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Features of Journal blog WordPress Theme

Find one of the best journal blog WordPress theme below that is most suitable for novelists, bloggers, screenwriters, short stories and similar kinds of niches.

Are you thinking of starting an online journal or digital magazine? Probably so much of questions will arise while starting such kind of business online.

After reading some points below you will have an idea that which step you need to take forward to become a digital publisher.

While starting an online magazine or online journal you will come across so many terms including online magazine, digital magazine, digital edition, online journal, digital publication, and so on.

What is Digital Magazine?
As a print magazine, digital magazines do have different characteristics. However, digital magazines make use of digital publishing technology so that their users can read about the latest news and information through their handheld devices such as mobile phones, tablets, iPads, as well as computers, and laptops.

Digital magazines do have so many benefits like one can save massive investment in the cost of printing and second the most important thing to convert offline journals and magazines to online is to support eco-friendliness.

One can be benefited from aesthetic and functional aspects as per the technology used in a digital magazine. For example, it might contain hyperlinks, videos, images, animations, and other dynamic content.

The very first digital magazine was introduced in the 1980s. These magazines were included with animations, music, and different sorts of multimedia content.

What do you mean by Online Magazine?
Online magazines are considered as a digital magazines that are actually distributed, hosted, and read online. Online magazines as also known as e-zines, ezines, webzine, or e-magazines.

Some characteristics that online magazines share are blogs and online newspapers. The appearance of the online magazine looks similar to traditional magazines.

As compared to print, online magazines do need a low cost, thus they can be referred to as disruptive technology. Nowadays most magazine publishers are creating online editions/ digital editions of their magazines or at least they have switched to digital formats.

The easiest and simplest use of digital online magazines has outstretched more opportunities for the users as now they are able to create, distribute and publish their online magazines virtually. Thus they are able to attract more readers to their websites.

Are you looking for the best journal blog WordPress theme for your magazine website?

A website that focuses on text content needs a different layout that will help it to display both important and new content noticeably. However, SKT Journal is designed just to fulfil such kinds of needs.

Below you will find the most amazing journal blog WordPress theme that will surely make you shine in the web world.

Why we do prefer WordPress for any business niche website?

For building newspaper, magazine, and journal websites, WordPress is the best alternative option. Currently WordPress powers more than 38% of complete websites on the web.

Currently, some of the top magazine websites run on WordPress platforms including BBC America, Variety, Reuters, Fortune, The New York Times, CNN, BBC America, Quartz, and TechCrunch.

This company uses WordPress to get the most unique and powerful designs for their online presence. Thus WordPress is preferable as compared to other website builders by SKT Themes too.

Magazine or journals kind of websites does consist of a lot of content including videos and images. So make sure to select a WordPress hosting company that is offering sufficient space and allows you to upload a large number of files while managing the traffic easily.

For your journal website finding a suitable and user-friendly theme can be a tough job. You need to find a theme that helps you in creating high-traffic websites such as magazines and blogs that consistently post across different channels.

With, SKT Journal you can create a beautiful and powerful website for the niche you are interested in like magazines, journals, newspapers, and so on.

This journal blog WordPress theme is truly customizable and responsive at the same time. It does offer a variety of fonts, colours, widgets, and other great plugins, and most notably the theme is easy to customize and easy to set up.

By chance, if you loved the layouts of SKT Journal then you can make your website up and running in no time.

You just have to import the pre-built pages and start customizing the content. The journal blog WordPress theme makes a website creation task easier with the demo content and one-click demo importer option.

If you are looking to tweak your design that you will find that the admin panel is very simple that explores so much of options to fine-tune your website as per your wish. To monetize your website, SKT Journal will help you as it is completely optimized for Google AdSense too.

If this is not enough for you then you can explore different social media icons where you can enable your visitors to share the videos, photos as well as text content or posts on different platforms.

The journal blog WordPress theme was actually designed for journal formats. As it offers a demo that covers a wide range of related niches including newspapers, journals, blogs, photographers, journalists, authors, writers, or a magazine.

Using Elementor page builder homepage can be edited whereas you will have to use some other page builder to customize other pre-designed pages. A dedicated panel is also there that offers plenty of options.

Some additional features are also provided including MailChimp support, AMP-compatible, and many more.

When to choose our journal blog WordPress theme for online/digital magazine?
If your major goal is the maximum impact on your reader and if you are unable to pay a huge amount to professional developers and designers then probably SKT Journal is the most alternative solution to go.

The magazine, journal, or newspaper website created with this journal blog WordPress theme will make sure you are reachable to mobile and computer users by providing an overwhelming and impressive reading experience.

Your users can read live content on any latest browser so you will never face a compatibility problem. Same as native apps you will have enormous freedom for designing. On the other hand, you are allowed to add rich media such as animations, background videos, slider images, contact forms, and so on.

Selling services or products through your digital magazine:

Suppose, your goal is to use the digital magazine to sell services and products rather than just using it to sell to the magazine, then your business idea might be matching with something like a brochure or product catalogue.

The online magazine created with a journal blog WordPress theme will be nothing but the ads which is showcased in a magazine or newspaper format. Finally, with SKT Journal, you can create a website that will encourage your readers to purchase something.

If you are looking for some alternative ideas that you can implement on your journal website or a blog to make it more striking among your competitors then a Journal blog WordPress theme – SKT Journal by SKT Themes is the most excellent solution.

You can select different visuals, colours, and typography from a wide range of options to make your website more compelling and appealing. Besides this, there are some quite important things that you should consider on a magazine or a journal website including.

The logo of your brand, with the title of your journal
The date of publication
Featured illustration or image
Name of edition
Some highlights about the news
and many more.

However, our journal blog WordPress theme allows you to embed all these features on your website without any problem.

Additionally, SKT journals permit you to make use of Fullscreen background images or videos instead of static images. This feature will behave as the most important aspect that will attract more users’ attention and make you stand out from the rest.

Even, you can add a call to action button that encourages your people to “open the magazine” or “keep reading”.

Depending on targeted audiences and your goal you can add relevant information to the pre-designed blocks. You can click on the demo button that is visible in the top right corner to know what your journal, magazine, or newspaper kind of website will look like on the web browser.

The biggest advantage of creating a digital magazine or a journal rather than offline is that you can convert the items into a table of contents as hyperlinks so that your visitors can easily click on the preferred sections that interest them the most.

You can add a contact form on the Contact Us page so that you can start accepting user input and queries. Now you can even add active links to your social media handles to the default social icons provided at the top of the page.

Different plugins can be added to your website to add additional features, for example, a subscription plugin can be added if you want to run a traditional subscription-based magazine.

Hope, our journal blog WordPress theme i.e. SKT Journal is all one solution for you to build your next big journal, newspaper, and magazine websites.

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