8 Best Startup Blog WordPress Themes for startup resource news

Whether you have just formed the idea of setting up a startup or have one already in place and are looking to leverage the same for better publicity, then all you need to do is to set up a website and establish your presence online.

Sounds easy, right? Nope, but then again, most good things in life are rarely easy and the same applies to the online medium with one exception, WordPress. WordPress is the perfect platform which stands out on account of its ease of use, and its flexibility.

It is an open resource platform where the process is more or less automated so you can get your website up and running in a matter of minutes.

Just check out some of the startup blog WordPress themes; these themes are all responsive, multipurpose and designed to garner your website more eyeballs.

Startup Blog WordPress Themes with demo content download

They feature some of the trendiest designs and what’s more, all the startup blog WordPress themes listed here have been thoroughly vetted and tested, and are ranked accordingly.

Startup blog WordPress themes

So, check them out and choose the one that sounds to be a good fit but make sure that you demo the same to ensure that the startup blog WordPress themes is responsive as promised.

SKT Journal

SKT Journal - Journal blog WordPress Theme

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This is one of the startup blog WordPress themes and can be used for these kind of websites as well namely: entrepreneurial blog, startup resource, business blog, emerging business blog, new venture blog, innovative blog, startup insights, entrepreneurial advice and business development blog.

SKT Adsense

Adsense Friendly WordPress Theme

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Some common features of startup blog WordPress themes are:

1. They are responsive and mobile friendly.
2. Author bio is present.
3. Easy to have sorting using categories.
4. Multiple page and post layouts.
5. Widget friendly for having ad zones across the blog.
6. Performance optimized for faster loading of the websites or blog sites.

SKT Startup


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When it comes to startup blog WordPress themes, this theme gets the top billing for obvious reasons. Apart from the fact that it comes with a responsive design and an elegant layout, it also comes with integrated, easy to use theme options.

It is a color changing theme and also happens to be customizable, so you can change, alter, modify some of the page elements with the built in short codes.

But what makes this theme stand out is its adaptability which is why you can install 3rd party plugins and use it without a hassle.

This should help you boost up your functionality and enable you to offer your targeted audience with more user centric features.

The theme is HD and retina ready and is also multilingual, translation ready as well. You can embed podcasts, videos on the home page and even use the default slider for the same purpose.

You can also install chat plugins that can encourage your prospective customers to query you regarding your products/ services and this should help give a boost to customer engagement.

Given all this advanced functionality and the fact that with the right plugins in place, you can display your content to a wider audience in different languages, the price tag of $39 is more than reasonable and a real bargain in the process.

SKT NewsPaper Pro

newspaper WordPress theme

demo WordPress themeDownload WordPress theme

This theme ranks among the top twenty where startup blog WordPress themes are concerned, on account of is design and ease of use. The theme comes with a 100% responsive design with cross device, cross browser and cross platform compatility.

So, essentially with this theme in place, your users should be able to access your website from any device, and any platform.

Moreover, the theme also comes with a minimalist and grungy design but as it is customizable and comes with built in short codes (about 100+), for this purpose, you can change and alter any page element including the background.

It also happens to feature over 1300+ integrated Google fonts along with 600+ social fonts, which you can tweak to make your website all the more attractive.

What’s more, the theme also supports external plugins which you can install and provide your customers with user centric features, from calendar to setting up a community board.

And since the theme is also compatible to woocommerce, you can set up an integrated shopping cart with payment gateway and design it so that it accepts most forms of payments.

To sum up, the theme comes with all the advanced functionality that you would ever require for your website, and all for a price tag of $39 only.


free blog template WordPress

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This theme ranks one among the best, when it comes to startup blog WordPress themes. For starters, it comes with a minimalist design along with a dark, grungy background that you can put to good use by focusing your users’ attention to relevant and important parts of your website.

The same logic that you used with white space works here as well and much more effectively, because of the contrast.

But as the theme is fully customizable, and comes with built in short codes, you can change and modify any page element and in short, reshape your website as you see fit.

It also comes with an integrated music player that your users can use, to listen to music along with default slider and gallery.

But as the theme is compatible with 3rd party plugins along with woo commerce, you can use more advanced sliders to showcase your high resolution images and videos to perfection.

What’s more, you can set up integrated music playlist and even install more advanced music players for your users’ to listen to, before they decide which one to purchase.

And you should also be able to set up an integrated shopping cart that they can use for this purpose. With this theme in place, you should be able to boost your functionality and in the process, help provide more user centric features for your customers.

This should help boost your performance and that’s why the rate of $48, is a definite steal in more ways than one.

SKT Magazine Pro

magazine WordPress theme

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This theme features among the very best when it comes to startup blog WordPress themes, on account of its innovative design and its functionality.

Granted that most owners tend to focus more on the design and the aesthetics part of it and as a result, often miss out on the most important part, functionality.

This is one theme that manages to showcase both to perfection – it comes with a nice, aesthetically pleasing design, along with an elegant layout, with drop down menus that should help facilitate easy navigation.

It also comes with a nicely designed header with four layout variations, footer with five variations and an inner header that you can use for your slider, high resolution images, and banner among other things.

The theme comes with a default slider and gallery but as the theme supports external plugins, you can use more advanced variations of the same.

It also happens to be compatible with woo commerce so you can set up an integrated shopping cart for your users to use, and to that end, even set up a community page for their use as well.

There seems to be no end to what you can set up on your website with this theme which is why the rate of $39 seems to be a real bargain, for all the obvious reasons.


Lifestyle WordPress theme

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This theme gets the top billing where startup blog WordPress themes are concerned on account of its ease of use, functionality and the fact that it comes with a great design.

The theme comes with a nice, eye catching design along with elegant layout as well as advanced search functionality. It also happens to be 100% responsive and your user can view your website across any device without any loss of functionality.

The theme is compatible with 3rd party plugins, as well as woo commerce and with it in place, you can provide your customers with more user centric features such as advanced search options, detailed category listings for the ads to be displayed and an easy format for uploading the ads in question.

And apart from this, it also comes with integrated shopping cart along with payment gateway that your customers can use.

What’s more, the theme comes packed with all sort of options from making the ads time bound to automatically checking the ad in question and seeing if it conforms to the standards of your website.

The theme makes it possible for you to provide your users’ with more user centric features and all of this is available for $39 only.



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The vCard WordPress theme does indeed stand out, from its minimalistic design to its elegant layout. It comes with drop down menus which should help facilitate navigation along with the fact that it is both responsive and compatible to woo commerce.

It is also compatible with external plugins so you can use the same along with widgets to boost the functionality of your website.

You can install social media plugins, enabling users to login using their social media credentials along with a chat plugin that should enable you to chat with your customer in real time.

It is completely customizable and also you can install several page builder plugins and build custom pages for your website.

These startup blog WordPress themes is what you need if you were on the lookout for a simple theme with advanced functionality. It comes with a price tag of $39 along with free installation and support for a year.

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