing strategy is a breeze of fresh air to all your struggles.

Subscribers count

When a startup Company resorts to ESPs, they are rest assured that the strategies of email marketing would be formulated by the ESPs themselves. They just need to seal the contract the get the campaign going. The company decides the total number of subscribers they need, and then the digital marketers with the help of ESPs create the targeted subscribers’ list that they think would positively respond to the Company mails.

The subscribers are the targeted customers to whom the Company sends the bulk emails in the hope that the emails would be reciprocated from their ends as well. But startup companies should make sure that the content of the emails ensure high readability and should have the capacity to engage the subscribers. The content should be short and simple without any word jargons, otherwise, it may be reported as spam by the subscribers and they even block your Company from sending them further emails.

Gripping template designs

Email campaigns are sent in well-designed templates provides by the ESPs. These default templates have the power to attract the subscribers’ attention as to drive the web traffic to your webpage. Startup companies need to present themselves in an interesting manner so as to grab the attention of the investors and customers.

Email marketing is a way to boost up the startup business by delivering interesting contents. When startup Companies look got ESPs, they also get additional benefits like DIY templates. So, as a digital marketer and web developer, if you are keen to design your own email template, you can do that as well. There are drag and drop options available wherein you can add images and videos to enhance the visual appeal of the emails.

Finding the target audience

For startup Companies email campaigning is just a trial and error method, wherein there are 50-50 chances of hit and miss. Some subscribers will click and some will just delete your emails not even looking at it.

It helps the business to categorize the list of subscribers into various groups depending on certain benchmarks. Then sending the bulk emails to only those groups who will positively respond to the emails. Not every email has the same importance to everyone. Categorizing saves both time and energy of the startup Companies.

So, knowing your target audience is very crucial during the initial phase of doing business. Email campaigns help the Startup Companies to know the audience in the best possible way. It helps them to know about their tastes and preferences, the problems they are facing, the means they are looking forward to improving their experiences, etc. Once your Company has all this information, it can formulate plans that can effectively cater to the needs of the customers.

Retaining existing customers or build a new customer base

Every Company should share a cordial relationship with its customers. This is true in case of startup companies as well. Once the startups have survived one or two years striving along with its tough competitors, it means it has somehow created a customer base, does not matter how big it is. But now it is high time to retain those customers no matter what. For this purpose, startup businesses resort to email campaigns in a great way.

Companies may send regular newsletters every morning with the names of the customers printed on them so as to show the customers how special they are to the Company. Or the Company may send event invitations for some product launches or new arrivals to please the customers. This way the existing customer base can be retained.

The company also in many cases create the new subscriber’s list for scratch. For this, it needs to collect relevant information about the customers which is again not possible without email campaigning.

Email marketing is a part of online marketing but its essence in marketing is still not prevalent among marketers due to various reasons. With a little or no investment at all, this form of digital marketing, the yields are manifold.

From generating leads to connecting with investors to improving user experiences, it does them all. It is a marketing tool that is infused into the business strategies of the startup Companies to drive the sales and revenue of the business as also to bolster the position of the business to strive in the competition.

10 Tips for Writing Emails That Will Get You Tangible Results

tips for writing emails

Following are the 10 important tips for writing emails efficiently to achieve the targeted results.

Email marketing is one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing strategy followed by brands and business organization. They send emails regularly to their existing as well as potential customers updating them about their ongoing or upcoming promotional offers, or sending them newsletters, etc. The main purpose of this form of marketing is to develop a long-term better customer relationship and also encourage them to make a purchase.

Explain the benefits

The objective behind sending regular emails to the customers or prospects is to encourage them to take action. It can be promoting various products or services so that they make a purchase, or download any free eBook, or motivate them to provide referrals, etc. To achieve this goal, brands are required to explain their email recipients about how they could be benefitted from their products and services. This angle is much more important than highlighting the qualities or features of the same. The benefits explained in the mail will drive the customers towards taking a decision.

Make it unique

To not only survive in the industry but also for the growth and expansion of business it is very important to stay ahead of your competitors. Hence, while explaining the benefits, they are required to highlight the difference in the email content as well. For instance, they need to make their customers or potentials aware that the benefits they can enjoy from a particular brand will be unique in every sense from other brands. It can be in terms of price, features, or discounts, etc. Unless the brands highlight these aspects, the customers will never gain an understanding of the same.

Identify the audience

To make proper use of the tips for writing emails, the brands are needed to recognize their audience. To address every concern of their customers, it is important that they understand who their actual recipients are. It can be based on demographics such as their gender, location, age, employment status, position in a company or seniority level. It can also be based on their interests, preference, habits, activities, etc. Many times brand often carried out surveys on their visitors to gather more information about them. These facts could be put to good use while forming email contents for them.

Personalized email content

Personalized emails are known to have a better impact than impersonal mass emails. Therefore, while forming the email content, it is advised to address each customer individually by adding their first names. This will make them feel special and they will be interested in the contents of the mail. Besides, grouping different customers based on several aspects and creating contents for each group can also be an effective approach for writing emails. For instance, the email content for an existing customer will not be the same as the one that has been addressed to a person who has recently subscribed to the site. This same thing applies to people belonging to different age group or gender. The subject line and the body of the text is also an important aspect for writing emails.

Focus on ‘You’

After identifying the target audience and addressing personalized emails to them, a useful tip for writing emails is to focus on the words used in the emails. Needless to say, every business focuses on its target audience. That is the reason why the content of the email should highlight on the customers. For instance, using the word ‘we’ would represent the company whereas, using the word ‘you’ would provide attention to the customers.

Structure of the email

Reports have shown that the number of mobile users across the globe is growing continuously. Therefore, it is advised that the brands should optimize the structure and the content of the email so that it could be readable from all types of devices such as a mobile, tablet or a desktop. They can use bulleted points to draw attention to key aspects, and use headings and subheading. This type of structure is more appealing than using long paragraphs.

Include a call-to-action

Call-to-action or CTA is an important aspect of email marketing. Instead of adding a regular link, the inclusion of a CTA button can improve the conversion rates. The brands must make it clear for their audience the type of action they need to take after reading the emails. The CTA should be action-based, specific, and persuasive, creates a sense of urgency and should have a strong visual effect.

Proofread the content

One of the most important tips for writing emails is to proofread the content before sending them. The team responsible for sending emails should check any grammatical or typo errors in an email and rectify it. Emails with these types of mistakes appear unprofessional and they might create a wrong impression about the brands. Many errors checking tools are available that could be of great help in this regard. Often, it is difficult to find out the mistakes by the one who have composed the email; hence it is advised to ask for the help of another team member to find out the errors.

Follow up

A useful tip for writing emails is to send follow up emails regularly. Most of the time, potential customers might not respond or take any action based on a single email. For this purpose, the brands must be persistent but they should not push their potential customers as it will be harmful to their business. It is better to take some time before sending follow up emails, and even if they do not respond, they should send newsletters from time to time before removing them from their email list.

Use a professional signature

Brands must include a professional signature while sending emails. They can include the company logo, website link, various social media buttons, etc. This type of signature helps in improving the impression of a brand in the mind of customers.

Reports showed that buying decision of most of the customers is influenced by these forms of email marketing. Hence, the above-mentioned tips for writing emails will help in achieving better business results.

These as well as our article for tips for better email performance will also help you get the most out of your emailers.

5 Tips for Better Email Marketing Performance

email marketing performance

Email marketing is a part of digital marketing that converts prospects into real-time customers. Getting the email marketing performance right requires a blend of both art and science. Still, the essence of email marketing remains unexplored in some sectors and the businesses still rely on direct mails and other offline advertisement strategies to drive their sales and revenue. Now it is high time that the businesses should focus on digital marketing strategies and email marketing is one of them. But how to improve the email campaigns so that there is no looking back for the companies. Here are some tips discussed that may help you come in terms of email marketing.

Personalize your emails

Every customer wants to be treated specially. When you personalize your emails by including the customers’ first name it sends out a signal of care to the customers as such, he is a very special customer. It also helps to engage the customers so that they feel the urge to at least open your email and read the first few lines. The rest all depends on how gripping the content of the email is. Normally the average attention capacity of a young adult is less than 3 seconds. So, the content of the email should seem interesting throughout in order to grab the attention of the readers. The customers as such will not read your mail line by line. Instead, they would just scan through the content for something interesting.

Apart from the interesting content, using emojis in your email improve the email marketing performance to a great extent. Using emojis attach a fun element to your content especially if you add emojis in the subject line of the emails. It will help your email to stand out in the competition by increasing the open rate of your emails.

Apply principles of scarceness

This s a common human nature to want more for those things that are scarcely available. Human satiety is a very rare thing and people want those things more than they can never owe. Therefore, in order to make a product appear exclusive, the only tactic that you need to apply as a business owner is to limit that product to only a few people. This will send a psychological signal to the customers about the specialty of the product due to which it has a great demand and consequently running short in supply. Likewise sending an offer email to only some specific customers helps increase the conversion rates and aims at greater consumer engagement. Therefore, sending exclusive mails to the recipients creates a sense of scarceness thereby enticing customers to respond to your emails more actively.

Admit your faults

Admitting your faults takes you one step ahead in improving the overall email marketing performance. Mistakes do happen and it is very common in the case of email marketing. Whether it is due to broken lines, or due to personalization errors or due to incorrect information, the best way to deal with such issues is to admit your faults. Just send a correction mail addressing and admitting your faults to the recipients who have reported about error mails.

Common Email marketing mistakes also have been discussed in another article of ours.

There is no point arguing over faulty emails because at the end of the day it is your business that will suffer if you do not deal with such issues affably with your customers. Out of rage they may delete all your emails without even looking at them and may even block your account from sending any further emails from your end. This will negatively impact your customer base and decrease the open rates exponentially.

You should understand the fact, every customer has the right to know where exactly the email went wrong and as a Company, you are bound to answer all their queries to solve the confusions till the customers are satisfied. This also helps Companies to humanize their products and services.

Avoid spam words

Avoiding certain words in your email content that are by default considered as spam words is a great way to improve your email marketing performance. There are spam filters that readily identify spam words and prevent them from reaching to the mailbox of the recipients. Nowadays, spam filters are getting more sophisticated that allow only genuine contents from reaching to the audiences. Still there are times when genuine contents are mistaken to be spam mails because spammers sometimes use certain words that businesses feel comfortable to use.

Therefore, to improve your email marketing performance, you need to minimize the use of such spam words. For example, if your email contains words like “50% off”, or “bargain”, the email will automatically go to the spam folder of the recipients. But if your email demands a typical spam word, make sure not to use more than 2 spam words, one in the content and the other in the subject line of your email. This will prevent your email from being blacklisted.

Optimize mobile readability of your emails

If reports are to be believed, more than 46% of the young population find it convenient to open emails on their phones and another 59% open their emails on other devices like tablets or notes. Very few percentages of the population still use their desktops for opening emails. Given this ratio, to improve the readability of your emails you need to optimize the mobile visibility of your emails. For this, you need to optimize the fonts and pixels of your email so that it looks good when the readers open it from their mobile phones. Keep the design well under 600 pixels and the fonts between 13 to 14 pixels.

To grab the reader’s attention and to urge them to read your emails till the end you need to add something interesting to offer to your customers so that they feel engaged while reading your emails. Email marketing if properly implemented can drive a lot of web traffic by increasing the open rates of the emails. An email service provider can help you achieve your business goals by proper implementation of digital marketing strategies.

7 Email Marketing Funnel Ideas for Turning More Subscribers into Customers

email marketing funnel ideas

Here are some of the best Email Marketing Funnel Ideas

At present days email advertising logics are made to spur subscribers to invest in the advertised product or complete another activity. Sending exceptionally focused customized messages is fundamental to your prosperity with regards to enhancing your email marketing. Ensure the activities you need your subscribers to take are amazingly pertinent and not irrelevant, or the suggestion you provide to take action ought to be plentifully clear.

Free exhibit

In the Email Marketing Funnel Ideas, free exhibit/demos are frequently offered for complex items, especially software-as-a-service (SaaS) items that individuals need to find the preview for better comprehension. In addition to the fact that people have to provide their contact data and email for a free demo, yet they likewise need to talk with a sales representative. This is indeed not a generally risk-free recommendation for all individuals, but free demos are typically used to move leads from the client’s researching stage of your ad to a customer and/or testimony stage.

When somebody pursues a free demo, you should make them feel great by that choice. Send a progression of messages that affirms the demo time and clarifies what exactly demo is about. Catch up with an update message before and after the demo, send interesting relevant messages with valuable data, guiding links, reviews, contextual investigations and other factors that will evacuate any hindrances in gaining a customer.

Change your concentration from deals-based to help-based

Nowadays, numerous advertisers view email promotion by effective landing page, fundamentally as a product or feature of service. They show their most recent deals, and after that ask them to get the deal. In any case, even with incredible offers and campaigns, clients are getting exhausted with the exposure of offer pitches.

Given that rather than continually hurling attempts to seal the deals to flow only to current and prospective clients, give content that includes esteem, for example, valuable data about a subject or issue without forcing about a specific product or service.

By giving helpful information in your subject matter, clients will be increasingly keen on opening your messages that drive more people to your site or web-based social media profiles is best email marketing funnel ideas. Besides, when you join this with giving connects to your social media accounts, by that you are likewise allowing your clients to communicate and react with you regarding those matters, which can expand your client’s commitment and brand regarding your ad.

Switch from mass mailings to fragmented, directed and focused marketing

You can see more brands withdrawing from the one-message-for-one-audience way to deal with email for little, behavior-based mailings.

Social media has demonstrated to us the importance of establishing a relationship with clients, and with brilliant style, email marketing conveys that immeasurably significant content on a bigger scale, investigate more focused welcome notes, shopping cart campaigns and lifecycle messaging and study the maximum reaction rates gained by them.”

Advertisers gather the client’s essential information apart from contact data. By gathering the client’s interests, advertisers can section their listings and convey content that is significantly more captivating, important and customized to the recipient.

Rewarding programs

Make rewarding programs that reward your most faithful clients is one of the email marketing funnel ideas. For example, you can make a campaign that is activated depending on the subscriber’s activities. When the subscriber gives any sale for the first, second, or any number of times you pick messages must be sent to clarify how the rewarding program functions and make the client feel like a unique customer from other customers.

Remember, faithful clients can turn into your most vocal brand advocates, so make sure to sustain them utilizing customized, dynamic information. Offer a deal when an email recipient joins the program to transform them into a verified customer immediately.

Try not to limit your email marketing to your effective landing page only. Email subscription options are commonly put up on to a site’s footer or almost unseen by and many people, That will not get numerous new clients to you. Advertisers need to get bolder with regards to requesting email addresses. Consider including pop-up email signups on your landing page, and setting an email subscription form or links to subscription on Facebook and YouTube.

Special deals and promotions

Commonly, from the effective landing page customers aim for getting the product or service but need one more boost to make that successful. This is not a joke since competition has increased nowadays.

For people, it is easy to decline an offer until that offer is not a significant or fundamental one to them. To give people on your mailing list that additional boost, make extraordinary offers and campaigns that are sent when visitors see relevant pages on your site or on some dates for occasional or products dependent on time.

Communicate something specific advertising the deal or campaign and catch up with extra messages reminding people when the offer finishes and why they would prefer not to decline the offer. They are keen on the extraordinary offer. Countdown deal in these messages works incredibly well to expand the reaction rate.

Strategical selling or complementary selling

The ideal time to display corresponding products to a client is the point at which they’re effective email marketing funnel ideas in giving a sale on your site. Remember to offer such corresponding products when the transaction is finished. You can make Strategical selling or complementary selling in which your messages ought to present the corresponding product or service, clarify for what reason they’re ideal supplements to the product or service they got and incorporate client reviews. You can even incorporate an extraordinary deal to support your sales.

Marketing from subscribers

Almost each of your subscribers is associated with other individuals on the web and outside the web, which means your fame can probably reach far only on the chance that you make marketing from subscribers or refer a friend program through email marketing.

These programs can be revealed after somebody on your site makes a successful transaction or some other time you can pick. Your messages ought to clarify how the program functions and what do they get for referring your product or service. Ensure they can share it on the web and outside the web. To make this into a successful marketing strategy, offer an uncommon discount to people who will refer. Also, if you find a lot of scam referrals you can do non-virtual offline marketing for better identity details of customers.

Do note that, faithful clients can turn into your most vocal brand builders, so make sure to sustain them utilizing customized, dynamic products and services. Offer a deal when people join the program toget better success with your work.

The above techniques also improve your email marketing performance and lead you to get the better out of people conversions and interaction by way of emailing.

How to send and Test WordPress Emails On Localhost?

Test and send email WordPress localhost

How to send and test WordPress emails on localhost?

One of the initial things you can learn about WordPress and its usage is its installation on localhost. Working with WordPress and its plugins, extensions, themes and templates can be convenient if you have WordPress installed on your own computer.

It is otherwise called the setting up of localhost or local server environment for development, testing and checking purposes.

Once, you have your WordPress installed on your personal PC or Computer, you might want to try a variety of options and controls it offers you.

One of the primary features you can familiarize with is the procedure of sending and testing emails in a localhost.

You can use email sending functionality for a range of reasons, starting from emails as a notification for a new user registration, reset of a password, automatic updates to sending out emails when something happens on your website, for example, a new post is published.

While the functionality of WordPress to send emails is of primary importance for your website, in this article let’s go through the stages of how a WordPress site owner can send and test emails in a localhost.

For certain reasons, using the default method of sending WordPress emails can be a daunting task with lots of errors. Basically, PHP mail function is responsible for sending emails generates from your WP website. However, your WP hosting server is not properly configured to exercise this functionality. Another basic reason is that the major WP hosting companies use different methods to restrict email spam.

Under such conditions, one of the productive ways to send and test emails in localhost is via SMTP method.

Getting SMTP functionality and setting it up in your WordPress can be somehow laborious, but it’s worth it. Once you have the job done, you are to enjoy boundless of its advantages. It will bring you more stabilized and dependable framework to work on and send your emails freely.

Let’s start with the necessity of finding and installing the relevant plugin. You can use the plugin called WP Mail SMTP / (Alternative way is via the plugin named Easy WP SMTP /

It will let you configure wp_mail() function to use SMTP instead and send and test emails in localhost with the help of SMTP server.

After the installation and activation of the plugin, you need to go to its setting page to get started. Select Settings, then Email for certain configuration options.

At this point, you will be provided with Advanced Email Options. Let’s take a quick look at each of them and find out what they configure.

From Email: Specify the email to send your emails from
From Name : Specify the name you would like your emails to be sent from
Mailer : Choose to Send all WordPress emails via SMTP
Return Path : Choose to set the return-path to match the From Email or not
SMTP Host : The hostname of you SMTP Server
SMTP Port : The port on which your server works
Encryption: Choose between no encryption, use SLL encryption and Use TLS encryption
Username and Password: The Username and Password of your SMTP server respectively.

When you are done with those options, click Save and the basic configuration is done! However, there is an additional small task to complete to finalize the process. You need to go to your Gmail account settings and enable Access for less secure Apps.
Actually, this method will smoothly work with the majority of email providers. In case you are using your host to create emails, SMTP integration with WordPress will also work stunningly. In this case you need to go to cPanel, find Email section and configure SMTP settings from there. You don’t need to worry about unexpected issues, since you are well aware of what you are giving access to.

Once the above specified steps are taken and the required configuration is completed, it’s time to send and test emails when you are on localhost. For this we have Testing and Debugging Settings section to use. Fill the required information, like the email address of the recipient, subject of email (like test, for testing or whatever you wish), as well as the text of message (again optional). Click Send Test Email and check the results.

You can use your own email to quickly check whether everything is working properly. Enter your email in the recipient section and check whether you receive the relevant mail.
Another option is to leave a post comment and check whether you receive email notification. Naturally, this method works if you have activated Email Me Whenever Anyone Posts a Comment setting.

The next well developed and easy to digest plugin ready to enable you to send and test emails in localhost is called Postman SMTP Mailer-Email Log. (You can find it in WordPress repository of plugins: It is an improved and updated version of other SMTP methods which is in full compliance with modern security standards.

All in all, it comes with easy installation and setup processes for the WordPress user of any background. The installation and activation processes are as usual, including finding the relevant plugin via the Plugins menu. Then you need to select “Start the Wizard” and you’ll find the needed instructions to eliminate possible errors in configuration.

With this plugin you may also manually configure password authentication and oauth 2.0 authentication. However, these will need a higher level of coding knowledge and will be convenient for advanced WP users.

As for the other pluses of Postman SMTP Mailer-Email Log, it grants you with connectivity test to reveal any setup errors catering to server, International Alphabets, HTML Mail and Multipart support, as well as SMTPS and STARTTLS security Support.

As for other compatible and highly reliable plugins to send and test emails in a localhost, you can find SMTP Mailer Plugin by Mail Bank among them ( This one is also preferable for its easy installation process and further configuration options providing you with a simple way of sending your emails while using PHP mailer or SMTP server.

Well there are many developers and i think almost all of them who like to work on local server in their machine and then take their work online.

Similarly WordPress developers also like to keep their work local on localhost. The only problem working on localhost is that contact forms or anything related to emails can’t be tested and hence only for this part placing the entire code online seems a bit of trouble.

Comes to the rescue: WP Mail SMTP

Download this plugin into your localhost and activate the plugin.

Inside Settings>Email you can configure the plugin.

smtp settings

Place From Email (can be your gmail,hotmail or any email address you want to use), From Name.

In mailer section select Send all WordPress emails via SMTP.

Return Path you can check.

For SMTP settings of gmail, yahoomail, outlook and hotmail refer to the below links and i am sure you will be able to set up using those settings.





Once settings have been saved, kindly click on test message and check if test message is working.

NOTE: It is really important to have an active internet connection to check SMTP Mails. However advantage is you can check emails using localhost now and do not need to place the site LIVE for checking emails.

When you are using WordPress then you are already aware that there are many functionalities that are available to you.

The users most often get worried about connecting their devices and WordPress in a manner that they can create a great support. They are always looking for support systems which can help them in doing things right and adding to the functions they enjoy and increasing the functionality of the website. The idea of WordPress is to ensure that they provide support to users in all small and big queries the use of the support system is thus highly popular.

Now think about when you have to send mail from localhost you will find it confusing. It is not so and there are simple support steps available to make the whole process easy and time-saving for you.

When you have WordPress on your system then you would definitely want to try so many things on it. One of the most popular and required features is sending emails. There are many occasions where these emails are sent out

1. New user registration alert.
2. Reset of password
3. Update emails for generating awareness.
4. Information about the website
5. Call to action

Now you would definitely want to send an email using great content and will be disappointed to see it thrown in the spam folder. It is very common that the emails send via PHP mail functions are open to such threats. The use of the email localhost by WordPress thus becomes a suitable option here.

The send mail from localhost using the plug-in is the best-known source till now. You will start by installing the plug-in like any other plug-in. Go to WordPress and the to add plug-in- choose WP mail SMTP and install. You will then have to activate the plug-in on the local server. Now for the configuration you should go to settings and then email.

You will see a screen here with the first option ‘from email’ you will have to enter your Gmail address here. The next is ‘your name’ this is the name which will be used as the sender’s name. You can write WordPress here as right now you are testing the whole process. This step will help you with easy identification. The next is the mailer option; here choose ‘send all WordPress emails via SMTP.

The next step now is to configure the Gmail’s SMTP server to send emails. The field where SMTP server is mentioned enter for entering 587 in the port field. The encryption can be set to TLS and then click on yes to the authentication along with that provide Gmail address and password.

Save all the changes you have made and then send mail from localhost using the message box at the bottom. This text message must be in you inbox in no time and when you successfully have received the message then you know that everything is working fine.

The steps would differ slightly from other mail accounts but the process is all the same.

Ultimate Guide for You to Follow the Latest CSS Trends 2020

Latest CSS Trends
To enjoy the ultimate success of the website it is vital to stay updated with the latest CSS trends 2020. With this, you will get to know what can help you and what can break your website’s success. So, don’t you think it is important?

If yes, then this article is for you guys. Creating and developing a website is not just about having creative skills, it also required technical knowledge. And the website is a combination of both. Thus, things like layouts, animations, graphics, and more can revamp your website appearance and feel.

You may already know CSS is the perfect way to add spice to your website along with attractive layouts. With CSS you have the power to turn your boring webpage into the stunning look that better the user’s experience.

If you are new on this website, you have a lot of expectations to do. You want to live up with your expectations, therefore we have shared the latest CSS trends 2020 with you that help to better your website performance as well as profits.

Are you excited to know all these? So, let us get started!

What Is CSS & How This Helps Your Website?

The CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets that led emphasis on Style. This comes under various document styles as layouts, designs, colors, and fonts. This brings style and appearance to your site that mainly interacts with HTML elements. This helps to manage your multiple web pages at a time without hassle.

If you haven’t use CSS yet, then you are missing the best out of your site. It is a relatively easy language to learn and produce great content and style of the website. Here are some advantages that you need to check.

Benefits of CSS

  • Offer great evenness in design
  • Give faster downloading time
  • Boost SEO
  • Give easy designs and perfect layouts for a website
  • Give faster accessibility
  • Easy to maintain and update
  • Have numbers of formatting options

2020 CSS Trends

If you would like to know about CSS trends then must read out the following:

1. CSS Grid

Before the CSS Grid, Flexbox is the most popular and widely used layout. According to Google, about 84% of web pages have used the Flexbox layout at the end of 2018. With the beginning of New Year 2019 to 2020 CSS Grid takes the place of CSS Flexbox. It is an amazing CSS trend that can handle both rows and columns easily.

Use of CSS Sprites

It is a robust system comes with fantastic layouts. Moreover, you have the chance to choose either rows or columns.

With this new version, the website developers find this as a unique and easy medium to design a website. Recently, the few numbers of sites are using it, but as with the increase of its features, there is a hope it will be used by tons of websites shortly.

2. CSS Writing Mode

Usually, CSS writing mode supports various alignments of the text such as left, right, top and bottom. But now, you are no longer to feel trouble while writing left to right. This new CSS writing mode version can work beyond your expectations.

For all new web designers, this can be a little easy for all because it helps to place your text in multiple directions such as top bottom and left to right. Further, it helps you to write on both horizontal and vertical aligns.

This also helps designers to show the text in both sideways even you can rotate the text in multiple designs. Also, it helps to mix the scripts as well.

3. Mobile Animation

You know that today animation is one of the best and easy ways to engage users with your site for a long time. Thus, mobile animation proved as the best tool that better the user’s engagement and increase conversion rates.


If you need an example, so why don’t we talk about YouTube. It is the largest network where you can watch the video whatever you like. The video will play in auto mode whenever you get back on YouTube.

Furthermore, the websites use numbers of graphics and animation on YouTube such as storytelling for kids, cartoons and more. Even more, smart website designers use the smart button for animations that indicate the task for an action. Checkout lastest best Animated WordPress Themes for Animation Effects and Creative Websites.

4. CSS Frameworks

CSS Frameworks are essential to work and solve queries regarding problems that occur with Front web Development. These provide a generic function that can easily be retracted for special setups. Moreover, it reduces the time of creating and developing a website.

With the change in time, the CSS frameworks also get changed and it becomes more mobile-friendly. Thus, this changing impact is not just about better user’s experience, but it is also about adding more styles, animations, layouts and more. This mainly focuses on better UX with Frameworks.

The more you have UX the more you do better and get success with your site.

Here are the few web frameworks which we can expect to see in 2020.


It has been used by millions of web companies globally. It is known as the powerful and most trusted Frameworks for better the UX. Among all, Bootstrap now comes with its 4the version with new advanced features, color schemes, and techniques.


This has been used to design an easier and responsive website that can look up amazing at any device. It is also considered as the first and the best mobile-framework application.


It is a brand new open-source responsive framework that offers various designs and styles. This is more curious about better the UX that helps to easily adjust the code and material design.

5. Scroll Snapping

It is a new and advanced feature of CSS that can manage the positions of snapping under the scroll snapping experience. With this, you will enjoy the smooth experience of creating the UX. This advanced feature is designed to make navigation and switch easier of the users while seeing products.

The scroll snapping offers great UX that allows users to switch between the products and its details with scrolling up and down rather switch to pages and scrolling page left to right.

Make sure this feature working great with your web pages. If it doesn’t then forget to use it. Moreover, you should read about all terms before using this feature.

6. Variable Fonts

Google Fonts Plugin
A variable font is a collection of numbers of fonts. It is also an emerging CSS trend in 2020. It is a set of fonts that contains bold, italic, and more features. It is also a part of OpenType Specifications.

With this, you will get every possible way in the term of designs.
Remember one thing, you can add this feature only after if your web page supporting this. Also, you need a browser that can handle the settings of this plugin.

For web designers, this CSS trend can be beneficial because they can easily resize, width, and other aspects of this. The best is you do not need to switch with variable font-weight to font-weight. With this simple tool, you will get full access to all the fonts.

The five of the best Variable Variations are:

  • Ital- This italic function is easy to enable and disable. It works differently, so the user needs to set the value with font-style CSS property.
  • Wght- weight font is easy to maintain and controls the weights of fonts. To use it, the designer needs to set its value by font-weight- CSS property.
  • Wdth- width is the third utmost value that can be edit by font-wdth-CSS property. The designer will set this value in percentage so, do it carefully?
  • Opsz- To change the optical-size of the content, you need to set the value under font-opzs- CSS settings. Well, this can be adjusted automatically according to font-size.
  • Slnt- to control the font-slant you need to change the value under the font-style-CSS property. This will adjust in numbers so enable the font as you need.

7. Animations on text

CSS also comes with its unique feature and that’s called text animation. It is all about enriching the experience of the reader. A web designer can add this feature to words that scroll on the page. With this, your user feels impressive after seeing the real display.

This updated feature is great for less artistic elements. Moreover, you will get a customization feature so you can easily adjust the designs in typography or text as per your need. With the help of the latest CSS trends 2020, you will easily navigate and turn your user’s experience from bad to good.

8. Illustration-based layouts

It is a brand new and emerging CSS trends 2020 in the web design. When you have creative and live based illustration, usually stuck in the user’s mind that further enhance the UX.

It’s quite difficult to display because it is entirely based on images. But with the new version of CSS, you have the power to integrate it with your web pages.

You Should Learn About Approved Practices in Software Development

Practices in Software Development
Irrespective of anything we will always have a positive aura about good things from the beginning. Just like everything else this also applies to management in software. The difference here is that the lifecycle phases of each program have to be effectively managed.

In its own way, every stage is unique and also essential. Hence, for the best practices in software development, it is vital to select a management system that is effective in the entire process.

When it comes to development with software there are various functions of SLDC phases like the cost involved, identifying the objectives, timeframe, and goals.  Hence, to achieve the desired objectives we will discuss some prominent practices.

Leading to new technological innovations the process of development is upgraded every year. It started way back in the 1950s and since then significant changes are constantly made to make the process more convenient.

To summarize this entire process in brief it can be said that to achieve defined goals a development process is undertaken. This process includes assigning tasks, operating different departments, and objectives in respective departments.

In order to get a positive outcome, we have complied with some of the best methods to embrace in this short read.


When the targeted users are involved in the entire operation as much as possible then it is termed as intense or extreme programming. When any project is experiencing any kind of instabilities then this is the most used and effective method. This enabled the developers to receive maximum feedback from all the related teams along with the customers.

This entire system includes a lot of communication from the customers on how to make the product better. This contributes to making the product one of the best in terms of quality.

There are a large number of teams involved in the entire operation which also contributes to different tasks. Sometimes as a major drawback it can happen that incompetent teams are more in numbers and that degrades all working stages.


System models are usually vibrant or dynamic when it comes to implementing the best practices in software development. A defined timeframe and allocated budget is the core of any system model. The method of execution involved stipulated rules. Quality products are produced through implanting the rules in such a way that it does not exceed a certain amount.

It is also a strictly followed deadline-based project for the product. To ensure that the timeline is maintained frequent communication is an integral part here. Here also the developers rely on the feedback from the users because technically the product is made to facilitate their requirements.

For any team that contributes to their best and promotes communication inevitably obtains good results. The major disadvantage here is the cost involved which is huge. Due to this factor, it might not be a great idea to use this for micro and small establishments.


There are various kinds of projects according to the requirements and type of target audience. Depending upon the same the impactful practices in software development are determined. This development type is used practically in those projects which require making modifications frequently.

The desired results can be easily achieved and the entire system is also easy to follow. The basis of Scrum Development is sprints. A defined task is allocated to every sprint which needs to accomplish. If executed with a strategy and plan it has a track record of not disappointing the audience.

This method has the necessary space for making the required changes according to the feedback from the users. The major advantage that comes with this method is a regular update. Due to regular updates, the work becomes easy for all the teams associated in sync.

Now the cost factor associated with this method is technically unpredictable because it constantly undergoes change. Hence, for big establishments, it can be a long term issue. The execution of this method demands professionals because hiring freshers can be a big risk.


The satisfaction of the client is at the core of objectives when executing this method which is essential with practices in software development. The client is the sole focus in this method and any strongly recommended change is improvised immediately.

It also makes constant efforts in minimizing the costs involved. Hence, to cut-off unnecessary costs, a thorough analysis is conducted during the inception. This strategy is helpful in the later stages of the process.

It does not come with any limitation of time and is cost-effective. This can be a major advantage as well as a disadvantage for the project. If proper monitoring is absent the overall function of all teams is independent and the freedom can lead to poor results.


The entire focus of this method is decided to depend upon the product of the project. Hence, it will apt to say that it relies on the target audience to make it an efficient product.  The work here is divided into phases and it does not come with a fixed timeframe. A perfect product is only produced because it enables quick feedback which is extremely helpful.

This method guarantees high-quality products as the problems are usually dealt with before the inception of the project. But it also requires frequent amendments by the developers’ team. Hence, if the team loses track the outcome will be compromised.


This is the last method in the list of best practices in Software Development. There are three parameters that contribute to the success of this method i.e. designers, audiences, and developers. To boost the process of development it involves a setup session. In this session observers, mediators, experts, customers, designers, and facilitators present their views.

Usually, after considering all views and opinions the final decision is taken. This ensures that errors are eliminated in the early stage and hence it is cost-effective. It can also be concluded that this method saves a considerable sum of money.

Achieving quality products in a short span of time in a pocket-friendly budget is the major advantage of this type. But to speed up the process highly-skilled and qualified individuals are required.

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10+ Fundamental Tips for Landing Page Optimization

landing page optimization
It is essential to know about the must-haves for high converting landing pages. Similarly, the components for the same to improve the conversion rate should also be known for creating a revenue-generating website. It is essential to be credible when on the internet space and most of the people fail in the same.

It is important to tell a tale relating to the service or product of your brand. This can be easily done through landing page optimization. Read for why landing page important for your website. In this short read, we will discuss 10+ essential tips for the same.

#1 Catchy Headline

A headline can be your best opportunity when you intend to do something out of the box for your users. Such things enable you to make them curious. A headline must communicate clearly to your potential customer and must be short. Make sure that your headline should directly relate to your product or service in terms of usefulness and reliability respectively.

You have just a limited number of seconds to convince the customers, hence be clear with the headline in the first step.

#2 Minimize Navigation

The roadmap for visitors is generally the navigation for your website. Detailed information regarding brand, products, and services can be obtained by clicking on various links. Navigation on the homepage must be avoided so that you do not lose the customer before he/she reads the headline.

In case you still need one make sure that you do not fail to add a call to action buttons. Adding links to various sections of the site on the homepage is also a great way to address the audience’s needs. This will help you in enabling the readers to conveniently reach the offer you have for them.

#3 Offers

Be clear and honest regarding the offers you have for your clients. Suppose it is a limited offer or there are certain conditions then mention them clearly. In case you have a discounted pricing plan it should not be more than four. Highlighting the best plan or product according to the requirement should be the priority. It should be easily noticeable by your audience.

Landing Page Optimization must ensure that your brand does not receive any kind of negative image due to hidden T&C of the offer.

#4 Advantages

It is a good practice to outline the benefits when you are asking your visitors to trust you. It must be clearly mentioned why your product is service is the right one for them in an allotted section. It must be short and organized hierarchically so that the users can easily understand them.

#5 Appealing Content

The visual content of your site must also be appealing and trustworthy just like the offer. It is not recommended to fill the site with stock images as they project artificialness. Genuine and relevant visual content never fails to convince visitors.

If you can spare some budget for professional photographers to capture original images of your products it will be helpful. In case you can’t, then there are many websites that can help you in obtaining such images.

#6 A Call to Action button

Generic and conventional call to action buttons will not encourage users to act and hence Landing Page Optimization can fail. It will certainly pay off if you try to be creative for it. To engage visitors an apt and personalized text is your best chance.

#7 Engaging Forms

It is possible that your landing page will demand any sort of form. According to the type of site, different information is obtained from the users. But when you ask for more than an email address in the form, try to make it as short as possible.

Create engaging forms and avoid asking for unnecessary inputs. In case the form is longer, ensure that it is optimized. It is important to take care of the designing part so that the users do not end up in any confusion.

#8 Responsive

This is a very basic thing but is often ignored by many. By responsive we are not referring to using any foundation or bootstrap so that the content becomes mobile-friendly. Think beyond that, and imagine how you want your page to look on the smallest screen accessible.

Landing Page Optimization involves scrapping certain content from the desktop version compared to other versions. This helps in attaining an elegant and attractive impression for your site.

#9 Social Presences

Socialization is one of the keys to convincing visitors and instating a genuine belief. Social testimonials are one of the best tools to do that. Any kind of client review, opinion, Tweets, Posts from Facebook & Instagram must be featured on a special section.

It helps you attain the trust factor. You must include your social presence before they search for it.

#10 List out your Clients

Adding a section for client logos that you work with is a good practice for Landing Page Optimization. Do this by ensuring that you have the permission from your clients to use their logo on the homepage. This helps the visitors to know about your prominent associations and adds positively to the image of your brand.

#11 Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a must for any home page to avoid unnecessary suspicions. Although it is obvious that only a small percentage of the audience will read it but it should be there. A dedicated page should be allocated which captures your policies and it can be linked to the footer of the site. As a service or product vendor, this makes your brand reliable.

#12 Counter

If you have already severed a good number of clients or sold a good number of products then you can instate a stats counter. This shows the reliability that your customers have shown upon you. For potential clients, it will increase the credibility of your service or product. This is also one of the best ways to advertise your brand.


To generate leads and attract audience a landing page is a proven and well-established medium. When you follow the above tips it positively impacts your revenue and contributes to branding.

If you can create more than a version of the landing page then it will help you in testing the page. It will help you to select the best out of the different designs and layouts you have in store.

How To Use Typography And Design To Boost A User’s Experience

typography and design
Have you ever thought about Typography and design layout for your website? Do you know how much they both are important? To make anything compelling and engaging one should need to work on its look first, right?

To make the content easy on the eyes, may you think to do little changes whether it is a simple and attractive manner. If you are thinking about to change the only theme, colors, layouts and many more to make content appealing then you are doing good, but your website needs something great. And that’s why we are focusing on Typography.

This is something that gets the eyes of a user. So, why don’t you change typography and design? If yes, then this blog is for you. We have shared all the important details on the working and benefits of typography. See typography website templates for creating stylish fancy font use website. Continue reading.

Why You Should Use Typography And Designs

Typography is an inspiring art known to show the arranging and texting of content in a reliable, attractive, impressive, and readable form. In other words, you can say, typography has the collection of designs that work with written words. You can find its designs everywhere such as books, websites, letters, cards, emails, and many more.

It is something that not just making your content readable and impressive, but it is a way to improve site performance, feel, and the user’s experience.

According to Author Matej, Typography was the first objective to display the written words in a visual and appealing form.

Robert Bringhurst said, Typography is a call to action button that invites the reader to convert into text. This clarifies the structure and meaning of a word.

Well, most people think Typography is just a way to work with fonts and designs, but typography is all about converting content into visual or expressing language that expands your user’s experience great.

Typography is something that anyone should try. Just think, how cursive writing looks at your site? Sounds cute, right?

Now, let us consider how you can improve your User’s experience and the user’s interface for better Site look and performance.

Work On Font

Imagine how would your site look and how would it affects your audience that left the user’s experience left if the font is looking miss-matched with your business needs, Brand’s standard, and goals.

For making your site performance great and better UX, choosing the font is important. You need a font that makes your site more engaging, hence ensure the font style that sounds great with your business needs.

In case you have selected the wrong font, you have to pay long for it. Let us consider an example. You want to select curtains for your room so you need to assure curtains match exactly with your wall paint. If you hang the wrong curtains, it sounds poor.

This exactly suitable for the font, your wroth font can spoil the efforts of targeting the audience.

Fonts speak for themselves, hence it is vital to choose the font that gives a strong impact, impression, and target the points you need to point for both website and email.

All you will need to add the combination of both calligraphy with bold letters. This gives value to the content and makes things more impressive. At here, we just want to notice that adding too many fonts can change the game negatively.

Make sure you have only two types of fonts just like an example.


It is something that I wished for.

The other thing you’ll need to remember here is we are talking about your website font, not about your landing pages or emails. You should think about a standardized font.

Cursive writing sometimes may be difficult for a reader to read. Cursive sounds good and attractive, but this may not perfect for busy readers. They mostly avoid to read content, so must focus on all users and opt for the standardized font.

You know that the Audience is familiar with Times new roman and Arial font, so you have to give something refresh and the best font that would be easy to read and give high-level content engagement.

Add Special Elements On Fonts

In the font style, you have a lot of things to do. You can make or break anything. Let us study about its elements and get some best out of it.

First, you will get a font family that contains large numbers of font sets with the same style.

Next, you’ll receive font-weight. This can be used to create the title/headline of the content that further goes with a copy of the body.

The third you will get kerning. The pattern that characters follow and the spacing between two characters. Follow the exact pattern and this will make your content appealing.

The last characters per line. Ensure you haven’t used too many characters, as this makes content weird. Further, it reduces the user’s experience.

Limit the length is also crucial to check. With this, you will improve your text readability. If the line contains more than 30 words, this sometimes breaks user readability, even it does not show on devices, that won’t let your reader read.

Pro-tip- you will need to be mindful in each step and consider the revised working of length, space, font, etc. to better UX and Conversion rates.

Font Size

The size of the font reflects what tone you are showing in your content. You can say, font style and size work as spoken words. Italic sounds mimicking, capital words show command and bold sounds demanding.

Make sure you have chosen your font perfectly. Don’t get my point? Open your kid’s novel book and see. However, Size is not a big issue, all you need to work on Typography and design to make content engaging and better CTR.

Go With Trends

When to choose typography and designs make sure you have picked the right font, size, and alignment that could do better with design trends.

Do Bold

Bolding some lines sometimes work superbly. Most of Grooming and marketing stores use bold to make the website more attractive.

Highlight important

When it comes to highlighting some best then don’t go with red and green only. You have something new to try in typography and designs. Go with a black or bold. And quit the use of flashing images as this causes anxiety.

Wrapping In All

Well, there is more to come out on typography and design. But we have covered all the important aspects that you will need to work on. Always think out of the box, if you want to do something great.

How to Find Exactly What’s Wrong with Your Website Design

wrong with your website design
You have invested a lot of money and effort on your website in the hope of getting huge success, but the results are just mediocre. And today, you are pissed off because you are getting traffic and even an active audience, but they leave your site by not doing any action.


You have good SEO, smart content strategies, and everything. So what’s the issue? Maybe it is happening because of your poor Website design. Yes, you read right!

It is often ignored by large numbers of website owners. Your poor and wreck website design not just bore your visitors but also influence them to leave your site immediately. This hurting, but it’s true.

Now, possibly you are wondering what’s wrong with your website design. You have good color themes, layouts, etc. If you don’t know how to solve this issue, then first look out the mistakes that you have done while creating a website.

Today, in this post we would talk about some mistakes that show you what’s wrong with your website design. So, let us get started!

Wrong Web Design Equals to Poor UX

The studies showed, customers frequently get engaged with a website that has attractive designs and colors. Yet, the few issues in User’s experience can immediately convert into disengagement. About 50% of visitors left the site in seconds if they do not find appealing on a website.

Well, the most common issues related to poor UX is having low loading speed, content structure, poor formatting, poor displays, and content length. These are just estimates, however, it is vital to know about the roots of the problem, so you can solve them and enjoy the site.

So, for you guys, we have shared some important details that you should check and work on.

Put Light on Negative Reviews

No one wants to read negative comments on the posts. We usually ignore and delete this, but this is vital to check. It comes from the genuine customers who showed interest in writing for your improvement rather than making you fool with your services. Well, it is well said, the negative review gives a huge impact on new users. Maybe they left your site by not taking action.

However, the Truth of getting negative reviews is to see inside your site with fewer efforts. You can know about the issues which your site needs to work on that further improve UX. As compare to positive comments, the customer will show detail information on negative reviews regarding his experience, when you asked.

Well, all negative reviews may not well detail, but you may find some clues that what your user is expecting, what’s wrong with your website design and more.

All my motive is to encourage the talk about negative reviews. With this, you will easily work on your pitfalls and better the UX. Also, you need to encourage your customers that they share more about your customer services, products and more rather than leaving a short comment. Ask them to share their overall experience in detail words particularly to UX.

The trusted websites take negative reviews for their benefits and always try their hard to better UX as much as possible. Negative feedback can work awesome if you are serious about getting success. You just act upon your user’s choice and see the results.

Check Your Silly Mistakes

No one is perfect and immune to making mistakes. Whether you are a master or just a beginner, doing little mistakes is common. Moreover, with the change in time and customer preferences. Also the change of using the web via mobile rather desktop. The web designers need to work accordingly and the changes required over time.

The strategies and smart design approach get outdated once the technique and preferences change. You can easily check numbers of reviews, articles, and stories regarding the UX related to web design. Maybe you have searched a lot what other users are saying and what methods they have adopted to rescue this issue. Then just use them on your website and see the differences.

Also, check are those mistakes you might be making. A/b testing is one of the proven methods to analyze your site design. This will bring a quick change if anything wrong with your website design.

It is critical to check everyone in which website design can give a successful impact on your site.

Use Google Analytics to See Inside the Issues

Google Analytics is one of the most trustable resources to check issues in detail. With its details key metrics, you can easily identify where you are lacking and what steps you should take for better UX.

Here we would share a pro tip to use these metrics. All you need to create a journey map of users with their exit rates for each step. You can complete this step by choosing “choose your own adventure” behavioural report. With this, you can see the exit rate on each post and UX. If you are seeking the exit rate are extremely high, then it must be because of the wrong website design and poor UX.

Moreover, you can go with deep checking by creating a flow chart under the behaviour tab. With this, you will get to know about each page UX such as what they did with your page, what they are doing, what they did after that page, etc. It also shows when they support conversion rate.

Also with this check, you will know about the transversal pages which mainly supports the users to interact with the page and move within the site easily. If it is missing then you start working on it.

Final Words

Web design is not just about attractive appearance. It is a must to consider every aspect whether it is the layout, UX and many more. It is always suggested that test new trends and stay updated with your techniques to better the UX.

The more you have UX the more you do better with your site. So, Good Luck!

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How Chatbot Development Enhances Customer Service?

Chatbot development
Communication is an indispensable factor to attain a long term business partnership with customers. To grab a potential project, a healthy conversation is an inevitable requisite. Customers are always curious to learn and know about various products/offers of the company.

In an app or a website, some information is always missing out which is important for the customer to know. Customer support service centers usually fill up this gap and respond to the queries.

Chatbot development has empowered the service executive operations and a trained bot is responding to the customer queries today. It has transformed the method of business interaction with customers.

Understanding a Chatbot

When basic communication and tasks are performed by designed software then it is called a chatbot. It can perform tasks like answering customer queries and even assisting them in buying any product. Streamlining of the communication channel between service and people is the main role of this program. This simplifies the interactions between humans and computers.

An automated response is delivered to the customer after scanning keywords in a query. Tough responses and communications are delivered through Al-powered and machine-learning enabled sophisticated chatbots.

In this short read, we have covered everything that has improvised customer service due to chatbot development.

Chatbot and Customer Service

This software and technology have created a lot of buzz in the online business space. Most of the sites prefer to use a chatbot for multiple services offered by them. The majority of the companies, who have incorporated this technology, have come up with an improved rate of customer satisfaction.

One single efficient tool that will be available to interact with clients on your behalf is a chatbot. With a one-time investment, you can be assured of excellent customer support and ROI. The following are some of the key benefits of using chatbot technology.

24×7 Availability

Either you will have to provide a specific working time for your live chat support staff; or you will have to hire more people to work all-round the clock. But a chatbot will be your exit point for these problems. AI chatbots are impacting retail industry.

Irrespective of the time slab, a client can come up with any query to the chatbot. Hence, if the service agents are unavailable their query will be addressed. The response time is usually fast which eliminates the waiting period. The user will feel they are interacting with a live operator.

Reduction in Operational Costs

This technology is not about replacing human employees. With this technology, the serving executives will spend more time on resolving complex problems. This increases the productivity of the executives and also offers excellent service to all customers.

Why hire agents for 24×7 operations when you can minimize the budget with a chatbot? You will have to pay salaries and also spend additionally on the resources when you spend on hiring. Hence, general queries can be handled by the chatbot and the complex ones by a human executive. This will improve productivity and cut down the cost.

Substituting IVR Technology

Humans hate talking to machines. During a support call, the worst part is using the IVR (Interactive voice response). It is a boring monotonous method of following menus and is disliked the most. In some cases when the voice prompts are tough to understand the queries remain unresolved.

On a chatbot, it is like talking to an actual assistant who is addressing your problem. The query will either be resolved or escalated to a human executive. Chatbot development will enable you to save on IVR technology.

An ideal solution for repetitive tasks

Often it happens that the assistance team has to address a frequently asked question or a common query for multiple customers. This becomes a repetitive and boring task. One can rely on a chatbot for such tasks so that complex and priority issues can be resolved by the assistance executives.

Encouraging Customer Engagement

Native customer service was the most common method adopted by companies in the old days. This means that the service was offered only when the customer approaches the company. This is not an ideal example of active interaction with clients. But the scenario has evolved with time.

A chatbot will promptly initiate a conversation with the client. It can define the common issues faced and also provide them with a solution before the customer demands it. Promotions, offers, discounts, and sale details can be conveyed to the clients. According to their actions on the website, it can send suggestions for similar products and offers to be clubbed with the product.


There is always a certain limit on human multitasking. If things go beyond a critical point then there are high probabilities of error in work. Chatbot development is done with a focus to communicate with thousands of customers at one time.

Regardless of the time and type of problem, one can expect excellent service. There is also no room for error even if it serves an extensive range of clients simultaneously.

A Trusted Companion

The purchase process can be made swift and smooth with a chatbot. It can be programmed to pop up product information page, FAQ’s, discounts, and others. It assists customers in their tasks like providing information on the products, shipping options, and method of purchase. This helps in ensuring that a cart is never abandoned.

Due to its efficiency, the clients will have world-class service experience. This improves the chances of the mouth of word marketing and repeating orders. It is not just professional but also interacts in an engaging and impressive manner. Hence, this can be a perfect companion for the potential buyers of your website.


Chatbot development has improvised the future of customer service across the globe. The business brands and the clients both are benefited from this technology. The cost of the investment might be a little high. But it will save you from paying a considerable amount to employees and on resources.

E-commerce and online vendors today have a perfect solution for engaging with customers and reaching their sales goals. It is one of its kind eureka moment in the technological world of providing out of the box service for the clients.

App Or Website, Or Both: How To Decide What You Need

App Or Website Or Both How To Decide What You Need

Having both a website and an application might seem a fantastic idea, but in reality, this is not the case. Even if you have an unlimited resource available to use, it is better to stick with just one of them.

Imagine how hard it would be to focus attention on both of them. It seems pretty straightforward, but actually, it is not. Also, any technical error that might arise in one of them will ultimately affect the other.

So, if you are looking forward to creating yourself an online presence, one of the most important and crucial decisions to make is to decide between App or website. In this article, we will look at the benefits of both of them to help you decide between the two.

Mobile Application Advantages Disadvantages

Mobile Application: Its Advantages and Disadvantages
Back in the day, it was considered a luxury to have a mobile application, but since technology has taken a huge turn in the past few years, even small businesses have a mobile application now. Having a mobile application makes it extremely convenient for mobile users to access your App without having to put in any effort.

There are several advantages that a mobile application have over a website which are stated below.


More User Experience (UX) possibilities than a website:
When considering the choice between an app or a website, we need to understand that a site has to work on all platforms, either a large computer screen or a small mobile screen. As a result, a website has to cut down on several style options since the site will also have to run on lower-ended computers.

This is not the case with mobile applications. The apps only have to take into account the functioning of the mobile OS and the screen sizes and hence can include a variety of transitions animations and layouts.

Customization support:
The applications are linked to your mobile through the mobile ecosystem and are also allowed access to your data. That access, together with the use of the phone’s hardware enables the application to provide more and more customization options.

Enhances options for marketing:
A website can let the users know about you only when they are using it. However, the marketing options for mobile applications is even greater. The use of push notifications, alerts, ecosystem-supported payments, and location tracking facilities can drive the user’s attention to you more than any website can do.

l Offline option:
The applications have another edge of being available to use after being downloaded. They do not require an active internet connection at all times. You can also make your application very useful if it supports the option to download content.


Requires a higher investment:
Although there are some free application builders available, the making of a mobile app generally demands a more significant investment as compared to a website, and this is an essential factor to consider when deciding between an app or website.

The requirements of mobile ecosystem:
Both the APP store and Play store have a set of criteria that need to be met by a mobile app before it is made available to the users. This criteria takes time to be achieved and also due to frequent changes in the App Store and Play store, regular updates are required. If updates are not very frequent, your application might be made unavailable to the users.

More expectations:
Since there is a better UX in apps than websites, there is also a higher expectation from any application that is made. People do not like wasting their mobile spaces with a standard form but can work with an average website.

Websites: Advantages and Disadvantages

Before making any concrete decisions between an app or website, it is wise to look at both sides of the story. Websites serve as an online communication hub, and for an extended period, they have been the only source of online services before the apps came along.

Mobile Advantages


Cheapest Way Available:
Websites beat apps when it comes to cost-effectiveness. They are the default option and so can easily be set up and maintained when compared with even an essential app.

No platform dependency:
Websites are made to possibly work with all available platforms and so have a bigger and better outreach than a mobile app.

Easy to understand:
Creating an application is a lot more complicated than developing a website. You can quickly build your site by using some tools, but for a claim, you will be needing expert assistance.

Important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Websites can be searched up by search bots, but this is not the case with mobile applications. Apps do not follow that method of look-up, and so for someone to download an app, they almost always need to know about the brand beforehand.

Better Outreach:
Since there is SEO for websites, they have better outreach than mobile applications. Also, being platform-independent adds to this reason.


Requires data connection:
Unless you have manually saved data for a website, it almost always requires a data connection, and so if the user is in a place with limited data, your website won’t be in use for a while.
Inferior User Experience:
Since a website needs to work cross-platform, it has to cut out on some animations, layouts, and designs and hence have a lesser UX than an app.

Decision: APP, Website, Both?

Now it is about time you decide between APP or website since you have looked at both of their’s advantages and disadvantages.

You have a recognizable brand,
Do not want to be location-specific
Should offer offline services
Have tech-savvy customers

Have less to spend
Want more outreach
Want easy updates
More traffic available
Have customers that use older tech

Need a larger audience
Have a friendly budget to accommodate both
Need a vast customer loyalty
Can easily manage both separately

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Front-End Developers – What Do They Do?

Front End Developers What Do They Do

It is very important and essential to have a website topnotch user interface to make a good user experience. This is the main role of Front-end developer to enhance the user interface by its designing skills. They create coding in such a way that user get attracted automatically to your services and products. A combination of front-and developer and back-end developer makes a sense to improve designing and functionality work.

Explicate that front-end work and back-end work are totally different parts. Front-end Developer is a person who works and create code to improve the font view like images, content, buttons, navigation’s, etc.

And back-end developer is a person who works and creates a code to improve back-end features. like databases, scripting, the architecture of websites, plugins, security, etc.

Therefore before hiring any kind of developer just be specific about your requirements and expectation.

Let us check the responsibilities of a Front-end developers :

Front end developers are usually known as client-side developers that give full efforts to improve the UI i.e. user interface by making use of nice HTML, CSS and JavaScript code for the website. By using proper HTML, CSS and Javascript code users will able to view and understand the flow of website design.

If the user is not able to view and understand the website flow properly then the front end developer can be first the reason. Therefore, Front-end developers play an important role in enhancing the website usability.

Getting the user more engaged to the attractive images and animation is a part of Designing skill done by the front end developer.

Different Responsibilities are listed down.

  • Creating attractive features on the website.
  • The code used by the front-end developer should be fresh and sorted out by creating different libraries to make a backup for the future point of view.
  • The UX and UI created should be information that should say something
  • Remove unnecessarily code then improves the loading speed that helps for SEO.
  • The contact form or any field that accepts some inputs from the user should first validate that all inputs are correct or not. then permit it to get submitted in the back-end.

What are the Skills that Front End Web Developers must have?
The front-end developers should have basic and advance knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These 3 are the basic level that every front-end developer must know.

The code written by the front-end developer runs inside the user’s browser and the code written by backend developer runs inside the website server.

Consider an example for a backend developer.
Backend developers work as an engineer who creates water and electricity. whereas front-end developers work as a helper who creates a way to connect and supply the water and electricity to the customers to live their lives.

A front-end developers makes sure that there will be no errors and issues while accessing the website. so that the website must be accessible with various browsers and devices.

Let us study each and every skill of Front-end Developers in detail.

1. HTML :

HTML is hypertext markup language. It means any simple text that consists of a link that points towards another link. In short, hypertext is a hyperlink. Markup language means applying a different style to text. With the help of HTML, we can display the text and documentation in a different browser.

HTML is a very basic coding language that is widely used to create blocks of website coding. without HTML it is impossible to create a website design. If any text does not contain the hyper link it will not allow you to jump from one link to another.

2. CSS :

CSS means Cascading style sheet. By CSS you can apply a style, color, images, size, shape to the document that will be shown on the screen, paper, speech, and other media.

CSS allows you to create awesome website pages including colors, fonts, layouts, etc to attract your customers. CSS is the only reason that helps you to adjust the size of the website according to the device you are using it can be mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, TV, etc.

Hence, without using HTML and CSS the website responsive feature can not achieve.

3. JavaScript :

JavaScript is the most well-known programming and scripting language that is widely used. It is very lightweight in nature. It assists you to validate the elements you created like phone number, email ID, address, Contact form, username, and passwords. JavaScript assist to add more functionality on the website. With the JavaScript, HTML and CSS user can easily create a website application. Also, it helps to manage the Live map, l=films, online games, etc.

Best example of JavaScript is a Pinterest that uses JavaScript to enhance the user interface for easy use.

4. jQuery :

jQuery is also very lightweighted. That allows the developer to write less code but perform more. jQuery makes your website quick and faster coded with JavaScript. It wraps a set of codes into one single line of code. With the help of jQuery, you can run custom animations.

Other skills that Front end developer must-have.

Website design must be Responsive and Mobile Friendly :
The coding done by any type of developer should be responsive in nature so that it can be accessed via mobile phone, desktop computers, tablets, and TVs it should adjust the size according to the device user prefers.

Website should be Cross-Browser Development :

The website should be cross-browser compatible that the website should be view-able at any browser it can be Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and many more.

Knowledge about Content Management Systems and E-commerce Platforms :

The coder should be aware of using a content management system especially WordPress. Because WordPress is the best and most popular platform that maximum users prefer. WordPress is very easy to use so that users prefer to have a website using WordPress only. Also, the developer should be aware of different eCommerce platforms.

Testing, Debugging and Problem Solving Skills required.

The developer should always apply to test on each and every product and module. If any error occurs they should take the responsibility of debugging and solving a problem.

After doing well research I have mentioned all the major points to differentiate between front end developer and back end developer. So be careful before hiring any developer just check whether they have the skills that are mentioned above or not.

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