Best Practices for Custom Website Development for eCommerce

Over the past year, the entire world of shopping has gone online, and eCommerce sites have become very popular and valuable.

Statista shows that the market share of eCommerce is constantly growing and will only grow more in the coming years and is projected to reach 6.38 trillion US dollars in 2024.

The online payment market is also increasing. The pandemic has had a significant impact on online businesses. And today, opening your online store is almost a 100% successful idea. How to implement this idea one hundred percent? We will talk about this today.

What should you do before you start designing your eCommerce website?

Industry and target audience analysis

First of all, analyze your business sector. It includes understanding the market as a whole, where suppliers and your customers come from, how the customer receives a product/service, etc. Of course, it is essential to study your target audience, their preferences, age, income.

It’s important to know what your target audience wants now. When you know this, you can easily understand what you need to offer this audience now. The most convenient way to find out these preferences is through a survey.

Custom Website Development

Find your strategy

Once you’ve identified your target audience, it’s essential to plan your product strategy. Research your competitors or companies that you would like to look up to.

Analyze how they work with their audience at each stage and write down the key messages for yourself.

At this stage, you should shape your company’s voice, key ideas, brand visualization, logo, and emotional garter. Custom Website Development strategy and essential growth factors for your business are written down at the same stage.

Calculate your budget and try to stay within it. It’s always a good idea to review your budget every time you make a fiscal decision.

Remember the competition

Your task is to stand out from the competition so that the buyer chooses you. For this, it is important to analyze competitors, their successful steps, and their failures.

Follow every step, do not repeat the unsuccessful ones, and borrow the measures of success. Examine how your competitors communicate with customers on social media.

And remember – if they don’t use social networks, then you have to do it! Social networks are a new type of sales to a broad audience.

Create an MVP

When you create an eCommerce store, your job is to sell products or services. On the other hand, the goal of an eCommerce MVP, which stands for Minimum Viable Product, is to assess the potential of a particular business to entice people to buy the goods and services that they provide them.

Suppose you are looking to create a creative and innovative trading platform with a high conversion rate, backed by a custom algorithm tuned to deliver a fantastic user experience and the best products. In that case, the MVP is essential for you.

Recruit a dream team

Your employees should be experts in their field; at every stage, there should be talented people dedicated to their work by your side.

Don’t count on a successful business if you don’t build it alongside professionals. Invest in staff training if needed and support your learning in new eCommerce.

Once all of the above points are satisfied, you can start building a great eCommerce site. You can do it by gathering a team of specialists or ordering the custom website development of such a platform from professionals.

For example, you can obtain such web development services from MLSDev simply by filling out an application on the site.

What are the most effective methods for custom website development for eCommerce?

Accessible user interface

Images and text are what the pages of online stores are made of. Your clients will look for simple pictures, explicit texts, and descriptions.

In the Forbes article, experts say that adding a video increases engagement in your product and improves customer interaction.

That is why it is so important to choose the most attractive and attractive images and not be afraid to use short video reviews.

Use a convenient site navigation

On modern websites, navigation shows the path from the website’s home page (usually) to the current page. Why is it important? First, straightforward navigation allows users to return to the landing page with a single click.

Secondly, navigation helps the buyer not get lost on your site, see the main product categories, and easily navigate the desired pages.

Don’t skimp on filters

Filters help website visitors find the products they are looking for in seconds. Don’t force your potential customers to search for the right product among thousands of others.

If you sell clothes, put filters not only by price, size, and season but also by color. Advanced filters are especially useful if you have a large assortment.

Describe the product’s inaccessible phrases

That is especially true for those who sell appliances and gadgets. Don’t force your store visitors to read long, cumbersome texts describing the work and function of products on your site.

Dry facts and characteristics are not what helps to sell a product. Try to describe the product on your website as something that might solve a problem for your customer.

Speak the same language with them, use a friendly tone and add product characteristics to descriptions without overloading them with numbers and data.

Use the “viewed products” category

Your client may not have completed the purchase or may want to turn to the viewed item later. Do not force him to search the site again for this product.

The Viewed Items category helps the customer get back to their shopping cart. Here you can also add the option “Customers who bought this product also bought.” It creates a good customer experience on your website.

And later, based on the preferences of your customers, you can offer them similar products and expect new purchases.

Open customer comments and testimonials

People’s opinions and personal testimonials are what drives sales these days. Such reviews are read on any site: whether it is planning a vacation and choosing a hotel or buying Eau de perfume online.

By leveraging customer testimonials, you can build trust and loyalty. It is also recommended that you allow immediate posting of reviews on your website without moderation.

It will show your customers that you are honest with them and not hiding anything. Don’t be afraid of negative comments – dealing with negative comments helps clients see that your business is open and transparent.

Plus, criticism can also have a positive impact on the custom website development of your company.

Try free shipping

Shipping cost is the factor that can ultimately scare your customer off. At the same time, research suggests that most customers are willing to buy from a website that offers free or low-cost shipping.

If you can’t ship your product or service completely free of charge, try offering free shipping when you purchase a certain amount or offer pickup.

Use convenient payment methods

The more payment methods you have on your site, the more satisfied customers you will have.

Customers can be encouraged to purchase more frequently if they have access to payments using a mobile app, simplified billing, and payment options that do not require registration.

Add product samples

An excellent way to show how generous you are is to add free samples to your order. In addition, it also stimulates subsequent sales. Whether you sell cosmetics or food, you can benefit from offering samples of your products.

Free samples help customers familiarize themselves with your product range. Plus, your suppliers usually use these probes themselves and will be happy to provide them to your customers.

Implement loyalty programs

Loyalty is the result of a positive customer experience and the value the customer receives from each transaction. New customers don’t automatically become regular customers, so you should try a customer loyalty program.

Registration, purchase bonuses, or nice souvenirs for the accumulated customer experience will help you make random customers permanent.

eCommerce loyalty programs increase customer value in life, reduce acquisition costs, and create a true growth asset in the form of recurring revenue.

Stay in touch

Your site should always have feedback, contact, or a live chat button available. This point is often underestimated, but believe me, customer loyalty grows from it.

If your client can quickly contact you when he has questions about registration or payment for the goods, he will be satisfied. And a satisfied customer is your goal.

To sum things up
A good eCommerce site is always a challenge. No matter how good your product is, if you do not build a good interaction with customers, your product will remain in your warehouse.

The only way to succeed and continue attracting and retaining customers is to keep up with the latest trends in marketing and technology.

But no matter which business strategy you choose, let your customers get closer to you. Chat with them, let them discuss your products, and offer them bonuses to build loyalty.

Run your eCommerce business and creating a custom website development for eCommerce store if you are communicating with a client on an equal footing on an offline platform. And you will be surprised how these simple actions can affect your sales.

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