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Features of Adsense Friendly WordPress Theme

Many companies are giving their best to establish the best AdSense friendly WordPress themes to optimize the click-through rate.

The basic technique is to balance both aspects i.e. content as well as adverts. The adverts must be there but they should not behave as offensive and the content should reflect your business thoughts in a clear way.

For some of the simple websites including magazines, blogs, news, niche websites, and forums, AdSense plays an important role also it is considered as the simplest monetizing method because no technical skills or knowledge is required to set up and use it.

Also, it is considered as one of the best paying PPC/CPC networks because of huge competition and popularity between advertisers. Most of the top companies make use of AdSense to generate more income.

You can achieve more CPC if you do proper SEO optimization and AdSense. In short, your website will start getting organic traffic directly from Google as compared to direct and social traffic.

Keeping that in mind, you might be looking for the best Adsense friendly WordPress theme and here at SKT Themes, you will find the one.

You might be struggling to get the most trendy and modern-looking business theme for your creative agency. In today’s market every year, thousands of companies are emerging but unfortunately, they fail badly to maintain their reputation for a long-lasting business.

The major reason that most businesses fail to maintain their business reputation is that they end up selecting a wrong or old theme that actually was unable to attract desired customers by reflecting your brand.

You just have 2-3 seconds to impress your customers landing on your website, but if you fail to do this you will lose them forever.

So, selecting a theme with high UX, responsive and professional appearance is important. If you are searching for a first-rate company WordPress theme then SKT Adsense is one that you must choose.

SKT Adsense product by SKT Themes is particularized in growing your revenue by improving the popularity of your website. Elementor page builder will help you to build layouts by just dropping and dragging the elements you liked much.

With SKT Adsense, you will be able to create different pages using different page builder plugins but the homepage can be edited with only Elementor page builder. However, you can easily import the pre-designed pages to get your website created within an hour.

With page builders, you can tweak every small aspect of the design. To make your content appear more fantastic you can add countless reviews, videos, visuals, etc.

Furthermore, you can grow your business and revenue through genuine advertisement without annoying your readers. Basically, our AdSense friendly WordPress theme – SKT Adsense has been implemented with an intelligent and modern ads system.

Actually, every business requires powerful marketing strategies that go as per your business requirements. Basically, there are a different set of strategies that works for different kind of businesses.

However, proper research can help you to make your startup successful. Although web presence is a very important scheme in this modern era that shouldn’t be ignored for your business.

SKT Adsense is an AdSense friendly WordPress theme that comes with many features. This theme can be used by bloggers or news agencies. The best thing about this template is that it is also well suitable for creating an online magazine website or a site for specific product reviews.

We assume that you might be interested in earning more by choosing the right Adsense friendly WordPress theme.

If this is right, then you came to the right page where you will learn more about Adsense and the bestest way to earn more money online.

The very first thing that shouldn’t be ignored is that you require things that are optimized already to earn money from Adsense. Some things that need to be optimized are ad color, ad placement, and other things.

You will find many Adsense WordPress plugins to implement AdSense but the best way to implement is to use the dedicated theme that will help in growing revenue through your AdSense.

You will find different methods for monetizing but the best way is Google Adsense but placing it on your website can be one of the most tricky jobs.

This is the foremost reason why choosing google Adsense friendly WordPress themes is crucial.

Why choose SKT Adsense theme-

Supports third-party plugins: There are so many plugins available on the WordPress repository that will help you in some ways. For example, page builder plugins will help you to create new pages easily.

SEO plugins will take care of search engine results, Google analytics will keep track of your users, and many more.

So, before choosing any theme make sure it supports the majority of third-party plugins, and thankfully this feature is provided in SKT Adsense.

SEO optimized: Another most important feature is SEO optimized. this feature is a must-have for AdSense ones.

To start generating more revenue, you must be visible first on search engines. So make sure your pages get loaded quickly to keep your people engaged and clickable on the page.

Mobile friendly: Responsiveness and mobile-friendliness are the two major features that every type of website should have but these two features are a must-have for AdSense websites.

Mostly, people land on your website from various devices so you should appear on every mobile and browser good as much as possible. Our AdSense friendly WordPress theme will grow the chances of getting more clicks as it is made mobile-optimized by default.

Simple and easy to place new ads: Actually not every theme is designed with the mind of ads. Some templates are designed in such a way that it is easy to customize while most of them are not.

Thankfully, the SKT Adsense template has been included with ad spaces that are just ready to go. You just need to add code of Adsense and you are set to go live.

Design and layout: The top-notch feature of our Adsense friendly WordPress theme is its amazing design and layout.

Some themes available in the web market display services and products whereas some of them add a lot of news in quite small places. Others still tend to display your work and details on your company.

But SKT Adsense theme is created in such a way that it balances all the basic and advanced necessities of your audiences so that they feel easy to use and generate maximum revenue.

Also, the theme takes care of your content so that it engages your readers although displaying the ads in the right position so it looks unobtrusive and noticeable. This will make sure your user’s experience is not interrupted.

About SKT Adsense theme:
SKT Adsense was designed to help you to place ads in the most simple way. This theme offers an ads space by default for clean design and easy listing to help you to optimize the experience of your users and make them engage for a longer time.

We have been inspired a lot by magazine and blogging looks so we tried our best to provide a newspaper look to our template so that it appeals to your huge list of audiences.

Very easily you will be able to publish content about any niches like health, travel, gadgets, sports, etc. The theme comes with the pre-built website demo which is simple to import all pages in just a few clicks.

Some of the pages that are pre-designed include categories, about, shop, contact us, and the homepage.

You can start using some plugins that have been integrated by default for example Nivo slider, contact form, Elementor page builder, etc. SKT Adsense does provide a huge number of customization options and settings.

For example, you have different header layouts and designs to choose from, it is included with hundreds of fonts. It has easy to tweak its page layout dimensions to make it appear great and earn more revenue through ads from your audiences.

The pre-build content style that is offered by our adsense friendly WordPress theme – SKT Adsense is more than what you expected. You might not find flashy animations and bright colorful layouts because our main focus was to create a template that drives users’ attention towards ads rather than any other elements.

You can use this theme and control the personality of your blog with its default options. However, if you look for a theme that makes your content more attracted then SKT Adsense is the one you will find most appealing.

You can even enhance the scope of your website without the help of developers or designers. But how? You just need to integrate some plugins like the WooCommerce plugin for eCommerce functionality, social networking plugins for social media handles, and more.

The theme offers lots of flexibility also offers 1-year of customer support, comprehensive documentation, and 1-year of software updates.

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Also Included with every adsense friendly WordPress theme

  1. Theme FilesAfter purchase you are given a theme zip file which can be uploaded in your WordPress website
  2. PSD Design FilesOne can on demand ask for the PSD design file of the template and we will provide it via email
  3. Sample ContentSample content is provided which is in the form of XML given inside documentation
  4. SupportLogin to our support forum via use of email address is provided once you purchase the template, Skype, email support also provided
  5. Free InstallationHaving trouble installing the theme just like demo showcased ask us for free installation service which will be provided

Change Log

  1. Updated December 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  6. Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare