How to Get Your WordPress Blog Listed in Google News

If you have a WordPress website or run a blog, this article brings good news to you as here, you will find out how you can get your WordPress blog listed in Google News. Yes, there are ways to skyrocket the total strength of your viewers or readers.

Some of the effective ways that are required for a successful blog are social media strategizing, bookmarking, and getting mentioned in directories on the internet. However, there is another way to get a higher ranking for your blog in Google’s search results.

Getting your WordPress blog listed in Google News is another effective way to get more readers and attract more audiences from every corner of the world. However, it is a time-taking process and you can achieve it with time.

There are certain steps that you must know to get your blog listed on Google News. Stick to the article and find out how to get your WordPress blog listed in Google News and start getting immense popularity from people all around the globe.

WordPress blog listed in Google News

What is Google News?

Google News is a platform of Google where stories are promoted and publicized which are newsworthy and are related to the current news and events.

It is a platform that recognizes news stories that are interesting and can generate a lot of traffic. It is one of the reasons why Google News is an amazing platform for upcoming websites as it helps to drive new readers to the website.

Getting your blog listed on Google News invites a lot of benefits to your site. You can submit your site and get it featured in Google News by following the mentioned steps.

The first step to get your WordPress blog listed in Google News is to use Google’s Publisher Center and then fill out all the necessary information which will include a brief description of your site, the topical category of your site, and its URL.

After filling out all the important information, click on the “verify in Search Console” button which will be available on the Publisher Center. Now, the next step is the waiting game for two to four weeks to give Google the time to review its process.

You can submit your site to Google News if you wish your WordPress website to be indexed or categorized as an upcoming news publication. Google uses BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations) model which is basically a natural language processing model.

Google uses it to determine whether all the sites that are submitted to Google News are worthy and appropriate for a feature page.

Submitting your site and getting your blogs featured on Google’s site, can bring a great advantage to your site as more people will be directed to your website which will eventually increase the number of readers.

Well-written Content Is a Great Way to Go

Are you trying to get your WordPress blog listed in Google News for a long time now? Forget about all the analytics and focus on your written content. One of the most important things for a successful blog is the content that it holds.

Always ensure that the content which is written by you must be free from all types of errors, have readability, and must be well-phrased.

Along with that, you also have to make sure that your content must have a “newsy” approach and must be written in a tone that should be news-appropriate. Especially with news blogs, your tone of writing cannot be normal, basic, or regular.

Forget the typical blogger vibes and create your content with should be appropriate for news. For a newsworthy tone of writing, you can go for legitimate and professional ways, so that the content does not seem informal and your readers get authentic information from your site.

To get your blog listed on Google news, you do not have to turn your site into an e-newspaper. Don’t worry, you do not have to aim for that. Write about the things that you want to share with the outside world; however, preserve some specific parts of your blog which must be intended to use for your publication topics.

High-quality content goes a long way as it grows your readership and invites a lot of traffic to your site. Well-written content is the key to growing your online business, and also for achieving your set objectives.

You can even come up with some articles which can work as snippets of your business plans and what you actually want to actually sell to your readers.

Be consistent with your blogs and publish content regularly to engage with your readers more. Try to give your readers information about the services that you want to sell so that you can achieve your objectives while engaging your audiences.

Remember that Google News looks for compelling stories that must catch the attention of the readers. So, try telling a story with your content that must be exciting, informative, and well-written. Always try to write in a manner in which you would want to read a story in your free time.

If you have an active social media presence, try to get some inspiration for your blogs from your followers. When it comes to future posts, try to ask your followers what kind of topics interest them and then give them things to read that they are excited to read about.

It can help your blog to grow as it will invite more readers and will also lead to the stability of your old and current readers to your site. Also, creating content that matches your readers’ interests is a plus point and will lead to the growth of your site.

Create Content with Multiple Authors

The ultimate aim for every website is to get readers’ attention which will be possible for you by creating content of high quality.

However, as a sole author, it sometimes becomes difficult to write what your readers want and you end up being clueless about how you can get your WordPress blog listed in Google News.

At this stage, you can team up with good writers to get your blog’s ratings high so that it can list in Google News. Google accepts such types of blogs which must be of high quality and gives the impression that it is written by a good writer.

You can start working with a team of your contributing writers and try to generate content of high quality. If you decide to work as a team, you can create your team’s bio in the “About Us” or “Contact Page” category.

You must generate at least three authors’ bios on your website to give the information to Google that it is a team of writers that create the content.

If you face difficulty in finding the right authors to help you out with your blogs and articles, you can begin working with guest authors who can contribute to your posts which will ultimately strengthen the quality of your website.

Working with a group of people is an effective way to generate quality content as there are many people involved who pitch in their ideas to make the content more creative.

With many people involved, you can get a lot of different ideas from different people and can select the best to start working on. That is why it is recommended to work with multiple authors to get your WordPress blog listed in Google News.

Create a Google Crawler-Friendly Blog

The final step is to ensure whether your blog is Google crawler-friendly or not before hoping for it to get listed in Google News. For Google to understand your website, it indexes your content and crawls it to find out what kind of products and services your business offers to the audience.

Another important thing is your blog’s URL address where you have to ensure that it does not contain any odd characters in it.

Your blog URL address must also contain the title of the blog you are going to publish for Google to understand what you are publishing and what your readers will be viewing.

Make your blog friendly with Google’s crawler so that Google can easily index your generated content. Another important step is to include a Google news sitemap on your website so that the Google search engine may navigate your content quickly and easily.

Another pointer that you must remember is to select a well-coded WordPress theme that puts your content on the top of the page. Keep the sidebars and footnotes close to the edges for Google to easily crawl and index your content. This increases the chance to quickly get your blogs listed in Google News.

Getting your blog identified and listed in Google News is not an easy task to do. However, with hard work, and effort, you can achieve the attention of your readers and get noticed on Google.

Create high-quality content as there is no substitute for that and craft content with a “newsy” tone so that it can reach more and more readers.

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