Things to Consider before Buying a Premium WordPress Theme

If you have been toiling with WordPress for quite some time, then, like many others, you, too, probably consider the premium themes as a blessing. Loaded with a myriad of functionalities, they offer excellent features, which can improve your website’s performance in numerous ways.

However, like everything, not all the premium themes out there in the market are ideal for you and your website. Therefore, before buying a premium WordPress theme, you need to be quite careful and consider a few things. Here are some of them.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Premium WordPress Theme

Read Reviews

Before purchasing anything, including a WordPress theme, of course, the most logical thing you can do is read the testimonials of the other users. By going through all the reviews thoroughly, you can effortlessly make out the positive and negative points of the theme. Therefore, it will be quite easier for you to understand if the theme will be suitable for you or not.

To read the reviews and know about the experience of the other users, you would only need to go to the official website of the theme.

On some sites, you might also find a separate section that showcases the overall rating of the theme. This is yet another thing that can help you to make up your mind before buying a premium WordPress theme.

buying a premium WordPress theme

Check out Its Aesthetics

If you want to attract a large number of clients to your website, then you have to make your website look aesthetically gorgeous. Therefore, to do that, make sure to choose a theme that exhibits a simple and minimalistic design. Also, do not forget to check out if the theme has all the features, which can help you to customize it.

To know more about its design and all the things you can do with it, you can check the demos. These example sites can help you to realize what your WordPress website would look like if you use that specific theme.

Check if the Theme Gets Regular Updates or Not

regular updates
A WordPress theme needs to be regularly updated to offer its services correctly. However, if the developer of your WordPress website’s theme has dumped it, then you are less likely to benefit from it.

So, before purchasing a premium WordPress theme, you need to make sure that the developer is still working on it and is more likely to be active in this field.

The only way, that can help you to understand this, is to check for the updates that the theme is getting. If you see that the theme is being updated regularly, at least once in two months, then you can purchase it without worrying about anything.

Find the FAQ Section

Before buying a specific WordPress theme, there is another thing you need to check out, which is the FAQ section of the website. In this section, the developer explains all the general factors about the theme that everyone needs to know before starting to use it.

Along with its features, you will also be able to learn about its compatibility and the framework, which it uses, by thoroughly reading the FAQs. So, before buying a WordPress theme, make sure to give proper attention to its FAQ section.

Consider its Responsiveness

Mobile Responsiveness for WordPress Sites
Almost everyone, nowadays, is using Smartphones, and as you know, WordPress can be operated through these devices. Therefore, before buying a premium WordPress theme, make sure to check if it looks good on a mobile phone.

If it is not fully responsive and looks somewhat hideous on a Smartphone, then make sure to move on to the next theme.

Check If It is SEO-friendly or Not

SEO Friendly CMS
There are numerous themes in the market, which generally look good, but have a badly-coded HTML. This, even if not earlier, can later affect your website’s performance.

To understand if SEO-friendly theme or not, you need to have a little bit of knowledge about the programming skills. However, if you do not understand the programming languages, then make sure to choose a theme that is labeled as SEO-optimized.

Know about the Supported Plugins

The plugins are one of the special features of WordPress, which can help to make your website more functional and responsive. Along with this, there are also a few plugins, like Yoast SEO, Contact form 7 etc.

Which can help to improve the overall performance of the website. So, before buying a premium WordPress theme, you need to check out if it supports all the plugins that you generally use on your WordPress website.

Also, to enhance their website’s convenience, most of the people generally use multi-lingual plugins. So, like them, if you, too, use these types of plugins, then do not forget to check out if the new theme is translational-ready or not.

Social media plugins are known to be a great way to enhance the traffic of your WordPress website. Therefore, it is essential for you to choose the theme that, along with the previously-mentioned ones, supports these plugins too.

Take a Look at the Sales of the Theme

Another thing, that can serve as a great indicator of the theme’s quality, is the number of sales that it has made until now. Surely, marketing can be an issue here, but still, using the theme, which many others have used before, feels quite safe.

Check If It Offers Money Back Guarantee or Not


Money Back Guarantee
Like almost anything, you can see all the shortcomings of a theme only when you start using it. Due to this reason, always make sure to buy a WordPress theme, which offers a money-back guarantee. This will help you to get your money back if the theme fails to impress you and your website and invest it in anything else.

There are numerous developers who, nowadays, offer a money-back guarantee with their themes. So, make sure to look out for them.

Searching for an ideal theme can be quite tough, especially if you are thinking of purchasing one. Therefore, keeping all these things in mind can be quite beneficial for you.

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