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Features of food and recipes WordPress theme

  • Food and Recipes WordPress theme
  • Coded with Elementor page builder
  • Recipe section for multiple recipes
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Fast loading and lightweight theme
  • Color picker for easily changing colors of the site
  • Easy to use theme options panel
  • 100+ shortcodes in built
  • In built contact form and compatibility with contact form 7 and ninja forms
  • WooCommerce compatible for shopping experience
  • 5 level deep drop downs tested
  • Translation ready and multilingual ready
  • Page layouts with sidebar control
  • Sidebar widget friendly with as many widgets as you can add
  • Separate sidebar for blog and pages
  • Easy custom post types for team, gallery etc
  • Compatibility with shortcodes plugin adds more than 100 more shortcodes
  • Coded with HTML5 and CSS3
  • 580+ social icons font based coded with
  • Google fonts with more than 650+ fonts available to choose from
  • SEO friendly coding and checked with codex
  • In built slider and ability to change the slider to any other slider
  • Animation control and pause control of slider available
  • Several blog layouts
  • Testimonials and other several blocks available
  • Header and footer widget friendly
  • Inner page banner can be replaced with featured image
  • Compatibility with NextGen gallery
  • Exciting and modern clean design
  • Flat graphics used
  • Call to actions included on top and bottom
  • Tested with SEO plugins like Yoast and All in One SEO and Cache plugins like WP Fastest Cache

SKT Food is a food and recipes WordPress theme which has been created to cater to food and recipes industry as well as chefs and other food bloggers.

Food blogging is a favourite type of blogging and many women who stay at home like to populate their blogs with various homemade recipes. Food bloggers do have a huge following and many women have turned this into a regular passion too.

It is a clean and exciting design where lots of colors can be flown into plus your images would look great.

It is compatible with recipe plugin and looks good and can be used to show great recipes on blog as well as on the recipe list itself.

Consists of its own gallery section.

Consists of several shortcodes to show the recipe section really cool and exciting.

The in built slider has features like changing of the images upto 15 slides and can add title and description on each slide. Can change the color of the slide title and description easily.

Animation control and pause control also given.

Using the theme option panel one can easily change colors of the entire website with a few clicks.

Blog has its own layout option with sidebar layout changeable and adjustable.

Also sidebar of blog is fully widget friendly. Similarly page also has layout options similar to blog and the page sidebar is also widget friendly.

It is easy to implement not just in built shortcodes but also the food and recipes WordPress theme is compatible with shortcodes ultimate plugin which brings in a lot of its own shortcodes.

Also social media is fully compatible with font based 580+ icons. Typography in this beautiful food website can be easily done thanks to compatibility with Google fonts. This is a well developed multi functional WordPress theme which is responsive and has been tested for various mobile phones and tablets to get you the best responsive approach.

If you need a nice looking and elegant food and recipes WordPress theme then this is the theme you should look for.

Tested with upto 6 sliders the recipes can look great if set up with master slider or crelly slider or Cyclone Slider 2 or Meta slider.

Also Included with every Food and Recipes WordPress theme

  1. Theme Files Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
  2. PSD Design Files Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so
  3. Sample Content Homepage content gets loaded default and rest of the content pages can be easily set up using documentation
  4. Support You will get login for our support forum and our email id and skype ID after purchase of a theme
  5. Free Installation You will get free installation if you request us to install the theme on your server with demo content

Food and Recipes WordPress Theme for food blogging and recipe sharing

Whether you are a food blogger or a recipe or menu chef you need a food and recipes WordPress theme for all your needs to publish your food online.

It can be in the way of blogging or via the way of recipe sharing via recipe section.

Blogging eases out the use of a system of website whereby one needs to just copy and paste the content just like Word Document and also the images can be added via media library easily using drag and drop system.

But for a chef who owns a food website this way won’t work because instead of recipe sharing he will have various cuisines listed on his website and prices of them.

Hence he needs a menu or a recipe section to display prices of the menu items in his restaurant.

Food and Recipes WordPress theme also caters to catering services and other food related services who rely majorly on showcasing food and recipes on their website and manage events or have a restaurant.

This theme has been thus created as a multipurpose website to cater to the needs of any type of food and recipe related website which may be either catering, chef, restaurant, cafe or recipe and food blogging.

More info about Food and Recipes WordPress Theme

WordPress content management system is an open-source software which is proudly positioned to be website and blog creation and management tool for many bloggers or website owners. While this system comes with tons of advantages over other content management systems, the main points of it are is quick setup and easy to use software, the overall user and developer – optimized nature and extensibility. The latter means, that apart from its basic functionality, it is quite simple to add auxiliary plugins and extensions for reaching out objectives of any nature or direction.

Apart from the above-mentioned characteristic features any WordPress – based theme can be proud of, WordPress theme repository comes as a collection of diverse templates categorized in the most precise way depending on their purpose of use. Hence, no matter what kind of individual or corporate initiative is targeted to be published online, one will be able to find the most appropriate and the most productive theme to rely on. It will definitely extend its operational boundaries in the relevant digital environment, resulting in greater revenue and advanced popularity altogether.

The same is true for any kind of food and recipe – related industry presentations. Whether you are a food and recipe blogger, restaurant or cafe owner, chef or merely food enthusiast with a great wish to establish a strong and lively online profile around your food-related content, there are lots of reliable and dependable WordPress – managed templates to promote your manifestation online.

SKT Food is one of such popular and sophisticated food and recipe WordPress themes with out-of-box features and perfect functional opportunities. The potential of this template will for sure exceed all your prior expectations of what you can make out of your website.

It is conceptually unique and well-thought out, visually alluring and elegant, functionally cutting-edge while totally smart and intuitive across all the usual applications. You can build your food-oriented website in no time and with a limited budget, but instead, come up with a highly competitive and nailing result to bear all the challenges of the modern digital world.
Being highly experienced and totally intuitive, this exceptional website builder will put every single page of your recipe – centric content into a precisely formatted and consistent layout. That is to say, your website will not only grab the visitor’s attention thanks to its informativeness and high – quality content, but also through its nice – looking and tastily stylized appearance presented in the most comprehensive way.

The designers working on this template have been inspired by the ultimate flat design touches and solutions. Therefore, the theme appears packed with a minimalistic flat style of the web interface concentrating on the most applicable elements and excluding any complex combinations of colors, shades, shadows, etc. for the more streamlined and expressive look and feel of the web pages.

Homepage default content comes integrated within this food and recipes WordPress theme, so what is left to you is to add your own content, arm the homepage sections and areas with your target information about your company, restaurant, bistro, cafe etc, add the list of your recipes, keep your food blog fresh and up to date with new materials all the time, as well as provide your customers with your contact details. Take care of your content, and the rest will SKT Food do itself.

However, if there is something you would like to modify or edit, be sure customization possibilities are endless with this food and recipes WordPress theme. You have unlimited control over the theme to customize and manage, remove and add, stylize and personalize or undertake any other necessary actions within the limits of this template.

By the great support and power coming along this template, you will be able to switch around more than 100 shortcodes, colors, contact forms, page layouts with total control on the sidebar area, custom post types, social icons and Google fonts, etc. This whole package with its preloaded handy items is pretty easy and understandable in management and execution, since you don’t need to have any HTML or other knowledge to cater to any coding combinations when dealing with them. Thus, all the necessary buttons, calls to actions, galleries, social media buttons, files and objects can be created and added in a matter of minutes.

This recipes and food WordPress theme has been planned and professionally implemented to coincide with all the current standards of the modern WordPress community to the extent of being highly convenient and flexible for any website user. Thus, fast loading and lightweight performance across all 5 level dropdown navigation has been assured to exemplify smooth and flawless website visitor experience.

Since SKT Food has been standardized and normed to comply with all the current high – standard specifications, responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility have been one of the primary matters of the developer’s concern. Thus, this recipe-friendly website content creation tool has been specifically optimized for the impeccable and presentable mobile usage. All in all, the prebuilt elements, texts, images, layouts of the web pages adjust and resize themselves on a variety of mobiles, devices and tablets for optimal viewing experience. As a result, easy reading and navigation through the whole website content are guaranteed with minimum alterations.

Coded and stylized with HTML5 and CSS3 coding for super flexibility and readability, this food WordPress theme delivers solid and stable framework with maximum efficient compatibility with a series of modern and practical plugins for the website extended functionality and higher results in relation to website visitor’s conversion to the website, better social media integration, better visual appearance or any other perspective.

You can even build up your online store by the application of WooCommerce plugin and sell your special recipes online. Another way of the website advancement is the activation of shortcodes and contact forms plugins for progressive customization processes to undertake.

In case you want more SEO-friendly, dynamic and interactive medium of usage for your website readers from all over the world to boost visitor interaction and loyalty, recipe plugins are out there to add all your recipes on diverse pages and posts, let them be searchable and findable by some specific ingredient. etc.

Several types of recipes are there around the world and with mixture of them creates another type of recipe. Hence we can very well say that there are unlimited possibilities that can happen with recipes. Plus what you select as an ingredient also changes the taste and flavour of the recipe.

Hence we need to be very careful of the same. Earlier kings used to have variety of cooks in their kitchen for having cooked delicious meals. Nowadays we have restaurants and to verify which cook is the best we have got variety of rating agencies who taste their recipes and ambience and the quality of ingredients used and then rate the chefs based on star ratings.

These star ratings matter and ultimately leads to more business because good name leads to people believing that the food would be worthy of its price tag. If we have good food served at our restaurant there are people who come from far off places in the city and even wait for hours to find a table.

Such is the greed for good food and such is the need for good recipes which is why chefs have tasters who taste each and every food before they are served to customers.

Chefs also keep on trying new and innovative recipes which take lesser time to be cooked and can be served quickly and yet have the customers delight and attention.

Some people aren’t chefs but are housewives or children and they also love to try new recipes and cook new things for their family.

Hence they want some good books or websites whereby they can keep on checking new delicious recipes for breakfast or for romantic dinner or for lunch.

Hence the idea of having recipe websites came into picture. Many celebrity chefs have blogs whereby they post about recipes and exciting food and people just follow them and how they have done it.

Similarly there are many other recipe websites whereby people invite others to comment on their recipes and interact among each other as well through them.

Since recipe has also become business and since there are variety of people who love veg food only or want to try out the best non veg food restaurants have also come up with the idea of not just posting menu items but their recipes as well since many customers might have doubts about the same.

For most recipe WordPress theme based website owners it starts as a pass time and becomes serious business when you see the number of hits and when you see that people actually like your blog and are frequently coming to it and when you see that people would love to comment on your site saying they want to see this kind of recipe and that kind of recipe.

Most chefs also started out like this small and then they had book releases and then they went on to become celebrity chefs and judges as well.

Hence recipe website can definitely be a start. As per revenue consideration the sidebar can have advertisements. Footer also can hold advertisements about recommended books or other websites.

One can also have affiliate links hidden within your recipe posts as well.

Our recipe WordPress theme has the ability to host different array of recipe plugins which can be able to showcase variety of menu items and showcase ingredients, menu, images, what needs to be done, procedure and how much time it will take to cook and alternatives if some of the menu ingredients are not available in your country or location.

Hence recipe websites and food related websites can be easily created with the help of our recipe template which we have offered to our clients.

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Change Log

  1. Updated December 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  6. Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare