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Common stereotypes in web designers resumes

5 common stereotypes when it comes to resumes web designer

Many customers and individuals are biased against web developers and designers. Some stereotypes do exist, while others are simply not true. For example, people often think of web developers and designers as people who work alone until late at night, if not all night. Quite a few web designers and developers are inclined and are working on projects that require a long time, but not all of them are deprived of social life and lead a nightly existence. Some of the most common stereotypes will be presented in this article.

Some stereotypes are more harmful than others. Unreasonable stereotypes can actually get in the way of business productivity due to biased ideas about specific groups of web designers and developers. Businesses can opt out of a specific group of people based on race and country of residence. Most stereotypes prevent web developers and designers from finding jobs, especially in large companies, so it is important to make the resume CraftResumes look good. Pay attention to the most common stereotypes when it comes to resume of a web designer.

1. Web designers make low duty work and are the cheapest workers
Undoubtedly, some web designers and developers of foreign countries are famous for less stellar work in the past. However, developers and designers from India or other countries can be as talented as the top designers and developers in the USA. Because of the dramatic difference in labor costs between the United States and many other countries, foreign web developers and designers often work at a lower price than programmers in the United States.

It is necessary to make the choice of a designer based solely on their experience and skills, and not on the basis of bias and prejudice. This is the best way for companies to get the best employees at the best possible price. Businesses should be prepared to honestly assess the levels of candidates and their skills, regardless of their culture or country of origin.

2. Expensive can’t be bad
One of the most common myths is that the more a company pays for web development or design, the better it will be. Work that is very expensive can be very low standard as well. The reverse is also true. A talented developer can work at low speed but do outstanding work.

The best way to evaluate the quality of work of a web designer is to look at his previous work. If a programmer has done quality work in the past, then he or she will most likely do a quality job for you, regardless of speed.
It is necessary to pay attention to the cost, speed and quality of work. If you want the work done quickly and efficiently, then such an employee will not be cheap. If you want a job quickly done for nothing, then it will not be of high quality. If you want quality work cheap, then it will not be done quickly.

3. Women web designers and developers are less qualified than men
Stereotypes emerged from gender roles, which suggest that men are more inclined to technical science than women. Some people believe that women can only be talented in design. This fallacy came about in part because web development is mostly a product of men’s activities. However, a female web developer can be as talented and qualified as a male one.

4. Old developers and designers less qualified than young web experts
This stereotype is settled because many people believe that older people are not able to understand technical concepts and learn new programming languages, to keep up with the latest design trends. This is not true, as many web developers have been programming for clients since the mid-1990s. These developers are obviously more experienced and skilled in web development than the young ones, who have just graduated from a university with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Age should not be used as a way to determine the quality of future work.

5. Web developers and designers do not care about their appearance
To some extent, this stereotype may be true for some developers and designers, but here you should ask yourself what is most important: what does an employee look like or the quality of his work? The best web developer or designer, perhaps, may not keep pace with personal hygiene, a healthy lifestyle, but what difference does a person look like if the work is still done efficiently and at a reasonable price?

We often imagine a web designer as a thin white guy in tight jeans, who constantly drinks coffee, with a stylish haircut and an iPhone. And this is despite the fact that programming skills have absolutely nothing to do with sex, hair, weight or skin color.

How developers and designers can help in the struggle against stereotypes
Developers and designers can contribute to fighting stereotypes and protect themselves. Developers and designers should always provide high quality work for each client. They must have a reliable portfolio that demonstrates past work and a list of past clients. This is a guarantee of the future quality of work in the past.

It is necessary to show the client your best work and always grow and develop every day. If quality comes first for you, you can always get the best projects. Satisfied customers will share their experiences with friends, family and colleagues. Develop a reputation, and then it will work for you. Do your best to satisfy the customer 100%. Quality of work will be noticed. Get ready to build your own way and create a name for yourself with your excellent work.

If you are a novice designer or web developer and you do not have a portfolio to showcase to clients, then one of the options is to create a series of personal projects that clearly demonstrate the development of your skills. As you do work for clients, you can replace personal projects in the portfolio with client ones. Finally, keep an excellent appearance and watch your personal hygiene. Whenever you have a videoconference via Skype with any potential client, make sure you look your best.

How to write SEO friendly text

Top 10 tips to write SEO friendly text

Top 10 tips to write SEO friendly text :
Creating quality content is not enough to get it to a public view, it is also important for it to be SEO friendly. It means that the text, article, blog post or any other type of content published online should get a good ranking from Google software to be presented in the search engine among top results. For a beginner, it might seem tricky, but the rules are not that hard to follow. Actually, any online content creating entity follows these rules, whether it is Wikipedia or PaperLeaf. This guide will help you to write SEO friendly content with ease!

Why Your Content Should Be SEO Friendly?
First of all, it is the most credible way to make your web page more popular and sharable. Even if you have the best and the freshest ideas, the article won’t get many views if it is shown on the 10th page of Google search results. Any text should be published in a form that makes it more approachable and readable.

Secondly, it will make your content more appealing to the public. There is a common misconception that caring about SEO means not caring about readers, but the truth is it is actually the opposite. It means shaping your content the way it is more attracting for people.

Amazing Tips on Creating SEO Friendly Text :
Now let’s talk about the basics that everyone should know. What makes a difference in creating SEO friendly content? Basically, everything starting from the title, keywords and up to the lengths of the article. Here are 10 tips that will drastically improve the popularity of your content:

1. Do research on keywords.
Good content starts with planning, as soon as you have an idea what you are going to address, it is time to find perfect keywords. There are two types of them – short ones (up to three words) and long-tail keywords. Short ones are more popular in use, but the LTK actually bring a more specific target audience. And they make it easier to get to the first page of search results.

For example keyword “SEO hacks” is hard to compete with as there are many articles on this matter, but if you use LTK like “Easy SEO hacks for bloggers” you’ll more likely get to the top search results according to it.
How to find suitable keywords? You can use Google search when you type there something it also shows related searches. There is also a free tool – Google keyword planner. There are also more professional software possibilities:

– Ahrefs

2. Use keywords wisely.
It is so easy to overdo them! Keyword stuffing is bad; it makes your content rank lower. What is the approximate number of keywords to put in an article? Well, there is no strict rule set for everyone, but generally, it should be not more than 2% of your content.

Where should one put keywords? In title, meta-title, in some subheadings (but not all of them) and in meta-description. It is also great to place some at the beginning of an article and in the final paragraphs.

3. Figure out the lengths of your text
Everyone knows that Google likes long texts; however, it is important to know how long it should actually be. First of all, it should not be less than 300 words. But how should one figure out the maximum size? The best way is to look at your competitors’ content.

SEO Rambler is a free tool that helps you analyze this; it shows the lengths of competitors’ articles according to the target keyword (your main keyword of the text). At the end of the statistic, it shows the average word count on the three most visited pages, so you can base your number of words on that. If it is 2000 words, this is your approximate lengths of an article.

4. Include H1, H2, H3 in your draft
Content should be logical and comprehensible, that’s why you need to have a clear idea of what you are going to disclose. The simple structure includes an introduction, main part, and conclusion, similar to an essay. Start with drafting an outline for your article, so you don’t forget about anything and don’t get things mixed.

What is also crucial is using at least three levels of headings to divide the text into logical parts that are easier to read. First of all, many of reader can be using mobile devices, and separate blocks are easier to view. Secondly, it is very discouraging to see an overloaded with words text with no paragraphs and logical endings.

Here is an example of a structure:
H1: Amazing Low Investment Ideas for Students”

H2: 10 Low Investment Businesses You Can Start Today
H3: 1. Selling online products
H3: 2. Affiliate marketing
H3: 3. Providing services
H3: 4. Tutoring…

5. Shape your content according to people’s searches
It is important for any article to be relevant for a viewer, how to achieve that? Use Google itself to see the “people also ask” – there are common questions concerning your target keyword. Choose the ones that are relevant for your text and answer them. This way you will make it useful for readers.

6. Work on Title, Meta-Title, and URL
The post title is the title given on your page; this is what a reader sees. Meta-title is the one that is given in the search results. They can be the same, for example, if you don’t post meta-title, your post title will be shown as such automatically. The title must contain the main keyword and the meta-title too! It shouldn’t be longer than 66 characters, so it is displayed fully in the results.

When designing URL delete all stop words (mainly, prepositions and articles) and keep only meaningful words. But never change the URL after posting an article, it is too late now.

7. Meta-description
Meta-description is the text that is given below the meta-title in search results. It is crucial for SEO ranking of your content and helps a reader understand whether this article is suitable for them. It should not be more than 156 characters, should have a target keyword. Another rule is that is should depict the main subject of an article and be appealing for a viewer.

8. Putting in Images
Graphs, pictures, statistics make content more appealing, interesting and well-researched. The secret is that Google ranking system doesn’t read images, so in order for them to be processed properly, you need to name them correctly.
For example, not “pic0001” but “Semrush analytic dashboard.”

9. Put in links
If you have other articles on this topic, add internal links to your content, so that readers will find it. It is also great to put in external links, but only for credible sources, such as Wikipedia or any governmental website.
10.Proofread your text.

Create an SEO checklist to make sure that each tip is followed in every post you make. Each article is viewed by Google as a separate web page, so each of them should be top-notch. It is also great to use plagiarism checker software to make sure that your content is unique and won’t get ranked as copy pasting.

These tips will help you to get more views and shape your content according to viewers’ needs. Following SEO guidelines mean caring about your readers as well as the popularity of your website.

SEO Tips: Improve your WordPress Site’s Presence in Search Engines

ways methods to increase SEO WP site

One of the crucial decisions you take when creating a website is to find out the best Content Management System (CMS) to use. Well, you can find various CMS platforms in the web development market. But, WordPress is the most preeminent and compatible Content Management System that allows you to manage and develop a vigorous website.

You can set a compelling, eye-catchy and fully-hosted blog by using templates or you can also enter into the world of self-hosting and coding to create your site.

However, it is important for a website owner to build a site that can empower them the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature. It is one the influential online marketing technique, which is used to boost the presence of sites on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

This post will highlight some of the essential SEO tips that will help you improve your WordPress site’s presence on search engine result pages (SERPs).

What Do You Mean by SEO?

what-is-seoIn simple terms, Search Engine optimization (SEO) is an advanced marketing process by which you can influence or increase the online presence of your site and improvise the ranking in the organic (non-paid for) search engine results pages.

There is black-hat technique, which means bad and white-hat technique meaning good practices. Obviously, black hat SEO practice is very simple than the white hat because it involves explorative technique to increase the ranking of a site on the Search Engine Result Page. On the other hand, a good SEO method requires a lot of patience and attention. To an addition, it requires in-depth knowledge about the advanced online marketing techniques.

You can grab more visitors to your site if it offers user-friendly feature to the clients and potential web users. Well, you can improve the ranking of WordPress website by writing quality content, optimizing headlines, images and permalinks. With this, you can increase the traffic on your site and also to improve the Return on Investment.

Being a WordPress user, you will be able to utilize various SEO related plugins, the most popular and common plugin is WordPress SEO by Yoast.

However, there are few manual things that will help you to improve your SEO.


importance-of-contentIn order, to drive targeted visitors towards your site, it is imperative to produce the good quality of content. If your site is unable to offer the relevant, engaging and interactive content, then all of the added SEO tricks won’t give you the desired result.

Obviously, your readers want an engaging content that can give them the required information in the most productive way. And, bad quality of content would decline the ratio of the viewers on your site. Thus, it is necessary for all of us to use the quality and SEO-friendly content.

While, excellent quality of content always improvises the image of a website. Usually, it reflects the image of the business and drives more visitors towards the site. In fact, Google considers the quality content, which in turn can increase the ranking of the site on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).


Having quality content on a site doesn’t mean that you will rank higher on the SERPs. It is also necessary to regularly produce the content on the site. If you have a WordPress site, then must publish article or blog on regular basis.

However, blogging takes lots of time, but it is one of the most effective ways to increase the ranking. Thus, it would be better for you to publish a blog on the alternative basis.


Many of the website users concerned about the Word-count. It is not necessary that your blog should complete 15000 words. If your blog is engaging, new and unique, then you don’t need to worry about its length. It will help you in upgrading the ranking in SERPs.

Try to write content in a creative way as writing is an art and being a content writer, it is potent for you to write a unique and reader-oriented quality of content.

Of course, the length of the content matters and you should try to write at least 300 to 500 words of a blog. In fact, you can also produce the 1000 to 2000 words of content.

But, if you are not able to fill 300 words of a post, then you might need to do extra research.


Keep your headlines as short as possible, though it doesn’t mean that you can make your content meaningless. According to MOZ, if you keep your titles under 55 characters, then you can assume at least 90% of your titles to display in Google.

Write headlines over the content to adequately describe what’s in our content for our potential readers. In fact, properly written headlines reflect the nature of your content and this engages more visitors to your site.

Usually, we write SEO friendly headlines that contain particular keywords. This helps your readers because search engines aim to give keywords at the beginning of a headline. Therefore, content’s headline plays a significant role in increasing the site ranking on the SERPs.


images-engages-more-peopleUploading an image along with your blog post, not only entertains and engages the readers, but also has various SEO related benefits as well. Just like your website or blog, the images in your blog or website, can also rank in the Search Engines and hence derive traffic to your website. But for that, you need to perfectly optimize your images by adding name and tag to your images. Tags and names of images should be accurate if you want your users to search the images effortlessly.

Usually, the Title segment gives the name of the image. It will help you when looking for your media library, thus, you need to use an accurate keyword.

In order to describe the image content, use Alt Tags section. With this, users will be able to search the images by reading the content. It will also help search engines while indexing because they cannot see images, search engine considers Alt tags. The content written in this section helps in increasing the ranking of your site’s images quickly and efficiently.

At last, the Description section is used to describe your image in a detailed manner. The text written in the description bar will be displayed on the attachment page when a visitor clicks on an image.

Internal Links

Inserting a link to some old post within the same domain is a good indicator to search engines and it normally increases the traffic on old posts as well. Internal linking is considered as vital parts of SEO strategy.

Two or three excellent quality of internal links to relevant content by using accurate anchor text spread throughout the blog is considered the best SEO technique.


The URL of the blog or article you publish on your WP site is known as permalinks. These are the Permanent URLS that you will distribute when you want to attract people towards that page.

When you write a headline in the ‘Add New Post’ segment of your WP dashboard, you can see a permalink will automatically create the below the headline section.

Well, there are few things that you need to consider:

  • Confirm that you have the Permalinks setting switched to ‘Post name’ in Settings>Permalinks. It will allow a post’s permalink to automatically copy the same text from the headline.

  • WordPress will automatically save what is written in the headline segment, whether you have completed your headline or not. Therefore, it is necessary to write the headline carefully and recheck it because permalink won’t edit the text automatically.

However, you can edit the permalink at any time, but you need to check it before clicking publish button.

In terms of SEO strategy, Google has mentioned that it is best to use only three to four keywords in the permalink and try to place important keywords first.

Meta Description

The Meta description tag in HTML is the 160 character snippet, which is used to summarize the web page’s content. It exists beneath the URL in Search engine result pages. It is commonly used when you distribute the link on social media platforms, such as Facebook, G+ account etc.

Well, search engines will not increase your ranking due to the excerpt’s quality, but it will certainly boost the likelihood that a user will click to your content after reading this short description.

Categories and Tags

After writing your content, you need to add it to an applicable category. You can keep your category title as large as possible.

Then pick out the most relevant keywords to fill the tags bar.

Both the categories and tags enable the visitors to access your site and thus improvise its usability by merging together appropriate content.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

wordpress-seo-by-yoastAs a WordPress Site owner, you can use the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. It is one of the best plugins that will help you increase the website’s ranking and also boost your online presence on the Search Engine Result Pages.

Here, you have to set your focus keyword and Meta description. Then, it will give you a crack up of what you have done right and what can be improved.

Still, installing this plugin doesn’t mean that you are done with SEO practices. You need to perform all things mentioned in this blog efficiently.

Author Bio: Tracey Jones is a WordPress Developer at WPGeeks Ltd., a WordPress Development Company. She assist her clients when they want to hire WordPress expert for professional help. She loves to write WordPress related tutorials in her free time and never feel shy of trying new things. 

5 Ways to Boost Conversion Rate with Web Design

Ways to Boost Conversion Rate with Web Design

What makes a good website an excellent commercial website? Conversion rate. The bigger it is, the more beneficial it is to your website. We all know that search engine optimization is vital when it comes to boosting the traffic of your website. It means that well-written content will only boost you in social engine ranking and bring more visitors as a result. No matter how optimized your texts are in terms of SEO, you will earn nothing, if your website does not have any conversion rate. In this article, we will discuss several ways of increasing the conversion rate with the help of web design.

Make it optimized

By now, the use of the Internet has shifted from computers to cell phones and tablets. As a result, it is not worth creating only a desktop version of a website, if you want it to have a good conversion rate. You need to pay particular attention to the fact that various devices have different screen orientation and resolution. Moreover, some fonts are not supported by mobile phones. So, if you don’t want your visitors to close the tab as soon as they enter your website from a mobile phone, you want to make all pages optimized. There is an excellent website audit tool called Sitechecker Pro that could help you realize which aspects you should improve on.

As we all know, not optimized images can harm websites. First of all, they affect the website speed and can significantly slow it down. To prevent website from slow loading you always need to check its sizes and impact on website speed. How low website speed will affect the site and conversions? 75% percent of users won’t be waiting for your webpage is completely downloaded. They will leave your site and thereby increase the bounce rate. So you will lose not only the potential customers, but also decrease your website performance for search engines.

Here is the example on how to test if your images are optimized enough using web crawler :


You may see how your webpage can be shown in mobile on desktop versions.  And what score of Google Page Speed test you may have.


Another thing you’d probably want to ensure is the user-friendliness of the UI. It means that there should be no irrelevant information that could distract users, no irritating gifs or pop-up windows. In this case, it is best to ensure that a user has an outstanding experience visiting your website. As a result, visitors are more likely to buy from your platform.

Right color palette

This one is pretty straightforward, I assume. However, to choose the right color palette, you need to learn how colors affect users’ mentality. It would be an excellent idea to know the associations between colors, what emotions they breed, and how you can combine them to achieve the desired result. Have you ever noticed how attractive and pleasant Apple Inc. website is? If not, then you should probably go and check for yourself. A light color palette of their store makes visitors subconsciously feel safe, and consequently, they are more likely to buy another expensive gadget.

Content placement

This is a vital aspect to remember, too. As a web designer, you should understand how a user behaves at the webpage, and place the content accordingly. A simple rule would be a header with the navigation panel at the top, some essential links or similar stories on the right, and a ‘Contact us’ at the bottom.

This is when content and design intertwine. You need to strategically plan out the content placement when adding visual support. Readers pay less and less attention as they scroll towards the bottom of the page. You’d want them to remain interested and focused at the same time.


This is an obvious, yet a challenging thing to implement. The biggest problem is to choose the right place for a call-to-action. Typically, it should be in the concluding part of the content, but you may want to make it stand out from the rest of the text. If this button or a piece of a text catches readers’ eye, then they will be forced to read until the end and realize why they do or do not need your product. Still, a greatly formulated and an eye-catching call-to-action dramatically boosts the chances of successful conversion.


It is understandable that a piece of well-written text is not enough to contribute to a good conversion rate. Website design is an integral part since it appeals to human emotions and subconsciousness. So, make sure that your website looks good and is user-friendly. Do not forget to include the call-to-action at the right place, and arrange the content of your web page in a way that would be convenient for the readers to perceive. Finally, you do not want to forget about cross-platform optimization in modern circumstances, when more and more people tend to surf the web using their mobile phones or tablets.

Advantages of using Best VPN for Mac

Best VPN

Despite Windows being the most popular desktop OS in the world, a lot of security and design conscious users opt for the Mac OS for running their desktops. One of the biggest reasons behind this choice is the common perception that Macs are more secure than Windows when it comes to preventing users from attacks that involve exploiting system vulnerabilities.

And yes, Macs certainly are better adept at protecting their users from such catastrophes as compared to Windows. Just take a look at how the ransomware Wannacry wreaked havoc on systems running the Windows OS in 2017 and you will get a very good idea on how opting for Mac as your OS was definitely the better choice indeed.

But, despite the magnificent in-built protective features like sandboxing and restrictive root base access offering maximum security to your system by virtue of not having such zero-day points of entry, Macs can still suffer from malware and ransomware attacks if you are not taking enough steps towards toughening up your cybersecurity.

We now spend a major chunk of our times online, performing almost all types of tasks ranging from conducting financial transactions to accessing our social media handles. Highly sensitive information passes through our internet connection when we do that and without adequate protection, anyone from hackers to even your ISP can siphon that data or invade your connection on a whim.

To secure your privacy online and ensure that your data remains protected while it’s being transferred in the online domain, it needs to pass through a VPN enabled connection.

VPNs, simply put, are tools that allow your online activities to pass through a private connection, thereby effectively sealing your internet activity from any undue meddling.

If you are still not using a VPN on your Mac device, then you are surely setting yourself up for an impending disaster. Using a VPN on Macs is not hard at all, contrary to popular belief. Modern-day VPNs are easy to use, even by newbie users, allowing you to take your online security up a notch and bring your overall privacy to an unassailable level.

Still, need more reasons to convince you that deploying a VPN on your Mac is absolutely necessary? Or are you a bit hesitant that you don’t know much about VPNs?

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. We’ve covered everything about using VPNs on Mac in this guide. Let’s get you through it from the beginning:

1) Let’s Start At The Beginning:

First things first, do you first want to know what a VPN actually is?

Well, a VPN is currently the best tool available to safeguard your privacy and make you go anonymous online. This tool encrypts your data and makes it pass through a secure tunnel, along with activating other safeguards to make sure that your internet connection cannot be broken through in.

From offering obfuscated servers to prevent deep packet inspection to being based in countries that have no data retention laws, modern-day VPNs work towards sealing off all those gaping holes through which your security can be compromised.

And they also care for offering maximum user ease by offering easy to use client apps for every popular platform, even Macs.

2) Advantages

You can get a lot of advantages just simply by deploying a VPN over your internet connection that you might not even have been aware off till now.

Firstly, they secure your internet connection protecting you from a diverse range of threats like Man in the Middle attacks that often afflict people who nonchalantly us Public Wi-Fi.

Secondly, they allow you to bypass geo-restrictions so that even if you are in place with restricted access to the free internet like China, you can still visit all of your favorite sites whenever you want.

Thirdly, VPNs also amplify your entertainment experience as they offer you the chance to access your favorite streaming sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer even when you are not in locations that don’t offer access to them.

Fourthly, they can save you an incredible amount of money. For e.g., if the price of room booking in hotels or air tickets differs between regions, you can turn on your VPN, connect to the server placed in the area where prices are lower and buy the same service or product at a reduced price.

The advantages that VPNs offer are almost all relevant to the problems you can face online, so you won’t ever regret subscribing to one in the first place.

3) Best VPN Software for Mac:

Advantages of VPN

If you make up your mind to subscribe to a VPN service, the next question that will pop up in your mind would be related towards the best provider that suits your needs perfectly.

And while there a lot of providers out there that claim to offer the best VPN services for Mac, here are some points that you need to look for in a provider to verify its claim:

  • Does it offer Military Grade Encryption?
  • Does it support OpenVPN Protocol?
  • Can it unblock Netflix or other geo-restricted streaming sites?
  • Does it offer a compatible client app for Mac and other related devices?
  • How many multi-logins does it support?
  • Are its pricing plans equal to the value it’s offering?
  • Does it offer a good server infrastructure?
  • Does it work in China?
  • Does it protect against DNS or WebRTC leaks?
  • Does it keep zero logs?
  • Is it based in a place with no data retention laws?
  • Does it offer unlimited bandwidth?
  • Does it support high speeds?

4) Other Things You Need To Know:

VPNs are incredible towards protecting your security as you might know by now, but still, there are a lot of caveats in this domain that you need to be aware of.

Free services are mostly to be avoided, even though they look enticing. Paid providers might feel expensive to subscribe to, but they guarantee you a premium performance. Running a VPN is expensive stuff and if a provider is offering a free service, then it must be making money out of nefarious areas like selling your data.

Also, take care even when you opt for the paid providers. Not all of them are trustworthy enough. Some VPNs market themselves as secure but actually aren’t. So do make it a point to do proper research on whether they have ever complied with government data gag requests, are they owned by someone credible etc. to ensure that you are entrusting your privacy in safe, reliable hands.

5) The Pros and Cons of VPNs

VPNs have a lot of pros but they also have cons, which are mostly unavoidable due to the nature of their service.

The pros include the obvious, which we’ve already covered in this post above, like making your connection private, unblocking geo-restricted sites, reducing costs of products by spoofing your location etc.

But there are some cons that you will have to contend with if you choose to use a VPN on your Mac for e.g. you will experience a considerable speed loss once you turn your VPN due to the heavy encryption, tunneling, and location hop that your internet connection goes through.

Sometimes they can stop working suddenly leaving you exposed online as well, which is a big problem if you are doing something extremely sensitive on your Mac like Torrenting. But some VPNs offer protection against this issue by virtue of a kill switch, which stops your real IP from being exposed online by killing off your internet connection as well when the VPN goes down.


Subscribing to VPNs is one of the best investments you can make in today’s world where you spend most of your time on Macs traversing the online sphere. Improving your cyber-security ensures that hackers can’t find their way so easily into your system just like they do on unprotected systems.

However, do keep in mind that even though your Mac might be a secure device and you also protecting your online privacy through a VPN, both of these can never be enough alone for your overall internet hygiene.

So keep stronger passwords, enable two factor authentication whenever possible, don’t click on spam links or emails and learn to recognize spear phishing attempts along with opting for a VPN for your Mac and you will virtually never be at receiving end of a malicious ransomware or malware attack that could steal your sensitive personal or private data.

Tips for Improving WordPress Site Rank on Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is a digital marketing technique that any company looking for an excellent online presence must apply. It is good to know that SEO can be done in different ways but most importantly, through optimized articles. However, as much one can argue that SEO is today dilute and used by everybody, it is imperative to know that without SEO, you will not appear in search results.

While optimization can be done in-house, you can contact a company to spearhead the optimization process. This way, you will be able to see the results of what you are paying for. Here are some tips of increasing your rank on search engines.
Optimize everywhere

While many people don’t know it, search engine results today focus more on the quality of content on a website. Also, social media is another tool that is highly relied on for optimization. That’s why, you need to make sure that whenever you are posting on social media, pick your captions carefully. When you optimize the social media posts with appropriate keywords, you give the search engine more options of locating your business. But ensure that you don’t overdo it. If you don’t head this advice, you will end up practicing black hat SEO which can make google to burn your website.

Guest posting
While having optimized content on your website can bring you traffic, you should always know that you can post your content on a site with more traffic and benefit a lot. Guest post services like loganix can help you get more organic traffic to your website within a short time. It is a simple process that starts by creating an original article that will be posted on another website. The piece you create must be relevant to the content on the site you are posting it to. However, the post must be back linked to your website.
The links usually come in the form of a hyperlink and typically are placed on words or sentences that are relevant to your business. This way, you will be tapping traffic from the popular website to your site. To get the best out of guest posting results, you should work with as many websites as possible; you can always hire guest posting services if you don’t have the requisite skills to help you craft appealing posts.

Being present is not enough, you must be active
One mistake that most people do is to forget to update their websites with new content. Understand that online business is changing fast and Google is continually changing their algorithms. So you must do all you can to ensure that the crawlers take note of your website. The crawlers look for keyword relevant content. With a few old articles on your site, the search engine crawlers will not be able to find enough material to present as the best search results. But, if you update and ensure you have fresh content all the time, the search engine crawlers will easily find the content and offer at the top spot on the search engine results.

Additionally, ensure that you remain active on social media. Note that adding new posts on social media is not enough. You need to get interactive with your audience and always give them a reason to believe in your brand.

Use Texts and Links Correctly
Adding links to posts is crucial; it helps to optimize your efforts. Interlinking the host posts accelerates the SEO efforts thereby improving user experience on your site. The posts should be interlinked where necessary but must remain relevant. It should not be done for fun purposes but must have relevance to the site. Relevancy is determined by both the content and the anchor text of the source page. When links are relevant, it makes it easier for the search engine to recognize the site and improve its ranking.
Anchor text helps Google to understand what your site is all about. But anchor texts have both pros and cons. If used wrongly, they can put your website at the risk of being penalized. Use them sparingly to avoid the wrath of Google.

Use Correct Heading Tags
Using appropriate heading tags is crucial and is in line with the best SEO practices. One should be aware of the proper heading tags to use when creating links or when posting articles on their website. However, it’s common for beginners to struggle with choosing heading tags and using them appropriately. Heading tags create an exciting mood to readers and help website users read the relevant parts of the posts. Type O heading tag gives a detailed meaning and helps the user to know what the article is all about. Note that heading tags may range from heading 1 to heading 6 depending on the length of the article.

The trouble most writers have is to determine the right heading tag to choose. Note that H1 tag is always employed for the blog posts title and so it is imperative to keep H1 concise and informative. As stated earlier, the title gives an overview of the content and may motivate visitors to read the entire work. So, using H1 correctly gives you the go-ahead to use H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 tags for your sub-headings. This should be used appropriately to avoid confusing users. Notice that headings are not only crucial for SEO practices but to the reader as well. Also, they help to improve the overall user engagement.

With SEO, all it takes is a good plan to set the ball rolling. The best part is that you have enough options when it comes to how you want to optimize your online content. Your content creation process should be done carefully using the right keywords and a combination of other relevant phrases and sentences. If you don’t understand how content creation for SEO is done, then you can always consult an expert.

Everything you need to know about Web Development

1. What is web development?
Broadly, web development is described as anything involved in the development of a website for the internet. It ranges from developing a simple page of plain text to more complicated internet applications for e-businesses or simply social networking.

More technically among the professionals, web development includes the writing markup and coding, basically all the non-designing branches of website development. It also refers to content management system, or more commonly known as CMS. These CMS are like a bridge between the database and the user. Moreover, CMS does not require you to have the technical knowledge to alter the website. You can find more about web development at Kamil Web Solutions development agency.

2. What is a web developer and what does it do?
A web developer is simply a person who builds a website according to a client’s needs. Different agencies like Kamil Web Solutions development agency has web developers whose job is to create custom codes and develop site layout, as well as features and functions of a webpage.

The job of a web developer is divided mainly into 3 categories:

1.Database technology: this is what makes sure that the website runs smooth.
2.Server-side scripting: executed on a web server, this refers to the code that decides on the mechanics of how a website functions.
3.Client-side scripting: executed in a web browser, this refers to code that decides on the content that your customers or clients will see when they open your website.
The web developer is supposed to build a website from scratch. The skills above are required by a web developer in doing so. The main benefit of having to build a web page from scratch is that you have complete control over creating something original and therefore, have a better idea of client’s needs.

3. What to look for in a web developer?
Since the jobs of a web developer as mentioned above require the skills to be divided into 3 categories, the skills required for a compatible web developer will also be according to these 3 domains.

4. Database technologies
For a good web developer, a sound knowledge regarding the database technologies is the main requirement. This is because, for any website, a database is required to store files, images, codes and other data. For being well-equipped with the knowledge of database technology, following relational database management systems (RDBMS) are the most popular among web-based applications:
1. Oracle
2. MySQL
3. Apache
4. Microsoft SQL Server
6. MongoDB

5. Server-side languages
Using server-side language for scripting is like the backbone of building a website. For a web browser to function well, the end user’s computer must have enough storage. This is because the websites need to carry different images and files in a database on a web server.

This is where the server-side scripting plays a role. It is responsible for generating a structure for a database on the web server so that the communication between the web browser and the user’s computer is possible. The web developer comes up with a script on your website, therefore when somebody is using the website; the server shows the particular images or information as inquired by the user. Since the person using your website has no access to the source code or proprietary data, the server-side code becomes more protected.

Among the many, the following are the most popular server-side languages that a web developer should be well informed about:
1. Java
2. PHP
3. Python
4. C
6. Ruby

6. Client-side languages
The development of applications that are present in the browser of a user’s computer is what client-side scripting is all about. This includes storage of user’s data in the form of cookies, simple flash games, or any other type of social web applications. Moreover, it uses languages that are responsible for creating the overall look and the complete layout of a website.

The languages used for client-end scripting include:
2. CSS
3. JavaScript
4. JQuery
5. Flash
6. Microsoft Silverlight

7. Different types of web development firms
Broadly, the different types of web development firms include the ones that produce custom web application development, e-commerce capabilities, website design, and database development and integration. Mostly, however, a lot of web development firms will provide all of the services above altogether.

How To Create a Coupon Site Without Coding Knowledge [Brief Step-By-Step Guide]

How To Create a Coupon Site Without Coding Knowledge

Discount Coupon Business

Hey guys, are you going to earn money offering discount coupons? Running deals and coupon sites are great ways to earn money online.

The business is pretty straightforward. You just get the latest coupons from best online affiliate marketplaces & promote them on your website. You will get the best revenue via affiliate and CPA marketing.

You will definitely need a coupon website for that. The easiest way is to create it with WordPress, especially if you don’t know much about coding.

Down below you will find a brief, simple guide on creating a coupon site with a WordPress website design. Following its steps, you will have your coupon website in just a few hours.

Please note that you don’t need to spend heaps of money on it. But what you do need, is a lot of enthusiasm.

Let’s begin.

Creating a WordPress coupon site, like the one you see below requires only four simple steps:



  1. The first is to buy a domain and hosting.
  2. The second is to install WordPress.
  3. The third is to install a WordPress coupon theme.
  4. And the last is to install plugins.

Buying Domain & Hosting

Think about the name of your coupon site. It should indicate site purpose and create your unique brand image.

Have you decided on the site name? Ok, then register a domain for it.

What is the domain? In simple words, it is a web address used to access your website.

Usually, the domain costs about $15 per year. However, some of the well-known WordPress hosting providers give you a free domain for a year. Then you purchase a web hosting account. You will need a hosting account anyway, so a free domain offer is really beneficial.

Ok, supposing you have purchased your hosting plan, now we can proceed with the steps of creating a WordPress coupon site featured in this guide.

Install WordPress on Your Hosting Account

When you have bought a hosting account for your coupon website, you will be greeted by your hosting provider via email, which will contain login details.

You need to log in and look for the cPanel tab in your hosting dashboard.

Please follow the video guide below to install WordPress:

Well, we are done with installing WordPress.

It’s high time to convert it into a coupon website. This involves customizing WordPress with the help of themes and adding requisite coupon site features with the help of plugins.

Install WordPress Coupon Theme

There is no lack of theme providers offering free and premium designs out there. I suggest you opt for a premium theme to get a nice website like the one you see below.

Discount Coupon

discount coupon

Are you tight on budget so should think about a free theme? It’s more or less ok either, just beware of the providers that are known to include malware in their theme. Eventually, this may lead to a compromised website.

Well, supposing you have picked up your perfect theme. Please view the video that will guide you through the installation process:

I hope it was easy to install your theme for a WordPress coupon site.

Now comes the stage of customization of your brand-new theme according to your taste and preferences. As a rule, WordPress themes have self-explanatory customization options. But you can refer to the theme’s documentation at any time to study it inside-out.

And don’t forget about the customers’ support. Decent premium theme developers provide excellent customer support. You can contact them and ask for assistance in case of an issue.

Install WordPress Plugins

What do you need plugins for? They let you add extra features that are not included in the default WordPress installation.

Here is a good example: WordPress has no default feature that allows creating a contact form for your “Contact us” page. You can add this functionality with Contact Form 7 plugin.

Please watch the video below to see how to install a plugin in WordPress:

Here is a list of must-have WordPress plugins your coupon website won’t survive without:

  1. Limit Login Attempt – allows securing your site’s login from hackers who try to log into your website multiple times with the help of guesswork.
  2. W3 Total Cache – lets your website to be cached in the visitors’ browser, which makes its loading speed super fast.
  3. Yoast SEO – the plugin lets you optimize your coupon website for search engines. It will help you effectively generate leads through user searches.
  4. Akismet – make sure that your website is free from spam comments as they can negatively affect its performance.
  5. TinyMCE – the plugin adds extra features to your post and page editor, works similar to that of MS Word. I mean you can write freely without having to code your posts.
  6. Coupon Creator – lets you create custom coupons, which you can post on your website.
  7. Contact Form 7 – helps to create a contact page for your website.
  8. Floating Social Share Bar – lets your visitors share coupons on social networks.

Maybe you would like to upload more plugins from the WordPress plugins directory. Everything depends on your needs. In any case, the above-mentioned ones are enough to start with.


After you complete the above steps, you will have your coupon website up and running. This won’t take you much time and efforts. I hope that I managed to keep this guide short, yet detailed enough.

Do you have any questions/suggestions/tips/whatever to this guide? Please post them at the comments section.

I hope you will share your success story about the brand-new coupon website in the near future.

How to design positive user experiences for websites?

Design Positive User Experiences

These days any company designs products or provides services to the user to design positive user experience. They want to keep their customer happy. As when you keep your customers happy, they keep on coming back to you. The main question arises whenever a product is made “How does the product make you feel”? Consider for example, if you are owning a web development company and you have designed a website. Then, of course, you want to know that the web design is liked by the user or not.

If your customer is happy with you then you can easily maintain competition in the market without any hassle. As they like your services and products then they prefer to buy products from your organization or company always. In turn, your reputation in the market will be enhanced as a brand name and you can spawn more revenue.

So here, in this blog, we are scrutinizing some measures to design positive user experience.

Emotion is Pivotal – Why?

Have you ever noticed or not that every brand always want to keep their customers happy. Even if we go to any brand store there is a different section of staff who takes good care of people visiting their store. In large organizations also there is a separate “customer care” section. But have you ever wonder, “Why Everyone wants to keep their customer happy”? Here is the answer, only because of their happy customers they exist as a brand in the society. Most of you have also heard of the popular saying, “Customers are considered to be the god.” If you are doing any kind of business then it is your first and foremost responsibility to keep your customers happy and satisfied with your work(products or services). If you want your business to succeed then you must have to consider user experience and have to be loyal to your customers.

Examples of positive user experiences are they visit your store again, they like to subscribe to your services, they like your web design and again wants more sites to be designed from you only.

If you are designing your company’s website or application, it is nothing but you are providing your customer a convenience to reach you, you are designing a positive user experience.

Now, we are going into detailed discussion of the “Unique measures to design positive user experience”. So, here we go.


It plays a vital role in keeping your customers happy with your service. It includes different ways of marketing that by seeing only the cute images or anything else which just put a smile on the face of your customers. Consider, Mailchimp almost everyone like their pleasant amulet. Most of the companies prefer to encompass animals into their marketing plan. So, here your humor plays a crucial role. You have to keep on thinking ultimate measures by which you can provide a smooth service to your customers or clients.


Humor is instant tension reliever and raises a feeling of positive emotions. Whether you are making your customers happy by cracking jokes, made them laugh out louder or just cackle at their desks. By doing all these your customer feels like they are not others they belong to your team itself.

A day without laughter is a day wasted” it is a famous quote by Charlie Chaplin. A well-known actor who is known by almost everyone in the whole world. It can also be said that laughter is a good medicine to relieve stress.


It has become a momentous part of designing. The notion behind this to make designs imperfect deliberately so that our designs looked to be personal and approach to a large customer base. This technique is being adopted by most of the brands to give designs a human touch.

A new design of Typeform is the best example one can refer. As you scrolling down the page the perfect circle around the logo takes an imperfect shape.

This way one can provide a unique design by incorporating imperfections.


Most of the time hyperbole is based on humor. It is related to taking a familiar or regular situation to its intense level. This is understood by almost all of us as these days we are all very much busy in doing our tasks and has a lot of work pressure.

The idea is that you can design something which is related to customers routine life so that it would be more convenient for them to understand whatever you want to appeal.


It has become a popular jargon in UX design. But what is it exactly? Do you know?

In the post by Tubic studio, Mentioned that:

In the tech world, the word “gamification” stands for the technique of exerting game mechanics into the non-game environment, such as websites and mobile applications.”

So, It has become popular these days. Take an example of Salesforce who has mastered this art by their trailhead program. A program by which you can learn how to use Salesforce.


If you see any digital products which are incorporated with illustrations then it is easy for you to understand this concept. Many digital products use illustrations as it is easier to see yourself in a character than in a photo of another person.

For example, when you are opening slack there is an illustration that welcomes you. There are happy people, bright colors and products that match the color of the product welcomes you to create the work experience which you want. By effective web design of your website, you can build positive user experience.

Wrap Up:

So, after reading this you have become more familiar with the unique and ultimate ways to design positive user experience. Most of you also know about Nagpur Website design company. They are award-winning web designing agency and who successfully have drawn positive user experiences by their effective designs of the website and providing more than expected services to their clients. They have a great experience in this stream for more than 10 years. One can refer to their website designs which is most graceful and eye-soothing. Hope you like enjoyed reading this blog post.

What info should be included in a wedding website?

wedding WordPress themeTo make a wedding website you do not need specialized skills. Most of the website companies in the market have a set format for creating a regular wedding website. All you are expected to do is furnish the information that you want to include in the website by fulfilling some easy and quick steps. It is important though that both of you as a couple should agree first about the exact information you want in the website.

What should you include in your wedding website?

You can be in a dilemma regarding the choice of information that you should put on your wedding website. Let us start from the basic.

Basic information

The basic information should include your wedding date, your name, the venue of wedding, time of the ceremony, and the reception details. To make it easier, you should simply check it in the sequence Who, When, What, Where and Why.

Tell your story

Each couple has a story to tell about their dating, romance, how they came finally to the decision of marriage, who proposed whom and so on. An interesting story tempts the guests to attend the wedding with more enthusiasm.

Directions and maps

A wedding website must include detailed information about the wedding address including a map mentioning important landmarks. Linking the map with the is a good idea or you can also come up with your own custom-designed map in detail for better understanding of the guests.


You can mention the whole plan of wedding in the website like who is to be the groomsmen or the bridesmaid, why are they being chosen, how will the event progress systematically and more.

Hotel info

Clearly mention the type of arrangement you have made in the hotel. Whether you have booked few rooms for the outstation guests in the same hotel where the wedding is scheduled to take place or in any other hotel. Such information should be compulsorily mentioned in the website. This will help your guest to find out their accommodation on their own without troubling you for it.

Attire suggestion

Whether you are arranging a theme wedding party or a traditional, one you should mention all these details on the wedding website. Guests are always eager to plan for their outfits and attires for the wedding. So, let them know in advance about your plan and what you are expecting them to wear. Whether they should come decked up in a formal wear or don casual jeans with branded T-shirts and so on.

Gift registry

It may come across as a rude behavior if your online invitations carry the registry information. Instead, if you add a gift registry link on your website itself, the guests will be pleased to check it. This will also mean that there is no obligation on the part of the guests to bring a gift for the wedding but if interested can pick up one from the registry list as per their budget constraint.

Photos and videos

Most of the guests are anxious to see how good you look together. It is not necessary to put all your photos and videos on the website. The few cut and those that speak of love between you two are enough to tell the story about your relationship.

Free and paid wedding website reviews

wedding WordPress themeWedding website designers have special templates that enable you to quickly get a website done for your wedding without wasting much of your time. A quick read through the wedding website reviews can help you take better decision. You can choose from the paid or the free wedding website mentioned below.

First, let us review some of the most popular free wedding websites:

This wedding website comprise of 24 page designs that are simple and basic but attractive enough to make a decent wedding website. One of the most highlighting features of this wedding website provider is that it comes with multiple customizable pages like the guest list, polls, wish list, quizzes and even a page to recommend a favorite vendor.

The Knot

This is one of the first few wedding sites that started providing free service. Recently, the site has undergone renovation and upgraded the options they have been offering. New and modern 20 plus designs that looks cool and clean is now available on The Knot. These offer greater scope for customizing the wedding site pages and provide you with coordinating offers such as save-the-date emails and more. The other coordinating favors include selling useful things such as napkins and more.

The Wedding Channel

This free wedding website offers easy to use but very simple designs. However, the Wedding Channel shows its inclination more towards offering charity and promises to make donation to charity you choose if your guests click the link pasted on their registry page for buying wedding gifts. This gives your guests the chance to do well while buying a gift for you.


With the help of this wedding site, you can create a beautiful site for your wedding in matter of minutes. The site offers innumerable customization options so that all the wedding websites do not pose a hackneyed look and look different and very much to your taste. This one website enables your guest to connect with each other through social sites and discuss things related to wedding freely.

The Paid wedding websites

For a more sophisticated design for your wedding website, you can opt for the paid wedding websites that provide you unlimited customizing options. Some of the most popular sites in this category are:


Ewedding also offers paid wedding site services in which you can get a domain name with better bandwith by paying as low as $4.95 per month. This is a better option if you are expected lots of visitors.



Although the designs on this website are a bit cheesy, you find some unique and user-friendly options such as custom audio message, family tree and weather information.


This website introduces some of the most ultra-modern and eyecatching website designs for the wedding. The topmost invitation designers that ensures that you find the style and design that surely matches your stature and taste have created the options. The website provides the guests the option to RSVP online but also posts their comments and can also read your wedding blog. You are also free to protect your password and restrict the access of your blog or other information to certain guests.

Wedding JOJO

This wedding website provides you with multiple features such as themes, sharing photos, information about the events, guest book and RSVPS management so that you can upload different information on your wedding site and let your guests communicate with each other.

You can also explore to get good themes and designs for your wedding sites.

What are the steps for creating a personal website?

personal trainer WordPress themeThere can be umpteen reasons for creating a website. It can be to upload your tons of family videos and pictures or even to fast-forward your career. Personal website on its own is a complete tool that ensures that you stay in touch with your friends and family members. It also enables you to share personal and other relevant information such as weddings, parties, birthdays and more.

Earlier, it was imperative that you should have a deft hand with HTML to create a personal website. However, nowadays, you can create a great looking website in your leisure time without being HTML-savvy.

Here are few steps that can help you in building your website with ease:

It is important to decide which website building software you need to use. This is more important if you are not proficient in HTML or do not possess any experience of programming. Here, you can pick up from two options paid and free website building software. The free sites that are worth trying are:

Tumblr: A Tumblr offers you the option to select the free themes and you can choose one for your personal website. Since you are opting for free website building program, you have little scope. Each theme comes with specialized features and you will have to study these features to understand the pre-coded bits of its functionality. This way you can give your website theme a feeling closer to regular websites.

Wordpress:  This portal provides you with the option to create a blog, which looks like a website. The only thing of difference is that every time you add a new content, it is placed at the top as WordPress comes with a discipline to arrange things in chronological order. In this way, you can add multiple layers of content to your website. You can set up a homepage with the help of default blog setup and on the front page will be displayed your latest posts. It is possible to create a static homepage to make the page look like a traditional website.

Paid website building sites

Both WordPress and Tumblr also offer you the option of getting paid website building programs. The paid Tumblr option gains you an entry in the Tumblr’s Theme Garden that contains premium themes. You can as well preview each theme before buying it. Similarly, WordPress paid option lets develop other sections such as about me, locations, menu and so on.

Squarespace: It is one of the leading portals, which offer immense scope and 24×7 supports for website building. These people are known for building clean, SEO segregated websites that are highly reliable and possess scalable cloud infrastructure. The portal offers free site builder that comes inbuilt with drip and easy-to-use drag interface. In minutes, you can have a website running with the applications of It has a vast template and design gallery and you can access the options to custom logo, tagline and color scheme. This site has been named as one of the most popular and largest to provide web-building services. The web building options here are easy and anyone can create a website for himself within minutes.

Building personal website

Domain name: Most of the free web building sites provides you with the domain or sub-domain name. However, if you opt for paid sites, you will be required to get one for yourself. Always ensure that the domain name should be simple so that people can easily remember it.

Loading content: You can add text, photo galleries, guest-book, forum, thoughts, email list and so on.

Creating a logo:

Although, it is your personal website a creative logo gives it a more unified look. You can make use of Corel paint shop pro to create one on your own.

Creating pages: Make use of web publishing or HTML tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage for creating Home page.

Publish: Lastly upload the pages and the files. You can use your web browser or an FTP program for performing this task. Your host that you can use to update and edit the content in the website folders will provide you with username and the password.

Lastly you can buy a WordPress Theme from us and avail free installation. All themes are well documented and easy to use. Also one of the easiest way to get your personal website