10 Online Course WordPress Themes are Essential for College and University Sites

What is an online course, and how does it differ from traditional classroom learning?

The online course refers to the course of a program set up virtually to enable learners from various corners of the world to learn it effectively. It comes with benefits such as adapting an individual to the new techniques of learning, preparing them for an online workforce, improved self-demonstration, better virtual communication skills, etc.

It is far more different from traditional classroom learning; here’s how:

  • Better time management: When you pursue a course online instead of classroom learning, it saves a lot of time and helps you use it effectively for other purposes as well.
  • Better flexibility: The scope of flexibility is much higher in online learning than in traditional classroom learning. It enables you to create a study schedule that is most effective for you.
  • Broader global perspective: Opting for a course online can broaden your perspective, which would not have been possible with traditional learning, as people having diverse perspectives from all around the world can join these courses.

Whether you are running a training program aimed at students or offering a crafts course or something else altogether, the one thing that you would need to understand that it is no longer possible to just depend on the old forms of marketing to drum up business.

Sure, you can always print out the odd flyer or two but that’s not going to be effective in getting the word out.

Online course WordPress themes

Best Online Course WordPress Themes

That’s why you need to set up a website at the earliest and one of the best options right across the plethora of platforms out there happens to be WordPress, for its functionality, ease of use and adaptability.

So choose the right online course WordPress theme for your website and with the right one, you should be able to feature web casts, videos right on your home page, and get more traction online.

Just check out some of our top online course WordPress themes, review the details posted below, check the ones that you are interested and demo it, before using the same. That way, with the right theme, your website should be getting a fair amount of attention.

SKT Driving School

Driving School WordPress Theme

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SKT Tutor

SKT Tutor

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If you choose SKT Tutor you will be able to build a website that exhibits complete information on your online courses, work, past students, feedback, team members’ details, and so on.

Finally, you will be able to work with some extra features that are required for preparing and launching highly functional e-learning platforms.

Not only features but also you will be provided with some options that will help you to create high-quality design and appearance to attract maximum visitors.

Additionally, the online course WordPress themes comes with different page and blog layouts that permit you to choose any one of them. You can even include images, text, or video content on your website to make it more appealing and attractive.

SKT Tutor is developed and designed in such a way that it can impress your potential audiences also it is combined with plenty of functionality related to your online course website.

The price tag given for SKT Tutor is $39 with 1-year full customer support, documentation, and updates.

Online Coach Pro

online coach new

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This theme, which incidentally is one of the top ranking ones for online course WordPress theme, would be a perfect fit for you especially if you are planning to set up an online fashion course.

The theme is also a multipurpose one and can be reused for various niches; it comes with a site wide as well as boxed layout along with dropdown menus, intuitive and a responsive design that’s also completely scalable.

In simple terms, your users can now view your website from any device without any issue whatsoever. It also comes with a customizable theme, along with four layout options for the header, five layout options for the footer along with sidebar variations as well.

The theme also comes with home pager, as well as templates for other pages and what’s more, you can use the inner header to feature, banners, sliders, high resolution images and more.

It also comes with 1500+ social icons pack, as well as integrated Google fonts and you can use both to tweak with the typography of your website and make it more interactive as well.

The theme is also compatible with third party plugins so you should be able to use Elementor, Divi, Visual composer, Beaver, Live composer to develop custom built pages for your website, provide your users with additional functionality and much more.

All of this is available for only $39 and with it; your website should stand out for all the right reasons.

SKT Education

SKT Education

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This theme certainly ranks better against others when it comes to online course WordPress themes. For starters, it comes with a responsive design that’s slightly minimalistic and the design intuitive, which along with the dropdown menus should prove for easy navigation.

The theme is completely customizable, and comes with four header, footer options along with sidebar layout options as well.

Apart from this, it also comes with RTL compatibility so you should be able to display Arabic and Hebrew script on the website with ease.

The theme also comes with 800+ integrated Google fonts as well as over 600 font based icons so you can use the same to make your website, attractive and even more interactive.

It also comes with a default slider with ten slides with animation control, pause and other features.

But as the theme is compatible with external plugins, you can utilize video sliders like cyclone slider 2 which can be used for video, crelly slider, accordion slider, master slider, smart slider and others to display high resolution images, videos and even stream podcasts and web casts.

The theme is adaptable and you can adjust the layout and even use a carousel slider in lieu of the inner header so as to get more eyeballs.

It also comes with a POT file and is both translation and multilingual ready and with the requisite plugins, you should be able to feature your web content in several languages. The theme comes with a price tag of $48 only which is quite reasonable.

Play School

education WordPress theme

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When it comes to online course WordPress themes, this one sure stands out from the others on account of its ease of use as well as its functionality.

It comes with a neat layout, a grungy and dark background but as the theme is completely customizable, you can change it with ease.

With this theme, and it’s compatibility with woo commerce and the fact that it supports external plugins – you can set up an integrated shopping cart, set up an integrated ordering page and even enable your customers to track their orders online.

Apart from providing your users with advanced features, the theme also comes with bb press forum plugin as well as social media plugin compatibility.

With these plugins, you should be able to leverage the various social media platforms and even enable your users to share your posts and comments in real time.

It is based on HTML5 and CSS3, therefore you can tinker with animations on the front page and help make it more interesting, and even feature high end graphics as well.

It also comes with two types of layout, full wide as well as boxed and you can opt for the preferred type.

It is also multilingual, translation ready, not to mention both HD and retina ready as well and all of this is available, for a price tag of $39 only, with free installation and support.


kindergarten WordPress theme

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Kindergarten is one of the best online course WordPress themes that are specially created to target childcare centers, kindergarten, nanny’s, daycare, etc but it can be used to create a website for learning curve centers, institutions, online courses, and many more.

To manage all published articles, courses, papers, etc the theme is made fully compatible with the LMS WordPress plugin. However, you can download and install the free plugins through the wordpress dashboard and start utilizing its features right away.

It comes with the demo content which can be imported directly from the wordpress dashboard in just a few clicks. If you don’t feel comfortable with the demo content and would like to customize it then you can add the drag and drop page builder tool.

Top page builders like Elementor, WPBakery, SiteOrigin, etc all are conformable with the template.

Another interesting feature of Kindergarten is that it displays all of its content well on most preferable devices i.e. mobile devices. Along with this, it works well with all types of browsers.

The price tag given for Kindergarten is $39 including free updates and support for the next 1 year.

SKT Library

SKT library

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SKT Library is an ideal online course WordPress themes that can be used to build a website for a coaching institute, libraries, online courses, etc. The theme works best with the eCommerce plugin so that it helps beginner users start selling services or products in just one click.

This theme also fits well for educational institutes, schools, and colleges. One can use this template to start getting revenue right away with their online course availability.

This template has all those features that are required for any large or small educational-related business for creating a formal and professional-looking online presence.

Along with the page layouts, its inner pages are also changeable. While developing the SKT library, it has been taken care of by eCommerce functionality. People who do not have services to offer can even promote their products such as ebooks, CD & DVDs of online courses, online papers, etc.

The price tag given to SKT Library is the same as other themes I.e. $39 including all premium-level features and functionalities.

Blog and Shop

blog shop wordPress themes

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This theme is one of the top ranking from among all the other corporate WordPress themes. For starters, it comes with a nice design and a neat layout with five level drop down menus which should facilitate easy navigation.

Apart from this, it also comes with a responsive design and one that’s completely scalable which is essential to make your website stand out for all the right reasons. It comes with four header variations as well as three footer options along with sidebar layout changes.

What makes this theme stand out though is the fact that it is easy to use and quite easy to customize; since it comes with full documentation, you should be able to customize your website with ease and even change the fonts on your website.

It comes with 600+ Google fonts so you should be able to tweak the typography; moreover it is also compatible with third party plugins as well as woo commerce.

So you can set up an integrated shopping cart for your users, even set up a payment gateway that also features digital wallet payments as an option.

Apart from this, you can also enable your users to log in with their social media credentials, enable them to share their posts in real time and much more. This theme is available for only $39 and comes with free installation as well as support.


simple new

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One among the top billed themes when it comes to online course WordPress themes, it certainly makes a strong impression from its simple layout to is dropdown menus, sectioned foreground and much more.

Overall, the design is simple enough and also slightly minimalistic and should help direct the attention to specific and important parts of your website.

The theme comes with 550+ social fonts along with header variations, footer and layout options as well as integrated Google fonts – all of which should enable your website to stand out for all the right reasons.

It also comes with a default slider with animation control and pause, but you can always replace it with other and more advanced sliders such as Crelly and others.

And as the theme is customizable and supports external plugins, you can use advanced sliders on your website along with optimizing it with the right plugins such as Yoast and All in one SEO.

This should help you rank better against your competition. The theme is available for only $39 which is a real bargain, given all that the theme comes with.



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The fitness WordPress theme comes with all the advanced functionality you would need, to help make your website get more traction online.

From the design perspective, it comes with one that’s easy on the eye along with fact that the design is responsive and has been tested and confirmed to be Google mobile friendly as well.

The theme is intuitive and comes with various options for header, inner header, sidebar and layout options.

Apart from this, it also comes with default slider, as well as galleries that you can use to display high resolution images and videos alike.

And as the theme supports external plugins, you should be able to use the same to provide your users with all the advanced functionality and additional features they need.

In addition, the theme also comes with a home page slider that you can put to good use. The price tag for this theme is $39 only, which is indeed a steal, at that price.

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