Food Delivery WordPress Themes for Online Food Ordering & Delivery

A useful assemblage of food delivery WordPress themes for food and lunchtime delivery services, restaurants and bars, stores and eateries, as well as other food and drink delivery related websites and blogs.

In the current business based world, where a consumer is a top priority, everything can be ordered online without leaving your comfort zone or driving outside.

Moreover, you don’t need to spend time on food preparation, you can just order a ready made food and enjoy it with family or friends whenever and wherever you want.

Well, if you are planning to establish a food delivery business in your locality, it can become a highly profitable undertaking for you, since it has many perspectives to sustainable results and revenues. Food belongs to those products which are always highly demanded. People consume tons of food under any circumstances, despite the crisis, financial situation or any other turmoil.

Hence, all you need is a well prepared presentation of your business to gain popularity and ease the process of food and drink ordering online.

In this relation, we have selected the best of the food delivery WordPress themes available in the WordPress repository which are well thought out for food delivery businesses and restaurants, cafes, pizzerias and other food related centers which have delivery services.

With each of the below specified food delivery WordPress themes, you don’t need to have strong developing skills or to understand all the nuances that go into your site’s operation. All of them are surprisingly smooth and easy in usage while providing you with a comfortable working area to finalize the default template the way you prefer.

Food Delivery WordPress Themes for Online Food Ordering & Delivery

SKT Food

SKT Food


Give your restaurant or eatery a new voice with SKT Food and sell your products online or organize their deliver. It is one of the dynamically worked out and visually drool inducing food delivery WordPress themes to attract your web visitors attention and incite their appetite.

As a result of the professionals’ work and efforts, SKT Food shares the best responsive and SEO practices, making it available for your customers on the go to find your website through search engines and order a food via their mobiles or tablets.

It is also entirely manageable from the backend with lots of controls and settings, elements and customizations, preloaded shortcodes, page layouts, plugin support and much more.


Pizza Ordering WordPress theme


Perfect Pizza is the next fresh and nice looking template rolled up with unique design touches and color palette, which, however, can be modified at any time to meet your color or design preferences.

Tested on different mobile and device screens for its legible look and retina readiness, Perfect Pizza is fully responsive and adjustable to result in an exact resizing of your site in case of mobile or another portable device access.

With convenient areas and zones, widget friendly parts and customizable appearance, Perfect Pizza is also user centric with full documentation and professional support to keep your website energized and updated all the time. From menu choices to footer and header variations, from the pre enabled shortcodes and social icons packs to SEO friendliness, Perfect Pizza celebrates it all.

Coffee Shop

coffee Shop


Coffee Shop is also deservedly included in our collection of the top quality drink and food delivery WordPress themes to render your delivery services or market your products online.

Blisteringly smart and artificially intelligent, this top rated website building ecosystem shares easy to use framework and handy toolbox with default elements for more productive work from the back part of the theme.

Based on the cross mobile and device compliance coding and powered by HTML5 and CSS3, this template includes homepage slider with 10 slides possibility, as well as pause time, animation and other controls for the most attention generating display of your appetizing food and products, SEO plugins support for better SEO results, plugin compatibility for various purposes, etc.

Ele Restaurant

ele restaurant


The basic criteria of a really good restaurant or food delivery services are efficiency, freshness and high quality of products, tasty and well prepared dishes, and finally, properly organized delivery on time.

However, if your site lacks any functionality or takes too long to browse the image of this or that product, chances are high that your potential costumer will simply leave your website and will try some other online delivery service.

In this relation, Ele Restaurant has been made supremely convenient and functionally almighty to guarantee smooth navigation and fast loading, proper exposure and loading of large scale images across all modern browsers and devices, etc.

Simply add your web content, categorize it accordingly to be easy to access and run your online store with the help of WooCommerce or some other commercial plugin.




Restro is an extremely valuable sample among the best food delivery WordPress themes to be used for online food and drink ordering, table reservations and more.

Whether you want to advertise your unique restaurant and its delicious menu items, or want to organize a food delivery via your website, you have all the tools at your disposal to realize your plans online.

With Restro, you can use either the preloaded sections and areas, or add your own ones to make the right content segmentation and categorization for easier web access and online orders.

From home, about us, our menu, blog and contact us sections to gallery area for exclusive images and photos, Restro generates it all.

We Bake



Finally, here is We Bake for all types of bakeries and pastries, candy shops and cafes, restaurants and pizzerias, private food stores and factories to professionally market their products and services, as well as find new clients, customers and business opportunities.

All in all, the simplicity and easy to use structure of this responsive and shortcodes based template will let you quickly master the technique of building and managing a revenue leading food centric website.

Responsiveness and mobile friendliness for your customers on the go, plugin compatibility for contact forms, galleries and albums, SEO and SMO integration and more are wrapped up in this perfect template.


If you are planning to start a food delivery business in your local area, then you need to know that the competition is going to be intense and that you would need to focus on more than the traditional marketing channels. Sure, you can count on word of mouth but at the end of the day, customers would prefer to order their favorite snacks and food items from the comfort of their own homes and that’s why it is important that you check out the various food delivery WordPress themes, we have collated for you.

These food delivery WordPress themes have been designed for food delivery niche and come coded with the requisite features that should enable your business to stand out for the right reasons. Here are a few reasons as to why you may want to go ahead with these themes as opposed to choosing one at random.

  • Choosing the right theme: It goes without saying that with the right theme, you should be able to optimize your business. For example a food delivery theme should come loaded with sliders that you can use to present the various features of your website along with a menu that should enable users to choose the items they need, and place the order with a single click
  • Online tracking: When it comes to food delivery, it goes without saying that you need to ensure that your users can track the current status of their order and you can even integrate Google maps so that they can track their order in real time as it is being delivered. Similarly, you can use the feature to track your staff as they deliver the order and streamline your business to improve your efficiency.
  • Checkout: It is important that your users find it easy to check out with their orders and can use your checkout feature to pay for the same. You need to ensure that the theme you have selected is woo commerce compatible and that it accepts multiple forms of payments including digital wallets. This should help improve user experience and should in turn, make you much more popular and even help give a boost to your SERPS.
  • Customization: This goes without saying, that apart from making sure that you have a responsive design in place, you need to ensure that customers can navigate the site easily and more importantly, that you can customize it as you see fit. Keep in mind that not all the themes allow for customization so that’s something you may want to check out before installing a particular theme for your website.

With these tips, you can see why it’s important to have the right theme in place as they can make all the difference between success and failure. Make a point of checking out a theme thoroughly, and as long as it allows for complete customization, you should be fine. And remember that you are entering the service industry so you will need to tweak your website often to ensure that you stay ahead of the rest of the competition.

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