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Advantages of using Best VPN for Mac

Best VPN

Despite Windows being the most popular desktop OS in the world, a lot of security and design conscious users opt for the Mac OS for running their desktops. One of the biggest reasons behind this choice is the common perception that Macs are more secure than Windows when it comes to preventing users from attacks that involve exploiting system vulnerabilities.

And yes, Macs certainly are better adept at protecting their users from such catastrophes as compared to Windows. Just take a look at how the ransomware Wannacry wreaked havoc on systems running the Windows OS in 2017 and you will get a very good idea on how opting for Mac as your OS was definitely the better choice indeed.

But, despite the magnificent in-built protective features like sandboxing and restrictive root base access offering maximum security to your system by virtue of not having such zero-day points of entry, Macs can still suffer from malware and ransomware attacks if you are not taking enough steps towards toughening up your cybersecurity.

We now spend a major chunk of our times online, performing almost all types of tasks ranging from conducting financial transactions to accessing our social media handles. Highly sensitive information passes through our internet connection when we do that and without adequate protection, anyone from hackers to even your ISP can siphon that data or invade your connection on a whim.

To secure your privacy online and ensure that your data remains protected while it’s being transferred in the online domain, it needs to pass through a VPN enabled connection.

VPNs, simply put, are tools that allow your online activities to pass through a private connection, thereby effectively sealing your internet activity from any undue meddling.

If you are still not using a VPN on your Mac device, then you are surely setting yourself up for an impending disaster. Using a VPN on Macs is not hard at all, contrary to popular belief. Modern-day VPNs are easy to use, even by newbie users, allowing you to take your online security up a notch and bring your overall privacy to an unassailable level.

Still, need more reasons to convince you that deploying a VPN on your Mac is absolutely necessary? Or are you a bit hesitant that you don’t know much about VPNs?

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. We’ve covered everything about using VPNs on Mac in this guide. Let’s get you through it from the beginning:

1) Let’s Start At The Beginning:

First things first, do you first want to know what a VPN actually is?

Well, a VPN is currently the best tool available to safeguard your privacy and make you go anonymous online. This tool encrypts your data and makes it pass through a secure tunnel, along with activating other safeguards to make sure that your internet connection cannot be broken through in.

From offering obfuscated servers to prevent deep packet inspection to being based in countries that have no data retention laws, modern-day VPNs work towards sealing off all those gaping holes through which your security can be compromised.

And they also care for offering maximum user ease by offering easy to use client apps for every popular platform, even Macs.

2) Advantages

You can get a lot of advantages just simply by deploying a VPN over your internet connection that you might not even have been aware off till now.

Firstly, they secure your internet connection protecting you from a diverse range of threats like Man in the Middle attacks that often afflict people who nonchalantly us Public Wi-Fi.

Secondly, they allow you to bypass geo-restrictions so that even if you are in place with restricted access to the free internet like China, you can still visit all of your favorite sites whenever you want.

Thirdly, VPNs also amplify your entertainment experience as they offer you the chance to access your favorite streaming sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer even when you are not in locations that don’t offer access to them.

Fourthly, they can save you an incredible amount of money. For e.g., if the price of room booking in hotels or air tickets differs between regions, you can turn on your VPN, connect to the server placed in the area where prices are lower and buy the same service or product at a reduced price.

The advantages that VPNs offer are almost all relevant to the problems you can face online, so you won’t ever regret subscribing to one in the first place.  

3) Best VPN Software for Mac:

Advantages of VPN

If you make up your mind to subscribe to a VPN service, the next question that will pop up in your mind would be related towards the best provider that suits your needs perfectly.

And while there a lot of providers out there that claim to offer the best VPN services for Mac, here are some points that you need to look for in a provider to verify its claim:

  • Does it offer Military Grade Encryption?
  • Does it support OpenVPN Protocol?  
  • Can it unblock Netflix or other geo-restricted streaming sites?
  • Does it offer a compatible client app for Mac and other related devices?
  • How many multi-logins does it support?
  • Are its pricing plans equal to the value it’s offering?
  • Does it offer a good server infrastructure?
  • Does it work in China?
  • Does it protect against DNS or WebRTC leaks?
  • Does it keep zero logs?
  • Is it based in a place with no data retention laws?
  • Does it offer unlimited bandwidth?
  • Does it support high speeds?

4) Other Things You Need To Know:

VPNs are incredible towards protecting your security as you might know by now, but still, there are a lot of caveats in this domain that you need to be aware of.

Free services are mostly to be avoided, even though they look enticing. Paid providers might feel expensive to subscribe to, but they guarantee you a premium performance. Running a VPN is expensive stuff and if a provider is offering a free service, then it must be making money out of nefarious areas like selling your data.

Also, take care even when you opt for the paid providers. Not all of them are trustworthy enough. Some VPNs market themselves as secure but actually aren’t. So do make it a point to do proper research on whether they have ever complied with government data gag requests, are they owned by someone credible etc. to ensure that you are entrusting your privacy in safe, reliable hands.

5) The Pros and Cons of VPNs

VPNs have a lot of pros but they also have cons, which are mostly unavoidable due to the nature of their service.

The pros include the obvious, which we’ve already covered in this post above, like making your connection private, unblocking geo-restricted sites, reducing costs of products by spoofing your location etc.

But there are some cons that you will have to contend with if you choose to use a VPN on your Mac for e.g. you will experience a considerable speed loss once you turn your VPN due to the heavy encryption, tunneling, and location hop that your internet connection goes through.

Sometimes they can stop working suddenly leaving you exposed online as well, which is a big problem if you are doing something extremely sensitive on your Mac like Torrenting. But some VPNs offer protection against this issue by virtue of a kill switch, which stops your real IP from being exposed online by killing off your internet connection as well when the VPN goes down.


Subscribing to VPNs is one of the best investments you can make in today’s world where you spend most of your time on Macs traversing the online sphere. Improving your cyber-security ensures that hackers can’t find their way so easily into your system just like they do on unprotected systems.

However, do keep in mind that even though your Mac might be a secure device and you also protecting your online privacy through a VPN, both of these can never be enough alone for your overall internet hygiene.

So keep stronger passwords, enable two factor authentication whenever possible, don’t click on spam links or emails and learn to recognize spear phishing attempts along with opting for a VPN for your Mac and you will virtually never be at receiving end of a malicious ransomware or malware attack that could steal your sensitive personal or private data.

Flat Design vs Material Design: How Are They Different?

flat design vs material design

Visit this article to understand the real difference between flat design vs Material design and how they are different to each other.

As the trends in terms of website design keep on changing, the two designs ruling the internet are flat design and material design.

Both these designs are quite different than Skeuomorphism that has been in practice for a long time.

Skeuomorphism is a style that used details to mimic real-life objects.

For instance, the icon used for ‘Recycle Bin’ implies its use for storing discarded items or files.

However, with the introduction of different types of mobile devices with different screen size, a change concerning website design was needed.

Both flat design and material design are almost similar with a few subtle differences.

To understand the concept of Flat Design vs Material design, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages these two types of design offer.

Flat Design

Flat Design is a very basic design that focuses on using minimal styling elements that gives an illusion of three dimensions such as drop shadows, textures, and gradients.

It appears simple and is expressed by using flat colors, iconography, and typography. It emphasizes on raw functionality rather than the appearance.

Advantages of Flat Design

Following are the various advantages of flat design.

  • It offers a consistence appearance irrespective of the screen resolution and types of
  • As it removes unnecessary designing elements, it helps in faster site designing.
  • Owing to its simplicity, the designers find it easy to develop responsive sites for multiple devices
  • It also speeds up the loading time of the application or website and gives attention to functionality.
  • The absence of the skeuomorphic style helps the readers’ progress faster through the website content.

Disadvantages of Flat design

The concept of Flat Design vs Material design could be better understood if the disadvantages of Flat design are studies alongside its advantages.

Following are the disadvantages of using Flat Design

  • The choice of iconography, color and typography are limited for the designers while designing with this style
  • The simplicity of the design can make the website appear general and blend it among others rather than making them stand out.
  • As there are no visual cues such as depth or shadows present, it can cause issues concerning usability. For instance, certain apps or websites need these visual cues to guide readers through different processes.

    The absence of these features can make it hard for users to differentiate between clickable buttons and static vector graphics.

Material design

Google has developed Material Design in the year 2014, which includes three-dimensional features that are made up of layers of different physical elements along with depth effects, contrasting colors, and animation.

These materials are layered beneath the contents such as images, button or typography to provide the depth.

This design also has laid out a set of guidelines concerning the development of Android apps by the app developer.

While Google has extended the use of this design to various websites as well as web apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, and YouTube, this design has also been used by others for web designing.

Advantages of Material Design

Now that the various advantages and disadvantages of Flat Design have been discussed, let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Material design as well. This will further help in a clear understanding of the concept of Flat Design vs Material design. The advantages of this type of design are as follows –

  • The three-dimensional design helps in developing a user-friendly website that could be easily interacted with.
  • This design set specific guidelines for designers which are quite helpful while creating the website design.
  • If a brand or a business is planning to develop products for multiple platforms such as websites or Android application, this design will offer a unified experience across all types of devices. This will make it more user-friendly thereby contributing to branding.
  • If the users are interested in including animations, this design will allow them to do so. It includes built-in animations; they do not have to develop the features manually.

Disadvantages of Material Design

The various disadvantages of Material Design that will also explain the concept of Flat Design vs Material design are as follows

  • Material design is tied to Google. Therefore, if one prefers to distance from it and tries to create a unique identity for their website or application, it would be difficult, if one follows the guidelines of Google for the same.
  • The animations of this design can cause the site to take more time for loading and also drains away mobile batteries faster.
  • As this design set guidelines for developers, it might restrict the creativity of individuals which might slow down the development of different decorative elements.

The difference between Flat Design and Material design

Based on the above discussion of Flat Design and Material design including their advantages and disadvantages, it would be easier to understand how they differ from each other. The concept of Flat Design vs Material design as highlighted by various website designers are as follows

  • While Flat Design is ideal for users who are accustomed to digital interaction, Material Design is a form of response to the actions of users. Besides, Material Design takes designing to a step ahead with its communication ability.
  • In comparison to Flat Design, Material Design is multidimensional and it also considers the Z-axis
  • Though both the designs follow a minimal approach, the Material design focuses on matching the real world to the digital world.
  • While Flat Design does not include Skeuomorphism, Material Designs subtly uses them.
  • Flat Designs are best suited for users with simple requirements whereas Material Design meets complex needs
  • In comparison to Material Design, Flat Design is easier to develop and loads faster.
  • Material Design is interactive and has introduced physics
  • Material Design is an evolution of Flat Design that involves a color system and functionality that develops a design ecosystem that users can get familiar to across various devices and product.
  • Material design is powerful than Flat Design

Thus, from the above discussion one can understand the difference between Flat Design and Material Design, which would help them to choose a design best suited for their requirements.
Flat design theme has been created and you should check it out.

Backend Website Development: How to Prioritize Your Efforts

backend website development

The article explains backend website development procedure and process and how you should prioritise your efforts to get maximum efficiency and productivity.

We have all wished to have the short cuts in our lives like the easy button that we could press and make all our complicated things turned into more manageable tasks.

I mean, if you think about it, the hardest part is always the decision making. Everything else should happen smoothly. Well, not exactly.
We do wish this was how things were but, in reality; we need to understand this simple fast. Life is not this way and nor is Website Development.
In order the go-ahead with backend website development, a lot of effort needs to be put in including setting up of clear goals, having a thorough understanding about business and having a clear decision when it comes to what should be done and what should not be.

What we will discuss here is how you will prioritize the efforts you put in backend website development.

When your team is assigned a task, generally to turn a complicated feature into a simple life-saving solution for the users.

backend website development

Every worthy thing is hard:

Yeah, admittedly, it is “easy” to press the easy button but to learn how to make one, you have to put a lot of skill and effort. Same is the case with websites. Completed websites are straightforward to look at, but a considerable amount of power is required to build them.

A website could indeed be made by a plumber in his pajamas overnight but for a high-performance website to be put up, a deep and though understanding is required of all the technical aspects: databases, internet infrastructures, browsers, web servers, and other essential pieces that help deliver your brand online.
So next time when you hear someone from the company that is not a part of the development team just randomly asking someone to go ahead and “quickly” add a feature to a site since its too “simple” to do so, understand that they don’t understand it all.
When working in or as a manager of a backend website development team, it is your job to understand the timing requirements and complexity of any task that is assigned to you before you go ahead and accept it. If you don’t consider these factors, you might end up in big trouble for yourself and your team.

Turn your more difficult tasks to simpler ones:

It may cost more than you think to convert a complicated web development concept into an easy-to-use end product or feature and may have a higher cost of resources and dollars than it initially seems.
With time, these tasks that seem harsh can seem to lighten up and become no big deal. What you need to see is how your team initially puts up with the burden of these web development requests.
Let us say that if a task requires 15 hours attention from a senior worker per week, it may be better for you to automate portions of this time with a junior worker from the company which takes hours a week. Since a company might have a fewer number of senior developers or might have a smaller junior army, this automation will yield two benefits:


  •  It will cost lesser to you than before concerning who does the job
  •  Since more people can accomplish the task, you gain redundancy

After a while, with the process repeated over and over again, everyone on the team will become capable of performing the task, and so the complicated job will be thus simplified.
backend website development

Initially say no to strict requests:

Always keep this little tip in your mind. When you say “yes” to a particular thing, you are saying “no” to a lot of other things that you could have done instead. It is a hard choice to make sometimes, especially when it comes to backend website development.

What we are saying “no” to is defining us. Simplifying a complicated task to a natural feature in our job of website development actually should start with a “no.” Here’s why:


  • l “No” gives the right to be included to features by letting then earn it
  • l “No” makes us examine all angles before any action is taken
  • l “No” allows us to make backend effective and simple

Understanding the Stakes:

Balancing between web projects is a tricky task to do. So, before you set your backend website development team to work on a complicated task, think about the following six questions first:

  • 1.  What would be the cost of doing nothing?
  • 2.  Considering there are a lot of other things to work and spend our time on, Is this particular task our topmost priority?
  • 3.  After we find the new and simplified solution, who will be our target? Who is going to use it?
  • 4.   When we are automating the task, can we go ahead and remove some steps?
  • 5.   If so, how long will the automation approximately take?
  • 6.  Is all the effort worthy at the end and from where is the payback coming?

If you ask yourself these six questions, the combined answer to them will help you find the right solution, and you could then go forward to making the right decision. This shall help you produce a website worthy of your business. Moreover, your business’ image shall also improve.

Summing Up:

Requests for the addition of new features may seem like a quite simple job to other people in your company since they certainly do not entirely know how much effort is put into this task. These requests can add up to the complexity of the workload of your team.

Thus, before we get to our backend website development teams to add features and make thing more comfortable, we need to give in thought to what is actually necessary and set up several priorities based on the brand, the goals of our website and the effort that will be put in the request to make it works.

9 Sign that Web Design Is Reaching Its Own Industrial Age

web design sign
According to their credit and reputation in history, industries witness a fall and rise in their respective sectors. The web design sign has been one of the largest emerging sectors in the past two decades. Websites are catering to people’s ever-changing needs and it is rapidly increasing with increasingly reliant on the internet.

A good internet presence can make a significant difference and hence today is the best time to own a prominent company related to the same. In this read, we have compiled the important factors emphasizing the industrial age of website designing.

Signs that Web Design Is Reaching Its Own Industrial Age

1. Inevitable Internet

The Internet has become inevitable for people of all walks of life around the globe. From minor information regarding products to making billion-dollar transactions, individuals & organizations are dependent on the Internet. There are certain disadvantages associated with it when it is misused. But for a majority of the audience worldwide it is a revolutionizing technology.

In the upcoming days, the importance of the Internet is going to increase significantly. For most of the essential tasks, everyone is looking forward to this technology and the partners associated with it. Hence, a reserved space in the world of the Internet with an eminent web design sign is a must for any business.

2. Evolving Technology

Companies are toiling hard and investing in technologies that provide faster Internet access to their audience. It started with a basic speed of kilobytes per second. Today we have reached up to hundreds of megabytes per second. The exchange of data across the world has considerably increased around the globe.

Even the websites are focused on doing their part of reducing the loading speed to attract potential customers. But with increased internet speed advanced WebPages, graphics, and other features can be easily included to meet the demands of the target audience.

3. Increased Accessibility

Technology has ensured that today the Internet can be accessed by everyone who desires it. There was a time when it was limited only to a selected number of people who could afford it. And that use also came with a restricted amount of time limit. Geographically advanced regions enjoyed the benefits during the inception of the era but today the entire scenario has changed.

Multiple wireless networks and highly portable devices have enhanced accessibility. Hence, today the designer’s job has become more crucial than ever. The market reach has increased and so has the customer expectation. Hence, facing and tackling bigger challenges will ensure maximum productivity.

4. Mobiles have become indispensable

Mobile phones were a luxury two decades back but today it has become a necessity. The club of mobile phones and the internet has changed the way communication occurs and business operates. The best part is that websites are accessed more through mobile devices today compared to personal computers.

The web design sign industry has a completely unique dimension to function in. While creating website mobile users have to be considered and more than that peculiar features for apps have to be crafted. The website designing industry has been promoted enormously worldwide due to this technology.

5. Business Operations & The Internet

With the internet, people have discovered a one of its kind opportunity to conveniently reach their target audience. This has ensured that any business can grow with the right strategy in the online space. The online shopping model and promotion of small & big products of various brands is a live example of the same.

Web pages play a crucial role in this as they directly create an impression on the brand for the customers. For companies to secure profits savvy designing of website pages is essential. A good design can make a crucial difference in sealing the transaction and in customer engagement for businesses of all kinds.

6. Internet as Business

The web design sign has become crucial because it has evolved into a business in itself. There are numerous ways to make considerable money online through different activities. Even marketing and advertisements can bring about impactful revenue. Offering online services is also one of the methods.

Directly or indirectly the designers of websites are responsible for this scenario. Entrepreneurs rely on such individuals to provide life to their ideas on the cyberspace. Therefore the importance of talent is increasing with advancements in the sector.

7. Demand for the talented workforce

The significant increase in the demand for a talented workforce is due to the gradually booming traffic in the online space. Technology is expected to open doors of new methods of connecting and hence individuals capable of managing it will be in great demand.

It has become necessary for organizations to show their wares as the demand for web designers in the online space is increasing. Experienced and fresh talents will have an opportunity to fill up this gap in the future. This will directly increase the competition and competency of companies to perform well.

8. The internet era is still growing

There are countless and numerous interactions that we do through the medium of the online space each day. And it will not be wrong to say that we have barely scratched the surface yet. Hence, the potential of the cyberspace hasn’t reached its full potential and we are yet to explore more.

This makes it the best time to get indulged in the web design sign space for talented individuals. We never know what the next big innovation is with so much untapped potential. There are plenty of opportunities available for everyone as the industry has still not even reached its peak.

9. Website Designing has a crucial role to play

The full potential of the internet is based on the designing of the webspace no matter how absurd it may seem. Designers create the platforms that could bring out of the box ideas to life.

Individuals who can create designs that can challenge the fundamental concept of existing design are high in demand. The glory days of this industry have begun and the designers will take them to its peak. As infinite users are relying on the information, entertainment, communication, and business on online platforms, designers have a long way to go.

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Exhibit Needs a Website Landing Page

need a website landing page
Do you need a website landing page ? Would you like to increase conversion rates and Growth of the website? If yes, then you must try something new which works different yet amazing for you. You might have all the things on your website, but the landing page isn’t working that you need. If your website is great and the best resource for visitors to find something new then the lading page can give huge success.

For your new exhibit ensure your landing page is perfect and set the ultimate goal to enjoy success. Thus, you have planned everything. You will face the number of challenges whether it is physically or practically, but ensure you are ready for everything.

While working on the exhibit, you should have a visual image in your mind thus you can make a clear picture that how to attract visitors to your site and make digital prints that speak about your brand.

Your website could give your customers all the information plus the great landing page that users know about your marketing goals.

So, before diving into the landing page features you should learn about everything. Let us get started!

What Is A Landing Page & How Does It Work?

A landing page is a tool to reflect your marketing goals where visitors see your promotional offers and all set to go for the next move. It is a smart, attractive, and appealing webpage that usually attracts readers to hear more from you. You know it will be your first impression, thus it’s your job to make it killing.

The main objective of creating a landing page is to offer a huge number of services known to promote and attract visitors toward your products and services. With this, you will let your users know about what you have and what they will get the form you.

Why You Should Work On The Landing Page For Your Exhibit?

You have set your goals about your exhibit, so let us start our work and take the best steps. The motive of creating a landing page is as follows:

1. Collect Information about Clients

If you are working on the next exhibit you have set your goals and landing page is the way to achieve all that goals. Suppose your website is about collecting information from clients just like a resume portal, so your landing page must have a registration form.

Ensure your registration page is connected with the CRM system. With this, whenever you receive new visitors or sign up you will get a notification on your system. It is just a way to get more and more audience to your website to reach the potential goals.

2. Get Leads

paid traffic
If you are asking personal details of your visitors such as name, email id, contact number, etc. no one user is interested to share, but if you offer them some good returns, the chances may increase to get high engagement. Read about Landing page optimization.

All you need to do is, ask them their details and give them a good gift in return as vouchers, packages and more. If your site is about E-learning you can offer them free books, courses and plans that better their future needs.

Remember, your offerings should be tempting yet useful for their future. As they will get interested to share with you.

3. Accomplish Your Goals

The reason to have a landing page is to accomplish the goals of the visitors. It should show appealing content about your goals and why you are the best for your customers. The landing page tells about you, as your exhibit goals, success, and more. It must have a simple structure that speaks about you in detail and the user finds you as the best resource for them.

You can add the URL of your site on all the promotional tricks or channels. You can add social media buttons to drive your audience that further boost conversions and followers too. With promotion ways, your audience will know about you and the services.

To gain maximum benefits from this, ensure you know about your customers and their needs.
The more you target your Audience pain points the more you will receive the visitors’ that better your goals successfully.

4. Be Clear With Your Goals

The landing page is appealing and short, but the page must describe your goals the best. With the attractive design, colors, and high-quality engaging content customers take a few seconds to enrol with you. So, why don’t we do this the same?

If you are clear with your goals, the landing page pays its worth and you will find the new way of success with the exhibit.

5. Make Your Customer Satisfy

If your website is about selling or reviewing products then it is vital to have a collection of products on your landing page. Your customer will reach you because you have some great information about the product they need. But there, you also keep in mind customers will not wait and search more and more about the products. Be specific and list all the products on the landing page, so users easily navigate and find the best results.

Your landing must have CTA so they act fast and you will enjoy higher Conversions.

6. Work On More Engaging Prospects

When you are acting more with your CRM system you can easily know about your site insights that what content and what products are trending for sales. With this landing page, you will know about the active prospects of your site, thus you have to work on all and engage the audience more and more.

7. Boost Your Marketing Goals

If your website is about products, then you must have great offers for the clients. And it is well-researched that the content is widely shared which has high promotion offers. Must connect your landing page with PPC ads and make your CTA powerful so, it can help you to enjoy leads.

8. Lift Trustworthiness

Your customer reaches your landing page only if he finds you worthy. Make sure your content is enough great that users get all the information that he wants to acquire.

The more you have engaging and useful content the more you interact with the user and they will boost your Brand credibility along with awareness.

For more, you can take the help of testimonials, Try to add them to your landing page thus users find you the best and you can accomplish your goals.

Some Factors You Will Need To Consider While Creating A Landing Page

When it comes to creating a website landing page, you are supposed to be careful with every step and follow the given factors that may help you convert your active audience into sales.

1. Responsive Page

The very first step you should know while creating a website landing page that it must be responsive. It should have appealing design along with good matter so this can describe you the best.

Moreover, the landing page is responsive to both mobile and desktop.

2. Layout

Your landing page describes the whole about you. It must have an attractive design, colors, and best layouts that appreciate by your users. It is well said that, when you have an appealing design of the landing page, no user looks down into the words.

You have careful with your image selection, colors, pattern, styles, font, and everything.

If possible, you can add videos or other information section that better described you. Furthermore, you can showcase your past visitor’s satisfaction as this helps to target new visitors to your site.

You can put offers or sales promotions on your page to better conversions and performance.

3. Don’t Forget SEO

Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a healthy aspect which you should not forget. With the SEO tricks, you do not only target potential audience but also boost your chances to rank #1 on google. All you need to add high-quality content along with Meta descriptions, titles, and descriptions.

Write SEO optimized content that adds worthiness to your efforts and give you a potential audience to reach your goals.

4. Focus on the Client’s Need

Your website is the source of fulfilling your client’s needs whether it is for getting information or purchasing products. Your ultimate goal should provide the content that focuses on consumer’s choices as what they expect from you.

5. Create a Catchy Headline

For keeping your user engaged with content or force someone to open the content. A headline gives a huge impact. If a user finds your headline attractive and informative they click your link and land on the page. Hence your goal is successful. Or when you have CTA it may convert into sales.

Closing Thoughts

Creating and maintain a website is not an easy job. All you need to work on attractive designs, good content and best SEO tactics that just raise your website growth in a short time. The pro tip which I share with you learns about your audience whom you want to target and then work accordingly. Trust me you will find your way to get a huge success.

Should You Use Gutenberg on Existing WordPress Site and Blog?

Gutenberg on Existing WordPress Site
Undoubtedly, WordPress has been widely popular and every year it brings changes to better their user’s experience. For the last few years, WordPress has not made some big changes, but yes WordPress has introduced the refreshing version of Gutenberg.

The motive behind this Gutenberg is only to make their user’s website more reliable and worthy.

The numbers of contributors and newbies are using this New Gutenberg on the existing WordPress site. May you think here why Gutenberg? To reduce the bounce rate and make content more engaging plus enjoyable.

Let us dive into it and find out why you should use Gutenberg on the existing website.

Gutenberg- An Introduction

Gutenberg is a new editor introduced by the Jonnaes Gutenberg. This has been introduced to change the way you post, create, and publish your content. This has arrived just after the version of WordPress 5.0 on 27 November 27, 2018.

This is quite popular as a block editor, thus it requires a lot of shortcodes and HTML to make this work easier. This was introduced to make the word load easier for all newbies.

Remember, it is on testing time, so you can’t use this tool on production sites. In its current format, it is powered by the TinyMCE editor. This usually slow and hasn’t included core elements, as you can say it is outdated now. Apart from this, the good news is Gutenberg now released with full specifications.

But still, there is a misconception that is Gutenberg worthy to use on the existing site or not? Before considering yes or no that Gutenberg on the existing WordPress site great, there are some factors which one should know about.

While making your choice, read out the below points.

Benefits of Gutenberg

If you haven’t known about Gutenberg before this article then this might sounds as controversial. The numbers WordPress users have their opinions where some think this may give impressive changes whereas some are opposed to it.

If you are looking for a solution, this may be difficult because the debate is huge and we can’t come to an exact answer. Thus, we recommend you to use this and find this is perfect.

Must read out the following pros:

  • This will make your content easy, enjoyable, and more engaging.
  • You will see inside the content deeper as to how it will look after formatting.
  • Enjoy the great experience by separating the need to shortcodes.
  • You will get full customization of your content.
  • You will get rid of creating a new page builder.

How To Use Gutenberg In Your Site?

If you have an updated version of WordPress then you may have already seen the notification of Gutenberg. All you need to install and activate this plugin. Make sure you are updating this on a live site. If you have an existing site, try this for yourself to make the right choice.

Once you have completed the set up then you will reach to its same page, where you can see inside its action.

Gutenberg designed to make your content more speaking and engaging. Hence it separates your content in different blocks. This has several blocks to choose from. Select your best one and add content in blocks in the form of media and text or both. Also, you will see here the number of formatting options. Choose your suitable formatting and apply it.

Gutenberg Myths- Future of Your Content


If we talk about your existing content format that may be based on the old format with the same size, layouts, images and more. With the Gutenberg editor, you will manage your content under blocks. This might give you the interest to refresh your content with new features and formats that may better your site engagements.

By keeping these points in mind, we always recommend you to add Gutenberg on the existing WordPress site to see the changes. However, on the existing site, you have a lot of content to edit. With the Gutenberg, this will make easier to convert all the content in blocks automatically. You need to do fewer efforts.

Don’t worry about your content, Gutenberg will not harm and spoil your content. With its classic format, you will see your content under blocks that make the user more appealing.

Does Your Site Is Customized?

Without a doubt, when you have built your site, you have set the things and features in a classic format. Must keep in mind, if your site is already based on custom methods, then you might get issues while working with Gutenberg.

Sometimes Gutenberg breaks down the page builders and you have to restart your work with a new editor again. Even more, this might affect custom fields, so whether to choose Gutenberg or not is all up to you.

Thus we also assure you to test your site before adding Gutenberg to the site. Also, keep in mind that this is not for production sites.

Gutenberg Is A Learning Tool

It is an amazing tool that still has a lot more to come and learn for users. Gutenberg has Existing content curative and editor experts. If your site is based on Content only, then this may take a longer time to create rather than the usual tool.

For complete newbies, the creative team has created tutorial videos on how to create content and basics for better their user experience. Thus, you will need to wait for things to manage and reap the benefits.

Time To Do Change

With the implementation of Gutenberg, you might enjoy the creative content formation and display along with great features on the existing website. If your site is looking for a change that works positively as well, then this plugin can help.

This new tool is the future of WordPress and content marketing. This provides you change that quite impressive and educates you and your clients as well. This will allow you to see and enjoy the changes that will prepare your site for a better future.

Closing Thoughts

Gutenberg on the existing WordPress site sounds great for the future but is this perfect for today and your site, we can’t say. Thus we leave up to you. At this, we also recommend you to see inside this plugin and then make your right decision, who knows this change your site growth?

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Time for Designers to Switch from Image-based to Code-based Design

image-based to code-based design

Why switch from Image-based to Code-based design?

There has been a big issue since the dawn of the digital product design. Designers are separated from the product development process and are forced to work only with software.

The designers use raster graphics or vector design tools to draw pictures as they are siloed from the rest of the organization. The process in most cases remains identical even if they work in different software like Photoshop, Gimp, Sketch, or Fireworks. A set of static images is sent to the engineers as the intent rendered by the designers.

It is extremely tedious to show different states of the interface through static art boards. Hence everything is not detailed by the designers. And eventually, the whole user interface is built by the engineers with the help of a set of incomplete static images. Often in a lengthy back and forth communication, all the interactive states are usually ironed out.

The experience is not represented accurately with static designs and hence the tests are usually tiresome for the users. It is due to these inefficient processes that an organization leads to unsuccessful products and frustrated teams.

Thanks to the evolution in technology today we have a better way to design things. Image-based design tools are being rapidly replaced by code-based design tooling paradigm. Static representations of the design drawn from vector design tools or raster are replaced with rendered designs where designers intent it directly in the code without actually knowing how to code.

A new workflow is provided by the new set of tools where:

• Designers and Engineers both establish a single source of truth
• Without any coding experience, it empowers designers with the full power of coding
• The duo of designers and engineers are connected through a single collaborative creative process which creates a spectacular workflow evolution

Image-based to Code-based Design with UXPin


The first and basic question here is what is not good or inefficient with the image-based design before making the transition from Image-based to Code-based design. You might be well aware that there two paradigms of design tooling i.e. code-based and image-based design tools.

An image-based design tool is an approach which has been used for many decades and is considerably old. The designers have to build vector or raster graphics when they draw something which is the idea of this tools approach.

With this approach, the designers have maximum flexibility. From advanced illustrations to simple icons everything can be effectively drawn this way including the most beautiful level of details. Although when it comes to professional digital product development it usually breaks. Here is the reason why it happens.

1. Lacking Interoperability: The actual interface of a product except for photographs, illustrations, and icons are never build with these graphics. Designers work outside of the constraints set up in code when working on interface design in image-based design tools. Due to this, they can create things that are expensive to code and the ones which are difficult in an unknown manner.

2. Lacking Accuracy: Apart from creating wonderful designs which are detailed, the most inaccurate results during the development process is often with image-based tools. The designer’s work is rendered with completely different process. Therefore, there is a difference in the code of gradients, text, and color chosen by a designer and that by an engineer even with the application of the same specs. The teams are affected by massive misalignment because of this.

3. Static Design: The workflow focus on image-based design tool is on building static artboards for all the states of the interface which are eventually linked together. For professional projects, this is a break-in approach. In the static window, the simplest of patterns become like a dropdown which is unmanageable.

This happens because of the lacking ability to preserve interactive components for reusability and due to a considerably large amount of artboards. On top of all these tools permit only basic interaction without the ability to set variables for content, states of elements, conditional logic, and others.

4. Weak collaboration in design-engineering: The engineering process is completely different from this tool and cannot be merged. The output of both worlds is disconnected from its very nature.

Technologies used by the users are the final product of the developers work while additional layers of abstraction which are far away from the final user experience are introduced by image-based design.

Designers and engineers are disconnected and frustrated with one another because of reusable interactive components, lack of real interactions, and the ability to import connections from code.

Uniqueness in code-based design

web developer working

It is important to know what is special in this design as we are emphasizing on the transition of Image-based to code-based design. When a user draws something using a code-based design tool it creates relevant CSS/HTML/JS and engages the browser. This renders the engine to show results visually.

Following are the benefits to designers after their transition from Image-based to code-based design.

1. Fidelity: There is a one-hundred per cent match between the intent of a designer and a code-able result when one uses a code-based design. To render all the design projects the technology used in the code-based design is the same as that of web development.

2. Eliminates constraint difference amongst designers and developers: Things that are difficult to design and are impossible to recreate in code can be created by the designers in image-based tools. These exact same constraints are applicable for both designers and developers in code-based tools. Hence it ensures that both designers and developers remain in sync.

3. Substituting art boards with interactive components: Instead of linked art boards, code-based design tool uses the most advanced interactions on the components. This approach directly empowers designers to create highly reusable interactive design systems and it also mimics development.

4. Realistic and Powerful interactions: With the transition from Image-based to code-based designs objects can interact with each other, move on the screen, and create complex patterns. It does not require one to know how to code which is most important for collaboration with engineers and testing with users.

5. Creates the strongest collaboration ever: A completely new, revolutionary approach to the engineering and design collaboration is achieved through code-based paradigm.

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Web Designer vs. Web Developer Difference

Everything you need to know about Web Development

1. What is web development?
Broadly, web development is described as anything involved in the development of a website for the internet. It ranges from developing a simple page of plain text to more complicated internet applications for e-businesses or simply social networking.

More technically among the professionals, web development includes the writing markup and coding, basically all the non-designing branches of website development. It also refers to content management system, or more commonly known as CMS. These CMS are like a bridge between the database and the user. Moreover, CMS does not require you to have the technical knowledge to alter the website. You can find more about web development at Kamil Web Solutions development agency.

2. What is a web developer and what does it do?
A web developer is simply a person who builds a website according to a client’s needs. Different agencies like Kamil Web Solutions development agency has web developers whose job is to create custom codes and develop site layout, as well as features and functions of a webpage.

The job of a web developer is divided mainly into 3 categories:

1.Database technology: this is what makes sure that the website runs smooth.
2.Server-side scripting: executed on a web server, this refers to the code that decides on the mechanics of how a website functions.
3.Client-side scripting: executed in a web browser, this refers to code that decides on the content that your customers or clients will see when they open your website.
The web developer is supposed to build a website from scratch. The skills above are required by a web developer in doing so. The main benefit of having to build a web page from scratch is that you have complete control over creating something original and therefore, have a better idea of client’s needs.

3. What to look for in a web developer?
Since the jobs of a web developer as mentioned above require the skills to be divided into 3 categories, the skills required for a compatible web developer will also be according to these 3 domains.

4. Database technologies
For a good web developer, a sound knowledge regarding the database technologies is the main requirement. This is because, for any website, a database is required to store files, images, codes and other data. For being well-equipped with the knowledge of database technology, following relational database management systems (RDBMS) are the most popular among web-based applications:
1. Oracle
2. MySQL
3. Apache
4. Microsoft SQL Server
6. MongoDB

5. Server-side languages
Using server-side language for scripting is like the backbone of building a website. For a web browser to function well, the end user’s computer must have enough storage. This is because the websites need to carry different images and files in a database on a web server.

This is where the server-side scripting plays a role. It is responsible for generating a structure for a database on the web server so that the communication between the web browser and the user’s computer is possible. The web developer comes up with a script on your website, therefore when somebody is using the website; the server shows the particular images or information as inquired by the user. Since the person using your website has no access to the source code or proprietary data, the server-side code becomes more protected.

Among the many, the following are the most popular server-side languages that a web developer should be well informed about:
1. Java
2. PHP
3. Python
4. C
6. Ruby

6. Client-side languages
The development of applications that are present in the browser of a user’s computer is what client-side scripting is all about. This includes storage of user’s data in the form of cookies, simple flash games, or any other type of social web applications. Moreover, it uses languages that are responsible for creating the overall look and the complete layout of a website.

The languages used for client-end scripting include:
2. CSS
3. JavaScript
4. JQuery
5. Flash
6. Microsoft Silverlight

7. Different types of web development firms
Broadly, the different types of web development firms include the ones that produce custom web application development, e-commerce capabilities, website design, and database development and integration. Mostly, however, a lot of web development firms will provide all of the services above altogether.

How to Create a WooCommerce Contest to Boost Sales and Engagement of Users

Create a WooCommerce Contest
Have you ever wanted to create a WooCommerce contest for your site? Don’t know how to do this? Consider this blog and you will find a step-by-step guide to create an engaging contest that boosts ROI and sales.

Undoubtedly, contests are an easy method to generate high traffic to your site. You will get a new audience that works perfectly to better your brand performance and users’ experience. Furthermore, it also boosts your sales, conversions rate, and sales that better your site performance for a long time.

If you want to make your site more reliable and worthy then we will show you here how you can create a WooCommerce contest for better UX.

Reason To Create A WooCommerce Contest

You are running an online store, so obviously you need new customers to your site every day. Perhaps you are getting, but they are not converting into sales. Even sometimes, users put their items into the cart but did not purchase them.

According to the market research, we have found only 30% of active users buy the products added in their carts. And you know very well, once the user left your site it will become hard to get in touch with him back again or call him to your site. Therefore, you always find ways to get more audience, which is the potential to buy as well.

This is why adding contest in your site influence the site performance and you will enjoy a long-lasting audience. With this users finds you like fun and they are most likely to your site to spend their time. Also, this sometimes becomes beneficial as increasing your social media followers, getting more enrolments, sign-ups, subscribers and more.

All this is a big way to generate leads and get huge traffic along with Customer loyalty.

Now, it’s time to check out how you can create a WooCommerce contest for your WordPress site to better ROI.

How To Create Easy Giveaways Or Contests

To better your step-by-step guide we are recommending you to choose a plugin called RafflePress. It is a well-known plugin for creating easy and smart giveaways ads and viral content for your site.

This tool comes up with great features and social action tools that giveaway your content a big boost and reach the new audience. Furthermore, it improves social media appearance, SEO, subscribers, and followers. Also, it better your customer’s loyalty.

If you are completely new, then we recommend you to take help of an expert who can create a WooCommerce contest with effective tag lines.

As you know, how to start. First, download the Raffle Press Plugin from WordPress. After activating the plugin you will reach the next step. This will add a new menu labelled with Raffle Press just right to the admin area.

Now, click on this menu and it will take you the next step that is the plugin settings page. Next, enter your license key for the contest.

Note- To find out license key reach to the Raffle Press Account. There you will get all the details.

When you are done with the license key, you are ready to create your first WooCommerce contest.

To create the contest, follow the given steps:

  • Open the Raffle Press then click on add new button.
  • You will see a raffle press builder has launched.
  • Here next, you will need to provide a name for the contest then choose your template by using a starting point.
  • The raffle press comes in a variety of templates to choose from. Select your specific goal which is specific to your needs.

Note- Templates are designed to boost traffic and engage more audiences in your site and followers.

Choose the best template and get the best out of it. In case you are not getting the point, then select the classic template.

How To Add Prize In WooCommerce Contest

To attract users, first, you have to set the incentive for the contest. To do this, click on the pencil and here you will see prize details along with a description. Ensure you have placed the prize image that most significant to attract users.

The other thing you need to complete is set the date and time for the contest. It is critical to add end and start time of the contest as this does not trouble your audience and also you can promote it easily.

Add Actions Buttons

You need action from your visitors, so make sure you hake activated the action buttons (CTA). This will help the user to participate in the contest after registering your website. Don’t worry about creating action buttons, with raffle press you will get inbuilt action buttons. All you need to activate them as per your needs.

These action buttons are meant in the motive to attain success. Choose your action button that goes perfectly with your contest. Moreover, this will help you to reach the existing and new audience as well.

Let us consider an example. If you are running an online fashion store then you want more and more audience to your site along with followers on Instagram.

How you can add actions to the site? Let us see.

The step is easy. Reach to the Actions tab which is just left to the menu button, where all activities are showed. Choose your suitable action and add it to your contest. You can see these below the prize description option. To see actions individually, select and see the magic.

Each set comes with basic settings so adjust all the settings as per your need. Here you have the option to select a title, limit of participants, and active movements. You can also see more settings related to actions and other settings.

Your main motive is to get more audience or followers on your page, so you need to enter your Instagram page profile. The best part of this you can add many actions as you want to add. With the more action buttons, you will allow your site to get more boost that helps to improve ranking, marketing, and participants in the contest.

The Raffle Press plugin is quite useful in this. It quickly integrates with email marketing services. With this, you can also improve the email list.

Remember do your actions as per your page requirements or what purpose you want to fulfill. Suppose you want to boost the Email list then switch to join our newsletter option.

Here you need to choose your best call to action according to your contest details. You can easily switch with an option from up and down. The best option makes easier for users to reach the correct place so they can join without hassle.

Congratulations! Your task is completed.

How To Customize The WooCommerce Contest

In case you are not happy with your contest look, so do not worry. You can easily customize the template as per your requirement. To do this follow the given steps:

  • Go to the design option, which is just left to the window.
  • Now choose the layout and another format along with colors for your contest.
  • You can also choose the background color and image for the contest.
  • If you are now okay with your selection then click on the save button and see a preview.

Change The Contest Settings

You will be glad to know you have options to change the settings of the contest as well. All this credit goes to the Raffle press plugin. This plugin allows you many options to configure the settings.

To do this follow the given steps:

  • Open the settings option from the left side of the menu. Then go to the general tab.
  • Here you need to choose basic options where you can select the winners’ names, numbers of registrations, signups, etc.
  • Now switch to the giveaway rules tab, which allows you to generate the rules for the contest that boost your campaign.

  • Now move next to the Email verification settings. This will help you turn on the email that shows the numbers of entries received by the users who have verified their email address.

  • Then next is you have to move on to the success tracking option. This will allow you to add Google analytics or any other method to track the data. Also, this option adds scripts.
  • Your next step is to choose the success redirect tab and here you need to turn on this to see redirect users that have completed actions successfully. This could be your page of landing, thank you, etc.
  • Last, you have to turn on the social media button for the boost. Click on the Save button.

How To Publish WooCommerce Contest

Your contest is all set to publish. So your next step is to add contests in your WooCommerce store. With Raffle Press it will be easier.

Three ways to publish the contest

  • Use Raffle Press block to add giveaway on a blog- Go to settings- add new block-choose raffle press- select contest giveaway.
  • Use shortcodes to display contest anywhere on the page- switch to publish tab-choose shortcode-copy the code and see the changes.

  • Create a landing page for the contest- go to publish tab- launch landing page settings-create URL.

Once all the steps completed, you will see the contest in your WordPress site.


Best Website Design Tips for Fitness Websites or Fitness Blog

design tips for fitness websites
If you are all set to showcase your fitness mantras this New Year with your new website then you must look into this blog. In this, we would talk about the design tips for fitness websites and some important factors which you need to keep in mind while putting your efforts.

You have some creative ideas about fitness, so why don’t we employ them on the website as well. Isn’t sounds interesting? It is. You may have heard this thousands of times that “The first impression is the last impression”.

And it is completely true and works directly with your website. To impress your users and better UX, it is a must to have an appealing website design that connects with the user’s mind and you will get some worthy response.

If you have an existing website then renew it with this New Year. It will be worthy to optimize your site and consider the appropriate design that better UX. Now, perhaps you are confused where you should start from.

However, the trends and website designs change frequently. You have to choose the best because it is not just about to look, it is about engaging the audience and make them crazy with your website content as well as features.

So, for your assure and making your site perfect, we have shared the best design tips for fitness websites that can help you a lot. Have a look below:

Hire the Best Website Designer

website developer
Dreaming of creating a website is easy when it comes to doing actually, this little difficult. Whether you have the knowledge or you have website designer’s friends sharing your ideas and converting them into reality sometimes causes a headache. At the same time, if you have the best staff to work with, the task becomes overwhelmed and you can come up with some best.

Apart from all these, you need a dedicated team if you are serious about your goals, right? So hiring the best website designer who has experience and skills to give you exactly what you need.

Moreover, the third-party is highly skilled and updated with new trends that can create a responsive and fantastic website. Remember if you need seamless work and benefits then contact professionals only.

Some Important Elements That Fitness Website Should Have

Well, some common elements may you already know that your website should be responsive and user-friendly so it can open easily on any device and your users attain the maximum UX.

The numbers of companies put more effort into creating a friendly website more with desktop, but it is vital to have a website that opens effortlessly on mobile devices too.

If you too a mobile user, then you should learn about the importance of a mobile-friendly website and its leverage. Moreover, the other design tips for fitness websites are if your site has contact form so make sure it is easy to fill. And the navigation tool is on the top so the user can search his queries easily.

The other element you will need to assure that the style and syntax of the site are consistent so the user jumps one page to the next page easily and get the best UX. Hence it reduces the bounce rate and your users feel more engaged with your site. Make sure you have worked on all the pain points of the user. The more you care about your visitors, the more they will love you back.

What Are Some Best Fitness Website Designs That Can Appeal Your Visitors?

If you are a gym owner or a fitness coach, you must have your website to promote and sell your services. Not just for promotion, if you have some of the best diet plans and fitness secrets that everyone should know with a website you can share and engaged more and more audience with you. So, how you can create a trendy yet appealing website? Design website like

Keep in mind boring and old-fashioned website can never give you return. Even it sometimes damages your image and puts barriers in lead generation. To impress your users, first, make your website eye-catching that easily grabs the attention.

So, here are some good design tips for fitness websites:

Produce high-quality and engaging content

Your website is about the gym and exercise so your content should be based on health, fitness, diet plans and more. Content is not just about sharing information, your ultimate goal is to get your visitors back again and again.

Must provide your user with accurate information about gym time, exercise durations, plans for men and women, etc. Try to add useful content that users find perfect to maintain their health and fitness for life.

For better social success and website engagement make sure you are adding internal and external links to draw more people in your site.

Trendy design with easy navigations

You can never look down the fact that website design should be attractive and modern too. It doesn’t matter from which area you are targeting your audience, all you need maximum visitors. Hence, making your website design should be impressive. Moreover, if you have an existing website so keep it updated with new terms.

Reflect your goals

People will visit your site only to have useful information, so make sure you have listed all the things in brief so the user can find you as the best source.

Add Reviews

user generated reviews online
Online reviews play a vital role to make your website on the top. Studied shows about 90% audience read reviews before making their decision. So try to add some best and realistic reviews that grab the user’s attention and you can rock.

Don’t forget to create a blog

For any website, it is a must to have some updated and quality blogs. With blogs, your users can find the real answers to their queries in detail. Ensure to add some quality topics that grab attention and focuses on the user’s expectations.

Add Best CTA’s

If your website purpose to get more contacts so it must to have the best CTA that acts immediately and you will find your new customer. Use CTA’s to enhance the user’s experience.

The best and emerging Fitness WordPress Themes to creating Fitness websites


Custom Mobile Application as a cCompelling Need for mModern Business

Custom Mobile Application as a compelling need for modern small businesses

Mobile applications are a popular tool for interacting with target customers.

They can not only work as a direct marketing channel but can also serve as a sales booster.

Many large scale enterprises had realized the importance of using mobile applications and have received a milage from them.

Here we have discussed some of how a business can benefit from the use of a custom mobile application and this article will also explain to you, some fundamental ways in which a custom mobile application is a set up from scratch.

Why is a mobile app necessary for your business?

Increasing recognition and brand awareness: When users use your custom mobile application, the first thing that catches their attention will be the logo of your brand.

Every single time, they will have to click your icon, and the more they see your logo, the better recognition your business is likely to receive. As a result, you will be able to make your business more reachable to your target audience.

Enhancing customer loyalty: A custom mobile application is a great way to improve your brand awareness.

To do this, you need to develop a system that appeals to your customers and increases their loyalty to the app. A prize program will be a great option to do so. There could be an incentive, maybe in the form of a bonus or discount, for the customers for writing reviews, using the app or for making regular purchases, etc.

This will engage the users into using your app more and thus increase your recognition. A discount will not only earn loyalty but with the spread of word, you will get repeated as well as newer clients.

Boosting your sales: A custom mobile application can serve as an excellent platform for generating sales working as a powerful marketing channel.

However, if marketing is not an area where the company would like to spend a lot on, then a social app on social media will be a reasonably good option. Using social media, you can not only promote company services but can also give your sales a boost.

You can also use the re-targeting option in the app to increase the rate of your sales. The option will send push notifications to the users to, for example, finish previous orders, etc.

Milestones in Custom Mobile Application Development:

The phase of research and planning:
The first step in creating a custom mobile application is the market research phase.

What needs consideration is whether there are similar applications in the market or not and who the target audience will be. This will ensure that in the development of the application, you create a wise marketing strategy.

You should never build an app just to compete with your competitors. Instead, by carrying out thorough research and planning on what is beneficial for the business, you can create a custom mobile application that will have a positive impact on your business.

Start by answering the most common development questions to yourself:

Why are you making this application?
How will this application benefit you?
To bring about those benefits, what features need implementation?

To improve your chances for completing the app building process faster, you need to set the right mission for your application.

Sketch your idea:
The best way to depict the concept of your application is by sketching. It will be a lot easier to work is you first have a visual representation of what you are aiming for since it will show you a bright picture of what you will end up within the long run.

You will start by sketching the user interface flow for your application. It will also help you understand the logic of the eCommerce mobile APP design from the start to the end of the user interaction with the app.

The best way is to start by creating a mockup for your custom mobile application. There are a lot of wireframing and prototyping tools present to create the design you need.

deciding team work

Deciding your team for the work:
A group of skillful and talented designers is what you will need to accomplish this aim. Your aim at this point is to get out your idea through your application. The team you choose must create the form following the following criteria:

l Clear reflection of the brand
l A user-friendly interface
l The app to have seamless compatibility with the mobile platform
l Fast performance
l A clean design

Hiring a skillful designer will indeed come at a price, but it is worth it considering how this application will pay you back. You can start off by looking for a freelance developer may be on LinkedIn.

Forums and communities can also be a right place for the searching process. There could be an issue when you cannot decide between several different candidates. The best thing to do is to scrutinize their technical skills.

Give them a project or sample of code from GitHub for an already made mockup and make your decision based on what they come up with since this will be an excellent way to see if their design style fits your choice.

After the creation of the prototype, make sure your team gets it tested or else you will need to hire a group of extra engineers to do it for you.

The last step: Monitoring and Marketing:
The application would not be used until it is found. You will need a proper marketing strategy for this that helps you create a strong customer base and increases the recognition of your brand. Apart from that, your custom mobile application earn Google pay credit and maximize your revenues.

Let’s Sum it Up:
In the modern world, the use of mobile applications for the promotion of businesses is something you cannot overlook. So if you are looking for ways to give your brand and marketing a quick boost, a custom mobile application is the answer you are looking for!

What is an Email Blast? How to do an Email Blast “The Right Way”

What is an Email Blast How to do an Email Blast The Right Way

An Email Blast is a process of sending a single Email to the multiple numbers of subscribers who are in your contact list.

It is an effective tool for businesses wherein businesses can quickly communicate with their supporters and promote their actions. It also helps the business to effectively approach the customers for sales or to inform the customers about lucrative offers or product launches.

Bloggers use this tool to attract more web traffic to their new contents. Instead of the term “blast”, people prefer using the term “email campaigns” so as to avoid the aggressive tone that is characteristic of “blast”.

This “How to do Email Blasting” will teach you the steps of sending a blast most efficiently.

1. Choose the most convenient blast service :
This is the first step of creating an Email Blast. You need to choose a strong email marketing service first if you wish to create a blast.

There are myriads of email marketing software available in the market and you can choose anyone which you think will serve your purpose.

Each software comes with myriads of templates to ease your work. You can even customize the templates your way by using the drag and drop options available in the templates. It lets you create a contact list, and then segment that list and then send emails in bulk to the subscribers in the contact list.

Each software has easy-to-use features for email collections, and email triggering options depending on the users’ actions.

To avail all these options, you need to first sign up and create an account by filling in all the details. After your account is created you will be directed to the website’s dashboard where you will find all the options to manage your contact list and list of subscribers to whom you want to send the Email Blast.

2. Email list creation :
After you land on the dashboard page you now will be asked to create your email list. It is nothing but a list of those email addresses to whom you want to send the bulk emails.

It resembles your contact book where you keep in all the contact details of your prospective customers. Just go to the “contacts” bar and click on the “create email list” option on the sidebar.

A default email list will appear on the screen with the name “General List”. To create a new contact list, you need to click on” create new list” button. Give an appropriate name of your contact list and then click on the “Add” button to include names and addresses of the subscribers who, you want to add to your contact list.

You have multiple options to add names to the list. You can either type in the contacts, or even upload the names and email addresses from files or applications. You also have the option to import your contacts from Microsoft Outlook or Gmail.

3. Email list segmentation :
For sending an Email Blast you need to segment your contact list. It is the most crucial thing for creating email campaigns.

The onus of email segmentation lies on segmenting the entire list of subscribers into smaller segments to ease the work of sending highly targeted emails.

Segmentation can be done based on various benchmarks like age, gender, geographical locations, interests and purchase activities to name a few. Email segmentation must be done with a clear-cut focus so as to include the desired subscribers in a segment to reap the benefits of the business.

This is a very easy step. All you need to do is click on the “Contacts” button, and go to the “Segments” link, here you will be asked for creating segments that you want to make. Just click on the “create segment” button and keep on adding the names of the subscribers who you wish to include in a particular segment.

4. Targeted Email Campaign creation :
The next step is to create a targeted Email blast.

There are many websites that allow you to create a targeted email campaign in a variety of procedures. But in general, you just need to log in the website you are using for email marketing and then click on the “campaign” button.

Then go to the “create campaign” button. You will be directed to hundreds of default templates wherein you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

There is drag and drop options that you can navigate to customize the default template and create your own email campaign. You can also get to see the preview by just entering the keyword before you finalize a particular template.

Next is to name your email campaign and edit the subject line. You can use the “personalize” option if the software that you are using allows you to do that.

Next, you need to customize the email body. For customizing your email body, you can use default layouts available at the sidebar on the left-hand side. Once you are done with the layout designing you can see the preview of the final email draft before blasting it to your subscribers.

Select the segments that you have already created to send the bulk emails. Create the “continue” button to send email campaigns.

5. Measure the results :
Your work of email blasting does not end just by sending the bulk emails to the targeted subscribers. You now need to ascertain the reactions of your subscribers after they receive your email. Some software has default statistics measure features that measure the reaction of the subscribers to the mail sent from your end.

To view this statistic, you just need to log in the website and click the “Reporting” button. You will be directed to a page that shows individual reactions of each email blasting. There are various benchmarks based on which the performance of each email campaigns is measured. Like the email opening rates, email bouncing rates, successful delivery rates, etc.

Therefore, the biggest challenge lies in how many campaigns got actually delivered to the targeted subscribers. Because many a time, email campaigns don’t get delivered to the desired address which is often a serious issue.

Why You Need to Invest in a Professional Website Designer for Your Business Website

Need to Invest in a Professional Website Designer for Your Business Website

In today’s modern world, all businesses need a website. If a company does not have a professional website or any other online presence, it would be called “old age” and marked behind time. However, when it comes to building sites, few understand how hard it is.

Here we will discuss some of the top reasons why you should hire a professional website designer for your business website.

project right image

1. You need to project the right image :

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer to your site. If you see a website that shows a straightforward and careless design depicting that not a lot of effort is put into making it, would you consider coming back to the site? Probably not! On the other hand, if you see a professionally designed website, it will show the image of a professional business. First impressions are lasting ones, so make sure they count.

Another way to get this idea is to ponder over the type of things that make you take instant judgments on the websites you visit. Your website should appeal to the visitors, making them permanent visitors; instead of them not coming back ever again.

Thus, to end up with a mobile website, you need to work with a professional website designer. This will give you the best chance to make your website look professional and appealing.

For example, Shri Krishna Technologies by Nagpur, the India-based web design agency with more than 10 years of experience would be an ideal choice as they have worked with many websites an even with some big brands. Since every business has its own needs and interests, you can speak with the professional website designer beforehand on how you want your website to be. Make sure the designers are flexible, and they do not fear trying out new ideas.

2. Standing out from all your competitors :

Being a customer searching for a particular product or service online, one doesn’t always know what they are expecting from a business that they choose ultimately. There is a list of factors that will influence their choice of narrowing down to a company they will give their business to.

What will differentiate your business from all your competitors is a website that is well designed and looks professional. In some cases, companies tend to look at the sites of their competitors as a weak point that they can exploit in their advantage.

So if having a clear advantage over others when it comes to competing with other businesses is your aim then having a professional website designer at your side to help to out will be a clean win for you.

Avoiding Technical Issues

3. Avoiding Technical Issues :

One of the significant issues that a business face, when they create their website, is the handling of the technical problems. There is no outside technical support, and if an issue is to arise, it will be the problem of the team itself to figure out how to work things out. This will work fine if the business is relatively small. However, if the business grows or for larger companies, this can be a real deal and lead to many issues over a longer-term.

When you hire a professional website designer to create a website for your business, they will reassure you in some form that if any issue is to arise in later stages, it would be their job to troubleshoot and solve it and so the burden from the shoulders of your team will be reduced.

Not only are you getting yourself a better-looking website when you hire a professional team for the process but you are also saving yourself from a significant amount of issues since a professional team will have tons of experience. As their work will be up to the mark, there would be fewer issues in the long run, and so you will save your self from a lot of maintenance costs which will, in turn, counter your initial web design costs.

4. Opening other Revenue Streams for Yourself :

A website is not just a pathway of communication between you and your customer or a point of sales for your products and services. For a lot of business people, this might be the only use of their websites, but still, if we dig a little deeper, there are other benefits that a website can provide us as well. A website can work as a moneymaker for your business in many different ways.

One of the best ways or this is through Advertisement. Advertising tends to be the most apparent additional revenue source when it comes it business websites. If you have a website with a tremendous amount of traffic, you will likely get more charge for space by advertisers as they will find your site more appealing to them. For professional website designers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential factor to consider in the design process.

A better-looking website will tend to attract and retain more customers, and this fact has to be taken into account at all times. So when you have a preliminary discussion with your professional website designer, make sure you explain to them what you aim to get out of your website. If at any point in the future, you intend to make it generate revenue, this has to be decided at the first stage as the architecture has to be implemented considering all the priorities that you state.

A business website is of utmost importance, and while it a very prized asset, not a lot of businessmen understand its importance. Now and then we find outdated, poorly designed websites which show just how little had been spent on them by the business person. On the other hand, by the help of a professional website designer, you can create stunning websites that will help deploy your work in a maximum effect.

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The Ultimate On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks in 2020


Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Do you want to make it easier for Google to find out what keyword(s) your website should rank for? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” you definitely need to get some SEO work done for your site.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing that involves using various tactics to improve your website’s position in search engine results. One important tactic everyone should focus on is On-Page SEO. 

This post will focus on on-page optimization and share a lot of On-Page SEO tips and tricks. However, before that, let’s take a look at the importance of On-Page SEO.

Importance of On-page SEO

Also known as On-Site SEO, On-Page SEO comprises a large number of elements that help your site become more search-engine-friendly. Not only it draws a significant level of online traffic, but it also improves the user experience of your site. According to HubSpot, 61% of marketers say improving SEO is their top inbound marketing priority and on-page SEO helps a lot with the same.

With the help of on-page SEO, you can target your brand in a highly effective manner and get your message across the target audience. It is considered that a combination of accurately optimized On-site SEO with other online marketing channels improves your chance of growth to a large extent.

However, to grow your ranking continuously, it is necessary that you stay up to date with the latest SEO trends. Educate yourself on SEO trends regularly. 

For the same, you can subscribe to popular SEO blogs like Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, etc.

Below are a few On-Page SEO tips and tricks that can boost ranking and traffic of your site.

Research Relevant Keywords

Keyword research is a crucial step to On-page SEO. Luckily, you don’t need to be a master at finding out which keywords to use. There are myriad of free as well as paid tools that help you with each step of researching keywords you want to target. Some of the popular tools are Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush

These tools give you significant statistics that you should know when building your list of targeted keywords such as the monthly volume of searches, the cost-per-click for each keyword, etc. These tools also help you get content ideas.

Process for keyword Research


  • Think from the Audience’s Point of View


One good way to conduct keyword research is finding out what queries your target audience put into search engines. Do keyword research based on these queries.


  • Keyword List


Prioritize keywords that you think match with your audience’s interest and that have a good balance of search volume and competition.


  • Content Strategy


On the basis of these keywords, brainstorm detailed ideas for content. Make sure your content is engaging as well informative. For each content, you must have a target keyword in mind. This way, you will be able to rank for that query.

Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Most SEO experts realize the value of keeping up with their competitors. However, this needs more than just following them on social media or reading blogs. 

Well, tools like SEMrush can help you with that. It helps you compare your domain name against other domains. Just choose the keyword type; you want to research. You will see a comparison of sites by keyword, position on SERPs, and more.

When you know how to stack up against the competition, you can better drive your inbound marketing and content strategy.

On-Page SEO Checklist

As mentioned above, there numerous elements of On-page SEO; you should ensure that they are being used accurately. Some of the important elements that are directly associated with your website’s ranking are page title, meta description, header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.), and URL.

Make sure your selected keywords have been used in all your main pages. It will help search engines know that your content is relevant to these keyword searches.

Create a High-Quality Page Content

Content is the most important part of On-page SEO informs both readers and search engines what your website is all about. As discussed above, the first tips for creating high-quality content is choosing relevant keywords. So make sure before you start with content creation, you have a keyword in hand.

A few best practices for writing high-quality page content include:

  • Both short and long-tail keywords should be naturally incorporated in your content.
  • Write content from your target audience’s point of view.
  • Your content should actively fulfill the purpose of your audience.
  • Add relevant visual content to improve engagement.
  • Add CTAs ( Call to Actions) in your content and link them to your service page.

In each article, exhibit credibility by adding original research and citing other sources of research.

Remember, content is king. Therefore, do not leave any stone unturned to make it more appealing and engaging. Nowadays, numerous content marketing tools are available that can help you with your On-Page SEO strategy. From idea generation to keyword research to content creation to content sharing and promotion, everything can be done with the help of software and tools.

Build External Backlinks

External links play a huge role in whether your website ranks on the first page of Google or stay under your competitors’ search results. Generally, a website that is linked to a large number of reputable sites is regarded by search engines as the most important and relevant.

To know the popularity of your web page by the number of external links, you may use a tool like Ahrefs.  


On-Page search engine optimization helps you optimize your site both for search engine bots and human eyes. Therefore, merely creating and publishing a website is not adequate; you should optimize it well for search engines to attract traffic. Make sure your site uses all on-page SEO elements accurately – from page title to header, to description to internal linking. 

How To Create a Coupon Site Without Coding Knowledge [Brief Step-By-Step Guide]

How To Create a Coupon Site Without Coding Knowledge

Discount Coupon Business

Hey guys, are you going to earn money offering discount coupons? Running deals and coupon sites are great ways to earn money online.

The business is pretty straightforward. You just get the latest coupons from best online affiliate marketplaces & promote them on your website. You will get the best revenue via affiliate and CPA marketing.

You will definitely need a coupon website for that. The easiest way is to create it with WordPress, especially if you don’t know much about coding.

Down below you will find a brief, simple guide on creating a coupon site with a WordPress website design. Following its steps, you will have your coupon website in just a few hours.

Please note that you don’t need to spend heaps of money on it. But what you do need, is a lot of enthusiasm.

Let’s begin.

Creating a WordPress coupon site, like the one you see below requires only four simple steps:



  1. The first is to buy a domain and hosting.
  2. The second is to install WordPress.
  3. The third is to install a WordPress coupon theme.
  4. And the last is to install plugins.

Buying Domain & Hosting

Think about the name of your coupon site. It should indicate site purpose and create your unique brand image.

Have you decided on the site name? Ok, then register a domain for it.

What is the domain? In simple words, it is a web address used to access your website.

Usually, the domain costs about $15 per year. However, some of the well-known WordPress hosting providers give you a free domain for a year. Then you purchase a web hosting account. You will need a hosting account anyway, so a free domain offer is really beneficial.

Ok, supposing you have purchased your hosting plan, now we can proceed with the steps of creating a WordPress coupon site featured in this guide.

Install WordPress on Your Hosting Account

When you have bought a hosting account for your coupon website, you will be greeted by your hosting provider via email, which will contain login details.

You need to log in and look for the cPanel tab in your hosting dashboard.

Please follow the video guide below to install WordPress:

Well, we are done with installing WordPress.

It’s high time to convert it into a coupon website. This involves customizing WordPress with the help of themes and adding requisite coupon site features with the help of plugins.

Install WordPress Coupon Theme

There is no lack of theme providers offering free and premium designs out there. I suggest you opt for a premium theme to get a nice website like the one you see below.

Discount Coupon

discount coupon

Are you tight on budget so should think about a free theme? It’s more or less ok either, just beware of the providers that are known to include malware in their theme. Eventually, this may lead to a compromised website.

Well, supposing you have picked up your perfect theme. Please view the video that will guide you through the installation process:

I hope it was easy to install your theme for a WordPress coupon site.

Now comes the stage of customization of your brand-new theme according to your taste and preferences. As a rule, WordPress themes have self-explanatory customization options. But you can refer to the theme’s documentation at any time to study it inside-out.

And don’t forget about the customers’ support. Decent premium theme developers provide excellent customer support. You can contact them and ask for assistance in case of an issue.

Install WordPress Plugins

What do you need plugins for? They let you add extra features that are not included in the default WordPress installation.

Here is a good example: WordPress has no default feature that allows creating a contact form for your “Contact us” page. You can add this functionality with Contact Form 7 plugin.

Please watch the video below to see how to install a plugin in WordPress:

Here is a list of must-have WordPress plugins your coupon website won’t survive without:

  1. Limit Login Attempt – allows securing your site’s login from hackers who try to log into your website multiple times with the help of guesswork.
  2. W3 Total Cache – lets your website to be cached in the visitors’ browser, which makes its loading speed super fast.
  3. Yoast SEO – the plugin lets you optimize your coupon website for search engines. It will help you effectively generate leads through user searches.
  4. Akismet – make sure that your website is free from spam comments as they can negatively affect its performance.
  5. TinyMCE – the plugin adds extra features to your post and page editor, works similar to that of MS Word. I mean you can write freely without having to code your posts.
  6. Coupon Creator – lets you create custom coupons, which you can post on your website.
  7. Contact Form 7 – helps to create a contact page for your website.
  8. Floating Social Share Bar – lets your visitors share coupons on social networks.

Maybe you would like to upload more plugins from the WordPress plugins directory. Everything depends on your needs. In any case, the above-mentioned ones are enough to start with.


After you complete the above steps, you will have your coupon website up and running. This won’t take you much time and efforts. I hope that I managed to keep this guide short, yet detailed enough.

Do you have any questions/suggestions/tips/whatever to this guide? Please post them at the comments section.

I hope you will share your success story about the brand-new coupon website in the near future.

Tips On choosing the Best Magento Extensions

Tips On choosing the Best Magento Extensions

A combination of functions in a block of PHP code which is added into Magento to widen its functionality is termed as Best Magento Extension. Addition of custom features along with functionality in areas of Magento store like marketing tools, integration with other web services, themes, front & back end, and others are permitted with Magento Extensions. One has to sort out from a list of 6000+ paid and free extensions to select the best extensions according to their requirement. One will also end up discovering 40+ free gift extensions available for download and use with the primary extension.

Everyone who uses WordPress, whether it is a fresher or a seasoned pro must follow basic tips which we will be discussing in this article. Sometimes for a webpage, all it takes is to implement things the way it is actually done with the correct method. There are numerous tips that an experienced WordPress user can share with you. In this article, we will discuss some generic WordPress tips and also about the selection of best Magento extensions which a reader can understand for use according to the requirement.

Visualizing the output
Magento is an ocean of extensions. You will end up finding similar features in different extensions for a completely different price range. For an e-commerce website a default Magento has many supporting features to make it grand and at the same time meet the requirements of the client. Hence one must not use extensions that do not serve any purpose no matter even if you have purchased it, because technically they are ineffective.

Visualizing the output helps one in clearly defining the kind of features required and then short listing the best suitable extensions for use. Extensions must facilitate the final output of the webpage. Hence the question here is what are the factors that one must consider when selecting from the shortlisted extensions that serve the purpose? Following are a few tips regarding the same.

1. Customer Reviews :
Opinions from users who have already used the extensions that you intend to use always matters. One can easily refer to reviews from social networking sites, blogs, or even from Magento Connect for customer policy, support, quality code, effectiveness, and others. A specific provider can be good for some features but not for all of them. Hence one must go through the reviews before deciding upon any specific extension.

2. Demo :
Users often report substantial variation in the features of extensions from its actual description. Hence it is always advisable to take sufficient time and experience the frontend & backend demo. Configurations, smoothness of operations, and availability of all the required features along with its effectiveness must be analyzed. The extension that suits the requirement after the demo is usually one of the best Magento extensions for you.

3. Choosing a provider :
It is advisable to scrutinize the provider before finalizing the extension. The service for any product depends upon the previous record of the provider. The Internet can easily help you in researching about it. The numbers of customers associated and the regularity in the update in terms of providing the latest version should also be checked. Magento is a globally competitive market and genuine providers usually cop up with their professional rivals.

4. “ChangeLog” :
To examine the product’s life-cycle one must check the ChangeLog. The provider’s interest in enhancing the existing products i.e. constant improvements, bug fixes, and addition of new features must be evaluated. It is possible that the extension can be successful during the time of release, but with constant development in the e-commerce sector it may fail. The company that focuses on frequent extension upgrades must be chosen over any other extensions.

5. Testing Customer Support :
This is an essential tip to discover some of the best Magento extensions. One must contact the customer support and strike a conversation. Their response and efforts for attracting a new client must be analyzed. One must demand features that they do not provide in a specific extension and check if they are honest about it. If they are pitching affirmatively to make a desperate sale then avoid such provides.

Using WordPress Efficiently
The best Magento extensions are useless if you cannot use WordPress correctly. Following are a few tips on WordPress

1. Eye-catchy titles and impeccable descriptions :
A visitor will never visit a webpage that has a description he/she has read before. An eye-catchy description is a must to redirect the potential client to your webpage. Using just the right tactics and working sincerely on the descriptions can reward with your desired results. Revise your content as many times as required but do not publish the post/blog unless it is something different or has something that makes the visitors curious.

2. Repositioning Images :
Images can do what words cannot. Even if a visitor avoids the content he/she will definitely scroll down the page before making an exit. Adding relevant and impressive images can hold the visitors for a longer time and adds value to the layout of the page.

3. Unerring Code :
The only method to attain flawless user interface that stands up to the requirement of the client and the same time is efficient enough to attract potential visitors is by flawless coding. One must not submit the project even with a minor glitch. A website is one of its kind user experiences. A better experience significantly improves the revenue for a firm and help clients in carrying out tasks easily.

4. Strategic Promotions :
Social media is an inevitable factor when it comes to increasing traffic on a website. Making a strategy for a dynamic social media campaign can result in a gradual increase in traffic on a website. Presence of a website on social media is as important as finding the best Magento extensions for coding.
The above-mentioned tips have been recommended by our team of experts with significant experience of WordPress and extensions. Sincerely following them can help you stand out of the crowd and delivering one of the best websites for your client or for yourself.

Why Should You Care About Your Google Page Speed

Why Should You Care About Your Google Page Speed

Websites are one way of representing yourself or your business to the world. Imagine if you are going in front of your customer – how they would feel if you are working slowly? Will you be able to finish your work on time? What reviews shall a business critic write about you and the swiftness of your service? The same applies to your website! Let us consider how your website’s speed is important

Website Ranking On Search Engines

One of the features of a website considered when they are ranked in search engines is the page speed: the faster the page loads, the more efficient the site is. Why? It saves time! Globalization has increased the pace of life. Search engines, like Google, are always indexing sites with a faster page load speed at a higher rank than the slower ones.

website ranking search engines

Moreover, the Google page speed test provides significant insights regarding the page speed score and the reasons behind it. Why should you care? Because search engines are naturally an efficient way to generate an audience for your website. Most of the users, who can be your potential customer, readers, etc. depending on the type of your website, still search their queries on search engines.

The higher your site is rated, the better chances you have been spotted by the customer. It is just like billboards- the ones on the front are more visible and likely to attract attention than the ones on the back.

Competitiveness in Search Engine Optimization

You are right! About ten years ago, SEO was not a huge problem. There were a few sites in each category on the internet that were popular. The competition was not an issue. Fast forward to 2019 – the past decade has seen numerous quality websites springing up in every category. In the present era, your website can only survive the competition if it has a better search engine optimization score than its rivals.

In a competitive market, the quality of the product and platform determines who wins the most customers – a principle that can be applied to websites. Page speed improvement raises the SEO score of your website, making it rise above its competitors.

Competitiveness in SEO

Google page speed test allows you to check for optimization methods that can improve your page speed.

Users Have Expectation :

Consider yourself in a situation where you need a product urgently. You have the choice of 2 stores, one of which shall cater your need instantly, while the other shall make you wait for an hour. Apart from this, all other features of both the stores are the same- which one shall you choose?

Similarly, users of your website have certain expectations regarding your website quality. They may not revisit a site that is too slow or keeps getting stuck. Moreover, they may shift to a substitute business that has a website with faster page speed. Without users and visitors, the site is effectively dead.

Part of the problem here is that most users have limited data capacity available for which they are paying. A website that takes too much data to load and operate can increase the opportunity cost of using the website. Google page speed indicates various reasons for slower page speed that are related to data-heavy content being placed on the site.

For example, a page full of high-definition uncompressed images is likely to load a lot slower than a page with 2-3 vector images. This speed difference is due to the fact that in uncompressed HD images, much more data has to be transferred to the browser compared to 2-3 vector images – which affects page speed. Consequently, a slower page speed may indicate the need for high data transfers to load the page – something most visitors are unwilling to pay for.

You don’t want to lose your visitors, do you? Start caring about the page speed!

You Should Care Because It Matters :

Websites, especially professional ones, can be expensive to set up and quite tiring to maintain. Despite taking all this burden, what benefit would there be if you lose visitors and ranking by lack of care for page speed? Toots, like Google page speed test, provide you deep insight into the reasons your website is performing slower than it should.

You will be amazed to see that some of these reasons can be removed quite easily if you know they exist. For example, simple plugins, like Smush Pro Image Optimization or, can help make your site considerably faster by reducing the size of images.

Moreover, a caching plugin like W3 Super Cache can help reduce the data transfer requirements per session. Furthermore, lazy loading techniques can improve the initial load speed of your page, etc. However, all of this is possible if you CARE!

Indifference to page speed can result in something simple, yet powerful, ruining a website you have worked hard on. It’s better to care than to regret!

Saves Your Form Over-Doing It :

Sometimes, trying to do too much on one page becomes the reason for its performing slower. An example of this is single-page websites that try to display all the information, pictures, and references on one page. Sure! This may work if lazy loading and caching are used. However, the problem can ultimately be avoided by trying not to over-do it.

Another example of this is using too many plugins or extensions on one page. They indeed provide added functionality; however, they also reduce the speed as more data has to be loaded. Speed tests, like Google page speed, can help identify the potential back-end causes of slower page speed,

Remember, less is more!

Summing Up

When considering the world of web, remember that it is not an isolated platform. Your website is being visited continuously, and opinions are generating regarding it. As a representation of you and your business, the same idea is being applied to you too. Anything, including page speed that can ruin this image, must be corrected. This is only possible if you care. Do you? That’s the question.

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Tips for Improving WordPress Site Rank on Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is a digital marketing technique that any company looking for an excellent online presence must apply. It is good to know that SEO can be done in different ways but most importantly, through optimized articles. However, as much one can argue that SEO is today dilute and used by everybody, it is imperative to know that without SEO, you will not appear in search results.

While optimization can be done in-house, you can contact a company to spearhead the optimization process. This way, you will be able to see the results of what you are paying for. Here are some tips of increasing your rank on search engines.
Optimize everywhere

While many people don’t know it, search engine results today focus more on the quality of content on a website. Also, social media is another tool that is highly relied on for optimization. That’s why, you need to make sure that whenever you are posting on social media, pick your captions carefully.

When you optimize the social media posts with appropriate keywords, you give the search engine more options of locating your business. But ensure that you don’t overdo it. If you don’t head this advice, you will end up practicing black hat SEO which can make google to burn your website.

Guest posting

While having optimized content on your website can bring you traffic, you should always know that you can post your content on a site with more traffic and benefit a lot. Guest post services like loganix can help you get more organic traffic to your website within a short time. It is a simple process that starts by creating an original article that will be posted on another website. The piece you create must be relevant to the content on the site you are posting it to. However, the post must be back linked to your website.

The links usually come in the form of a hyperlink and typically are placed on words or sentences that are relevant to your business. This way, you will be tapping traffic from the popular website to your site. To get the best out of guest posting results, you should work with as many websites as possible; you can always hire guest posting services if you don’t have the requisite skills to help you craft appealing posts.

Being present is not enough, you must be active

One mistake that most people do is to forget to update their websites with new content. Understand that online business is changing fast and Google is continually changing their algorithms. So you must do all you can to ensure that the crawlers take note of your website. The crawlers look for keyword relevant content.

With a few old articles on your site, the search engine crawlers will not be able to find enough material to present as the best search results. But, if you update and ensure you have fresh content all the time, the search engine crawlers will easily find the content and offer at the top spot on the search engine results.

Additionally, ensure that you remain active on social media. Note that adding new posts on social media is not enough. You need to get interactive with your audience and always give them a reason to believe in your brand.

Use Texts and Links Correctly

Adding links to posts is crucial; it helps to optimize your efforts. Interlinking the host posts accelerates the SEO efforts thereby improving user experience on your site. The posts should be interlinked where necessary but must remain relevant. It should not be done for fun purposes but must have relevance to the site.

Relevancy is determined by both the content and the anchor text of the source page. When links are relevant, it makes it easier for the search engine to recognize the site and Improving WordPress Site Rank in Search engines.

Anchor text helps Google to understand what your site is all about. But anchor texts have both pros and cons. If used wrongly, they can put your website at the risk of being penalized. Use them sparingly to avoid the wrath of Google.

Use Correct Heading Tags

Using appropriate heading tags is crucial to Improving WordPress Site Rank and is in line with the best SEO practices. One should be aware of the proper heading tags to use when creating links or when posting articles on their website. However, it’s common for beginners to struggle with choosing heading tags and using them appropriately.

Heading tags create an exciting mood to readers and help website users read the relevant parts of the posts. Type O heading tag gives a detailed meaning and helps the user to know what the article is all about. Note that heading tags may range from heading 1 to heading 6 depending on the length of the article.

The trouble most writers have is to determine the right heading tag to choose. Note that H1 tag is always employed for the blog posts title and so it is imperative to keep H1 concise and informative. As stated earlier, the title gives an overview of the content and may motivate visitors to read the entire work.

So, using H1 correctly gives you the go-ahead to use H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 tags for your sub-headings. This should be used appropriately to avoid confusing users. Notice that headings are not only crucial for SEO practices but to the reader as well. Also, they help to improve the overall user engagement.


Improving WordPress Site Rank With SEO, all it takes is a good plan to set the ball rolling. The best part is that you have enough options when it comes to how you want to optimize your online content. Your content creation process should be done carefully using the right keywords and a combination of other relevant phrases and sentences. If you don’t understand how content creation for SEO is done, then you can always consult an expert.

6 Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Avoid in 2020

Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Avoid

With the rise in digital technology, everyday trends are changing, and marketing strategies are also developing along. Every business follows certain steps of strategies to bring in more conversions but not all strategy may be great for your business.

We are going to mention below a few marketing mistakes you make which should be stopped immediately to save more time for other useful work;

1. Managing Too Many Social Media Handles:

Managing Too Many Social Media Handles

Many businesses have started making accounts in every social media available to get more customers. if you have enough employees who could handle all the social networks, then that is great but if you are managing your website alone or just with a handful of people, managing multiple social media may not be an ideal option as you will also need to reply to comments and be engaged in the network.

The time wasted to manage multiple accounts can be utilized to manage a few social media handles, that way you will be able to give it more time and receive better results too.

Analyze all your social channels to figure out which one is giving you the best results and focus on that instead of other channels.

There is no one social media network that works for all. A different network may work better for different businesses. Analyze which works best for you and let go of the ones which do not yield any results.

2. Aiming for Too Many Backlinks:

If you are still under the illusion that too many backlinks can be great for your site well it is not if the source from where it is coming is not of good quality.
Too many people are into creating backlinks by buying these links or creating a micro-site to generate a backlink, hence Google algorithm has updated the stakes.
The new algorithm is all about checking the backlink quality and the quality is determined by the DA (Domain Authority) of the website linking to your site.

Domain Authority by Moz is used to predict the website ranking by the search engine. The higher the DA of a site, the better.

Multiple links from low-quality sites will not boost your SEO but just a single link from a well-ranked site can do wonders.

3. Quantity Over Quality:
Creating a lot of blog posts every month is a great idea to increase engagement but many businesses do the mistake of focusing on quantity rather than quality hence do not post too many contents if you do not have enough resources. Stick to the number you can publish which has great quality. In fact, Google penalizes thin quality articles.

4. Replying to All Comments:

Once you have active followers on social media, you will start receiving comments. It is a good thing to reply to all the comments and messages but as your followers grow, comments also keep increasing hence there may be a point where you no longer will be able to reply to all.

Try to allocate time in your schedule to reply to as many followers as possible because customers to whom you send replies will be more interested in your business and most likely will spread the word. By engaging you will also know the services your customers enjoy and the one that needs change.

But many marketers also engage in replying to trollers and waste time. there will be people who may not like your services or would want to spam your comments section with unwanted links. Add a ‘nofollow’ attribute for the comments section. If there are troll comments, spam such comments, ignore them and move on instead of engaging with them.

5. Too Fancy Website:

Many companies focus on getting a fancy website created with lots of navigational options, widgets and too much of color dumped on a single page. If you still think too many elements are going to help in conversions, you are mistaken. The best websites are the one which follows a minimalistic design with clear fonts on a contrasting background.

Section 508, which is an amendment to the United States Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a federal law mandating that all electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by the federal government be accessible to people with disabilities. Designing your private website with 508 compliance would be a great idea as it will be easy to access by everyone including the disables rather than a carnival of colors splashed on a page.

6. Developing a Mobile App for the Site:
Apps are the new trend hence many businesses think that creating a mobile app will increase their webpage traffic and conversions as people will find it easier to use an app.

Let me stop you right there, if you are a small-scale businesses and people are still getting to know you, creating an app is just a waste of money and the time and resources you will need to spend maintaining the app is also useless as there are more than one million apps in the mobile store and people may not be interested in filling their phone memory with another app.

Creating a mobile-friendly website is more than enough as most users prefer using a fast website on their browser instead of storing an app on the phone.

Digital marketing is a time-consuming task and if you further waste your time in following digital marketing strategies which are not going to bring good results, then we suggest you to just trash these methods and focus on strategies which are bringing in good conversion.

Your 4 Steps-Guide to Renew SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

To secure your website from malicious attacks, renewing the SSL certificate is a must-to-do. Apart from the security aspects, SSL certification greatly adds to customer satisfaction as they entrust the organization of its authenticity.

The license of SSL certificates is valid for a maximum period of two years but prior to this, users receive notification for it. If you fail to renew your SSL certificate within the specified time, the assurance of security will be removed from your website.

When users look for your website, Google or other search engines will bar them from accessing the site. This will, reduce web traffics to your site and considerably affect your website’s popularity.

So, before such incidents occur, do have a read to know how easy it is to renew an SSL Certificate.

What is the SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are data files that help to digitally bind cryptographic key with details of an organization. When you install and activate the SSL certificate, it will help to secure your web connection right from the web server and browser. This happens after the web server activates the padlock and its HTTP protocol.

Certain organizations provide encryption validity as low as 90 days with the sole motive to encourage people to understand its importance.

So, you should also renew your SSL certificate in time.

Four Steps to renew SSL Certificate

The entire process for renewing the SSL certificate for your website may depend on the web host you have opted for the website. But on the entirety, the objectives at each stage remain the same.

You have to go through some of the common processes like generating CSR (or Certificate Signing Request). Followed by this, you have to activate the CSR and then install it.

The installation will help to renew the free SSL certificate for your website once more by extending the validity of your certificate for secured connections. The steps for which are as follows:

Step 1: Purchase SSL for renewal

In most of the cases, you will be notified for renewing the SSL certificate beforehand. Likewise, the renewal notifications are sent from 30 to 15 and 1 day before the expiry. So, officially you have the chance to renew your SSL certificate 30 days prior to your expiry date.

Purchase the certificate and you will be able to get in touch with the new CSR. There goes an exception for it too. If you use Apache servers and forget to update the business details before the purchase then things may change.

In other cases, just generate CSR from the web host as this identifies your website as a valid server.

1. For the cPanel users, just access the Security tab and find the SSL/TLS option.
2. Then go for the link below CSR and then the newly generated CSR appears.
3. For owning the domain, you need to provide your contact details again. After this, the SSL provider supplies the CSR code.

SSL provide

Step 2: Activate SSL

For activating the renewed SSL, follow these steps:
1. Head to Domain section and select the filter option that says, “All products.”
2. Provide a domain link to renew your SSL certificate in the search tab.
3. Clicking on the arrow beside the certificate domain, find if domain status appears as ‘NEW RENEWAL’. Following this click on Activate.

Activate SSL

Step 3: Validate SSL certificate

Complete the process by validation of the certificate as:
1. Choose from the type of validation that is a DNS validation, Email validation, or HTTP validation.
2. If you choose an email validation, then you need to go for the re-validation of your organization through paperwork. Such cases may require you to provide authentic and legal documents. These are with respect to public listings like Bloomberg or DNB and government authorization papers.

Step 4: Install SSL

As per the recommendations of the Namecheap, follow the SSL guidelines to install the validated SSL certificate. So you have to choose an optimal method from host documents to install.

In case you have a different web host you should do it manually by:
1. Access the cPanel to SSL/TLS and find the “Manage SSL sites.”
2. This will give you a list of your domains and the right panel shows which one you have to update.
3. Next, use Autofill for Domain to enter the Private Key (KEY) and contents of .cert files of Certificate.

Install SSL

4. Click on the button, Install Certificate to complete your renewal process.

How important is it to renew the SSL certificate?

Traditionally SSL certificate was a medium to secure the transactions taking place through credit cards but nowadays it has become a norm with all the websites. With the increased use of the internet, it has become a requirement to renew your SSL certificate to prevent the occurrence of unwanted hacking.

At present, an SSL certificate finds significance in securing data across the servers, building customers’ trust, and induces Google rankings. So, you do not have any excuses for renewing SSL certificate as it affects the conversion rates too.

When to renew the SSL Certificate?

For the usual cases, website owners do not always remember the data to renew the SSL certificate. Catering to this aspect, it is found that the providers of SSL Certificates keep sending notifications to the owners.

So, as a website owner, it is the duty to keep checking your emails when you receive the notification emails to renew your SL certificate. You can even approach your provider at this instance to ask for a discount even. In that case, always check the authentic providers or certificate authority or CA for SSL certificates.

Bottom Line:

In modern-day websites, having an HTTP is a requirement and if you do not follow the usual regulation it will affect SEO rankings. Not only this, it will be a risky attempt for the users to access your website.

So, try to secure your WordPress site and renew your SSL Certificate with the above mentioned four simple steps. There are other ways to do so but it is the easiest and the most hassle-free then why to avoid it.

What to Choose for eCommerce Website: WordPress or Magento

magento vs wordpress
Doing business online has become very famous nowadays. People enjoy buying products online. So, if you wish to start an online business then it may increase in less time and you can earn more profit form less investment. If you want to start an online business then, it is very important that you must have any interface through which the customers or clients easily interact with you. This interface might be a store or website.

With the help of magento or WordPress you can create your online business and attract many customers to your website. Now the question here arises that between the magento and WordPress which is best online business solution for your business? The answer to this question is that the magento and WordPress both are the best solution for your online business solution. It is very difficult to compare both of them. Magento vs WordPress is difficult to compare because both of them are latest and popular.

WordPress is a content management system i.e. CMS. WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is a open source platform that can be used and accessible by any one. WordPress CMS permits you to integrate any plugins to your website. number of plugins are available in the web market that are avlaible at free and paid cost. Plugins are also easy to use same as website. Plugins help you to extend your website functionality in a effective way. WordPress also gives you permission to access themes.

Magento is very powerful online business solution and have the latest technology in it. It has the advanced features which makes it popular. Whenever you want to create a store or website for your products then, the magento is the first thing that comes to the mind. This is because it has many latest tools and is easy. It also gives the customer ease to use the website or online store.

The website or store may open in different language which helps the customers to open and view the store or website in their own language. By this way more customers are attracted towards the product or website. There are many easy payment methods for the customers. The customers may select the payment methods according to their desire and through this many customers are attracted and give more profit to the company. Magento has the latest and attractive themes which attract more customers and it becomes easy for the customers to use the website or store.
magento or wordpress
You can hire a magento development company which designs the best website or online store of your company. Hiring the company is wise decision because the company has the best developers which are trained to design the best website or store of your product. They also charge normal rates from you for their work. This makes magento important for online business.

On the other hand, WordPress is also becoming popular nowadays. It is very easy to use and you can design the attractive and best website easily and quickly. One of the reasons of its popularity is that it is very easy to use and is user friendly. WordPress is also being widely used because it provides the content management system CMS. You can yourself use WordPress because you do not need to be an expert developer. It is user friendly and is not very complex.

There are many companies which are providing the best services. But, if you want software in fewer prices then you should compare the rates of different custom software development companies. There are many companies in the market which are fraud and have no physical existence. So, be very careful while selecting or hiring the custom software development company.

Such companies are growing day by day because of their increasing demand. IT is the basic need while starting the business or growing the business. Most of the office work is carried out by the computer and other items. The technology is becoming old because the new technology is taking its place. So, for a company to make its place in the market it is very important that the company has latest technology. If the companies have the latest technology then they can challenge the market easily.

Number of custom software development companies is growing rapidly. Many companies are introduced in the market which provides different services. Because of this increase, a competition is started between the companies to make their place in the market. This increase has also increased the demand of the software developing experts. The experts are paid very high by these companies.

Budget is also very important for the company while developing the software. The custom development company should plan the entire budget before taking the contract of software development. The experts should be paid according to their skills and efficiency.

magento or WordPress

When you are starting a business or want to increase the market value of the company then you need to make changes into your company. Software development is also one of the important changes to be made by the company. The software should be upgraded by the company on regular basis. For this the company should hire a custom software development company.

The benefit of hiring a custom software development company is that you can demand them to make new software according to your needs. These companies have the experts which are experienced enough to meet your demands easily and accurately. These companies can provide you all the solutions related to software or IT equipment.

These companies also provide services for free for some time without any cost because it is mentioned in their contract. If any change in the software is required then you can easily call the experts from these companies and they can make the changes according to your demand. You can hire such companies by visiting the markets or you can find them on websites. There are many companies also available on websites which are providing their services on demand.

Choosing the magento or WordPress is the decision of the owner of the business because both are popular and effective. But if you have a large online business and you are selling a big variety of products then using the magento is recommended.

And if you have a small business and limited variety of products to sell then, WordPress is the best option. Magento is very difficult and it can only be developed by the expert developers. Only the expert magento developers might develop the best website or online store for your products. On the other hand, WordPress is very easy and user friendly.

You do not need to big a professional and big developer for designing the website or store for your product. So it is totally your choice to select between WordPress. Because both of them are very popular, uses the latest technology and has the latest tools for designing the website or online store of your products.