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Features of Juice Bar WordPress theme

  • One can do advancement in juice shop businesses by getting an online presence with the juice bar WordPress theme.
  • The theme is useful for restaurant owners, commercial juice centers, fruit sellers, fruit juice outlets, etc.
  • One will have unlimited access to the fonts and color options.
  • One can access the product as soon as they become a premium member.
  • With the GNU GPL license, 1-year free support and 1-year theme update will be provided.
  • Each inner page is supported by the slider and different multimedia formats.
  • More than 5 different custom templates are permitted to be used.
  • Browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, iOS Safari, chrome, internet explorer and the latest version of all browsers are supported.
  • The theme is depended on WordPress version 4.0 and above.
  • Major files like PHP, CSS, and JavaScript are incorporated with the premium package.
  • The theme is built in such a way that it looks beautiful and professional along with that it achieves the 100% responsive feature.
  • Each layout of fruit and shake web templates can be used to showcase the various types of vegetables and fruits benefits.
  • One can be known as an online seller if you make use of an eCommerce store.
  • WooCommerce plugin is there to make online store success.
  • Juice bar WordPress theme will help you to reach the maximum number of people on the internet.
  • The demo is created for juice bar businesses with some services that your customers may require.
  • The theme is adjusted with the full-screen banner image where one can display some images and text.
  • The banner image can be replaced with the slider images or any other multimedia content.
  • The slider image can have a small descriptive area to add any business caption.
  • The shopping cart option is provided in the header menu section so that customers can shop online.
  • Plus customers can easily proceed for the payment with the international shipping option.
  • The theme has a multilingual functional to translate the page into different languages.
  • Footer section of SKT juices and shakes consist of social media buttons, navigation buttons, opening hours, and information to get in touch with one of the members.
  • Demo content is given for services, products, about, home, blog and contact us.
  • A search button is given to enhance the searching experience.
  • The total number of items selected with displays in the header menu.
  • The total number of 9 sections are created by default on the homepage.
  • While creating a theme we have used lots of colors to make it beautiful and fruitful.
  • The color combination or a font option can be changed as per your business demand.
  • Copyright option is given in the footer.
  • We have inserted our brand name but you can modify it to your brand name.
  • Contact us pages templates of SKT juices and shakes has a contact form 7 integrated along with the social media sharing buttons.
  • Seperate page is created for a blog with different layouts to explore more information about health and fruit & shakes benefits.
  • Each page templates and layout can have a dark background or light background.
  • We have followed the one-color background and one white background for each section of the homepage.
  • One can make use of shortcodes for using different columns and widgets on the website.
  • Shortcodes are used in the footer area to distinguish the information.
  • The theme support HD videos to make a strong visual presence.
  • In the same way, HD images are allowed to use.
  • A number of the section can be used to create or to showcase your team information in detail.
  • Testimonial plays an important role in SEO.
  • Hence the theme can have a small testimonial block or seperate review page.
  • The SKT juices and shakes are optimized with the latest SEO standards and WordPress standards.
  • The enhancement can be done by creating a gallery section.
  • Hence your website will look like a gallery portfolio to showcase your work in detail.
  • The website looks more captivating by integrating the NextGenGallery plugin into it.
  • Our website designer and developer has used proper and minimal design to create a simple but elegant WordPress theme.
  • Your website will look professional at any customization step.
  • The great demo content is included so that you can feel like your own online store.
  • Security and privacy have given the first priority.
  • Additionally, the theme is invented with a strong and powerful framework that will never give you speed trouble.
  • Even mobile users can feel safe and secure while proceeding with online transactions.
  • You will be benefited from more mobile traffic.
  • 3rd Party Plugins like WPForms, Yoast SEO, UpdraftPlus, WP Rocket, etc all are supported.
  • Not only free but also premium 3rd party plugin works best with this theme.
  • The theme is secured and optimized with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 code.
  • Exclusive functionalities are coherence such as publishing content with no hassle, complete standards compliance, easy theme setup, easy backend, gutenberg optimized code, etc.
  • Each section, features, and elements can be enabled or disabled.
  • With the theme setting option, one can choose a different color, menus, buttons, and layouts to customize the website.
  • The theme is totally designed and featured with the elementor page builder.
  • The latest WordPress version will give you access to the thousands of widgets options.
  • With the elementor page builder, the header section of a contact page can have a Google Map instead of a banner image.
  • One has full control to make a choice from 900+ Google Font.
  • The juice bar WordPress theme has a budget-friendly value that anyone can purchase it.
  • The website can be customized with custom features.
  • Grap the opportunity now and experience our unlimited services at your fingertips.

All fruits are considered as highly rich in protein and vitamins that benefit your body and health. The people who consume more fruits in their daily diet suffer less from chronic diseases.

Benefits of fruits are listed below
Fruits are light in fat, calories and sodium that does not contain cholesterol at all.
With fruits, you will intake vitamin C, potassium, folate, fiber, etc.
High potassium helps in maintaining blood pressure.
A good resource for rich potassium is banana, apricots, honeydew, oranges, etc.
And, fruits are a good resource for the fiber that will have to reduce cholesterol levels and heart diseases.

Vegetables are also considered as a rich in protein and vitamins. One can intake vegetable in different ways such as a raw or cooked, blanched or fried, steamed or frozen, and more. Different types of vegetables are dark green or light green vegetables, red and orange vegetables, beans and peas. These all are very important for our health.

Benefits of vegetables are listed below
Proper intake of vegetables in daily basis can help you to fight with cancers.
Some green vegetables help too reduce heart disease and stroke.
Most of the Americans are not able to get the proper amount of fiber and potassium in their diet. Hence they should consume fruit on a daily basis.

So establishing a juice bar can result you with lots of money because now a days, most of the people are health-conscious. The fresh juice are more demandable due to unhealthy and preservatives juice packs available in the e-market.

Everyone desire to get good amount of vitamins and proteins in their daily diet. To keep them healthy they search for healthy food. And when we talk about healthy food the first thing arises are vegetables and fruits.

Fruits are good in taste, beneficial and healthy and it is best remedy for your good health and body. One can open a business that will sell fruit or vegetable juice. Else, one can provide both type of juice that is a vegetable and fruit juice. Some customers demands for a customized juice as per their preferable fruit, so you must be able to deliver such a combination of juice and shakes in time.

To start with a juice and shake business you must have a physical store to make it possible but to sell your juices online you will require a website that will help you to target lots of customers.

By showing online presence, the customer can reach to you with the help of contact information and Google Map. A website will be a medium for you to grow your business online. For creating a website you will need a theme that is an astonishing.

Hence, the juice bar WordPress theme comes into existence. The theme is specially established for hotels, restaurant, juice owners, etc so that their customers or client can order shakes or juices online. This theme has awesome features that will help you to set a successive online business.

Your business customers will be able to view some pictures and photos of your restaurant, menus, etc so that they can make a booking. Generally users first check the images of dishes and restaurant to build a trust and order the dishes. If you post some high display images or videos then customer will feel blessed to have such business that can satisfy their need. Therefore juice bar WordPress theme is the best choice for opening a juice bar shop online.

Also Included with every Juice Bar WordPress theme

  1. Theme Files Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
  2. PSD Design Files Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so
  3. Sample Content Homepage content gets loaded default and rest of the content pages can be easily set up using documentation
  4. Support You will get login for our support forum and our email id and skype ID after purchase of a theme
  5. Free Installation You will get free installation if you request us to install the theme on your server with demo content

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  3. Updated Google fonts