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Theme Features

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Features of Chocolate WordPress Theme

  • Chocolate WordPress Theme created by the elementor page builder will add a uniqueness to your website.
  • Custom made drop-down menus will enhance the user experience for your customers.
  • Custom made logo will help you are to create a unique business identity.
  • The integration of Google maps will be the best geo information for your users.
  • Insertion of the custom contact form will help you to strengthen business concerns.
  • WooCommerce is comprehensive to create an online store to enjoy the naturalness and capability.
  • Threaded Comments will behave as the most useful conversations system.
  • The availability of browser compatibility will assemble your website convenient to all other devices and browsers.
  • Custom Widgets are available that will help you to create a website as you like.
  • With shortcodes, one can insert multimedia content instead of simple inactive text.
  • Because the theme is optimized with all SEO standards, Google and different search engines like Yahoo will devote your website to get ranked quickly.
  • Your website users will be able to share your website content and products with their friends because of social share bar integration.
  • No boundary specified to share the content.
  • The user from any country can share content to any corner of the world.
  • The chocolate WordPress theme is eye-catching that will attract your users within some minutes.
  • Catching the user attention is possible due to slider integration with a dynamic link.
  • The chocolate will work perfectly with all other hosting configurations.
  • Plus the theme will work faster with all the latest WordPress versions.
  • In a very simple way, all sections and pages are customizable.
  • To make a customizable process easier, we have provided you with full documentation.
  • One-click demo import option will help you to download the theme and get started with it within a few steps.
  • All theme demo content will be downloaded with some steps and you will be surprised with its look and feel.
  • The chocolate will maintain consistency with all type of screen and size resolution.
  • Translation ready features will make your website visible and readable for any language speaker.
  • Any type of video will get published easily and effectively with the help of YouTube integration.
  • The blog can be posted to the blog page related to any chocolate topic or food topic.
  • By integrating the post plugin your customers will be able to read Related posts to the topic they are looking for.
  • The related post will make your customers engaged for a longer time. Ultimately you can increase the user traffic through a blog post.
  • With the best shortcut steps, you will be able to construct the website easily. The steps are provided in the documentation.
  • Due to a strong visual effect, the user will be able to remember your website plus they will return back again and again.
  • Chocolate WordPress theme has an eCommerce ready feature that allows various eCommerce plugins and payment gateway integration.
  • Once becoming our premium member you will get free support from our best professional developers.
  • For any type of difficulties, you can contact us via forum support or email, skype support.
  • You will be returned with the .psd file and complete demo content for home, products, blogs, about, and services page.
  • Using elementor customizer option one can give a fresh, contemporary, and very cool look to the website.
  • The web pages have sophisticated functionality support of multi-languages, Gutenberg optimized and more.
  • The social media share support on the header and footer can show off your inner artistry work.
  • A header can have some different style effects.
  • Logo can be placed to the upper side of the menus, down to the menus, left side to the menus of the right side to the menus.
  • The use of different tools like widgets, left and right sidebars will adopt different structures with the boxed and full-width format.
  • The use of high quality images are making chocolate theme more stronger in terms of visualization.

Food is considered as a mystical thing. Because food is the resource that we can survive in the world. Plus food helps to maintain our good healthy life. Due to internet users are able to access all the food-related stuff online without struggling for it. Millions of people though out the world just like the chocolates and they love to travel from different places just to taste chocolates. Hence chocolate business is the most demandable business these days. Therefore every bakery shop, a chocolate shop should create a website with a modern look so that their design should reflect their work in a decent way. Most of the owners pay lots of money by hiring a web designer or developer but we are here to reduce your human resource and timing cost. We have invented a dashing and beautiful chocolate WordPress theme that will achieve all user’s needs.

A chocolate theme is a ready-made option for you because demo content is available that can be replaced with your original images and text. Hence without hiring a resource for website design and development, you will have a website to get started online. The chocolate is the best option for those people who dont know how to promote the business online and how to make business remarkable. The basic and essential features are provided by this theme that will make your website more flexible, colorful, completely customizable, visually strong, and multi-functional. Yes, you can create a website on your own that can perform multiple tasks. For example, your chocolate website can sell your products like chocolate, bakery items, dishes, etc. Hence chocolate is crafted in such a way that it will fulfill all business owner’s wishes.

We have researched the theme in the market that can be eye-catching, available with a premade template, allow shortcodes and multi-functional in nature. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any theme that can fulfill all these features. Hence we invented a chocolate WordPress theme that is more professional and fulfill all needs with abundant features.

Without taking major actions you can create a chocolate website that will look yummier and attracting as your chocolate dishes and bakery products. Not necessary to have a technical ability to create a website. Plus do not require you to invest more money and valuable time. You will get all 5 readymade page templates at a single cost. Because the elementor page builder is integrated with the theme by default you will get time to experience all amazing features. Just check out the theme demo by once clicking on the demo button. The demo button will be redirected to the main demo content.

Because of the flexibility and robustness features, the chocolate theme can have different layouts and structures. One can create a website for the restaurant, food and drinks, and cafe businesses. You can easily manage a number of staff members and clients through a single platform. If someone likes your chocolates then they will be able to share their views very easily.

About the Homepage of Chocolate WordPress theme

The Chocolate WordPress theme is considered to be a unique design because of small embedment in different pages. Like social media buttons are embedded in the right side of the menubar. Plus the social media icons have given hexagon shape with the demo link. The plain text is into the slider images has been tilled to give a nice user interface. The unique font is used to appeal more with active read more button. You can easily slide the images by clicking on the right or left arrow. Or the images can have a slideshow effect that will show images one by one automatically. By default, the slideshow effect has been given.

To give a different structure to all sections we have followed the cloud pattern. The cloud pattern can be changed to different patterns as per your choice. Plus different colors can be provided to it. A simple setting option is given for that. Actually cloud pattern is followed by inserting a cloud shape image. Same for the ingredients section. But now we have followed a different pattern for it with orange color.

Sidebars are included in our little story, ingredient, testimonial section, and so on. the theme is formed by not following the boxed width feature. The footer section looks more attractive because we have added a dark chocolate background to it. The hexagon shape for social media icons is also given in the footer section. The footer section consists of some contact information that includes the contact number, email id, and address. Whereas a small bar is created in the footer to mention the same menus option that is present in the header section.

The proper user interface is given for feedback form. You need to insert your name, email, subject and message and just click on submit button your form and feedback will be submitted. You will get thank you notification once submitted. The fields are given limited in this theme but can be extended to a number of fields and navigation buttons.

The testimonial section has a simple look with plain white background image but it can be modified by diving testimonial section into two part. One part will have image or video and second will have running user feedback. To get more user trust, user can upload their profile picture to it.

Also Included with every Chocolate WordPress theme

  1. Theme Files Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
  2. PSD Design Files Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so
  3. Sample Content Homepage content gets loaded default and rest of the content pages can be easily set up using documentation
  4. Support You will get login for our support forum and our email id and skype ID after purchase of a theme
  5. Free Installation You will get free installation if you request us to install the theme on your server with demo content

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Change Log

  1. Updated September 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts