Why Having a Social Media Presence is Simply Not Enough in 2023

All the generations from Grandparents to child super-starts and even ordinary teenagers are active on social media today. Social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn provide you with an effective medium to potentially sell products, reach out to collaborators, and connect with customers.

They have also become a potential medium for marketing and promoting the brand regionally as well as globally. With all these advantages at hand why wonder anywhere else?

All you require is to succeed in this modern world is an effective social media presence, right?


It must not be forgotten with the lucrative of such handles that there is more to marketing in social media than just having an online presence. Just one profile or page cannot contribute to the overall brand value promotion of a firm.

We believe after understanding the facts from this article you will not consider only a Facebook profile as a primary factor to attain success.

Social Media Management

Social Media Presence is one part of the strategy and not the entire strategy

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Social media can be considered as one important piece of the puzzle when it comes to making most out of your digital presence. But you must not misunderstand it as the entire thing to resolve the puzzle.

You will probably miss out on other strategies which can improve traffic and boost conversion rate if you are stuck adamantly focusing all your money and time exclusively on social media.

It is essential to have a website which enables your clients and customers to have a broad idea about your company, answer crucial and pressing questions related to the product, and felicitate their needs with regular blog posts.

Other marketing strategies like the podcast, PPC, and video can also be tapped into when you have a website. Through search engine and impeccable SEO management, you can appeal and reach out to more organic traffic by your website.

You lack a Home Base when you rely entirely on Social Media Presence

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For building long-standing relationships and connecting with customers on a deeper level the Social Media provides a great environment for business.

However when you reach clients and they want to explore more about your brand or product then the social media fails to provide a home base.

The things that inspire your company, the foundations of your product, the key things that your products are made up of and other such information cannot be conveyed without a particular home base.

It is only through a fully established and worked out website that you can create your home base and complete it with product pages, blogs, facilities, contact information, and others.

For every conversion there is some vital information required by your prospects and this information can be stored and conveyed efficiently through a well-designed website.

You can conveniently redirect potential prospects from social media to a place that can have a demo, latest case studies, and provision where they can read more about the firm and the product.

Your company has authority with a website

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You cannot show off your authority as a growing brand on social media. The first impression of an established business is through the type and kind of website it has hosted online for the new audiences that intends to interact with them for their service or product.

A history of what your company has achieved in the past years and a vision for achieving future milestones is something that can convince the clients. Including testimonials is an indirect social proof of your genuineness and collaborations.

By publishing blog posts, eBooks, and webinars you stand out of the crowd and send a strong message that you are dynamic about everything related to your industry.

You have an advantage of additional analytics with a website

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If you have signed up for a business account then most social media site will offer basic analytics features. However, it will not be fair to compare the insights and results that you can get from Google Analytics compared to that of Instagram insights.

You can know what sort of posts your followers like the most and what kind of clients you are connecting with through Instagram insights. But with Google Analytics you have the liberty to dive deeper into the buyer’s personas.

You can know things like time spent on a page and if they were actually converted when they reached the basket. You can also have an idea about what the customers actually search for when they intend to buy products or avail services that you offer, through keyword strategy.

Collecting and Optimizing Leads

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Undoubtedly a social media presence will contribute to establishing a connection with individuals who are interested in the services offered by you or your product. But there is a limited scope to enable those leads to convert into sales.

You can convince people to sign-up for an e-Newsletter to check back on the latest updates in blogs only when you have an efficient website on top of your social strategy.

It takes multiple methods to convert a lead and hence it makes complete sense to discover and invest in other ways to efficiently connect with your target audience.

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