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Features of Foodie WordPress theme

  • Foodie WordPress theme enables you to create multi-page layouts for any type of website because this theme is created by elementor page builder.
  • One can easily change the settings, width and height, plus allow you to change the margin padding and size of column sliders.
  • To get the desired results the page builder editor for a Restaurant theme allows you to create a website in the same look you want .
  • Hence this page builder makes a website easy and fast.
  • The color combination you preferred can be given to style your website.
  • Also, the different colors can be defined to the text, icons, links etc.
  • Color picker is the option where the colors can be selected.
  • One-click installation opportunity is given so that one can start editing the website without any problem.
  • One will have control over a page by enabling or disabling the header, footer, sidebar, etc.
  • Each and every page of a website will give the user a clear meaning that why to experience your services.
  • The simplest way to build a website in an easy and faster way is by installing a website in a single click and create a website just like the demo one.
  • Restaurant is an exemplary WordPress theme that is created for shop, cafe, food, also can be created for pizza and burger shops just like a dominos website.
  • In a few minutes, one can create a fully functional website.
  • Foodie WordPress theme has many features that allow you to easily customize the website.
  • The theme has a wide banner image with a dynamic link.
  • The header on the homepage can have 4 variant options.
  • Logo at the right side, logo at the left side or logo at top of the header or below the menus.
  • Animated CSS3 makes a website more attractive with many sliding effects.
  • The animation has been provided to the text, icons as well as on images.
  • The theme is not only viewable on computers but also can be viewed effectively on mobile phones.
  • To make a website unique and overwhelming you can choose the web template design from 5 various options.
  • The website homepage will have two options to choose from a wide layout or a boxed structured layout.
  • One can install a reservation plugin to book the table online.
  • We have tested all WooCommerce shortcodes and hence all shortcodes works perfectly.
  • WooCommerce widgets are also compatible.
  • One can add a blog feature to the website with 8 different layout styles.
  • The menus can be in a light color or a dark color it’s up to you.
  • The Restaurant theme is built with SEO standards to allow Google to crawl the website content.
  • Hence, your website can get a higher ranking on Google as well as on other search engines.
  • By translating the .PO and .MO file the website can be viewed in different languages.
    However, the theme is WPML compatible.
  • More than 900 Google fonts are permitted to use in the Foodie WordPress theme.
  • An unlimited color option is permitted to choose for Ions as well.
  • A number of shortcodes are given for home, about us, services, pricing and contact us.
  • Widgets are allowed in the footer and sidebar.
  • Other plugins such as Yoast SEO, User Registration, Nivo Slider, etc all are compatible.
  • Your beautiful collection of images with high resolutions are acceptable as this theme is Retina and HD ready.
  • Sharing plugins like Easy Social Sharing and Custom Share Buttons are consonant to share the post among all the users.
  • Blog layouts can be created with boxed and wide layout shape.
  • The newest technology offers many attributes, layouts, and elements option to create flexible and powerful WordPress website.
  • For a new user, a website is designed with a flat and material design approach that leads to gain the attention of a users.
  • Documentation is submitted online to demonstrate how the website changes can be done.
  • Each and every element you want to change can be guided with online documentation.
  • We will provide you with a variety of resources to make communication with your doubts.
  • Solution and assessment can be provided via forums, Skype and email id.
  • This theme supports the drop-down menu. Thus website can have 5 levels drop down option.
  • This is the small but useful function that is provided by a new version of WordPress.
  • New updates are released with optimized features. One will be provided with regular WordPress and features update.
  • We have used the latest WordPress version to add some features like Gutenberg editor.
  • Hence this theme supports the most essential editor to create blocks i.e. Gutenberg editor.
  • With default slider, the user can navigate to the other page.
  • More than 10 sliders are allowed to integrate with the homepage of a restaurant theme.
  • Most compatible sliders are Crelly, master, meta, smart, accordion, and cyclone slider.
  • By keeping code simple and validate CSS the Restaurant theme has been made Cross browser independent.
  • To make the website readable and viewable this theme is coordinated with Cryllic and Latin sub sets for special characters.
  • We have evaluated the theme with Google’s PageSpeed Insights Page and the theme works much faster.
  • Restaurant theme is specially used for creating a website for selling food, bakery product, restaurant dishes, recipes etc.
  • Some active menus are provided to explore restaurant services like home, about us, services and pricing.
  • Also, contact us menu is created to enable communication in an easy way.

Up till now if you have not created a website for your restaurant business that means you are letting down your potential and targeted customer to your oppose business. Foodie WordPress theme helps the user to create a website in simple steps. The website can be created for a small restaurant or a big online store idea. Remember the website is not only to show your services but also it is the biggest reason to get more profit.

From your small restaurant website, you can have more benefits in terms of customers that you never expected. After user visited and ordered the dishes, ask them to give feedback and reviews that can be posted on the testimonial section.

To create a stunning website you can utilize all the useful features that elementor page builder provides. One can create a website by themselves with a professional appearance.

Foodie WordPress theme is a dream that you were looking for creating a restaurant website. The restaurant product would not be added without the WooCommerce feature. We put lots of struggle and time for planning and design to build the best restaurant editable theme for user satisfaction.

The bottom section of the homepage is known as the footer layout. The footer section consists of various widgets option. Footer will act as a useful and helpful entity for navigating users from one page to another.

To get more attention toward your services you need to create a restaurant based website. Whether your business sells one product or more you must have a website for online market.

Now a day it is very uncommon to have a business only physically. Because the user prefers to search for services online first. A smartphone is a medium that the user can experience and fulfill there needs online. Hence all the websites are created with the responsive features that can be viewed easily at any browser or device.

Most of the restaurant has been invented many years ago but not all users are aware of that because of a lack of advertising. Hence advertising is the biggest factor to offer your services.

With the help of social media integration, one can explore their services over the world. Plus some offers can be shown to attract some visitors to your website.

The main focus of the restaurant theme is to provide the proper location, menu, opening and closing time for stunning experience.

A testimonial will be a lucky part for your users to build trust among the people plus they will not hesitate to experience your dishes. They can make reviews if they like your services.

The user searches for a website online to fulfill there needs as soon as they found your website on the top of Google search they will prefer to use your services instead of your competitors.

To improve search ranking you need to work on a Search engine optimized. Add on to this statement is that this theme is created by keeping the SEO standards in the mind.

You can create your professional image on the internet by inventing awesome brand. If you have just started to explore your services then the internet market is the best way.

To get more profit you must first analyze your competitor and start offering services that they don’t provide. Like you can create an online booking form to book a table for your user. Online delivery is one of the best options to attract your user more.

Some times you can offer a discount to get user attention. Once they get familiar with your taste they will surely visit your website again and again. Try to engage your user to improve conversion rates.

Also Included with every Foodie WordPress theme

  1. Theme Files Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
  2. PSD Design Files Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so
  3. Sample Content Homepage content gets loaded default and rest of the content pages can be easily set up using documentation
  4. Support You will get login for our support forum and our email id and skype ID after purchase of a theme
  5. Free Installation You will get free installation if you request us to install the theme on your server with demo content

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Change Log

  1. Updated September 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts