What info should be included in a wedding website?

To make a wedding website you do not need specialized skills. Most of the website companies in the market have a set format for creating a regular wedding website.

All you are expected to do is furnish the information that you want to include in the website by fulfilling some easy and quick steps. It is important though that both of you as a couple should agree first about the exact information you want in the website.

What should you include in your wedding website?

You can be in a dilemma regarding the choice of information that you should put on your wedding website. Let us start from the basic.

Basic information

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The basic information should include your wedding date, your name, the venue of wedding, time of the ceremony, and the reception details. To make it easier, you should simply check it in the sequence Who, When, What, Where and Why.

Tell your story

Each couple has a story to tell about their dating, romance, how they came finally to the decision of marriage, who proposed whom and so on. An interesting story tempts the guests to attend the wedding with more enthusiasm.

Directions and maps

A wedding website must include detailed information about the wedding address including a map mentioning important landmarks. Linking the map with the maps.goggle.com is a good idea or you can also come up with your own custom-designed map in detail for better understanding of the guests.


You can mention the whole plan of wedding in the website like who is to be the groomsmen or the bridesmaid, why are they being chosen, how will the event progress systematically and more.

Hotel info

Clearly mention the type of arrangement you have made in the hotel. Whether you have booked few rooms for the outstation guests in the same hotel where the wedding is scheduled to take place or in any other hotel. Such information should be compulsorily mentioned in the website. This will help your guest to find out their accommodation on their own without troubling you for it.

Attire suggestion

Whether you are arranging a theme wedding party or a traditional, one you should mention all these details on the wedding website. Guests are always eager to plan for their outfits and attires for the wedding. So, let them know in advance about your plan and what you are expecting them to wear. Whether they should come decked up in a formal wear or don casual jeans with branded T-shirts and so on.

Gift registry

It may come across as a rude behavior if your online invitations carry the registry information. Instead, if you add a gift registry link on your website itself, the guests will be pleased to check it. This will also mean that there is no obligation on the part of the guests to bring a gift for the wedding but if interested can pick up one from the registry list as per their budget constraint.

Photos and videos

Most of the guests are anxious to see how good you look together. It is not necessary to put all your photos and videos on the website. The few cut and those that speak of love between you two are enough to tell the story about your relationship.

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